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May 24, 2018 | Author: Shweta Gupta | Category: Public–Private Partnership, Natural Environment, Technology, Economies, Water
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the project initiated by Narendra Modi...



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To e exami xamine ne wheth whether er the objectives of Modi government to set up/establish 100 smart cities by 2022 in ndia are practically feasible or not!

"hat is a smart city?

t is a framewor# fr amewor# for implementing the vision of advanced and modern urbani$ation t uses digital technology to enhance performance and well being% to reduce costs and resource consumption% and to engage more e&ectively and actively with its citi$ens t envisages the achievement of three goals'social e(uitability% economic viability and environmental sustainability)

*cope of smart cities in ndia *mart +iving *mart ,conomy *mart ,nvironm ent *mart Mobility *mart

building and developing 100 smart cities *erving its citi$ens uality of life .ver'congestion of current urban areas reating infrastructure for convenience 3utomation of the manual function i)e)

4smartness5 about those 100 Transport *patial cities Planning "ater *upply *ewerage 6 *anitation *olid "aste Management

ontinued)) •

• • •

• •

*torm "ater 7rainage ,lectricity Telephone connections 8ealth are 9acilities ,ducation .thers

water distribution

been chosen to become smart

.ne satellite city of each of the cities with a population of : million people or more ; cities 3ll the cities in the population range of 1 < : million people:: cities 3ll *tate/=T apitals% even if they have a population of less than one million 1>cities ities of tourist and religious importance 10 cities ities in the 0)? to 1)0 million population range  20 cities)

• • • •

• • • •

population to move into smart  Aob opportunity city

onvenience Planned nfrastructure To assess the business/commercial potential nexpensive Beal ,state 9irst Mover 3dvantage Public Private Partnerships PPP ,'-overnance

esources re(u re in building 100 smart cities Physical Besource 9inancial Besource 8uman Besource

3ssistance to Modi government in achieving its dream of 100 smart cities by 2022 •

=*3 9rance *weden  Aapan *pain *outh @orea PPP

• •

*mart city development in -ift city "P ndia cities   '3methi        

'3mritsar 'Aaipur 'Baipur '@ol#ata '*agarmala ities   '@ochi   'Chavnagar 3MB=T scheme 4Ma#e in ndia5 ampaign

Carriers to the government in achieving its dream of 100 smart cities • • • • • •

• •

+engthy legal procedures ,nvironmental issues 9und Carriers Technological Carriers Maintenance ost onsolidation of the People% Process and Technology in ndia 7elay in completion of government projects Political ssues orruption 6 blac# money

3chievemen t 3 dedicated and competent human resource with some lesser legal formalities% continuous friendly support from the developed nations% encouraging PPPs will help the new government in achieving its dream of 100 smart cities within the stated time frame)

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