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Useful Web Gizmos: Slide/Presentation Sharing Sites Marie T. Ascher Associate Director, USERS Health Sciences Library New York Medical College 13 May 2010

Description This 30-minute session will introduce participants to sites on the web which allow users to upload, share, and search slides and slide presentations. Potential uses for slide sharing in education and research will be described and discussed.

Why share? Marketing Collaboration Distribution Storage Embedding

Process 1. Upload

- to external servers, converts to Flash* 1. Publish - title, tags, description, category, share 1. Track - statistics on views, comments, ratings

Which one should you use? Let’s look at the features:

Some Popular Sites (in alphabetical order) * indicates noteworthy special features

authorSTREAM Supports: ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx *Fast upload and conversion (to Flash) Widget code for embedding immediately available Need to buy video credits to convert PPTs to video Public/Private options Post to Twitter *Present Live Subscribe to "Channels" - create a maximum of two

Docstoc Max file size 50MB Supports additional document types: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, rtf, and txt Folder upload allowed Public/private options Create, subscribe to, and contribute to channels Add "friends" *docstoc Sync / OneClick – easy upload

Scribd Max file size 100MB Supports even more file types: pdf, ps, doc, docx, ppt, pps, ppts\X, xls, xlsx, odt, sxw, odp, sxi, ods, sxc, rtf, txt "Largest social publishing site" *Scribd store 1HTML5 instead of Flash (coming soon) Wordpress format embedding (and HTML) Public/private options

SlideBoom Max file size 100MB Supports: ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx Free and Pro account types Up to 100 presentations (limited) in free account *Graphic commenting features Wordpress plug-in

SlideServe Max file size 50MB Supports: ppt, pps, pot Conversion to Flash on user end

SlideShare Max file size 100MB (500MB for videos) Supports: pdf, ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, pot, potx, odp, key, zip (Apple Keynote) doc, docx, rtf, xls, odt, ods, Apple iWork Pages. Slower load time (busier site?) "Social" - profile, auto-shares (if selected) with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn *Most popular slide sharing site, maximum visibility Can insert YouTube videos into presentations *Slidecasting Wordpress and Blogger (and more!) embed formats

Other means of sharing/sending/collaborating…

ZohoShow Max file size 30MB Supports: ppt, pps, odp, sxi Upload as read-write or read-only No embeddable code generated, just a URL Not as “social”

Google Docs Max file size 10MB* for ppts to be converted, much larger for those not to be converted Multiple document types – Either uploaded in native format or converted to Google Docs format for collaborative editing Embed via Publish function Not as “social”

Specialized sites ?


Searching Most of the sites have a rudimentary search function Sortable by most viewed, highest rated, most recent, etc. Search by license type: public domain, Creative Commons Ability to subscribe to channels or networks, friends Slideshare and Scribd have the largest repositories of presentations and documents

Search for “glaucoma” authorSTREAM: 11 presentations Docstoc: ~300 documents Scribd: 358 documents SlideBoom: 6 presentations SlideServe: 3 presentations SlideShare: 1119 presentations

Conclusion Slide and presentation sharing sites (and social document sharing sites) offer an alternate and informal publication method which is social, collaborative and offers potential wide distribution. These sites are easy to use and a valuable resource for researchers and academics.

Let’s discuss how YOU might use… Thank you! [email protected]

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