Sissy Enslaved

September 19, 2017 | Author: Alfredo Nunes da Silva | Category: Shaving
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Feminization - Domination...


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 20:33:28 PST From: Sissipus ! Subject: A Sissy Enslaved A Sissy Enslaved by Sissipus *** As I stepped into the department store, I had to resist the natural urge to turn left and head for the electronics section. Instead, I turned right, penetrating deep into the mysterious world of women's apparel. Feeling conspicuous, I tried to look as if I belonged, relieved that there were no crowds so early in the day. This was the third time I had attempted this, and I was determined not to chicken out again. I knew what I wanted, but not where to find it - and I was far too nervous to ask for help. Of course, it ended up being in the last place I looked. Wandering anxiously through the aisles of women's lingerie, I tried not to look embarrassed - and failed miserably. Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by lacy, silky, feminine treasures. And I'm not just talking about the plain old bras and cheap panties you see in most stores. This was a proper lingerie department, with everything from garter belts to expensive stockings to the fanciest babydolls and teddies you've ever seen. Finally, on my third pass through, I spotted the wall display I wanted, tucked around a corner. The moment I saw them, my embarrassment faded, replaced by an intense longing. Carefully selecting three pairs of the fancy, floral-print panties - all in my size - I carried them proudly to the cashier. An attractive, middle-aged woman, she smiled as she totalled up my sale. "That'll be $13.77," she told me. "Would you like a box?" I was tempted, but told myself this time was going to be different. In the past, I'd confined my purchases to holidays, when it could be safely assumed they were gifts for a girlfriend. Unfortunately, that meant my collection was as limited as it was small. However, from the moment I had seen the panties in the flyer, I knew I had to have them. "Yeah, that'd be great," I blurted out, cursing myself for my cowardice. If she suspected anything, the saleswoman was kind enough not to show it. "Your girlfriend will love these," she assured me. "They've been very popular." Blushing, I thanked her politely and all but rushed out of the store. The moment I was clear, I collapsed onto one of the

mall benches and laughed. I had done it! I had actually done it! Now that it was all over, I felt a rush of adrenaline flood my system, prompting me do something I had never dared before. Hurrying to the bathrooms, I locked myself in one of the stalls, stripped off my jeans, and traded my briefs for a new pair of panties. "Ohhh, yessss." Sighing, I softly caressed my satin-clad cock, loving the feel of the material beneath my hands. The pair I had on was a kind of peachy-pink, decorated with elaborate yellow and red flowers. They felt so wonderful, so sexy, I just wanted to stand there and feel myself forever. Instead, I tucked the head of my erect penis back down beneath the waistband and slipped into my jeans. "Oh, sorry." Nodding, an imposing, older gentleman stepped back so that I could escape the stall. He was tall, with dark hair - probably in his early 40s - but that was all I noticed as I slipped past him on my way to the door. I was half-afraid he'd be able to see the lines of my panties, but was too excited to care. Feeling rather proud of myself, I suddenly panicked as I felt his hand come down upon my right shoulder. "Hey!" Spinning, I pushed his hand away and stepped backwards. "Just wanted to give you these," he smiled. "You left them in the bathroom." Snatching the bag from his hand, I silently cursed myself for my stupidity. After all I had gone through to get them, I had forgotten my new panties on the floor. "Ah, thanks," I smiled back. "Girlfriend would shoot me if I lost them." "No problem." Grinning, he held out his hand to show there were no hard feelings. Feeling guilty for having snapped at him, I shook his hand, impressed with his powerful grip. I only hoped my hand didn't feel as sweaty to him as it did to me. "Thanks again." Letting go my hand, he just nodded and walked back into the bathroom. *** After that close call, I spent a good hour wandering the mall, just trying to calm myself down. Eventually, my nerves did ease, but the slippery feel of the panties on my cock was just too exciting to resist. "Go for it," I told myself as I passed the drugstore. "Come on - if you can't do it now, you'll never do it." I had to admit I made a lot of sense. Clutching the plastic bag in my hand, I turned into the drugstore and headed directly for the feminine protection aisle. "Wow." From one end to the

other, all five shelves were filled with maxipads, pantiliners, and tampons. Blue boxes, white boxes, pink boxes - who could have imagined there'd be so many brands and styles! Somewhat overwhelmed by my choices, I wandered further down the aisle to the shaving section. What I needed first was a lady's razor. I'd tried shaving my legs before with my usual razor, and the result had been a bloody, stubbly mess. I had no idea what would be best, but recognized the name Revlon from their cosmetics. Figuring they had to know what they were doing, I bought one of their razors and some extra blades. Feeling a little more confident, I returned to the other aisle and pondered my choices. "Those look good," I told myself as I grabbed a small, square white and blue box. Tampax Compak tampons - I knew the name and they came in an easily concealed box. As far as pads went, I had no idea, so I just grabbed a rectangular pink box that caught my eye. "Stayfree Carefree pantiliners," I read. "Hell, why not." Excited, I hurried to the checkout before my sudden burst of confidence could fail me. Thankfully, the salesclerk was a sullen young woman who had no interest in striking up a conversation. Quickly paying her for my purchases, I rushed out of the store without even counting my change. "Unghh." Slamming right into someone, I stumbled back, prepared to apologize. "Damn, I'm really sorry. I didn't even see-" Recognizing the man from the bathroom, I stopped, unable to shake the fear that I had been followed. "Get everything you need?" he asked. Winking, he suggested "I hear there's a sale on nailpolish in their cosmetic's department." "Ah, no, that's okay." Swallowing loudly, I tried to think of a tactful way to flee - without looking like I was running away. "You've never bought anything like this for yourself before, have you?" he asked. His voice was a smooth baritone, quiet but conveying confidence and power. "Probably feeling rather proud of yourself right now, aren't you?" "Sorry, but I have to be going," I replied, lowering my head. Humiliated, I wanted nothing more than to get as far away from him as possible. "Why don't you let me buy you a coffee? I have a proposition you might be interested in." Shit. Not only had he been following me, he was obviously some kind of pervert. "Thanks anyway," I replied, "But I'm in a hurry."

"Ah - I see." Reaching into his suit pocket, he suggested "Maybe this will change your mind." No, no, no! I'd been too excited to notice at the time, but somehow he'd managed to snap a picture of me in my panties. From the angle, it was obvious he had taken the picture from above the stall door. Staring down at the incriminating Polaroid, I blanched, terrified of what he intended to do with it. "Just join me for a coffee," he suggested again. "I REALLY think we should talk." Too upset to speak, I nodded and reluctantly followed him over to the foodcourt. *** "Yes?" Smiling a beautiful, sexy smile, the tall blond asked "Can I help you?" Whoa! Easily six feet tall, with blond hair falling all the way to her waist, the woman at the door was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. She was dressed in a tight, formfitting pink minidress, with matching two-inch heels. Her nails were an inch long, and painted a bright, shiny red. Tearing my eyes away from her ample bosom, I had to look up slightly to admire her face. Small and round, with a perfect little nose and sharp, high cheekbones, she was wearing just the right amount of makeup to highlight her features. "Ah, S-s-sir Mi-Michael," I stammered, "Ah, wanted to see me." "Oh, you must be his new sissy." I'd been hoping she was his wife - or girlfriend - but from the way she laughed I knew she was to be part of my ordeal. "Please, come right in." Stepping across the threshold was probably the hardest thing I'd ever done, but I really had no choice. Nervous, I tried not to flinch as she locked the door behind me. "Ah, nice place." "Yes." Placing the tip of her index finger to her mouth, she carefully looked me over. "Hmm, you'll do fine, not bad at all." Nodding, she told me "Take off your clothes and leave them on the floor." "Right here? Now?" Embarrassed, I had hoped I might be able to ease into this. "Now!" Scowling, she knelt down and began undoing my pants. "And be quick about it." It should have been arousing to have such a beautiful woman undress me, but she was so cold, so businesslike, I was embarrassingly shrunken and limp. Lifting my feet, I allowed her to pull off my shoes, which she then tossed in the garbage. "Might as well take care of this while we can." "Ouch!" I winced as she roughly forced my testicles up into my body. Then, grabbing my limp cock, she pressed it between my

legs and secured it in place with a wide strip of flesh-coloured tape. "As long as you are in this house, you will keep that abomination hidden at all times." Slapping my ass, she assured me "You won't have need of it anyway." What had I gotten myself into? Were the half dozen pictures he possessed really that bad? Unfortunately, I already knew the answer to that. The whole reason I had been so secretive about my crossdressing was that my family and friends were all closeminded, prejudiced, fools. Alone, the picture of me taking the tampons from the shelf would have been enough to condemn me. "Yes," I replied, "He told me that." "Good. Follow me." Turning on her heel, she led me deep into the house and down the stairs to the cold, dark basement. "Get up on the table and lie down on your back." Nervous, I followed her instructions. The instant I was in position, my blonde dominatrix shackled me to the table. Thick iron manacles encircled my wrists, my ankles, my waist and my neck. Within moments, I found I had lost the freedom to do anything more than turn my head. Running her fingers through my hair, she said "Nice length, good body, but that colour has got to go." Long, brown, and usually tied back in a ponytail, I had let my hair grow in hopes of someday fulfilling my fantasy of crossdressing in public. As I watched her drag a small basin beneath my head, I began to regret my decision. Grabbing my head, she forced it down into the warm water. I couldn't see what she did next, but whatever she was doing smelt awful. When she began working the foul-smelling goop into my hair, I realized it was hair-dye. It felt strange - and the fact that it was so obvious a change bothered me - but I was curious to see how I would look when she was done. "While that sets," she said a while later, "We'll take care of the rest of you. We'll start with a good, close shave, and then move onto your makeup." Lathering up my legs with scented shaving cream, she continued up my body to coat my crotch, chest, and arms. Then, not saying a word, she shaved me clean with short, expert strokes. Not once did she even nick me, despite how long and coarse my body hair was. This woman was clearly a pro, and I was surprised to find myself enjoying this portion of my servitude. Before returning to my hair, she applied long, pink extensions to my nails; pierced both my ears, inserting a purple hoop into each; made up my face; and rubbed some kind of cream into my chest, making my nipples stand sensitively erect. For the

most part, this was straight out of my wildest fantasy, but knowing what it was all leading up to robbed me of the chance to really enjoy it. Finally, she finished my hair, styling my newly-dyed tresses into a long, full, wavy mane of fire. I'd always loved redheads, and was slightly aroused to find myself suddenly among them. "Ah, could you loosen my chains?" I asked, hoping my silent submission would earn me a little mercy. "I can hardly feel my right hand." She just laughed. "If that's the worst that happens to you, count yourself lucky." Still grinning, she said "Now, I'm going to release you and you're going to turn yourself over. Obey, and you'll be fine." What else could I do? Nodding, I turned onto my stomach, gasping as my nipples came into contact with the cold, hard surface. "Like that, do you?" she asked. "I can promise you it'll only get better." When I remained silent, she snapped "Well, DO YOU!" "Yes, yes, I like it." Damn, just when I started to feel comfortable around her, she'd turn back into the bitch from hell. She hadn't done a thing to harm me, but I was already emotionally drained. "Good." Slapping my ass, she told me to relax. "Relax, you sissy fag, or I'll make you relax." Gulping, I did as she commanded, then winced as I felt her finger worm its way into my ass. "I'm told these are your favourite brand," she laughed, waving a tampon in my face. "Let's see how you feel about them in a couple hours." With that, she replaced her finger with the plastic applicator, slowly inserting the cotton tampon into a hole it wasn't meant to invade. "Unngghhh!" At first, I hadn't really felt anything, but now I felt like I was burning down there. As she pulled the applicator out, I found I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. "Shhhh, can . . . can you take it out for a minute?" "Ha! You have a good sense of humour - for a wannabe slut." Toying with the string, she told me "Sir Michael just loves the sight of a tampon string hanging from his sissy's ass. Says it just makes him wanna tear it out and fuck you silly." No, this was too much. I was beginning to think it might be better to just leave and deal with the consequences of exposure. Unfortunately, that was no longer an option. "Now, sissy, I'm going to whip your ass until you're good and red." Brandishing a long, black leather whip, she gently stroked my back with it. "Cry out, and I'll just keep on going.

Lie there like a good girl, and this will go much easier." Nodding, I turned away and bit my tongue to keep from screaming. "Unnghhh!" Feeling the first, sharp bite of the whip, I couldn't help but gasp out in pain. This had never been a part of my fantasy, but I reminded myself that it was no longer MY fantasy. Clenching my hands into tight fists, I used my long sharp nails to distract me from the pain in my ass. Strangely, the longer she whipped me, the less it hurt. Actually, by the time she was done, I felt more hot than hurt, and more tender than sore. "Mmm, I love a bright red ass on my slaves." Darting a glace over my shoulder, I watched Sir Michael emerge from the shadows. I hadn't heard him come down the stairs, which meant he must have been there all the time. It didn't make any sense, but knowing he had witnessed my humiliation only deepened my shame. "S-s-sir. I didn't know you were there." "Why, my pretty little sissy, that's precisely the point." Giving a gentle tug on the string hanging out of my ass, he grinned. "You can go now, Kara. There'll be a small bonus for you in the morning." "Thank you." Giving me one last whipping, she whispered in my ear "If you want to start out on the right foot, beg to suck his cock. He likes it when you beg." No, there was no way I'd beg for it. I might have to submit to him, might have to let him rape me, but I would not beg. Turning my face away from hers, I waited to see what my temporary master had in mind next. "On your knees, sissy." Pointing to a spot on the floor before him, Sir Michael added "Now." There was no change to the tone or volume, but I could hear the power behind his words. Before I knew what I was even doing, I rolled off the table and knelt before him. "Open your mouth." Just standing there, he warned "Don't make me ask again." I couldn't believe what I was about to do. Responding to his commands almost on instinct, I slowly opened my mouth wide. Afraid to even touch - never mind taste - his cock, I opened as wide as I could. "Very good." Grabbing the back of my head, he pulled me roughly forward, forcing his cock into my mouth. Disgusted and ashamed, I gagged on the torpedo of flesh, sure I was going to throw up. "Relax and suck," he told me, "Relax and enjoy it." It was like he had some kind of hypnotic control over me. Despite my every desire to spit out his cock and run, I felt myself relaxing

and my urge to gag fading. "Good, now suck it. Suck it like a good little sissy." Shaking my head no - as best I could - I pleaded with my eyes. He could fuck my face, force me to swallow his dick, but he couldn't force me to take the initiative. Maybe, just maybe, he'd tire of my passive acceptance and lose interest in me. Sir Michael shrugged, his massive shoulders rolling beneath his shirt. Lowering his coarse, callused hand to my face, he pinched my nose tightly shut. "Suck or suffocate. Your choice." I held off as long as I could, hoping I would pass out. Instead, I panicked and decided I needed to breathe. Steeling myself against the taste, I let the air out of my cheeks and sucked tentatively upon his cock. He tasted of sweat, not much different than sucking your finger, but the musky smell was almost a taste in itself. There was a very faint nutty taste his precum I realized with a shudder - but it wasn't as bad as I had expected. "Yes, that's it. Now, I want you to lick me while you suck." Slowly fucking my mouth with short, easy strokes, he told me "Make me feel good, and you'll feel good." Now that I had tasted him, I figured I might as well get it over with as soon as possible. Doing as he ordered, I marvelled at the feel of his cock in my mouth. The taste wasn't anything special, but the smooth, sensitive flesh felt strangely interesting upon my tongue. To my horror, I realized that it was a feel I might come to enjoy. "Very good, sissy. Before long you'll love sucking cock as much as any other girl." Smiling, he asked "Does that bother you?" I nodded, feeling his cockhead brush against the roof of my mouth. The nutty taste of his precum was far more potent now, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. "Don't worry - it won't bother you for long." Bracing my head with both hands now, he began fucking me harder. Faster and faster, his stiff prick slipped past my lipsticked lips, ran across my ever-moving tongue, and banged against the back of my throat. "Shall I cum on your face?" I started to nod, but was surprised to find myself hesitating. I didn't want him cumming in my mouth - I didn't think I could handle that - but I was strangely reluctant to have him ruin my makeup. Damn, what the hell was happening to me? Suddenly, while I was pondering that curious development, he groaned and shot his load into my mouth. "Unnnggkk!" Surprised, I choked down his first hot spurt, taking it right down my throat without even tasting it. Sir

Michael soon rectified that, pulling back a bit so that he was exploding onto my tongue instead. "Do you like that?" he asked me. "Does the sissy like her cum?" Swallowing as fast as I could - I didn't want his seed inside me any longer than necessary - I was too busy to answer. I wasn't sure how I felt about the taste, but the sensation of his cum splattering against the sides of my mouth was strangely arousing. I didn't want it to be, but my body had other ideas. Finally, he slipped out of my mouth, spent and limp. Without thinking, I licked the cum from my lips, shocked that I had done so automatically. I didn't enjoy it, didn't want to do it again, but, dammit, I was so confused! "Not bad," he sighed, "For a useless, virgin sissy." Tears of shame in my eyes, I thanked him for the compliment. *** As he sewed together the ends of my red leather collar, Sir Michael asked "Tell me, my sissy, do you know what a golden shower is?" "N-no, Sir," I whispered. When he had first said he was going to collar me, I had been expecting some metal monster that could be locked and unlocked with a key. Somehow, having this wide strip of leather sewn around my neck was even worse. The only way to remove it would be to cut it, and there'd be no way to hide that from him. "Hmmm." He just chuckled, enjoying my innocence. Finishing up, he gave the collar a good tug to make sure it wouldn't come loose. Then, smoothing my long, red hair down over the back of it, he told me "Take that mirror from the table and read your pretty collar - out loud for me." Staring at the unfamiliar reflection before me, I cringed in horror. The collar was a good 2 inches wide, declaring my slavery even at a distance. He had pressed the letters into it and painted them a shiny black, to best stand out against the bright red background. "I-I love cock. I w-want cock." Slowly turning the collar, I continued to read aloud. "I need cock." Ashamed, I finished "Sir Michael's sissy cockslut - tanya." "Again," he told me, "And sound like you mean it this time." I managed to repeat the words without stuttering or stammering, but couldn't fake the emotion. The collar branded me something I didn't want to be, and certainly didn't want to become. "Pathetic." For the first time, he sounded disappointed with me. To my shame, I found myself hurt by his scorn. "Again, cunt." I repeated the words a third time, managing to keep the

disgust from my voice. I knew it wasn't what he wanted, but I hoped it would count for something. Crouching down before me, Sir Michael grabbed ahold of my sensitive nipples and twisted as hard as he could. "Argghh!" Whatever cream Kara had slathered on me seemed to have become more potent, and his slightest touch was like a slap on the face. He continued pinching and twisting until I screamed "Okay, I'll do it. Please, please, just stop!" Releasing my raw, red nipples, he warned "Do it properly this time, or I'll have Kara tatoo the words all over your body." No, he wouldn't dare! However, looking into his cold, unyielding eyes, I suspected he would. Taking a deep breath, I forced a smile and said "I looovvve cock. I want cock. I NEED cock. Sir Michael's sissy cockslut - tanya." "Very good, tanya." Yanking me to my feet, he said "Now it's time for your shower." *** Lying naked in the bathtub, I looked up in confusion. There was no showerhead in here, unless he had one of those hand-held jobs. What the hell did he have in mind? "Eyes closed, mouth open," he told me. Complying, I heard him step into the tub with me. I wanted desperately to look up and find out what he had planned, but knew I would be punished for such disobedience. Instead, I just lay there, shaking and fearing the worst. Seconds later, I found out exactly what a golden shower was. "Auuuggghh!" Spitting the vile liquid out of my mouth, I turned my head aside and out of the stream. He was pissing on me! Straddling my body, cock in his hand, and pissing all over me! "Well, if that's how you want it," he sighed, stopping himself, "That's how we'll do it." Shaking his head, he sat down on my chest, bracing my head between my knees. "Open up, sissy. Open wide for your golden treat." Jaws clenched tightly shut, I shook my head as much as he would allow. Sucking his cock and swallowing his cum had been bad enough, but I was not going to let him feed me his piss. Again, to my horror, I found I had little choice. Pinching my nose, he pressed hard on my abdomen, forcing my mouth to open on reflex. He obviously had done this before, because his cock was in my mouth before I had even realized it was open. "Think of it as sissy food," he grinned. "If you wanna grow up into a pretty girl, you have to drink up." Still holding my nose, he began flooding my mouth with his hot, yellow urine. The taste was sharp, bitter, and vaguely reminiscent of sweat, but I was relieved to find it didn't taste nearly as bad as it smelled.

Gagging, I swallowed, but he filled me up as quickly as I could try and empty myself. "Mmmm, very good, tanya." Laughing, he pointed out "You seem to have taken a liking to it. Your tongue is very talented." I was horrified to realize he was right. He'd let go of my nose, but I was still sucking down his golden nectar like a man dying of thirst. Worse yet, I was licking at his cock, probing his piss-slit with my tongue. Worst of all, his praise was making me suck that much harder. What the hell was wrong with me? Smiling, he pulled his cock from my mouth and allowed the last weak stream to fall on my collar. Rubbing his piss into the new leather, he told me "Now it's official." Laughing, he stepped out of the tub and tossed me a towel. "Fix yourself up and join me in my bedroom. Your clothes are lying on the couch." *** Butterflies in my stomach, I knocked tentatively on the thick, oak door to Sir Michael's bedroom. I'd fixed up my makeup and hair as best I could, but had had a tough time with the lipstick. Oh, it went on easily enough, but that was the problem. I had put on way too much, and looked like a clown because of it. "Yes?" "It's your sissy, Sir. May I come in?" "Why?" I knew what he wanted to hear, but I wasn't sure I could say it. Looking down at the powder-blue, lace and satin nightie he'd left me, I tried to draw strength from my newfound femininity. For some reason, as my gaze settled on my fluffy, pink bunnyslippers, I smiled. "Because I wish to serve, Sir. I-I wish to serve your cock." "Then, by all means, join me." Pushing open the door, I smiled shyly, feeling more nervous and embarrassed than afraid. So far, my servitude had been purely physical, but being invited to share his bed seemed so romantic. It bothered me that I thought of it that way, but I couldn't deny the power this man had over me. I'd never had a homosexual thought in my life - and he was no supermodel - but everything about him screamed power and sophistication. Dressed as I was, submitting to that power seemed only natural. "Come here." Grinning, he patted the bed beside him. "Don't be shy, dear. I know you're a virgin and I promise to be gentle." Blushing, I accepted his invitation and settled softly onto the bed. "Thank you, Sir." Turning my face towards his, he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me. I was shocked, but found myself yielding to him. It felt strange being on the other end of such a kiss - I was used

to the soft, passive lips of a woman - but exciting as well. He was in control, his kisses firm but not rough, and I found it easy to respond. Kissing him back - softly, like a girl - I stuck out my tongue, hesitated, then plunged it into his mouth. Seeing his eyes light up with approval excited me further, and soon we were sharing a deep, french-kiss, as passionate as any I had ever experienced before. Tugging on my tampon string - which I had almost forgot was there - he whispered in my ear "I want to fuck you, tanya. I want to fuck my little sissy until she begs for more." I was finding it easier to respond to his gentle, romantic side, but wasn't ready for that. Remembering Kara's advice, I whispered seductively "But I want to suck you, Sir. I want to feel you in my mouth again. I want to taste your cum." "No you don't," he replied. "You're just saying that so I won't pop your cherry." "No, Sir, I swear!" Already sliding down the bed, I grinned "I really want to taste you, Sir. Your sissy cockslut is oh, so hungry." My words shocked even me, but I heard myself beg "Please, Sir, fuck my mouth. I want your cock soooo much it hurts." "All right," he sighed, "I guess I can wait." With a wink he added "Besides, if I cum between your pretty lips, I'll be able to last much longer inside your boycunt." Hearing him tell me I was pretty made me feel all warm and tingly inside. Giggling, I lowered my head to his crotch and inhaled deeply. God, it smelled so good! Pushing all other thoughts from my head, I focussed on his cock, making it the centre of my universe. Right now, it was soft and limp, but I would soon fix that. Taking advantage of his not-yet-aroused state, I took his whole cock into my mouth, and then opened even wider to swallow his balls as well. With my nose pressed against his hairy stomach, I marvelled at the feel of his cock stiffening inside me. I could actually feel it growing, filling my mouth with his warm flesh. Sucking softly, I batted his cock around with my tongue, his erection eventually pushing his balls from my mouth. I didn't want to think about the how and why, but I couldn't deny I was enjoying this. "Oooohhh, yessss." Gently stroking the back of my head, Sir Michael told me "You learn quickly, my sissy. Do you like the feel of my cock growing in your mouth? Does the fact that it's you who've aroused me please you?" "Yes, Sir." Momentarily releasing his organ, I smiled and thanked him. "I like it very much, but . . ."

"But what?" "I'm afraid." "Of what?" "I-I'm afraid I might come to like it too much." Tears in my eyes, I told him "I'm not gay, Sir. I don't want to feel this way." Sir Michael chuckled softly. "Of course you're not gay, my dear. You're responding to me just like any other girl would." He was right. I had a woman's hairstyle, my nails were painted, and my chest felt as sensitive as I'd always imagined breasts would be. I'd just redone my very own makeup so he'd find me more attractive, and I was dressed in the most feminine of clothes. I had completely forgotten about the limp cock taped between my legs, and I had become comfortable with the tampon in my ass. I was a sissy - not quite a real girl, but certainly no longer a boy. "D-do you mean it, Sir?" He had made me this way, and I craved his approval. Maybe, deep down, I'd always been this way, but he had given me the freedom to be a sissy. "I so want to be pretty. I want you to like me." Shuddering, I whispered "I want you to love me." "You're very pretty," he assured me, "And I like you very much." Pinching me affectionately on the cheek, he promised "I may even come to love you, my dear tanya." As I heard him say the words, I felt a dampness begin to spread between my legs. Limp and trapped between my legs, my sissy-clit had actually ejaculated! It felt wonderful - like no orgasm I had ever had before - and it was all because Sir Michael approved of me as a girl. Beaming with happiness, I fell upon his cock, sucking and slurping like the slut I was. Abandoning all my pride and inhibitions, I made it my purpose in life to please him, to make my master happy. "Mmmm, unnnnhggghhh, ooohhhhhh." Bobbing up and down on his split-slickened shaft, I moaned in ecstasy, enjoying the moment. Despite myself, I had begun to enjoy his fucking my mouth earlier, but this was a thousand times better. I was the one sucking, I was the one eagerly taking him in and reluctantly taking him out. Slowly twisting my neck back and forth, I made love to the head of his cock, licking and sucking him like the tastiest of popsicles. "Arrggghhhh, soooo goooodd." Sir Michael closed his eyes and tossed his head back in pleasure. I could tell he was enjoying my newfound enthusiasm, and I knew the moment of climax was close. Suddenly hungry for his mancream, I began fondling his balls while I sucked, trying to coax out his cum. When he finally

exploded in my mouth, I took the time to enjoy it, not caring about the white overflow streaming down my cheeks. For some reason - maybe because I had earned it - his semen tasted like an incredible delicacy. I had never had the slightest inclination to taste even my own cum, but could easily see myself becoming addicted to his tasty treat. Puffing out my cheeks, I let him continue to paint my palette, wanting to swallow but made myself wait. By the time he had spent himself, my mouth had all the cum it could handle, and rivers of sperm were running down my cheeks. "Did the sissy like her bedtime snack?" he asked, breathless. Grinning, I crawled up the bed and opened my mouth to show him the creamy white pool inside. Poking my tongue up through the slimy surface, I blew a few bubbles to show how much I loved his seed. Then, swallowing, I luxuriated in the feel of the viscous liquid slowly sliding down my throat, coating it like the thickest of cough medicines. "Mmmm, sissy looovvesss cum," I gasped, "Sissy loves Sir Michael." "Good, because now I want to fuck my little girl senseless." Picking me up like I was nothing, he rolled me over and propped my ass up in the air. Scooping the excess cum from my cheeks, he spread the warm cream all around my ass to provide some natural lubrication. "Ooops! What do we have here?" Feeling him tug on the string, I turned my head and smiled. "My tampon, Sir, but I think my period is done, now." I couldn't believe what I was saying, but I honestly meant it when I asked "Please, Sir, fuck your sissy. Please cum in my sissyhole. I so want to feel like a girl!" Grinning, he gave the string a sharp tug, pulling the shitty tampon from my ass. "Hmmm," he said, probing my hole with his finger, "I love a tight little hole." Then, placing the head of his cock against the puckered ring of my anus, he asked "Is my sissy ready?" How could you ever be ready for something like this? I was afraid and excited at the same time. Fear and lust were fighting for dominance inside me, but the need to please my master was more powerful than any sissy emotion. "Yes, Sir." "Good." Without warning, he slammed into my ass, shoving nearly half of his thick cock inside me. "Arggghhhh!" Burying my head in the pillow, I howled, unable to believe how much it hurt. "Relax, tanya" he cooed, "Push out, just like you were going to the bathroom." Leaning over to kiss the back of my neck, he promised "It won't take long to stretch."

Biting my lip, I nodded and tried to do as he said. It seemed to take forever, but the pain did subside and the fire seemed to quench itself. His cock still felt uncomfortable inside me, but it wasn't anything I couldn't deal with. "Okay, Sir," I told him. "Sissy is ready for more." "Good girl." Rising back up, he withdrew his cock until just the head was inside me, then plunged almost three-quarters of the way in. He repeated this tactic a half dozen times, but I just couldn't take the final inch of manflesh pressing down upon me. "I'm sorry," I pouted, "You must be so disappointed." Sir Michael laughed and began fucking my ass with slow, hard strokes. "Not at all, tanya. I only expected you to take half my cock. If anything, you've impressed me." Gently kneading the flesh of my ass while he fucked, he told me "You're a very, very good little girl." Drying my tears, I grinned, happy I had pleased him. Looking back over my shoulder, I found the sight of his cock disappearing inside me incredibly erotic. The discomfort had all but passed, and I was beginning to really enjoy it. Sure, I'd be sore for the next few days, but that was a small price to pay for keeping my master happy. "Oooh, Sir, fuck your sissy's ass. I love having you inside me." Licking my lips, I begged "I want to feel your cum, Sir. I want to fall asleep with your sperm dripping out of my sissy boycunt." "Unggh, you will dear," he grimaced as he slowed his strokes, "But not yet." Pushing my legs up underneath me, he turned me over onto my back. "I want to see my sissy's face when I fuck her. I want to see how much she's enjoying it." As he began fucking me again, I gasped in pleasure. Because of the position we were in, his cock was brushing against the tip of my bound cock with every downstroke. This, I knew, was akin to what a real girl felt when her man fucked her silly and played with her little clit. The fact that mine was a sissy-clit made no difference - I was being fucked like a girl and I felt like a girl! "My tanya has such pretty titties," Sir Michael gasped, "I just have to taste them." Lowering his head to my chest, he wrapped his lips around my right nipple and sucked hard. To my surprise, my entire chest was swollen, leaving me with a sissy Acup, at least. The resulting bolt of pleasure shot right down between my legs, and I felt my sissy-clit explode for the second time that night. Now that I was used to how sensitive they were, my hard, pink nipples were giving as much pleasure as my cock ever could. Knowing it was only a fraction of what a woman would

feel only excited me further. "Yesssss," I sighed, "That feeeeels soooooo gooooood." God, I was in such ecstasy I was afraid I'd pass out. Physically, my pleasure was coming from my sissycunt, sissyclit and sissytits, while, emotionally, I was just thrilled that Sir Michael was enjoying me enough to treat me like a girl. I was happy, he was happy, and that only made me more happy. I had no idea what had come over me, but I didn't care anymore. I couldn't even remember my old name, much less my old life. I was tanya, his now and forever, and would do anything to please him. "Arrghhh, hereitcums!" Slamming into me one last time, Sir Michael came inside my ass, his hot and sticky semen clinging to my insides. I missed the tasted and smell, but it felt even better than when he had orgasmed in my mouth. I regretted the fact that he had had to blackmail me into sissyhood before I could enjoy this, but was grateful he had. As I moaned and groaned, enjoying every powerful shot, I shivered to think how close I had come to missing out on all this. If Sir Michael hadn't stumbled upon me in that mall bathroom, I would have gone through life never knowing what I was missing. "Oh, Sir, that feels fantastic!" Pulling him down, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his sweaty lips. "Please, master, don't ever leave your little sissy. I don't want this night to ever end." "You worthless, despicable, cunt. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Scowling, he asked "Do you realize what you've done?" "Yes, I do," I replied. "I made my master feel good and let myself feel like a girl." Grinning, I licked at his nose, reminding him "I LOVE cock. I WANT cock. I NEED cock. tanya is Sir Michael's sissy cockslut, and she doesn't ever want to be a boy again." He laughed and tousled my hair. It felt so different, dyed red and arranged in a sexy, feminine style. I had never thought of hair in a sexual way before, but it was such a visible sign of my femininity, I couldn't see it as anything but. "That's what I wanted to hear." Kissing me back, he suggested "Why don't you let me go and we'll grab some sleep. There'll be plenty of time to play tomorrow." "No!" Wrapping my legs around his back, I hooked my feet together and grinned. "I want you to stay, Sir. Your sissy wants to sleep with her master's cock inside her. I want to dream about you." Sir Michael chuckled softly, called me a slut, and went to sleep. Riding the high of my life, I soon followed. ***

"Are you sure you want to go through with this, tanya?" Sitting at my bedside, Sir Michael smiled and stroked my long hair lovingly. "Yes, Sir - very much." I was nervous, but not about the operation. I just hated the thought of being apart from my master for so long. "I'll miss you, Sir, but I want to be pretty for you." "I'm pleased." They were two simple words, but every time he spoke them, I felt a chill run down my spine. Sir Michael's approval meant everything to me, so much so, his smile and praise could trigger my sissy orgasms. "I'm afraid you'll have to leave now," the nurse told him, coming into the room. Handing me a glass of water and some sleeping pills, she told me "We'll be wheeling him - or her, I guess - down soon." Looking at the glass of water, I winked at my master and smiled. "Can you give us a moment to say goodbye?" I asked her sweetly. She hesitated, but promised us five minutes. The moment she was gone, I tossed the glass of water across the room and smiled. "tanya spilled her water, Sir," I grinned. "Now I need something to wash my pills down with." "You manipulative, cock-hungry, little slut. What am I to do with you?" Laughing, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It had taken me longer to come around to this part of my servitude than any other - nearly two months before I was comfortable, and another few weeks before I could enjoy it. At first, Sir Michael had been perturbed to discover that a favourite punishment had turned into a reward, be he enjoyed it as much as I did. Grinning, I popped the pills into my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock. Flicking his piss-slit with my tongue, I waited breathlessly for his golden nectar. When the first bitter stream pulsed out onto my tongue, I moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling. It took a few seconds before I had enough piss to swallow the pills, and the rest was just a fantastic, parting treat. Sir Michael had just finished zipping up his pants with the nurse returned. "You'll have to leave now, sir," she said. "I'm sorry." "No problem." Kissing me on the forehead, he promised "I'll be here when you wake up, tanya." "And you'll have my collar?" I asked. I had panicked when the nurse had demanded I remove it, not wanting to give up my oldest, strongest connection to my master. Sir Michael had calmed

me by promising a newer, better one. "Yes, sissy, I will." Nodding, I watched him leave the room through droopy eyelids, passing out before the door could swing closed. *** "Ohhhhhh." Groggy, I shook my head, then winced in pain. "Where am I?" "In the hospital, babe." Beaming, Sir Michael grasped my hand and squeezed. "The operation went very well. I think you'll be pleased." "It worked?" Giddy as a schoolgirl, I looked down and squealed with delight. The doctor had recommended against it said they were too big - but I had the soft, firm, 40DD breasts Sir Michael wanted. They looked so beautiful, so feminine, I wondered how I had ever gotten along without them. "Thank you, Sir," I gasped, tears of joy in my eyes, "They're beautiful." "Yes, they are." Gently stroking the side of my tit, he promised "As soon as you're healed, I'll show you how much fun they can be." Then, smiling, he told me "In the meantime, I have a get-well present for you." Bouncing up and down on the bed - and nearly toppling over with the weight of my breasts - I asked "My collar? Is it, Sir? Please, say it's my collar," I whined. I had come to love my collar - including the accumulated smells of cum, piss and sweat - and felt naked without it. Taking the new collar in my shaking hands, I ran my fingers along the raised letters. "Well?" Sir Michael asked. "It's beautiful, Sir." My new collar was made of pink latex, an inch wide, with raised black lettering. Turning it in my hands, I read "Property of Sir Michael. Slave, slut, sissy . . ." "And?" he grinned. Sobbing, I cried "And wife." Bawling my eyes out, I begged him to put it on. "D-d-do you really mean it, Sir?" I asked. "Yes, tanya, I want you to be mine - forever." I was groggy and in pain, but this was the happiest moment of my life. Kissing his hand, I gasped "I always was." *** "Now, remember what I told you, cunt. This is Sir Michael's day, and you had better not ruin it." In the early days, Sir Michael had used to speak like this in order to shame me into submission. Although I relented quickly under physical discipline - to his disappointment - the effects of his emotional torment had a lasting effect. Recently - to Kara's disappointment - I had come to crave such delicious insults. "I would never do anything to hurt him," I replied. Letting

her fix my veil, I asked nervously "Miss Kara? I . . . I want to thank you." "For what?" Curious, the tall blond stepped around to look me in the face. Smiling, I said "For being there since the beginning. Without your help, I never would have been able to become the sissy Sir Michael deserves." Admiring her naked body - not with lust but with envy - I admitted "You turned a shy, frightened boy into a confident, wanton slut of a girl." Kneeling, I placed a loving kiss on her clit and grinned "Thank you." For the first time since she had admitted me into Sir Michael's home, Kara truly softened. "You're welcome, honey." Beaming with pride, she rubbed my face into the fragrant folds of her pussy and told me "You've made me proud." Giving her a quick hug, I jumped in surprise as the music began. "Guess that's our cue." Lifting the end of my long, white train, my maid-of-honour whispered "Don't worry, you'll do fine," and followed me outside. The wedding - that was really how I though of it - was being held in Sir Michael's backyard. In essence it was the real thing, almost legal in every way. We had drawn up a contract of 'marital slavery' and Sir Michael's lawyer would make it official during the ceremony. Dressed in the most gorgeous wedding gown I had ever seen, I strode slowly down the aisle, more nervous than any time in my life. It wasn't the presence of my parents, family and friends that bothered me - they would be shocked and offended, but I was no longer ashamed of who I was. No, it was my master, Sir Michael, who had my heart aflutter and my stomach churning. I wanted everything to be perfect, and was terrified of disappointing him. Coming to a stop beside him, I looked up at my handsome master and smiled. Lost in thoughts of love and admiration, I didn't even realize the ceremony had begun until the lawyer addressed me directly. I had only caught the end of his question, but knew precisely what was expected of me. Turning to face Sir Michael, I began. "If you will have me, Sir, I would dearly love to be yours for all time. I will love you and serve you and make it my purpose in life to please you. You are my world, Sir, and every second we spend apart is sheer agony. Please, I beg of you - take this worthless sissy to be your slave, your property, and your toy." For a long, long moment, he didn't say a word. Then, just when I thought the silence would kill me, he grinned "Why not?

You've got a nice tight little ass, great tits, and a mouth like a whore. Yeah, you'll do." Laughing, the lawyer turned to Kara and asked "Do you have the rings?" Nodding, she wiped a tear from her eye as she knelt between Sir Michael and I. Facing the crowd - so they could see exactly what was to occur - she lifted the hem of my dress, hiked up my slip, then pulled down my panties. Taking my soft, limp sissyclit in her hand, she slipped a metal cocksheath over it, locked it, and handed Sir Michael the key. Ignoring the gasps and whistles of our guests - the gasps, of course, from my friends and family - Sir Michael grinned. "We won't be needing that," he said as he tossed it away. "I'm having it soldered in place tomorrow anyways." Stifling her own giggles, Kara turned to him, unzipped his pants and pulled out his own, much larger cock. Looking up at me, she smiled and asked "tanya?" Nodding, I knelt beside her and eagerly wrapped my lips around my master's cock. My ring had been cold and unyielding like my master - but his was to be soft, submissive, and pleasing - like myself. In fact, the ring was myself. More particularly, the ring formed by my luscious red lips. As I knelt there, sucking away, I could hear my guests crying out in horror and disgust. From the commotion, I gathered someone had fainted - probably my mother - but I didn't care. My master had deprived me of his touch, his taste for nearly a week, and I wasn't about to let a few close-minded fools ruin my fun. Slurping noisily, I had him hard in record time, his purple cockhead forcing its way deeper and deeper. Rather pleased with myself, I relaxed my throat and pushed myself forward, taking every inch of him inside me. I'd been practicing with a dildo for the past month, and had finally succeeded in training myself in the art of deepthroat. I felt bad for having kept such a secret from my master - and would beg to be punished later - but his own involuntary gasp told me it had all been worth it. Beaming with pride, I opened wide to swallow his balls, marvelling at the feel of his warm, hard shaft as it slipped deeper inside of me. Shaking with excitement, I raised my hand to my neck, where I could actually feel the bulge of his flesh beneath the skin. It was so erotic, so incredible, I orgasmed right then and there, my sissy cum shooting from the end of my metal sheath like a rocket. Not long after, Sir Michael himself exploded, filling me with a week's accumulation of his seed. Determined not to miss a single precious drop, I sucked and swallowed with wild abandon,

hungry and insatiable. A few tiny streams did escape the corners of my mouth, but Kara was quick to lick them from my cheeks. Shaking his head in disbelief, the lawyer said "Very well. Having fulfilled your contractual obligations, I now pronounce you - tanya, slave-slut-sissy-wife - property of Sir Michael." Clearing his throat, he finished uncomfortably "You may now, ahem, p-piss the bride." Smiling, Sir Michael looked down upon his sissy with the pride of ownership. He had broken the boy's spirit, reshaping first his mind and emotion, recreating him in the shape of a girl. This sissy was his - would do anything and everything he demanded - and the fact that she enjoyed her submission only added to the value of his property. "Do you want it, tanya?" "Yes, oh yes, yes, Sir!" "Then beg." Pinching the head of his cock, he told me "Tell everyone what you want and why." "Please, Sir, piss all over your pretty sissy. Bless my pretty gown, mark me with your scent." Looking towards the crowd, I locked eyes with my father and said "I want everyone to know that I am yours. I want them to know how much I love your cock, and everything in it. Your piss is like the finest wine and your cum like expensive champagne." Turning back to him, I finished "Mostly, I want to share your golden shower because you always give me the best fucking afterwards." "Oh, fuck, how can I say no to that?" Laughing, he released his hold, drowning me in a torrent of golden nectar. I could smell the hot liquid, and taste the spray, but had to control my urge to take him back in my mouth. Grasping my tits beneath the white, lace gown, I thrust them into the stream, the piss-stained fabric clinging seductively to my skin. An expensive, designer gown from the finest of bridal shops - and it would be stained forever. From this day forward, it would carry the yellow taint of my master, the stink of his acidic musk - and be all the more precious because of it. After shaking the last little drops onto my tongue, he reached down and pulled me to my feet. Taking me in his arms, he kissed me long and hard, his tongue quickly beating mine into submission. Then, carrying me over to the banquet table, he told the assembled guests "Dinner will be a little delayed. I have a worthless sissy cunt to fill first." Helping him push up the fine layers of my gown, I pleaded "Oh, Sir, please fuck me." Feeling like the dirty slut I was, I screamed "Fuck your sissy hard!" Grabbing my legs, Sir Michael threw them onto his shoulders so quickly, one of my white pumps went flying across the yard. He

was so brutal, so forceful, there could be no doubt in anyone's mind that this was not a marriage of equals. As his engorged cockhead rammed its way past the tiny pink opening of my sissycunt, I thrilled in the knowledge that he was taking my vows to heart. "Yes, yes, Sir! Oh, that feeels soooo goooood!" Panting, I began humping my ass off the table, the vibrations knocking the champagne glasses over to smash on the floor. Reaching back, I tore off my veil, revealing my long, thick tresses of bright red hair. I was obsessive about my fiery treasure - not allowing even the tiniest brown root to show - and had grown it almost down to my waist. When he fucked me from behind, Sir Michael loved to wrap the strands around his fist and yank my head back, using my hair as he would the bridle of a horse. "Oh, shit, you slut!" Gritting his teeth, he slammed into me harder and faster than ever before, overcome with lust for his new toy. "You'd better get used to this," he told me, "Cause your sissy-pussy ain't ever gonna be empty again." Taking but a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow, he continued using me to satiate his animal desires, telling me "From now on, if I find your ass empty, you will be punished!" "Uh-uh-uh, w-will you - oooohhhh - will you buy your arrghhh! your sissy some buttplugs?" I asked between squeals of delight. "The biggest, fattest and longest I can!" Growling, he spread my legs even wider, forcing my hole to accept the final half-inch of his cock. It was the first time I had ever taken all of him inside me, and it was wonderful. It was as if there were some hidden switch buried deep in my ass that released all my desires, all my inhibitions, and every pleasure-sensing nerve in my body. From head to toe, I was suddenly one huge fucking sexual organ, responding to my master and him alone. "Do it, tanya, fuck your master for everyone to see!" Aiming the lens of her videocamera at my smiling face, Kara urged "Tell everyone how much you love it!" "I love it, I need it, it's the greatest feeling in the world!" Grabbing my tits, I began squeezing the sensitive globes and pinching my nipples, adding to the already overwhelming sensations of ecstasy flooding my body. "Unghunghungh . . . ooohhuhuhoooohh, he's cumming, Sir Michael shooting inside me!" Jumping onto the banquet table, Kara aimed the camera at my crotch, zooming in to capture every thrust and ripple of my master's tool. "Tell us how it feels, honey!" "Aiiiiieeeeee! Arggghhhhh!" Eyes clenched tightly shut, I nearly ripped the nipples from my breasts as I shrieked in

ecstasy. "F-f-f-eels like . . . oh, shit . . . feels like a firehose enema! I love it, it-it-it-it . . . uh, Sir! . . . it's so hot and creamy and stickyandcummyandlovelyand . . . OHHHHHHHH!" "Oh, jesus," Lurching forward, Sir Michael fell onto my chest, knocking Kara aside. "What the hell was that?" Shocked and breathless, he said "It felt like you fucking tried to bite off my cock with your ass!" "Did you like it, Sir?" I asked with a grin. "Damn right, I liked it!" Squeezing my cheeks, he mashed his lips against mine, his teeth scraping along my tongue. "But what the hell was it?" "My first, real, girlie, sissy orgasm, Sir." It had surprised me as much as it had him, but I had cum simply from feeling him inside me. I don't mean my sissy-clit ejaculated no, it was something else entirely. It was something internal, a physical sensation coursing through my insides much like I assumed a woman's orgasms must feel. I knew it was only a fraction of the joy a real woman experienced, but it was enough for a worthless sissy. Picking herself up off the floor, Kara held up the camera, triumphant. "Better get your copies of the wedding video soon," she panted. "They sure as HELL won't last long." While the remaining guests laughed - and clamoured for their own personal copy - I simply softened in my master's arms, content to just be held. There could no longer be any doubt - in anyone's mind - I was a sissy enslaved, and the happiest little girl on the face of the earth. ****************************** Comments? Feedback? Just wanna share a fantasy? Send 'em to: [email protected]

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