Sing to Jehovah

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Sing toJehovah


“I will sing to Jehovah throughout my life; I will make melody to my God as long as I am.” —PSALM 104:33


˘ 2009 WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA All Rights Reserved Publishers WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, INC. Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. 2010 Printing This publication is not for sale. It is provided as part of a worldwide Bible educational work supported by voluntary donations. Sing to Jehovah English (sn-E) Made in the United States of America

All Things Made New 14 “Assist Those Who Are Weak” 42 Beauty in Gray-Headedness 90 Be Forgiving 77 Be Steadfast, Unmovable! 32 Bless Our Meeting Together 20 Children Are a Trust From God 88 Christian Dedication 7 Christ, Our Exemplar 5 Come! Be Refreshed 119 Come to Jehovah’s Mountain 107 Content With God’s Good Gifts 94 Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory 15 Cultivating the Quality of Love 72 Daily Walking With Jehovah 48 Declare the Good News 47 The Divine Pattern of Love 50 Encourage One Another 121 Enduring to the End 135 Ever Loyal 63 Faithful Women, Christian Sisters 86 Fear Them Not! 33 Flee to God’s Kingdom! 16 Forward, You Ministers of the Kingdom! 97 Forward, You Witnesses! 17 “From House to House” 103 A Full Reward From Jehovah 85 Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship 106 “Give Us More Faith” 81 “God Is Love” 3 God’s Gift of Holy Spirit 71 God’s Loyal Love 18 God’s Own Book—A Treasure 114 God’s Promise of Paradise 19 God’s Wondrous Works 110 Grateful for God’s Word 113 Gratitude for Divine Patience 35 Great God, Jehovah 112 Guard Your Heart 52 Hail Jehovah’s Firstborn! 109 Happy, the Merciful! 21 The Heavens Declare God’s Glory 105 “Here I Am! Send Me” 10 He Will Call 111 He Will Make You Strong 60 Holding Fast to Our Hope 129 Imitate Christ’s Mildness 82

“I Want To” 84 Jehovah Begins His Rule 30 Jehovah, God of Peace 76 “Jehovah Is My Shepherd” 22 Jehovah Is Our King! 46 Jehovah Is Our Refuge 49 Jehovah, Our Strength 23 Jehovah Provides Escape 131 Jehovah’s Attributes 1 Jehovah’s Warm Appeal: “Be Wise, My Son” 89 Join in the Kingdom Song! 102 The Joy of Jehovah 74 Keep On Seeking First the Kingdom 40 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! 24 “Let Your Light Shine” 93 Life Everlasting Is Promised 12 Life Without End—At Last! 55 The Light Gets Brighter 116 Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed 120 Living Up to Our Name 34 Long-Suffering 78 The Lord’s Evening Meal 8 Love Intensely From the Heart 73 Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order 125 Make Me Know Your Ways 69 “Make Sure of the More Important Things” 70 Make the Truth Your Own 64 Making a Good Name With God 4 Making Jehovah’s Heart Glad 11 Making Known the Kingdom Truth 101 Making Our Way Successful 115 The Meditation of My Heart 57 The Miracle of Life 130 Move Ahead! 45 My Father, My God and Friend 91 My Prayer of Dedication 58 Myriads of Brothers 122 The New Song 28 Now We Are One 87 Oh, Walk With God! 26 Our Labor of Love 126 Our Possession of Peace 39 Our Reasons for Joy 75 A Place Bearing Your Name 127 Please Hear My Prayer 56 The Power of Kindness 79 Praise Jah With Me 104

Praise Jehovah for His Kingdom 108 Praise Jehovah, Our God! 9 Praising Earth’s New King 99 The Prayer of God’s Servant 6 A Prayer of Thanksgiving 13 A Prayer of the Lowly One 68 Pray to Jehovah Each Day 67 “Preach the Word” 92 Proof of Discipleship 25 The Quality of Goodness 80 Receive Them With Hospitality 124 The Scene of This World Is Changing 128 The Scriptures—Inspired of God 37 Seek God for Your Deliverance 133 Seek Out Deserving Ones 96 See Yourself When All Is New 134 Serving Jehovah Whole-Souled 66 Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest 44 Shepherds—Gifts in Men 123 Sowing Kingdom Seed 98 Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty 43 Take Sides With Jehovah! 27 “Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good” 95 “This Is the Way” 65 Throw Your Burden on Jehovah 38 To God We Are Dedicated! 59 To Whom Do We Belong? 62 A Victory Song 132 Walking in Integrity 29 We Are Jehovah’s Army! 100 We Are Jehovah’s Witnesses! 31 We Cleave to Jehovah 51 Welcome One Another 118 We Must Be Taught 117 We Must Have the Faith 54 We Need Self-Control 83 We Thank You, Jehovah 2 “What God Has Yoked Together” 36 What Sort of Person I Should Be 61 Working Together in Unity 53 Worship Jehovah During Youth 41

“I will sing to Jehovah throughout my life; I will make melody to my God as long as I am.” —PSALM 104:33


˘ 2009 WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA All Rights Reserved Publishers WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, INC. Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. 2010 Printing This publication is not for sale. It is provided as part of a worldwide Bible educational work supported by voluntary donations. Sing to Jehovah English (sn-E) Made in the United States of America

All Things Made New 14 “Assist Those Who Are Weak” 42 Beauty in Gray-Headedness 90 Be Forgiving 77 Be Steadfast, Unmovable! 32 Bless Our Meeting Together 20 Children Are a Trust From God 88 Christian Dedication 7 Christ, Our Exemplar 5 Come! Be Refreshed 119 Come to Jehovah’s Mountain 107 Content With God’s Good Gifts 94 Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory 15 Cultivating the Quality of Love 72 Daily Walking With Jehovah 48 Declare the Good News 47 The Divine Pattern of Love 50 Encourage One Another 121 Enduring to the End 135 Ever Loyal 63 Faithful Women, Christian Sisters 86 Fear Them Not! 33 Flee to God’s Kingdom! 16 Forward, You Ministers of the Kingdom! 97 Forward, You Witnesses! 17 “From House to House” 103 A Full Reward From Jehovah 85 Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship 106 “Give Us More Faith” 81 “God Is Love” 3 God’s Gift of Holy Spirit 71 God’s Loyal Love 18 God’s Own Book—A Treasure 114 God’s Promise of Paradise 19 God’s Wondrous Works 110 Grateful for God’s Word 113 Gratitude for Divine Patience 35 Great God, Jehovah 112 Guard Your Heart 52 Hail Jehovah’s Firstborn! 109 Happy, the Merciful! 21 The Heavens Declare God’s Glory 105 “Here I Am! Send Me” 10 He Will Call 111 He Will Make You Strong 60 Holding Fast to Our Hope 129 Imitate Christ’s Mildness 82

“I Want To” 84 Jehovah Begins His Rule 30 Jehovah, God of Peace 76 “Jehovah Is My Shepherd” 22 Jehovah Is Our King! 46 Jehovah Is Our Refuge 49 Jehovah, Our Strength 23 Jehovah Provides Escape 131 Jehovah’s Attributes 1 Jehovah’s Warm Appeal: “Be Wise, My Son” 89 Join in the Kingdom Song! 102 The Joy of Jehovah 74 Keep On Seeking First the Kingdom 40 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! 24 “Let Your Light Shine” 93 Life Everlasting Is Promised 12 Life Without End—At Last! 55 The Light Gets Brighter 116 Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed 120 Living Up to Our Name 34 Long-Suffering 78 The Lord’s Evening Meal 8 Love Intensely From the Heart 73 Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order 125 Make Me Know Your Ways 69 “Make Sure of the More Important Things” 70 Make the Truth Your Own 64 Making a Good Name With God 4 Making Jehovah’s Heart Glad 11 Making Known the Kingdom Truth 101 Making Our Way Successful 115 The Meditation of My Heart 57 The Miracle of Life 130 Move Ahead! 45 My Father, My God and Friend 91 My Prayer of Dedication 58 Myriads of Brothers 122 The New Song 28 Now We Are One 87 Oh, Walk With God! 26 Our Labor of Love 126 Our Possession of Peace 39 Our Reasons for Joy 75 A Place Bearing Your Name 127 Please Hear My Prayer 56 The Power of Kindness 79 Praise Jah With Me 104

Praise Jehovah for His Kingdom 108 Praise Jehovah, Our God! 9 Praising Earth’s New King 99 The Prayer of God’s Servant 6 A Prayer of Thanksgiving 13 A Prayer of the Lowly One 68 Pray to Jehovah Each Day 67 “Preach the Word” 92 Proof of Discipleship 25 The Quality of Goodness 80 Receive Them With Hospitality 124 The Scene of This World Is Changing 128 The Scriptures—Inspired of God 37 Seek God for Your Deliverance 133 Seek Out Deserving Ones 96 See Yourself When All Is New 134 Serving Jehovah Whole-Souled 66 Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest 44 Shepherds—Gifts in Men 123 Sowing Kingdom Seed 98 Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty 43 Take Sides With Jehovah! 27 “Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good” 95 “This Is the Way” 65 Throw Your Burden on Jehovah 38 To God We Are Dedicated! 59 To Whom Do We Belong? 62 A Victory Song 132 Walking in Integrity 29 We Are Jehovah’s Army! 100 We Are Jehovah’s Witnesses! 31 We Cleave to Jehovah 51 Welcome One Another 118 We Must Be Taught 117 We Must Have the Faith 54 We Need Self-Control 83 We Thank You, Jehovah 2 “What God Has Yoked Together” 36 What Sort of Person I Should Be 61 Working Together in Unity 53 Worship Jehovah During Youth 41


Jehovah’s Attributes (Revelation 4:11)

Je ho - vah God, Your loft - y throne, Great - est of all

Source Thus None

a as at

More Your Ex

of you can


tion we tri



all life make known re - pay


speaks turn butes

your great wis - dom ult - ing

day shine - ly

ex - alt on jus is your

ed in tice it per - fect

might, stands. love.

and Pro - vid - er of light. all your righ - teous com - mands. all your gifts from a - bove.

of your to your and your

pow Word, glo -

will so we

still bril will

er so we can ri - ous


Cre And Your

great; see name,

re - late. liant - ly. pro - claim.

(See also Ps. 36:9; 145:6-13; Jas. 1:17.)


We Thank You, Jehovah (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

We We We

thank thank thank

you, Je - ho you, Je - ho you, our God,


That you shed up - on Who con - quered the world; A - bout your great name

We We We

thank thank thank

That we For thus While your

you that you for you that

vah, each vah, for for the

day and each night, your lov - ing Son, hon - or to preach

us your By his and the

pre faith truth

cious he to

light. won. teach.

we have the priv - ’lege of prayer, guid - ance in do - ing your will, soon all earth’s woes will be past,

can ap - proach you do help King - dom bless -

you with ev us our vows ings for - ev -

’ry ful er


care. fill. last.

(See also Ps. 50:14; 95:2; 147:7; Col. 3:15.)


“God Is Love” (1 John 4:7, 8)

God is love, and he in - vites us, ‘Walk with me and love my way.’ Love of truth moves us to ac - tion; Love of God moves us to love. Nev - er let re - sent - ment lead you; May it nev - er take your hand.

When we love both God and neigh - bor, Gra- cious deeds will fill each day. When we fail he seeks to help us; By his strength we rise a - bove. Look to God, and he will guide you; He will teach you these com - mands: R.H.

There - in lies the key to liv - ing; There - in lies the life we seek. Love is pure and nev - er jeal - ous; Love is kind and bears all things. Love of God and love of neigh - bor, Ev - ’ry - thing that love should be.

Christ - like love will nev - er fail us. Christ - like love through us will May we grow to love our broth - er. May we taste what true love May we al - ways show to oth - ers God - like love, yes, ten - der

speak. brings. - ly.

(See also Mark 12:30, 31; 1 Cor. 12:31–13:8; 1 John 3:23.)


Making a Good Name With God (Ecclesiastes 7:1)

Through - out our life - time, To seek in this world In God’s re - mem - brance

To make a To want its In - scribed in

good fa his

We A We

want to use each day cel - e - brat - ed name, want our name to be

name vor, book

And all God’s laws o - bey. To bask in its ac - claim For all e - ter - ni - ty.

If in Je - ho - vah’s sight Is sim - ply van - i - ty. On him we can de - pend,

We strive to do what’s right, For if its friend we’d be, So we his truth de - fend

Then to his own heart Je - ho - vah’s fa - vor And keep our good name

We’ll bring de - light. We would not see. Down to the end.

(See also Gen. 11:4; Prov. 22:1; Mal. 3:16; Rev. 20:15.)


Christ, Our Exemplar (Romans 5:8)

What love Je - ho - vah showed, Christ taught us ev - ’ry day God’s truth Christ Je - sus taught

When for all man - kind The name Je - ho - vah To those who fol - lowed

he to as

Christ then be - came our bread, Pray that his King - dom come May seeds of King - dom praise

And Pray Then

life e - ter - nal that he dai - ly sat - is - fac - tion

What bless - ings from him flowed, For God’s great name to pray, And ten - der com - fort brought

in our and

gave be his

his dear Son. sanc - ti - fied. faith - ful sheep.

That we might all be And that his will be Be sown through all our

peace bread joy

might will we

fed, done. days.

be won. pro - vide. will reap.

(See also Matt. 6:9-11; John 3:16; 6:31-51; Eph. 5:2.)


The Prayer of God’s Servant (Ephesians 6:18)

Heav - en - ly Fa - ther, Sov - er - eign Lord, Love for the truth with - in us in - still. Wis - dom we seek from heav - en a - bove.

ev - er be a - dored. car - ry out your will. fill our hearts with love.

May your great name Help us, O God, Please grant this gift,

Your ten - der mer - cies long will en - dure, All your com-mand - ments we want to keep, Help us our love and mer - cy to show,

Ev - er so faith - ful, ev - er so sure. Find - ing and feed - ing your pre - cious sheep. Help - ing all men our great God to know.

Ev - er Find - ing, Help - ing

faith - ful, feed - ing all our

ev your God

will want mer

en - dure. to keep. cy show.


er dear to

for to and

sure, All your mer sheep, Your com - mands know, May our love

cies we and


(See also Ps. 143:10; John 21:15-17; Jas. 1:5.)


Christian Dedication (Hebrews 10:7, 9)

Be - cause Je - ho - vah cre - at - ed The u - ni - verse so grand, In wa - ter Je - sus was bap - tized To righ - teous - ness ful - fill. We come be - fore you, Je - ho - vah, To praise your name so great.

him be - long the earth and sky, The works of sol - emn prayer he said to God: ‘I’ve come to own - ing self, with hum - ble hearts Our lives we

To In Dis -

his own hand. do your will.’ ded - i - cate.

The When You

his crea - tures shown a - noint - ed Son, the price so high.

That O No


breath of life he has giv - en he came up from the Jor - dan gave your on - ly - be - got - ten,

wor - thy is he to be - dient and loy - al lon - ger as liv - ing

have he for

And to As God’s Who paid

the praise, The wor - ship of all his would serve As God’s ded - i - cat - ed our - selves, For you we shall live or

own. One. die.


(See also Matt. 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23.)


The Lord’s Evening Meal (Matthew 26:26-30)

Je - ho - vah, our Fa - ther in We’re gath - ered to - geth - er be

this sheep

is a most of your pas


sa - cred ture, we

heav - en, - fore you.

night! came

Ni praise

san four - teen for your love

when your glo ry was seen, that brought Christ from a - bove,

love, hon

jus - tice, wis or your most

dom, and ho - ly


might. name.

Oh, As

It was To give

Your To

The We

The Lord’s Evening Meal

Pass keep


Is firm -

lat walk

fill life


o - ver lamb this Me - mo -

ra - el’s tribes ly in heart

er our Lord ev - ’ry day

this ev -

di er -

was then eat rial oc - ca

went and

forth in


en, sion

And Fixed

free. mind.

his own life as Christ showed

vine last


Cen - t’ries Thus we’ll

blood out - poured us the way,

proph - e ing we’ll


To ful And then

cy. find.

(See also Luke 22:14-20; 1 Cor. 11:23-26.)


Praise Jehovah, Our God! (Psalm 145:12)

Praise Praise

our our

glo - rious joy - ful

day grate

call. claim.


God! God!

Praise Sing

name known to all! song, laud his name!

is ful

near, heart,

Our Though

And All

God grand

all his

Je - ho it loud

vah and

God! clear!

Sound a - larm! From the heart,

men glo

has de - creed is our God


that and

must ry

now great

heed his bold - ly

Make With

For From

his a

his a

warn - ing we pro -

is the time For his are his works, He is

Praise Jehovah, Our God!

First - born to rule hum - ble and good

as to

King. all.

Reach He

out shows

to all men, and lov - ing - kind - ness,


tell them the news, Tell what bless - ings our God mer - cy, and love And will hear when to him


will we

bring! call.

Praise our

Praise Je - ho - vah God! Make his great - ness known in all the earth!

(See also Ps. 89:27; 105:1; Jer. 33:11.)


“Here I Am! Send Me” (Isaiah 6:8)

To - day men heap re - proach and shame, Men make the taunt that God is slow; To - day the meek ones mourn and sigh

God’s fair name. do not know. mul - ti - ply.

Some Some With

In man - y ways on The fear of God they Be - cause the e - vils

show God weak; some wor - ship i - dols hon - est hearts they

is no God!” so shouts the fool. Who’ll would put Cae - sar on God’s throne. Who’ll truth that gives real peace of mind. Who’ll

go tell go

paint him cruel. made of stone; seek to find

“There Some The

the name of God to the wick - ed what’s in with com - fort to the


clear? store? meek?

Who’ll Who’ll Who’ll

sing warn help

his praise for all to hear? of God’s great fi - nal war? them righ - teous - ness to seek?

“Lord, “Lord, “Lord,

“Here I Am! Send Me”

here here here


am! am! am!

Send Send Send

me, me, me,

send me. send me. send me.

I’ll I’ll I’ll

sing sound teach

your prais - es the warn - ing such meek ones


faith fear pa




ful - ly. less - ly. tient - ly.

















(See also Ps. 10:4; Ezek. 9:4.)


Making Jehovah’s Heart Glad (Proverbs 27:11)

Great Your Im -

In Pro That


God, slave, part

we’ve your to

wis claims we

For Feeds And

then us bring

In Thus And

mak strength thus

dom your may

we with forth


ing ens make

vowed to stew - ard us your

your work great - ness keep a

know we’ll nour - ish fruit - age

glad us glad

your your your

do your here on ac - tive

we’ll ful and your faith - ful

have a ment when to your

will; earth, force,


fill. worth, course

part due, praise

lov - ing heart. will to do. heart al - ways.

(See also Matt. 24:45-47; Luke 11:13; 22:42.)


Life Everlasting Is Promised (Psalm 37:29)

Life ev - er - last - ing is prom - ised. Man’s earth - ly home will en - dure. Par - a - dise brought to per - fec - tion; All of God’s chil - dren set free. Soon in the grand res - ur - rec - tion, Sor - row will all dis - ap - pear.

‘Meek ones will thrive,’ said the psalm - ist. Un - der Je - ho - vah’s di - rec - tion, Show - er - ing ten - der af - fec - tion,

This grand fu - ture is sure. Peace on earth we will see. God will dry ev - ’ry tear.




can live for - ev

prom - ise is








worth all en - deav



Word will come true.

(See also Isa. 25:8; Luke 23:43; John 11:25; Rev. 21:4.)


A Prayer of Thanksgiving (Psalm 95:2)

Gra - cious Hap - py May your

Je are at -

ho - vah, de - serv - ing those whom you choose to ten - tion cause joy to

of in a

To In In

O your the

Sov - ’reign, our courts of in earth let your

we and be


you, to all

We Teach Crowned

bow us with


voic - es struc - tion wor - ship

Great your your

Hear - er Word is King - dom


praise, vite bound;

raise. light. found.


Plac - ing Here in Wip - ing

to to your

you, O know you; good - ness,

our - selves un - der your tem - ple, we out sick - ness, death,

of prayer, our guide. ap - pears,

your ten - der wish to re sor - row, and

care. side. tears.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dai - ly Awe - some All that

our in is

For our Giv - ing Bless - ed

trans your cre

Look! with God of Shout - ing

the sal in

Now Preach “Praise

our it to

de we Je

er - rors deed is wick - ed,

re your your

veal we are pow - er - ful Son will de -

weak; hand, stroy;

gres - sions ser - vants - a - tion

for the will

give - ness cour - age cry out

we to for

seek. stand. joy.

Son we King - dom thanks let

were we us




blood of your va - tion, your tri - umph, oh,

sire must, ho -

is for vah,

by it our

you nev glo -

to er ri -

be will ous

bought. hail. sing:

taught. fail. King!”

(See also Ps. 65:2, 4, 11; Phil. 4:6.)


All Things Made New (Revelation 21:1-5)

“The Let This

signs of all men cit - y

glo bride gates

bat dorned na -

soon on ser


ry of will

tle now tions

on ly vants

the times” prove God’s rule has be - gun. the chaste New Je - ru - sa - lem see, so fair will be all men’s de - light.

en - throned the Lamb be o -

sits Je - ho shin - ing ra pen both day

in heav - en he’s with most pre - cious will walk in her

the earth Je - ho of God,


shall vah now

fought gems glo -

God’s will her light re - flect

vah’s Son. diant - ly. and night.

and is ry

The A All

won, she, bright;

be will that

In The Its

And And O

done. be. light.

All Things Made New Chorus







him - self re - sides with














These words







will there be pain or



faith - ful

row - ing




an - y

said: ‘I’m mak - ing




(See also Matt. 16:3; Rev. 12:7-9; 21:23-25.)


Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory (Psalm 19)

Je For Your

ho - vah you have laws are

God, made pure,

ware. stars. true.

glo - ry you have mind - ers

day eyes wise,

my the and

A Great Day

does set come

soul sun your

host of o - ceans af - ter

de - clare. their bars. from you.

and and are

night to see your bet - ter

is well and moon com - mands

stars, stop day,

your where re -

From day We lift They make

night heav than


they ens fine

a and are

speak grand. gold.

to our us

Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory

And We Oh,

with - out stand in may we

words awe keep

meek. man. hold.

From We They

night to night they see your heav - ens bet - ter than fine

words awe keep

bring that them,

bring that them,

day lift make

to our us

speak grand. gold.

knowl - edge to you re - mem al - ways to

knowl - edge to you re - mem al - ways to

day eyes wise,

And We Oh,



the ber them

and and are

with - out stand in may we

the meek. ber man. them hold.

(See also Ps. 12:6; 89:7; 144:3; Rom. 1:20.)


Flee to God’s Kingdom! (Zephaniah 2:3)

Oh, seek Come, you Look up,

Seek Why See

what lon all

Thus it Seek now Wel - come

you mit let


may ting him

Je - ho - vah, who hun - ger yes, lift up

is ger the

may God’s the

you for your

right, and sor - row proof that

be way light

in to that

be hid your - self a - lone

meek truth heads

seek and the

ones and with

meek - ness cry out King - dom

the day of es - cape the Je - ho - vah

den to be

a Christ’s your

and low - ly; for jus - tice; re - joic - ing;

to - day. in pain? is here!

his an - ger op - pres - sor, is send - ing,

way. reign. fear!

That Sub And

Flee to God’s Kingdom! Chorus









Has - ten



King - dom,













tec - tion


man - kind;


bless - ing;

com - mand.

(See also Ps. 59:16; Prov. 18:10; 1 Cor. 16:13.)


Forward, You Witnesses! (Luke 16:16)

Firm and de - ter - mined in this time of the end, Sol - diers of Jah do not seek a life of ease; God’s King - dom hope has been mocked and pushed a - side;

pared world great

Sa spot share

are God’s and its name is

tan ted in

ser - vants the rul - ers we slan - dered, its

a at its

good news to do not try ho - li - ness

de - fend. to please. de - nied.

gainst us has vaunt - ed, all times re - main - ing, sanc - ti - fi - ca - tion,

Pre The His

Though Un Let’s

In our Our in And pro -


God’s strength we teg - ri - ty claim it to

move a - head un - daunt - ed. we shall keep main - tain - ing. ev - ’ry tribe and na - tion.


Forward, You Witnesses!

for - ward, you










Wit - ness - es,


work, you







ev - er strong



Re -





may have

par - a - dise








(See also Phil. 1:7; 2 Tim. 2:3, 4; Jas. 1:27.)


God’s Loyal Love (Isaiah 55:1-3)

Loy Loy Loy

from proof us


al al al

love! love! love!

a - bove. there - of. to love.

Who for us the Giv - ing Christ the As God’s righ - teous

righ cov god


teous - ness, ’nant sworn. ly fear,

God God God

is is is

love. love. love.

Love caused God Love for us Loy - al - ly

to he’s we’ll

ran - som won, king - ly throne way they seek.

Life See! Com

This All May


truth cheers us his works give his love move

send fur help

That To May

his Son, ther shown, the meek,

we might ful - fill we preach

e - ter His King fort spread


gain his with

nal, dom for

God’s Loyal Love Chorus

hap has all


pi - ness. been born. to hear.















ter free.




lov - ing - kind - ness



y ones,




(See also Ps. 33:5; 57:10; Eph. 1:7.)


God’s Promise of Paradise (Luke 23:43)

A par - a - dise Soon here on earth, Yes, Par - a - dise,

Christ’s cause now

our God has as God has our Lord did

Mil - len - nial Reign, the dead to rise. earth’s right - ful King.

er - ror, prom - ised: Fa - ther,

prom - ised, pur - posed, prom - ise.

When he’ll blot out Thus it will be We dai - ly thank

Re - mov - ing ‘You’ll be with And from our

death me hearts,

By means of His Son will And he is

all sin and as Je - sus our lov - ing

and tears and in Par - a his prais - es


pain. dise.’ A sing.

par - a



the earth will


With eyes of

God’s Promise of Paradise



this we can

see. This prom - ise

For he de - lights


shall soon ful -

to do God’s will.

(See also Matt. 5:5; 6:10; John 5:28, 29.)


Bless Our Meeting Together (Hebrews 10:24, 25)

Bless us as we meet to - geth - er, Great Je - ho - vah, Help us, Lord, re - fine our wor - ship; With your Word, oh, So, dear Fa - ther, bless our meet - ings; Grant us peace and

we now pray. do us fill. u - ni - ty.

For our meet- ings we do thank you; May your spir - it with us stay. Train our minds and tongues to wit - ness; Love with - in our hearts in - still. May our words and may our ac - tions Mag - ni - fy your Sov-’reign - ty. R.H.

(See also Ps. 22:22; 34:3; Isa. 50:4.)


Happy, the Merciful! (Matthew 5:7)

How Those The

hap mer meek

God’s sins they

tell ben mer

God Christ they,


py are ci - ful will see

eyes they for - giv are judged


to all e - fit cy they

in mer ap - peared like him,

the like Je

are en by


beau - ti - ful. they have rest. him a - bove.

who by will

cy be true


mer - ci - ful! God are blessed; ho - vah’s love


In Through When

They They His

love the right mer - cy shown, real - ly know,

That Since Since

takes de - light. fore God’s throne. mer - cy show.

Through This So

Happy, the Merciful!

Je mer mer


vi preach cul -

of tell God

cause cause we

sus, mer cy they ci - ful

sion for ing God’s ti - vate


fers mer ing men, and Christ


cy would let’s

our Word that


he knows the King show mer

God dis - played, glad - ly share strive to be

ran - som made. ev - ’ry - where, qual - i - ty.

cy “Be have


Pro By And

He By Our

to the meek of good cheer shown the way;

our dom cy

frame is now is ev - ’ry


Be Be May

weak. here.” day.

(See also Luke 6:36; Rom. 12:8; Jas. 2:13.)


“Jehovah Is My Shepherd” (Psalm 23)

Je - ho - vah God is my Shep - herd; A - lone in depths of deep shad - ow, How wise and lov - ing my Shep - herd!

fret? harm. sing.

For For The

none of his own staff keeps me from sheep - like ones I

leads me, fresh - es; fol - low,

So why should I fear I walk, yet I fear His prais - es with joy

he who cares for his my Great Shep - herd is cheer - ing news of his

for - get. a - larm. will bring.

My soul does re - store My cup he has filled Walk care - ful - ly in

sheep so much al - ways near; ten - der care

or no I

Will His To

By qui - et wa - ters he My head with oil he re His Word I’ll faith - ful - ly

and up his

bless. well. way.

He His My

“Jehovah Is My Shepherd”

guides lov glo -

my steps for ing - kind - ness rious trea - sure

path - ways of there in his grate - ful - ly

righ house use


guides lov glo -

my steps for ing - kind - ness rious trea - sure

path there grate

ways in ful



of his ly

his will of

own fol serv

teous I’ll each


his will of

righ house use

sake me, him,

ness. dwell. day.

own fol serv


name’s low ing


teous I’ll each

In And I’ll

He His My

name’s low ing



sake me, him,

In And I’ll

ness. dwell. day.

(See also Ps. 28:9; 80:1.)


Jehovah, Our Strength (Isaiah 12:2)

Gra - cious We who Glad - ly,

You With Though

Je - ho now serve O God,

are our Sav o - pened eyes, Sa - tan mocks

We are Search - ing Though he

your the may

vah, our strength and you re - joice in we keep do - ing

ior, in we now us, we’re

Wit - ness - es Scrip - tures, we slay us, oh,

you we see truth trust - ing

bear - ing hear your help us

our your your

de and you


might, light; will.

light. right. still.

your news, com - mand; to be


Wheth - er Mak - ing Firm to

men our the

hear choice, end

or they for your for your

proud - ly re - fuse. King - dom we stand. grand Sov - ’reign - ty.



Jehovah, Our Strength







Glo - rious













hid - ing







Al - migh - ty











(See also 2 Sam. 22:3; Ps. 18:2; Isa. 43:12.)


Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! (2 Corinthians 4:18)

When When When

ears old bears

des earth mere

from all they

eyes tongues wolves

of ones and


of of and

blind mute lambs

deaf will calves

erts will young

blos yield boy

parched good will

ground things heed

ones be bask


som her will

fresh will his

ones ones will

see speak feed

hear young in

a a the

as rich lead

wa nev child

a a as

the in them


ter er ish

gain gain, one,

gain, gain, sun,

rose crease all,

flows, cease, call.

And When When

When When A

And And And

When When When

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!

lame songs tears

ones of be -

leap chil long

loved joy fears

ones and and

nev peace pain

ed you’ll how

times see God

bless too, see

you you you


keep keep keep

your your your



just dren to

like fill yes

er are have

have ev passed

you’ll the these

eyes eyes eyes



the the the

hart, air, day,


to part, ’ry - where, a - way,


re dead things

on on on

the the ter

al a sup


ize, rise, plies,

When When When

Such Then, You’ll

If If If

prize. prize. prize.

(See also Isa. 11:6-9; 35:5-7; John 11:24.)


Proof of Discipleship (John 13:34, 35)

There Gen

If Ten



This Love

This Serv

is a law u - ine love

we must that will

we would live der - ly aids

the the

is the is a


is ing

king - ly debt that

law we

how we show will - ing - ly

all nev

Chris weak


from must

Christ day

o - bey er fail


tian or

way. frail.

a - bove; re - pay,


like by

love. day.

Proof of Discipleship

Such No

was the love oth - er place

His Friends

per - fect life show - ing love

of our Lord, could we ev

he of

sac this

He These

left a are the

mod - el bonds that

we we

fol can

His May

dis we

ci - ples, fol - low

we the

prove way


the Christ; er find




ri - ficed. rare kind.

low be

close sure

to of

be. love.


ly; of;

(See also Rom. 13:8; 1 Cor. 13:8; Jas. 2:8; 1 John 4:10, 11.)


Oh, Walk With God! (Micah 6:8)

Oh, Oh, Oh,

walk walk walk

Love kind Re - lapse For then

With God Ad - vance Con - tent

Let And Which

him his are

with with with


ness, not you


keep to ment

God God God

and in will

your full true

your strength ap - prov the great

in in in

mod pu faith

be to at


re al est

es - ty; ri - ty; ful - ness,

true. sin. tain


in - teg ma - tu and god





ri - ty; ri - ty, li - ness,

new. win. gain.

Oh, Walk With God!

If And Oh,

you on walk

By And His

men love glo

But On The

let these great

Just In His

would keep what - ev with God;

be ly, rious


God things - est

as God King


his er be


not true, praise

lead think; joy

a put dom

be and to

truth things ev


you and that

lit all work


so are er

grand, pure glad

guiled; just, sing.

by to can

tle your will


the hand, en - dure, be had,

child. trust. bring.

(See also Gen. 5:24; 6:9; Phil. 4:8; 1 Tim. 6:6-8.)


Take Sides With Jehovah! (Exodus 32:26)

Once Now We

with we’re will

con - fu - sion re - joic - ing not fear what

Drink - ing Spread - ing Trust - ing

the cup false the seeds of Je - ho - vah

But with Help - ing Though they

what our are

When of Prais - ing God is

our in the

sad hearts serv - ing Dev - il

re - li - gion his truth all will car - ry

hap - pi - ness broth - ers God’s man - y and

God’s King - dom we his great wor - thy our strength and our

our hearts vir - tues though we

heard. name. might.

were our can

filled, God, do.

dis - tilled; a - broad, us through.

were to are

thrilled laud, few,

Take Sides With Jehovah! Chorus






















nev - er


free - dom and



ev - er








him your


de -






by Christ


(See also Ps. 94:14; Prov. 3:5, 6; Heb. 13:5.)


The New Song (Psalm 98)

Sing Make Let

to God a song, a joy - ful shout, the might - y sea

new. King! praise.

done joy ult

arm; throng, joice,

Tell Laud Join


and ful ing

of his with

yet will an - them voic - es

He is And sing And let

A song of praise that’s bold A joy - ful cry to God, And all there - in re - sound

all name, earth’s

do. sing. raise.

the God a - loud the riv -

the give cre


great things hon - or; a - tion,

Praise Join Let

of vic - to be - fore the ers clap their

and our with

He’s A Ex -

his might - y the might - y the land re -


ry. Lord. hands.

The New Song

In Harp Moun -

the and tains,

cause horn hills,

of and and

jus - tice, trum - pet val - leys

He Sound Sing

judg - es praise in praise in

righ - teous full ac all the



ly. cord. lands.









Je - ho - vah R.H.

new song,





King. R.H.

(See also Ps. 96:1; 149:1; Isa. 42:10.)


Walking in Integrity (Psalm 26)

Please, I For

judge me, do not I have

Ob - serve my I hate the Your wor - ship,

teg truth will


put not round

me to the a - way my your al - tar

Lord, sit loved

ob - serve my with wick - ed the dwell - ing

trust in you com - pa - ny oh, so pure,

ri - ty. de - spise. es - pouse.

and of I

Ex - am - ine With e - vil And I will

test; life; grand, R.H.

My My To

loy - al - ty; men of lies. of your house.

mind soul, make

me, men, march

my in those who dai - ly

and take a -

and heart re with those whose thanks - giv - ing

Walking in Integrity Chorus

fine, hands heard



that my are full a - loud



- nal - ly

soul might of bribes through - out

be and the

De - ter - mined



blessed. strife. land.



shall be

in - teg


to walk

e -

ri - ty.

(See also Ps. 25:2.)


Jehovah Begins His Rule (Revelation 11:15)

This is a Christ now in God’s reign - ing

glo - ri - ous day. pow - er is here, Rul - er we prize.

He’s laid in Sa - tan’s old He comes in

Zi - on his sys - tem will God’s name; we

Let all now lift up the voice. Now is the sea - son to preach. En - ter the grand tem - ple gate;

Christ, Time Soon

Lord and for the dawns that

God’s rule is now un - der way. And Ar - ma - ged - don is near. Won - drous he is in our eyes.

Chief soon bow

Cor - ner - stone. pass a - way. to our King.

Sing to our God, and re - joice. Man - y there are yet to reach; God’s fa - vor now sup - pli - cate.

Sav - ior, has been placed up - on His throne. meek to take their stand for Him to - day. day when he rules o - ver ev - ’ry - thing.

Jehovah Begins His Rule Chorus

What will you bring,

Je -

ho - vah’s King - dom?

righ - teous - ness.

And bring what else,

E - ter - nal life


ver - sal

Sov - ’reign

his love


Je - ho - vah’s King - dom?

hap - pi - ness.


Tri - umph of truth




U -

ni -

faith - ful - ness.


(See also 2 Sam. 7:22; Dan. 2:44; Rev. 7:15.)


We Are Jehovah’s Witnesses! (Isaiah 43:10-12)

Men make gods Proud - ly we Wit - ness - ing

they’ve to proach

not his and

of wood de - clare ex - alts

known. fame. shame.

He News And

As he’s of - ten shown. Bold - ly we pro - claim. Who God’s name de - fame.

What in fu - ture Truth from God that If they turn to

days sets God

and God’s God’s

stone, name, name,

is God a - bout it warns

But the true God Bear - ing wit - ness Lifts there - from re

Al his the


might King wick



y, dom, ed,

Oth - er gods just can - not see Oth - ers thus may come to see Par - don it holds out to men,

will be. them free. a - gain.

For wit - ness - es they As they grow strong, their Thus bear - ing wit - ness

We Are Jehovah’s Witnesses!

look voic brings

all in vain, es they’ll raise, joy and peace

Since none Join - ing And hope

their god with us of life


ship to that


can sing will

main - tain. his praise. not cease.

We speak



proph - e - cy;



Je - ho

fear - less - ness.





he fore - tells

Wit - ness - es.


comes to

the God



(See also Isa. 37:19; 55:11; Ezek. 3:19.)


Be Steadfast, Unmovable! (1 Corinthians 15:58)

Na Snares Give

tions are of this to God

trou - bled world and wor - ship

as nev - er temp - ta - tions that comes from

be - fore. a - bound. the heart.


Peo We In

Firm If Preach


ple are can re the Lord’s

of our may

what lies think - ing we have

in is a

store. sound. part.

and un - mov - a - ble we hold fast to what the good news, al - ways

we need God says hold - ing

to is it

be, true, fast.

Serv - ing Safe - ly Soon the

our he’ll last

fear - ful sist if ser - vice

God car days


faith - ful - ly. ry us through. will have passed.

Be Steadfast, Unmovable! Chorus




























in -


(See also Luke 21:9; 1 Pet. 4:7.)


Fear Them Not! (Matthew 10:28)

Ev - er on - ward, O my peo - ple, Let the King - dom tid - ings go. E - ven though your foes are man - y, Though they threat - en and re - vile, Nev - er fear you are for - got - ten; I am still your strength and shield. R.H.

Trem - ble Though they Though you

not be - fore our foe. flat - ter and they smile, die up - on the field,

Let all lov - ers To mis - lead and E - ven death to

of truth know to be - guile. me will yield.

That my reign - ing Son, Christ Je - sus, To the earth has cast the foe, Fear them not, my faith - ful war - riors, Nor their per - se - cu - tion’s heat, Fear them not who kill the bod - y But can - not de - stroy the soul. R.H.

Soon to bind the Dev - il, Sa - tan, Let - ting all his vic - tims go. For I will pre - serve the faith - ful Till the vic - t’ry is com - plete. To the end may you be faith - ful; I will bring you to your goal!

Fear Them Not! Chorus








lov - ed,








boast - ing


ap - ple



threats may

faith - ful



ser - vant


(See also Deut. 32:10; Neh. 4:14; Ps. 59:1; 83:2, 3.)


Living Up to Our Name (Isaiah 43:10-12)

Glo - rious Work - ing

Per Binds

fect us

Source of Teach - ing

You Fill

rule us

Je - ho - vah, to - geth - er

in as

all the

as with

jus broth -

truth truth

Sov joy

and and

al - might - y, e - ter in your sa - cred ser -

tice, ers

in in

pow love


er, and

of in - fi - nite re - flect - ing your

- ’reign as

in your

heav prais


en es

in in

nal, vice

love. peace.

wis - dom, glo - ry

a - bove. in - crease.

Living Up to Our Name

We Known

as by

Your We

your your

King - dom have the

peo name,

ple O

de - light Je - ho -

truth we hon - or

de - light to add

in your vah, our

to to

ser Fa


vice; ther,

pro - claim. your fame.









Wit -


ness - es,









priv - ’lege.



(See also Deut. 32:4; Ps. 43:3; Dan. 2:20, 21.)


Gratitude for Divine Patience (2 Peter 3:15)

Great One

God, Je - ho thou - sand years,

You Are

have like

made known a day

vah, from

bound your

your when

love they


less point

in of

of are

might, view,

right. through.


Wick Time


ed - ness rules now pro - ceeds

on to

Caus It


ing will

as with

you pain, ar - rive

earth your


we out

be great

low, day;

well de

know. lay.


Gratitude for Divine Patience

You Though

are all

Your Your

not slow, trans - gres -

time heart

is is

near glad

as sion

for when

men you

bad sin

may do


con - tend; re - sent,

ness ners

to end. re - pent.


We We

Grate Prais

look look


ful ing

that your

to you a - head

you name

in with

are in

hope hope

pa deep

and re -

trust, newed,

tient and just. grat - i - tude.

(See also Luke 15:7; 2 Pet. 3:8, 9.)


“What God Has Yoked Together” (Matthew 19:5, 6)

With They

dig - ni - ty and joy, both have searched God’s Word

With And

God and men now they seek

to wit - ness, his bless - ing,

He She

vowed be - fore vowed be - fore

Je - ho - vah Je - ho - vah

A To

three - fold cord learn to do

These sa - cred vows Their prom - ise to

To To

love her from love him from

is his

bound. will,

re - sound. ful - fill.

the heart. the heart.



“What God has yoked

to - geth - er


no man put

a - part.”


(See also Gen. 2:24; Eccl. 4:12; Eph. 5:22-33.)


The Scriptures—Inspired of God (2 Timothy 3:16, 17)

God’s That By

Word is di - vine these Scrip

Guides Teach We

If Help Read



Sure - ly And for Show - ing

our es have

we it ing

its God’s us


a Word tures

feet us come

fol gives, dai

shin is from


ing in a

through earth’s what is to know


truth dis how

low it set - ting ly will


faith all make

will ci to


light, spired, bove,

dark re God’s


set pline gain

night. quired. love.

ful - ly, things straight, us wise,

us to life’s

free. wait. prize.

(See also Ps. 119:105; Prov. 4:13.)


Throw Your Burden on Jehovah (Psalm 55)

Please Had I

give I will

Let Far His

your - self from dan pro - tec

Hear Safe He

Help Shel Strength

ear, wings call

O just up

be ger tion


my prayer, from those gives peace


me un tered from he gives


Lord, as on

and who midst


a their to

Je a Je


found I I

may seek op -

you to po

fraid to hate - ful all the

ho dove ho -

by would will


an hurt si -

be. cry. meek.

vah, has, vah,

me. fly, seek.

swer; me, tion;

Throw Your Burden on Jehovah Chorus


your bur


him - self



will nev

















sus - tain.









(See also Ps. 22:5; 31:1-24.)


Our Possession of Peace (John 14:27)

Praise Je - ho - vah, We have left off As a fruit of

He will make all We have made from Proof of wis - dom

God of peace, God of an - gry words, Mak - ing righ - teous - ness, Peace we

wars spears from

to cease, and swords, a - bove,

Prince of Peace is Christ If this peace we want We would rec - om - mend

his Son, to keep, our way,

u - ni - ty. quar - rels cease. all must bear,

Bring in har - mo - ny. Im - ple - ments of peace. Gained through heart - felt prayer.

Ten - der, calm, and kind. Then we must for - give. Show our peace - ful care

When the fight for right he’s won, Per - fect peace we’ll find. Peace - ful - ly as Je - sus’ sheep, May we learn and live. Till the King-dom’s per - fect day Brings peace ev - ’ry - where.

(See also Ps. 46:9; Isa. 2:4; Jas. 3:17, 18.)


Keep On Seeking First the Kingdom (Matthew 6:33)

Some-thing pre - cious to Je - ho - vah, Why be anx - ious for to - mor - row So pro - claim the King - dom good news;

light, thirst? see

Bring-ing him such keen de Lest we hun - ger, lest we Help de - serv - ing ones to

Is his King - dom by Christ Je - sus, For our God will make pro - vi - sion That their hope is in Je - ho - vah

Which will set all mat - ters If we seek his King - dom And in his The - oc - ra -


right. first. cy.


Keep on seek - ing first the King - dom

Sing his praise a-mong the

And Je - ho - vah’s righ-teous-

na-tions, Serv - ing him in faith-ful - ness.

(See also Ps. 27:14; Matt. 6:34; 10:11, 13; 1 Pet. 1:21.)


Worship Jehovah During Youth (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

Pre Hon Al


Great Giv Grow

Lov If By

Through Days Joy



cious to God are or your par - ents ways re - mem - ber

his af - fec - tion ing no cause for ev - er stron - ger

ing at you gain your de -

us, your of your to the

ten - tion fa - vor vo - tion

par - ents, youth will heart of

you daugh - ters who care for your God in

and your your

sons; life, youth;

for you, our con - ten - tion in love of

dear or the

ones. strife. truth.

ex with will

tends men, bring

to with to

you God God

he and you

your fam - ’ly, and be hap - pi - est Je - ho - vah, our

friends. then. King.

(See also Ps. 71:17; Lam. 3:27; Eph. 6:1-3.)


“Assist Those Who Are Weak” (Acts 20:35)

Man - y ‘Who is Rath - er

are the weak - ness - es weak, and I’m not weak?’ than con-demn the weak,

Still Je - ho - vah cares for us, With Christ’s blood we all were bought, How much we can strength - en them

He Weak May

is ones we

so to be

mer - ci - ful; God be - long, dil - i - gent,

May we too dis - play May we feel their pain As we lend our kind

such love, and cares, sup - port,

That we Paul did We should

all pos - sess. em - pa - thize. bear in mind

Loves us none - the - less. Life to re - al - ize. By our be - ing kind.

His Hence Give

love, so pow - er - ful. he can make them strong. them en - cour - age - ment;

Help those in dis - tress. Help them dry their eyes. Com - fort they will find.

(See also 2 Cor. 11:29; Isa. 35:3, 4; Gal. 6:2.)


Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty (1 Corinthians 16:13)

Stay Stay Stay

a - wake, a - wake, a - wake,

stand and re -

ter - mined read - y good news

on lert en


vic faith preach

as to e

to ful un

to to we

men Christ’s - mies


ry slave til

firm, keep main

en o de

grow your u


of di will

is to the


might sens nit -

dure. bey. fend.

cour rec fight



y, es, ed

Be de Al - ways As the

Car - ry Stay a Though our


sure. day. end.

age, tion it,

For the Through his We will

We Heed Join

o the the

Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty

bey coun shout


Christ sel of

Je sus’ of the praise through

clear old out


com - mand, er men, the land.


Un - der Who pro Look! Je -


him tect ho -



we his vah’s



firm sheep day




ly and is

take truth soon

and grow


our stand. de - fend. at hand!







Car - ry


(See also Matt. 24:13; Heb. 13:7, 17; 1 Pet. 5:8.)


Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest (Matthew 13:1-23)

We True

live love

priv - ’lege moves us

glo har

this short


in for

be - yond to speed

ri - ous vest and


work ly

the our

we the

time God

of and

all up

an - gels preach - ing

too end

have we

the our

com our

are are

a will

har neigh



vest, bor

pare. pace.

reap ur

share. face.

A Now

God’s Both


ers; gent,

In For

Christ The

Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest

Je joy

sus we

has set re - ceive

tak - ing the God’s fel - low

great may

is we

joy - ful know that

the is

ex sur

lead in work - ers,

the we

the hon - or en - dure in

ly his

share in bless - ing


am pass


ple ing;

field. share.

be his

stowed King -

his is

yield. there.

By As

So So

on dom

us work

To And

(See also Matt. 24:13; 1 Cor. 3:9; 2 Tim. 4:2.)


Move Ahead! (Hebrews 6:1)

Move Move Move

a - head, a - head, a - head,

move move move

It’s the will of Ev - er - last - ing And im - prove in

Try Join Let

your best in praise God’s spir -

Then As Find

our we the

God preach joy

to to it

a - head a - head, a - head,

our God good news your skills

that we gain a - bil - i - ty. to all sorts of peo - ple bring. for there’s so much work to do.

im - prove Je - ho keep on

your from that

to ma - tu - ri - ty! bold - ly wit - ness - ing! al - ways fol - low through,

in your vah, our mo - ti -

work door is

will to di

min - is - try, God and King, vat - ing you.


bless. door. vine.

Move Ahead!

There’s a Wick - ed Love the

It’s Don’t Keep

the shrink re -

place foes peo

work back, turn -

Look to God Joy - ful news And as - sist

Stand - ing Teach the So the


in try ple

the to you

Je - sus but let ing to

ser cause work

vice us hard

did, ev reach

you’ll re ’ ry - one heart and

that you thus at that the King - dom all good prog - ress

firm truth light

for yet of

righ more truth

for to to

no of each


teous and will

all. fear. find.

call. hear mind.

time God day

may is to


ness. more. shine.

fall, here. make,

(See also Phil. 1:27; 3:16; Heb. 10:39.)


Jehovah Is Our King! (Psalm 97:1)

Re His His

joice, glo righ


give glo - ry to Je - ho - vah, ry tell a - mong the na - tions; teous rule is now es - tab - lished.

heav - ens have told great sav - ing acts throne, he has placed

sing ho gods

to vah of

forth his righ - teous - ness. tell from day to day. his a - noint - ed Son.

our God is King; this world

joy - ful songs He de - serves suf - fer shame

to all and

his praise the praise. bow down,

For Of On

the his his

Let For Let

us Je the

And We For

con bow the


cern down praise

our - selves be - fore be - longs

with his to

his great acts. might - y throne. God a - lone.



Jehovah Is Our King!










be - come




re - joice,



re - joice,







joy - ful




be - come




joy - ful be,


Je -


Je -



(See also 1 Chron. 16:9; Ps. 68:20; 97:6, 7.)


Declare the Good News (Revelation 14:6, 7)

The full - ness of The good news that

the King - dom truth was long we now de - clare was long

truth a - bout ho - vah wills

the prom - ised Seed that in this time

ho - vah long with

his mer - cy and his an - gels take

in us,

sid - ered man’s con - di - tion in aid us as the King - dom truth

con fore

is now it shall

re be

his love de - light

of to

his sin we now


ful de



cealed. known.

vealed. shown.

right share,


plight. clare.

The Je -

Je A-

Con To

He We

Declare the Good News

formed his pur - pose that have the du - ty and

God’s due time sanc - ti - fy

that he might hon - ored as

his Son should rule the hon - or in

the these

earth; days

In To

the King - dom rule would be brought to his name and give him his right - ful

birth. praise.

And We’re

bride, bear

A With

ar - range to bring his Wit - ness - es

lit - tle flock of cho - sen ones ev - er - last - ing good news that

his Son that name

is glo we now

a to


ri de


fied. clare.

(See also Mark 4:11; Acts 5:31; 1 Cor. 2:1, 7.)


Daily Walking With Jehovah (Micah 6:8)

Hand In Help

in this for

hum - bly sys - tem’s spir - it

un faced Chris -

grants make sur -

de with tian

to us ance

hand day us

with of God

walk end and

with is his

served op con -

those turn that

our dear man - kind’s has pro -

his po gre

him each draw - ing writ - ten


who seek a - way our prayer

kind si ga

his in is

Fa - ther, We would judg - ment, As the vid - ed Through his

day. near, Word,


ness tion tion,

way! fear. heard.

Oh, We Through

That That Through

God But As

how are the

he could as


for Je we’re

Daily Walking With Jehovah

us ho walk


thus him help

make might im

has vah ing

made gives with

can we us

pro pro Je

take want do


our for i


ho loy mod -

vah al est


ded ev tate

we ly, ly


vi tec ho

his to what’s


i er his

take nev in


sion tion; vah,

hand. stay right,


ca serve kind -


our er his

tion; him. ness

That Close He

we to will

So That Help

we we us

With Love And

Je him walk


stand. stray. sight.

(See also Gen. 5:24; 6:9; 1 Ki. 2:3, 4.)


Jehovah Is Our Refuge (Psalm 91)

Je - ho - vah Though thou - sands Pro - tec - tion

God long snares

in whom we your ver - y a - long your

shel - ter; loy - al, fal - ter

he will maned

is will God

him not young

A In In

self need li


trust. side, way,

bide safe fear


our be will


will to on,

ref - uge, fall - ing give you

Our A From


His shad - ow A - mong those And nev - er

is our who are will you

in it we must. ty you’ll re - side. or in dis - may.

For You The

us quake you’ll

de with not


fend, fear, dread;

Up As Up


Jehovah Is Our Refuge

on though on

ho eyes ho

shel neath guard

his great the


vah will vah



ter God’s ing

might harm co

we to bra


is mere is

to wings us


a ly our

can you you

strong see ref

all you’ll on

de were will


the a our

hold, it, uge,


pend. near. tread.

Je Your Je

Giv - ing Un - der Ev - er



just. bide. way.

(See also Ps. 97:10; 121:3, 5; Isa. 52:12.)


The Divine Pattern of Love (1 John 4:19)

Je - ho - vah our God When we walk God’s way, Our love for our God

all, true, days,

love, lert bey

fall, do, praise,

One Warm All

has wise - ly pro - vid - ed our love for our broth - er im - pels us to serve him

and and our

that we may to help one with heart - felt

all, true; days.

be an de

guid - oth - vo

Lest we should fall. In all we do; Sing - ing his praise.

For us Will be All our

A pat - tern Will make us We glad - ly


ed, er tion,

of a o -

Lest we should In all we Sing - ing his

Come fol - low God’s Will help us for So may we pro -

The Divine Pattern of Love

way, give claim

right, have see

peace, be grow

love. love, love.

so warm and in - vit each small im - per - fec his name to each hear


to fine works in - cit true ten - der af - fec the truth ev - er clear

ing; tion, - er;


God’s peo - ple u - nit our Fa - ther’s re - flec still dear - er and dear

Yes, God’s way is Our broth - er - ly Yes, that is true


ing; tion, er.


The way that is Will help us to May they come to

The road - way to Will help us to May his ser - vice

ing. tion, er,

God’s way is Show - ing our For that is

love. love. love.

(See also Rom. 12:10; Eph. 4:3; 2 Pet. 1:7.)


We Cleave to Jehovah (Joshua 23:8)

Our On The

Sov truth heav

serv found tain



ing. ed. him.

jus - tice is glo - ry is en - e - my

spo ta prom


ken tion, ised,

’reign, Je - ho and on jus en of heav

In The No

all place foe

un - swerv sur - round re - strain

will to we

prove him trust


to the him


vah, has shown him - self de tice his throne is firm - ly ens it - self can - not con -

of of can

his his re

ing. ed. him.

No At All

be meek to

deal dwell - sist

word his things

in vain. now stream. ful - fill.


ings, ing him,

his with no

he has in - vi he has

We We We

We Cleave to Jehovah

cleave cleave cleave

to to to

Je Je Je

main; preme; will,

way wor him


ho ho ho

Em - brac De - serv And may


of ship grow


last ful deep



vah vah, vah;


ing es er

ing ing our


and the We

his is de -

close God want

rule he vo

to who to

him is do

re su his


is of tion

the our to

gain. teem. still.

(See also Deut. 4:4; 30:20; 2 Ki. 18:6; Ps. 89:14.)


Guard Your Heart (Proverbs 4:23)

Oh, Pre Pro

A By Con

God With Al

The Con To





guard pare tect

void means sid

reads con low

your your your

the of er


heart, heart heart

it to from

path ear what

the heart, stan - cy, God’s Word

per fide strength -

son each en


means search harm

of nest is

and give to

deep need and

your for ful

life; God thoughts;

sin. prayer. true.

there praise reach

with and re



he and your

in. care. new.

finds thanks; heart,

Guard Your Heart

Some The Je


times things ho -

And Are On

could things this

So So So

use cul wor

And And For

keep please ev


the Je vah

be we we


your ti ship



Je him er

heart ho loves


is vah his

des teach loy -

gin should can

to o de


stray. bey. pend.

mind vate him

to a whole


guide loy heart


ho ev as


vah’s ’ry his


per es al

your al ed



ate us ones;

heart, heart, ly

way. day. friend.

(See also Ps. 34:1; Phil. 4:8; 1 Pet. 3:4.)


Working Together in Unity (Ephesians 4:3)

God As

joy all

peace praise

has brought we pray

the take

us for

things care

in - to his one - ness of

fold. mind

he fore - told. to be kind,

we pos - sess, will in - crease,

Bring - ing such Giv - ing us

U Peace

we cher re - fresh

ni - ty is so


We And

U Love

ni - ty will grow

hap joy

pi - ness. and peace.


ish; ing,

en we

and and

Har - mo Bring - ing

Working Together in Unity

ny such

is sweet. de - light.

much to be broth - er - ly

Son. bove.

ly, be,

done. love,

May With

Work - ing Serv - ing

In As

He God

we his

in him

God’s work we show

di - rects will grant

serve help,

har end

us us

o u



there’s true

now through his peace from a -

be nit


di - ent ed we’ll

mo - ny. less - ly.

(See also Mic. 2:12; Zeph. 3:9; 1 Cor. 1:10.)


We Must Have the Faith (Hebrews 10:38, 39)

On We Our

means share nev

day care en

man glad faith


of King er



y ly is

oc - ca - sions o - bey Christ an an - chor

his proph dom truth will shrink

he has said, ful - ly guard e - mies will



‘Let our a -

ets far back

God spoke to men Je - sus’ com - mand firm and se - cure;

of and in

old. wide. fear.

all men free - ness gainst us

By To We

To We Though

re - pent,’ of speech; a - rise,

By This We


God’s truth know

own we sal


Son nev va


we er tion

are will is

told. hide. near.



We Must Have the Faith













pre - serves





sur - vive.








This kind





(See also Rom. 10:10; Eph. 3:12; Heb. 11:6; 1 John 5:4.)


Life Without End—At Last! (John 3:16)

Can you see with your In those days old will Par - a - dise all will

Sor - row has Trou - bles are Long as we

mind’s eye, Peo - ples dwell - ing to - geth - er? grow young, Flesh re - vived as in child - hood. en - joy As we sing of God’s glo - ry.

passed. Peace at last! gone, from now on, live, we will give

Life No To

with - out need to God, our

tears or pain. weep or fear. Mak - er, thanks.




Live for the day




of heart!






can have

with - out


a part.



(See also Job 33:25; Ps. 72:7; Rev. 21:4.)


Please Hear My Prayer (Psalm 54)

Heav - en - ly Thank you, Dear O how I

Fa God, long


ther, for to

please hear grant - ing do what

my this is

song. day, right!


You are Giv - ing Help me,

my me O

God; life, Lord,

to and to

you I show - ing walk in

be the the


long. way. light.

yond all com your ten - der bur - dens to


pare. care. bear.


Great How Give

is I me

your name, de - light the strength

be in all




Gra - cious



ho - vah,






(See also Ex. 22:27; Ps. 106:4; Jas. 5:11.)


The Meditation of My Heart (Psalm 19:14)

The med - i - ta - tion of my heart, What - ev - er things are chaste and true,

day— be,

May they What - ev -

stead - fast in these bring peace

mind God!

The thoughts I pon - der through the What - ev - er vir - tue there may

be pleas - ing to you, Lord, er things well - spo - ken of—

your way. to me.

And make Be - yond

When How

And keep me May thoughts of

wor - ries weigh up - on my pre - cious are your thoughts, O

me rest - less all count - ing

in the night, is their sum.

Then So

The Meditation of My Heart

may may

I med - i - tate on you I pon - der your own words,

And things I know to be Ab - sorbed in them may I

up - right. be - come. R.H.

(See also Ps. 49:3; 63:6; 139:17, 23; Phil. 4:7, 8; 1 Tim. 4:15.)


My Prayer of Dedication (Matthew 22:37)

Take Take Take

wis serve will,

I let all


my my my

dom your in

heart feet life

from wise full

may serve it sing I do

and and and

may take bring

a - bove. com - mands. ac - cord.

it my it,

love hands; Lord,

Take Take Take

Ful - ly, Lord, with - out Prais - es al - ways to Be well - pleas - ing, Lord,

Truth Let With

and them your

my mind, my voice my - self,

that and may

re - serve. my King. to you. R.H.

(See also Ps. 40:8; John 8:29; 2 Cor. 10:5.)


To God We Are Dedicated! (Matthew 16:24)

To In

drawn say

Christ, prayer

by we

To We’ll

be serve

our God, have come

his him

From Je - ho It’s a joy

truth we

has bright - ly most glad - ly R.H.

shone. share,

Je - ho - vah, be - fore Je -

we ho


have vah

been to

dis - ci - ples from now on. for - ev - er and o - bey.

vah’s loft - y throne, be - yond com - pare,

Light of One that

In our hearts, our faith As Je - ho - vah’s name

has we

To God We Are Dedicated! Chorus

grown; bear,

Our And


selves we a - gree to dis - own. news of his King - dom de - clare.







are ded - i - cat - ed;


Je - sus we now



our choice.


re - joice.

(See also Ps. 43:3; 107:22; John 6:44.)


He Will Make You Strong (1 Peter 5:10)

There was a God gave his

rea own


son why be - lov


called you from the dark - ness to the light. this ac- count,He wants you to suc - ceed.

yearn-ing you then had gift of His dear Son,

God brought the truth to you ed Son in your be - half;

With-in your heart, If He did not

he saw with-hold

To search for him and prac-tice what is right. Then nev - er doubt He’ll give the strength you need.

prom-ised him in prayer to do his will; won’t for - get the faith and love you’ve shown;

And On

the the

You He

He helped you then,and he will help you He will not fail to care for all His

He Will Make You Strong Chorus

still. own.


With Je - sus’ blood He bought you, to God you now be-long.

will make you firm,



guide you and pro-tect you, as he has all a - long.


he will

will make you strong.



Yes, he will make you firm,

make you strong.

(See also Rom. 8:32; 14:8, 9; Heb. 6:10; 1 Pet. 2:9.)


What Sort of Person I Should Be (2 Peter 3:11)

How can I Help me to

re - pay you, ex - am - ine,

thank you, Je - ho - vah, what sort of per - son

look in my heart loy - al to you,

what and

gift help

for the life you de - sire

can I give me to see

that I live? me to be.

with your Word as my mir - ror; The you will loy - al - ly trea - sure; May

To Just

I Those

per- son I see, may you I be a - mong those who


help bring

me see your heart

clear - er. plea - sure.

My (End)


I have prom - ised


What Sort of Person I Should Be



vice to you,

do what I






Whole - souled



from mere du - ty


and whole - heart - ed







D.C. al Fine


who makes you re - joice.

(See also Ps. 18:25; 116:12; 119:37; Prov. 11:20.)


To Whom Do We Belong? (Romans 14:8)

To To To

whom do you be - long? whom do you be - long? whom do I be - long?

Which god do you now Which god will you now Je - ho - vah I will

o - bey? o - bey? o - bey.

Your For My

mas - ter is he to whom you bow. He is your god; you serve him now. You one god is false and one is true, So make your choice; it’s up to you. Shall Fa - ther in heav - en I shall serve; I’ll pay my vows with - out re - serve. He

can - not serve two gods; Cae - sar of this world bought me at great cost;

Both mas - ters can nev - er share Pos - sess your al - le - giance still? De - vot - ed to him I’ll stay.

The Or The

love of your heart in its ev - ’ry part. To nei - ther you would be fair. will you o - bey the true God to - day By al - ways do - ing his will? death of his Son my ran - som has won; His name I’ll hon - or each day.

(See also Josh. 24:15; Ps. 116:14, 18; 2 Tim. 2:19.)


Ever Loyal (Psalm 18:25)

Ev - er loy - al Ev - er loy - al Ev - er loy - al

to Je - ho - vah, to our broth - ers, to their guid - ance

Loy - al love we wish to show. Stick - ing close in times of need. When our broth - ers take the lead.


As a peo - ple, Ev - er car - ing, When they give us

ded - i - cat - ed, His com-mands we want to know. al - ways trust - ing, Ev - er kind in word and deed. clear di - rec - tion, May our mind and heart give heed.


His ad - vice will nev - er fail us, We show hon - or to our broth - ers Then the bless - ing from Je - ho - vah

And his coun - sel we o - bey. And re - spect them from the heart. Will be ours to make us strong.


He is loy - al; Let the Bi - ble When we’re loy - al, R.H.

we can trust him. From his side we’ll nev - er stray. draw us clos - er; From their side we’ll nev - er part. ev - er faith - ful, To Je - ho - vah we’ll be - long. R.H.

(See also Ps. 149:1; 1 Tim. 2:8; Heb. 13:17.)


Make the Truth Your Own (Proverbs 3:1, 2)

The way The ef Com - pared

liv spend chil


for King coun

ho life Fa

ing, ing dren



of forts with

vah that’s ther

the you our

But In And

no ser need

you. dom sel.

is un in


truth make God,

So Will So

giv end heav


is the and the we are

one vice his

heed yield walk

ing; ing, en;

can to di -

live God rec

best time all


way of you are lit - tle

your and tion

the ad - vice rich re - sults ev - ’ry day

Be - lieve A life Re - ceive

life his and

that Je and a with our

what full his

he of rich

Make the Truth Your Own Chorus

tells you is good things to bless - ing in


true. come. full.





gives you When you make








yes, make













(See also Ps. 26:3; Prov. 8:35; 15:31; John 8:31, 32.)


“This Is the Way” (Isaiah 30:20, 21)

There is There is There is

way shown prom -

Je full way

a a a

way way way

of peace, The way you’ve come to know. of love, No need to look a - round. of life, No need to look be - hind.

you learned, The way of the way He lets him ised us: No bet - ter


sus taught you When his and good; His love is to peace, No fin - er


long a - go, self be found. way we’ll find,

voice you heard. warm and true. way to love.

It is the God’s voice has Our God has

The way that His love is No high - er

This This This

is is is

the the the


way way way

of peace, Found in Je - ho - vah’s Word. of love; It touch - es all we do. to life, Thanks to our God a - bove.




“This Is the Way”





life; This


the Way.

Not for a mo - ment stray!

Do not look back,

Don’t look

God’s voice is

call - ing: ‘This is

for yes, This is

a -


the Way.’

(See also Ps. 32:8; 139:24; Prov. 6:23.)


Serving Jehovah Whole-Souled (Matthew 22:37)

O Je - ho- vah, Sov-’reign Rul - er, You are the one I love and o - bey. Fa - ther, all your works ex - alt you. Earth, moon, and stars your glo - ry pro - claim. R.H.

You de - serve my full I do give my life

Your com- mands I To my pledge of

de - vo - tion;Your trust in me I to serve you; With all my strength I’ll

loy - al - ly fol - low; full ded - i - ca - tion,

All you wish I I will ev - er

shall not be - tray. make known your name.

glad - ly will do. strive to be true.



Je - ho - vah, you

are wor - thy; Whole-souled de - vo - tion


give to you.

(See also Deut. 6:15; Ps. 40:8; 113:1-3; Eccl. 5:4; John 4:34.)


Pray to Jehovah Each Day (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Pray Pray Pray

to to to

Je - ho - vah, the Hear - er Je - ho - vah, give thanks that Je - ho - vah when trou - bles

priv - ’lege, for give - ness as Fa - ther and

would to a God whom we look for his

pend. dust. fraid.

his name we bear. we do for - give. ev - er so near.

friend, trust. aid;

Pray Pray Pray

of prayer. we live, ap - pear.

O May Seek

This is our Ask - ing for He is our

pen your heart as you we con - fess to our his pro - tec - tion, and

Trust that on Him you can al - ways de He is our Mak - er and knows we are Al - ways be trust - ing and nev - er a -

to Je - ho - vah to Je - ho - vah to Je - ho - vah

each each each

day. day. day.

(See also Matt. 6:9-13; 26:41; Luke 18:1.)


A Prayer of the Lowly One (Psalm 4:1)

Je - ho - vah God, I call to you and Your Word has been my com - fort and a

wounds are deep and slow press - ing feel - ings dear

to to

heal; my me in

ask you: “Hear my prayer.” ref - uge when I’m weak,

load is words I

hard to bear. can - not speak.

spon - dent thoughts and dis - ap - point - ed hopes have left me weak. build in me the faith and trust that your Word does im - part.

God of com - fort, care for me; your fa - vor I do help me al - ways know your love is great - er than my

seek. heart.

My Ex -

De Please

O And

A Prayer of the Lowly One Chorus

Do raise me





help me en - dure.

make my hope



my strength


When I’m in


From deep de -


Je - ho - vah




(See also Ps. 42:6; 119:28; 2 Cor. 4:16; 1 John 3:20.)


Make Me Know Your Ways (Psalm 25:4)

We’re gath - ered to - geth Un - reach - a - bly high

cept judg

Word Word


ing your warm ments we find

is is

source of say - ings

a lamp a source

di - vine of truth


er Je - ho - vah, our God, is your wis - dom, O God;

in - vi re - as

that of

ed - u are en

- ta - tion. - sur - ing.

lights un -


ca dur

up our road - way, end - ing won - der;


tion. ing.

Ac Your

Your Your

The Your

Make Me Know Your Ways Chorus


me your


cline my





to walk

make your law


make me

un - der - stand;

In -

hear your wise com - mand.


my prin - ci - pal

ways of truth and right,


de - light.

(See also Ex. 33:13; Ps. 1:2; 119:27, 35, 73, 105.)

70 “Make Sure of the More Important Things” (Philippians 1:10)

How great And what If we

know shar faith


our need could be take care

the ing will

things that King - dom make us

know find know

which our the

things Fa peace

know help keep

which things them his our hope


to - day for of great - er to do what’s

dis - cern - ment, To im - por - tance Than im - por - tant, Our

are true, good news, se - cure.

To To We’ll

have great - er im - por - tance, To ther’s lost lit - tle sheep, And to be - yond hu - man think - ing And

we must do! way to choose? ev - er sure.

Love They True

what need friends

is to we’ll

“Make Sure of the More Important Things”

good; hear; find;

Hate They True

glad; show grow.

Find all Love for Oh, what

pray; see, learn,

do such do

what need love

is bad. to know. we’ll know.

the our rich

joy that neigh - bors bless - ings

Stud - y each day. Help them get free! When we dis - cern,

these an the

im im im


por por por


tant tant tant

Make Oh, This

it and it

God’s may love

heart we will

brings. Al - ways help them to brings when we

Yes, may Preach - ing And when

we is we

things. thing. things!

(See also Ps. 97:10; Matt. 22:37; John 21:15-17; Acts 10:42.)


God’s Gift of Holy Spirit (Luke 11:13)

Sov - ’reign, Je - ho Fa - ther, we all When we are wea -

vah, fall ry,

mer short weak,

Great - er you are Times there have been Your ac - tive force

than our sin when we’ve lost will our hearts

Light God, Give

den, you: to

Give Your May


en we us

our bur be - seech the strength

us the com ho - ly spir we re - ceive


soft Please mount

fort your it to ho - ly

ci - ful Fa - ther, of your glo - ry; or dis - cour - aged,


en may up

spir guide spir -

ful our re

our you like

it us it


hearts. way. new.

an grant ea -

guish, us gles;

im - parts. each day. from you.

(See also Ps. 51:11; John 14:26; Acts 9:31.)


Cultivating the Quality of Love (1 Corinthians 13:1-8)

We hum - bly bow to our God in prayer, That all his qual - i - ties we may share. But It’s not e-nough to use just the mind, As we keep teach-ing the sheep we find. We

most need

im-por - tant of all those things Is love, which hav - ing his spir - it brings. We to love them in word and deed, While help - ing them on HisWord to feed. Love

may be tal - ent - ed, wise, or bold, But we are noth - ing if love grows cold. So helps us pa-tient-ly suf - fer wrong, Bears heav - y loads when it’s real - ly strong. And

may so

we cul - ti - vate last - ing love; Then we’ll en - dure and please God a - bove. re-mem - ber in each tra - vail, Love bears all things; it will nev - er fail.

(See also John 21:17; 1 Cor. 13:13; Gal. 6:2.)


Love Intensely From the Heart (1 Peter 1:22)

Love must come from deep in our hearts, There is the place af - fec - tion starts; When our love is pure and in - tense, We will be slow to take of - fense;

Real fel - low feel - ing Rea - son we have for

it im - parts con - fi - dence

We will find the way to ex - press Loy - al friend - ships, we cul - ti - vate;

Prac - tic - ing God’s large Plea - sur - a - bly we

cere. new.

For all our broth - ers In all our broth - ers

Lov - ing in- ten - tions we pos - sess, Each oth - er we ap - pre - ci - ate.

heart - ed - ness, con - gre - gate,

Let Day

us by

dear. true.

love day

Prov - ing our love sin Gain - ing our strength a -

in we

word all

and deed, trans - gress;

Love Intensely From the Heart

Be - ing gen - er - ous to those Thought - less words can of - ten cause

take ten -

the lead der - ness

With each To those

Hon - or and re - spect True com - pan - ions we’ll

be con -

our way. stan - cy.

in need, dis - tress.

op - por - tu - ni - ty. whom our God does love.

we dis - play; ev - er be,

Our broth - ers’ faults Let love be your

Ev - er loy - al we will be, Mag - ni - fy - ing God a - bove,

Let - ting good - ness So we must show

Kind - ly con - cern will Strength- en - ing bonds with

we won’t i - den -

be - tray. ti - ty.

Guard - ing pre - cious u - ni - ty. Im - i - tate Je - ho - vah’s love. R.H.

(See also 1 Pet. 2:17; 3:8; 4:8; 1 John 3:11.)


The Joy of Jehovah (Nehemiah 8:10)

Signs of the times Look to our God,

all he

to hear. is strong.

are her - ald - ing the King - dom. Good news we tell you lov - ers of Je - ho - vah. No need to fear,

Lift Stand

up your heads, up and shout

for for

and look to your sal - va - tion; with voic - es loud as thun - der;


Time for de - liv - er - ance is near! Sing to our God a joy - ous song!

strong - hold.




and raise a


joy - ful


Je - ho - vah is our


Re -

The Joy of Jehovah

joice in the hope, and show a grate - ful heart, All give praise and laud our God on







Je - ho - vah is our strong - hold.

all men must come to know.


King, God - ly




ser - vice we


con - stant de - vo - tion to our

will show.

(See also 1 Chron. 16:27; Ps. 112:4; Luke 21:28; John 8:32.)


Our Reasons for Joy (Matthew 5:12)

Our rea - sons for joy are a - bun - dant, Like rich - es in - creas - ing in We glad - ly be - hold his pro - duc - tions, The heav - ens, the sea, and the

worth. land.

De - sir - a - ble things of all na - tions Are join - ing us in all the We gaze at the book of cre - a - tion, Ap-plaud - ing the work of his

earth. hand.

The joy in our heart is well - found Tri - um - phant - ly we now bear wit

roots reach - ing deep in God’s Word. claim - ing the King - dom of God.

teach bless


ings; ings,

Faith We


ed, ness,

With Pro -

We dai - ly par - take of its The news of its birth and its

fol - lows the things we have heard. joy - ous - ly spread all a - broad.

Our E -

Our Reasons for Joy

caus - es for joy are deep - seat ter - nal re - joic - ing ap - proach

hearts. night.


ed, es,

Like Like

em - bers that burn in our day - light that fol - lows the

Though trou - bles and tri - als be - set The prom - ised new earth and new heav


us, ens



En Will


dur - ance Je - ho - vah im - parts. bring ev - er - las - ting de - light.


The work




Je - ho - vah our


de - light.

How deep are



thoughts, how great are his works, A - bound - ing in good - ness and might!

(See also Deut. 16:15; Isa. 12:6; John 15:11.)


Jehovah, God of Peace (Philippians 4:9)

Je - ho - vah, God of peace, This world seeks peace in vain. Your spir - it aids our sight

God of love They have sown As your Word

that will not cease. and reaped much pain. gives need - ed light.

Grant us peace - ful, calm con - di - tions, That good fruit - age may in - crease. But up - on your fa - vored peo - ple, Peace de-scends like gen - tle rain. We are guid - ed and pro - tect - ed In a world as dark as night.

Your coun - sel we have sought; As we dis - cern your will May peace just like the dew

With your Son our lives were bought. And our vows to you ful - fill, Calm our thoughts, re - fresh us too,

May you grant us now your own peace That ex - cels May you please now bless our ef - forts And more peace That our hearts and men - tal pow - ers Might be safe

all hu - man thought. in us in - still. by means of you.

(See also Ps. 4:8; Phil. 4:6, 7; 1 Thess. 5:23.)


Be Forgiving (Psalm 86:5)

Lov - ing - ly Je - ho - vah We re - ceive such mer - cy Mer - cy is a vir - tue

Made pro - vi - sion through his Son When we act like God a - bove That we all should cul - ti - vate.

For our sins to be for - giv - en And for death to be un - done. And for - give each oth - er free - ly, Show-ing em - pa - thy and love. It will keep us from re - sent- ment, From the bit - ter- ness of hate.

If we tru - ly are re - pen - tant, Put - ting up with one an - oth - er, When we im - i - tate Je - ho - vah,

His for - give - ness we can claim Put-ting hurt - ful - ness a - way; Who is un - sur-passed in love,

On the ba - sis of Christ’s ran - som, Show - ing hon - or to our broth - er, We will tru - ly be for - giv - ing;

Ask - ing par - don in his name. Show-ing love’s sur - pass - ing way. We will be like God a - bove.

(See also Matt. 6:12; Eph. 4:32; Col. 3:13.)


Long-Suffering (Galatians 5:22)

Our Sov - ’reign Lord, Je - ho - vah, Long - suf - fer - ing is need - ed

name. path.

He It

fer lets

vent our

clear it from un - righ - teous blame. tects us from un - righ - teous wrath.

a - tions, oth - ers,

Great en - dur Al - ways hop


Is zeal - ous for his ho - ly To keep us on our god - ly


ly de - si heart be tran -

Through It

ance he ing for

man finds

has shown; the best.


res quil,

y the

To Pro -

gen - er good in

Long It



suf lets


fer - ing and us keep our

grown. tressed.

sorts of ho - ly

pa bal

His will A - long


tient, ance

is with

Not In

that sal - va oth - er vir

peo - ple might at - tain. spir - it can be - stow,

bear - ance help us

By To

wea times

Long Long

God shall not im - i - tate


have been the God



ry has he when we’re dis -

tion tues

All That

suf - fer - ing for suf - fer - ing will

in we

vain. know.

(See also Ex. 34:14; Isa. 40:28; 1 Cor. 13:4, 7; 1 Tim. 2:4.)


The Power of Kindness (Ephesians 4:32)

We’re Christ We

in leave per

though kind all

grate Je see


ful to know sus in - vites in our God


his their sons



Word cares we

he is ly his that we

ho - vah he is kind - ness

we be should

great yoke, do,

is re and

Je - ho the wea and Je


vah, our God, ry at heart sus our Lord,

find: hind. be.

in how we

wis light want

lov - ing fresh - ing true em

and and pa


For To The

Al How In



dom and might, is his load, to re - flect

Je For Their

kind. kind. thy.

(See also Mic. 6:8; Matt. 11:28-30; Col. 3:12; 1 Pet. 2:3.)


The Quality of Goodness (Psalm 119:66)

Know - ing good - ness from Je - ho - vah Is a joy through all our days. As our In his like - ness he has made us So that we might cul - ti - vate All the Those to whom we are re - lat - ed In the faith—our broth - er - hood— We will

Fa - ther in the heav - ens, He is good in all his ways. vir - tues he pos - sess - es And his good - ness im - i - tate. show them spe - cial fa - vor, But to all may we do good.

Show - ing May we As we

fa - vor, grant - ing mer - cy, Far be - yond what we de - serve; grow in god - ly good - ness, In his vir - tues may we share. share the King - dom good news And our hope with all we meet,

He is Let us May we

wor - thy pray for al - ways

of our wor - ship ho - ly spir - it, be im - par - tial;

And the That its May our

One we glad - ly serve. fruit - age we might bear. good - ness be com - plete.

(See also Ps. 103:10; Mark 10:18; Gal. 5:22; Eph. 5:9.)


“Give Us More Faith” (Luke 17:5)

Be-cause we A - part from

na - tion of lieve our faith

sin shield,

are im - per - fect, O Je - ho - vah, faith, no one can ful - ly please you.

our heart will be

is re


flawed. paid.

that eas - i - ly en - snares our faith pro - vides a ref -

The in - cli We must be -

There And

us— uge.

is as

a a

A lack of We face the


faith fu


in ture

you, the firm and

liv - ing God. un - a - fraid.

Give us more

“Give Us More Faith”




hon - or




you, Je - ho

ac - cord - ing

ac - cord - ing














Please help us

Give us more


That we may


(See also Gen. 8:21; Heb. 11:6; 12:1.)


Imitate Christ’s Mildness (Matthew 11:28-30)

The All ‘All

great - est you who you are

pride or bids you nev - er

of are just

men was our toil - ing with broth - ers,’ our

am - bi - tion come un - der seek great - ness;

pur - pose gave fresh - ment you’ll mild and the

him find meek

al - ways he proved Lord is mild - tem prom - is - es they

the as to

he the serve

most the our

him pered; will

Lord Je - sus bur - den - some Lord Je - sus

was not yoke that oth - ers

en - ticed. he bears. in - stead.

prom - i - nent King - dom you God have great

self he in -

Christ; cares, said.

low - ly fa - vors her - it

part; seek. worth;

in the the

By He So

God’s Re The

Yet, Our He

heart. meek. earth.

(See also Matt. 5:5; 23:8; Prov. 3:34; Rom. 12:16.)


We Need Self-Control (Romans 7:14-25)

We love Sa - tan’s Each word

Je - ho - vah temp - ta - tions and ac - tion

with heart, con - front re - flects

mind, and soul; us each day, on God’s name,

But And So


since we sin’s law we must

Mind - ing Pow - er In all

Mind - ing Thanks to Al - ways R.H.

are sin - ful, with - in us en - deav - or

the of we

flesh truth do,

we can to

brings is we

the spir - it Je - ho - vah, main - tain - ing

need lead keep

self - con - trol. us a - stray. free from blame.

trou - ble great - er make this

means peace our minds our self -

and than our

and can con

strife. sin. goal:


life. win. trol. R.H.

(See also 1 Cor. 9:25; Gal. 5:23; 2 Pet. 1:6.)


“I Want To” (Luke 5:13)

Oh, Oh,

what what

love help

he he

left sent

his the

men we

he serve

might with

truth meek

from ones

God’s Je -

Fa - ther’s faith - ful

his we

live, joy,

lips might

Son for ho - vah

a wise

God’s Our

ev help

showed gave

bode slave,

That With

truth he pow - ers


us God

er to

could em -

flowed. save.

give; ploy,

When When

with whom

This That

“I Want To”

Great Those

those we


ly in

who love

roy - al wid - ows

lov - ing read - i -

he need

were them

did can

sick, lame, ev - er

com eas

and so

com - mis - sion he and or - phans should

ly ly

said: say:

“I “I

- fort i


man - kind, ly tell

blind. well.

proved ask

To So

true you,

want want

Healed When

his if

And Then

to.” to.”

(See also John 18:37; Eph. 3:19; Phil. 2:7.)


A Full Reward From Jehovah (Matthew 19:29)

Je - ho - vah is faith - ful and ful - ly a-ware It may be by choice or by their lot in life;

souled. main.

He By

knows there are times their de - vo - tion and zeal seek - ing the King - dom of God to the full,

sult in their loss as fore - told. god - ly de - vo - tion they gain.

fam - ’ly or friends, un - wed-ded state,

Of all those who serve him whole There are some who sin - gle re -

If By

Re In

you have left hous - es or mak - ing the room for their

Be sure that our God knows the sum. At times they are lone - ly, we know.

He As

A Full Reward From Jehovah

makes it up now with our dear broth - er-hood broth - ers and sis - ters to these faith-ful ones,

And life in the new world to Sup - port and ap - prov - al we


come. show.


vide a full re-ward


Je - ho - vah, the God of com - fort, see;

for you.

Je - ho - vah is faith-ful;

May he pro -

May you find ref - uge be-neath


Je - ho - vah is true.

(See also Judg. 11:38-40; Ruth 2:12; Matt. 19:12.)


Faithful Women, Christian Sisters (Romans 16:2)

Sa - rah and Es - ther, Loy - al - ty, cour - age, Moth - ers and daugh - ters,

Mar - y, Ruth, and oth good - ness, lov - ing - kind sis - ters, wives, and wid

All these were ca - pa - ble Lov - a - ble qual - i - ties Will - ing - ly la - bor - ing,

wives. kind, part.

fore - most wom - en mis - sive


wom - en, in all glad to

ers— ness, ows,

loy - al hu - man do your

God - ly de - vo - tion was Vir - tues these ex - cel - lent Mod - est your bear - ing, sub -

in bring is

their to your

lives. mind. heart,

They were They were Hav - ing

Faithful Women, Christian Sisters

faith - ful wom - en, fine ex - am - ples God’s ap - prov - al,

ones all may

we can you

There were Chris - tian Chris - tian

ho foot keep

vah, steps, you

know by im - i nev - er

oth sis sis


Name - less Wor - thy Firm in


ers ters, ters,

name. tate. fear.

fa - vored by Je walk - ing in their may Je - ho - vah

in the rec is your ser your con - vic

- ord, - vice - tion,

their faith was just the same. and hap - py your es - tate. your prize is draw - ing near.

(See also Phil. 4:3; 1 Tim. 2:9, 10; 1 Pet. 3:4, 5.)


Now We Are One (Genesis 2:23, 24)

This is at last

bone of my bone,

God has pro - vid - ed a part - ner,

Now we are one;

Now we can be

As man and wom - an to-geth - er,

Flesh of my flesh; Now I’m not a - lone.

Some - one to


my own.

All that Je-ho - vah made us to be.




fam - i - ly.

Now We Are One

Ev - ’ry day


we’ll serve our

the way,

so may it be.


un - fail - ing love

we’ll dis - play.

Sea-sons of joy, may we come to see.

And may you

al - ways be

a - bove.


As he

As we have vowed,

Oh, may we hon-or Je-ho - vah,


(See also Gen. 29:18; Eccl. 4:9, 10; 1 Cor. 13:8.)


Children Are a Trust From God (Psalm 127:3-5)

When a man All the words

own, heart.

theirs, trust,

be - comes a fa - ther God has com - mand - ed—

They share a trust, These words you’ll speak

not theirs this is

ho - vah; road - way,

a - lone. your part.

Of life and love When you rise up

And a wom - an has a child of her They must al - ways prove to be on your

they must re - mem - ber, to sons and daugh - ters;

The gift they share To them you’ll speak

he is the one true Source. and when you are at rest.

That is not This is your

is from a - long

Je your

To par - ents In years to

Children Are a Trust From God

he gives sure come, may they

di re

- rec - tion - mem - ber,

That they may fol - low the wis May they be faith - ful, may they

est be


course. blessed.



is in

fa - vor;

sa - cred


your hands.

In - struct your child

you have been giv - en;

You can be - stow

in God’s

A pre - cious

the great - est


(See also Deut. 6:6, 7; Eph. 6:4; 1 Tim. 4:16.)

89 Jehovah’s Warm Appeal: “Be Wise, My Son” (Proverbs 27:11)

Young man Re - joice

me. all,

see. fall.

give; true,

and and

My And

Your No

young take

wom - an, plea - sure

foe who now though you may

taunts me will stum - ble, I’ll

youth and de - vo - tion mat - ter who fails you

You show all Take com - fort

the in

do in

to or

world that for know - ing I’ll

give giv


then raise

be made to you if you

me proves

me al

your heart to ing me your

you free - ly to be un -


you real - ly ways cher - ish

Jehovah’s Warm Appeal: “Be Wise, My Son” Chorus

live. you.

Be - lov - ed

daugh - ter,




And fur - nish praise




and pre - cious

and make my heart



by your

heart you

re - joice.



own choice.

(See also Deut. 6:5; Eccl. 11:9; Isa. 41:13.)


Beauty in Gray-Headedness (Proverbs 16:31)

Here with us Come - ly is

passed. right.

Still In

are a - ged ones, gray - head - ed - ness

Here Beau


a - mong ti - ful

they’re hold - ing fast. Je - ho - vah’s sight.

sets them all; rec - og - nize

Loss They

Those Found

us they are faith

Loss May

of mates were once

for some. young too.

whose youth in ways


has of

en - dure; ful ones

of strength we al -

be ways

Beauty in Gray-Headedness

Fa - ther, please Loy - al - ly

con - firm they gave

their faith their best

In When

the life their strength

to was


come. new.



in faith

sur - ance;


ther, you

they’ve run.


re - mem - ber


they hear,

them your

as -

“Well done!”

(See also Matt. 25:21, 23; Ps. 71:9, 18; Prov. 20:29; Luke 22:28; 1 Tim. 5:1.)


My Father, My God and Friend (Hebrews 6:10)

Life Gone

tears now

in this world are the days

and pain. are here.

can be hard. of my youth;

Life Days

Still ev - ’ry day Still through the eyes

I of

in this world can bring of ca - lam - i - ty

will say, my faith,

“My My


life hope

is not is bright

righ - teous,

in vain.” and clear.

And he re - mem - bers



the love I’ve shown.

is not un -


My Father, My God and Friend


is ev - er near




Yes, God


ho - vah



is my

Fa - ther,

With Je - ho - vah,

is my pro - vid - er




I’m not a -

and my pro -





Je -


(See also Ps. 71:17, 18.)


“Preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:2)

God Sea Sea -

giv - en si - tion need for

has sons sons

com - mand - ed of trou - ble of fa - vor

us a charge may bring shame us to teach,

all times, be read - y preach - ing may out of way to sal - va - tion

us we we

to and there

this will will

day; face; see,

He has Op - po And the

o - bey. dis - grace. will be.

At Though The

to im - part sea - son seem, we pro - claim

The Our And


rea - son trust is help to

for the hope with - in your heart. in our God, who is su - preme. sanc - ti - fy Je - ho - vah’s name.

So preach the

“Preach the Word”











Through - out

vi - tal


Preach the

sys - tem’s end draws near.

Preach the


Preach the





un - der - stand.


(See also Matt. 10:7; 24:14; Acts 10:42; 1 Pet. 3:15.)


“Let Your Light Shine” (Matthew 5:16)

Je - sus has com - mand - ed With God’s King - dom mes - sage Light from fine works gleam - ing,

Like the sun, im - par - tial, Com - fort brought to mourn - ers, To our words adds lus - ter,

Through God’s Ho - ly Light from Scrip - ture May our light keep

Scrip - tures, guides us shin - ing

May we now re - flect his light Gra - cious words, well - sea - soned too, Then our works will al - ways be

That we shine our Light on hearts is Bright - ens up this

light, shed, world,

That Hope Like

sight. dead. pearl.

Words As As

all for a

might gain those now price - less

of wis - dom we do His we do what’s

By our deeds so Make it bright - er Pleas - ing in God’s

shine. will; right,

fine. still. sight.

(See also Ps. 119:130; Matt. 5:14, 15, 45; Col. 4:6.)


Content With God’s Good Gifts (James 1:17)

All per - fect pres - ents, each good gift, The things we’re fond - est of, We have no cause for anx - ious care Con - cern - ing dai - ly needs; The loft - y things in hu - man eyes, To God are mere - ly vain.

The tru - ly wor - thy things in life, Come down from God a - bove. We know the lov - ing care by him Who birds of heav - en feeds. Let’s use the days we’re grant - ed now For things of last - ing gain.

With him there is no wa - ver - ing, No change, how - ev - er slight. We give no place to worth - less things, No years to hurt - ful strife. The rich - es that we store with God Are safe, though we may die.

Je - ho - vah is But sat - is - fied We prize the gift

our Grand Pro - vid - er, The Source of life and light. with God’s pro - vi - sions, We lead a sim - ple life. of true con - tent - ment And keep a sim - ple eye.

(See also Jer. 45:5; Matt. 6:25-34; 1 Tim. 6:8; Heb. 13:5.)


“Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good” (Psalm 34:8)

Our For

ser - vice those in

to the

God full

we time


val - ue bles - sings

our and

priv - ’lege trea - sures

buy out trust - ing

the in

time God

and to

give care

still need tent - ment

to is

reach. found.

ma - ny we all things con -

to a

cher - ish; ser - vice,


We Rich

preach. bound.

God for

We By

our their

best, needs,

For In

“Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good” Chorus

God’s Word



God - ly



in - vites




ho - vah



vo - tion



‘Come taste






brings great






(See also Mark 14:8; Luke 21:2; 1 Tim. 1:12; 6:6.)


Seek Out Deserving Ones (Matthew 10:11-15)

In All

preach - ing the King those who re - ceive

struct heart


ev right


ware pel

dom, our Lord you re - ceive

ing us how God will o


to pro - ceed: pen up wide.

er you go, dis - po - si


seek in tion for

of their spir them to serve


i - tual at your

ear un

showed the way, him as well.

In Their

‘Wher Their


need. side.

nest to find end - ing life

Those a Will im -

By And

Seek Out Deserving Ones

greet nev


ing er

serv - ing ho - vah

oth an

dust peal


the house - hold and wish be anx - ious a - bout

ones peace will help

you’ll you

ers should spurn swer when gra -

from your to the

feet hum


ing what

it peace, to say,

im - part. to speak.

you or cious and


and ble

turn sea -

To For

de Je -

If Your

you a - way, soned with salt

Shake the Will ap -

de - part.’ and meek.

(See also Acts 13:48; 16:14; Col. 4:6.)


Forward, You Ministers of the Kingdom! (2 Timothy 4:5)

Go for - ward in preach - ing the King - dom True min - is - ters keep press - ing for - ward To - geth - er we press ev - er for - ward,

land. view. sheep.

With We The

love in your hearts for your neigh - bor, fol - low the steps of our Mas - ter old and the young men and wom - en

meek ones to take their hearts that have been made step with the truth do

priv - ’lege; King - dom sa - cred;

His Is Our

To peo - ple in ev - ’ry With God’s prize of life in God’s rem - nant and oth - er

stand. new. keep.

Our The Our

Help With In

ser - vice to God is a good news of God’s com - ing ser - vice we hold to be

word we are glad to pro - claim. some - thing that all need to hear. wor - ship is nev - er rou - tine.

Go We To

Forward, You Ministers of the Kingdom!

out preach God

in in may

the field the strength we prove

and keep preach - ing; of Je - ho - vah; ev - er wor - thy

Give With By


wit - ness to God’s ho - ly name. him there is noth - ing to fear! con - duct that’s ho - ly and clean.


bold - ly preach the King - dom mes - sage




faith - ful, loy - al - ly



ev - er far and wide.

re - main-ing on Je - ho - vah’s side. R.H.

(See also Ps. 23:4; Acts 4:29, 31; 1 Pet. 2:21.)


Sowing Kingdom Seed (Matthew 13:4-8)

Oh, Some How

come seed much

all that of

Who’ve On May

giv hearts of -

en as ten

you you your

slaves sow work

your heart re - sis de - pend

of will is

Je - ho - vah, be scat - tered suc - cess - ful

and tant much

your as on

soul. stone. you.


Come Though With

And The Their

out these pa -

to may tience

the work re - spond and love

learn want hearts

from of may

his their be

steps hearts o -

of for for

and will pened

our a your

Mas - ter, sea - son, neigh - bors,

his role. be known. a - new.

Sowing Kingdom Seed

The When By

seed of the truth, thorns choke the word, be - ing a - lert

On The With

hearts things mea -

Fine Yet, And

fruit some thus

And you From the At least

that of sures

you then you’ll

sow greed ward

with - out fear fills their hearts; off their fears,

are a the world some gen -

ble they tle

to yield pre - fer. some bold.

to God’s praise as seed may pros - per; with re - joic - ing

you you you

faith - ful - ly work, will see re - sults can hope to reap

do your ground that thir - ty

full is if

share good, not

in the field. fine, and pure. hun - dred - fold.

(See also Matt. 13:19-23; 22:37.)


Praising Earth’s New King (Revelation 7:9)

A We

mul - ti - tude is hail the Christ, our

na - tion, la - tion.

Col - lect - ed This Prince of

noint - ed con - gre bring a - bout sal

brought lie

to birth; a - head:

gath - er - ing from ev - ’ry reign - ing King, with sounds of

His An


ga - tion. va - tion.

by the Peace shall

God’s We

will shall soon be earth re - leased from

Christ and do God’s

tribe and ju - bi -

his will

a and

King - dom has see the joys

been that

done fear

on and

earth. This dread, The

Praising Earth’s New King

hope is a gift of grand res - ur - rec - tion

price - less worth, giv - ing of the dead. What a

joy time

and for

con - so ex - ul -


la - tion. ta - tion!

Praise our God, Je - ho - vah; Praise

Who through the ran - som have set



the earth



us free.



his Son, Christ Je - sus,

we have the hope to

e - ter - nal



(See also Ps. 2:6; 45:1; Isa. 9:6; John 6:40.)


We Are Jehovah’s Army! (Joel 2:7)

We We This

are are is

chains, sheep, mand,

Preach - ing Those who Ful - ly

In which Those who Each one

faith find need

Je - ho - vah’s Je - ho - vah’s Je - ho - vah’s


ar ser ar


a - bout God’s are lost and e - quipped for

Je - sus now reigns. sigh and who weep. firm - ly will stand.

ful - ly, and feed to be,

my, vants, my

Each a With re Up - right

Freed from Sa - tan’s Search - ing for his Un - der Christ’s com -

King lone bat


As we These we Cau - tious

vol - un peat - ed we re


dom, ly, tle,

press try though

teer, calls; main.

on to we

We Are Jehovah’s Army!

We These In

re - main we keep the face

de in of


ter vit dan


mined ing ger,

With To Truth

no our we



hint of King - dom will main -


fear. Halls. tain.










Je - ho - vah’s



Joy - ful






pro -

be - gun.”

(See also Eph. 6:11, 14; Phil. 1:7; Philem. 2.)


Making Known the Kingdom Truth (Acts 20:20, 21)

There was a



we did not know

Then Je - ho


The way a Chris

vah sent the light,


tian ought to

His King - dom truth so clear and




Our Fa - ther’s will

The-oc-ra - cy,

we then could see

To de - clare

Je - ho - vah’s fame,

To serve the

And help to


glo - ri - fy his ho


ly name.

We wit - ness now




Making Known the Kingdom Truth


From door to


to help them see;



And as we


ship to


and on the street.

We teach the truth


ex - pand,

in ev - ’ry land

May we


We take the




Je - ho - vah’s

our God




Un - til

Je - ho - vah


the work

is done.

(See also Josh. 9:9; Isa. 24:15; John 8:12, 32.)


Join in the Kingdom Song! (Psalm 98:1)

This is a With this new This King - dom

song, song, song,

It mag - ni - fies Christ Je - sus rules; The words are clear,

The words give hope And as fore - told, In all the earth,

a we all

hap - py song of ad - ver - tise the hum - ble ones can

vic - t’ry; King - dom. mas - ter.

the One who is su - preme. the earth is his do - main. their mes - sage warm and bright.

and prompt all to be loy - al. there is a new - born na - tion: vast mul - ti - tudes have learned it,


Come sing with us; The King - dom heirs, And they in turn

en - joy its King - dom theme: who wel - come Je - sus’ reign: still oth - ers now in - vite:


Join in the Kingdom Song!




His Son




Come learn this

Bow down to

Be - fore His



Let’s make it


song a - bout the

and praise His ho - ly



King - dom;


(See also Ps. 95:6; 1 Pet. 2:9, 10; Rev. 12:10.)


“From House to House” (Acts 20:20)

From house to house, from door From house to house, from door So let us go from door

to door, to door, to door

Je - ho - vah’s word we spread. Sal - va - tion we pro - claim. To spread the King - dom news.

From town to town, from farm to farm, Je - ho - vah’s sheep are fed. It comes to those who choose to call Up - on Je - ho - vah’s name. And wheth - er it’s em - braced or not, We’ll let the peo - ple choose.

This good news that God’s King - dom rules, As Je - sus Christ fore - told, But how can they call on the name Of One they do not know? At least we’ll name Je - ho - vah’s name, His glo - rious truth de - clare.

Is be - ing preached through-out the earth By Chris - tians young and old. So to their hous - es and their doors, The sa - cred name must go. And as we go from door to door, We’ll find his sheep are there.

(See also Acts 2:21; Rom. 10:14.)


Praise Jah With Me (Psalm 146:2)

Praise Jah with me; Praise Jah with me. Praise Jah with me.

ev - ’ry good thing. needs he sup - plies. him we can trust.

His His Rich

per - fect love ho - ly spir King - dom bless

We His Come

sing name let

Loud let it ring! He sat - is - fies Our God is just;

He gives us life, breath, and And hears our prayers as our He brings all com - fort, in

Each day and night, His might - y arm Wrongs he will right;

His name we bless. Strength - ens the weak; Hearts he will heal.

his praise, we praise; us praise

clothes - it - ings

and Of him

His al - might - i - ness. sus - tains all the meek. all man - kind will feel.

his his with

name pow joy


we er and

con - fess. we speak. with zeal!

(See also Ps. 94:18, 19; 145:21; 147:1; 150:2.)


The Heavens Declare God’s Glory (Psalm 19)

The heav - ens Je - ho - vah’s The fear of

tell law God

the is is

glo - ry of Je - ho per - fect, life - re - stor pure and stands for - ev -

vah. ing, er.


The And The

work of his own hand his re - mind - ers guide worth of his com - mands

And His His

each rul or -

The His His

star - lit night pro - claims his might And word is sure, his law so pure, So hon - or, fame, and ho - ly name, We

new ings ders

day prove lead

in skies a - bove we the steps of old and ex - ceeds the fin - est

brings to him to be true, and pre - serve

right - ful right, and all his

see. young. gold.

praise. just. own.

his true maj - es - ty. sweet up - on the tongue. loy - al - ly up - hold.

(See also Ps. 111:9; 145:5; Rev. 4:11.)


Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship (Psalm 15)

Who is your friend, O Who is your friend, O Roll - ing our cares on

God? God? you,

Who in your tent may dwell? Who may ap - proach your throne? Bar - ing our hearts in prayer,

Who gains your friend- ship? Who gains your trust? Who real - ly knows you well? Who brings de - light and Makes you re - joice? Whose name to you is known? Draw - ing us clos - er, Bond - ing in love, Feel - ing your dai - ly care,

All who em - brace your Word, All who ex - alt your name, We yearn to be your friend.

All who have faith in you, All who your Word o - bey, Long may our friend - ship grow.

All who are loy - al, all who are just, All who are faith - ful, hon - est in heart, No great - er Friend could we ev - er gain,

Liv - ing the truth for Truth - ful in all they No great - er Friend we’ll

you. say. know.

(See also Ps. 139:1; 1 Pet. 5:6, 7.)


Come to Jehovah’s Mountain (Isaiah 2:2-4)

Raise your Je - sus

There Good

stands news

Peo - ple Christ now

Call - ing Meek ones

eyes and be - hold, gave the com - mand

Far a - bove the high - est hill. To go forth and preach the word.

Je - ho - vah’s moun - tain Lift - ed a - bout the King - dom Reach - es

come from a - far, rules from on high,

up in this day. all men to - day.

Ev - ’ry - where from sea Urg - ing all to take

to sea, his side.

to one an - oth - er, ‘Come serve God and o - bey.’ who hear his voice Let God’s Word show them the way.

Now the What a

Come to Jehovah’s Mountain

time joy

has ar - rived to be - hold

grow all

and we thrive, have a share,

Mil - lions Let us

Loy ‘Come

al to

For the small, a great na - tion to be. How a great crowd con - tin - ues to grow!

As we Yes, we

God’s di - rec - tion and bless - ing we see. Help - ing oth - ers Je - ho - vah to know.

now come to God lift up the voice,

And ac - cept his Call - ing out for

sov - ’reign - ty. all to hear,

they vow to be And from his side nev - er Je - ho - vah’s moun - tain, Here for - ev - er to

stray. stay.’

(See also Ps. 43:3; 99:9; Isa. 60:22; Acts 16:5.)


Praise Jehovah for His Kingdom (Revelation 21:2)

Je - ho - vah a - noint - ed his Son Christ’s broth - ers are cho - sen and called.

one. birth.

His This

To rule o - ver ev - ’ry God gives them their own new

throne is es - tab - lished on jus - tice, bride class will share in the King - dom

That And


God’s will on earth may be done. bring Par - a - dise to this earth.



for his ho - ly

A -


noint - ed.

Hail R.H.

Je - sus, O you

faith - ful



Praise Jehovah for His Kingdom

loy - al - ly fol - low





af - ter day

for his


ho - ly


his com - mand - ments

A - noint - ed,


Rul - er

of heav - en - ly

ta - tion and might

the R.H.



A - noint - ed with ex - ul -

hon - or God’s ho





(See also Prov. 29:4; Isa. 66:7, 8; John 10:4; Rev. 5:9, 10.)


Hail Jehovah’s Firstborn! (Hebrews 1:6)

Hail Hail

Je - ho - vah’s Je - ho - vah’s

King. live.

He He

bless - ings his rule sins God can now

First - born, First - born,

God’s Who

reigns for truth hum - bly paid

will bring. for - give.

du - ly ap - point - ed died so that we may

and the

With The

jus - tice; ran - som;

dig bride

ni - ty of Christ

Rich Our

and a -


splen - dor waits him, R.H.

And love A - dorned

for God’s for him

great in

name, white.

He’ll This

Hail Jehovah’s Firstborn!

vin - di - cate mar - riage in

Je - ho - vah, the heav - ens

His Will

sov - ’reign - ty prove God’s rule

pro is


claim. right.


Je - ho - vah’s

First - born!



praise God’s a - noint - ed

Zi - on,



In - stalled

King - ship has now



up - on




(See also Ps. 2:6; 45:3, 4; Rev. 19:8.)


God’s Wondrous Works (Psalm 139)


God, you know my rest and wak-ing,

When I lie down and when I rise a R.H.


You search my thought, my in - most in - cli - na - tion,

speak, the ways I walk, you know them too.

se - cret,

My ve - ry




The words I

when I was made in

not hid - den from your sight.

You saw my


form; its parts were down in writ - ing.

I praise the won - der of your ways, ex - tol your

God’s Wondrous Works


Your knowl-edge, God,

is won-drous, fear -in - spir - ing;

Of this my




ve - ry well a - ware.


I should fear

that dark - ness might en -

fold me, Your spir- it, God, would find me, e - ven there. Where could I hide from you, Je -

ho - vah,

Or be con - cealed,

be hid - den from your face?

Not in the


heights nor in the depth of She - ol, Not in the dark nor in the sea, there is no place. R.H.

(See also Ps. 66:3; 94:19; Jer. 17:10.)


He Will Call (Job 14:13-15)

Life, like a mist, ap - pears for just a day, Friends of our God, though they may pass a - way,

Then dis - ap-pears to - mor - row. Will nev - er be for - sak - en.

All that we are can quick-ly fade a - way, Re-placed with tears and sor-row. All those a - sleep who in God’s mem-’ry stay, From death he will a-wak-en.

If a man should die, Then we’ll come to see

can he live a - gain? all that life can be:

Hear the prom -ise God has Par - a - dise e - ter - nal-


made: ly.

He will


The dead will an - swer.

They shall

He Will Call


at his com - mand.


of his own hand.




can make us stand.



As the work


will have a long - ing

So have faith,

and do not won - der,



For the

For our

shall live for -

of his own hand.

(See also John 6:40; 11:11, 43; Jas. 4:14.)


Great God, Jehovah (Exodus 34:6, 7)

Great Par Let

God, Je - ho don - ing er men and an


vah, ror, gels

you sin, join

are and in

de - serv trans - gres your prais

- ing, - sion, - es;

Wor - thy of the high - est praise, Mer - ci - ful to those like you, Let your name be sanc - ti - fied,

Good and just in all your ways. Those who prac - tice mer - cy too. Nev - er more to be de - nied.

Your Your Soon

firm your rul

You You Make

throne is found - ed king - ly jus tice, may your King - dom,

are God have shown your will

to in be

end all done


less you earth


ly on jus lov - ing - kind ing in heav


tice; ness, en,

days. do. wide. R.H.

(See also Deut. 32:4; Prov. 16:12; Matt. 6:10; Rev. 4:11.)


Grateful for God’s Word (Philippians 2:16)

Je - ho - vah, En - dowed are Your word has

our its such

Fa - ther, pag - es pow - er

How grate - ful Your proph - ets Yes, e - ven

we were the

are that like us; spir - it

Its We It

writ - ers gath - er search - es

you in - spir - ed faith and cour - age our in - ten - tions

By Our It

Scrip - ture heart it of - fers

we’re guid - ed; re - fresh - es; cor - rec - tion

we want to with hu - man to reach deep

your they and

Word felt soul

we what to

to tell your by learn - ing and mo - tives

by our and

you we soul it wis - dom

ex - press ap - peal. in - side,

pos - sess! we feel. di - vide.

ver - y thought. of their lives. of our hearts.

are taught. re - vives. im - parts.

(See also Ps. 119:16, 162; 2 Tim. 3:16; Jas. 5:17; 2 Pet. 1:21.)


God’s Own Book—A Treasure (Proverbs 2:1)

There is They wrote To - day

a a we

Brings peace and How by his God’s King - dom

Its They This

It But To

book that rec - ord live in

joy might now

won - drous thoughts al - so told is the day

brings how all

life his who

and this is

by true times

its of of

man - y pag - es, God’s cre - a - tions, joy un - bound - ed.

hope to hu - man - kind. u - ni - verse ap - peared. here with Christ as Lord.

are charged with such great pow - er; how man at first was sin - less Je - ho - vah grants sal - va - tion

to the “dead,” sight Par - a - dise then come to him in

to the “blind.” dis - ap - peared. full ac - cord.

God’s Own Book—A Treasure

That pre - cious book They fur - ther told With - in his book

is God’s a - bout are found

Ho - ly cer - tain cheer - ful

Bi - ble. an - gel tid - ings;

Its Who A

words were penned chal - lenged God sa - cred ban -

By That It

men who tru chal - lenge led of - fers peace

ly loved their God Je - ho - vah, to sin and man’s great sor - row, be - yond all hu - man think - ing;

And But This

by his soon will Liv - ing


ho come Trea

by and quet

own a these


ly Je sure

men whom God in - spired, spurned his sov - ’reign - ty. feast on which to feed.


spir - it they were fired. ho - vah’s vic - to - ry. beck - ons all to read.

(See also 2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Pet. 1:21.)


Making Our Way Successful (Joshua 1:8)

We When As

de - light in Je - ho - vah’s Word. the kings ruled in Is ra - el, we feed on God’s Word each day,

read it each day. ceived this com - mand: com - fort we find.

un - der - tone; self must write trou - bled hearts;

May He When

it must we

May They Hope

Sound each thought in ‘Ev - ’ry king for Calm de - scends on

Med - i - tate and o - bey. God’s Law in his own hand. Faith in Him is re - fined.

guide ev - ’ry step read in it all tru - ly em - brace

we his his

take, days, Word,

we re and

an him our

Making Our Way Successful Chorus

Ev That We


’ry thought we ex - press. he may not trans - gress.’ ma - ture and prog - ress.

med - i - tate,



o - bey.



Je - ho - vah











him each and




suc - cess.


(See also Deut. 17:18; 1 Ki. 2:3, 4; Ps. 119:1; Jer. 7:23.)


The Light Gets Brighter (Proverbs 4:18)

The Our

proph - ets Lord has

of old sought to ap - point - ed a

hope of all groan - ing cre - a - tion. whom He gives food in due sea - son.

si - ah would come, bright - er with time,

learn of the Christ, trust - wor - thy slave,

God’s The

spir - it re - vealed that Mes light of the truth has grown

Pro - vid - ing the means of sal - va - tion. Ap - peal - ing to heart and to rea - son.

time has ar - rived, the Mes - si - ah now reigns, path ev - er clear - er, our steps ev - er firm,

The Through

The Our

The proof of his pres - ence is We walk in the bright - ness of

The Light Gets Brighter

clear. day.

How great is the fa - vor of learn - ing such things; In - to All thanks to Je - ho - vah, the Source of all truth, We most


these e - ven an - gels would peer! grate - ful - ly walk in his way.

bright - er;




in the full

hold what our God is re - veal - ing;

light of

path now be - comes ev - er


Be -

He guides us each step of the way.

(See also Rom. 8:22; 1 Cor. 2:10; 1 Pet. 1:12.)


We Must Be Taught (Isaiah 50:4; 54:13)

Come with Nev - er Lips that

“Come drink We must Tongues of

Health - ful Here with Oh, may

All Here Oh,

those we may

re - joic - ing, for - sak - ing sing praise, how

life’s be the

in God’s we

who are we

and our en -

wa - ter,” taught; we taught ones,

struc - tion, spir - it, al - ways

hun - ger strength - ened al - ways

learn a - bout gath - er - ing cour - ag - ing

the must how

God here meet

for to a -

Je to to

spir - it learn what sweet is

has with with

truth walk mong

- ho - vah. - geth - er, hear them!

has is their

said. right. sound!

pro - vid - ed. our broth - ers, God’s peo - ple!

will in them

be the be

fed. light. found!

(See also Heb. 10:24, 25; Rev. 22:17.)


Welcome One Another (Romans 15:7)

Wel Thanks God’s

hear wel all

Life May God



come to all to our God in - vi - ta -

God’s come sin


giv - ing we keep by his

who for tion

Word us cere

truth hold Son

and and ones


he ing has

thank - ful - ness of heart, now we wel - come oth wel - come one an - oth -

gath - er broth - ers reach - es

to who the

learn seek truth

here this day such as these, all man - kind,

his to may

of - fers to us men of that sort drawn us to His

we ers er

re - spond who meet with hearts

To Who That

way. please. find.

all; dear, side.

to his with us o - pened

With And So

call. here. wide.

(See also John 6:44; Phil. 2:29; Rev. 22:17.)


Come! Be Refreshed (Hebrews 10:24, 25)

We live in a world that is way-ward and lost; The way of our God is not Je - ho - vah is keen - ly a - ware of our needs; His coun -sel by us should be

known. heard.

We To

need sure di - rec - tion buy out the time for

can - not suc - ceed on our wis - dom and trust in his

own. Word.

Our By

to safe - guard our steps; We oc - ca - sions to meet Shows

meet - ings re - fresh us and whole-some in - struc - tion from

bright - en our hope; They help us build faith in our God. God - fear - ing men, We learn how our faith can be shown.

They With

Come! Be Refreshed

move us with words that in - cite to fine deeds, They give us the strength to go lov - ing sup - port from our fam -’ly of faith, We know that we’re nev - er a -

on. lone.

We’ll So

nev - er for - sake what Je - ho - vah com-mands; His as we look for - ward to much bet - ter times, We’ll

will is what we want to meet with the ones whom we

ways that learn how

are to

right; live

do. love.

Our And

Our love for the With wis - dom that

meet - ings in - struct us in here at these meet - ings we’ll

truth they comes from

re - new. a - bove.

(See also Ps. 37:18; 140:1; Prov. 18:1; Eph. 5:16; Jas. 3:17.)


Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed (Luke 11:28)

If we have lis - tened to Christ, will we show it? Our way of life, like a house, gives pro - tec - tion Just as a tree root - ed deep by the wa - ters

shines built fruit

hap ply bey

blessed life blessed

as it shows on the rock, when each sea


py to hear Je - sus’ lov as God’s own

if which and



we know on bed en - joy

us not son

the way. on sand. ar - rives,

and to know it, ing di - rec - tion, sons and daugh - ters,

and o - bey. rock will stand. end - less lives.

His teach - ing When it is Gives of its

It makes us If we ap If we o -

But we’ll We’ll build We’ll all

be a be

Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed Chorus






you hear God’s



o - bey,

you’d be







o - bey,



ex - pressed.







his rest,


(See also Deut. 28:2; Ps. 1:3; Prov. 10:22; Matt. 7:24-27.)


Encourage One Another (Hebrews 10:24, 25)

As A As

serve oh, near

find hear need

works friends keep

we word we


en - cour - age one an - oth when spo - ken at the right with eyes of faith are see


er time ing

Je - ho - vah faith - ful - ly, how com - fort - ing to hear! ness of Je - ho - vah’s day,

the bonds of love are strength these words of con - so - la our gath - er - ing to - geth -

bring peace and so faith - ful us walk - ing

We We We

ened; tion er

u - ni - ty. and so dear. in the way. R.H.

To Is, The

Fine From To

The How U -

Encourage One Another

love good nit


each those hope

con seek we

place help hold

we it ed

find is with

a - mong God’s peo to work to - geth Je - ho - vah’s peo


the cour - age to en - dure. whose hopes and goals we share! to serve e - ter - nal - ly.


gre - ga - tion is to strength-en one en - cour - age one

where we each one to our

a ref an - oth an - oth


uge, er er

ple er ple,

Gives With We

Our We So

A And To

can feel se - cure. his bur - den bear. in - teg - ri - ty.

(See also Luke 22:32; Acts 14:21, 22; Gal. 6:2; 1 Thess. 5:14.)


Myriads of Brothers (Revelation 7:9, 10)

Myr - iads on myr - iads of broth - ers, Myr - iads on myr - iads of broth - ers, Myr - iads on myr - iads of broth - ers,

Each one a faith - ful wit - ness, “Good news of some - thing bet - ter,” Safe in his earth - ly court - yards,

Myr - iads we are on myr - iads, And as we keep on preach - ing, Myr - iads we are on myr - iads,

Mil - lions for all to see, We preach both far and near God keeps us in his sight,

Firm in in - teg - ri - ty. Which mil - lions long to hear. Serv - ing him day and night.

Grow - ing, a might - y crowd, Though we at times are stressed, With King - dom news we go,

From ev - ’ry na - tion and tribe and tongue, We praise our God a - loud. Je - sus re - fresh - es the wea - ry souls; He gives us peace and rest. God’s fel - low work - ers we have be - come, Serv - ing him here be - low.

(See also Isa. 52:7; Matt. 11:29; Rev. 7:15.)


Shepherds—Gifts in Men (Ephesians 4:8)

Help in our lives, Je - ho - vah pro - vides, Shep-herds who love us care how we feel; God - ly ad - vice and coun - sel they give,

By their ex - am - ple they serve as guides, When we are hurt, they help us to heal, Thus they as - sist us, God’s way to live,

Shep-herds to tend his flock. Gent - ly they guide the way. That we may nev - er stray.

Show - ing us how to walk. Kind in the words they say. Serv - ing him ev - ’ry day.


God gives us men who have earned our trust,

Men who are loy - al and true.

They show con-cern

Love them for all that they do.

for his pre - cious flock;

(See also Isa. 32:1, 2; Jer. 3:15; John 21:15-17; Acts 20:28.)


Receive Them With Hospitality (Acts 17:7)

Je - ho - vah shows sin - cere We nev - er know the good

cares for all with - out we see those in need

gives both rain and sun, strang - ers they may be,

fills our hearts with food lend a hand to care

hos - pi - tal - i - ty. that may come a - bout

par - ti - al - i - ty. and we help them out.

with - hold - ing these from none; in hos - pi - tal - i - ty,

and good for their

cheer. needs.

He When

He Though

He We

When Like

Receive Them With Hospitality

ev - er we show fa Lyd - i - a of old,

im - i - tate our God they come to our home,

Fa - ther will Fa - ther is

kind - ness im - i -


vor we

is his

low - ly ones, ‘Be my guest.’

as be - lov - ed sons. they find peace and rest.

re - pay a - ware

that tate

to say:

the of

tru mer


good - ness we dis - play, all those ev - ’ry - where,

ly ci


sin ful


We When

Our Our

Our Who

cere. deeds.

(See also Acts 16:14, 15; Rom. 12:13; 1 Tim. 3:2; Heb. 13:2; 1 Pet. 4:9.)

125 Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order (1 Corinthians 14:33)

As God

Je - ho - vah’s pro - vides his

Truths a - bout the These will ev - er

peo stew


ple ard

King - dom guide us

sound through - out the and his ac - tive

and in

its our

price - less Chris - tian

earth force.

worth, course.


The - o - crat - ic So may we be

And re - main Loy - al - ly

or stead -

u - nit pro - claim -

der fast,

ed, ing

they must all seek - ing God

loy - al - ty all his wise

o - bey to please,

dis - play. de - crees!

Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order Chorus




sub - mis




rec - og




























Loy - al






fec R.H.





(See also Luke 12:42; Heb. 13:7, 17.)


Our Labor of Love (Psalm 127:1)

Je - ho- vah, this What hap - py fac -

hearts, we want to friends we’ve come to

is the day; es we see,

pray. be!

fa - vored us, More than words can say! mem - o - ries For e - ter - ni - ty!

Now from our And what good

How you have hon - ored us, And how we’ll cher - ish these

Up - on our la - bor of love, We saw your spir - it, O Lord,

We’ve seen your bless - ing from a - bove. In how we worked with one ac - cord.

And now a And how we’ve

Our Labor of Love

build add -

ing stands, ed fame

by to

our hands, As the proof your name; What a grand

there - of. re - ward!


Je-ho- vah God,



it was

May we con - tin

And bring you praise



in all


ue in


For us to build this place for

your ser - vice

through-out our


(See also Ps. 116:1; 147:1; Rom. 15:6.)


A Place Bearing Your Name (1 Chronicles 29:16)

How great is the hon - or, Je - ho - vah, To build you a place for your And now may we hon - or you, Fa - ther, By fill - ing this place with your

name! praise.

We May

of - fer glo - ry

it now as - cend

with re - joic - ing with the in - crease

To Of


add to your glo - ry and fame. those who are learn - ing your ways.

give you, wor - ship,

They We

right - ly give it

What - ev - er the things we may Com - mit - ting this place to your

were yours from the our gen - er - ous

start. care.

Our And

A Place Bearing Your Name

la - bor, our skill, our pos - ses - sions, long may it stand as a wit - ness,

We joy - ful - ly give from the Sup - port - ing the mes - sage we


heart. bear.



May we

may your name

pre - sent

this place

be known.

Please ac - cept



We ded - i - cate




this place


your own.

(See also 1 Ki. 8:18, 27; 1 Chron. 29:11-14; Acts 20:24.)


The Scene of This World Is Changing (1 Corinthians 7:31)

To give us hope and The world a - round us

slave fail

gift King



us, ing.

could dom

to is

save us From sin and death that ail - ing. The wick - ed sys - tem

His on - ly Son But God’s rule we

have has

great - er come to

our are

God gave now hail


us— ing;

en is

No The

worth. birth.










The Scene of This World Is Changing









Bless - ings


wise - ly



heav - en




(See also Ps. 115:15, 16; Rom. 5:15-17; 7:25; Rev. 12:5.)


Holding Fast to Our Hope (Hebrews 6:18, 19)

Men “God’s

Vain Men

have been grop - ing day is near!” rings

is will

their quest no long -

Man’s Soon

trag - ic he will

None Praise

can God

flaw free

for the

cen - tu - ries in dark - ness. King - dom proc - la - ma - tion;

as er

they cry

is all

re - vealed his groan -

they save, for Al - might - y,

they and

try out

all join

to to

catch the God: “How

in ing

have our

wind. long?”

its stark - ness: cre - a - tion.

sinned. song.

Holding Fast to Our Hope Chorus


with good cheer,



might - y













e - vil



King - dom




















(See also Hab. 1:2, 3; Ps. 27:14; Joel 2:1; Rom. 8:22.)


The Miracle of Life (Psalm 36:9)

Ev - ’ry new - born child, Oth - ers may give up,

Ev - ’ry drop Lose their will

Ev - ’ry gold - en ray of sun, Ech - o - ing the wife of Job:

Each head of “Curse God and

God; way.

his we

They re - veal Praise to God

way. give,

of to

grain— die.”

rain, try,

All are gifts from We are not that

Mir - a - cles per Thank - ing him for


formed by him sus - tain us each day. ev - ’ry pre - cious mo - ment we live.

So, So,

what what

are we to do are we to do

with a with a

The Miracle of Life

gift gift

so so

care. care.



rare rare


But to love But to love

the One who gave it and show him we the ones a - round us and show them we


ter what we

is still a




mir - a - cle





nev - er





(See also Job 2:9; Ps. 34:12; Eccl. 8:15; Matt. 22:37-40; Rom. 6:23.)


Jehovah Provides Escape (2 Samuel 22:1-8)

The liv - ing God, Je - ho - vah, you have Though ropes of death en - cir - cle me, I From heav - en you will thun - der and give

sea. too.” joice.

proved call forth

to be; to you, your voice.

Your might - y works a - bound “Je - ho - vah, give me strength, Your en - e - mies will quake;

in and your

earth and sky and give me cour - age ser - vants will re -

No ri - val god can e - qual From your own tem - ple dwell - ing, You prove to be what - ev - er

what you you

you hear need

have my to

done— plea, be;


there is none. “Shel - ter me; all will see

Our Res How


foes will be cue me, O you pro - vide

con - sumed. my God.” es - cape.



Jehovah Provides Escape

ho - vah


pro - vides es - cape



might - y







loy - al.

His ser - vants will


So with

cour - age




ho - vah,

our God,


Source of



es - cape, and






Je -

name. R.H.

(See also Ps. 18:1, 2; 144:1, 2.)


A Victory Song (Exodus 15:1)

Sing See

to now

alt - ed. ho - vah.

Je all


ho - vah. na - tions

His Though

cast too

in - to the will suf - fer

sides will

him there can not sur - vive

proud might

sea. shame.


His great name is high - ly ex Op - pos - ing the Sov - ’reign, Je -

E - gyp - tian i - er than

Praise Doom

be no oth - er. Ar - ma - ged - don.

Jah now

foes, Pha


He raoh,

Al - might - y; a - waits them;

Je Soon

ho ev


vah is ’ry - one

has They

Be They

his will

A Victory Song Chorus

name; know

ho - vah

He That

has gained Je - ho -

God, Most

def - i - nite


en - e - mies to




the vah

o - ver


vic - to - ry. is God’s name.




And sanc - ti - fy







ho - ly



in -



(See also Ps. 2:2, 9; 92:8; Mal. 3:6; Rev. 16:16.)


Seek God for Your Deliverance (Zephaniah 2:3)

Na - tions a - lign Peo - ple on earth

as one, now choose,

Op - pos - ing Je - ho - vah’s Re - spond - ing to this good



Son. news.

Their time of hu - man rul - er - ship We of - fer to all men the choice

done. fuse.

Rul - ers have had their day; Tri - als, al-though se - vere, R.H.

stay. fear.

Soon Christ Je - ho -

By God’s To hear

de - cree now is or proud-ly re -

God’s King-dom is here to Need not fill our hearts with


will crush earth - ly vah cares for his

en - e - mies. loy - al ones;

No Our

Seek God for Your Deliverance Chorus

more cries

will there for help

liv -er - ance,



be de - lay. he will hear.

Yes, look to him with con-fi - dence.

ful - ness, For his

see our God



de - liv - er you





de -

Seek his righ - teous-ness, Show your

’reign - ty, take your stand.

By his might






(See also 1 Sam. 2:9; Ps. 2:2, 3, 9; Prov. 2:8; Matt. 6:33.)


See Yourself When All Is New (Revelation 21:1-5)

Just see your-self, Now see your-self,

new. new.

just see me too; and see me too;

Think how you’ll feel, No sight we see,

peace, to be tru - ly free. larm or give rise to fear.

God can - not ev man - kind, his tent


Just see us all And look a - head

how it will be, no sound we hear

No e - vil one All has come true,

er fail. is spread.

in a world that is to a world that is

will then pre - vail; just as he said;

The He

To live in Will cause a -

Rule by our Now o - ver

time will have come for a now shall a - wak - en those

See Yourself When All Is New

new earth - ly start, sleep - ing in death;

The song of our prais - es will Their voic - es will join us with

pour out from our ev - ’ry grate-ful


heart: breath:


“Je - ho-vah our God, how well you have done!

by the rule

of your Son.


full-ness of our heart

flows in our song; All glo - ry and hon - or and praise to you

All things are

o - ver -

be - long.”

(See also Ps. 37:10, 11; Isa. 65:17; John 5:28; 2 Pet. 3:13.)


Enduring to the End (Matthew 24:13)

God’s Word and all it prom - is - es Give rea - son to en - dure. Main - tain the love you had at first, Which some - how could be lost. All those en - dur - ing to the end Are those who will be saved.

The things you’ve learned and come to love Are all well - found - ed and sure. De - spite the tri - als you will meet, En - dure no mat - ter the cost. The book of life will list their names, A rec - ord clear - ly en-graved.

Be sta - bi - lized in ho - ly faith, Keep - ing God’s day close in mind. What - ev - er test may come your way, Nev - er yield to doubt or fear. So let en - dur - ance be your aim; Let it have its work com - plete.

Stand firm in your in - teg - ri - ty; By tests you will be re - fined. Je - ho - vah will pro - vide es - cape, Our God ev - er will be near. Je - ho - vah’s fa - vor you will know; With joy you will be re - plete.

(See also Heb. 6:19; Jas. 1:4; 2 Pet. 3:12; Rev. 2:4.)

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