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SIMPLE PRESENT A- Complete with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1- We _______ in Victoria Road. (live/ lives) 2- My parents both ________ to work. (go/goes) 3- My father _______ in the bank. (work/works) 4- He _______ to London by train everyday. (travel/travels) 5- My mother _______ in a shop in Hartfield. (work/works) 6- In the evening they usually _______ television. (watch/watch) 7- Every Friday night they _______ to the pub. (go/goes) 8- My father _______ a Ford Escort. (drive/drives) 9- I have got two older sisters. They _______ away from here.(live/lives) 10- My sister _______ at a hospital in London. (work/works) 11- My other sister ______ at Birmingham University. (study/studies) 12- She also _______ with a pop group. (sing/sings) B- Write questions using What or Where and answer them. 1-(what/you/do) 2-(Where/you/live) 3-(What/your girlfriend/do) 4-(Where/she/live) 5-(Where/your parents/live) C- Write short answers. 12345-

Do you live near here? (no) Do you like your job? (yes) Does your brother live here? (no) Do your parents like your friends? (yes) Does your sister live at home? (yes)

D- Write the correct preposition in the space. 123456-

_____ Wednesday. _____ the night. _____ two o clock _____ the morning. _____ Mondays. _____ the afternoon. _____ February.

E- When do you do these things? Example -do your homework. I do my homework in the evening. 1- play sports 2- get up 3- have dinner 4- get presents 5- watch tv 6- go to bed 7- go on holiday 8- study English 9- read a book 10- clean my room F- Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1- She ________ to the shop every afternoon. (go) 2- Casey ________ early in the morning. (get up) 3- Tom and I ________ football every Saturday. (play) 4- She ________ her homework in her bedroom. (do) 5- Vince and tom _______ sports in television. (watch) 6- Mr Moore ________ his car every week. (wash) 7- He ________ the train at half past seven on Mondays. (catch) 8- The shops _________ at five o clock. (close) 9- Kamala ________ swimming on Sunday morning. (go) 10- She often ________ the bus, because she gets up late.(lose) 11- My parents ________ at night. (work) 12- She ________ her homework. (finish) 13- Vince ________ the guitar every evening.(practise) 14- I ________ my favourite song every morning.(sing) 15- The baby ________ a lot every night.(cry)

A- Complete the text with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Mary is from Japan. She’s thirteen. She (go) __________ to school from 8.30 to 5.00. She (study) __________ Maths and Japanese every day. She also (study) __________ English but she (not have) __________ an English class every day. On Thursdays she (help) __________ in the dining room so she (not eat) __________ lunch with her friends. She (not wash) __________ the dishes but she cleans the tables. The school day (end) __________ at 5 but on Tuesdays Mary (stay) __________ at school and (tidy up) __________ the classroom with other children. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Mary (not go) __________ home after school. She (go) __________ to a special school to prepare for her exams. She finally gets home at 9 and to bed at about 11 when she finishes her homework. B-Look at the answers and write questions about Mary. 12345-

yes, everyday. She likes Maths.__________________________________________ No, she doesn’t have an English class every day. ____________________________ She helps in the school dining room.______________________________________ On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. ___________________________________ It ends at 5 o’clock. ___________________________________________________

C- Write the adverbs (sometimes, never, etc) in the correct place in the sentences. 12345-

Liza’s dad wears a uniform at work. (always) He walks a lot at work but he rides a bicycle. (usually/sometimes) He gets up very early. (always) Liza sees him in the morning. (never) It is a hard job because he carries a heavy bag and dogs aren’t always very friendly. (often) 6- He works in an office. (never) D- Write sentences about your mother/father’s job. Use the adverbs below. always - sometimes – usually – often – never 1- drive to work ___________________________________________________________________ 2- go to work at the weekends ___________________________________________________________________ 3- come home for lunch. ___________________________________________________________________ 4- use machines ___________________________________________________________________ 5- have breakfast at work ___________________________________________________________________

E- Put the words in order to make correct sentences or questions. 1- afternoons / geography / He / Tuesday / On / studies ___________________________________________________________________ 2- go / to / time / you / do / What / bed / Sundays / on / ? ___________________________________________________________________ 3- Tim / the / play / saxophone / Does / ? ___________________________________________________________________ 4- I / I / my room / make / don’t / my bed / but / tidy ___________________________________________________________________ 5- never / by / bicycle / school / They / to / come ___________________________________________________________________ F-Complete the sentences with Simple Present. 12345-

Fred ___________ at half past five everyday.(get up) My parents ___________ on Saturdays. (not-work) The buses _________ on every corner. (stop) I __________ my homework at night. (not-do) July ___________ Bon Jovi (not-like)

G- Change the following present tense sentences I the first person to the third person singular (he-she-it). I fly I lose I reply I fix I sing I pay I cry I dance I see I think I know I sit I leave I smoke I catch I sleep I wash I say

I speak I teach I carry I do I play I go I like I break I study I read

A- Read this text. Complete it with the correct form of this verbs. Some are used more than once. say – do – sleep – go – spend – watch – get up – read – need – close Most people __________ eight hours asleep every night. But some people __________ for only one or two hours a night. Jim Thompson __________ only two hours sleep. I __________ to bed at two o´ clock in the morning and I __________ again at four o’clock, __________ Jim. What __________ he do with all that extra time? He __________ books and __________ videos. I __________ go out, because all the pubs __________ at eleven o’clock, and I can’t visit friends, because they’re all asleep. Jim’s wife is asleep, too. She __________ for seven hours a night. She __________ to bed at midnight and she __________ at seven o’clock.

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