Simple and Steam Distillation Exp3.

December 5, 2018 | Author: paolo | Category: Distillation, Boiling, Steam, Vapor, Liquids
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Final report for Experiment 3: Simple and Steam Distillation P.S. for reference only, don't plagiarize...


CHM142L Organic Chemistry 1 Laboratory  3rd Quarter SY 2014-201

Simple and Steam Distillation Miranda, Marilyn 1, Ayson, Jose Paolo, L 2 1

!ro"essor# Schoo$ o" Chemica$ %ngineering# Chemistry and &iotechno$ogy# Ma'ua (nstitute o" )echno$ogy* 2Student +s,#CH142L.31# Schoo$ o" Chemica$ %ngineering# Chemistry and &iotechno$ogy# Ma'ua (nstitute o" )echno$ogy

ABSTRACT The objectives of this experiment are to assemble a simple and a steam distillation set-up, to identify and recognie the significance of all parts of the set-up, and to purify a sample using simple and steam distillation! "istillation is the separation of t#o or more li$uids of different volatility! %n simple distillation, a li$uid is boiled and the vapours #or& through the apparatus until they reach the condenser #here they are cooled and reli$uify! Steam distillation is used for separating substances #hich are immiscible #ith #ater, volatile in steam ' having high vapour pressure at the boiling temperature of #ater! Simple distillation of toluene #as performed in this experiment having ()!() * of percentage recovery and steam distillation of pdichlorob dichlorobenen enenee #as also performed performed and obtained obtained +* of percentage percentage recovery recovery! %n boiling boiling #hich #hich a solvent solvent becomes becomes superheated and then undergoes a sudden release of a large vapour bubble, explosively forcing li$uid outside of a flas& is called bumping! To prevent this from happening #e add glass beads in the distilling flas&! lass beads provide nucleation sites. extremely localied budding for gaseous bubbles, so the li$uid boils smoothly or more easily! /aterials and procedures on hoe to perform the experiment is mention in here, li&e the $uic& fit e$uipment #as mostly used in this experiment having one-nec&ed pear-shaped pear-shaped flas&, t#o-nec&ed pear-shaped pear-shaped flas& and the distillation distillation set-up! Theories and relationships relationships about distillation, boiling point and volatility #as learned and observed in this experiment! Keywords/ a$bumin# casein# inertase# &rad"ord .ssay# arburg-Christian .ssay# &enedicts reagent


)he 'ur'ose o" the e'eriment is to sho to students ho ho sim'$ im'$ee and and steam eam dist disti$i$$a $attions ions are are bei being accom'$ished5 )o )o sho us ho to assemb$e a sim'$e and a steam disti$$ation set 6u' and identi"y ad recogni7e the signi"icance o" a$$ 'arts o" the set-u'5 .$so# $earn the techni8ues in 'uri"ying sam'$es using these 2 methods5 .ccording to the organic chemistry $aboratory manua$# the o$ati$ity o" a com'ound is based on the e8ui$ibrium a'our 'ressure eerted by the com'ound at a 'articu$ar tem'eratu tem'erature5 re5 9i""erent 9i""erent com'ounds com'ounds i$$ eert di""eren di""erentt a'our 'ressures at a gien tem'erature because o" ariat ariation ionss in the interm intermo$e o$ecu$ cu$ar ar "orces "orces o" attrac attractio tionn or:ing or:ing these these di""eren di""erentt com'ounds com'ounds55 Com'ounds Com'ounds that hae hae strong stronger er interm intermo$e o$ecu$ cu$ar ar "orces "orces i$$ i$$ be harder harder to deta detach ch "rom "rom each each othe otherr# henc hencee $ess $esser er o$a o$atiti$i$ity ty55 Com'ounds that are more o$ati$e i$$ change "aster in to a'our than does that hae $o o$ati$ities5 o$ati$ities5 )he ob;ect o" disti$$ation is the se'aration o" a o$ati$e $i8uid "rom a nono$ati$e substance or# more "re8uent$y# the se'aration o" to or more $i8uids o" di""erent o$ati$ity5 o$ati$ity5

Experiment 03│ Group No. 5│ 3/5/2015

.ccording to Sydney Young# the di""icu$ty o" se'arating the com'onents o" a miture diminishes as the di""erence bet betee eenn thei theirr boi$ boi$in ingg 'oin 'oints ts incr increa ease ses5 s5 One One must must consider the re$ation beteen the boi$ing 'oints# or the a'our 'ressures# o" mitures o" the substances and their com'os com'ositi ition5 on5 Sim'$e Sim'$e and "ract "raction iona$ a$ disti$ disti$$at $ation ionss are carried out on miscib$e mitures5 (dea$ mitures "o$$o
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