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January 13, 2018 | Author: Jorge Andril | Category: Online And Offline, Central Processing Unit, Input/Output, Ip Address, User Interface
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SIMATIC - Workshop S7-1500...


TIA Portal Workshop

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SIMATIC S7-1500: Modular Controller for the Mid to Upper Performance Range

Page 11

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SIMATIC S7-1500: Modules

Single-tier assembly Multi-tier distributed ET200MP

max. 32 central modules in rack

... PS/PM





new power segment

CM/CP: - Point-to-Point (RS232, RS485) - PROFIBUS - PROFINET

Page 12

TM: - Counting - Position sensing max. 2 per rack for backplane bus supply of subsequent I/O modules

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SIMATIC S7-1500: Installation and Mounting Positions Backplane is in planning stage Profile rail with integrated mounting rail

Vertical Horizontal

Bus connector Busverbinder If no backplane

Page 13

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SIMATIC S7-1500: Connection Technology/Front Connector

Release latch Entriegelungslasche

4 jumper links can be inserted

Wiring position Wiring position Strain relief by means of cable ties

Page 14

Operating position

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SIMATIC S7-1500: CPU-Display → Overview

● Every S7-1500 CPU is delivered with a Display ● Two sizes depending on the CPU type 1.36” up to CPU1513 2.4” as of CPU1515 ● Has its own MLFB → can be ordered as replacement part ● CPU can be operated without the Display ● Removal and insertion possible during running operation → CPU stays in RUN ● Bilingual display (menu and error/message texts) ● Language can be switched during running operation

Page 15

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SIMATIC S7-1500: CPU-Display → Menu and Colors Main menu items and their meaning: Overview (CPU status: name, type, MLFB, version) Diagnostics (display diagnostics buffer, message display) Settings (CPU settings: addresses, time, operating mode, CPU Reset, protection level, unlock Display when password set) Modules (status information of modules in the system) Display (display settings: brightness, display language, energy-saving times, MLFB, version)

Colors of status information and their meaning: green RUN of CPU, RUN with pending alarm message yellow STOP or CPU HOLD red



Connection setup or connection to CPU lost Page 16

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SIMATIC S7-1200/1500: Memory Cards

1 2 3 4 5

Serial number of the SD card Product version Order number Card size Slide switch for write-protect (must not be write-protected)

SIMATIC Memory Card in the S7-1200 / S7-1500: ● Load memory ● Distribution of programs (only S7-1200) ● Firmware update ● Documentation ● Memory Card Binding ● Unlinked DBs ● Archiving of data ● Module exchange without PG

Write with: ● Commercially available SD card reader ● Field PG

Page 18

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TIA Portal: Portal View and Project View

Project View

· Hierarchical project structuring · All editors, parameters and data accessible

Portal View

· Task-oriented · Fast project entry

Page 32

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Portal View Portals

Actions of the selected portal

Hardware and network configuration

Block Editor New project

Drive parameterization

Selection window for the selected action

Migration HMI configuration User interface language Accessible devices

Switch to Project view

Page 33

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Project View Task Cards (tools)

Project navigation (Project tree)

Working area

Details view

Task bar (opened editors)

Inspector window - Properties - Info output - Diagnostics

Page 34

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Project Tree Project

CPU CPU program

Block group

PLC tags Local modules (central I/O) Device group Distributed I/O

Language settings for the entire project

HMI device

Online access SIMATIC Card Reader Page 35

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Online Tools, Configuring and Parameterizing the Hardware with CPU

Task Card

online ® Status, Diagnostics offline ® Configuration, Parameterization

Page 37

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Online Connection via Industrial Ethernet: IP Address and Subnet Mask

MAC Address:

MAC Address:



Subnet Mask:

Subnet Mask:

IP Address:

IP Address:



Page 38



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Online Access: Accessible Devices in the Portal View

Call online accesses of Project view

Page 39

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Accessible Devices in the Project View: CPU Online Access: Reading-out the Diagnostics Buffer

Show / hide interfaces

Details for the entry line selected above

Page 40

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Accessible Devices in the Project View: CPU Online Access: CPU-RUN/STOP, MRES

Page 41

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Online Access to the CPU: IP Address, Name, Time, FW Update, Memory Card

Page 42

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1. Set the mode selector switch to STOP

2. Press and hold the mode selector switch in the MRES position until the RUN/STOP LED has flashed 2x slowly

RUN/STOP LED of the S7-1500

then let go again

within 3 sec !!!

STOP 3. Press and hold the mode selector switch in the MRES position until the RUN/STOP LED begins to flash quickly then let go again

Result: 4. Set the mode selector switch to RUN A CPU restart is carried out

Page 43

With inserted PROGRAM card ® Memory reset Without inserted card ® Reset to factory settings

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Components of the "Devices & Networks" Editor

Connection configuration

Topology configuration

Page 44

Device configuration and module parameter assignment

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Devices & Networks: Device View (Hardware Configuration)

Address parameter assignment ® (right) section in the working area

Module parameter assignment ® Properties in the Inspector window

Page 45

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Setpoint Configuration: Creating a Hardware Station Portal view

Project view

Page 46

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Inserting / Deleting a Module

Possible slots

Deleting in the Device view deletes individual modules

Inserting from the Hardware catalog


Deleting in the Network view deletes entire station

Page 47

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Area for Modules Not Plugged In

Open / close area

Page 48

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Uploading a Hardware Station into the Project (1) (Hardware with Parameterization and Software)

Select the desired node (device)

Page 49

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Uploading a Hardware Station into the Project (2) (Hardware with Parameterization and Software)

Page 50

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CPU Properties: Ethernet Address

Select CPU

Page 51

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Compiling the Hardware Configuration and Downloading it into the CPU



Status / Error information

Page 56

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Status LEDs of the S7-1500 CPU

CPU defective; Memory Card defective


CPU in RUN mode CPU in startup (transition from STOP→RUN) CPU in STOP mode CPU Reset or Firmware Update running ERROR LED

Program error, system error or diagnostic problem exists MAINT LED

Maintenance request of an I/O module exists Firmware Update successfully completed

Page 57

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Status LEDs of the Central I/O of the S7-1500 CPU Module defective


Module ready for operation Module running, but has no valid parameter assignment ERROR LED

Module error or diagnostic problem exists

Channel status

Channel error exists; e.g. wire break, short-circuit ... DI/DO 1-Status of channel AI/AO Channel is parameterized and OK

Page 58

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Task Description: Creating a Project with an S7-1500 Station

Page 59

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Exercise 3: Erasing the SIMATIC Memory Card of the CPU

Page 60

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Exercise 11: Addresses of the DO Module

Page 61

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Exercise 12: Addresses of the AI Module

Page 62

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Exercise 13: Compiling the Device Configuration and downloading it into the CPU

Compile HW station

Download HW station into CPU


Page 63

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Types of Program Blocks

Operating system



Cycle Time

OB_Cycle (OB1)


Organization blocks FB

Error Legend: OB = Organization block FB = Function block FC = Function DB = Data block




The maximum nesting depth depends on the CPU!

FB FB with Instance DB Page 71

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Structured Programming

Linear Program

Program Partitioned into Areas

Structured Program

Recipe A

OB_ Cycle (OB1)

OB_ Cycle (OB1)

Recipe B Mixer

OB_ Cycle (OB1)




All instructions are found in one block (usually in the Organization block OB_Cycle)

The instructions for the individual functions are found in individual blocks. OB_Cycle calls these blocks one after the other.

Page 72

Re-usable functions are programmed in individual blocks. OB_Cycle (or other blocks) calls these blocks and passes on the relevant data.

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Creating a New OB

Page 75

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Adding a New Block

Page 76

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Block Properties (All): Programming Language, Time Stamps Selecting the Programming language

Time stamps

Page 77

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Block Properties: Know-how Protection


Page 78

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Block Programming

Insert network

Display Favorites On/Off

Add further input

Page 79

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Block Calls

Drag & Drop

Page 80

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Downloading Blocks into the CPU


Page 81

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Downloading Blocks into the CPU: S7-1500 - Memory Concept SD Card: CPU load memory • PLC tag table • PLC data types • Block comments/symbols • Hardware configuration Code work memory: § Logic blocks (FC, FB, OB) Data work memory: § Global DBs § Instance-DBs § Technology objects


Retentive memory: Retentive variables from: § Global DBs § Instance-DBs § Technology objects § Bit memories § SIMATIC timers / counters Other memory areas § Bit memories § SIMATIC timers / counters § Process images(PII/PIQ) Page 82

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Monitoring a Block

Monitor Block On / Off

Page 83

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Hardware Diagnostics


Page 120

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Online & Diagnostics Online & Diagnostics

Page 121

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