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I have pleasure in passing on my routines using the coins from 'Silver, Copper, Brass' and 'Visible Coin Thru'. These routines have been thoroughly tested before audiences and found to be extremely effective. This does not mean that you have to perform them exactly as described. What suits me may not suit you. Try them out and then eliminate any sequences that do not suit your personality or style of working. By taking elements from each routine, for example, you could come up with a completely new routine, one that is individual to you. You should also add your own ideas to make your routine suitable to your style of presentation. But whether you change these routines or whether you perform them exactly as described I hope that you get as much pleasure from using them as I have. PETER ELDIN


ROUTINE ONE REQUIREMENTS For this routine you will need the coins supplied for 'Silver, Copper, Brass' and a Jumbo Half Dollar. For ease of description the genuine coins will be referred to as Mexican (g) and Chinese (g). The fake coins that can be shown either as an American coin or the Chinese and Mexican coins will be designated American (f), Chinese (f), and Mexican (f). PREPARATION Place the Jumbo Coin in your left coat pocket. PERFORMANCE Show the Mexican coin (g), the American coin (f) and the Chinese Coin (g) on the palm of the left hand. These coins can be placed there quite openly provided that you remember not to show the reverse side of the fake coin. The right hand now comes over the left to remove a coin. This provides ample cover for the following move: Lift the fake coin between the thumb and first finger of the right hand. Turn the coin over and the Mexican coin (f) will drop onto the fingers of the right hand. Replace the Chinese coin (f) on top of the others in the left hand. It should appear that you have simply taken the Mexican (f) from the left hand. Show the Mexican coin (f) on the palm of the right hand. Ask the audience: "If I have the Mexican coin in my right hand what remains in the left?" The spectators will naturally reply "The American and Chinese coins" whereupon you say something like: "Very good. It's nice to have such an observant audience." Now turn the closed left hand over and slide the Chinese coin (f) out and onto the Mexican coin (f) in the right hand. Close the right hand and turn it over so that the two coins nest together. Say: "Now what do I have in my left hand?" The spectators will be convinced that you have only the American coin in the left hand. Open the left hand to show that you really have the Mexican (g) and the Chinese (g) coins there. Close the left hand.


Move the right hand forward and slowly open it to show that the American coin (f) has arrived there. As all attention is focussed on the right hand ditch the Chinese (g) and Mexican (g) coins into the left coat pocket (be careful they do not talk) and steal the Jumbo Coin. Say: "Some people think I use an extra American coin - and I do. There it is." Open the left hand to reveal the Jumbo Coin. Allow the Jumbo Coin to drop with a thud on the table as you casually place the American coin (f) into your right pocket.


ROUTINE TWO REQUIREMENTS You will need the coins supplied for 'Silver, Copper, Brass' and the Swadling coin supplied with 'Visible Coin Thru'. The Swadling coin will be referred to as American (s). PREPARATION Place the Swadling coin and the 'Silver, Copper, Brass' fake coin in your right coat pocket. Put the genuine Chinese and Mexican coins in your left coat pocket. To prevent these coins talking when you steal them later stick them together with a small piece of BluTack. PERFORMANCE Remove the two American coins (s and f) from your right pocket. Do not allow the audience to see what you have at this stage. Place the coins onto the palm of your left hand at the same time opening the Swadling coin. This is quite an easy matter as your action is concealed by the back of the right hand and the left fingers and thumb can assist in the opening. Remove your right hand to show what appears to be three American half dollars resting on your left palm. Pick up the top American coin (f) in your right hand. Close your left hand and allow the Swadling coin to close. Say: "Three American coins. If I take one away how many should I have in my left hand?" The spectators will say "Two" whereupon you open your left hand to show only one coin there. Close the left hand over the coin (s). Say: "One American coin in my left hand. What should I have in my right?" Some will say "One" others will say "Two". But neither is right for you open the right hand to show a Chinese coin (f) and a Mexican coin (f) laying there. Take advantage of the misdirection caused by the appearance of these coins to drop the Swadling coin in the left pocket and to steal the Chinese (g) and Mexican (g) coins.


Close the right hand. At the same time turn it over allowing the coins to nest together. Draw attention to the left hand by saying: "Well, I wonder what's over here." As you open the left hand use the thumb to push the two coins apart. There resting on your fingers is a Chinese coin (g) and a Mexican coin (g). Look directly at your audience, then at the coins on your left hand. Now move your closed right hand slightly forward and look at it quizzically. Again look at the audience for a second. Return your gaze to the right hand and open it slowly to reveal the American coin (f). NOTES 1. At the end of this routine the coins can be simply replaced in your pocket. Personally I usually continue by taking the genuine Chinese coin (it is a simple matter to remove the Blue-Tack) and use it for a ring on string routine, the two (?) remaining coins having been casually replaced in the pocket. 2.

An ordinary shell coin can be used in place of the Swadling coin if preferred.


ROUTINE THREE REQUIREMENTS In addition to the 'Silver, Copper, Brass' coins you will also need the coins supplied for 'Visible Coin Thru'. PREPARATION Place the Swadling coin in your left coat pocket and the genuine half dollar from 'Visible Coin Thru' in your right coat pocket. A glass tumbler is on the table. PERFORMANCE This routine is an extension of Routine One but does not use the Jumbo Coin. Follow Routine One up to the point where the Jumbo Coin is stolen. At this point you steal the Swadling coin from your left pocket. As in Routine One, you then say: "Some people think I use an extra American coin - and I do." Open the left hand to reveal an American coin (s) on the palm. Place the other American coin (f) from the right hand on top of the American coin (s) in the left hand. Immediately pick up both coins in the right fingers and show the left hand empty. Now you apparently replace the coins in your left hand. Actually you give the coins a slight shake to open the Swadling coin. The thumb and fingers of the left hand can assist in this opening as everything is concealed by the right hand. If you were to open your left hand at this stage it would appear that you have three coins in the hand. You do not do this, however - keep your left hand slightly closed so that the coins cannot be seen. Lift off the top coin (f) and show it in your right fingers. Close the left hand completely as you do so. Place the coin from your right hand into your pocket. Leave it there and palm out the genuine half dollar.


Say: "If I place one of these coins in my pocket how many does that leave in my left hand?" The audience will reply "One" whereupon you open the left hand to show there are two (actually the open Swadling coin). Pick up the glass tumbler with your right hand (the genuine coin is still palmed in this hand). Hold the tumbler horizontally and carefully place the two coins (s) from your left hand into the mouth of the tumbler. Tip the tumbler up sharply so the two coins fall to the bottom (and in so doing will close up into one coin). At the same time drop the palmed coin from the right hand. It appears that the coin has penetrated the base of the tumbler. NOTES 1. At the end of this routine you can use the Swadling coin as a regular coin for further effects. 2. Although the extra coin is referred to in the routine as being genuine the one supplied for 'Visible Coin Thru' is actually magnetic. You can therefore follow this routine with your favourite Chop Cup routine using coins instead of balls. To make the sequence smoother the penetration described above can utilise the Chop Cup in place of the tumbler. In this case there is no need to steal the coin from your right pocket as it can be adhering to the base of the Chop Cup which is standing mouth upwards on the table throughout the routine.


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