Signature Without Liability

January 14, 2018 | Author: Del Hempstead | Category: Birth Certificate, Federal Reserve System, Bonds (Finance), Surety, Securities (Finance)
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In short, a government issued birth certificate is issued with consent of one parent at the time of birth. The birth cer...


Signature Without Liability Primer by Michael H. Keehn November 22, 2006

Without a little foundation, Signature Without Liability may be a little confusing. This primer is intended to provide some basic foundational knowledge which may make the following writing more understandable. If you have no previous knowledge of these matters, the ride is going to be a bit bumpy. This is always the case when we encounter new truths that do not coincide with knowledge we already hold. At least we think its knowledge that we are holding, but as we learn more we may well find differently. In much of the emerging teachings of law and contractual obligations there is a mention of a strawman. The document which follows more appropriately uses the term Trade Name. My intent here is to provide an understanding on the creation of the Strawman or Trade Name. How they come into existence. In short, a government issued birth certificate is issued with consent of one parent at the time of birth. The birth certificate is sent to a government agency, generally the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Here, another ‘birth certificate’ is issued, this one spelling the name of the baby in all capital letters, creating a fictional entity (strawman or trade name). If the name on the birth certificate were to represent the baby as a natural individual, it would be spelled with the appropriate upper and lower case lettering. For example, John Quincy Adams, not JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. The all capitals spelling of the name creates a corporate fiction (a strawman, a trade name), which the government can regulate and control. With the issuance of a birth certificate on this fictional character, this strawman or trade name is placed into international commerce. The government issues a bond on the birth certificate in the amount of $630,000 (today’s value), and the bond is sold on a securities exchange. It is always purchased by the same corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank. Through some trickery and deception, the baby becomes the surety which guarantees the payback of the bond. The trick is to get the baby to volunteer to pay... all of his (or her) life. And that is what the following essay is about... how to avoid becoming liable for a fictional strawman or trade name that was a creation of government for the purpose defrauding the individual (the baby).

A little more detailed information... When a child is born, the hospital generally sends the original, not a copy, of this record of live birth to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, sometimes called the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS). Each STATE is required to supply the corporate UNITED STATES with birth, death, and health statistics. The STATE agency that receives the original record of live birth keeps it and then issues another Birth Certificate in a different form where the name of the baby is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This creates a ‘legal person’ as opposed to a natural individual.

The Birth Certificate issued by the State is then registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce - - the Executive Office - specifically through their own sub-agency, the U.S. Census Bureau, which is responsible to register vital statistics from all the states. Thus, the birth certificate is registered in international commerce. The word registered, as it is used in commercial law, does not mean that the ALL CAPITAL version of the name was "merely" noted or recorded in a book for future reference purposes. When a birth certificate is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Treasury will issue a bond on the value of the birth certification. That bond is then made available for purchase on a securities exchange and is bought by the Federal Reserve Bank. This purchase then become the authority or collateral to issue Federal Reserve Notes, which we use as a medium of exchange. The value of the bond in today’s world is $630,000. The bond is then held in trust for the Federal Reserve at the Depository Trust Corporation at 55 Water Street in New York City, about two blocks down the street from the Federal Reserve. It is a high-rise office building and the sign in front reads: “The Tower of Power.” This process creates a burden in that the ALL-CAPITAL legal person named on the birth certificate has become a surety, or guarantor, a condition and obligation that is automatically and unwittingly assumed unless you rebut the presumption by effectively noticing government. “Guarantor. Person who becomes secondarily liable for another’s debt or performance... One who promises to answer for the debt, default or miscarriage of another.” - Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition From this it is easy to conclude that the baby is to assume the liability for any burden created or associated with the strawman or trade name listed on the birth certificate.

Note: This material is copyrighted by the authors of “Cracking the Code, Third Edition”. There are 390 pages in this book. ISBN 0-9717588-2-4 The chapter on “How to sign your signature without liability” and the two pages “On Sovereignty” and “Absolute Rights” are reproduced here for educational purposes only under the fair use and fair dealing laws and are not to be construed as legal advice. This pdf must not to be reproduced for financial gain, i.e., profit from sale without the express written consent and acknowledgement of the publisher/copyright holder. The book can be ordered at the following website: There is work in progress on the Fourth Edition.

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