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TOPIC ONE & TWO: What do you want to achieve in this shibir? AND SI! "O# P$INCIP%ES

One has to come with the clear goal in professional as well as personal life, meaning one has to come with the clear cut GOAL / AIM in this shibir. What does one wants in life through this Sadhana  in terms of both aadh!atmic as well as Social Life. As per belo"ed Guru #aba A"adhoot Shi"anand$i, one must pra! to god to dissol"e the %armic %arma&s of a person that is called NIS'A( SADANA and pra! to Lord Maha Mrut!un$a! as well as Siddha Guru&s to neutrali'e the negati"e energ! or %arma&s which are hindering !our progress in this $anam. One must not be traped into SA'A( SADANA  which would also result into a positi"e or the wor% that one wishes to do would be done, but one has to be read! for the ultimate result which ma! not be positi"e if one does or tries to do SA'A( SADANA to get the result he / she wants. (o not tr! to an!thing which would result into negati"e %arma of a person.

SI!"O# P$INCIP%ES :: •

• • •

• •

(O )O* +(G- A)O)- and A0- )1O)(I*IO)AL LO0- WI* -0-2O)-. I 3O2GI0- MS-L3 I A11-4* MS-L3 I LO0- MS-L3 4L-AS- 3-LL M- *IS AS *O #- 1OMM)I1A*-( W-) O SI* 3O2 SA(A)A. *IS #O( IS AS S*2O)G AS LOG *IS #O( IS AS LIG* AS 3-A*-2. W- A( (-1I(-( A#O* -A1 A)( -0-2 -54-2I-)1- *A* W- WA)* *O (O I) *IS #I2*, SO *A* W- A2- -54-2I-)1I)G O) *IS -A2*, #* (- *O 6A2MI1 LA-2S W- A2- )O* A#L- *O )(-2S*A)( *- AA(A*MA MA2G O2 S4I2I*AL WA WI1 IS *- 1O22-1* A)( 2IG* WA O3 MA)&S 4LI3*M-)*, -)1- W- 3ALL I) *- *2A4 O3 P)NA$API *ANANA( P)NA$API (A$ANA(+ ,A* #O!INDA( ()DA (ATE

O)1- O GO *2OG, -54-2I-)1- A)( W-) O2 (-SI2- G-*S 3L3ILL-(, O O*G2OW I) S4I2I*AL 4-2SO)ALI* A)( 3AMIL WA. W- ALWAS 3I)( SOM-O)- *O 12I*I1IS- O2 #LAM- SOM-O)- 3O2 O2 MIS(--( O2 MIS3O2*)-.

MA) 7 MI)( 8 IS *- #-S* 32I-)( O3 MA) #-I)G O2 -)-M ALSO.

3O2G-* -0-2O)-, *MA2A #AGO(A O +A-GA.

-54-2I-)1- *A* A)( (-*A1 32OM *A* A)( *2 *O -L-0A*- O2S-L3 #-O)( *A*.

)O LOGI1 MI)( *O S- -2-

+S* -54-2I-)1- WA* O A2- GOI)G *2OG I) *- SA(A)A

)O +(G-M-)* *O #- GI0-) *O A)O)- 3O2 IS SA(A)A A)( )O -54-2I-)1- SA2I)G I3 O WA)* *O GO *O A IG-2 S*A*- O3 SA(A)A.

O2 #O( IS A OLOG2AM O3 A) -)*I2- )I0-2S-.

1AS- 9 -33-1* IS *- 42I)1I4L- O3 WA* O -54I2I-)1- -2-.

4OSI*I0- -)-2G )--(S *O #- 6-4* I) MI)( -0-2 *IM- I) LI3-.

(O )O* 12S-, GIL*, #A( 3--LI)G, (O )O* S4-A6 2(- *O A) O)-I*-2 0-2#ALL O2 *2OG I)*-2)ALL ALSO *2OG #A0 ALSO. OW *O ALIG) #O( A)( MI)( *A* IS WA* W- L-A2) I) SI0OG. O A0- *O -)LIG*-)M-)*.







1O)S*A)*L 1A)* AM 2OM 2OMSA I) *- (AIL LI3-.

LI3- 3O21- -)-2G *O 1O)*2OL *2OG SA)+I0A)I SA6*I / #2I+.


1O)1-)*2A*- O) (A) WI* MI)( A)( #O(

6--4 S2A((A O2 (2AS*A #A0 A* ALL *- *IM-S.

• •


1OMM)I1A*- *O GO( #* )O 1OM4LAI)*S WIL- (OI)G 4OO+A / SA(A)A.

WO26, S-L3 A)( 3AMIL *O 32AGM-)* I) *- (AIL LI3-: (IS*I)GIS O)- SOL( A0- 3AI* / 1O)3I(-)1- I) SI0A *-) O SOL( A04OSI*I0- -)-2G 3LOWI)G A* -0-2 *IM- A)( (A.

4OSI*I0- -)-2G WI* 4OSI*I0- -MO*IO)S.

#-LI-3 SS*-M I) O2OSS1O4- *O #- (IS#-LI-3 3O2 *- #-S* 2-SL*S.

• • • •

6--4 SAM#A0 A* ALL *- *IM-S AS LO2( 62ISA) SAS I) #AG0A* GI*A. O)- SOL( ALWAS #- I) SA*1I* A)A)( ; *IS IS WA* IS O2 ML 42A62*I, WI1 W- MS* ALWAS 2-M-M#-2. #- 0-2 A44 A* ALL *- *IM-S I)*-2)ALL AS W-LL AS -5*-2)ALL. SA)1I* 6A2MA WI1 1O)*2OLS O2 A1*IO) O2 A1*IO) 1O)*2OLS O2 6A2MA O2 6A2MA 1O)*2OLS O2 MI)( -)1- W- )--( *O 3O1S O) MI)( I) *O*ALI* W- )--( *O 12-A*- )-2O 4A*WA # *I)6I)G 4OSI*I0- A)( 12-A*4A**-2)S O3 )-2O 4A*WAS. A)( GI0- 4OSI*I0- I)4*S *O *- MI)( A)( S*A2* GI0I)G *- -MO*IO)S A)( 3--LI)G *O *- #O( *A* WWA)* *O 12-A*- I) LI3-. )O )-GA*I0- *I)6I)G, 3--LI)G, -MO*IO)S, -542-SSIO)S, A**I*(- A)( -51LSI0-L 4AS* -54-2I-)1- WI1 W- 2-ALL 2-M-M#-2 I) O2 (AIL LI3-. 2-SOL0- O2 2-LI-0- *- ISS-S A* *- 0-2 MOM-)* A)( *IM- O)L SO *A* O (O )O* *A6- *-M I) *- )-5* +A)AM / #I2*.

L-A2) *O 3O2GI0- O*-2S A)( 3O2G-* O*-2S WOM O (O )O* WA)*.

O)- SOL( (O *- )IS6AM S-0A / S-L3L-SS S-20I1- I) LI3-.

SI)G I) *- 42AIS- O3 LO2( SI0A, SA)6I2*A) *O (O -0-2 (A.

3LL 3AMIL *O (O *- 4OO+A *O A0OI( A) 0AAS* (OS O2 6)(ALI)( (OS O2 A) )-GA*I0- -)-2G WI1 42-0AILS A* O2 OM-. CO(()NICATION WIT ,$A(AND: NO WO$DS -O$ CO(()NICATION+ INTE$NA% -EE%IN#S TO !I,$ATIONS WIC #OES TO TE I#E$ DI(ENSION (IND TO (IND CO(()NICATION

WEN WE C$EATE AN" -EE%IN#+ IT #OES TO ,$A(AND AND O)$ S)'S(A ,OD" -EE%S TE SA(E AND TEN IT CO(ES ,AC' AS $ES)%T -EE%IN#S ... S)N"A!A'AS ... S),/ATO(IC PA$TIC%E ... ATO( ... CE%% ... NE$!ES ... TISS)ES ... S),/S"STE( ... S"STES( ... )(AN S- O3 4-)(LM 3O2 M-AS2I)G A) -)-2G #* O)- SOL( 6--4 I) *- MI)( *A* *- 4-)(LM IS )O* GOI)G *O (-1I(- O2 LI3- A* A) *IM-.

S2-- A)*2A, LO2( MAA M2*)+AA MA)*2A A)( 0AAS* A)*2A.

0A2*AMA) SAAS0A* AI +O )I0-2S- 6O #A6#I SAM+A*A AI.

-ALI)G *- #O(, MI)( A)( SOL, L-A2) WI* *- -)+OM-)*, -)2I1M-)*. L-A2) *- L-SSO) WI* -54-2I-)1- *O ALLIG) WI* )A*2-. SI0 ; A)A)*A 9 O ; *O ALLIG) WI* IM la%h chanting of #ee$ mantra then shuddhi becomes ; Aa%ash

Siddha Guru is the di"ine force who guides us for aadh!atmic unnati.

(uring Shu%hshma !og, 6urma 6ri!a, San$i"ani 4ran!am and 0a$rasan, our Accurac! is much more important than the speed. As soon as the idea is released, the belief goes awa! with that if negati"e belief. Surrender is the best medicine for doing ealing and as% guru&s permission for doing the healing. -n$o! the moderni'ation but please get connected to the ancient wisdom for our well:being and achie"ement of our goal. As our bod! re?uires food same wa! the @ tat"a&s re?uire food of Sadhana. Su%hshama bod! re?uires sadhana then it becomes "er! powerful, once the su%hshma bod! becomes powerful then has the capacit! to release the negati"e %arma or %armic la!ers of human being no matter how bad it could be. ou should %now how to use it and for the benefit of societ! and famil!. #A0)A ; is "er! important when !ou do sadhana e"er!da! or when !ou enter in the hall. Sansar 9 Aadh!atma both shi" can gi"e !ou if !ou do sadhana properl!. e gi"es us what is reall! good for us and he gi"es more than what !ou e=pect from life. SI0 624A A4)- +--0A) M- *A2-. San$ee"ani Sambha"i is capable for getting the best results that !ou want or need in few da!s and not in wee%s or months.

When !ou greed or sorrow then !our bod! throws negati"e energ!, pl. a"oid it.

4lease remo"e ego centric beha"ior if !ou are a person of that t!pe.

(o healing with MA) and forget it as soon as !ou are there.

4ositi"e thoughts are li%e diamonds.

(o the *at"a Shuddhi for our bod! refinement.

ou are the creator of !our own destin!.

)o bad mouthing, negati"e tal%, critici'e an!one internall! or "erball!.

If !ou gi"e (A), !ou gets blessed.

O SOL( #- A#L- *O 1O)1-)*2A*- O) *- SA(A)A (O *- SA(A)A *- SAM- WA 2A*-2 *A) +S* GOI)G -2- A)( *-2- *2OG MI)(. -"er!thing is a pro$ection of our mind. -"er! incident in our life is created b! our own thoughts and feelings.

(o not lie and not e"en in $o%ing manner alto, because it becomes %arma.

6arma starts with Shoch and to 3eeling and then energ!.

+S* *I)6 WA* O (-SI2- O2 WA* O WA)* O2 2-I2-.

Sadhana for 3amil!, Sanchit and 3uture and Se"a, (h!an and (harma.

S)'S(A "O#2S: // Do this 3or 45 ti6es 7Nu6ber 8o9y to consider B. C. D. E.

-!es *hroat Shoulders and

!A*$ASAN: Sit o3 your thi9h2s and do the e;ercise 1 ti6es B. alf bend forward and bac%ward C. 3ull bend forward and bac%ward D. (o the asan&s on the standing position of leg&s SAN*I!ANI P$ANA"A( :: ti6es *a%e all the @ tat"a&s in !our bod! through the hand and throw unwanted things from !our bod! or life immediatel! with full force.

')$(A '$I"A :: ti6es to do 6eep both the hands to together entangled with each other and %eep the thumbs of both the hands to touch each other and put that mudra below nabhi char%a and do the throat e=ercise. Minimum speed, Slow Speed and 0er! 0er! Slow Speed. TANDA! '$I"A :: Straight hand and do the dancing mudra li%e tanda" %ri!a.

B. C. D. E. @.

A))A MA 6OS :: MA)O MA) 6OS :: GA) MA 6OS :: 42A) MA 6OS :: A)A)(A MA 6OS ::

O2 MA) #O( A2A A2O)( O2 #O( ; -)-2G I) O2 MI)( *- O)- WI* 42A) A)A)(O M

*IS A2- *- 3I0- S*A*-S O3 MI)( / 6OS *A* W- A0- -2- I) LI3-. ow do a erson behave in the 8i3e ? B. e remembers EF  of his past life C. e thin%s $ust BF  of his present life D. e is worried @F  for his future life We remember >H  of the bad things and C  we remember good things. #! thin%ing positi"e about the things that !ou want to materiali'e in the life, start feeling it and see it as if the same is with !ou. )ow this feeling which is positi"e goes to the di"!a lo% and comes bac% to !ou with the positi"e result as !ou ha"e thought about the positi"e and if !ou hate someone or curse someone !ou can get the same treatment from the di"!a lo% as this is a negati"e energ! which is created while !ou were thin%ing about someone. As the process of communication with di!"a lo% is "ibration 7 spandan 8 and this positi"e "ibration would result into the positi"e result of the things that we are thin%ing. OW DO WE #ET ENE$#" ? B. Good 3ood :: BF  C. #reathe :: CF  D. 3rom 1ha%ra&s ; F  OW DO WE TA'E O)T 0 [email protected]" ENE$#" ? B. *hourgh Mal C. *hrough rinal

:: FD  :: F 

D. *hrough sweating :: CF  E. Siddha (h!an :: F 

-AIT ENE$#" 1 Which we 9enerate #$EEN ENE$#" COS(IC ENE$#"1WE ()ST TAP TIS ENE$#" -O$ O)$ WE%% ,EIN# SO%A$ ENE$#y One should ta%e *riffla with one glass of water at night and in the morning. One must do up"aas in wee%l! or monthl! basis depending upon his wor% life etc. Go one le"el higher than !ou need once !ou achie"e that so that one is abo"e the %armic la!er&s and from the sansari% la!er&s too. 3ollow maslow&s principle as we follow in our life, samewa! we must do for spiritual life for our upliftment in this life.  CA'$A2S+%O'AS &  TAT!A2S POSITION IN O)$ ,OD" CA'$A2S & %O' IN O)$ ,OD" B. C. D. E. @. J. . H.

SAAS*2A2 1A62A ; SI0 LO6 AGA 1A62A ; SI((A LO6 0IS((I 1A62A :: +A) LO6 A)AA* 1A62A ; MAA2 LO6 MA)I42 1A62A :: SWA2GA LO6 SWA(IS*A) 1A26A :: #20A LO6 MLA(A2 1A62A ; # ; -A2* LO6 S-0-) 4A*AL&S I) *- )I0-2S-

CA'$A2S & TAT!A2S O)$ ,OD" B. C. D. E. @. J. .

SAAS*2A2 1A62A ; SI0A *A*0A AGA 1A62A ; SI((A *A*0A 0IS((I 1A62A ; AA6AS *A*0A A)AA* 1A62A ; 0A *A*0A MA)I42 1A62A ; AG)I *A*0A SWA(IS*A) 1A26A ; +AL *A*0A MLA(A2 1A62A ; -A2* *A*0A

CA'$A2S+ TAT!A2S & TEI$ POSITION IN O)$ ,OD" B C. D. E. @. J. .

SAAS*2A2 1A62A ; SI0A *A*0A ; O) *- *O4 O3 *- -A( AGA 1A62A ; SI((A *A*0A ; O) *- 3O2--A( O3 A 4-2SO) 0IS((I 1A62A ; AA6AS *A*0A ; I) *- *2OA* A)AA* 1A62A ; 0A *A*0A ; I) *- 1-S* ; -5A1* MI((LMA)I42 1A62A ; AG)I *A*0A ; )A#I ; -5A1* 4OSI*IO) SWA(IS*A) 1A26A;+AL *A*0A ; 3O2 3I)G-2S #-LOW )A#I MLA(A2 1A62A ; -A2* *A*0A ; -)( O3 *- S4I)AL 1O2(


#-LOW *- L-GS *-2- A2- S-0-) 4A*ALS I) O2 #O(

CA'$A2S+ TAT!A2S POSITION & DISEASE IN O)$ ,OD" B. C. D. E. @. J. .

SAAS*2A2 1A62A ; SI0A *A*0A :: AGA 1A62A ; SI((A *A*0A :: 0IS((I 1A62A ; AA6AS *A*0A ; *O*AL MIS#-A0IO2 O3 A 4-2SO) A)AA* 1A62A ; 0A *A*0A ; GAS, AS*AMA, -A2* 2-AL*-( MA)I42 1A62A ; AG)I *A*0A ; A1I(I*, 1L-2, (IA#-*-2, L-0-2 SWA(IS*A) 1A26A ; +AL *A*0A;6I()- A)( WA*-2 2-LA*-( MLA(A2 1A62A ; -A2* *A*0A ; #O)-S I) *- #O(




#AG0A) SI0SI0A)I SA)+I0A)I SA6*I M-2- SA2I2 M- 42A0AI* O. SA)+I0A)I



SI((A G2O )O SA)+I0A)I SA6*I M-2- SA2I2 M- 42A0AI* O. M- #AGWA) SI0SI0A A2 SI((A G2O S- 42A*)A 6A2*A  6- M-2(O)O A*O M- SA)+I0A)I SA6*I 42A0AI* O. 2--S* WI* G2A*I*- A)( (A)A0AA( *O MA #AG0A*I SA)+I0A)I SA6*I 6- WO M-2- SA2I2 M- 42A0AI* O. - MA SA)+I0A)I SA6*I M- A46A A#A2I  6- AA4 M-2- (O)O A*O S42A0AI* O 2A- -. - MA SA)+I0A)I SA6*I AA4 M-2- SA2I2 6- B ; B 1-LL S- 42A0AI* O A2 3LOW O2 32--)1 6O A2 #A(AI--. OW TO ACTI!ATE CA'$A2S 1 -O$ I(SE%- O)- SOL( S*A2* 32OM SAAS*2A2 1A62A *ILL MLA(A2 1A62A A)( *-) - 1A) (O *- *A*0A S((I A)( *-) SOL( S-)( SA)+I0A)I *O ALL IS #O( 4A2*S O3 *- 4A2*S W-2- I* IS 2-I2-(. TIS IS -O$ EA%IN# TE PE$SON I(SE%- 1 TAT IS SADA' I(SE%-  O)1- *- -ALI)G IS O0-2 4L-AS- 4A G2A*I*(- *O LO2( SI0 SI0A, MA #AG0A*I A)( SI((A G2&S 3O2 #L-SSI)G M- WI* *- SA)+I0A)I #*I. -O$ EA%IN# TE OTE$ PE$SON . ou can do healing for more than C ; D people also but one Shi" og Sadha% has to be present in the circle when the healing is being re?uired / done. OW DO CO(E O)T -$O( PAST 'A$(A2s 1 %EN DEN SAA- 'A$NA B. We should send the San$ee"ani to Manipur 1ha%ra and we should forgi"e him or her that we can align with during sadhana and as% San$ee"ani buti to gi"e him what he deser"es and rest of it $ust lea"e it to me ma. C. )o Gruna here please. +ust ha"e the bhaa" of 3orgi"eness. D. *his wa! %armic connection gets disconnected through sadhana. E. (etachment Sadhana ; 3rom childhood till toda!, !ou tr! and remember all the incidents and tr! to forget each and e"er!one that !ou ha"e come across. ($IT SAN*I!ANI :: Subconscious desire / belief ha"e to be communicated positi"el! and then we would be able to see the change. 1reate neuro pathwa! and "isuali'e what !ou want or desire in the life. 2esentment of Guilt is negati"e energ!. ealing starts at the higher bod! and then at the pure bod!. *a%es time to reali'e at the bod! le"el and at the ph!sical bod! le"el. (o the in"ocation or aaha""ahan for San$i"ani Sha%ti and then add San$i"ani Shambha"i Sha%ti in those in"ocation lines that we ha"e learnt in shibir. It is to be done at the time of Sur!oda!a and start sending the same from top to bottom and all the @ tat"a&s and the entire bod! part of our ph!sical bod!. Guru *at"a is the one who would teach !ou how to open and do the sadhana. ANCESTO$2S ANCECION: With inner $o! and happiness. Send this to spiln char%a for releasing the ancestors. Soch se %arma peda hota hai and then it becomes prarabhdha bogh.

(o the in"ocation fro San$i"ani and send the San$i"ani to Lord Sur!a )ara!an and as% Sur!a )ara!an to send Mrit San$i"ani to te ri"er that !ou are mentioned. And then as% (i"!a #rahmand to send (i"!a 6amal to merged on the surface of the ri"er. *hen call all the pitru&s that we %now and call the people whom we %now in and around us. And As% Lord Mrut!un$a!a to open the (i"!a (oor of (i"!a Lo% so that these people can rise to the light which from the di"!a lo% and di"!a gate. As% Lord Mahade" to ta%e the di"!a %amal bac% to the di"!a lo%. And as% with gratitude to Lord Maha Mrut!un$a!a, Lord Shi" Shi"a, Ma #hagwati and Siddha Guru to bless m! famil! for ancecion. Same wa! Ancestors Ancecion can be done b! an! sadha%. SA(,A!I D"AN AND EA%IN# :: Start with the !ogs that we ha"e learnt before we start with san$ee"ani/ sambha"i. +ust do the same as Mrit San$ee"ani and as% Lord Sur!anara!an to send the san$ee"ani shambha"i sha%ti to our top of the bod! and till the muladhar char%a. 1oncentrate of each and e"er! char%a for few minutes if !ou can remember an!thing from this life or !our past life. *his sha%ti tra"els through !our both the e!es and third e!es. As per the nature&s law, when we send the san$ee"ani shambha"i sha%ti to Lord Sur!a )ara!an, then he sends the same bac% to us with double force. *his is a matter of 3eeling, (esire and #elief for an indi"idual to feel the same. ou can do distance healing while send the sambha"i directl! to the Maha Mrut!un$a! Mantra and let it reflect to a person whom !ou want to do the healing. OW TO DO INTE$NA% S)DDI ?? Same as what ha"e to done for Sha$ee"ani Shambha"i Sha%ti and start sending it to all the cha%rs&a where our tat"a&s are located. (o it as much as !ou can for !ourself. After doing this if !ou are mentall! imbalanced, !ou get mentall! balanced.  KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK DOON O$ (ANT$A2S


AM SI0 AM SI0 4A2A*4A2A SI0 AM 6A2A SI0 *AM SA2A)AM )AMAMI SA)6A2 #A0A)I SA)6A2 MA MA-SWA2 *A0 SA2A)AM. #--+ MA)*2A  AM 2OM 2OOM SA LI)GAS*A6AM S*2O2AM

OM )AMA SI0A (OO) 2(2-- MA)*2AM / SLO6A&S

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