Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut by Shankar Bhatt ( in English )

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The Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut is a Divine biography of Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami . The original author is S...


II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shree Ganeshay Namah II

SHREEPAD SHREE VALLABH CHARITRAMRUT ( Divine Biography of Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami ) By


An E – book


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shree Gurave Namaha II

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 1 II

Story of Vyaghreshwar Sharma

Bowing to the feet of Shree Mahaganapati , Shree Maha Saraswati , Lord Shrikrishna , all Gods and Goddesses residing in the living and the non – living world and all the Gurus in my Guru Parampara ( Spiritual tradition ) , I set out to describe the divine stories of the Kaliyuga incarnation of the Lord of the endless universe – Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami .

Lord Dattatreya, son of Anasuya and Atri, reincarnated by the name – Shreepad Shree Vallabh at Peethhikapuram in Andhra Pradesh. Even the most learned and the wise could not completely describe the divine character of the Lord. I dare to do that only because of the blessings of great and learned listeners like you.

I am Shankar Bhatt, a Deshastha Smarta Brahmin from Karnataka, born in the Bharadwaja Gotra. I had gone to the holy place of Udupi for the Darshana of Lord Shrikrishna, who, wearing the crown of peacock feathers and extremely pleasing to the eye, mesmerized me. He ordered me to go to Kanyakumari to have a Darshana of Goddess Kanyaka Parmeshwari .

Accordingly , I went to Kanyakumari and after taking a bath at the confluence of the three seas ( at Kanyakumari ) , I went for the Darshana of the Goddess Shree Kanyaka Devi . The priest in the temple was worshipping the Goddess with great devotion . He offered the red flower brought by me with great respect to the Goddess . I could feel that the Goddess was looking at me with great love .

She was saying , “ Shankara , I am very pleased by the emotion of devotion in your heart . You go to the great place of Kuravpur and fulfill your life by seeing Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami . The joy and bliss felt to the mind and soul ( by seeing the Swami ) cannot be described .

Taking blessings of Mother Amba , I started my journey and reached a nearby town of “ Marutwa Malai “ . In the Ram – Ravan war of Shri Lanka , when Laxman was lying unconscious after being hit by the weapon of Indra Jeet , Shree Hanumant had brought the Dronagiri Mountain for the “ Sanjiwani “ herb . After Laxman regained consciousness by the powers of the “ Sanjiwani “ herb , when Hanumant was taking the mountain back to its original place , a big portion of the mountain broke and fell here . It is this same place which was named as “ Marutwa Malai”.


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II This place is very beautiful . There are many caves here where many ascetics are meditating in secret forms . I started seeing all the caves . I entered one cave and saw a tiger sitting peacefully there . I was extremely scared to see the tiger and frightened , I cried loudly , “ Shreepad ! Shree Vallabha ! “ I heard the echo of my cries reverberate equally loudly in that uninhabited forest .

Due to that noise an old ascetic came out of a cave and said , “ Son , you are blessed . In this forest , an echo of the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabha was heard . That the Lord Dattatreya has taken an incarnation in Kaliyuga is known only to the Yogis , the self realized souls and saints . Since you are fortunate , you have come to this holy place . All your wishes will be fulfilled . You will get the great blessing of seeing Shreepad Shree Vallabha . The tiger seated at the entrance of the cave is a great wise soul . Greet him . “

I very humbly greeted the tiger . The tiger instantly chanted the “ Omkara “ . The entire Marutwa Malai mountain reverberated with the sound of the “ Omkara “ . After that the tiger started singing the Bhajan ( praise ), “ Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye “ to the Lord . At that time , a miracle took place . A beautiful man appeared in place of the tiger . The man bowed to the ascetic and in a flash , he went by the sky .

The old ascetic took me to his cave . After going inside the cave , he created fire by his mere will. He created sacred material and delicious fruits to be offered to the holy fire . With Vedic hymns , he offered those sacred things to the holy fire .

That old ascetic said , “ In the Kaliyuga , Yagnas , Yagas and good deeds are all vanished . To extract all the benefits from the five elements of nature , but to forget God ( who created the elements ) has become the nature of man . Yagnas ( sacrifices ) should be performed to satisfy the Gods and to get their boons and favours . It is due to their blessings only that nature becomes favourable ( to man ) . Human beings cannot withstand the wrath of any of the powers of nature . Man should pacify all the energies of nature by proper methods , otherwise a lot of destruction will occur . If human beings do not follow religious principles , nature teaches them a lesson in due course of time .

I am performing this sacrifice for the general good of the world . As a result of this sacrifice , you will have the Darshana of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Such fortunate incidents occur as a result of many pious deeds performed in millions of earlier births . “ I was spell bound by the holy words flowing from the ascetic’s mouth .

I prayed to the holy feet of the ascetic , “ O Greatest of ascetics ! I am not a scholar , neither a Yogi , nor a seeker ( Sadhak ) , I am ignorant . Please remove all doubts from my mind and place your holy hand on my head and bless me . “ That great person expressed his intentions to solve all my doubts .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II I asked , “ O Great learned Sage , while bowing before the Goddess Kanyaka , the Goddess asked me to go to Kuravpur and offer respects to Swami Shreepad Shree Vallabh there . On my way to Kuravpur , I came across yourself and the Tiger – King . Who is he ? Similarly , who is Lord Datta ? Please tell me in detail about this . “

At this , the ascetic started telling , “ In the Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh , in a village called “ Atreyapur “, which is known as the holy land of meditation of the sage Atri , lived a Brahmin family of the Kashyap Gotra . By God’s grace , they got a baby boy . The Brahmin was very wise and of a very good character . But the son was unintelligent . His parents named him “ Vyaghreshwar Sharma “ . Vyaghreshwar began to grow , but his intelligence did not . His father tried to teach him . But he could not even perform the “ Sandhya Vandan “ . Taunts such as , “ Such a learned Brahmin should have such an ignorant son “ , from the villagers always made him sad .

Early one morning , he had a dream in which he saw a divine child . That child was descending from the skies . The earth started glowing when the child’s divine feet touched it . That child came slowly towards Vyaghreshwar and said , “ When I am here , whom should you fear ? This village and I have associations . You go to the Badarika Forest in the Himalayas . There all good will happen to you . “ So saying the child disappeared .

On the orders of the divine child , Vyaghreshwar Sharma started his journey to the Badarika forest in the Himalayas . On the way , he did not have any trouble in getting food and water . By the grace of Shree Datta , he got food and water at proper intervals . He met a dog on the way who accompanied him till the Badarika forest .

In the course of this journey , he took a bath in the “ Urvashi Kund “ . At the same time , a great soul with his disciples had come to the Urvashi Kund to take bath . Vyaghreshwar Sharma bowed to the great soul and humbly requested to accept him as his disciple . That great soul agreed to accept him as his disciple and what a great surprise ! At that instant the dog disappeared .

The great saint said , “ O Vyaghreshwara ! The dog accompanying you was the personification of good deeds done by you in your previous lives . Handing you over to us , he disappeared . Only because of the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami , you could come here and take bath in this holy lake . This land of meditation is blessed with the residence of Nar –Narayan . “

At this , Vyaghreshwar said , “ O Master ! Who is Shreepad Shree Vallabh ? Why has he graced me so much ? “ Gurudev said , “ He is Lord Datta himself . In the Treta Yuga , the great sage Bharadwaj performed the great sacrifice “ Savitru Kathhak Chayan “ at the sacred place of Peethhikapur . On this occasion , Shiv – Parvati had been invited . At that time Shiva had blessed the great sage that , ‘ Many great souls , yogis and learned men will be incarnated in your Gotra ‘ . Many pious deeds of many births sow the seed of Datta Bhakti ( devotion towards Datta ) and as it grows , it


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II subsequently culminates in the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . You get the great fortune of touching the feet of and having conversation with Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami .

O Vyaghreshwara ! The Swami has bestowed his blessings upon you . Now I am going to see my Gurudev . I will return after one year . You meditate in your cave for self realization . “ So saying , the great Master went towards the Dronagiri Mountain . Vyaghreshwar started meditating in the cave but he could focus only on the form of a tiger . This so resulted that he obtained his desired tiger form .

A year passed by . The Master returned from his journey . He saw all the caves . He was taking stock of the spiritual progress made by each disciple . He went inside one of the caves , where he found a tiger seated there meditating . He was very surprised . By his internal wisdom , he realized that this tiger is none other than Vyaghreshwar Sharma himself . He realized that since he had constantly meditated on the form of the tiger , he had obtained the form of a tiger . He blessed him and taught him to chant the “ Omkar “ Mantra and also asked him to chant the Mantra , ‘ Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye ‘ .

As per the instructions of his Guru , Vyaghreshwar started chanting the Mantra in the tiger form only . He went to Kuravpur also in the tiger form . He finally reached near the village of Kuravpur. The river Krishna was flowing in between . He sat on the banks of the river and started chanting the Mantra , ‘ Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye “ . Shreepad Shree Vallabh was sitting in Kuravpur village with his disciples . He suddenly rose and saying , ‘ My faithful devotee is calling me , ‘ started towards the other bank of the river . While walking through the waters , the prints of his Lotus Feet were appearing on the waters and they looked very beautiful .

After Swami reached the opposite bank , Vyaghreshwar put his head on the Divine feet of the Swami with great faith and devotion . Swami happily caressed the head of the tiger and mounting the tiger , he reached Kuravpur through the waters of the Krishna . After Swami alighted from the tiger , a divine person appeared from the tiger’s body . The person requested Swami to accept his ( the tiger’s ) skin as his seat . He fell at the feet of the Lord with great faith . His eight pious emotions ( Ashta Satvic Bhav ) were aroused and tears from his eyes showered Swami’s feet with great love . The Swami roused him with great love and said , ‘ O Vyaghreshwar ! You were a great wrestler in one of your earlier lives . You used to fight tigers and used to treat them very cruelly . You used to not even feed them or give them water . Binding them with chains , you used to display them for entertainment.

Due to these evil deeds , you would have had to take many births in lower forms of lives , but because of my grace , all these sinful deeds have been erased . Since you have stayed in the tiger form for a long time , you will be able to take the form of a tiger and also discard it at will. You will be able to meet many great Siddhas meditating upon me in the Himalayas and you will be blessed by them too. You will become extremely knowledgeable in the path of Yoga ‘. Thus blessed the Swami .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Swami further said , “ You had seen a tiger sitting very peacefully in the Himalayas , hadn’t you ? He is a great soul . In order to protect the saints who are meditating there from other common people and other wild animals , he has taken the form of a tiger and he was guarding them . He was also acting as a messenger between the saints meditating there . All these are the Divine Leelas of the Lord Dutta ! “

II Victory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 2 II

The Darshan of Siddha Yogi & the story of Vichitrapur

Recalling the thrilling experiences at the sacred place of ‘ Marutwa Malai ‘ and remembering Lord Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami , I started my further journey . The miraculous thing about this journey was that I was getting food even without asking . My weight started reducing continuously till I reached the Kadamba forest in the Pandya country .There was a very powerful Shiva Linga in this country . I bowed to the Shiva Linga and waited there for a while to rest . Then I resumed my journey .

On my way , I came across the hermitage of a great sage called ‘ Siddha Yogindra ‘ .I went inside the hermitage and bowed to the feet of the great sage . With feelings of great affection , he put his hand on my head and blessed me saying ,’ May you get the love of Shreepad Shree Vallabh’. Due to the touch of his feet , my body felt as light as cotton . That great Yogi said , ‘ The Shivalinga you saw is very powerful . The story of the Shiva Linga is also very interesting . Lord Devendra had killed a lot of demons by his strength . One of the demons escaped and started meditating on Lord Mahadev ( Shiva ) .

Indra killed this demon very cruelly when the demon was meditating on the Lord Mahadev . Because of this murder , Indra lost his entire luster and he started looking dull . He started visiting many holy places to get rid of this sin . He came to the Kadamb forest in the Pandya country and what surprise ! Due to the power of the Shivalinga there , he started looking bright and beautiful as earlier . He became very happy and was curious to know about the greatness of that holy place .

Indra started observing that forest with great curiosity . Then he saw that divine Shiva Linga . With great devotion he offered worship and prayers to that Shiva Linga . Then he built this beautiful temple on the Swayambhu ( Self – Generated ) Shiva Linga . This Shiva Linga established by Indra is very powerful and is a remover of all sins . Pious souls , devotees of Lord Shree Dutta can see this Shiva Linga very easily . “ I was thrilled on hearing this from the great Yogi . I bowed at his feet with great devotion .

Then he asked me to go and see the Shiva Linga again . On his instructions , I went to the forest once again . There I saw a very beautiful Shiva temple , but this was not the same temple I had seen earlier . I found this temple to be as beautiful as the ‘ Meenakshi Sundareshwar temple ‘. I bowed to the Shiva Linga with great respect and started to return to Shree Siddha Yogindra . I felt that the environs there were like a city filled with people . However , I could not find the hermitage of Siddha Yogindra . Remembering Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I started my further journey .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II By this time , the sun had set and there was darkness all around . I was walking continuously . Seeing a glow of light from behind , I turned around and saw that a snake with three hoods was following me . There were three bright jewels on his hood . The light from the jewels was illuminating my way . I was very frightened . My heart beats increased . Chanting the divine name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I was moving forward . The light from the snake was lighting my way .

Finally , somehow I reached the hermitage of Shree Siddha Yogindra. Then the divine snake and his light disappeared . Shree Siddha Yogindra welcomed me with great affection and gave roasted grams on a banana leaf as Prasad to eat . I ate them to my heart’s content , but still my fear had not vanished . Then that kind yogi moved his hand over my chest with great love and after that he moved his divine hand on my head and touched my eyes also . Due to that divine touch all the fear from my heart disappeared . Also I could feel all evil thoughts and schemes purge out of my mind . My heart was filled with an indescribable joy .

Greatness of Dutta , Qualifications to receive the grace of Lord Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami

At this Siddha Yogi said , “ The Shiva Linga you saw earlier and the Shree Sundareshwar temple you saw later are not two different temples . That you should get such an experience was the order of Lord Duttatreya . Therefore we showed you two different temples . By the divine grace of Shree Dutta , we showed you the idol established by Devendra and the environs at that time , by taking time behind . All the nature seen by you ( Making nature appear for real is in fact a sport of the Lord himself . Everything is in the form of consciousness really ) can be transferred from the future to the present , from the present into the past and the past can be reflected in the present by a mere will of Lord Shree Dutta .

The occurrence or non – occurrence of an event or the occurrence of an event in a different way depends solely on the will of Lord Shree Dutta . Lord Shree Dutta himself is the origin of the great Will that creates , maintains and destroys . He himself has incarnated in the Saguna form at Peethhikapur by the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . The people there did not recognize him in his true form , but the simple fishermen of Kuravpur kept unflinching faith in him and though not very learned , they crossed the ocean of life happily by the blessings of Swami .

In order to obtain the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , our ego should disappear completely . When our hearts are free from the six enemies like desire , anger , greed , hatred , lust and pride and becomes pure , then Swami’s grace is obtained without any delay.

The Shiva Linga established by Devendra was seen by a trader named Dhananjay . He narrated the greatness of the Shiva Linga to the king of his land , Kulshekhar Pandya . Believing this to be an order by the Lord Shiva himself , he renovated the temple and established a town there and named it ‘ Madura Nagar’ .Like his father , Kulshekhar’s son


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Malay Dhwaj was a devotee of Lord Shiva . He performed the ‘ Putra Kameshthhi ‘ sacrifice to obtain progeny . A three year old extremely beautiful girl child emerged from the sacrifice pot . On seeing her , the King , the sages performing the sacrifice , all the Brahmins were very pleased . This girl child was Meenakshi Devi herself .

Later she was married to Sundareshwar . The marriage ceremony was performed with great pomp . The river Wegawati flowing through the locks of Lord Shiva flowed through the city of Madura Nagari and the region in her basin became extremely fertile and scenic . Shree Siddha Yogindra further said , “ O Child ! Every object in nature has vibrations . Due to different types of vibrations , there is attraction or repulsion between different people . Due to pious deeds , behavior and thoughts , there are good vibrations in the subtle , Causal and gross bodies . Due to evil deeds there are evil vibrations . Due to piousness in human beings , they get good results like good company ( Satsang ) , pilgrimages of holy places , increased desire to do pious deeds resulting in increase of piousness and destruction of evil deeds . The result of all this is faith in Lord Dutta . My Child Shankar Bhatta ! You could come here only because of the infinite grace of Shree Shreepad Shree Vallabh on you . “

I was wondering at my own good fortune . The desire to see Shreepad Shree Vallabh was growing by the minute . I could not wait till I went to Kuravpur and place my head on the feet of the Lord . In this state , I fell asleep . I was greatly surprised when I woke up the next morning . I was on a large hill beneath a ‘ Pipal tree’ . There was nobody nearby . The Ashram of Shree Siddha Yogindra where I had waited the earlier night was nowhere to be seen .

I felt whether the Ashram where I stayed for an entire night , the discourses of Shree Siddha Yogindra which I had enjoyed were all hallucinations ? Many doubts like these started appearing in my mind when I packed my luggage and resumed my journey . Morning turned into afternoon . Still I was walking . Very shortly , I saw a village . I was very hungry . I used to eat only in the houses of Brahmins . There was not a single Brahmin in that village . It was a village of hill people. Their head came to me and told me that there was no Brahmin in their village and that they would give me fruits and honey . I was about to start eating when a crow came flying and sat on my head and started poking me with his beak . I tried to shoo him off but in vain . At that same time four or five crows came from a nearby tree and they sat on my hands and shoulders and started injuring me with their beaks . Throwing the fruits and honey , I ran away from there .

That old man said that I would have criticized some great soul hence I have to bear these troubles from the crows . I recalled that I had doubted Siddha Yogindra ; this was a punishment for that sin . My body was bleeding profusely . I was running . The crows were chasing me . I prayed to Shreepad Shree Vallabh in my mind and implored him to rescue me from this trouble. Then I saw an Audumber tree in front of me . I sat beneath that tree and realized that a bad odour was emanating from my body .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Because of that odour , snakes emerged from nearby bushes and started biting me . Because of their venom , I almost died . My mouth was foaming . My heart beats slowed down . I could not tell when I would die . It was evening . Washer men were returning home after washing clothes , drying them and tying the clothes in a bundle and lading them on donkeys . Seeing my plight they took mercy on me . They mounted me on a donkey and took me to a skin specialist doctor in their village .

That doctor took out juice from some herbs from the forest and gave me to drink it . He tied some leaves on the parts where the snakes had bitten . He took juice of tender Pipal leaves and applied it on the wounds . Twigs of Pipal tree were inserted in both my ears . As the venom started getting absorbed in the Pipal leaves , I started shouting because of intolerable pain . After the venom was fully removed , I started feeling better . I spent that night at the doctor’s house .

That doctor was a devotee of Lord Shree Datta Prabhu . In the night , he started singing praises of Lord Shree Dutta Prabhu in a melodius voice along with his family members . I was lying on a bed. My heart was filled with love for Lord Shree Datta Prabhu listening to his love filled songs of praise ( Bhajans ) . I was fully cured by the treatment given by the doctor . I was at a loss about how to repay his kind deed . After finishing his singing , the doctor came to me . His eyes showered kindness .

He said , “ My name is Vallabhdas . I am a doctor to the cobblers. Although I belong to a low caste , I know that you are on your way to pay visit to Shreepad Shree Vallabh . I also know that you were troubled by crows and why you were bitten by snakes . I know that your name is Shankar Bhatt “.

I was taken aback by his perfectly correct statements . I wondered whether that doctor had knowledge of astrology . The moment this thought came to my mind , Vallabhdas said , “ I am not an astrologer . Shree Peethhikapur is the home of the learned . Shree Malladi Bapanna Awadhanulu who was honoured by the title ‘ Sang Vedarth Samrat ‘ ( Emperor of the knowledge of the Vedas ) , had also resided in this sacred land . But owing to their pride , these learned men having profound knowledge of the Vedas , could not realize the true self of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . These learned men who indulged in dry interpretations and meaningless debates of the Vedas could not be eligible for the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

The crows who wounded you by pricking were the same learned men of Peethhikapur , in their previous lives . They wasted their lives in the vanity of their knowledge not realizing the greatness of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . They went to heaven after their deaths . There , by virtue of their great reading and knowledge of the Vedas , Indra honoured them .But when they became hungry and were overwhelmed by hunger , nobody gave them anything to eat . Indra said that had they done charity on the earth , they would have got a thousand grains in return of one grain . But they


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II didn’t give anything to anybody . Therefore they could not give them anything . However , they could stay there as long as they wished .

But all the pleasures of heaven without food and water were truly like a punishment . Indra further said , “ O Learned Ones ! You did not offer sacrifices with faith , devotion and love to your forefathers despite staying at the holy place of Pad Gaya ( Peethhikapur ) . Instead of properly respecting your parents , you made ungrateful remarks like , ‘ so much money is being spent on their medicines ‘ frequently . You became so blind as to not recognize Shreepad Shree Vallabh as the incarnation of Lord Datta Prabhu . You will get a better position only after you the drink the blood of a devotee purified by continuous remembrance of the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . “

Vallabhdas was reciting this entire story . He said , “ Shankar Bhatt ! These crows , these snakes were the same proud learned men in their previous birth . They tasted your blood and so went to a better state . Vallabhdas further said , “ The Brahmin should be fiercely loyal to the truth , The Kshatriya bound by religion . The Vaishyas should engage in occupations like industry , protection of cows , trading etc . The Shudras should remain loving and serve .But there is no distinction of race , caste , clan , rich , poor , male , female for devotion towards God . God sees only the feelings of love , faith and deep belief in the devotee .Man should do his deeds as per his appointed task irrespective of the race he is born in .

Vallabhdas further said , “ When you were a small boy , you were reciting the Dhyan Shloka ( Shloka for meditating upon ) of Vishnu . At that time , you were telling a perverted meaning of the Shloka to your friend . The Shloka was , ‘ Shuklambar Dharam Vishnum Shashi Varnam Chaturbhujam , Prasanna Vadanam Dhyayet Sarva Vighnopashantaye ‘. Lord Datta did not like the meaning of this Shloka being twisted for the purpose of fun . As a punishment for this act , the washer men brought you riding on a donkey . In the end , they placed you in the village of cobblers’ .Shreepad Shree Vallabh wanted to remove your pride as well , by subjecting you to such a bad condition . Remember in your mind that the Ocean of Kindness Shree Guru Shreepad Shree Vallabh sees us always .

I was grateful to hear the wise advice of Shree Vallabhdas . The pride of being a Brahmin vanished . I accepted the hospitality of Vallabhdas . Staying there for two – three days , I started my journey to Chidamber . Before reaching Chidamber , I reached a village called ‘ Vichitrapur ‘ .As per the name of the place , the King of that place was also strange in his behavior . The King had a son ; but since the son was a dumb , he used to always remain sad . He felt that his son was dumb due a sacrifice called ‘ Lop Bhisht ‘ ( Waning of the deeds of sacrifice ) done by Brahmins . He used to insult the Brahmanas and used to take out their procession mounting them on donkeys .

As charity , he used to donate a leafy vegetable to the Brahmanas . In that country , the Brahmanas had forgotten their pride and were reduced to a pitiable state . The King had ordered a learned Brahmin to write a book on the language of the dumb . As per the royal order , the royal teacher started researching on the language of the dumb .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Conversation between Shankar Bhatt and the King

The King’s soldier asked me a question whether I was a Brahmin . No sooner had I nodded my head in agreement , they said that their Majesty had invited me , they requested me to come to the palace . Along with them , I stood in front of the King . I was sweating due to fear . I started praying to Shreepad Shree Vallabh in my mind and started remembering his name . The King asked me his first question , “ This much for that , then how much for this much ? “ I replied seriously , “ Only this much for this much “ . The King was surprised by my reply and he said , : Great Soul ! You are very wise . I am blessed by seeing you . “

The King started narrating the memories of his earlier life . He was a Brahmin in that life . A leafy vegetable used to grow in his farm . He used to distribute that vegetable free to everybody . His colleagues used to get worship and other rituals done through this Brahmin at their patron’s place . However , they used to take away the fees given by the patron and would give very little of that to the Brahmin . They used to also take the leafy vegetable from his house free .Time passed by . In the next birth , that poor Brahmin was born as a King and the Brahmins who used to trouble and loot him were born as Brahmins again in that kingdom itself .In the present life , the King started donating the leafy vegetables many times over as that in his previous life . He wanted the answer of what would be the result of huge charity .

I told the King , “ Your Majesty , However large donations you do of the leafy vegetable , in return you will be rewarded with a hundred times by that leafy vegetable only . In the present scenario , it is beneficial for you to donate gold , pearls , diamonds etc . “ The King was pleased by my reply . Now the second question was regarding the language of the dumb .

To test me , the royal teacher showed me his two fingers and asked me by signs whether these were one or two . Thinking that he had asked me whether I had come alone or someone else was also with me , to indicate that I had come alone , I showed him one finger as my answer .Then he showed me three fingers . Seeing the three fingers reminded me of the Trinity of Dattatreya . I thought that the question was whether or not I was a devotee of Datta . I showed him my closed fist as an answer indicating to him that faith is a secret matter and that faith is an internal subject . Then the royal teacher indicated by signs that he was giving me a store of sweet meats , but I refused by hand and gave him some rice which I had with me . My action indicated that I preferred rice to rich sweet meats and that he too should try it . The royal teacher was extremely happy by my answer and said to the King , “ O King , he is a very wise man . He knows even the language of the dumb . “

I was successful in two tests . Now the third test was imminent . The royal teacher said , “ Read the stanzas from the ‘ Chamak’ and tell their meaning . I remembered Lord Shreepad Shree Vallabh in my mind and read each stanza and told its meaning to the audience . The meaning I told was :


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Ek Chame means One .

Tris Chame means adding three to one is four whose square root is two .

Pancha Chame means adding five to four is nine whose square root is three .

Sapta Chame means adding seven to nine is sixteen whose square root is four .

Nava Chame means adding nine to sixteen is twenty five whose square root is five .

Ekadash Chame means adding eleven to twenty five is thirty six whose square root is six .

Trayodash Chame means adding thirteen to thirty six is forty nine whose square root is seven .

Panch Dash Chame means adding fifteen to forty nine is sixty four whose square root is eight .

Sapta Dash Chame means adding seventeen to sixty four is eighty one whose square root is nine .

Nav Dash chame means adding nineteen to eighty one is one hundred whose square root is ten .

Ekvinshati chame means adding twenty one to one hundred is one hundred and twenty one whose square root is eleven .

Trayo vinshati chame means adding twenty three to one hundred and twenty one is one hundred and forty four whose square root is twelve .

Panch vinshati chame means adding twenty five to one hundred and forty four is one hundred and sixty nine whose square root is thirteen .

Sapta vinshati chame is means adding twenty seven to one hundred and sixty nine is one hundred and ninety six whose square root is fourteen .

Un trinshati chame means adding twenty nine to one hundred and ninety six is two hundred and twenty five whose square root is twenty five .

Ektrinshati chame means adding thirty one to two hundred and twenty five is two hundred and fifty six whose square root is sixteen .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Trayas tinshati chame means adding thirty three to two hundred and fifty six is two hundred and eighty nine whose square root is seventeen .

I was surprised at my own discourse . Whatever I had spoken was the science of minute particles in nature . This was known to the sage Kanad . It is due to the difference in minute particles that various metals are formed . Everybody in the council liked my lecture very much . Because of my precise answers to the King’s questions and because of the grace of Shree Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I came out safely out of that town of Vichitrapur .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 3 II

Visit to Palaniswamy , The greatness of remembering Shreepad Shree Vallabh of Kuravpur

I travelled for three days after leaving Vichitrapur . In the way , food and water was being arranged for due to God’s grace . On the fourth day , I reached Agraharpur . There , standing in front of a Brahmin’s house , I begged for food saying , “ Om Bhavati Bheeksham Dehi ! “ A very furious lady came out of that house . She said , “ no rice , no kicks “ . I stood for some time in front of the door . After some time , a gentleman from that house came out and said , “ My wife hit an earthen pot on my head and saying to bring the money equivalent to the pot has now driven me out of the house . I will come along with you . We both will beg together . “ I said , “ The all encompassing Lord Datta Prabhu himself is the supplier of food and water to all living beings . Let us meditate on him sitting beneath the Pipal tree there . “

Sitting in the shades of that gigantic Pipal tree , we both began to start singing the praises of Lord Shree Datta Prabhu .Because of hunger , our voice was barely audible . At the same time , the messengers of the King of Vichitrapur came there . They said , “ Our prince has started talking . Our King has ordered us to bring you . You may come with us on the horse . “ I said , “ I will not come alone . I will come if you allow my friend to accompany me . “ The messengers agreed to my request . Mounting both of us on the horse , the messengers started towards the palace . The villagers of that village were watching in amazement .

After reaching the palace the King welcomed us and said , “ Our prince suddenly felt unconscious after you left . We became frightened . We summoned the royal doctor , but the prince regained consciousness before the doctor arrived . He opened his eyes and started chanting the Mantra , “ Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara “ .After some time the price told that while he was unconscious , a brilliant looking ascetic , who must be sixteen or seventeen year old and whose hands went below his knees appeared . He put some sacred ash on the tongue of the prince and at that moment he got his power of speech back .The King asked , “ Who was the ascetic ? What is his relation with Lord Datta Prabhu ? Please describe all this in detail . “

I said that the sixteen or seventeen year old ascetic whom the prince had seen was Shree Shreepad Shree Vallabh . It was he who gifted speech to the prince . He is the incarnation of Shree Datta Prabhu in Kaliyuga . I am going to the holy place of Kuravpur to pay respects to him only . On the way , I am coming across many pious men , Great souls and saints . All the people in the court cried glories to Shreepad Shree Vallabh in unison . The King donated gold coins to me and the person accompanying me . The royal doctor said , “ Because of you wisdom has dawned upon us and we understood the greatness of Datta . Until now we were sinning by differentiating between Shaivas and Vaishnavas . You have shown us the true path .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II A Brahmin called Madhav Nambudri also accompanied us to Kuravpur to see Shree Swami . Leaving Vichitrapur , the three of us reached the village of Agraharpur . The gentleman from Agraharpur who had accompanied me gave the gold coins given by the King to his wife . She was very happy . She fed everybody to their heart’s content . Thereafter , she became a devotee of Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

Myself and Madhav Nambudri started to go to Chidamber . Many learned Brahmins used to reside in the Namburu village in the modern day region of Gartapuri ( Guntur ) . The King of Malayal country had given his royal patronage to many learned scholars from Namburu by inviting them to his country . These Brahmins became famous as ‘Nambudri Brahmins ‘ . These Brahmins were extremely knowledgeable in the Vedas and very pious in their behavior . But Madhav Nambudri who was accompanying me was an orphan since childhood and illiterate . But he had deep faith in Shree Datta Prabhu .

On reaching Chidamber , we came to know that a great wise soul named Palaniswamy was there. We went to see him at his deserted cave on the mountain . While we had just reached the opening of the cave , on seeing us Palaniswami said , “ Madhava ! Shankara ! You have come together ! What great fortune ! “ That in our first meeting , without knowing us earlier he had addressed us with our names meant that he is great knowledgeable soul . Swami said , “ O Children ! By the orders of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I am leaving this body and am entering another , younger body . That time has come now . I am in this body for the last three hundred years . Shreepad has ordered to forsake this body and live in another body again for another three hundred years . Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the great will which is liberated from life , is beyond nature in its form of life and death and which drives the entire universe . Further Palaniswamy said , “ O Shankara ! You had spoken about the theory of the great sage Kanad at Vichitrapur . Please describe and tell it .

Particle theory of the great sage Kanad

Replying to the question of the Swami , I said , “ Forgive me , Swami . I know very little about the great sage Kanad and his theory . Lord Shree Datta Prabhu got the information , which I told , spoken through my mouth . Your Highness also knows about it “ . Palaniswami , who was compassion personified , started enunciating the particle theory . He said , “ The entire universe is also made from very basic atoms .Electricity is generated due to existence of even smaller particles than atoms . These minute particles revolve very rapidly in their individual orbits . Planets revolve in their different orbits around the prominent Sun . Similarly , these minute particles also revolve around their centre points . Even minute than these particles are the vibrations of different emotions created in living beings . There is nothing stationery in the vibrating universe . By nature , it is constantly moving . To change every moment is its nature . Datta Prabhu’s consciousness is even minute than these vibrations . I want to say that it is very easy to get the love of Datta Prabhu who is minuter than the minutest things , at the same time it is very difficult also . Every particle if divided into infinite parts , each part becomes equal to zero . This living and non – living creation is the sum


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II total of infinite such zeroes . Like the material creation , there is also an opposite creation of the other extreme ( properties ) . When these two merge , the opposite creation is destroyed .

There are changes in the qualities of creation also . When life is established in an idol in the incarnation of worship ( Archawatara ) , the idol also gets consciousness and fulfils the wishes of the worshipping devotee . All Mantras are in the Kundalini Shakti . The Gayatri Mantra is also included in the Kundalini Shakti . There is a general understanding that the Gayatri Mantra has three parts . But there is also a fourth part in this Mantra . It goes like this , ‘ Parorajasi Savadom ‘ . The Gayatri of four parts indicates the Nirguna Brahma which is beyond the three Gunas .

Kundalini Shakti produces the universe from twenty – four principles . There are twenty four letters in the Gayatri . The number twenty – four is also called as the ‘ Gokul .’ ‘ Go ‘ means two and ‘ Kul ‘ means four . The Brahma never changes . Since it is devoid of change , it is indicated by the figure nine . The figure eight represents the form of Mahamaya . Devotees of Shreepad Shree Vallabh used to call him , ‘ Do Chaupati Dev Laxmi ‘. The master of all living beings is the Parabrahma himself . Patidev means the number nine. Laxmi means the number eight . Do mean the number two . Chau indicates the number four . Therefore ‘ Do Chau Patidev Laxmi ‘ transformed to ‘ Do Chaupati Dev Laxmi ‘ . This used to remind all living beings of the number 2498 . The Parabrahma and the great Gokul are in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself . Parmatma Shrikrishna is Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself . The form of the Gayatri Mantra is his Nirguna Padukas .

Swami further said , “ Shankara , the human body has twelve divisions . The gross body which everybody experiences comes under the influence of the sun . 108 years prior to taking the human form at Peethhikapur , Shree Vallabh had come to this region . He graced me . He had come there in the same form in which he is presently at Kuravpur . A surprising event had occurred then . Some great Yogis in the Himalayas were worshipping the Lord Badri Narayana at the sacred place of Badri Kedar by offering him the ‘ Brahma Kamala ‘ flowers . Those Brahma Kamala flowers offered at the feet of Badri Narayan were falling at the feet of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . I have seen the sight myself by my own eyes . “

I was overwhelmed by the Divine speech of Palaniswami . My body was thrilled . I asked him , “ What is a Brahma Kamal ? Where is it found ? We learn that Lord Shree Datta Prabhu is pleased when worshipped by these flowers . Therefore kindly satisfy my queries . “

Description of the Brahma Kamalas

Heeding to my request , Shree Palani Swami looked at me with love and said , “ Shree Vishnu had worshipped Shree Sadashiv ( Shiva ) by Brahma Kamalas . The lotus in the navel of Vishnu is also called ‘ Brahma Kamala ‘. The Brahma Kamala is found in the pure divine region of the Himalayas . This blooms only once every year and at a height of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II around twelve thousand feet. It blooms during midnight and when it blooms the surrounding areas are filled with a wonderful fragrance . Great seekers of the self are in pursuit of these Brahma Kamalas . From autumn to spring , these are under the snow . In the beginning of the month of Chaitra ( March – April ) , it comes out of the snow .

Its process of development begins in the summer . The Amareshwar ice – Linga of Amarnath becomes visible on the full moon day of the month of Shravan ( July – August ) and at the same time these also bloom at midnight . For the seekers and the wise men meditating in the Himalayas , this is a wonderful act of God . All sins are destroyed by the mere sight of the Braham Kamalas . Obstacles in the perfection of Yoga are removed . By the sight of this Lotus , Yogis , meditators and wise men obtain a higher position in their path . The Lotus disappears after being seen by those who are destined to see it . “

Palani Swami further said , “ Shankara ! I have decided to remain in Samadhi for the next ten days . If any devotee comes with a desire to see me , give him a glimpse without disturbing my Samadhi . If somebody brings a dead body dead due to snake bite , tell them that I am in Samadhi and my orders are to bury the dead body in the river bed or in the earth . “

Shree Palani Swami went into Samadhi at the seat where he was sitting. Madhav and myself together were very calmly giving just glimpses of Shree Palani Swami to the devotees . Some devotees who had come to see Shree Palaniswami used to bring items like rice , flour , pulses to offer to the Swami . Seeing this , Madhav decided to cook . He saw a large coconut leaf nearby and saw that it could be used as firewood . He went near the leaf to bring it . A devotee was also along with him . Madhav lifted the leaf and placed it on his shoulders . Suddenly a snake resting beneath the leaf furiously bit him very sharply . The venom of the snake was so potent that Madhav immediately turned blue – black and fell to the ground dead . Two or three of them brought him near the cave . I was frightened at the sight . I could not decide what to do . Then as per Swami’s orders , we started to dig a pit in order to keep him buried in the earth . Other devotees helped me . Placing the dead body in the pit , I came out . At the same time , the villagers brought a seventeen or eighteen year old boy that had died of snake bite . The mishap of Madhav followed by this second event made me weep inconsolably . Somehow , I could narrate them the orders of the Swami . The villagers dug a pit near the cave itself and laid the boy there . Every day three to four persons used to come to see Swami . I used to arrange for them to see the Swami . Ten days passed like that . Very early morning on the eleventh day , Swami came out of his Samadhi and started calling , ‘ Madhava ! Madhava ! ‘ I narrated him the incident crying . Swami pacified me .

He gave me Yog glance . Then I felt some movement in my spinal cord and it started paining . Then once again he looked at me ecstatically and all my pain disappeared . Swami told me , “ Shankara ! Madhava was not destined to see Shreepad Shree Vallabh in his gross body . Therefore his subtle body is with the Lord’s feet at Kuravpur for the last ten days . His desire was fulfilled , come what may . The acts of Shreepad Shree Vallabh are very profound . Nobody can understand them . Nobody can understand the mysteries of Time , Karma and Reason . Only Swami knows them .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Lord has given me the task of bringing Madhav back to his gross body . “Thus spoke Shree Palani Swami . By the instructions of the Swami , Madhav’s dead body was removed and while taking it towards the dense palm trees towards the South , it was loudly called , “ King of Cobras ! Whoever has bit Madhav , please go towards Shree Palani Swami , by the orders of Shreepad Shree Vallabh ! “

Shree Palani Swami took out four dice from his cloth and placed them in the four directions around the dead body . After a short while , the dice flew up high and then in the four directions in the sky . In only five to ten minutes a snake came from the North . The four dice had stuck in his hood . Troubled by that , he was making a hissing sound . Swami asked him to remove venom from Madhav’s body . He removed all the venom from the spot where the snake bite was there . Shree Palaniswamy prayed to Shreepad Shree Vallabh in his mind and sprinkled the Mantra – water on the snake . Touching the Lotus feet of Swami and circumambulating him three times , the snake went away .

Fruit of feeding devotees of Shree Datta

Shree Palaniswami said , “ Shankara , this snake was a woman in his previous life . She had done some sins as well as some good deeds in life . She had fed a devotee of Lord Shree Datta . This was a part of the good deeds . Eventually , when she died , messengers of Yama ( Lord of Death ) took her to Lord Yama . Yamaraj told her , “ You have fed a devotee of Datta . You have done an especially pious deed . You want to suffer the results of your evil deeds first or you want to enjoy the fruit of your pious deeds first ? The woman said , “ Whichever is lesser , I will bear the results of it first “ . Accordingly she got birth in an evil form of life – the snake . Since her nature was to destroy everybody , she used to bite anybody who crossed her path . Since the woman was religious in her human life , she bit Madhav who had only gone near her accidentally . She bit Madhav as a result of pious deeds of her past .However , Madhav was dying because of evil deeds of his earlier life . Subsequently , with time , the woman was liberated from the form of the snake by the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

Fruit of feeding a deserving person

Shree Datta Prabhu is pleased with even little acts . He is pleased with his devotees by even their small service and gives them a big fruit in return . Feeding anybody in the name of Datta ,especially to a well – deserving person results in an especially good deed . Some part of food forms the mind . As a result , the mind , intellect , consciousness and self of the feeder is filled with auspicious vibrations . Therefore , he develops the power to attract people towards him . Palaniswami further said , “ Abundance of desired things means the kind glance of Goddess Laxmi . This entire universe is run by subtle vibrations , subtle laws only .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Greatness of Shreepad Shree Vallabh

Remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh gives Laxmi – wealth , glory and peace . How can we describe the fortune of those graced by him ! Only because of the grace of the Lord’s feet , nothing happened to the body of Madhav which lay buried for ten days . Words cannot describe Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s grace , compassion , love for devotees whom he gives the gift of life . When consciousness started returning to Madhav , he asked for water since he felt thirsty . Shree Palaniswami pacified him and first gave him ghee ( clarified butter ) to drink . After he took that , he gave fruit juices and after some time gave him water .

Description of Nag Lok

Our joy knew no bounds , as Madhav was restored to life . Madhav started narrating his experience , “ I reached Kuravpur in subtle from and saw Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s hands reach beyond his knees . His eyes are wide . Love , Compassion and grace towards living beings is continuously flowing through those eyes . Since I was not carrying my gross body , I was invisible to the devotees who were in their gross bodies . Shree Vallabh ordered , ‘ Go to the centre of that island in Kuravpur ‘. Remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I went to the deep portions of the island from its centre . Deep inside the earth , near the earth’s centre , I felt I saw many palaces and courtyards . I was sure that it was ‘ Patal Lok ‘ . Persons in gross forms can see gross forms only . Bodies , like mine , who had taken the subtle form could see persons who were in their subtle forms . The people there were Nagas and could take their desired forms . They had the power of taking their desired forms . Generally , they liked to move around in their preferred snake form itself . There I saw many giant snakes . Some snakes had one thousand hoods . There were precious stones on their hoods and these were glowing with divinity . Other snakes were in Yog postures and with their hoods folded , were in complete silence . Surprisingly , there was a very giant snake amongst them . He had one thousand hoods . Shreepad Shree Vallabh was reclining on that giant snake like Shree Maha Vishnu . The giant snakes there were singing the hymns of the Vedas . Swami was enjoying the chanting fully immersed in the joy of the singing . A giant snake next to me started narrating the greatness of Shree Datta Prabhu .

The greatness of Lord Shree Dattatreya

He said , “ Shree Datta Prabhu emerged from the ‘ Anasuya Mountain ‘ in Chitrakut in Nepal as the son of Atri and Anasuya , in the previous era . Without ending that Awatara ( incarnation ) , in the subtle form , he is moving around on the Nilgiri peak , the Shree Shail peak , the Shabar Giri peak , in the Sahyadris , in a subtle form .He instructed the path of Yoga to Gorakshanath of the Nath Panth .To a Yogi named Dnyaneshwar , he gave a vision in the form of a Yogi meditating in the ‘ Khechari ‘ position . Shree Datta Prabhu is beyond time and space . In the presence of Datta Prabhu , we do not perceive the past , present and the future differently . Everything is in the present only . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

Vision of Dattatreya along with Anagha

The giant snake further said , “ Madhava ! My child ! We are called ‘ Kalnag Rishishwara’ . After nurturing his kingdom for thousands of years , Shree Datta wished to make himself secret . He remained invisible in a river for a few years . Thereafter , he surfaced on the water . We followers were waiting there only for him to be again with us . But he was trying to hide from us . We knew this . Again diving in the water , he came up after some time ( years ) .But this time , he had a vessel of liquor in his hand . In another hand , he had a beautiful sixteen year old girl . We returned from there thinking that we had mistakenly considered a person who was always under the influence of alcohol and a slave of a woman as our Lord. At that same moment , both of them disappeared . Only after they had disappeared , knowledge dawned upon us . We realized that the vessel of liquor in his hands is the nectar in the form of the joy of Yoga and that beautiful girl is the form of three powers , Goddess Anagha Laxmi herself . We did great meditation upon him to reincarnate again on this earth . As a fruit of our penance , Shree Datta reincarnated as Shreepad Shree Vallabh in Peethhikapur . “

Description of Shree Kuravpur

“The place where Shree Datta Prabhu had entered for bathing that day , is the same most sacred place , Kuravpur , of today . When he had immersed himself in the water , by our subtle vibrations , we too were in this subtle world in Yog Samadhi . Kuravpur is also the sacred place where Kuru , the original person of the Kauravas and the Pandavas , had received the wisdom of knowledge . Madhava ! Son ! Even Adishesha does not have the ability to describe the greatness of Kuravpur . “

The history of Sadashiv Brahmendra

I prostrated very humbly at the Divine Feet of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . At that time , the Lord said with a very compassionate heart , “ Child ! This glorious Divine vision is a rare , great fortune .The great snake who spoke to you will incarnate in the coming century in the name of Jyoti Ramlingeshwar Swami and will go away in the form of a flame ( Jyoti ) only . The other great snake who spoke to you will incarnate on this earth in the coming century in the name of Sadashiv Brahmendra and display many great acts . Shree Peethhikapur is also a place very dear to me . My Padukas will be established at my maternal relatives’ house in Peethhikapur , where I am born . My birth is a very Divine act , it’s a secret mystery . From the place in Peethhikapur where my Padukas have been established , you go to the Patal and meet the Kalnags who have great faith in penances and come back “ .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Smiling gently , Shree Palaniswami said , “ Madhava ! Child ! We will discuss about the Kalnags of Peethhikapur later . You completely finish your bath and sit for meditation . This is an order of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . “

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 4 II

Vision of Vasawambika in Kuravpur – Great events occur at the birth place of Shreepad

We determined to meditate as per the orders of Palaniswami . Shree Palaniswami said , “ Madhava , Child ! Son , Shankara ! As per the orders of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , let all three of us meditate and discuss our experiences of our meditations . In this state , we may get excellent spiritual results . In future , the Gregorian Calendar will be in use . As per the Gregorian Calendar , today is 25-5-1336 . Its Friday . Today is a very important day in our life . Keeping my external ( gross ) body here itself , I will go to Kuravpur in my subtle form . Wandering at four – five places in the subtle form is child’s play for me . During our meditation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , whenever he orders , I will go near him in Kuravpur in the subtle form “ .

The method of getting the grace of Swami

I was delighted by the narration of Shree Swami . Hence I asked , “ Swami ! Madhav has seen the auspicious Divine form of Shree Vallabh . You always move near Shree Vallabh in the subtle form . I know only his name , not his form ; so how should I meditate ? “ On this , smiling gently , he said , “ Son ! If you have devotion towards Shreepad , everything will be achieved . Lord Shreepad Prabhu first nurtures his devotee as a little tortoise . However far the tortoise is from his offspring , the tortoise protects his offspring by his thought waves . After a little progress , he nurtures the devotee as a little cat . Like a cat which carries its little one in his mouth from one house to the other . It keeps the young one only there where it finds safety . After that the devotee is nurtured as a little monkey . In this nurturing , little ones hug their mother with great effort . After more progress , the devotee is close to Shree Guru like the young fish that move around with their mother fish with great joy wherever they wish . He will himself appear when you sit for meditation .

Today is Friday , 25-5-1336 , a very auspicious day due to very good ( astrological ) Yogas . It’s a complete and a great day . Shree Vallabh has decided to determine the very important future ( and ) has asked me to come to Kuravpur . During meditation , the moment he orders , I will go to Kuravpur at the very moment . There an important event is going to occur . Only by the grace of Lord Shree DattaPrabhu , I am going to get the opportunity to see it with my own eyes , “ So saying Shree Palaniswami entered into meditation . Madhav and myself also went into meditation . In this way , ten hours passed in meditation . After meditation , Shree Palaniswami looked very happy . Madhav and myself requested Shree Swami to tell about his experiences of his meditation . At this , Swami started telling , with a smiling face .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II The account of Shiv Sharma – The Fruit of meditating on Shreepad Shree Vallabh

He said , “ How fortunate are the people in this Kaliyuga ! Although Kuravpur is a small village , the good Brahmin Shiv Sharma , knower of the Vedas , was staying in Kuravpur itself along with his wife , Ambica . This was the lone Brahmin family in Kuravpur . Every day , crossing the island , he used to come to Kuravpur , and by deeds fit for a Brahmin used to earn money . He was a great learned wise man . He was always immersed in prayers , a Yajurvedi Brahmin , born in the Kashyap Gotra . Off springs born to Shiv Sharma used to die very soon . Somehow one son survived . Unfortunately the son was mentally retarded . Due to this useless offspring , Shiv Sharma was unhappy . One day after reciting Vedas in front of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , he stood silently . Knowing his mind , smiling slightly , Shree Swami said , “ Shiv Sharma ! I am a slave of those who leave aside all other thoughts and always think about me . Tell me what you wish . “ At this Shiv Sharma said , “ Swami ! I had wished my son to be even more wise , to be an even better debater than me . But that is totally ruined . My son has very little intelligence . It is not at all difficult for you , who occupies the entire universe , the living and the non – living , to make him wise and full of faith . Please bless me with this much . “

At this Shreepad said , “ Son ! However big one is , he has to bear the fruit of his deeds in previous births . The entire nature also works without breaking the rules ( of the creator ) . As a result of worship , women get husbands . As a result of charity , progeny is got . Always do charity to the deserving . If the persons to whom charity is done are not good or do not deserve to be given charity , then only bad falls . If a good person is fed , the feeder receives some part of the good received by the good person as a result of his good deeds . If a bad man is given food , the food donor receives a part of the bad received by the bad man as a result of his bad deeds .

While doing charity , man should be devoid of pride . Only then ( he ) will receive good fruit ( of the charity done ) . You got a dumb son , due only to the fruit of your deeds in ( your ) past lives . You couple has asked for a long living offspring , not a short living one . I gave you a long living son . To remove his bad past deeds and to make him deserving , learned , if you are willing to sacrifice your life , I will make him a deserving , learned man , as per the Theory of Karma ( Deeds ) . At this Shiv Sharma said , “ Swami ! I have entered old age . I am ready to sacrifice my life . What else do I want if my son becomes wise , a debater like Brihaspati ? “ The all encompassing , all powerful Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Okay ! You will die soon . After death , you will meditate for some time in subtle form in the basement beneath the Neem tree at the town of Dhishila ( modern day Shirdi ) . Thereafter you will be born in the sacred country of Maharashtra . You do not let your wife know even a little about this .”

Decisions regarding the future incarnations of Shreepad Shree Vallabh

Very soon , Shiv Sharma died . Ambica was living with her son , begging here and there . The neighbours used to laugh and make fun of them . There would be no end to this . Unable to bear the insults , the dumb Brahmin began to


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II run towards the river to end his life . Hopelessly , the mother also started running behind the son . Due to the power of their good deeds of the past , Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami crossed their way . He rescued both of them from their attempted suicide . Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami turned the idiot boy into a great learned man just by his infinitely kind glance . He ordered Ambica to spend the rest of her life in the worship of Shiva . He told her about the greatness of the penance of ‘ Shani Pradosh ‘ and described her in detail about the fruits obtained by worshipping Shiva at the time of Pradosh . He gave Ambica the boon that she will beget a son just like him in her next life . But since there was none equal to him in all the three worlds , Shree Swami decided to himself be born as her son in her next birth .

The decision of the advents of Nrusimha Saraswati and Swami Samarth

Shreepad Prabhu addressed Vasawambika , the one having all auspicious qualities , “ Your wish will be fulfilled . For another 14 years , i.e. till this body attains 30 years of age , I will remain in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh only and then disappear . Thereafter for the reason of reinstructing the Sanyas Dharma , I will be known as ‘ Nrusimha Saraswati ‘ . I will remain in this incarnation for 80 years ; after completing this incarnation , after fully immersing in penances for 300 years in the Kardali Van , I will reincarnate in the name of Swami Samarth at Pradnyapur ( Akkalkot ) . Displaying the glorius form of a world renounced Wise man , I will show very fascinating Leelas . I will show the world the right path of good deeds and religion and make them devoid of attachment .

Palaniswami further said , “ As era will change , physical strength of human beings will diminish . Therefore the original Power will descend downward due to the wishes of many Godly saints . Complete grace of the Lord is indicated by his incarnation in human body . In this way , due to descent of Godliness in the Lower Worlds , human beings will benefit greatly by little effort .Therefore , human beings in Kaliyuga are fortunate . Lord Datta Prabhu’s grace will be obtained only by remembering him . For human beings , the number of ways of obtaining the grace of the Lord’s Feet are much more than the ways leading to his downfall . This is the Great Truth .By remembering , worshipping you start connecting to Lord Shreepad Shree Vallabh Prabhu . Therefore faults , bad deeds , bad habits and desires enter the consciousness of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . The devotees are benefitted by the auspicious good vibrations from him . Lord Shreepad destroys the evils that enter the devotee’s consciousness by bathing in a sacred river . If not in this way , he will burn the evil deeds in the Fire of his Yoga . He does penances himself and give the fruit of his penances to his devotees . Without violating the Theory of Actions ( Karma ) , he protects his devotees . If he feels necessary , he liberates his devotees by absorbing the many old and big fruits of their deeds . Therefore his devotees are liberated from the bondage of Karmas without even realizing it . They are liberated .

Even after this narration of Palani Swami , there were unanswered questions in my mind . I dared to ask him one more question , “ Swami ! It is learnt that even Shiva was not spared of the troubles of ‘ Saade Saati ‘ ( The seven and a half years period of travel of the planet Saturn in your own and the preceding and following zodiac sign ) . Pray tell us


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II how the Sovereign Shree Guru releases from the troubles arising out of the motion of planets . “ At this Palaniswami said , “ Son ! Shankara ! The planets in the sky have no friendship or enmity with living beings . Depending upon the effects of his deeds , a human being is born in the influence of certain planets at the time of his birth . Depending upon the influence of the planets , he gets good or bad effects . If the subtle rays of the planets give bad results , and if Mantras , Tantras ( Rituals ) or Yantras are not effective to remove their ill – effects , Chanting ( Jap ) , sacrifices ( Yagna) and penances ( Tap ) should be resorted to . Even if these do not remove the effect , then surrender to the feet of Shree Guru . The feet of the Lord are all powerful .

There exist good and evil powers . The vibrations emanating from the good and evil powers result into auspicious and inauspicious events respectively . Every planet rules a specific part of the human body . If there is a planetary influence , that specific part of the human body on which the planet rules gets affected . Desirable or undesirable effects are obtained due to subtle vibrations flowing out from the universal consciousness . There is attraction or repulsion due to vibrations . If a person in the company of good people gets into the company of bad people , he unnecessarily suffers disputes , quarrels with family members , differences with brothers . All this is undesirable fruit due to the reduction in the attractive powers . The Universal energy constantly generates vibrations . They affect human beings for some time . Time is in the form of Power . After some time , these vibrations leave that human being and enter another man’s body that is affected by destiny . The effects are seen as per the spokes of the time – wheel . When devotion towards God is awakened in human beings and they perform Chanting ( Jap ) , Penances ( Tap ) , the effect of planets is somewhat reduced . Great souls with the welfare of the World in mind , do perform various kinds of sacrifices . They also donate the good results of their penances . Due to this process , the undesirable vibrations generated in the universe do not trouble another man after leaving the first man and return back from where they are generated , i.e. they go back to their original point . This is called ‘ Tirodhan ‘ . To get a special good result for some good deed done is called ‘ Anugraha ( Grace ) ‘ . I have explained the Tirodhan Anugrahas of Creation , Sustenance and Destruction as per the theory of Kriyayog .

Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s power will especially flow in the Muslim looking fakir you saw in your meditation . It is unusual that you could see the four lamps in the basement near the Neem tree . Shreepad Shree Vallabh has given you this experience with some great intention . Only he has the internal idea about this . His deeds are very mysterious . They have mysterious meanings . Nobody else than him can know the reasons or implications of those . Those also have mysteries of Gods . I could inform you this only by his permission . The entire universe is under his eye . Only he has the measure of it . He is the greatest amongst them .He is unfathomable , controller of the universe , Perfect in Yoga . He is not a subject or its result that can be measured or fathomed . “

My mind was filled with joy by this description by Palaniswami . I had started from the sacred place of Udupi . On the way to Kuravpur , many strange events were occurring . Thinking to take permission from the Sovereign Shree Guru to capture all this in a book , I decided to discuss all this with Shreepad Shree Vallabh after meeting him . By his


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II divinity , Shree Palaniswami read these emotions in my and said , “ I have understood your emotion . You have decided to write the biography of Shree Prabhu for the good of future devotees . He will definitely bless your efforts . “ There after Palaniswami asked Madhav to tell about his experiences of his meditation. Madhav started narrating his experiences .

Establishment of Shree’s Padukas , idols of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , Shree Dattatreya and Shree Narsimha Saraswati at the birthplace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh

Shri Palaniswami said , “ Son ! The place which attracted all your faculties , the place which is the house of the maternal relatives of Shreepad Shree Vallabh is itself his birth place . In the Patal Lok , which is below the Padukas , there are sages who are doing penances for many thousands of years . Shree’s Padukas will be established at the birthplace of Shree Vallabh itself , which you have seen . After a few years after the establishment of the Padukas , the nectarous biography of Shreepad Shree Vallabh will be published after great effort . At the place you sat for meditation , idols of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , his previous incarnation of Shree Dattatreya , his next incarnation of Shree Narsimha Saraswati will be established . Thereafter there will be many Divine events at the sacred place . “

Thereafter , Shree Palaniswami was silent for some time . He asked to remove the dead body of the youth which was very near to our cave . After the dead body was removed , he started chanting the ‘Omkara’ . Vyaghreshwar Sharma was proclaiming the victory cry of ‘ Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye ‘ . Shree Palaniswami entered the body of the youth . Vyaghreshwar Sharma , in the form of a tiger , took that old body , weakened due to age , to drown it in a nearby river . Palaniswami who had entered a new body ordered , “ You go from here at this very moment . Son ! Madhava ! You go to your Vichitrapur . Son ! Shankara ! You go to the sacred place of Tirupati . Madhava ! You have seen the pious men of Peethhikapur in your subtle form , this is sufficient for you in this life . May you receive the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . “ At the time itself , Madhav started towards Vichitrapur , myself towards Tirupati . What is only true is that one cannot fathom Shree’s Divine Acts “.

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 5 II

Shankar Bhatt arrives at Tirupati , meeting with Tirumaldas at Kanipaka

Removal of Shankar Bhatt’s Saturn – period troubles by the grace of Shreepad

Travelling further , I reached the great sacred place of Tirupati . I experienced peace of mind like never before . After taking bath in the lake at the great sacred place of Tirupati , I saw Shree Venkateshwara . I started meditating the courtyard of the temple itself . In my meditation , I saw Shree Venkateshwara in the female form . The idol which I saw in the form of a beautiful little girl in the form of Tripur , very soon changed in the form of Parmeshwar and after a while in the form of Maha Vishnu . While I was still in meditation , after some time that idol appeared in the form of a fourteen year old child ascetic having a beautiful body . The glances of the child ascetic seemed to be filled with nectar . It felt that a motherly love of a thousand mothers was being showered from both his eyes . Shortly , a dark ugly man reached near the child ascetic . He said to the child ascetic , “ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Prabhu ! You are the controller of the entire universe . The Saade Sati period of your devotee Shankar Bhatt is going to start from today . There are many kinds of troubles in the world which I will make him experience . I await your orders . “ The ocean of Kindness , Prabhu , said , “ Shanaishchara ! You deal with Karmas . You make the living beings experience the results of their deeds and liberate them from the results of their deeds . You do your duty as per your Dharma . It is my vow to protect people who have surrendered to me . Therefore just see how I protect Shankar Bhatt and release him from your period of trouble . “After this conversation between Shanaishchar and Shreepad Maharaj , both disappeared from my meditation . But thereafter it became difficult to concentrate on the image of the Lord . My troublesome period had begun . I faithfully believed that I will be relieved of my troubles by Shreepad . I came from Tirumala to Tirupati .

I was wandering aimlessly on way to Tirupati . The mind was wandering . A barber stopped me forcibly and said , “ You are Subbayya who had run away from the house twenty years ago ,aren’t you ? You parents are worried about you . Your wife has come of age . You live with her and do the duties of the householder . Be happy with children . “ Then I said , “ I am a Brahman from the Kannad country by the name of Shankar Bhatt . I am a pilgrim and am moving about sacred places . I am a devotee of Datta . I have heard that Shree Datta Prabhu has incarnated in the name and form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and I have started my journey to Kurugaddi . I take the oath of the most sacred Gayatri and tell you that I am celibate . I am not the Subbayya barber you are alluding to “ .

But there was nobody who would listen to me . Many people had gathered there . Everybody was criticizing me in some way or the other . I was taken to the house of the person named Subbayya . Taking me as their own son ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Subbayya’s parents tried to convince me in various ways and said , “ Don’t leave us hereafter . It is a big crime to abandon a young wife . “ A person among them said , “ Subbayya is covered with moustaches and beard . If he is shaven , he will become his earlier self . “ I repeated many times that I was not Subbayya , but there was nobody to listen to me . Forcibly , I was shaven . My head was fully shaven . Beard and moustaches were also shaven . The sacred thread around my neck was also removed . A witch doctor was summoned for me .

He was dressed in strange clothes . I was terrified by his terrible sight . I was tied down and my head was cut by a knife . On it lemon juice and different other juices were poured . I could not bear those pains . After this entire ordeal , it was concluded that Subbayya was possessed by a Brahmin ghost , therefore he is chanting mantras by wearing the sacred thread . The Brahmins in Tirupati also became quiet . They too thought that the traveler in their town was Subbayya himself and that he was possesses by a Brahmin ghost . I was taken to elder Brahmins in that village . They did not believe my words that I am a Smarta Brahmin from the Kannad country , I belong to the Bharadwaj Gotra , at all . I also know Namak Chamak , I can also perform Sandhya Vandan . The senior Brahmin’s said , “ Subbayya is possessed by a Kannad Brahmin . For this , he should be treated properly and restored to his earlier self . “

I was agonized by the pains of the wounds . My cries were like the cries in the wilderness itself . When I became conscious again , I felt I saw a man similar to me with black aura and a crooked shape . Without talking to me , he entered me . He became one with me . Due to Saadesati , I have seven and a half years of troublesome times . I realized this . I had the firm belief that only Shreepad Shree Vallabh will protect me in my troubled times . Even in that great distress , I was remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh in my mind . After remembering the name of the Feet of the Lord , my distress began to reduce a bit . However , the witch doctor , sacrificing goats , hens , was performing strange worship rituals . But I was given a restricted diet . The quack doctor said that since Subbayya was possessed by a Brahmin ghost , he should be fed with only vegetarian food . My mind felt better that due only to the grace of Shreepad , I was fed vegetarian food .

I suffered hell like pain for three days . Even in that distress , since I had not forgotten to remember the Feet of the Lord , troubles stopped coming after the fourth day onward . Those people were experimenting strange things upon me . The quack was whipping me in between . I was crying and imploring to the Lord ,’ Shree Vallabha Sharanam Sharanam ‘. I was astonished that how a person like me who was serving Lord Datta with unflinching devotion should suffer this hell. Suddenly strange things started occurring . My body was being whipped , but I did not feel any pain . Then the quack himself started crying . He was whipping me , but it was he who was suffering the pains of those whippings . I could not understand how this was happening . He was looking at me in bewilderment . I smiled understanding that this is a Divine act of the Lord. I was being fed a very frugal diet , but it started tasting very sweet to me . I started eating fully . Considering it to be a gift by the grace of Shreepad , I ate the food . The quack , however , though eating hens and goats , food of his liking , felt as if he was consuming poison . His health started to deteriorate too . He ceased to trouble me and concentrate instead on Mantras and worships . His house burned down on the fifth


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II day of my treatment . There was no fire present in the house , yet suddenly fire appeared in front of everybody and in a moment everything reduced to ashes . Disappointed , he came to Subbayya’s house on the sixth day and said , “ The Brahmin ghost who possessed Subbayya knew the Mantras . He burned my house with Mantras .”

He indicated that different worships would have to be performed in order to invoke petty powers like the Vetalas , and that would require some more sums of wealth . Mantras , Tantras were not having any effects at all . I knew that the quack was behaving in this way in the hope of wealth . What could have been a more shameful thing than to accept Subbayya’s wife as my own , if it was ordained by Vidhi . What betrayal could be bigger than this ?I felt sad about this . I failed to understand why Vidhi was playing so cruelly with me . I experienced my heart pain . I said to Subbayya’s parents , “ My Father ! My Mother ! Do not fall in the trap of this quack and lose all your material possessions . My health is recovered . I consider you to be my parents only . “ At the same time , I was rid of the quack . Subbayya’s parents became very happy . My eyes also filled with tears seeing the happiness in their eyes. I prayed with great entreaties with only Shreepad in my mind , ‘ Since every woman is like a mother , please save me from the ensuing trouble . Let not my righteousness be corrupted ‘ .

Turning to Subbayya’s wife who was serving me on the eight day of my treatment , I said , “ What do you think about me ? Do you really think that I am truly Subbayya ? “ On this she said , “ I was married when I was two years of age . Now I am twenty – two years of age . God alone knows whether you are my husband or not , no one else . A man cannot control himself seeing his very young wife . Despite tolerating so much , you did not accept me as your wife . You did not touch me . All this is possible only for the one who has a very high moral character . I do not have any feeling for you . I have decided to lead a life in the path of righteousness as per the honour of the family. If indeed you are husband , then do not leave this servant of your feet .Its twenty years since my husband has run away . I was married off in infancy without my knowledge . Therefore you can accept me as your wife . I will stay as per your guidance only . I will always remember Shreepad Shree Vallabh whom you remember always . I will pray to the feet of that Sadguru to resolve this complicated problem as per the laws of morality “.

I thought that her words were logical . I said , “ Shreepad Shree Vallabh is Dattaguru himself .He has taken incarnation in this Kaliyuga . Presently he is in Kuravpur itself . His grace depends upon our level of devotion . If you remember Shreepad Shree Vallabh as a Sadguru , you will get experiences as a Sadguru only . If you remember him as Parmatma , he proves that he himself is the ‘ Parmatma ‘ . You too remember the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . You will realize what your right duty is . Everybody will get favourable results .”

That day , a fortune teller visited the house . Dressed as a Vanwasi , that man had texts written on leaves . Very soon , he became very esteemed to everybody in our house . He used to tell the information about past and present in a very fascinating way to all those who used to meet him with faith . The texts written on the leaves which he carried were Nadi Granthas ( Books on astrology ) called the ‘ Ramal Shastra ‘ . He used to say , ‘ The contents written in it are


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II perfect and the events foretold in that texts occur precisely . ‘ He also came to our house to pacify Subbayya’s father . He gave me a few dice in my hand and asked me asked me cast them down ; after that doing some calculations , he took out a leaf from that book and started reading , ‘ The question is asked by a man whose name is Shankar Bhatt , who is a Kannad Brahmin . It will be only he – who will write the biography of the Datta incarnation – Shreepad Shree Vallabh . In previous birth , he and one of his friends were born in the village of Mogali charla which is very near to the city of Kundukur . They were particularly attached to gambling . That village had a famous Swayambhu temple of Datta . He was born as the brother of the priest of that Datta temple . In the absence of the brother , it was he only who used to perform worships etc. Both his friend and he used to be engrossed in gambling , in the courtyard in front of the Datta temple . They never regretted how immoral this was . One day , while gambling with his friend , he kept a strange condition . If his friend won , he should give him the amount lost in the gamble and if he won the friend should give his wife to him , so it was decided . Considering Datta Prabhu as a witness to this agreement , they started their game .

Datta Prabhu was watching the very evil game being played in his presence . In the game , Shankar Bhatt won . Shankar’s friend refused to give his wife to him . The quarrel went to the elders . All wise men in the clan assembled together . It was a very regrettable event that such a crime took place in front of the sacred Datta Prabhu . Hot Oil should be poured on Shankar’s head for lusting for another woman and exhibiting desire to possess her by immoral means . Similarly , his friend should be rendered impotent by some surgery for bidding his wife in gambling . The wise gave the decision that after doing these both should be banished from the village . The decision was implemented immediately .Since Shankar Bhatt had rendered some service to Datta in a previous life , he got a birth of a person with devotion to God in this life . His friend was born in the house of barbers by the name ‘ Subbayya’ at the most sacred place of Tirupati . His mind wandered and hence he became mad and ran away after he got married . Subbayya’s wife is chaste . By the power of her complete dedication to her husband ,Subbayya will return the next day after this Ramal Shastra is listened to . That day Shankar Bhatt will be released . The period of Saade Saati ( or period of seven and half years of troubles ) will go in only seven and a half days by the Divine grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Wishing an immoral thing or doing a wrong thing keeping the Lord as witness results in the most harsh punishment by Datta Prabhu . Chitra Gupta has written that some part of the pious deeds of Shankar Bhatt had to be spent to remove the insanity of Subbayya . The living being should always behave righteously bearing in mind that the influence of Karmas is always doing its work in a subtle form . You should never do immoral things . According to the astrological chart of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , Lord Shree Prabhu’s account will reach Peethhikapur , through a Jain commentator from the Tripur country called ‘ Akshay Kumar’ , a few centuries after the end of his incarnation . Prior to that , a book named ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut ‘ describing his Divine Sport will be published . “

How to describe the kindness of Shree Vallabh ? The very next day Subbayya returned home . His wandering mind was completely cured and became completely stable . I looked upon Subbayya’s wife as my sister . Taking permission from Subbayya’s parents , I reached the Kanipak village in Chittoor district .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II The village of Kanipak is not very far from Chittoor . In that village , there are temples of Varad Raj Swami , Mani Kanthheshwar Swami , Var Siddhi Vinayak . I came out after taking Darshan of the Lord . A tall dog was standing there . Scared , I went inside the temple of Var Siddhi Vinayak . After meditating a while on the Lord, I came out . There was another dog as tall as the first one beside him . I was afraid that that day I would certainly be bit by this Kal Bhairav ( dog ). Again I went inside the temple of Var Siddhi Vinayak . The priest in the temple thought my behavior was strange . “ Son ! You go out and in a minute return back . What is the reason for this ? “ he asked thus . I told him the reason of my fear . “ They don’t hurt anybody without reason . They are domestic pet dogs of a washer man . That washer man is a devotee of Datta . He keeps telling that Shree Datta has taken an incarnation on this earth by the name Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Washer men are not prohibited entry in this temple . Despite this , he does not enter this temple .He sends his dogs . I tie the Lord’s food as Prasad in a bundle . They give it to him . You told you saw only two dogs . I give the Prasad only after four dogs come . Let us see whether the remaining two dogs have come , “ said the priest . By the time we came out , there were four dogs . The priest gave the bundle of Prasad . The four dogs came and surrounded me . The priest said , “ As per the wishes of the dogs , you go to the washer man . It will only be good for you . “

I fully believed that all events in my life occur as per the directions of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . From the events occurred at the house of Subbayya , I realized that there is no distinction due to race . A Chandal ( low caste ) person can be born as a high caste Brahmin . A Brahmin in this birth can be born as a Chandal in his next birth . Human being bears the burden of his good and bad deeds birth after birth and keeps flowing in the stream of his Karmas .

Conversation between Shankar Bhatt and Tirumal Das

I came to the residential area of washer men . The washer man was an old man of 70 years of age by the name ‘ Tirumaldas ‘ . He came out of his hut . After entering the house , he asked me to sit on a cot . I had lost all my pride of being born as a Brahmin . Whoever were the devotees of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , they all seemed to me as my relatives . Tirumaldas gave me the Prasad of Var Siddhi Vinayak temple to eat . I ate the Prasad . Then Tirumaldas started narrating.

The Ganpati of Ainvilli himself has descended as Shreepad Shree Vallabh

He said , “ Son ! Today is a very fortunate day for me . I had the fortune of seeing you . I was eagerly waiting when will you come to me , when will you tell me the special accounts from Malyadripur and Peethhikapur . Son ! Shankar Bhatt ! You have taken the Prasad of Var Siddhi Vinayak . You start the biography of Shreepad Shree Vallabh today itself . You will be blessed by Shreepad Shree Vallabh in Kuravpur .” Tirumaldas started narrating the earlier part of this , “ I was a well established learned man knowing Vedas in an earlier life . But I was very greedy . At the time of my death , I saw a calf chewing an old price of rag which I asked my sons to keep safely . Since at the time of my death , I


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II breathed my last keeping an eye on a dirty cloth , I was born as a washer man . You get the next life as per what are your wishes when you are dying . Due alone to my previous good deeds , I was born at Mallyadripuram in the Palyanadu state in the Gartapuri ( Guntur ) region . That same Mallyadripuram started being called as “ Malladi “ after some time . There were two families by the name ‘ Malladi ‘ in this village . Malladi Bapanna Awdhani , the great wise man was born in the Haritas Gotra . The great learned man Malladi Shridhar Awadhani was of the Kaushik Gotra . Shridhar Awadhani’s sister , Rajmamba was married to Bapanna Awdhani . Both had gone to the great sacrifice dedicated to Ganpati held at Ainvilli in the Godavari region . The learned were of the opinion that Ganpati will accept the last sacrifice ( Purna huti ) with his trunk and will appear in his glowing golden form . At the end of the sacrifice , Ganpati did appear in his glowing golden form . He accepted the last sacrifice ( Purna huti ) by his trunk and promised that he himself will incarnate in complete form as Shreepad Shree Vallabh on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi . All the people assembled for the sacrifice were surprised . There were three non – believers in the assembly . They said , “ Whatever is visible , may be the illusions of Indra or Mahendra ; definitely not Ganpati . If it is really so , then he should re – appear .”

Greatness of Kanipur Vinayaka

The sacred ash in the sacrifice pot took a human form . Thereafter it transformed itself in the form of Maha Ganpati . This form started saying , “ Idiots ! Shiva , during the destruction of the demon Tripurasur , Bhagwan Vishnu , during the annihilation of Emperor Bali as well as during opposing Ravan while has was taking Shiva’s Atma Linga , Parvati , during the slaying of the demon Mahisha sur , Adishesha , before bearing the load of the earth , All Yoga – perfected sages , before attaining perfection ,Manmath , to win all attachments , similarly , all Gods obtained their desired wishes by worshipping me only . I am the store of all energies . I am all powerful ; even the demonic energies are in me only . I am the creator of all troubles ; as well as I am the remover of all troubles too . Do you understand who Dattatreya is ? He is Dharma Shasta , the son of Shiva and Vishnu . Brahma and Rudra forms integrated in the Vishnu form – that itself is the Datta form . Ganpati in the form of Dharma Shasta integrated with the six headed form is also a form of Datta . Dattatreya is always in the form of Trinity only . Since Maha Ganpati is in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , his incarnation will occur on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi itself . Since he has the principles of Subrahmanya , he will be known as the ‘ Knowledge Incarnation ‘ itself . Due to principles of Dharma Shasta , this form will be considered as the root of and as the origin of all Dharmas and Karmas etc . This incarnation will not be a result of the union of parents , the form of a flame itself will take the human form “ .

Shree Ganpati further said , “ I am cursing you . Even after seeing the form of Eternal truth , you said it was false . Therefore one amongst you will be born blind . For ignoring to listen to the devoted assembly who was telling about the ultimate truth , one amongst you will be born deaf . All three of you will be born as brothers . You will be devoid of all sins , only after you see my Swayambhu idol . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II “ Son ! All three of them were born in Kanipur as brothers . If the Trinity is criticized , it results in great disaster . These three brothers used to cultivate in a three acre land in this village itself . There was a well at the end of the farm . They had arranged to water the crops with the help of a pump . One year there was a famine . Water in the soil dried up . One day all the water in the well was exhausted . All three of them were trying to dig up the sand with shovels . Due to a hit of the shovel on a rock beneath the water , a fountain of blood arose . Due to the contact of that blood with his hand , the dumb started to talk . Water also started filling in the well . By the touch of the water , the defect of the deaf vanished . The third blind ( person ) touched the rock beneath the water ; hence his blindness disappeared . That Swayambhu rock idol of Vinayaka started bleeding due to the hit of the shovel. The Swayambhu idol was taken out .

Shree Bapanna Awdhani , who was now titled ‘ Satya Rushishwar ‘ and his brother – in – law , Shreedhar Awdhani had come to this village to establish that Var Siddhi Vinayak . Var Siddhi Vinayak told them , “ I came from Maha Bhoomi to this world . I incarnated in the element of the earth . That element will transform itself into various forms as time flows . My ascents have already been in the elements of water , fire ,air ,sky . The sacred ash from your great sacrifice at Ainvilli itself has taken this form . I order you the next duties . There is a little reduction in the power of Shree Shailya . Energy from the solar system should be instated there . The same day you instate the energy at Shree Shailya , all these places of Gokarn , Kashi , Badari ,Kedar will be energized by my special Divine Grace . The time of the incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh is drawing near . Shreedhara , I am changing your surname to Shreepad . Your descendants of the Kaushik Gotra will be recognized by the surname of Shreepad from today onwards . “

Son ! Shankara ! Satya Rushishwar and Shreedhar Pandit went from Mallyadripur to Peethhikapur to reside . I saw many Divine childhood acts of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . I will describe to them to you tomorrow in details . I have a son from my first wife . His name is Ravidas . He stays in Kuravpur . He serves Shreepad as per his capacity . I am staying with another wife and son , doing my hereditary occupation , at Kanipur , as per the orders of Shreepad Prabhu .

You will meet many great men at Peethhikapur . When you will meet a person named Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , you will learn about many important subjects . Shreepad Shree Vallabh used to call Shree Shreshthhi by the loving name – Venkatappayya Shreshthhi . Shreepad has a grace on the family of Shree Shreshthhi . You also meet Narsimha Verma whose surname is Vatsawai . He is very closely associated to Shreepad . The Lord’s feet will bless the biography of Shreepad which you are going to write . It is an order of the Lord’s Feet that no other book will have the complete details about the Life – history of Shreepad apart from the one written by you .

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 6 II

Account of Narsawadhani

Next day morning , after completing chanting , meditation etc . , Tirumal das said , “ Son ! Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the origin of these complete living and non – living worlds . He is like a banyan tree . All his partial incarnations are like different roots of the tree . These roots appear independent after going into the soil , but they are supported by the same banyan tree itself . All the living beings , as well as the Gods and the demons are supported by him only . He only gives shelter to all the powers . Ultimately all those powers go back to him only . The man who has reached the peak of the mountain sees all paths ( leading there ) as one only . Similarly , people from all kinds of sects ultimately end up in the Datta principle only . Every living being has an aura . When I was living in Peethhikapur , a Yogi came there . He used to tell about the aura surrounding different persons . He could tell about the colour of the aura of every person and how far it extends . He went to Shree Kukkuteshwaralaya and decided to test what is the colour of the subtle aura of Swayambhu Datta and how far it extends . That Yogi saw Shreepad Shree Vallabh in place of Swayambhu Datta . A brilliant white aura like electricity extended around his head . Around the white aura , below , he saw a blue aura . That idol looked towards the Yogi and said , “ Son ! Don’t waste your valuable life time in trying to find out how far subtle bodies of others extend . First you think about your own well – being .You are going to die very soon . Think about finding a good path . I am Datta – the origin of all truths and all original principles . In this Kaliyug , in the sacred place of Pad Gaya , I have taken an incarnation here due to loving requests of Great wise men , Great Yogis , Great Devotees . “

Due to this discourse of Swami , all desires in him were destroyed . The power of finding about the aura of subtle bodies that he had , dissolved into Shree Vallabh himself . He achieved greatness by seeing Shree Vallabh in his own house . Shree Vallabh has a clear white aura and is a Perfect Yoga Incarnation . Shree Prabhu is filled with infinite love and compassion and has blue coloured aura and these colours are indicators of these qualities .

The Yogi rested for a while and after that a debate of the completely faithful ( about the Lord ) started . Should subtle bodies which are divided into four types ( according to the four Varnas or races ) be discriminated ? Or decision be based upon the Gotra which comes along with the birth ? Upanayan initiation by the Vedic methods should be performed for births in which Varna ( or race ) ? In the Upanayan initiation , is there a relation of the third eye ( which is between the two eyebrows ) ? Upanayan initiation should be performed by the Puranokt method for people in which Varnas ? If not , then is there anything special ? What is meant by ‘ intelligent people ‘ ? “ A hot debate raged in this way , but the learned men could not arrive at any conclusion .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Malladi Bapanna Awadhani , who was called ‘ Satya Rushishwar ‘ , was the President of the ‘ Peethhikapur Brahmin Society ‘ . Respectfully , people used to call him ‘ Bapannarya ‘ . He used to chiefly worship fire , sun . He was requested to preside over one sacrifice held at Peethhikapur . At the end of the sacrifice , ‘ the vessel poured , ‘ meaning there was rain . The entire assembly of people were happy . Shree Vachhawai Narsimha Verma , a Kshatriya householder requested Shree Satya Rushishwar to stay in their village .But Shree Bapanna Arya used to accept only that much nominal money and other articles that were decided upon , for the sacrifice . He used to not accept wealth if it was not pure . He declined the request of Shree Verma . Shree Verma had a very dear cow . Her name was Gayatri . She used to give plenty of milk . She was of a very good and saintly nature . Once Gayatri disappeared . Lost somewhere . Shree Verma came to know the news that she had lost her way . Since Shree Bapanna Arya was a scholar in astrology , Verma asked him about the safety and well – being of Gayatri . Then Bapanna Arya said , “ There is a butcher named Khan Saheb in Shyamalambapur ( Samalkot ) . She is with him . If you don’t go immediately , she will be killed . “ Verma put a condition to Bapanna Arya , before he began his efforts ( to regain the cow ) by sending a person to Shyamalambapur . If , as per Bapanna Arya’s statements , Gayatri is found , Verma will give three acres of land , a house fit for living , to Bapanna Arya , as an honour of his scholarship . If Bapanna Arya does not accept this , he will get the sin of the murder of a cow . Bapanna Arya was troubled . If he does not accept the donation , Verma will let the cow be killed . Therefore he will get the sin of the murder of a cow . Rather than letting the cow be killed , accepting honours for scholarship will be the lesser evil and hence better ; and therefore Gayatri was saved . Fortune of the residents of Peethhikapur awoke . Shree Bapanna Awadhani became the owner of land giving a produce of three acres . A house was organized for his living . Shree Bapanna Arya had a son named Venkata Awadhani and a daughter named Sumati . Her astrological chart had all auspicious signs . While walking she had the grace and style even better than that of a queen . Hence she was called ‘ Sumati Maharani ‘ .

I a short time , Shree Bapanna Arya’s fame spread in all directions . A boy named Appal Laxmi Narsimha Raj Sharma whose surname was Ghandikota , who belonged to the Bharadwaj Gotra , Apastambh Shakha , came to Peethhikapur . They had an idol Datta called as ‘ Kalagni Shaman ‘ in their home . During the daily worships , that idol of Datta used to clearly speak . It would even give orders . Since Appal Raj Sharma’s parents had passed away in his childhood itself , he had been orphaned . During worship , Kalagni Shaman ordered him , “ You go to Peethhikapur and learn at the place of Malladi Bapanna Awadhani , of the Haritas Gotra and of the Apastambha Shakha . According to the orders of Datta , Shree Bapanna Arya arranged for Raj Sharma’s food , who had come to his house as a student , at his own house and did not let him beg . Shree Bapanna Arya used to worship Shiva during the time of ‘ Shani Pradosha ‘ . The ladies in the house used to be in the ‘ Vrat ‘ of Shiva on the Shani Pradosh day . In ancient times , Nand , Yashoda had done worship of Shiva , Shani Pradosh ; only because of that , they had got the great fortune of nurturing Shree Krishna himself . Fortunately , Shree Narsimha Verma , Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and a few important traders were associated with Bapanna Arya .

Words from the mouth of Shree Kukkuteshwar Swami ; Marriage of Sumati and Appal Raju


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Once , after the Shiva worship on the day of Shani Pradosh , the Shiva Linga of Shree Kukkuteshwara started glowing . At that time , a voice was heard from there ,” Son ! Bapanna Arya ! Without any doubts , give your daughter Sumati Maharani to Appal Raju Sharma and perform their marriage ; this will be beneficial for the world . This is Datta Prabhu’s decision . None in this entire living and non – living world has a right to disobey this Great Order . “ These words of God were heard by Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , Narsimha Verma and the entire people assembled there . Everybody was surprised . News was sent to the relatives and friends of Raj Sharma in the Ainvilli village of the Godavari region . The marriage was decided . Raj Sharma did not have a house . Therefore , some thought was going on ( about this ) . Shree Venkatappa Shreshthhi said , “ I will give one of many houses to Raj Sharma . “ Raj Sharma was not ready to receive the donation . Shree Shreshthhi consulted the relatives of Raj Sharma and valuated the part of the ancestral property which Raj Sharma was to inherit . It was decided as One Varah ( a coin used in the olden times ) . The house of Shree Shreshthhi was decided to be of twelve Varahas . Raj Sharma said , “ I do not have a single penny to pay the eleven Varahas . “ “ If that is so , then I will value and sell my house for only one Varah . If you feel embarrassed to take donation , then give me one Varah and buy this house , “said the Shreshthhi . Everybody agreed that what the Shreshthhi was saying was right , according to the laws . The marriage of Shree Sumati Maharani and Shree Appal Laxmi Narsimha Sharma was celebrated with great pomp and splendor amidst the reciting of the Vedas , the sound of auspicious music .

The incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh has happened only to dispel the darkness of ignorance . Due to this reason , Shree Prabhu cursed the deity of Time , the deity of Karma . According to the curse , as a symbol of dark ignorance , a blind infant and as a symbol of stinted development , a lame infant were born to Raj Sharma . That both of their children were thus handicapped , saddened Sumati and Raj Sharma . There is a famous temple of Vighneshwara in Ainvilli . In order to relieve the distress of Raj Sharma , his relatives brought he Great Prasad from there to Peethhikapur . Sumati and Raj Sharma took the Prasad with great respect . That same night , Sumati Maharani saw the Airavat elephant in her dream . Then for few days , she got dreams of conch , wheel , mace , lotus , the Trident , various Gods , sages , learned men , Yogis . After a few days she started getting Divine visions even while awake . If she closed her eyes , Yogis deeply immersed in meditations , sages with divine glow showed their glimpses like projections on screen .

Relation between the Nakshatras at the time of the birth of Gods and the Nakshatras during the delivery of Sumati

Sumati Maharani informed her father in details about her Divine experiences . He said , “ All these are the auspicious indications of the birth of a Mahatma . “ Shreedhar Pandit , the maternal uncle of Sumati Maharani said , “ Sumati ! The birth Nakshatra Vishakha of the Sun is linked with the incarnation of Ram . Kruttika is the birth Nakshatra of the moon . This and the incarnation of Krishna are linked . Mars , who is born on the Purvashadhha Nakshatra is linked to the incarnation of Laxmi Narsimha . Mercury , who is born on the Shravan Nakshatra , is linked with the Buddha incarnation . Jupiter , who is born on the Purva Falguni Nakshatra , is related to parts of Vishnu . Venus , who is born


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II on Pushya Nakshatra is related to Bhargav Ram . Saturn , who is born on the Revati Nakshatra is linked to the Kurma incarnation . Ketu , who is born on the Ashlesha Nakshatra is linked to the Matsya incarnation . The time that you have asked me this question is associated with Divine mysteries . I definitely feel that Datta Prabhu who directs the motions and states of millions of planets , Nakshatras , universes is going to be born . “

Datta Prabhu as the eternal , Great Splendour

Sumati Maharani told Raj Sharma about her divine experiences and the opinion of Shreedhar Pandit . Raj Sharma said , “ I will ask Kalagni Shaman Datta while worshipping . There is a rule that nobody should see it when Kalagni Shaman Dattatreya is being worshipped . After the worship , Datta Prabhu sits in front in human form and speaks . Then again he merges back with the idol . This is our daily rule . We don’t tell general subjects and petty problems to Datta “ . That day Datta Maharaj looked happy during the worship . After the worship he sat in front in human form and called , “ Shreedhara ! Come ! “ A form emerged from the Datta idol and sat in front of him meditating . Again signaling by his finger , he said , “ Shreedhara ! Come ! “ Immediately that form dissolved in him . All this was very surprising to Raj Sharma . Shree Datta Prabhu said , “ The form you now saw is a partial incarnation which is going to come in the coming centuries . Even the liberated ( Jeevan Muktas ) merged with me have to come when I call. And have to go behind the curtains when ordered , “ Go “ . They cannot fail to obey my commands . My great Divine Acts are not limited to the earth alone . This entire universe is like a playing ball in my hands . If I kick by my leg , I traverse billions of miles of distance . I am beyond life and death , “ so saying Shree Prabhu touched between the brows of Raj Sharma . Instantly , Raj Sharma had memories of a previous life . He learnt that in an era , he was born by the name of Vishnu Datta and his wife Sumati had taken birth in the name of Som Devamma . Shree Datta Maharaj further said , “ I had shown you my vision in the form of Datta and had asked you your wish . That time , you had requested to come for food on the day of worshipping of ancestors . I ate the food along with Fire and the Sun . I gave permanent Brahma Lok to your ancestor deities .For the last 100 hundred years , incarnating as Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I am giving visions to Yogis , Great Men on this earth . In the Treta Yug , Bharadwaj Maharshi had performed Savitru Kathhak Chayan ( sacrifice ) at Peethhikapur . The ashes of that sacrifice solidified like mountains . After some time , those ashes were sprinkled on the Dronagiri mountain . While Maruti was taking the Dronagiri mountain , a small part of it fell at Gandharvpur ( Ganagapur ) . Gandharvanagar is a sacred region of the confluence of the Bheema and the Amaraja rivers .

After the end of the Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnation , I will be born at Karanj Nagari on the ascendant of Pisces , in the Shukla Yajurvedi Vajasaneya Madhyandin Gotra , by the name of Nrusimha Saraswati and perform many Divine Leelas in Gandharvanagar . After 300 years of penance meditation in the Kardali Van at Shree Shailya , I will reside at Pradnyapur in the name of Swami Samarth . I will leave that body when Saturn will enter the sign of Pisces . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Raj Sharma told the above narration of Datta Prabhu to his wife . At that time , Satya Rushishwar Bapanna Arya said , “ Son ! Raj Sharma ! You are the pure soul who has fed Shree Datta Prabhu , the Sun , Fire during ancestor worship in your birth of the earlier era . In this birth , Datta Maharaj , in any form , will ask for food ; even if that day is of Mahalaya Amwasya ( ancestor worship day ) and Shree Datta asks for food even before the Brahmins are fed , do not hesitate to give food to Datta . Sumati ! Remember this ! “

“ Son ! Shankar Bhatta ! The Divine acts of Datta Prabhu are incomparable . Nothing like them have been heard of before or happened before . It was the Mahalaya Amawasya . Raj Sharma was preparing for ancestor worship . He heard the voice , “ Om Bhavati Bheeksham Dehi ! “ in front of the door and Sumati Maharani gave alms to the ascetic . ‘ Ask for some boon ‘ , the ascetic said , to whom Sumati replied , “ Father you are an ascetic . Your words are perfect . Scholars are saying that Shreepad Shree Vallabh is going to incarnate on this earth very soon . Datta Prabhu is moving around currently in which form ? It is learnt that Datta Prabhu is moving around for the last 100 years in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . You have asked me to ask some boon . I greatly desire to see the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . “

The emergence of Shreepad Shree Vallabh

Listening to these words, the ascetic roared in such a laughter that it shook the entire universe . Sumati Maharani felt the entire world around her disappear in an instant . A beautiful sixteen year old boy in the form of an ascetic appeared before her and said , “ Mother ! I am that Shreepad Shree Vallabh . I am that Datta . In ( my ) form of the ascetic , you expressed your desire to see the form of Shree Vallabh .You have gratified me by feeding me . I wish to give you a boon you ask . If people in this world knowingly do a bad deed , they get the results of sin only. And knowingly , if they do good deeds , they get the benefits of good deeds . If people do any deeds without any desire attached to it , it is called ‘ Akarma ‘ . It is neither good or bad . There is no sin or piety attached to ‘ Akarma ‘ , therefore , it has to be given a different result only , which is in the hands of God . Since Arjuna performed Akarma , Shri Krishna asked him to kill the Kauravas . Shri Krishna told him that he will not get any sin by doing that . Destruction of the Kauravas was a God’s decision only . You couple have also done special Akarma . Therefore , some result has to be given for the benefit of the world . Tell me your desire without any doubts ; I will fulfill it without fail . “

Wish inspired in Sumati Maharani after seeing the Lord

Seeing that auspicious Divine idol , Sumati Maharani touched his feet . Shree Vallabh picked Sumati up and said , “ Mother ! It is not right to fall at the feet of your son . The son’s life reduces because of this . “ Then Sumati said , “ Shree Vallabh Prabhu ! You called me mother . These are your perfect words which please make them come true . You take birth as my son . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II On this Shree Datta Prabhu blessed , “ So be it “ and said , “ I will come in your womb in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . A mother falling at the feet of her son reduces the life of the son . Therefore , I will not go against the principles of Dharma and Karma . I will spend life in the form of a son till 16 years . “ At this Sumati said , “ Oh ! What great rashness ! Only 16 years of life ! “ so saying she started crying . At this the Lord’s feet said , “ Mother ! Till 16 years , I will behave as per your instructions . There is a wise proverb , ‘ When the son reaches sixteen years , treat him like a friend . ‘ A son sixteen years’ of age should be treated as a friend only . We should not burden him with our wishes . Do not force me to marry . Give me permission to be an ascetic and move around at will . If you do not allow this plan of mine , I will not stay in the house , “ saying so Datta Prabhu immediately disappeared .

Sumati Maharani was stunned . She could not understand anything .She narrated the entire account to her husband in detail . Immediately , Appal Raju said , “ Sumati , do not worry . Your father had informed us about the subject earlier itself that Shree Datta Maharaj will come to our house for alms . Shree Datta is an ocean of kindness . Let Shree Vallabh be born , then we will think . “ The news that an ascetic had come to the house of Appal Raju spread in the entire village . The topic , that on the very important Mahalaya Amawasya day for the ancestor Gods , an ascetic was given alms before Brahmins were fed , was discussed . Shree Bapanna Awadhani said , “ Everybody says that Shreepad Shree Vallabh will be born . It is appropriate to bow down to ascetics . There is no fault of Sumati in this . The child’s life is reduced if he is bowed to after being born as a son . But to bow when in the form of an ascetic is not wrong . “ Since this incident , jealousy of all Brahmins in Peethhikapur grew ; especially that of a scholar named Narsawadhani . Everybody were busy with their ancestral worships on the Amawasya day . But there was an acute shortage of guests as Bhoktas ; this was a big problem . But Shree Bapanna Arya said that the function will be concluded without any problem in the house of Appal Raju . Shree Raj Sharma was meditating on Kalagni Shaman ( Datta ) . Suddenly there arrived three guests as Bhoktas . And the ancestor worship took place without any obstacles .

Son ! Shankar Bhatta ! That day , the topic whether Vaishyas have the right of Upanayan ceremony as per Vedic procedures or no was most prominent in the debate . The council of Brahmins assembled . A scholar named Ashutosh from Navadweep from the country of Bengal had come to the sacred place of Pad Gaya . He had very ancient astrological books . He was also an invitee at the scholars’ council . Bapannacharya said , “ In terms of faith towards observing rules , Brahmins , Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are equal . “

Wonderful sight during the birth of Shreepad

I said , “ My Lord ! Please describe the Divine Acts of Shreepad Prabhu in detail and favour me “ . “ Shankar Bhatt ! Narsawadhani became furious on Bapannarya and decided to insult him by hook or by crook . He firmly believed that his ( Narsawadhani’s ) Study of Bagalamukhi was unsuccessful only because of Bapannarya . He started spreading false rumours that Bapannarya failed his knowledge of Mantras by use of some Tantras . The description in the Nadi Granthas about the incarnation of Shreepad Prabhu was disturbing him . Nadi Granth is basically an unbelievable


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II book . That Bapannarya fed a fish eating Brahmin was wrong . Human being can never become an incarnation of the “ Poorna Brahma “ . Then how can the infant Shreepad Shree Vallabh become an incarnation of the all – knowing , all pervading , all powerful Shree Datta Prabhu ? Narsawadhani did not recognise the Pranav – like voice of Shreepad Prabhu when he still was very young , the events he performed when still in cradle and the intelligence he showed which was much more than that of his age . He started preaching that some Brahmin scholar has entered Shreepad’s body and speaking ( through it ) . The Swayambhu at the Kukkuteshwara temple is the only real Dattatreya . He is the only one giving boons . It is wrong to acknowledge this child as a form of Datta . Thus Narsawadhani tried to influence everybody .

Continuously for nine days after Shreepad’s birth , a three – hooded cobra use to provide shade on the child by spreading his hood , on the place where Shreepad used to be laid . Shreepad had ascended from the mother’s womb in the form of a flame and not like a normal child . At the time of birth , Sumati Maharani fainted . Auspicious music started being heard from the room where the birth took place . After some time there was a broadcast from the skies and everybody was asked to leave the room . Four Vedas , eighteen Puranas and Mahatmas appeared near Shreepad in form of flames and everybody outside could hear the chanting of sacred Ved Mantras . Shree Bapannarya also found these events very extraordinary and unfathomable .

The Divine Leelas of Child Shreepad

Shreepad was now one year of age . He was still only eight to ten months’ old , when he used to go to the council of scholars with his grandfather Bapanna Arya . Grandfather used to take grandson along with him . Narsawadhani used to cultivate the crop of Rajgira ( a leafy vegetable ) . The cooked dish of Rajgira is very delicious . The villagers used to request Narsawadhani to give that vegetable . But he used to not give the vegetable to anybody . He used to give the vegetable to somebody only if he had some special work to be done from him and after the desired work was done . Shreepad once asked his mother to cook the Rajgira . He also wanted the vegetable from Narsawadhani’s house only . But this was a difficult job . When Shreepad was little , he used to walk to Narsawadhani’s house at will . He used to discuss about Shastras , also used to perform various playful Divine acts . Narsawadhani used to tell everybody that , ‘ One great scholar had died in Peethhikapur . The ghost of the dead body of the scholar is getting strange things done from Shreepad . Instead of giving proper ( medical ) treatment to this child , Bapannacharya and Raj Sharma both are considering him an incarnation of Datta .’ Peethhikapur is the sacred place of Pad Gaya and is the principal place of the ancestor Gods . Philosophers who had powers of contacting the departed souls and conversing with them used to reside here . The idea that the soul of some great scholar only is residing in Shreepad’s body and making him perform unbelievable acts started gaining strength in Peethhikapur .

Shreepad’s divine grace on Tirumaldas


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Tirumaldas further said , “ I was a washer man at Shree Bapannarya’s and Raj Sharma’s house when I came from Mallyadripur to Peethhikapur . The washer man at Narsawadhani’s house had died of old age . The washer man’s son had moved to Vayaspur Agrahar ( modern Kakinada ) . Therefore , I got the duty of washing at their homes . Since I was in the company of Bapannaryulu since childhood , the goodness in me had awakened and the flame of spirituality had been lit . The day I used to see Narsawadhani , I used to suffer from a stomach ailment that whole day and my position used to get so bad that I could not be able to eat food . My son Ravidas and not me used to wash Narsawadhani’s clothes . I washed clothes of good natured people only .

The news that my son Ravidas washes his clothes and not me reached Narsawadhani . He ordered that I should wash his clothes myself . Obeying that order , I started washing Narsawadhani’s clothes myself . I used to remember the name of Shreepad while washing the clothes . Ravidas used to take the clothes washed by me to Narsawadhani . Nobody felt anything amiss when they wore the clothes washed by me . But when Narsawadhani wore those clothes , he felt that scorpions , centipedes were crawling on his body . In those clothes , his body used to begin to burn as if kept on fire . Narsawadhani called me and said angrily that I had cast a spell of some petty Mantra or know – how on the clothes . He reported this crime to a judge . But the intelligent judge declared me not guilty and acquitted me . I came home happily . After some time Shreepad Prabhu came to our house in the form of a sixteen year old youth . Shreepad Prabhu used to come in any form to see his devotees . Surprised , I said , “ Maharaj ! You are born in a very high Brahmin clan , then it is not proper to come in the colony of washer men like us . “ Then Prabhu said , “ Actually Brahmins like Narsawadhani who bear the bundles of their sins on their heads are of inferior stature than washer men . But washer men like you who are drawn to Brahmins are definitely superior to them . “ Hearing these words of Shreepad , I fell at his feet and started crying . The compassionate Shree Prabhu looked at me with a look filled with nectar and lifted me up with the touch of his divine hands . Then he placed his right hand on my head and at that moment , I remembered my previous lives . The Yog power in me was awakened . I started experiencing the awakening of the Kundalini power . Shreepad disappeared walking slowly away .

Shreepad demanded his mother to give the Rajgira vegetable . He wanted the vegetable from the house of Narsawadhani . But this seemed impossible . On this , Bapannarya said , “ Shreepada ! Tomorrow morning I will take you to the house of Narsawadhani . You yourself request him to give you the Rajgira vegetable . But if he refuses to give that vegetable , then never again ask for that vegetable . “ Next day , Bapannarya took the child Shreepad to Narsawadhani . Entering his house , Bapannarya told Shreepad , “ Shreepad you should bow before your elders and take their blessings . “ Narsawadhani was sitting outside in the courtyard . His long Shikha went up to his back . It was very dear to Narsawadhani . Shreepad looked at Narsawadhani and greeted him with folded hands . Shreepad’s fierce sight fell on the Shikha on Narsawadhani’s back and what surprise ! It fell down automatically . Narsawadhani was totally perplexed seeing this . At that time , Shreepad said , “ Grand Father ! The very dear Shikha of grandfather Narsawadhani has fallen off . Will it be proper to ask him for the Rajgira vegetable now ? Come on , Let’s go home . “ Shreepad never again asked for the Rajgira vegetable .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Narsawadhani realized the loss that had occurred by Shreepad’s sight . When he was sitting in meditation , a form of light just like him came out. Narsawadhani asked that light , “ Who are you ? “ Where are you going ? “ that brilliant figure that looked like Narsawadhani replied , “ I am the pious being residing in you .You have read the Vedas so many times till now . You have worshipped Swayambhu Dattatreya , but insulted Shree Dattatreya’s incarnation , Shreepad Vallabh himself . Had you had even a fraction of love , attachment that you had for your Shikha , the Rajgira vegetable , for Shreepad , your life would have been successful . But tying yourselves with greed , you lost a Divine opportunity of liberation . Very soon , you will become poor . Shreepad Prabhu had asked you for the vegetable donation to remove your poverty only . Had you given him those alms , you would have received great prosperity rather than the poverty that you are going to get now . You have yourself lost this opportunity . Shreepad Prabhu is an ocean of kindness . After the end of this incarnation , he will take another incarnation in the name of ‘ Narsimha Saraswati ‘ . At that time , you will take birth in the form of a poor Brahmin . In that birth too , you will cultivate the Rajgira crop in your house. Then at the right time , I will re – enter your body . At that time , Shreepad Prabhu will come to your house for alms . He will accept the alms offered by you with love and give you wealth . But now , I am leaving your body . Shreepad Prabhu had greeted not you , but to me who was residing in you as the pious being . He ordered me to leave you and merge myself in his form . Accordingly , I am going to merge myself in Shreepad’s form . Now only the sinful being remains in yourself . “ So Saying that pious being dissolved into the form of Shreepad .

As time passed , Narsawadhani’s health started to grow weak . People started ignoring his words . The brilliance of knowledge on his face began to fade . At the same time , an epidemic of cholera broke out in Peethhikapur . Many villagers fell to this illness . The doctors in the village commonly concluded that this disease is propagating due to polluted water . The scared villagers prayed to Shree Bapannarya to find out a scientific method to remove this epidemic disease . Shree Bapannarya realized through his inner vision that the epidemic is not due to a flaw in the water , but due to pollution in the atmosphere . But the doctors in the village did not agree with the opinion of Bapannarya . The villagers gave animal sacrifice to the village Goddess , did various kinds of worships from Tantriks in order to remove this epidemic . When an animal is sacrificed , the life energy in him is removed with force and this is accompanied with the chanting of Mantras . Bapannarya was of the opinion that in order to increase life energy , yogic procedures or Good worships are better . He suggested so to the villagers ; but due to blind faith they did not stop animal sacrifice . Some people in the village initiated the topic of animal sacrifice in front of Shreepad Prabhu . At this Shreepad said , “ We have requested the village Goddess not to accept animal sacrifice . On the orders of Shreepad , the village Goddess is gone to take bath in the sea . Now you will be saved from this disease , if you offer over flown milk to the Goddess . The village Goddess who has taken the form of Kalika will be pacified . In order to spread this news to all villagers , a drummer should be summoned and asked to proclaim this with the beat of the drums . When asked who should be called ( to do this job ) , Shreepad said , “ Venkayya , who is ridden with cholera should be called . Tell this message to him . “ All the villagers went to Venkayya , who was on death bed . No sooner had he heard the message , than he fainted . When he became conscious again after a few hours , he was fully cured . This news rapidly became a topic of discussion in Peethhikapur . Venkayya beat the drum in all four corners of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Peethhikapur . Bapannarya asked his servant to bring a vessel filled with water in front of him . He composed suitable Mantras that would destroy the germs in the atmosphere . And immediately , poisonous germs in the air , began falling in the water one after the other . In this way , the atmosphere was purified and the great disease destroyed .

On his birthday , Raj Sharma along with his wife took Shreepad to his grandfather , Shree Bapannarya . Whenever Bapannarya tried to find auspicious signs on the feet of Shreepad , every time he experienced the brilliance of a million suns and he could never see those auspicious signs in that brilliant light . He used to be very much amazed by this . But on that day in the morning , he saw Divine footprints on rice husk . He asked his daughter Sumati , “Child ! Who went on this husk ? “ “ Your beloved grandson himself went from here , who else ? “ replied Sumati . Those footprints appeared to be the footprints of a sixteen year old . Grandfather took Shreepad on his lap and started observing those lotus feet . This time , he did not see Divine light , but saw clear signs which seem to indicate , “ I alone am the incarnation of Dattatreya himself . “ Bapannarya kissed those Divine feet . His conviction that this child is an incarnation of Shree Dattatreya became stronger . At the same time ,poetry in praise of Shree Datta came out automatically from his mouth . By seeing those divine feet , the eight pure emotions were invoked in Bapannarya . Tears of joy began flowing from his eyes . They fell onto Shreepad’s cheeks and shone like pearls . Grandfather wiped those tears on Shreepad’s cheeks lightly with his cloth . At that time , Shreepad said , “ Grandfather , you had attracted the energy from the solar system and established it at the Shiva Linga of Mallikarjun at Shri Shailya . At the same time , the energy was also attracted at Gokarn Mahabaleshwar . I wish to absorb the undesirable vibrations radiated by living beings into myself and to transmit auspicious vibrations towards my dependants , my worshippers . Gokarn Mahabaleshwar is the Atma Linga of God Shiva . Just by seeing it , liberation can be obtained . Similarly , just by seeing Shri Shailya , you get the fruit of liberation . I wish to energise the Mallikarjun here . You are Satya Rishi . I was of the opinion that since my mother had fallen at my feet when I was in the form of the ascetic , I will be short lived . But you had said that mother had fallen at my feet in my Shreepad form , therefore I will not be short lived . Therefore , I have decided to stay in your house only for sixteen years , because I do not want the statements of both of us to be proved untrue . The task of gracing seekers desiring liberation from worldly bonds lies ahead . I will fulfill your wish that I should be ever – living . I will hide the Shreepad Shree Vallabh form . Even after the incarnation of Nrusimha Saraswati is taken , the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh will remain , the permanent true form . After finishing the incarnation of Nrusimha Saraswati , after meditating in the Kardali Van of Shree Shailya for three hundred years , I will emerge at Pradnyapur (Akkalkot ) in the form of Swami Samarth . I will put my life force in the banyan tree there and will merge with the Mallikarjun Shiva Linga .”

Bapannarya thought this to be amazing and incredible . The first birthday was celebrated with great joy and pomp at Grandfather’s house . Another miracle happened at Peethhikapur that day . Narsawadhani , the priests of the temple and a few others did not see the idol of Swayambhu Dattatreya when they had gone to the Kukkuteshwara temple to see the Lord . The news that the idol in the temple had disappeared spread like wild fire in the village . A Tantrik who was opposed to Narsawadhani , started arguing strongly that the reason behind the disappearance of the idol is


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Narsawadhani himself . He started preaching in the village that Narsawadhani who studies evil sciences has made the idol to disappear . The Brahmin’s at Peethhikapur decided to search Narsawadhani’s house . These Brahmins met Shree Bapannarya and told him about this incident . Then Bapannarya told those Brahmins ,’ Remain silent till the truth is revealed . The question will be answered in due course of time .’ When Narsawadhani’s house was searched and the suspected places were dug up , some items like the human skull used for evil sciences were found ; but the idol of Shree Dattatreya was not found . Shree Narsawadhani was acquitted from charges of theft . But it was proved that he was a practitioner of evil and petty sciences . Day by day , his health began to deteriorate . He had a sterile cow . He used to use her like an ox to work in fields and used not to feed her on time too . One day , the Tantrik opposed to Narsawadhani invited evil powers into the body of the cow . Therefore the cow broke the shackles that had tied her securely and entered the house and started hurting the people in the house by her horns . She destroyed the Rajgira farm cultivated by Narsawadhani with great affection . Nobody could go near the cow and harness her with a rope . That same day was the day of remembrance of ( Shraddha ) Narsawadhani’s mother at his house . Complete food was cooked for the day . The invited Brahmins for the Shraddha had finished their food . But people in the house had not eaten . The cow ate all food and Vadas . At the same time the child Shreepad Prabhu asked his father to take him to Narsawadhani’s house . Taking him along , Shree Raj Sharma stood in front of the house of Narsawadhani . At the same time , the cow came out from the house of Narsawadhani . She circumambulated around Shreepad , who was standing in the courtyard three times and then bowed to his feet and died in that state itself .

After this incident , the villagers started giving various opinions . The food eaten by the cow was poisoned and the cow died by eating it . Many rumours started spreading that now Narsawadhani will be guilty of killing a cow . Hence , Narsawadhani was distressed . The cow had circumambulated around Shreepad three times and after that she died placing her head on his feet . Therefore all people were convinced that Shreepad is a Divine incarnation . Raj Sharma had knowledge about the science of Ayurveda . On Narsawadhani’s request , he was treating him .But the medicines were not having any effect on his incurable disease . Narsawadhani’s health went on deteriorating and one day he died by that illness itself .

Because of Narsawadhani’s death , the villagers started talking that he died because Shree Raj Sharma had not given him proper medicines . Some of them started saying that Shreepad Vallabh used to daily go to Narsawadhani . If he was an incarnation of Datta , how could Narsawadhani have died ? Many of them were convinced that the sin of cow murder itself was the reason of his death . When Shree Raj Sharma and Shreepad went to console the family members of Narsawadhani , Narsawadhani’s wife held his hand and said , “ O Child Shreepad ! I used to go many a mile to get a little good fortune ( of long life for my husband ) . Since you are Dattatreya himself , is it not possible for you to restore Grandfather Narsawadhani to life ? “ Saying so , the lady started crying . Shreepad Prabhu whose heart was as soft as butter wiped the tears of that mother . The funeral procession began . Raj Sharma and Shreepad joined that last journey . Narsawadhani’s eldest son took fire in his hands to light the pyre of his father . At that same time , two drops of tears rolled down from Shreepad’s eyes . Shreepad said with a voice like thundering clouds , “ Oh ! We have


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II sons who light the pyres of dead fathers . But never seen a son who is lighting a father who is alive . “ Hearing these words , all people in the gathering stared at Shreepad in stunned silence . Shreepad touched between the brows of Narsawadhani who was lying on the pyre by his Divine thumb ; Due to that Divine touch , life began to emerge in Narsawadhani’s body and miracle was that within a few moments itself , he alighted down the pyre . He bowed down before Shreepad Prabhu . Then he returned home with all people . His wife was very happy seeing him return home alive . Due to the touch of Shreepad Prabhu’s thumb , Narsawadhani got the subtle knowledge of the ‘ Karma Sutra’ .The sterile cow who had died in his house was Narsawadhani’s mother in a previous life . The ox in his house was his father . Narsawadhani realized these things . At the time of her death , the cow had requested Shreepad Prabhu to drink her milk . Narsawadhani learnt about this promise Shreepad had given to the cow and that in her next life when she will be born as a sterile buffalo , Shreepad Prabhu will drink her milk in the Narsimha Saraswati incarnation . By the grace of Shreepad , Narsawadhani realized that the Tantrik who had done experiments on Narsawadhani is going to die soon and in the next life , he is going to be born as a Brahma Rakshasa and he will be graced by Shreepad in his ascetic form . He got the knowledge of the subtle worlds . He also came to know about his own next life . In his next birth , Shreepad Prabhu will visit his house in the form of an ascetic and accepting his alms of the Rajgira vegetable , then destroying the crop of Rajgira by his own hands , will give a pot of gold at its roots to him . Narsawadhani got this future account by the touch of Shreepad’s finger .

Shreepad’s face was very handsome , beautiful and brilliant . It just cannot be compared . I will tell you about the sermons given by Shreepad Prabhu to Narsawadhani and his wife and the accounts of his grace on them , tomorrow . Now let us immerse ourselves in singing his praises remembering him . It is the eternal truth that wherever his name is remembered , songs in his praise , songs describing his Divine acts are being sung , Shreepad Prabhu moves there in his subtle form .We were thrilled by the company of a saint and devotee like Tirumaldas .

II Victory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 7 II

Description of the Cosmos

Greatness of the Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut

Shree Tirumaldas finished his morning chores and started telling . He said , “ Shankar Bhatta! The Divine story of Shreepad Shree Vallabh is unbelievable , fascinating and incomparable , Since he has immeasurable affection for you , you have got the great fortune of writing his Divine biography . You have got this Divine opportunity by Shree’s wish . “

Appearance of Shreepad at many places at the same time

After Narsawadhani escaped from the jaws of death , his power of magnetic attraction reduced . Earlier , any person whom he meditated upon , used to come to him , no matter how far he was . That power , too , diminished . People , who earlier used to be scared of him , now were not afraid of him at all . In fact , on occasions , they used to mock him and hurt him . His financial condition also started deteriorating . Sometimes , he used to be short of a square meal too .In these troubled times , he came out of his house in anguish . At that time , the Great Guru Bapannacharyulu was going carrying his grandson in his arms . A straight road after turning from Raj Sharma’s house used to lead to Bapannacharyulu’s house . In his childhood , Shreepad used to spend more time at his grandfather’s house than at his own house . He used to also go to Shree Narsimha Verma’s and Shree Venkatappa Shreshthhi’s house whenever he wished . Narsawadhani wanted to speak to Shreepad . He felt like lifting the beautiful Divine child in his arms and caressing him . Narsawadhani’s eyes fell on Shreepad . Shreepad smiled softly looking at Narsawadhani .That smile was very charming . Narsawadhani went to Shreshthhi’s house for alms . There he saw Shreepad playing on Shreshthhi’s lap . Shreepad smiled mockingly at Narsawadhani . After taking alms , Narsawadhani went to Narsimha Verma’s house . There he saw Shreepad playing on the shoulders of Narsimha Verma . Again Shreepad smiled mockingly looking at Narsawadhani . The child Shreepad was at Shreshthhi’s house , Verma’s house and Grandfather Bapannacharyulu ‘s house at the same time . Narsawadhani could not figure out whether this was a dream or a spell of Vishnu Maya .

The people in the village started troubling Narsawadhani . People started criticizing that Narsawadhani had a hand in the disappearance of the idol of Swayambhu Datta in the sacred place of Pad Gaya . Narsawadhani returned home shocked and hurt by this criticism . Seeing him in this state , his wife became very sad . She went to the God’s room in her house to express the anguish in her mind . The sight she saw there was amazing . In their God’s room , Shreepad


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II was sitting . The husband and wife were extremely happy seeing him . They both requested Shreepad to have lunch of the Rajgira vegetable . But Shreepad refused to eat . When time , Karma and Reason combine together , such rare incidents occur . The wise take benefit from such occasions . The foolish miss such opportunities . Shreepad Prabhu agreed to their request ; not in this life but in the next life . He promised that in the next life , he will definitely have food in their home , in his Narsimha Saraswati incarnation , in the sacred land of Maharashtra . It may be once possible for the Sun and the Moon to change their speed , but it is simply impossible for any living being including the five elements of nature to disobey the Lord’s words . Even if the world capsizes , time changes , Divine acts of Shreepad are ever new , permanent and always novel . Shreepad Prabhu gave a sermon sitting in their place of worship to Narsawadhani and his wife . These sermons are very important to the devotees of Datta .

Conversation between Shreepad Prabhu and Narsawadhani and Shreepad’s advice

Question : Who are you ? God ? Angel ? Magician ?

Answer : I am only myself . The invisible energy in every atom and molecule in the universe comprising of the five elements is me only . I am the one in the form of Father and Mother in all living beings including birds and animals . I am also the teacher of the World .

Question : Are you the incarnation of Shree Datta Prabhu ?

Answer : Undoubtedly . I am Datta only . Since you hold a body , I have also taken a body so that you recognize me . In reality , I am without shape and qualities .

Question : Does that only mean that you do not have shape and qualities ? Is that all ?

Answer : Not to have shape is also a shape by itself . Similarly , not to have any qualities is also a quality . You realize that , I am the only one with or without qualities , with or without shape , who supports everything and is also beyond it .

Question : If you are everything yourself , why are human beings subjected to sorrow and joy ?

Answer : The you in you is you – the living being and the I in you is me – The Parmatma . Till the time you have the attitude of ‘ I am doer ‘ in you , you cannot escape the duals of joy and grief , sins and good deeds . When the you in you will be destroyed and the me in you exalted , then you will be close to me . As you come closer to me , you will be liberated from the duals of joys and sorrows , sins and good deeds . You will be happy and flourish when you are in my protection .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Question : Some say that the Jiva and the Parmatma are different , others say that the Jiva and the Parmatma are closely related , while some say that the Jiva is itself the Parmatma . what is the truth in all this ?

Answer : It does not matter if you have the notion that you are different and I am different . After your consciousness of the self is destroyed , you will experience joy even when we both are situated differently . You will also experience joy when you realize the concept that everything moves around by my grace and you exist only for me to get things done . Since you will be devoid of attachments even when you are different from me , you will attain liberation . I express myself through you when there is a great closeness between you and me . You will also attain joy , when all my powers are being expressed through you ; When the notion of the self in you is destroyed , you will be devoid of all attachments , in this state of oneness . This is also liberation as it is devoid of any attachments . Since your notion of the self is completely destroyed , the concept of ‘ I did ‘ or ‘ I am ‘ will vanish . In this state when there is only me in you and not you , you can experience such bliss that the mind cannot comprehend . Therefore you achieve liberation when you are in this state of oneness . The state of Divine Bliss is the same both in forms of duality or oneness with me . That state is beyond the comprehension of mind and speech . It can be realized only through experience .

Question : Some of them in the state of being an ascetic , proclaim that they themselves are Divine , so are you a realized ascetic ?

Answer : No , I am not an ascetic . I am Divine and the ascetic’s experience is that the Divine is all encompassing . Hence I am Divine and I am in the hearts of everybody . That is my state .

Question : I have not understood this minor difference .

Answer : Ascetics liberated from all material bondages merge themselves in me and experience Divine Bliss . They are not left with a personality . Since they do not have a personality , they are devoid of any desires . I am present in the Great Will , Great Power of the Universe . I am also present in the ‘ Maya’ which is called the ‘ Jiva ‘ . The ascetics who have merged with me , too , have to take birth if I order them , ‘ You take a birth again ‘ . My form is of Truth , of the Bliss of knowledge filled with the great Will . And their form is of Truth , of the Bliss of Knowledge devoid of desires .

Question: A burnt seed cannot germinate again . This is nature’s law . Similarly , how can those who have got Divine Knowledge and filled with Divinity take birth again ?

Answer : Burnt seeds cannot germinate . This is nature’s law . To make burnt seeds germinate is the Power of the Creator of nature . In fact , my incarnation has happened even before the ‘ Satya Dharma ‘ ( Faith of Truth ) was propagated as per the above theory .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Question : Datta Prabhu ! Shreepada ! Please explain .

Answer : My father , the Great Sage Atri Maharshi became renowned by transcending the three tenses of Past , Present and Future , similarly the triad of birth , growth and death . Mother Anasuya became renowned as she had not even a trace of hatred towards any living being or any object in the universe . The Great Sage Atri performed very hard penances to have a vision of that Great Flame which is the support of and is beyond Brahma , Vishnu and Rudra . Mother Anasuya did penances so that the Parmatma in his form as the Great Flame should see each and every living being and object in nature by his nectar filled eyes and grace them . Anasuya used to pray that since according to the ‘ Karma Sutra ‘ joys and sorrows are obtained as a result of the good deeds and sins committed , even a small good deed should have a magnified result and even a great sin should have a lesser impact . The Mother , with the power of her penances transformed hard iron into soft and edible gram seeds . Consciousness in minerals is in the dormant form . In trees , it is in the semi – awakened form . In animals , the state is of complete consciousness . After being born in the mineral form and dying , then be born in the plant kingdom , after that to be born as an animal and finally after taking the human birth , a man should be filled with austerities , knowledge and wisdom and awaken the dormant power of the Parmatma in him and should attain liberation . Mother proved that the Laws of the Results of Karma in nature can change by the grace of the Parmatma . Since consciousness in the form of the Trinity was awakened , she converted them into children while they were asleep .He took the form of Anagha Devi , combining the three powers of the Trinity . He ( Parmatma ) took the form of Dattatreya and accepted Anagha Devi as his wife . In the Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnation , Anagha Devi is on the left side and Dattatreya is on the right side and Prabhu was born in the Ardha Narishwar ( half male and half female ) form . Realise , that just by his wish , Prabhu , who has the Power and might of creating in the Great nature , can easily change the rules of nature as per needs .

Question : Shreepad ! You , who has the power to change the rules of nature , can’t you remove my poverty ?

Answer : Definitely , I will remove your poverty . But in your next life . After you have suffered a little poverty ! The question of the Rajgira vegetable was very trivial . Still you had so much greed for the vegetable . Mother , Father or Grandfather nobody had asked you to give it . How much Rajgira a child like me would require ? Had you given the Rajgira when I felt like having it , today’s predicament would not have arisen . But now the time has gone . This lifetime will not be sufficient to remove the dirt in your mind . Every man gets the fruit of good deeds in the form of longevity , fame , prosperity , beauty , wealth etc . The fruit of sin is in the form of bad name , poverty , ugliness , short life etc. I extended your life by taking a better portion of your good deeds ( Punyas ) , hence your reserve of good deeds was expended . Now since your evil deeds ( Paapas ) are more , you should suffer poverty . Even then , I give you a boon that since you worshipped Swayambhu Datta , although there is poverty , you will get two square meals a day .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Question : Shreepada ! The Shastras stress that your Karmas should be in accordance to the Varnashram Dharma . Your Grandfather gave the decision of Upanayan Sanskar in favour of the Vaishyas , was this not wrong ?

Answer : Your tongue should be cut for trying to find fault in the decision of Satya Rishishwara . who do you think Grandfather was ? He was Bhaskaracharya himself . Vishnu Datta and Sushila , a very pious couple who did not even know the meaning of the word ‘ selfishness ‘ – I ordered the deities of Kaal ( Time ) and Karma to give them birth as my parents . Ancestors of Narsimha Verma were fully devoted to Laxmi Narsimha Swami . The family had distributed food in charity at the sacrifice held at the Simhachal . I made the events to occur in a timely manner before I took birth in Peethhikapur . Associations with these families cannot be repaid in one lifetime , nor can be over in the period of one incarnation . My benevolent hand will be upon them for generations . They will be carefree under my protection .

Protection of Shreepad to his devotee

Now speaking about me , you could not part to me the worthless Rajgira . Had I eaten , you would have got the credit of feeding One hundred Thousand Brahmins . You are really unfortunate . If there is a debate on what is right , or what is wrong , you should refer the Shastras . When there is a deliberation taking place on whether to follow the Shastras or not , then the decree given by Good persons of pure heart is the Shastra . Whatever they say is treated as Words of the Vedas and is considered to be right . Even if they err and try to give an immoral decision , the God of Dharma prevents them from treading the immoral path and force them to give decisions in line with morality . The Shatras say that violence is sin . But the war in presence of Parmatma Shrikrishna became a holy war . The war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas became famous as the ‘ holy war ‘ and the place where the war took place became famous as the ‘ holy place ‘ . Performing sacrifices is considered to be a good deed . But the sacrifice carried out by Daksha without invoking Shiva , who is a form of Parmatma resulted in a war in the end . Daksha was beheaded and then he was fitted with a goat’s head . When a patient has bile ,the doctor uses items like lemon , tamarind for treatment . If a part of the body decays , that part is treated by surgery . I , too , am like that . I have parts of Gods in me , so also of demons . I also behave like a demon , a madman , a ghost . Since I have empathy for the living being , I behave according to your nature, your good or bad deeds .I don’t leave the hands of my devotees who have fully surrendered to me . I bring my devotees to my place , who are in far – off countries . You should not try to find the origin of a river or the Kula ( ancestry ) of a sage . Was not the Adi Shakti Kanyaka Parmeshwari born into a Vaishya family ? Are there not Vaishya sages amongst the sages who have attained perfection ? Not only Brahmanas , Kshatriyas , Vaishyas , but also the Shudras have the right for the Upanayan as per Vedic rites if they follow the rules with faith . The mind should be pure and should be immersed in pursuit of Divine Knowledge . Your mind is totally absorbed in ‘ Vegetable Knowledge ‘ . Is Divinity a thing that can be purchased in the market ? A person born as Brahmin in this birth can be born as a Chandala ( low caste ) person in the next . Similarly , a person born as Chandal in this birth can be born as a Brahmin in the next . Realise that Divinity is a mystery that is beyond time , country ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II opinions , race – God loves internal emotions , not outward actions . Divinity works according to your attitude . I am a Brahmin when I am disseminating Divine Knowledge . I am a Kshatriya when I hold court and grace and provide for my devotees . Every living being gets the fruit according to his good and bad deeds . The account of every life is with me . I am a Vaishya when I give the fruits of good and bad deeds depending upon their quantity . I am a Shudra when I take the duty of serving ; when I take the troubles of my devotees upon me to award them happiness and peace . I am a Dom , when after a living being dies , by lighting his pyre and reducing him to ashes , I give him a good path ( after death ) . Now tell me , which Varna I belong to ?

Question : Shreepada ! Forgive me . I am ignorant . You are Datta Prabhu himself . You are only the support to all living beings actually . Kindly tell me how this nature was created and oblige me .

Description of the Worlds

Answer : Grandfather ! Eighty Eight Thousand householder sages reside in heaven . They are present in the form of a seed for preaching religion and to be born again ; this is their characteristic . Brahmadeo was created from a fraction of the Parmatma’s imperishable energy to create nature .From the Parmatma , next in the order , the all encompassing Water was created . From the radiance of the Parmatma , millions of gold – like brilliant eggs were created . Amongst these eggs , one is the Divine egg where we reside . The inner parts of these were dark and their the effulgence of the Parmatma was established ; hence the name ‘ Aniruddha ‘ became famous . Parmatma destroyed the darkness in that egg by his brilliance . The Vedas have described this with various names like Savita , Hiranya Garbha , Surya , Param Jyoti . In the Treta Yug , the great sage Bharadwaj had organized a Savitri Kathhak in honour of the brilliance of Shree Dattatreya filled in millions of universes , at Peethhikapur . In the Satya Lok , there is a place called ‘ Niramaya ‘ . The Pitru Devatas ( Forefathers ) in the name of Rudradityas , Vasus reside in the paths to the three inter connected worlds . They are engaged in the protection of the Niramaya . Since the four – headed Brahma lives in this place also called as the ‘ Brahma Lok ‘ , it is also called as the ‘ Place of Knowledge ‘ or ‘ The Location of Mool Prakriti .’ Above it is the famed place called ‘ Shree Nagar ’. Above it is Maha Kailas and above it is Kaaran Vaikunthh .There is a location of Vidyadhars called Puranpur in the Satya Lok. In the Tapo Lok , there is the residence of the Saddhyas . In Ambawatipur in the Jan Lok , there is the residence of sages like Sanak , Sanatan etc . At Jyotishmatipur in Maharlok , Ganas like Siddhas ( those who have achieved spiritual perfection ) etc. reside . In the Amarawatipur in the Swarga Lok , there is the residence of Gods like Devendra etc . In Rathantarpur in Bhuvarlok , which is related to the Universe due to the inclusion of planets and Nakshatras in it , resides the Divine sculptor – Vishwakarma . Grandfather ! There are two parts of the Bhu Lok . One part which is the residence of human beings is called the Bhugol . Other than this , there is another part called as the ‘ Maha Bhoomi ‘ . This Mahabhoomi is situated 50 million Universal miles to the south of the Bhugol . The Land of Death , i.e. the Martya Lok includes Bhulok and Bhuvarlok and that includes the Maha Bhoomi too . The Patal ( Hell ) includes seven types of worlds like Atal , Vital , Sutal , Rasatal , Talatal , Mahatal and Patal . In short it is called as Heaven , Land of Death and Hell.


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Below the Bhugol , in which we stay , is the Mahabhoomi , in the centre of which is a highland and which is circular . Therefore the Sun and the Moon are always shining on its horizons . Since it is always lighted time cannot be determined there . There are seven seas , seven continents on the Maha Bhoomi . Jambu Dweep is on this Maha Bhoomi . Bhulok and Bhuvarlok combined together is called ‘ Martya Lok ‘ ( Or Land of death ) . Bhulok has two parts – Bhugol and Maha Bhoomi .

At the beginning of nature , all worlds were filled with water . When Brahmadeo did penances for creating the universe , he saw the Pushkar leaf floating on water . Brahmadeo took the form of a boar and dived in the water near the Pushkar leaf . He found the Maha Bhoomi below . He dug some wet mud and with his sharp incisors , split it into two parts . He kept one part on the Pushkar leaf which became the earth . Grandfather ! This is called ‘ Bhugol ‘. Bhugol is at a distance of 50 million Universal miles from Maha Bhoomi . Maha Bhoomi’s length is 500 million miles . There is an island called ‘ Jambudweep ‘ on this Maha Bhoomi . There are nine continents in it . The Gods live on the Deva continent and the living beings on the Gabhasti continent . Kinnars reside on the Purush continent and human beings reside on the Bharat continent , the Gandharvas on the Gandharva continent , the spiritually perfect souls on the Sharabh continent , demons on the Tamrakhand continent , Angels on the Sheru continent and Pannages reside on the Indu continent .

South of Jambu dweep , which is on the Maha Bhoomi , at Bharatpur on the Bharat continent , Vaivaswat Manu rules along with the sage Bhu and human beings . There is also a Jambu dweep on the Bhugol similar to the one on the Maha Bhoomi . 100 years before my Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnation at Peethhikapur , I came to this Maha Bhoomi . The Jambu dweep on the Maha Bhoomi is One Hundred thousand miles wide . On the Jambu dweep of the Bharat continent only , there are Vaivaswat Manus . On other continents , the Gods reside . There is light like mild sunlight and there is no difference of day and night . The lengths are One Hundred Thousand miles of salt sea , Two hundred Thousand miles of Plaksha island , Two Hundred Thousand miles of Ikshuras sea , Four Hundred thousand miles of the Kusha island , Four Hundred Thousand miles of the sea of liquor , Eight Hundred Thousand miles of the Krauncha islands , Eight Hundred Thousand miles of the Sea of Snakes , Sixteen hundred Thousand miles of the island of vegetables , Sixteen Hundred Thousand miles of the sea of curd , Thirty Two Hundred thousand miles of the island of Shalmali , thirty two hundred thousand miles of the sea of milk , Sixty Four Hundred thousand miles of the island of Pushkar , Sixty four hundred Thousand miles of the sea of sweet water , Twelve Million ,eight hundred thousand miles of the Chalachal mountain , Twenty Five Million Six hundred Thousand miles of the Chakrawali mountain , Fifty one million two hundred thousand miles of the Lokalok mountain , One Hundred and Twenty Five million miles of Tapo Bhoomi . Sunrays cannot go beyond the Loka lok mountain . Therefore there is darkness between the Lokalok mountain and the end of the Universe . The end of the Universe is spread ten million miles . The incarnation of the boar and Narsimha do not cover the land . Varaha is not a boar , but a deer having one canine .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Continents , Rulers of continents , Description of the Gods of the continents

Kuber is the Lord of the Vital and the Nav nidhi ( Nine types of wealths ) ; He is the treasurer of the Universe and his residence is at Alkapuri in the North .

Maya resides at Yoginipuri which is west of Meru of the Vital world . He is the sculptor of the demons and for the sport of Tripurasur , he had created Tripur high in the air .

At Vaivaswatpur in Sutal , there is the overlordship of Yama . He is the Lord of the south direction . There is the river Agihotra at the entrance of the city . This river is called ‘ Vaitarni ‘.The pious can cross this river easily whereas it is very difficult for the sinners ( to cross this river ) .

At Punyanagar in Rasatal , a demon named Nirruti rules . He is the Lord of the South – West direction . There is Vaikunthha nagar in Patal ; There Shree Man Narayan reclining on the Shesha , along with the demons of Patal , along with the great snakes like Vasuki resides . This was called ‘ Karya Vaikunthh ‘ in Shwet Dweep .

There are three interconnected worlds in the Patal Lok . In the first world , there is the residence of living beings called ‘ Anangas ‘ . In the second world there is the residence of the dead bodies . In the third world , living beings who have got painful bodies cry in anguish .

In Dhanishtapur in the Talatal world , the Vetal rules along with the Pishachchas . At Kailaspuri in Mahatal , the Lord of Katyayani along with the Bhoot Ganas is Ishaan . He is the Lord of the North east direction .

There are seven seas , seven islands in the Maha Bhoomi . There is Jambu dweep at its centre . Jambu Dweep is divided into nine continents ; the continent towards the south is called the ‘ Bharat’ continent . At Bharatpur in the Bharat continent , Swayambhu Manu lived . Many pious souls , sages etc. used to reside in the kingdom of Swayambhu Manu . They used to follow the righteous path of these worlds . In the Maha Bhoomi , around the seven islands , mountains like Charachar , Chakrawal , Lokalok rise up to the heavens . They never allow the brilliance ( of the Lord ) to pass through them .

There are seven under worlds below Maha Bhoomi . These are called ‘ Seven Patalas ‘. The Pishachchas reside in the Atal world . There is Kuber in Alkapuri in the Vital world and Maya along with demons in Yogini pur . In the Sutal world , there is King Bali along with his family .

Sinful beings suffer troubles in the hells of Vaivaswatpur , which is the residence of Yama .At Punyapur in the Rasatal world , Nirruti along with ghosts resides . In the Talatal world , Vetal resides in Dhanishtapur and Rudra in Kailaspuri . The Pitru Devatas live in Mahatal . There is ‘ Shwet Dweep Vaikunthh’ in the Patal . Narayan resides in this .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Adjacent to the Meru , on the Upper side , there are Ananga beings , dead bodies and the suffering bodies . The great sinners were in the Niralamb Suchyagra Location . After meals , water is offered to these , after reciting the Mantras , ‘ Raurave Apunya Nilaye Padmarbud Niwasinam I Arthinam Udakam Dattami Kshayyam Upatishthhati II ( In the impure place of the Raurava , which is the residence of Lotuses , I rise offering the indestructible water ) .

Names of Worlds , Descriptions of their expanse

The Bhugol and the Maha Bhoomi in the Bhulok are different . Understand this clearly . In the region from the point above Bhugol till the North Pole , the Sun Worlds light the line of Mountain Meru . This is not the solar planetary system ; but these are worlds of the Sun God . Similarly , the Moon World , the Mars World , the Mercury World , the Jupiter World , the Venus World , the Saturn World , Worlds of the Gods of the Zodiac , Worlds of the Gods of the Nakshatras , Worlds of the Seven Sages , World of the North Pole are there . Besides this , there are other extra worlds .

The sun worlds are a hundred thousand universal miles from the centre point of the earth . This is the location of the Sun God which is the Lord of the Sun . From the centre point of Bhugol , the Moon world is two Hundred thousand universal miles , the Mars world is three hundred thousand universal miles , the Mercury world is five hundred thousand universal miles , the Jupiter world is seven hundred thousand universal miles , the Venus world is nine hundred thousand universal miles , the Saturn world is eleven hundred thousand universal miles , World of the Gods of the zodiac is One Million two hundred thousand universal miles , The world of the Gods of the Nakshatras is One million three hundred thousand universal miles , the World of the Seven Sages is One million four hundred thousand universal miles . The world of the Pole Star is One million five hundred thousand universal miles . Similarly , at various distances from the centre of the earth are situated the Heavens , the Maharlok , the Janalok , the Tapolok , the Satya Lok . From the centre of the Earth till the end of the universe , like a wall surrounding the universe , is a distance of 245 million universal miles . From the centre of the earth till beyond the end of the universe , the distance is 255 million universal miles . During the great floods towards the end of the universe , the Bhulok , Bhuvarlok and the Swarlok are destroyed . The Maharlok above Swarlok is partially destroyed and partially stable . The Jan , Tap and Satya Lok above this are destroyed towards the end of the life of Brahma . The heavens include Swarlok , Maharlok , Janlok , Tapolok , Satya Lok and the region till the end of the universe .

Who is Datta ?

Grandfather ! You will have to take births a hundred thousand times if you have to experience the Datta principle . Realise that Datta means the only great brilliance which has encompassed billions of universes and beyond them . Realise that Shreepad Shree Vallabh in front of you is Datta .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Narsawadhani and his wife were astounded by the sermons given by Shree Charan . Narsawadhani and his wife could not hold back tears after listening to the discourses of a one year old on such significant and intricate topic and after asserting himself as Datta . They started crying . They expressed the desire to touch the Divine Feet of that Divine Child . Shreepad refused this . Narsawadhani and his wife could not move .

Shreepad further said , “ I am Datta . I am the only principle that encompasses billions of universes . Since Dig ( i.e. directions ) are my Amber ( clothes ) , I am Digamber . Whoever with pure body , mind and soul sings and praises , “ Datta Digambara ! Shreepad Vallabh Digambara ! Narsimha Saraswati Digambara !” I am always there in the subtle form . With the attitude of giving service to pilgrims coming to the sacred place of Pad Gaya to perform religious deeds of ancestors , from far – off regions , my grandfather Shree Bapannacharya used to arrange for their food and lodging . Some people objected , “ Where is your Swayambhu Datta ? Has he not disappeared ? “ Then Shreepad said , “ I am that same Datta . People coming in to stay in the sacred house where I have taken birth , will definitely become sacred . Their Pitr Devatas will definitely obtain sacred worlds . I am the only God who looks after the welfare of the beings who are living and the beings who are dead . Life and death are both equal to me . Even then , is this the fruit of my worship of Swayambhu Datta ? This is the lament in your mind . In order to remove the charges on you , Swayambhu Datta will shortly be found . And the idol will be re- established . I have given you longer life . Always remember Datta in your mind . I promise you that I will grace you in your next life . You do not have the great fortune of touching my feet . I , the Lord , who creates , nurtures and destroys billions of universes , bless you with my boon – giving hands . “ With a thundering noise , the atoms and molecules of the body of Shree Charan disintegrated and Shreepad disappeared .

Son ! Shankar Bhatta ! In this way Shreepad summarized the importance of chanting his name by adding – ‘ Digambara ‘ before it . It is beyond our imagination that his all encompassing shapeless power incarnated in this form .

Is there any end to the Divine Leelas being done by the Lord , taking the form of a beautiful little child since his childhood !

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 8 II

Description of the Datta incarnation

How does self – realisation takes place ? Real Brahmins are those who perform penances to obtain Divine knowledge

Next day , Tirumaldas , after finishing his regular prayers , said , “ Shankar Bhatta ! When self – realization takes place , the fifteen qualities merge with their original elements . Those particular Gods merge in the consciousness which is the original energy . Self realization , Karmas etc. get merged with the Divine Form . The one who is striving for such Divine knowledge , is a real Brahmin . Life , Belief , Sky , Air , Fire , Water , Earth , Organs , Mind , Food , Strength , Thoughts ,Mantras , Karmas , Universes , different principles in the Universes are called ‘ Sixteen Principles ‘ . Shreepad Prabhu is an incarnation of the Ultimate Divine complete with all sixteen principles .

Food is itself mind – Purity of mind is achieved by eating Good Food

The creator first created the World of Prana ( Breath ) . Prana means the Life – force which is present in the entire world . That life force is also called as Parmatma , Hiranya Garbha . The material or solid elemental energy situated in the covering of the Prana is called ‘ Body energy ‘ . If the flow of consciousness full of Prana is controlled properly , material sorrows of human beings are eliminated . The Pranic body of the human being becomes diseased first before the external material body . The external body gets the disease later . After the creation of nature was decided , the five elements were expressed . To comprehend these five elements , five sense organs were designed . To combine with these and for proper working , five organs of action were designed . The mind controls these ten organs and the mind is formed of the food , therefore human being should be very careful of his diet . Because , from the fractions of the diet only , emotions in the mind are created . Our thoughts develop as per the qualities of the diet . Mantra means to discipline the flow of thoughts and control them . Karmas means to scientifically perform the sacrifices and to chant the Mantras associated with those sacrifices as per the texts . Karmas alone are the reason for the creation of the world . The world cannot exist without a name . There is a God for each organ in us . These organs work under the influence of these Gods . When the meditating Yogi obtains self – realization , at that time , the sixteen principles merge with the original principle . The conscious energy from the material body of the Yogi dissolves in the Cosmic Conscious energy . Human beings who have sense organs and organs of action cannot survive without doing Karmas .

You cannot be liberated unless you destroy your sense of ‘ ego ‘


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II It is because of the attitude of ‘ ego ‘ in human beings , that Karmas are done . The sense of ‘ego ‘ is the impure consciousness formed due to covering of the mind and the intellect by ignorance . The Yogi who is self realized does not have any residual results of Karmas of many lifetimes left . Self – realization does not occur till the attitude of ‘ ego ‘ is completely annihilated . When the Yogi realizes the self , then his Karmas and the focus of its results – the ego along with the Maya dissolve in the eternal Parmatma – and he remains devoid of personality . Parmatma is with personality and in the form of Power . Karmas and the results of Karmas are destroyed and the Yogi attains the position of spiritual perfection ( Siddha ) . Even though the Yogi suffers the results of his Karmas through his external body , since he does not have the attachment towards the body , he is always situated in the state of liberation . Parmatma displays his divine actions through Yogis . Parmatma has the power to reduce all the Powers of Yogis who become proud of their Yogic powers and remove their pride . Shree Bapannarya had transferred energy from the solar system to Shree Mallikarjun at the sacred place of Shree Shailya , to Mahabaleshwar at the sacred place of Gokarn and at some other places . He had also transferred energy in the idol of Swayambhu Datta and also in the Archan idol . This energy which is related to Fire needs to be pacified . If this is not done , the worshippers as well as the sponsors of the worship both are liable for punishment due to the extreme brilliance of the worshipped idol and they get undesirable results . Only Yogis who have inner realization can know about the energy – transfer ( Shaktipat ) into the idol of Swayambhu Datta . The transfer of energy ( Shaktipat ) at the sacred location of Shree Shailya Mallikarjun in presence of thousands of people by the initiative of Shree Bapannacharya took place . Brilliance from the solar system emerged in front of everybody and immersed in the Linga of Mallikarjun . The incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and this Shaktipat are two very secret Divine mysteries . These are fit to be told and known only by the greatest Yogis . The Shree Shailya was pacified after this transfer of energy ( Shaktipat ) took place .In this thousands of people were fed . Due to this hunger was pacified . The cruel powers were reduced and immersed in the principles of tranquility ; hence all Karmas became peaceful and auspicious . In the transfer of energy ( Shaktipat ) at the Swayambhu idol of Peethhikapur , since there was no real witness and proof , the pacification or distribution of food did not happen . When Shree Bapannarya suggested distributing food , the Brahmins of Peethhapur , by various debates , rejected the suggestion .

Shreepad – Complete in sixteen principles

Time was flowing at its own pace . Shreepad was now two years of age . In this period of two years , Shreepad had shown by his many Bal Leelas that he is complete with the sixteen principles and that he is a great incarnation of this era . Shreepad Prabhu left Peethhapur at the age of sixteen . After that he stayed for fourteen years in Kuravpur and other sacred places . But his physical appearance was that of a sixteen year old boy only .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Sixteen incarnations of Shree Dattatreya

The number sixteen is special . Shree Dattatreya had taken sixteen incarnations in previous eras . They are : 1. Yogiraj 2. Atrivarad 3. Digambarawdhoot 4. Kalagni Shaman

5. Yogijan Vallabh 6. Leela Vishwambhar 7. Siddha Raj 8. Dnyan Sagar 9. Vishwambhar Awadhoot 10. Maya Mukt Awadhoot 11. Adi Guru 12. Sanskar Heen Shiv Swarup 13. Dev Dev 14. Digamber 15. Dattawdhoot 16. Shyam Kamal Lochan .

Shree Datta Prabhu is the donor of luxuries and liberties . It is sufficient to worship his Padukas in order to worship him . All the four Vedas in the form of dogs who convert all impurities to purities are at his Lotus feet near his Padukas . Even Gods and the Saptarshis cannot fathom the purity of Shree Dattatreya . At the end of the previous era , when the Vaman incarnation had taken place , then his contemporary sage , the Great Vamdev was also born . During the time of his birth , only the head came out of the mother’s womb . Then after the Gods and the sages prayed to him , Shree Vamdev took birth again . From birth itself , he was a pure knower of Divinity .

Similar events occurred during the birth of Shreepad . He was only in the form of a flame . In this way , because he was born twice , from birth itself he was twice born ( Dwija ) . Since he was complete , Perfect , Whole , Ever situated in Bliss , he had no Guru ( Spiritual Master ) in this incarnation . In reality , he was not the combined form of Trinity , but a special principle beyond the Trinity . Therefore, to indicate the fourth dimension beyond the trinity , he took incarnation on the fourth date ( Chaturthi ) . By coming out of mother’s womb and again going back and pleased with the prayers of Maha Yogis , Siddha Purushas ( Spiritually Perfect ) and Gods ,being born again , he was full with Divine knowledge since birth . The Lord of Chitra Nakshatra is Angarak ( Mars ) . If this planet is placed badly ( in the horoscope ) , it is inauspicious for all living beings . Prabhu took birth in the Chitra Nakshatra to remove all that is inauspicious and to give all that is auspicious . Worship of Shreepad Prabhu when the Chitra Nakshatra is prevalent has special results . Shreepad Prabhu is Dharma Shasta himself . He took birth in zodiac sign of Libra to indicate that he is Ayyappa Swami – son of Hari and Har . There is no religion that he does not know . If a person caught in two minds prays to him , he gets the realization of the right path .Sun is the Lord of all planets . Since he was born in the Leo ascendant , it indicates that he is the Lord of all universes and that he is the Emperor born to hold royal courts .

The Trinity was created from Shree Datta Prabhu and from the Trinity , thirty million Gods and from them Three Hundred and Thirty million Deities were created . Therefore , by just remembering the name of Shree Datta , you get the fruit of remembering all Gods and deities .

The Brahma face of Shree Datta Prabhu should be worshipped by Rishi Poojan . The face of Vishnu should be worshipped by the ‘ Shree Satya Narayan Vrat ‘ and by the ‘ Vishnu Sahastra Naam ‘ . His Rudra face should be


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II showered by the ‘ Rudrabhishek Mantras . ’ The Goddess Saraswati resides on the tongue of the Brahma face of the Lord Shree Datta Prabhu . The Goddess Laxmi resides on the bossom of the Vishnu face . On the left side of the Rudra face resides Gauri . All the energies of the female deities in nature are established in the left side and all the energies of the Male Gods are established in the right side of Shreepad . Shree Venkateshwar Swami who has descended on the Saptagiri in Tirupati is Datta Prabhu himself . ‘ Ven ‘ is the seed ( Beeja ) of Amrit ( immortality ) and ‘ Kat ‘ is the seed ( Beeja ) of prosperity . Therefore Shree Venkateshwar is the giver of Amrit ( immortality ) and prosperity . In fact , Shree Venkateshwara and Shreepad Shree Vallabh are not different and one only . Then I said , “ Tirumal Das ! The learned ones used to say that in earlier times , the Varnashram Dharma used to be religiously followed . But I feel that Shreepad Prabhu’s opinion was opposed to this . So I request you to clarify my doubts . “

The signs of a Brahmin

On this Tirumal Das said , “ If a Brahmin spends his life to obtain the knowledge of the Divine , only then he can be called a ‘ Sadbrahmin ‘ ( A good Brahmin ) . If he leaves his appointed duties , Karmas and becomes ill – behaved , he becomes a ‘ Cruel Brahmin ‘ . When his bad Karmas increase and he turns to cow killing and eating cow meat , his Brahmanism is reduced and his brilliance of being a Brahmin is completely eliminated . The life particles in his body change and he is turned into a ‘ Chandal ‘ . Then he cannot be a Brahmin . By penances , the life particles in a Kshatriya change and he becomes a Brahmin . In this way , Vishwamitra ( born as a Kshatriya ) , became a Brahmin . The planet Saturn dominates three signs of the zodiac for a period of seven and a half years . During that time , the life particles of each human being undergo transformation . Old particles get destroyed and new particles created . The human being does not even realize this . “

The signs of a Kshatriya

If a Kshatriya leaves his own duties of a warrior and follows the peaceful duties like agriculture , serving cows , trading , the fighting qualities in him do not last . Several changes take place in his mind , intellect and body and he changes to a Vaishya . If a Brahmin follows the path of a warrior he becomes like Parshuram . In the earlier days , hadn’t Dronacharya and Kripacharya followed the duties of warriors even though they had been born as Brahmins ? Though a Vaishya , hadn't Kusum Shreshthhi followed the warrior path ? Though a Shudra by birth , have I not received Divine knowledge by the grace of Shreepad Prabhu ? By continuous penances ( efforts ) ,a Shudra can also become a Brahmin , Kshatriya or Vaishya . Our Varna depends on the results of our good deeds and not on whether we are born in a particular caste and are following the rules , duties and skills of that Varna . I can get the next birth as a Brahmin , although I am born as a Shudra . Similarly , a person who is Brahmin by birth may get next birth of a Shudra . The organization of Varnas was made for sociological reasons . Shreepad gave an alternate explanation , the Brahmins being the face of the Parmatma , Kshatriyas as the arms of the Parmatma , Vaishyas as the thighs of the Parmatma


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II and Shudras as the feet of the Parmatma . You accepted my hospitality . The food in my house is the food of the house of a Brahmin only.”

Mystery of the Karmas

The atmosphere in this premises is filled with sacred and auspicious vibrations , because of the continuous remembrance of the name of and meditation of Shreepad . Even though Narsawadhani was born as a Brahmin , the atmosphere in his house had become impure due to the mental , spiritual and physical vibrations being polluted . Because of this , Shreepad Prabhu did not accept his hospitality . This is the mystery behind this . The Varna is required in order to take birth as per the ‘ Theory of Karmas ‘ as per the good or bad results of the Karmas , isn't it ? John was a resident of Germany , even then he had immense curiosity for Divine Knowledge . In the ultimate phases of good results , he saw Shreepad Shree Vallabh at Kuravpur and got unending grace from Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Even though Narsawadhani was in Peethhapur itself , he took so many years to realize that Shreepad is an incarnation of Shree Dattatreya . Even after realizing this , it is impossible to obtain Shree Datta’s grace without a series of meditations .

On this , I said , “ Swami , according to you , every living particle gets transformed . In that case does every Varna have a soul ? Parvati Devi is called ‘ Daughter of the Himalayas ‘ , why is this said ? “

On this Tirumala said , “ Every Varna has a soul . It is in the form of power . That power has emerged from Shree Datta Prabhu , who is the ‘ Divyatma ‘. Since it is associated constantly with the Parmatma , it is the ‘ Mahashakti ‘ . The meaning of the word ‘ caste ‘ is not as you take it . It is akin to a living human being , which is made up of conscious living particles . Similarly , in the personality of a group , all the qualities of each individual of the group are combined . Similarly , each village , city , each country has a soul . There is a soul to the land where we live , too . The deity established in the land is called , ‘ The Land Goddess ‘ . She is a Great Soul as the soul in her is a part of the Parmatma . Similarly , the power of God established in the Himalayas is called ‘ Himwant ‘. The daughter of Himwant is Hemwati . If we recognize ‘ Yama Dharma ‘ as the son of the ‘ All knowing ‘ Sun God , it implies the Power of the God who judges living beings as per their good and evil deeds and punishes the sinners .

All the living beings in the world obtain energy from the Sun to perform their duties . The Sun established in the sky and the Gods residing in it are different . I had told you that Shreepad Shree Vallabh will disappear at the age of thirty .He will merge in the atoms and molecules in the billions of universes . He is all knowing . You may ask the question , why he dissolves again . Even though he is all pervading , billions of universes are situated at some distance from the influence of his energy . In order to regularize the motions in these universes , by the influence of his powers , he attracts the universes near him . In the entire universe , if any disastrous situation occurs as a result of various Karmas , Shree Dattatreya incarnates . Magnet attracts iron . But if iron is rusted , the power of the magnet to attract


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II reduces drastically . But when the rust is removed , when each molecule in the universe is attracted , when the universal results are wished to be given new directions , then such incarnations occur .

Description of the Pancha Kanyas

Then I said , “ Swami ! It is said , ‘Ahilya , Draupadi , Seeta , Tara , Mandodarastatha I Panchakanyaam Pathhennityam Maha Paatak Naashanam II ‘I don’t understand this subject easily . Therefore I request you to describe this . On this Tirumaldas said , “ Indra was attracted to Ahilya and he used the power of Maya to get her ; he cried taking the form of a hen . Thinking that it was dawn , the sage Gautam got up and went for his prayers . Since Ahilya was greatly devoted to her husband , Indra could never have touched her . Since the god Indra possessed powers , he created an illusory Ahilya and had an intercourse with her . Due to strong desire of Indra , the particles of the illusory Ahilya had been created . Gautam saw Indra and the illusory Ahilya during their intercourse and becoming angry , he cursed both of them . Ahilya said , “ O Great Sage ! What have you done ? “ Spiritually , Ahilya was superior to Gautam . Due to Ahilya’s curse , the sage Gautam became a lunatic for twelve years and after that recovered by the worship of Shiva . Ahilya’s mind became inert , hence her body , too , became inert and converted to a stone . By the touch of Lord Shreeram , the curse of Ahilya was removed . Therefore , realise that Ahilya is very sacred .

The cursed Indra was born as the five Pandavas . Even though there were five forms , five minds , the supporting soul was one . This is a strange subject . In the pot of sacrifice , Shachi Devi appeared in the form of Draupadi . She is not born of the womb .

The Fire God hid the real Seeta in his womb and Ravan took the illusory Seeta to Lanka . After entering Fire , the illusory Seeta disappeared and the real Seeta emerged . Therefore realize that Seeta is very sacred .

There are 27 Nakshatras in the 12 zodiac signs in the earth’s time wheel . The presiding deity of these 27 Nakshatras was born as ‘ Tara Devi ‘ . When she was in full bloom of her youth , the presiding deity of the planet Jupiter , Brihaspati , fell for her and married her . An old husband cannot satisfy a young maiden . This subject is not according to Dharma . Therefore , even if the vow taken at the time of the marriage is not adhered to , it is not a sin .Brihaspati could not evoke the feelings of he being her husband in Tara Devi’s mind . It was Brihaspati’s responsibility to arouse emotions for a husband in Tara Devi’s mind . On the contrary , Brihaspati , the knower of all Dharma , acted opposed to Dharma . The particles in Tara Devi’s body transformed as per her mind . The moon’s form was constant in her mind and her heart was won by the Moon . In this way , the transformed Tara Devi was different than the Tara Devi that had earlier married Brihaspati . Therefore the mating of Tara Devi and the Moon is not against Dharma . According to the laws of nature , to move around the 27 Nakshatras is the nature of the Moon ; not of the planet Jupiter . If the planet Jupiter does this ; it is against Dharma . Any Karma which is against Dharma fails . Therefore


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II the Moon getting the Goddess of the 27 Nakshatras , Tara Devi only is right . Son ! According to this subtlety of Dharma , Tara Devi is highly devoted to her husband .

When Bheeshmacharya was on the bed of arrows , he advised Yudhishthhir . Bheeshma said , “ When a bad deed is being done , as far as possible , it should be prevented , or else that place should be vacated . “ On this , Draupadi laughed . On this Bheeshma said , “ When Draupadi was insulted , my behavior was wrong . Because at that time , I was under the protection of Duryodhan . By eating his food , my blood had become polluted and my intellect was corrupted . Now that the polluted blood is no longer in me , my intellect has become pure and knowledge has dawned upon me . “

In the evolution stage , a living being takes many lives . In some births , he is a male and in others , he is a female . Apart from human births , he also takes births of birds and animals . In previous birth , Mandodari had a male birth ; in that life , she had three wives , one of a wavering nature , one of cruel nature and one of soft nature . In this birth , the wife of the wavering nature became the monkey – Vali , the wife of the cruel nature , became the demon – Ravan and the soft – natured wife was born as Bibheeshan . At the end of the Kalpa , when Mandodari had a male birth , these three were wives of Mandodari . So , in the next birth , she became a wife to the wavering Vali and from this Angad was born . After that she became the wife of the cruel Ravan . After the destruction of Ravan , she became the favourite queen of Bibheeshan . So when she was the wife of Vali ,when she was the wife of Ravan and when she was the wife of Bibheeshan , the micro particles in her were different . Therefore , Mandodari is also greatly devoted to her husband . “

Then I said , “ Swami ! It is said that a woman should have only one husband and a man should always have only one wife , then is it not deplorable to have multiple wives or husbands ? “

Effects of the Karma Chakra

Tirumaldas said , “ You are right . It is said that if a man unnecessarily troubles his wife , he becomes a young widower for seven births . If a man marries four or five women , in the next birth , this man takes a female birth and those four or five women , since their desires are not diminished , take a male birth and enjoy that woman . If this happens in the same birth , it leads to the sin of promiscuity . If many births are taken and if in each birth , she marries one man , it does not become a sin . All this is the influence of the Karma Chakra . If you take female birth , you should act according to the laws of that birth . If you take male birth , you should act according to the laws of that birth . “

Persons who create strife between husband and wife are not born as male or female in the next birth ; but are born as impotent persons and are devoid of family life and hence experience sorrow . Eating meat is not allowed . If one person kills a lamb and devours its meat with four or five persons , that lamb gets pains while dying and vibrations


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II full of this pain are present in the atmosphere . Son ! There are joy – filled and pain – filled vibrations present in the atmosphere . Vibrations filled with happiness arise due to good deeds being done and vibrations filled with pain arise due to sinful deeds being done . Since the killed lamb dies with a desire to take revenge on the four or five men who had killed and eaten him , the lamb takes birth as a man and the four or five men who had eaten the meat , take birth as lambs . Therefore , humans should be forgiving . The good man , even after seeing the lamb does not wish to kill and eat its meat as revenge . If the lamb forgives the man who killed him in the earlier birth , the lamb will get the credit of saving one life and his Karma Chakra stops .

The combined balance of the Good deeds as well as of the sins of the residents of Peethhikapur matured for result at the same time and resulted in the birth of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . The pious ones realized Shreepad as Shree Datta Prabhu and became even more pious ; whereas the sinners rejected Shreepad as Shree Datta and became even more sinful . If the worshippers of Shree Datta , criticize Shreepad , they will obtain a hell like the Raurava . It is better to remain quiet if you do not know a subject . But it is not right to criticize that Great Divine Form . People worshipping his face with auspicious prayers , but driving nails in his feet , will be troubled by sorrow and disease . Not only this , Shree Dattatreya has created an extraordinary Yog Power by his grace . All the wishes of pious persons are fulfilled just by remembering his name ; without any effort ; on the other hand , all kinds of obstacles and undesirable events fall upon the sinners who have criticized Shreepad . Shreepad has the form of Fire . He has worn the garments of Fire . It is the sacred Yogic Fire form and to describe the glories of his Padukas , even billions of years will not be enough . Even the Vedas and the Upanishads are incapable of describing his Padukas . How many eras have gone by ? How many times the cycles of generation , sustenance and destruction have taken place ? But Shree Datta is still Shree Datta . He is incomparable and is Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself . Each particle in the nature is witness to this Great Truth .

The re- establishment of Swayambhu Datta

An Awadhoot came to Peethhikapur . He was a Siddha who had achieved perfection in Yoga and used to always be in a frenzied state . His behavior was very strange . If he wanted to bless somebody , he would abuse him ; such was his strange nature . If he praised somebody , the person’s credit of Punya ( Good deeds ) would reduce .

The residents of Peethhikapur asked the Siddha where Swayambhu Datta was . Then the Siddha said that Shree Datta is taking bath in all sacred places and nowadays he is in a river . After the devotees tried very hard to search , the idol of Swayambhu Shree Datta was found in a river . At an auspicious time , that idol was re – established by the auspicious Sumati Maharani and Shree Appal Raj Sharma , who had Divine brilliance . The initiator of this great event was Shree Bapannarya .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Appearance of Vidyaranya

On the day of the re- establishment of the idol in the temple , Bapannarya requested that Siddha to come to his house for alms . That Siddha saw Shreepad in his grandfather’s house . Seeing that child , who was only two years’ if age , feelings of parental affection arose in the Siddha’s mind . Shreepad , who was sitting on the shoulders of his maternal uncle , Shree Venkatappa and was playing with his Shikha , turned his sight towards the Siddha and smiled . Seeing that smile , the Siddha went into a Samadhi . After coming out of that Samadhi , Shreepad said , “ Madhava ! As per your wish , Bukkarai will establish a Hindu empire when I become 16 years’ of age . You should always be behind Harihar and Bukkarai . You will be famous as the great sage ( Maharshi ) Vidyaranya . In the coming century , Govind Dixit is going to be born in the family of your brother , Sayanacharya . That Govind Dixit will be none other than yourself . Becoming a Rajarshi ( Sage of the kings ) , you will become Prime Minister of the state of Tanjavur and feel very fulfilled and blessed .”

Hearing this , tears of joy started flowing from the Siddha’s eyes . He drew Shreepad near him . At the same time , Shreepad bowed to the Siddha’s feet . When the Siddha expressed surprise , Shreepad said , “ You will become the head of the sacred place of Shringeri Peethha by the name of Vidyaranya . In the lineage of your disciples , you yourself will become the third disciple , by the name of Krishna Saraswati . Since the feelings of parental affection for me were created in your mind , in my next incarnation in the name of Narsimha Saraswati , you will initiate me into the life of an ascetic as Krishna Saraswati , at the sacred place of Kashi . You will re- instate the Sanyas Dharma . Kashi Vishweshwara and Mother Annapurna will be a witness to this .

Madhavacharya , born in the Parashar Gotra , of The Prawar of Vasishthha , Parashar , Tryarsheya , of the Rigvedi Shakha , performing the Vajpeya will become famous as the Vidyaranya Maharshi ( The Great Sage ) . Son ! Tomorrow I will tell you more stories . “ Saying so , Tirumaldas ended that days’ discourses there itself .

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 9 II

Analysis of the Fruits of Karma

Today is Thursday . Today morning , during sunrise , the horoscope of the Guru is being read . Tirumaldas and myself were sitting in a room , meditating . Soft rays of the sun were entering the room . What surprise ! In that soft rays of the Sun , we both saw Shreepad Shree Vallabh . We became awake due to the Sun’s rays . To be able to get a glimpse of the Great sacred god , the 16 year old Shreepad Shree Vallabh , is only due to the great grace of Param Prabhu . That form disappeared giving a short glimpse .

We had kept grams as offerings to Shreepad Prabhu . By the touch of the sunrays , the grams transformed into iron . I was surprised by this and also sad . Is the Prabhu’s glimpse accompanied by the transformation of grams into iron an indicator of something unusual ? Such doubt was created in my mind .

Shree Tirumaldas started narrating further , “ Son ! Shankar Bhatta ! Shree Datta Prabhu has ordered that after enjoying my hospitality , you go to Kuravpur today afternoon . At noon , Prabhu moves in the sacred locations of Datta for alms . This time is very auspicious . I said , “ Swami ! Every day I was spending my time in remembering Shree Datta Prabhu , hearing to the stories of Datta . I regret that today the grams presented as offering were transformed to iron . Pray please remove my doubt and bless me . “

Shree Tirumaldas said , “ Son ! After some centuries , since Kali will predominate , atheism will increase . To remove atheism and to establish theism , Prabhu will perform extraordinary Divine Leelas and will give grace . He will grace all the programmes of the future for the establishment of the Dharma , in this Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnation , by seeding them . “

Consciousness in minerals is dormant . The life – force in the mineral state is internalized . The Life – Force is created in minerals after many chemical reactions . The mind is internalized in the Life – Force . You will clearly see in trees that , consciousness is half awakened in the Life force form . The human being experiences the same state in his body by consuming intoxicating substances .

Consciousness expressed in the form of Life – Force develops as per the results ( of Karmas ) and through the form of mind , compels to do ( further ) Karmas .You find this state in animals . The complete development of animals is called as ‘ human being ‘ . In human beings, the power of the mind is fully functional . There is a ‘ Great Mind ‘ which is beyond the mind . It is in the state of internalization . Human being becomes complete by the study of Yoga . He can


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II move the consciousness which is dormant in the Mooladhara to the Sahastrara and can get a state of Savikalpa or Nirvikalpa Samadhi . He can experience complete congruency with Shree Guru , who is in the form of the Great Flame . In this state , he gets indescribable bliss . And his Karmas are as per the Great Wish ( Maha Sankalp ) of the Lord. Hence he is free from the bondages of Karma .

The form of the Maha Sankalp ( Great Wish ) is incomprehensible , unfathomable and beyond imagination and is very fast . ‘ The Great Mind ‘ is of Shree Prabhu himself . Shree Prabhu accepts millions of prayers every moment . Prayers which are in accordance to Dharma are granted immediately and sorrows are removed instantly . Wishes of everybody which are within the framework of Dharma are granted . The speed of the human mind is equivalent to that of a tortoise ; whereas the speed of the ‘ Great Mind ‘ of Shree Prabhu is very fast and beyond imagination . Even the speed of light which is very high is less compared to the speed of his ‘ Great Mind ‘ and small prayers offered by a human being or any other animal reaches Prabhu through his Divine network of light .

Shree Prabhu is the only support of all visible and invisible energies . All the worlds are lighted due to the bunches of flames radiating from his body and nothing else . The combined lights of all the Suns , Stars etc. in the billions of universes as compared to his light are comparable to showing a torch to the Sun . Son ! This itself is the true principle of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . That formless , shapeless principle , having infinite powers , infinite knowledge , infinite expanse has great infinite empathy for the creation and therefore it takes the form and shape of the human body and gives glimpses in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Human beings should attain perfection to realize this .

The Divine Form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh

Human beings compulsorily are drawn to God ; similarly , God also transcends infinite distances and takes birth in the lower levels . This is called as ‘ descending ‘ ( of the Lord ) .This is a continuously occurring yoga process . Once Truth is established in nature , it works independently without ( external ) efforts . Shreepad Shree Vallabh , who is in the infinite form of Truth , knowledge takes glorius , Divine incarnations with the objective of establishing many truths in nature . He is Datta Prabhu himself . I said , “ Swami , while discussing with you , I realized so many new things . Even then , I cannot fathom the form of Shree Guru . I cannot comprehend how to write his Divine and glorius biography and how to define him . I have heard about establishing an idol . You are talking about establishing the Truth . So request you to kindly tell me about the truth in details . “ Shree Tirumaldas said , “ Son ! It has already been decided that the writing of the biography is going to be done through you , the Great devotees of Shreepad coming in contact with you will narrate their experiences to you . You note them down ; your definitions are not required here . Shree himself will get his biography written through your medium .It is useless to think more about this .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Man eats different types of foods . The food consumed gets digested automatically and gives energy to the body . This process of digestion is not human effort , but the normal work of the body . Human being’s duty is to only collect food and consume it , that’s all. To digest the food after meals is the duty of the body . Since there is a mind in the human body , he has the freedom of will . Therefore , truth – lies , good –bad , anything can happen . But the body has no such free – will . It is Brahma’s decision that the only duty of the body is to digest the food and make the body strong . Even if man wishes or not , the body keeps doing its duty without his involvement . Since the truth regarding the human body is established , this is continuously taking place effortlessly , even when there is no wish of man involved in this . Creation implies that all actions – reactions in nature occur with the support of truth . Sunrise – Sunset , the cycle of seasons , the motion of stars – planets should necessarily occur based upon this truth . This is the inviolable law . That means they do not have the freedom to do contrary to this .

The all encompassing Prabhu , due to his compassion towards the living beings in nature , regularized nature’s laws . In the Krit yuga , all perfections could be achieved by a mere wish . In the Dwapar Yug , all perfections could be obtained by Mantras and by arms and weapons and in the Treta Yug by sacrifices and in Kaliyug all Siddhis are obtained predominantly by the procedures of Tantras , the Kaliyuga methods . The regularization of nature’s laws takes place according to the Yuga and the level of strength and mental abilities of human beings .

Shreepad blesses those who meditate on him by remembering him continuously for three days and three nights , by giving a glimpse in his bodily form . If for a human being , there are a million ways of falling , God has ten million ways of uplifting him . Shree Datta Prabhu nurtures this nature through his partial incarnations , Siddha Yogis and Maha Siddhas .

Since the doubt that is Shree Datta of the earlier Yuga himself is Shreepad is prevalent in your mind , Shreepad transformed the grams offered by you into iron to remove the doubts . Mother Anasuya had converted iron into edible grams . He did that in order to show that he indeed is Datta himself . Jupiter in your horoscope is in the house of disease . The planet Jupiter is related to gram . In order that the prevalent troubles due to Jupiter which you may encounter should not germinate , the grams were transformed into iron and brought to your notice . Nothing in this nature is created without being seen by the Divine Mind Eyes of Shreepad . Similarly , it is the Ultimate truth that no being takes birth in this nature without being seen by his Divine sight . Since the knowledge regarding truth is well established , those who have acquired this knowledge do not get destroyed even though they disappear from this world . When man becomes eligible to obtain that knowledge , he gets a birth in this creation and automatically obtains that knowledge . God’s Powers , immortal sages , incarnations are all parts of this indestructible principle . Human beings are part of the destructible principle . It is not a rule that the knowledge , position , motion , power of the indestructible principle is restricted to one specific type . It is a complete and independent principle . It is very ancient and always very new . It is impossible for an event to occur without reason . For all reasons and all events , only one principle supports . It is unfathomable and beyond everything else . This is called the ‘ Datta principle ‘ . That


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Datta Prabhu took an incarnation in this Kaliyug complete with all his qualities , first as Shreepad Shree Vallabh in this Peethhikapur . Even the thousand hooded Shesha does not have the power to describe Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

Son ! It is indicated several times that Shreepad Shree Vallabh is going to take the incarnation of Shree Narsimha Saraswati . It was known that after obtaining an incredible boon , Hirankashyipu’s death was impossible . Shree Narsimha Bhagwan killed Hiranyakashyipu by not going against the boon given to him , in an extraordinary way and protected his great devotee , Prahlad . Prahlad decided that his Lord resides in a column . Lord emerged from the column . ‘ Whether God exists or not ? ‘ this doubt arises in the minds of most of the people in this Kaliyug . To destroy the arrogance of the Hiranyakashyipu of Kaliyug and to protect the devotee like Prahlad , Shree Datta Prabhu is going to get incarnated as Shree Narsimha Saraswati . The specialty of the Narsimha incarnation is to prove that God exists . The incarnations of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and Shree Narsimha Saraswati took place with two main motives of destroying the pride of those who criticize God and protecting those who worship God as the eyelid protects the eye . There is nothing that is not attainable to Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

Tirumaldas was narrating ; I was listening . A doubt arose in my mind . I was writing the story of Shreepad Shree Vallabh on a leaf . In future , people will write the tales of Swami on which leaf ? The current measurement of time is taking place by the Shalivahan system of counting years . Swami is saying that the Hun Calendar is going to come in prevalence . Actually , when did Shrikrishna’s death occur ? At which time did this Kaliyug begin ? I will believe that Shreepad is really an incarnation of Shree Datta if Shreepad Shree Vallabh will write and show me ( this ) according to the calendar that will be used in future and on the leaf that will be used in the future ( for writing ) .

Without disclosing the doubt of my mind to Tirumaldas , pretending to listen to what he was saying , I was observing the grams being transformed into iron . Instantly , Tirumaldas’ voice diminished and his power of speech destroyed . A great deafening sound was heard . after hearing that sound , I became deaf .

In an instant , Tirumaldas became dumb and I became deaf . Tirumaldas was trying to speak , but not a word was coming out of his mouth . I could not hear anything even when I tried hard to . There was only one thought in mind – Alas ! Unnecessary doubts arose in my mind and resulted in deafness . Now , will I remain till the end of my life ? What misfortune ! What should I do now ? At that time , the grams or iron pieces , kept as offering converted to the letters , ‘ Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye ‘ in the Telugu script . A pure white leaf was visible on it . The size of the leaf increased on all sides , even as we were seeing . It was much softer to touch and thinner than it . On it beautiful black letters appeared . On it was written in the Telugu script – Shrikrishna’s death took place on 3120 B.C. on the date 18 th February in the night at 27 minutes and 30 seconds past 2.00 . Kaliyug entered after the death of Shrikrishna on the year named Pramadi , on the first day of the full moon night of the month of Chaitra , Friday on the Ashwini Nakshatra . After seeing this startling incident , my body started perspiring . Due to excessive perspiration , my body lost all its strength . I started shivering . I was sure that Shreepad Shree Vallabh is present here


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II in an invisible form . Thoughts came in my mind , ‘ What misfortune ! Going to Kuravpur now only remains a dream ! It will be no surprise if Shreepad slays me by taking the form of Narsimha . What do I do if Tirumaldas is ordered to give Shankar Bhatta a good thrashing like is given when clothes are washed and hung for drying and then hang him . Tirumaldas will definitely thrash me up on a stone and twist me dry like a cloth . Some teachers , pretending to know the Divine Knowledge , used to lecture their disciple about subjects related to the divine . They may also praise a disciple with the hope of earning money . That disciple moves around with pride saying that a particular Guru praised him . The teacher and the pupil both are guilty of the sin . It is a miracle of Shreepad that I , who is born in the Brahmin Varna is being enlightened by Tirumaldas , born in the washer man caste . The other washer men in the surroundings were busy in their occupation . They did not even have a desire to know about the great one or discuss about him . Now I will have to surrender to Shreepad . “

I looked towards Tirumaldas . His face was glowing with Divinity . I thought that indeed , Tirumaldas is a Brahmin and I am a washer man . His face was appearing blissful . The grams offered came to their original form discarding their metallic form . I felt Shreepad had pardoned me . In a few moments , those white leaves ( paper ) disappeared . Tirumaldas said , “ Son ! Shankar Bhatta ! Kaliyug is Iron Age . This age is full of flaws . After my death , I will stay for a while in the Hiranya Lok and by the orders of Shreepad will be born again in Maharashtra .”

“ Swami ! Shreepad has ordered you too to take birth after your death ? Request you to narrate this incident in detail certainly . “ Tirumaldas said , “ Once I took washed clothes to his maternal grandfather’s house . Shreedhara Awdhani , maternal uncle of Sumati Maharani was cuddling Shreepad taking him in his arms . The chants of “ Datta Digambar ! Datta Digambar ! Datta Digambar ! Awdhoota ! “ were going on . Shreepad was two years of age . He was playing around with a childlike laughter . It was a wonderful sight . “ Shreepad Vallabh ! Datta Digamber ! “ , these words came from my mouth . At the same time , Shreepad exclaimed , “ Narsimha Saraswati ! Datta Digamber ! “ He had given a notice in his particularly cryptic style that he was Datta Prabhu of the past , presently had taken the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and in future , was going to come in the form of Narsimha Saraswati .

Samarth Sadguru will incarnate in the form of Saibaba of Shirdi

Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! I wish to take the incarnation of Narsimha Saraswati in the country of Maharashtra . I am also asking Tirumaldas to come to the country of Maharashtra . “ Shreedhar Awadhani was surprised . I said , “ I will always depend upon you for protection in any birth , in any form . I adore your ‘ Balkrishna ‘ form very much . “ Shreepad said , “ Tirumaldas ! You will be born in the family of washer men in Maharashtra by the name ‘ Gadge Maharaj ‘ . You will be purified by serving the downtrodden and the miserable . I will incarnate in the town of Dhishila by the name of ‘ Sai Baba ‘ dressed in Muslim robes as a Samarth Sadguru ( Powerful Teacher ) . You will definitely be graced by me who will be a Samarth Sadguru dressed in Muslim robes . Since you adore the Balkrishna form , you will chant the name by the Mantra , “ Gopala ! Gopala ! Devakinandan Gopala ! “ After this body falls , you


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II will stay for some period in the Hiranya Lok and after that you will do welfare of the masses by becoming ‘ Gadge Maharaj ‘ . This is my boon and protection to you . “ During all this Shreedhar Awadhani was covered by a spell of Maya . He did not understand anything . His illusion was broken by a call from Sumati Maharani . He regarded Shreepad as a normal child . I said , “ Swami ! Shrikrishna in the Bhagwad Geeta has said that results of your Karmas are unavoidable . Then how will Shreepad destroy the results of Karmas without violating this law ? “

Fruit of charity done to the Sadguru , the Good and the Yogis

Tirumaldas said , “ Shrikrishna has indeed said that the fruits of Karmas have to be borne ; but he has not said that the fruits of the Karmas have to borne in the awakened state . These can be borne even in the state of sleep . If the results of Karmas have to borne for 10 years , you can be relieved of it in a few moments of mental agony or distress in dreams . By doing charity to Good men , Yogis , by God’s grace , the effects of your Bad Karmas are destroyed . The Gods are sacred and since they have compassion towards living beings , they absorb the results of our sinful Karmas in them and give their purity to us . “

This transfer also takes place by doing charity to sacred and pure people . This exchange takes place when we meditate on our Samarth Sadguru , through the medium of meditation . Samarth Sadgurus accept service from their disciples and by the medium of this service , absorb the sins of their disciples into themselves and transfer their power of Tapas into their disciples . But the results of Bad Karmas have to be borne . Gods , Righteous men , Sadgurus , Incarnations are extremely brilliant and powerful and are like the Fire . They have the power to burn the results of sinful Karmas absorbed by them . Exchange of sinful Karmas and purity also takes place through the medium of leaves , flowers , fruits offered to them . the more solemn our surrender , devotion , the faster this exchange takes place . Sometimes Shreepad used to transfer the results of sinful Karmas of his refugees onto lifeless stones . By destroying the stones or by different strange ways , he would destroy those sinful Karmas . I will tell you a tale regarding this . Listen carefully .

Since birth , Shreepad was not getting enough milk . Sumati Maharani could not sufficiently breast feed her son . They had a cow in their house . She used to milk just enough to be offered to Kalagni Shaman Datta . Remaining milk would be for her calf . This was the strange nature of the cow .

Shreepad used to sometimes drink the milk supposed to be offered to Kalagni Shaman Datta before being offered to the God by going to the ‘ Puja Room ‘ . On the days that this used to happen , Shree Appal Raj used to offer jaggery to the God and would himself fast . Since her husband used to fast , Sumati Maharani also used to fast on such days . Sometimes , if Shreepad waited till the milk was offered to the God , he would drink that milk after it was offered to the God . His parents were sad that they could not give sufficient milk to such a divine and incomparable child born in their family . Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and Narsimha Verma tried to donate a cow giving good quantity of milk to


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Appal Raj . But all these efforts were in vain . Because Appal Raj had taken a vow of not accepting charity . He was of the opinion that by accepting charity , you accumulate sins . He was well – versed in the Vedas and would only accept the nominal fees whenever there would be conferences on the Vedas . His income from priesthood was minimal . He used to go as priest only to Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and Narsimha Raj Verma . He used to be upset with both of them if they tried to give more compensation . Appal Raj also used to not take anything from his father – in – law Shree Satya Rishishwar ( Shree Bapannarya ) . On the Kartik Poornima day , he used to dine at his father- in – laws’ place as this was the birthday of Sumati Maharani . On his birthday on the Vaishakh Krishna Tritiya day , too , he used to have lunch at his father – in – laws’ house . Some times , on the birthday of Shreepad , i.e. on the Ganesh Chaturthi day also , he used to take lunch at his house .

Seeing the bad situation of the family , one day Sumati Maharani told her husband , “ My Lord ! My parents are prosperous people and are very well mannered people having devoted priestly initiation . The Malladi family is well – to – do and my parents belong to it . I do not see any sin in accepting a cow as a gift from them . We cannot even give sufficient milk to Shreepad . I request you to think calmly on this matter . “ Appal Raj said , “ O Fortunate One ! What you say is true . Satya Rishishwar is fully devoid of sins and it is not sinful to accept a cow from him . But this needs the consent of the laws . Surprising events have been taking place from before the birth of Shreepad . If Shreepad is a new incarnation of Datta , would not the cow at our house given enough milk ? Or would not your breast milk be in plenty ? Further , elder son Shreedhar Raj Sharma is blind and younger son Ram Raj Sharma is lame . Cannot Shreepad remove their bodily defects and liberate them ? You discuss these things with your father . It is not right for me to violate my principles every now and then . “

Sumati Maharani told these things to her father . Smiling , Bapannarya said , “ Ammanni ! All these are the divine pastimes of Shreepad . Shreepad is not only an expert in removing problems , but also in creating them . I have realised by the Yoga vision that Shreepad is Datta . “ We have plenty of cows at our home . Not only do I consent to give the cow , I will be very pleased to do so . Datta Prabhu likes cow’s milk very much . As per your husband , consent of law is required for this . Oh ! What a paradox of God ! There is no shortage of son – in – laws who use various means to rob their father – in – laws’ properties . But my son – in – law is like pure Fire . We appear fools , if we try to break his vows . Your husband will not accept the cow in charity , unless the Five Great elements clearly ratify it . If Shreepad liberates his elder brothers from their bodily defects , his debts with your family will be over . Datta , who will be free from this debt of your family , will not be able to live as a son in your house . He will leave the house as a ‘ Jagadguru ‘ to deliver mankind . Therefore do not express the desire to liberate their bodily defects in front of Shreepad , even by mistake . Everything is dependent on time . And time is dependent on Shreepad . If Shreepad wishes you will have plenty of milk . But Shreepad’s associations with you will be over . Free from your debts , Shreepad , who is not limited to his family , will run away from home to perform his duty of being a Jagadguru ( Universal Teacher ) . By Shreepad’s wish , the cow in your home will leave her strange nature and give plenty of milk . Then this problem will not remain . Therefore , you have patience for some time . Datta himself will solve the problem


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II he has created . “ I said , “ Swami ! What is the reason for the bodily defects of Shreepad’s brothers ? Is it due to the effects of Karmas of their family by heredity ? “

Tirumaldas said , “ Shree Datta’s incarnation took place in the evening . Shreepad’s incarnation took place in the early morning . The future incarnation of Narsimha Saraswati is going to take place at noon , on the Abhijit Nakshatra . Datta’s divine acts are unfathomable . After the evening falls , the world is enveloped by darkness . Life is asleep . Therefore , in the Datta incarnation , as a result of the practice of Yoga , the sorrows and pains of all living beings were removed by giving them joyful sleep . Living beings are in the state of conflict , ‘ Where to go ? What to do ? As a result which path to take ? ‘ This itself is pitch darkness . The wonder of the Datta incarnation is that he gives results to living beings without they coming to know about it . The living being without taking any effort or with minimum efforts , obtains great results in his inner consciousness without even being aware of this . This is not only limited to the earth . Shreepad arrived in the morning . In the morning , the Sun - God , utilizing all energies at one time , purifies all living beings . Sun is a symbol of Shreepad . It symbolizes the various energies that awake in living beings and the various ways they obtain results . The Sun at noon has a great powerful form . The objective of the Narsimha Saraswati Awatar is to awaken living beings . The soul – sun radiates all his energies in abundance in all directions .This subject relates to his all – encompassing consciousness . There was a dark night between the Datta and Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnations . Its form was of pitch darkness . Elder brother Shreedhar Raj Sharma was born ( blind ) to symbolize this .After that night passed , to symbolise that state of atheism , doubt , sarcasm , wrong inferences etc . younger brother Shree Ram Raj Sharma was born ( as a cripple ) . Any being destroying the bad tendencies similar to darkness and leaving doubts , wrong inferences , sarcasm etc . obtains the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . This is the mystery in this . These are the topics related to the stages of evolution of living beings of the earth.”

Some defects of Karmas come due to heredity also . Shree Appal Raj Sharma was a Vedic Brahmin of the Velnaddu region . Despite this , his family had the ( hereditary ) honour of village headman ship . Shreepad’s paternal grandfather was the headman of the village of Ainvilli. It was a tradition of this family to pass on this title to the eldest son . Shreepad’s paternal grandfather’s name was Shreedhar Ram Raj Sharma . The Brahmins having rights to villages had a tradition of adding the name ‘ Raj ‘ to their names and to indicate their Brahmin caste , they used to add ‘ Sharma ‘ . Even if the village did or did not produce enough crop , the Land Lords had to deposit taxes in the king’s treasury . The headman had the responsibility of collecting taxes . Leaving aside his likes and dislikes , Shreedhar Ram Raj Sharma had to collect taxes by the orders of the Land Lords , sometimes even resorting to violence . This was his duty by virtue of being the village headman .

But this was a sinful Karma according to Providence . Appal Raj’s elder brother got the village rights . Due to the sinful Karmas of their paternal grandfather , the elder Shreedhar Raj Sharma and the younger Shree Ram Raj Sharma both got body defects . Even though Shreepad Shree Vallabh was Shree Datta incarnate himself , he had to suffer a


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II little of his paternal grandfather’s sinful Karmas ; therefore the problem of milk arose . The rules devised by the Lord of the Universe apply to all . He guided us by incarnating himself and bearing the results of Karmas.

Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and Shree Vatsawai Narsimha Verma considered Shreepad as their own grandson ; therefore they a thought a lot about how to solve the problem of milk . Shree Verma called Shreshthhi and said that he should solve this problem . Shree Narsimha Verma had a cow famous by the name of ‘ Gayatri ‘ . Shreshthhi bought one of the auspicious cows from Verma . Verma kept the money safely from this sale . Appalraj came to Verma’s house to perform priestly duties . Verma gave the proceeds from the sale of this cow as Dakshina to Appalraj . It was more than the money normally given for priesthood . Appalraj Sharma accepted the rightful amount money as fees and did not accept the remainder . Verma also refused to take back the money given as Dakshina. He said that he is born in a well placed Kshatriya family and he cannot take back the money once donated . This dispute reached Bapannarya . A Brahmin conference was called . In the conference , Shree Bapannarya declared , “ Whoever wants can take the money refused by Appal Raj Sharma . “ Many Brahmins with the intention of getting that money started competing with each other . All this was very strange to see .

At that time , a young Brahmin by the name Papayya Shastri said , “ Shreepad is not an incarnation of God . How this strange situation would have occurred if he was God ? If he is Shree Datta himself , why did’ nt he protect his two brothers from bodily defects ? All the events that have occurred are just imaginations . It is a great sin to make a mountain out of a molehill . I am devotee of Datta . I have also obtained ‘ Shwetark Raksha ‘ from my Guru . I do so much chanting every day . It is not a fault if I accept any donation. The money may be given to me since I deserve it . “ The Brahmin conference decided to give that money to Papayya Shastri . That money was enough to buy a good cow . After the conference was over , Papayya Shastri went home with the pride of victory . There his maternal uncle had come . Welcome talks , formal pleasantries were exchanged . Papayya Shastri asked him for lunch . ‘ I take lunch once a year . Now it won’t be possible to eat at nephew’s place ,’ saying so he went away hastily from there .

After his maternal uncle left , Papayya Shastri sat there thinking . His wife came to him and said , “ Swami ! Does not your uncle who left just now look exactly like your maternal uncle who expired last year ? “ Papayya Shastri stood up shaking . He had only one maternal uncle . He had also expired the previous year . Who is this maternal uncle who had just come ? How did my intellect fall in such an illusion ? Although there were other relatives related to maternal uncle , no one was exactly alike to this maternal uncle . Have I seen the ghost of the dead maternal uncle ? His heart started beating faster . He did not have any knowledge regarding the Tantras and Mantras and ghosts and dead bodies . Am I falling from the grace of my idol – Datta ? Is the imminent future troublesome ? The words uttered by maternal uncle , ‘ I expect to meet you soon ‘ , while leaving constantly started troubling his mind . Am I going to die very soon and will I meet my maternal uncle in the other world ? His mind became heavy with these thoughts . He started chanting the Mantra , ‘ Om Dram Dattatreyay Namah ‘ . That day he could not also concentrate on the chanting of the Mantras . He went to see Swayambhu Dattatreya in the Kukkuteshwar temple . When he sat to


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II meditate on the idol of Datta , during meditation he saw he saw the idol of Datta without head . When he sat to chant , his mind was not stable . When the priest gave him Prasad , he wondered whether it was given from a vessel of poison . The priests were saying something laughing . But Papayya Shastri heard them as saying , ‘ Eat this Prasad and die soon ‘ . When he returned home , he did not see the sign of a married lady ( red mark on the forehead ) on his wife .

He was upset with her and asked why did she remove the red mark when he was still alive . She found the scolding of Papayya Shastri a little strange when she was prominently sporting the red mark as large as a coin . A rumour arose in Peethhikapur that Papayya had turned mad . The occurrences of rumours , false stories was high in Peethhapur . Mental and ghost related treatments of Papayya started . Papayya was constantly telling that he is not mad ; but people were not ready to accept . They used to say sometimes even a madman speaks logically . Papayya’s wife had an idea. She felt for sure that these sufferings are because her husband unknowingly criticized Shreepad . She thought instead of surrendering to the God in the stone – idol , it is better to surrender to Shreepad .

She went to Shreepad’s house . She cuddled Shreepad by taking him in her arms . Taking advantage that nobody was around , she told Shreepad about her miseries . Shreepad said , “ Aunty ! There is a small solution to all this . Since you are like my mother , I am telling you this mystery . Without wasting any time , you build a new house . You and uncle worship the structure and enter that new house . Everything will be all right instantly . “

When Shreepad ordered thus , she started saying that this calamity fell upon her because she was living in a rented house . Therefore , she convinced her brothers that she should build her own house very fast . Then lo ! Somebody donated Papayya an old house . Instantly demolishing the old house , by selling all the wealth , coins etc. of the house ,the work of building a new house commenced . Even a loan had to be taken to build the house . After entering the new house , Papayya recovered .

Son ! Shankar Bhatta! Papayya’s death was lurking around . Shreepad protected him from untimely death . By giving him troubles like mental agony , loss of wealth , insults , he destroyed his Karmas . Not only this , by attracting Papayya’s sinful Karmas into rocks and then splitting those rocks , he destroyed the Bad Karmas . Siddhas , Awadhootas use queer ways to destroy effects of Bad Karmas . Shreepad said to the recovered Papayya Shastri , “ You are so unintelligent . You did not recognize Shree Datta whom you worship with complete devotion who was standing in front of you in the bodily form . This means this is so much misfortune for you . You were sure that the stone idol in the temple of Kukkuteshwar would protect you . Therefore all your accumulated sins were transformed into mountain rocks and by destroying them to pieces , ( I ) destroyed the fruits of your karmas . I gave you a new house . Had you surrendered to this Datta in human form , your accumulated impressions would have been attracted on this body and your sinful karmas destroyed . God’s grace depends upon the devotee’s faith . “ After this divine Leela took place , did Papayya realize that Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself is the incarnation of Datta .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shree Shreshthhi and Shree Verma were worried about Shreepad’s problem of milk . Taking this subject and going to Shree Satya Rishishwar ( Shree Bapannarya ) , they said , “ O Rajarshi ! You are like the King Janak having Divine knowledge despite being in the material world . You are immersed in Divinity . We have a small wish . You please fulfill it “ . Shree Bapannarya said , “ How do I promise without ( you ) expressing ( your ) wish ? You tell your wish without worrying . I will definitely fulfill your wish , if it is within Dharma . “ Shree Shreshthhi said, “ I bought an auspicious looking cow who was one of the offsprings of Gayatri from Shree Verma . I had thought of donating that cow to our family priest – Shree Appal Raj Sharma . We don’t have any desire other than that the cow’s milk should be in the service of Shreepad . “

After Shree Shreshthhi’s narration , Shree Bapannarya said , “ Ok ! Ok ! You do one thing , bring that cow to my stable ; I will try to give that cow to Appalraj . To have an auspicious cow at Appal Raj’s house is beneficial and good to both – the donor and the householder . “ The cow mother was brought to Bapannarya’s house . Appal Raj refused to accept the cow in donation .

There is a region named Satopath in the Himalayas . Yudhishthhir and others ascended to heaven from that region .There was a great soul named ‘ Shree Sachchidanand Awadhoot ‘ there . His age was more than a few centuries . He was a disciple of Shree Vishweshwar Prabhu of Kaivalya Shrungi . Shree Sachchidanand got an order that Shree Vishweshwar Prabhu himself is at Peethhapur in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and to go and see him in his child form and be fortunate . Shree Sachchidanand Awadhoot came to Peethhapur . Shree Bapannarya welcomed him with honour . When the problem of milk of Shreepad came before him , he said emphatically that Appal Raj Sharma should accept the cow in donation . ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh is Datta Prabhu himself and binding himself in rules which are useless , should not lose the Great Fortune of offering cow’s milk ,’ he said firmly . The Brahmin conference asked proof that Shreepad Shree Vallabh is Shree Datta . The Awadhoot said , “ I will give you witnesses of the Five Great Elements .”

Witness given by the Five Mahabhootas that Shreepad is Shree Datta

Mother Earth gave witness the moment the sacrifice started . Since Shreepad is Shree Datta , Appal Raj Sharma should accept the cow in donation . Things given by the father – in – law to his son – in – law due to affection cannot be considered as ‘ donation ‘ ; hence Satya Rishishwar should accept the donation from Shree Shreshthhi and give it as a gift to his son – in – law . This was Mother Earth’s decree. After the sacrifice started , it rained everywhere other than the place of sacrifice . This was the second witness ( of Water ) . The Fire God himself came to accept the sacred things offered in the sacrifice and said that there is no wrong in accepting the cow in donation . This is the third witness . The Air God showed its strength at all place other than the place of sacrifice . This was the fourth witness . There was a Divine announcement from the skies that Shreepad is Shree Datta himself . This was the fifth witness . So


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Appal Raj Sharma accepted the cow in donation when the Five Great Elements bore witness . Shreshthhi got the Punya of donating a cow . In this way , Shreshthhi and Verma got great Punya in the presence of Awadhoot.

In future , Vayaspur Agrahar will become famous as Koknad ( Kakinada ) . Shyamalambapur ( Samarla Kot ) and Shree Peethhikapur will combine to become a big city. People of all countries of the world , of all religions or sects will come one day to Peethhikapur and see Shreepad in one of their lives . Shreepad’s biography will be written in Sanskrit . The book ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut ‘ will become famous by the blessings of Shreepad . Books written on leaves will lie in invisible form at a depth equal to seven men at the birth place of Shreepad as per his wish . A temple will be created and Padukas of Shree will be established at his birthplace . The very virtuous Venkatappayya Shreshthhi who gave a cow to Shreepad is truly very fortunate . There will be prosperity and wealth in his family and generations . He will stay in the Hiranya Lok for some time and will again be born in a prosperous clan in the country of Maharashtra and also see the Narsimha Saraswati incarnation . Son ! Shankar Bhatta ! This cow donation is extremely auspicious . You prepare to go to Kuravpur . Shreepad Shree Vallabh will always protect you . “

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 10 II

Description of the idol of Narsimha

I started my journey towards the direction of Kuravpur after taking leave from Tirumaldas . My body used to be thrilled by remembering the Divine Leelas of Shreepad . After reaching some distance on the way , I saw a Pipal tree. I was very hungry since it was noon - time . Thinking that I should beg for alms from any nearby Brahmin household and after that the sacred Pipal tree is good for resting , I started ( to find a Brahmin house ) . I saw somebody resting beneath that Pipal tree . After a closer look , I saw that the man had borne a sacred thread .

When I went near the Pipal , that person respectfully asked me to sit . His eyes were filled with empathy . There was a bundle of cloth in front of him . There was no eatable in it . But a copper vessel was there . He was continuously taking Shreepad’s name . I asked him a question , “ Great Man ! Are you in the protection of the Divine Feet of Shreepad ? Have you seen that great man ? “

He said , “ I am born in a good Vaishya ( trader ) family and I am called ‘ Subbayya Shreshthhi ‘ . Our Gotra is known as ‘ Granthi ‘ . There is a tradition of reading good religious texts , since our ancestors . Therefore , our family got the title ‘ Granthi ( of books ) ‘ . I lost both my parents in childhood . There is prosperity of wealth in my house . I go to far – off countries and do different kinds of trades . Due to this , I got a chance to go to Kanchipuram several times . There I got introduced to a prostitute named ‘ Chintamani ‘ . I squandered a lot of wealth on her . A Brahmin named Bilwa Mangal from the Palakkad region of the country of Maliyal ( Kerala ) also used to come to Kanchipuram for the purpose of trading . He used to sell fragrant substances to Arab nationals and used to take horses and precious stones from them . Sometimes we used to trade together . Unfortunately , we both got corrupted by the company of prostitutes . Our trade with the Arabs went well for some time . Later the Arabs took more money from us for higher breed of horses ; but gave us inferior horses , due to which we lost in trade . Kings and Emperors used to buy good horses from us . Due to loss in trade , our wealth got destroyed . My wife died due to mental agony . I had a mentally retarded son . He died prematurely . Son ! Our original place is Peethhikapur which is the most sacred and famous Kshetra of Pad Gaya . Due to my ignorance , I used to behave indifferently to Gods and Brahmins . I used to behave cruelly while recovering loans . Shreepad ‘s father’s relatives from Ainvilli came to meet Shree Appal Raj at his house . He did not have sufficient money to provide for their food . He used to not accept donations . He used to live and act as per Dharma on the alms taken from the house of Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi . Since he was the family priest of Shreshthhi , he used to not accept money in substitute to alms . Against his wish , he took materials worth One Varah on credit from our shop . I had warned Appal Raj to return my amount after his relatives had left .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Appal Raj said , “ I do not have a penny in my hand , but when I get money , I will definitely return ( your money ) . I was expert in extracting compound interest . Time passed by . I informed Raj Sharma by compounding interest on interest and showing false calculations that he owed me 10 Varahas . Raj Sharma would have had to sell off his residential house to give me that much amount of money . I told many people that as per the prevailing rates at that time , if I bought that house , the accounts would be settled , by my paying 1 – 2 Varahas to Raj Sharma . It was my scheme to make Raj Sharma homeless . After realizing my cruel intentions , Venkatappayya criticized me , “ O evil One ! You are behaving errantly due to your pride of money . Insulting our family priest is like insulting us . You change your behavior or else calamity may fall. Since you are troubling Raj Sharma , who is purer than Fire in this way , you will be condemned to hells like the Raurava . “

Once when Shreepad was at the home of Shreshthhi , I said sarcastically to Shreshthhi , ‘ If Raj Sharma cannot repay my loan , he should either send one of his sons to work in my shop or he should himself come to serve . One son is blind , while the other is lame , third is this Shreepad who is only three years of age , how will my loan be repaid ? ‘ Hearing this , Shreshthhi’s mind was hurt . Tears started rolling down from his eyes . Shreepad wiped his tears by his Divine hands and said , “ Grandfather ! Why fear when I am here ? I myself destroyed Hiranyakashyipu and Hiranyaksh , then is it difficult for me to repay Subbayya’s loan ? “ saying so , turning towards me , said , “ I will repay your debt , come to your shop . I will serve in your shop and release your debt . But after repayment of your loan , the Goddess of Wealth , Laxmi , will not remain in your house . Think about this . “

Venkatappayya Shreshthhi came to Subbayya’s shop along with the child Shreepad . He said to Subbayya , “ Can I work in your shop instead of Shreepad ? “ Subbayya nodded in disagreement . At the same time , a person with matted locks of hair ( Jatadhari )came to the shop . He was hunting for Subbayya’s Shreshthhi’s shop . He wanted to buy a copper vessel. He said to Shreshthhi , “ I am in great need of a copper vessel . Even if the price is high , it is fine .” There were thirty two vessels of copper in Subbayya’s shop , but still he lied , “ I have only one copper vessel , you can get it , if you can pay me ten Varahas for it .” The Sannyasi agreed readily . His only condition was that the vessel should be given to him by Shreepad who was sitting on the lap of Venkatappayya Shreshthhi . Shreepad Prabhu was laughing while giving it . He said , “ Now is your desire fulfilled ? The Goddess Laxmi will remain stable in your home . Now you leave your Sannyas Ashram and go to your own house . You wife and kids are waiting for you . “ That Sannyasi with matted locks of hair went away very happily . Subbayya wanted to insult Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and Appal Raj Sharma and since his desire was fulfilled , he said with pride , “ I earned especially well in today’s sale . I felt as if I was repaid the loan of ten Varahas from Appal Raj . “ At that moment , Shreepad Raj was liberated from the loan.

Venkatappayya said , “ Whatever you are saying , tell this on the oath of Gayatri . “ Subbayya did so . After Shreepad Prabhu and Venkatappayya Shreshthhi left for home , when Subbayya went inside , he saw only one vessel of the thirty – one vessels . The Divine acts of Shreepad Prabhu were unimaginable and unthinkable . Whatever was said in


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II front of him turned out to be true . The Jatadhari ( person with locks of matted hair ) who received the copper vessel from the Lotus hands of Datta Prabhu himself was very fortunate . It is extremely good fortune for the one who receives even a piece of copper or a piece of metal containing copper as a grace from Shreepad Prabhu ; then how fortunate is the Sannyasi and how unfortunate is Subbayya . Shreepad gave him the owed amount of Ten Varahas by his Divine Act ; but from that instant his wealth started reducing . Only one vessel out of thirty – one vessels remained . Subbayya had shown false calculation that he owed ten Varahas from Appal Raj . He had got the result of his evil deed in this form .

Shankar Bhatt said , “ Subbayya ! The period before sunrise and sunset is very sacred . It is especially fruitful to worship Fire during dawn and evening . In the morning , the Sun God is filled with all energies . In the evening , all these energies again re – enter the sun . “

On this Subbayya said , “ Great Lord ! I have heard that the balance of virtuous acts reduces by accepting gifts . But , at the same time , we have heard that it is a sin to not accept gifts also . I cannot understand this paradox . Similarly , it is said that Shreepad Swami is an incarnation of Shree Dattatreya, some also say that he is an incarnation of Narsimha Swami and some say he is an incarnation of Shiva . I do not understand how the Anasuya principle lies in Shiva . Please explain all this . “ But before these questions could be answered , since all were hungry , it was decide to have lunch . The amazing thing was that in that small place , there was nothing other than a copper vessel . Subbayya bought two banana leaves . Shankar Bhatt went to the river and cleaned himself . For lunch , rice and pulses of the gourd vegetable were thought of . Banana leaves were taken for lunch and cups of the Palash leaves were prepared . That Jatadhari Sannyasi ( Sannyasi with locks of matted hair ) meditated for a while and poured water from his copper – vessel into the cups of the Palash leaves . Then he served from that same vessel delicious soup of pulses and the gourd vegetable and then later rice . We were very satisfied eating that nectar – like food . It was a miracle that first water and then food came from an empty vessel . After lunch , that vessel was empty again . “

Fruit of Shiva worship done on Saturday during the Pradosh

Shreepad Swami contains the forms of all Gods . Good Shanidev rules Karmas . Rahu , of the duo Rahu – Ketu which are shadow planets amongst all planets , gives fruit akin to Lord Shanidev . Ketu gives results akin to Mars. Since , the Lord Saturn ( Shani ) who rules Karmas is the Son of Sun , who witnesses all Karmas , Saturday evenings are very powerful . Chaturthi and Trayodashi are powerful for Rahu . On the most sacred period of a Trayodashi on a Saturday , if Shiva worship is done in the evening , results of sinful Karmas done in the past lives of men are destroyed . Since Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnation has occurred on the Chitra Nakshatra which is ruled by Mars , if Shreepad Prabhu is worshipped on that Nakshatra , all the ill – effects of all planets are destroyed . Wars , calamities , premature death due to weapons and arms , troubles arising out of debts , arise due to the planet Mars . On the Chitra Nakshatra or on Tuesdays , Shreepad Prabhu glows like the rising Sun ( Aruna ) . Debt is sin . Aruna means without


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Runa ( debt ) or sins . On that day , Shreepad Prabhu is in the form of Arunachaleshwar himself . Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , Narsimha Verma and Bapannaryulu used to join the Shiva worship on the day of Shani Pradosh . That day Shree Appal Raj Sharma also took part with great devotion in that worship . Truly a complete Goddess , the very fortunate Sumati Maharani used to meditate on the Great Anasuya principle , which is in the form of Shiva . It was a result of that great penance that the Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnation took place . Due to this reason , if money is accepted from Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , Narsimha Verma or Bapannaryulu , it is not treated as a donation . But Shreepad Swami wanted to demonstrate to his father without words that if money is not accepted from them , it is a Great Sin . Shreepad Prabhu has the forms of all Gods . He is the Great Principle beyond all Gods . Those who benefitted from his touch , glimpse and conversation are very fortunate .

The news that Shreepad by his unusual divine act freed his father from debt spread like wild fire in Peethhikapur village . Tears of parental affection started rolling from Appal Raja’s eyes as the three year old Shreepad liberated him from debt . Maharani Sumati held her son near her heart for a long time and was in a state of great fulfillment . At that time , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , Narsimha Verma , Bapannarya and Subbayya had come to their house . Subbayya said in front of all elders that Shree Raj Sharma’s loan had been repaid . On this Shreepad Prabhu said, “It is the son’s duty to liberate his father from debts . “ Raj Sharma asked how his ( debt) could be considered repaid by some unknown Jatadhari buying a copper vessel by paying ten Varahas . In this way , many arguments and counter – arguments took place . Bapannaryulu asked Shreepad , “ Do you who the Jatadhari is ? “ On this Shreepad said , “ I not only know about this Jatadhari , but also about all Jatadhari Sannyasis.”

Who is Shreepad Swami ? And what is his form ?

Bapannaryulu said to Shreepad , “ You are only a three – year old child , but speak like a grown up man . Are you the ‘ all – knowing ‘ that you know everybody ? “At this Shreepad said , “ You think that I am three year old , but I do not think so . I am many million years old . I was there prior to this universe . And I will also remain after the destruction ( of the universe ) .I was present during the creation of this nature . Nature’s creation , sustenance and destruction is just not possible without me . I see all transactions going on as a witness . On this Bapannacharyulu said , “ Shreepad ! Little kids don’t really go on the moon , by thinking that they are on the moon. You should get real experience . ‘ All knowing ‘ , ‘ All pervading ‘ , ‘ Strongest of all ‘ are the qualities of the Controller of the World .”

On this Shreepad said , “ I am the original principle which is present everywhere . I am expressed at the desired location in the desired form as per the requirement . When I am not in a defined form somewhere , ( that ) does not mean that I am not there . In the living being , I am situated in the physical ( Annamay ) , Conscious ( Pranmay ) , Mental ( Manomay ) , Knowledge ( Vigyanmay ) , Bliss ( Anandmay ) Koshas ( layers ) . Due to my existence , the functions of all these five layers take place . You feel my presence in a particular layer , if I give you the experience of my presence in that layer . If I don’t give you my experience , ( that ) does not mean that I am not there . I pervade


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II everything . All knowledge and sciences are humble at my feet . This entire nature was created simply by my wish . I am all powerful . What is surprising in this ? “ On this Appal Raj Sharma said , “ Son ! Since childhood you are a puzzle to us . You again and again say , “I am Datta Prabhu . I am Datta Prabhu “. You say you will reincarnate again by the name of ‘ Narsimha Saraswati’. People are like crows . Brahmins of Peethikapur are more ferocious than even the iron crows of Hell ! They call all this as the corruption of the intellect and distortions of the mind . We are Brahmins . It is better if we behave lawfully abiding by duties and Dharma . Moreover , they think to call you an incarnation of God is mere vanity .”

On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Father ! I do not disagree with what you say , but should I not tell the truth ? When such a situation arises so as to accept the witness of the Five Great Elements , will not denying that I am Datta Prabhu , lead to the sin of telling lies ? Will telling the sun in the sky that he is not the sun , mean that he is not the Sun ? Truth is imperishable in time and space . Like the Brahmins in our Peethhikapur , who are experiencing themselves as human beings because they consider themselves human beings holding a body , I am also bringing to everybody’s experience , at every footstep , the principle that I am Datta , who is omnipotent , knows everything , who resides in the hearts of everybody . Ages after ages can pass . Many worlds will be created , sustained and destroyed . But will it be possible that I , who am Datta himself , is not Datta ? “

After this Bapannaryulu said , “ Shreepad ! After the Jatadhari left , only one of the thirty – one vessels of Subbayya remained . Did you make them disappear by some miracle ? “ At this Shreepad Prabhu said that all events take place due to some reason according to Karmas and the time factor . Events do not take place without any reason . This is an inviolable rule of nature . This Subbayya was a priest of Datta in the forest areas in his previous life . But he used to rarely visit the Datta in the forest . He had a great desire for women . This priest , who was a womanizer , intended to sell off a big , ancient idol of Datta , which was traditionally installed at his altar . Accordingly , one day , he sold the idol and spent the money in wrong ways ; but spread the news amongst people that the idol was stolen . The Sannyasi who came as the Jatadhari , was a goldsmith caught in the material world , in his previous birth . He melted that idol of Datta in the lure of money . In this life , he was born poor . Due to the virtue of worship of the Datta idol for many years , the priest got birth in a rich Vaishya ( trader ) family . The two of them , together , had melted the idol and made thirty – two copper vessels out of that and sold them . In that goldsmith’s house , Lord Narsimha Dev was worshipped . These vessels were made in front of the idol of Narsimha Dev . By the wish of providence , the thirty – two incarnations of Narsimha Dev had partially entered the thirty – two vessels . In this birth , knowing the previous birth , the goldsmith served me with unflinching devotion . He prayed to me from the bottom of his heart to remove his poverty . Being pleased with him , I gave him my Darshan and asked him to come to Peethhapur and accept a copper vessel by my hands . Similarly , I had asked him to liberate me by giving ten Varahas to ( Subbayya ) Shreshthhi . By doing so , he was fulfilled . I had blessed him that his financial troubles would be solved . He had taken the disguise of a Jatadhari to avoid his creditors . Don’t I know everything about the Jatadhari ?


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II This Subbayya Shreshthhi was going to falsely recover ten Varahas from our family . I arranged that he gets the ten Varahas . But in exchange of this , all the fruit of all his virtuous deeds got destroyed . Subbayya ! I know all the indecent acts you have done with Chintamani . Your story in my biography will be a laughing stock . You will earn a living by selling eatables to small children carrying a bag . My parents had arranged for the food of their relatives by the money taken ( borrowed ) from you . I understand traders’ accounts more than you . Your money was spent in the bare cooking of rice , curry and the gourd vegetable only . For other expenses , my father’s hard – earned money was spent . When your condition regarding food will be very abysmal , then you will also get only water , rice , curry and the gourd vegetable from your copper vessel . You will get just enough to feed yourself and others , said Shreepad angrily . Shreepad Prabhu’s face was looking very brilliant and Divine . His eyes appeared red like balls of fire . He further said , “ E ! Subbayya Shreshthhi ! Tonight a buffalo will come at the southern entrance of your house .It will be a message sent by Yama Dharma Raj that your end has come near . I am doing one grace upon you . You yourself cook rice and vegetable curry and feed that buffalo . You just fulfill this one desire of that buffalo . After eating that food , the buffalo will die instead of you . But you will start growing very poor after this . You do the occupation by taking a bag as I have told you .When your state will become very bad regarding food , the copper vessel with which I have graced you will be useful to you , so said Shreepad in strong words . At that time , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi became very frightened of the furious Shreepad . He had never seen Shreepad so angry before .

Then Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! Are you afraid ? I am Narsimha himself . I am blessing you with a boon . Do you think I will curse people born in the Vaishya Varna ? My sister Vasavi had cursed people in her clan that there will remain some flaw in their looks .Me , Shreepad , is of the same principles . You feared whether I will curse that all Vaishyas will become poor . Fear not . As Gods do not have caste or Varna , so also devotees also do not have caste or Varna . My associations with Arya Vaishyas is very old . Bapannarya is the old Great Sage Labhad himself . The Labhad Maharshi Gotra has ceased to exist amongst Vaishyas . My blessings are with all the descendants of Bapannarya ( right till the end of the Kaliyug ) . My benevolent hand will always be upon them . The bag given to you is different . In it Datta has filled sweets . They do not reduce , how much you give . But it will not be visible to the naked eye to anyone . All the qualities of the thirty – two incarnation of Narsimha are situated in me . During the thirty – third generation of Bapannarya , a great Samsthan will be created at my place of birth and my Padukas will be established there . Any person in your clan who worships the Glorius and Divine form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh by any one of the nine forms of devotion , the dogs of Shree Dattatreya will protect him in invisible form . Vedas , Puranas , Upanishads all invisible in the form of dogs will always protect them . At that time , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi drew Shreepad Prabhu close to him affectionately . Tears of joy started flowing from his eyes . Words could not come out of Bapannacharya’s mouth . Mother Sumati fell in doubt whether this was a dream or Vishnu Maya . Appal Raj Sharma’s mind was astounded . Both the elder brothers of Shreepad looked at him terrifyingly , whether was he their younger brother or Datta Prabhu ? They were bewildered , ‘ what is this episode ‘ ?


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Narsimha Verma took Shreepad on his lap . Shreepad said to Verma , “ Grandfather ! Tomorrow both of us will go by the horse cart to see our lands . The deity of the Land there is praying to me for so many days . ‘ When will you purify me with the touch of your feet ? ‘ She is praying to me with great entreaties . It is my promise to protect the lives of the troubled who are surrendered to me .” Then Verma said , “ Shreepada , I have something to say . There is our land near Peethhikapur , isn’t it ? By establishing a village there ,(let us ) get people there to do agriculture . I am thinking of giving lands at low prices to the villagers for cultivation and to appoint your father as the Head Accountant to look after the affairs of these lands . As of now , you do not have this title of Head Accountant , do you ? “ On this Shreepad said smilingly , “ Grandfather ! You have thought about the affairs of your land ; but you have not thought about the affairs of my lands . I do not agree to this . “ Verma said , “ First ask your father to be the Head Accountant ; afterwards you look after these accounts . “ “ Till posterity it will only remain that Ghandikota Shreepad Shree Vallabh Raj Sharma was the Head Accountant of some village . The accounts I am going to look after are universal . I have my own calculations . Daily , I witness billions of virtuous deeds being done . The reason of my incarnation is to shake the Universal Kundalini ( Power ) . Similar to human beings , even villages , cities and holy places , too , have a Kundalini . This is a Yogic mystery which can be understood only by those who have the knowledge of the ‘ Sandhra Sindhu Veda .’ What is the hurry when the Kundalini of Peethhikapur can be awoken in the thirty – third generation of Bapannaryulu , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and Vatsawai . Make good use of every moment you have got in this holy period by Divine grace . “

After this statement by Shreepad Prabhu , Narsimha Verma had tried that he should stay permanently at Peethhikapur .

The Glory of Shreepad Prabhu

I am filled almost full with ignorance . Common men used to laugh when Shreepad Shree Vallabh used to say , “ I am Shrikrishna himself .” In that same ignorance , I asked a question , “ Shreepada ! You call yourself Shrikrishna , so are the eight wives and sixteen thousand Gopis also there in this incarnation ? “ Smiling mildly on this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ My eight types of powers themselves are my eight wives . From this body of mine , vibrations which are in the form of energy are being radiated in all ten directions every moment . In this way , from the body , mind and soul ( Atma ) of each of my quality , ( 10 * 10 * 10 = 1000 ) , one thousand vibrations are radiated every moment . In this way , a total of sixteen thousand vibrations are transmitted from my sixteen qualities . These themselves are my Sixteen thousand Gopis . In the earlier incarnation , all these qualities were incarnated in the human form . In this incarnation , all these are in the shapeless form in the form of vibrations . There is nothing wrong in worshipping me through different deities . It is like worshipping me only . I can be worshipped in my Shiva form , Vishnu form and Brahma form . Similarly , various deities can be worshipped in their respective forms . Different forms of worship effect living beings depending upon the different states of the worshipper , Time , Karmas and reasons .”


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II 33 forms of Narsimha

Narsimha showed himself in thirty – three forms to Narsimha Raj Verma that night . These forms are : 1. Kundapad Narsimha Murti 2. Kopa Narsimha Murti 3. Divya Narsimha Murti 4. Bramhand Narsimha Murti 5. Samudra Narsimha Murti 6. Vishwarupa Narsimha Murti 7. Veer Narsimha Murti 8. Raudra Narsimha Murti 9. Krur Narsimha Murti 10. Bibhatsa Narsimha Murti 11. Dhoomra Narsimha Murti 12. Vanhi Narsimha Murti 13. Vyaghra Narsimha Murti 14. Bidal Narsimha Murti 15. Bheem Narsimha Murti 16. Patal Narsimha Murti 17. Akash Narsimha Murti 18.Vakra Narsimha Murti 19. Chakra Narsimha Murti 20. Shankha Narsimha Murti 21.Satwa Narsimha Murti 22. Adbhut Narsimha Murti 23. Wega Narsimha Murti 24. Vidaran Narsimha Murti 25. Yoganand Narsimha Murti 26. Laxmi Narsimha Murti 27. Bhadra Narsimha Murti 28. Raj Narsimha Murti 29. Vallabh Narsimha Murti .

He saw Shreepad Shree Vallabh as the next thirtieth Narsimha form . The 31 st form , he saw in the incarnation of Narsimha Saraswati and saw Swami Samarth of Pradnyapur ( Akkalkot ) in the 32 nd Narsimha form .

The account of Shriniwas

Shree Venkatesh appeared in the worshipped form on the Shrawan Nakshatra , on the twelfth day on Monday in the month of Kanya on the Siddha Yog . He took financial aid from Kuber and signed the Hundi ( Letter of credit ) on the Vaishakh Krishna Saptami day in the ‘ Vilambi ‘ year . Shree Padmawati Devi was born on the Mrigashirsh Nakshatra , when Shriniwas appeared on the Shrawan Nakshatra . Shriniwas married Padmawati on the Uttara Falguni Nakshatra on the Vaishakh Krishna Dwadashi day . Shriniwas Prabhu was also born in the Bharadwaj Gotra .Akash Maharaj is the son of Sudhanwa , in the Pandava clan , from a Naga maiden . His brother is Tondaman . Wasudhanu is the son of Akash Maharaj . By the advice of the sage Agastya , Shriniwas Prabhu distributed half of the kingdom to Tondaman and half to Wasudhanu . That night , all of them chanted the Divine name of Shreepad Prabhu . Promising him to describe the wonderful Divine tales of Shreepad the next day , Subbayya Shreshthhi took Shankar Bhatt to a nearby hut . There were two mats of palm leaves . Four dogs were protecting the hut .

Fruit obtained by remembering Shreepad

Only by remembering the pleasing Divine Leelas of Shreepad Prabhu ,the collection of sins of many births gets burnt down .

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 11 II

Account of Subbayya Shreshthhi , Chintamani , Bilwamangal

Fruits of worshipping all deities is obtained by worshipping Datta , Birth of the Great Form of Light , Shreepad

Next day morning , Subbayya Shreshthhi started narrating .He said , “ Shreepad is the form of all deities . Worshipping Datta results in worshipping all deities . Datta Prabhu himself is installed in all deities . Shree Sumati Mata used to worship the Great Shiva principle in Anasuya Mata during Shani Pradosh . Therefore , the Shiva principle in Shree Datta Prabhu reflected in the Anasuya principle and he incarnated in the womb of Sumati Mata , who was equal to Anasuya Mata , in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . It was a wonderful Yoga process itself . By the union of the Yoga flames arisen from the eyes of Appal Raj Sharma and Sumati Mata , in their Yog Sadhana , without physical intercourse between the parents , Shreepad Shree Vallabh entered the womb of Sumati Mata and after nine months , emerged out as a flame only . Actually speaking , Shreepad was in the form of a flame only . He started performing surprising Divine acts from the age of three only . After some period , Shreepad Prabhu got a sister . She was named ‘ Vidyadhari ‘. On the day of the birth of Vidyadhari itself , a great scholar by the name of Malladi Ramkrishna Awadhanulu , who was a distant cousin of Bapannacharyulu , came to their house . He had a son named Chandra Shekhar .Mahalaxmi herself had taken birth in the house of Ghandikota . He openly started saying that she is a very good daughter- in – law of the Malladi family . Shreepad Prabhu also approved of this match . By his wish , after some time , the marriage of Vidyadhari and Chandrashekhar took place with great splendor in Peethhikapur.

After Shree Vidyadhari , a sister named ‘ Radha ‘ was born . She was married to a noble Brahmin from the sacred place of Vijay Vatika called Vishwanath Krishna Awadhanulu .After Radha , Shreepad got another sister . Her name was Surekha . She was married to a learned good charactered youth from Tadpalli in Mangalgiri , called Dattatreya Awadhanulu .

Shreepad’s divine acts are really unbelievable . Sins get destroyed by remembering these Divine Acts . There is a village called ‘ Tatankpur ‘ ( Tunuku ) in the Godavari region . There is a very sacred clan doing the great sacrifice called ‘ Paundarik ‘ amongst all Vajpeya sacrifices . They are performers of the Vajpeya . Since there was a very close association between the Malladis of Peethhikapur and the Vajpeya Yajees , they believe in the principle of ‘ This is Brahma , This is ( Kshatra )martial power ‘ . They are Rigvedis descended from the Parashar Gotra and the Prawar of Vasishthha , Shakti and Parashar sages , whereas the Malladis were Yajurvedis . There were not good teachers of Rigveda in the Kannad country to teach young boys . Therefore a Vajpeya Yajee named ‘ Mayanacharya ‘ was called from Tatankpur and was taken to Hoysala for permanent residence . From that time , they started being called ‘


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Hoysala Brahmins ‘ . They accepted the tendencies of Brahmins and Kshatriyas ( Fighters ) equally . They faced many obstacles to protect the ancient religion . Mayanacharya had two sons . One was Madhavacharya and the other was Sayanacharya . They both were great scholars . Sayanacharya wrote a commentary on the Vedas . Madhavacharya performed great penances for the grace of Mahalaxmi . He begged for an especially kind glance . Then Laxmi Devi said , “ This will not be possible in this birth “ . Then Madhavacharya said , “ Mother ! I am taking Sannyas ( renunciation ) and Sannyas means the second birth of man .” After this , the Goddess gave the desired boon . By this boon , by mere touch , iron used to get converted to gold . His name in the stage of Sannyasi was ‘ Vidyaranya Swami ‘ . He had obtained the Divine grace of Shreepad Prabhu .

A prediction was done that, Shree Krishna Saraswati , of the third generation in the disciple tradition of his Sannyas Ashram , will be the Guru , who will initiate Shreepad Prabhu in his next incarnation of Narsimha Saraswati . Since his desires for material pleasures would not be destroyed , he will be born in the family of Sayancharya , by the name of Govind Dixit , in the next century . He will grace the position of Prime Minister of the Maharaja of the region of Tanjavur . His loyalty towards his duties will be praised everywhere . These predictions really were the unchangeable wishes of Shreepad Prabhu only . Datta Prabhu’s consciousness is reflected in the various deities when they are worshipped . That fulfils the seeker’s desires . For his devotee who is surrendered to him , Datta Prabhu himself decides , which and how much work to get done from which deity for his devotee . Dhruva performed very hard penances and obtained the grace of Shree Maha Vishnu . He showered fatherly affection on Dhruva . Shree Datta Prabhu is the Ultimate principle which supports the principle beyond the principles of Sagun and Nirgun , The original principle is he himself , he is the principle which has neither beginning nor end , the endless principle is he himself . All this has to be realized through experience itself . This subject cannot be explained by words . The mystery of the incarnation of Shreepad Vallabh is the occurrence of an event or the non – occurrence of it or the power of shaping an event in an alternate way . “

Principle of Shreepad

Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself used to worship the Kalagni Shaman Datta at his house . Once Bapannaryulu asked Shreepad about this . He said , “ Shreepad are you Datta or a devotee of Datta ? “ Immediately Shreepad Prabhu said , “ When I say I am Datta , I am Datta only . When I say I am a devotee of Datta , at that time I am a devotee of Datta only . When I say I am Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I am Shreepad Shree Vallabh only . Whatever I decide , happens . Whatever I imagine , only that happens . This is my principle . Grandfather was finding this very fascinating . Shreepad further said , “ You and me are one and the same only . In my next birth , I am going to take the incarnation in the form which is just like you . You have a great desire to take Sannyas ( renounce the world ) , but it is not in my plan that you will renounce the world in your this or next birth . I have decided to take an incarnation exactly similar to your form and destroy the bonds formed by your Karmas and desires . Shreepad touched the point between the eyebrows of his grandfather . It is the location of cryptic consciousness . In only a few moments , he saw a Babaji in an


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II unwavering meditation in the Himalayas . After some time , he saw him bathing in the Great confluence of three rivers in the great sacred place of Prayag and then he saw the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . That form merged itself in the Swayambhu Datta in the temple of Kukkuteshwara . The Awadhoot form in him emerged . He saw Bapannarya’s daughter , the Great Fortunate Sumati Maharani offering him alms . That Awadhoota took the child form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and Bapannarya saw that little child asleep in the lap of Sumati Maharani . The child in the mother’s lap transformed into a sixteen year old boy just as it was being seen . That youth looked towards him and took a form just like Bapannarya and this figure was that of a Sannyasi . Taking bath on the confluence of two rivers , he started walking with pride along with this disciples . That Sannyasi turned towards Bapannarya and said , “ You look puzzled as to who I am . I am called Narsimha Saraswati . This is Gandharvpur ,”saying so , he laid his cloth on the river instantly and sitting on it went to Shree Shailya . The Great Men , Great Yogis in the Kardalivan , there , prostrated before him . All of them had done penances for many centuries for the Great Prabhu to come to that forest . They were all very fortunate and blissful after seeing Prabhu .He was seen in the form of an old man wearing the saffron robes of a Sannyasi of many years of penance . He gave a sharp glance to Bapannaryulu . He further said , “ This form of mine is called ‘ Swami Samarth ‘ . “ After some time , he gave away his life and his life – force got transferred into a banyan tree . This Divine soul immersed in the Shiva Linga of Mallikarjun at Shree Shailya . A voice as thunderous as the rumbling of clouds , from the very powerful and very sacred Shiva Linga said , “ Bapannarya ! You are truly blessed . Only by one of your Kriya Shakti Yog , I , the infinite , the imperishable , who is in the form of pure knowledge ,have transferred my power from the solar system and have been attracted at this Jyotirlinga .

The sixteen thousand divine persons who are merged with the Jyotirlinga are always serving me . These divine persons guide the devotees who come for the Darshana of this Jyotirlinga , for their material and spiritual progress . Me , who is in the form of Trinity , am gracing you in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , Narsimha Saraswati and Swami Samarth . “ Bapannarya heard these words . Bapannarya was stupefied after this event . He saw the innocent face of the smiling three year old child Shreepad in front of him . All his experiences were Divine and sweet . He affectionately held Shreepad to his heart .At that time , he went into a state of Divine tranquility . He did not realise how much time passed in this state . When he opened his eyes , it was time for Agnihotra ( Fire worship ) . He rose for that ; Bapannarya’s Agnihotra process was also novel . Fire is created by Shami or Pipal wood , but Bapannarya used to place grass in the fireplace and create fire by chanting Mantras from the Vedas . Appal Raju Sharma also used to do Agnihotra in this way . In his ancestry , there was Fire Worship . Entering into the blazing fireplace , he used to give offerings . He used to do it during special ceremonies . Worshipping Fire this way , neither his body nor his clothes used to burn . This was a great wonder .

Prowess of Shreepad Prabhu as never before

That day , Bapannaryulu chanted the Vedic Mantras many times , but Fire was not getting generated . He became wet with perspiration , but the Fire was not created . Shreepad saw this state of his grandfather from far . Looking at the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Fireplace , he said , “ O Fire God ! I order you . Do not create obstacles in my grandfather’s divine duty . “ In a instant , Fire raged . Bapannaryulu poured water from the vessel , but instead of dying down , it blazed even more . Grandfather was surprised to see this . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ You , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , Narsimha Verma are the reasons for my incarnation . Therefore , if you , my father accept financial or non – financial assistance from Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , Narsimha Verma , it does not tantamount to donation. At the same time , if that assistance is not accepted, it may also mean blasphemy against Gods too . This assistance be treated as God’s blessings . The mother Sumati Maharani , who gave birth to me should be considered as the daughter of not only the Malladis , but also of the families of Venkatappayya Shreshthhi , Vatsawai . This is my ruling . While Shreepad was telling all this , Sumati Maharani and Appal Raj Sharma were there only . Similarly , Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and Narsimha Verma were also there .

At this time , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Without my wish , even great sages like Bapannarya cannot create fire . When my father enters the fireplace , fire shows its ferocity . If my plan changes , even Venkatappayya Shreshthhi will lose his wealth . Narsimha Verma , who has immeasurable lands , will be reduced to a state where he will have not even the space to stand . All of you are in these positions , because of my wish . I can make a beggar into a Great King ; so also I can convert a Great King into a beggar . I can give my devotee , who worships me , whatever he desires . But before giving , I see whether he can shoulder it . I test him whether he utilizes it by his strength and power for the general good of people . If I deem necessary , I can convert earth into sky and the sky to earth . When Bapannaryulu was the Great Sage Labhad in the Krit Yug , he had a disciple called ‘ Mangal ‘ Maharshi . When he was cutting grass , he hurt his hand mistakenly and blood started flowing from it . The blood solidified and converted into fragrant ash . He felt proud that ‘ Oh ! I have got such great power ‘ .

At the same time , the Great Shiva appeared there . He started shaking his hand . Ash started falling from Shiva’s hand as snow falls from the Himalaya mountains . The Great Shiva said , “ In the Treta Yug , the sage Bharadwaj is going to perform the Savitr Kathhak Chayan sacrifice at Peethhikapur . I have just shown you a fraction of the sacred ash that is going to be created in that Great Sacrifice . “ With this , the pride in Mangal Maharshi was removed . The listeners were listening to what Shreepad Prabhu was saying , amazed . Shreepad said , “ Even entering the environs of Peethhapur is a fruit of pious deeds of countless births . Your being with me , during the time of my incarnation is greatly special that cannot be expressed by words .

First you should become a good Sadhak ( student ) so that you can realize and experience my power . Only then will you experience my compassion , strength , parental affection , protection , liberation from sins . My Padukas will be established in the house of Bapannarya , which is my birth place . I will drink milk on the lap of Mother Sumati during the time of dawn at Peethhapur . In the afternoon , mother will feed me sweet rice and milk . In the night , Mother Sumati will feed me sweet made of wheat flour , taking me in her lap. When I am in Peethhikapur , I will be at Gandharvpur in the form of Narsimha Saraswati . I will definitely take alms at Gandharvpur during afternoon .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Devotees with inner vision will see this clearly . My sacred Padukas are going to be established at my birth place . Great Men , Great Yogis , people from all countries will come in thousands , like ants , to see me in my court . They will dance in communion , chanting the words of victory , “ Datta Digambara , Datta Digambara , Shreepad Vallabh Digambara , Narsimha Saraswati Datta Digambara “. The moment I order the deity of time ( Kal Devata ) , events hitherto held up , will happen instantaneously . A great Samsthan by name will be created . As my influence will grow , the greatness of Peethhapur will grow and the whole town will be filled with people . There will not remain any space for selling ( land ).

I will bring by force those who I feel should come here . However wealthy or a great Yogi a person might be , he will not be able to come to Peethhapur without my wish . This is for sure . Be happy by understanding , realizing my principle . This moment will not come again . All powerful Gods are in my form only . Anyone who offers ( anything ) , I return it at the same time magnifying it a hundred times . I fulfill the desires of those who earn money without going against Dharma . By Good Karmas , all desires are destroyed and liberation is attained . Hearing these nectar like words , everybody was happy and fortunate .

The next day , Narsimha Verma took Shreepad in his horse cart to show him his farm , lands . Verma had a very big land . There were many types of crops in that land .Of that , the gourd crop used not to flower . If it flowered some time , it used to dry up and fall down . The fruit used not to come at that place . If a fruit came , it used to be so bitter that nobody would even taste it . Narsimha Verma told this to Shreepad . He said happily , ‘ Everybody likes the gourd vegetable curry in our house . I , too , like it ‘. In ancient times , a Datta devotee used to perform penance on this land . This sacred land is longing for the touch of my feet , who is Datta himself . To express this longing of her , she was expressing it in her own language , for you to understand . I will fulfill this desire of Mother Earth . There will be a change in her characteristics after my touch . She will give tasty gourds to us . Grandfather , you send the gourds grown here to our house , without any apprehensions . I will eat them with the other members of my house . “

From that day onwards, the crop of gourd started growing abundantly. Those gourds were of a very good quality and very tasty. Alighting from the horse – cart, Shreepad Prabhu strolled for some time on that land. At the same time, some Chanchu ( Adivasi – aborigines ) youth and maidens came there . They all greeted Shreepad with great devotion . They saw a divine halo around the divine face of Shreepad . Then Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! All these Chanchu people are related to the Narsimha incarnation . They worship Goddess Mahalaxmi considering her as their sister . You are a devotee of Narsimha Swami . If you surrender to them , you will get the fortune of the Darshan of Narsimha . “ Narsimha Verma thought that Shreepad is saying this as a prank . He said , “ O Chanchu youths ! Have you seen Lord Narsimha ? Can you tell his whereabouts ? “ This one Chanchu youth said , “ What’s so difficult about this ? A youth with the face of a lion and the body of human moves around in the forest . He loves our sister Chanchu Laxmi . Our sister also likes him . We have got them married . If you wish , we will bring Narsimha and Chanchu Laxmi in front of you . “ Saying so , the Chanchu youths and maidens went away . Narsimha Verma was seeing all this with awe


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II . At the same time , he saw a youth and a young girl coming from the middle of the road . Shreepad called Subbayya Shreshthhi close to him and said , “ Who do you think those two are who are coming from far ? They are Bilwamangal and Chintamani . Prepare a bundle of twigs . We will burn them and see what happens . “

Narsimha Verma began to perspire . They both were indeed Bilwamangal and Chintamani . While returning from the sacred place of Guruvayur after taking the Darshan of Shrikrishna , they saw a great Yogini called ‘Kurur Amma’ . She just blessed them , “ You will get the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . “ Due to her blessing , seeds of devotion and renouncement were sown in them . Taking the Darshan of the Narsimha at Mangalgiri , while they were coming for the Darshan of Shreepad at Peethhikapur , due to the blessings of the great Yogini , they could have the Darshan of Shreepad here itself . While the twigs were burning ,Chintamani and Bilwamangal thought that a pyre was lit . After some time , two black figures similar to their size emerged out from their bodies and fell into the fire , crying and were burnt to ashes . After this , both of them became conscious .

At the same time , the Chanchus brought Chanchu Laxmi . Tying his hands back , the Chanchus had brought Narsimha in front of Shreepad . Such strange events had never occurred in previous Yugas . Many Divine acts in the incarnation of Shreepad are inexplicable and full of miracles . Shreepad questioned Lord Narsimha , “ You yourself are the Narsimha of the earlier Yuga , aren’t you ? This Chanchu Laxmi is your wife , isn’t she ? You are the same who killed Hiranyakashyipu and saved Prahlad , aren’t you ? “ At this Lord Narsimha replied emphatically , “ Yes “ thrice . At the same time , Chanchu Laxmi and Lord Narsimha Dev both entered Shreepad’s body in the form of a flame . The Chanchus disappeared . Bilwamangal became a great devotee and became the ‘ Bilwamangal Maharshi ‘ . Chintamani became a great Yogini . Since strange ( Chitra ) events had occurred in the villages where Narsimha Verma had lands , these villages were named , ‘ Chitrawada ‘ .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 12 II

The account of Kulshekhar

Shree Subbayya Shreshthhi explained so many new subjects very lucidly . In course of his narrations , ( spiritual ) evolution of the listeners used to take place . He used to say that Shreepad Swami is Lord Venkateshwara Swami himself . In the Kaliyug , he only is going to take the Kalki incarnation . Generally , as the per measurement of time , there are Four lakh , Thirty Two Thousand years in the Kaliyug . But according to the Sandhra Sindhu Ved , in the Kaliyug , there will be a general destruction after a period of Five Thousand years is passed and then the Satya Yug ( Era of truth ) will be established . In this connection , the information told by the Brahmanas was different than that told by the Shreshthhi .

The relation of breath with life

In Kaliyug , the Antardasha ( internal period ) of Kali gets over in Five Thousand years . Then there is some intermediate period . Then an internal period ( Antardasha ) of Satya Yug in Kaliyug starts . Even though there is a period of Four Lakh , Thirty Two thousand years in the Kaliyug , there are internal periods ( Antardasha ) , micro periods ( Sookshma Dasha ) , other periods ( Dashas ) etc . This is a subject which can be known to those who know the science of Yoga . Lord Brahma has given a life of One hundred and Twenty years to everybody . But it is not necessary that every person will live for One Hundred and Twenty years . He has given a fixed number of breaths that are required for a person to normally live One Hundred and Twenty years . People with a short temper , with a fickle mind , who run hastily , who are always sad or cheerless , who behave cruelly , exhaust their quota of breaths in a shorter time . The tortoise who breathes very slowly , lives for three hundred years . The monkey who has an extremely fickle mind , lives for a very short while . During breathing , all our organs should be in a good state . Yogis hold their breath and circulate the air ( Prana ) within their bodies . Because of this , many breaths are saved and they live for a long time . In the human body , the particulate atoms change as per the evolutionary process periodically .

The fruit of reading the Shreepad Charitramrut

The body today is not the same which was ten years ago . New particulate matters are born in place of the old . Similar to the generation of new organs , the life force also undergoes a series of changes .New life giving life force is created . Old , diseased life force is destroyed . Similarly , the mental strengths also undergo many changes . Old emotions are destroyed and new emotions are created . Since , in the newly created mental strengths , the power of God , the power to get God’s grace is there , accordingly , the mind , life – force and body also transform . Books like the Shreepad


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shree Vallabh Charitramrut are the forms of the great Lord himself . Yoga Power , Siddha Power is present in every letter of this book . Such books can be read in the mind , or read aloud or if read in a combination of reading aloud and in the mind , the Divine mental consciousness of Shreepad Prabhu is attracted . The vibrations related to the physical , mental , life force , diseases , troubles , afflictions of the devotee reading this book merge into the mental consciousness of Shreepad Prabhu . There they are purified and they come back to the reader in the form of vibrations filled with Divine grace . In this state , the devotee obtains spiritual and material happiness .

Fruit of feeding virtuous people

After reading this book , at least eleven virtuous people should be fed , or an amount equivalent to the cost of that should be given to a sacred place of Datta . The devotee gets a long life due to feeding virtuous people . Food grains that he requires for some period of time are created , though not in the expressed form . Not only this , but vibrations of peace , satisfaction , nutrition , wealth etc . arising out of the satisfaction of virtuous men is also generated without being expressed overtly . After some time , the seeds of these vibrations germinate into a giant tree . Lord Shrikrishna accepted one grain of food from Draupadi in exile and fed the sage Durvasa and his ten thousand disciples to their full contentment . When the devotee dedicates himself faithfully to Shree Guru , all the joys and contentment are in the seed form , which eventually become fruitful to the devotee.

When Shrikrishna and Sudama were living in the hermitage of the sage Sandipani for studies , once they went to the forest to collect grass . Since Shrikrishna became tired , he slept for some time placing his head on Sudama’s lap . Sudama was hungry . The Guru Mother had given some puffed rice to both of them . He started eating that without telling Shrikrishna . Shrikrishna , who was pretending to be asleep , pretended to wake up from sleep and said, “ Sudama ! I am hungry . Did Guru Mother give something to eat when we started from home ? “ Sudama said , “ No ! “ Shrikrishna said , “ I felt you were eating something . “ Sudama said , “ I am reciting the ‘ Vishnu Sahastra Naam ‘ . “ Shrikrishna said, “ Oh ! Is that so ! I had a dream that you are alone eating the puffed rice which Guru Mother had given to both of us . “ At that time , Sudama said , “ Shrikrishna ! You are tired , aren’t you ? Science says that there is no meaning to dreams of afternoons . “ Smiling , Shrikrishna remained silent .

After some time , misfortune struck Sudama and he became poor . He recited the ‘ Vishnu Sahastra Naam ‘ so many times to get rid of his troubles , but he did not benefit much from this . Finally , Shrikrishna graced him . He ate the puffed rice brought by Sudama and he gave him the special boon of royal glory . Shrikrishna had taken rest for a while resting his head on Sudama’ s lap . As a repayment of this , he laid Sudama on his lap , and removing a thorn from his leg , he massaged his feet . Prabhu has indicated that the Karma Sutra ( Theory of Karmas ) works in such a mysterious way .

Destruction of pride of the expert wrestler


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II A wrestler from the Maliyal country came to Peethhikapur , when Shreepad was four years old .His name was Kulshekhar . He was a devotee of Saptagiri Balaji . Defeating wrestlers from every kingdom , he came to Peethhikapur , bringing the victory trophies . The wrestlers of Peethhikapur were sure that they would get defeated by Kulshekhar and be humiliated . A few wrestlers among them had strong faith on Shreepad Prabhu . They went to Shreepad Prabhu with the faith that ‘ only he can rescue us ‘ and surrendered to him . Shreepad Prabhu promised protection to all those wrestlers . In Peethhikapur , there was a lame young man who was bent in eight places and also very weak . Even though he could not do any work , Shreshthhi had employed him with a salary . He was a devotee of Shreepad and he used to always pray to Shreepad to remove his deformity . On that , Shreepad had told the young man , Bheema , that he would do his work when the right time came . Shreepad told those wrestlers , “ Our Bheema is there , isn’t he ? He is fit to face Kulshekhar . When Bheema is behind us , what is the fear ? “ Bheema had unflinching faith on Shreepad Prabhu.

The wrestling match between Bheema and Kulshekhar started as decided . Many people assembled to see this strange match. The wrestling match started in the courtyard in front of the Kukkuteshwar temple . Bheema’s body was becoming stronger from each blow of Kulshekhar . He was getting thrashed at the same spot with the same force , where he was hitting Bheema . Kulshekhar became tired . Bheema’s deformity was gone and he became strong . Kulshekhar surrendered to Shreepad . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Kulshekhar ! You know the One Hundred and Eight vital spots in the human body . Bheema has faith only in me . I am his only protector . He is aware of this . You are swollen with pride . From today onwards , I am giving all of Bheema’s weakness to you . You will not be short of food and clothing . Bheema has become extremely strong taking the life - force from you . I am the same one – who is at Tirupati . Giving him a brief glimpse of Shree Venkateshwar , Shreepad graced Kulshekhar . Shreepad ‘s Divine Leelas are unimaginable . The only way we have is to simply obtain his compassion .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 13 II

The account of Anand Sharma

I ( Shankar Bhatt ) , said , “ Taking permission from Subbayya Shreshthhi , I resumed my journey towards Kuravpur . I came to a village in the night . I was just wondering where to beg for alms . On that road itself , in the courtyard of a house , I saw a happy – looking Brahmin talking to his neighbours . His eyes were brilliant and compassion showed on his face . He called me respectfully in his home and served me food . After eating and being contented , he started telling .He said , “ I am called ‘ Anand Sharma ‘ . I do the Sadhan of the ‘ Gayatri Mantra ‘ . Just some time back , Mother Gayatri came to my inner vision and said , “ One Datta devotee is going to come ; feed him fully . You will get the fruit of seeing Datta Prabhu himself ." As told by her , I have had the good fortune of seeing you . “ On this , I said , “ I am a devotee of Datta . Nowadays , Prabhu is on this earth in the name and form of ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh ‘ . Learning this , I am going to Kuravpur for his Darshan . My name is Shankar Bhatt . I am a Karnataki Brahmin . “

The hermitage of Sage Kanva

Anand Sharma smiled after listening to me and said , “ When my father performed my thread ceremony , an Awadhoot had come there . All of us in our house served him very well . He told a lot of things about the ‘ Gayatri Mantra ‘ . He ordered us to take the Darshan of Narsimha at Penchalkon . My father took me to Penchalkon . Seeing the Narsimha there , he fell into a Samadhi . That Samadhi state continued from morning till night . I was afraid as well as hungry . An unknown person brought me food . That great Soul took me along with him to a cave on a hill through a remote forest and he disappeared there . An old sage was sitting in that cave . His eyes were red like balls of fire . One hundred and one sages were at his service . That old sage was sage Kanva himself . That was his land of penance and the sages serving him were his disciples . Although he looks young , his age is of thousands of years .He could go there because he had the Darshan of Shree Datta Prabhu in Awadhoot form . I was dazed and in great awe . I could not utter a word . My body was trembling . At that time , Kanva Maharshi said , ‘ Nowadays Datta Prabhu is at Peethhikapur in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Tell him to grace us with his kind glance . You may very soon get the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s Padukas ‘ . Blessing me thus , he put his benevolent hand on my head . I instantly came near my father . He was out from his Samadhi . After that we returned to our village . I did not tell about the experiences I got in the hermitage of Rishi Kanva, or that the new incarnation of Shreepad Prabhu is at Peethhikapur, to my father.

Holy place of Pattasachala near Rajamahendry


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Time was passing by. By the blessings of Maharshi Kanva , I used to get the Darshan of the Lord’s Padukas in my meditation . Once , some relatives came to my house . They desired to take bath in sacred rivers and visit holy places . Those relatives forced my father to go along with them . He agreed for that and also took me for the pilgrimage . Rajamahendry is a very sacred place on the banks of the river Godavari . Some sages were performing penances on the mountains towards the north of Rajamahendry , whereas some were doing penances on the mountain towards the east . The sacred place of ‘ Pattasachala ‘ which is a little distant from Rajamahendry is at the centre of the Godavari . On this sacred day of Maha Shivratri , some sages used to come at the sacred place of Pattasachala , whereas some sages used to study the auspicious texts of the Vedas at the sacred place of ‘ Kotilinga Kshetra ‘ in Rajamahendry . These sages used to come directly from the east to the centre . The sages coming from the West , North and South used to congregate at the village of ‘ Yedurulpalli ‘ . Taking rest at the village called ‘ Munikudali ‘ , which was very near Yedurulpalli , they used to debate among themselves . By my good fortune , I could see the village of Munikudali along with my father . All this was the Divine Leela of Shree Datta Prabhu himself .

First incarnation of Shree Dattatreya in Kaliyug – Shreepad Shree Vallabh

The sages assembled there were debating on very deep topics of Vedanta , the science of Yoga ,astrology . All the Maharshis participating in this debate openly declared that Shreepad Shree Vallabh has incarnated in Peethhikapur and that he is the first Purnawatar ( Complete Incarnation ) of Datta in Kaliyug . Those who could not physically see him , were seeing him in their hearts through the process of Yoga . They were saying that this incarnation is very peaceful and full of compassion .

My father took me to Peethhikapur . The scholars who had accompanied us took bath in the sacred Kshetra of Pad Gaya and taking Darshan of various Gods at the Kukkuteshwar temple and worshipping and reading the Vedas , started to go to Shree Bapannacharyulu’s house . Reading the auspicious Vedas along with the scholars , Shree Bapannaryulu and Shree Appal Raj Sharma met us . That sight was very pleasing . It is indeed due to the Good deeds in the earlier birth that you get to see such Glorius Divine sights .

Description of the Divine Auspicious form of Shreepad Prabhu

A grand feast was organized for us at Bapannaryulu’s house . At that time , Shreepad was less than five years’ of age . That tender divine child of small age was extremely brilliant , beautiful , authoritative , long armed , filled with infinite love and compassion in his eyes . Where the Vedas got exhausted describing , what would be my condition ? When I greeted him touching his feet , he placed his protection – giving hands on my head . Shreepad Prabhu blessed me ,‘ My grace is on you from many births . In your next life , you will become an Awadhoot by the name of Venkatayya , you will be a performer of Agnihotra and you will get the powers of precipitating rainfall when there is a drought . Similarly , you will have the strength of removing the troubles of householders . ‘


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II I said , “ The Divine Acts of Shreepad Prabhu are wonderful , incomprehensible and unimaginable . Kindly shed light on the mystery of the ‘ Gayatri ‘ worship . “

Greatness of all letters of the Gayatri Mantra from Shreepad Prabhu

Anand Sharma said that the Power of Gayatri has pervaded the whole world . If association is established with her , the subtle world is conquered . By her association , material , mental and also soul – related wealth can be obtained . There is a network of countless nerves in our body . Of these , if some nerves are joined , they are called as ‘ Glands ( Granthis ) ‘ . By the chanting of these Mantras by those who have faith in the Yoga of Japa , these glands awaken and the dormant energies in those emerge .

By chanting the letter ‘ Aum ‘ , the area of the head is affected

By chanting the letter ‘ Bhuhu ‘ , the portion of the forehead upto four fingers above the right eye is awakened

By chanting the letter ‘ Bhuwaha ‘ , the portion upto three fingers above the point between the two eyes is affected

By chanting the letter ‘ Swaha’ , the area of forehead upto four fingers above the left eye is affected

By the chanting of ‘ Tat ‘ , the dormant power called ‘ Safalya ‘ in the ‘ Tapini ‘ gland which is in the ‘ Agnya Chakra ‘ is awakened

By the chanting of ‘ Sa ‘ , the power called ‘ Parakram ‘ , which is in the dormant form in the gland called ‘ Safalata ‘ in the left eye is affected

By the chanting of ‘ Vi ‘ , the power called ‘ Paalan ‘ , which is situated in the ‘ Vishwa ‘ gland in the left eye is awakened

By the chanting of ‘ Tu ‘ ,an energy called ‘ Mangalakar ‘ which is in the gland called ‘ Tushti ‘ in the left ear is affected

By the chanting of the letter ‘Rva’ , an energy called ‘ Yog ‘ in the ‘ Varad ‘ gland which is situated in the right ear is established ( Siddha )

By chanting the letter ‘ Re ‘ , an energy called ‘ Prem ‘ in the ‘ Revati ‘ gland which is situated at the root of the nose is awakened


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II By chanting ‘ Ni ‘ , the dormant energy ‘ Dhan Sandhya’ in the gland ‘ Sookshma ‘ , which is on the upper lip is awakened

By chanting the letter ‘ Yam ‘ , the energy called ‘ Tej ‘ in the ‘ Gyan’ gland which is on our lower lip is accomplished

By chanting the letter group ‘ Bha ‘ , the ‘ Rakshan’ energy in the ‘ Bhag ‘ gland in the voice box is activated

By chanting ‘Rgo ‘ , the ‘ Buddhi ‘ energy which is in the gland named ‘ Gomati ‘ which is situated in the hollow of the neck is accomplished

By chanting ‘ De ‘ , the energy called ‘ Daman ‘ in the ‘ Devika ‘ gland , which is on the upper side of the left chest is affected

The chanting of ‘ Va ‘ , accomplished the ‘ Nishthha ‘ energy which is in the ‘ Varahi ‘ gland in the upper side of the right chest

The chanting of ‘ Sya ‘ affects the ‘ Dhaaranaa ‘ energy which is in the gland called ‘ Sinhini ‘ which is in the upper side of the abdomen ( where the ribs join )

By chanting of ‘ Dhee ‘ , the ‘ Pranashakti ‘ in the ‘ Dhyan ‘ gland in the liver is accomplished

By chanting the letter ‘ Ma ‘ , the energy ‘ Sanyam ‘ in the ‘ Maryada ‘ gland which is in our spine is activated

By chanting ‘ Hi ‘ , the energy called ‘ Tapo ‘ in the ‘ Sphoot ‘ gland in the navel is activated

By chanting the letter ‘ Dhee ‘ , the energy called ‘ Doordarshita ‘ in the ‘ Megha ‘ gland which is the lower side of the spinal cord is obtained

By chanting ‘ Yo ‘ , the ‘ Antarnihit ‘ energy in the ‘ Yogamaya ‘ gland which is situated in the left hand is awakened

By chanting ‘ Yo ‘ , the ‘ Utpaadan ‘ energy in the ‘ Yogini ‘ gland which is situated in the right hand is obtained

By chanting the letter ‘ Naha ‘ , the ‘ Sarasta ‘ energy in the ‘Dharini ‘ gland which is in the right elbow is obtained

By chanting the letter ‘ Pra ‘ , the energy called ‘ Adarsh ‘ in the ‘ Prabhav ‘ gland which is in the left elbow is awakened


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II By chanting the letter ‘ Cho ‘ , the energy ‘ Saahas ‘ in the ‘ Ushmaa’ gland which is situated in the right wrist is accomplished

By the chanting the letter ‘ Da’ , the ‘ Vivek ‘ energy in the gland named ‘ Drushya ‘ which is on the right palm is awakened

By chanting the couple of letters ‘ Yaat ‘ , the ‘ Sevaa ‘ energy in the ‘ Nirayan ‘ gland on the left palm is accomplished

In this way , there is a close relation between the twenty – four letters of the ‘ Gayatri ‘ Mantra , the twenty – four glands and their twenty – four types of powers . The figure nine is not changeable and signifies the ‘ Divine ‘ principle . The figure eight signifies the principle of ‘ Maya ‘ ( illusory energy ) of God .

Analysis of the sentence ‘ Do Chaupati Dev Laxmi ‘

Shreepad Prabhu used to accept two chapattis from the house he liked . Instead of saying , ‘ Do Chapati Dev Laxmi ‘ , he used to say , ‘ Do Chaupati Dev Laxmi ‘ . ‘ Do ‘ means the number Two . ‘ Chau ‘ means four . In the word ‘ Pati Dev ‘ , is signified the number nine of the Lord who is the Lord of the Universe . The word ‘ Laxmi ‘ signifies the number eight which is the ‘ Maya ‘ ( Illusory energy ) of the Lord . Therefore the number 2498 is understood as a Great Figure . This is also the form of ‘ Gayatri ‘. This is the form of Parmatma . Shreepad Prabhu used to arrange these numbers in this way to indicate that even the material energy is the same . Then I said , “ My Lord ! I understood a little bit about the twenty – four letters of the Gayatri Mantra what you have described . I have not understood why you refer the number nine ( 9 ) as a form of the Parmatma and refer the number eight ( 8 ) as a form of the ‘ Maya ‘ ( illusory energy of the Lord ) .

Analysis of the number nine

Anand Sharma said , “ Shankar Bhatta ! Parmatma is beyond the Universe . He is not affected by any changes . Nine ( 9 ) is a unique number . The number 9 when divided by 1 results in 9 only . The number 9 when multiplied by 2 results in 18 . The sum of 1 and 8 is again 9 . When 9 are multiplied by 3 , it results in 27 . The addition of 2 and 7 again is 9 . In this way , if it is multiplied by any number and the digits of the resulting number added , it results in 9 only ; therefore the number 9 indicates the Divine Principle .

Analysis of the Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is like the Kalpa Taru ( The tree which fulfils all desires ) . The Omkar of the Gayatri Mantra is considered as the sprout which springs from the earth . The knowledge of existence of God , the faith in God comes from the chanting of this Omkara . This sprout grows in three branches in the form of Bhuhu , Bhuwaha , Swaha . ‘


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Bhuhu ‘ is capable of giving self – realization . ‘ Bhuwaha ‘ indicates the Karma Yoga which has to be performed when the being takes the human form . ‘ Swaha ‘ stabilizes all dualities and gives the ability to reach the state of ‘ Samadhi ‘ . Form the ‘ Bhuhu ‘ branch , have evolved the sub – branches ‘ Tat Savitur Varenyam ‘ . ‘ Tat’ is useful to give the ‘ Jiva ‘ , the knowledge of the living being . ‘ Savitur ‘ helps is obtaining power . ‘ Varenyam ‘ helps human being to go from the animal state to the Divine state .

Form the ‘Bhuwaha ‘ branch , the sub – branches ‘ Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi ‘ have evolved . ‘ Bhargo ‘ increases purity . ‘ Devasya ‘ gives the Divine vision which is only attainable to Gods . ‘ Dheemahi ‘ increases good qualities . From ‘ Swaha ‘ , reasoning due to ‘ Dhiyo ‘ , patience due to ‘ Yonah ‘ , the tendency to serve the entire living world due to ‘ Prachodayaat ‘ increases .

Hence there are three branches of the Gayatri Kalpavriksha . You have understood the three sub branches of each branch , haven’t you ? Therefore the number 2498 indicates Shreepad . Of this , I have told you the analysis of the number ‘ 9 ‘ ( nine ) .

Analysis of the number eight ( 8 )

The number eight is of the form of the Maya ( The illusory energy ) of the Lord ; this is the principle of Anagha Mata . When eight is multiplied by one, results in eight only . If it is multiplied by 2 , results in sixteen ( 16 ) . Of this , when one and six are added , result in seven ( 7 ) . This is less than eight . When 8 is multiplied by 3 results in the number 24 . Of this , if 2 and 4 are added , result in 6 . This is less than 7 . Like this , the Mother of the Universe has the power to take away the strength of all living beings in nature . This Maya ( Illusory Energy ) has the strength to reduce anybody , however big he might be , to smallness . Shreepad Shree Vallabh is in the form of Mother Gayatri ; he is Shree Datta along with Goddess Anagha . All desires are fulfilled if he is worshipped by minds , words , body and deeds ( Karmas ) .

In the Gayatri Mata , there is the advent of the power of Brahma , who is on a swan , in the early mornings . In the afternoon , there is the power of Vishnu , riding an eagle . In the evening , there is the strength of Shambhu ( Shiva ) , who is mounted on a bull . The ruling deity of the Gayatri Mantra is Savita ( The Sun ) . The incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh took place as a result of the Savitra Kathhak Chayan done by Bharadwaj Maharshi in Peethhikapur in the Treta Yuga . The God Savita is in the form of Rigveda in the morning and in the Atharva Veda form in the night . The sun we see with our eyes is only a symbolic form . When Yogis reach a highly evolved state , they can see the extremely brilliant dazzling Divine ‘ Brahma Yoni ‘ which is in the shape of a triangle . From here itself , millions of universes are being created , sustained and getting destroyed every moment . The energy which does the creation , sustenance and destruction in this infinite universe is called ‘ Savitri ‘ . Even though this is said , Gayatri and Savitri are not different . Spiritual development of living beings takes place by the grace of Mother Gayatri . It is necessary


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II that co – ordination between the two takes place in order to get experiences of all material pleasures on earth and to get the experience of Divine Bliss in the liberated state of the other worlds . Those who have sought refuge at the feet of Shreepad , get the benefit of the worldly and the other – worldly . This is the difference between the worship of other deities and Shree Dattatreya .

What great instruction the great Anand Sharma had given me ! Then I ( Shankar Bhatt ) said , “ My Lord ! How fortunate you are ! When Shreepad Prabhu will incarnate as Narsimha Saraswati , you will become his Guru and initiate him to the Sannyas Deeksha ; in that birth , you will be following the Sannyas Dharma by the name of Shree Krishna Saraswati . “ On this , Anand Sharma said , “ The incarnation of the Lord is for the devotee only . By taking the human form on the earth , he teaches all human beings , through his ideal life , full of Dharma . Even though , he is all – knowing , he accepts a Guru and demonstrates the importance of the Guru to the society by his actions . Only a rare individual gets the capability to become the Guru of an Awatara ( incarnation ) . To bear an incarnation in their clan , eighty earlier generations of that clan have to perform virtuous deeds . Similarly , the family of the person who becomes a Guru to an Awatara ( incarnation ) has to be greatly virtuous and pure .”

The families of Bapannacharyulu and Sayanacharya had associations for many generations . He used to say in good humour that if a daughter was born in the house of Malladi , she would become a daughter – in – law of Vajapeya Yajulu and if a daughter was born in the house of Vajapeya Yajulu , she would become the daughter – in – law of Malladi . The daughter of Bapannacharya , the all – very fortunate Sumati was not given to the house of Vajapeya Yajulu . She was married to the Divine , ‘ Ghandikota Appal Raju Sharma ‘ as per the unchangeable verdict of Lord Brahma .

Shreepad Shree Vallabh , who was the incarnation of Datta himself , also graced and liberated Vajapeya Yajulu – who had blood relations with his mother . Madhavacharya had great parental affection for Shreepad Prabhu . He himself became Maharshi Vidyaranya later . His disciple Malayanand , his disciple Deo Tirtha , his disciple Yadavendra Saraswati and Yadavendra Saraswati’s disciple Shree Krishna Saraswati . There will be three generations of Guru – disciples between Maharshi Vidyaranya and Krishna Saraswati . Shree Vidyaranya himself will incarnate as Krishna Saraswati and he will be the Guru of Shreepad in his next incarnation .

Shreepad used to always speak the truth . His every sentence used to become true . Once Sumati Maharani was bathing Shreepad . At that time , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi came there .Seeing him , Shreepad asked , “ Is our Gotra Markandeya ? “ Hearing this , he did not reply to Shreepad’s sweet words . Actually Shreepad’s Gotra was Bharadwaj . Shreepad thought Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi also belongs to his Gotra . After the bath , Sumati Devi poured water from the mug and blessed him , “ Be long lived as Markandeya “ . Markandeya had a life of sixteen years . Later , by the blessings of Shiva , he became immortal . Shreepad had indicated cryptically that he will stay with his parents only till his age of sixteen years . After sixteen years , Markandeya had left his home and became immortal . Shreepad


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II , too , stayed for sixteen years with his parents and then became the Spiritual Master of the Universe ( Jagadguru ) . After that , subsequently , he disappeared . His body got immortality . We all see Shreepad in that form in which he had incarnated as the son of Atri – Anasuya . He had said this in his conversations many times .

Various forms of Shreepad

Shreepad used to externalize his Yoga Powers and used to show his Divine form in the female form . Similarly , he used to show his Yoga Powers to his devotees . How wonderful was this ! Only Lord Dattatreya can externalize the Kundalini Shakti . When he was sixteen years of age , Shreepad Prabhu showed his divinity in the form of a young couple to his parents , to Narsimha Verma and his wife , to Bapannaryulu – Rajamamba , to Venkatappayya and his wife . His parents had a great desire to get Shreepad married at sixteen years of his age . But they were disappointed . When Shreepad had shown himself in his Awadhoota form to his mother Sumati , he had said , “ Mother ! Your son will stay with you till he becomes sixteen years’ of age . If you decide about his marriage , he will not listen . He will leave the house and go away . Therefore , do as he wishes . Shree Anagha – Datta is the first couple ; they do not have life or death . They always act in divinity . They will stay in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , in the form of Narsimha Saraswati , in the form of Swami Samarth , by becoming Ardha Narishwar ( half male – half female )

The circular ( Mandal Kaal ) worship and the fruit obtained by reading the Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut

It is special that the incarnation of Shreepad took birth on the Ganesh Chaturthi day . In one era , Labh , the son of Ganesh , was famous as the great sage , Labhad . He took birth as Nanda in the Shrikrishna incarnation . Shree Mother Vasawi incarnated on this earth by the name – Bhaskaracharya . ‘ Labh ‘ had incarnated in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s grandfather in his incarnation period . Shreepad Prabhu incarnated by stabilizing the ‘Vighna Vinashak ( Destroyer of Obstacles ) principle into his own principle. When he incarnated , the Chitra Nakshatra was prevalent . He disappeared in Kuravpur in the twenty seventh Nakshatra ( Hasta Nakshatra ) from that Nakshatra . Shreepad’s devotees take the Mandal ( Circular ) Deeksha in order that the undesirable fruits of the nine planets revolving in the 27 Nakshatras are destroyed . In one Mandal ( Circle ) , if Shreepad is worshipped or his Divine stories are read with faith and devotion , all desires are accomplished . The mind , intellect , consciousness and the self radiate vibrations in all directions . These vibrations are transmitted in forty different directions . If the transmission of these vibrations in forty directions is stopped and directed to Shreepad Prabhu , they merge with the consciousness of Shreepad . There the necessary conversions take place and they are converted to vibrations and they again come back to the devotee . After this all the rightful desires of the devotee are fulfilled . ‘ O Shankar Bhatta ! I have come to know by my inner vision that you are going to write the biography of Shreepad Prabhu . In the prevalent biographies in the world ,compositions praising the family – tree of the writer etc .are there . In the biography of the Lord written by you , your family tree is not required .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II By meditating on the Lord , by bringing the image of the Lord as you see in your inner vision , when you will compose in a way which everybody understands easily , Shreepad’s consciousness will make everything that your pen describes come true . In this way , a book written or Mantras chanted ( created ) by inspiration need not be in the metered form . By God’s vision , some great devotees , will be inspired to create prayer verses in their local languages . It will not be necessary that these should be grammatically correct or in the right metered form . The verses sung by devotees , being blessed by Gods who are pleased with them , have the strength of God’s grace . If we recite the verses in those compositions , our consciousness comes instantly very near to the consciousness of the Lord . The Lord looks for our emotions ; not the language . Emotions mean permanent energy . Shreepad Prabhu was extremely friendly with the families of Malladi , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and Vatsawai .

On the occasion of a festival , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi had invited the Appal Raju couple to his house . On that day , Shreshthhi was looking quite serious . This had a reason like that too . A famous astrologer in Peethhikapur had predicted all - the time , day , date , lunar date of Shreshthhi’s death . His predictions had never been proved wrong ; this was the reason for Shreshthhi’s seriousness . That astrologer had vowed that if his prediction proved wrong , he will shave his head and roam in the village sitting on a donkey . To prevent premature death , Appal Raju Sharma worshipped Kalagni Shaman Datta and brought his Prasad for Shreshthhi . Just shortly , Sumati Maharani came along with Shreepad wearing splendid clothes . At the same time , due to great pain in Shreshthhi’s heart , he started crying , ‘ Mother ! ‘ Sumati ran towards him . That great auspicious Divine Lady touched Shreshthhi ‘s heart with her Divine Hand and at the same time , Shreepad shouted loudly , “ Go ! “ . There was an ox in Shreshthhi’s house that died in pain shortly and Shreshthhi was saved . Learning this news , that astrologer almost ran to Shreshthhi’s house . He regretted that his prediction proved false .

Shreepad said to that astrologer , “ You have studied astrology in great details . But when I am the flame of all flames , why should Shreshthhi fear death ? You need not shave your head and move on the donkey . It is enough that you have repented . Your father had taken a loan from Shreshthhi when he was alive . Having not returned it , he had falsely taken an oath on the Gayatri and said that he had returned it . Due to this sin , he had to take birth in Shreshthhi’s house as an ox . I have given the ( blessing ) Prasad of good birth to your father who was in an inferior specie . I diverted the effect of premature death of Shreshthhi to the ox . You perform the funeral rites of this ox and donate food . The bad fruits of your father’s Karmas will be destroyed and he will get a good state . " The astrologer did as per Shreepad’s instructions .

Shreepad Prabhu can save life in many ways . Shreepad is an incarnation opulent in Yoga . Nothing is unachievable to him . It is easy to attain liberation by reducing the rate of exhalation . Kriya Yogis , whose life force ( Prana – Breaths ) moves upwards and downwards the Chakras ( centres ) of Adnya , Vishuddha , Anahat , Manipur , Swadhishthhan , Muladhar . The time taken for one Kriya cycle is equal to the spiritual development normally taking place in one year .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II If in one third of the time of a day and night , one thousand Kriyas are done , then in only three years’ time , spiritual development equivalent to that naturally attainable in the period of one million years , is visible .

I learnt a lot by listening to the good things told by Anand Sharma . Finishing my morning chores , taking leave of Anand Sharma , I started towards Kuravpur to take the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyaya 14 II

Gift of Protection ( Abhay Daan ) to Datta Das .

After travelling for some days , I ( Shankar Bhatt ) reached a village called ‘ Muntakallu ‘ . I asked the passers – by who told that I could reach Kuravpur in a few days . I was longing for the Sagun Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . A person with a vessel of liquor was going on the same path as mine . I could not bear the great stink of the liquor . Remembering the name of Shreepad , I started moving fast to avoid that . That person also increased his pace and reached near me . He asked , “ Is it right for you to go away farther when I am coming towards you ? “

Then I said , “ Who are you ? What work you have with me ? “ On this , he laughed loudly . He stank of liquor very much . ‘ Before knowing who I am , it is appropriate to know who you are . Where have you come from ? Where are you going ? ‘ I thought even liquor sellers are capable to speak on the Vedanta . He called people from the streets . A mob gathered there . The liquor seller told them , “ Friends , I am a liquor seller of this region . I live rightfully . The Toddy palm tree is a Kalpa Vriksha ( Tree fulfilling desires ) for me . This Brahmin was waiting for me till I climbed the tree and brought liquor . He asked me to say , “ Even though I am a Brahman , I am used to drinking liquor . But I do not have the money to pay you . So give a little liquor and get a little virtue” ". I said , “ No ! “ He said , “ He is saying ‘ no ‘ because his status of being a Brahmin will be corrupted by drinking liquor in front of a few people . Now my promise will be broken and I will be a great sinner . Actually , this is a great opportunity in our clan . He has dashed my hopes to get good ‘ Punya ‘ by giving precious liquor to drink to a Brahmin . “

“ O Revered People !You give the right advice to this Brahmin and save me from sin .” When I disagreed , then several people started moving there . All people gathered there were the liquor selling Gouda people only . They all sided with the liquor seller and that liquor seller forcefully made me drink the liquor . After that , all the people left . I was very sad . I drank the lowly liquor even though born in the high Brahmin Varna . My Brahminism is destroyed . How do I see the Lotus face of the greatly sacred Shreepad ? How unfortunate are my deeds ? If Brahma himself has written this fate on my forehead , what else could have happened ?

My legs started wobbling . My mouth was stinking unbearably . Cursing my fate , taking Shreepad’s name , I started walking .

I saw a land of Penance ( Tapobhumi ) on the way . Some Mahatma ( Great Soul ) was staying there . I felt ashamed to set foot on that sacred land . I was walking through my path . Suddenly a voice came from behind me , “ Shankar Bhatt ! Stop ! I have orders to bring you to the Ashrama of Dattanand Swami . “ I was amazed by the Divine events of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II fate . I was brought in front of Shree Dattanand Swami . Looking at me with eyes filled with compassion , he asked me to quickly take bath and come . After bath , I was given delicious fruits to eat . Shree Swami called me near him and said , “ Shankar Bhatt ! Shreepad Shree Vallabh , the ninth incarnation of Dattatreya has so much kind grace on you . He made you drink with his own nectar hands . You took him for a liquor seller of the Gouda race . Due to illusion ( Maya ) , you took the nectar given by him to be liquor . What great illusion ( Maya ) ? “

I saw all events seen by me , one by one , before my eyes . Then I started experiencing infinite waves from the infinitely powerful ocean of consciousness hitting me . My sense of self , which was so ridiculously insignificant in that infinite empire of power , was destroyed . I could not understand what was meant by ‘ me ‘ . I was immersed in a Divine Bliss . The ‘ me ‘ limited to myself was destroyed and the entire creation felt like a dream .

Suddenly , Swami sprinkled auspicious water on me . By his Divine hands , he applied sacred ash on my forehead . I gave myself up to this creation . For some time , I was enjoying divine Bliss . I realized that I was getting caught in the material , when I had given myself up completely to the creation .

Shree Swami said , “ In one of your earlier births , you were of the Gouda race . You used to consume a lot of liquor . Some desire of drinking liquor was still left in you . Had you not got the grace of Shreepad Prabhu , you would have got that bad habit and would have fallen . There are many troubles ( indicated ) in your horoscope , but due to the nectar like gaze of Shreepad Prabhu , these are removed without you coming to know about them . Who can describe the greatness of Shree Guru ? Even the Vedas went silent saying , “ Not this , Not this ! “

On this I said , “ Shreepad Prabhu always says that he is going to take incarnation in the form of Narsimha Saraswati . I desire ( to know ) the intention of his Divine Acts . “ Hearing this , Swami said , “ One of the major characteristics of the Vedic sages is to be a philosopher . The truths of spirituality have been propounded in their simple easy forms ; this itself is the truth about the self . Actually , while defining the truths with respect to the procedures of the Karmas ( Karma kandas ) , the truth of the self itself has been referred to differently as Truth , sacrifices , water , food . In this way , the word ‘ Saraswati ‘ also has a great specialty . The river Saraswati flows inwardly . While describing her , it has been told that she teaches ‘ True Words ‘ , giving information about the Great ocean , she lights up our consciousness . Shree Guru means one and the only teaching power , flow of knowledge . His true words light up our consciousness ; similarly , it stabilizes the Great Truth and inner knowledge in us . The Yadnya ( sacrifice ) in the Vedas is the external form of internal tendencies . Through the sacrifices , human being offers whatever he has to God . In return Gods give cows , horses . The wealth of cows means the opulence of radiance ; horses mean opulence of strength . In this way Gods give us the Prasad ( Gifts , rewards ) of their penances . The knowledge in the Vedas has been kept very secret so that only the deserving can learn it . “

Blessing given to the Audumber tree , specialty of the incarnation of Narsimha


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II To kill Hiranyakashyipu , Shree Mahavishnu emerged in the form of Narsimha from the wooden pillar of the Audumber tree . He protected Prahlad and after killing Hiranyakashyipu , put him on the throne . After some time, the broken pillar started to sprout and subsequently it grew into an Audumber tree . Amazed , Prahlad started worshipping that Audumber tree . Once Dattatreya gave his Darshan , seated in meditation beneath an Audumber tree , and gave knowledge to Prahlad . Knowing that Prahlad had a desire to learn the Dwaita Siddhanta ( The theory of Duality ) , Shree Datta Prabhu blessed him that in the Kaliyug , he will deliver the downtrodden people taking the form of a sage . When the greatly sacred Audumber tree took human form and falling on the Lotus feet of Shree Datta , prayed to bless him also , Dattatreya said , “ I will stay in the subtle form at the roots of every Audumber tree . Since Lord Narsimha emerged from you , I will take the name of Narsimha Saraswati in the Kaliyug and take an incarnation . This is my promise . “

Hearing these words from Swami , I said , “ Great Lord , My mind is always greedy to take the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu at Peethhikapur and to hear his Divine Acts as a child . “

The wonderful divine acts of Shreepad

Swami said , “ I could not speak clearly when I was a child . Words used to stammer . Therefore , all children used to tease me . I got an unknown disease . It started growing from my age of five . With each passing year , it started appearing that ten years had passed . When I became ten years of age , I started appearing fifty years’ old . At that time , Bapannaryulu was doing a sacrifice at Peethhikapur . My father had taken me for the sacrifice . At that time , he was not more than six years of age . The ghee required for the sacrifice was stored there . It was handed over to an old Brahmin . The Brahmin used to hide 1/3 rd part of the ghee in his house and used to bring the remaining 2/3 rd part for the sacrifice . The sacrifice started , but the ghee finished in a short time ; at that time it was difficult to prepare ghee . This was a matter of concern . Shree Bapannaryulu looked at Shreepad suggestively . Then Shreepad said , “ Some thieves are planning to steal my wealth . But I will not let their efforts succeed . I will punish them at the right time . I am ordering Shani Dev to stay in their houses with his wife . “

After saying this , Shreepad called that old Brahmin and wrote on a leaf thus , “ Mother Ganga ! Give ghee for the conclusion of the sacrifice . Your balance will be given by my grandfather – Venkatappayya Shreshthhi – this is the order of Shreepad Vallabh ." He showed this letter to Shreshthhi . He agreed to this . Four Brahmins along with that Brahmin went to the sacred place of Pad Gaya . They dedicated that letter to the sacred waters and filled a vessel with waters of the sacred place . They brought that water accompanied by the chanting of Vedic Mantras , to the location of the sacrifice . While bringing that water , it transformed into pure ghee in front of everybody . The sacrifice was concluded by offering that ghee . Everybody was happy . As per his promise , Shreshthhi filled that vessel with ghee and offered it to the sacred place of Gaya . While pouring the ghee became water .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II My father explained my misery to Shreepad . He said , “ Wait for a while . The disease will be cured . I will remove his stammering . One house is going to be burnt . We have to decide the appropriate auspicious time for it . " Prabhu’s statements could not be understood . At that time , the old Brahmin came . He had come to see if any loss had occurred due to his theft of ghee . He had a strong belief that whatever happens in the presence of Shreepad will be good . Shreepad Prabhu told him , “ Grandfather ! You are an expert in the science of determining auspicious times . We have to determine a right time to destroy a house . “ Then the old Brahmin said , “ There are auspicious times for building a new house , worshipping the land before new constructions , but there are no such auspicious times for burning houses . “ Shreepad said , “ How are there no auspicious times for stealing , burning of houses ? “ That old Brahmin said , “ I have not heard about such auspicious times . “ Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! What good news you have told . One shrewd person stole away the ghee collected for the Great sacred sacrifice . The Fire God could not control his hunger . Since he could not get the ghee he rightfully deserved , he is satiating his hunger by burning the house . The Fire God is exultant with joy . “

Hearing Shreepad Prabhu’s words , that old Brahmin’s face fell . Shreepad said , “ Get some ash from your burnt house . “ The Brahmin was aware that like Shreepad Prabhu graces and gives blessings , he also destroys with anger . Without uttering a word , he brought ash from the burnt house . Dissolving that ash in water , Prabhu ordered me to drink it and do so for three days . We stayed at Shree Bapannaryulu’s house for three days and drank that water containing that ash . My stammering completely vanished and I became healthy once again . Shreepad Prabhu blessed me by putting his Divine hand on my head and imparting me knowledge by Shaktipat ( Transfer of his power ) . After that he said , “ You will be famous by the name of Dattanand from today . You will save people by becoming a householder . You will preach Dharma ."

This Brahmin and you used to trade together in your last births . Since disputes arose in the trade , both tries to destroy each other . One day you invited home this old Brahmin and fed him Kheer with great affection . The Brahmin was not aware that the Kheer was mixed with poison ; he completely ate the Kheer and died after some time . That old Brahmin got your house burnt through some people when you were unaware , and that house went to ashes . Your wife died in that fire . After coming home , and finding everything destroyed , your heart stopped and you died . Since you had poisoned somebody in your previous life , you got such strange disease in this birth . Since he had burnt down your house in previous life , his house was destroyed by fire , in this birth . By this divine act , I cleared both of you from the bondage of your Karmas . “ I returned home obtaining the grace of Shreepad Prabhu . By his mercy , I became a learned scholar of the Vedas and the Shastras . Narsimha Verma built a new house for that old Brahmin . By the kind mercy of Shreepad , bondages of Karmas of both of them were destroyed and both were blessed . The Divine acts of Shreepad Prabhu are unfathomable .

Dattanand further said , “ All Gods are created from brilliance . Mother Aditi herself is the mother of all Gods . Only Gods are responsible for the ( good ) tendencies , progress of human beings . The Gods give radiance to human beings


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II ; they shower the wealth of Divine consciousness onto the human soul . They breed truth . They themselves are the creator of the ‘Satya Lok ‘ . They are responsible for the joy and complete liberation of human beings .

Brahmins – Gods on Earth

All Gods are in the form of Mantras . This universe in dependant on Gods . In this way , all Gods are dependent on Mantras . These Mantras are dependent on Good Brahmins . Therefore , Brahmins are equivalent to Gods , on this earth .

The world can normally be grasped by the five sense organs . Words , Light , Touch , Movement , Heat or Cold , Forgetting , Use of Strength , speed etc . are the basic expressions which are useful for the human beings . As language progresses , expressions of emotions , variations in it develop serially . The language progresses from the unclear to the certain ; this stability increases along with the growth of the language from the material to the mental expressions and expressions of the unexpressed emotions .

It is especially fruitful to read sacred books

Your resolve to describe the Divine character of Shreepad Prabhu in the Sanskrit language is very praiseworthy . This book in the Sanskrit language will be translated into the Telugu language in due course of time . The fruit of reading the translated text is the same as that of reading the original text . When anybody who reads the biography of Shreepad Prabhu anywhere , Shreepad Prabhu stays there in the subtle form and listens to it . I will tell you a story related to this . Listen carefully .

Shreepad became seven years of age . His Upanayan initiation was performed in the Vedic style . In those times , when such ceremonies were organized in the homes of prosperous householders , there used to be an atmosphere of joy everywhere . Bapannaryulu’s joy knew no bounds . He had invited all his kinsmen to listen to the stories of Datta . All of them had arrived with great curiosity to listen to the biography of Datta . Datta Das started narrating the stories of Datta . He said , “ In the olden times , the great sacred couple of Anasuya and Maharshi Atri got a jewel of a son . He himself was named as ‘ Dattatreya ‘ . That great flame Dattatreya himself , nowadays , in this Kaliyug has incarnated in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh in this Peethhikapur . That Great Lord was initiated today in the Upanayan .After the Upanayan , this divine brilliant Lord started looking even more brilliant . Glory be forever to the Lord who delivers the downtrodden . “

He was repeating this story itself continuously and the audience was listening to it with concentration . This story was repeated fifty – three ( 53 ) times . Shreepad Prabhu’s divine glance fell upon Datta Das . After the Upanayan , Shreepad told the Brahmins there that he was immediately going to Mala Dasari’s house . When asked the reason for


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II going , Shreepad said , “ Datta Das , who has a pure soul is narrating my stories . Considering the story once told as one chapter , fifty – three chapters have been completed . The fruit accrued to the one who reads fifty – three chapters of my story has to be immediately given ( to him ) . “

With Shreepad Prabhu , there is no distinction of caste , race for his affection towards his devotees

The Brahmins did not permit Shreepad Prabhu to go to Datta Das . Then Shreepad said very angrily , “ You are cruelly suppressing the low caste people calling them as ‘ Panchamas ‘ , but since my grace is more towards them , in the coming centuries , they will be in a progressed state and your Brahminism , your rights will fall from the path of Dharma and good Karma , by serving them . My words are like a clear line on a black stone and not a word will change . I will protect those Brahmins amongst you who will bind themselves in Dharma and spend their lives in the worship of Datta . “

His parents tried to pacify the anger of Shreepad . After some time he calmed down and became silent .

Exactly at the same time , Shreepad Vallabh showed his divine auspicious form in the house of Datta Das . He accepted the sweet fruits offered to him with affection . He took milk from him with love . He gave the Prasad of sweets with his own divine hands to everybody and blessed everybody who was at Datta Das’ house .

“ Son Shankar Bhatta ! You saw Shreepad Prabhu’s love . He is satisfied with emotions . He does not care for race , clan ( Gotra ) , material status . Even if a person from a low caste gives us the Prasad of Datta ,we should accept it with devotion . If you ignore it or refuse the Prasad , we fall prey to troubles and destruction . “

Twelve promises of protection given by Shreepad to his devotees


I am in the subtle form at all places where my stories are being read .


I protect with great vigil the devotee who is dedicated to me by mind , body and Karmas .


I accept alms everyday in the afternoon at Shree Peethhikapur . My advent is a divine mystery.


I burn the Karmas of any number of births of those who meditate on me continuously .


I definitely become very happy with the person who gives food to the one who needs it . ( Food itself is Poorna Brahma – Complete Divinity – Food is Lord Ram )


I am Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Mahalaxmi sparkles with all her splendor at the house of my devotee .


If your soul is pure , my gaze is always on you .


Whichever form of Gods you worship , whichever Sadguru’s path you follow , it will come to me only .


Your prayers reach me only . You obtain my blessings / grace through the form of God worshipped by you , through your Sadguru .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II 10. Shreepad Shree Vallabh is not only in the form of name . My gigantic form which is the combination of all deities , all my powers , will be known to you only by prayers . 11. Shreepad Shree Vallabh is my complete Yoga incarnation . Those great Yogis , Great Perfect Persons who meditate on me are my parts themselves . 12. If you worship me , I enlighten you the path of proper Karmas . I always protect you so that you never fall .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 15 II

Accounts of Bangarappa , Sundar Ram Sharma

I ( Shankar Bhatt ) , started my journey taking permission from Shree Dattanand . I became thirsty while going on the road and went to a nearby well . There was also a hand pump to draw water . I saw a strange site when I peeped inside to see how much water was there . A person was doing somersaults from a branch of a tree grown in the inside of the well . That stranger looked at me with great affection and said , “ O ! Shankar Bhatta ! “ I was surprised how he knew my name . I asked him with curiosity , ‘ How did you know my name ? ‘ That stranger said , “ Not only do I know your name , but also that you are a devotee of Shreepad Prabhu and that you are going to Kurugaddi to meet him . I am waiting only to meet you . “

I was thinking how to take him out . The rope in my had was not strong enough . Reading the thoughts in my mind , that holy man said , “ How can you , a human being fallen in the well of materialism due to bondages of material deeds , remove me out , who is in the state of self – Bliss in this bondage free amazing process of Yoga ? I will arise by myself . If our strength is not sufficient , Shreepad Prabhu graces us by compassion . “

Saying so , he was already standing beside me . I was confused . He said , “My name is Bangarappa . You look thirsty . I will quench your thirst . “ Saying so , he drew water from the hand pump . And he himself drank that water quickly . But the wonder was that he drank the water but my thirst was quenched . I was surprised by this . Then we started our journey together . He started saying , “ I belong to a family of goldsmiths . I obtained proficiency in Mantra – Tantras . I also learned the art of killing a person whom I didn’t like by the power of my Mantras . I had also stayed in the companies of ghosts , goblins , dead bodies . People used to be scared even to hear my name . People used to give me enormous amounts of money so that I refrain from using my experiments of ghosts and dead bodies . The cheerful expression of a normal person on my face vanished and the cruel nature and the wicked expressions of ghosts and dead bodies reflected on my face . Due to past good deeds , I reached Peethhikapur in course of my travels . There was no dearth of the use of petty wicked Tantras and internal squabbles in the sacred town of the incarnation of Shree Datta Prabhu . I had heard many interesting stories about Shree Bapannaryulu and Shreepad . First I thought of killing Bapannaryulu . I went to a spring and started drinking its water by my palms . I knew many techniques of killing people . One of them was that while drinking water if I thought about the person to be killed , the water would go in the stomach of that person . When I was drinking water from that spring , Shreepad Prabhu was near Bapannarya . As Shreepad moved his hand over the stomach of Bapannaryulu with affection , that water used to immediately vanish . I got tired of drinking water , but it did not have any bad effect on Bapannaryulu ; he remained safe as before . I was sad that my technique did not yield result . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shreepad Prabhu’s punishment to the worshipper of the petty Tantras

“ I knew one snake Mantra . By the effect of that Mantra , a snake used to go to the house of the desired person and bite him . I thought of Bapannaryulu and chanted that Mantra . Many snakes went to Bapannaryulu’s house and began hanging on a creeper in his house like the vegetable of gourd .But they could not do anything to Bapannaryulu . After a period of two Muhurtas , they went back where they had come from . My second attempt , too , had failed . The ghosts , dead bodies who were my dependants could not even go near Bapannarya’s house . I realized that these were miracles of Shreepad Prabhu’s Divine acts . Even after this my demonic tendencies did not reduce . I went to the crematorium and made a replica doll of flour of Shreepad ; I pricked thirty – two needles at thirty – two places on the doll . So that in this murdering process , Shreepad’s body should have wounds on thirty – two places . Not only that , my wicked intention was that those needles should convert to liquid and he should be killed by the movement of poison in his body . But even this attempt failed .

One night I felt water filling up my body . I started having mortal pains . All the snakes sent to Bapannaryulu’s house started coming towards me and biting me . On the same places on my body , where I had pricked pins on the doll of flour resembling Shreepad , I started having excruciating pain ; I started experiencing the miseries of hell . I surrendered to Shreepad Prabhu from deep inside my mind . I saw a vision of Shreepad Prabhu in my mind’s eye . He said , “ For the magnitude of the great sin that you have committed , after suffering many pains on earth , you would have to suffer many pains in hell also . But I am gracing you and by the pains you have had in this one night , I am destroying your Karmas . I am also destroying all your evil arts .Even then , whenever you will see a human parched with thirst in your mind’s eye , you will be able to quench his thirst by drinking water yourself . You will obtain joy by the study of a process of swinging doing somersaults . From today , you will live following good tendencies . You require good deeds of many births to even step in the house of Bapannaryulu or my parents . You do not have that fortune in this birth at least .God gives you life ; therefore the right to take away that life is also his . Parents give you life and therefore , should be highly worshipped . I am not kind to those who disrespect them in their old age . You gave premature deaths to so many people by your evil techniques . The effect of these sins will be there till you meet a Kannada Brahmin called ‘ Shankar Bhatt ‘ ; after that the sins will not remain . " Shreepad Prabhu had told me that that Shankar Bhatt would write his story . Shreepad’s age was seven – eight years when this event occurred . I am waiting for you since that day . Today is a good day for me , " thus said Bangarappa .

This phenomenon was very confusing . In my ignorance , I then said , “ How does the thirst of others quench when you drink water ? What is the mystery in this ? “ On this Bangarappa said , “ By one Yoga process , I enjoin the life – energy of others .Due to this , it is possible to be one with the other person . In the times of Ramayan , the monkey king of Kishkindha town , Vali , used to obtain twice the energy of his opponent while fighting . Due to this reason only , Shree Ram had killed him from behind a tree . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II The sage Vishwamitra had taught two very sacred Mantras called the ‘ Bala ‘ , ‘ Atibala ‘ to Ram Laxman . By the effects of the vibration of these Mantras , the life – force can be conquered . There are twelve stages of purity of a human body . Shree Ram’s body was in the twelfth stage . Shreepad’s body is also in the twelfth stage ; hence the infinite strength , infinite knowledge and infinite expanse in him is easily seen .

Thoughts on the seven roles in the path of devotion

Human being , in his development , is in seven roles . In the first role , he can use the gross body and organs and also the subtle body and organs . In the second role , while experiencing the subtle world by the support of subtle body and organs , he gets the power of performing small miracles . In the third role , he can travel far by his subtle body . In the third and fourth roles , a centre of attraction is there . We remain in the same state , when we are in the state of attraction . When the sage Gautam cursed Ahilya , she was surprised . She firmly believed that she was in the stone consciousness . She remained in that state till she saw Shree Ram . Ahilya’s body had gone to the state of a rock , so also her mind . Meaning she remained in the centre of attraction between the third and the fourth roles . When the dust from Ram’s legs touched her , her mind flower blossomed . And she returned to her natural self . The soul which reaches the fourth role , gets a very large Yoga power . If the Yoga powers are utilized for the benefit of people as per the guidance of our inner soul , a high state is achieved . But if this power is used for ulterior selfish gains , which result in sinful acts , there is a danger of falling to the stone consciousness . After that the human birth can be achieved after many thousands of births . The devotees in the fifth role are knowledgeable about the ( Divine ) wish . The devotees in the sixth role are knowledgeable about the ( Divine ) emotion . The devotees knowledgeable about the ( Divine ) wish perform material duties also along with the Divine vision . The devotees knowledgeable about the ( Divine ) emotion have very little desire for material deeds . The devotees in the seventh role obtain knowledge due to their proximity to the Parmatma .

Difference between incarnations and seekers ( Sadhakas )

Listening to the stories told by Bangarappa , some doubts arose in my mind ; to resolve them , I ( Shankar Bhatt ) , I questioned , “ Lord ! Is only the series of evolution prevalent in life ? Is this applicable to incarnations too ? “ On this Bangarappa said , “ Incarnations take place due to the Great necessity of time . When man becomes God , he is called ‘ Samarth Sadguru ( Great Teacher )‘ . When God comes in human form , he is called ‘ Incarnation ( Awatara ) ‘. Fish can swim rapidly in water . A tortoise can live both in water and on land . Varaha means a deer having a horn , which can move very easily on land . Lion is the most superior amongst animals . In the Narsimha incarnation , Lord Vishnu had taken the form of lion’s face and human body . Vaman incarnation had tendencies towards ‘ Bheeksha ‘ and hence had more quality of ‘ Tama ‘. Parshuram incarnation had more qualities of ‘ Raja ‘ . The Ram incarnation had more qualities of goodness ( Satva ) . The Shrikrishna incarnation was beyond all qualities and principally was of no quality . The Buddha incarnation was principally oriented towards ‘ Karmas’ . Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the greatly amazing ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II greatly wonderful incarnation of an era which has held within himself the diversity in unity and the unity in diversity of this entire creation . There are no Yoga sects , movements , religions which are not related to Shreepad Prabhu . He is comparable to him only . All persuasions , all sects unite in him only . He is the observer , the planner and also the destroyer of all the activities of the world which are in the form of vibrations .

Even the most intelligent men cannot comprehend the state of Shreepad . He is the starting point and also the end point of the universe . This is a secret mystery of God . What can I describe , that which even the Great Saptarishis also could not comprehend ? Son ! Shankar Bhatta ! You are very fortunate . The one who gets his unending compassion is very fortunate . All other living beings are useless . “

Analysis of the fruit of Good and Bad Karmas

I ( Shankar Bhatt ) asked ,” My Lord ! I have a doubt . If he is the only one who instructs about all Karmas , why does he give birth to some good and some evil people in this world ? “ On this Bangarappa laughed loudly and said , “ You have asked a good question . The entire universe have been created from duality . If there is no fear of death , even the mother who gives birth will not love her children . In the Vedas , even though the word ‘ Purusha ‘ has been used to mean the Atma ( soul ) , Atma is not the Purusha ( man ) . The word ‘ Man ‘ indicates the body and the Atma is not the body . It is different from the body and does not have birth , is not expressed , cannot be imagined and does not have any flaws . Only one soul resides in animals and human beings . But there is a distinction between human beings and Gods . Due to this difference itself , human being strives continuously to obtain ‘ Godliness ‘ . And due to these efforts only , the human race progresses . The Gods not only have good creative powers , but also have some destructive and disintegrative powers as well . The Gods are doing the Karmas of using the necessary powers as required to maintain the movements ,activities of creation properly .

Happiness and sorrows come in the lives of human beings as per previous Karmas . Since he gets sorrows , human being understands the importance of happiness and he strives to get happiness only . It is seen in the world that many cruel , bad , atheists who trouble others lead a very happy life and the truthful , honest , good – charactered people have to face many troubles . The reason for this paradoxical situation is that people who enjoy happiness despite doing bad deeds , would have done some good deeds in previous lives and a result of those they have obtained happiness today . Similarly , the very honest , good charactered people who are seen suffering sorrows today , is due to the result of their evil deeds in their past lives only . A man does not get the result of his good and bad deeds immediately ; it takes some time . But if the sins or the virtuous acts are of a very intense nature , the results are obtained very fast . It is in man’s hand to do a good or a bad deed . When the evil increases in society and the cruel , bad people start troubling the good , the saints , then God incarnates in a form , destroys the sinners , evil doers and protects religion , saints and the Good People .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Stars , planets were there in the sky from thousands of years ; but they were not well – organized as they are today . In the course of time , many stars fell down from the constellations and became stones . Many planets dissolved in each other . All planets including the earth revolve round the Sun . The universe runs only by the attraction , repulsions of the planets . It revolves round the Sun .

People become theists due to attraction of Gods and tend to do good deeds . People who do not have attraction towards God , become atheists and tend to do bad deeds . People themselves are responsible for both kinds of deeds .

Removal of pride of Lord Vela Prabhu

A king named Velu Prabhu was ruling the town of Peethhikapur . He used to observe the state of his subjects by disguising himself . Once he wished to meet Shreepad Shree Vallabh . He sent his servant to the house of Appal Raj and ordered to bring Shreepad Shree Vallabh immediately . Swami’s grandfather ,Bapannacharyulu was in the house . The servant told him the king’s order . Grandfather told Swami that the king of Peethhikapur has called him to meet him . Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! There is no devotion in the king’s mind . He is calling to meet him with arrogance . He thinks he is a king and can rule over everybody . And whatever he says should take place . But he does not realize that my Darshan is not so easy . I will not go to meet him . “ Swami told the king’s servant , “ Your Lord is the king of this Peethhikapur only ; but I am the sovereign emperor of this entire Universe . Tell your Lord that if he desires to see me , he should himself come to our house . While coming he should also come with a Guru Dakshina and a gift befitting a king . " Hearing these words from the Swami , Appal Raj and his father – in – law Bapannacharyulu discussed amongst themselves and sent the servant with that message . The servant conveyed Swami’s message to the king.

Hearing that , the king was furious and said , “ I am the king of this town . I will see how Shreepad Shree Vallabh disobeys my orders “ .Just as he was uttering these words , he fainted and fell down from the throne . They tried to recover the king by giving him water but he lost all his strength and started having pains like hell . Immediately the royal priest Shree Kot Sundar Sharma was summoned . Seeing the condition of his Lord , he himself worshipped Shree Dattatreya with devotion , brought the sacred water and Prasad for the king and smeared the sacred ash on his forehead . The royal priest said , “ You have seen the effects of my worship . You desired for the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , which is not very useful. Because he himself is an incarnation of Shree Datta Prabhu . By worshipping him , you get minor powers only . Even Bapannacharyulu has got the Mantra Powers because of him only . Shree Venkat Shastri , that shrewd Vaishya , preaches that Swami has got many powers . My Lord , even though you are powerful , it is neither appropriate nor useful to bind Swami and bring him here . “ The king said to the royal priest , “ Shreepad Shree Vallabh has troubled us by using some cruel powers . You suggest some remedy on this . “ On this the royal priest said , “ My Lord ! You get the Datta Puran read by some learned Brahmins . Worshipping Swayambhu Dattatreya , you should feed Brahmins and should donate land , gold and food to Brahmins . By doing this , Shree


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Datta Prabhu will be happy and will cure your disease entirely . “ As per the advice of the royal priest , the king started the recitation of the Datta Puran through learned Brahmins . But a surprising event so occurred , that from the time the recitation started , thieves started proliferating . It became difficult for the king to control this . That night itself , the king saw his forefathers. They were looking very pale , miserable and weak . They said , “ Velu , You don’t feed us the Shraddha food and do nothing to liberate us from this state of dead bodies . “ The king said , “ Father , I do the Shraddha as per rituals . “ The forefathers said , “ But I don’t receive that ; whereas the Brahmins are getting fatter by eating it . If both , the priests and the king , perform the Shraddha ceremony with a devoted mind , then we will receive it . “ The king could not even sleep well at night after those words from the forefathers . At this same time , his beautiful maiden daughter being affected by ghosts , let her hair loose and laughing loudly , she started throwing all things outside with anger . She used to see insects in the food and then she used to throw that food . Her clothes on the body would suddenly catch fire . In this way , the king was surrounded by troubles from all sides . His condition became very miserable .

The king’s assistant , the royal priest’s condition also became very pitiable . His mild , good – natured wife suddenly became of violent nature and started hitting utensils on her husband’s forehead . His own son himself tied the royal priest by ropes to a pillar in the house . When he was hungry , he kept a bundle of grass in front of him and he gave him burns if he didn’t eat it . When the Brahmins invited for the recitation went home after eating , they saw ghosts and dead bodies creating a havoc in their homes . Seeing them , the poor Brahmins used to get very scared . Those ghosts used to tell the Brahmins , “ Your Lord has done countless sins . He troubled us by keeping us away from our husbands . We are troubling you because you are taking the ill – gotten money of your king in the form of donation . Seeing this situation , the Brahmins , the royal priest and the king himself became very scared . They could not understand how to come out of this . Very scared , the king told the royal priest , ‘ We had thought that after reading the Datta Puran , all our troubles will go and we will obtain happiness . But everything opposite has happened . ‘ They now realized the power of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and repented their behavior .

The king took the royal priest and the Brahmins to see the Swami . They all surrendered to Swami and begged pardon . The Kind , forgiving Shreepad Raj pardoned their mistakes with a great heart . He said , “ Everybody in this universe is only a servant . When I am happy , I give that servant the maximum fruit of the services given by that servant . But if I am not happy , I give very little fruit of the services . I am myself the Swayambhu Datta of the temple . The Datta form in the Kalagni form is mine only . I have incarnated in this Shreepad Shree Vallabh form to deliver living beings . I become happy if I am worshipped with faith in heart . My parents , the fortunate Sumati and Shree Appal Raj are Shree Laxmi and Lord Vishnu themselves . My grandfather was the ‘ Labhad ‘Maharshi in one of his births . I was born on the Ganesh Chaturthi day . “

" I will look like my grandfather Shree Bapannaryulu in my next Narsimha Saraswati incarnation . When I will reside in the sacred place Gandharvpur in that incarnation , I will liberate ghosts , dead bodies from their state . You should


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II not be proud even if you have great wealth , money , strength , power . Wealth should be earned by the right means . It should not be earned by wrong means .Wealth earned by wrong means results only in sorrows , troubles , enmity , grudges , wars . The accounts of everybody’s sins and virtues is with Chitragupta . If you surrender to me to destroy your sins and call me ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Dattatreya Digambara ‘ with love , I will burn all your sins and make you a pure soul . O King ! You had to face so much troubles because you lied what was truth and told as truth what was lies . Without giving due respect to Shreepad Shree Vallabh , you criticized him , hence , even by reading the book Shree Datta Puran , you did not get any fruit of that and had to take troubles only . It is a cardinal truth that Shree Datta Prabhu himself is Shreepad Shree Vallabh ."

II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 16 II

Account of Shree Man Narayan

I was following my path remembering the divine stories of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . My joy knew no bounds when I came to know that Swami is in Kurugaddi ( Kuravpur ) . My longing to see him was increasing every moment . I saw a sugarcane field in the way . A farmer was sitting joyfully in the field . Just nearby , the work of converting sugarcane juice to jaggery was going on . The farmer seated on a cot in the field called me very humbly and gave me sugarcane juice. That was a very sweet juice .That farmer was very delighted when he heard that I was going to see Shree Shreepad . That farmer said , “ Uncle ! My name is Shreeman Narayan Malladi . Our village was Mallyadripur but in course of time , its name ( got ) truncated to Malladi . The surname of Shree Bapannacharyulu , grandfather of Shreepad Shree Vallabh was also Malladi . He was a Brahmin ; but we are Chowdharies . When we were closely associated with him , we left the village Mallyadripur and came to the village of Peethhikapur . Our condition was very precarious then . Selling all our property , we came here to Peethhikapur with only the clothes on our body . Shree Bapannacharyulu fed us with great affection . We expressed our desire to till his land to him. That day Shreepad was at home . He said ,” Food in the house of Bapannacharyulu is like God’s Prasad . This Prasad cannot be obtained without God’s grace . To even get the Darshan of Shree Bapannacharyulu is rare . You have got it because of your piousness . " Bapannacharyulu told us , “ We have given our farm to others to till . It will not be right to just remove them without any reason . Now you take a fistful of grains in a cloth and go towards the West direction . When your wishes are fulfilled , throw the grain . God is very kind . If he can supply food to the frogs living in the remote crevices of the rocks , will he not provide for you ? You will be successful in your efforts . “

We ate food and tying the fistful of grain in our Dhoties , we faced the West and started . By the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , we did not have any problem of food or water in our journey . We were getting food even when not asked for . How surprising this was ? Walking thus , we crossed the Andhra region and entered Karnataka . We saw many huts in the way . The people staying there were old . They did not have any money , wealth . We entered a hut where an old couple was staying . They were Chowdharies by caste . Their only son died of snake – bite . The son’s daughter was flown away in the currents of water while taking bath in the Krishna river . They had no offspring . The old couple now had nobody’s support . However , their neighbours used to talk sweetly to them and help them from time to time . That old couple entertained us well and kept us with them . Whenever we used to start to go , some problem used to occur and our journey used to be stopped . Finally , we started on an auspicious time , but at that same time , that old man started vomiting and got the trouble of dysentery . Then we had to stay back. In a day or two , when that man started feeling better , we started for the further journey . In our stay of four – five days there , the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II old family developed affection for us . While parting , their eyes were filled with tears and we also took their leave with tearful eyes .

The grain tied in the dhoti , too , started decaying and hence we threw it . We expressed our desire to help that old couple , but they did not take anything from us . We were surprised to see their desire less tendencies . An astrologer was known to the old couple . They called him .After he came home , he told the old man that the guests that had come to his home were very inauspicious and that they would get poverty due to their residence . They should drive them out of their house as soon as possible . That old couple said , “ Learned one ! There would be some remedy to eliminate the poverty that would arise due to their residence , won’ t it ? You may inform us that ; we will bear whatever costs that are incurred for that . Please tell us the procedure of worship to destroy the inauspiciousness of those guests . The whole universe runs by the wish of Gods . All Gods can be appeased by Mantras . You know the method of appeasing Lord Brahma himself . Therefore you are God on this earth . I request you to fulfill our desire . “ That astrologer had no alternative other than to heed to the request of the old couple . That astrologer said , “ To grow grain , water is required . Prepare for the rain sacrifice for that . The person performing the sacrifice is equated to God . Even Gods praise the performer of sacrifices . There are five types of sacrifices : 1. Sacrifice for Gods 2. Sacrifice for ghosts 3. Sacrifice for human beings 4. Sacrifice for Brahma and 5. Sacrifice for forefathers . "

Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s divine acts were amazing , wonderful . From the money given by that old couple , with learned Brahmins , a sacrifice was performed for the success of all efforts . Because of that sacrifice , all defects in our birth charts got destroyed . Because of the piousness of the old couple , we could see the extremely sacred sacrifice . The sacrificial herbs in the sacrifice were offered to Indra and other Gods . Parts of sacrificial herbs were given to each God as per their desires ; every God greatly praised this . Cows , Vedas , Brahmins , Ladies devoted to husbands , Truth Loving and charitable men run the sustenance of the World . Like a bullock is absolutely necessary to do agriculture , similar is the necessity of sacrifices for accomplishments in the material world and of cows for accomplishments in the other worlds . Apart from this , we also get eatables like milk , curds , butter , ghee etc. from the cow .

Seven qualities of Mother Earth

All principles of religion are based upon the Vedas . Even the mother earth has the support of the Vedas . The Brahmins carry out sacrifices through their sponsors and motivate the society to do good deeds . Mother Earth gains strength by such good deeds . Ladies devoted to their husbands protect religion by their devotion . Mother Earth prospers due to the ladies devoted to their husbands . Mother Earth also becomes joyful because of truth loving and truth speaking people . Selfless people throw away selfish motives , spread sweetness in society .And the generous people distribute their rightly obtained wealth amongst the weak , the downtrodden and unfortunate men and accomplish both the real and the other worlds . Because of people having these seven qualities , the earth is always


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II happy , powerful and provides ample food grains and water . Mahatmas like Bapannacharyulu made us fortunate by performing the sacrifices through us in the presence of the Chief of the sacrifices – Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

Protection of devotee by Shreepad Shree Vallabh

The sacrifice was performed without any obstacle with great joy . That old couple were treating us with honour like their own children . Their cousins did not like this . We had a chilly farm which had a compound of palm trees on all four sides . Goud people used to come and take out juice from the trees . Once when I had gone to the farm , I saw our cousins taking the chillies filled in sacks from our farm and loading them in bullock – carts , ready to take that home . I was alone ; whereas they were ten . At this moment , a surprise occurred . A bear had climbed a palm tree and was drinking its juice . Instantly , it lost its balance and fell down . Seeing the bear so close , our cousins ran away being afraid . They were aware of the wounds created by the poisonous nails of a bear . I sat in the bullock cart remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and that cart started moving . That bear calmed down listening to the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and came to our house walking along with us . Seeing that bear , the neighbours near the house of the old couple were surprised . That evening , when we sang Bhajans in praise of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , that bear , too , sat with us and listened to the Bhajans . After the Bhajans were over , we distributed the Prasad . The bear ate that with joy . After that the bear started living like a family member of our house . He used to behave lovingly with us ; but our enemies were scared of him . Because of the fear , the bear did the job of being the protector of the farm . In our house , the narration of the Divine Acts of Datta Prabhu and the remembering of the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh took place regularly . Once I had just gone to the fields , when the bear came there . He looked towards me with great affection . It started dancing with great joy when I took the name of Shreepad Swami .

A person knowing Mantras had come to a neighbouring village . He had done some worship and obtained some powers . He used to loot people coming under his spell and accumulate wealth . Our cousins had surrendered to him and had taken refuge with him . He had cast the spell of Mantras on the bear , hence the bear fell down as if he had lost all its strength . By another Mantra , he had absorbed all powers of the bear in himself . Like Vali in the Ramayan , he knew a science by which he could get half of the strength of the opposing enemy . Due to this reason itself , Shri Ram had hit an arrow to Vali by hiding behind a tree and this way destroyed him .

Liberation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s disciples from the bondage of their Karmas

Shreepad Swami’s Divine Acts are very difficult to comprehend. It is very difficult to find the relation of Karma and Results in them . No Karma is possible without reason . The residents of Gokul did not do the Indra worship as they did every year , hence getting furious with them , he poured excessive rains on them . Then Shrikrishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on his finger and all the residents of Gokul remained safe below it . Just like Shrikrishna performed his duty of a cowherd by protecting all the residents of Gokul , Shreepad Vallabh allowed the Yoga powers


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II to do as ordered . The bear fell prey to the power . Due to a fraction of piousness in him , he had become a devotee of Shreepad Swami . The bear was crying softly , as he was lying motionless due to the spell of the power of the Mantrik . Shreepad Shree Vallabh unfailingly hears the crying of people in sorrow . He reduces the fruit of bad deeds of people depending upon their previous deeds . Stories of Datta , Remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami , stories , songs in praise used to be regularly done in the house of Shree Man Narayan . Of the devotees coming there , some devotees were surrendered unconditionally to the feet of Shreepad , whereas doubts in a few of the devotees' minds were not fully cleared . When the chanting of the name was going on , a strange event occurred . The bear that was on death bed , suddenly got his consciousness and awakened by the chanting of the name of Shreepad started dancing ecstatically . The Yoga powers of Shree Dattatreya are something different from the others . By his grace only , that bear transformed into a human being and that human Tantric converted to a bear .

The people there tied that bear with ropes and released him in the forest . That bear in human form told the people there , “ Men ! I was a money – lender in my previous birth and was doing the occupation of lending money on interest . I used to harass people by charging higher rates of interest . If they didn’t pay , I used to rob their wealth . Due to such evil deeds , I had to take the birth of a bear . But by virtue of my previous good deeds , I obtained the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and got his grace . Shreepad Shree Vallabh is an incarnation of Shree Dattatreya . It is due to his grace only that I got liberated from the body of the bear and got the very good human form . That Mantrik did very evil deeds . He unnecessarily troubled a dumb animal like me , who was , moreover , a devotee of Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami . Due to his evil deeds, Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami punished him suitably . “ Protection of the Good and Punishment to the Evil “ is the motto of Swami ; whoever serve Shree Swami with single minded devotion with faith in heart , Shree Swami always has his protective shield on them . He does not fail to punish those who criticize God and devotee and those who desire wealth of others . There are examples of some bad people who have repented their evil deeds and after suffering punishment , have become devotees of Swami . “ That bear , in the human form , further said , “ I got delivered by continuously remembering Shri Swami’s name . All the devotees were very surprised and also happy to see me get the human body . They started crying , ‘Victory to Shree Swami ‘loudly .”

When this chanting of the name was going on , one strange event took place . Three cobras came there and started shaking in ecstasy by the name chanting . At that same time , the bear in the human form died . The cobras come there went around the dead bodies three times and went away . Nobody could realize where those cobras had come from and for what . The bear in human form was cremated by all scientific procedure .

We were always aware about remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and only he was the support of our lives . After the above incident , the three cobras started living in our house only . We and the other devotees of Datta were not scared of them ; but other people used to be scared of them and used not to come to our house . The cobras used to start to shake in ecstasy when the songs in praise of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , his name chanting used to start .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Some land near the house of the old couple had been wrongfully grabbed by their cousins. The referees had declared the land as disputed . But cultivating vegetables on that land was permitted . Our cousins had turned the big people of the village towards them by showing them temptations of money . Therefore , the decision regarding the disputed land was always being postponed . There was a burrow of cobras on that disputed land . On the day of Nag Panchami , people used to offer milk to that burrow . The devotees offering milk used to pray humbly , “ Lord of Cobras ! Lord of Cobras ! Remove our troubles ! “ Some people offering milk knew that there is not a single cobra in this burrow . Once at the time of Nag Panchami , we gave an offering to Shreepad Shree Vallabh and prayed to the cobras ; instantly those three cobras came from the burrow , drank the milk we had kept there and again returned to the burrow . After seeing this sight , nobody came to the burrow to offer milk .

One Mantrik came to our village on the Nag Panchami day . The big people of the village honoured and welcomed the Mantrik . That Mantrik could conquer a snake , however poisonous it might be , by the power of his Mantras . This was his fame . Similarly , he could bring back to life any person dead by snake bite . There was a sign of an eagle on his palm . It is promise of the sciences that such people having the eagle line can conquer snakes . Since he had the knowledge of this Mantra , all villagers used to bow to him . That Mantrik got the big people of the village along with him and set fire to the burrow , which was near our house , on all its four sides . He was sitting in front of the fire and reciting the Mantras loudly . And was doing strange gestures . We were telling him from far that it would be a sin if he killed those snakes . But we could not do anything there . At that time , we prayed to the feet of Shreepad to save those innocent snakes . By the effect of those Mantras , the snakes came out of the burrow . But we saw that the spell of the Mantras of that Mantrik was getting weaker . He was not able to do anything . He was reciting the Mantras loudly ; but this was not having any effect . The Fire in whose direction the snakes were going was put down by the grace of Shreepad . And wonder was that the Fire God made way for all three snakes . They went safely by the way they had come from . In a short while , the Fire was totally put down . Seeing this , the Mantrik’s followers ran away .

At that same time , signs of snake bite were visible on the eldest son of a rich man of the village . In a very short while , his body became blue and black by the snake’s venom . Second son’s sight was totally gone . The Mantrik did a lot of Mantra chanting , but in vain . The line of the eagle on the Mantrik’s palm started fading gradually and finally disappeared . The people in the village were very scared . They had a firm belief that that only Shreepad Shree Vallabh will be able to release them from these dangers . The Mantrik lost all his Mantra powers and lay on the ground powerless . It cannot be predicted Shreepad Prabhu’s Divine Acts will come to the assistance of whom and in what circumstances .All the people from the village came running and started crying inconsolably ; but we could not do anything . We told them , “ You surrender to Shreepad Shree Vallabh with single minded devotion and remember his name , only then will both of your sons will come to their original self . “ The powerless Mantrik shortly died . The dead body of the Mantrik was kept in front of the house of the village headman . We brothers were trembling with fear . The atmosphere was filled with sorrow . The dead body of the Mantrik was taken to the crematorium for cremation and a great surprise occurred just when the dead body was placed on the funeral pyre and pyre was about to be lit .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Consciousness entered the dead body of the Mantrik . He started shouting to save him from fire . By the grace of Shreepad , the cruel tendencies in the Mantrik burnt down completely with the contact of fire . And a pure soul emerged from the wood . The great Divinity of Shree Swami is evident in this event . He delivers the good one and gives appropriate punishment to the evil .

That Mantrik arose from the pyre and came jumping to the headman’s house . We all assembled at the house of the headman and sung praises describing the greatness of Datta . After that , the entire place was filled with the cries of , ‘ Datta Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara ‘ . The Divine rays from the subtle and the gross forms of Shreepad Prabhu were spreading peace and purity in the entire atmosphere . All the universes became sacred by that Divine rays . The great form of Swami which was in the form of pure blissful consciousness and in the form of oneness was at great peace . The Divine rays emerging from it were giving the three types of liberation – Sayujya ( Oneness with God ) , Samipya ( Closeness with God ) and Salokya ( Residence in the same world as that of God ) . Great Awadhootas , Partial incarnations , and Greatly accomplished Yogis , too , were being blessed with those divine rays . When Shreepad’s name is remembered with great faith and mind filled with devotion , the Swami who remains invisible , emerges and gives his Darshan . Shreepad’s devotee who bows to feet feels as comfortable and happy as a little child feels in his mother’s arm .

The very sinful Mantrik got absorbed in the chanting of the name of Shreepad Vallabh . He saw Shreepad Vallabh in his Digamber ( cloth less ) form and he felt that it was due to the result of his sins that Swami appeared like that . He had sacrificed so many snakes by his Mantra Powers . He had troubled many great Sannyasis and great Digamber ( naked ) Ascetics . He was repenting all this . He realized the Divine form of Shreepad Prabhu ; he bowed to the feet of Shreepad . When his mind changed, the fire of hatred within him died down . Shreepad Prabhu gave his cloth to wrap around him . After wrapping that , the Mantrik started dancing very joyfully . Before sunrise , the younger son of the village headman got excellent eyesight . By the milk offered to Shreepad Prabhu , the elder son regained his consciousness , and in a short while , he became healthy as before . That Mantrik renounced all his attachments and becoming a sage , left for a far – off country . The judges in the village gave the verdict that the land of the old couple should go to them only .

Three trees of Audumbar grew from the burrow of the three snakes . After some period , Dattanand Awadhoot Sannyasi came to our house . These Sannyasis used to meditate below the Audumber tree . On one Saturday evening , the sweet prepared as an offering for Shreepad , was distributed as Prasad to everybody by Dattanand . When Shreepad Shree Vallabh was little , his mother used to give sweet in a silver vessel sitting beneath the Audumbar tree in his grandfather’s house . The three Audumbar trees indicate the three names of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , Shree Narsimha Saraswati and Shree Swami Samarth . As a result of the seeds of this symbolic tree , there is an Audumber tree in the village of Peethhikapur . In the deep shadows of this sacred tree , a beautiful temple was built by establishing an idol of Shreepad Shree Vallabh beneath the tree . This temple is famous that those devotees who offer


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II sweet on Saturday evenings , during the Pradosh period , will obtain the joys , wealth and imperishable satisfaction . Listening to this account of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , my devotion became even more strong and I resumed for further journey by going towards Kurugaddi .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapdye II

Adhyay 17

Darshan of Shree Namanand

While I was going to Kurugaddi , a lady with her hair let loose , laughing strangely came towards me . Since her mental condition was not proper , she was shouting something incoherent . As she approached me , my legs started shivering as I was very much scared of her . Two very cruel well – built men having sticks in their hand were following her . That lady put her head on my feet and requested me to protect her from those two rough men . Seeing that side , my face fell . How could a ( weak ) Brahmin like me ,away from home and in a different country protect that lady ? At that suddenly , words fell out from my mouth , “ Mother ! You need not fear at all . Shreepad Shree Vallabh will definitely save you from these cruel , evil people . You arise without fear . “ The men behind the lady were looking at me in surprise . As compared to these two strong men , my physique was very slight ; even then they were surprised seeing my daring and my firmly expressed promise . They said , “ Brahmana , we have come to kill this bad woman . If you fall in between , we will kill you too . You better move away from our path . “

Hearing these words of those cruel ( men ) , an unusual strength entered me and I said , “ It is not at all difficult for evil men like you , who , though born in the Brahmin Varna , shamelessly kill cows ,eat cow meat and drink alcohol . “ I was ready to face any situation ahead . I told them further , “ You will immediately be troubled by leprosy if you kill this lady . this is the most dangerous amongst all diseases . I pity you that you are inviting it by your own deeds . I am telling you all this for your own good . “ Listening to my words , they lost all their daring and became pale . Since all the words told by me about them were true , they firmly believed that my predictions will come true . They accepted their mistakes . For them , I became a learned astrologer , even when I had no knowledge of astrology . We sat in the shades of a nearby tree . I requested them to narrate their life – history . They said , “ Lord ! You can see everything completely – past, present and future . What is there in this world that is hidden from you ? I am telling you since you have asked . We both are real brothers . We were born in the Brahmin clan , but we completely forgot Brahminism and got corrupted . We used to enjoy eating cow – meat . On top of it , we got the terrible habit of drinking alcohol . All these bad habits were topped by bad behavior . We became evil souls due to all this evil behavior . Evil thoughts entered our minds seeing this lady on the opposite hill in Padmasan . But she firmly refused ; so our pride was hurt and we went behind her in anger . But by our good fortune , we got the great benefit of seeing a Mahatma like you . “

Then I said , “ Sons ! God has given the intelligence to decide what is good , what is evil , to human beings . We will get good results if we follow the good path ; there is no doubt that you will get bad experiences if you follow the evil path . Since this lady was of a good character , she didn’t heed to your words . Since your intentions were evil you thought that lady to be bad . You had gone to her with evil thoughts , but now you are repenting your evil deeds . I cannot tell


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II whether God will pardon your evil deeds . But I tell you one good news , that Shree Datta Prabhu , who is in the form of Trinity and is worshipped by all the three worlds , currently is in human form , in the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and is residing at Kurugaddi . His divine feet will redeem you . I have heard many divine stories of him.”

That lady said , “ You protected me from these cruel , sinful people . You are like my father . I was born in a high Brahmin clan . I was married at a very early age. My misfortune was that my husband used to trouble me a lot . But I used to serve him with all my mind . He used to accuse me with many false charges , because of which I used to be mentally disturbed . His parents , elders used to try to convince him . But he used to not to listen to anybody . “ Telling this , tears started to flow from her eyes profusely . She composed herself after some time and started telling further , “ A Mantrik had come to our village . He had a good knowledge of astrology . My in – laws called him . He prepared my astrological chart and doing strange worships , said , “ This woman is of a lower caste . Many bad things have been done by her . Hence her husband has become impotent . When you drive her out of the house , all the defects in your house will be eliminated and my worship will bear fruit . Her husband will also become strong . Then you arrange his marriage with another girl . In due course , they will get offsprings . “

Believing firmly in the astrologer , my in – laws drove me out of the house . I was very much troubled by their harassment . Since I had nowhere to go , I started to go to my parents’ house . But at the same time , that Mantrik came and he stopped me and started staring at me with evil eyes , I saw flames of evil desire in his eyes . I was very angry . The power of Goddess Bhadrakali arose in me . I picked up a big stone lying nearby and hit it on the Mantrik’s head . Due the great hit , the head of the Mantrik was badly hurt and he died instantly . Since I had no other alternative to protect my modesty , I had hit that stone . But unfortunately a Brahmin was killed by me . My mind became agitated . I could not understand what to do , where to go. I thought of going to my parents’ house , but that was not going to solve my problems . My parent would have kept me with love , but I was not sure whether my brothers , sisters – in – law would behave well with me . Whom could I tell about the Mantrik’s harassment to me ? The entire village had seen the killing of the Mantrik . Such news spread like fire in all directions . There was an Audumbar tree in that premises . I had heard that this tree is very dear to Datta Prabhu . I fell fast asleep sitting beneath that tree . When I woke up after some time , I saw two cobras on my both sides protecting me . When I greeted both these cobras , they went away to the other side. I was chanting , “ Datta Digamber , Datta Digamber , Jai Guru Dev Datta “ . I had heard that Datta Prabhu rushes to the help of his devotees even when they just remember him . By my fortune , when I was in the gracious shadow of the Audumbar , I experienced that the kind protective umbrella of Shreepad Prabhu was over me .

When I was remembering ( the name of the Lord ) , a passer – by stopped in the shades of the tree to rest . Being very scared , I asked him , “ Who are you? You go away from here . If you do not go away , I will kill you by taking a stone . I have killed a Mantrik just a while ago . “ That passerby said , “ Sister , I am Ravidas , born in the clan of washer men . I am a devotee of Datta Prabhu . I used to stay in Kuravpur . Shree Guru Datta has incarnated on this earth in the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh ; nowadays he is residing in the sacred place of Kuravpur . He is performing novel kinds of Divine Acts to spread this news far and wide so that the devotees come to know about this . Now I am going to Kuravpur . If you wish , you can come along with me . Kuravpur is close – by from here . I will go to my brothers’ and then further to Kuravpur from there . “ Then I said , “ How do I believe your words ? I don’t even need to know who Shreepad Shree Vallabh , whom you are referring to , is . Had he been a Datta form , he would have had protected me .It is his responsibility to prove that he is Shree Datta Guru himself . I don’t chant the name of Shreepad Prabhu , but I remember the name of Shree Dattatreya only . I will myself see to it what happens now . You immediately go away from here , otherwise something untoward may happen . “

Hearing my words , that person Ravidas went away chanting the names of ‘ Datta Digamber , Shreepad Shree Vallabh ‘. Then I sat on a hillock meditating in the Padmasan . At the same time , these two cruel ( men ) came there . There venomous sight fell upon me and they fell behind me . You protected me from these two cruel lusty ( fellows ) . Then I said , “ Mother , you were protected by the kindness of Shreepad Prabhu . He knows the hearts of everybody and is beyond time itself . In this creation , events take place in different time intervals . Behind all these events , he himself stands in the form of ( the ) reason . No deed is evident in this creation without reason . Nobody can realize Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami in any of the states like Nirgun , Sagun , formless , with form . Even the Vedas have given up and said , ‘ Neti , Neti ‘, We do not realize . ‘ If the Vedas have gone to this state , what would a common devotee know about him ? There is not an iota of doubt that only he himself will have the knowledge about his complete self . But if we continue to chant his name , he definitely graces us and we are liberated from all sorrows . “ Both the Brahmins , the Brahmin lady – Sushila and myself – these four of us started to go to Kurugaddi together . In the way , we were going singing Praises ( Bhajans ) and chanting the names of Shree Datta Prabhu and Shreepad Shree Vallabh . People on the way thought that we were people of a Bhajan singing troupe . We reached the Ashram of a great soul name Namanand Swami on the way .

Transformation of the form of Shreepad Prabhu and grace on the disciple Namanand

Shree Namanand Swami was a Great Soul having visions of the all three – past , present and future . He welcomed us with great respect . He began to introduce himself . He said , “ My father’s name is Mayanacharyulu and my name is Sayanacharyulu . Our Gotra is Bharadwaj and we belong to the Vaishnav sect . After I was initiated into the Sannyas path , I was named as ‘ Namanand ‘ . After taking Sannyas , I took complete renunciation and made pilgrimages to sacred places and then started in search of a Sadguru . Wandering , I reached Peethhikapur . Since we are Vaishnavas , we worship only Vishnu . Our code of purity is very strict and out thoughts and actions are of a very high order . After taking Darshan of Kunti Madhav at Peethhikapur , I saw a Chandal standing in front of me .We consider the Darshan of a Chandal very inauspicious . That Chandal came forward and said loudly , “ Give my Dakshina and go ahead . “ I looked at him in surprise . All the people in the village were observing this event . Everybody was thinking


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II that this is one of the bizarre incidences that occur in the Kaliyug . That Chandal was harassing Vaishnavas after consuming liquor .

At that time , Namanand asked him , “ O Chandala ! Who are you ? I am a Vaishnav Brahmin . My name is Namanand . I don’ t think it appropriate that you ask Dakshina from me . “ The Chandala ‘s eyes had become red . His terrible face would have scared anybody . He became even more angry with the peaceful demeanor of Namanand . That Chandal said to Namanand , “ You are wandering like mad in search of a Sadguru . You don’t realize me . I am only your Sadguru . It is only me who has given you the name of Namanand . You offer all your wealth to me – as the Guru Dakshina and bow before me in front of everybody and accept me as you Guru . If you do not do this , I will completely destroy you . I will tear your body into pieces and give you mortal pains . That person from the Chandal race had behaved very rudely with Namanand .He further said , “ You should behave as I tell you . You worship any of the Gods , nobody will help you . “ Saying so , that Chandala started assaulting Namanand .

Since there was no other alternative , even though he did not want to , Namanand touched the feet of the Chandal . He offered all his possessions to the Chandal as ‘ Guru Dakshina ‘ . Namanand felt how different God is from our imagination . But at that same time , Namanand Swami felt that the Chandal was showing his Divine auspicious form to him . He felt a shower of infinite kindness and compassion from the Divine eyes of the Chandal . That Divine auspicious form of God said , “ I am Datta . Nowadays I have incarnated at Peethhapur in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . You are my devotee and I am your Sadguru . You are everything to me . I am Goodness , consciousness , Bliss . From tomorrow , you take the name of Namanand and preach religion . You will obtain happiness and peace . Finally , you will reach me . “ Saying so , Datta Prabhu in the form of the Chandal disappeared .

Shreepad Shree Vallabh invites Shree Namanand Swami for lunch

In this way , Namanand Sannyasi went ahead to take the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh at Peethhapur . Nobody gave him Bheeksha ( alms ) on the way . His body was pained with hunger . Everybody was taking doubts about him . They thought he was mad . ‘ A Chandal came and took Guru Dakshina from him ! ‘ Despite being a Brahmin , he made a Chandal his Guru , hence he has become an untouchable . Hence it will be against Dharma to give him alms . Thinking this way , people in Peethhapur did not give alms to Namanand . Wandering , he reached the house of Appal Raj Sharma . Due to extreme hunger , he could not utter a word . Somehow he could say , “ Om ! Bheekshaam Dehi ! ( Om ! Give me alms ! ) “ At that time , Shreepad Shree Vallabh opened the door and came out with a plate full of lunch . He made him sit on the verandah and fed Namanand Swami with his own hands . What Great Fortune ! The ruler of the Universe was feeding his devotees with his own hands ! Great is the Guru and Great is his devotee ! After lunch , that Great Lord having infinite powers put his hand on Namanand’s head and blessed him , “ You will get all Siddhis . You will not have to beg for anything . Wherever you are , I will be there in an invisible form . I will protect you like a hair in the eyelashes . “ Thus he blessed and gave him assurance of protection . From that day , Namanand started


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II moving about preaching Dharma becoming a Sannyasi . Invisibly , the Divine Hand of Shreepad Prabhu was protecting the Swami . In this way , Swami told all information about himself in his Ashram to us .

Four types of Life – liberated Souls

When all disciples were assembled in the Ashram of Swami Namanand , one disciple asked his Guru the question , “ Swami , By worshipping Shree Datta , liberation is obtained very soon . Are there any forms of worship , practices , Mantras for this ? Favour me by solving my question . “ On this , Swami said with a happy mind , “ Son ! Sacrificing desires is itself liberation . It is not a rule that liberation is obtained only after the body falls . Due to the destiny of the body , the body gets different experiences . Those Good Men whose soul is in the liberated state are called ‘ Jeevan Mukta ( Liberated from life ) ‘ . To remain in the constant presence of your desired God is called ‘ Salokya Mukti ( Liberation with knowledge )‘ . In this state , the Sadhak ( practitioner ) lives in the Worlds of his desired Gods . Even more pious devotees get the fortune of staying close to their desired God , this is called ‘ Samipya Mukti ( Liberation by closeness to God ) ‘. The devotees doing even more pious deeds , obtain the form of their worshipped God themselves , this is called ‘ Sarupya Mukti ( Liberation by becoming the same as your worshipped God ) ‘ . When even more higher state is obtained , the devotee becomes one with the consciousness of his worshipped God . This state is called ‘ Sayujya Mukti ( Liberation by union with God ) ‘. In this spiritual path , the Datta devotees experience the ‘ Salokya Mukti ( Liberation with constant knowledge of God ) ‘ , staying on this earth itself . Although they experience various states of joys , sorrows , pains , by their bodies , by mind they are always absorbed in the thoughts of the Feet of Shree Datta Prabhu . They always meditate on Shree Datta Prabhu himself . In the creation as well as in the subtle creation also , the wheel of time is constantly moving . The Datta devotee , seeing the Divinity of Creation through his inner vision , become ecstatic with joy . The world is benefitted by the Divine Powers of the selfless Yogi . In this , his selflessness is evident . In this way , this Yogi benefits himself on this earth and obtains ‘ Samipya Mukti ( Liberation by being always close to God ) ‘ . This devotee sees the Divine Leelas of Shree Datta Prabhu by his inner vision and always thinking about them , obtains a higher greatness than the ‘ Salokya Mukti ( Liberation with constant knowledge of God ) ‘ and obtains highest form of Bliss .

When the living being is in the bondage of his body , many lusts , desires bond him . But when he realizes the liberated state , he feels very light . In this way , the subtle living beings devoid of any lusts , desires , are immersed in Bliss . In the Datta devotees , who have obtained ‘ Sayujya Mukti ( Liberation by union with God ) ‘ , the Divine acts of Shree Datta arise in ample quantities . These devotees do not have any desire to obtain anything more . The devotees who have obtained the glimpse , touch , conversation , grace of Shree Datta Prabhu , always get his protection . The Great glory obtainable on this Earth or other worlds is given by Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami himself . Human beings worship various Gods in different forms . All these Gods are the Divine forms of Shreepad Prabhu himself . Shreepad Shree Vallabh graces these devotees through these Gods . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Specialty of Shree Datta worship

On this , I said , “ Should we worship the Gods in different forms or should we worship Shreepad Shree Vallabh ? Are Gods different from Shreepad Shree Vallabh ? Please analyse this and tell me in detail about this . “ On this Namanand said , “ A girl was married and she went to her husband’s house . After a few months , the elder brothers of that girl went to meet her . The mother – in – law of the girl said , ‘ Your sister does different kinds of thefts in our house . She steals milk , curd , butter and eats it . I could have tolerated one theft , but so many thefts ? ‘ Then the brother of that sister told her , ‘ Sister , You stop stealing . You only start taking milk so that your mother – in – law does not scold you . Everything else is present in milk. ‘ In this way , by worshipping Datta alone , everything is obtained . People worship different Gods as per their desires . Vishnu is not appeased by the worship of Shiva , similarly , Shiva is not appeased by the worship of Vishnu . By worshipping Sagun , Saakaar deities , fruit is obtained as per the past deeds of the devotee . If the results of the good deeds and sins of many previous lives are negligible , then the good deeds done have a special effect . At this time , devotion towards Shree Datta Prabhu is obtained . Such devotees get all spiritual accomplishments .

Nobody can change the destiny written by Lord Brahma . But in case of devotees of Shree Datta Prabhu , Shree Datta can instruct Lord Brahma . Shree Vishnu is responsible for the physical , mental , spiritual states of living beings . If Great Yoga Powers enter the living being in an immature state , body , mind , intellect cannot control those powers and injuries from the flames of fire are experienced . Lord Vishnu assists us , according to our past deeds for the smooth life of us , living beings . Shrikrishna is an inseparable part of Shree Datta Prabhu . Shrikrishna had lifted the Govardhan mountain on his little finger . It is known to everybody that all the cowherds in Gokul were great sages in their previous lives . The great literary works composed by them incarnated as mountains . When Great Books are divided and the Great Yoga Power is liberated from them , the living beings feel very light . In this subtle form , the living beings obtain Great Yoga Bliss . It requires great penances to obtain this . Lord Shrikrishna takes the complete load of his devotees , his protected ( ones) on himself . He releases ( the power in ) their glands and gives them power .This is a spiritual mystery . If you see from the intellectual point of view , it appears that Shrikrishna is protecting everybody by lifting the Govardhan mountain . It was a wish of Datta Prabhu himself . He instructs Shree Vishnu to change the situation , to expedite the series of results . In this process , the experiences of obstacles that come in the way due to the destiny ( Prarabdha ) of devotees , become bearable without they coming to know about it . Shreepad Shree Vallabh bears the load of his devotees on his heavy strong shoulders . How kind and compassionate is Shreepad Prabhu !

The main aim of the incarnation of Shreepad Prabhu was to prepare One Hundred and Twenty – Five Thousand disciples , which was a wish expressed by the Yogis experiencing Sayujyata ( Union ) with him , as desired . Bringing everybody from the vibrations of bondages of Karma into a state of liberation , emerging in the partial form of Rudra , he liberates that living soul by destroying the births that ( are to ) come after millions of lives . The parts of Brahma ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Vishnu and Rudra in him separate and protect the devotee by those particular divine qualities . This happens as per the wish of that individual soul . It is necessary for the devotees to achieve their desires by the path of devotion ( Bhakti ) .

Once in Peethhapur , while he was mounting a horse , the horse threw a devotee of Shreepad Prabhu down and trampled him with his legs . He was terribly wounded and started bleeding . Shreepad showed his protective hand to that devotee and at that instant all his wounds were healed , as if he had not been wounded at all . On that same day , one devotee , who had firm faith and devotion on Shreepad Shree Vallabh , found a vessel filled with One Hundred Coins , when he had not even dreamt of it . Shree Venkatappayya requested Prabhu to analyse this event and tell . On this Shreepad Swami said , “ I have increased the life of one of my single minded devotees by twenty years . I had given him this fruit being pleased by his devotion . Today he got a vessel filled with a hundred coins ; this is a very fortunate day for him . I become a slave of those who are devoted to me single mindedly . Those devotees who establish me in their hearts are very dear to me . Even the Lord of all three Universes dedicates himself to such a devotee and moves around with him only . “

Everybody was very happy by obtaining the Divine Good company of Shree Namanand Swami .Those two Brahmins told Namanand , “ We are repenting the evil deeds done by us . Kindly advise us . “ On this Shree Namanand Swami said , “ You do the penance of eating once a day only , earn money by working hard and use that money to feed good Brahmins . Due to this your sins will be washed away . By such conduct , you will see Shreepad Prabhu in person or in dreams . After getting the Mantra initiation too , you should behave well . If you turn to your old evil ways again , Shreepad Swami will punish you doubly – remember this . “

Fruit of worshipping Dattatreya

The Brahmin lady named Sushila asked Shree Namanand , “ Swami ! How to come out of troubles ? “ On this the joyful Namanand Swami said , “ The soul is eternal . It does not have birth or death . Fire cannot burn him , weapons cannot injure him . Water cannot soak him , wind cannot dry him . But the human being dies millions of times and takes birth again . If you do the worship of Anagha Devi , you will be happy in your material life . Similarly , you worship Shree Dattatreya along with the Devi and appease him . By doing so , Shree Dattatreya will definitely grace you . Shree Bapannacharyulu saw Shree Dattatreya and he wrote the ‘ Siddha Mangal Stotra ‘ . The words in this poetry which are inspired by the experience of the vision of Datta himself are very powerful . The pure consciousness in this poem will remain till posterity . There is no error or grammatical mistake in this poem . There are no specific conditions to learn or recite this poem . I had the fortune of hearing this poem from the mouth of Shree Bapannacharyulu . This poem has been stamped on my heart .

Siddha Mangal Stotra


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II 1.

Shree Madanant Shree Vibhushit Appal Laxmi Narsimha Raja I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Shree Vidyadhari Radha Surekha Shree Rakhidhar Shreepada I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Mata Sumati Vatsalymrut Pariposhit Jay Shreepada I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Satya Rishishwar Duhita Nandan Bapannarya Nut Shree Charana I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Savitru Kathhak Chayan Punya Phal Bharadwaj Rishi Gotra Sambhava I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Do Chaupati Dev Laxmi Gan Sankhya Bodhit Shree Charana I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Punya Rupini Rajamamba Sut Garbha Punya Phal Sanjaataa I

Jai Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Sumati Nandan Narhari Nandan Datta Dev Prabhu Shreepada I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II


Peethhikapura Nitya Vihara Madhumati Datta Mangal Rupa I

Jay Vijayi Bhava Digvijayi Bhava Shree Madakhand Shree Vijayi Bhav II

If this greatly sacred Siddha Mangal Stotra is recited along with the worship of Anaghashtami , Punya ( Virtues ) equivalent to feeding One Thousand Sadbrahmins is accrued . Also Siddhas appear in dreams . By reciting this , all desires of the mind are fulfilled . Those devotees who worship Shree Dattatreya by mind , body and deeds ( Karmas ) ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II and recite this prayer ,are eligible for the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Similarly , by regularly singing this prayer , Siddhis ( accomplishments ) in the subtle world are obtained .

Gracing of Sushila’s husband by Shreepad Prabhu

Listening to the nectar – filled words of Shree Namanand Swami , I got an idea . I said to Shree Namanand , “ Swami ! I humbly request your feet to describe the Divine Acts of Shreepad Prabhu as they occur , along with the recitation of this prayer . “ Swami , who was constantly showering his grace on the three of us , cast his happy glance on us and gave his silent consent to our request . That night we chanted the name of Shreepad Prabhu . Swami sung the Siddha Mangal Stotra describing the Divine tales . We did not realize when the night was over in that Divine experience . When it dawned , we performed the auspicious Aarti worship of Shreepad . Just after a while , a bullock cart filled with food materials came in the Ashram . The coachman alighted . He kept all the food materials from the bullock cart in the Ashram .

Then he addressed Sushila , “ In a short while , your husband and in – laws will come in a different bullock cart . “ There was a rare sweetness in the voice of the coachman . He did not appear like other coachmen . We felt to keep staring at the coachman , but keeping the goods , he went away quickly ,taking leave . At that time , Shree Namanand Swami was in a state of meditation . After coming out of it , he asked , “ Where is that coachman ? “ We told him that he has gone away keeping the goods . Hearing that , Swami said , “ How fortunate are you ! I am the only unfortunate ! “ He further said , “ The Great Shreepad Shree Vallabh , the compassionate , brought food for us in the form of a coachman . He gave his Darshan to you . “ Turning to Sushila , he said , “ Sushile ! your fortune has dawned . Your husband’s impotency has gone . You in – laws and husband are coming in another bullock – cart . “

All events occurred as per the words of the all – knowing Namanand . Sushila went home with her husband and his parents . Those two Brahmins and myself asked the permission to go to Kurugaddi . Taking the blessings of Shree Namanand Swami , we started towards the road to Kurugaddi .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

Adhyay 18

Divine and Auspicious Darshan of Shreepad and the Saint Ravidas

I reached Kurugaddi with those two Brahmins in due course of time . The ruler of the infinite million universes , sovereign of the fourteen worlds , the Divine incarnation performing Divine Leelas , who has no beginning , middle and end , the Lord Shreepad Prabhu was coming out from the Krishna river after taking bath .We were overwhelmed by his sudden , Divine , auspicious Darshan . Endless love , compassion , motherly affection was flowing through his eyes . He came near me . I did not realize what to do in amazement . He himself was asking me to greet him . After I touched his feet , he sprinkled the sacred water from his Kamandalu on me . I was dumbfounded . He said in a sweet voice , “ Son Shankar Bhatta ! I am pleased with you . “ I cannot describe the sweet voice in words . His affectionate glance fell upon me and I was blessed . Shreepad , who is full with infinite powers of the entire universe , placed his benevolent hand on my head . My Kundalini Power awakened and I experienced as if the entire creation that I was seeing was disappearing . I felt that coming all of a sudden , one thousand oceans were hugging me . I felt an electric current of infinite power flowing through all my nerves and I felt a great sensation of pain . My eyes closed automatically , the nerves and heartbeats automatically stopped for some time . My mind became thoughtless and stationery and lost in that infinite nothingness . I felt the consciousness in my heart merging with the infinite universal consciousness . In this state , I was in extreme ecstasy . It is very difficult to describe this in words . In that state of ecstasy , I felt millions of universes emerging , being sustained and getting destroyed from me . I felt firmly that I am no different from those . Since the ‘ Me ‘ had been destroyed , I was in a Bliss that cannot be expressed . I was finding all this very extraordinary . At that same time , Shreepad Prabhu , very lovingly , sprinkled water from his Kamandalu on me . And I came back to my normal state . Shree Guru , who is the first Guru of the entire universe , was looking at me with the affection of one thousand mothers in his eyes and was smiling mildly .

Darshan of Shree Vallabh to the Yavanas

The two Brahmins who had come along with me did not have the courage to speak or to touch the feet of Shreepad Prabhu . Shreepad Swami asked me , “ Who are these two unknown persons who have come along with you ? “ I said , “ Prabhu , These two are Brahmins who desire to get the Darshan of your Divine feet . “ On this Prabhu said , “ They don’t look like Brahmins , they look like Yavanas who eat cow – meat . You ask them what is true or false . “ At that same time , those Brahmins said , “ There is no doubt that we are not Brahmins , but Yavanas . We read the Kuran .” I was surprised at their words . “ It is the fruit of many births of pious deeds to recognize the Master of the Universe Shree Dattatreya Swami , who move around in the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh adorning an illusory body . It is a great fortune to be able to experience Complete Divine Love in this tranquil state . All Gods reside in the Mother Cow .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II House is like a crematorium without a cow . I like very much those who serve the cow with faith . Cow’s milk is nutritious and tasty . A person born in the Brahmin clan who eats cow – meat deserves punishment . While doing Yagnas and sacrifices , sheep are sacrificed .As sacrificial animals for the Yagna sacrifices , the sheep and even other animals get liberated from their lower births and obtain excellent births later . To give an excellent birth to the sacrificial animal , the Great Yogi performing the sacrifice should be amply endowed with the power of penances ( Tapa ) and the Power of Yoga . If that Yogi is not so competent , he will only get the sin of killing an animal .Depending upon country and time , there are minor variations in the religious and rightful deeds . If sages who are Yavanas eat cow’s meat , even then the deeds done with the emotion of offering it to the Lord gives the cow and its offspring an excellent birth only . But if it is not done in this way , it is a great sin , therefore ,according to the Shastras , killing a cow is a great sin .

Shrikrishna and Arjun began to determine which place was the right sacred place for the Kaurav – Pandav war .They saw a farmer watering a farm . He required a big stone to stop a flow of water . He was searching for such a stone when his son brought food for his father . After eating the food , when he could not find a stone to stop the flow of water , he killed his son and kept his dead body like a stone to stop the water . At that time , there was no emotion , in both the farmer and the son , while the killing took place . They both were emotionless . The only thing the farmer understood was to cultivate the land and give food to everyone . This only was his duty . The farmer was doing his duty with great devotion without thinking about the fruits of his deeds . Shrikrishna selected this land as the sacred land of duty . “ O the namesake Brahmana ! It is not at all right to eat cow ‘ s meat anytime . Due to your past good deeds , also by the earlier prayers offered to your forefathers and due to my endless compassion , you got the fortune of my Darshan . Consider only this as your great fortune . I do not accept your greetings . You do not touch me . It is not possible to put water from my Kamandalu on you . You immediately go away from here . I have provided for your food and clothing . You marry a Yavana lady and live like a Yavana . The cows being killed by you will be born in their next births as your offsprings and harassing you they will enjoy your wealth . Since you have been purified by my Darshan , after a few births , you will be known by the names of Bade Baba and Abdul Baba . A great soul called Sai Baba will be incarnated in the Shirdi village of Maharashtra – he will deliver you . All these words of mine are like the white line on a black stone , “ So saying Shreepad Prabhu asked them to go .

Only Shreepad Prabhu and myself – the two of us were there . At that time , a washer man named Ravidas came there . Ravidas was continuously greeting Shreepad Prabhu. But Prabhu was ignoring him . After some time , Shreepad smiled , looking at him . I was surprised by this . Shreepad Vallabh Swami pressed the centre of my forehead with force . Then I started seeing strange scenes in front of my eyes .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shreepad Swami graces his devotee

The boat of Ravidas was going to Kurugaddi from the Krishna river .In that boat , a learned Veda scholar was seated . He was going alone in that boat so that other low – caste people should not touch him . That scholar said to Ravidas , “ I am a great scholar and am going to Shreepad Shree Vallabh Swami . He has called me , he will only pay you the fare “. Hearing this , Ravidas agreed . the boat started on its way . In the course of chatting , the scholar realized that Ravidas has no knowledge of historical or mythological tales . That scholar said , “ O Ravidas ! You have no knowledge of history or mythology . That means you have wasted three fourths of your life . “ Ravidas was sad hearing this . As the boat was moving , the flow of water increased suddenly . Due to that flow , a hole was created in the boat and water started entering through it . Ravidas asked that scholar , “My Lord ! Can you swim ? “ The scholar said , “ I cannot swim . “ Ravidas said , “ My Lord ! I can swim ; but since you cannot swim , your whole life is wasted .” Seeing the constantly increasing level of water , Ravidas took the name of Shreepad Prabhu and got ready to jump in the water . At that instant , he saw a Divine glow in the middle of the water . He had heard many divine stories describing the greatness of Shreepad Swami who has beginning or end . Ravidas greeted that Divine glow with great faith . The water in the boat was continuously rising .

At that time , a great wonder took place . An invisible hand was removing water from that boat . The water was reduced and the boat reached the shore and both of them came to see Shreepad Prabhu . Ravidas had never come to see Shreepad Prabhu before this . But today when he greeted Swami , he smiled with a happy face . He ignore the scholar though . The scholar who had come to debate on the Shastras could not utter a word . Shreepad Prabhu said to the scholar , “ O scholar ! Due to pride you are not able to realize what is right and what is wrong . You are a great scholar and instead of accumulating good virtues , you have collected only sins . You have harassed your noble wife . You have separated a queen in a happy family from her husband , hence she is repeatedly cursing you . Your wife is a good Brahmani and is troubled by mental torture . After doing these sinful acts , how are you attracted towards me ? As per your astrological chart , today is the day of your death . From today , I give you an additional life of three years . You go to your village and forgetting bad behavior , behave well . There is no doubt that you are a scholar . Are you showing the proof of your wisdom or returning the three years’ life given to you ? Reply instantly . “ Listening to these words from the all – knowing Shreepad , the scholar could not utter a word from his mouth . As if he had become dumb . In his mind , he had the desire to get the increased life only .Shreepad Vallabh Swami said , “ As per the wish in your mind , I am giving you an additional life of three years . You forcibly kidnapped the wife of a washer man and made her your slave . But in their next birth , the washer man couple will enjoy the luxuries of a King . At that time , you will become a slave of the wife of that washer man and serve them . If you do some good deeds in these three years , you will not be short of food and clothing . And if you do evil deeds , you will have to bear great pains . All the accrued merit of your virtuous deeds will go to Ravidas who saved you from death and brought you to me . As a fruit of these good deeds , he will serve me . You immediately go away from this holy place . “ By Swami’s orders , that scholar went away from there .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II But Ravidas stayed in the Ashram and started serving Swami . Every day he used to wash Swami’s clothes and used to clean the courtyard of the Ashram . It was his favourite duty to bring flowers for worship. He used to prostrate before Shreepad completely when he used to go to the river Krishna for bathing . And Swami used to accept his greetings with a joyful face . Ravidas’ father had once told him , “ Since Shreepad Prabhu knows everybody’s minds , if he accepts one greeting , it is equivalent of greeting one hundred people . “

Once Ravidas was standing on the shores of the river Krishna . At that time , the king of the village was enjoying with his retinue in a big boat . Ravidas was keenly observing the king . At that time , Shreepad Swami finished his bath in the river and came out . Ravidas was unaware about this . Swami placed his hand on his shoulder and asked affectionately , “ O Washer man ! What are you looking at ? “ Ravidas was baffled due to his sudden sweet words and then composing himself prostrated fully before the Swami . Swami said , “ You were observing the glory of the king , weren’t you ? “ Ravidas nodded in agreement . He further said , “ You desire to be a king , don’t you ? In your next birth , you will be the king of Vidura Nagari ( modern day Bidar ) . At that time , I will give you Darshan in the form of Narsimha Saraswati . “ That washer man said , “ Lord ! I wish to become a king , but I should always get the service of your feet . “ Swami fulfilled this desire of the washer man . After death , he was born in the Yavana clan and in due course of time , he became the king of Vidura Nagari . Enjoying the royal luxuries , towards the end of his life , he got the Darshan of Shree Narsimha Saraswati Swami . By his grace , he recalled his previous birth and he bowed to the feet of Narsimha Saraswati Swami . He took Swami to his capital and honoured him greatly .

The vessel filled with never ending Kheer ( sweet )

While we were all seated there , a young Brahmin came there . Since he had come from far , his feet with full of dust . His name was ‘ Vallabheshwar Sharma ‘ . His gotra was Kashyap and he was of the Apastambh Shakha . Shreepad Prabhu used to ask the welfare of his relatives to devotees coming from Peethhikapur . This was a favourite activity of the all – knowing Shreepad . Vallabheshwar had come from Peethhikapur . Swami asked him about the welfare of his relative and associates . It was noon , Swami’s disciples had brought alms . At the same time , Swami outstretched his Divine hand upwards as if to fetch something and got a silver vessel in his hand . It was filled with Kheer . The Kheer was distributed to the disciples assembled there . But that vessel was still filled with Kheer . Shreepad Prabhu ordered his disciples to distribute all the alms brought by them to the aquatic beings of the river . Accordingly , Ravidas took all the alms to the shores of the Krishna . It was his wish that even the living beings in the river should get the Prasad of the Swami . Shreepad Shree Vallabh asked me to sit near Vallabheshwar . But Ravidas was seated next to him . A Kannad Brahmin called ‘ Subbanna Shastri ‘ was seated next to me . One poor Brahmin was asking Prabhu regarding his daughter’s marriage .

Prabhu said , “ Why do you worry when I am there ? Only those who are sinners have fear . “ Prabhu further said , “ This Vallabheshwar is the most eligible to be your son – in – law . Subbana Shastri is teaching him priesthood . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Turning to Vallabheshwar , Swami said that his parents desired that they should be given the ‘ Pinda Daan ‘. Pinda Daan done with devotion and accompanied with the recitation of Mantras reaches forefathers . It is not right to take the curses of forefathers . It is said in the Shastras that the Mantras of marriage should be recited only after the recitation of the Mantras in the Garud Puran . Similarly , for the auspiciousness of the marriage , ‘ Haldi ‘ should be accepted . Today you have received a Prasad which is very rare . The Malladis , Venkatappa Shreshthhi Maharaj and Vatsa Maharaj brought porridge as offering in Peethhikapur . That same offering is given to you as Prasad . People troubled by great ghosts , Brahma Rakshasas instantly are rid of their troubles by this Prasad . People troubled with poverty and sorrows obtain wealth and progress by accepting this Prasad . “ My eyes were filled with tears after hearing this Divine discourse . With gratefulness in his voice , Shree Shreepad Swami said , “ My association with these three families is timeless . I become their subject due to their affectionate devotion . If I don’t get to eat anywhere , I go there in my subtle form and eat to my heart’s content . I play in front of their homes in the form of a child , those who serve me affection . The sweet sound of my feet is echoed in the hearts of my devotees .

Nobody can stay in the Kurugaddi village in the night without my permission . Great ghosts , Brahma Rakshasas , witches lament during the time of the Great ‘ Aarti ‘ worship . I liberate them from their ghostly bodies and give them new bodies . Beings like Gods , Gandharvas ( Divine Singers ) , Divine Persons , Invisible Powers who have reached superior states come for my Darshan. Great Yogis , Great sages , Great Siddhas come to me , bearing great troubles , with the desire to obtain the fortune of my Darshan , Touch and conversation , in mind . You will cross the name form quite happily and go further “ . This was Shreepad Prabhu’s order which could not be disobeyed .

We reached a nearby village . The daughter’s father was getting the Mantras recited from Subramanium Shastri in front of his home in front of the couple . Shastri knew the ritual Mantras of marriage . But he had no knowledge of the Mantras for the final rites . Meditating on Shreepad , Subbanna sat on the seat of the priest . Mantras started being recited automatically from his mouth . He himself was surprised by this . In this way , after the recitation of all the Mantras , the marriage ceremony of the couple was over . Since the bride’s father was penniless and the husband poor , he had tied a price of ‘ Haldi ‘ with thread and put it in the bride’s neck instead of the ‘ Mangal Sutra ‘ . The Brahmins attending the marriage , criticizing that the marriage ceremony had not taken place as per traditions left the marriage hall . Vallabheshwar had no parents . The bride’s parents, priest and I were the only five people present for the marriage . After the marriage , we went for the Darshan of Shreepad Swami along with the newlywed couple . Shreepad Swami blessed us and expressed his happiness and permitted us to meditate along with him for some time . As I sat for meditation , pictures of events occurring in Vallabheshwara’s future started appearing in front of my eyes .

Vallabheshwar had become a trader . He had determined to feed One Thousand Brahmins in Kuravpur from some part of his profits . But he was procrastinating to conclude this vow . Shreepad Shree Vallabh disappeared at the sacred place of Kuravpur . He was moving in a secret form . But Prabhu’s Padukas were there in the sacred place of Kuravpur . Vallabheshwar obtained wealth and he started to go to Kuravpur to execute his plan . In the way , he met


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II four thieves in the guise of Mantrikas .After walking some distance together , one of the four thieves killed Vallabhacharya and tried to take his money . Suddenly , Shreepad Prabhu appeared there in the form of an ascetic , wielding a Trident ( Trishul ) . Vallabheshwar was immersed in the meditation of Shreepad Swami before being killed by the thief . Prabhu had instantly rushed for the protection of his devotee . He killed three thieves with his trident . The fourth thief said very pleading voice to Swami , “ My Lord ! I am not a thief . “ The Kind Prabhu gave protection to the fourth thief and gave him sacred ash and told him , “ Bring Vallabheshwara’s head and join it to his body . “ After this was done , Swami glanced towards the dead body with nectar filled eyes . At the next instant , Vallabheshwar got new life and he got up as if awakened from sleep . That fourth thief narrated the incident to Vallabheshwar . His joy knew no bounds . However , he was sad not to get the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu in person . The fourth thief was very happy to have the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu due to Vallabheshwar. Vallabheshwar reached Kuravpur . He had decided to feed Four Thousand Brahmins instead of One Thousand Brahmins .

The gigantic form of Shreepad Swami

We all were sitting in meditation closing our eyes . I was seeing the events occurring in Vallabheshwar’s future . At that time , Shreepad Prabhu ordered us to open our eyes . He said , “ Nothing happens without any reason . There is some reason for every event . The laws of creation are very strange . I have incarnated in this shape for you , from my Nirgun ( quality less ) , Nirakar ( shape less ) form . You will be surprised to see this . I am who is limitless and not an Awadhoot , appears limited and an Awadhoot to you and you experience it that way too . This is a very complex subject . All powers are dependent on me . I am only filled in each atom and molecule in these millions of infinite universes . I am the only who has held the atoms and molecules together by my wish . I only , am the Rudra form , who creates the situation for the generation of a new creation by separating each of these atoms and molecules by destruction . Giving you the knowledge and ignorance of these , I bind all living beings in different illusory objects created by me . Whenever devotees pray me pleadingly and call me for assistance , I protect them with one thousand arms .

This principle of mine which has no beginning , is also me . You are amazed , since you cannot see the personality of strength , all pervading knowledge , knowledge of every mind in ‘ me ‘ , that ‘ me ; who pervades every living being . Experiencing this , is there any surprise if you see me in an expressed form ? “ While Shreepad Prabhu , who is in the form of the ‘ Parbrahm ( The Ultimate Brahm ) ‘ , was thus explaining , we heard the tolling of bells . When all of us were in a stupefied state of mind , the tolling of the bells stopped .

Motherly emotion of Shreepad

While we all were seated , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ This incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh is a great incarnation giving fruit . No Awadhoot obtains complete spiritual perfection without remembering my name . Similarly , Great


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Yogis , too , remember my name to achieve spiritual perfection . O Vallabhesha ! I know that your parents passed away early and your relative put you on the wrong path and snatching all your wealth , made you a beggar . That the sons of those relatives also behave with you with enmity is also known to me . Those cruel relatives of yours became thieves in their next births . While you were taking the wealth to Kurugaddi , those thieves robbed your wealth and killed you . Since your remembered me , I appeared there and killed three thieves with my Trishul . The fourth thief surrendered to me ; since his evils were very less , I spared his life . “ Hearing these sentences of Shreepad Prabhu , tears came in the eyes of Vallabha’s wife . Seeing this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ O Mother ! I see the ever fortunate Sumati Maharani who has given birth to me , in every woman . I am always a child in the bosom of that Great Mother . You don’t be sad . Preserve the ‘ Haldi ‘ given by me . You will always obtain happiness due to that piece of Haldi ( turmeric ) . You will always remain a ‘Saubhagyawati ‘ . This promise of mine is unchangeable like the line on a black stone . No power in the world can change it .

My father is my first Guru who taught me the ‘ Gayatri Mantra ‘ . His name will always remain ( immortal ) . In my next incarnation , I will be getting the name ‘ Narsimha Saraswati ‘ which will be formed by adding ‘ Saraswati ‘ with the name ‘Narsimha ‘ . I also desire to immortalize the name of my grandfather Bapannacharyulu . In the Narsimha Saraswati incarnation , I will look like my grandfather only . My grandfather was my second Guru . I learnt the Vedas and Shastras from him . This bell which you are seeing now , was once upon a time in my grandfather’s house . It has travelled in many regions , by my wish . It also travelled through the underground passages in the earth . O Shankar Bhatta ! The eighteenth Adhyay ( Chapter ) of the Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut that you are composing in the Telugu language is coming to a close here . That bell has reached the village of Peethhikapur . This bell has again reached here as per my wish , taking many shapes , changing many shapes . My Mahasansthan will be established in the own house of my grandfather . As a symbol of my love , I have sent this bell that proclaims Victory to Peethhapur .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 19 II

Meeting Shree Guru’s Feet

The four of us – Vallabheshwar Sharma couple , Subbanna Shastri and me – were remembering the Divine Acts of Shreepad Prabhu . At the same time , their distant relative , Linganna Shastri , came to their house .He was competent in the Vedas and the Shastras . Linganna Shastri said , “ I came to the sacred place of Pad Gaya to pay homage to my father at the sacred place of Peethhikapur . My grandfather was an orthodox Brahmin . Although he was rich , he was spendthrift by nature . By telling some solutions quoting from the Shastras to people in distress , he used to impress them . In order to satisfy the forefathers , devotees used to give ten types of charities as per their capacities . But my grandfather used to conclude all the procedures in the minimum possible time so as to get maximum benefit for himself . His behavior was not in accordance to the duties of the Brahmins . After some time he died of old age . My father was also like my grandfather . He too died after some time . I , however , used to do deeds like paying homage to ancestors etc . as per the Shastras and as per my ability . My peace of mind used to always be disturbed due to the unnecessary strife occurring in my house . My friends , relatives , who , otherwise used to be of a very peaceful nature , would become very furious on entering our house . At this same time , my wife returned to her parents’ home becoming very annoyed with something . My son , daughter , son – in – law had made my life miserable by insulting me every now and then . My life had become hell. If there is wealth in life , there is a joy in leading that life . But not only did I not have any wealth , but also there were quarrels in my house . Troubled my all this , I thought of committing suicide . But I was scared to get the life of a ghost after dying . It was certain that my final rites would not take place as per the Shastras , after my death .

One day , I cleaned the stable of cows and came to have my food . That day my daughter- in – law served me all rotten foodstuffs . It was stinking . I also saw a few worms in it . I was very tired after toiling in the cow – stable , and my eyes were full of tears due to hunger . My situation had become very miserable . Are my relatives, friends , sons , wife , daughters really mine ? Or is this not just an illusory web ? My mind was confused . And the power of thinking was stopped . At that same time , I saw an Awadhoot. A great current of compassion was flowing through his eyes . Seeing that compassion personified , I ran towards him like a little child . I thought that the person was familiar to me . I kept my head on the Divine Feet of that Awadhoot and prostrated before him . I established those Divine feet in my heart . The Awadhoot touched the food in the plate and sanctified it ; and the rotten food disappeared and a sweet item called ‘ Halwa ‘appeared in its place . The Awadhoot ate a little Halwa from the plate and gave me the remaining as ‘ Prasad ‘ . I ate that with great joy and became satisfied . After eating that Prasad , I felt a surge of new strength in me . Then the Awadhoot gave me a sickle and asked me to dig in the North East direction . A big trench was dug in which were seen skeletons of two dogs . The Awadhoot asked me to pour rice soup in that trench . By his orders , I poured soup


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II into it and filled that trench . On this , the Awadhoot said , “ You are liberated from the clutches of the ghost and your house has now been sanctified . Now everything will be favourable to you . You have got a call from Peethhikapur which has the greatness of Pad Gaya . You immediately prepare for the travel ; I will look after the other arrangements , we will meet at Peethhikapur . “

By the orders of the Awadhoot ,I started to go to Peethhikapur . I didn’t tell anybody at home .I started with only the clothes on my body . After going some distance , it became evening . I entered a mango orchard . The owner Narsimhappa welcomed me suitably . He gave me mangoes and other sweet fruits . My hunger was satisfied after eating them . On the request of the owner of the mango orchard , I stayed there only for the night . Next morning , after finishing my bath and Sandhya ( morning prayer ) , I started to go further ; Narsimhappa gave me mangoes wrapped in a cloth . As directed by the Awadhoot , my food and shelter was well – provided for . I was very much surprised by the Divine Acts of the Awadhoot . Then Narsimhappa told me , “ Since yesterday , an Awadhoot is coming in my dreams . That traveler told me that a Sadbrahmin will come to you tomorrow ; welcome him well and while going , give him clothes and give him Dakshina too . Give him the mangoes in your orchard to eat on the way . My dream realized today . I got the opportunity to serve you by good fortune and got your Darshan . I am blessed . “ From this event , I felt that the Awadhoot is no ordinary person ; but some Divine Great person .

I resumed my further journey , wearing new clothes ; as I was walking remembering the Vedas ; I experienced heavy electric currents flowing through my body . I was experiencing a different kind of joy due to those electric currents . I got an illusion that a Great Scholar of the Vedas was walking along with me . He was reciting the Savitri Mantras of the Vedas . I was also reciting the Vedas with him . At that time , he said , “ The main Mantra is ‘ Savitri Varnan ( Description of Savitri ) ‘ . Bharadwaj Maharshi did the Savitri Kathhak Chayan in the Treta Yug . That also took place at Peethhikapur only . The worship performed some time ago has fructified today and Shree Dattatreya has incarnated in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh at Peethhikapur . The Vedas are not created by human beings ( Apaurusheya ) and are created by God . Only Brahmins have the right to recite the Vedas . But people from all Varnas can study the Vedas . The Brahmanas used to worship Shrikrishna ; but Shrikrishna used to honour the Brahmins and washing their feet , he used to sprinkle that water on himself . You are being invited at Peethhikapur . How fortunate are you ! “ On this I said , “ My Lord ! Who is Shreepad Vallabh ; will you describe his greatness to me ? “ “ Son ! The Darshan of Shreepad washes all sins . He is Dattatreya Prabhu himself . His birthplace is the holy land of Peethhikapur . In old ages , whenever Dharma diminished ; then God incarnated in the human form on the earth and protected the Good and destroyed the cruel . At that time , a pious couple called Vishnu Datta and Sushila were living . Sushila was a very noble lady and by the powers of her spiritual practices and devotion to her husband , she was equal to Sati Anasuya . Vishnu Datta was a very learned , good charactered Brahmin of good conduct . He had obtained the status of the sage Atri by his scholarship and spiritual practices . This couple had obtained a state of Union with Sati Anasuya and the sage Atri . This state is without form and invisible to the eyes . It cannot be described by words . However it can be experienced .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Vishnu Datta and Sushila took the form of Sumati Rani and Appal Raj Sharma in their next birth . As a result of the penances done by them only , they got a Divine son in the form of Shreepad Vallabh . Appal Raj was a Krishna Yajurvedi Brahmin of the Bharadwaj Gotra , Apastambh Shakha . In the old ages , there was a Vaishya sage called ‘ Labhadra ‘ . He was Bhaskaracharyulu , Father of Shree Mother Goddess in her Vasavi Kanyaka incarnation . He was the father of Sumati Maharani in the Shreepad Shree Vallabh incarnation . You can take the Darshan of that Mahatma in Peethhikapur . The farmer who offered you excellent hospitality and gave you clothes and Dakshina was a servant in the house of Venkatappayya Shreshthhi and his father , Subbarammayya Shreshthhi of Peethhikapur . By serving in the Great sacred house of Subbarammayya Shreshthhi and eating that sacred food , as a fruit of these , he had become a landlord and was enjoying all kinds of comforts . The duo of Venkatappa Shreshthhi and Narsimha Verma in Peethhikapur were very dear to Shreepad Prabhu . They had obtained the boon of the grace of devotion of parental affection towards Shreepad Prabhu .

Bondage of deeds is the complex of all bondages . ‘ It is said in the Shastras that while doing the Pawaman sacrifice , even if by mistake , the mud vessel of the Pawaman breaks , the head of the Brahmin performing the sacrifice instantly bursts and he dies . But in today’s times , what is the reason that even if the Pawaman vessel breaks , nothing happens to the Brahmin performing the sacrifice ? ‘ a disciple asked this question to Shreepad Prabhu . Similarly, while the auspicious events as a result of the sacrifices as described in the Vedas , do take place , the inauspicious events do not . What is the reason for this ? ‘ On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Son , In today’s times , the electrical ( properties of )materials while performing the sacrifices are not so effective . The priest performing the sacrifice has to be an excellent practitioner of spirituality . He should have the Fire of Yoga in ample amounts . The electricity in the Pawaman vessel can be ignited by that fire . If the priest is a Great Yogi , he performs the sacrifice as per the scientific rituals ; it bears good fruit and does good to the World .But if it does not happen , although the process of the sacrifice is done , the fruit of it as described in the Vedas is not obtained . There is also a mystery in the Dakshina which is given in the amounts of Rs. 16,116,1116 only for activities like sacrifices . Gotra is related to forefathers and it does not change till the end of the universe . Dharma moves betweens seven men only . Sapinda is related to the Mother . A son eligible for marriage and wealth are two fruits of excellent deeds . Woman is in the form of Fire and is essentially required in the creation . “

Shreepad Shree Vallabh was a proponent of the ‘ Adwait persuasion ‘ .Like Adi Shankaracharya , he was without partiality . Shreepad , who did not differentiate qualities , did not distinguish between races . Adi Shankaracharya gave his Hema Vidya to the active people of the Gouda clan rather than the Sadbrahmins . Shankaracharya thought that if the Hema Vidya was given to the Brahmins , they will not follow their appointed Dharma due to the attraction of wealth . Like Shankaracharya , Shreepad Prabhu graced everybody as per his eligibility without distinguishing between castes , races , persuasions , age . The eight manifestations of Creation , the five elements – Earth , Fire , Water , Air and Sky and mind , intellect , Ego are in the inert form . The form One( 1 ) symbolizes the creation . The numbers from 2 to 10 symbolise the inert nature . Zero ( 0 ) shows the principle of Divinity . In the figure Nine ( 9 ) ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II the mystery of the entire activity of the creation is hidden . Shreepad Shree Vallabh used to ask alms for two chapattis and used to smilingly say , ‘ Do Chaupati Deva Laxmi ‘ . This is a symbol of the figures 2,4,9, 8. Many interpretations were seen in Swami’s words . Two ( 2 ) is a symbol of all dualities in the creation . There are four ( 4 ) symbols of the types of bodies – Gross , Subtle , Kaaran ( Reason ) and Mahaa Kaaran ( Great Reason ) . The principle of Divinity never changes . It symbolizes the figure Nine ( 9 ) . The Great illusory Power ( Maha Maya ) is represented by the figure eight ( 8 ) .

Shreepad Shree Vallabh is Ardha Nari Nateshwara .

The Gigantic form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh

I am a resident of the village Penugonda in the kingdom of Brihatshila .My name is Ganpati Shastri and I came to study Vedas in the village of Vayaspur ( Kakinada ) . I used to study Vedas while serving my Guru . My Guru had a farm near his house . There were cows and their offsprings . I used to take the cows and the offsprings to graze in the forests . Similarly , I used to happily do the job of milking them and distribute the milk . One day , while I had taken the cows , I saw a very brilliant child of ten years of age . He came to our farm . Seeing the thread in his neck , I firmly believed that he was a Brahmin only . I asked him , “ I see the sacred thread in your neck , who you are ? “ On this the child said , “ I am me only . All principles of nature are in me only . I am the only one who supports everybody . Seeing the qualities of a Brahmin in me , you took me for a Brahmin ; this is not wrong . But this is also not the complete truth . It is also not wrong if someone takes me as a Kshatriya seeing the qualities of a Kshatriya in me . But that is not the complete truth . Seeing the qualities of a Vaishya in me , if somebody considers me a Vaishya , that is not wrong ; but that is not the complete truth . Seeing the qualities of a Shudra in me , if somebody considers me a Shudra , it is not wrong ; but it is not the complete truth . If you consider me a Chandal , it is not wrong ; but even that is not the complete truth . I am beyond all boundaries , beyond end . I am beyond every subject which is true or false but I am also the support of these . I am the ultimate truth . The Awadhoots know this . My Dharma is the Ultimate Dharma which is beyond all Dharmas and also their support . This only is my very dear principle . It is even more sweet than the feeling of love that exists in the living beings of nature ; not only this , it is the support of everybody .

Even though you and I are men , we behave like women . Even the woman behaves like a man . I , who is combined in the two forms of Ardha Nari Nateshwar ( Half man and half woman ) , cannot be comprehended by mind , speech ; I only am the principle of Divine Bliss . How can you recognize me who has such a wonderful form ? “ As the cowherd told me this , I started shivering with fear . Considering my mental state , that Divine cowherd said , “ Just now I spoke to Lord Shani Dev ( Saturn ) . He said I had troubled this Ganpati Shastri by binding him in strange bondages and then he requested me to release him from these bondages . On this I said I have absorbed the fruit of his deeds in the form of cow’s milk . You do not fall in this bondage . “ Hearing that , I started to tremble in fear . My astrological chart showed my miserable state at that time . When I could not speak , that cowherd went to a cow and said, “ Hey


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Gayatri , I am very hungry . Will you give me milk ? “ The Mother Cow nodded in agreement and warm milk began to flow from her udders . That cowherd drank that milk till he was satisfied . Surprising thing was that even though the cow was sterile , she gave milk to the cowherd . That cowherd sat beneath a mango tree satisfied . I again looked towards him . A ten year old farmer’s daughter was with the cowherd .

Both were very beautiful in appearance . One felt like continuously listening to their conversation full of humour . Their expressions while talking were very pleasing to behold . At that time , Venkatappa Shreshthhi alighted from his horse cart . A brilliant ten year old child was with him . I later learnt that he was Shreepad Shree Vallabh . This land was donated to my Gurudeva by Venkatappa Shreshthhi in memory of his father . There was an extensive farm just adjoining this land . Shreshthhi used to come to inspect this farm from Peethhikapur to the village of Vayaspur . Shreshthhi was surprised to see the farmer’s daughter who was with the cowherd . The cowherd and the girl with him greeted Shreepad . Then Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! Why are you so surprised ? “ Grandfather said , “ Look at them ; what a pleasing sight it is ! The beholder and the sight to be seen are one and the same . I do not understand the Vedant meaning in this . “ On this Shreepad said , “ What Vedant is in this ? Even the infinite ( Anant ), devoid of shape ( Nirakar ) and Nirgun Shreehari is surprised seeing the activities of his own illusory Powers ( Maya ) . This creation is filled with nine( types of ) emotions . To imagine wonderful sights is also a rule of this Creation . Where duality is seen , actually oneness exists there . So is duality true or oneness true ? It should be thought upon and told . “

The cowherd and the farmer’s daughter got a doubt whether that was an illusion created By Shreepad Prabhu himself . Touching Shreshthhi’s chin slightly , Shreepad asked , “ Grandfather ! What is the doubt in your mind ? Till the time the people in your house do not forget me , I will reside in your house in an invisible form with all my powers . Every practitioner will always hear the sound of my feet in your house . The Datta form with Anagha Devi is in the form of Ardha Nari Nateshwar ( half male and half female ) , but we can’t see it . He is visible in person in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . I am the eldest son of Mother Sumati . I had strictly told my mother not to marry me off . If you try to do so , I will leave the house . Since Shreshthhi is a Rajarshi ( Royal sage ) , he has bound me in spotless ( faultless ) bond of devotion .Therefore , I am giving you Darshan in the Anagh form along with Anagha . In the presence of Shreepad , no action takes place without reason . Laws of creation are very peculiar . The determination of Karmas ( Events ) and fruits of Karmas take place according to place and time . It is also one of the parts of my job of this incarnation , to teach knowledge to all of my devotees by my behavior , by my Divine Acts and by my greatness . “

While Shreepad Prabhu was thus talking with us , his skin began to glow with an indescribable luster in front of us itself . He then turned to the mango tree . While he was looking towards the tree , the bodies of the farmer ‘s daughter and the cowherd’s son shone and they merged into the form of Shreepad Prabhu . The cuckoo began to sing sweetly sitting on the mango tree even though it was not spring . There was an only fruit on the tree . Shreepad Prabhu plucked that fruit . That immature fruit instantly became ripe and sweet by the touch of the hand of the Swami . Like a


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II mother who feeds her little baby sweet eatables with great love , who feeds the baby by singing and engaging her in stories , so that the baby eats each and every portion of the meal , Shreepad Prabhu fed that sweet mango to Shreshthhi with the same love . By the affectionate touch of Swami , tears of joy began to flow from Shreshthhi’s eyes . Shreepad Swami’s affection towards his devotee was greater than that of a thousand mothers . While compassion , love was being showered from his divine eyes , he appeared just like the form of the female energy , Mother Anagha .

The mango plucked by Shreepad Prabhu looked like an obedient servant in front of him . When it jumped out of the hand of Shreepad , it appeared that his Divine skin itself had jumped up . At this time , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ People unnecessarily debate whether the seed comes first or the tree comes first . There is an energy prior to both of these and that is ‘ God ‘. It is by his wish , whether a tree from the ‘ seed ’ or the seed from the ‘ tree ‘ is created . Nobody can imagine his unbeatable wish . The Parmatma calls the living being who has become sad due to afflictions towards him . The living being without afflictions retains that Divine Power . The living soul which has become united with the Parmatma , is like a seed sown in a fertile land . Nobody can stop such a living being from coming in the wheels of creation . By God’s wish , the living beings surrendered to him , take birth again in a specific body and do Divine work . After this work is done , they again merge into the form of the Parmatma . Such living beings stay very near to the Parmatma and enjoy happiness of the highest state . Living beings , who distinguish between the living soul and the Parmatma , also obtain a nominated body and do divine work , but there is no change in their state . A wish of the people who believe in any of the ‘ Dwaita ( duality ) , Vishishtadwait ( Oneness in specific circumstances ) or Adwaita ( oneness ) (philosophies ) gets fulfilled . So the common man is confused whether duality ( Dwaita ) is superior , or Vishishtadwait ( Oneness in specific circumstances ) or Adwaita ( Oneness ) is superior . The processes of Generation , Sustenance and Destruction are occurring every moment . The three Gods Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh are in their expressed forms at the ends of their Kalpas ( Divine eras ) .

According to the wish of god , they emerge in an expressed form with shape and create nature in the newly created universe . The living beings have to contribute to the work of sustaining the universe depending upon their abilities and their previous afflictions . In this work , the divine powers assist them . There are many demonic powers also , which oppose these divine powers . The Yavanas call the Sagun ( with qualities ) Nirakar ( Shapeless ) God as ‘ Allah ‘ and the Christians call him only as ‘ Jesus ‘ . It may be called by any name , but in all of them , the same respectable , loving , compassionate Divine consciousness flows . I am the only basic principle that illuminates all religions , all persuasions , all principles . I am the only one who guides every living being depending upon his wishes and his desires on his path . There is no path that I can or cannot accomplish , since I am independent of all spiritual practices . I am the only one who dazzles with self – illumination in the form of all Gods . Therefore , I am the only one who accepts the worships , prayers in all the different forms . I am the only one who enlightens everyone with knowledge . After the Kaliyug ends , the Sanatan Dharma , which is the summary of all persuasions , which prevails , is a form of mine only . This knowledge will be dawned . At that time , all spiritual practitioners will always see me outwardly or


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II inwardly . I am the only one who communicates with them with affection . Even in the Vedas , first ‘ Truth ‘ , then ‘ Knowledge ‘ and after that ‘ Divinity ‘ are described .

I am only the form of all three – Truth , knowledge and Divinity . I am the only one who tells atheists that there is no God . I am the only one who gives testimony to the believers that God exists . All the forms of ‘ Gurus ‘ are in me only . I am the only who is self illuminated in the Satyalok , Satya Naam , Golok , all the spiritual states in the Mahashoonya ( The Great Void ) . I always provide for the well – being of that Practitioner ( Saadhak ) who worships me with a pure heart and leaving all the troubles of life to me , surrenders to me with a single mind . I am Shreepad . I am Shree Vallabh . I have taken an incarnation at the sacred place of Peethhikapur as promised to the sage Bharadwaj . Grandfather ! The ancient Yogi of that time , son of Atri and Anasuya today is Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Floods of tears of joy began to flow from the eyes of Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi . He hugged Shreepad Prabhu tightly . The self realistion that he got is just impossible to put in words .

After some time , he came to his normal self and said to Shreepad , “ O Son Shreepad ! Please let your grace be always be on our race like this only . Let your grace be on all who are born in our Gotra . Let your shadow of protection be always be upon our clan - the Arya Vaishyas .” On this Shreepad said , “ So be it . Brahmins have a right to ask one boon . Kshatriyas have a right for two boons , Vaishyas can ask for three boons , whereas Shudras have a right to ask for four boons . I am giving you a boon with the witness of Three Hundred and Thirty Million Gods . At the place where I was born in Bapannacharyulu’s house , the’ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Maha Sansthan ‘ will be built . This Maha Sansthan will be at a distance of thirty – three feet from your house ; similarly , it will also be at a distance of thirty – three feet only from the homes of Shree Bapannacharyulu and Shree Narsimha Verma . I only am going to create the Sansthan and see all its management through a person in your thirty – third generation . I am going to instruct a Great Man called ‘ Markandeya ‘ in your Gotra regarding this as follows : He should accept a small part of the foodstuffs offered to me coming in any form on a Thursday afternoon . Therefore my protective hand will always be on everybody born in this Markandeya Gotra .

They will always prosper . As desired by you , my kind eye will always be on the Arya clan . The people in the Arya clan will get royal rights . In the future , a person from the Arya clan will be the ruler of India and as ordained by fate , he will come to Peethhikapur . He will obtain my grace . Countless devotees from the state of Nepal will come for my Darshan to Peethhikapur . This statement of mine is like the line on a black stone . No being in this creation can prove it false . Grandfather ! There will be many changes in due course of time in this birthplace of mine . When this place will be renovated , a vessel called ‘ Mrinmayee ‘ will be obtained from the earth . The fortune of serving with money for the God’s work of building the Maha Sansthan is obtained only due to predetermined results of Good Karmas . Only one of the very fortunate persons in the Arya clan will get the Great Fortune of providing financial assistance . This God’s work will take place through him . Arrogant persons , non – believers will come to you for financial help and give you importance . Readers of my biography will get the accomplishments they desire . Devotees who


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II participate in any Good Work related to my Sansthan at the sacred place of Peethhikapur will be liberated from all bondages by me . I will liberate the one who worships me with faith on my birth Nakshatra – Chitra , at the sacred place of Peethhikapur , from the bondage of debts . Maidens will get eligible bachelors and they will be married . This is my blessing . I will remove all troubles caused by invisible powers like ghosts , dead Bodies . My sister Vasavi Kanyaka tied me a Rakhi on the Poornima day of the month of Shrawan . That is a sacred day . Chitragupta will record great virtues in the fortune of any Saadhak who comes in my presence at the holy place of Peethhikapur on that day . I am confirming all this . My Divine Acts themselves confirm them . Why should the sun bear witness to the Sun ? “

Everybody was overwhelmed by these words of Shreepad Prabhu . It is very difficult to describe his divine acts . The next day , I , Vallabheshwar Sharma couple , Subbanna Shastri , Linganna Shastri went for Shreepad Prabhu’s Darshan at Kurugaddi . Shreepad blessed us once again . And smiling ,he said , “ Oh ! What a great debate ! We spent a lot of time describing the Shreepad Shree Vallabh Sansthan . I can never repay the debt of Malladi , the debt of Venkatappayya , the debt of Shreshthhi and also the debt of Vatsawai . “ Saying so , Swami went into a silence .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 20 II

The Divine auspicious form of Shreepad

I came to Kurugaddi for Shreepad Prabhu’s Darshan in the morning itself . I saw brilliant rays emanating from the Divine body of Shreepad . Peace , compassion , Love , Knowledge was flowing through his expressive eyes in the form of a flame . Devotees coming in his presence obtained peace , compassion , love , knowledge without any effort . He was the only form of God on earth . I was in ecstatic happiness as I saw the formless ( Niraakaar ) principle taking the Sagun ( Qualitative ) form in the form of a human in front of my eyes .

By Shreepad's grace , I got the fortune of going near Shreepad and greeting him . Great Peace , Affection , Love encompassed my inner self looking at his face and my mind , body and heart got an indescribable experience of Bliss . I touched the feet of Shreepad by great faith . My body felt light by that touch . I felt brilliance being radiated from my eyes . From each of the organs of my body , dark brilliance was being radiated . That brilliance took a human shape . That shape was like me only . Smiling mildly , Shreepad asked me , “ Did you realize who the one similar to your shape is ? “ I said , “ Swami ! I saw that shape . It appeared like me only . But I did not realize how it came out from my body . And I also did not realize whose figure was it . “ On this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ That was the sinful part of your body . That was the evil form of the man in you . Now only the pious form remains in your body . There is a pious person and an evil person in the body of every human being . When this pair is separated and when the evil person goes out , this itself is the state liberation .

When you are born in the Brahmin clan , by remaining faithful , burning the evil body , you should liberate the remaining pious body by your excellent deeds . The Brahmins should take only that much amount of money that is required to maintain themselves , from their sponsors , while getting the Karmas as described in the Vedas done from them . If not done so , the Brahmins become partners in the sins of their sponsors . The Brahmins should burn these sins in their Fire of destruction . Only the Brahmin living this way is eligible to be a Brahmin . Otherwise , he is a Brahmin due only to birth ; not the Brahmin knowing the Divine .

My grandfather Bapannacharyulu , Father Appal Raj Sharma both were good Brahmins .My grandmother and Mother Sumati Maharani both were very pure ladies . Only by remembering them , millions of sins are destroyed . “ After saying so , Shreepad became silent for a while .Then he touched the earth by the fingers of his right hand . At that time ,a shaft of light arose from his left side and materials required for sacrifice appeared . Some delicious fruits , fragrant flowers , some gold , silver and a garland of nine gems as well as Divine Fire appeared . The evil man emerged from me trembling with fear , and started lamenting . Shreepad Prabhu gestured that evil man to burn in the fire by


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II his eyes only . Accordingly , he fell into the fire and reduced to ashes . Fire erupted in my body . I pleaded , “ Swami , save me ! “ A Divine wave emerged from Prabhu ‘s eyes and touched me . My body cooled down by the wave . I felt like my Kundalini energy had awakened . My heart beats appeared to stop , my pulse stopped and I went into a Samadhi .

It was afternoon . It was a Thursday . Shreepad Swami had finished his bath and was sitting in the congregation of his devotees . Shreepad touched the food offered by devotees as alms by his Divine hands . He sprinkled water from his Kamandalu on the assembled devotees . He took some part of the food from the alms as a sacrifice for crows . Swami called me by my name in a very sweet voice and permitted everybody to start eating . He called me near him . He closed his eyes momentarily and opening them again , looked at me with affection . A silver vessel had appeared in his hands then . It was filled with sweet . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Shankar Bhatta ! My devotees bind me with ropes of devotion . I fall to unselfish devotion . In Shreshthhi’s house , his wife used to compulsorily make sweet for me . She used to be happy only when I had eaten . His granddaughter , Laxmi Vasavi , had tied Rakhi on my hand .

One astrologer had said that there were undesirable events predicted in her husband’s astrological chart . She had requested me to accept her Rakhi and bless her with indestructible fortune . I blessed her with indestructible fortune and gave her Prasad of flowers , bangles and Kum Kum . She gave me the sweet lovingly prepared by her grandmother – Venkat Subbamma . By eating that delicious sweet , sins of many lives are destroyed . I eat the food stuffs offered with faith by my loving devotees , going to their homes in a subtle form . But the great Prasad in Shreshthhi’s house is accepted by me in person . “ Shreepad asked everybody to take that Prasad . Who can describe the sweetness of that Prasad ? He threw some part of the Prasad towards the sky . That dissolved in the sky . He offered some Prasad to the earth ; which was accepted by Mother Earth .

All devotees shared that Prasad . Shreepad Prabhu’s nature was not of disappointing anybody . In whatever amounts it was distributed , it never reduced . At the same time ,a devotee named Guru Charan of the Padmashali Gotra , came there . Shreepad Swami gave him the Prasad from the silver vessel . He ate it with great faith . Then by the orders of Swami , that silver vessel was immersed in the river Krishna .

After this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ People of the Markandeya Gotra in the Padmashali clan became meat eaters in the course of time . In my presence , there never occurs an event which has no reason . Guru Charana ! You are leading a very sacred life for so many days , by offering me the ‘ Naivedya ‘ and chanting the names , “ Shree Guru Sharanam , Swami Sharanam “ . Today you got the Maha Prasad from the Lotus Hands of Shree Guru . You explain the principle of Guru as understood by you to Shankar Bhatt . In the afternoon , I am moving around the mind while in the Yog Nidra . My rest should not be disturbed . “

Shree Guru Charan was a great devotee in the Kaliyug . He had obtained the highest state in the path of Yoga . I ( Shankar Bhatt ) told him , “ O Mahatma , Oblige me by giving knowledge about the Principles of the Guru . “ On this


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Guru Charan said , “ The generation , sustenance and destruction of the infinite millions of universes takes place by the mere wish Shreepad Shree Vallabh , who is incarnated from the Nirgun , Nirakar form of Shree Dattatreya . It is a great sin to consider him a specific shape . Because , even though he appears in the form of shape , actually he is shapeless only . Even though he appears to have qualities ( Sagun ) , he is Nirgun ( does not have qualities ) . Although he appears in the form of One God , all Gods are present in him . He is the Supreme Guru of all paths of Yoga . The forms of Gods envisioned by many great sages of nature by their specific spiritual practices are themselves the Divine Forms of Shreepad.

From ancient ages , the Great Sages possessed many Divine Powers . The sage Vasishthha used to perform the ‘ Sacrifice of the Grain ‘ . The sage Vishwamitra used to perform sacrifices without grain . The sage Jamadagni used to follow the sage Vishwamitra . Our Shreepad Prabhu used to support all kinds of sacrifices . He was capable to do or not to do any act or to know the secrets of those acts or Mantras to perform them differently . Since Shreepad Prabhu is all powerful and knows the mysteries of all acts , he had subtle knowledge about the behavior of all those persons . Bapannacharyulu , Narsimha Verma , Venkatappayya Shreshthhi had the knowledge of many kinds of Yogas . The Power of Love is the most superior amongst all powers . These three had obtained the devotion in the form of parental affection ( Vatsyalya ) towards Shreepad Prabhu . Due to their power of Love , they used to urge Swami to bless their desired undertakings with success and used to get them done .Shreepad Swami , too, used to conclude their jobs with great happiness .

Shreepad Prabhu used to see the form of his mother in every woman and used to behave like a child in a natural way and by natural affection . Those women , too, used to worship Shreepad in the child form with love . This is the great illusion !

The Great Nirgun , Nirakar Divine form in the form of a Divine Child used to attract everybody’s consciousness by his divine acts ( Leelas ) in the sacred place of Peethhikapur ,as described repeatedly by Yogis and the Knower of the Vedas . To describe the Divine Actions of the child was beyond imagination . The spiritual practitioners practicing spirituality in different ways like the Dnyan Marg ( Path of knowledge ) , the path of Yoga , the path of Bhakti ( devotion ) , the path of the studies of the Vedas , obtain the grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh only , in their own way .” After this I ( Shankar Bhatt ) said to the great devotee Shree Guru Charan , “ Please deliver me by narrating me the incident of how you first saw Shreepad Swami , My Lord ! “

Guru Charan said , “ O Excellent Brahmin ! You are very fortunate and blessed . You could see for yourself the Divine Actions of Shreepad Prabhu due to your Good Deeds in earlier lives . You get the benefit of the compassionate glances of Swami daily . I was born in the family of the devotees of God . I am worshipping my family Deity , Shree Datta Prabhu since my childhood itself . There were many financial problems in our family . I was worshipping Dattatreya with great devotion , but the problems were not reducing . Some people in our village advised me that Shree


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Dattatreya’s grace is not upon me . I should select some other family deity and worship him . By doing so , I will be saved from troubles . Agreeing to their opinion , I slept in the night . I saw a terrible butcher in my dreams . He used to nurture sheep with Love , but everyday he used to sacrifice some sheep .

I was scared to see the sickle in his hands . He said with a thundering voice like that of the rumbling of clouds , “ I am Datta . You may worship any God or Goddess ; I am the only one in their form . You may change the name and form of the God you are worshipping , but I do not change . I will never leave you . You are my shadow . How can my shadow exist without me ? I am the Greater Wish that runs the wishes of all Gods and of all the millions of Human beings . I am the only Divinity that gives brilliance to the form of God in the incarnation of Bhagwat . An animal might escape from the tiger’s jaws , but you who has come in my hands can never leave me . The devotees of Datta should be as brave as the Lion’s cubs . And leave cowardice . I am like a lion . Lion’s cubs have no fear near the Lion . They play freely with them . I will kill you by this sickle. There is nobody in the three worlds to protect you ."

I screamed becoming very frightened and my dream was over at that same time . People in the house started asking me what had happened . I narrated them the events in my dream . Our financial problems were worsening by the day . We could not understand that our sufferings of this state of poverty were due to our Karmas of which birth ?

As the day dawned , a devotee of God came in front of our house . He had musical instruments in his hands . He was singing the name of Hari . He had a basket a rice on his head . This was a strange devotee . There was a sapling of Audumbar in his basket . Standing in front of the door , he was asking , “ Will you give me rice ? “ While I was searching for rice in the house ,I found a fistful of corn . Accepting those corns , he said , “ Lord , yesterday night , a butcher killed a Datta devotee called Guru Charan . Surprising thing is that the life force of that Datta devotee went out from his body and entered this sapling of Audumbar . It is a truth that Shree Datta Prabhu resides beneath the Audumbar tree . This sapling is an outstanding one . Peethhikapur is a great sacred place in the Godavari region . There Shree Dattatreya is residing in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . This sapling is from the Audumbar tree of Shreepad’s grandmother herself . If you plant this sapling in your house , all your desires will come true . “ Hearing these words of the devotee , I was confused . I said , “ I am Guru Charan . I have not been killed . I had seen a butcher in my dreams ; he had said that he will kill me . “

Greatness of the Audumber tree

On this the devotee laughed loudly and said , “ Is it true what you are saying ? Say no. The supreme Guru of the many paths in this creation is Datta himself . He knows the events that are going to occur in the future . We are very inferior in front of him . Even if it is indicated in the astrological chart that times are undesirable , the Spiritual Master gives strength to his disciple to digest terrible mental stress and great insults . He rescues him from great troubles and destroying his Karmas , gives him fresh life . Similarly , incarnations destroy sorrows of their protected ( ones ) ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II reduce their troubles and give them new life . Dattatreya Prabhu gives life force to his devotees , he protects his devotees by the life force that emanates from the Audumbar tree , where he has permanent residence . Practitioners of little intelligence , however , think that they are alive because of the life – force in their own bodies . Actually , that life force from the Audumbar tree can carry out the activities of the body in an exceptional way . If the devotee is on death bed , the life force that emanates from the Audumbar tree , at that moment is established in the body of the devotee and his life increases a little . Because in each Audumbar tree , Shree Dattatreya is established in the subtle form .”

The narration told by the devotee ( Hari das ) was very amazing .A trader named Krishna Das was going that way . I was nurturing that Audumbar sapling with great love and devotion . Some days passed by like that . One of our distant relatives , who used to trade in silk clothing had grown old . He had no children . He loved me . He used to stay in our house . He gave us some money and asked us to trade in silk clothing . He , too, used to perform the Pradakshina ( going around ) of the Audumbar tree in our house with devotion and used to worship Datta Prabhu .If any trouble or danger came in our house , we used to go around the Audumbar and used to ask to remove our sorrows . Datta Prabhu used to fulfill our prayers . Our troubles were being destroyed by the grace of Datta . If we used to beg something to Shree Datta Prabhu , it used to be fulfilled by the Audumbar tree . It is an important ritual of the devotees of Datta to serve the Audumbar tree . To have an Audumbar tree in the house , is to have Dattatreya himself in the house . However more the greatness of the Audumbar is described , the lesser it is . “

Birth of a thorny tree as a result of evil deeds

When I was in Andhra Pradesh for the purpose of my business , by my good fortune , I reached the sacred place of Peethhikapur . I found out the house of Shree Bapannacharyulu ; at that time Shreepad Prabhu was sitting with Bapannacharyulu in the courtyard . There was a tree with thorns in their courtyard . Shreepad Prabhu used to water that tree with great devotion every day . Bapannacharyulu asked Shreepad , “ Why is this tree of thorns so dear to you ? It would have been right to love the sapling of the Sanjiwani tree ( tree which can restore life in the dead ) . That tree is going to grow irrespective of whether you water it with devotion or not .”On this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Grandfather ! This thorny tree was Vishwawadhani of our family in its previous life . Swayambhu Dattatreya , is incarnated in the form of the grandson of Bapannacharyulu . What an amazing thing ! But grandfather Vishwawadhani used to say sarcastically , ‘ What blasphemy against Gods ! ‘ He himself is there in this birth in the form of a thorny tree in our courtyard . I , Mother , Elder Brothers , Shree Vidyadhari , Radha , Surekha used to dine in the house of Venkat Subbayya Shreshthhi and in the house of Narsimha Verma with great affection . Grandfather Vishwawadhani never used to like this behavior of ours . “ He used to say angrily , “Boycott those from the Brahmin society who are corrupting , those in the family of Malladi and Ghandikota . “ Today that same Grandfather has emerged in the form of a thorny tree . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II " What is the proof that Shreepad Shree Vallabh is Dattatreya himself ? Doubting in this way , Grandfather Vishwawadhani has taken birth in the form of this thorny tree , "so saying Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ Shreshthhi used to consider my mother – the all beautiful form of Sumati Maharani as his paternal aunt’s daughter . Once he invited her for lunch with honour and gifted her new clothes . He felt his life was fulfilled because of this . Vishwawadhani always used to speak very sharply with Narsimha Verma grandfather . Since he had not properly done the final rites of his grandfather after his death and since the load of his sins had become great , he had got the birth of a tree full of thorns . Seeing that tree full of thorns and knowing the earlier account , Shreepad Prabhu took pity on him . Sprinkling some water on that tree , he came out of the courtyard . I was overwhelmed with joy , seeing the beautiful mind captivating form of Shreepad and tears of joy started flowing from my eyes . I kept my head very humbly on the Divine Lotus Feet of Shreepad Prabhu . Shreepad caressed me with great love and said , “ Hey Guru Charana ! Rise ! What is this madness ! You have come to me after taking a re- birth . “ Recognizing that I am a cloth merchant , Bapannacharyulu said , “ Do you have clothes for our beloved ? “ I took out clothes that would suit Shreepad . Shreepad Prabhu took Guru Charan inside and said , “ Now see the fun I am going to show you . “

Bapannacharyulu was also with them . Shreepad Prabhu took everyone to that thorny tree and said , “ O Vishwanna Grandfather ! Since your son did the Shraddha worship without faith and since you unnecessarily criticized a Great Man like Bapannacharyulu , you got this birth of a thorny tree . This Guru Charan is your son of previous birth . I will get your final rites done with faith through him . You have the permission for this , don’t you ? “ Listening to these words of Prabhu , we all were surprised . The soul of the dead Vishwa Awadhani covering that thorny tree said , “ What could be more fortunate than this ? " Shreepad asked Guru Charan to uproot that thorny tree and asked him to cremate it . As per the words of Shreepad Prabhu , Guru Charan uprooted that thorny tree , cremated it and then took bath . After bath , Prabhu asked him to smear sacred ash. At that time , Shreepad said , “ Lord Shiva smears the sacred ash which is the sacred ash that remains after burning the bodies of Great Yogis , Great Ascetics , Great Devotees , Great Accomplished men after their deaths . In the brilliant halo of Shiva Prabhu , these great souls rest in union with it . If animals like monkey , snake , cow are killed by us by mistake , you should do their final rites without fail . They should be cremated with faith and the people should be fed . There is no need of any ritual that needs to be performed with the help of Mantras . Due to our previous association , if any being is killed by us by mistake , it should be cremated with faith . By doing so , evil deeds are destroyed . And those animals get a good state.

In the ancient ages , there was a great sage called ‘ Gautam ‘ . His wife Ahilya was a great lady devoted to her husband . He had performed a sacrifice with tens of millions of lotuses for world peace . The Great Sage Gautam used to cultivate crops of food grains in front of his house by the power of his penances . Human being cannot live life without food . The Maharshi also used to cultivate cattle wealth . Similarly , he also used to create items like cow – nectar . Shreepad Prabhu further said , “If sacrifices are not performed , life which goes on with the co – operation between the controller of the universe , Gods and Human beings becomes worthless and Dharma reduces . To remove the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Maya ( illusory energy ) , to remove the sin of killing a cow , the river Godavari emerged with the assistance of Sage Gautam . Due to the great work done by him , the entire humanity is very much indebted to him .

Vishwa Awdhani was from the Gautam Gotra itself , but his relation with this Gotra was limited only up to taking birth ( in it ). In the Treta Yug , the Great sage Gautam had a great role in performing the ‘ Savitri Katthak ‘ sacrifice in the sacred place of Peethhikapur . By the good fortune of Vishwa Awadhani only , Vishwa Awadhani got birth in Peethhikapur and he obtained my Darshan , which is very rare . Although he was not eligible , he got a good path by my love , compassion . This good direction was obtained by the grace of Shree Dattatreya Prabhu himself . If there is no previous association , even a dog does not come near you . If somebody comes to us for assistance , we should help as much as we can . If it is not possible to help , we should express helplessness with a sweet voice . But we should not become cruel . If you act cruelly , I , who resides in every being in the form of consciousness , will behave with you in the same way . People will behave with you in the same way as you behave with them . I am the only basic reason of Truth in this entire Universe . I am the Greatest Ultimate Truth of all Truths . Even in the Vedas , it is said that the Ultimate Truth of Knowledge is Divinity . “ Hearing to these words of Shreepad Prabhu , tears of joy began to flow from Bapannacharyulu’s eyes . Shreepad wiped them with great affection by his tiny baby hands . And he said, “ Grandfather ! You are always in my mind . Your life is very blessed . I am going to take exactly the same form as yours in the Narsimha Saraswati incarnation . This is the Absolute Truth . “

While speaking , Shreepad had taken his grandfather’s hand in his own hands . At this time , Bapannacharyulu said , “ Shreepada ! There is a doubt in my mind from many days . Should I ask it ? “ At that same time , smiling , Shreepad said , “ What doubt you have with me ? How will I ,a ten year old child , solve your doubt ? I will try and see . “ On this Bapannacharyulu started to ask the question . He said , “ The doers of Creation , Sustenance and Destruction are Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh , aren’t they ? “ Shreepad said , “ Yes . Doubtlessly so . “ “ Saraswati , Laxmi and Parvati are in their female energy forms ,aren’t they ? “ Shreepad nodded in agreement . “ There is an original great power which creates this Trinity and their three energies , isn’t it ? “ Shreepad said , “ Yes “ . On this Bapannacharyulu said , “ Now who are you in front of them ? Who is this Vasavi Kanya which you keep refering to my brethren ? What is the scientific support that you are brothers and sisters ?”

Shreepad is the form of all Gods – Shreepad Prabhu is the root of all Gods

Listening to the many questions one after the other , Shreepad smiled happily and said , “ Grandfather , just now , in front of you , I delivered the thorny tree . Is there any scientific proof required for the acts done by me ? There is no need for such analysis for this . I am a Yogi and am present in all the Yoga processes . Therefore , I get involved in any role . The creation is my illusory energy only . We consider that only as nature . There is only one divine consciousness which fills the entire creation . It is dependent on the result in different states and situations . This series of results is


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II supported by time . Since knowledge about time gets obtained , the series of results are experienced . The time can be measured by the motion of Sun , Moon ,Stars , Planets of the sky .

The Maharshi Atri had the knowledge of all three times – Past , Present and Future and of all the three states . Mother Anasuya became known as one of the Greatest Pativrata ( lady devoted to her husband ) in this creation .” Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ I experience the Creation , Sustenance and destruction , similarly , the three types of bodies namely Gross , Subtle and Reason ( Kaaran ) and the Past , present and the future in only one tense . Therefore , for me it is always present tense . All events that have already occurred , which are occurring and which are going to occur in the future are experienced by me only in the present . In this state , the Trinity , their three powers being held by me is no surprise . The Trinity , their three energies were in the form of the Adi Parashakti ( The Original Great Power ) before the creation of nature . This is true . I and the Adi Parashakti (The original great Power) are not different . A Maha Sankalp ( The Great Will ) in the form of the Adi Parashakti , resides in the mother’s womb of the entire nature , since one of these is in the form of a minute fraction . That itself is the form of the Divine Brahmayoni . From this itself , arose the Trinity and the three powers . Whether it is the wish to create the Adi Para Shakti or the wish to create the nature , I am the only power that explains how it is possible . Therefore I am only the form of the Great Will ( Maha Sankalp ) . The Adi Para Shakti emerged for the accomplishment of that Great Will ( Maha Sankalp ) only . Similarly , the Trinity manifested itself . That Great Will ( Maha Sankalp ) itself is the form of the Great Guru .

This is a very mysterious subject . If any wish unites with the Mahasankalp , it is fulfilled immediately . Making of the wish and its fulfillment occur simultaneously . I am the only original power that binds all energies . The relations between mother – child , Father – Son , Husband – wife , brother – sisters are compulsory in nature . In order to give ideal form to these relations , Gods and Goddesses incarnate on this earth . Living being means energy of Maya ( illusion ) . I am the great energy beyond the illusory energy ( Maya ) . Great energy or Illusory energy bears fruit due to Yoga Power only . The Maha Shakti ( Great Energy ) which is known as Vasavi Kanyaka in the female form , is the same great energy that has incarnated in the male form in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . The emergence of both these energies is also in accordance to the Great Will ( Maha Sankalp ) . If the Adi Para Shakti or the Original Datta form is worshipped , the Trinity and the three energies become manifested internally . These Divine relations and their principles are experienced in those states only by those beings who have done great spiritual practice .

Removal of sins of the spiritual practitioner who worships Shreepad Prabhu

“ It is worthless to teach Sanskrit grammar to a deer . If you desire to learn Sanskrit and get liberation from that lesser birth , you should learn Grammar from a person who gets the authority due to this human birth . Since I am related to every living being internally , I accept the impureness and the sins of theirs . I release the living being from the results of these impureness by burning it , due to the chanting , bathing , the Sandhya prayer etc . done daily ( by the living being ) . Actually , there is no need to worship me . I attract the sinful acts of my devotees who worship me . If


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II devotees worship their family deities , it is the gross worship of my form . I dedicate the great fruit obtained by doing that worship to devotees . If you do not act , it is impossible to get the fruit . Therefore , I do Karmas of great sacredness and penances . Since I am infinite consciousness , I immediately give the fruit of excellent Karmas to spiritual practitioners what they deserve . My form is of the Original Guru . Sons have the right over parents , their wealth , property . Similarly , the disciples inherit the power of penances of their Guru . Lord Krishna has also said in the Geeta that human being has to necessarily do deeds .”

There is no end to my practice of penance

“ I am also an easily obtainable God like Shree Dattatreya . Other Gods give blessings being pleased with the penances performed by their devotees . Shree Dattatreya , who is in the form of a Guru removes the evil powers and obstacles in the way of obtaining blessings of his disciples , by the power of his penances . He is Great compassion personified who graces ( his devotees ) . Grandfather , I am called the God who becomes pleased just by remembering . I am the form of the Guru which is the origin of everybody . This incarnation has no end because this is the form of the Great Guru Principle which has incarnated with Great Compassion . I instantly respond to the cries of my devotees . I always eagerly await when my devotees will call me . For one step of Saadhaks ( spiritual practitioners ) towards me , I take a hundred steps towards them . Like our eyelids which protect our eyes , I take care of my devotees and protect them from their troubles , obstacles . This is my natural tendency . “ After these sentences of Shreepad Prabhu , I asked a question to him , “ O Great Guru ! I have heard from many people about Somalata and Soma Yag . Kindly tell about that in details . “ On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ It is said that Somalata is a Sanjiwani ( which can make the dead alive ) herb . Do you want to see it ? “ I nodded in agreement . Instantly , the Sanjiwani creeper appeared in Shreepad Prabhu’s hands . He gave it to me with great honour . I have kept his Divine Prasad in my home worship altar .

Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ This Sanjiwani herb is found in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas , near Manas Sarowar in Kashmir , near the source of the river Indus , On the Shree Shailya mountain where there is permanent residence of Mallikarjun Prabhu , in the mountain ranges of Sahyadri , Mahendra , Deogiri , Vindhyas and the region of the Badari forest . Laxman’s unconsciousness was removed by the by the influence of this herb only . By the consumption of this herb , many incurable diseases are cured . By applying a paste of this herb , you feel like you have accomplished the art of moving in the air . By consuming , the bones become strong , eyesight improves, hearing power increases , it is by the influence of this herb only that fear of fire , fear of water and fear of poison is removed . Due to this herb , the eight Siddhis are accomplished . On the Sanjiwani tree , a leaf appears daily from the first day of the Full Moon fortnight ( Shukla Paksha ) and by the full Moon day , fifteen leaves appear . As the new moon fortnight starts , every day a leaf falls and by the New Moon day , the tree dries up . If a branch of this dried tree is soaked in water in the night , light is radiated from it . The Sahyadri mountain ranges protect the Sanjiwani herb called ‘Krura Mrug ‘ near the mountain of Bheema Shankar. Even on the new moon night , because of the glow of the Divine radiance from it , the Sanjiwani herb is easily found . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ Hey Guru Charana ! In this way there are twenty four types of medicinal herbs . All those are very sacred . The powers of Gods take their shelter . These herbs should be picked with great humility chanting the sacred Veda Mantras . Following are those twenty – four medicinal herbs : 1. Soma 2. Maha Soma 3. Chandra 4. Anshuman 5.Manjuwan 6. Rajeet Prabhu 7. Durwa 8. Kaniyan 9. Shwetan 10. Kanaka Prabha 11. Pratan Wan 12. Lale Writta 13. Kardeer 14. Anshawan 15. Swayam Prabha 16. Rudraksh 17. Gayatri 18. Eshtam 19. Pawat 20. Jagat 21. Shakar 22. Anishtam 23. Raikta 24. Tripad Gayatri

Taking leave of Shreepad , I started from Peethhikapur . I described this account to Shankar Bhatt . The mental voyage of the Great Guru was over and we were ordered to come for his Darshan . I was blessed with the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . I got the Prasad of fruits by his Divine hands . Shreepad Prabhu said to me , “ You go to the Manchal village crossing the river Krishna . The village deity of that village will bless you . Taking her blessings , you again come to Kurugaddi . Remember that I will always look after you , whether you are close to me or far away from me . “ In future , this Manchal village will be world renowned . This village will be known by the life and Samadhi of A great person . The Leelas of this Mahapurush will be great . Peethhikapur is one from the gross point of view and different if seen from the subtle view . That same Golden Peethhikapur surrounds me and is established in a brilliant aura . The consciousness of a person from any Yoga , any country , any time period , is established in the Golden Peethhikapur by my glance on him . This subject can be understood by those devotees who have the Yoga vision . All devotees who obtain a position for their life force from Golden Peethhikapur are blessed . I protect them for many lives . Shankar Bhatta , who is like a father figure , after many hundreds of years , a Great Sansthan will be established in my courtyard . It will be at my grandparents’ house where I was born , beneath the shadows of an Audumbar tree . My next incarnation will be by the name of Narsimha Saraswati . The idol of this Awatara will also be established in this Maha Sansthan . “ Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ See , I am giving you a Divine vision .” Saying so , he fixed his eyesight on the point between the eyebrows of Guru Charan and mine . We were blessed by beholding that beautiful sight . His wish is unchangeable . His Leelas ( Acts ) are Great . As we started to go further , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ A devotee who has a part of the sage Vasishthha will come as a priest in my Sansthan . “

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 21 II

Arrival of Shree Dandi Swami at Kukkuteshwar ; It is necessary that the thoughts and location of a spiritual practitioner ( Saadhak ) be purified

According to the orders of the Maha Guru , I started with Guru Charan for the Darshan of the village of Manchala . While going on the way , I was remembering the Divine Leelas of Shreepad Prabhu every now and then . I understood many subjects relating to spirituality from Guru Charan . I said to Shree Guru Charan , “ Shreepad Prabhu said that a person having a part of Vishwa Awadhani has come as a priest in my Sansthan . This person is greatly fortunate . Who is he ? When will he come ? “ On this Guru Charan said to me , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! Shreepad Prabhu had said that a Maha Sansthan will be created at his birthplace after many centuries . Prabhu had willed that a Great Sage will come to that Maha Sansthan . As per that will , that Great Sage will definitely come here . The land and atmosphere here , has become very pure because of long meditations , spiritual practices , sacred chanting of Mantras and worships done with faith . The emotions from all the ten directions of the Universal space are expressed here . Devotees with sacred emotions absorb the sacred vibrations from there . Impure devotees experience impure vibrations . At some places , the waves of emotions in the atmosphere , become strongly filled with energy ; and without any effort , touching the mental consciousness of Maha Purushas ( Great Men ) , are attracted to that particular place by extraordinary methods . There is nothing to be surprised about this .

Therefore spiritual practitioners ( Saadhaks ) can stay there since that location is sanctified . However , this is possible only for those spiritual practitioners ( Saadhaks ) whose minds have become sanctified . We should have the company of such spiritual practitioners ( Saadhaks ) only . We should accept food or money from the spiritual practitioner ( Saadhak )whose wealth and food are pure . Even the so – called Great Scholars of the Vedas , evolved Brahmins cannot obtain the kind of kind glances of Shreepad Prabhu , that are easily obtained to the little – knowing but flawless devotee . I had gone to the Paundra ( Orissa ) country in the region of Jagannath Puri for trade . There I saw Shreepad Prabhu in the idol of Shree Jagannath . Shreepad Prabhu gave Darshan to the three – four devotees who had come along with me in the forms of their desired Gods and instantly gave Darshan in his own form . He quietly instructed that he himself is in the form of Gods and Goddesses .

Destruction of Dandi Swami’s pride

“ On the same day that we had gone to Jagannath Puri , a Dandi Swami had come with his One Hundred and Eight disciples . It was our practice to greet any great soul by touching our head to his feet . We greeted Dandi Swami by keeping our head on his feet . And what surprise ! Instantly , Dandi Swami lost his speech . He could not speak


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II anything . We all prayed humbly at Shreepad Prabhu’s feet that Dandi Swami should get back his power of speech again . As a result of that prayer , the power of speech of that Swami , that was lost , returned again . The disciples of Dandi Swami , seeing the disciples of Shreepad said with cruel logic , “ Shreepad is a minor Mantrik . His disciples are also minor Mantriks only . They used their petty powers to take away the speech of our Dandi Swami . But since our Swami is powerful , he again got back his speech and he recovered . Our Guru Shree Dandi Swami will bring forth the real nature of Shreepad in front of people . There is no doubt that he will go to Peethhikapur and will defeat Shreepad in a debate on the Shastras and get a victory trophy ( letter ) . " The residents of Peethhikapur had organized a Great Chariot for welcoming Shree Dandi Swami . We became answerless hearing that .

When a devotee surrenders single – mindedly to Shreepad Prabhu , then he protects his devotees by his Divine Acts from their troubles . The wonder is , that it is Shreepad Prabhu who creates problems and it is Shreepad Prabhu , who himself solves them too . Performing many such Divine Acts ( Leelas ) , Shreepad Prabhu made all Datta devotees experience ( his Divinity ) .After some days , Dandi Swami entered the sacred place of Peethhikapur . By my good fortune , I ( Shankar Bhatt ) had also come to Peethhikapur . There was no dearth of people opposing Shree Bapannaryulu , Shree Appal Raju and Shreepad Prabhu in the village of Peethhikapur . Shree Dandi Swami went to the Kukkuteshwar temple and took the Darshan of all Gods and Goddesses . Also taking the Darshan of the Swayambhu Datattreya , he said , “ The Greatness of the Swayambhu Dattatreya here is for all times . “ Saying so , he further said that his incarnation was for removing the pride of Shreepad Prabhu . “ From that day , he started creating articles like Kum Kum , sacred ash by his will – power and started giving them to his disciples . The Brahmins of Peethhikapur welcomed Dandi Swami with the chanting of Vedas and took him to the Kukkuteshwar temple . They proclaimed the arrival of Dandi Swami in the village . Shreepad Prabhu , who himself is an incarnation of Datta , greeted Dandi Swami by fully prostrating before him acknowledging his penance . Shree Bapannacharyulu saw Dandi Swami and surrendered to him . Shree Appal Raju Sharma took the Darshan of Dandi Swami and offered him an idol of black stone which was being worshipped traditionally . Under the Presidency of Venkatappa Shreshthhi , a conference of the Arya Vaishya committee was held . A vote was passed unanimously in this conference that in no circumstances , Shreepad Prabhu , Appal Raj Sharma and Bapannacharyulu will co – operate with the wrong acts of Shree Dandi Swami . The same vote was accepted in the Kshatriya conference held under the President ship of Narsimha Verma .

Shreepad Prabhu was resting below the Audumbar tree which was in the courtyard of the house of his maternal grandparents . Seeing Shreepad Prabhu spreading the aura of his Divine Glow , Shreshthhi was overwhelmed with emotion and a few tears flew from his eyes . The trio of Bapannaryulu , Shree Appal Raj Sharma and Shreshthhi sat very near to Shreepad observing his Lotus Face . Shreepad Prabhu who appeared like Shrikrishna was hungry . His grandmother Rajmamba brought curd – rice in a silver vessel for Shreepad Prabhu to eat . Shreepad Prabhu ate it with great relish . After eating that rice , Shreepad told his grandfather to loudly chant the Vedas .Bapannaryulu started loudly chanting the Vedas . Shree Appal Raju Sharma and Shreepad Prabhu himself , too , were loudly


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II chanting the Vedas along with him . Narsimha Verma and Shreshthhi , both , too started singing the Vedas in a melodius voice , with great joy . Due to this Veda chanting , the atmosphere there became sacred like a hermitage of sages . At that same time ,a wonder took place in the temple of Kukkuteshwar . Grains of rice were visible near the mouth of Swayambhu Dattatreya . The priest wiped those two or three times, but still they continued to appear there again . In this way , this was a great Divine Leela of Shreepad Prabhu .Dandi Swami , along with his disciples , started going out of Peethhikapur loudly chanting the Vedas . They all were walking one behind the other .

They started feeling that the land there was expanding . They walked for a long time , but they were there only , from the place they had started . In this way , lot of time passed in this strange activity . Everybody was surprised to see this . At that time , the pole ( Danda ) in the hands of the Dandi Swami broke into two pieces . However , Dandi Swami felt that his body only had been split into two pieces . The Brahmins of Peethhikapur felt that this event was frightening .Shree Dandi Swami had by now realized from the experiences he got so far , that Shreepad Shree Vallabh is many times more powerful than him . He became sure that if he opposed ( Shreepad ) , it will have terrible effects . In these circumstances , he started to worry how to return to his village .

Destruction of attachment itself means Moksha ( Liberation )

A person named Abbanna lived in Peethhikapur . He used to earn a living by catching snakes and by displaying them . Once he came to Bapannacharyulu’s house . At that time , Shreepad asked to stop the loud chanting of the Vedas for a while . He fed Abbanna till he was contented . After that , calling him , he said, “ Go to the temple of Shree Kukkuteshwar by taking a vessel of water from here . There are great sinners in the Kukkuteshwar temple who unnecessarily criticized an incarnation of Datta Prabhu when he was moving around with his two feet and two reasons . Chitragupta has made a prediction that they will obtain the birth of ghosts after their deaths . I have found out a remedy by discussing with Chitragupta of how to remove their sins . Mother Earth has also insisted on this . You go there and give my message to Mother Earth to remain calm . Devotees eager to have the Darshan of Shreepad will have to seek your permission . You sprinkle this water on them . According to my earlier orders , you go to Madiga Subbayya’s house and give the great Prasad of curd – rice to everybody . Abbayya ,Subbayya etc. are gone there only . They will bring all to Bapannacharyulu ‘s house . “ Shreepad Prabhu further said fiercely , “ O Dandi Swami ! Despite being a great sage , you showed so much pride ! Whom you worship in the form of Datta , he has incarnated taking the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh for devotees . You are a great idiot who cannot recognize him . Your disciples are also idiots like you . Your new disciples of Peethhapur are ignorant . What can you do to me ? What is your existence in front of the one and only rule that governs the entire creation ? How much is your strength ? Chitragupta has decided that since you have done great sins like criticizing God , you will have to stay in the ghost form for many hundreds of years . I am cancelling that order due to my compassion . After getting the human birth , you all will be spending your life in inferior forms . This is the punishment determined . I am absolving your sins with a very minor punishment .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II The Shreepad Shree Vallabh form is like great Fire . If you play with fire , great sin will take place .Realising me or my Illusory energy ( Maya ) in the non – dual state , you keep thinking what Moksha ( Liberation ) is ? Actually reduction of attachments itself is Moksha ( Liberation ) . I myself bless the Living being depending upon his merit , who experiences joy in the form of Divine Bliss . I immediately give that state to the living being who desires to stay in my earlier form of ‘ Diwyanand Parwashya ‘ , the timeless state of Bliss . According to me , I see no distinction between Nirakar , Nirgun , Saakaar , Sagun , Liberation and Bondage . At every instant , I am busy in the creation , sustenance and destruction of countless new worlds .There is no quantity or limit to the developed state of beings or the level of Divine Bliss that they can experience . Spiritual practitioners ( Saadhaks ) who desire to unite with my form after death may definitely come to me . I will decide as per my will , how many hundreds of years they should stay in that state , in which world they should take birth again . I am in front of you in the form of a shape , the one who is the director of the Universal Drama . Now you are seeing me in the form of a shape . Even in the Nirgun ( Devoid of qualities ) Nirakar ( Shapeless ) state , I will always look towards you . I have taken this form of a shape , to tell this to you . I have come down from that great Developed state for you . The Yoga Powers of Great Yogis have to be utilized for the good and for the protection of people . World means not only this earth . It is human duty to assist beings who are in a helpless state in an inferior ( lesser ) situation than us . I have incarnated to teach the path of Dharma , the path of Yoga , the path of Karma , the path of devotion and the path of knowledge . I am the one truth that is the base of all religions , I am the religion that is the root of all religions and I am the one reason that is the reason of all reasons .

Nothing happens in this creation without my will. There is nothing in this creation that does not have me . This creation is there , you are there , only because I am there . What different truth other than this should I explain to you ? You go to the Himalaya mountains and do penances by becoming devoid of all attachments . You do not require an organization of disciples . If you get Liberation or get delivered , I or the creation will not lose anything . All transactions in the creation will continue to be done and completed as required . It is important for you to realize this . If you take your disciples from Peethhapur with you , it will be like donkey’s music in camel’s marriage . It will be like the donkey praising camel’s beauty and the camel praising the sweetness of the camel’s singing . Even if each other build big bridges in each others’ praise , the real situation is different only and it does not change . “

Relationship between Arundhati and Vasishthha

On this , I said, “ O Guru Charan ! I have heard that Mother Arundhati was born in the Chandal clan . How she got married to the Sage Vasishthha ? “ On this Guru Charan said that earlier Vasishthha had performed penances for One


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Thousand Years . At that time , a maiden named ‘ Akshamala ‘ from the Chandal clan had served him very well . Pleased with her services , the sage asked her to ask for a boon . On this the maiden said , “ I wish that the sage Vasishthha should become my husband . “ On this , the sage Vasishthha said , “ Akshamale ! You are a maiden from the Chandal clan . I am a good – charactered Brahmin . How will I be able to accept you as my wife ? “ On this statement , Akshamala said , “ You only inspired me earlier to ask for a boon and now after asking the desired boon , why are you turning back ? “ Afraid that his words would not become true , the sage Vasishthha said , “ Will you permit your body to be made as per my wish ? “ Akshamala agreed . The sage Vasishthha burnt her down to ashes and made her alive again . He did so seven times . In her seventh birth , all the flaws in her being from the Chandal clan were destroyed and she became a very pure lady .

Then sage Vasishthha married her . Since she had not opposed the purification process done by the sage Vasishthha , she was named Arundhati . And she became known by that name only . This story was narrated to Narsimha Verma of the Vasishthha Gotra by Shreepad Prabhu . A person , even if born in a lesser caste , if he does the deeds of a Brahmin , reaches the position of a Brahmin in the seventh birth after his Upanayan ceremony and is accepted in the Brahmin Varna . In those times , the division in the four Varnas in society used to be according to Deeds . This was a system beneficial for the society . But after some time , this division did not remain based on Deeds , but became based upon birth . In the earlier times , if one born in the Brahmin Varna performed trade rather than performing the allotted deeds of a Brahmin , he was suitable for the Varna of Vaishya .

Similarly , if a Kshatriya was of a very good nature and was more interested in the Karmas of a Brahmin , he would be able to be fit to be a Brahmin . Shree Datta Prabhu kept the Saadhaks ( spiritual practitioners ) believing in him in a higher state and made them disciples as per their eligibility . Shree Datta Prabhu used to give the life , health , prosperity necessary for a happy life to his devotees born in any clan or in any circumstance . It was natural for Shree Datta Prabhu to break the shackles of Karmas of many births and keep them in a higher state .

Abhaydaan ( Boon of being fearless) by Swami to devotees of Datta

We reached the village of Manchala to specially understand the greatness of Shreepad Prabhu . The village Goddess of Manchala blessed us by giving her Darshan . She gave us Prasad by her Divine hands . That village Goddess said , “ Shree Datattreya himself , who had instructed Prahlad in earlier times , has incarnated on the earth in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . The wish of Shreepad Prabhu cannot be comprehended . In the coming centuries , the sovereign Guru of Prahlad will incarnate . That region will be called ‘Mantralayam ‘ . This was told to me by Shreepad Prabhu himself . May all Good and auspicious come to you . “ So saying , she came to her original form . While we were starting from there , a trader named Krishnadas came there . The village Goddess of Manchal gave him Prasad too and gave him a garland of flowers .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II The three of us ( Guru Charan , Krishnadas and Shankar Bhatt) started going towards Kurugaddi . The race of all Datta devotees is one and the same only . They accept the Prasad of Datta with great love even if it is offered by a devotee of another race . We were even more invigorated as Krishnadas had joined us in our journey . During discussions , Krishnadas said that according to one subject , the Dakshina that is given for Karmas like sacrifices should be sixteen , One Hundred and Sixteen , One Thousand One Hundred and Sixteen etc. This number is like 2498 as told by Shreepad Prabhu . Just like the world is created from the Parmatma , sons are created from the father . The bridegroom used to pray to the Fire God of the sacrifice during marriage , “ O Fire God ! I may obtain ten sons from this bride . “ It is said by the Shastras that after obtaining ten sons – daughters , he should look upon his wife as a mother .

Krishnadas further said , “ The word ‘ Purna ( Complete ) ‘ indicates Nirakar ( shapeless ness ) .Therefore it is considered as a form of Rudra . After this entire Universe is destroyed , what remains is zero only . Everybody is dissolved in that Great Zero itself . The form of Vishnu is the infinite Principle of Dharma . For the sustenance of the creation , the Ananta ( Infinite ) principle is required .”

Shreepad Prabhu is complete in the Sixteen Arts

Guru Charan said , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! If anything is split into countless parts , each part is like a zero only . Such countless zeroes , if they come together , they get a limited shape . Due to this reason ,Shiva and Keshava are not different . The nature in the form of Five Elements is the form of Vishnu only . Shree Vishnu said to Veer Bhadra , who destroyed the sacrifice of Daksha , “ Mother Parwati , Mother Durga who fights demons and Mother Kalika in the angry form are all my forms only due to the reason of Adi Shakti and God . This is the only intention of referring Shreepad Prabhu as complete with the sixteen arts . Shreepad Prabhu left Peethhikapur when he was of sixteen years of age only . Since he himself is the form of Brahma , Vishnu and Rudra , he is considered complete in the sixteen arts .

It is the result of the Savitri Kathhak sacrifice only that the incarnation of Shreepad Prabhu has taken place

The Divine Brilliance which is at the centre of all universe and which inspires the intelligence of all people itself is Mother Gayatri . She has twenty – four symbols . The number Nine ( 9 ) represents the form of Divinity . The number Eight ( 8 ) symbolizes the great form . The sage Bharadwaj had organized the Savitri Kathhak sacrifice at the sacred place of Peethhikapur . As predicted by the sages at that time , today the incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh has taken place at Peethhikapur . He is in the form of Shakti and is Ardha Nari Nateshwar . He increases the intelligence and ( Good ) tendencies of his spiritual practitioners ( Saadhaks ) by his form and inspires to lead a life of Dharma . This is the specialty of this Great Incarnation of his . The grammar of the sentences of his teachings and his Divine deeds is difficult to grasp . Since he is the creator of this new grammar , only he can understand it . I ( Shankar Bhatt )


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II , got the knowledge of many subjects from Krishnadas . I came to know many new things in this .Learned but proud practitioners would never get the benefit of the kind glances of Shreepad Prabhu .

Krishnadas said , “ Shreepad Prabhu encompasses everything from an ant to the Lord Brahma . Once Shreepad Shree Vallabh and Narsimha Verma were taking rest in Verma’s farm . At that time , two cobras came there. Shreepad Prabhu killed them with great skill and threw them away .Narsimha Verma was fast asleep . Red ants of very big size came very near him . He had never seen those such large ants before . Shreepad Prabhu killed all those ants lest they would disturb his sleep by biting . A small heap of the dead ants was created in front . Just after a while , Narsimha Verma woke up . He felt pity seeing those dead ants . At that time , Shreepad Prabhu said smiling , “ The king has to protect his servants . This is the law of nature . There is a wonderful magician who creates these wonderful ants . “ Suddenly , a white ant bigger in shape than the other ants and of a greater glow came there . She was the queen ant of those ants . She went around the dead ants once and wonder was that the dead ants became alive once again and went away . Shreepad Prabhu smiled mildly and said , “ Since this queen of ants has the Sanjiwani Power , she protected all the ants . Many such inspiring things are there in this creation . “ He further said to Verma , “ If you desire , I can show you many miracles every instant . “ Suddenly , Narsimha Verma’s attention was drawn to the two snakes lying dead . Seeing them , he was surprised . He realized that this also is a miracle of Shreepad Prabhu only .Shreepad Prabhu caressed one cobra and touched his Divine foot to the other . Both these cobras became alive and going around Shreepad Prabhu once , went away .

‘Why those cobras had come there ? Why did Shreepad Prabhu behave in this fashion with them ? ‘ When asked about this , he said , “ Since there is no support of the planet Rahu , beings have to face many troubles . And they experience bondage . Some people refer this itself as the ‘ Kaal Sarpa Yoga ‘ . Rahu is the original God of all Gods . Nobody knows how to remove the trouble that arises in this way . But I remove the faults of all of them and arrange that they get happiness and joys . “

We reached Kurugaddi safely . We took the auspicious Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . He blessed us happily .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

II Adhyay 22 II

Account of Guru Datta Bhatt

Shreepad Prabhu – The only one to give auspicious fruit according to the horoscope to the devotee

Guru Charan, Krishnadas and I (Shankar Bhatt) were enjoying in singular joy in front of Shreepad Prabhu . An astrologer named Guru Datta had come for the Darshan of Shree Gurudeo . Shreepad Prabhu honoured him adequately . He instructed him to sit in a peaceful place and be in the company of good men . Our conversation turned to astrology . I said to Guru Datta , “ My Lord ! Is the result as told by astrology really true ? Can the result be changed ? Are the Karmas in human life predetermined ? “ On this Shree Guru Datta Bhatt said , “ The ‘ Bha ‘ circle is the orbit of the Nakshatras . It begins with the Ashwini Nakshatra . To point the location of the Nakshatra is Chaitra Paksha . And there is another method called ‘ Raiwat Paksha ‘ . It is not accepted because it is at a location eight units lesser than the location of the Rewati Nakshatra . It is difficult to recognize the cluster of the Ashwini Nakshatra . But Chitra Nakshatra which is at an angle of 180 deg. has only one cluster that is lighted and split ; by adding six ( 6 ) zodiacs to it , it becomes Ashwini and is accepted as ‘ Chaitra Paksha ‘ . Ashwini Nakshatra is clarified as having three circular clusters ‘ Turag Mukhashwini Shrenee ‘ . There is a special reason for Shreepad Shree Vallabh to take birth on the Chitra Nakshatra . Ashwini Nakshatra having three circular clusters together is his form . That itself is the beginning of the ‘ Bha ‘ Chakra . That itself is his Dattatreya form .

His first incarnation in the Kaliyug is Shreepad Shree Vallabh . This Chitra Nakshatra which is in a straight line at an angle of 180 deg. from the Ashwini Nakshatra is his birth Nakshatra . Any Nakshatra or planet which is at a distance of 180 deg. does the job of concentrating energy . Human being is born by the combination of planets as per the mathematics of his destiny determined by his previous births . Planets do not love or hate human beings . Those specific beings get the desirable or undesirable fruits depending upon the time and location which are affected by the different rays , different vibrations generated by that planet . In order to go away from the undesirable results , we have to clear away those rays and vibrations . We can achieve this with the help of 1. Mantras and Tantras 2. Meditation and 3. Prayers , similarly , by the 4. Power of Yoga . If the Deeds of previous birth are very powerful , the above methods cannot do anything . In this situation , Shreepad Prabhu alone can change our line of fortune . In this manner , in order to get our line of fortune changed , some good deed by us towards others is necessary to happen .

In normal circumstances , this is difficult to accomplish . Shreepad Prabhu does not unnecessarily interfere in the nature’s activities or in the activities of the Karma Devata ( God of Deeds ) . The intensity of devotees move Shreepad and inspires him to tell the right remedy .By the great influence of the Love , Compassion arising from Shreepad’s


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II heart , the power of the Karma Devata ( God of deeds ) diminishes . The form of Karmas is inert in nature . Shreepad Prabhu is in the form of consciousness . By appearing at the appropriate time , he shows the strength of his Conscious energy . This is his very natural tendency .

I ( Guru Datta Bhatt ) , considered myself a great scholar in astrology due to ignorance . Since I had come from the Karnatak region , I could not speak the Telugu language fluently . However , I knew Sanskrit very well .Due to my good fortune only , I got the opportunity to go to Peethhikapur . I had heard many stories from ear to ear about Shreepad Shree Vallabh . My family deity is Shree Dattatreya Prabhu himself . I had come for the Darshan of the Kukkuteshwar temple in Peethhikapur which is the sacred place of Paad Gaya . With a devoted and a heart full of faith , I took the Darshan of the God . When I was sitting in meditation , my inner voice told me clearly , “ O idiot ! Since how many days have passed since you are dead ? You claim to be my devotee and worshipping me , you are keeping your head on my feet . Coming to Paad Gaya , keeping your head on my feet , are you going to fulfill your promise ? Or else are you going to suck my blood by hitting your head on my feet ? “ I started hearing these words every now and then . I had prepared my astrological chart considering that I was a scholar in astrology . According to that chart , on the day I would leave my body , I would be in front of Datta Prabhu at the sacred place of Paad Gaya . I felt my pulse . The pulse had stopped. I felt my heartbeats by placing my hand on my heart . They also were stopped .

I saw my face in the mirror . The life from my face was gone and death had come on it . I smiled and looked in the mirror and my face started looking even more fearsome . What had remained in me to be proud of ? I saw a man possessed by the ghost tendency , who looked terribly dead and was laughing . I saw the subtle body of the priest of the temple of Swayambhu Dattatreya . I saw the subtle afflictions in him in different forms . The ( good ) sense in me which was hidden in some corner prevailed . I realized that my misfortune will not end till I get the Darshan of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . Gods are in the form of Bliss . They are in a high state of Bliss . My state was very sorrowful . My life was very unhappy . When the soul leaves the body , all afflictions of the body end . My soul had yet not left my body ; Shree Guru Dev had given me an indescribable state by filling the body with heartbeats like a living person , but in a caged form .

I realized how I was caught by listening to very petty and sinful people . The idol of Swayambhu Dattatreya in the form of a stone had taken birth in the house of Ghandikota . Where is the pulse , heartbeats in a stone idol ? Shreepad has heartbeats and pulse , doesn’t he ? The Mahalaya Amawasya is a very sacred day of the ancestor Gods . On that day some Awadhoot comes and accepts alms . He himself is Dattatreya is the opinion of the people there . Shreepad Prabhu himself has taken birth as the brother – in – law of Malladi . What surprise ! What is this tragedy ! I was dumbfounded hearing these lowly words . Believing the words of that lowly person , I was distanced from the jewel , Shreepad Prabhu . So I repented from the bottom of my heart . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II I immediately ran to the house of Shreepad Prabhu . Shreepad Prabhu who was ten years of age came in the courtyard . Seeing Guru Datta Bhatt , he said, “ Come here , Idiot ! You pretend to be alive . Human ghost like you who is dead can be delivered only by my kindness . Do you know who am I , who had come on the sacred day of the Mahalaya Amawasya in the form of an Awadhoot for alms , in order that your ancestors , who are suffering pains of hells like Raurava etc .because of the evil deeds done by you , be delivered ? Do you know who Dattatreya is ? I am only that Dattatreya . Hordes of ghosts and demons shiver with fear only by his name . I am that same Dattatreya . I can convert you into a stone , I can starve you and I can even take away your life . Even though you appear to be alive , you are actually dead .

You can pretend to be alive . We will think about it later whether I am Datta or not . First you tell about yourself . Hearing this , my ( Guru Datta Bhatt’s ) courage gave way and I became frightened . At the same time , Sumati Maharani came in the courtyard . She said , “ Krishna , Kanhaiyya ! Who is this terrible dead – looking person ? Come inside , I will remove all ill – influences upon you . “ On this Shreepad said , “ Mother ! He has yet not become terrible . But his next birth will be of ( a person ) carrying away dead bodies . He has come for my Darshan before that birth . Give him the rice remaining in our house to eat . Shreepad Prabhu’s mother brought the rice remaining . Shreepad gave it Guru Bhatt . And asked him to go away soon after eating it . Guru Datta Bhatt took that rice and ate it sitting in the open space in front of the Kukkuteshwar temple .

Immediately after eating it , his miseries were over . He again went for the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . At that time , Shreshthhi had taken Shreepad to his shop . Shreepad Prabhu was counting cash and keeping it in the safe . Shreshthhi himself was measuring rice and jowar and giving it to customers . Then Shreepad asked Shreshthhi , “ Grandfather ! Today is Dashami ( tenth day of the lunar calendar ) . How much Dakshina will you give to father ? “ Then Shreshthhi said , “ There is no distinction between the both of us . You can take whatever you want . You take whatever you want and you give me whatever I want ." It is difficult to describe how wonderful that sight was ! Shreepad Prabhu took a piece of jaggery and put it in his mouth and gave one piece of jaggery as Prasad to Shreshthhi . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Today I have performed the Ganesh worship which I wanted to do . Ganesh has accepted the piece of jaggery as an offering by eating it . If you feel it is untrue , see my mouth , “ saying so , Shreepad opened his mouth and showed it to Shreshthhi . What great form Shreshthhi saw in that mouth , only he knows .He didn’t tell it to anyone . He said to Shreepad , “ Shreepad ! My Golden One ! Take whatever amount of jaggery as offering when Ganesh is hungry , without asking us . At that time , the forever fortunate Venkat Subbamma came there , she took Shreepad Prabhu for bathing .

O Shankar Bhatt ! Listening to the sarcastic words of people , I ( Guru Datta Bhatt ) , was about to fall and was going to go in the misfortunes of terrible births ; but Shreepad saved me from that . If he had just left me , if his kind glance would not have fallen upon me ,I would have fallen . It is because of the feeling of Love that Sadguru has for us , that he completely releases us from the fruit of Karmas of previous births . For this he spends his precious time and energy


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II . The astrological chart of Shreepad Prabhu can be seen from the Sandhra Sindhu Ved . In Shreepad Prabhu’s house , the Sanskrit Language was also used along with the Telugu language . Shreepad Prabhu , Appal Raj Sharma , Bapannacharyulu used to converse in a language spoken in the sacred land of the Himalayas . The language being spoken in the region of Sambala was different from the Sanskrit language . The sweetness , ease of that language was beyond description . This language could be spoken in Peethhikapur only by Shreepad Prabhu , Bapannacharyulu , Appal Raj Sharma .

When a person named Satya Rushishwar was with Bapannacharyulu , Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! Shrikrishna never used to speak truth or lies . He only explained what the duty was . “ On this Bapannacharyulu said , “ Kanhaiyya , always speak the truth only . You should not speak even a little lies . “ Hearing this , Shreepad smiled mildly . On that day , Venkat Subbayya Shreshthhi had come to Bapannacharyulu’s house . He had a wish in his mind that Bapannacharyulu should eat at his house and accept Dakshina . This day should be one in the very sacred fortnight of Mahalaya , because of which his ancestor Gods would be pleased . He was not sure whether Bapannacharyulu would fulfill this wish of his . Therefore , Shreshthhi bowed his head in front of Shreepad and expressed his desire in front of Bapannacharyulu . Bapannacharyulu agreed to go to Shreshthhi ‘s house and have food in the Mahalaya fort night and accept the Dakshina . Due to this permission Shreshthhi’s joy knew no bounds .

Shreepad Prabhu was full of miracles

Bapannacharyulu who had accepted the lunch invitation in the Mahalaya fortnight and Shreshthhi who had given the invitation , both forgot about this . The noon of the Amawasya of the Mahalaya came . Shreshthhi came to Bapannacharyulu’s house . Shreepad smiled mildly and said ,” Grandfather , never give your word . If given , do according to it . It is a great sin to forget your given word . I remind both of you about it . At that time , both Shreshthhi and Bapannacharyulu realized their mistake . Shreepad knew both the arts – of counseling beings and of removing their forgetfulness , extremely well . He was capable in all respects . Alerting both of them , he said , “ I have an intention of giving you this forgetfulness . In every human being , there is a form of consciousness which cries ‘ I ‘ , ‘ I ‘ . A being not only inherits the body from his parents , but also the ‘ I ‘ form of consciousness . This ‘ I ‘ consciousness has some or the other responsibility to be done in the Universal system . Everybody has the traditional bondage from his father , from him to his son . This bondage from Karmas is broken only after the Grihasthashram ( Role of the householder ) is left and the Sannyas Ashram ( renunciation ) is accepted . The word given today will not be limited and end with both of you with this birth , which is in the form of names ( of both of you ) . Since this is converted into the consciousness of ‘ I’ which is in a larger form , in some country , at some time , some person from the Gotra of Bapannacharyulu will have lunch in the Mahalaya fortnight at the house of some person in the Gotra of Shreshthhi and accept Dakshina . Don’t ask me where , how , in which way . Because the nature of Karmas is very unclear . It is in a very subtle form . In some Karmas , the physical time , Yoga time are different . In terms of physical


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II time, the Karma of the Mahalaya fortnight has to be finished only by doing it . If time is not proper , that Karma is postponed .

On this I ( Shankar Bhatt ) said , “ O Guru Datta Bhatt ! What is physical time and Yoga time ? Explain to me in detail . “ The great Shree Guru Datta Bhatt said , “ Physical time , physical country , mental time , mental state , similarly , Yoga time and Yoga country have an age between six to ten years . He ( a sixty year old ) is always in the state of learning like a sixteen year old young boy . His physical time has been decided as sixty years . It is related to the body . His mental time has been decided as sixteen years . If a twenty year old youth has a weight , responsibilities of a sixty year old man , then his physical time is twenty years . It is related to the body . His mental period is sixty years . In this way , it is not a rule that the physical time and the mental time be together in one period only . It can be different . “

Release from the three types of troubles by residing in Kashi or Peethhikapur – Fruit of residing in Kashi – Fruit of residing in Peethhapur

Shreepad Prabhu said , “ I am beyond time . The devotee who desires to reside in Kashi and has an internal longing for it , gets the residence of Kashi . Physically , he may be in any region , but mentally he resides in Kashi only . One who physically stays in Kashi and kills cows , does not get the fruit of residing in Kashi . Like the stork who is in the river Ganges to observe fish , does not get the benefit of bathing in the river Ganges . If a spiritual practitioner is physically living in Peethhikapuram and is also taking the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu , but if his mental time and country is not at Peethhikapur , he cannot become a devotee of Shreepad Prabhu . Only a person rich in spiritual powers can understand Yoga time and Yoga country . Who and when will get the grace of Shreepad Prabhu and where it will be got and in which country , this is a deep mystery which cannot be understood . The Human being has the right only to do his Deeds . “

Body is a sacred place – if there is no mind ( emotion ) in it , he will not get the fruit of living in a sacred place

It is compulsory that happiness is obtained by good deeds and sorrow is obtained by doing evil things . The bondage of earlier lives is chasing us . By the grace of Sadguru , we are released from it . If time is not right , then we cannot avoid the fruit of that deeds even if we are in any country . This is a very difficult subject to understand . There was a servant in Narsimha Verma’s house in Peethhikapur . His name was Shivayya . One day Shreepad Prabhu saw him . Instantly , there was a change in his mental tendencies . He left food and sleep .And started talking incoherently , “ I am responsible for the creation , sustenance and destruction . I am only the original root of the Universe. This nature has been created from me only . It is going to grow due to me only and will dissolve in me only . “ Narsimha Verma took great pity on Shivayya. He requested Shreepad to save Shivayya . Shreepad Prabhu took Shivayya to the crematorium . Narsimha Verma was also with them . Keeping a dried branch of the Audumbar tree in the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II crematorium , it was burnt by the hands of Shivayya . Due to this , Shivayya was released from that strange mental tendency . Narsimha Verma found this very amazing . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Grandfather ,there is nothing to be surprised by this . One scholar in the village of Vayaspur was harassing me . He used to say every now and then that how can the Lord who is the form of the Vedas and this little Shreepad be compared ? It is claimed that he is the reason for creation , sustenance , destruction ; it is claimed that he is the original root ; all this is false . “

In a few days that scholar died and became a Brahma Rakshas because of his deeds . In one birth , this Shivayya owed a little to this scholar . I imagined Yoga time and created Yoga country in the crematorium and by Yoga Karma burning the dried branch , liberated the scholar from the principle of the Brahma Rakshas . I liberated our Shivayya from the clutches of that Brahma Rakshas . “

“ O Shankar Bhatt ! This very brilliant and flame of Dharma , Shreepad Prabhu who incarnated at the sacred place of Peethhikapur came to Kurugaddi and made that place sacred . The results of planetary positions are determined by the wish of Shreepad Prabhu . No physical time and physical rules are determined by any method of astrology . These are determined considering the Yoga time and Yoga country . “

Destined deeds graced by Shreepad can prevent death

By the astrological method imagined by Shreepad , he can get the events of One Thousand years later to occur now . Therefore only he decides the Yoga time . He can get a far away event to occur near him ; hence he can also decide the state of Yoga . He can create organizations in all times and countries . Shreepad can change time , country at will . Once the coconut to be broken for Shreshthhi’s Gods was broken by Shreepad himself . Shreepad said , “ Grandfather , today was the time of your death ; but I prevented it by breaking the coconut into pieces . “

It was time for the evening Sandhya Vandan . Taking leave from Shreepad , leaving Kurugaddi , we started for the spring of Krishna Kathvalli .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II

Adhyay 23

Greatness of Shiva Yogi devotees

Description of the mysteries of Shiva worship

While I was travelling from Krishna – Yuwala Budda to Kuravpur , I met a good householder named Dharma Gupta . He was going for Shreepad ‘s Darshan to Kurugaddi . By coincidence , he , too was a close relative of Venkatappayya Shreshthhi of Peethhikapur . What surprised me was that everybody I met were all devotees of Shreepad Prabhu . They were all giving more information about the Divine character of Prabhu . It was sure that there must be a special intention behind this . When one year of Shreepad Prabhu’s life would have passed , I would have learnt some earlier events than the events occurred in that year . In that , on event would have very little relation with another . Till now , I had known about the Divine Leelas of Shreepad’s life occurred till the age of ten years only . I had learnt about them in a serial manner from them .

I thought in my mind whether I will learn about the Divine Leelas of the eleventh year of Shreepad’s life . Shreepad Prabhu enjoys in Divine Acts every moment . Shree Dharma Gupta said , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! I am a devotee of Shiva . When Shreepad became eleven years old , one day a Shiva Yogi came to his house . He was very learned . He used to take only that much alms that would fit in his palms . He used not to carry vessel ( Kamandalu ) , bag ( Jhola ) or plate with him . He used to appear like a mad man . One day he came close to the Kukkuteshwar temple . The priests in the temple did not allow him in seeing his clothes full of dirt and his strange way of talking . He was an Awadhoot who did not care for his body . He was constantly chanting the file – letter Shiva Mantra , ‘ Om Namaha Shivaya’. I had gone to my brother – in – law Venkatappayya Shreshthhi’s house on a horse . It was my habit to take the Darshan by going to the Kukkuteshwar temple on the way . Since I was the chief of the Vaishyas – the worshippers in the temple performed a big worship in my name . It was my practice to give them a good Dakshina . I gave Five Varahas to those worshippers . They distributed that ( amount ) amongst themselves . The worshippers in the temple told me about their financial condition , their many troubles and they said that good disciples like me are very necessary to protect traditional religion ( Sanatan Dharma ) .

At that moment , the Shiva Yogi who had come outside entered . Along with him two cobras too, entered . Seeing them , the worshippers were very scared . Shiva Yogi said , “ O Worshippers ! Don’t fear . These are the ornaments of Shiva . Like a son who lovingly hugs his father , these cobras are eager to hug Kukkuteshwar who is like their father . They are like our friends . It is a great sin to be afraid seeing our friends or running away . Since the worshippers have performed an especially good worship , these cobras were attracted . We should worship Nag Bhushan


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Kukkuteshwara with even more faith from our heart . Singing the Namak and the Chamak in the Rudradhyay in a melodius voice . Shiva’s Bhajans should be sung in the proper Ragas . The worshippers were seated there only . Amongst the devotees coming to the temple , some were rich , whereas some were ordinary , poor .

The worshippers used to speak with more friendliness to the devotees giving special donations . One of the worshippers named Surya Chandra Shastri from Peethhikapur was a good scholar who performed prayers very well . He had love , devotion for Shreepad Prabhu . He was singing Namak – Chamak in a melodius voice and with Ragas , remembering Shreepad Prabhu . The cobras come there had also liked his singing . They too were expressing their joy by moving their hoods . Surya Chandra Shastri took Shiva Yogi to Bapannaryulu’s house . There he fed him till he was contented and arranged Shreepad Prabhu’s Darshan for him . Shreepad Prabhu gave him Darshan in the form of Shiva Shakti . The Shiva Yogi was so happy by that Divine Darshan , that he went into the state of Samadhi . He was in this state for three days . After that Shreepad fed him with his Divine hands .

Shreepad said ,” Son ! Spend your life as told in the Sanatan Dharma ( traditional religion ) and go beyond the material world . In the Puranas , there is nothing like false or imaginary meaning of subjects . The ordinary meaning in those is different and the deep mysterious meaning in those is something else . The spiritual practitioner ( Saadhak ) who prays , is inspired in his heart about the their internal meanings and the deep mysteries in them . The creator of beings sees the symbol of Parmatma in the Sun and the symbol of mind in the moon . People of brilliant conscious mind form feel that the nature’s activities do not go on without the moon . Amawasya ( New Moon ) symbolizes the Illusory energy ( Maya ) . This Maya in previous times was born in the name of Vasugula . The shape , when it enters the round of the moon , dissolves into it only . Just like the Maya which takes God’s brilliance and spreads it in the moon ( in the mind form ) ; in the same way , the Sun’s rays are included in the moon . Whether it is Maya ( Illusory energy ) or Amawasya ( New Moon ) , due to their inert form ( Jada Swarup ) , the world created from them , due to their very long close presence , is of inert consciousness . Just as the spring is responsible for the creation of fruits and flowers in nature , similarly , the woman is responsible for the birth of a child . “

In the World of Death , the being has life and death . In the Patal worlds , due to the brilliance of the Sun , people looking brilliant are called ‘ Vrishna ‘ . The presiding Gods of the Vedas are in the seven Patalas . The place where there is the residence of the mind , that place is referred to as Sapta ( Seven ) Patalas . Fire is the original God of this . These eight Gods are called as the ‘ Ashtawasu ‘ . The Gods who are beautified due to the brilliance of the Sun are called as ‘ Wasus ‘ . This is the deep mystery behind the name ‘ Vasavi ‘ of Shreepad Prabhu’s sister in the town of Brihat Shila . The shaft of wind at the centre of these eight worlds is known as “ Sapta Samudra ( Seven seas ) “ . Ordinary men consider this Sapta Samudra as a water form ; but that is not true .

Greatness of Shiva – Eleven sacred places of Shiva in Andhra Pradesh and their forms


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shiva is in the form of eleven Rudras . There are eleven sacred places of Shiva in Andhra Pradesh . Great results are obtained by taking their Darshan . These sacred places are as follows : 1. Nagareshwar in the town of Brihatshila 2. Mallikarjun on the Shri Shailya 3. Bheemeshwar at Draksharamam 4. Ramlingeshwar at Ksheeraram 5. Amarlingeshwar at Amarawati 6. Kotiphaleshwar at the sacred place of Kotiphali 7. Kukkuteshwar at Peethhikapur 8. Mahanandishwar at Mahanandi 9. Kaleshwar at Kaleshwar 10. Kalahasteshwar at Kalahasti 11. Tripurantakeshwar at Tripurantak

Shiva’s idol is never found for worship anywhere . Shivalinga is like the flame burning in the soul . The transparency in the form of a transparent ( clear ) mind which is obtained after getting spiritual accomplishments , itself is the ‘ Sphatik Linga ( Transparent Linga ) ‘ . Rudra assists the brain in our body to get knowledge . The nerves which encompass the area from the neck till the area below the neck in the form of nerves are called ‘ Rudra Jatas ‘ . Lakulishwar is there in the Hatayogi form of Shiva . Shiva Prabhu snatches away the evil deeds of beings by moving and asking for alms . The Creation , Sustenance and destruction which are in a rhythmic form in this nature – the great vibrations in this process work properly due to the Blissful Tandava ( Dance ) of Shiva . Therefore , Shiva is called ‘ Nataraj ‘ . Shiva is a giver of great joy and he gives the accomplishment of liberation to his single – minded devotees . Chitta means mind and Amber means sky . He is Chidamber ( Chit + Amber = Chidamber ) in the form of a sky . He is in the form of Rudra only in the form of Rodasi in this Great Universe which you see . Shiva is in the form of time as he is the symbol of the twelve signs of the zodiac in the twelve Jyotirlingas . The eight deities of the eight directions are in the form of Chidakash only . The Five elements are the five faces of Shiva only . The five sense organs , the five organs of action ( Karmas ) and the mind together are the Eleven Rudras . These themselves are called as the ‘ Eleven Rudras ‘ . The Uma Maheshwar form of Shiva is always the blissful form . The Tripurantak form is the form by burning to ashes the three qualities ( Gunas ) . The eye of knowledge itself is the third eye of Shiva . The very sacred , always fluid , Mother Ganga originates from the matted locks of Shiva and flowing on the earth prospers the entire region .

Shiva Prabhu gives Darshan when the Ardraa Nakshatra shines in the sky . To go near the zodiac sign of Gemini , the zodiac sign of Taurus has to be crossed earlier . This sign of Taurus symbolizes the Nandishwar. He is the form of Dharma . The red moon is the flame burning between the two brows . The distinction between male and female arisen due to carnal desire that is destroyed by the state of Yoga and the state of oneness that is obtained is itself the form of Ardha Nari Nateshwar . The phallus means the phallic body which lies hidden inside the gross body ; it resides in the form of a flame , so say the Vedas .

The mystery of Shiva’s worship is understood only by performing prayers or only if there is grace of the Guru . Similar to the physical form of Peethhapur , there is one Golden Peethhapur which is in the form of a flame . That knowledgeable devotee who always prays to it and prays to Shreepad Prabhu always remembers it and remembers


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shreepad Prabhu , can realize Shreepad . However far he is , he resides in Golden Peethhapur only . Shreepad Prabhu is very easily obtainable to such a devotee.

The worshippers in the Kukkuteshwar temple in physical Peethhapur were born as partial incarnations of the Pramad Ganas . There are many types of Ganas like ghosts , Dead bodies , Pishachchas etc . Devotees worshipping Shreepad Prabhu and practicing Yoga restrain those ghosts , dead bodies . Those devotees who cross these obstacles and meet Shreepad Prabhu are blessed . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ I have been telling many times that a big Sansthan is going to come up in the courtyard of the house of my maternal grandparents . My wish is inviolable . Like ants who are countless , there are millions of my devotees . The Yogis will follow the duties of my Sansthan appropriately. It is only me who decides who , how many , from where , when , in what way will come . After staying in Peethhikapur , everybody should take Darshan of Shreepad’s Sansthan . My grace will be upon only those disciples who deserve it . I will shower nectar upon them . Undeserving persons will feel my Darshan to be a mirage .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 24 II

Description of Ardha Nari Nateshwar

I ( Shankar Bhatt) , asked this question to Shree Dharma Gupta , “ My Lord ! Lord Shiva has held different ornaments and weapons . Kindly clarify the inner meaning of carrying these . “ On this , Dharma Gupta said, “ O Shankar Bhatt ! Pash ( chain ) and Ankush are the main weapons of Lord Ganpati . Similarly , the Sudarshan wheel is the main weapon of Vishnu . Trishul is the main weapon of Lord Shankar . There are three points on the upper side of the Trishul , they are in the form of flames of fire . These three points together are like one point only . These three points are the indicators of the three Gunas ( qualities ) – Raj ( Action ), Tam ( Inaction ) and Satva ( Goodness ) . The oneness of these three qualities indicates the Lord Shiva who is beyond these three qualities . This Trihul indicates this inner meaning only . The Pingala nerve controls the movement of the breath and it reaches the head from the centre of the forehead . The three nerves of Ida , Pingala and Sushumna are the centres of Divine Knowledge . This itself is called the ‘ Triveni Sangam of Nerves ‘ . This is the inner meaning of the ‘ Trishul ‘. The other ornament of Shiva is the cobra . The Kundalini power in the human body is in a dormant state in the shape of a snake . If it is awakened , the eight Siddhis ( accomplishments ) are obtained . Shiva , who conquers these great Siddhis and utilizes them for the good of the people , has also a divine name called ‘ Ishwara ‘ . A Damaru ( drum ) is attached to Shiva’s Trishul . It is the symbol of the attribute ( quality ) of ‘ sound ‘ . Sound , beats are the attributes ( qualities ) of the sky . The sound travels by vibrations in the sky .When we chant a Mantra or hear a Mantra , it reverberates like the sound of the Damaru in our ears . Yogi obtains happiness by repeating the Mantra . In this Bliss , he dances . As a symbol of this , Parmeshwar ( God ) bears the Damaru.

The Adnya Chakra is at the centre of the two brows . It is the centre of all knowledge . The knowledgeable man has extra sensory vision – therefore his Adnya Chakra is developed . The Yogis can realize the past and the present accurately by this Chakra only . This itself is called the ‘ Third eye of God ‘. When this eye of knowledge is developed , Madan in the form of desire , can be burnt .

It is said that the residence of Shiva Prabhu is in the crematorium . All lusts are burnt to ashes by the Fire of Yoga and the Yogi experiences a silent state which gives great peace . It is said that the colour of the state of knowledge is white . That itself is the sacred ash . Pure knowledge is obtained when the power to control criticism , lusts is obtained . Because of this , joy is obtained . Knowledge is purified in four ways . 1. Physical ( Aadhi Bhautika ) 2. Destiny ( Adhi Daiwik ) 3. Spiritual ( Adhyatmik ) and 4. Mental . As a form of a symbol of these four , Shiva’s devotees apply four lines of the sacred ash on their forehead . A Divine medicine is by the name ‘ Shilajit ‘ . By the consumption of this medicine , perpetual youth is obtained .In ancient times , a Great Sage named ‘ Shiladuda’ , lived on the diet of small stones . He himself incarnated in the form of Nandishwar . Shrikrishna was born in the Rohini Nakshatra and the zodiac sign of Taurus . The birth Nakshatra of Shiva is Ardraa . The zodiac sign of the Ardha Nari Nateshwar form of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Uma Maheshwar is Gemini . The zodiac sign of Taurus is before this sign .This Taurus itself is Nandishwar. Nandi is the symbol of Dharma . Shiva had burnt Madan in the form of desire , who was born in a lower caste . But due to Shiva’s kindness alone , he was born in the form of a son to a couple following the Divine duties of a couple having a high state , in a shapeless form . Shrikrishna had become a disciple of the sage Upamanyu and had worshipped Shiva with great faith . Due to the grace of Shiva , Manmath was born in the womb of Rukmini by the name of Pradyumna . This Manmath is the location of canal desire in the zodiac sign of Taurus . Desires which are bound by Dharma are of a higher ( developed ) state , whatever they may be . To fulfill them is as per Dharma .

The terrible Tantrik and Mantra Siddhis ( accomplishments ) is trouble maker like the tiger . Lord Shiva alone can conquer them and keep them in his control . Tiger is the vehicle of the Goddess Shakti . As a symbol of completely subduing the Power in our control , the Lord wears the tiger skin on his body ; therefore he is called , ‘ Vyaghracharmambardhari ( One who wears the cloth of tiger skin )‘. The intelligence which perpetually flows pure Divine knowledge is the symbol of the sacred Ganga which flows from the matted locks of Shiva where immortality is accomplished . Similarly , the Crescent of the Moon is a symbol of the state of happiness , the great peaceful happiness that is obtained by perpetual Bliss .

In the right side , the Pingala nerve flows which is the form of the energy of the breath . The form of the energy of the breath which flows in the left side is known as the ‘ Ida ‘ nerve . O Shankar Bhatta ! While performing the Pranayam , if breath is taken from the right nostril , the heat ( in the body ) increases , therefore it is called the ‘ Surya Nadi ( The nerve of the Sun ) ‘ . If breath is taken from the left side , coolness is obtained , therefore it is called the ‘ Chandra Nadi ( Nerve of the Moon ) ‘ . In the circle of the zodiac in the body of the Personality of Time , if the six months from the sign of Aries till Libra are considered to be the heat generating ‘ Surya Nadi ‘ , the six months from Ashwin to Phalgun are considered ‘ Chandra Nadi ‘ as they are cold ( or less hot ) . The Full Moon ( Poornima ) and the New Moon ( Amawasya ) are created by this motion of the Moon and the Sun only .

The Yogi , by his specific spiritual practices , obtains all accomplishments ( Siddhis ) of the Wheel of Time ( Kaal Chakra ) . He obtains the knowledge of the Past , the Present and the Future by the Power of Yoga . This wheel of time itself should be considered ‘ Ardha Narishwar ‘ , a pair which cannot be separated under any circumstances . Day – night , Amawasya – Poornima are visible one after the other , after a specified time interval . If there is no night , then the day , and if there is no day , then the night , cannot exist . The Ardha Narishwar itself which is referred to as parents is responsible for the movements of this infinite universe . We say that Shiva’s duty is of destruction ; but the implied meaning of it is the destruction of the old creation and creation of a new one . When the changes in nature occur very smoothly , new creations emerge and they remain in that state for some period of time . After that , however , their destruction is only inevitable . It is necessary to have the grace of Ishaan Rudra who is the Lord of those knowledges to accomplish all weapons – arms , Mantra Powers in the Atharva Veda . While this conversation was going on , I said , “ You had said that there is a relation between Shiva – Parvati and the Ardraa Nakshatra . I pray


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II to you to tell me detailed information about this . “ Then Dharmagupta said , “ Rudra will give Darshan in the form of ( a hunter ) hunting a running dear in the name of ‘ Mriga Vyadh ( Hunter of the deer ) ‘ . This divine form will be seen in the Ardraa Nakshatra .

Effects of the motion of planets

Dharmagupta further said , “ This form of the ‘ Mriga Vyadh Rudra ‘ will be visible flat between the zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer in the Nakshatra system . If there is a movement of planets like Rahu , Ketu , Saturn near this Nakshatra , disasters like World Wars , deluges , Wars between Gods and Demons , the Mahabharat war arise due to the motion of the planets only . The idol of Kalsanhar means the God Manyu form of the angry Rudra who has bow and arrows only , as told in the Vedas . “ Continuing his narration , Dharmagupta said , “ The fourteenth day just before the Amawasya in the month of Magh is called ‘ Maha Shivratri ‘. The Chaturdashi ( fourteenth day ) coming just before the Amawasya of every month is called , ‘ Masa Shivratri ‘.

Fruit of worshipping God at the time of the Shani Pradosh – means removal of the ill – effects of the planet Saturn

If a Maha Shivratri falls on a Tuesday , it is very sacred . If a Trayodashi falls on Saturday , it is called ‘ Shani Pradosh ‘. On this auspicious day , after worshipping Shiva , sesame , which is dear to the planet Saturn should be distributed ( in charity ) . Since Shiva is the original God of Saturn , if God is worshipped with sesame oil , the influence of Shani Dev ( Lord Saturn ) is removed . If Shiva worship is done on Saturday during the time of Pradosh , all Karmas are purified and we get peace and happiness . Saturn is the Lord of Karmas . Shiva is the Lord of destruction . Shiva’s worship during the time of Shani Pradosh burns all the Great Sins due to evil deeds , it purifies the mind , intellect , self , conscious of man by pure , new , Divine , brilliant , auspicious vibrations and gives him a new birth .

The Lord Saturn is pacified by worshipping in this way . On the Saturday night , all the evil deeds of that man dissolve in the Mahakali , who is the presiding deity of all imperfections . On the next day , i.e. on Sunday , during the time of sunrise , that Great Power which is at the centre of the solar system graces the spiritual practitioner . At the same time , his new life begins . The bundle of sins of his evil deeds is burnt in the Yoga Fire of God .

Shiva in the form of Five Elements

Shiv Shankar is the Great Lord of Five Elements . In the ‘ Mooladhar ‘ centre of our body , is the element of Earth . As a symbol of this itself , a mud phallus is worshipped by the spiritual practitioner . The water element is in the ‘ Swadhishthhan Chakra ‘ . The water Linga is its symbol . The Fire element is in the Manipur Chakra . Its symbol is the ‘ Fire Linga ‘ . This is also called the ‘ Hiranya Stambh ‘. At the centre of the vocal cord , i.e. in the ‘ Vishuddha Chakra ‘ ,there is the element of Air . Its symbol is the ‘ Vayu Linga ‘ . The Linga in the location of sky in heart is called ‘


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Chidamber Linga ‘ . The Darshan , meditation , worship of the five elemental Lingas is especially fruitful . There is no shape to the Chidamber Linga which is also called as the ‘ Akash Linga ‘ . At the sacred place of Chidamber , the Chidamber mystery hidden behind the curtain means that when the curtain is raised , there is nothing inside . The clear sky indicates the Atma Linga ( self Linga ) of Shiva . Since the heart itself is the seat of consciousness , the sky itself is the residence of the Soul . Actually , the sky has no shape . Yogis , who meditate upon the principle of the self with concentration , get the Darshan ( vision ) of the entire universe , entire creation , Nakshatras , stars etc. in their hearts . The Lord encompasses everything . He himself , in the form of Arunachaleshwar , in the form of the mountains in Arunachal , also in the form of a Great Siddha , is in the Arunachal . All the sins are destroyed by his Darshan alone . That Arunachaleshwar has himself today , in the human figure , has incarnated in the form of the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh in Peethhikapur and is shining in Divine glow , nowadays , in Kurugaddi , with the intention of benefitting the entire human race .

Kurugaddi is like the mountain of Arunachal . Arunachaleshwar , in the Ardha Narishwar form , is Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself . Just like mountains in the Arunachal are the forms of Shiva himself , Kurugaddi is also the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself . Just like the Shiva Linga of Arunachal has the power of Shiva ( Shiv - Shakti ) , Shiva and Shakti together are there in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . The vision ( Darshan ) of God in the form of the Great Siddha of the Arunachal is very rare for the spiritualists . But the vision of the Great Siddha in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh is obtained very easily to the spiritualists . “ Hearing these words of Dharmagupta , I said , “ My Lord ! I had heard till now that Shreepad Prabhu is the combined form of Shree Venkatesh along with Shree Padmawati Devi . But you have told that he is the form of Shiva and Shakti . I do not understand all this very clearly . I feel puzzled . You kindly tell me clearly . “ Hearing my words , Dharmagupta smiled and said , “ Son ! The Divine principle of Shreepad Prabhu has not been understood by the Saptarishis also . Then what is the condition of an ordinary man like me ? Even then , I will try to explain it to you as per my ability . Shree Venkatesh Prabhu is since the Krit Yug . He had given his vision to King Dasharath and told him that he will take birth in his house by the name of Shree Ramchandra . Some people will also worship Swami by the name of ‘ Kausalya Tanay ‘ Shreeram . For some time period , devotees worshipped Shreepad Prabhu in the form of Shakti ( Power ) i.e. in the form of Bal Tripur Sundari. Some devotees also worshipped him in the form of ‘ Subramanium ‘ . After this , Shree Ramanujacharya also got him worshipped by Vaishnavas in the form of ‘ Shree Maha Vishnu ‘ . Datta Prabhu himself has all these forms . When spiritualists call by faith in any form , he comes running for the protection of devotees and protects the devotees . Shreepad Prabhu himself is the director of the illusory drama who shows his Divine Leelas to spiritualists . Today he himself is favouring devotees by the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh .

Energy ( Shakti ) moves in the left side of Shreepad Prabhu and Shiva is present in the right side ; due to this , he is in the form of Shiva – Shakti . Goddess Padmawati resides in his heart . The heart is the location of mercy and also of the ‘ Anaahat Chakra’. From there , Shakti ( energy ) , flows towards the Upper Chakras and also towards the Lower Chakras . I.e. towards the Mooladhar Chakra . Due to this reason also , he is also in the form of Shree Padmawati and


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shree Venkateshwar Swami by one more Divine Conscious body . Shreepad Prabhu is also the form of Hiranyagarbha speech . The speech Goddess in the form of ‘Para ‘ , ‘ Pashyanti ‘ , ‘ Madhyama ‘ and ‘ Vaikhari’ resides on his tongue . The Divine mind of Mother Speech is the same as the Divine mind of Hiranyagarbha .

Actually , the mystery of Chidambar is that he accepts the three forms of consciousness at one time . There is no contact of one of his body with another body viewed from any side . He accepts speech , the conscious body of Hiranyagarbha , the conscious body of Shiv – Parvati , the conscious body of Padmawati – Venkatesh at the same time and also accepts another Divine conscious body of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , which is beyond all of these . The wonder of this is that nobody touches the other one . This itself is the Yog Maya ( Illusion ) of Prabhu , Vaishnavi Maya and this itself is the Chidamber mystery . It will be only right if Shreepad is called ‘ Dwait’ , ‘ Vishishtadwait ‘ , ‘Adwait ‘ and beyond all of these . Because his Yog Maya ( Illusion of Yog ) is not understandable .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 25 II

Greatness of the Rudraksha

Methods of worshipping Shiva and their results

I asked Dharmagupta the question , “ Lord , How to worship Shiva ? Grace me by teaching me the various methods in it . “ Shree Dharmagupta said , “ By praying with the chanting of the five letter Mantra of Shiva , ‘ Om Namah Shivay ‘ and worshipping Shiva is the first method , the second method is by the method of Maha Nyasa and the third method is of worshipping Shiva by the Rudrabhisheka . The Five Letters of the five letter Mantra are the symbols of the Five Great Elements . The living being is trapped in the bondages of attachment towards family members , greed like an animal ; hence he is called the animal. The one who liberates from the animal bondages himself is called ‘ Pashupatinath ‘ . The five letter Mantra of Shiva is described as a pentagonal Nakshatra in the spiritual texts . In this pentagonal Mantra , the Mantras giving liberation are included in the first class those giving material pleasures , fortunes are included in the second class . In the five methods , Sandal of the earth element , Coconut water of the element of water , Worship of the lighted lamp of the fire element , burning scented material of the air element and tolling of the bells of the sky element are used .

The five letters of the five – letter Mantra give the Darshan of the elements in five different colours as per the elements to the spiritualists practicing spirituality . 1. White colour like pure white pearl or silver light 2. Sunny glow like Coral 3. Golden glow like yellow Haldi 4. Universal glow of Blue sky in the blue colour 5. Pure White Glow .The great sages have given the name of Sandhyopasan to the five coloured flame that lights in the middle of the brows . Yantra , worship of the Five elements , Practice of Yog , self – dedication are all the major parts of spiritual practices . By these methods , the tendency of ‘ the body is me ‘ is destroyed . Liberation is achieved by the union that the body itself is the temple and the soul seated in it itself is the soul of Shiva . To obtain this state , the chanting of the five – letter Mantra , Shiva worship with great elaborate procedures , Rudrabhishek are helpful and beneficial . The Vishnu Sahastra Naam Stotra is very dear to Vishnu . Ganesh loves the Modakas very dearly just like the Sun loves the Surya Namaskaras , the Moon loves the water offering , Fire loves burning , Shiva loves Abhishek . During the deluge after the end of Brahma’s era , for the creation of the future , seeds of all species i.e. of all living beings , trees , medicinal herbs were filled in a complete vessel .In it nectar , water of all rivers , the water of the seas was poured and the life – force of his own self was invoked into it by the Gayatri Mantra . This vessel itself was called the ‘ Poorna Kumbha ‘ or the ‘ Complete Vessel ‘ . The nectar from this vessel only was sprinkled perpetually on the Earth by the great sages . The water , nectar from this vessel was mainly showered on the Kailas mountain . Due to this , it was known as the ‘ Location of the nectar ‘ . On the Full Moon Day of the month of Shrawan , a Shivalinga of snow is created in the den at Amarnath . If the Darshan of this Divine Shivalinga is taken , all sins are removed .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Births of the sages Vasishthha and Agastya

When the ‘ Purna Kumbha ‘ was turned upside down , two great sages emerged from it . Among them , the first sage Vasishthha was shining by his white brilliance , whereas the second sage Agastya was of blue colour and his glow was very brilliant . They were born as a part of Sun and Water God .

If Rudrabhishek by the water which is nectarised from the ‘ Poorna Kumbha ‘ is done eleven times , the sacred result of the Ekadashi , the ‘ Ekadash Rudra Roop ‘ is obtained from Shiva . In this way , there is a very close relation between the Ekadash Rudra and the ‘ Ekadashi Vrat ‘ of the Vaishnav sect . Therefore , Shiva and Keshava are not different forms . If the Rudrabhishek is done by the ‘ Namak ‘ the defect of premature death is removed . the presiding deity of the planet ‘ Soma ‘ is the Moon . The Moon showers Original spiritual powers for rejuvenating lives . The position of this crescent of Moon shines between the brows , just above them , in front of the ‘ Sahastrara of Yogis .

Description of various forms of God

Due to this reason , it is told that there is the crescent of moon on the head of Shiva . In the Somnath temple which is in Gujarat , the white crescent of the moon on the head of the Shivalinga is made using the Chandrakant stone itself . Here , the Jyotirlinga of crystal , which shines like a flame is worshipped . There is a saying in the Shastras that you should not do Rudrabhishek till you get the powers of Rudra in you . In the Maha Nyas , the time, i.e. the self form is destroyed , for this the person doing the Abhishek ,should become the form of time and in the form of sacrifice , doing the Nyas in the body , should do the Rudrabhishek . In the procedure of the Maha Nyas Rudrabhishek of Maharshi Bodhayan , Shiva is described as ‘ Tatpurush ‘ , ‘ Aghor ‘ , ‘ Sadyojat ’ , ‘ Vamadev ‘ , ‘ Ishaan .’

The idol of ‘Tatpurush ‘ is like the fire of the Ultimate Destruction , of the colour of electricity . The idol of ‘ Sadyojat ‘ is white as the glow of the moon . The ‘ Vamadev ‘ idol is fair . The idol of ‘ Ishaan ‘ is brilliant and of the colour of the sky .

The Rudras are in thousands of numbers. The Gods which are termed as the followers of Rudra ,are thirty – thousand in one group ,accordingly , in eleven thousand groups , there are three hundred and thirty million followers of Rudra . These followers themselves encompass the earth , sky , space , water ,air , body , life – force and mind , as per the Vedas .

Grace of Three Hundred and thirty million Rudras on the devotees worshipping , remembering , Shreepad Prabhu – Description of the Rudraksh


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II The Lord of these Three Hundred and thirty million Rudras is Lord Shree Ganapati . Due to this reason , in order to express the principle of Ganesh in himself by the method of Yoga , Shreepad Prabhu took his incarnation on this earth on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi . The grace of the Three Hundred and thirty million Rudras is obtained to the spiritual practitioner who worships , remembers Shreepad Prabhu .

Dharmagupta further said , “ Son Shankar Bhatta ! Devotees of Shiva should wear the Rudraksh .It is very beneficial . There are four type of Rudrakshas . Those are as follows : 1. Brahma Jaat 2. Kshatriya Jaat 3. Vaishya Jaat & 4. Shudra Jaat . The Rudraksha of the Brahma Jaat are of white colour . It is very difficult to get this Rudraksh . The Rudrakshas of the Kshatriya type are of the colour of red honey . Rudrakshas of the colour of tamarind seed ( Dark Brown ) are of the Vaishya type whereas the Rudraksh the black colour are of the Shudra type . Normally Rudrakshas are found from the five faced ones to the sixteen faced ones . The one – faced Rudraksh is very rare . The Rudraksh drowns if it is put in water or milk . Light , soft Rudrakshas are not allowed to be worn . A Rudraksh should be pressed with a copper spoon and beneath it , a copper plate should be placed upside down . If the Rudraksh is good , genuine , it revolves in the clockwise direction . Some Rudrakshas revolve in the opposite direction . These Rudrakshas are called ‘ Dravid Rudrakshas .’ Such Rudrakshas should not be used by householders . Due to this many undesirable events occur and the Sannyas Yoga ( renunciation) occurs . Therefore , this Rudraksh should be used only by the Sannyasis . Kalagni Rudra has said that only the Brahmins should use the white Rudraksh . Kshatriyas should use red – coloured , Vaishyas of pale – yellow colour and Shudras should wear black Rudrakshas . Only these Rudrakshas are favourable to them and these destroy their sins and fulfill their desires .

The one – faced Rudraksh is the form of Shiva himself . The two – faced Rudraksh is of the form of Ardh Nari . The three – faced is of the form of Fire , the four – faced Rudraksh of the form of Brahma , the five – faced of the form of Kalagni , the six – faced Rudraksh is of the form of Kartikeya . The seven – faced of the form of Manmath , the eight – faced of the form of Rudra Bhairav , the nine – faced is of the form of sage Kapil . This Rudraksh is very rare . In this Rudraksh , nine types of powers – the power of learning , the power of knowledge , the power of activity , the power of Peace , the power of Vam , the power of Jyeshthha , the power of Rudra , the power of Anga , Pashyanti . Due to this reason itself , these Rudrakshas are of the form of Dharma Devatas . The ten – faced Rudraksh is of the form of Vishnu , the eleven – faced Rudraksh of the form of Shiva himself , the twelve – faced is of the form of the twelve Adityas , thus the Rudrakshas are related to various Gods .

Shreepad Prabhu has held the principle of the Lord of Pravritti and Nivritti , Shree Ganpati is his form of consciousness . Therefore , he is the Divine form of Three Hundred and Thirty Million Gods . Not only this , but every movement in this nature , takes place by the wish of Shreepad Prabhu only . The basic reason of all movements is only Shreepad Prabhu himself and he the form of the reason of all reasons . If he is worshipped with the emotion in mind that he is the form of Shiva , he is seen in the form of Vishnu and if he is worshipped in the Vishnu form , he appears


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II in the form of Shiva . But if all the dirt of doubts in the mind is removed and if you surrender with a single mine to him , he is seen in the right form . “

Shree Dharmagupta further said , “ O Shankar Bhatt ! I will also come with you to Kurugaddi and taking the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu , fulfill my life . “ I ( Shankar Bhatt ) and Dharmagupta , both of us came to Kurugaddi and took Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . He opened his eyes and looked at us and said in a humorous tone , ‘What excellent discussions were going on ! Shreepad is in the form of Shiva . Am I Shreepad himself ? If it is not so , then has Shreepad himself has come as me ? Who am I ? Dharmagupta , elaborate on this ‘ . On this , Dharmagupta said, “ When I was coming from Peethhikapur , Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi had told me to not to argue anything with Shreepad Prabhu . Only Surrender to him completely . In this way , I am surrendering to you single – mindedly . I will remain silent on any of your questions . Even the Vedas turned silent as they could not appropriately describe Shreepad Prabhu . Then what will be the condition of an ordinary spiritual practitioner like Dharmagupta ? “ Hearing the above narration of Dharmagupta , Shreepad Prabhu was very happy . He permitted both ( of us ) to touch his feet . We touched Prabhu’s feet with great joy . And what surprise ! We both went into the a state of Samadhi . We had no sense how much time had passed in this state . When we came out of the state of Samadhi , it was time for the evening ( Saayam ) Sandhyavandan . Shreepad Prabhu asked us to cross the basin of the Krishna river and go to the opposite bank . Accordingly , we both went to the opposite banks of the Krishna remembering the Divine acts of Shreepad Prabhu . We reclined on the soft sands of the river on the opposite banks and we did not even realize when we went into the arms of the Goddess of Sleep . We woke up in the morning by the chanting of the name , ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Digamabara ! ‘ sung in a very melodius voice by the Yogis .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 26 II

Symptoms of the Kaliyug

We woke up in the early morning itself and crossing the river went to Kurugaddi for the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . Dharmagupta had an intense desire to learn about the specialties of the emergence of Kaliyug from the mouth of Shreepad Prabhu . Today , Shreepad Prabhu was very happy . His nectarous ( giving immortality ) sight showering nectarous compassion was giving to all the spiritualists , a wealth of a different kind of spiritual Bliss . We were blessed by touching the Lotus Feet of Prabhu . Shree Dharmagupta humbly prayed Shreepad to describe and tell the specialties of the emergence of the Kaliyug . Shreepad Prabhu said, “ Students ! Time is the gigantic form of the Parmatma . The Sun is also called ‘ Kalatmak ‘ .The time taken for the revolutions around the sun by the Shrawan Nakshatra starting from the Dhanishthha Nakshatra and ending again in the Dhanishthha Nakshatra is called the ‘ Brahm Kalpa ‘ . One part of the Brahm Kalpa is called ‘ Srishti Kalpa ‘ , and the remaining part is called ‘ Pralaya Kalpa ‘ . In the time measurement relating to the Ancestor Gods , a half part is the waxing ( or bright ) fortnight of the moon ( Shukla Paksha ) , and the other half is the waning ( or Dark ) fortnight of the moon ( Krishna Paksha ) . Six months of the ‘ Personality of the Year ‘ are called ‘ Uttarayan ‘ and the next six months are called ‘ Dakshinayan ‘ . Yogis see the entire circle of time in their bodies . This mysterious knowledge is called the ‘Tarak Raj Vidya ‘ . In the Tarak Rajyog , the entire body itself is called the ‘ Universe ‘ . All the worlds are included in this . Our head is called the ‘ World of Brahma ‘ . There are thoughts and deeds in the head . The world of Vishnu is in the navel . The world of Rudra is in our heart . The forefathers reside in our sperm cells in the forms of Lords of Generation ( Progeny ) . The duty of these Gods of Progeny is to give the result of Karmas of Human beings of their previous births in the next birth . Even if this is so , Time is very necessary to give results of previous birth in a serial order . “

Symptoms of the Kaliyug

The forefather ( or ancestor ) Gods are not dead ancestors . They are the Gods of Progeny themselves who accept the fruit of the Shraddha ceremonies done by us in the names of our dead parents , grandparents and give them good deliverance . These Gods of Regeneration do not have birth . The Yogis see the six seasons of nature in their own bodies . There are twelve full moon and twelve Dark ( New ) moon nights in a year . These twenty – four days are the twenty – four syllables of the Gayatri . Some people believe that Lord Vishnu , who is in the form of time , is the ‘Personality of the Year ‘ and worship him – this knowledge is called ‘ The knowledge of twelve letters . ‘ The Mantra is composed of twelve letters , each letter corresponding to each month .

Great losses to humans , animals and property by great floods in rivers , earthquakes due to vibrations of the earth , change in motion of the Moon and the Sun , darkness in the daytime and the Sun becoming invisible during the day , appearances of comets in the sky , all these above are the symptoms of Kaliyug . The personality of Kali – the Lord of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Kaliyug had performed great penances towards the period at the end of the Dwapar Yug on an island in the Western seas . All these topics are found in the ‘ Bhavishya Puran ‘ of Ved Vyas .

Emergence of the Mlechchhas

Wherever the sight fell , there was a prominence of penances like the chanting of Ved Mantras , sacrifices , Yagnas etc. Due to this , the personality of Kali was very disturbed . He prayed to Lord , “ Oh God ! Everywhere on the Earth , there is prominence of Yagnas , sacrifices , religious conduct , morality only . In these circumstances , how do I spread the influence of Kaliyug in people ? As per your orders , I should spread the cult of my Yug everywhere ; but I find it impossible in today’s circumstances . “ Hearing these words of the Kaliyug , the Master of the Universe showed an island in the Western Seas to Kaliyug . The original person of the Mlechchha race Adam and woman Hawyawati were both shown by the Master of the Universe to Kaliyug . He created a very beautiful garden for the man and the woman to enjoy . Actually the man and the woman were brother and sister . But Kaliyug entered their bodies in the form of a snake and sowed the seed of lust in them . And inspired them to produce an illegitimate child . After both of them fell in this way , the Divine power in them disappeared . In course of time , from this couple , the original Mlechchha race of the cult of Kali was produced .

That at the end of the Dwapar Yug , that means after Two Thousand Eight Hundred Years , the population of the Mlechchha race in the Mlechchha country will increase greatly , has been told in all the chapters of the Bhavishya Puran . Adam and Hawyawati experienced the result ( effects ) of their sin near the Neelachal ( Blue Mountain ) and generated offsprings which were ill – behaved , bringing bad – name to the religion of the Aryas and eating that is not supposed to be eaten , in large numbers .

Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ I will again establish the ‘ Satya Yug ( Age of Truth ) ‘ by vanquishing millions of irreligious and ill – behaved people , by taking the Kalki incarnation . This is my programme of a very distant future .”


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 27 II

Meeting with Virupaksh in the region of Panchdev Pahad ( Mountain )

Shree Dharmagupta and we reached the earlier shore of the Krishna ; it was noon at that time . It was Thursday . On Thursdays , Shreepad Prabhu used to accept alms at many places at the same time . This was the Great Sacred day of Thursday and its noon – time . Shreepad Prabhu was insisting that a grass hut be built at the location of Panchdev Pahad . He had also told to build that hut in only a day . But we were not familiar with that area of Panchdev Pahad . We wanted a convenient place to build the hut . We did not have any construction material , grass , sticks , ropes , leaves etc . Labourers required to build the hut were also not there .

Importance of the location of Panchdev Pahad

There was no definite thought in mind where to go . In that area , we were wandering here and there like a traveler . Wandering , we reached a farm of a peasant . There , he was building a stable for his cows . At a clear place of the farm , a raised platform was built and on it , a mattress was laid for the owner of the farm to sit upon . The owner seated on that mattress called us and welcomed us . And gave us food to eat . We , too , were hungry . For a moment , a doubt arose in our mind , whether to eat at a Shudra’s house . Then the owner of the farm angrily said , “ You , who steal out cattle and sell it in other regions , could have such a strange doubt ? “ We were considered to be thieves from the point of view of that owner . But due to hunger , we ate there . The name of the owner of that farm was Virupaksh . After lunch ,we both were tied to a tree each . I told them very meekly that I was a poor Brahmin and earned a living by begging for alms ( meant for students ) .I again told them that I had absolutely no money .After this the farm owner’s men went to Dharmagupta with a thought that he would have money and were about to snatch all the money he had .

Divine Act of Shreepad Prabhu which was beyond imagination

We tried to convince our true situation ; but that did not move the owner of the farm . By his orders , we were imprisoned . We did not know what to do . At that same time , a group of travelers came there . Amongst those travelers ,a devotee named ‘ Shiv Kavadi ‘ was there . These travelers carry water in the ‘ scales ‘ for Shree Kanyaka Parmeshwari . These devotees apply the ‘ Tripundra Gandha ‘ on their foreheads ; Ringing bells , they travel singing songs praising Shree Kanyaka Parmeshwari . These devotees carry the scales of sacred waters of the Ganga for auspicious functions or for the birthday ceremony of Mother Vasavi . There is another kind of spiritual practitioners amongst these travelers . A belt is tied to their stomach . In the belt , there are swords ,armour and different weapons of warfare . The name for the community of these people is ‘ Veer Mushti ‘ . These people walk chanting the glory of God’s name along with the ringing of bells .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II That farmer honoured the travelers and the ‘ Veer Mushtis ‘ by feeding them .Thereafter , releasing us from captivity , the owner of the farm ordered us to help in the creation of the stable for cattle . We started the work . In the evening , after the work was over , Virupaksh asked us the question , “ What is the meaning of ‘ Veer Mushti ‘ , the ‘ Mushti ( Fist ) ‘ among ‘ Mushtis ( Fists ) ‘ ? Since we did not know the meaning , we said so to the farmer . He gave us the evening meal of that day , too . The farmer told us to sleep there that night for the protection of cows . Thereafter , that farm owner went along with his servants laughing happily . That night we were remembering Shreepad Prabhu’s name and his Divine Leelas till midnight . After that , we fell asleep . We quickly got up as the sun’s rays fell upon us . When we saw around , there were no cows . The nearby farmers came and started asking at what price they purchased that land . We narrated the entire incident that occurred yesterday , but they thought we were idiots . One question was always on our minds – whether yesterday’s sight was true or what was being seen ( today ) was true . While we were in such a confused state , an unknown person came . He asked us , “ Shree Vasavi Kanyaka Devi was born on the Dashami day or the Saptami day of the Shuddha Paksha of the month of Vaishakha ?” Answering this question , Shree Dharmagupta said , “ Shree Vasavi Mata was born on the Dashami of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Vaishakh . It was Friday . “ Hearing that answer , that stranger said , “ You both are fools . “ We did not like the words uttered by that stranger about Shreepad Prabhu . But we resumed our journey thinking to start immediately for Kurugaddi . Before boarding the boat , we both told the boatman that we did not have the money to pay the boatman ; therefore , taking pity on us , the boatman let us sit in the boat . After the boat started , the boatman’s eyes fell upon the ring in Dharmagupta’s finger . He took it out , but instead of keeping it with him , he threw it in the waters of the Krishna . We crossed the river and reached Kurugaddi . At that time , Shreepad Prabhu had finished his bath and the Sandhyavandan in the Krishna river and was seated for meditation .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 28 II

Shreepad is Venkateshwar Swami

Vishnu - Mahavishnu , Laxmi – Mahalaxmi , Saraswati – Maha Saraswati , Kali – Mahakali , Description of the forms of these

It was the auspicious day of Friday and the great holy day of the birthday ceremony of Goddess Shree Vasavi Kanyaka Devi . In the morning itself , Shreepad Prabhu reached the opposite shore of the Krishna walking on the waters . We sat in a boat and came on the other shore crossing the river . It was seven in the morning at that time . It was the auspicious time at the Great Sacred place at Tirumala , for Shree Venkateshwar Swami to accept the worship , prayers etc. ( sent ) from the place of Laxmi .

Shreepad Shree Vallabh entered the stable prepared yesterday for the cattle by the farm owner and sat for meditation . We also searched the stable at that time . It was the auspicious time in the environs of Panchdev Pahad to begin the communion of Shreepad Prabhu . Whatever was seen was unbelievable ! Suddenly , Shreepad Prabhu’s body started becoming very brilliant . That Great Brilliance started encompassing all the four directions slowly . At that time , Prabhu’s body did not look like an ordinary physical body , but was visible like a very radiant idol . After some time ,Shreepad Prabhu came out of the stable . Normally , like ordinary men , his shadow used to fall on the ground , in the sun . But today , a surprise took place . His shadow was not falling on the ground .

While walking his foot marks used to be always created in the mud ; but today , not a single mark was created . He sharply looked towards the sun . His Divine body was filled with radiance , it was growing steadily . Just after a while , in front of our eyes , that Great Brilliant form of Shreepad Prabhu merged with the Sun . In that sun , we saw a Divine child . That child form was rapidly coming towards the earth . We could not see anything ,as the child’s feet fell on the earth . Shreepad Prabhu was smiling mildly . He again looked sharply at the sun ,again we could see everything clearly at that time . He also asked us to look towards the sun . We saw a very beautiful Divine brilliant girl child in the red – hot sun . That girl was coming towards the earth with a smiling face . As her feet touched the ground , we again could not see anything . We started looking in every direction is surprise . That beautiful girl looked at us and smiled , then again we could see everything . Shreepad Prabhu lifted that girl with great Love , respect . At that time , Shreepad Prabhu was sixteen years’ of age and the innocent girl who looked just like him was of three years of age . She had worn magnificent silk clothes and also worn divine ornaments to match it . That girl and Shreepad Prabhu went inside the stable ( for cattle ) .

Dharmagupta and myself were seeing that magical sight with the three fold emotions of fear , amazement and surprise . A doubt arose in my mind if this was an illusion of Indra .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Realising the emotion in my mind , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! This is not an illusion of Indra . This is my nature only . This is my Divine tendency only . By my wish only , the ‘ Earth’ becomes the ‘ Sky ‘ . By my wish only , Brahma creates nature . At that time , different personalities are created . The invisible natural force gets a shape . The nature with its qualities takes shape in form of personalities . I am in the form of Brahma only i.e. I am only the inspiration of Brahma . The duty of the Vishnu form is to nurture the living beings of this nature . I , only , am the Maha Vishnu that inspires that Vishnu . Saraswati and Maha Saraswati both are different . Saraswati is the Goddess of Knowledge in the Universe . The Goddess inspiring this Saraswati , who is the form of the Goddess of knowledge , is Maha Saraswati and this is the form of Anagha only . The states of nature , reason , prosperity of material things , prosperity of money are the forms of Mother Laxmi only . Mahalaxmi is the form of Anagha only which inspires and empowers the form of Laxmi . The energy form of the universe is the form of Kalika only . Mahakali is the inspiration of the Kali form . This is the energy giving form of Anagha only .

The form of Anagha Laxmi

The Anagh of Anagha Laxmi is my Datta form only . The combined form of Maha Saraswati , Maha Laxmi and Maha Kali , which is a Divine Motherly form and quite distinct ( from each of these ) , indicates the emergence of Anagha Laxmi . Due to this reason , Anagha Laxmi is the form of the state of union of the combined forms of Maha Saraswati , Maha Laxmi and Maha Kali . It is a boundless Divine energy which is the support of all these three Goddesses . Remember that my Anagh form is my form of power , which holds Anagha , which is the form of three female powers , who is the support of the three , Brahma ,Vishnu and Rudra , which have combined and are in a state of union ,on my left side . Due to the result of the Savitri Kathhak Chayan sacrifice in Treta Yug itself and by the support of my gigantic and Divine Ardha Narishwar form itself , my incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh has taken place at Peethhikapur . Actually speaking , the form that you are seeing now , is the form of Maha Laxmi and Maha Vishnu only . The consciousness of the three – Maha Saraswati , Maha Laxmi and Maha Kali is concentrated in Goddess Padmawati . But her form is of Maha Laxmi only . But Power is of all the three . In this way , Goddess Padmawati is the support of all the three energies and is the boundless form of the original energy only . The form of Shree Venkateshwar is the form of the Great Original Divinity itself , which is beyond , which supports and which holds in his own Divine Consciousness by his Divinity . Brahma in his Great External form , Vishnu in his gigantic form and Mahakal means Pralay Kal Rudra . Know that Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the form of Shree Padmawati Venkatesh , in the Ardha Nari form only .

Hearing these words of Shreepad Prabhu , I said , “ Victory be to the Sovereign Guru . Once you say that you are Padmawati Venkatesh . After some time , you say that you are Anagh along with Anagha Laxmi . I cannot understand this with my little intelligence . Kindly deliver me . “ At that time , the Good Guru of the downtrodden Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Maha Laxmi and Padmawati are basically of the same principle . When she adopts the Maha Laxmi principle , then the Vishnu principle from me emerges . When she takes the Padmawati principle , then from me , the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Prabhu Venkateshwar principle emerges . Whenever the principles with Gunas ( Qualities ) and Aakar ( Shape ) emerge , the limits , the specific behavior of those principles have to be correctly followed . This Divine sister of mine , this Great Power , had incarnated in the form of Yog Maya in the Krishna incarnation . Later , finishing her duties , she became invisible in the sky . Today , she has emerged in the form of Vasavi Kanyaka due to the Great penances of great Yogis , Rishis , Maharshis etc . who were full of great austerities . I had to take an incarnation at Peethhikapur for some specific reason only . We should just observe what happens in front of the eye . You would have realized that my incarnation principle is to perform Divine , pleasing acts . Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! Describe the events occurred , sights seen on this Panchadev Pahad , just as you have seen them , in the ‘ Charitramrut ‘ . It will be inspiring for future devotees . Many doubts will be solved by that ( description ) . The path of devotion will be easy for the spiritual practitioners due to this book and this Divine event . “

After these words , the Divine voice of Shreepad Prabhu took rest . As we were seeing all this with surprise , Shreepad Prabhu’s form started glowing with Divine radiance and from it , Shree Padmawati Devi , Shree Venkateshwara Swami emerged .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 29 II

Divine gospel of Shreepad Shree Vallabh

We took the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu in Kurugaddi and by his orders only , sat close to him . Then Prabhu said , “ I always protect the devotee who single – mindedly surrenders to me . O Listeners , This time and space is like a ball in my hand . I can change events wherever they are occurring , which have occurred in the past and which are going to occur in the future . I am only the ruler of space and time . You will get the knowledge about me as per the quality of the impressions of your consciousness only . Leaving aside all duties , if you single – mindedly surrender to me , who is inside you in the form which knows the mind , if you do the deeds instructed by me , I will bear all your loads and will liberate you from the cycles of births . I rule in this universe only by my word , therefore , I will be known only in the Saraswati form . The humans in the Kaliyug will be like Hiranyakashyipu only . Their emotions , problems , thoughts and actions will be of a very complex form . They will get successes in many researches in the physical sciences and will also get boons from Mother Nature like Hiranyakashyipu . But I will have to take an incarnation for the protection of innocent , sin – free devotees like Prahlad . For this , I will take another Divine incarnation in the name and form of ‘ Narsimha Saraswati ‘ and will be known in the town of Gandharvpur . “ Saying so , Shreepad Prabhu went into meditation and he asked us also to sit in meditation .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 30 II

Shreepad Prabhu himself said that , ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Maha Sansthan will be created ‘

According to the Nath cult , living being uses Sixty – four Shabar techniques and uniting with God , delivers himself . The Original Spiritual Master of the Nath cult is Lord Shree Dattatreya only . Shreepad Shree Vallabh , who is seated in front of us , is Datattreya himself . There are sixty – four cells on a chess – board . Shree Maha Vishnu plays a game of Chess with Shree Maha Laxmi in Vaikunthha . The mysterious meaning of this is that , by actually seeing the fruits of deeds and their subsequent results in the lives of different beings of sixty – four species , in a series , they keep gracing them according to the fruits of their Karmas .

Required eligibility to become a Divine Human being

The speed of evolution of a human being is dependent on his spiritual authority . Every living being desires to be a Divine soul . In order to follow this path , methods of Yoga , chanting of Mantras , Karmas like Yagnas , sacrifices etc . , doing religious duties etc . have to be followed and the flame of the self in the body should be kept lighted . The purification of nerves depends upon this light . Depending upon the level of purification of the nerves , the human being obtains various physical , mental , spiritual powers . As those powers develop , he obtains Divine grace , depending upon the religious deeds performed by the spiritual practitioner . Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ Shankar Bhatta ! In future , my Maha Sansthan will be created at my birth place only . A big city will be formed by the merging of the three towns of Shree Peethhikapur , Shyamalambapur and Vayaspur Agrahar . There will be rows of devotees like ants coming to take Darshan of my temple . Many surprises will occur in the Kaliyug . One Spiritual practitioner who will be born with parts of the Great Sage ( Maharshi ) Vasishthha will be appointed priest of the Shreepad Shree Vallabh Sansthan . There will be no end to the amount of Divine acts I will perform along with him . Delightful Divine Leelas will be going on every moment .” Saying so , Shreepad smiled mildly . Even a thousand births will also not be enough to enjoy it .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 31 II

Description of the Dasha Maha Vidyas

Every evening , we used to come to the earlier shore of the Krishna by Shreepad Prabhu’s orders and used to stay there only . Finishing our bath and our morning Sandhyavandan early in the morning itself , we used to again go in the presence of Shree Guru . In this rare communion , we used to get the Prasad in the form of the Darshan of Shree Prabhu , constant new experiences of Yoga and solutions of many Divine mysteries . We had heard that the worship of the principle of the Goddess could be done only in the form of the ‘ Dasha Maha Vidyas ‘ . We humbly prayed at the feet of ‘ Shree ‘ to impart all information about these Dasha Maha Vidyas to us . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! Worship of ‘Shri Vidya’ is very superior . In old times , the Maharshi Agastya obtained the knowledge of Shri Vidya only by the kind grace of ‘ Hayagreeva ‘ . He gave this knowledge to his wife – Lopamudra Devi . Lopamudra Devi studied this deeply and explained its hidden meaning to the sage Agastya . In this way , both of them became each other’s Gurus . “

Character of Lopamudra and Rishi Agasti

The king of the Vidarbha country did not have a child for many years . By the power of the penances of the Maharshi Agastya ,the king got a Girl child . That girl was named as ‘ Lopamudra ‘ . In due course , Lopamudra grew up ; at that time , the sage Agasti asked her hand in marriage. Seeing the difference in their ages , the King fell in a thought , ‘ How to give such a young girl in marriage to an Old Great Sage ? ‘ He was in this worry only . Finally , when he asked his daughter her opinion about this marriage , then without wasting any time , she said , “ Father , I am born for the sage Agasti only . I shall marry only him . “ The King married them both off . Princess Lopamudra left the royal palace and wearing clothes made of barks of trees , she left with Sage Agasti for the Land of penances . After due course , Sage Agasti expressed his desire to mate with her , rightfully . On this Lopamudra said to the sage , “ My Lord ! I have worshipped the Lalita form and have myself become the Lalita form . I will fulfill your wish only when you too become a form of Shiva by worshipping Shiva . “ The Sage Agasti performed great penances and obtained the form of Shiva . Then , when he told his desire to Lopamudra , she said , “ My Lord ! I was born in a royal family . It is not right to mate with me without the availability of money , ornaments , silk clothes , scented materials , all luxurious things befitting royalty . So you collect all ( these ) things and also get high quality clothes . Only after you bring all these luxury items , will I fulfill your wish . The Sage Agasti went to the demon Ilval to earn wealth . By his charms , making him favourable towards him , he brought money , jewellery , robes , clothes from him for Lopamudra and satisfied his wife’s wish . In due course of time , they got excellent children . Once the Sage Agasti filled the entire ocean itself in his Kamandalu ( Jug ) by the power of his penances and drank it . This Maharshi Agasti had destroyed the pride of the Vindhyachal mountain . Even today , the Sage Agasti is considered a Great Accomplished ( Siddha ) personality in


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II South India . There are temples dedicated to him at many places . Shreepad Prabhu further said that when he will take the Kalki incarnation , he will give an Exalted Status of a Guru to the Sage Agasti , just like Parshuram .

The Dasha Maha Vidyas of the Goddess

Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ ‘ Kali’ is the first form of the Dasha Maha Vidyas . ‘ Maha Kali ‘ is the original Goddess of all Vidyas ( knowledge forms ) . Her Great Knowledge forms are called ‘ Maha Vidyas ‘ . Once upon a time , all Gods praised Maha Maya in the hermitage of Sage Matang in the Himalayas . At that time , Ambika gave Darshan in the form of ‘ Matang Vanita ‘ . Since she was pitch dark in colour , she was named ‘ Kalika Devi ‘. She killed the demons ‘ Shumbha ‘ and ‘ Nishumbha ‘ . Since her appearance is blue – black , she is also called as ‘ Tara ‘ . Mother Kali is worshipped to conclude Yoga practices or wishes that are not successful , in a short time . During this practice , the worshipper of Mother Kali gets great bodily pains and he has to bear them .

The second form in the Dasha Maha Vidyas is of the Goddess ‘ Tara ‘ . This mother is the liberator , savior from all sorrows , therefore , she is known as ‘ Tara ‘ . This Goddess is also called as ‘Neel Saraswati ‘ . Since she protects devotees from great dangers , Yogis worship her in the form of ‘ Ugra Tara ‘ . The Maharshi Vasishthha had also worshipped Goddess Tara . The night of the Shukla Navami of the month of Chaitra is called ‘ Tara Ratri ( or the night of stars ) ‘ .

The third form of the Dasha Maha Vidyas is of ‘ Goddess Chhinnamasta ‘ . This is a very secret form . Once the Goddess had gone to the river Mandakini with her friend for bathing . When her gatekeepers asked her for food , she cut her own head with her sword . Her head fell upon her left hand . Blood flew from her body , of which two currents ( of blood ) were drunk by her friends and the third current was drunk by the Goddess herself . From that day , she was named , ‘ Chhinnamasta ‘ . Demons like Hiranyakashyipu etc . were worshippers of this Goddess only .

The fourth form of the Dasha Maha Vidyas is of ‘ Shodashi Maheshwari ‘ . The heart of this Goddess is as soft as butter and she is very kind . The spiritual practitioners who have taken shelter with her , obtain knowledge very soon . All the creators of Mantras , Tantras in the universe are worshippers of this Goddess only . Even the Vedas , Shrutis could not worship this Goddess Shodashi Maheshwari . They went quiet , saying , ‘ Neti , Neti ( Not this , Not this ) ‘ . This Mother with a pleasing face fulfils all desires of devotees . By the worship of this Goddess ( Bhagawati ) , material pleasures and liberation , both are obtained .

The fifth form of the Dasha Maha Vidya is of ‘ Goddess Bhuvaneshwari ‘ . Seventy million Great Mantras are worshippers of this Goddess . This Goddess has the ten principles from the Kali principle to the Kamala principle . From this , the unexpressed Bhuvaneshwari becomes expressed and can take the form of the universe . At the time of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II the Pralay ( Final destruction ) , she dissolves serially from the Lotus or the expressed world to her Original Kali form . Therefore , this Goddess is also called as the ‘ Mother of Time ‘ .

The sixth form of the Dasha Maha Vidyas is of ‘ Tripur Bhairavi ‘. This form of energy which can tame the ‘ Mahakala ( The Great Time ) ‘ is called the ‘ Tripur Bhairavi ‘. The spiritual texts have said that this Tripur Bhairavi is an imperishable energy of Lord Narsimha . The process of transformation is constantly going on in the nature . The original ( forces of ) attraction and repulsion are the reasons for this transformation . This process takes place every moment . This Tripur Bhairavi is called ‘ Kaal Raatri ‘ in the night and ‘ Bhairav ‘ is called ‘ Kaal Bhairav ‘ . My ensuing Narsimha Saraswati incarnation will take place by the combined form of the two . For great Yogis , this incarnation will be considered as the incarnations of Tripur Bhairavi and Kaal Bhairavnath .

The seventh form of the Dash Maha Vidyas is ‘ Dhoomrawati ‘ . This Dhoomra Tara is Ugra Tara only . Spiritual practitioners who surrender to this Goddess , obtain all wealth as her kind ‘ Prasad ‘ and all their troubles are destroyed .

The eighth form of the Dash Maha Vidyas is of the Goddess ‘ Bagala Mukhi ‘ . This Goddess is worshipped to remove the material , spiritual troubles of societies , countries and also to subdue enemies . Lord Vishnu , Parshuram were devotees of this Goddess . Shree Venkateshwar Swami of the sacred place of Tirumala had worshipped this Goddess in the form of Mother .

The ninth form of the Dash Maha Vidyas is of ‘ Mother Matangi ‘. The Mother ‘ Matangi ‘ only holds the power to make a man’s family life happy and to help attain all the joys and duties of a man .This Goddess is also considered as the daughter of the Sage ‘ Matanga ‘.

The tenth form of the Dash Maha Vidyas is of Mother ‘ Kamalalaya ‘ . This Goddess give wealth , happiness . The sage Bhargav had worshipped this mother , hence she is called by the name ‘ Bhargavi ;. By the grace of this mother , overlordship of the earth as well as superiority amongst men , both are obtained . This Goddess herself is with Shree Venkateshwar Swami in the form of Padmawati at the sacred place of Tirumala .

Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ If Anagha Devi , the Dash Maha Vidyas and her Lord Anagh ( meaning Datta Prabhu himself ) are worshipped , the eight Siddhis are obtained . The Ashtami of the Krishna Paksha ( New Moon fortnight ) of every month should be considered as ‘ Anagha Ashtami ‘ and Mother Anagha should be worshipped ( on that day ) . By this worship of yours , all your desires will be fulfilled . Prabhu further said , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! The Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut composed by you should be read , and on the following Ashtami of the Shuddha or Krishna Paksha , the ‘ Anagha Ashtami ‘ worship should be performed and eleven men should be fed or the grains or


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II food sufficient to feed them should be donated . By such reading and distribution of food , you definitely get the desired results . “

Greatness of reading the Charitramrut

Prabhu further said , “ Do not consider this ‘ Charitramrut ‘ as a mere book . This is a live flow of great consciousness . While you are reading this ,t he power of each letter in this flows in my consciousness . Unknowingly , an emotional bond is established with me . Therefore all your right wishes are fulfilled by my grace . Just be keeping this ‘ King of all Granthas ( Books ) ‘ at the place of worship in your house ,auspicious vibrations are created from it . These vibrations drive away evil forces , forces that bring misfortunes .

If the Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitrmarut is criticized knowingly or unknowingly , the fruit of earlier good deeds of the person criticizing is taken away by the God of Religion ( Dharma Devta ) and distributed to deserving beings . In this way , the faithful devotee , even if poor , becomes fortunate and the faithless person becomes poor . This book is true to its every letter ( Every letter in this book is true ) . This book itself is a proof of this . The curious can examine this . It is alright if this book is read with some desire in mind . In order to purify your life , this book should be read with great faith .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 32 II

Description of the Nawa Nathas

Account of the Nawa Nathas

Touching the Divine feet of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , I asked him a question , “ Great Lord ! I had heard that the Siddha Yogis renowned as ‘ Nawanathas ‘ are all partial incarnations of Shree Datta Prabhu . Our humble prayer at the feet of the Lord that he gives detailed knowledge regarding this subject . “

As soon as he heard the name of Nawanathas , it felt as if the immortal nectar became outward and began to be showered on the creation from both the eyes of Shreepad Prabhu . Love was being showered from his sight . He said very happily , “ Listeners , Machchhendra , Goraksh , Jalandhar , Gahani , Adabhang , Chaurang , Bhartari , Charpat and Nagnath are the Nawanathas ( Nine Nathas ) . Only by remembering them , auspicious fruit is obtained . Shree Datta Prabhu has endless grace on those who remember the Nawanathas . Before the beginning of the Kaliyug , Shrikrishna discussed with the great devotee Uddhav and also with all the Yadavas and remembered the Nava Narayanas , who are today called as the ‘ Nawanathas ‘ .

Emperor Rishabh had a hundred sons . Of them , the nine ones born with parts of Narayan are called Nava – Narayanas . Their names were : 1. Kavi 2. Hari 3. Antariksha 4. Prabuddha 5. Pippalayan 6. Avirhotra 7. Drumila 8. Chamas 9. Karbhajan . All these were accomplished men in the Awadhoot state . Are pr my orders , these Nava Narayans again incarnated on the earth in the name of the ‘ Nawa Nathas ‘ to establish religion . The first son Kavi was born in the name of ‘ Machchhindranath ‘ . Antariksh was born as ‘ Jalandar ‘ . Prabuddha was born as his disciple by the name of ‘ Kanifa ‘ . Pippalayan was born as ‘ Charpatnath ‘ . Avirhotra was born as ‘ Nageshnath ‘ . Drumil was born in the name of ‘ Bhartari nath ‘ . Chamas was born in the form of ‘ Rewan Nath ‘ and Karbhajan was born in the name of ‘ Gahani Nath ‘ . Due to some reason , Brahmadeva’s brilliance fell at many places in the nature . The great Sage Vyas had said in his Bhavishya Puran that many sages will be born from that .

There was a Vasu called ‘ Uparichar Vasu ‘ . Once he saw Urvashi and became very attracted to her . At that time , his semen flowed and fell in the waters of the Yamuna . It was swallowed by a fish . From this fish , Machchhendranath was born . The Lord of lust , Manmath , was burnt to ashes by Shiva by the fire from his forehead . Manmath ‘s soul remained in the subtle form in these ashes . When Brihadrath did a sacrifice , from that sacrifice pot , Jalandhar Nath emerged . The River Rewa is the Narmada river of today . From the Brahma brilliance fallen in this river , Revan Siddha was born . Once , a little brilliance of Brahma had fallen on the head of a cobra ; a female cobra ate it thinking it to be a prey . By this , that female cobra became pregnant . At that same time , King Janmejaya was performing the snake sacrifice to destroy all cobras , snakes . With the chanting of Mantras by the Brahmins , hundreds of snakes ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II cobras started falling in the sacrifice pot . In order to save her from this terrible snake sacrifice , Takshakas’s daughter was hid in a burrow in the trunk of a big banyan tree . Since Arvi hotra was to be born from that womb – hole , keeping that egg in that burrow , Takshaka’s daughter went to her own place . In due course of time , Vata Siddha Nagnath was born . Once when Machchhendranath was travelling the country , he had put up at a place . Many people used to come for his Darshan . A sterile lady narrated greeted Machchhendranath and narrated her sorrow . Nath gave her sacred ash chanting a Mantra . But not believing in it , that lady threw it in garbage . By the infallible power of that ash , Goraksh Nath was born . Brahma , who was performing priesthood during the marriage of Parvati , fell for her , seeing her extreme beauty and he discharged his semen . He was very much ashamed of this act and he wiped it on to his thigh . At that moment , it was split into sixty thousand parts and from it sixty thousand sages called the ‘ Valkhilyas ‘ were born . Some part remained of it , which was thrown in the river Bhagirathi , considering it to be dirt . That waste remained entangled in the weeds of the river . Pippalayan’s soul entered it and Charpat Nath was born .

The sage Kolika kept the vessel his alms outside his hut , while going out . The Great Sage came to know that the Sun’s brilliance fell into that vessel at the same time . He preserved that vessel there itself . The word ‘ Bhartari ‘ means the vessel for alms . Since one of the Nawa Nathas was born from that same vessel , he was named ‘ Bhartari Nath ‘ . An elephant was sleeping in a dense forest on a mountain in the Himalayas . Once Lord Brahma Dev was attracted by Saraswati and he discharged his semen . It fell in the ear of the sleeping elephant . Prabuddha got life from that ear itself and he was born . Since he had taken birth from an ear , this Nath was named as ‘ Kanifa ‘ . Goraksha drew a human figure in the soil , while chanting the Sanjiwani Mantra . Karbhaajan got life from that figure by the Sanjiwani Mantra and he took incarnation by the name of Gahini Nath . By the orders of Shrikrishna , these nine Narayanas preserved their gross bodies in the state of Samadhi on the Manda mountain and by partial incarnations by the name of Nawa Nathas , took birth on the earth . The incarnations of these Nawa Nathas had taken place for the great mission of establishing Dharma only . We were spellbound listening to this amazing description regarding the birth of the Nawa Nathas , from Shreepad Prabhu . We fell at Shreepad Prabhu’s feet and cried Victory Chants of him . After this , I asked him a question , “ My Lord ! You have said that the incarnations of the Nawa Nathas are partial incarnations of the Nawa Narayanas . Is there any difference between the Nawa Nathas and the Nawa Narayanas ? “

Looking towards us by his loving , Divine sight , Shreepad Prabhu smiled mildly and said , “ Listeners ! I am the only Maha Sankalp ( Great Wish ) for this entire universe . The Sankalpas ( wishes ) of the missions of Gods and Goddesses are also parts of my Maha Sankalpas ( Great Wish ) . These Sankalpas have a little bit of independence . This independence is only equivalent to the independence given to a cow tied by a rope to a tree in the farm for grazing . Similarly , independence is given to partial incarnations according to the religious tents . But the missions come from the Original Principles only . The duty of the partial incarnations is to regulate them properly . If any problem arises , partial incarnations request the Original Principle to solve these problems . Taking permission from the Original principle , they favour the living beings . In these partial incarnations , human evils like anger , greed , lust , pride ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II jealousy , ego are not present . Therefore , the power of the Original Principle is also found in the partial incarnations . Due to this reason , there is no difference in the complete incarnation and the partial incarnations .”


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 33 II

Shreepad himself performed the marriage between Ramani and Narsimha Raidu

We both took leave of Shreepad Prabhu . He said , “ Sons ! You leave from here and go to Shree Peethhikapur . My auspicious blessings are with you . “ Obeying the Great Guru’s order , both of us crossed the Krishna river and reached the opposite banks . There we saw the footprints of Shreepad on a stone . Shreepad Prabhu used to stand on that stone itself and worship the sun daily ( by performing the Surya Namaskaras) . We were thrilled to find the Lotus feet of Shree there and we were very happy .

We reached the village of Panchdev Pahad . Taking a little food there , we resumed our further journey . While walking a trail in a jowar farm , the farm owner welcomed us . His name was Narsimha Raidu . He had built his house in the farm itself and he used to stay there only . He gave us delicious fruit to eat and sweet butter – milk . He expressed his desire that we rest for a day at his house and accept his hospitality . Respecting his request , we stayed there for a day . He started to describe the greatness of the Divine Acts of the Lotus feet of Shree , ‘ Sons ! My name is Narsimha Raidu . I was very weak and a scared child when I was young . My parents passed away when I was only a child . I grew up in the shelter of my maternal uncle . My maternal aunt was very hot – tempered . I had to do a lot of domestic work as well as jobs in the field . My maternal uncle had a daughter . Her name was Ramani . She was more beautiful than all girls of our caste in the entire village . She had good qualities and she had faith in God . She used to worship Shrikrishna as her adored God . My aunt used to give me stale food to eat . She could be able to not tolerate this . My diet was very frugal . Nobody had respect for me in the house . But there used to be mountains of work . Ramani used to steal fresh food and delicious fruits for me . Sometimes , if my aunt would see this , she used to scold her , along with me too . My uncle was a very good natured man , but he could do nothing in front of her . He was weak in front of her . Sometimes , my aunt used to call boys from our caste , who used to be stronger than me , to beat me up . By these beatings , my weakness and fear increased further . I used to feel helpless and weak even in front of boys younger but stronger than me . They used to tease me . In this way , I was leading a troubled life . “

Since our Ramani was beautiful , all the young boys of our caste in our village desired to marry her . But she wanted to marry me . Not only did I not have any money , but it was also a question how this could be possible due to my weak body and timid nature . My uncle was wealthy , rich . He was good – natured ,but he was very much greedy for money . My aunt was cruel , but if praised , she used to be fooled .

Our Ramani used to daily pray to Shrikrishna that only I should become her husband . Once a false pretender Sadhu came to our village . News spread in our village that he is a devotee of Kali and has knowledge of the past , the present and the future . He had the knowledge to learn about the past and the present . The future that he had predicted in the village had come Hundred Per Cent true . He hypnotized my aunt and convinced her to do ‘ Kali Puja ‘ in the house .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II He made her do all preparations .He asked her to throw the Shrikrishna idol of Ramani’s worship out of the house , for which my aunt agreed . Ramani suffered in pain . She started crying , but everything was in vain . That false Sadhu began the worship rituals . He sacrificed many hens , the place of worship was a terrible sight with so much blood of hens . Even human skulls and the materials of worship used in crematoria were brought in the house .’ After that worship is over , at a designated place in the house , great wealth will be found . By that wealth , great prosperity will come in the family ‘ , by these words , the false Sadhu won everybody’s confidence .

That Sadhu knew the art of attracting people . He planned to snatch our Ramani’s virginity by the use of that art . For that , he used to perform strange rituals in the house ; because of that Ramani’s health started deteriorating . Even her behavior changed . She started drinking blood at midnight . She was given blood by killing hens and goats . The Sadhu said that Mother Kalika has entered her body . Therefore , she is drinking blood . The Mother is not pacified without blood . And also untold wealth will not be obtained . After Mother Kalika goes out of her body , this girl will return to her normal self . The house was filled with bizarre activities . Suddenly, vessels of the house filled with cooked food used to start dropping in the well . At midnight , human skeletons started appearing in the house ; similarly , bizarre shapes used to be visible and terrible sounds heard . Our house had tuned into a crematorium . Our uncle did not have the courage to drive out that Sadhu . Aunt was in the hope that after tolerating these troubles for a few days , great wealth will be obtained . In short , the situation was worrisome and confusing .

Suddenly one day , that Sadhu went near Ramani at night . The process of attracting her had been completed . The Sadhu went very near her with the thought that she will listen to whatever he says and will fulfill his desire . Ramani cried loudly and hit the head of that false Sadhu with a heavy item nearby . Even she had not thought that she will behave in that way . The Sadhu could not understand that a person could behave in this way even after being hypnotized .

Shreepad’s principle of being with the distressed in their troubles

Next day morning , a poor Brahmin came to our door for alms . Ramani said to the Brahmin , ‘ There is a presence of many ghosts and dead bodies in our house . If you want , take them in the form of alms ‘ . The Brahmin refused this .

The face of that Brahmin was very peaceful and radiant . My uncle came out and said , ‘ The situation in our house is very troublesome ; you may accept as alms the evil forces responsible for this situation . ‘ At the same time , aunt also came out of the house and said that there is nothing in the house to give him . He may accept the poverty in their house as alms . At that time , I , too , was there . I said , “ Swami ! I have an ancestral silver medallion . If you permit , I offer you that medallion , you may accept it as alms . “ He accepted that . At that same time , that false Sadhu brought human skulls from the crematorium . He said stubbornly , “ O Brahmin who is begging for alms ! Even if you refuse , I will give you this human skull in alms ; you accept it . “ That Brahmin did not take that alms .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Suddenly a Divine light was seen in our house and that Brahmin who had come for alms disappeared . Because of that Divine light , the Sadhu’s body started burning terribly . The rays of that light fell upon Ramani and she instantly became normal . Aunt fell down upon the ground with a stroke . Uncle started shivering with fear . But I got great courage . Strength entered my body and I started feeling strong myself . Blood started to flow from the mouth of that Mantrik and all powers in him got destroyed .

That Divine brilliant light transformed into a human form . That form was the Divine Glorius form of light of Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself , who is always with the troubled beings in their distress , who is the form of all Gods and Goddesses , who has no beginning , middle and end .

Shreepad Shree Vallabh said , “ Actually seeing , Mother Kali destroys the demons of anger , lust etc. hidden in the human being . She never asks for hens , goats etc . The demonic forces of this world of life forces , take the garb of Kalika and ask for the sacrifice of different animals . The auspicious qualities of the real Kali are Love , Peace , Kindness etc.”

The demonic powers , devilish powers , ghost powers , powers of dead bodies etc. in this universe of life forces demonstrate their evil powers saying that they are Gods . Inferior Mantrikas , by worshipping them , spread a great nuisance in these worlds . Different souls of dead bodies in this world can take the bodies of Gods , but remember that the Divine Powers of those Gods are not in them . “ Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ I have promised that I am born to protect the Dharma . According to that , Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s incarnation has taken place for establishing religion . This incarnation is a combination of Kindness , Peace , Love , Compassion and infinite powers of these .

Purifying our house , we drove away the false Sadhu . By Shreepad’s grace , aunt got cured .

Shreepad blessed us and by his own hands he performed my marriage with Ramani . She was just 12 years of age then . Shree Prabhu’s residence was in Peethhikapur only ; by an illusory form , he also used to stay in the village of Panchdev Pahad . He had given us this sacred grain . He had asked us to give some of that grain to two persons named Shankar Bhatt and Dharmagupta who will come . Oh ! Such Divine form is of Shreepad Shree Vallabh .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 34 II

Account of Sharabheshwar

Both of us travelled continuously for a few days and reached a village . In the journey , we were walking remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh and his incomparable Divine deeds . We were also given hospitality on the way . Sometimes , we went on a bullock cart , or sometimes we went on a horse cart , while sometimes we went on foot . In this way our journey was going on . On the way in our journey , we were treated to hospitality by the devotees of Shreepad Prabhu . All these were the Divine acts of Shreepad Prabhu from behind the screens .

On reaching that village ,we saw the household goods being thrown out from a Brahmin’s house . His wife and sons were in the house only . That Brahmin had taken some money from a creditor ( money – lender ) . He could not return that money . Once that money – lender stopped that Brahmin in his way only and marking a circle by coal , around him , warned him not to come out of that circle . The money – lender said angrily , “ Taking the oath of your sacred thread , tell me , in how many days will you return my money ? “ The Brahmin promised that he will return his money in two weeks . But since he could not arrange the money in fifteen days , his word was not honoured . Since he had paid the money after the period was over , that money – lender was bringing the Brahmin( ‘s house ) onto the streets . The Brahmin and his children , wife , all of them were looking with distress . All people were looking at this ( spectacle ) as if it were a drama . But none of them had the courage to tell to give more period of days to the Brahmin .

Test of devotion and protection of devotees by Shreepad

Shree Dharmagupta felt pity seeing the state of the Brahmin , but he did not have money in hand to help him . I was anyway without any money . But mustering courage , I said , “ Friends ! Kindly have mercy in this weak Brahmin and give him a time limit of two more months . In this period , by the kind grace of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , his troubles will be over . Think a little bit coolly . Consider that the responsibility of repaying the debt is mine “ . I said this for the sake of saying ; but then I became very scared in my mind . On this , that money – lender said , “ Ok ! Believing your words , I give another time period of two months . Until my money is fully repaid , both of you should not go anywhere from here . If he does not repay my money in the agreed period , I will not only capture his house , but I will also take both of you to the court as you are the mediators ( guarantors ) . Then both of you will equally be liable to whatever sentence the judge gives . “

Dharmagupta and myself felt it only impossible to repay the Brahmin’s money in the given time interval . Before thinking twice , without thinking whether we could do it or not , I had given my word without proper thought . I cursed myself for my rash behavior . It was not right to blame Shreepad for this . I put poor Dharmagupta in trouble along with me . This sin also occurred from me . This was a burning example of how great trouble occurred because of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II no control over the tongue . But there is no end to the Divine kindness of Prabhu , it is limitless . In such circumstances , devotion towards Prabhu becomes stronger , or the man shuns faith . But Dharmagupta did not seem to be worried . He said , “ Shankar Bhatta ! You should not think about the events that have already occurred . Events that have already occurred , occurring presently and that are going to occur in the future are all the Divine games of Prabhu . Whatever is our destiny written by Brahma , will only occur . That will never fail . “

The Brahmin had become completely penniless and poor . He and everybody in his family started starving . Since we were guests in their house , we too also used to starve , such was the miserable situation . By Shreepad’s grace , we got a place to stay . We were thanking him for this . We felt a firm belief that when hunger , thirst and tiredness had struck and also when creditors had come , Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s name in the only remedy for protection . We decided to chant Shreepad’s name after our bath and Morning Sandhya . That Brahmin did not even have an oil – wick in his house to light in front of God . We were chanting the Jap , ‘ Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye ‘ in a loud voice ; all the people in the house were also reciting this Mantra along with us . All young and old men from the neighbourhood assembled and started chanting the name with great emotion of devotion .

‘ Some farmer has come to the Brahmin’ house . He has taken the responsibility of repaying the Brahmin’ s debt .’ During that period , news spread everywhere that I am a disciple of a Mahatma and by my Divine Powers only , am ready to repay the Brahmin’s debt . This was what they thought . They spread in the entire village that I am a very big astrologer . In that village , the farmer’s were in a habit of gambling . The farmers were betting on the question whether I will repay the Brahmin’s debt or no . Had I not repaid the Brahmin’ s debt , we would have had to face the court . Because of me , Dharmagupta also fell in trouble . People were betting on my dry promise . This was some sort of a gamble only . We were not knowing what to do . In this situation , we took refuge in remembering Shreepad’s name only . I thought I was not fit for that too . The news that I am a big astrologer , that I have Divine powers was also spreading . But I was sitting only in the belief that the Divine Lotus feet of Shreepad , who enjoyed Divine Leelas every moment , will save me from this . I remembered the Sentence uttered by Sage Narad to Shree Maha Vishnu , ‘ Satya Vidhatum Nija Bhrutya Bhashitam ‘ . It is the responsibility of Narayan only to make true the words used by Narayana’s devotees .

A scholar and a very big Mantra Shastri named Sharabheshwar Shastri live in that village . The soul of a dead body had his grace upon him ; by his support he predicted the past , present and the future accurately . Farmers who had bet , went to Sharabheshwar to know what will happen to their bets . That soul of the dead body said that the Brahmin cannot repay the money . After this , betting was on rampage and bets of a hundred Varahas were made . The betters were very enthusiastic to decide whether Sharabheshwar Shastri is big or Shankar Bhatt is big .

Finally ,we were taken to the old palace and preparations were made to take us to court . I had disappointed the Brahmin after showing him hope . I had also pushed Dharmagupta in trouble along with me . I could not understand


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II what could be the hidden meaning of this Divine pastime of Shreepad Prabhu . I was educated a bit , but I had no spiritual power of any kind , I knew nothing of about astrology , I had absolutely no knowledge of Japas , penances , Yoga practices , Elaborate religious practices . I had decided in my curiosity to write about Shreepad , but I did not deserve that . Save me from this and deliver me . Finally everything depends upon your wish . I prayed pleadingly to the feet of Shreepad Prabhu . I suddenly got the courage I never used to have . A strong belief arose in my mind that whatever is going to happen will happen ; but Shreepad Shree Vallabh will protect me from this and save me .

Sharabheshwar Shastri had a sister . She stayed in the same village . One day she dreamt in the early morning . In that dream , she saw that she had great fever , her husband died and she became a widow . She asked her brother Sharabheshwar Shastri about the interpretation of the dream . Sharabheshwar asked the soul of the dead body present there about that dream . that soul of the dead body said that when he husband had gone to a foreign country , on the way itself , thieves surrounded him and looting all ( his ) wealth killed him .

Hearing this , she started lamenting her husband’s death loudly , started blaming her destiny . At that time , some people came to her house , started comforting her saying that a Great Scholar named Shankar Bhatt , has come in our own village . He has the knowledge about occurrences of events . Shreepad Shree Vallabh Prabhu is his adulated God ; know what the truth from him is . Thus they advised . She had not heard of a scholar bigger than her brother . The desire to take Shankar Bhatt’s blessings arose in her mind .

She came to our house and prayed very humbly , “ Brother ! Protect me . “ My heart melted hearing that . I remembered that I have a little of the sacred grain obtained by the farmer from Shreepad in the marriage ceremony of Panchdev Pahad and Divine inspiration arose in me since these sacred grain had been obtained from Shreepad Shree Vallabh himself . O got the firm belief she will surely be protected . I called that lady and said , “ Lady ! Take this sacred grain and keep it safely at your place of worship . Your husband will meet you in a very few days . This is the truth . The absolute truth . “

Some farmers told this news to Sharabheshwar Shastri ; hearing that he was very angry on his sister . She decided that , ‘ If my husband comes home safely , I will not only pay that Brahmin’s debt , but also make Shankar Bhatt my Guru , and remembering the name of Shreepad Shree Vallabha , worship him . “

Three days passed . In these three days , the farmers brought food grains for us . These farmers only had bet on me . Had I won , they would also have won and they would also have got the money from those bets .

After three days , on the fourth day , the husband of Sharabheshwar Shastri’s sister returned home safely after his journey to foreign countries . That Brahmin lady’s joy knew no bounds . She was sure that her fortune was alive due to


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II the power of those sacred grains only . Thieves had tried to kill her husband in the way . But a Yavana wrestler had intervened and had protected that Brahmin by killing those thieves .

Oh ! Shreepad’s greatness is unfathomable ! Cannot be changed . Sharabheshwar Shastri’s pride was destroyed . Since my prediction had proved to be true , the debt of the owner of the house where we were staying was repaid by Sharabheshwar Shastri and requested that both of us should accept hospitality at his house . We agreed to that .

Sharabheshwar Shastri said , “ Son ! Goddess Dhoomrawati is one of the Dasha Maha Vidyas . I am her worshipper . She is a very furious Goddess . But is she is pleased , she destroys all things like disease , sorrow . If she is angry , she destroys all joys , all good desires . If we surrender to this Goddess , all troubles are destroyed and all wealth is obtained . If she is angry , starvation , quarrels , poverty etc . arise . This mother’s grace is upon me . This mother’s worship is necessary to deliver the people troubled due to possession . For the general good , I served the Goddess free for a few days . But after a few days , greed for money arose in me and I started taking more money . Mother did not like this . In this same period , I established a relation with a powerful soul of a dead body . By his help , I obtained the power to foretell the past , present and the future . You should never worship souls of dead bodies . If you worship , then the wealth obtained by his power , should be distributed in charity for the service of the common man to the poor , penniless . If this is done , the soul of the dead body always remains in our control . If this is not done , that soul of the dead body tells wrong future and creates a situation in which his worshipper is insulted and is made poor . Not only this , that living being , too, has a danger . If we behave selfishly , our ( reservoir of ) pious deeds reduces . Then that soul of the dead body creates mountains of troubles for us . It is not easy to come out of it . I got wealth without thinking properly and always saw my selfish interests only . Therefore that soul of the dead body put me into trouble by predicting wrong future and I was also insulted . From today onwards , only you are my Guru ; kindly accept me as your disciple , this is my humble request . “ On this I said , “ Son ! The ownership of this nature , this natural world is with Shreepad Shree Vallabh only . There is no Guru other than him . If I accept to be your Guru with pride , I will have to suffer something more than your insult . When we were returning from Kurugaddi , Shreepad had described briefly about the Dasha Maha Vidyas ; the remainder he is going to tell at the appropriate time . He has told us about Kali , about Dhoomrawati of these Dasha Maha Vidyas . Son ! You do not make me a Guru . Shreepad does these miracles of putting his devotees in trouble and releasing them from these ( troubles ) . The only great practice of the material and the spiritual world is to always remember the name of Shreepad . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 35 II

Description of Ugra Tara Devi

Shreepad’s punishment and forgiveness for the Evil Deeds of the worshippers of the Goddess Tara

Taking permission from Sharabheshwar Shastri , we started our further journey . We were marching on our way remembering the holy name of Shreepad Shree Vallabh only . Reaching a little distance , we saw an Ashram . A Great accomplished Sage was living in the Ashram . That great sage had fully renounced the world and had worn saffron robes . Two disciples were standing at the door . Seeing us , they asked us the question , “ You are Shankar Bhatt and Dharmagupta only , aren’t you ? “ We replied , ‘ Yes , We are . ‘ They took us inside . An idol of Goddess Tara was there . We realized that the Great Accomplished Sage was a worshipper of the Goddess Tara . It was noon . After the worship , there were Bhajans and after the Bhajans ,we were offered food .

The accomplished sage said , “ Shreepad had already foretold us about your visit . The hospitality given to you was by the orders of Shree Prabhu only . I am a worshipper of Goddess Tara . Since this Mother always gives liberation to her devotees and protects them , this Mother was named ‘ Goddess Tara ‘ and this itself came in practice . By her grace , you suddenly get ‘ the Vacha Siddhi – the Siddhi ( Potency ) of speech ‘ as the Prasad , hence she was also named ‘ Neel Saraswati ‘ . This Mother protects devotees from very big troubles . In ancient times , there were three who had the name ‘ Haya Greeva ‘ : 1. An incarnation of Vishnu – Hayagreeva 2.The Great Sage Hayagreeva and 3 . The demon Hayagreeva . Since the Goddess Tara killed the demon Hayagreeva , she became renowned as ‘ Neela Vigraha Rupini ‘ . By the grace of this Goddess , even a very ordinary man also becomes wise as ‘ Brihaspati ‘ . In the Bharat Varsha ( India ) , the Maharshi ( The great sage ) Vasishthha , was the first to worship the Goddess Tara . Due to that reason itself , this mother got the name , ‘ Vasishthha Aradhita ‘ . I am a worshipper of Goddess Tara . But I never got the Darshan of Mother Tara . I took the Darshan of the Ugra Tara Peethha in the village of Mahishi in the country of Mithila . At this location , the three idols of Tara , Ekajara and Neel Saraswati are together at one place only . There is a tall idol at the centre and there are two idols of a smaller size on both sides . The young and old people of the village told that the Great Sage Vasishthha had worshipped Tara and accomplished perfection here only .

As I stepped out after taking the Darshan of Goddess Ugra Tara , I saw an attractive and beautiful form of a girl in front . The sound of anklets of that girl was very melodius to hear . AS the girl walked , the sound of her anklets , ‘ Chham , Chham ‘ , was echoing in my heart . That girl asked me a question , “ Son ! How long and where will you wander ? You are wandering these worlds for my Darshan only , isn’t it ? This is true , isn’t it ? “ I was surprised to hear this . I thought for a moment whether she herself was Goddess Tara , or not ? But at the next instant , I felt that she was some other girl talking that way . The Goddess Tara is seated on the head of Shiva with a Divine Pose , she has three eyes and is of blue colour and she holds a scissor , lotus and sword in her hands . She wears tiger skin and


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II wearing a garland of skulls around her neck , that Goddess is the one who gives material pleasures and liberation ; this is the true form of that auspicious Goddess . Seeing that beautiful and attractive form of the 12 – 13 year old girl , I was in a state of amazement only . I was speechless . At that same time , the body of the girl was filled with light and becoming very brilliant , she suddenly took the form of a boy . The eyes of the boy were full of compassion and were peaceful like the eyes of Yogis ; his colour was like Gold ; that form was very Divine and brilliant . That boy had anklets in both legs . The boy asked me , “ These anklets in my legs have become very tight , can you remove them ? “ I agreed and softly removed those Divine anklets from his legs . Then that boy said , “ Keep both these anklets near you . There is life – force ( Praana ) in them . Where you should go , what you should eat , whom you should talk to , all these things will be decided by these anklets only . “

Saying so , that boy disappeared . Taking Darshan of Mother Kali in Kalighat , I went southward . I took the Darshan of the very holy place of Puri . I took the Darshan of the holy place of Simhachal in the south . Due to my prior good destiny only , I reached Peethhikapur which is the holy place of Paad Gaya . There I took Darshan of Shree Kukkuteshwar Swami . ( I ) Took the Darshan of Swayambhu Dattatreya . There was a snake hole near the idol of Swayambhu Dattatreya . There was a snake – God in that hole . After I took the Darshan of Datta , that snake also gave me Darshan . By the Darshan of the snake only , the Kundalini in we awakened . My body did not remain in my control . I was wandering here and there like a madman and was chanting the name of Goddess Tara loudly . By coincidence , I came in front of the house of a Kshatriya landlord named ‘ Narsimha Verma ‘ . The form of the girl seen in the village of Mahishi again came in front of my eyes . But that girl very shortly transformed into the form of a boy . That same Divine , Brilliant boy who had given me Darshan , was in front of my eyes only . Shree Verma had a different kind of a horse – cart in his house . That Divine boy wanted to go to his mother’s house sitting in that horse – cart . Shree Verma arranged for a servant . He came there. That child also made that servant sit in that horse – cart . And asked me to pull that horse – cart . I said I will not pull . That boy said , “ If you do not pull , I will peel off your skin and prepare footwear from that and wear it . I am a cobbler only . It is my hereditary occupation to stitch footwear by removing skin . Skin of an animal like you is superior than the skin of cows or buffaloes . “

I agreed to pull that cart even though I did not want to . There was a stick in the hands of the boy . I had to labour hard to pull that cart . That Divine child was continuously hitting me with the stick in his hand . The weight of only those two was equal to the weight of twenty men . As I was pulling the cart with great effort , that child was hitting me hard with his stick as if to rub salt into the wounds . Blood began to flow from my back and bearing that pain somehow , I brought that cart up to the house of the child’s mother .

The servant with the child could not bear my situation . But the child was behaving very cruelly for his enjoyment .The child warned his servant that if he showed kindness on this evil soul ( me ) , he also would be eligible for punishment . I did not have a cloth for the upper portion of my body ; blood streams were flowing continuously . That child went


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II inside the house and brought chilly powder and applied it to my body . However , I had the anklets got in the village of Mahishi to my waist .

At that time , the Grandmother of that child , the idol of purity , Rajamamba came out . Her other name was ‘ Punya Rupini ‘ . As I took her Darshan , the pain in my body subsided . Her husband was the renowned Satya Rushishwar by the name of Bapanaryulu . He said , “ Son ! you are from which village , where have you come from ? You may go after taking rest for some time and eating . “ He used the Hindusthani language . That servant , described the harsh treatment given by Shreepad to his grandparents.

Then Shreepad said , “ Grandmother ! This servant is clearly telling lies ; blood has just not flown from this man’s body . Those were currents of sweat . I did not apply chilly powder to him . It was sandalwood paste . If you want , ask that servant to inspect . “ That servant inspected . Whatever Shreepad had said , that only turned out to be perfectly true . At that time , Bapanaryulu said , “ Shreepada ! You have taken the vow of speaking the truth . If you say there are streams of blood , only streams of blood will be seen . If you say sandalwood paste , only that will be seen . I feel that since whatever you say , only that is seen ; this means that you are the form of Goddess Ugra Tara herself . I had heard that by the grace of Goddess Ugra Tara , potency of speech ( that means whatever you say turns out to be true ) is obtained . But now I have seen that in front of me myself . Like Goddess Ugra Tara , you can change the qualities of any object by your mere will only . Now stopping your Divine Leela ( enjoyment ) , put your kind glance on this unfortunate one . “ At this time , Shreepad said , “ Grandfather ! You talked a little more . You said that I will make a wish and that wish will immediately materialise . How far is this true ? Or untrue ? The decision can be taken on the basis of Shastras only . Anyway , this stranger is a Good Brahmin , he is a worshipper of Goddess Ugra Tara ; all this is true , but he took Sannyas ( renunciation ) without the permission of his Guru and he took Sannyas of his own accord as he felt it to be right . His father took great pains and nurtured him and grew him up . His mother had to suffer a lot of pains during her pregnancy . When he was born , his mother had bled a lot . His mother had suffered pains like the pain which is experienced when chilly powder is applied to bleeding wounds . Both of them are not in this world now and by previous good destiny , are both born in Peethhikapur . “

Result of residing in Kashi

“ The servant in the house of Narsimha Verma is none other than the father of the stranger of a previous birth . His wife is his mother of that birth . It is a sin only to not offer the Pinda in a proper manner to the elders who are dead . Since this stranger renounced the world , he did not offer Pinda to his parents . His sinful deeds and also his good deeds only pulled him here at this sacred place of Paad Gaya , Shree Peethhikapur . He experienced the fruit of his sinful deeds in a distressful way only . All his bad effects were destroyed . A child is in mother’s womb for none months ; similarly , if a man stays for nine months , nine days and nine hours at Kashi , he is liberated from the curses of his forefathers . The sacred place of Shree Peethhikapur is equal to Kashi . If this stranger serves his parents of


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II earlier birth , he will be liberated from the curses of his forefathers . “ Saying so , Shreepad Prabhu became silent . I served my parents of earlier life as per the orders of Prabhu . I got his blessings . I kept the anklets that I had got from him safely at my place of worship . I got the spiritual accomplishment by the grace of Goddess Ugra Tara . By the powers of my Tantra , I started removing peoples’ sorrows , diseases .

Before you came here , Shreepad Shree Vallabh gave me a vision . He said , “ Two travelers by the name Shankar Bhatt and Dharmagupta will come here , give them proper hospitality and also arrange for their stay here and also give my anklets as a present to them . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 36 II

Account of Vedant Sharma

Worship of Matangi

Dharmagupta and myself , both resumed our journey taking the anklets got from Shreepad Prabhu as present . The whole night , the melodius sound of the anklets of his legs was echoing in our hearts . We had heard that the Omkara in the Anahat Chakra in the heart can be heard only after great practice . That night , however , we could experience it for ourselves . The melodius sound of those anklets was like the rhythmic music in various Ragas . Energy is transmitted from the Anahat Chakra to other Chakras . When that energy is being transmitted , a new energy is created from all the nerves in the body .

The sound of the anklets used to be heard only when we used to walk. It used to stop , as we stopped . We saw an Ashram in the farm of that side .We felt that a small village was next to it . There was a community of Dalits ( downtrodden ) near the boundary of the village . This Ashram was near the community only .

The sound of the anklets stopped as we reached near the Ashram . We felt that we will get some divine experience and that too will be some Divine Leela of Prabhu only . At that same time , a great Brilliant sage of around sixty years of age ,came out of the Ashram . After that , a Mother Yogini of around thirty years of age came out . Both of them took us inside the Ashram with great respect . And after we drank water , the great sage started narrating , “ My name is Vedant Sharma . Actually seeing , I am a resident of Peethhikapur . Now I am being recognized as Bangarayya . Her name is Bangaramma . I am a Brahmin by birth and this lady is of a low caste by birth . In our house , there is a Peethha of Goddess Matangi . Mother Matangi is one of the Dasha Maha Vidyas – we worship her only . “

Hearing this , I was thrilled . I was wondering that how this couple could be approved by religion as he was a Brahmin and that lady was from a low caste . We were given fruits , roots and herbs for meals . Bangarayya started narrating further , “ Sons ! When Arundhati requested the great sage Vasishthha to marry her, then the sage Vasishthha put a condition . He said , “ She should not oppose what I do . “ She agreed to this . The Maharshi burnt her to ashes seven times , yet she didn’t say anything . Because of this only , she got the name ‘ Arundhati ‘ . After this the great sage accepted her as his legitimate wife .

When I was in Peethhikapur , I married three times . All three wives died ,I could not get anybody’s company . I was very sad as to how difficult is my life . On this Shreepad laughed and said , ‘ Grandfather , I have seen another new grandmother for you . If you accept her as your legitimate wife without marrying her , you will get an excellent birth as Prasad . ‘


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Bapannaryulu was the Prseident of the Committee of Brahmins in Peethhikapur . In this regard , a meeting of the scholars of the Vedas should be held in the committee , was the opinion of the Brahmin society . It was decided that decisions regarding Dharma , Karma ( Duties ) should be taken after debating according to the Shastras . Scholars from different regions were sent invitations . I was given the responsibility to enlist who all should be invited .

After his Upanayan initiation , Shreepad did not study the Vedas like other boys . He did not memorise ( the stanzas of Vedas ) in front of his grandfather or father ; neither did he tell if he had memorized. But if anyone asked anything to test him , Shreepad used to promptly reply to him . Shreepad knew all the Vedas of Bapannarya . Not only this , but the summary of Vedas and its hidden meanings was child’s play for Shreepad . In short , Shreepad was a Veda scholar only . I decided to invite him too , in the committee .

The intention of the Brahmins was different only . The committee of Brahmins decided to boycott Appal Raju and Bapannarya from the caste . They sent a copy of it to Shree Shankaracharya and after his permission , they had in mind to drive both thee families out of Peethhikapur . When Shreepad told me their mind , I , too , became on the side of the Brahmins . Because a strange desire to become the President of the Brahmin committee had germinated in my mind .

Shreepad used to independently go to every body’s house and used to behave equally with everybody regardless of the differences in caste , persuasions etc . A couple named Bangarayya and Bangaramma lived in Peethhikapur . They had a great desire to meet Shreepad , to talk with him .

Shreepad expressed his desire that he wanted footwear of leather . His age was of fourteen years at that time . The elders in the house said that Brahmins should use wooden shoes , not leather ones . Thus subject reached the house of that cobbler family . That couple decided to offer leather footwear to Shreepad and fulfill their lives . Suddenly , Shreepad Shree Vallabh appeared in their house . His divine feet were measured . Bangaramma said , “ Great Lord ! I am thinking of stitching a sandal by removing my own skin . “ On this , Shreepad Shree Vallabh smiled mildly and he disappeared . We had a good cow in our house , she got an incurable disease and she died of that only . Removing the skin of that dead cow , purifying it , footwear was made out of it to give it to Shreepad Prabhu . As decided , meeting of the Veda scholars assembled , the debate began . The main topic of discussion was the debate held between Adi Shankar and Mandan Mishra at Kashi . Ubhaya Bharti Devi said that the test will be complete if Bharati Devi was also won in the debate . Ubhaya Bharati asked a question on the subject of Kamshastra . Adi Shankara’s knowledge was zero in that subject . He asked a period of six months’ for that . At that same time , the King of that state had died . Shankaracharya thought that without going against Dharma , he should get knowledge of Kamshastra . Adi Shankar used the knowledge of entering the body of others and he entered the body of the king by his subtle body . Shree Shankaracharya ordered his disciples to preserve his physical body , to come near the palace and talk with him in a code language if something urgent was to be told . The Queen realized some change , some newness in her king . She


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II recognized that the soul of some Mahatma had entered her husband’s body . The queen also understood that by attracting the consciousness from the world of life – force into the body of her dead husband , that divine soul was seeing the experience of conjugal happiness of the king and queen only as a witness and getting that knowledge . She realized that till the time the residence of that Divine soul is in her husband’s body , till that time his life force will remain in that body . She ordered that if there is any dead body that is not cremated in the town , that body should be cremated . The body of Shankaracharya was taken for cremation ; then the disciples immediately tried to indicate this topic to Shankaracharya who was in a royal garb in code language , but it was late . Adi Shankaracharya got back his hands and feet burnt in the fire by the kind grace of Shree Laxmi – Narsimha .

Marvelous conversation of Shreepad in the committee of Brahmins

Shreepad questioned the committee , ‘ You say that the soul can enter another body , only after he goes out of the first body , at one time ; but I ask you one question whether the soul can experience three – four bodies with the results of the deeds of three – four births at the same time ? “ The committee replied , ‘ This is a very complex subject . We do not have proofs of such happenings till now . “

Shreepad Prabhu addressing the committee , said , “ This has happened in the past . But you do not know it . It was due to a curse only , that Devendra had to take births of the Five Pandavas and Goddess Shachi had to take birth in the form of Draupadi ; she had to become the wife of the Pandavas . Even though Shachi – Purandar ( Indra ) , had taken birth on the earth , their original principle was definitely in heaven . Only Arjun got the pleasure of Draupadi in bed . She used to discuss about the topic of Mantras and their parts with Dharmaraj . She used to cook delicious food for Bheema like a mother . She used to appear in the form of Laxmi to Nakul . Sahadev had the knowledge of past , future and the present . Therefore , he used to express his desire that the future ( terrible ) events should occur very soon and the field battle should end fast ; therefore she used to behave even more patiently than Mother Earth with him . The Divine principle , the human principle and the insect principle are different . They should not be mixed together . “ On this , I said , “ In the ancient times , many such surprising things would have occurred , but in the present times , nothing like this occurs . “ Shreepad’s sharp sight fell upon me . He said , “ You married three women . All the three women died . Did all the three have different souls ? If not , did they have only one soul ? It is approved by religion that a man can marry three women . But is it approved by religion for one woman to marry three men ? Actually seeing , what is meant by soul ? what is meant by religion of marriage ? “

Suddenly , I said , “ A man can marry any number of women , but a woman does not have that right . “ Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Oh ! Are you bigger than the controller of the World ? Mandodari was renowned for the quality of complete dedication to her husband ( Pativrata ) . The atoms in her body were different when she was Vali’s wife . The particles in her body were different when she was Ravan’s wife . The body particles were different when she was Vibheeshana’s wife . Since the soul has no afflictions , it is not associated with any quality ( Guna ) . Therefore the soul


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II is always without afflictions , full of truth , pure and is very sacred . With the malicious Ravana , she behaved according to this only . When she was with Vibheeshana , she fulfilled her responsibility chiefly by becoming good . “

I became answerless . But after thinking for a while , said , ‘ If we accept the things told by you, we will have to accept polyandry . On this Shreepad said , “ This is Kaliyug . Here so many extra castes are being created . Birds – animals , trees , insects – germs are coming to human birth . By their different natures , new relations are being created . If relations are built in opposition to the Dharma , extra clans are formed . In the Kaliyug , such clans will definitely be destroyed . These extra clans are formed because of demonic energies . Due to this only , destruction of demons is required . Once a demon is destroyed , he does not get birth again . But ten demons in place of one are born in that place . Only the relations based upon Dharma last , hence everybody should follow the race , Gotra , Varnashram Dharma as per the law .

The emergence of the Divine soul happens intermittently . He has only one soul . If that soul emerges in the male form , the energy of that soul itself emerges in the female form . This itself is called as the ‘ Divine Couple ‘ . Such Divine souls are from the beginning till the end of the universe . The Original energy and the Original Divinity are in the non – dual form and in a state of union . “ Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ Now see , you only were the Brahmin named Vedant Sharma . You are born in the cobbler race by the name of Bangarayya . All this has happened in the same period itself . Your female power itself was born in the form of your three wives ,as the cobbler’s wife by the name Bangaramma . The cow in your house , which is just dead , was once upon a time , your wife only . The consciousness of your dead wife and the consciousness of that mother cow presently has mixed with the consciousness of the Grear Lady Bangaramma . It is definite that consciousness goes back to the original consciousness where it comes from . The mysteries of nature are very deep . To understand these , even the powers of the Saptarishis ( The Seven great sages ) is not sufficient . The body of Bangaramma is appointed for Bangarayya only . Therefore , this is not against Dharma ; you live with her . You will not get carnal pleasures from her . I have taken this decision , sitting in a sacred place . If nature comes in the way , we have to obey the Dharma , limitations of nature as per the laws . Bangaramma said that she will take out the skin from her own body and stitch footwear of that. I agreed to that . When that Bangaramma was alive only , without her knowing , she took the birth of a cow . Without her knowledge , she was born in the form of your three wives . When the consciousness was split in three – four bodies , then the consciousness in each of those bodies thinks that only he is there . He does not realize the unity of all these. It is said that in the Kaliyug , there will be five thousand types of mixing of races ( Kalau Panch Sahastrani Jayate Varnasankaraha ) . This means that mixing of clans is not told , only mixing of races ( Varnas ) is foretold . If clans are mixed , you have to go to inferior births . If Varnas are mixed , new castes full of new energy emerge . As a result of this , the new human castes get divinity . We have to create castes who have obtained divinity , on this earth . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II I know the real intention of this Brahmin committee . They have strongly in their minds to boycott my Grandfather and father from the clan . Therefore , I am boycotting Vedant Sharma from the clan . From today , your name will be ‘ Bangarayya ‘ in use . “

The entire committee was in confusion . A form of a flame entered me in front of everybody . At that same time only , Shreepad Shree Vallabh said , “ The flame of Bangarappa’s soul has dissolved in Vedant Sharma in front of your eyes only . You only decide whether he is a Brahmin or a Chandal . You boycotted us from the clan and also sought the permission of the Shankaracharya for that . What will the Shankaracharya do to me ? Without learning the Vedas from my Grandfather or my father , I can recite the Vedas in front of your eyes only . I can appear at many places at the same time . Even if the Shankaracharya comes in front of me , what fear do I have ? I will grace him by giving him Darshan in the form of his daily worshipped ‘ Sharda Chandra Maulishwar ‘ . At that time , he will have to accept me as God , as he will have no other alternative . His decision then , will be sorrowful to you . The Kshatriya committee , the Vaishya committee will not support your decision . If they stop priesthood , religious rituals , deeds , charity , grains , fee , then your condition , along with your children , will only be miserable . If you quarrel with me , you will be responsible for all the destruction . I am asking to follow the religion of the four Ashramas . I am saying that people of the eighteen races should live in happiness and contentment . You contribute to the establishment of Dharma by following the duties of your Dharma accurately . If that is not done , many calamities will fall. I will remain in place only , but only your situation will become troublesome . Nature has two ways of giving results . First is to suddenly make improvement and the second is to make improvements gradually . By the second method , you will also be given a period of time . If you do not improve yourself , it will be like inviting destruction only . I can also establish Dharma by destructing everything . “ So saying Shreepad became silent . Bangarappa further said , “ I did not anywhere have support in that situation ; wandering village after village , I reached here taking Bangaramma along with me . I am passing my life , having established the Goddess Matangi in this Ashram of ours . “

While passing this way , Shreepad Shree Vallabh came to this Ashram of ours . He blessed us and he said, “ After your body falls , you will again take birth in the Brahmin Varna due to past associations and Bangaramma will be born in the Shudra ( low ) caste . Then you will become husband – wife , you will also get an offspring . This child will get the opportunity to serve me at Kurugaddi . Be happy . “

Son ! this only is our account . You will come in this region , you will have his anklets . His orders to me are to take those anklets , and to give the leather footwear to you . “

“ We are worshippers of Goddess Matangi , the daughter of sage Matanga . If this mother is worshipped , you get good conjugal happiness . She is referred to as ‘ Raj Matangi ‘ , ‘ Karna Matangi ‘ etc . Once Shreepad Shree Vallabh gave Darshan in the physical form in this Ashram . Bangaramma was boiling milk at that time . She also saw the Mother cow , from whose skin this footwear was made , shaking her neck and walking in front of her . Shreepad accepted milk


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II from us . The idol of the Goddess Matangi worshipped by us , will go deep , many feet below the Audumbar tree in the Sansthan ( that is ) established in her name and there she would be served by many accomplished men . Calling Bangaramma , he said , ‘ Lady ! Your husband is very favourable . You will get all happiness from him in the next birth . A Golden Bindi ( an ornament married women wear on the forehead ) , has been kept prepared for you . Similarly , a very auspicious ‘ Mangalsutra ( the auspicious neckless worn by married women ) ‘ is also prepared for you . Both of these are preserved very well in the ‘ Hiranya Lok ‘ . In the next birth , I myself will grace you and perform your marriage by my own hands . ‘ So Saying , Shreepad Prabhu disappeared .

Sons ! You heard our story . Always recite the ‘ Siddha Mangal Stotra ‘ , you will definitely get the grace of Siddhas . Siddhas , Maha Siddhas , Maha Yogis are just like the hands , feet of Shreepad ; Shreepad Prabhu fulfills his plans through them only . Once he graced us by giving Darshan in the form of ‘ Royal Mother Goddess Matangi ‘ . The entire creation , similarly , the mysteries of creation are all in his hands only . You always remember him , meditate upon him , worship him . He is the only all – Perfect . He will protect you like a mother . The love of Shreepad for his devotee is much more big than the love of millions of mothers .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 37 II

Description of Goddess Chhinnamasta II

We commenced our journey after taking leave from Bangarayya and Bangaramma and taking the leather footwear from them . We were going through a forest . On the way , we stopped beneath a banyan tree to rest . At that same time , a group of few Yoginis came there . Seeing us , they said , “ This is the time of the ‘ Sayam Sandhya ‘ . At this time , you simply do not come in this region . Here , we are going to worship Goddess Chhinnamasta . She is a very mysterious Goddess . Here males are not allowed . Not only this , this is a Divine land . Nobody who comes here , returns alive . Hearing this , we felt the ground below us , shaking . Suddenly , one brilliant Mother Yogini came there . Her eyes were red like fire . The Yoginis come along with her , had brought Goddess Chhinnamasta in a basket . Then that Mother Yogini said , “ Give them a Sari and a blouse to wear . “ As per her words , we were given the clothes and our clothes were thrown in the pot of fire which was lit there .

After wearing the Sari – blouse , we felt a change in our bodies . Our masculinity began to disappear . Our breasts enlarged , we lost all our masculine form and we obtained a female form . We were named in a different way . I was named Shankaramma and Dharmagupta was named Dharmamma . We were given items of meat to eat . We were given alcohol to drink . We had heard a lot about the tiger who move about like a human in the daytime and like a big tiger during the night . But we had never thought even in our dreams that a worship of Goddess like this ever existed or Yogis can transform a man into a woman just at will . We were scared and made to dance . At that time , the Mother Yogini said , “ The Sage Kabandha is the Lord of the changing world . The power of transformation itself is called ‘ Goddess Chhinnamasta ‘ . Growth and decline are forever going on in this world . When decline reduces , the rate of growth automatically increases , at that time Goddess Bhuvaneshwari emerges . On the other hand , when decline increases and the growth of development reduces , ‘ Goddess Chhinnamasta ‘ predominates . The form of this Great Mother is very mysterious . Once the Goddess Parvati had gone to the river Mandakini along with her friends to take bath . After the bath , both of her friends became very hungry , they turned black ( with hunger ) . When they asked for food , Goddess Parvati asked them to wait for a while . After some time , the friends again asked for food . Again they were asked to wait for some time . When this happened for quite a few times , finally Goddess Parvati cut her own head with her sword . At that time , three streams of blood began to flow from her neck . She gave two streams to drink to her friends and she herself drank from one stream . Since her head was cut , she is called ‘ Chhinnamasta ‘ .

The worship of Goddess Chhinnamasta done at midnight give very good fruit . Her worship is very fruitful for defeating enemies , to contain all enemies , to obtain a kingdom , to obtain liberation , which is very rarely obtained . The Four Directions are the clothes of this great Illusory Goddess . There is the ‘ Yoni Chakra’ in her navel . Black means the quality of Darkness ( or inaction – inertia - Tamogun ) and red means the quality of action ( Rajogun ) .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Friends with both these qualities are always with her . Despite cutting her head , she remained alive ; the Yoga interpretation of this is that she is a symbol of complete introversion . The Yogis meditate upon Goddess Chhinnamasta in the Manipur Chakra which is the location of fire . She is the Goddess worshipped by Hiranyakashyipu . This was a terrifying and strange experience for us . Soon it was midnight . Strange sounds of different animals started being heard . Among these , we were particularly scared by the roars of tigers . By the tigers’ roars , that peaceful environment used to thunder . The Yoginis felt that they got two good ladies to sacrifice . They felt it very good to kill the two of us in their presence . They tied leaves of bitter neem on our heads . They put a big circle of Kum Kum on our foreheads . We were beheaded by a good ,sharp knife . Streams of blood began to flow ; seeing them the Yoginis were happy . They started madly drinking the blood . Our heads and bodies were thrown in different directions . Even then we felt like we were alive . However , the pain in the body was very unbearable . We had fallen prey to the cruel and very evil powers of those Yoginis .

Suddenly , we felt fast asleep . In the state of sleep , we saw a shaft of light in an unclear sky . We felt that the light was like the approaching Kala ( time ) , which got mixed in the breeze of the Yoginis . We felt that our heads again stuck to their bodies . We awoke from our sleep like usual . There were Sarees and blouses on our bodies . Then the feminine qualities in us started reducing gradually . And the masculine qualities started appearing . In the fire of the earlier night , our feminine clothes got burnt and now masculine clothes appeared there . After taking bath , we wore those new clothes . Suddenly , a traveler joined us . He said to us , ‘ Friends ! What you saw yesterday is a particular kind of a Yoga process . The feminine principle in your body was purified greatly . In every body , both principles , the feminine and the masculine are present . Unless both these principles are purified , the Yoga power does not flow from the Universal Consciousness . The necessary power is flowing from the Universal Consciousness through you . The soul does not have distinctions of male , female . It is beyond the support of both these principles . “

You will obtain indescribable compassion by the kindness of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , by the unusual Yoga process of the Yoginis . You have been introduced to the Sushumna path which is not found even after great efforts . What more fortune can be than this ? The reason for obtaining such great fortune are the leather footwear of Shreepad Prabhu , that you have with you only . You are in the presence of Divinity in the form of a stream of consciousness ; you have come out of the consciousness of the physical body . Only Shreepad Prabhu knows his own Divine acts . For all others , they are miracles , strange and unfathomable .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 38 II

Description of the Worship of Goddess Bagala Mukhi

While going to Peethhikapur , we met a Bairagi ( one who has renounced life ) . He was seated beneath a Pipal tree . His eyes were brilliant . Seeing us , the Bairagi asked , “ Are your names Shankar Bhatt and Dharmagupta ? “ We nodded in agreement . He further said , “ Rest for a while beneath this Pipal tree . You have the leather footwear for Shreepad with you , don’t you ? Give them to me and accept the Kaal Nag stone from me . “ We heeded to his request and giving the leather footwear , we kept the Divine stone .

I said to the Bairagi , “ Oh Lord ! I have planned to write the Divine biography of Shreepad Prabhu . Events occurred in each year of life have been described by me for the devotees of Shreepad Prabhu . Listening to these Divine events , they easily cross the sea of materialism . I am just a medium for all of them . “ On this that Bairagi said , “ Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the combined form of Adi Bhairav and Adi Bhairavi . He is also the Kaal Bhairav who rules upon time . He is the form of time and the Kaal Purush ( Personality of time ) is not different from him . He is also the form of Mahakaal . Only he has the complete knowledge of which event will occur when . Therefore , the wishes of Shreepad Shree Vallabh which are not in the expressed form , are not understandable to the living being who is bound by time and space . Apart from time and space , Leelas , progress of Living beings , Dharma , Fruits of deeds and their effects are fully controlled by Shreepad Prabhu . He immediately removes the pride of people who consider themselves great scholars even when they do not have any knowledge . Similarly , he can make the humble , soft , spiritual practitioner a scholar with his kind glance even though he is devoid of knowledge . This is his incarnation with the full splendor of Yoga . In order to realise that he is an incarnation and an incarnation of Shree Dattatreya himself , our accumulated sins have to be burnt to ashes and our virtues have to be accumulated . This is the general rule . If his kind glance falls , he casts aside this general rule and protects his devotees . He enjoys divine sport every moment . The spiritual practitioner who reads his biography develops in a serial manner . The spiritual practitioners can understand one or two Divine events that have occurred in each year of his life . It is also a part of the Divine plan , that these events should be serially understood . Shreepad Prabhu did not take an incarnation for the deliverance of people of only one country or only one region .

Every moment , many millions of universes are getting created , sustained and destroyed . The serial results in them is also in the authority of Shreepad Prabhu . In the Divine eyeballs of his , millions of universes are being generated and destroyed . This itself is the form of his self – principle . His shapeless form itself is the Original Principle . Nobody can know his form which is not expressed . His incarnation in the form of a shape in the form of the Great Principle in Peethhikapur is itself one of the great Divine sport . The Divine acts of Shreepad Prabhu are very wonderful and unfathomable . There is no end to these divine acts . Even the Vedas turned silent describing these . The birth of Shreepad Prabhu is infinite . The knowledge in the Vedas is limited ; but Shreepad ‘s knowledge , Divine Power and


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II compassion is infinite . He is situated in every space and in every time . His great infinite form cannot be understood by infinity itself ; his truth form cannot be understood by truth itself and his knowledge form cannot be understood by knowledge itself .

Worship of Goddess Bagala Mukhi

The Bairagi said , “ Actually seeing , I am a resident of the country of Bengal . I worship Goddess Bagala Mukhi . This Goddess is one of the Dasha Maha Vidyas . People desirous of destroying their enemies should worship this Goddess Bagala Mukhi . The destructive powers of the Lord in all its forms is the Goddess Bagala herself . By worshipping this Goddess , power of words is obtained ( that means whatever you say , becomes true ) . People leading lives bound by Dharma and by the non – duality of the basis of Karmas and the sentences in mind – every sentence uttered by these people is considered to be true only . Even sentences have distinctions of Para , Pashyanti , Madhyama . “

In the Satya Yug , a great storm destroying the entire world arose . Lord Vishnu was worried by this calamity that had fallen on the Earth . Then he started meditating . At that time , the Great Goddess of knowledge appeared in the form of Bagala Mukhi . She gave Darshan to Shreemat Narayan and stopped that storm from destroying the world . Some people consider this Goddess as Goddess Vaishnavi also . She appeared on the fourteenth day of the month on a Tuesday at midnight . She is in the form of energy .

It is due to her that the solar system is stable . Similarly , the heavens are also situated stably . This Goddess showers all the joys of the material and spiritual worlds on her devotees by her grace . This Goddess removes the evil forces and the forces of superstitions that terrorise the lives of the spiritual practitioners and give the blessings and security of progress . The Goddess Bagala Mukhi is also called by the name , ‘ Wadawa Mukhi ‘ , ‘ Jataveda Mukhi ‘, ‘ Ulka Mukhi ‘ , ‘ Jwala Mukhi ‘ , ‘ Brihad Bhanu Mukhi . ‘ It was Lord Brahma who first did the worship of the Great Vidya of Bagala . This Goddess gave her Darshan to Brahma in the child form . He worshipped her in the sacred place of Tirupati Tirumalai . The idol of this Goddess is worshipped at the auspicious time of the ‘ Brahmotsava ‘ along with the idols of Venkateshwar and Padmawati . Lord Brahma had taught this great Vidya to sage like Sanaka etc . After Brahma , Lord Vishnu had worshipped this Goddess . Lord Parshuram had also worshipped this Goddess for the destruction of his enemies . On my pilgrimage , I reached Peethhikapur . I worshipped in the temple of Shree Kukkuteshwar . After that , I saw a beautiful child , talking very sweetly . That child said to me , “ O Mahatma ! I know that you have come from the country of Bengal . I am situated in this location in this temple in the form of Swayambhu Dattatreya since a long time , till now . Arrange as fast as possible , for a worshipper for my daily worship .“

As per the words of that child , he was worshipped by an excellent Brahmin and the Brahmin was suitably honoured . The name of the worshipper was Kalwar . He had worshipped both the Gods Kukkuteshwar and Swayambhu


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Dattatreya with great ( concentration of the ) mind and not bothering about hard work . For this , he was given a lot of Dakshina and he was given Dakshina for cooking also . He took it home and kept it in a trunk and wonder was that it had disappeared by morning . All cooked items also disappeared ; but all the Brahmins experienced that their stomachs were two – three times more filled than usual . Due to this , they became sleepy and lazy . This laziness , the disappearance of the money Dakshina , food was a subject not understandable by the common people . Kalwar was a faithful , devoted to duty , knower of the Ved Shastras and its preacher , worshipper . But he had become very weak by the influence of a Yakshini ( a female demon ) . Therefore his condition had become very shameful . But all the Brahmins would not discuss about this and remain silent .

Once a Bairagi Sadhu fainted in the temple of Kukkuteshwar . But since there was no movement visible , people inferred that he was dead . Just after a while , he was taken to Shreepad Prabhu’s grandfather , Bapannaryulu . He inspected the Sadhu and said that he is neither dead nor fainted , he has gone in the state of Samadhi . But people did not listen to what Bapannaryulu was saying and they took the Bairagi for cremation . Wonder was that Fire could not burn him due to the kind Prasad of Shreepad Prabhu . He arose from the Samadhi and came down from the funeral pyre . In only eight days , that Sadhu recovered to normal .

After this , the Brahmin society in the village refused to give him alms , therefore he had to perforce stay in the house of a milkman . There his alms were arranged for . That Sadhu who did not distinguish between race , caste , clan had become very popular amongst the community of milkmen . There was a young woman in that community of milkmen . Her name was Laxmi . She had been widowed in her childhood only . Her husband used to love her a lot . He was very dear to all milkmen . He had obtained ( prominence and ) greatness in that community .

He used to resolve quarrels amongst the milkmen by his sharp intelligence and used to give excellent verdicts . Overlooking his young age , people had elected him the leader . His wife Laxmi was greatly devoted to her husband . At that time , since Shree Venkatappayya Shreshthhi’s cow was missing , Laxmi used to bring milk to Shreshthhi’s house . Shreepad Prabhu used to always go to Shreshthhi’s house . Whenever he used to tell his grandmother that he is hungry , Venkat Subbamma , who was like Mahalaxmi , used to bring hot milk for Shreepad . Not only this , she used to also give cream , butter to Shreepad with great love . Once when the milk woman Laxmi had brought milk , Shreepad Prabhu was present there . He started saying , “ I am very hungry . “ At that time , Venkat Subbamma asked Laxmi to get more milk . She brought the milk kept for her from her house and herself drank butter – milk . A festival was going on for ten days in the temple of Kukkuteshwar . Here Brahmins were being given proper Dakshina , respect . Therefore ,the effect of the Yakshini was somewhat reduced ; but even now the food grains and other items of cooking for feeding the Brahmins continued to disappear . Therefore , the Brahmins were not being fed on time and they grew weak .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Story of the scholar narrating the Puranas

A scholar narrating the Puranas had come to the village of Peethhikapur . The lecture was arranged in the courtyard outside the Kukkuteshwar temple . People from all castes used to come to listen to the Puranas from the village . Bapannacharyulu had arranged for the food for the scholar narrating the Puranas at his own house . Before narrating the Purana , that Puranik used to take milk brought by the milk woman Laxmi . Since Shreepad Prabhu knows everybody’s heart , he knew everything about that Pandit ( scholar ) . This Puranik was a great Yogi and a great scholar . By the power of his Yoga , he could recognize all the previous forms held by his soul . He used to attract the consciousness in those forms . He used to observe Laxmi who used to give milk by the vision of his Yoga . That Pandit also used to see his own soul in the form of Laxmi’s husband . Laxmi’s husband was born in the house of a Brahmin Landlord as a child after his death . He was four – five months’ old then . That Purana scholar saw his form of energy by his Yoga powers . His original form was connected to the woman Laxmi . He realized that . He saw his form in union with Laxmi , of the female principle . He felt his male principle in the four months’ old child and that all his Karmas as finished in just a few days . In order to conclude the past association of deeds with Peethhikapur , he had taken the garb of a Purana scholar . Laxmi loved her husband very dearly . She had realized that her husband’s consciousness will not leave his past body . The all – knowing Shreepad Prabhu knew that the original principle of the consciousness of Laxmi’s husband was merged with the Purana scholar . Shreepad Prabhu said to the Purana scholar , “ O Pandit ! This Laxmi is innocent . In a very few days , she will be finishing the journey of her life . What will happen to her after she dies ? You will become a Brahmin who will be knowledge personified or will become a milkman in the ignorant form . In that form , Laxmi will be with you in your joys and sorrows . By her love , she has attracted her husband’s consciousness towards herself . The consciousness of the form of a milk woman will unite with the Brahmin consciousness after some days after the body falls , won’t it ? This is a Brahmin woman in the form of a milk woman . You are a milkman in the form of a Brahmin . I very well know the relations of your Karmas . In future , this Laxmi who will come in the form of a Brahmin woman , will be considered as the form of Goddess Padmawati by me and I will bless her by applying Golden Tilak ( mark on the forehead ) to her . I will give her all auspiciousness and keep her safely in the Hiranya Lok . You will become an ideal couple in the next birth and you will be delivered by becoming my devotees . “

Saying so , Shreepad Prabhu stopped . His divine deeds are very much unfathomable and wonderful .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Adhyay 39 II

With Nagendra Shastri

Accepting the Kaal Nag stone , I started my journey . I was very eager when I will reach the sacred place of Shree Peethhikapur .

The form of Kaal Nag

During the journey , we accepted the hospitality of a Brahmin . The Brahmin’s name was Nagendra Shastri . He was very expert in knowledge of the science of Mantras . Many snakes , cobras used to roam about fearlessly in his house . They used not to bite anyone . Nagendra Shastri used to nurture these snakes , cobras like his own offsprings . They used to move on his body . Divine snakes have a stone . That Brahmins worshipped snakes for many years . In order to obtain the Kaal Nags stone for worship , he had uninterruptedly worshipped the Cobra Gods .

Effect of the Nag Mani

Nagendra Shastri told us , “ Brothers , Today is a very auspicious day . The Lotus feet of a great person like you have rested in this hut of mine . I had gone for the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu when I was fifteen years of age . I took the Darshan of the Kukkuteshwar temple and the sacred place of Paad Gaya , at the sacred place of Peethhikapur . I saw a Kaal Nag near the idol of Swayambhu Dattatreya in the temple . There was a stone on his hood . The cobra that rules time is called ‘ Kaal Nag ‘ . There is a stone on the hood of a Kaal Nag and like a great sage , he is always immersed in the Dhyana Yoga ( Yoga of meditation ) . Not only humans , but also the cobras have different states . Generally , humans don’t see a Kaal Nag . The stone on the hood of a Kaal Nag has the powers of removing the inauspicious vibrations emanated by the planet Mars . Due to this Nag Mani , the inauspicious vibrations are dissolved and auspicious vibrations are generated . By those auspicious vibrations , the people troubles by the planet Mars , are rid of their troubles and get auspicious fruit . If the planet Mars is not in the right place in the horoscope , many troubles arise in life . Like opposition from people in the house , opposition from friends , brothers , afflictions , debts , unnecessary delay in daughter’s marriage , failures in many jobs despite having the capability to do them etc . After taking the Darshan of the Swayambhu Dattatreya , I got a great desire to obtain the Nag Mani . ‘ On getting the stone , it will be like I have got everything in life . ; “

Greatness of the Padukas of Shreepad Prabhu ; Rules for removing the Nag Dosha ( faults due to Nagas )

I was going from near Narsimha Verma’s house . Shreepad Prabhu was in Divine enjoyment in the courtyard in front of his house . At the same time , the trees were also being watered . Shree Narsimha Verma was preparing channels


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II around the trees . There was an Audumbar tree in his courtyard . When Narsimha Verma was preparing channels around the tree , so that it is watered well , his hands the copper footwear of Shreepad . Those were footwear of a twelve year old , complete with all auspicious signs in the horoscope . At that same time , the call of Nagendra Shastri fell upon the ear . I went towards him in surprise . Narsimha Verma was washing those Padukas with clear water and then with coconut water . After washing , he kept those near the Lotus feet of Shreepad . Verma seemed very eager to worship those Padukas . But Shreepad Prabhu had something else in mind . He caressed those Padukas with great affection . Shreepad asked Nagendra to establish a Peethha and worship those Padukas . He said , “ Nagendra Shastri , you were waiting for a long time to get the stone which the Kaal Nag has . I am pleased with you . I am only the Great Swami whose Lotus feet the Kaal Nag worships and the Swami whom the Kaal Nag worships with his Divine stone . These divine Padukas are mine only . You daily worship them only . People troubled by diseases – calamities will come to you . You give them the sacred waters of these Padukas . After drinking it , they will instantly be rid of their troubles and will attain peace . “ Shreepad Prabhu afterwards described in details about the Dakshina being given to remove the Naag Dosha . And said , “ Oh Nagendra Shastri ! You follow these words of mine . Use the knowledge about the science of cobras for the welfare of people only . “

Special fruit that is obtained to devotees worshipping Datta

Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Hey Nagendra Shastri , after due course of time , Shankar Bhatt , Dharmagupta will definitely come to you . Due to my Divine Padukas , you will definitely get the Divine Mani ( stone ) you desire . Till then , you worship my divine Padukas daily . The bodily activities have a time period ; similarly , the mind , the life – force also have a time period .But the soul , however , is beyond time . A particular period is according to the particular influence of planets and Nakshatras . Growth or decline happen according to the times . Many universes are born and then they grow . For a certain period of time , they have a particular state , afterwards , they all dissolve . This end shows the greatness of time only . This form of time is also under my control . I , the Kaal Purush ( The personality of time ) , always keep them favourable , those who worship me . Great powers like ghosts , dead bodies etc. also cannot disturb anything of the spiritual practitioners who worship Datta . Nor can they harm them in any way . I am only more powerful than all animals in this world . Groups of living beings grow by taking strength from me . I take away my powers from the human being who has become arrogant by pride . I am only responsible for arrogance , pride and all undesirable events .Those who worship me and always remain peaceful , I always keep them contented and make them the idols of happiness . “

Those Great men had organized for my food at Verma’s house . Shree Verma himself is a donor of food . Dattatreya also liked giving food in charity . He used to feel pity on any living being who was hungry . He used to arrange for his food . He was beneficent to all living beings . I took leave from the Great Swami and left . I had constructed an Ashram at this place . I used to instruct the Varnashram Dharma to whoever who came to me . Shreepad Prabhu told


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II me , ‘ Utilise your knowledge of the science of Mantras for good cause . Serve the troubled ones selflessly . Only accept the money that people have given willingly . Do not expect more money . “

II Adhyay 40 II

Experiences of Bhaskar Shastri , Shankar Bhatt and Dharmagupta

We were traveling by various means . Our journey was going on sometimes on foot , sometimes on a two bullock – cart , or sometimes on a horse – cart . Travelling thus , we reached the sacred place of Tripurantak . There we took the Darshan of Tripurantakeshwar . At the place , we got many Divine experiences . We had the Divine Padukas of Shreepad Prabhu with us . We felt that while we were travelling , Shree’s feet were also travelling with us . As we took steps , we used to feel that those feet were not ours , and Shree’s feet themselves had entered our bodies and were taking steps . While we talked also , we would not understand what we were talking . We used to feel that Shreepad Prabhu himself was talking through us . While we ate , we used to feel that it is only he , who is eating through our mouths . We experienced that Shreepad Prabhu himself had pervaded the muscle , nerves , blood of our bodies . We had heard the principle , ‘ The Jivatma itself is Parmatma ‘ . But today , however , we were experiencing the consciousness of Shreepad Prabhu himself being filled in our complete body without even a touch of Shree . We had not heard of such Divine humour before nor seen it .

The name of the priest of Shree Tripurantakeshwar was Bhaskar Shastri . He was extremely proud of us . He was a resident of Peethhikapur . He was appointed to worship ( the deities ) . He was a devotee of Goddess Shodashi Raj Rajeshwari . The Goddess of Kukkuteshwar Mahaprabhu , resident of Shree Peethhikapur , Goddess Shree Raj Rajeshwari had given him the Mantra initiation in his dreams . He requested both of us to stay as guests in his house . He had come to know that we had the Padukas of Shreepad Prabhu with us . We had kept those Padukas in the place of his worship . Shreepad Prabhu spoke from those Padukas in his Divine voice , ‘ Sons , how fortunate you are . Bhaskar Shastri used to worship these Padukas . These Padukas are nowadays in the form of copper Padukas . By the power of the Mantra worship of Bhaskar Shastri , these Padukas will be converted into the Golden form after some year’s .Some Mahatmas of the Hiranya Lok had taken those Padukas in the Hiranya Lok and worshipped them with water .

After that those Padukas were brought to me in the Karan Lok . Wearing these Padukas , I come to the Karan Lok and bless the Divine souls here . Thereafter , going to the Hiranya Lok , I bless the Mahatmas there . At that time , my Padukas get the accomplishment of Light and Brightness . After this , eighteen thousand great Siddhas , will take these Padukas in a golden plane to my birthplace , the village of Peethhikapur and by worship , accompanied by the chanting of Mantras , will establish these three hundred feet below the ground . There divine snakes having golden skins , will worship me daily . There will be sixty – four thousand Yoginis with them . Those Padukas will be kept on a


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II golden throne . I will hold court there along with the organization of sages and Yoginis and will give the benefit of my august company to everyone . There is another Golden Peethhikapur adjacent to this land , but invisible , and incomprehensible . This can be only experienced by those devotees who have Yoga vision . The place where my golden Padukas are going to be established , Peethhikapur , will be established at that place only . Therefore , all of you remain in great happiness . Many strange incidents are going to happen in the future . There will be rows of devotees like ants , for the Darshan of my Padukas in my Maha Sansthan . “ Listening to these words of God , we were extremely wonder struck . We were thrilled , tears began to flow from our eyes . Nobody realized for how long we were in this state . Shree Bhaskar Shastri was the greatest devotee of Shodashi Raj Rajeshwari . I requested him to describe in details about the glory of Goddess Raj Rajeshwari .

Goddess Raj Rajeshwari – mine of discrimination ( sensible thought )

He said , “ Brothers ! Your mind which is thinking about the consciousness of Raj Rajeshwari is going to ( expand and ) cross borders after this . By the pure conduct of Raj Rajeshwari, our average mind will be transformed into a force of intelligence ; similarly , that Great Mother will assist us so that our intellect is filled with discrimination ( sensible thought ) .She will destroy our limited tendencies and will gift us with a wider view .

Normally , strength and discrimination are not found in the same man . But after the grace of Goddess Raj Rajeshwari , strength and discrimination both live in harmony in the same man . We get the intelligence to understand the various forms of Divine consciousness from this Goddess . Goddess Shree Raj Rajeshwari helps us with generous hands to nurture great thoughts in the world . Her grace is very much necessary for obtaining the Great Divine knowledge , for obtaining the motherly powers which are everlasting , for the success of Great events in the world . Goddess Shree Raj Rajeshwari is an infinite mine of good thought . She realizes what she wishes to realize . There is nothing in this world that cannot be known to her . All things like all subjects , all living beings , their natures , the power to move them , all duties in this nature , their proper times are under the control of Goddess Raj Rajeshwari . She never views partially . She does not have love or hatred for anybody . She accepts those devotees who wish to take her Darshan by the power of their spiritual practices , in her inner self , considering them to be faithful . The spiritual practitioners can destroy their enemy forces , by the powers of their thought , by thus increasing the powers of Raj Rajeshwari . She gives the desired fruit to her devotees . She keeps doing her work in this world , without keeping any relation with anybody , that means without any attachment . She relates to every of her worshipper as per his nature and as per the requirement ( of that worshipper ) . She does not rule anybody with force . After the spiritual practice is completed , she puts her devotees on the path of progress as per their eligibility . She lets go the ignorant on their path of ignorance only . She nurtures those devotees who go on that path and pardons them for their sins . She ignores whether they behave well or badly . Her compassion is infinite . She is the one who saves from the ocean of materialism . According to her view , all human beings in the entire world are like her children . Demons , ghosts , devils – she treats all of them like her children only . However amount of mercy she feels , her power of thinking is


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II always present . She does not leave the path ordered by God under any circumstances . Since she herself is the knowledge centre of the powers she uses , if we obtain her grace , we get the ‘ knowledge ‘ of True knowledge .

If we are to obtain the powers of Goddess Raj Rajeshwari , we have to exhibit qualities like dutifulness , seeking truth . Only by this , we will obtain the grace of the Mother . Since I was a resident of Peethhikapur , I became eligible for the grace of Shreepad Prabhu . Similarly , by the Prasad of his grace only , my initiation by Goddess Raj Rajeshwari was successful . Today is the day of my initiation . The day of reviewing progress , similarly , the day of being in meditation for a longer time . I will tell you tomorrow about the circumstances under which Shreepad Prabhu will go away from Peethhikapur for moving around . Even if you take a little bit of the offering which I had offered to Shreepad Prabhu before you had come here , you will be the most fortunate by taking that Great Prasad . “

II Adhyay 41 II

The account of the Parivrajak

Shree Bhaskar Pandit said , “ Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the form of Maha Saraswati , Maha Laxmi , Maha Kali , Raj Rajeshwari . The principles of Goddess in him are realized by those who pray to him . “

I asked a question to Bhaskar Pandit , “O Arya ! I have heard that there are four kinds of speeches like Para , Pashyanti , Madhyama and Vaikhari . Kindly tell us about these in detail . “ On this , Bhaskar Pandit said , “ Ambika is expressed by every word . She speaks through every person , every human . The words we can hear through our ears are gross ; sometimes a sentence is not at all heard outside the mouth , but we can understand the meaning only by the movement of the lips , then it is called as the ‘ Madhyama ‘ speech . The speech which is even subtler than this Madhyama is called ‘ Vaikhari ‘ . The speech from inside the speech box reaches the neck . It cannot come out from there ; such speech that remains inside only , that is it remains in the mind only , is called ‘ Pashyanti ‘ speech . The speech which is even more subtle than this Pashyanti , which remains in the navel , without any desire , but it itself is in the form of a wish ( or desire ) is the ‘ Para ‘ speech .

Ambika is also worshipped in the form of ‘ Tripur Bhairavi ‘ . Tripur Bhairavi is the original energy of all the three qualities , three worlds , three Gods , three states . Sons ! By dedicating ourselves with faith and by fully surrendering , we are not hurt even a bit , if any enmity comes in this world or in the invisible worlds . The forces of enmity are not only limited to the physical worlds , but they are also in the fields of the life – forces , physical world , mental world , spiritual worlds . Whatever progress we desire , having achieved that , we can live in those worlds just the way we live in our physical , material world .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II If human being has to progress , he should have faith , he should have complete belief on the values of life . We lead our lives on the basis of beliefs only . We should have the firm belief that we will definitely get the help of the Great God in the times of our troubles and only he will liberate us from these troubles . This belief itself gives us a feeling of security and increases our confidence .

Knowledge without strength flows without touching anybody . Strength without knowledge is blind and it results in destruction . Therefore , we should acquire knowledge and be liberated from the bondages of nature . We should attain perfection after the initiation of energy . In the ‘ Sankhya ‘ philosophy , consciousness is called ‘ Purusha (Male ) ‘ . The one doing deeds is called ‘ Nature ( Prakriti ) ‘ . In the lower states , there is opposition between these two . The consciousness does not perform deeds and the nature does not have knowledge . The Purusha and the nature run the affairs of the nature together only . Both of them are handicapped . If you consciousness , it is lame , and the nature is blind . To explain how blindness and crippleness have filled all the worlds , one brother blind and another one crippled was born in the family of Shreepad Prabhu . Both of these were symbols of blindness and crippleness only .

When they reach an evolved state , both the ‘ Purusha ‘ and ‘ Prakriti ‘ are called by the names ‘ Ishwara ‘ and ‘ Ishwari ‘ , then there is no opposition between them . Shreepad Prabhu will remove the handicaps of his brothers at the proper time , there is no doubt in that . He will do this as a form of an advance notice of his later greater work of removing the blindness and crippleness of people . The Purush and Prakriti which are in permanent form beyond everything are called as ‘ Brahm Maya ‘ . Shreepad Prabhu accepted renunciation at the age of sixteen and left his home and fell out of house to preach religion . The intention behind his leaving his home was to explain to the common man that he himself is ‘ Brahm ‘ and he himself is ‘ Maya ‘. Maya is the power which restricts the form of Brahm , which has qualities of infiniteness and limitlessness , to a limit . The intention of Shreepad Prabhu to be born in Peethhikapur was to indicate that since he is of the unlimited Brahma form , he has done limited acts without surrendering to Maya . Only at the age of sixteen , without falling in the bondages of Maya , he went out of his house only with the mission of delivering his devotees .

After the greatness of Shreepad Prabhu spreads in the entire world , in the coming centuries , knowledge will also dawn upon the residents of Peethhikapur , as per his wish . The strength of the Divine consciousness of Shreepad Prabhu will remove both – the crippleness of human conscious and the blindness of nature . The Divine acts of Shreepad Prabhu are not understandable to the common man .

Once a Sannyasi came to the temple of Kukkuteshwar . He was a devotee of Dattatreya . He also used to give the ‘ Datta Deeksha ( initiation of Datta ) ‘ . He had told in his statements that by taking the Datta Deeksha , our desired job , goes to its successful conclusion without any obstacles in the way . Many Brahmins of Peethhikapur accepted the ‘ Datta Deeksha ‘ . that Sannyasi used to accept Dakshina from the spiritual practitioners after giving them the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Deeksha . Many Brahmins and other castes thought and took the ‘ Datta Deeksha ‘ and gave Guru Dakshina . But there erupted a debate in some people who had come in the temple whether or not to take the Datta Deeksha . A common conference was held of the Brahmin committee , the Kshatriya committee , the Vaishya committee . The President of this conference was Shree Bapannacharyulu . He said that Shree Dattatreya Prabhu is of everybody . Therefore , everyone can take the Datta Deeksha . All people of the eighteen races can take Deeksha from the Sannyasi Lords . This golden opportunity of taking the Deeksha is available for everybody . At this meeting , some people in the Brahmin committee were of the opinion that Brahmins , Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are eligible for the Deeksha because they flourish in good conduct . But since the people in the Shudra race have bad conduct , they do not have the authority of taking the Deeksha . We can purify them by the powers of our penances by taking Dakshina from them . On this Bapannacharyulu said , “ In every race , both people – of good conduct and bad conduct are there . It is difficult to tell who has good conduct and who has bad . Therefore , keeping an eye on the collective benefit , good , stability , we can perform the Datta sacrifice and other Yagas , sacrifices and attain the social good , stability . I feel it unjust to take Dakshina from the Shudras and not giving them Deeksha . After purifying the Shudras by the power of our penances , after taking the Dakshina from them , we can also deliver the Brahmin , Kshatriya and Vaishya people . In this way , there is no need of giving individual independant Deeksha to people from any Varna . Besides this , the amount of the Dakshina is kept very high . There are poor people in every Varna . They will not be able to give that much amount as Dakshina . After giving us such a huge amount , they will have to starve for some days . Dakshina should be voluntary . Dakshina given as per the individual’s capacity and with a faithful heart only should be accepted as Dakshina . Only then Shree Datta Prabhu will be pleased . “

On this the Brahmins assembled there said , “ My Lord , we did not welcome him with a Poorna Kumbha , with the chants of the Mantras of the Vedas , when he entered our village . The Lord himself gave all of us the Datta Deeksha with the intention of peoples’ welfare . But it is a shameful thing that our Brahmin committee did not give him anything .

On this Bapannacharyulu said , “ Actually , there is a specific method of welcoming Paramhansa Parivrajakacharyas . First the Brahmin committee should be informed some days before , by his principle disciples . On this ,the committee , after deliberating fully , talking to the principle disciples , decides all things . Therefore , the principle disciples are introduced to all . After that , the committee decides and selects an eligible disciple . After that the Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya decides to come . Then he is welcomed with the Poorna Kumbha and with the chanting of the Mantras of the Vedas . After that a debate is held with him on the Shastras . After that , by the instructions of the great self of the Parivrajak , sacrifices , Yajnas , Deekshas or lectures are organized . Parivrajakacharya came to Kukkuteshwar without informing in this way . After coming , he proposed the Deekshas and also asked for the Guru Dakshina . All this has happened against our laws . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II On this , the Brahmins said , “ This is not the time to discuss on the topic of whether the rules were not followed or not . Now are you or your son – in – law Appal Raj Sharma going to take the Deeksha and giving the Dakshina or no ? “ On this , Bapannacharyulu said , “ We are thinking of getting initiated for the common good of the society . Not for individual good and stability . Since we are not taking the Deeksha , we are not giving the Dakshina . Amongst the Brahmin people , whoever wants to take Deeksha will take it by his own will . The Brahmin committee is for common social problems . The committee thinks and debates collectively on topics which are commonly needed . It does not debate and think on individual Deeksha or individual problems . “ Shreshthhi and Narsimha Verma refused to take the Deeksha . It was left on their own wish whether the Brahmins , Kshatriyas and Vaishyas should take the Deeksha or not .

Datta Deeksha from Shreepad Prabhu

There were a few farmers amongst people who had faith – devotion on Shreepad Prabhu . The chief amongst them was Venkatappayya Shreshthhi . Shreepad went to Venkatappayya’s house and said , “ Don’t be disappointed because you didn’t get the Datta Deeksha . I will give the Datta Deeksha ; not only that I will only give the Dakshina as per your capacity . It is not necessary to have Mandal ( 40 days ) Deeksha . It is sufficient to take the Deeksha only for one night . “

One day Shreepad Prabhu was giving Deeksha to the people of eighteen races at the house of Venkatappayya . In the spiritual practitioners taking this Deeksha , there were some Brahmins , a few Kshatriyas and some Vaishyas .

Appearance of Shreepad Prabhu in the form of Datta

Shreepad Prabhu has multiple forms and that was his day to appear in the form of Datta . That day was the favourite day of Shree Datta Prabhu , Thursday . He gave auspicious blessings to all devotees whom he had given Deekshas .All devotees worshipped and sang praises of Shree Datta Prabhu with feelings of great faith . After that Shreepad Prabhu gave detailed information about his future programme to his devotees . He told his devotees that Shree Datta Prabhu gives his Darshan to his devotees the moment they remember him and fulfills their wishes . After that , I went to Narsimha Verma’s house , the next day ( Friday ) morning . There Shreepad’s auspicious bathing was going on . After the bath , Narsimha Verma brought many fruits for Shreepad to eat . But he took only one banana . And that too , he gave it to the Mother Cow in the house of Verma . After that , he came to the house of Venkatappayya Shreshthhi . Here too , he was bathed with all auspicious articles. Here Shreepad accepted butter , milk , butter – milk and cream . There he said , “ My devotees are calling me . Time has now come to leave Peethhikapur . “

Leaving from Venkatappayya Shreshthhi’s house , he came to his grandfather Bapannacharyulu’s house . Here too , he took the auspicious bath . Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the form of Datta himself . He has taken the incarnation to


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II remove the pains , sorrows , troubles of his devotees . He had clearly said this many times in his statements . Shreepad Prabhu gave the information to his devotees about the programme decided for the deliverance of common men by his Divine acts . After that , he came home . Shreepad Prabhu’s wish of leaving Peethhikapur was known to his parents . They tried a lot to persuade Shreepad , but Shreepad Prabhu was firm on his decision . After that , when Shreepad Prabhu’s parents started talking about his marriage , Shreepad said , “ I have many time till now given Darshan along with Anagha Laxmi to Shreshthhi grandfather , Verma grandfather . All of the have seen that Divine couple sport in the mango orchard of grandfather Shreshthhi . See my auspicious Divine form along with Anagha Laxmi , “ Saying so , Shreepad gave the grace of the Darshan of that Divine form to his parents . Seeing that very auspicious form , the parents were extremely overwhelmed . They could not utter a word from their mouths . Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ I had told when I had come in the form of the Awadhoota that as soon as the proposal of my marriage is put forward , I will leave home and go away . “

After saying so , Shreepad PRabhu touched his two elder brothers and looked towards them with his nectar – filled eyes . Instantly , the blind brother got sight and the brother who was crippled in the leg became normal and started walking . Those two brothers also got knowledge by that Divined touch and they started shining by the brilliance of knowledge . Seeing all these sights , Shreepad’s parents got a shock of pleasant surprise and they just could not utter a word . Suddenly Grandmother Rajamamba and Grandfather Bapannacharyulu , similarly , Venkatappa Shreshthhi and his wife Venkata Subbammamba , Narsimha Verma and his wife Ammajamma came there . Shreepad Prabhu was talking to everybody with humour . Then Sumati Maharani said , “ Son ! Shreepada ! You had said that you will fulfill all responsibilities and then go . You have yet not returned the balance of milk of Shreshthhee’s house , balance of milk of the Vatsawas , balance of milk of the Malladis . “

On this Shreepad said , “ Mother ! What you say is true . I will never forget the people in these three clans . Even if I forget , you remind me . By taking the appropriate service from them , I will give them a boon . I will come to any of the houses of your parents’ side for food , but I will not accept the Dakshina . People from your parents’ side behave with me with an emotion of parental love and call me as their son – in – law ; I will accept this human relation and behave with them as a son – in – law should . “ So saying , Shreepad turned to his father and addressing him said , “ Father ! In our Ghandikota family , the tradition of Vedas is going on for many years . Now both of my elder brothers have become complete with the science of Vedas and have become great scholars . They will continue our tradition of the Vedas . I will never forget the people in the Ghandikota clan . “ Shreepad Prabhu closed his eyes and sat for a few moments and then said , “ Our Shreedhar Sharma will be born in one of the later births as a great man by the name ‘ Samarth Ramdas ‘ in the country of Maharashtra .

Narsimha Verma will take birth by the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji and will establish a kingdom in Maharashtra and will be a disciple of Samarth Ramdas . In this way , our earlier relations will continue clearly in the form of brothers . After Samarth Ramdas Swami , Shreedhar Sharma will become a great Yogi at the sacred place of Shivagram ( Shegao


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II ) by the name of Gajanan . Because of him , the greatness of the sacred place of Shivagram will increase greatly . Ram Raj Sharma will be born by the name of ‘ Shreedhara ‘and become a Great Yogi . A Maha Sansthan will be created in my courtyard in this Peethhikapur which has a Shiva tradition of Shridhara . Our relations with Venkatappayya Shreshthhee will become of permanent nature . Not only this , after that people from the Vatsawai clan , will also be included ( in this ) . Here the reading of the ‘ Savitra Panna ‘ will take place . “ Saying so , Shreepad stopped . He liked the chanting of the Vedas very dearly . Many times , Shreepad Prabhu used to become immersed in his inner self as the Veda Chanting used to go on. During those times , the group of Brahmins chanting the Vedas used to continue the chanting of the Vedas looking fixedly at the Divine face of Shree with great adulation .

II Adhyay 42 II

Disappearance of Shreepad Prabhu from Peethhikapur

The Divine vision of Shreepad Prabhu to his parents and Bapannacharyulu

After lunch , Shree Bhaskar Pandit said , ‘ Shreepad Prabhu gave the Datta initiation staying in the house of a Shudra . He did not ask them to follow the rules of the Deeksha procedure like the Pooja , worship , devotion ; but he only tied a sacred thread round their wrists and asked them to sing Bhajans . Shreepad Prabhu had told the people taking the Deeksha that he himself is Dattatreya and the pains , troubles of devotees are removed by only remembering him . Prabhu was insisting that nobody should feel that the Shastras are being overlooked in this Deeksha . But the Brahmins of Peethhikapur came together and gave information regarding this to the then head of the Peethha , the Shankaracharya , in a tone of complaint . Similarly , that Shree Bapannacharyulu and Appal Raj Sharma should be boycotted from the Brahmin clan , was also intimated by the Brahmins to Shree Shankaracharya Swami . Since at that time , Shreepad Prabhu was drawn inwardly , this debate stopped there . A resolution was passed that nothing related to the subject of spirituality should be changed without the permission of Shree Shankaracharya .

In this reference , many Brahmins expressed their opinion , that a sixteen year old boy deciding that he himself is an incarnation of Datta Prabhu , was blasphemy . Many Brahmins had conspiring minds ; but they came to the house of Bapannacharyulu to express false and superficial sympathy . Bapannacharyulu said, “ Shreepad Prabhu is dazzling us by his brilliance . He played in our house in the child form of the Great Lord Shreepad Shree Vallabh and gave us Divine joy . He removed the curtain of illusion from in front of our eyes . Today , becoming the rays of our eyes , he is shining . We have become overwhelmed by his beautiful , Divine vision . It cannot be measured how fortunate we are . “ Hearing these words of Bapannacharyulu , the Brahmins come there to express false sympathy , went away without uttering a single word . The dirt in their minds had completely gone . After some time , Shreepad Prabhu returned his home . Sumati Maharani , Appal Raj Sharma , his sisters and brothers , everybody were in great happiness .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shree Appal Raj Sharma said , “ Earlier we used to be very much worried about Shreepad . But now the load from our hearts is reduced . When we remember him , he appears before our mind’s eye . Coming in his gross form , he gives us whatever we have asked for and converses with us . We feel greatly blessed we have become the parents giving birth to Lord Shree Datta . Now we have obtained endless happiness , “ so saying , Appal Raj Sharma wiped the tears of joy flowing from his eyes , by his upper cloth . The situation here was entirely opposite to what the Brahmins had anticipated . Venkatappayya Shreshthhi addressed all Brahmins , ‘ O Brahmins ! Till now we used to spend some moment’s time with Lord Shreepad . But from now on , he is going to forever stay in our mind’s eye . Similarly , he is going to stay in our house only , giving Darshan in his gross form . “ After this , Narsimha Verma said to the Brahmins , “ Shreepad Prabhu removed the curtains of illusion from in front of our eyes . The Great Lord performing Divine humour perennially will be around us , laughing with us , in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . He will give us his visions in his bodily form with greater affection than before . “

The Datta – devotee Sannyasi of the Kukkuteshwar realized this true form of Shreepad Prabhu and his heart was tormented .He went into meditation indicating clearly that Shreepad Prabhu is Lord Dattatreya himself . He was convinced that Shreepad Prabhu is not a different deity and he is his worshipped idol Dattatreya himself . There were some Brahmins in Peethhikapur who opposed Shreepad Prabhu . One question was always dominant in their minds , ‘ Is it really true that Dattatreya has incarnated in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh ? If this is true , then it is not only difficult , but also impossible for us to trouble him . “

Dattatreya Prabhu’s nature is very different . He delivers the spiritual practitioners who surrender to him singlemindedly , by himself suffering difficulties . This is the specialty of his nature . Many Brahmins of Peethhikapur had taken out his procession by ascending him on a chariot . They had also offered big sums of money in the form of Dakshina .

The Sannyasis giving the Datta initiation were doing so only with the intention of getting Guru Dakshina . They had made it a source of income . If the wishes , desires of the spiritual practitioners who were given the Deeksha , were not fulfilled , the Sannyasis used to wash their hands off saying that their faith is not strong enough . If the wishes , desires were fulfilled , those Sannyasis used to tell everybody that it is the result of the Datta Deeksha . Those Sannyasis used to be always afraid of Shreepad Prabhu in their minds . They used to feel that Shreepad Prabhu will expose their true form in front of all people by his Divine Leelas .

At that time , an old Brahmin came to the temple of Kukkuteshwar . His name was Narsimha and Gotra was Kashyap . He had come from the far – away land of Maharashtra . He took the Darshan of Kukkuteshwar with great devotion ; after that he took the Darshan of Swayambhu Dattatreya . At that time , he came to know that Datta Deeksha was being given there . That old Brahmin went to the Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya who was giving the Datta Deeksha . He greeted that Sannyasi with great humility and gave the coins he had brought as Guru Dakshina to him . Seeing that


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Dakshina , the Sannyasi was pleased . He asked the Brahmin to put forward his folded palms to take the Dakshina . The Sannyasi lifted his vessel ( kamandalu ) to pour the sacred water in it on his hands and poured the sacred water on the Brahmin’s hands . But surprise was that along with the water in the Kamandalu , a scorpion fell on the Brahmin’s hands . That Brahmin’s mouth dried up . The Sannyasi asked him to drink the water in his palms and said , ‘ Aha ! You have offered me the fruit of penances done for many years . “ At that same instant , the Brahmin cried loudly by the sting of the scorpion . Some Brahmins in the temple knew the Mantras of reducing inflammation due to the sting of scorpions . They used them ; but the inflammation did not reduce by them . At that time , the Sannyasi became scared and hid in a corner of the temple . In order to reduce the inflammation , many Mantra chantings were done , Kukkuteshwar was given the ‘ Abhishek ‘. A special Arti worship of Camphor was performed for Swayambhu Dattatreya , but nothing was successful . The Brahmin was lying in an unconscious state . His mouth was foaming . Seeing this foam , some people thought that a snake must have bit the Brahmin . But some Brahmins had seen the scorpion falling on the hand of the old Brahmin along with the water in the Kamandalu . Everybody tried to the best of their ability to reduce the Brahmin’s pains . But in vain . Everybody felt that the Sannyasi is responsible for this . The Brahmin could not tolerate the pains ; hence he was down for some time and then he fell unconscious .

After some time , the Brahmin regained consciousness , but he started getting great pains in his stomach and started getting hiccups . At that time ,a farmer came there . He told the old Brahmin , ‘ An honourable man from our Gotra named Vyankayya has given the grain sprinkled by Mantras by Shreepad Prabhu . “ That Brahmin remembered Shreepad Prabhu with great reverence and took those Mantra grains in his hands and held a few of those on his head . and wonder was that , in only a few moments , all pains of the Brahmin vanished and he became healthy as before . By all these events , people lost their faith on the Sannyasi . All the initiated spiritual practitioners took back the Guru Dakshina given to him , from him and drove that Sannyasi away from Peethhikapur . When all the spiritual practitioners asked Bapannacharyulu how to utilize the money taken back from the Sannyasi , he said, “ Get food grains and other materials from that money and feed everybody . By feeding people , Shree Datta Prabhu will be pleased . A different Datta Deeksha is not required . “ As per the words of Bapannacharyulu , a big pandal was erected in the yards of Kukkuteshwar . People were fed there in a large scale . After meals , all people filled the environs with the loud sounds of the Victory chant of the Divine name , ‘ Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara ! ‘ Shreepad Prabhu had earlier predicted that the entire world will be filled by this Great Divine Mantra .

II Glory be to Shreepad Shree Vallabh II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 43 II

Description of Shree Anagha Laxmi – The Vaishnavi powers of illusion of Shreepad

Shree Bhaskar Pandit completed his spiritual practice etc .in the night and started narrating . He said, ‘ O Great Men ! The worship of knowledge is the greatest of all . There is no restriction of age for the worship of knowledge . Actually seeing , Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the form of Maha Saraswati , Maha Laxmi , Maha Kali . ‘ On these words , I said , ‘ You had earlier said that Shreepad Prabhu is the form of Shree Padmawati Venkateshwar . Now you say that these three mothers is also him only . Similarly , he is also called as ‘ Anagh Dev along with Anagha Laxmi ‘ . I cannot understand this ; so tell me everything in detail . ‘

The gigantic form of Shreepad Prabhu

Then that great Pandit ( scholar ) said , “ Brothers ! The Shastras ( spiritual texts ) say that the Parmatma is present in every living being . He encompasses everybody from the ant to the Lord Brahma . In his Shreepad Prabhu incarnation , he is both in the form of the ant and in the form of Lord Brahma . Therefore , he stands in the entire nature in the form of nature . He is in the state of union with the consciousness of the entire living world . This is his specialty . Even though situated in all living beings , his touch is not felt in any living being . This is his Vaishnavi power of illusion . Some rules are followed regarding the extent and limitedness of nature . Shreepad Prabhu’s being in the form of Maha Saraswati , Maha Laxmi , Maha Kali means he is expressed in those forms of consciousness . That forms of consciousness is he himself only . He is always situated in a state of union by the illusory powers of his Yoga in the form which is expressed , in that form . When he is in the state of union taking the consciousness of Maha Saraswati , then he unites with the Four – faced Lord Brahma . Whether it is Maha Saraswati or the form of Hiranyagarbha , he is in the limitation of touch . In the same way , only one soul can be born in four or five male forms also . The power of this soul can also be born at the same time , in four or five female forms . Similarly , the female form also takes the form of shape and qualities and follows the limitations decided by Lord Brahma religiously , like the male form .

In this way , Shreepad Prabhu is situated becoming Anagh Dev along with Anagha Laxmi . This is his Ardha Narishwar form . Nowadays , he is in the form of the Lord of Sages in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . The preciseness of religion is that , he follows the limits , boundaries of the Sagun ( form with qualities ) , the Saakar ( form with shape ) without fail . Religion and preciseness of religion are different . Shreepad Prabhu has accepted the form of nature in order to specially shower Divine experiences . The human being can get deliverance faster because


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II of the state of union prevalent in nature . This is the summary of this . Shreepad Prabhu used to do Jap ( chanting ) , meditation , penances and instead of taking the fruit of these for himself , he use to give it to nature . In order to release devotees from their troubles , diseases , he carries the fruit of his penances and liberates them from the bondages of Karma ( deeds ) .

Jagannath ( Lord of the World ) creates his four powers , Maha Saraswati ,Maha Kali , Maha Laxmi , Raj Rajeshwari for the expression of Divinity in this world , for the nurturing and protection of this world . Goddess Ambika has three states – 1. The state of being beyond everything 2. The state of universe 3. The state of power . The original power is in the state of being beyond everything for the functioning of nature . She attracts the infinite truths in the Parmatma in herself and mixes them in her consciousness and after that takes birth in nature . Her work is not over only by taking birth . She creates all living beings and taking them inside her , she gives them strength entering into them . This is her Universal permanent nature .

Since energy is eternal , she remains central between the human personality and the Divine nature . This itself is the mystery of being born in the form of Anagha Laxmi . She incarnates taking some part from her Original Principle. When the carriage of duty of that part is over , she again attracts that part in the Original Principle. Anagha Laxmi cannot perform even a small task without the wish of Anagh Dev . But only she takes every wish of the Lord to its complete conclusion . Since the form of both – mother and father – are there in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh , his grace is special . Anagha Laxmi chiefly has three roles . The role of Blissful Truth Consciousness regarding the material worlds . In this role , there are worlds filled with the states of infinity , infinite strength , infinite Divine Bliss at this place . From this role , words are incapable of describing this living being .In the lower state of this role of Blissful Truth Consciousness , there is the complete world of nature of Divine consciousness . In this role , the Divine consciousness of Anagha Laxmi is the great power . In the Vedas , this universe is described as the ‘ Maha Shlok ‘. There is no failure to the Karmas ( Deeds ) done in this Lok . In every process , knowledge , strength go to complete perfection . Here Divine Bliss is experienced eternally . Here there is complete absence of lies , afflictions , sorrows , pains . Below this role , there is one role of ignorance . The people here have ignorance . The people here also have life , body , mind ; but their experiences are incomplete , limited and filled with frustrations .

Greatness of Raj Rajeshwari

In the consciousness of the idol of Mother Raj Rajeshwari , infinite compassion is filled to the brim . She considers all devotees as her children . Living beings who are ignorant in the mental and life – force layers are called ‘ Asuras ‘ . They are full of pride and are cowards , determined and keep performing penances . Those having authority in the life – force level are called ‘ Rakshasas ‘. They have great strength and their emotions are large and intense . Besides these , there are some beings , in the lower levels in minor layers of life – force , these are called ‘ Pishach ‘ or ‘ Pramadi ‘ . They can take any Asuri form and garb . Actually seeing , a Pishach cannot be a person . It is only an imaginary form


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II of the mind when a desire or a bad lust has remained unfulfilled . The Rakshasas have a very strong life – force layer . They do not have anything called as the ‘ mind ‘ . They try to grab anything that they see . The form of Mother Kali that is visible to us is ‘ black ‘ , dark form of the life – force layer . Kali means the power of destruction . Giving everybody sorrows and troubles , this is the power of nature of ignorance , which tears them to pieces . Maha Kali is in the evolved state . She is normally in the form of Gold . She appears to the Rakshasas in a very terrible form . Raj Rajeshwari represents good thoughts , whereas Maha Kali is the representative of the power of strength . This Mother has great strength of destruction . If this power appears , it is pacified only after destruction and confrontation . Maha Kali is a different deity than Goddess Kali . When the spiritual practitioner realizes that obstructions have come in his spiritual practice , he should evoke the Maha Kali power which is in his inner self .

Forms of Asuri , Kali , Shyama , Maha Kali etc .

Kali , Shyama are the first powers of Life – force ( Prana Shakti ) . Kali is the power of destruction , Maha Kali is of Golden colour and terrible for the Asuras . Raj Rajeshwari is the ruler of thought , whereas Maha Kali is the ruler of strength . Mahalaxmi’s beauty is great . In order to fully perfect thought and strength , having beauty is essential . If it is not there , our efforts do not attain perfection . But in some places , some balance state is there . At this time , we find it perfect . After reaching a further evolved state , we again experience a new state there . According to this , a new state of balance is obtained . We find this state as perfect . The symbol of this state is Maha Laxmi . If perfection is reached in thought , but not in strength and power , earlier Siddhis ( accomplishments ) are not favourable . It is due to this reason itself that to obtain complete perfection , thought , strength , beauty and perfection – these four qualities are required . The mystery which is unknown to human beings is the Divine beauty in Union . This is the Chidvilas which encompasses the entire universe . Only by the grace of Maha Laxmi , all the things in nature , decorated by diversity , powers and living beings co – exist in unity . They obtain joy in this state of unity only . She develops in form and harmony various types of things ,strengths and living beings . Maha Laxmi is the Original Goddess of Great Love and Great Joy . Similarly , Laxmi is the symbol of collection of material objects . Maha Laxmi is the Great Power which diverts material objects , living beings , Powers towards the empire of Divine joy and gives them the joy of Divine life .

In order to obtain the powers of Anagha Laxmi fully , along with thought , strength and beauty , skill is necessary in Karmas ( deeds ) also . In the Vedas , there are praises of Mother Saraswati . In the Dasha Maha Vidya , she is called ‘ Matangi ‘ . Her speech is Vaikhari . Maha Saraswati is different . Maha Saraswati is the symbol of Divine skills and Deeds of the soul consciousness . By the grace and the Prasad of kindness of this great Mother , our desired deeds reach fruition . The Prasad of her Divine knowledge is used to take our deeds to accomplishment . Knowledge of how to utilize soul consciousness is obtained . We realize how joy is obtained by the union of many powers . By keeping deep faith on Maha Saraswati ,we can obtain knowledge about very difficult topics like perfection , transformation and similarly about very fine subjects . O Listeners ! Joy is a topic related to the Great God ; but great joy is


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II experienced only by Yogis .This itself is the delight got by the desire less Yogi . All living beings get happiness according to their previous good deeds ; but behind every joy , sorrow is definitely decided .

Following the Anagha Devi Vrat by the Datta devotees

The form of Goddess Shri Anagha is another form of Goddess Laxmi only . In her , the manifestations of the Goddesses Raj Rajeshwari , Maha Laxmi , Maha Kali are filled to the brim . Goddess Shri Anagha also has a Vishnu form . In it , the manifestations of Parmeshwar Dattatreya are filled completely . Therefore , along with the worship of Goddess Anagha , if Anagh in the Vishnu form is worshipped , all fruits are obtained . The Vrat of ‘ Anagha Ashtami ‘ is very much respected by the Datta devotees . By following that Vrat , all happiness is obtained .

Greatness of Shreepad Prabhu – Greatness of Datta worship

“ O Listeners ! Vishnu in the form of Anagh , along with Goddess Shri Anagha ,himself is the incarnation of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . He is very near to the intellectual , mental and soul consciousness of common people . He can travel anywhere and immediately rushes to the calls of his devotees . He destroys the sorrows of his devotees and his protected ones ; he gives them happiness . The fruit obtained by practicing devotion of the Dasha Maha Vidyas is immediately obtained only by worshipping Shreepad or Dattatreya . The desired fruit is obtained by worshipping other Gods with faith , but the worship of Shree Dattatreya gives immediate fruit . Dattatreya is the origin of all Gods and he is a great incarnation of all the Four Yugas . His great incarnation is without end and he is achievable with great ease .

Divine Leelas of Shreepad Charitramrita

O Shankar Bhatta ! The sacred text which you are composing will be studied by great men and Great Yogis also . They will interpret it in relation with their grammar . Great Men highly developed in Yoga , will earn knowledge by studying this book. The common devotees will read this book and will obtain joy , prosperity and glory of the material and spiritual worlds . Since every letter of this book is true , every letter in this book is filled with power , it is the original powerful seed ( Beeja ) . Desired fruit is obtained by reading this book in any language with a faithful and devoted heart . This great book is the letter form of that Great Lord himself .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 44 II

Description of Golden Peethhikapur

Shree Bhaskar Pandit insisted us to accept his hospitality that day and stay at his house and requested to narrate the stories of Shreepad Shree Vallabh . We could not resist Bhaskar Pandit’s request . Staying at his house in the night , the next day , we went to the Darshan of Tripurantakeshwar after finishing our morning bath and Sandhya . There , an emotion – filled narration of Shreepad Shree Vallabh’s biography took place . The speaker had kept the listeners spell – bound by his sweet voice .

Birthplace of Shreepad Prabhu

O Listeners ! Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the form of Shiva himself . He used to disappear from the village of Peethhikapur and emerge in the town of Kashi and used to bathe in the Ganges . Due to his being incarnated at Peethhikapur , the afflictions of ghosts there , were removed . The land of ( his ) birthplace in Peethhikapur had been filled with consciousness . In future , after a few centuries , in the Maha Sansthan that will be created at his birthplace , his Divine Padukas will be established . The Land there will be stimulated ( by consciousness ) and will stimulate the surrounding lands in a serial manner . The people there will be attracted by the Divine attraction in the environs of Peethhikapur .In the places where Shreepad Shree Vallabh has travelled and will travel in future , the effect of awakening is unknowingly visible and that Divine Power is experienced .

Every human being has the earth element in him . This is made up of the principles of words , touch , appearance , taste , fragrance . Seeing from the vision of Yoga , anybody who has the element of earth in him , is definitely attracted to the sacred place of Peethhikapur due to the Divine compassion of Shreepad Prabhu . In this , I asked , “ Do the people in ‘ Arya warta ( India ) ‘ , due to the awakening of the element of earth in them come to Peethhikapur in the physical form ? “

Greatness of Golden Peethhikapur

Shreepad Prabhu smiled mildly and said , “ You have asked the right question . There is a Golden Peethhikapur in the physically visible Peethhikapur . Whatever is the extent of the physical Peethhikapur , that is the boundary of Golden


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Peethhikapur . Golden Peethhikapur has been created only by consciousness . Actually seeing , whenever materials related to the consciousness are being created in spiritual practitioners , he feels he is residing in Golden Peethhikapur .

Due to the consciousness in this Golden Peethhikapur , a glow of thousands of Divine rays is created . Yogis , people performing penances ( Tapasvis ) , Great Men ( Mahatmas ) are eager to live in this golden Peethhikapur . But these divine persons are invisible to our normal eye . The Golden Peethhikapur is visible only to those spiritual practitioners who have the Yoga vision , the vision of knowledge . “

A special on the pilgrimage of Kashi and its surroundings

Just like the Golden Peethhikapur , there is a Divine sacred place called Golden Kashi . It is just the same as the extent of the physical Kashi . Golden Kashi is created out of substances having consciousness . ‘ Kashi Yatram Gamishyami Tatraiv Niwasamyaham I

Iti Bruvanassatatam Kashivas Falam Labhet II’ is one of the sentences of the Shastras .

‘ I am going to Kashi and thinking of staying there only . ‘ People who incessantly say so , also receive the fruit of staying in Kashi . In order to stay in the Golden Kashi and to receive the Darshan of Kashi Vishveshwar , everybody should always think about him with great faith .

Relating to your physical sphere , there is a physical Peethhikapur as well as physical Kashi . Relating to the sphere of Life – force , there is a physical Peethhikapur , similarly , there is a physical Kashi with a sphere of life – force . Relating to each of the spheres of mental activities , knowledge and joy , there is a Peethhikapur and a Kashi .

This Peethhikapur of joy itself is called ‘ Golden Peethhikapur . Similarly , this joyful Kashi itself is called ‘ Golden Kashi ‘ . On these words , I said , “ Great Man , I know very little . Kindly bless me and give me a simple analysis of this subject . Some people talk about the fruit of the pilgrimage of the surrounding areas of Kashi , which is that pilgrimage ? “ In order to satisfy my query , Shree Bhaskar Pandit said , “ Child , the Panchakrosha ( surrounding areas ) pilgrimage is a physical pilgrimage . Actually seeing , the pilgrimage we are supposed to do , that pilgrimage is called the Panchakrosha pilgrimage of the physical , life force , mental , knowledge and joyful spheres . We should do this in the form of consciousness only . This itself is the secret divine mystery of the pilgrimage of Panchakrosha . By the grace of Shreepad only , the spiritual practitioner gets the ability of performing the Panchakrosha pilgrimage ; therefore , the Five great yajnas ( sacrifices ) related to the five great elements are accomplished by the Yoga Powers of Shreepad Prabhu only . As a symbol of these five great sacrifices , the Panchadev Pahad is decorated near Kurugaddi .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Only those spiritual practitioners who have prayed for the realization of divine mysteries , who have Yoga vision , can understand all this . All other common men do not understand anything about this . “

When Shreepad Prabhu took bath in the Ganga at Kashi , Mother Ganga herself appeared and she prayed Shreepad Prabhu to take bath in the Ganga daily . At the time , since Shreepad gave the blessing , “ I will bath daily in the Ganga , “ the consciousness of Mother Ganga has also encompassed in the Panchakrosha . Similarly , Mother Ganga also lives in the Panchakrosha ( surrounding areas ) . On this , I said , ‘ Lord ! Isn’t Mother Ganga in the form of water ? How can she be in the Panchakrosha ? I do not understand this . “ On this , laughing , Bhaskar Pandit said , “ Son , Gods are in the form of Mantras. They are not in the physical form . The form of Mantras means the power form of the Brahm of words . Mother Ganga is the Goddess of Power . This means a Goddess in the form of consciousness . The river Ganga in her physical form is the Goddess of Pride in the state of union and is a Goddess in the form of consciousness . Similarly, the Sun God (in the form of consciousness) which is visible in nature, that Sun is the God in the form of consciousness in the state of union in space. This precise secret of religion which is a Divine mystery, must have been understood by you very well now.

Every human being has the element of water in him .For its purification , he desires to do the water sacrifice . For this , he daily goes to bathe in the Ganga in Kashi . Due to this Yoga process , the water desire which is in physical form gets purified . The sacred rivers by their very sacred waters remove the filth of human beings and give them purity . Great rivers like Ganga , Godavari become impure by the bathing of sinful human beings in them . When Great Men and Great Souls in the form of pure consciousness bathe in these rivers , these great rivers become pure as earlier . The meaning of performing the water Yajna ( sacrifice ) is purifying the water forms and water principles in the bodies of masses of living beings . Shreepad Shree Vallabh is sovereign . Datta Prabhu himself in the form of Great Trinity creates , protects and destroys millions of universes . As per the promise given to the sage Bharadwaj in the Treta Yug , Shreepad Prabhu took incarnation at the sacred place where the great sacrifice of Savitr Kathhak of the Bharadwaj clan ( Gotra ) was held ,i.e. at the village of Peethhikapur . The intention of his incarnation was to grace Great Yogis , Great Siddhas ( spiritually accomplished men ) , Great men and to re – establish the Dharma through them . He said he will take an incarnation in the name and form of Narsimha Saraswati after this incarnation ; whoever will shoe disbelief on these Divine words and those who will blaspheme the incarnation of Shreepad Prabhu will obtain the birth of ghosts . They will go to a state of powerlessness and to a state of extreme misery and inferiority . Shreepad has said that such sinful persons will get liberation in the incarnation of Shree Narsimha Saraswati at Ganagapur .

The nectar of the biography of Shreepad Shree Vallabh that you are writing is literally a book , every letter of which is true . This book will be translated in every language . This great book if read in any language will give its specific fruit to everybody . He will himself select those who are eligible to translate this . There will be a special grace of the Great Lord on those who will translate this book and those who are related by assisting in translating . If this book is kept in


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II a sacred temple and is worshipped , they will be showered with the kind grace . By reading this book , all auspicious things will occur in the Kaliyug , thus said the Great Lord .The Divine feet of Shree will get this work of writing this book done from you . “ On this I said , “ My Lord ! Whatever you have said is right . But I am not at all a scholar . Also I am unaware of the knowledge of the Vedas and the Vedantas . I am surprised as well as elated about the great work you are getting done from this little – knowing me . “ On this Bhaskar Pandit said , “ Actually , it is the rule of Datta only that diseases increase because of prohibited substances ; even then it is wonder that , it is the humorous nature of Shreepad Prabhu to get great things done from ignorant simple men . This is an indication of his Divine power only .“

One day a Sannyasi came to the Kukkuteshwar temple in Peethhikapur . At that time , Shreepad Shree Vallabh was in the childhood state . The great Shree Narsimha Verma and the great Venkatappayya Shreshthhi came to the Kukkuteshwar temple taking the child Shreepad Shree Vallabh along with them in a horse cart . At that time , that Sannyasi was seated in a state of meditation in the temple of Swayambhu Datta . Seeing him Shreepad said to Shreshthhi , “ Whys was this Sadhu allowed to enter the temple ? “ Narsimha Verma said lightly to Shreepad , “ Son , He is a Sannyasi . If he gets upset , he will curse us . “ Shreepad said , “ That means , even he gets angry . So should we also call them Sannyasis , who catch fish and who stink from the smell of fish ? “ At that same time , the Sannyasi opened his eyes . He was stinking of fish . The Sannyasi realized this . He was a real Sannyasi . He looked towards Shreepad . He remembered Vishnu in the incarnation of fish . Then Shreepad said, “ There are small fish in your Kamandalu also , see for yourself . “

Special grace on the Sannyasi

The Sannyasi was very surprised seeing the fish in the Kamandalu . Shreepad was looking at the Sannyasi sharply . At the same time , that Sannyasi went inward . He got the Yoga vision and felt that small drops of various fluids in his veins had taken the shape of a fish .Those drops were showing different kinds of manifestations . Each drop , as if taking the form of each desire , was floating in the shape of a fish . The Sannyasi cried in amazement , “ Aha ! Is this the same thing which is called as the ‘ reaction of the fish incarnation ‘ ? “ That Sannyasi realized that if knowledge is obtained about that tiny drop , it is possible to control all lusts in material life . The Sannyasi looked outward . Smiling mildly , he looked at Shreepad’s face with great reverence . Shreepad also looked at him with a mild smile . The Sannyasi kept his head on the Lotus feet of Shreepad . Shreepad placed his hand on the Sannyasi’s head with great affection and graced him . By that touch , the stink of fish from the Sannyasi’s body disappeared and in its place a Divine fragrance emerged . At that time , that Sannyasi remembered the event when the sage Parashara , by his kind sight , removed the bad odour of fish from Matsyagandha’s body and established a fragrance there . Similarly , fragrance used to come from the body of Matali , the lady greatly devoted to her husband ; hence she used to be called ‘ Suvasini ‘ .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Shreepad Prabhu taught the Sannyasi without words that just as the experiences in the body are transformed into fragrances , changes take place in the physical body also and good fragrances are experienced . After this , Shreepad said , “ Son , you realized about the fish incarnation . The tortoise incarnation supports the Divine tendencies and the demonic tendencies . The Gods and demons had churned the ocean by placing the Mandar Mountain on the tortoise . By becoming inward , just as a tortoise in times of trouble withdraws his organs inward and keeps them in control , if you too , will keep your sense organs and organs of action in your control , you will become a Great Yogi . If you do not do this , you will look outward and will become a Rakshas , being filled with all vices . The moment you will look outward , somebody will kill you . If you want life , you look inward and practice Yoga . If you do this , you will be released from all bondages . “

II Adhyay 45 II

Instruction to Shree Hanumanta to take incarnation on earth – Shreepad Prabhu’s Divine acts in the sacred place of Kashi

We had our afternoon meals at Shree Bhaskar Pandit’s house . After that he began narrating . He said , “ O Listeners ! Shreepad Prabhu’s Divine acts are unimaginable . He blessed many Mahapurushas in the city of Kashi . He blessed them with many kinds of Yoga Siddhis ( accomplishments ) which they desired . He addressed the assembly of sages , “ I am going to take another incarnation by the name Narsimha Saraswati . The strong reason of my disappearing from Peethhikapur and coming to Kashi is that this is a very sacred place . Wishes of Siddhis are fulfilled here . I daily come to take bath in the Ganga by the Yoga route . It is here only that I am going to accept the Sannyas initiation ( Deeksha ) in the Narsimha Saraswati incarnation . I am instructing a spiritual practitioner named Shyama Charan to take birth here in Kashi for the purpose of teaching people in the householder life who desire to obtain the knowledge of Kriya – Yog , in the coming centuries . In the coming era , I have asked the knower of Divinity – Hanumanta to learn Kriya – Yog from Shyama Charan . This is the absolute truth . “

The Darshan of Seeta , Ram , Laxman and Bharat to Hanumant

At that time , Shreepad Prabhu reached the Badarika forest along with a group of sages , following the Yoga route . There he gave the Kriya Yog Deeksha ( initiations ) to many disciples in the cave of Nar – Narayan . He came near the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Kunda ( lake ) of Urvashi , twelve Kosas from there . He also took bath in the Rishi Ganga . Shreepad Prabhu blessed a great Yogi named Sarveshwaranand who was meditating since Five Thousand years . From there , he went to the country of Nepal. There he gave the collective Darshan of Shreeram , Seeta , Bharat , Laxman and Shatrughna to Hanumanta who was absorbed in the name of Rama on a mountain . He said to Hanumanta , “ Hey Hanumanta , I cannot guess how many millions of times you have done he Jap of the name of Rama . In such a short time , you have done such great Japa ( chanting ) of the name of Rama that it was not possible for even Chitragupta to keep an account of it . Hence you reached to the position of being a ‘ Chiranjeev ( immortal ) ‘ . You are beyond time . It is impossible even for Chitragupta to write how many millions of years are there in your life . You incarnate in the Kaliyug and conquer you organs ; you will be honoured and worshipped by all.”

The greatness of the Ram Beej ( Seed of Ram )

On this , Hanumanta said , “ My Lord , the Ram – Beej ( Seed of Ram ) is the seed of Fire itself . Because of him only , I obtained the Agni ( Fire ) Siddhi . I am your part in terms of my body . In terms of the soul , I have become your form only . Tell me in form should I take incarnation . “ Shreepad Prabhu smiled mildly and said , “ You became a devotee of Rama as a form of part of Shiva . In the Arabic language , Al means power and Aha means the holder of that power . Therefore it means that Allah is the Shiva – Shakti form . For so many years , you served me as ‘ Seeta Pati ( husband of Seeta ) ‘ ; now , worship me by the name of Allah as the form of Shiv – Shakti which can be adopted by the people of the Yavana caste . “ On this Hanumanta said , “ My Lord ! I was aware that the Great Sage Bharadwaj was going to perform the Savitr Kathhak in Peethhikapur in the Treta Yuga . Due to boon given at that time , I had learnt that you are going to take birth in the Bharadwaj Gotra . Therefore , under any circumstances , I cannot live without you . You and I belong to the same Gotra . Therefore , I am your son only , am I not ? “

Conversation between Shreepad Prabhu and Hanumanta

On this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Son Hanumanta , the body you are holding belongs to the Bharadwaj Gotra . “ On this Hanumanta said , “ The meaning of ‘ Allah Malik ‘ is that ‘ Allah only is the master of everybody ‘ , is it not ? “ Shreepad hugged Hanumanta with great affection and said , “ Hanumanta , you leave aside the consciousness of your body . You are a part of me only . “ “ My Lord ! I realize it that I am a part of you only “ , said Hanumanta , “ When I finish your work on this earth and later will dissolve in the Original Principle , then this partial incarnation will also be completely destroyed . In the partial incarnation , the Original Principles will always be with me . When these principles will flourish , hold me with your strengths and original principles . “ On this Shreepad said , “ O Hanumanta ! You are very intelligent . Whatever are my powers , they are yours too . In the Narsimha Saraswati incarnation , I am going to secretly stay in the Kardalivan near Shree Shailya in Yog Samadhi for three hundred years . After that , I will be renowned as Swami Samarth at Pradnyapur ( Akkalkot village of today ) . While finishing this incarnation , I will incarnate in you in the form of Sai . I am telling clearly that my incarnation will appear in your


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II form . At that time , you will be renowned in the incarnation of a ‘ Samarth Sadguru ‘ . After this , Hanumanta said , “ My Lord ! I, your servant , will move around saying ‘ Allah Malik Hai ‘ . Due to the consciousness of the body , I will not be able to behave like you , even though I am a part of yours . Your Shree Charan ( Feet ) means Datta Prabhu himself . How can there be a difference between you and me ? The non – duality between us will be proved if I change in your form and you transform in my form . For this , you give me the Prasad of Sayujyata ( Union ) with Datta Prabhu . “

Shreepad Prabhu ordered the personality of time to come near him . The personality of time stood in front of Shreepad Prabhu with folded hands ( in greeting ) . Then Shreepad Prabhu said , “ O Personality of time ! This Hanumanta is beyond time . I have given him Sayujyata ( union ) with me as Prasad . I am giving him the title of ‘ Nath ‘ . From now on , he will be called by the name of ‘ Sainath ‘ . Let us celebrate Datta Jayanti today . The consciousness in Hanumanta emerged in the form of Datta . Seeing this , the group of sages looked at Shreepad Prabhu in amazement . Suddenly ,the life particles in the body of Hanumanta disintegrated . From them , emerged Mother Anasuya . Seeing Shreepad Shree Vallabh , she said , “ Son , Krishna ! You are such an excellent son . When I gave birth to you , I did not get the labour pains a general mother gets . The mother also has a kind of joy even in these pains . There is an experience of sweetness in it . But during the time of your birth , I was devoid of this joy . Will you not take birth again from my womb ? I do not understand this Vaishnavi power of Illusion of yours . “ On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ O Mother ! The son has to fulfill his mother’s desires which are bound by religion . This is Hanuman who was emerged from your womb . I have given him the state of union with me . Seeing in one way , I am again taking birth from your womb by my powers of illusion . Very shortly , you will get intense pains of labour . Mother Anasuya gave birth to the idol of Datta with three heads . Just after a while , that idol disappeared , an infant appeared on her laps . The Goddess Anasuya breast – fed that new born baby . Just after a while this event happened , the form of Hanumanta was seen . Shree Ramchandra was standing in front of him . After that Hanuman said , “ I will try to co – ordinate the good principles of the Mlechchha religion and the excellent principles of the Sanatan ( Traditional ) religion . The Mlechchha people should also have a Guru , shouldn’t they ? “ On this Shreepad said , “ A great knower by the name of Mehboob Subhani is within me . He will be incarnated by the name of Warif Alif . He will become your Guru and give you knowledge about the mysteries of Yoga . The knowledge of Kriya Yoga will be given by a Guru named Shyama Charan . From him , you will get the boons you desire . “

Emergence of Manik Prabhu

Hanumanta said , “ My Lord ! I had heard that you are the form of Padmawati Venkateshwar . The Vaishnav Swami knowing your worship also obtained your grace . “ After this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Continuously remember me and immerse your mind in my form of consciousness . I am giving you a boon that a Great Vaishnav called ‘ Gopalrao ‘ will be your Guru . He will be a devotee of Shree Venkateshwar and will be called by the name of ‘ Vyankanna ‘ . After his final journey , keep his bones for some time in an earthen pot safely in the earth . Open and see that pot after you


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II receive my instructions . There will be an idol of Venkatesha in it . You worship that idol . I will be pleased and give you your desired boon . “ On this Hanumant said to Mother Janaki , “ Mother , You had given me a garland of pearls and rubies with great love and motherly affection . I broke those pearls and rubies with stones to find Rama in the pearls and rubies of that garland . But since I did not see Shree Ram in them , I threw that garland . Pardon me for that great sin . “ On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ No work goes to completion without the presence of God . I have kept that garland of rubies safely . There is no doubt that that garland is the form of Datta . I have poured life in that garland by the flame of self in me . “ That garland of rubies was dazzling by the Divine brilliance of the form of the Guru . That form of Guru will be renowned in the form of Manik Prabhu .

Shreepad Shree Vallabh is the form of Narayan only in the sacred place of Badrinath . He is again going to take human body , but nobody can know what his name and form will be .

Shreepad Prabhu’s stay in the village of Shambal Giri near the mountain of Dronagiri

Shreepad Prabhu’s uncle Venkatawadhani Maharaj used to impart education of Vedas to students . A coconut tree was close to that place . In the Divine environment of the Veda school , a monkey became attracted to the study of the Vedas . He used to listen to the teachings of the Vedas with great devotion , without plucking coconuts from the tree or touching any other object . Shreepad Prabhu asked very innocently , “ Uncle , like the incarnation of God , does the coconut tree also has an incarnation ? “ “ Krishna , what is this question of yours ? Questions should also have some meaning . “On this Shreepad said , “ Uncle , not that way . Fruits come on trees . From the seeds in the fruit , again new trees are created . In this way , this process of generation , of tree from seeds and again seeds from them continues . “ At this , their conversation stopped . At that same time , a big coconut from the tree next to them fell down . Shreepad took that coconut in his hands . Looking towards that monkey , Shreepad said , “ I did not find it proper to send you with empty hands . I give this coconut with my hands as Prasad to you . “ Shreepad gave that coconut in the monkey’s hands and moved his hands on his back with great affection and said , “ You do not ask another coconut from me . If this is acceptable to you , I will give you the coconut . “ The monkey nodded in agreement . Taking that coconut , the monkey went away happily . Actually , who was that monkey ? Why did Shreepad give that coconut to him ? Why did he say that he will not give another coconut ? How did the coconut fall down without any effort ? And for whom ? Who will be able to answer all these questions ? It is only true that the Divine acts of Shreepad Prabhu are incomprehensible , unfathomable and distinct !

Shreepad Prabhu went to the Sanjiwani Mountain named Dronagiri . He stayed happily for a few days with a congregation of sages there . He blessed the great Yogis there by gracing them . From there he went to the village of where Lord Kalki is going to be born . That region was not seen even by Great Yogis . There are great men practicing penances from thousands of years in the Himalayas in this village . Shree Prabhu drank the pure water of the crystal mountain in the village of Shambal. The greatness of this water here is that , the age of the person drinking that water


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II does not increase . Due to this only , Shreepad’s age remained of that of a youth of sixteen years only . It did not change at all with the years .

Journey of Shreepad Prabhu from the sacred place of Gokarna to the Divine Worlds

After this , Shreepad Prabhu paid visits to many Divine sacred places and gracing spiritual practitioners , devotees , Mahapurushas reached the sacred place of Gokarna Mahabaleshwar . Prabhu stayed at this sacred place for three years . In this sacred place , he showed many distinct Leelas . But it is simply impossible to describe them . Moving from the sacred place of Gokarna , Shreepad Prabhu reached the sacred place of Shree Shailya . Shree Bapannacharyulu had performed a great Yagna ( sacrifice ) here . As a result of this sacrifice , energy had been transformed from the solar system onto the Linga of Shree Mallikarjun . It was due to this event itself , that the incarnation of Shreepad Prabhu had taken place .

Shreepad Prabhu went to the solar system by the path of Yoga becoming red hot like a great ball of fire . From there , moving from the Dhruva Nakshatra , from the great bear system , from the Aardra Nakshatra , he returned to Shree Shailya after four months .

Along with him , the great sages residing on those Nakshatras came to learn very new Yogas . Shree called an assembly of the Siddha Men , the sages of Shree Shailya and he taught that new Great Yoga , the Siddha Yoga to all the sages , Maharshis ,come from the other planets . By those teachings , all the sages , the groups of ascetics were very happy . After drinking the nectar of this knowledge , the sages of the Aardra Nakshatra returned to their original place . Shreepad Prabhu reached the sacred place of Kurugaddi from Shree Shailya after a few days .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 46 II

Increase in the Mantra grains on the Padukas of the feet of Shreepad – Gift of these Padukas to Shree Bhaskar Pandit

Taking permission from Shree Bhaskar Pandit , we became ready to leave . Bhaskar Pandit went into meditation for a while . Bhaskar Pandit had kept the Padukas of Shree in the room of worship of Gods in his house . The grains offered to those Padukas were increasing . Seeing that , we were surprised . Bhaskar Pandit said , “ O Listeners ! Shreepad’s Divine Leelas are unfathomable . The birth Nakshatra of Mother Shree Padmawati is Mriga and the birth Nakshatra of Shree Venkateshwar is Shrawan . The Uttara Falguni Nakshatra is a friendly star to Mother Padmawati and it is the greatest friendly star to Shree Venkatesh Swami . Hence his ascendant Nakshatra is Uttara Falguni . Today also is the Uttara Falguni Nakshatra . On this Divine Nakshatra , the Mantra grains on the Charan Padukas of Shreepad Prabhu increased . From this , Shreepad Prabhu , is the form of Padmawati and Shree Venkatesh themselves . To make this realize , Shreepad Prabhu performed this miracle . Keep a little Mantra grains from this with you . These will be auspicious for you and the grace of Shree Prabhu will forever be upon you . “

Shankar Bhatt’s tourism of the country along with Dhanagupta and Darshan of various sacred places

We decided to travel and started our journey in a bullock cart . That bullock cart was of a marriage procession . The Vaishya chief of this procession was travelling in a horse cart . They were going to the ‘ Kondavidu ‘ village . That


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Vaishya chief Dhanagupta said , “ Today is a very auspicious day . You gave the Mantra grains of Shreepad Prabhu to the house where a marriage is taking place by travelling in the bullock cart and later gave them to us too .”He said further , “ I had once gone to Peethhikapur for the purpose of trading . Then I had got the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu at the house of Shree Venkatappa Shreshthhi . At that time , Shreepad Prabhu said with affection , “ During the marriage of your son , I will send the Mantra grains as blessings to you . Give Dakshina of two Varahas to the Brahmins with whom I will send the Mantra grains . After that , we reached the village of Konda Vidu . There the marriage of Dhanagupta’s son was being celebrated with great pomp . There we were introduced to a trader of diamond – pearls . Dhanagupta stayed for a few days in the village of Kondavidu . However , I came to the place of Vijay Vatika ( present day Vijayawada ) by the horse – cart . At this great sacred place , there is the river Krishna and the temples of Shree Kanak Durga and Shree Malleshwar Swami . Taking bath in the river Krishna , I took the Darshan of the Gods. I met an old Sannyasi in the temple of the Goddess . He was extremely eager from many days to go to Peethhikapur and take the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . Leaving Vijay Vatika , both of us reached the sacred place of Rajmundry in a few days . There , taking bath in the river Godavari , we took the Darshan of Shree Markandeshwar and Koti Lingeshwar . Our journey was becoming very pleasant due to the grace of Shreepad . I said to the Sannyasi who was along with me , “ We will reach Peethhikapur very shortly . There we will see the house of Shreepad Prabhu where he incarnated . We will meet Shree Venkatappa Shreshthhi and Narsimha Verma . We will take blessings of Shreepad’s grandfather Shree Bapannacharyulu . We will meet Shreepad Prabhu’s mother Sumati Maharani and father Appal Raj Sharma . After that , we will go from Peethhikapur to Kurugaddi and take the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu .”

The Sannyasi was very happy . Taking Darshan of many temples in the way , we reached Peethhikapur in just a few days . Our food and lodging were arranged at Shree Bapannacharyulu’s house . We heard many Divine acts of the child Shreepad from the mouths of devotees . Where it is difficult for even Adi Shesha who has a thousand mouths , to describe the countless Divine stories of Shreepad Prabhu , there what would be the plight of a minor Brahmin like me ?

Journey of Shreepad’s devotees to Kurugaddi

Shree Narsimha Verma’s wife decided to go to Kurugaddi and take Darshan of Shreepad . In this reference only , she discussed with Shree Venkatappa Shreshthhi and Bapannacharyulu . Everybody decided unanimously to go to Kurugaddi . Shreepad ‘s parents , Sumati Maharani and Appal Raj Sharma were waiting very eagerly to meet their son . All these people hired eighteen horse carts and sitting in them with their luggage , they left on an auspicious day , in the morning itself . Since the distance between Peethhapur and Kurugaddi was very big , the journey was supposed to take many days . Sumati Maharani was very eager to see the face of her beloved son . Tears came in her eyes by the memories of her son . Everybody soothed her saying that are we not going to meet Shreepad soon enough . The journey was going on .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Repeat Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu to parents , grandparents

The knower of everybody’s hearts and the director of the play of illusion , the all – seeing Shreepad could see sitting there , all the people coming from Peethhikapur with their horse - carts . The carts started in the morning were travelling till twelve o’clock in the noon . Suddenly ,a surprising incident took place . Everybody , including the coachmen felt as if they were fainting . Everybody felt that their carts were going by the sky route . After some time , when we regained our senses and saw , we felt that we were in an unknown region . We asked a traveler walking along the road which village was that . He said, “ My Lord ! This is the village of Panchadev Pahad . Since today is Thursday , we had gone for the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . That great Lord asked every devotee who had come for his Darshan about his well – being and removed everybody’s diseases and troubles . There was an excellent arrangement of food for all the devotees come for the Darshan .” Saying so , that traveler went along his path . We had left Peethhapur in the morning by horse – carts . Now it was twelve – thirty in the afternoon and we were mightily amazed that how did we reach here in such a short time . Crossing the river in a boat , we entered the village of Kurugaddi . We were in the illusion whether this is fact or dream . But this was the fact . We all went to the court of Prabhu . Mother Sumati held Shreepad with great motherly love to her heart . Tears of joy were flowing from her eyes , which were falling on Shreepad’s back . Shreepad said ,” Mother ! You are the mother of a son who is of the Original Principle and without shape and qualities . Like Mother Anasuya , you are the greatest lady fully devoted to her husband ( Pativrata ) . “ So saying , he wiped the tears of his mother with his hands .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 47 II

The strange journey of Shreepad’s Mother , Father , Grandfather , Grandmother and devotees from Peethhikapur to Panchdev Pahad village

Everybody used to get full meals in Shreepad’s court . The food from the serving vessel would never end , whatever amount of food that would be served from it . After all the humans and animals were fully satisfied after eating that food , with the intention that even the aquatic beings should receive that Prasad , the food used to be poured in the river Krishna .

Shreepad Prabhu said to Bapannacharyulu , “ Grandfather , You had successfully performed the Savitr Kathhak Yagna at Shree Shailya and had attracted the power of the solar system by Shaktipat . Similarly , the sage Bharadwaj had prayed with great pleading that I should take an incarnation . I have taken the incarnation to fulfill the promise given to him . The form of Divinity cannot be described by words . Similarly , it cannot be imagined by the mind . Only Dattatreya can realize that form of Divinity . Hence we all chant the Victory chants of his name only . I can conquer time and space . There is no alternative to my wish . As per my requirement , I can align your opinion with mine . All the stars , planets in the space are toys in my hands . I have fulfilled each and every desire of yours . Grandfather ! Earlier, when you had become the great sage Labhad , Nanda , Bhaskaracharya , then each time I had graced you ;now


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II you have come as Bapannawadhulu and I have come in the form of Shreepad Shree Vallabh filled with emotion . There is nothing to be surprised in this .

After this , Venkatappa Shreshthhi said , “ O Golden One ! O Krishna ! You find everything simple , but we find it extra – ordinary and thrilling . “ On this , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Grandfather ! I am all – knowing and give fruit to everybody according to his deeds and duties . The earth cannot bear even a small ray radiated from me . Therefore , I keep myself restricted in my own Maya ( illusion ) . When the need be , I can do extra – ordinary work . There is no boon , where my Maya ( illusion ) is not there . There is no work which I am not able to do . I am the only ‘ Datta Prabhu ‘ to bring all of you from Peethhikapur to the Panchdev Pahad village in such a short time . The intention was to make you realise this . Narsimha Verma said, “ You are the only one Kshatriya who protects all people . Others are Kshatriyas only for namesake . “ On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ To be the protector has always been my nature . It was God’s will that by incarnating in the name of Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra , the traditional religion ( Sanatan Dharma ) should be protected . As per this will , I will take the incarnation of King Shivaji and establish the Hindavi Swaraj in Maharashtra . “

On this Narsimha Verma said , “ Victory be to Sovereign Shreepad ! “ Shreepad’s grandmother said , “ O Son ! Our eyes are eager to see your marriage ceremony . We want to see your marriage ceremony being celebrated with great pomp and splendor and we want to see the groom well decorated and with the mark of marriage on your forehead and the traditional marriage headgear tied upon you . “ Shreepad said , “ Grandmother ! Definitely it will happen as per your wish . In the Kalki incarnation , I will take birth in the village of Sambal . At that time , I will marry Anagha Laxmi named as Padmawati . But this will require some time . But I will definitely fulfill your wish . “ Venkat Subbamma said to Shreepad , “ O Kanha ! It has been many days that you have eaten milk , curd , cream , butter by my hands . I have a great desire to feed you by my hands . “

Shreepad Prabhu – Director of the play of illusion and his Divine Humorous Leelas

Shreepad said ,” Grandmother ! Sure you feed .I am bored to eat by my own hands . I had known that you are going to bring milk , curd , butter , while coming from Peethhapur . But in order that it is preserved in such a long journey , being bound by your parental affection , I did such a Divine trick that it remained as it was . Grandmother , do you know how much pain I suffered for this . Is it easy to bring eighteen horse – carts from so far ? My whole body is aching . See how many marks are created on my hand . “ There were really many injuries on Shreepad’s hands . Venkat Subbamma applied butter very softly on Shreepad’s hands . And massaged his body with hot water . Really , the Divine acts of the Director of the play of illusion – Shreepad were very much unfathomable .

Rajmamba said , “ O Krishna ! I have prepared your favourite sweet – Halwa and have brought it in a silver vessel . You come closer , I will feed you . “ The three grandmothers of Shreepad fed that sweet Halwa to him . But the Halwa


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II in the vessel was not getting over . Shreepad continued this Divine Leela for some time . He told grandmother , “ You three have great love for me . If three of you feed me only , will I not have trouble ? “ After this , Shreepad fed that Halwa to his brothers , sisters , brothers – in – law by his hands . There was a farmer named Venkayya amongst the devotees come there . Shree Prabhu gave him initiation ( Deeksha ) and fed him Halwa with his own hands . He asked to give the remaining Halwa to the coachmen and the horses . He gave that silver vessel to Venkayya as a gift . Appal Raj Sharma said , “ Son , Forgive me for the sins occurred from us unknowingly as we were not aware that you are Datta Prabhu . “ Then Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Father , you are my father . Does a son forgive his father ? Consider me as your only , as earlier and shower the nectar of parental love on me constantly . Similarly , pray for my progress . “ At this time , tears were flowing from the eyes of Shree Venkawadhani and his wife . On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Uncle , our relation is of eternal nature . I am the son – in – law ( ‘s son ) of not only you , but also of every person born in your Gotra . I will keep pleasing you by my divine acts . Accepting Goddess Padmawati in the form of a bride in the time of the Kalki incarnation , I will fulfill your desire . I will remove the sorrow of Sumati Maharani . She has become sad as her beloved son , like all other sons is not decorated as a bridegroom ; but she is seeing him in the form of an ascetic , who has renounced the world . “ Looking towards his mother , Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Mother ! I don’t at all feel that you and Mother Anasuya are different . I will surely fulfill the desire of both of you in the Kalki incarnation . “ Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ Mother ! Taking birth from your womb , I became so great . I was nurtured only by the nectar of your motherly love . You have seen the great work done by my sister Vasavi . When I was hungry , she converted me into a little child and sent me to Mother Anasuya for breast feeding . “

At that time , Venkayya said , “ O Great Guru ! There is a humble prayer at your feet . The countless Divine acts that you performed in this court , that court and the area adjoining it , should become world famous . “ Shreepad said , “ In the future , my court will be transferred into a built and covered building . There will also be cattle wealth in it . There so many of my Divine acts will be demonstrated . This is my experience seen by my eyes in future . “ All the devotees assembled there fell fast asleep and in a very few moments myself , that Sannyasi , Shreepad Prabhu and his entire court , everything became invisible . I started worrying what could have happened to it . I suspected that all this could have happened by the illusory powers of demons . On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ In my presence , no demonic power of illusion can work . I have reached all of them safely to Peethhikapur . This was a great experience . Those who worship me with an emotion , I protect them with that same emotion . This is my oath . “


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 48 II

Shreepad’s address to men and women

Every Thursday , Shreepad Prabhu used to hold a Satsang ( assembly of the faithful and Good men ), at Panchdev Pahad . Shreepad Prabhu sued to walk over the waters of the river Krishna . A lotus used to bloom on the places where his feet used to fall . The sign of Shreepad’s feet used to appear on those lotuses . This was a puzzle which could not be solved by the limited intelligence of human beings . Not only this , the subject of walking over water was also a miracle . For a few days , everybody watching all this used to be surprised , but after some time , people felt it as a normal Divine Leela of Shreepad . After Shreepad Prabhu used to come from the Krishna River, all devotees used to welcome him magnificently . The Satsang used to continue till evening , and after that he used to walk over the waters of the river Krishna and crossing it , used to reach the opposite banks ; at that times the devotees used to chant victory for him with great devotional fervor . In the night time , he used to stay alone at Kurugaddi . Between Panchdev Pahad and Kurugaddi ,is the basin of the river Krishna . Every Friday , he used to bless maidens desiring to get married that they will remain fortunate in married life . He used to give Haldi ( turmeric ) to ladies . Shreepad Prabhu used to call ladies elder to him as ‘ Amma Sumati ‘ or ‘ Amma Anasuya Talli ‘ and call ladies younger to him by the names of ‘ Amma Vasavi ‘ or ‘ Amma Radha ‘ , ‘ Amma Surekha ‘ . To men elder than him , he used to call as ‘ Ayya ‘ or ‘ Nayana ‘


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II . To boys younger to him , he used to call by the names of ‘ Are Abbi ‘ or ‘ Bangaru ‘ . To the old men of the age of his grandfather , he used to call as ‘ Tata ‘ . To old women , he used to call as ‘ Ammamma ‘ .

Daily program of Shreepad and court ( Satsang )

The Satsang of Thursday and Friday used to happen sometimes at Kurugaddi and sometimes at Panchdev Pahad as per the wish of Shreepad . In the Satsang of Sundays , Shreepad Prabhu used to discuss about the very complex art of Yoga . After that , he used to enquire about the well – being of the devotees coming for his Darshan and used to solve their problems , questions with great affection and used to promise them protection . In the Satsang of Monday , he used to tell the stories of the Puranas . After that he used to solve problems of his devotees . The Satsang of Tuesday used to be for teaching the Upanishads . After that , there used to be discussions about the individual problems of devotees and he used to tell the remedies on it . On Wednesdays , the Vedas and the meaning of Vedas used to be analysed and told . On Thursdays , there used to be a lecture on the ‘ Principles of Guru ( Guru Tatwa ) ‘ . After that , Shree Prabhu used to listen to the problems , diseases of devotees with great patience and used to tell the remedy for removing them . On this day , there used to be special cooking and everybody used to be fed with delicious food to their hearts’ content . The specialty of this lunch was that Shreepad Prabhu himself used to serve some items himself . He used to feed by his own hands to a few fortunate ones . He used to never have shortage of food grains or money . On the Satsang of Friday , he used to preach about the Shri Vidya . And used to give the Prasad of Haladi as per the elaborate procedure to everybody . On Saturday , he used to lecture about the greatness of the worship of Shiva . Whoever got the good company of Shreepad Prabhu , they are really blessed .

The devotees of Shreepad Prabhu used to bring vegetables ,jowar , ragi etc . grown in their fields . Every day , devotees used to be fed , but in Thursdays , there used to be a special feast . On that day , along with all the items , a sweet used to be prepared ; it would be distributed to everybody in the form of Prasad . Shreepad ‘s heart was soft like butter . He couldn’t bear his devotees ‘ sorrows . The sad listener come to his Satsang would go home very happily while returning . Shreepad used to grace the devotees reading the Datta Purana of Shree Dattatreya instantly . This affection of Shree Prabhu used to be more than the love of a million mothers .

Nobody used to have permission to stay at Kurugaddi in the night . But Shreepad Prabhu permitted the old Sannyasi who had come along with me to stay . Shreepad Prabhu also asked me to stay at Kurugaddi in the night . The next day , Shreepad Prabhu ordered that Sannyasi to go to Kashi and asked him to stay there only till his end . My job was to wash the utensils used for cooking , cooking , arranging everything for the arriving devotees . The devotee arriving in the court used to get food at any time he arrived . Those devotees who used to arrive having had meals at their homes , also had to have food as Prasad . At times , when the cooked food used to be less and more people arrived for food , Shreepad Prabhu used to sprinkle water from his Kamandalu ( vessel for holding sacred water ) on the eatables . At that time , those eatables used to remain even after the lunch of all devotees . Like this , Shreepad performed many


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II miracles . In the night time , Many Gods used to come by planes to Kurugaddi and used to serve Shreepad Prabhu . When the day used to dawn , taking blessings of that Great Lord , they used to go back to their own homes . Sometimes , some Yogis from the Himalayas used to come . They all used to come by walking over the waters of the Krishna . Their bodies used to be very lustrous and beautiful . Shreepad Prabhu himself used to serve food to these Yogis .

Shreepad Prabhu’s lunch used to be only of a fistful , whether it be rice or cooked jowar or bread of ragi . He used to feel satiated when the stomachs of his devotees would be filled .

There was a washer man named Ravidas . He had obtained the Great Fortune of washing Shreepad’s clothes .But even after the Darshan of Shreepad , evil tendencies used to trouble him . To remove them , he took refuge at the feet of Shreepad only . Shreepad Prabhu used to say that ,’ If the Shraddha ( worship ) of the forefathers is done as per the laid down procedure , they obtain peace and get liberation . Everybody from the eighteen races have to bear the results as per their deeds and duties . There is no partiality in this . It is not necessary that the good opportunity got today , will be there always . In my next incarnation , I will have to behave a little more strictly . “

Shreepad’s Darshan is obtained only as a result of pious deeds of many births . Complete benefit of such opportunity that arises should be taken . If this opportunity is not used , it is difficult to get the Darshan of Sadguru till many births . In this great material world , in the ( this ) era , the devotee living as per his ( Shreepad’s ) part only amongst One Hundred and Twenty – Five Thousand Great Perfect Spiritual Men , gets his protection and grace and by him only , this creation has the support of such devotees only . Only by a wish of Shreepad , the universe is getting created , sustained and destroyed .

When devotees greet their spiritual masters ( Gurus ) with faith , the Gurus reach those greetings to their Gurus . In this way , our greetings to our Guru reach many Gurus . If the Gods are furious on us , Gurus save us from his wrath . every disciple gets the blessings of his Guru . By worshipping the Guru , both the spiritual and the material worlds are obtained. All disciples of Shreepad were of a good nature .

Performance of Deeds ( Karmas ) by remembering the name of the Lord in the heart

The special greatness of Kurugaddi is like that of an eternally sacred place . The Gods present here are in the awakened form . In this sacred place , many Gods , Great sages , Great men reside secretly changing their garbs . Here their locations are fixed . Shreepad Prabhu used to tell his devotees that filling God’s name in your heart , remaining in good conduct , you should keep performing your appointed deeds . Behaving as per his duties, by that , destroying the past sins and after that , by doing pious deeds , if the credit of those deeds is not taken by the self ,


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II auspicious fruit of those deeds is obtained . If we follow these Divine words of Shreepad Prabhu , our boat of life will easily reach the other end through the sea of materialism .

II Adhyay 49 II

Decision of Shreepad Prabhu regarding the destruction of Karmas

Shreepad’s programmes in Kurugaddi – specialty of the number thirty – three ( 33 )

Shreepad Prabhu once said , “ Shankar Bhatta ! What we religiously pray , that is the Fire ( Agni ) Vidya . Worshipping Agni ( Fire ) is the quality of the religious worshipper . Your fire worship is like cooking on an extinguished stove . “ On this , chanting glory to Shree Prabhu , I said , “ My Lord ! This stove will remain like this only , even after my life . “ On this Shreepad Prabhu said , “ There is no self power in your extinguished stove . The food cooked on that stove takes the form of my Prasad by my powers of Yoga and destroys the miseries ,sorrows of devotees . This stove will be lit till nine more years . Therefore , I remained in the secret form for thirty – three ( 33 ) years . After that ,remaining in the form of brilliant light for three years , I was giving Darshan only to the faithful devotees . I was thirty – three years of age then . Many changes take place in the lives of Yogis at their age of thirty – three . The number of Rudra Ganas ( followers of Rudra – Shiva ) is Three Hundred and Thirty million . “ Shreepad Prabhu further said , “ Our Fire Yagna will continue even after this also . Fire has to be worshipped as a symbol of burning Karmas by giving them a material form . The Karmas of devotees before taking the physical ( material ) form , are in the subtle form , before that the body in the form of a Kaaran ( reason ) is in the Kaaran Body . Therefore ,after


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II crossing thirty – three years , such Fire worship is not required . At that time , the sinful deeds of the ones taking refuge in me , will remain in the subtle body and in the Kaaran body , and are burnt by the Fire of Yoga .

It will continue till three years that my devotees will come and will satiate their hunger by cooking their own good . After that , there is no need for fire worship in this material form . I have initiated the Earth sacrifice which is going on successfully . Similarly , I have also started the water sacrifice . That also is celebrated with great pomp . Now Fire worship and Fire sacrifice has to be started . There is absolutely no doubt that that sacrifice will also be excellent . All the fire form in all living beings is mine only . I only purify everybody , I am also the only one who destroys everybody . Nobody has the knowledge about the sacrifices related to the Five elements as much as I have .

One day , a newly married couple had come for the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . Prabhu ordered them to stay in the court of Panchdev Pahad . As per that order , those two – the husband , wife went to the court at Panchdev Pahad . But in only two days , that youth expired . By this sudden death , that newlywed bride was shocked . She said , “ I had heard that Prabhu protects his devotees and his kind sight is on everyone . But today this unthinkable occurred . “ She started crying in grief . Their relatives came to Panchdev Pahad on hearing this news . The question arose in everybody’s mind whether or not to cremate the body . The servants of the court started saying that that dead body cannot be taken out of the court without Shreepad Prabhu’s permission . At that same time , Shreepad Prabhu came in the court . The new bride , immersed in an ocean of grief , told the story of her misfortune to Shreepad Prabhu . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ It is mandatory to suffer the fruit of Karmas . “ On this the newlywed bride said with great devoutness , “ Lord ! There is nothing impossible for you in this universe . Return my fortune to me and relieve me from this terrible grief . “ That newlywed bride had strong faith on the compassionate nature of Shreepad Prabhu .

Gift of life to the Dead person

Shreepad Prabhu said , “ Your strong faith only will give fruit . By the emotion of faith you have upon me , your husband will definitely become alive . Without breaking the Law of Karma ( deeds ) , I tell you a remedy . By selling your Magalsutra ( the auspicious necklace ) , you bring wood equal to the weight of your husband and cook on that wood . As the wood will burn in the stove , your misfortune will also burn . “ As per the words of Shreepad ,after the wood was completely burnt , that youth stood up as if awakened from sleep . Seeing all relatives around , that newly – wed bride got boundless joy . All devotees chanted Victory to Shreepad Prabhu in joy .

Special grace of Shreepad Prabhu on a poor Brahmin

Once a very poor Brahmin came for the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu . He was so worn out by circumstances , that he had decided to end his life if Shreepad Prabhu’s kind sight did not fall upon him . Shreepad Prabhu recognized his mind . He brought a burning wood from the stove and touched it on the Brahmin’s back . The Brahmin’s back burnt


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II by the burning wood and those pains were there for a long time . Shreepad Prabhu said , “ O Brahmin ! You were ready to end your life . Had I ignored you , you would have really killed yourself .The vibrations of sinful deeds related to your suicide are destroyed by the touch of that burning wood . Now you will be liberated from poverty , “ so saying , Shreepad gave that wood which had cooled down to that Brahmin and asked him to take it home safely tying it in his cloth . Going home , when he untied the cloth and saw – What surprise ! That wood had turned into gold . In this way , Shreepad Prabhu had special grace on that poor Brahmin .

Shreepad Prabhu had burnt the sins of many devotees by the fire sacrifice . Sometimes , he used to ask devotees to bring vegetables like brinjal , ladies finger , gourd . He used to attract the vibrations of the evil deeds of the devotees by the form of those vegetables . Using such vegetables in the food , he used to give that to the devotees to eat . Because of this , they used to be liberated from the Bondages of Karmas . Once a maiden came for the Darshan of Shreepad . She was not getting married anywhere . Since she had the Kuja Dosha ( Mangal Dosha ) , Prabhu asked her to bring a root . Prabhu said that the cooked root should be eaten by that maiden’s family along with her . By doing so , being released from the bondages of Karma , she was married to an eligible bridegroom . Shreepad Prabhu used to tell some people to get butter of cow – milk for cooking , whereas he used to order some of them to light a lamp fuelled by the butter of cow – milk in front of God . If the circumstances in the house were very difficult or if there were problems related to daughter’s marriage , Shreepad Prabhu used to ask to perform the worship of Ambika every Friday during the time of Rahu ( Rahu Kaal ) between 10:30 – 12:00 in the morning . Once a devotee of Shreepad Prabhu fell very ill . Prabhu asked the members of his family to light a lamp of castor – oil in his room and to keep it always lit . He warned that under no circumstances that lamp should be extinguished . By doing so , that devotee soon was cured of his disease . The financial condition of one devotee was very precarious . Shreepad Prabhu asked him to keep a lamp of butter of cow – milk burning continuously for eight days . After doing so , Laxmi’s boon showering hand fell upon their house . In this way , by so many novel methods , Shreepad Prabhu liberated his devotees from evil deeds . It is impossible for the ordinary human being to know all these methods .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 50 II

Poverty is got , if Guru is criticized

An old Brahmin came to Kurugaddi for the Darshan of Shreepad Prabhu with the ailment of stomach pain . His pains were so unbearable that he started feeling that it is better to put an end to his life rather than bear those pains .

Greatness of remembering the name ( of God )

That Brahmin took the Darshan of Shreepad and prayed to him with great entreaties to remove his ailment . Then Shreepad Prabhu said, “ O Brahmin ! You hurt many people with your harsh speech in your previous lives . You injured many with your heart – piercing sharp words . As a result of those deeds , you have got this ailment of stomach ache in this life . To liberate human beings from the faults of speech , remembering the name ( of God ) is the only solution in this Kaliyug . The atmosphere is purified by remembering ( and chanting ) the name of God . I am going to start the great sacrifice of chanting ( of God’s name ) at Kurugaddi . I am also going to attach the ‘ Shreekara ‘ with that name . Due to this , the four speeches – Para , Pashyanti , Madhyama and Vaikhari will be controlled permanently forever . I will be very easily obtained to those devotees who will chant the names , ‘ Digambara


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara ‘ and ‘ Shree Datta Digambara’ by their own mental inspiration and will fulfill their desires . “ Shreepad Prabhu asked that ailing Brahmin to stay for three days and three nights at Kurugaddi and chant the Japa , ‘ Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara ‘ . By this order , that Brahmin stayed for three days and three nights at Kurugaddi and he did the Japa with great faith . The Brahmin’s stomach ache reduced .

Shreepad said , “ The water of words has filled the atmosphere today like before only . Every sentence uttered by us is filled with all the three qualities of Sattva ( Goodness ) , Raja ( Activity ) and Tama ( inaction ) or by one or two of these qualities . This nature of three qualities has a bad influence on the five great elements . When these five elements become impure , the entire space becomes impure . Due to this , evil deeds occur from human beings and he becomes poor . Due to this poverty ,again evil deeds occur from him . Due to these sins , his mind becomes impure and since good deeds such as charity , religion , service to people do not take place from him , he again gets poverty . This vicious circle goes on in this way .

Necessity of three fold purification

If a human being desires liberation from poverty or liberation from sinful acts , his body , speech and mind should be pure . This itself is called , ‘ Three fold purification ‘ . Whatever is in our mind , only that should come out through our speech . There should not be the double standards of cruel emotions in the mind and very sweet words in the mouth . Our behavior should also be very pure like our speech . The human being purified three fold goes to a great position . Having one thing in mind , speaking something else through speech and behaving entirely differently from these two – such person is called ‘ Duratma ( the bad soul ) ‘ . In this Kaliyug , God has told many ways to swim across the ocean of life . Of these , ‘ Naam Smaran ( Remembering the name of God ) ‘ is a very easy method . The speech of the spiritual practitioner doing Naam Smaran is very sweet .The mind of the one not remembering the name of God is also impure. By remembering the name of God , you are inspired to do sacred deeds .

Dissolution of Karmas

A person suffering from tuberculosis came to Kuravpur . He had the disease of diabetes and along with it many other ailments . Seeing him , Shreepad Prabhu was very furious . He was an infamous thief in an earlier birth . He had snatched away the property of many innocent people and made them penniless . A father of a maiden had collected money for her marriage . This cruel thief snatched away that . Therefore the marriage of the maiden could not take place . Since he did not have the wealth to give the Dakshina to the bridegroom , she could not get an eligible bridegroom . Finally , an old bridegroom agreed for the marriage without Dakshina . Due to this marriage proposal , that young maiden had ended her life . That diseased person having such deeds of the previous birth , came to Shreepad in a very miserable state and he requested with great supplication to Shreepad Prabhu to release him from that great disease . The kind Shreepad Prabhu asked him to sleep in the cow – stable at Panch Pahad . There was a


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II great nuisance of mosquitoes there . If thirsty , there was not even water to drink . That night , he saw a dream . In that dream , he saw a demon killing him by pressing his throat . Frightened , he woke up and saw around and after being sure that it was only a dream , he slept again . He again saw a dream . A big stone was kept on his chest ; he saw a strong wrestler seated on it . By both these dreams , his Karma results were removed and being liberated from his tuberculosis and other ailments , he became healthy . Shreepad Prabhu punished a person troubled by the disease of tuberculosis for many years in his dreams and liberated him of his Karmas .

II Adhyay 51 II

Protection from stomach ailment , Greatness of reading this book

When I was at Kuravpur , the twelfth day (Dwadashi ) of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Ashwin came . The Nakshatra on that day was Hasta . Bathing in the river Krishna , Shreepad Prabhu sat in meditation for some time . After waking from the meditation , he asked to take bath again and come . By his orders , I again dived in the Krishna and came . Then Prabhu said , “ O Shankar Bhatta ! Time has come for me to stay in the secret form . I will disappear in the Krishna river and move secretly in this Kuravpur . After that , by the name of Narsimha Saraswati , I will incarnate in the form of a Sannyasi for the re- establishment of religion . The great sacred book , ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut ‘ that you are writing will be beneficial to devotees like the Kalpataru ( Tree which fulfills all desires ) . That will be an ‘ Akshar Satya Grantha ( A Book of which every letter is true ) ‘. My name ‘ Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara ‘ will be chanted in victory everywhere . By reading this book , the material life will be happy . Happiness will be obtained in the material and spiritual worlds . Every word in this book will be considered like the sentences of the Vedas . The Sanskrit book that you are writing , will be permanent in the form of words below the Audumbar tree in my Maha Sansthan . The Divine words coming from it will be heard by the


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II devotees coming for the Darshan . Those who desire my Darshan from the bottom of their hearts , will definitely get my Darshan . I am always ready for the protection of my devotees . Your Sanskrit book will be translated into the Telugu language . It will be brought to light by a person in the thirty – third generation of Bapannacharyulu’s clan . This book will be translated into many languages . The devotee reading this book in any language , will get divine experiences and everything good and auspicious will happen to him and he will be protected from all afflictions .

The promise of protection to devotees by Shreepad Prabhu

Shreepad Prabhu further said to Shankar Bhatt , “ You have served me a lot . You gave me respect as your father and with great mind you followed the oath of my service very religiously . I am giving my wooden Padukas as a gift to you . Do not be sad because I am not there . You stay here for three years . In these three years , I will keep giving you Darshan in the form of a brilliant sphere of light . Similarly , I will give you knowledge about many mysteries of Yoga . “

Disappearance of Shreepad Prabhu

“ O Shankar Bhatta ! On the twelfth day of the Krishna Paksha ( the Dark Fortnight ) of the month of Ashwin coming after three years , keep the book , ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut ‘ composed by you near my Padukas . On that day , all devotees who will come for the Darshan will be very fortunate . All my auspicious blessings to everybody . Taking leave in this way , Shreepad Shree Vallabh Prabhu disappeared in the Krishna river . Holding those wooden Padukas very tightly to my heart , I began crying like an innocent child parted from his mother . To see whether Shreepad Prabhu is visible in the water , I once again took bath in the river and sat in meditation after coming out . At that time , Shreepad Prabhu gave Darshan to my mind’s eyes in the form of a brilliant sphere of light .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 52 II

Description of the Yoga experiences of Shankar Bhatt , Divine vision of Shreepad Prabhu

For three years daily , I used to take the Divine Darshan full of brilliance of Shreepad Prabhu at the time of midnight . I wrote those experiences of Yoga in the form of a book . A Yogi from the Himalayas took that book . I consider that this is the wish of Shreepad Prabhu only . There is not an iota of doubt that this has occurred by his orders only .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II

II Adhyay 53 II

The decision regarding the book Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut reaching the sacred place of Peethhikapur ; Distinction of the book

The book ‘ Shreepad Shree Vallabh Charitramrut ‘ was at Shreepad Prabhu’s maternal uncle’s house for a few days . After that that Sanskrit book was translated into the Telugu language . After the original Sanskrit book was translated into the Telugu language , it disappeared . The celestial singers ( Gandharvas ) , took it to the birthplace of Shreepad Prabhu and buried it deep into the ground . It is being read by the medium of Siddha Yoga . I kept the Charitramrut composed by me near the Divine Padukas of Shreepad Prabhu and read it to him. The five devotees who had come to hear it , felt blessed . Since I am not a scholar , I cannot tell what is the fruit (result ) obtained by reading each chapter . In the time period of the thirty – third generation of Shree Bapannacharyulu , an edition of this book in the Telugu language will come to light . The fortunate person who brought this book to light should go to Shreepad Prabhu’s birthplace and reading it in the sacred environments of the Maha Sansthan there , should dedicate this book at the feet of Shreepad Prabhu . While this book is being read , the fortunate devotee reading it will get the Prasad sent from the sacred place of Ganagapur . The person bringing that Prasad will be from the thirty – third generation of Bapannacharyulu . This is the Divine promise of Shreepad Prabhu who gives Darshan in the form of brilliant light .


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

II Digambara Digambara Shreepad Vallabh Digambara II II Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye II


I Shreepad Rajam Sharanam Prapadye I

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