Short Story Review for Nilam

September 5, 2017 | Author: JescLau | Category: Fish, Frog, Science, Philosophical Science
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Short Story Review for Nilam...


Title: The child in the water Author: Amy Anis Firdaus

Page: 30 Publisher: Pustaka Segar

Synopsis: One day, a tadpole swim was swimming near a swamp. A sepilai fish warns him not to swim there as it is a dangerous place. The tadpole was sad as his siblings were missing. They were separated when a haruan fish attacked them. The sepilai learns that the tadpole was a baby frog. Suddenly, a haruan fish appeared. They hide to save themselves. The fish was sad as it thought the tadpole was eaten by the haruan fish. A few days later, the fish met the tadpole. Now it has grown bigger and a few days later, it changed into a frog. New words: 1. tadpole – the tailed aquatic larva of an amphibian 2. strange – unusual or surprising 3. swamp – an area of waterlogged ground 4. surprised – capture, attack, or discover suddenly 5. talkative – fond of or given to talking 6. scale – each of the small, thin horny or bony plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles, typically overlapping one another 7. mud – soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water 8. worried – anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems Moral value: Every living creature has a different life cycle. Title: Scraping the sky Author: Greg de Lopez Bhd.

Page: 30 Publisher: Express Education Sdn.

Synopsis: Cities all over the world are known by their skylines. Towering buildings scrape the sky and give the cities the look they have today. These buildings are known as skyscrapers. They are some of the largest structures built by humans. Vast amounts of super-strength materials go into every skyscraper built. To be safe enough for people to work and live in, they must be carefully designed. Among the famous skyscrapers mentioned in this book is the Sears Tower, Woolworths Building, Empire State Building and many others famous scrapers in America. New words: 1. skyscraper– a very tall building with lots of storey 2. landmark–features 3. accommodate– provide office room or housing for people 4. skylines– the outline of buildings defined against the sky 5. interior–inside the building 6.lobbies–foyers or entrance doors 7. necessity–need 8. complicated–difficult Moral value: As land in cities becomes more scarce, some people see super-tall buildings as a necessity.

List of Moral Values 1. Be 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5

kindhearted Be compassionate Be considerate Be generous Be understanding Forgiving

2. SELF-RELIANCE 2.1 Be Responsible 2.2 Be Independent 2.3 Be Industrious 2.4 Be Self-confident 3. HUMILITY 3.1 Be Polite 3.2 Admit one's mistake 3.3 Be Friendly 4. MUTUAL RESPECT 4.1 Respect and loyal towards parents 4.2 Respect for the elderly, teachers, peers, leaders and neighbours 4.3 Respect for king and country 4.4 Respect for basic rights 4.5 Respect for beliefs and cultures of various races 4.6 Respect for individual rights 4.7 Adhere to the rule of law 4.8 Adhere to time (punctual) 4.9 Value wisdom, experience and deeds 4.10 Value manual labour 4.11 Value self-respect 5. LOVE 5.1 Love 5.2 Love 5.3 Love 5.4 Love

for for for for

6. JUSTICE 6.1 Be Just 6.2 Be Fair

life the environment the country peace and harmony

7. FREEDOM 7.1 Freedom within the law 7.2 Freedom within the democratic system 8. COURAGE 8.1 Be Brave 8.2 Stand up to the truth 8.3 Be Resolute 8.4 Be Responsible/Accountable 9. CLEANLINESS OF BODY AND MIND 9.1 Practise Physical cleanliness 9.2 Practise Environmental cleanliness 9.3 Well-mannered in words and actions 9.4 Have Healthy and constructive thoughts 10. HONESTY/INTEGRITY 10.1 Be a trustworthy person 10.2 Speak the truth 10.3 Be Sincere 11. DILIGENCE 11.1 Be Courageous 11.2 Be Pro-active/Resourceful 11.3 Be Dedicated to work 11.4 Be Determined 11.5 Be Hardworking 12. COOPERATION 12.1 Have Spirit of brotherhood 12.2 Have Collective responsibility 12.3 Help one another 12.4 Be Tolerant 12.5 Common good 12.6 Unity 13. MODERATION 13.1 Be Moderate in reconciling personal needs with... (this part is missing, will update)

13.2 Do Not excessive in words and actions 14. GRATITUDE 14.1 Be Thankful 14.2 Be Grateful 14.3 Be Appreciative 15. RATIONALITY 15.1 Able to form judgements 15.2 Able to reason 15.3 Be Open minded and able to think logically 16. PUBLIC SPIRITEDNESS 16.1 Subscribe to consensus 16.2 Subscribe to the spirit of neighbourliness 16.3 Sensitive to social issues in the community

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