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Anchor Handling AlongSide Always Afloat Always Afloat Always Accessible the American Association of Port Authorities Amsterdam-Antwerpen-Rotterdam Area American Bureau of Shipping ABouT An extraordinary and unexpected natural event, accidents of a nature beyond human control and without the possibility of Act of God prevention such as flood, lightning or hurricane usually quoted as force majeure . In proportion to the value: A phrase applied to certain freight or customs duties levied on goods, property, etc. set as a Ad Valorem percentage of their value. ADCOM ADress COMission Aframax Crude oil tanker or product tanker too large to pass through the Panama Canal and below 120,000 dwt. AFSPS Arrival First Sea Pilot Station ( Norway) AGW All Going Well AHT AnchorHandling Tug AHTS Anchor Handling Tug Supply. Offshore vessel used for jobs such as the relocation of oil rigs and anchors of the oil rigs. A share of the capacity of a means of transport assigned to a certain party, e.g. a carrier or an agent, for the purpose of the Allotment booking of cargo for a specific voyage. ALU ALUminium ANTHAM ANTwerp-HAMburg range API American Petroleum Institute An arbitrary scale expressing the gravity or density of liquid petroleum products. The measuring scale is calibrated in terms of degrees API. The higher the API gravity, the lighter the compound. Light crudes generally exceed 38 degrees API and heavy API Gravity crud APS Arrival Pilot Station ARAG Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Gent range Arrival Notice written notice sent by a carrier to a nominated party advising of the arrival of the vessel and/or a certain shipment. ASPW Any Safe Port in the World ATDNSHINC Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays INCluded ATUTC Actually Time Used To Count B Bale (cargo capacity) B S S 1/1 Basis 1 port to 1 port B/N Booking Note BAF Bunker adjusting factor (freight) Materials, solely carried to improve the trim and the stability of the vessel. In vessels usually water is carried as ballast in Ballast tanks especially designed for that purpose. An undertaking by a bank to be answerable for payment of a sum of money in the event of non performance by the party on Bank Guarantee whose behalf the guarantee is issued A charter whereby the charterer leases the bare ship and appoints the master and crew himself. Charterer take over all Bare Boat Charter responsibility for the operation of the vessel and expenses for the duration. Flat bottomed inland cargo vessel for canals and rivers with or without own propulsion for the purpose of transporting goods. Barge Synonym: Lighter. Barrel A volumetric unit measure for crude oil and petroleum products equivalent to 42 U.S. gallons, or approximately 159 liters. Bay A vertical division of a vessel, used as a part of the indication of a stowage place for containers. Bay Plan A stowage plan which shows the locations of all the containers on the vessel. Bb Bareboat BBB Before Breaking Bulk BDI Both Dates Inclusive BE Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports) BEG BEGinning BENDS Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports) BHP Break Horse Power. The amount of engine horsepower. BI Both Inclusive. A document issued on behalf of the carrier which evidences a contract of carriage by sea. The document has the following functions: 1. A receipt for goods, signed by a duly authorized person on behalf of the carriers. 2. A document of title to the Bill of lading goods described therein 3. Evidence of the terms and condition of carriage agreed upon between the two parties. BIMCO The Baltic and International Maritime Conference BL BaLe BMM British Marine Mutual BOB Bunker On Board Bow thrusters Propeller in the front of the ship enabling it to turn sideways without forward momentum. Box everyday term for container (or boxed vessel) Br Breadth Br.ld. Break load

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General cargo conventionally stowed as opposed to unitized, containerized and Roll on-Roll off cargo. Synonym: Break Bulk Cargo Conventional Cargo. Term used for crude oil from the North Sea. Brent oil is traded at the International Petroleum Exchange in London, and the Brent price of Brent is used as a benchmark for several other types of European oil. BRGDS Best ReGarDS BROB Bunkers Remaining On Board Brt Gross tonnage BT Berth Terms Bulk Carrier Single deck vessel designed to carry homogeneous unpacked dry cargoes such as grain, iron ore and coal. Bulk vessel Description of vessels transporting large cargo quantities, including coal, iron ore, steel, grain, gravel, oil, etc. Bunker Fuel for vessels Bunker Adjustment Abbreviation: BAF. Adjustment applied by shipping lines or liner conferences to offset the effect of fluctuation in the cost of Factor bunkers. Bunker tank Spaces on board a vessel to store fuel. Bunkers Quantity of fuel on board a vessel. BV Bureau Veritas BWAD Brackish Water Arrival Draft C/C sshinC/sshinC C/P CharterParty C/X sshinC / ssheX Cabotage Transport of goods between two ports or places located in the same country. CAF Currency adjusting factor (freight) CAP Condition Assessment Programme Cap Capacity Capesize Dry bulk carrier of more than approximately 80,000 dwt; too large to pass through the Panama Canal. Goods transported or to be transported, all goods carried on a ship covered by a B/L. As per IMO definition: any goods, wares, merchandise, and articles of every kind whatsoever carried on a ship, other than mail, ship s stores, ship s spare parts, ship s equipment, stowage material, crew s effects and passengers accompanied baggage. Cargo Cargo Manifest Carrier Haulage CBFT Cbm ce Ta Certificate of Origin Ceu CFR CFT Cgt

Charter Party Charterer Chem Chemical tanker CHOPT CIF CIF CIP CIRR CLC Clean Bill of Lading Clean on Board Clean products CoA COACP

Document which lists all bills of lading particulars of the goods loaded on a vessel, for official and administrative purposes. An inland transport service which is performed by the Carrier and/or a subcontractor for the account and on behalf of the Merchant, in accordance with the conditions and charges of the relevant bill of lading or transport document. CuBic FeeT Cubic Meter. Center Tank A certificate, showing the country of original production of goods. Frequently used by customs in ascertaining duties under preferential tariff programs or in connection with regulation imports from specific sources. Car equivalent unit. Unit of measurement indicating the car carrying capacity of a vessel. Cost and FReight Cubic FeeT Compensated Gross Tonnage. International unit of measurement that facilitates a comparison of different shipyards' production regardless of the types of vessel produced. A contract in which the shipowner agrees to place his vessel or a part of it at the disposal of a third party, the charterer, for the carriage of goods for which he receives a freight per ton cargo, or to let his vessel for a definite period or trip for which a hire is paid. The legal person who has signed a charter party with the owner of a vessel or an aircraft and thus hires or leases a vessel or a part of the capacity thereof. Chemical Tanker with coated or stainless steel tanks (IMO I-III). CHarterer's OPTion Costs Insurance and Freight See Cost, Insurance and Freight (named port of destination). Carriage and Insurance paid to..... Commercial Interest Reference Rate – for further details, see the OECD website. Civil Liability Convention A Bill of Lading which does not contain any qualification about the apparent order and condition of the goods to be transported (it bears no stamped clauses on the front of the B/L). It bears no superimposed clauses expressly declaring a defective condition of the goods or packaging (resolution of the ICS 1951). When goods are loaded on board and the document issued on respect to these goods is clean. Note: Through the usage of the UCP 500 rules the term has now become superfluous. Refers to light, refined oil products such as jet fuel, gasoline, diesel oil and naphtha. Contract of Affreightment. Contract between shipping company and charterer concerning the freight of a predetermined volume of goods within a given period of time and/or at given intervals. Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party

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Coating COBLDN COD COGSA Consignee Consortium CONT Container Container conference Container Freight Station Container Lease Container Number Container Yard (CY) COP COW CPD CPT CQD CR Cr CROB CST CUFT Currency Adjustment Factor Customs Broker Cy D/A DAF Dangerous Goods Dangerous Goods Declaration DAP Dbl DBL SKIN DC DDP DDU

Deadweight Delivery Order DELY DEM Demurrage DEQ DES DESP DHDATSBE DHDWTSBE Direct Delivery Dirty products DK

Description The internal coatings applied to the tanks of a product tanker. Coated tanks enable the ship to transport corrosive refined oil products and it facilitates extensive cleaning of the tanks, which may be required in the transportation of certain oil product Closing Of Business LoDoN Cash On Delivery Carriage of Goods by Sea Act The party such as mentioned in the transport document by whom the goods, cargo or containers are to be received. Consortium is a form of cooperation between two or more carriers to operate in a particular trade. CONTainer An item of equipment as defined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for transport purposes. Collaboration agreement between a number of container shipping lines on trade routes or regions for the purpose of enhancing efficiency of the vessel capacity and harmonizing price/teu. Abbreviation: CFS. A facility at which (export) LCL (Less than Container Load) cargo is received from merchants for loading (stuffing) into containers or at which (import) LCL cargo is unloaded (stripped) from container and delivered to merchants. The contract by which the owner of containers (lessor) gives the use of container to a lessee for a specified period of time and for fixed payments. Identification number of a container consisting of prefix and serial number and check digit. (e.g. ECMU 123456-7, see also container serial number and container prefix.) A facility at which FCL traffic and empty containers are received from or delivered to the Merchant by or on behalf of the Carrier. Custom Of Port Crude Oil Washing Charterers Pay Dues Carriage Paid To Customary Quick Despatch Current Rate Crane Cargo Remaining OnBoard CentiSToke CUbicFeeT Abbreviation: CAF. Adjustment applied by shipping lines or liner conferences on freight rates to offset losses or gains for carriers resulting from fluctuation in exchange rates of tariff currencies. An authorised agent specialised in customs clearance procedures on account of importers/exporters. Cylinders Disbursement Account Delivered At Frontier Goods are to be considered dangerous if the transport of such goods might cause harm, risk, peril, or other evil to people, environment, equipment or any property whatsoever. Document issued by a consignor in accordance with applicable conventions or regulations, describing hazardous goods or materials for transport purposes, and stating that the latter have been packed and labelled in accordance with the provisions of the rel Days All Purposes (Total days for loading and disch.) Double DouBLe SKINned Discharge Capacity Delivered Duty Paid Delivered Duty Unpaid Abbreviation: DWT. The total weight of cargo, cargo equipment, bunkers, provisions, water, stores and spare parts which a vessel can lift when loaded to her maximum draught as applicable under the circumstances. The deadweight is expressed in tons. A document issued by or on behalf of the carrier authorising the release of import cargo identified thereon and manifested under a single Bill of Lading. DELiverY DEMurrage Compensation / Additional charge imposed for exceeding the free time which is included in the rate and allowed for the use of certain equipment at the terminal payable by the shipper or receiver to the carrier Delivered Ex Quay Delivered Ex Ship DESPatch Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends Detpatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends Direct discharge from vessel onto railroad car, road vehicle or barge with the purpose of immediate transport from the port area (usually occurs when ports lack adequate storage space or when ports are not equipped to handle a specific cargo). Refers to heavy oils such as crude oil or refined oil products such as fuel oil or bunker oil. DecK

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Abbreviation DLOSP DNV DO DOLSP DOP DOT DP DPT Draft Drayage DSV Dwt DYNPOS E0 EC EIU Embargo Equipment ETA ETC ETD Eth ETS EXCL EXW F.DESP (FD) F.DIS F/N FA FAC FAS FCA FD FDD FDEDANRSAOC LONL Feeder FHEX FHINC FiFI FIO FIOST FIOT FIT FIW Flash Point Flat Rack Container (Flat) FM FMC FMS FO FO (IFO) FOB FOG FOQ FOR Forty Foot Equivalent Unit Forwarder (Freight Forwarder) FOT FOW

Description Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway) Det Norske Veritas Diesel Oil Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot ( Norway) Dropping Outward Pilot Department Of Transport Dynamic Positioning. Special instruments on board that in conjunction with bow thrusters and main propellers enable the ship to position itself in a fixed position in relation to the seabed DePTh The draft of a vessel is the vertical between the waterline and the underside of the keel of the vessel. During the construction of a vessel the marks showing the draft are welded on each side of the vessel. Synonym: Draught Road transportation between the nearest railway terminal and the stuffing place Diving System Dead Weight Tons. International unit of measurement that indicates the loading capabilities in metric tonnes of the particular vessel, including the weight of crew, passengers, stores, bunkers etc. Dynamic Positioning Unattended engine room East Coast Even If Used. A government order prohibiting the entry or departure of commercial vessels or goods at its ports. The type of material used, 20 feet dry, 40 feet container, open top, Expected Time of Arrival Expected Time of Completion Expected Time of Departure Ethylene Expected Time of Sailing EXCLusive EX Works Free DESPatch Free DIScharge Fixing Note Free Alongside Fast As Can Free Alongside Ship Free CArrier Free Despatch Freight Demurrage Deadfreight Freight Deemed Earned Discountless & Non-Refundable Ship and Or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost Small container carrier. Friday Holidays EXcluded. (Muslim Countries) Friday Holidays INCluded. (Muslim Countries) Fire Fighting Free In and Out Free In and Out Stowed and Trimmed Free In and Out Trimmed Free In Trimmed Free in Wagon The lowest temperature at which a good produces enough vapour to form a flammable mixture with air. A container with two end walls and open sides. Synonym: Flat FroM Federal Maritime Commission FathoMS For Orders Fuel Oil Free On Board For Our Guidance Free On Quay Free On Rail Abbreviation: FEU. Unit of measurement equivalent to one forty foot shipping container. The party arranging the carriage of goods including connected services and/or associated formalities on behalf of a shipper or consignee. Free On Truck First Open Water

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Free On Wharf F(P)SO: Floating (Production) Storage Offloading Unit. Ship used as substitute for a conventional oil platform at oil fields that FPSO are either to deep in the ground or to small to justify the use of a conventional oil platform. If the ship is an FPSO the sh Fr. wa. Fresh water Free Ex Ins FREE of any EXtra INSurance (Owners) Free In and Out Abbreviation: FIO. Transport condition denoting that the freight rate excludes the costs of loading and discharging. Abbreviation: FILO. Transport condition denoting that the freight rate is inclusive of the sea carriage and the cost of Free In Liner Out discharging, the latter as per the custom of the port. It excludes the cost of loading. An international port or an area within an international port at which, crew, passengers, baggage, cargo, mail and stores may be disembarked or unloaded, may remain and may be transhipped, without being subjected to any customs charges or Free Port duties. (Examina A part of the territory of a state where any goods introduced are generally regarded, in so far as import duties and taxes are Free Trade Zone concerned, as being exempted (Kyoto Convention.) Freight All Kinds Freight Collect Freight Manifest Freight Prepaid FTD Full Container Load Full Liner Terms ( Liner in Liner out) Fully Cellular Containership FWAD FWDD FYG FYI G GA GASBEND GD/GD Geared Gearless

Abbreviation: FAK. Single freight which is charged irrespective if the commodity. Freight and charges to be paid by the consignee, receiver of the good. Document which lists all amounts of money due for the carriage of the goods on a vessel. Freight and charges to be paid by the shipper. FiTted Abbreviation: FCL. A container stuffed or stripped under risk and for account of the shipper and/or the consignee.

Condition of carriage denoting that costs for loading and unloading are borne by the carrier subject the custom of the port concerned. Abbreviation: FCC. A vessel specifically designed to carry containers, with cell-guides under deck and necessary fittings and equipment on deck. Fresh water Arrival Draft Fresh Water Departure Draft For Your Guidance For Your Information Grain (cargo capacity) General Average Good And Safe (Port) Both ENDs GDynia/GDansk Indicates that a vessel is equipped with a crane or other lifting device. Indicates that a vessel is not equipped with a crane or other lifting device. Abbreviation: G/A. Intentional and successful act or sacrifice which is carried out to safeguard vessel and cargo. When a vessel is in danger, the master has the right to sacrifice property and/or to incur reasonable expenditure. Measures taken for General Average the so

General Average There is a general average act when, and only when any extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure is intentionally and Act (Yorkreasonably made or incurred for the common safety for the purpose of preserving from peril the property involved in a Antwerp Rules) common maritime advent Cargo, consisting of goods, unpacked or packed, for example in cartons, crates, bags or bales, often palletised. General General Cargo cargo can be shipped either in breakbulk or containerised. GENS GENeralS or general cargo GEOROT GEOgraphical ROTation GL Germanischer Lloyd GLESS GearLESS GMDSS Global Maritime Distress Safety System GNS German North Sea GO Gas Oil GR GRain Gravity Volume weight ratio of a substance calculated against the same volume of water at normal temperature and pressure. GRD GeaRed Gross Weight Weight (mass) of goods including packing, and including the carrier s equipment expressed in whole kilograms on tons. Gt Gross Tons. Unit of 100 cubic feet or 2.831 cubic meters, used in arriving at the calculation of gross tonnage. GTEE GuaranTEE HA HAtch Rules governing the carriage of goods by sea and identifying the rights and responsibilities of carriers and owners of cargo. These rules were published in 1924 following an international convention and were subsequently given the force of law by Hague Rules many mar Crude oil tanker, product tanker or chemical tanker of between 10,000 and 25,000 dwt Handy, tank Handymax, dry cargo Dry bulk carrier of between approximately 40,000 and 60,000 dwt.< Handysize, dry cargo Dry bulk carrier of between approximately 10,000 and 40,000 dwt.

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Abbreviation Haulage HBF HDLTSBENDS HDWTS HELDK HHDW HMS HO HR HRS HV HVFL HW I.W.L. IFO IMDG IMO IMO I-III Intermodal Transport International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code International Maritime Organisation ISM(C) IU IUHTAUTC Jettison KMC KN KTM L.S. L.T. LASH LAT LAYCAN LC LCR LDN Less than Container Load

Description The inland carriage of cargo or containers between named locations/points. Harmless Bulk Fertilizer Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends Half Demurrage Weather Time Saved HELicopter DecK Handy Heavy d.w. (scrap) Heavy Metal Scraps Cargo HOld HouR HouRS HeaVy HeaVy Fuel High Water Institute Warranty Limits Intermediate Fuel Oil International Maritime Dangerous Code International Maritime Organization. {0>Søfartsorganistion under FN.A maritime organization under the UN, Quality grades for tankers for the permission to transport different chemical and oil products. IMO I are the most hazardous products, IMO III the least hazardous. The movement of goods (containers) in one and the same loading unit or vehicle which uses successively several modes of transport without handling of the goods themselves in changing modes.

Abbreviation: IMDG Code. A code, representing the classification of dangerous goods as defined by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in compliance with international legal requirements. Abbreviation: IMO. United Nations agency concerned with safety at sea. Its work includes codes and rules relating to tonnage measurement of vessels, load lines, pollution and the carriage of dangerous goods. Its previous name was the InterGovernmental Ma International Safety Management Code If Used If Used, Half Time ActUally To Count The act of intentionally throwing cargo overboard, e.g. with the objective of lightening a vessel, which has run aground, such for the common good of all interests: vessel, crew and remaining cargo (see GA). cargo refrigerating system KNots Keel To top of Mast LumpSum. Liner Terms Light Aboard SHip LATitude LAYday CANcelling date Loading Capacity Lowest Current Rate LaDeN Abbreviation: LCL. A general reference for identifying cargo in any quantity intended for carriage in a container, where the Carrier is responsible for packing and/or unpacking the container. For operational purposes a LCL (less than full container load)

Abbreviation: L/C. A written undertaking by a bank (issuing bank) given to the seller (beneficiary) at the request, and on the instructions of the buyer (applicant) to pay at sight or at a determinable future date up to a stated sum of money, within a pre Document in which one party undertakes to compensate and protect another from liability for the performance and for the Letter of costs and consequences of carrying out a certain act. The issue of a letter of indemnity is sometimes used in order to allow Indemnity consignee LGT LenGThened Lien A legal claim upon real or personal property to pay a debt or duty. Abbreviation: LIFO. Transport condition denoting that the freight rate is inclusive of the sea carriage and the cost of loading, Liner In Free Out the latter as per the custom of the port. It excludes the cost of discharging. LNG Liquefied Natural Gas LNG vessels Liquefied Natural Gas. Vessels for transporting liquefied natural gas (methane gas). Lo Ho Lower Hold LOA Lenght Over All LOF Lloyd’s Open Form LOI Letter Of Indemnity. LOLO Lift On Lift Off ship Lift on – Lift off. Cargo carrying vessel that has its cargo lifted on and/or off. This type of ship may also have passenger Lo-Lo carrying capacity (Pax-Lo) and/or Ro-Ro features (Ro-Lo). Letter of Credit

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Abbreviation LOW LPG LPG vessels LPS LR LR1, product tanker LR2, product tanker LSD LT (LTONS) LW m/r Mate s Receipt MB Mbtu MDO (DO) MDWT Medium, tanker (MR) Merchant Haulage MIN/MAX MMboe MO MODU MOLCHOP MOLOO MON MOT MOT MR MT MTONS Multi-Purpose n.E. n.N. n.S n.W NAABSA Nautical Mile NCB NCS Net Weight NIS NK NMD NOKUS company Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier NOR Notify Party o.a. OA OBO Offshore vessel OILREC On carriage ONW OO

Description Last Open Water Liquefied Petroleum Gas Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Vessels used to transport ammonia and liquid gases (ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, butane, butylenes, isobutene and isobutylene).The gases are transported under pressure and/or refrigerated. LumPSum Large Range Long Range 1. Product tanker with the maximum dimensions for passing through the Panama Canal (width of 32.21 meters and length of 289.5 meters) of approximately 50,000—80,000 dwt. Long Range 2. Product tanker too large to pass through the Panama Canal of approximately 80,000 dwt. Lashed Secured Dunnage Long TONS. Low Water Mates receipt A document signed by the chief officer of a vessel acknowledging the receipt of a certain consignment on board of that vessel. On this document, remarks can be made as to the order and condition of the consignment. Merchant Broker Million British Thermal Unit. Unit of measurement indicating the amount of energy included – equivalent to joule or calorie. Marine Diesel Oil Metric DeadWeight tons Medium Range. Product tanker of between 25,000 and 50,000 dwt. Inland transport of cargo in shipping containers arranged by the Merchant. It includes empty container-moves to and from hand-over points in respect of containers released by the Carrier to Merchants. Note: Carrier s responsibility under the Bill of Ladin Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity) Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent. Measure of the amount of barrels of oil/gas contained in a field. Managing Owner Mobile Offshore Drilling Units More Or Less CHarterers OPtion More Or Less Owners (Masters) Option MONitors (fire) Ministry Of Transpory Monthly OverTime Medium Range Metric Tonnes Metric Tonnes Dry bulk carrier with multiple applications, mainly as a feeder vessel or for special cargo. not East of not North of not South of not West of Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground Distance unit measure of 1,852 meters, or 6,076.12 ft. National Cargo Bureau Norwegian Continental Shelf The weight of the goods, including all packing but excluding the carrier s equipment. Norwegian International Shipsregister Nippon Kaiji Kyokai Norwegian Maritime Directorate Norwegian controlled foreign company in lowtax country

Abbreviation: NVOCC. A party who undertakes to carry goods and issues his own name Bill of Lading for such carriage, without having the availability of any own means of transport. Notice Of Readiness The party to be notified of arrival of goods Over All Over Aged Oil Bulk Ore Vessel serving the offshore oil industry. OIL RECovery The carriage of containers by any mode of transport to the place of delivery after the discharge from the ocean vessel at the port of discharge. ONWards Owners Option

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OPerator The US Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Open Top Container OSH OT Out of Gauge Cargo Outsider OW P&I P.P. P/E Palletwide container Panamax Size Panamax, container Panamax, dry cargo

A freight container similar in all respect to a general purpose container except that it has no rigid roof but may have a flexible and movable or removable cover, for example one made of canvas or plastic or reinforced plastic material normally supported Open SHelter deck On Truck Cargo which dimensions are exceeding the normal dimensions of a 20 or 40 feet container, e.g. overlength, overwidth, overheight, or combinations thereof. A carrier, which operates on a route served by a liner conference but which is not a member of that conference. OWners Protection & Indemnity PerPendicular Purchase Enquiry

Port of Discharge Port of Loading Post-Panamax POT (able) PPT Pre-carriage Pre-trip Inspection Principal Product tanker Project Cargo PSV PU PWH PWWD

The port where the cargo is actually unloaded from the vessel. The port where the cargo is actually loaded on the vessel. Container vessel of approximately 4,000+ teu that is too large to pass through the Panama Canal. POTable water PromPT The carriage of containers by any mode of transport from the place of receipt to the port of loading on the ocean vessel.

A container that is designed to carry (Euro pallets (1x1.2 m or 1.2x 0.8m) with minimal loss of space. The maximum measurements and dimensions of a vessel capable to pass the Panama Canal (33 metres). Container carrier with the maximum dimensions for passing through the Panama Canal (width of 32.21 metres, length of 291 metres) of approximately 3,000—5,000 teu Dry bulk vessel with the maximum dimensions for passing through the Panama Canal (width of 32.21 metres and length of 289.5 metres) of approximately 60,000—80,000 dwt. Crude oil tanker or product tanker with the maximum dimensions for passing through the Panama Canal (width of 32.21 Panamax, tanker metres and length of 289.5 metres) of approximately 50,000—80,000 dwt. Pax Passenger Vessel PCC Pure Car Carrier. Car carrier built exclusively to transport passenger cars. Pure Car Truck Carrier. Car carrier built to transport small and large passenger cars (SUVs, MPVs, etc.), trucks and other PCTC contractor equipment. PDPR Per Day Pro-Rata PGH Per Geard Hatch PHPD Per Hatch Per Day Local expert advising a vessel s captain on safe navigation in those areas where the captain is ignorant of local Pilot circumstances or where it is obligatory to take a pilot. The location where a consignment (shipment) is delivered to the consignee viz. the place where the carrier s liability ends for Place of Delivery the transport venture. The location where a consignment (shipment) is received by the carrier from the shipper viz. the place where the carrier s Place of Receipt liability the transport venture commences. The shared use of an equipment by a number of companies, which make together the investments in the equipment Pool mentioned. Port of Call Place where a vessel actually drops anchor or moors during a certain voyage.

Quarantine Quay (= Pier) Quotation

Ramp REEF Reefer Reefer Cargo

Abbreviation: PTI. A technical inspection of Reefer containers prior to positioning for stuffing. Person for whom another person acts as agent. Tanker vessel with coated tanks used to transport refined oil products. Quantity of goods connected to the same project and often carried on different moments and from various places. Platform Supply Vessel. Offshore vessel serving the offshore oil installations. PUmps Per Workable Hatch Per Weather Working day The period during which an arriving vessel, including its equipment, cargo, crew or passengers, suspected to carry or carrying a contagious disease is detained in strict isolation to prevent the spread of such a disease. Part of a wharf which is intended for the mooring of vessels. Amount stated as the price according to tariff for certain services to be provided or issued to a customer with specification on conditions for carriage. An artificial inclined path, road or track along which wheeled vehicles, cargo and trailers may pass for the purpose of changing their elevation and facilitating the loading and unloading operation (e.g. an entrance way into a roll-on Roll-off vessel). Refrigerated Container vessel with cooling/freezing capacity. Cargo requiring temperature control.

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Abbreviation Reefer Container Reefer vessel RGDS RGE RNR ROB ROC Ro-Con Roll-on Roll-off Ro-Pax RORO Ro-Ro ROTLX Routing ROV-Support Vessel RPM RYC RYTLX S.THR. S/R B/L Said to Contain Salvage SATSHEX SATSHINC SBM SBS SBT Seismic Vessel SELFDISCH Service Bill SF SHEX SHINC Ship operator Ship owner

Shipper Shipping Marks

Shipping Note SID Sling Slot SLPTA SOF SOM SP SPB Spontaneous Ignition Temperature Spreader SS and C SSHEX SSHINC ST Stack

Description A thermal container with refrigerating appliances (mechanical compressor unit, absorption unit etc.) to control the temperature of cargo. Bulk carriers with a large reefer capacity in the holds. ReGarDS RanGE Rate Not Reported Remaining On Board Reference Our Cable....(date) Ro-Ro vessel with container capacity Abbreviation: RoRo. System of loading and discharging a vessel whereby the cargo is driven on and off by means of a ramp. Ro-Ro vessel with passenger capacity. Roll On Roll Off ship Roll On – Roll Off. Common description of vessels on which the cargo is rolled on board and ashore. Reference Our TeLeX ...(date) The determination of the most efficient route(s) that people, goods, materials and or means of transport have to follow. Ship with Remotely Operated Vehicle (a robot) used e.g. to inspect underwater cables and pipes. Revs. Per Minute Reference Your Cable...(date) Reference Your TeLeX...(date) Side Thruster Signing and Releasing Bill(s) of Lading Abbreviation: STC. Term in a Bill of Lading signifying that the master and the carrier are unaware of the nature or quantity of the contents of e.g. a container and are relying on the description furnished by the shipper. The saving or rescue of a vessel and/or the cargo from loss and/or damage at sea. SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays Excepted SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded Soya Bean Meal Safe Berth Segregated Ballast Tanks Ship with on board sound and electromagnetic instruments for gauging the structure of the layers in the ground. The results are used as a tool to best decide where the oil and gas formations are located in the ground. SelfDischarger A service Bill (of Lading) is a document issued by one carrier to another for documentary and internal control purposes. No freight details will be mentioned and the service Bill of Lading is not a contract of carriage. Superficial Feet Sundays, Holidays EXcepted Sundays, Holidays Included A ship operator is the (legal) person making decision about the daily operation and employment of the ship and crew. The legal person officially registered as such in the certificate of registry of the vessel. The merchant (person) by whom, in whose name or on whose behalf a contract of carriage of goods has been concluded with a carrier or any party by whom, in whose name or on whose behalf the goods are actually delivered to the carrier in relation to the con The identification shown on individual packages to facilitate moving the packages without delay or confusion to their final destination and to enable the checking of cargo against documents. Document provided by the shipper or his agent to the carrier, multimodal transport operator, terminal or other receiving authority, giving information about export consignments offered for transport, and providing the necessary receipts and declarations o Single Deck Special chain, wire rope, synthetic fibre strap or ropes used for cargo handling purposes. The space on board a vessel, required by one TEU. SLop TAnks Statement Of Facts. Swedish Official Measure Safe Ports St. PetersBurg

The lowest temperature at which a substance will start burning spontaneously without an external source of ignition. Device used for lifting containers and unitised cargo. Same Sea and Country coast Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays EXcepted Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded Short Tons. An identifiable amount of containers stowed in a orderly way in one specified place on an (ocean) terminal, container freight station, container yard or depot.

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Abbreviation Stackweight Stand-by vessel STEM Stevedore Stowage Stowage Factor Stowage Plan Stripping Stuffing

Description The total weight of the containers in a certain row. Offshore vessel used to monitor and fight fires and environmental accidents on oil rigs. Subject To Enough Merchandise A person or company working on the Terminal, loading, stowing, discharging vessels, etc The placing and securing of containers on board a vessel. Ratio of a cargo s cubic measurement to its weight, expressed in cubic feet or cubic metres per ton, used in order to assess the total quantity of cargo which can be loaded in a certain space. A plan indicating the locations of all the containers on a container vessel (synonym Bayplan) The unloading of cargo out of a container. The loading of cargo into a container.

Suezmax Surcharge SWAD SWDD TA Tank Container Tare Weight of Container TBN TBR TC TCP TCT

Crude oil tanker with the maximum dimensions for passing through the Suez Canal (approximately 120,000—200,000 dwt.). An additional charge added to the net ocean freight. Salt Water Arrival Draft Salt Water Departure Draft TAnks A tank, surrounded by a framework with the overall dimensions of a container for the transport of liquids or gasses in bulk. Mass of an empty container including all fittings and appliances associated with that particular type of container on its normal operating condition. To Be Named To Be Renamed (T/C)Time Charter Time Charter Party Time Charter Trip All the conditions agreed upon between trading partners regarding the delivery of goods and the related services. Note: Terms of Delivery Under normal circumstances the INCO terms are used to prevent any misunderstandings. Standard 20' container - Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit. Container boxes with a length of 20 feet (about 6 metres) which forms Teu the basis of describing the capacity of a container vessel. THC TerminalHandling Cost THR THRuster A horizontal division of a vessel from bottom to top. The numbers run from bottom to deck and from deck upwards and are Tier used as a part of the indication of a stowage place for containers. A contract whereby a vessel is let to a charterer for a stipulated period of time or voyage, for a remuneration known as hire, generally a daily rate per ton deadweight. The shipowner continues to manage the vessel through the master and crew who Time Charter remain h TIP Taking Inward Pilot TL Total Loss TOBENA To Be Named Tonnage Synonymous with “vessel”. Ton-nautical mile Unit of measurement indicating the volume of cargo and how far it has been transported. TOP Taking Outward Pilot A shipment under one Bill of Lading, whereby sea (ocean) transport is broken into two or more parts. The port where the sea (ocean) transport is broken is the transhipment port. Transhipment TS TonS TTL ToTaL Device which has to be inserted into the corner fittings of a shipping container and is turned or twisted, thus locking the Twistlock container for the purpose of securing or lifting. UKCS United Kingdom Continental Shelf ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier. Crude oil tanker above 320,000 dwt. United Nations Dangerous Goods Number / United Nations Number USC UU UUIWCTAUTC VEG Vetting VLCC VLGC

Abbreviation: UNDG Number or UN No. The four-digit number assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods to classify a substance or a particular group of substances. Note: The prefix UN must always be used in con Unless Sooner Commenced Unless Used Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count. VEGetable oil Approval procedure whereby e.g. the technical standards of a ship are surveyed. Very Large Crude Carrier. Crude oil tanker of between approximately 200,000 and 320,000 dwt. Very Large Gas Carrier. LPG ship with capacity above 60,000 cbm.

Voyage Number VPD VSL

Reference number assigned by the carrier to the voyage of the vessel. Vessel Pay Dues VeSseL

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WAter War risks must be covered under a separate policy for war risks. Non-negotiable document evidencing the contract for the transport of cargo. West Coast Whether Custom Cleared Or Not A place for berthing vessels. The fee charged for the use of a wharf for mooring, loading or discharging a vessel. Whether In Berth Or Not Whether In Free Praqtique Or Not Whether In Port Or Not WIng TAnk WaterLine-TO-HatchCoaming (distance) WithOut Guarantee. Copy of Charter Party - not being signed and may contain unchecked errors Weather Permitting Wide Range Destillate Wire Rods in Coils West Texas Intermediate. Oil price benchmark in the USA. Weather Working Days When, Where Ready Wibon Wccon Wifpon Wipon ssheX / sshinC ssheX / ssheX York Antwerp Rules Your Cable

Yield Management ZUTC =

The process of maximising the contribution of every slot or vessel. Basically it should be seen as the process of allocating the right type of capacity to the right kind of customer at the right price as to maximise revenue or yield. The concept should be GMT

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