Sexuality and Spirituality Kundalini Yoga

July 31, 2017 | Author: Victor Hugo Garay Saez | Category: Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini, Mental Training, Yoga, Hindu Prayer And Meditation
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113M~~ ~!J~~ ~"V


~Sl~~}l Jt1~ W~lJ~JJ1JJ1~ kq




J" S"O!J~,Jl fingers which extend straight

out and bring anTIS overhead and as far back as possible, and then bring them all the way down with force, as if you are going to hit the ground, but without touching it. Repeat and continue, powerfully for 1~ minutes. 5. In seated posture, make fists and

circle them around each other in front

of the heart center (DRISHTI TRATKA

KRIYA - for the pineal gland), and

move quickly for 1t minutes.

6. Lock arms holding opposite elbows

and place them on top of the head,

a little towards the back and bow

to Jap sahib for 5~ minutes.

7. Arms overhead with palms together ,

thtmlbs crossed, sway fran side to

side, pressuring lowest ribs for 3~


8. On back, interlace hands behind

the head and rapidly jump the pelvis

up and down (6-9"), tensing the body,

creating a special pranayam for 5


9. Relax in corpse pose, 3-1 minutes.



,i\fI'\ tdV,{ I


j -.-






\ \ I I



1. a) Shoulder stand. en back, raise

legs straight overhead supporting

weight with hands en ribs, waist or

hips, and kick buttocks with alternate

heels for 3 minutes.

b) IDwer hips to floor and continue

to kick the buttocks with alternate

heels for 3 minutes.

c) Relax for 2 minutes. '!hen repeat the series, breathing long and deep during relaxation. Stimulates the nerve reflex area in the buttocks It is a great exercise for everyone, but especially for men who need to strengthen the sexual system.


/ ,"



Pose, sit on heels with

in Venus Lock in the lap and

meditate for 2 minutes. For digestion.


In Rock


3. Q1 back, inhale as you slowly raise

legs to 90° and contract sex organs

in nodified Mu1bhand, and exhale as

you slowly lawer the legs and release

the contractien. Pull and release

the contraction smoothly and evenly.

Repeat 4-10 times.

Adds sustaining energy to the system

and sexual endurance and integrates

the release of sexual energy into

the other tx:x1y systems.

4. Relax canpletely. c::c:MMENI'S: '!his set circulates sexual

Remember that 90% of sexual energy

is used for creative and regenerative

:. ::.:::::.:.'::::::::::~ .:;, funcions throughout the body. Without ~ ~. ... ---.­ a qocd supply of sexual force the nerves are shakey and insensitive, and aging occurs Irore rapidly. With regular and frequent practice of such a kriya while you are young, the body ~ ~-~ __--::::::::s=: will not fail when you are older.

-.. ----_



~ ­






, I I I I I I I

• • • •





1. Sitting, spread legs wide apart, place hands on thighs, and flex the spine for 2 minutes. 2. In the same position, press palms down on floor, 18" in front of groin for 2 minutes. 'Ihese two exercises drain Lymph Glands in the groin and thigh and sti.mulate the sex nerve. 3. Lie down flat on the back, with the legs spread as wide as possible" hands grasping shoulders, fingers in front, thumbs in back, elb:1Ns on the ground. Meditate on all the muscles as you lift the b:xiy, as slowly as possible, muscle by muscle, until the nose is on the ground between the knees. Hold for 3 minutes and relax. 4. Continue as in #3 , ~ bring the nose to the left knee and hold for 1 minute, inhale up and repeat 3 times and relax back down. Repeat, nose to right knee. #3 & #4 opens navel energy and channels it to the sex nerves, balancing glandular secretion. 5.



WE ARE NOT TO BE CELIBATE! (Who practice Kundalini Yoga) • One bl issful sexual union per month is usually plenty. It is important not to live in the three lower centers. Children should be care­ fully planned and meditated upon. Summer 1972








/Is h.na1 1:eirgs, ...e ~ imtin:::t:s as cD cninBls, hIt ...e ~ 1'B've ~ c:tIi1ity to diIa:t, ~ a"rl gi.~ ~ to ttEir e,irta1e into a:h:a. R::se, atdli.n:J \Ai:!ttd:xa 1::¥ 'fertS:!:a, £ron rB:K . to l::a!:E c:£ spi.rE! u:t:il ams are stra:itj1t, elb:::rws kdint. Continue for 2­ 3 minutes.

4 - Spinal t-,.,ist, with palms together overhead, arms traight up for 2-3 minutes. (For 9th vertebra.) 'Iben inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhan.i.

5 _ BODY

DROPS in LDtus possible, or with legs out in front. weight is beside the hips .which lift ocks and drop them down 2 minutes.

Pose, if stretchP.d on fists the butt­ again for






• • • • • • • • • •


6 . Legs stretched straight out in front, stretch body foI:Ward and relax down, head en knees for 2-3 minutes. Then inhale, exhale and pull Mulbhand.

7 • In FAS'i POSE, cross arms and place hands en opposite knees. Inhale deeply, pulling the arms and stretch­ ing the shoulders, hold the breath in, and exhale and relax.

8 • FINGER LCX:K at Heart CEnter , with long, deep breathing. Pull har.d for 2-3 minutes. '!hen inhale, stretch arms above head and hold, p.xhale and apply Mulbhand.

9 • :scM POSE: en stanach, grab ankles and arch up, pulling arms and legs as high as p::>ssible. Inhale, stretch up even higher, pull Mulbhand, hold,

1 0 _ MEDITATICN: Fix eyes on top of the skull, and press the tongue on the roof of the mouth. (There may be pain in the nose.) Dedicate self to the Divine.

CCl-1MENTS: '!his is an excellent prep­ aration for deep meditation. G.K. (Some ti.'T1es were added by G. K. )


Kt..JNDA L, I N J: (1969-70)



1. RUN IN PLACE for 1 minute, facing each direction (1 minute North, 1 minute East, South & West, etc. )


~~~ ........


2. BODY DROPS with legs stretch­ ed out in front for 1-2 minutes . 3. KUNDALINI LOTUS POSE: Balanc­ ing on buttocks, grasp feet and raise them, keep~ng arms and legs straight (holding on to big toes, if possible) wi th long, deep breathing for 2­ 3 minutes. 4. a) SPINAL FLEX in Easy Pose for 2-3 minutes. b) Spinal Flex five times per inhale, and 5 times per exhale for 2-3 minutes. 5. FROGS, 54 of them. Squat into Frog Pose, heels raised and touching each others, fin­ gertips on the floor with arms straight between legs. Inhale, lift buttocks, lowering head to look at knees. Exhale, returning to original squat, head looking strai~ht ahead, always keeping the heels raised and touchiI!g. 6. CAMEL POSE with Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Sit on Heels, arch pelvis up dropping head back and grabbing heels. Press the pelvis forward.


7. CHAIR POSE, wi th long, deep breathing for 1 minute. (Squat and pass arms inside thighs, outside forelegs, hands on feet, and sit up as much as possible.) Continue with Breath of Fire for 1 more minute. Then inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand.

• • •


8. MAHA SHAKTI POSE with left foot 6" above right foot, with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.

9. STRETCH POSE. On back raise head and hands 6" (arms & legs straight), and look at toes, with Breath of Fire for 2 mins.

10. SPINAL 108 times.

FLEX in Rock Pose, Inhale as the spine arches forward, exhale as it contracts back.

11. CAT/COW: On hands and knees, arms and thighs parallel to each other, and press the back up, dropping the head down (like a cat) as you exhale, then relax the back down and arch neck up on the inhale, 108 times.

12. SPINAL FLEX in Rock Pose, wi th hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. On each inhale, press elbows to chest. 108 times.

13. ON BACK, push ches t up and out with 5-10 lbs. of pressure, concentrating on the Heart Chakra for 2-3 minutes.

raise arms to ON BACK, 90° with long, deep breathing Then Inhale for 1 minute. and draw tension to the chest and relax. (Times added by G.!


.. ~



1th legs 18" .with long, deep, powerful breathing for 30 seconds. '!hen alternately bring knees to the chest, with each deep inhale, in a push-pull action for 45 seconds to 1 minute. '!hen inhale holding roth legs straight out for 5 seconds and relax. l-Dves energy out of the digestive system.




5. Still on back., l:.:end knees and touch

souls of feet together, clasping them

wi th the hands and rock back and forth

for 30-45 seconds.

6. Deep relaxation for 2 minutes.



Ong (Infinite, Creative Consciousness) on the inhale and on the exhale.









Ek Ong K a r , S a t Nam, S a t Na~, S i r i Wha G~r~


EJc 0... &r

Sea, Natm Sat Nane 51- rf

W1ta G. - ru - u

apply and releasing !'lllhhand while chanting "sat Nam" and "QJru". Gradually the Mull:lhand will becale so stzoa,q & locked that it willl:e easy to hold throug­ out the entire chant. Cbntinue for 6 minutes, hold for 15 seconds, exhale and relax or meditate. Uses Kundalini energy to project the mind to Infinity. a::Mon!Nl'S: In our culture, 'Ne are taught to vie1!7 sex in teJ:mS of pleasure and reproducticn. we aren't educated in the need for Jl'Clderation in sex in order to maintain health and nerve balance. sexual experience in c:orrect consciousness can give you the experience of God and bliss, but before that can cx:cur, you must charge ycNr sexual batteries and possess a real potency. SEminal fluids, male and female, CCI'1tain high c:ax:entratioos of minerals and elements crucial to proper nerve balance and brain functicn. '!he sexual fluid is reabsorbed by the body if it is allowed mature. Its essence, or "Ojas" is transported into the spinal fluid. Running ycNr mind with ojas is like rumi.nq a car without oil - you wear it out quickly. About 90' of "your sexual energy is used to repair and rejuvenate the organs of the body.

!be normal span of potency for a yogi is equal to the length of his life. In the United States, potency wanes even in the early forties. 'Ihis kriya generates sexual energy and transmutes it into ojas and healing force.

SEXUALITY: There is energy in you and you have to channel it. Highly energetic (in games, sports) people are not very sexually desirous. Inactive people are more sexually oriented, a release for the energy. August 21, 1972




.. • • • • • • • •



- - - - - - - - ---








GURAK.Z\ June 19, 1970


1 • Si t with the soles of the feet together before sex gland, lean forward and place hands on floor in front, and bounce buttocks up and dc:Jr"m, feel­ ing homey and thi.nIdng of sex for 15 minutes. ("You will be potent for 70-80 years".)

Sat and relax allowing energy to arise up and out through the hands, chanting Narn

for 5-11 minutes • 4 • Iaya Yoga: In medi tation pose, hands in GJyan Mudra resting on knees-, axms straight, chant the Laya fonn of the Adi. Shakti Mantra:







Kar Nam


A A.



[£;~!~ '1 I @J j J if Ii J. =J§l .J


£It 0t\IS


- JIll


'Ur- If



-N~)I ~..r.oc:>

"EK" sharply contract the navel, visualing navel energy descending to the rectum and sex organs. On the first "A" (after "Kar"), pull Root IJ:x::k and hold it, and on the "A" after "Naro", apply Diaphragm Lock, visual izing energy spiraling up the spine and through the chakras, and on the "A" after t'Wha", pull Chin I.Dck, seeing energy spiral through neck and head. Q1 "He", relax the Mulbhand and Diaphragm IDcks and allow the spin­ ning energy to leave through the crown Olakra. '!he mantra is chanted in one breath. Repeat and continue for 11 minutes or rrore.~


5_ Relax on the back.









CDRPSE POSE CRONe H: en back, crunch knees into chest with a jerking movement, clasping them with arms, and then extend them out straight, , 0-, 5 times. '!his is a man's wake­ up exercise. It will bring the lower back into a straight line, create heat and correct the magnetic field.




.... ,

i'...• •••• ...""",-I



~.~ g ,..-r :site feet for 3-5 minutes. It adj usts the hip l:xme which is e-ssential for long life and potency.

4. \\'EIGHTLESS RUN: Place hands on a support (bathroan or kitchen sink), and hold your weight, arch the back as in Cow Pose and run in place for , 0 minutes. Builds back muscles, adj usts the hips and is good for a long, healthy life.

5 . CRCM SCUATS : Feet ,.; feet apart, arms extended straight out in front, palms down, parallel to floor, inhale (up), and exhale \ ) ,.'''t..~":, as you squat down 20-50 times. Stretches .::.... t...~_ a .meridian nucleus above the knee wi thout ...,' '.•. ~ ::,~. ~::::,;:.,,;~ wh~ch you cannot enjoy sexual, sensual or .' .., ....: . . . creative continuity, and you will be bored, ,:., dumb and irritated. ~



6. FOREHEAD ro KNEE STRE:I'Oi: Stand, feet hip width apart, knees kept straight, and bend forward to put your nose between your knees, wrapping the arms around the legs for 3-5 minutes. '!his exercise measures your age and sensual, creative productivity • If you can your nose bebleen your knees and hold it for the given time, your effective age and capacity is that of an 18 year old. Halfway denotes about 45, and barely able to bend is about 65, regardless of chronolog­ ical age. 7 MANS

y(X;A RUN: Run in place with elbows lifted

and out to the sides a little above shoulder

height, forearms, hands and fingers pointing

straight up to the sky. VERY IMPORl'ANI':

KEEP '!liE EI..BC:MS UP. '!hey must !'rove upward

with the legs, together in hanrony at the

same time. Continue for 11 -22 minutes. '!he

movement creates a combination in the merid­

ians. '!he main lines of the sciatica, arms

and legs must !'rove in harm:my. You will

be yelling in time with it. At 22 minutes

your tongue will be out, but there is nothing

which can match this.

8MAHA MUDRA: seated, legs extended out in

front, bend right knee and press right foot

against the inner thigh of the left leg ,

close to the groin. Grab the left big toe

with the left hand and pull back, grasping

the heel with the right hand. Keep chin

tucked into chest and eyes fixed on big toe,

spine totally straight, and hold the position

without moving for 3-5 minutes. Repeat on

the right side. D::m't worry about the breath

- it Cbesn't matter. '!his is a stimulant

as the foot pressurizes the sciatica, and

the straight spine stimulates special nucleus

points. "You a pressure and you stretch

and it works a miracle".

EARTHCUAKE: (Stretch Pose) en back,

raise head and heels 6" and stare at toes,

arms pointing towards the feet. Inhale and

hold the or do Breath of Fire until

you shake. '!hen relax. '!he navel point

is the creative nucleus of potency.


10SAT KRIYA for 3-31 minutes. (see page 77.) '!his is the basic exercise, best for potency and overall health, the master exercise.


STIMULATING KUNDALINI & .MALE POTENCY 1. Come into FROG POSE, on toes, wi th heels raised and ouching, fingertips on ground between knees, head lifted. Inhale and raise the buttocks relaxing forehead toward knees, keeping the heels raised. Exhale and return to original position. Continue with deep breaths 26 times. Relax.

2. Stretch both legs straight out in front and bend forward to grasp toes with both hands, pulling them back for 30 seconds. Then inhale as you arch up, still holding toes, and exhale as you bend forward, 26 times. Inhale and relax.

3. SAT KRIYA: Sitting on heels, raise arms straight overhead, elbows straight, palms together and chant Sa.t

as you pull in the Navel point, and lock Mulbhand, then Na.m

as you release the lock, focus­ sing on the Brow Point for 3 min­ utes. Then inhale, hold the breath and pull Mulbhand, imagin­ ing energy radiating from the Navel Point and circulating throughout the body. Relax and repeat the exercise for 3 minutes Then inhale, apply Mupbhand, and mentally draw all the energy to the top of the fingertips. Relax. Repeat the entire set. 2-3 times.





1- ,


#.. ...

liThe mental self cannot be fresh and unique if all the muscles and glands are not ~rked in exercise. II


~I ., j ,

.....,. , ­

2. JUMPING FRCG: In Frog Pose, hop or jump on the spot, 52 times.




3. WHEEL POSE: en back, palms under shoulders, fingers pointing to toes, heels to buttocks,press up to feet and hands, arms and legs straight, waist arched to ceiling, and drop head back, eyes on thllllbs. Hold· and chant





4. CN BACSition for 3 minutes.

2. Still in IJotus Pose and still on

a padded _surface (take no Chances!),

still with Breath of Fire, do Body

Drops for 3 minutes. Place fists

beside or behind hips and lift the

body, allowing it to drop back down,

rapidly. Continue for 3 minutes.

CAUTICN: S5ible with Mulbhand and then exhale through the ears. (We know saneone who claims to be able to do it, but we visualize it.) 3. Inhale through left nostril, hold and apply pressure on the eyes. '!hen exhale through the eyes. 4. Inhale through the left nostril, hold, 'close all the gates' (pull all the locks: Mulbhand, Diaphragm Lock and Neck Lock) and exhale through the top of the skull.

5. en back, raise legs up to 12" and hold, mentally vibrating,




f~l ~

6. In Frog Pose, lift buttocks and 10'Wer head, very slowly, 26 times. 7. Spinal Flexes with hands on shins, inhaling as back arches forward, and exhaling as it oontracts back. 108 times 8. regs out in front, catch heels and inhale as head goes down and elbows

touch the floor, then exhale as 'j'CJlJ, cane up, several times. (To open capillaries. ) 9. Spread legs 1~ feet apart. Inhale wi th beak ITOUth, exhale and pull down, 2-3 times. (For gall bladder.) 10.





For the brain, mind, intellect, concentration, will-power, rnem:>ry, throat, eyesight, teeth, facial muscles, halitosis, pimples, & nervous strain All exercises are done standing up. 1. For clearing the Pharynx: Tilt the

head slightly back, keeping the eyes open

and hold with gentle breathing. Clears

phlegm. Good for singers. 2-3 minutes.

2. Prayer Pose with long, deep breathin~

for 2-3 minutes. SUblimates the sexual'

drive and aids concentration.

3. For mind & will power: Feet together,

tilt the head way back with eyes open,

and 00 Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes.

4. For developing mem::>ry: stand up and

focus the eyes a l a spot 5 feet ahead

of the toes, with Breath of Fire. ·Good

for mental fatigue and improves the merrory. 2-3 minutes.

5. For developing the intellect: Press

chin into the notch in the sternum and

do Breath of Fire. ''By ooing Jalandhara

Blanda, the nectar that drips fran' thp.

, 000 l;)etaled lotus is not burnt up .in

the digestive system, and it controls

the life force, kindling the Kundalini".

2-3 minutes. a::r-1MEm.'S: fl.1 thru 5 are effective in curing states of mental and nervous strain, causing nutrition to flow to the brain tissues and glands. Bending the neck interrupts venous return and stretches the spinal cord and the periphP..ra.l nerves.

6. Improving eyesight: With all your will, stare at a spot between eyebrows,

feet together, and head tilted back.

Stimulates the junction of nerves bet'NeeIl

the eyes and ears, and aids the muscles

that neve the eyeball,. the iris, and the

coordination of those muscles. Prevents

blindness and cures all eye diseases.

Throw away glasses in 40 days practice 1

2-11 minutes.





otO V



~ . ~. ..........

.~§i/ {~_~ .'~ .... " t·~~






7. Rejuvenating the cheeks: Join finger­ tips and close nostrils with thumbs. With eyes open, inhale through "crow beak" (puckered lips), hold the breath and close the eyes, dropping the chin into the stern­ al notch, and puffing cheeks out with the breath. Hold as long as possible, then return head to normal, open eyes , and exhale SI.t:MLY through the nose. nus aerates the oral cavity, bringing fresh air where genns breed. Good for facial muscles, strengthens teeth, cures pyorrehea caries, halitosis and pimples! ! ! ' practice makes a man free of old age symp­ tans and gives the longevity of a carnel. Repeat several times. NOI'E:

Times "-'&e unspecified and have been added by G.K.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? God loves us and we don't accept Him. God created us and we don't trust Him. God is with us and we never feel it, and so on. We do this to Almighty God and we do it to our fellow human beings, and we do it to our insti­ ions and organizations, but above all, we do it to our relationships. Do you believe in God? Do you? Do you feel God? NO! You love God, you know God, you feel God and you understand all about God when, in the Name of God you stand up and BLESS OTHERS! If you cannot share God with others, you do not what God is. Whenever a human shares himself (with another) it is human and emotional, but when a human shares himself in the Name of God, it is divine, it is sacred, and it is forever. If you have not shared your God, you never got it. When you stand up to any challenge, and bless someone in the Name of God, you invi te the Almighty Infinite God behind you forever. December 29, 1985






February 26, 1986 !. Sit and stretch legs out in front,

arms at sides. "Pedal the legs" , alternately rroving the knees up and down for 3/4 of a minute. 2. Continue same rrotion but nove the hands and arms up and down as tNell, 5 times per second or faster. To

open the glandular system to full capacity . Creates a sweat. 5 minutes. 3. Lying on back, arms at sides, bounce the hips up and down, noving quickly for 2t minutes. 4. Lying on belly, bounce the pelvis up and down for 3t minutes.

5. Cat stretch, left and right, 1 minute.

alternately to Oller and Oller

the for

6. Lie down on back and relax, breath­ ing slowly. Let yourself go. 6~ minutes.

Al though the total time of exercises on

the tape is less than 13 minutes, this

set shou d take 45 minutes. Expand the ~ times proportionately, or repeat the set


~ BEAUTY: Talking in and living in God, beauty.

God, my friend, is nothing but August 6, 1975

• • • • •














January 9, 1970

\ \


1. en back with toes pressed

forward, raise legs into shoulder

stand, supporting hips with hands

and kick buttocks with alternate

heels, with Breath of Fire. '!his

exercise balances sun and m:on

power, clears choked capillaries

in important areas, relaxes the

nervous system, and unites prana.

with apana.





2. In Easy Pose, inhale as needed

and exhale in quick bursts using

only the shoulders to drive the

air out. (Inhale naninally. )

This exercise produces heat with- .

in 15 bursts and burns away bac­

teria and germs, purifies the blood, washes out cholesterol. Practice this! 3. In Shoulder Stand aq-c:d.n, hold

the tx'sition for 1 minute, and

then kick buttocks as in #1, with

Breath of Fire for 1 rrore minute.

4. Relax for 5 minutes.

5. Meditate. a::MMENI'S: Many \¥OUld give their lives to keep their hair! Relaxation is the key to Gcx:iliness. Waht is not happening is because you are causing trouble. Trouble is caused by k.aJ:ma (25%), senskar* (25%), ego (25%) and friends ( 25% )

Get rid of your troubles and live as a relaxed person. * 5enskara, samskaras:. Patternings in the subconscious of old k.aJ:ma, that create hardships in the present.

BEAUTY: The greatest beauty and attrac­ tion in you is in your Vibration. December 20, 1974




FOR BEAUTV, It is important and very beneficial for every \OI'Ial1 to exercise daily. It is this oonscious act of working on ourselves that gives us beauty, radiance and grace. '!he following exercises should be done regularly to keep the spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy.

1. 5i t on heels in Rock Pose, palms on thighs or relax hands on ·lap, spine straight and relaxed, with long, deep breathing, meditating at the Brow Point for 2 minutes. 2. 5i t 00 right heel, left leg extended straight out and draw forehead to left knee (Life Nerve Stretch) with long, deep breathing, holding on to ankle of extended leg for 2-3 minutes. O1ange sides and repeat. Variation: extend both legs straight out in front and proceed as above for 2-3 minutes. 3. Kneel and arch the back, pressing pelVis foIWard, head dropping back, hands grasping heels (in Camel Pose) wi th long, deep breathing for 2-3 minutes. Adjusts the reproductive organs. 4. en back, raise legs and then torso

to 90 0 (fonninq a st..-ai.ght line fran

shoulders to toes) supporting the

back with the hands, weight on neck,

shoulders and e1.1x:IWs, chin pressed

into chest (in Shoulder 5tand), for

2-3 minutes" 5t:imu1ates the thyroid

gland and releases pressure on 11






Archer Pose. Stand fiJ:Tn1y wi th

right leg forward and supporting weight

of body, knee bent, and stretch left

leg straight out behind, planting

foot firmly. Right ann extends out

in front as if holding a bow, and

left anns is pulled back as if pulling

an arrow, eyes staring straight ahead.

(Feel stretch across the chest.) Hold

with long, deep breathing for 2-3 mins.


j j



en heels, bring forehead to floor,

arms relaxed at sides, palms up (in Baby Pose) and relax with long, deep breathing for 1-2 minutes.

7. en stanach, grasp ankles, and pull hands and feet up, raising thighs, head as high as possible (in Bow Pose), and hold with long, deep breathing for 2-3 minutes.

8. en stanach,· make fists and place them under hips just above leg joints. With heels together and chin on floor, deeply inhale, raise legs and hold with long, deep breathing for as long as possible, (in I.Dcust Pose). 9. en hands and knees, raise head, allowing spine to relax down, arms straight and parallel to thighs, and relax there with long, deep breathing (in Cow Pose) for 2-3 minutes. 10. en hands and knees as above, allow head to fall forward, chin to chest, and arch the spine up and hold with long, deep breathing (cat Pose) for 2-3 minutes. 11. en back, raise head, and hands 6" fran floor, heels together , eyes looking at toes, fingers pointing to them too, and hold with Breath of Fire (stretch Pose) for 3 minutes. 12. Relax on back, anns beside body, palms up (in Cbrpse Pose) for 1 minute.

End with 5 minutes of Sat Kriya (see page 77. (Times were unspecified and have been added by G.K.)


KRIVA FOR PELVIC BALANCE, ENERGV AND POTENCY To walk with grace and strength is to feel connected to the ~rld and ready

to act. Experiencing this is not;. only a matter of mind but also of physical balance. When the pelvis and muscles that shape its posture are out of balance, many systems of the body will begin to show signs of stress, exhaustion, limi ted endurance and low back pain. 'Ibis kriya is helpful for maintaining energy and balance, and, if apracticed regularly, it helps maintain potency. NOI'E: Be sure to warm up the spine, first, and beginners should proceed slowly and carefully. 1. Bridge Pose. Hands just behind hips, palms down, fingers pointing back bend knees placing feet before buttocks and inhale, raising torso and thighs so that they form a straight line, parallel to the floor, keeping elbows straight and allowing head to fall back. Apply Mulbhand and hold with normal breathing for 1-3 minutes. Inhale, exhale and relax. strengthens back and aids metabolism.

2. Wheel Pose: en back, bring soles of feet to buttocks, and hands behind shoulders, fingers pointing to feet, with the tips just under the shoulders. Inhale and raise torso, straightening arms, so that J::xxJy forms a continuous arch fran the heels to the palms of hands and hold with Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. strengthens lower back, stimulates energy flow through the spine and chakras and aids metabolism.



3. en the stanach, clasp hands in Venus ux:k behind the back, inhale and raise legs and arms as high as possible, keeping the knees together and straight, and eJ.bows straight. Hold with Breath of Fire for 1-3 min­ utes. Inhale, exhale, pull Mulbhand, hold, and relax down. Aids digestion, strengthens a1::xianinal muscles and raises kundalini energy. 4. Standing, with feet wide apart, and place palms together overhead, eJ.bows straight, inhale, exhale as you bend over and touch fingertips to left foot, inhale up, exhale down to right foot, and continue rhythmi­ ally with powerful breathing for 1­ 3 minutes. Relax. Balances pelvic ItDVement, corrdinating muscle groups on opposites sides of the body1 5. Kundalini wtus: Si tting , grasp big toes of each foot with thumb and first 2 fingers of corresponding hand, pressing the toenails, and riase legs up and apart to 60°, balancing on buttocks, with knees locked, and hold with Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. Inhale, pull Mulbhand, (or inhale, ex­ hale, pull Mulbhand) hold, and relax down. Helps channel sexual energy and maintains potency. 6• CJ:Jw Pose: en hands and knees, inhale, lifting the head up and raising the right leg as high as possible with a straight knee, and exhale, bringing chin to chest and knee to head, rePeat and continue rhythmically with powerful breathing for 1-3 minutes Inhale, exhale and repeat on the oppo­ site side for 1-3 minutes. Relax. Balances leg and abdan:inal muscles and helps maintain sexual potency. 7.

Deeply relax.








Precede this set with a 15 minute yoqa warmup (such as 2-3 minutes of Spinal Flex. Cobra. Bow. Shoulder Stand and Plow Pose.) 1. Lie on back with arms relaxed at

sides. heels together. Keepinq legs

straiqht and heels touchinq. raise leqs

to 45·. (The anqle must be right and

it wi 11 keep you Y9unq. I f the leqs

are too hiqh. it is just another exercise.

Don't let the neck qet tense. In Kunda­

lini yoga. you can be beautiful. renewed

and younq in 3 minutes - other yoga

takes years.) Hold for three minutes

with lonq deep breathinq.

2. Come into Frog Pose. squatting on

the balls of the feet with heels touchinq.

The arms come straiqht down between

the leqs with fingertips on the floor.

Let the head hang down and relax in

this position. (Don't bother with the

head and neck. just let it hanq. because

it has its own system of circulation.

l.Je need to renew and review ourselves.

The purpose of Kundal1n1 Yoga is to

renew the. body and qive you health.

consciousness and spirit. Hold for

3 minutes. 3. FRom Froq Pose. very slowly and rhythm-.

ically. try to raise the hips. keepinq

the neck relaxed and the head hanging


Come into the ·up· position of Frog

Pose. keepinq the finqertips on the

floor. Maintain this position with

lonq deep breathinq. KEEPING NECK AND

HEAD TOTALLY RELAXED. This is to renew

your semen and potency. Hold 2-3 minutes.

From this position. very. very slowly

lower yourself down and come sittinq

on the heels. head still bent forward.

neck relaxed. knees toqether. Begin

it very slowly raise the head up and let it very slowly fall back while simul­ taneously raisinq the arms (extended straight. palms facing down) to shoulder level. parallel to the floor. Eyes are focused at the 3rd eye point. wi th total concentratiot\. Let the head hang back. See how much concentration can give you energy. Hold for 2-3 minutes. 4.


Then slowly raise the head". lower the arms and relax corr.pletely in either Easy Pose or Corpse Po~e with pnlm~ 5.


10 minute rcl.:lxation.

~ =::::-~

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •I











BEAUTIFUL o::tober 1969

1. In Easy Pose with an erect spine,

breathe long and deep through both nostrils, focussing on the life~iving flow of the breath for 3 minutes • '!ben inhale, hold the breath a few seconds and relax it.


2. Frog Pose, squatting on balls of the feet, heels touching each other , hands on the ground between knees, spine and arms straight. Press chin in and d::7..In but not forward, placing it finnly in the cavity at the top

of the breastbone where collar bones

meet. '!ben inhale as you raise the

buttocks and straighten the legs (still on the toes), and exhale into original position, 10 times. en the 1Oth, stay dc7vm and take 3 deep breaths, exhaling canpletely on the 3rd and holding the breath cur as you apply Mulbhand and feel the energy rise along the spine, for 10-20 seconds, without straining. Repeat the exercise 26 times. 3. Life Nerve stretch. Sit with legs

straight out in front and relax forward

holding on to toes, for 3 minutes.

cn1MENl'S: '!be body is a temple of human expression and evolvement. We are often told by the media and friends that it wears out, has many illnessness and is extremely fragile. But that is not true. '!he body is sensitive and self-repairing. As Yogi Bhajan puts it:

"'!his beautiful body cannot be eaten by anything except your own ego. -God doesn It kill you. '!bere is no death except your own ego and your own negativity. '!hat reduces the voltage of your life force so your circumvent field becanes weak and death creaps into your body. '!his body is beautiful! It was made by a very special imagination of the Creator." VE are creators also, and have some ability to create the environments we want to live in. We create our bodies with each thought and activity, as well as with each meal. So we must clean the body and readjust the flow of energy periodically since we are all products of our habits, and since few of us are without ego. This kriya, which is a variation of the standard Frog Pose is very powerful. You must keep the chin locked in. It readjusts the sex energy and the balance of prana and apana. It is gcod for digestion and circulation to the head. If done with powerful breathing, it will make you quickly sweat.





1. HAMMER: Left hand in fist, right cupping it, raise straight arms to 60 0 on inhale, and lOW'er them to 60 0 fran there, on exhale, repeat and con­ tinue for 5 minutes.

2. Lying on back, legs spread far apart, hand in Venus Lock under neck, raise one leg 2 feet, with long, deep breathing for 1 minute. Switch legs and repeat. Repeat entire exercise.

3. Breathe naturally through the left nostril for 3 minutes. '!hen breath through the right nostril for 3 minutes '!hen, inhale· through left, exhale through right for 3 minutes. '!hen Inhale through the left, exhale thi:'ough the right with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.

4. Stretch Pose, head and feet raised 6 inches, hand pointing at feet, eyes on big toes, with Breath of Fire for 15 minutes.


5. Life Nerve Stretch. Bring left heel into perineum and bend over out­ stretched right leg, grasping right feet with hands, and inhaling up, exhaling down, touch nose to right knee for 1; minutes. Swi tch legs and repeat for 1; minutes.

6. Gas Pose, on back, legs clasped by aIIIl5 , of Fire for 2 minutes.









.......' ... -





7. en back, raise upper torso, stretch ing arms out parallel to floor and hold with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.


8. In Fasy Pose, lower chin collar bone notch, with long, breathing for 6 minutes •

into deep

.9 • en knees,. arch pelvis up into camel Pose, dropping head back, hands on heels for support and hold with normal breathing for 3 minutes. Rest a m::ment and repeat 3 rrore times.

1 o. Breath of Fire in Fasy Pose for 2 minutes. Relax for 1 minute and repeat.

11. In Fasy Pose, place hands in Venus Lock behind the neck, stretching the eJ.1:xJws. back as you inhale and collapse eJ.1:xJws forward as you exhale for 2­ 3 minutes •






1. Sitting on heels, stretch arms out to sides, palms up, and coordinate inhale with turning the head left, and raising the foreanns perpendicular to the upper arms, and exhaling as the head turns right and arms return to parallel to the ground. Cbntinue for 3 minutes. 20 A1 ternate minute.






...Ii., r,t. . ~




1 I

I' I




__ I .





3. Still on heels, stretch the arms straight out in front and drop head back, eyes on ceiling, and hold with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. 4. With hands in Venus Lock in back, press chin down into collar bone notch, as the arms are raised, back remaining straight, with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. 5. In Easy Pose, inhale as head turns

left, exhale right 26 times.


6. Legs stretched out in front, place

hands behind the hips, fingers pointing

back, torso inclined to 45°, head

dropped back, eyes on ceiling, and

hold with normal breathing for 5 min­

utes. To end, inhale deeply and

exhale ~th a sigh.

-...... --,#




In Cow Pose, raise head all the way up and back, fixing the open eyes on the ceiling with long, deep breath­ ing. 'lhi.nk of sanething that bothers you and ponder it deeply. This opens a section in the brain and allows a lot of subconscious stuff to ccme out. Continue for 7 minutes •

Relax in Baby Pose for 4-5 minutes, allowing bleed flow to relax the brain cells.









• • • • • • • • • •




1 • In Easy Pose, hands in Venus I.Dck behind neck, slowly, deeply inhale and exhale 8 times. '!hen, in same position, do Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand. Breath of Fir~ for one rrore minute. 2. A) Relax in Baby Pose, on ground, and chant




B) Reposition legs in lDtus Pose and place forehead on the ground in Yoga Mudra, hands clasped in Venus I.Dck on the back, and continue chanting



for 3 minutes. 3.


back, bicycle legs for 3 minutes

4. A) In O:::M Pose, look at ceiling

with long, deep breathing for 2 minutes

B) '!hen cat/Ct:1N, arching back

dropping head, alterna.ting with ~agging

back and arched head for 1 minute.

THROID/PARATHYROID 1. Sit on left heel, right leg out­ stretched in front, hold right toes with right hand and turn head to look over left shoulder, left hand cupped on neck or behind the back, and hold with Breath of Fire for 5-1 0 minutes. Switch sides and repeat. 2. In Easy Pose, raise both shoulders up to ears and hold with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes.



3. In Rock Pose, outstretched to sides, hands in Guyan Mudra, palms up, drop head back with Breath of Fire for 2-3 minutes.





November 13, 1973

For 'nlyroid & Parathyroid

1. Squat and extend left leg straight back, tops of toes on the ground in ~ Cobra, ~ Crow. (Right knee is raised.) Gazing at tip of nose, inhale


and exhale


I'll a.

minutes. 'nlen inhale, sit and relax. Your thighs will tell the story. It is an old Siamese initiation Kriya, taught by an Indian Ris~hi , Siama. Siam then OXlSisted of India, and Siam ('n1ailand) and was called Sianrlesh. 'nley found the secret of oothingness and everything. 11


2. I2gs stretched straight ahead, bend forward, grab toes, and arch head back, fixing eyes up without blinking. 'nlink of God for 11 minutes • '!he parathyroid must be stretchedno other way 1 You will feel sanething aboormal, but keep up. Entire electro­ charge of the body will change. 'nlis exercise can save you fran blindness, doing it honestly. Look up: there is a God sitting up there, hanging upside cDwn. A MUST preparation for serious mecli tation. 3. In Fasy or Lotus Pose, focus on

top of head and silently put

Ra. Ma. on brain for 5 minutes. 4. Aloud, chant

Ra. Ma. Sa. Sa.

Ra. Ma. Ta. Ta



Me Na. Na.



I'll a

for 11 minutes • Enj oy the heritage of knowledge. Learn

to subject yourself to an infinite

object so there will be 00 objection.



• •I •I












1a. Stand with feet together, and clap hands overhead 8 times, with powerful

breathing (or chant "Har" with tip of tongue) with each clap. '0'.


Bend over and pat the gromld hard

with both hands, 8 times, with breath or "Har" chanted. Knees may bend. 1c. Arms straight out to sides, paral­

lel to gromld, raise and lower them

1 inch (patting the air) 8 times,

chanting "Har" or powerfully breathing.

2. Crisscross arms and legs, chanting

"Har" with each IIc"ement, 8 times

for a total 8 cx:mnts. (Or run in place

punching air.) 3. Archer Pose with right leg forWard

and bent so knee is over toes, left

leg straight back, foot flat on ground.

Right arm is raised parallel to ground,

and left arms is bent back as if pull­

ing a bow and arrt:M. Feel tension

across the chest and look over the

right arm to fix eyes on horizon,

extending the stretc:h 8 times.

-.,...... ...

4. Repeat exercise #2.

"'("'~"".'t.- ...

5. Arms straight up overhead, backwards 8 times.



"~ ~",..'" ""<




6. Repeat exercise #2. 7. Arms overhead, bend to and right 8 times, each.



8. Repeat exercise #2. Repeat the cycle as long as you like

or for 15-31 minutes. Powerful breath­

ing or chanting I~" accanpanies

each movement. .


. . --==­



.­ -=:=t--=­ g.


'Ib end,

relax on the back with arms

wrapped around bent legs.

a::MMENl'S: 15 or 20 minutes a day prevents aging and stimulates the 12 glands, building stamina and exercising the whole body. Try it on a mini-trampoline.





~OTE: The basis of each lesson is one exercise which is done for 5 min­ utes, with 5 minutes of rest, and then the exercise is repeated for a total of 4 times. Harmonic exercises ....ill be inserted to compliment the basic exercise. The Camel Ride and the Hip S....ivel (on back) may be done to close any session. and finally. a 10 minute relaxation. part by part.

The emphasis in weight control is to break down the inner layer of fat through pressure applied in the exercise. thus reducing weight. A thin person is benefited too. because of the increased circulation in the inner tissues. which strengthens them, as only the fat tissue is broken down while healthy tissue becomes stronger. Diet is an essential component. for you cannot get a valid result with­ out fulfilling all conditions. 1. D!AGONAL STRETCH


(for whole body)


This can be done in bed. Lie on back. Relax. Like a slow motion movie. tune into the cosmos. feeling calm. peaceful and graceful. Curl to the right•. keeping legs straight. and put the right h~~d under the head. stretching the left one back. behind the head. slowly. slowly. slowly. Keep the left arms stretched back. and slowly stretch the left leg over and fon.:ard (like straight legc;ed Cat Stretch) in a diagonal stretch. You will never have a heart attack: Hold position for 5 minutes and switch sides and repeat. This gives . uterus and breath and whole body.

maximum stretch to the spine and puts pressure under the on the navel point. After 5 minutes, take a long, deep uncurl slowly, and relax on back for 5 minutes. Relax the part by part. Repeat sequence up to 4 times in an hour. 2. HASTP.!l.DASAN (for waistline & legs)

-=::::: :=;;d :::P





/;"I~ )









A. Lie on back, hands at sides. ~Tists on floor and raise alternate legs slo~ly 12" above floor, 10 times each leg. B. Then lift both legs. heels together,

6"above the ground and hold for 1 minute.

C. Wrists still on floor. raise head and heels 1~ feet above floor (similar to Stretch Pose but at greater height), and hold up to 3 minutes. D. Relax, 5 minutes. E. Sit u? with legs stretched straight in front of you. Bend nose to knees, and catch ankles. Hold for 2 minutes. Relax. f. Repeat A, B, C, 0, & E.

G. Sit up in Easi' Pose, close right noscril

~i th rig~,: th',;r.:l~ anc. breathe deeply throug~

lefc nostri 1 fo:- 3 r::inutes with lor-g. deep

b:-ea':hing. H. Relax completelY for 10 r::inutes.

•I • •




& thighs)

(For back --_ .. .... , /' ~"'- 8. Rest for 5 minutes. ... ... C. Standir.g. legs 18" apart. arms parallel r~. :~. to the c;:,ound at shoulder leveL tl.:ist to f ;: ... the left. bringing arms together at left. ! /\ " and bend dOIoo-n and touch left foot. Straighten ........•. up with arms outstretched. twist t.o right. ij bringing arms together at right. and touch il .~. right foot. Continue, alternating sides .;.' \;~~ for 5 minutes. .~=_ D. Res t for 5 mi nu tes . ·_·-··tl'.......·.;.···· -.~~..

E. Standing, legs 18"' apart. arms outstretch\! ~ ed and parallel to the ground, twist left /' ''. and bend dcwn. touching right foot wi th left " ',;' \ hand. right arm pointing straight up. and I l\ \ without straighteninq up. twist and bend : / ... \. to the right. touching.· left foot wi th right ,"Y/ V... hand (left arm straight up). in windmill':: \ ~

or Glider position. Continue for 5 minutes.;/ \~

F. Rest for 5 minutes ~J'~ G. Repeat A. B~ C. D. E. , F. H. Relax on back 10 minutes. ~c 0

.._._;.\.._.__ .

-=:::: 41

5. CROY POSE (For unde:,stomach region) Crow pose (crouching with feet flat on 9T'ound. 'arms stretched in front) and slo\olly rise to a standing position, and return to Crow Pose. Continue up and down, inhaling as you rise, exhaling as you descend. (Can be done with partners. or in a group circle. holding wrists - opposite IooTists for partners). Crow Pose is very good for the rectUJII and helps . prevent hemorrhoids. This crouching posi tion is the most heal thy ....ay to evacuate. Crow Pose strengthens those muscles.


. ...1 -',.' \'~~: ,. ".


:., :·1 \



.:::: . --.?

5. ~~GtE RowING (:or Pelv1c Re910n Sit u~, le9s stretched o~t in front. Send fon:ard and l;ra~ toes. Release toes. lean. ~ack 60·, kee~1n9 erms et s1des. e1~0~s s11q~­ ly ~ent as if rowin,; a ~oat. Continue t~1s ~ay fo~ 5 minutes. Relax 5 minutes and repeat.


(For Navel Re9ion)

A. Ly1n9 on back. ra1se one le9 90· and

keep it there. Then lift the other, 6" off

the qround and hold there for up to 1 m1nute.

maximum. !\ext. 100:1 th one le9 up at 90·. hold

the other 9" up fer as 10n9 as possible.

up to 1 minute. Then. one le9 at 90·, hold

the other t 12" off the 9round.

B. Rest 5 minutes. C. Repeat swi tchinq


D. Lyin9 on back. br1n9 one knee to chest

and then stretch it out parallel to the qround

while brinqin9 the other knee to the chest.

Al ternate .....i th a push-pull mot10n. Knees must touch chest. ~se the arms. if necessary. to pull knee to chest. Continue for 3 minutes E. Rest S m1nutes and repeat sequence.





B. PAW~N MUKHT ASANA (For d1l;estive system tuninq and wind relievi~9, ~ stomac~ to rectum) ~re11minary: Lie flat on back with le;s stretched ou~ stra1ght. Send left le9 and catch the knee ~ith both hands end press 1t to chest for 5-10 seconds. Release and stretc~ 1t out and r.epeat '•.: i th riqht Jthes and cools the spine near the 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae, which, in turn, regulates the sexual and digestive energy. 'Ibis breath is often used for lking into each other IS eyes, lift up your left leg, without touching it to the right leg, and balance in this IXlsition. yourself becc.rne Qxl ( Shiva) or GJddess (Shakti). Allow your souls to dance. Hold for 3 minutes, chQIlging legs if nec.essary. (Originally a 31 minute exercise.)



Sit facing partner, soles of feet against partner I s soles, hands clasped, and raise legs between anns to 60°. Gaze in­ to partner I S eyes, proj ecting love and divine light. see yourself in your partner IS eyes. Lift his vibrations. Realize that the two of you are one. Hold p:>se with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. Then inhale, exhale and relax down. (can also be done with normal or long, deep breathing. )


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •




In Easy Pose, extend arms out

in front at shoulder level, touching palms with your partner. Close the eyes and concentrate on the arms, feeling one life current going through you both. Hold the position for 30 sec­ onds. '!ben deeply inhale and exhale 4 times.


'!ben place your own palms together at the chin and meditate on your own personal­ i ty , chann and beauty. '!be fact is that you are living because God needs you to ful­ fill his purpose; you are a divine being. Meditate on this thought for 2"; minutes, then inhale, exhale and relax.

HOUSEHOLDERS: Whatever you earn, whatever you exist for, your desire is to have a happy home. A householder is king on this earth. We are supposed to live for each other, support each other. June 23, 1 972




Sit in Rock Pose close enough to your partner so that palms touch each other with arms straight out at shoulder level. Ia::>k into each other's eyes without blinking, sending prana (life force) through the hands and eyes. Continue for 2 minutes (originally 10). '!hen close your eyes and vis­ ualize your partner for 1 minute.



Sit on heels with knees touch­ ing partners knees, fingertips touching partner's fingertips. Raise arms up to 60, maintain­ ing fingertip contact, with eyes fixed in partner's and proj ect divine love, holding the position for 2-3 minutes. '!hen inhale, hold the breath in for 10 seconds, and exhale, holding the breath out for 10 seconds. Relax.











Pose with knees partner's

knees. Clasp partners hands in Venus

I.Dck at shoulder level, inhale

pulling Mulbhand and very slowly raise hands overhead,

eyes gazing into partner's

eyes. '!ben slowly exhale and return hands to original position, relaxing the Mul­ bhand. Repeat and continue for 3 minutes.

Sit in Rock touching



TR I .n...NGLE

Anger o r E n d i n g

an Arg--ument

Standing back to back and 2 feet away fran your partner, with feet about hip width apart, roth ~ over touching palms to floor, shoulder width apart and aJ::out 2 feet in front of feet. '!ben assume Triangle Pose by meeting partners heels with your own, straightening out torso and legs to form a straight line in each direction fran the buttocks. Gaze into each other's eyes and hold position for 3 minutes. Ends disputes and estab­ lishes partners as one unit.




Sit facing your partner in Fasy Pose, knees touching knees, eyes looking into eyes. Place palms against part­ ners palms and chant the Maha Shakti Mantra, (or the Guru Gai tri MantraJ or the Panj Shabd, pushing alternate palms on each \IIOrd. Wcmen begin the first \110m, and men chant the second, as palms are alternately pushed to shoulders on each \110m. Continue for 3 minutes.

Gobinday Mukunday


U,::1a r a . y




Hary· ing



ing Nir-narnay Akarnay



(Wcmen) (Men)

~sc ==c:-Ci id J ~




Or, you can chant, SaT a N a. M a, wanen chanting "sa", push­ ing palms to left shoulders, men chanting "Ta", pushing palms to right shoulders, ~ chanting "Na", palms to left shoulders, and men chanting

"Ma", etc.

• • • • • • •






with the beginning procedure on page 96. '!hen, si t back to back with your partner, aligninq spines and hips. Inhale, exhale and row cbwn as your partner relaxes back on your back. Inhale, and re~ax back as your partner bows down. '!he vertebrae should relate to each other like the teeth of a ,.neel. COntinue for 3 minutes. 'ntis was originally given as a 30 minute kriya, but at pres­ ent a three minute time limit must be abided by. 'Ibis kriya establishes a

j oint rhythm and psych carmun­

ication between partners,

and loosens up the back.

The canplete collection of 34 Venus Kriyas is published in A Marriage Manual, Volume 1, canpiled by S. S. Vikram Kaur Darshan Kaur Khalsa, which also cxmtains Yogi Bhajan' s and to, men, on love, relationships and ccmnunication. be obtained by writing to:

RELAX & REJOICE: Iinting back. Left leg is bent flat on the ground, with left toes against achilles tendon of right foot, with left hand on the ground behind hips. Relax. Inhale deeply and chant long

Maaaaa..a.,aa.aa.a.a.a.a. for 16 minutes minutes) .




CCl-1MENI'S: Siri Singh sahib spent 3 rronths

chasing a yogi in the Himalayas and then

2 days in Baby Pose outside his hcxne to

get this meditation!!!




ECSTACY Sit in Easy Pose, hands in Q.lyan Mudra, elbows straight, eyes closed, straight as a king. Olant \t-] a. h


G u. :r:-u.

for 11 minutes. Inhale, hold 30 sec­ onds focussing on Crown Olakra, exhale and relax. CXlo1MENI'S: Ecstasy exists within at all times, independent of the whims of circumstance and personality • It is the Infinite Pool to refresh the heart, giving strength to creating a better self and ~rld. '!his meditat­ ion leads to that experience. 'l11e rrantra is a triple sound • In stage one, the mind enjoys the rhythm, but daily thoughts continue to enter, and you don I t wish to put all your energy into ecstasy. In stage 2 the self conscious mind will let you feel yourself, and the usual, disturbing thoughts slip away. In stage 3, you want to get rid of self-consciousness and unconsciously iJrmerse yourself in ecstasy.

So calm, so sleepy, like the merging of a raindrop into a vast, calm, beaut­

iful lake.

You reflect all, cleanse all.

If you can cross all, you can

know the extE.nt of living in yourself, with balanced consciousness playing

with the Infinite.

---­ 130




october 20, 1975 Sit straight in an easy pose. Make fists of both hands at heart level, the left palm facing up and the right down. Extending the Mercury finger of the left hand and hook it under and around the thumb of the right hand, pulling to create slight tension. Close the eyes and focus at the brow point. Inhale deeply and chant the ''bij'' mantra

Aims. in rronotone for 11 minutes. With practice, extend the time to 31 minutes. (Pronounced Ah ee mah)

ntinu­ ous rhythm of the mantra, keeping the eyes 1/1 0 open, and chant in a rronotone


• .- . C ..1--'


-~ \ - -. 1


Kunda.l i n i . ,

in a continuous, unbroken rhythm at a fast clip, with strong emphasis on the first syllable. Olant only with the lips and not with the lIDUth. Proper pronunciation is vi tally imPortant to experience the effects of the mantra in this meditation. E:rning. Adjusts and stimulates hips and keeps you

youthful. (JOY)







is part of a set to be done to the tape of "Jaap sahib" - a 10 count rhythm). In Triangle Pose (or Adho Mukta Svanasana tog Pose) , wi th

weight on balls of the feet and palms, buttucks up, head hanging, arms and legs straight, bend arms and bring forehead to the ground, then return to Triangle Pose. Repeat and continue, down on 1, up on 2, down on 3, up on 4~ down on 5, up on 6, down on 7, up on 8,.9 and 10, one second for each o;:Jlmt, for 15 minutes. '!his exercise is called saram Parnaam. (JOY)



a:MPLEXICN: Lion Pose. In Pose, fingers on floor before knees, raise buttocks, arching back and neck, open eyes as wide as ~ssible and extending tongue as far as ~ssible tensing every muscle of the body and hold with breath for as long as ~s­ sible. Relax and repeat twice rrore.



FOR 'IRE MAGNEl'IC FIELD: Sit on heels

arms extended straight out in

front, palms up and open. Inhale,

exhale and close hands into a fist,

squeezing hard while applying Mulbhand.

Repeat and continue - time unspecified.

wi th

(NCJl.'ES )



on the left leg, bend forward grasping knee with hands for balance, and extend and stretch the right leg straight out and back, parallel to the ground making a straight line fran head to right foot,· and hold· for minutes. '!hen changes legs and repeat. '!his is the best thing for the. spine, and takes away old age, wrinkles, all mental, physical and spiritual deter­ ... iotations. (RELAX)


YCX.JNG: In Easy or Lotus interlace fingers overhead in . Venus Lock, ~ fingers extended, '. and inhale stretching up, then exhale, stretching to bring forehead down to the left knee, buttocks remaining on the ground. Repeat, to alternate knees ·at a ll'Oderate pace for 3 minutes. '!his releases anger and keeps you young, and wxks al the liver too. {JO'i KEEPS Pose,









or Diaphragm IDck is applied by lifting the diaphragm up on the exhaled breath, creating a cavi ty in the abdanin, by pulling the upper abdcminal Iriuscles back toward the spine. It is a powerful lock. allawing prana up the central nerve channel into the neck and stimulating the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis in the brain. In Laya Yoga, the rhyth­ mic application of this lock is. crucial to attaining the highest effects of chanting. ( SAnA)



..-; -: --.iJ.,it.t....... " " IE -;, . . ",


.~•..;. REnJCE THE WAIST: Side to side swings fran the waist. standing, feet together, swing left ann overhead as right passes behind back and l:x:ldy bends to the right, then swing left, reversing arms. Do not "pike" or bend back or forward - keep the l:x:ldy in a flat plane. Continue 1-2 minutes.




ro SLIM WAIST: 'IWistinq back and forth with anns swinging ahead for m:mentum. Keep the hips in place (either bend the knees slightly,: or.lock hips with buttocks muscles). Also· ajusts back, stimulates liver. (MID- variation) e

FOR :ElJSTLINE: Balanced s­

sible. (NOl'ES)

",i~ ,.~

,..... '.

.• :~:..~.:: ~.. ~..,.....I~:' ~.. . .' ~ ','




rTt"1ros t


'l'O STIMULATE THYROID: en back, clasp knees to chest and slOW'ly bring your

nose to your knees, then lower it back d:::Iwn, taking 4 seconds to raise it and 4 seconds to 10'Ner it. Continue· for 3 minutes.

THYROID: Raise legs and lower torso in wide leg shoulderstand,. sup-.

ported by the arms, with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. 'Ihe-n relax on . the back for 3 minute$. (SADA) FOR

'IHYROID~ Lying on back, place left foot on right thigh, holding the big toe with right hand, and arch the buttocks up. Hold with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes, applying pres­ sure to the neck.. (NOl'ES)


NECK, THYROID & MEMORY GLAND: With hands in Venus Lock, palms down, 4 inches above head, (Shakti Pose), inhale and move anns back as head IOC>ves fonward, exhale and IOC>ve arms forward as head goes back. (NOI'ES) FOR THYROID:

In Rock Pose, lean back 60° angle, supported by hands be..~ind the hips, and arch the neck, looking at the ceiling. (NarES) at




In Easy Pose, interlock hands

in Venus lock behind the neck, and keeping the neck straight, twist -power­ fully frcm left to right, chanting "HARI






with the tip· of the tongue hitting upper palate, one repetition every 2-3 seconds, coordinating the rrovement with the mantra for 4 minutes. (JOY)


, I

• • • • • • • • •III ..



THYROID & PA.'qA'IHYROID: Whistle Breath. Pucker the lips and inhale making a high-pitched whistle, and exhale through the nose. Or, reverse and inhale through the nose, exhaling with a whistle. Activates the 'Ihyroid and Parathyroid (and firms the cheek muscles) • (See page 1 30 - SAnA)

" q"

. .'),


STIMUIATES 'IHYROID AND PARATHYROID SE:C:RE1'ICNS: Jalandhara Bhanda or Neck IJ::x:k is the contraction back of the neck and throat so that the chin rests in the notch between the collar bones without tilting the head, straightening the thoracic vertibrae, allowing prana to· flow freely to the brain. 'Ihi.s prevents problems of blocked energy, and the pressure on the thyroid and parathyroid caUSes them to secrete and activate the higher functions of the pituitary. Neck IDck should be applied' in all meditations unless otherwise specified.




. ,,

to' T'





\. \ \.

" I



\. \. \



FOR NEX:K & THYROID: stand, feet hip width apart, hands in Prayer Mudra

at heart. Inhale and extend aJ:rnS

up and out to 60 0 , head dropped back,

and exhale back into Prayer MudIa for 2-3 minutes. (NOI'ES)

& THYROID: seated, stretch anns up into sat Kriya Position, palms together cwerhead, and as you exhale, bring the heatt forward, chin to chest, then, inhaling, arch the neck back, slowly and srooothly for 2 mins. (NOI'ES)








Sitting in Easy Pose, extend arms straight out in front, make fists of the hands, thumbs tucked inside and alternately raise and lower arms forcefully, corrdinating the rrovement with p:7Werful breathing for 8 minutes. (JOY)


He a.d.

Cen t:.e-rs

PINEAL & PI'IUITARY: In back platform, place one foot on the other thigh (in Lotus Pose position) and hold with Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.


FUR· PI'IUITARY, PARATHYROID AND REPROD­ SYSTEM: In celibate Pose, sitting between heels, buttocks on the ground, interlace fingers in Venus IJ::x:k behind the neck, and bow down, touching only the chin to the ground in a 10 count rhythm:r::own on 1, up at 2, down at 3, up on 4, down on 5, up at 6, down on 7, up at 8, 9 & 10. Continue for 15 minutes. 'Ibis exercise in this posture is known as Bhuiar Bhujang Asan. It relieves problems of the reprcxiuctiva area and the pitu­ itary gland and when the chin touches the ground, the parathyroid gland is stimulated. 'Ibis is a practice guaranteed to change the total sum of ateself. {JOy) UCI'IVE


, " \





and forehead, hands in Venus I£>ck

on the back, feet and forelegs raised

off the ground and meditate at the

Brow Point for 3 minutes. 'Iben extend

left leg straight back and up to 60 0 ,

and with Breath of Fire, kick the

buttocks for 2 minutes. Swi tch legs

and- . repeat for 2 minutes. nus is

Adha Shakti O1alnee Kriya. (MID)




• • •

• • • • • •




• --



PINEAL GLANDS: Close right nostril

with right thtmlb and breathe long

and deeply through the left nostril for

1-2 minutes. RePeat, closing left nos­

tril with right index finger (and long,

deep breathing through through right

nostril) for 1-2 minutes. '!hen, using the same thtmlb and index finger, inhale through the right and exhale through the left for 1-2 minutes. Reverse, inhaling through left, exhaling through

right nostril, with Breath of Fire

for 1-2 minutes. Now, reverse hands

and continue Breath of 'Fire, inhaling through left, exhaling through right. Finally, deeply inhale through both nostrils, hold briefly, exhale and relax. Coordinates hemispheres of the brain. (KEEP)

STIMULATES PI'IUITARY: Sitting, place left foot on right thigh and bend over outstretched right leg, grasping the big toe with both thumbs and index fingers to press the toenail and pull back the big toe. Keep the chin tucked in and the spine straight with Breath of Fire for 1-2 minutes. Inhale, exhale, change legs and repeat. Bal­ ances the aura and oPenS the lungs.






AND PITUITARY: Lying on back, raise the

head only, 12 inches, stretching arms

forward and focussing at the 3rd eye,

with Breath of Fire for 1-3 mins. (KEEP)

• 100


FCXDS IIDXl-1MENDED BY YOOI l3HAJ'AN (Recipes for these may be obtained fran '!he Golden Temple COOkbcx:::>k, or The Ancient Art of self Nutrition.) Ter, a cucumber-like vegetable, very cleansing, CXlOling and beauti­ ful for the sexual nervous system. (MAN 'ID MAN, XII) ** saffron keeps you young and alive. Gold I.ea.f,{to be taken only with figs, Papaya, apple or carrots) for a long and healthy life. Banyan Milk, regulates the ejacula­ tion, taken in spring or fall. It also regulates the prOOuctivity and thickneSs·· of semen, prevents it fran being disCharged during urination, prevents premature ejacu­ lation-and a lot more. Dianond D.Jst will make a. dead man alive, taken in any season except stmmer. Before age 3S, take it for· 20-40 days, and after, take it daily 'w"ith a tsp. of honey, followed by a glass of miL~. Shala-iit, (the milk of the stone) is good for the lower back, the spine and sexual weakness. •~.. Fruits (all fruits that begin wi th the letter "p") are good for plums, peaches, your creativity pineapple, etc. Banana is also a "p" fruit. Pistach:b Nuts should be eaten each day, unsalted, uncooked and unpeeled - one handful. Trimty Root (can be obtained from the Khalsa Clinic), should be taken 4 times per year, 30 caps a day for 3 days, 10@ at breakfast, lunch and dinner with warm milk.

TRINITY RCOl'S '!he Trident of Life Garlic cures all kinds of sickness when eaten freshly peeled norning, noon and night with lots of water. It also increases semen production, purifies the blood and acts as an antibiotic. M::>reover, it neutral izes bacteria in the colon and creates sexual energy •. Ginger nourishes the nerves, cor­ rects spinal difficulties and part­ icularly good for menstrual cramps and fatigue. Onions, the 3rd part of the trinity, has the same properties as garlic. For sexual potency, asafoetida is a costly food fran India (at $100. alb. ) 'nlere is a type available in the u.s. (costing $8. a lb.) which is mixed with rice and other things. It is sauteed in ghee and added to food and though it has a very 'fX'WeI"ful odor, it is very healthy, gcx:xi for mental balance and sexual potency. To build semen, resistance to stress

and for weight, use ghee (clarified butter) nore than any other oil, and you will not have a sexual problem • For semen in the urine drink Banyan Tree Milk. (can be obtained from the Khalsa Clinic, 711 E. 37th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97405) To cure any sexual or nervous disa­ bility, blend 1 cup of homemade yoburt with 10-1 S figs and live on that for 1-2 weeks. "There is no better food on the planet than the fig!" - Y.B. (MAN 2 MAN, XII)

Black Beans are good for the repro­ ductive organs and increase female seI"..:3itivity .



For leukorrhea, Betel Nuts, crushed and mixed with other things or chewed raw are good. After intercourse drink a glass of hot milk with a spoonful of sesame oil to. keep you going.


Gota Kola is good as a tea for longevity and rejuvenation, and it prcmotes meditation. (called "Brahmi" in the Aymvedic tradition)

Deer Antler (Lu Rong) is considered

relieve roming sickness and relax the cervix during childbirth,. drink Red Rasberry ~f Tea.

men and wanen in Olinese medicine. *

a woman's sexual energy,

eat pers nmons. (SELFNUT)

Ginseng is a Olinese root, famous for its sti.mulating and rejuvenating properties. *


To enhance

'l1le sexiest food is eggplant and

it is the rost p::iwerful vegetable

for wanen.

Yogi Tea daily. for recipe)

(see Relax & Renew


For rej uvenation of the entire system, fill a jar with ~_~~~tal§ that have not been touched by hands, p::lUT .boney over them, and let 'it sit for 1 year. '!hen eat the honey. For red or sore eyes, place grated raw potatoes betweoJl 1:1NO slices of gauze and apply to the eyes while resting. Replace dried out p::ltatoes with fresh ones • Relax.






Dong QJai. is lns, black pepper to taste (optional) , and peppermint leaves. Bring to a boil, then sirrmer for 4­ 5hours, extracting the essence fran the cumin seeds. Strain and serve or store. It can be taken hot or cold, but is normally drunk cold. 2-3 glasses a day will clls­ solve any fatty tissue in the b:dy and prevent rrore fat de~sits. It improves the beauty of the skin and helps retain a youthful appearance. It has also been called the "colon's buddy" because it cleanses all of .the muccous fran the intestines and is a good source of Vitamin c. (NOl'E: Save the cumin seed mixture

and add fresh ingredients when

you make a new batch. '!he tea can

be stored for up to a week in the

refrigerator. (MAN ro MAN III)


VOL 3.)


Eoil wheat berries in water until soft or, better, .just soak them for 4-5· days. '!hen grind them and strain out the li.quid which is wheat milk. '!his is good for the lower back. Fran wheat milk, eva~rate off the water and what is left is wheat milk. por...Uer. Fry it in ghee, adding pistachio nuts and raisins if desir­ ed, and make it into a ball. When it dries you can add brown sugar to taste. Take one prasad ball early in the rrorning with hot milk for feeldidng sexy when you are feeling older and colder. Nakasta is a very old v;ord. It is very good for those over 54. Never eat rrore than one per day. '!he best thing is to soak. it overnight in milk and eat it early in the rrorning. 'Then go for a long walk or exercise~*

Boil 4-5 slices of fresh ginger root in 3 cups of water, with card­ anon for extra flavor and drink with honey to taste. (SEL..~)

To milk add 2 large or 3 medium balanas, 2 freshly ground nutmegs, 1 apple, sane honey and blend. (this can be taken as a hot drink.) To make ice cream, ~ered cinnamon must be added before it is frozen. This recipe will keep a normal person young for a long time! (NOI'E Freshly ground nutmeg myst be used - nutmeg with banana is a tonic when used in this way. Almond milk may be substituted· for cow's milk. **




Kundalini yoga is an ancient art and science dealing with" the alteration and expansicn of consciousness, the awakening and raising of KtJNDALINI ENERGY up the spine through energy centers called CHAKRAS, activati."'lg them. 'Ibis is" accx:mplished by the mixing and uni ting of FRANA (Cosmic Energy) with APANA (eliminating energy) which generates pressure to force Kundalini to rise, by means of PRANA­ YAMA (breathing" _exercises) , BHANDAS (body locks) in KRIYAS" (exercise sets) using ASANAS (postures), KJDRAS (ges­ "tures), and MANTRAS (chanted \oIOrds). Kunda.lini yo;a sets and meditations also. use visualization, Proj ection and focussed attention to attain "speci­ fic effects. 'Ibis knowledge has been a ; guarded secret, handed down fran Guru to selected students for centuries but" thanks" to Yogi Bhajan, it is now offered to the public. 'nlrough the practice of Kundalini yoga an individual can unite his cons­ ciousness with Cosmic COnsciousness on a regular basis by carefully per­ forming the exercises and meditations in SPeCific sequence and canbination. A student soon becanes adept at per­ ceiving the ItOVement of energy wi t.nn and outside of his body, and conscious­



ly bether, and to primal . protective, generating energy. O1ant­ ing it eliminates fears and fulfills desires. Adi Shakti means the,\ Primal Power:' sarab Shakti means"AlI Power;' and Prithum Bhagawati means IIwhich creates through Q:xl. 1I AKAL, MARA KAL means IIUndying, Great death ll is a powerful life-giving chant removing fear and relaxing the mind.

AP SAHAEE HOA SACHE DA SACHE DROA, BAR, HAR, HAR means liThe Lord Himseit has beccrne our protector, the Truest of True has taken care of us, Gcx1, God, G::XlI I , or "The Lord HImself is my refuge, true is the support of the True Lord ll • Olanted for prosperity





--.------_ .. _--------­

ARDAS BAYE, AMAR DAS GURU, ARDAS BAYE, RAM DAS GURU, RAM DAS GURU, SUCHE SAHE guarantees by the grace of GurU Arnar Das, who is hope for the hopeless, and Guru Ram Das, who is King of the Yogis and Bestower of Blessings, past, present and future, that the prayer will be answered, and that all one I s needs are provided for, signed, sealed and delivered! DHARTI HAl, AIsition, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers and hands, we can talk to the body and mind as each

area of the hand reflexes to a certain part of the mind or body. sane eatm:>n­ ly used mudras are: (In each mudra, exert enough pressure to feel the flO'W of energy through the "nadis" (psychic channels) up the arms but not eno~h to whi ten fingertips. )

GUYAN MUDRA: '!he tip of the thumb touches the tip of the index finger, stimulating knO'Wledge and ability. '!he index finger is symbolized -by Jupiter, and the __ thumb rep~ese,nt~ the ego. Guyan Mudra imparts receptivity & calm. ACl'IVE G:JYAN MUDRA: 'nle firs~ joint of the index finger is bent under the first joing of the thumb, imparting active knowledge~ SHUNI MUDRA: Tip of middle finger (sym­ olized by saturn) touches the tip pf the ~umb, giving patience. SURYA or RAVI MUDRA: Tip of the ring finger (symbolized by uranus or the SUn) touches the tip of the thumb, giving energy, health and intuition. BUDDHI

MUDRA: Tip of little finger touches tip of thumb for clear and intiuitive carmmication. (Mercury)

VENUS LCCK: Interlace fingers with left little finger on the bottan, with the right index finger on top for men and the left for \oOtleIl. '!he Venus mounds at the base of the thumbs are pressed together channeling sensuality and sex­ uality , and glandular balance, helping to focus and concentrate. PRAYER MUDRA: Palms are pressed togeth­ "er, neutralizing and balancing yin & yang, for centering. BEAR GRIP: Left palm faces out fran body with thumb down, and right palm faces kody, thumb up, and fingers are curled and hooked together to stimulate the heart and intensify concentration. BUDDHA MUDRA: Right hand rests on left for men, left on right for ...anen, palms up, thlmlbs tips touching each other in a receptive gesture.


-. -...






'!he medi tatioos and yoga exercises in this manual present an opportunity to acquire the mental, ~ysical and spiritual capacity to enjoy life to the fullest. Instead of becarming stressed fran the intensifying energy and rapid changes occuring on the planet today, we will be able to "get high" fran the transition to the New Age. Practiced, these tech­ niques will "tune us in". Kundalini Yoga is a powerful scientific tech­ nology, developed over thousands of years, to access higher light energy and produce a conscious rrcde of. living, implementing creativity and productivity fast! We can expect the following results. SOLVING: We can •t always avoid problems, but we can ".be acre effective in handling them. By chang_ ing .perspect.ives, being less E!tOtional arid uninVolVed, W'e can raise our consciousness to attract or provide solutions, thereby rising to a posi­ tion of 'fX)Wer,. able to effect change rather than helplessly stand by play­ ing the victem.



3. Life is a miracle, a series of synchronistic .events unfolding at the right time and place, in a cons­ tant flOW'. As we raise our vibration­ al frequency, we nove into miraculous living. OPPORUNITIES




'!he ability to manifest our deepest desires reveals itself, and we can perceive and draw opp::>rtunities to us. We no longer have to go out and manipulate or fight for what we want. As we gain more control lives, we have less need to exercise control, because we are in the process of discovering and accepting life as it unfolds, and W'e feel rore secure and trusting.

.a:NTROL: over our

A'I'lTroDES: As we transcend the mind •s duality, new attitudes aOOut life, ourselves and others appear like acceptance, trust, grati­ tude and non-attachment, and we live with fewer expectations or judgements.


Greater mental clarity focus is achieved, and it is easier to act consistently, to finish tasks, be truthful, fair and honest. 0iARACI'ER:

Yoga and meditation power_ fully cleanses us of ~ysical, mental and em::>tional obstructions, \lolOrn­ out attitudes and beliefs, leaving us space to acquire beneficial and useful new ones, and opening us to access higher knowledge and our own inner selves. C'LFANSING:

BEITER WAY OF LIVING: three levels of being ­


'!here are

1. Life is a series of problems to

be solved, .and the best we can hope

for is to find solutions, or that the

problem will just go away.


HEALING: C>..1r healing powers manifest· and our presence, touch, \lolOrds or

smile heals. '!he iIrmune system is streng­ thened and we enjoy vibrant health ~ abundant energy . HEALTH:

PRESENCE: With the developnent of the electro-magnetic field (aura), not only . is our health improved, but we beccme more poised. and effect­ ive human beings.

2. Life is a series of OPPOrtunities, and problems can be turned into oppor­ tunities for lessons and growth.

PURE KNI.DEN TEMPLE REOJRDINGS, Robertson, Los Angeles, calif. 90035





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