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SEX GOD SECRETS By Lorenzo Martini

How to Kill Your Women with Pleasure And Make Her

Orgasm Like A Goddess

SEX GOD SECRETS Proudly brought to you by…

LORENZO MARTINI Email: [email protected]

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TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION .................................... 6 ABOUT THE AUTHOR – LORENZO MARTINI ............ 7 THE SEXUAL ANATOMY OF WOMAN ................... 8 • • •

External View: The Vulva ......................... 8 The Vocabulary of the Vulva ...................... 9 Female Internal Sexual Anatomy ................... 11

EROTIC TALK ................................... 14 • • •

Exhibitionism for the Shy ........................ 14 Sexy Talk for Women & Men with Exercises ......... 17 Fantasy Talk and Role-Playing .................... 24

GIVING AND RECEIVING EROTIC MASSAGE ........... 30 • • • • • • • •

Introduction ..................................... 30 Preliminaries .................................... 31 Giving Your Erotic Massage ....................... 34 Pleasuring Your Partner’s Sex Centers ............ 36 Variations and Enhancements ...................... 41 Additional Male Massage Ideas .................... 45 Additional Female Massage Ideas .................. 49 Safer Sex Precautions ............................ 55

KISSING ....................................... 56 • • •

How to Kiss a Woman .............................. 56 How to French Kiss ............................... 58 66 Ways to Kiss .................................. 60

FOREPLAY ...................................... 69 • •

Foreplay for Your Female Partner ................. 69 Stimulating a Woman .............................. 71

MASTURBATION .................................. 72 • • •

Female Masturbation Techniques ................... 72 Male Masturbation Techniques ..................... 75 Masturbation for Couples ......................... 79

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CUNNILINGUS ................................... 80 • • • • • •

Introduction to Cunnilingus ...................... 80 Taste ............................................ 81 Foreplay ......................................... 82 Positions ........................................ 83 Geography ........................................ 85 The Nitty-Gritty ................................. 86

G-SPOT AND ORGASM ............................. 89 • • • •

G-SPOT ........................................... 89 G-Pot Play ....................................... 91 Female Ejaculation ............................... 95 Orgasm ........................................... 101


Questions ........................................ 104 Penis Size ....................................... 106 Numeric Data On Penis Size ....................... 107 Anatomy of the Penis, Mechanics of Intercourse ... 108 The Final Word on Penis Size ..................... 117

SHAVING ....................................... 118 • •

How To Shave a Pussy ............................. 118 How To Shave your Dick ........................... 121

FINAL THOUGHTS ................................ 132

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DEDICATION This work is dedicated to my beautiful love partner, to my family, and to all those who helped me put it together and improve it. Thanks for sharing and supporting me through the hard times! I love you! Without your help and knowledge, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am indebted to you all.

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he Author, Lorenzo Martini, is a former first class gigolo, now living a quiet life along with his love partner and family. Ever since he was a teenager he was fascinated about sex and giving pleasure to women in bed.. one reason for that is because once in his early teens, a girl that he was deeply in love with cheated on him just because he wasn’t good enough to please her in bed... He realized that if he is a man that respects himself he has to be good in bed. After finishing the studies, he decided to pursue what he really wanted: To become as good as humanly possible at sex.. and at that time he thought he can achieve that only as a gigolo or a porn star actor. Armed with the knowledge and the experience of his former gigolo background and the wisdom of some of some top sex experts, Lorenzo decided to publish a book so that more people could benefit from his experience.

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A) External View, closed

(B) External View, open and flushed.



he Vulva is the external sexual organ of women. The above view (A) shows the external view of the female vulva as normally seen when the woman is standing up. View (B) shows the vulva when it is opened, and from the top down one can clearly see the Veneris Mons, clitoral hood, clitoris, and labia minora. There are many questions about the vulva that people have, and this FAQ will begin to attempt to answer some of these.

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THE VOCABULARY OF THE VULVA Vulva The external female genitals are collectively referred to as The Vulva. All of the words below are part of the vulva. Mons Veneris The mons veneris, Latin for "hill of Venus" (Roman Goddess of love) is the pad of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone below the abdomen but above the labia. The mons is sexually sensitive in some women and protects the pubic bone from the impact of sexual intercourse. Labia Majora The labia majora are the outer lips of the vulva, pads of fatty tissue that wrap around the vulva from the mons to the perineum. These labia are usually covered with pubic hair, and contain numerous sweat and oil glands, and it has been suggested that the scent from these are sexually arousing. Labia Minora The labia minora are the inner lips of the vulva, thin stretches of tissue within the labia majora that fold and protect the vagina, urethra, and clitoris. The appearance of labia minora can vary widely, from tiny lips that hide between the labia majora to large lips that protrude. The most common metaphor for the labia minora is that of a flower. Both the inner and outer labia are quite sensitive to touch and pressure. Clitoris The clitoris, visible in picture (B) as the small white oval between the top of the labia minora and the clitoral hood, is a small body of spongy tissue that is highly sexually sensitive. The clitoris is protected by the prepuce, or clitoral hood, a covering _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 9 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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of tissue similar to the labia minora. During sexual excitement, the clitoris may extend and the hood retract to make the clitoris more accessible. Some clitori are very small; other women may have large clitori that the hood does not completely cover. Urethra The opening to the urethra is just below the clitoris. It is not related to sex or reproduction, but is instead the passage for urine. The urethra is connected to the bladder. Because the urethra is so close to the anus, women should always wipe themselves from front to back to avoid infecting the vagina and urethra with bacteria. Perineum The perineum is the short stretch of skin starting at the bottom of the vulva and extending to the anus. The perineum in women often tears during birth to accomodate passage of the child, and this is apparently natural. Some physicians may cut the perineum preemptively on the grounds that the "tearing" may be more harmful than a precise scalpel, but statistics show that such cutting in fact may increase the potential for infection.

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he vagina extends from the vaginal opening to the cervix, the opening to the uterus. The vagina serves as the receptacle for the penis during sexual intercourse, and as the birth canal through which the baby passes during labor. The average vaginal canal is three inches long, possibly four in women who have given birth. This may seem short in relation to the penis, but during sexual arousal the cervix will lift upwards and the fornix (see illustration) may extend upwards into the body as long as necessary to receive the penis. After intercourse, the contraction of the vagina will allow the cervix to rest inside the fornix, which in its relaxed state is a bowl-shaped fitting perfect for the pooling of semen. At either side of the vaginal opening are the Bartholin's glands, which produce small amounts of lubricating fluid, apparently to keep the inner labia moist during periods of sexual excitement. Further _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 11 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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within are the hymen glands, which secrete lubricant for the length of the vaginal canal. "G-Spot" The word is in quotes because there is still some debate as to the existance or purpose of the G- spot. In the illustration above, what is indicated as the gspot in fact points to a region known as the Skenes glands, the purpose of which are unknown. Despite the controversy, one fact remains-- there are many women who claim that pressure on this region of the vagina is extremely pleasurable. Usually, two fingers are used, and because the spot is deep within the tissue, some pressure may be needed. Also, because the Skenes glands are alongside the bladder, some women may found that the increased pressure makes them feel as if they need to urinate. Cervix The cervix is the opening to the uterus. It varies in diameter from 1 to 3 millimeters, depending upon the time in the menstrual cycle the measurement is taken. The cervix is sometimes plugged with cervical mucous to protect the cervix from infection; during ovulation, this mucous becomes a thin fluid to permit the passage of sperm. Uterus The uterus, or womb, is the main female internal reproductive organ. The inner lining of the uterus is called the endometrium, which grows and changes during the menstrual cycle to prepare to receive a fertilized egg, and sheds a layer at the end of every menstrual cycle if fertilization does not happen. The utereus is lined with powerful muscles to push the child out during labor. Ovaries The ovaries perform two functions: the production of estrogen and progesterone, the female sex hormones, and the production of mature ova, or eggs. At birth, the ovaries contain nearly 400,000 ova, and those are all she will ever have. However, that is far more than _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 12 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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she will need, since during an average lifespan she will go through about 500 menstrual cycles. After maturing, the single egg travels down the fallopian tube, a journey of three or four days-- this is the period during which a woman is fertile and pregnancy may occur. Eggs that are not fertilized are expelled during menstruation.

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ot talk has benefits beyond what one might initially expect:

It's true that hot talk is a powerful turn-on for many people, and that's an excellent reason to use it. But more importantly, erotic talk lets you communicate about sex without sounding clinical or detached. Today I can ask for exactly what I want sexually, and learn my partner's preferences, via direct questioning and fantasy talk - as well as through non-verbal ways of communicating. I know that communicating this way will maintain - even heighten our level of arousal. I suggests becoming more comfortable with erotic talk by talking to yourself while masturbating. If you try this and it feels awkward to you, then you might consider taking her sage advice on overcoming verbal shyness: If you're so shy that words just won't come out, start with sounds. Erotic moans and murmurs can turn a lover on as much as naughty stories, and they're a wonderful way for you to get used to making some noise. You can incorporate this into masturbation. Especially if you think erotic words or phrases while you coo and gasp, you will find that as you get more turned on, the words will superimpose themselves onto the sounds. Like magic, instead of vocalizing "Uhn! Uhn!" you'll find yourself saying "Yes! Yes!" - then maybe "More! Harder! Give it to me!" Once you've gotten some level of comfort with erotic words, I recommend hot telephone calls with your lover as a good place to start out with him or her: Another useful trick when beginning to talk with a partner is to do it live, but over the phone. You will have a cloak of privacy that respects your shyness yet doesn't shore it up. Arrange a time you can feel comfortable exploring

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telephone play. If your partner has requested phone sex or dirty talk, great - but you might still want to talk about it before you start dialing, if only to reassure yourself that the timing is right and that your lover's response will be positive. Otherwise, you run the risk of putting your partner on the spot, perhaps rendering him or her as tongue-tied as you're trying to learn not to be! Phone sex can be very smutty, highly romantic, or anything inbetween. Nasty and starry-eyed, naughty and nice, aren't either/or options - they exist on a continuum. In fact, who says you can't be naughty and romantic at the same time? Even if you and your partner have never masturbated in each other's presence, you might want to try it over the phone. Touch yourself and describe what you're doing; ask him or her to direct you; direct him or her. You can pretend you're together making love, or you can pretend you're strangers. You can ask for things you're shy about when face-to-face; you can describe your ideal lovemaking to each other. Of course, you can do all this in person too. Picking up the phone first, before the face-to-face encounter, is optional - but it often helps if you find that in person you get too easily distracted by all your wonderful options for non-verbal communication. As fabulous as kissing is, it's hard to make yourself understood when your lips are pressed against your lover's. Phone sex forces you to talk - or at least moan and sigh - because you can't touch or see each other's expressions. Besides, phone sex is a hot alternative whether you're shy or bold. Pay attention to the voice you use when you talk during masturbation. It doesn't matter what you say - try repeating the phrase "Oh, yes" during masturbation, giving it every erotic inflection you can. Do any of these tones feel more erotic to you? If you find one that does, explore it some more - narrate a fantasy, talk to an imaginary partner, or say anything sexy that comes into your head. You want to find elements of hot talk that make you hotter, and masturbation is the very best time to do this especially if you feel self-conscious experimenting this way with your partner. When you're watching erotic movies, especially porn, notice how often the actor's erotic effectiveness depends not on _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 15 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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what s/he says, but how s/he says it; the difference between a poorly-delivered, clumsy line and a persuasive one is often the skill with which the actor conveys erotic emotion.... You can also convey nuance verbally by being more descriptive. Once you can utter one hot word, you're set to embroider it into phrases and sentences. If you say "Fuck" while having sex it will convey your turn-on in one way; if you say "Fuck me" you'll give a somewhat different impression; if you add specifics: "Fuck me slowly," "Fuck me hard," "Fuck me now," "Fuck me up against the wall," you'll begin to get control of the word's erotic power you'll be able to convey what you want and how you want it. Similarly, if you load your sex talk with adjectives "your hot, wet, dripping, hungry pussy" - and descriptive phrases, you'll weave a stronger erotic spell."

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ny woman who is lucky enough to know will tell you: Nothing is more exciting than talking sexy to the woman you love and having her talk sexy to you. Nothing. The right words at the right time can start a fire burning inside of her that feels like it will never go out. It can make her breathless. Insatiable. Unstoppable. And it can do the same thing for you.... Simple sentences such as, "I love to look at your body," "I want you," "I need you," or "I want to make love to you" can dramatically change the course of an evening, and sometimes, the course of an entire relationship. You've probably thought about saying things like this to your partner many times, but could you imagine actually doing it? Do you wish you could turn to your partner and say, "I need to get inside of you," "You make me so hot," "I love to look at your beautiful pussy," "I want to feel your tongue on my penis," or "Suck me"? Do you wish you could read him sexy poetry or passages from an erotic novel? Do you wish you could whisper dirty words in her ear? It's pretty exciting just thinking about it, isn't it? Although it may seem from the last two quoted paragraphs that this book might be somewhat basic, Talk Sexy to the One You Love ended up surprising me with the creativity of some of the later games and exercises that it presented, which I felt could be of value even to people who are already quite comfortable and experienced with sexual talk. For the "solo" exercises you need to find a place where you can be alone and know you can speak loudly without being heard by anyone; it is also recommended you keep a private notebook for the exercises, some of which ask you to write things down.

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Exercises: Touch and Tell Lie down in bed, get very comfortable, and begin a genital caress. As you touch yourself, say whatever comes to your mind. Let it come out in a stream of consciousness. Try not to censor anything. Your stream might include moans, grunts, words, sentence fragments, random thoughts, descriptions of your body, descriptions of what you are doing, descriptions of what you are feeling, or descriptions of fantasies that are being triggered by your caresses. Caress yourself for at least fifteen minutes, and try to keep talking the entire time, even if the only thing that comes out of your mouth is gobbledy-gook. It doesn't matter if you are being silly, serious, outrageous, or incomprehensible. You don't need to make a single bit of sense. All you need to do is let yourself go.... Expletive Not Deleted Open your notebook to a fresh page and get ready for a little more brainstorming. What I want you to do is write down as many sexy verbs as you can think of, placing an asterisk next to the ones that turn you on the most. I'll help you get started. Try these: kiss, lick, nibble, tease, screw, bite, touch, suck, play, eat, chew, push, pull, brush, taste, rub, grind, stick, jam, blow, squeeze, fondle, smell, caress, grab, hump, swallow, spank, drink, thrust. Get the idea? Now it's your turn. If you're starting to blush, remember that all of these words can be found in the Scrabble Word Dictionary. Hopefully, you'll also think of a few that can't be. Once you have completed your list I want you to practice saying these verbs out loud. Start with the first word on the list, kiss. Mouth the word silently a few times. Then try saying it in the lowest of whispers. Gradually build from there. Experiment with all different kinds of affect too. Once you have comfortably reached a stage whisper, move on to the next verb on your list and begin again. Proceed in this fashion through your entire list, paying special attention to the ones you've marked with an asterisk.

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Wet and Nasty Turn to a fresh page in your notebook. This time, I want you to write down as many sexy adjectives as you can think of, placing an asterisk next to the ones that turn you on the most. Once again, I'll help you get started: hard, big, soft, wet, hot, lovely, aching, gorgeous, sweet, slippery, greedy, magnificent, nasty, tasty, juicy, round, firm, wild, luscious, erect, tight, huge, naked, steamy, bare, throbbing, strong, swollen, stiff, gentle, raging, hungry. Don't be embarrassed. You'll see at least one or two of these words every week in your newspaper's crossword puzzle. After you have completed your list I want you to practice saying these adjectives out loud. Start with the first one on your list: hard. Mouth it silently a few times. Now say it over and over again in the lowest of whispers. Gradually build from there until you have comfortably reached a stage whisper. Proceed in this fashion through every sexy adjective on your list, paying special attention to your favorites. Incomplete Sentences 1 1. You make me so (adj) 2. I want you to (verb) my (noun) 3. You make my (noun) (adj) 4. Your (noun) makes me so (adj) 5. I want to (verb) your (noun) 6. I want to (verb) your (adj) (noun) 7. I love it when you (verb) my (noun) 8. I want to make your (noun) (adj) 9. I love to look at your (adj) (noun) 10. Thinking about you makes my (noun) (adj)

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Incomplete Sentences 2 1. (Verb) me! (Verb) me now! 2. (Verb) my (noun)! 3. I love the way your (adj) (noun) feels against my (adj) (noun) 4. I need to feel your (adj) (adj) (noun) inside my (adj) (adj) (noun) 5. I love the way your (adj) (noun) feels against my (adj) (noun) 6. I have to (verb) your (adj) (noun) 7. I want you to play with my (adj) (noun) 8. Stick your (adj) (noun) in my (adj) (noun) 9. I want to make your (adj) (noun) (adj)! 10. (Verb) me like a (adj) (adj) animal!

Peoples' voices naturally lower when they get aroused, so if you intentionally drop your voice (i.e. make it huskier) it will seem more erotic. Read some of what you wrote above in a huskier voice. Read some of what you wrote above aloud, gradually increasing the volume and intensity from a whisper until you're screaming: "Cry out. Imagine you're so full of passion you're climbing the walls. Hold nothing back." Sweet Nothings This exercise begins with your partner lying in bed, face down. You should be sitting, or lying on your side, very close to him/her... Think about all of those sexy words and sentences you've been aching to say to this man/woman. If you need to refresh your memory, check your notebook before you start the exercise. Choose [a word] ... then lean over and whisper it in his ear. Proceed in this fashion through _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 20 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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at least a dozen words. Now try some ... sentences from [Incomplete Sentences 1 & 2]. There is one very important requirement for this exercise: Your partner must remain silent and passive the entire time. Even if he/she thinks he/she is being helpful, unwelcome feedback can disrupt the mood and make you clam up in a hurry. Your partner needs to stay quiet, and stay still, lying face-down on the bed. Doctor Doctor Your assignment is to study the various parts of her body, describe them in the sexiest language you can muster, and talk freely about how each part turns you on.... He might want to say, for example, "Your neck is so smooth and so soft I want to kiss and bite it...." Now remove your partner blouse so that you can study, fully appreciate, and talk to her about her shoulders, her back, her arms, and her hands.... Proceeding slowly and intently, you should study her buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves, talking ohso-sexy as you go. Next come her ankles, then the soles of her feet, and finally her toes. After fifteen minutes, turn her over and lie comfortably on her back. Starting with her face - her eyes, nose, mouth, chin - you should spend the next fifteen minutes slowly working your way down her entire body until you have reached her toes. You should always try to make your descriptions as sexy as possible, letting you know how truly exciting each part of her body is. You might want to say things such as: "Your thighs are so soft they make me hard" or "Every time I look at your nipples I want to put them in my mouth." Remember: She’s not supposed to do anything, just listen, and he's not supposed to do anything but talk. Don't break the rules!

The fact is that most people love to hear their partner make noise during sex regardless or whether or not they're making sense (or sometimes most of all when they're not making sense).

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As another aside, I think it would have been interesting to include an exercise where you are supposed to pleasure your partner to orgasm, but must stop whatever you are doing immediately if he or she stops talking or making noise; I personally have found this to be a very effective way for a couple to get past self-consciousness as regards vocalizing during sex. Anyway, after you've finished the next few exercises you might try it and see if you agree with me...

In these next "passive" role.







When you are the passive partner, your job is simply to do whatever your partner asks, providing it is not something that you find unpleasant; the passive partner always has the option of saying 'I don't want to do that right now.' You do not need to explain or justify this decision. If you want to discuss it after the exercise is over, that's fine, but during the exercise the active partner must accept your decision, and move on to another request. Come and Get It This exercise begins the moment you and your partner enter the bedroom (or whatever room you choose for the exercise). For the first twenty to thirty minutes, you will play the active role and your partner will play the passive role. As the active partner, you will start by making your first request. You can ask for anything you can think of, but you need to be very specific. For example, you might start by saying: "Please light some candles" or "Please take off everything but your underwear" or "Please take off my underware and suck my cock." Nothing can happen until you ask for it. Your partner can refuse your request, but all of the choices are yours.... It helps a great deal to stop and think for a moment before you make any request; think about what it is you want at this very moment... Think about your needs - she'll get his chance soon enough.... If your partner accepts your request, but she is not doing exactly what you want, give her gentle, but straightforward directions until she gets it right. If it's something about the way he's touching you or not touching you, for example, guide her hands or demonstrate with your own hands. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 22 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

After twenty or thirty minutes, switch roles... Provocative statements This exercise is like Come and Get It, with an added fun twist: "The passive partner also has the right to respond verbally with provocative statements such as 'Ask me again,' 'I didn't hear you,' 'Say it louder,' 'Say please,' or 'Beg me.' This erotic taunting must always be done in a way that is playful and loving; it must never be done in a way that is demeaning or full of ridicule. In addition, the passive partner can only play with the active partner's request if he or she has every intention of ultimately responding to that request." A hot way to have sex Basically, this exercise is like Come and Get It, except that: This time, once you have made a request of your partner and she starts to comply, it is your job to fill her ears with as much sexy feedback as possible. You want to do this in a stream of consciousness fashion, trying very hard not to censor yourself. Your goal is to give her a blow-by-blow description in the sexiest way possible, of how everything she is doing is making you feel. You can do this with dialogue, sounds, or a combination of the two. Just let it out. And don't stop! After twenty to thirty minutes, switch roles and give your partner a chance to talk really sexy to you. For a variation on this, try incorporating the playful taunting technique you learned in Provocative statements. If you are playing the active role, let your partner know how this is making you feel (For example: "You're making me crazy ... I have to get inside of you now!"); Regards making sighs, moans, screams, etc. during sex I firmly believe that making noise does more than just enhance orgasm; I believe that making noise is actually necessary to have a full orgasm. I don't care if it's grunts, cries, shouts, words, sentences, or full paragraphs...if you're not making noise, you are preventing your body from releasing energy and holding back the power of your own orgasm. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 23 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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xpands on the erotic communication skills to create sexy little scenarios and stories. The key idea is that these can be built around your partner's fantasies, and you share your fantasies. To do this, the key idea is to share your fantasies in such a way that you both feel emotionally safe in doing so; if someone is afraid of judgment or blame for a fantasy they happen to share, they're unlikely to share much of anything.

List of the 20 most common sexual fantasies: 1. Having sex in a public place. 2. Having partners.










3. Having sex in a place in which there is a risk of getting caught. 4. Having setting.









5. Being sexually taken, possessed or dominated. 6. Being in complete sexual control of a partner. 7. Having sex with a prostitute. 8. Being a uninhibited.








9. Having sex with a virgin. 10. Being a virgin or a sexually inexperienced person. 11. Having sex with a priest, nun, or some other forbidden or inappropriate partner. 12. Pretending to be a celebrity or fictional character.

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13. Having sex with a celebrity or fictional character. 14. Having sex that includes a focus on specific articles of clothing, food, or a part of the body not usually associated with lovemaking. 15. Trying out sexual approaches or positions that you may not actually be practicing in real life. 16. Having sex with an animal. 17. Cross-dressing, that is, having a fantasy in which you either willingly wear the clothing of the opposite sex, or are forced to do so. 18. Gender reversal, which is, imagining that you are a member of the opposite sex. 19. Having sex with a member of your own sex. (Note: Many confirmed heterosexuals occasionally have homosexual fantasies, even if they have no wish to act on them in real life.) 20. Having sex with a deity or a spiritual leader.

At this point each partner has their own stack of 20 cards, each with one of these fantasies written on it. Now each person sorts all their cards into four separate piles:

1. Fantasies that Turn Me On and That I'm Willing to Share with My Lover 2. Fantasies that Turn Me On but That I'm Resistant to Sharing with My Lover 3. Fantasies that Leave Me in Neutral 4. Fantasies that Turn Me Off

Obviously, fantasies never have to be acted upon. What you're doing in this exercise is learning more about some _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 25 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

little images and vignettes that your partner finds erotic, which may not have anything to do with real-life desires; this exercise isn't really about your relationship per se unless you both discover that you share fantasies in common AND decide that you want to act on them together.

There are three helpful principles for keeping your erotic spark alive: 1. Express your thanks and appreciation pleasure your partner has given you.




2. Build a provocative mood of positive expectation or even delicious suspense as to what your future sexual encounter will hold. 3. Continue to remind your lover of the special sexual connection you have even when you're not together - via mail, telephone, telegraph, tape, video, e-mail, carrier pigeon, or whatever other method you may devise.

Here are some of the specific suggestions to help lovers with these principles:

Words of Satisfaction and Appreciation The period right after orgasm is a very special time, when "genuine words of love and appreciation can be most easily absorbed and assimilated." Bonnie suggests that you take this time to say a little something appreciative and loving to your partner, even something as simple as "Mmmmm, that was wonderful" or "I'm so lucky to have you as a lover."

Previews of Coming Attractions This idea is to build anticipation for your next encounter by tantalizing your partner with some of the details of what you would like to do with him or her. This is especially fun if you use sensual and erotic language, hint _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 26 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

at a surprise or two, and let your voice express your passion for your partner. Many people in long-term relationships "have overcome sagging sexual interest and recaptured the thrill of their early courtship by adding this dimension to their lovemaking." These "previews" can be made even more fun if you give them while touching or teasing your partner, or perhaps while brushing his or her hair or taking a bath or shower together. I clearly like the bath idea: For instance, as you soap up your partner's breasts, you might say: "Hmmmm, what can I do with these the next time to make them feel even more wonderful?" Or, she’s washing your cock, she might ask: "When we're in bed next time, would you like me to begin with long, slow strokes like this ... or light, circular caresses like this?"

Take-Out Fantasies The idea here is to tell your lover a specific little fantasy which has to do with something specific (and ordinary) that will happen to him or her during that day. Example: "When you're at your staff meeting this afternoon, I want you to imagine that I am hiding under the table. And while your boss is expounding about the new marketing plan for your company, I'll be silently take off your underware and softly and gently start licking your pussy." A twist on this is to require that the receiving partner report back at the end of the day on the effect the suggestion had; this report could be another fantasy that the first one inspired, for example.

Phone sex with your lover A phone sex with your lover can serve as a vehicle to keep your romantic feelings alive, to enhance intimacy, to build erotic anticipation, and to fuel your sexual fantasies. In these conversations, you can also include messages of erotic communication that rekindle the spiritual connection you have with your lover. For lovers who can't see each _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 27 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

other every day, it might be fun to connect by phone every night just before bedtime for conversation, erotic talk, and possibly an erotic dream suggestion. It's helpful to combine explicit, sexy descriptions with words of tenderness and suggestions of relaxation; such calming, reassuring words are particularly important when giving dream suggestions over the phone because your partner does not have the benefit of your physical presence and soothing touch. It's also comforting and reassuring if you personalize your words, including things that are specific to your partner and not just elements of sex in general. It's helpful to put yourself in a romantic and sexy mood before you even call; hot, soothing baths work particularly well (especially if you illuminate the bathroom by candlelight and play some "soft, sensual" music) as does thinking back on your last encounter with your partner (which is also a good starting point for the erotic part of this night's conversation with your partner). If you plan on leaving erotic voice messages for your lover, it's obviously best that you do so on a private voice mail system that only your lover has access to. If your messages must be left on an answering machine (or if he or she sometimes listens to voice mail messages on speakerphone), then it might be a good idea to preface your erotic messages with, "The following message is personal and confidential" or "The message you are about to hear is for your ears only." The idea is to give him or her a chance to stop the message if others are in the room. In any case, erotic voice mail messages can be a fun, spontaneous, and particularly easy way to stay connected (they're one of my personal favorites).

The Telephone Striptease This builds on the previous section about phone sex with your lover, by describing how to strip and tease and have sex with each other (in fantasy) during a telephone call with each other.

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If you're going to be doing a lot of phone sex with your lover, having speaker phones or headsets (so both your hands are free when you're on the phone) might be helpful. If you find yourself becoming too aroused to continue talking, express your growing excitement through your breathing, sighing, and other passionate sounds. Remember, your voice is the only line of connection with your lover here, and you want to keep that line flowing with sexual energy.

Keeping the Spark Alive at a Distance The classic way to do this is to write each other sexy, romantic, or comforting letters. Sexy, romantic, or comforting audiotapes for your lover can sometimes be even more powerful. If you and your lover are regularly apart from each other for long periods of time, it might work for you to each carry a minicassette recorder with you for recording spontaneous messages to each other (mailing the tape to your lover at the end of the week or the month, of course).

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his guide teaches how to give and receive erotic massage. It discusses how to help your partner relax, and discusses how to help your partner experience extended or multiple orgasms as part of your massage. A common arrangement is for one partner to receive a massage first, and then to return the favor, but of course how you choose to arrange this is up to you and your partner. It's best to perform erotic massage while your partner is lying on a massage table of some kind. After preparing your space to be warm and pleasing, you can start with a sensual and relaxing general massage before shifting the focus to your partner's sex centers. The idea is to bring your partner to high levels of arousal, and keep him or her there for a while. For men, this is best done through verbal or non-verbal communication which allows stimulation to be slowed down, changed, or stopped before ejaculation becomes inevitable (stimulation then continues in a few moments, after the urgency fades). For women, this is best done by using G-Spot and/or clitoral massage to bring her to multiple orgasms, which naturally tend to take place over an extended period of time. Erotic massage can work equally well for same-sex as for opposite-sex partners. Additionally, as having someone pleasure you with their hands doesn't tend to bring up the same set of cultural fears and judgments that oral sex or intercourse sometimes do, it sometimes works well even when your partner isn't of a gender you are normally attracted to.

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aking the time to create a sensual and appealing environment for your erotic massage shows that you care about your partner and value pleasure. Start by turning off the phones. You may wish to put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, illuminate the room with either candles or soft indirect lamps, burn incense, and turn up the heat to where one would be comfortable lying down naked. Keep your lubricants, oils, and gloves (if needed or desired) within easy reach, and cover the massage table with a blanket and place a clean sheet over this blanket. You can let the sides of the blanket and sheet drape over the sides of the table so that they may be brought up to cover the receiving partner (keeping him or her warm) after the massage is finished. Pieces of (possibly fake) fur or feathers can be used for additional sensual tantalization, and an eye pillow or blindfold can be helpful in blocking out any unwanted light for your partner. Putting a CD (or prerecorded tape) of your favorite music on repeat play is a good idea. Some people are more comfortable with a pillow or rolled bath towel underneath their knees and/or head (when lying face up) or their ankles (when lying face down), and some women will be more comfortable with a pillow underneath their hips; if this is your first massage with your partner you might want to experiment a little or ask him or her. If you're going to be giving the massage, take a look at your fingernails and clip them if necessary.

Lubrication One similarity between men and women is that some sort of lubricant needs to be used when massaging their genitals: this will make the experience more pleasurable and prevent sore spots from developing. One difference between men and _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 31 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

women is that one may use oil-based, water-based, or silicone-based lubricants on men, while one should use only water-based lubricants on women to avoid encouraging vaginal infections. For genital massage on men, or for massage elsewhere on a man or woman's body, you can purchase special massage oils at massage supply shops or else just use a light vegetable oil (such as Safflower, Sunflower, or grapeseed) from the supermarket. Lubricants and oils should be reapplied as necessary, so it's good to keep them handy. It's very convenient to have flip-top squeeze bottles for lubes and oils, and one of those massage oil "belts" that massage supply shops sell. Since many of these belts have two pockets, you could use one for lube and the other for massage oil. Be sure lubes and oils are warm before putting them on someone; if you wish you can run hot tap water over your flip-top bottles for a few minutes before using them, or maybe you could just keep the plastic bottles in a bowl of warm water instead of using a belt. It's also a good idea to put lubricants in your hand before applying them so you have a chance to rub your hands together to warm them if necessary. And one final word of advice: please be sure any water-based lube you may be using DOESN'T contain Nonoxynol-9. In this context Nonoxynol-9 is unlikely to do anything but irritate.

Good Communication During both the relaxation and genital phases of your erotic massage it's important for the person on the table to always feel comfortable making requests and comments. He or she should feel free to mention anything that is getting in the way of his or her comfort and pleasure. Requests to go to the bathroom, for touch to be harder or lighter, to take a break or stop, for the heat to be turned up, etc., are all signs that levels of communication and trust are high. They are also signs that the receiving partner is paying attention to his or her feelings, which is a key to experiencing greater and greater pleasure. Some people find that sex and/or pleasure can bring up difficult emotional issues for them. When someone is crying, or in a similarly distressed emotional state, it's usually best to just be there for that person and reassure _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 32 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

them that it's OK to cry (possibly while holding them) rather than trying to rationally discuss what is going on or engage in problem-solving. Asking them what they need rather than assuming too much is also a good idea. I hope it goes without saying that you both should be in agreement that your relationship includes the possibility of sexual intimacy before going ahead with an erotic massage. Situations where the giving partner tries to shift a relaxation massage into an erotic realm for the first time, but the receiving partner was expecting or wanting only relaxation massage or doesn't feel your friendship should include sex, can be uncomfortable and embarassing at the least. It's worth it to somehow bring this topic up beforehand with a new partner, even if you have to blush a little when telling him or her what you think it would be fun to do with them.

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Relaxing Your Partner's Body


tart by connecting with your partner. There may be specific ways you and your partner prefer to do this. If not, try kind words, soft gazing into each other's eyes, synchronized breathing, and/or caressing each others' faces or hands. When both of you are ready, have your partner lie face down, naked, on the massage table. Start by quieting and focusing your mind while resting your hands on the receiving partner's upper and lower back. Then, perform a relaxing massage on the back, legs, and feet. Basic principles of relaxing massage include keeping your hands in contact with your partner, taking your time, being rhythmic yet sensitive, and proceeding from long gliding strokes to deeper ones. When giving a massage be sure to use good body mechanics: use your body weight rather than arm strength for deep strokes, during gliding strokes keep your knees slightly bent and fluid, and don't lean over the table. After relaxing your partner's back, legs, and feet, have him or her turn over. Massage the chest, arms, and hands. Then glide down to the legs. It can feel good to brush the genitals when going down to the legs. After finishing the fronts of the legs and feet, glide back up and slowly brush over the genitals, teasing them. This teasing process can be drawn out by brushing the inner thighs near the genitals, very lightly touching the pubic region, etc. At this point erotic energy is often building, making it a natural time to start shifting the focus to more explicitly sexual activities. Especially if this is your first massage with this partner, it's a good idea to look into your partner's eyes while cradling his or her genitals, and somehow ask his or her permission to go further. The rest of the massage will focus on the genitals, with periodic sweeps up and down the body to spread, balance, and integrate the sensations. One of the skills that comes with practice is being able to read the energy and arousal levels of your partner, and _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 34 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

smoothly and gradually ramp up from relaxing massage to more arousing and sexual massage.

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he basic principle of male genital massage is that you should slow down, stop, or change what you are doing just before ejaculation becomes inevitable. The best way to accomplish this is for the man to give a signal just before this point is reached. Verbal cues, raising a hand, pulling away slightly, or even subtle body language cues can all work well. This repeated "peaking" process can sometimes help men learn to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, and can also be practiced during solo masturbation. Although delaying ejaculation during the course of the massage is desirable from the perspective of maximizing pleasure, many partners do like to finish the massage with one. Ejaculation provides a considerable spark of pleasure, but can leave men too fatigued to enjoy the rest of the evening or do a good job massaging their partner; opposite-sex partners who like to finish male genital massage with ejaculation should have the woman receive her massage first. It's also fun to encourage your partner with hot talk (possibly weaving together a verbal fantasy based on your partner's desires). Letting your partner know verbally and non-verbally that you're actively enjoying his pleasure can be a powerful aphrodisiac. As an aside, it should be noted that a nice feature of male genital massage is that an erection is not required for it to feel good; some massage strokes actually feel BETTER when the penis is soft.

Suggested Genital Massage Strokes There are many different massage strokes that feel good on male genitals. Unless he indicates otherwise, it's usually safe to assume that firm and consistent stroking will feel _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 36 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

best. I'm going to present a few favorite strokes below, but you can make up your own, refer to Additional Male Genital Massage Ideas section to learn dozens of additional strokes. One approach that some people favor is selecting two favorite strokes, and for a period of time alternating between them every once in a while.

Healing Stroke - With the penis resting on the belly, cup the balls with one hand. The heel of the palm of the other hand glides up and down the underside of the penis all the way to the tip. (Body Electric School handout)

Anvil Stroke - Bring one hand down, letting it stroke the penis from the top all the way to the bottom. When it hits the bottom, release it. Meanwhile bring your other hand to the top of the penis and repeat the stroke, creating an alternating motion.

Climbing the Mountain - Take the penis in one hand and gently, sensuously caress it for about ten seconds, then give it one quick up-and-down stroke. Repeat the sensuous caressing for about ten seconds (perhaps using slow up-anddown strokes), and then give the penis two quick up-anddown strokes. Repeat the caressing, then give three quick strokes, etc. Continue until ejaculation approaches inevitability.

Cocooning It's up to the two of you whether to finish with an ejaculation. If you do, then pleasuring can continue all the way through ejaculation and until your partner asks you to stop. At the end of the massage (whether or not there is an ejaculation), the sheet/blanket combination can be folded up over the person on the table to provide a warm cocoon. This can be a time of profound peace and contentment together.

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FEMALE Introduction


emale sexual response is often significantly different from male sexual response, in the following ways:

1. Female arousal tends to be more closely tied to emotional states, and feelings of warmth towards her partner. 2. Many women can come in two distinctly different ways: through G-Spot stimulation and through clitoral stimulation. Many women characterize the clitoral orgasms as "sharper" and the G-Spot orgasms as "deeper". 3. Women often vary considerably in what type of sexual stimulation they like, and how they like it done. 4. Female arousal usually takes longer to build, but can often last longer and be more intense than that which men commonly experience. 5. Women can often have multiple orgasms, if stimulation continues following the first (especially with G-Spot stimulation).

It's because of #5 that the basic approach to erotic massage differs between women and men. Since women can sometimes enjoy stimulation all the way through one orgasm and into the next, there is little or no need for them to hold back in any way. Having orgasms in a series can cause arousal levels to float for a long time at a very high level.

Suggested Types of Stimulation Women vary in their tastes concerning G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, so you need to be attentive and listen. A common preference is for their partners to begin with gentle rubbing over the entire vulva, to follow this with _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 38 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

clitoral stimulation, and to finish with G-Spot stimulation or G-Spot AND clitoral stimulation. Please be aware that neither clitoral stimulation nor any sort of vaginal penetration usually feels good unless a woman is already in a fairly high state of arousal. When performing genital massage on women one often has a "free hand" which may be used to glide over the rest of her body, tease her nipples, massage her perineum, caress her face, form "connections" with other parts of her body (by stimulating some other part of her body at the same time as you are pleasuring her genitals), etc. Although the genital massage styles presented below are some of the most commonly favored among women, there are many more. Refer to Additional Female Genital Massage Ideas section for more ideas.

Clitoral - When massaging her clitoris, learn what part of it feels best to her. Going in circles around it softly and rhythmically with a lubricated finger is a good way to proceed, at least until you get more specific feedback or until you uncover something that obviously feels better. Once you find something that feels great, consistency with it is often the key to further pleasure. Some women find that clitoral orgasms feel better if their vaginas are pleasantly filled: more fingers or an appropriately-sized dildo are good ways to accomplish this, though penetration of any kind usually doesn't feel good to someone who isn't aroused, so it probably isn't what she would want you to start right out with.

G-Spot - The G-Spot is an area on the forward wall of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone about two inches in. A woman can often tell you when you've found her G-Spot, and it often feels more "ridged" than the surrounding tissue. Pressing into it can be intensely pleasurable, but may cause a sensation of needing to urinate. Female ejaculation is sometimes a result of G-Spot stimulation; female ejaculate is NOT urine, but IS expelled through the urethra. One easy way to stimulate the G-Spot is with your (lubricated) first and second fingers together (possibly starting with just your first finger). Make rhythmic _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 39 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

gestures inside the vagina that look like the signal to "come here". Alternatively, one can rub the G-Spot in a circular fashion. Generally, it's the pads of your fingers which are pressing into her G-Spot. Another approach is to rotate your fingers inside her vaginal barrel with even pressure against all areas of it. Be aware that the shape of the vagina changes as a woman's arousal level increases. You'll probably notice the inner portion ballooning outwards during extreme arousal, which means that your fingers will need to rotate a little farther from center in order to maintain the same pressure on the vaginal walls. G-spot stimulation usually only feels good when the woman is aroused.

Vibrator - Vibrators generally work best on or near the clitoris. If the vibration is too intense, switch to a lower speed or put a cloth between the vibrator and her clitoris. It's OK to let your partner hold the vibrator. It's also fun for a vibrator to be used clitorally at the same time vaginal penetration is being performed. The most versatile vibrators are the standard plug-in models such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Wahl. Sex supply shops such as Good Vibrations and Toys in Babeland sell these vibrators, along with various attachments for specific kinds of stimulation.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Encouragement - It's helpful to encourage your partner with hot talk (possibly weaving together a verbal fantasy based on your partner's desires). Sexy complements, eye contact, etc. are also nice additions. Many sexual difficulties (especially for women, it seems) stem from worries: worrying that her partner is getting tired of pleasuring her, that she isn't coming fast enough, etc. Letting your receiving partner know verbally and non-verbally that you're actively enjoying giving her pleasure can be a powerful aphrodisiac for her. Cocooning It's nice to fold the sheet/blanket combination over your partner when you two are finished. This can be a time of profound peace and contentment together.

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egular, conscious breathing is a powerful way to enhance both relaxation massage and erotic massage. If the receiving partner forgets to breathe, the massaging partner can remind him or her by breathing rhythmically and audibly. Some partners find that synchronizing the breathing between the two of them leads to wonderful sensations. Just don't hyperventilate...

Group Massage Gatherings These can be put on with three or more participants. Participants divide up into groups of three or four, with one massage table per group. Each person in each group gets a certain amount of time on their table, and before massage begins this person tells the other people at his or her table what he or she would like, and what his or her limits are. This can be a lot of fun, and is a great way to practice asking for what you want sexually (a habit which has the power to enhance your pleasure in and of itself). It's good to start and end these by having everyone get in a circle, introduce themselves (if necessary), and "check in" (i.e. say something about where they're at, what they would like to get out of the day, what they liked about the day, etc.). It's also helpful to have little snacks and water for people to eat and drink. Since you may end up giving three or four different people massages during an event like this, it's fairly common for the host and/or hostess to ask everyone to use gloves for all genital massage, and possibly for everyone to wash their hands before the next person gets on the table. For small gatherings (6-8 people) of participants who all know each other, people can just gravitate towards whatever table and group they want when it's time to start; for larger events or events where there will be a lot of beginners, it's often helpful for the host or hostess to assign people to tables so things stay balanced, nobody's _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 41 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

feelings get hurt, and so there aren't any tables composed entirely of novices. It's usually a good idea to put someone in charge of bringing supplies to the event (latex gloves, massage oil in little bottles, lube, towels, etc.), and (when lots of new folks are involved) for the host or hostess to stay at least marginally aware of what is going on so things stay comfortable for everyone. These events usually work very easily for men-only or women-only groups, and tend to work best for mixed-gender groups when at least rough gender balance is maintained and there are at least a few experienced men and women in attendance.

Finishing with Intercourse Some partners (especially opposite-sex couples) like to finish with intercourse rather than the blanket-wrapping I've described. Since most massage tables are sturdy enough to support two people, near the end of the massage one partner can climb on top the other and they can both fuck themselves to what are often very powerful orgasms. Thus, they can finish locked in each others' embrace (although even without intercourse the standing partner can lean over and embrace the receiving partner's upper body, or else just gently rest his or her hands on the receiving partner). Despite what mainstream pornography tends to portray, women don't usually have orgasms from intercourse alone. However, a woman is MUCH more likely to experience orgasm during intercourse if she has had one or more orgasms (especially of the G-Spot variety) before intercourse commences. Popular positions for male-female intercourse include missionary and woman-on-top (which allow face-to-face intimacy) and "doggie style" (which allows the woman to easily rub her clitoris while being penetrated).

The "Big Draw" This technique for completing a massage was developed by the Body Electric School. In the minutes preceding it the massage work should be becoming more and more energetic, _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 42 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

building and building. At a certain point (counted down to verbally, so both partners know when it's coming) massage and any other touch ceases, the person on the table takes seven very deep breaths, and while holding the seventh breath clenches every muscle in his or her body and rolls his or her eyes back in his or her head (possibly assuming a tense position with torso and legs a bit off the table, as in a "crunch") for about 10 seconds. He or she then completely relaxes, resumes regular breathing, and the standing person gently folds the sheets/blanket over his or her body. For maximum effect the music should be quite "cosmic" at this point, and the person performing the massage shouldn't touch the person on the table (who has his or her eyes closed, or who has a blindfold on) for at least five minutes or until the person on the table requests otherwise. This practice can provoke profound emotional release, and often hallucinations. Afterwards, the standing partner opens the cocooned sheets, gently towels off any oil, helps his or her partner to sit up, and then both partners either keep silence or say what is in their heart. It's fun to follow the Big Draw with a hot tub or a warm bath. It's helpful to use a pre-arranged and timed music tape. Ideally, there should be five seconds of silence immediately following the Big Draw, and possibly during it. Music should have been building to that point, and should resume with something really beautiful after the silence following the Big Draw.

Incorporating PC Muscle Contractions ("Kegels") Contractions of the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle are associated with increased sexual pleasure for both men and women. This muscle may be identified by noticing what muscles you use to stop the flow of urine when you are urinating (without moving your torso or legs); it's the same one. The PC muscle can be exercised by contracting and releasing it; one approach is to rhythmically contract when inhaling and relax when exhaling. Generally, the stronger the PC muscle is, the more intense one's orgasms can be. The PC muscle can also be repeatedly contracted and relaxed at various times during sex (such as during G-Spot stimulation, or during male ejaculation) to _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 43 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

increase pleasure. Men can use the PC ejaculation; this is done by holding either strongly bearing down ("pushing squeezing ("holding in") using the pelvic

muscle to prevent the breath while out") or tightly muscles.

Prostate Stimulation An advanced technique in male genital massage is to stimulate the man's prostate gland at the same time one is stimulating the penis. This can be done with a finger an inch or two inside his anus, pressing on the dome shape found in the direction of the penis. When stimulating the prostate, you should wear latex gloves, have short fingernails (or else pack cotton balls around your fingernails and then put gloves on), and use lots of lube. Part of what some beginners find novel about anal penetration is that it makes one feel as if one has to go to the bathroom. By going to the bathroom pretty thoroughly before beginning play, one may have an easier time not interpreting this new sensation in the old context. Pressing on the prostate gland during ejaculation, or when a man is close to ejaculation, can feel wonderful. It is also possible for some men to have ejaculatory orgasms through prostate stimulation alone.

Simultaneous Pleasuring Once each partner has sufficient experience with his or her own sexual response, they may wish to try mutual stimulation. This is best done on a bed, rather than on a massage table. Simply lie down facing each other, heads close together, and pleasure each other with your hands. Again, for men slightly pulling away or giving some other cue when ejaculation is imminent will allow play to continue.

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ome male genital massage strokes require only one hand. Here are some suggestions for things you can do with the "extra hand": Massage the legs or chest Tease the nipples or other erogenous zones (note: "connections" can be made between erotic arousal and almost any part of the body, by linking stimulation of the genitals with stimulation of this area). Rub the perineum, possibly with an oiled fist or several fingers. For some men, this may stimulate the prostate gland. Wrap an index finger and thumb around the penis between the balls and the body. Contract slightly to form a living cock ring. Alternatively, this can be done between the balls and the shaft, rather than between the balls and the body. Gently tug on the hairs covering the testicles. Cup or tickle the testicles.


COCKUPRESSURE With one hand pull the shaft's skin toward the base and wrap the fingers of this hand around the base to act as a living cock ring. Using the other hand, rhythmically pick various points along the shaft of the penis and squeeze opposite sides of the penile shaft at these points, releasing pressure either immediately or after only a brief period of time.

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_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

FIRE Rub the penis between both palms, as if rubbing two sticks together to create fire. Be sure to use plenty of oil. HAIRY PALM SUNDAY Hold the penis in one hand with the head sticking up. Using the well-oiled palm of your other hand, slowly and sensitively massage the head of the penis. Reverse directions every once in a while. HEALING STROKE With the penis resting on the belly, the hand closest to the feet cups the balls. The heel of the palm of the other hand glides up and down the underside of the penis. TWIST AND SHOUT Pull the skin of the penis toward the base with one hand. With the other hand corkscrew the penis. This can be done with the thumb and first finger or with the whole palm. ANVIL STROKE Bring one hand down, letting it stroke the penis from the top all the way to the bottom. When it hits the bottom, release it. Meanwhile, bring your other hand to the top of the penis and repeat. See also: Milker and Perpetual Penetration. BOOKENDS Place both of your hands side by side against his shaft like a pair of bookends. Now push hard against his penis. Then lift your hands up and down. Continue in this manner for a while. DOORKNOB Turn the head of his penis like you're trying doorknob coated with grease. Now try turning the Repeat. This stroke is sometimes improved by other hand to stretch the skin of the penis base.

to open a other way. using the toward the

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DOUBLE WHAMMY Bring both well-lubricated hands down on his shaft. Some cocks are so big they require both hands; if your partner's doesn't, then use the other hand to caress and lightly flutter his balls, or tighten around the base of his shaft. If both hands fit along the length of the shaft then move them together, up and down, in the typical pumping motion. Pretend you're holding a baseball bat and are about to score a grand slam. You can also vary the directions of your hands: one up, one down at the same time. MILKER Opposite of the Anvil: hands alternate "milking" up the penis, starting at the base and working all the way up past the tip. PERPETUAL PENETRATION Like the Anvil, but instead of just grabbing the penis at the top let his penis "penetrate" into your fist on each stroke. Before the head of his penis pops out of your hand, bring the other hand up for the next penetration. This way it seems to him like he is penetrating deeper and deeper into an infinite vagina. Make sure you keep the penetration continuous for best results. Try faster or slower to taste.

RING Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger and pump up and down with it. When you get to the top close the ring. Then make him squeeze his way in as you slide back down to the bottom. SHAFT Stroke only his shaft, ignoring his head. You will notice his head swelling and turning red. When it's bright red, use Doorknob, Hairy Palm Sunday, or Perpetual Penetration. SHUTTLE COCK Take the penis in both hands, fingers lightly touching the sides of the shaft. In order to visualize the position, _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 47 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

imagine yourself holding a clarinet. Now flick the penis back and forth between your two hands by holding onto the loose skin of the shaft. Do this stroke for a while to allow tension to build. SPOT PINCH Lightly and slowly run a finger up the underside of his cock. Ask him to tell you where the most sensitive spot is. Pinch it, squeeze it, nibble it, tease it. This is a good spot to pinch (a la Cockupressure) to turn a soft cock rock solid.

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lace a well-oiled (or lubed) hand over her labia, fingers pointing towards her anus. Pull up toward the navel and alternate hands. Explore the inner and outer lips with your fingers. Pull gently on one and then the other. Rub the outer lips gently between your forefinger and thumb, then the inner lips.

A-ONE AND A-TWO AND A-THREE "Try inserting your first two fingers into her, then arch your thumb back 'hitch-hiker' style and thrust in until your thumb rests against her clitoris. You can use a variety of thrusting and twisting motions in this position. You can also vibrate your entire hand."

CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR If your partner has a particular spot that they like to have licked or caressed, try doing so very close to but not quite on that spot - except perhaps occasionally. This trick will make them take longer to reach their orgasm, but they will likely have a much stronger, more powerful orgasm when it finally does happen. As a variant, you can do the 'not quite on target' until they get close to coming, then switch to the target itself, thus earning their gratitude.

PUSH HERE TO START Gently insert one finger deeply into her vagina and, when she's ready, insert a second. Then take your thumb and place it against her anus. Don't insert it. Instead, press there while you move your fingers.

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TAP DANCING Place the palm of your hand on her mons (the mound where her pubic hair is), and rest your fingers lightly on her vaginal lips. Rest your thumb on her opposite thigh. Lightly but firmly press your palm onto her mons and begin to move your hand in a tiny circular motion. You palm should not slide too much over her skin during this process. Instead, her skin should move underneath it. Repeat this process until you have done ten circles. You then raise your fingers and lightly tap her vaginal lips about once a second until you have given her ten taps. Please note that these are light taps, not spanks. They shouldn't hurt. After giving the taps, rest your hand for five to ten seconds. Then repeat the circles, then repeat thetaps, then rest again, then repeat the circles...

CERVIX CLOCK A woman's cervix can usually be found in the upper rear part of her vagina. The cervix feels like a little dome of tissue, and may also have a small cleft in the middle, like your chin. Carefully stimulate the area surrounding the cervix. Some women may enjoy this and want you to do it more often; others won't.

FINGERS ON THE HOOD Given how the clitoral area is often more sensitive than any single part of the penis, you don't want the rough skin of your fingers rubbing across it. Gently push and pull on the clitoral hood and labia when first touching a woman's genitals. Using the lips as leverage can provide pleasing stimulation without painful friction.

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FROM THE OUTSIDE Lay your free hand over the lower part of your partner's abdomen. Experiment by applying different kinds of pressure with the top hand while fingers from your other hand are inside her vagina.

IMITATIONS An excellent way to learn more about pleasing your partner is to rest your fingers over hers while she is masturbating herself. Then do the reverse, with her fingers acting as guides for your own."

OFF THE EDGE Another form of genital massage can be done by holding a lubricated lip between your thumb and forefinger. While squeezing just a little, pull your fingers straight away from the woman's body. Your fingers will end up in the air an inch or two above her body, as though you had pulled them off the edge of a tabletop or sheet of paper. If she likes this, repeat it many times.

OVARIES Ask your partner to help you locate her ovaries. They can usually be felt in the deepest part of the vagina and to the far left or right. Some women will like you to massage this area, others will find it painful. Sensitivity will also vary with her menstrual status.

PROPER INVITE Begin with a light, gentle caress that barely touches the inner thighs and pubic hair. Don't go much further until your partner's pelvis begins to arch upwards. Tease and caress until the lips of her vulva invite your fingers inside. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 51 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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TRACING After applying lubrication, it might be nice to begin with one of the large outer lips. Place the lucky lip between your thumb and forefinger, clasping it at the base where it attaches to the main part of your partner's body. Then run your fingers (or fingertip) from the lower to upper part of the lip, as though you were tracing one side of a parenthesis. Repeat this as long as your partner's feedback is positive. You can also make an upside down horseshoe pattern with a fingertip by starting at the lower inside part of one lip and finishing at the lower inside part of the other. It could be fun to do this with both inner and outer lips.

BE HERE NOW Hold completely still while your fingers or your hand are still inside her vagina. Don't move - just be there and meditate.

CRESCENT MOON Insert your thumb in her vagina, curl your palm around onto her clitoris, and rest your fingertips on top of her pubic bone. Alternate stimulation between the internal G-Spot, the clitoris, and the external G-Spot/bladder.

DOORBELL Press very firmly on her G-Spot, like ringing a doorbell. Press, release, press....

FOUR DIRECTIONS With two fingers press firmly vagina, eight times each side.




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GENTLE TOUCH AND TICKLE Tickle the clitoris extremely lightly.

HEALING THRUST Some women might need and want good, hard, deep, vigorous thrusting penetration. Be sure to keep her relaxed don't let her get into a tensed body mode.

PINCH AND PULL Gently pinch and pull on the clitoris.

ROCK AROUND THE CLIT CLOCK With your forefinger make tiny circles, stopping at every one of twelve 'hours'.

TEMPLE GATE TEASE With one finger tickle her vaginal opening as lightly as possible. Make her hungry.

TOUR DE FRANCE Orbit your forefinger around between her inner and outer labia from perineum to above her clitoris.

TRIPLE DIGIT PUSSY PET Use your three longest fingers, with your middle finger gliding along the outside of her vaginal opening and your other two fingers running along the place where her thigh meets her labia. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 53 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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TWIST AND SHOUT Using one or more fingers, twisting at the wrist.






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oming into contact with active outbreaks of herpes or HPV, or exchanging body fluids with someone currently carrying a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), can impart a risk to you of catching that STD. Although unprotected genital massage is certainly safer than unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse, if you or your partner are potentially contagious you can always insure absolute protection by putting on a pair of latex or nitrile gloves before pleasuring your partner's genital areas. Please note that gloves are ONLY considered necessary when one is massaging skin that is broken or unhealthy due to STD-related inflammation, or when there is a possibility of your hand(s) coming into contact with infectious body fluids; for general massage on healthy skin (with no body fluids involved) they aren't needed. By the way, although oils do degrade latex, most experts feel that latex gloves (which are thicker than condoms) may safely be used with oils for reasonable periods of time. Please remember do remember, though, that if you stimulate or penetrate a woman's anus with one of your fingers you must change gloves before putting that same finger into her vagina. Doing otherwise can cause vaginal infections.

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he following kissing tips will give you some great techniques to try on your partner and an insight into one woman's mind. Be Careful With that Tongue French kissing can be a marvelous experience, but don't dive in with your tongue too soon. There are women who are turned off somewhat when a man puts his tongue in my mouth during a first kiss (ie: the kiss goodnight after a first date). Another example of using your tongue too soon is when you maneuver it into her mouth seconds after your lips touch. Save the rush for the an appropriate, passionate moment. Use Those Hands You can run your fingers through her hair, up and down her back, over her arms, while kissing her. Try caressing the small of her back (the area just above her butt that curves in) and her face, trace her ears with the tips of your fingers, intertwine your hands with hers, etc. Antonio Banderas once told men to look at the lingerie a woman wears, it lightly touches her body, just barely caresses her curves, he said that is the way a man should touch a woman. Cup her Face in Your Hands This is VERY romantic! While kissing her, slide your hand along her lower jaw and cradle it in your palm. Open your Eyes Personally, I like making eye contact once and awhile during a kiss. It's not for everyone though. Unless your lady tells you she likes it, don't initiate eye contact in the middle of a deep or passionate kiss, it breaks concentration and is NOT romantic. A great way to have some romantic eye contact during kissing is to slow down to the point of almost stopping the kiss. Start giving her short little kisses on and around _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 56 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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her mouth. Open your eyes to look at her while doing this, give her a little smile. Then close your eyes again and slowly work your way into a deeper, sensual kiss. Kiss Her Forehead This is simple but great. Move in slowly to plant the kiss and let your lips linger on her skin for a second or two. Do This with Your Tongue... While kissing, curve your tongue upwards and under her upper lip. It should end up between her gums and her lip. Flicker it around or swipe it across the inside of her lip. This might tickle, but it feels divine. Try Cold Water, Wine or Candy Take a drink of cold water and pull your lady tight to your mouth by placing your hand on the back of her head. Open your mouth and let the water flow into her mouth. Try this with wine, candy or any delicious liquid. Don't Suck too Hard! A gentle suck on the lower lip is nice, but when you start leaving black and blue marks, you've gone too far. Seriously, I've been left with black and blue marks in the past...not good. Start off slowly and gauge her reaction, some people really love having their lips and tongue tightly sucked on. Lavish her With Kisses If she has long hair, try this move: Lift her hair off her neck with one hand. Then lean down and give her little kisses all over her neck and collar bone, go behind her neck and ears too. When you are done, let her hair fall, take her face in both hands and lay the deepest, most romantic kiss on her lips you can possibly conjure up. Now that's heaven...

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ne of love's most intimate and frightening moments is the French kiss. The French call this kiss “the soul kiss”. Put in simple terms, it's a kiss with tongue! I like to think of the French kiss as the step above a casual dating relationship. It's the easiest way to feel close to someone, but can also be a huge turn-off if done, um, improperly. So how do you become a pro? Well, styles vary with each person, and there's not one exact right way, but there are right and wrong techniques. HOW DO YOU FRENCH KISS? Some people love the passionate forcefulness of a strong French kiss, while others just like the tongues to barely touch. It's all about finding out what your sweetie likes and combining it with your own style. To start, the mood should be right. You do not want to stumble over the other person at a local fast food restaurant and stick your tongue in his or her mouth. You want to wait for the right time, perhaps after you're already kissing and start to pull your bodies closer together. Always start off with a regular kiss. Then, slowly start opening your mouth, while still keeping it dry! Using both of your lips, "hug" your sweeties bottom lip and close with another dry kiss. After a couple of these soft, affectionate smooches, SLOWLY slide part of your tongue into their mouth. In order to avoid a potential embarrassment, make sure their mouth is open before doing this! If your sweetie then opens her/his mouth more, then that is your cue that a more intense French kiss (more tongue) is OK. If not, just stick to a little bit of tongue and pull back occasionally to observe his/her reaction, while still giving him/her little "pecks." MORE TONGUE: If you're ready for full on tongue action, keep a few things in mind that can turn a memorable kiss into a disaster. One is never let a ton of saliva accumulate in your mouth – swallow it! Two, don't turn your tongue into a sharp pointed object –relax it. Three, move your tongue on or around your sweetie's tongue. The "dead slug" thing is a huge turn-off. Now with that in mind, and a good opportunity, keep sliding more of your tongue into your sweetie's mouth until you are completely enveloped in each other. When you reach this point, try to keep your

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mouths a little tighter. This is just a way to avoid a messy or sloppy kiss. Remember; keep your tongues relaxed, but not your mouths. There's nothing worse than pulling away and feeling like a large dog has licked you. As more opportunities come about, the better a French kiss will get. It takes time, and a bit of practice, but it will be easier each time. And a lot of people (including myself) say that it just kind of happens sometimes. Don't overanalyze it or stress too much. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

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66 WAYS TO KISS - 1 - ICE KISS Celebrate the first day of winter with an ice kiss. Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the cube, track down your love and plant a kiss that will send chills! - 2 - ELECTRIC SHOCK KISS The two of you shuffle your feet furiously on carpet. When you both have an electric charge, lean over and slowly aim for each other's lips. With your lips about one-half inch apart, move in even slower until a spark jumps between teh two of you. Instantly after this happens, kiss one another...the please us the kiss right after the shock! - 3 - CAMPING KISS On a beautiful cool night, you and your love crawl into a sleeping bag outside. Cuddle and kiss. - 4 - REWARD KISS Next time your love performs some disliked home chore like cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn, or taking out the garbage, show your appreciation by tucking a candy kiss in a strategic location. - 5 - POST-IT KISS Use 3M Post-It notes to make a trail through your house that leads to your lips. At the end of the trail you are with a Post-It note over your lips that says, "LIFT FOR KISS" - 6 - KISSING IN THE RAIN The next time it rains, grab an umbrella, rain coats, and your love. Then go outside and kiss in the rain. If the spirit of the kiss moves you, remove the umbrella and kiss 'till the two of you are soaked. - 7 - HERSHEY`S KISSES Prepare a small bag of Hershey`s kisses and slip it into your love's purse, briefcase, or lunchbox. Attach a note that reads "SORRY, I CAN'T BE THERE IN PERSON, BUT THINK OF ME AND DO THE FOLLOWING: Close your eyes and place the

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candy between your lips. Drop the candy in your mouth and roll it on your tongue until it melts. - 8 - TRACY AND HEPBURN KISS Make flash cards, and the two of you re-enact the following kissing scene from WOMAN OF THE YEAR (1942): (Reclining face to face on a couch, woman on top.) SAM: Something I've got to get off my chest. TESS: I'm too heavy? SAM: I love you. TESS: Me, too. SAM: Positive. TESS: That's nice. Even when I'm sober? SAM: Even when you're brilliant. (The two of you kiss.) - 9 - KISSES IN A BALLOON Cut out small red tissue lips, and place them inside an opaque balloon filled with helium (any party store could do this for you) Tie the balloon to your love's chair at dinner. Desert is a shower of kisses delivered by a sharp pin. - 10 - TOLL KISS Next time you are driving your love somewhere, stop the car before crossing a bridge or going through a tunnel, and say the toll must be paid before you can go any further. Of course, the toll cost in one kiss. - 11 - MORSE CODE KISS If you know Morse code, great, If not, this is a great way to learn. Find a Morse Code chart. Using long and short kisses, spell out a message to your love and have him or her try to decipher them. - 12 - KISSING METER KISSES We have parking meters, so why not kissing meters? Turn a box into your own kissing meter and wear it around your neck. Give your love kissing tokens to start your kissing meter. Have an "expired" sign appear when you need another kiss. - 13 - AUDIO STIMULATION Make a cassette of kissing noises and place in your love's cassette player (walkman, car or home) with a note attached.

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- 14 - BREAKFAST IN BED KISS Slip out of bed early and prepare a special "Kissing" breakfast to serve to your love in bed. Pick foods that you can easily pick up and feed to your love. Kiss between bites! - 15 - STAIRWELL KISS This kiss is to be done at a party or at a gathering with your love. Steal away to a private location like behind a door or tree, or on the stairwell and passionately kiss each other. The risk of being discovered in the act is the key element. - 16 - SCUBA KISSING Wearing a diving mask and fins, simulate swimming underwater. Snorkel across the room to your love and kiss him or her. - 17 - EYE TEST KISS Make an eye chart like the ones that you see in a doctor's office where the letters get progressively smaller. Have the chart read, "IF you can read this you are standing close enough to kiss me." Now find your love and give an eye exam. - 18 - THYMELY KISS Thyme, according to the Greeks, is the herb which makes one irresistible kissable. Prepare a meal for your love using the herb. Moments after the first bite, rush to your love's lips with a passionate kiss. Come up for air, announce the Greeks were right, then rush back with another passionate kiss. - 19 - SHOPPING LIST KISSES Turn your shopping list into a scorecard the next time the two of you go shopping. The one who finds the item gets credit toward one kiss. Kisses are collected either on delivery to the grocery cart, or later at home. - 20 - BAD HABIT KISS Offer to stop a bad habit if your love will pay you kisses. For instance, a kiss for each cigarette not smoked, putting the toilet seat down, and/or every phone call kept under three minutes is rewarded with a kiss. - 21 - CLOUD SHAPE KISS Take your love to the backyard or out in a field: lie down _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 62 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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on a blanket, and together inspect cloud formations. When both of you see the same thing, reward each other with a kiss. - 22 - CHECK KISS With your personal check, make a check out to your love for 1,000 kisses. Tell your love he or she can cash it in any time. - 23 - TOE KISS Prepare a foot bath for your love at the end of a long day. After the good soak, you towel dry his or her feet, give a massage and seal each toe with a kiss. - 24 - CHOCOLATE HEART KISSES Buy several boxes of little chocolate hearts that have sayings on them. Pick out all the "KISS ME" hearts and put them in a heart shaped box with the note "REDEEMABLE ANYTIME, day or night!" - 25 - RENDEZVOUS KISS With a note or phone call, tell your love to meet you at a certain place and time (e.g. park bench, street corner, ice cream stand) for a present. When your love arrives, have a bow stick to your lips. - 26 - BATH KISS Surprise your love with a kiss while he/she is showering or in the tub.(WARNING: Prepare to get wet) - 27 - MACHINE GUN KISS In rapid succession, plant 12 quick ones on your lover's lips. - 28 - KISS-A-THON Passionately kiss your love for at least five minute longer than usual. - 29 - PINK PANTHER KISS Humming the Pink Panther theme, prowl toward your partner. On the high note, pounce and pucker. Suggestion-wear only pink! - 30 - THIRST QUENCHER KISS For no reason, stare at your love's mouth while licking your lips as though dying of thirst. Inevitably, your love will ask what you're doing. ANSWER: I want them! I have to _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 63 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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have them! I yearn to drink from them! Then ask for a kiss to quench your thirst! - 31 - GREAT EXPECTATIONS KISS Inform your love one morning that he or she will soon receive a fabulous kiss. Later, call you love with a reminder. When next you see your love, pull out the stops and plant a long, hot, passionate kiss. - 32 - GOODBYE * 2 KISS Send off your love in the morning with a quick kiss. As your love turns to leave, pull him or her back for a second, more passionate kiss - 33 - RIDDLE KISS Ask your love to solve the following riddle: I am just two and two I am warm, I am cold, I am lawful, unlawful A duty, a fault I am often sold dear, Good for nothing when bought; an extraordinary boon, and a matter of course, and yielding with pleasure When taken by force. If your love solves it, ask for a demonstration as proof. If he or she cannot show the answer, of course, the answer is a kiss. - 34 - KISS MANDATE Command your love to kiss you. Elaborate on the technique you expect (e.g. long and wet, or the way Rhett kissed Scarlett) and where and when you will get it. - 35 - UNEXPECTED KISS When the two of you are doing the usual, lean over and give your love a sweet kiss on the cheek for no good reason and whisper...I LOVE YOU! - 36 - POST OFFICE KISS Notify your love you have personal mail to deliver. Pull your love into the nearest dark closet; close the door and play POST OFFICE: No instructions included! - 37 - KNOCK-KNOCK KISS Stage the following knock-knock joke with your love: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 64 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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KNOCK KNOCK Who is there? Kiss Kiss who? Kiss who? Why me, of course! - 38 - BEGGAR`S KISS That's right, on your knees with your hands clasped, plead for any kiss you love is humbly willing to give you! - 39 - TOOTHPASTE KISS Brush your teeth together. When your love's mouth is all sudsy, plant a big wet one on the lips. WARNING: MAKE SURE TOOTHBRUSHES ARE OUT OF THE WAY! - 40 - PALM KISS Holding your love's chin with your palm, smile and deliver a sweet kiss to his or her lips! - 41 - 30 KISSES Inform your love that in honor of the 30th of the month, you will kiss him or her 30 times during the day! - 42 - CAT KISS Rub against your love's legs while meowing and purring. Now that you have your love's attention, touch noses. Playfully paw your love while moving in for a kiss. - 43 - EYELID KISS While kissing your love, watch for his or her eyes to close. Sweetly place a light kiss on each eyelid. Note: Be careful! - 44 - EAR KISS Whisper to your love how special he or she is to you, and then seal your message with an ear kiss! - 45 - VALENTINE KISS Celebrate Valentine's Day with kisses in the shape of a "V" on the face of your lover. - 46 - FOOTBALL KISS After a pass during a football game, kiss your love. - 47 - SLEEPING BEAUTY KISS Awaken your love from slumber with a tender kiss on the lips! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 65 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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- 48 - No-Cal Kiss After dinner, give your love a no-calorie desert...your lips. - 49 - CAB KISS Hire a cab, instruct the cab driver to drive around for 15 minutes while you and your love neck in the back seat. - 50 - STEAMING KISS Breathe heavily into your love's ear, then slide over to his or her mouth and plant a steamer. - 51 - THE NECKLACE KISS Deposit sweet kisses that circle your love's neck. HINT 1: Concentrate your kisses along the back of the neck. HINT 2: If the first necklace went well...try a second!! - 52 Next your kiss

- NOSEY NOSEY KISS time the two of you are outside on a cold day, wrap arms around your love's neck. Rub noses, then sweetly the tip of your love's nose.

- 53 - NAPE OF NECK KISS Surprise your love from behind. Move his or her hair and/or pull down his or her collar to expose the back of your love's neck. Kiss and blow on the nape of the neck. - 54 - EAR YE, EAR YE KISS Kiss your love's ears. And while you are there, whisper something exciting. - 55 - NIGHT AT THE MOVIES KISS It's Friday night. Take your love to a movie. French kiss his or her fingers to remove popcorn butter; nip kiss your love's fingers during scary scenes; and hickey kiss him or her during love scenes. - 56 - BLANKET KISS Wrap yourselves in a blanket outdoors on a blustery winter day, and warm each other's lips. - 57 - LEMON Sprinkle two the count of each other's

KISS lemon wedges with sugar. Each takes one. On three...bite into the wedge. Immediately kiss perfectly puckered lips.

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- 58 - SCHNAPPS KISS Prepare two shots of Peppermint Schnapps. Have your love take the first shot, and kiss him or her immediately after. Next, you take the second shot and have your love kiss you.. - 59 - UNDER THE STARS KISSES On the next beautiful clear night, find a place outside for you and your love to sit and stare at the stars. Talk about romantic times, and kiss each other frequently. - 60 - NEW KISS Think of a kiss you and your love have never shared. Then send your love off in the morning with it.. Say nothing if your love asks the reason for the sexy send off. Disclaimer: It is guaranteed to make your love think about you all day. Not responsible for what happens later! - 61 - EAR WE GO KISS Lightly envelop your love's entire ear inside your mouth. Let it fall out of your mouth very slowly, earlobe last. Finish with a light nibble on the earlobe! - 62 - GERMAN MORNING KISS Write on the bathroom mirror in lipstick or soap the following: "MORGENKUSS" (German for "a morning kiss") When your baffled love asks what it means, define it in body language ! - 63 - CLANDESTINE KISS Quietly tell your love you want to meet at a special place (e.g. garden, backstairs, closet) at a specified time without explaining why. When he or she arrives, greet your love a wonderfully romantic kiss. HINT: Wear something fun like a trench coat or a towel! - 64 - REAR-VIEW MIRROR KISS Apply lipstick or chapstick to you lips. Kiss the rearview mirror of your love's car, leaving a lip print for future discovery! - 65 - THEATER KISS when you’re in the theater and it's a scary scene quietly get close to your love like you're petrified and put your lips on his neck, and when you get scared, bite him gently. when he/she jumps apologize and then kiss them to make it better. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 67 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ SEX GOD SECRETS

- 66 - CHEWING GUM KISS Lady chews a piece of gum until it’s nicely chewy. Guy goes and uses ONLY his tongue to try to get that piece of gum out of the lady’s mouth.

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FOREPLAY FOREPLAY FOR YOUR FEMALE PARTNER 1. You can never, ever, take too long over foreplay. Foreplay is a range of activities that includes kissing, undressing, petting and oral sex. Each can be enjoyed in its on right, or as a preliminary to sexual intercourse. Men who cuddle and kiss their partners and know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay will often find their partners reach orgasm more easily. A woman needs prolonged stimulation to reach full arousal; foreplay ensures she receives the stimulation she requires. Foreplay is not about pressing the right buttons in the right order. Foreplay is about understanding what pleases your partner, and doing those things that deliver the most pleasure. 2. Even after years of living together, many couples find that undressing each other can be arousing. The act of removing your own clothes, and your partner's, can be an important part of foreplay. Your partner may want you to remove their clothes, or they may do it themselves. It doesn't matter which, undressing has an erotic impact which is irresistible. 3. A kiss is often the first physical expression of love and desire. Kissing during foreplay is necessary and offers sensual pleasure and a feeling of intimacy. You can kiss any part of a woman's body during foreplay and kissing should not be restricted to the mouth, try kissing every inch of your partner's body. Many women complain that they are not kissed often enough, or long enough, by their partners. Their partners do not prolong the experience and move on to genital touching too soon. You can heighten your partner's enjoyment by kissing her mouth, ears, hair, eyelids, neck, throat, shoulders, breasts, stomach, inner thighs and feet. If you are kissing her mouth use your tongue to add to the experience.

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4. Exploring your lover's erogenous zones is not something you should do quickly, or mechanically. Your lovemaking will be enhanced considerably if you do it gradually. Your aim should be to excite slowly and surely by kissing and stroking your partner's body and you should experiment to find out what pleases her most. Touch her face, hairline, temples, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks and mouth with your fingertips and mouth. Gentle caresses are best, unless they like it 'hard'. Talk and find out. The breasts can be very erotic - licking, stoking and sucking her breasts and nipples can be very exciting for both of you. An extremely sensitive part of a woman's body is the perineum, the area between the anus and the vagina. Because of the network of nerve endings here, some women find being touched in this area very arousing. In foreplay, and in lovemaking generally, the clitoris is the most sexually sensitive area. Learn to stimulate it gently and skillfully. Men can also use their erect penis to stimulate the clitoris, and this will create a very pleasurable sensation in many women. As your foreplay continues, you can give great pleasure to your partner by stimulating her buttocks and her vagina by caressing them with your fingertips, your lips and your tongue.

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STIMULATING A WOMAN 1. Stimulating a woman is about more than just pressing the right buttons in the right order. Women need to feel that a partner is sensitive to their needs and desires. Spend time understanding what your partner likes and doesn't like. Without this knowledge you will never be able to truly stimulate your partner. 2. Be sure to tell your partner you love her If a woman is self conscious about her body more inhibited during sex. Sincerely praise increased confidence will translate to added the bedroom.

and her body. she may feel her and the excitement in

To stimulate a woman physically takes gentleness, communication and time. The only way to be sure you are really stimulating your partner is to ask for some feedback. 3. Ask her to tell you what feels good and what does not. Kissing, cuddling and caressing are very stimulating to a women. Kiss her neck, shoulders and under the arms. 4. Use your tongue and mouth to lick and suck her ears and neck. 5. The breasts are particularly sensitive; some women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone, although this is unusual. Lick, suck or kiss the breasts. Pay special attention to the nipples. 6. The stomach and navel are all sensitive to kisses and stroking. The buttocks and anus can be stimulating to the touch. The feet are not usually touched or kissed, although touching or sucking can be extremely erotic. 7. The thighs and vagina are sensitive to all kinds of stimulation. Use your hands to stroke the inner thighs, Mons Veneris and labia. Gentle stimulation of the clitoris and vaginal area, using your fingers or lips and tongue is highly arousing.

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MASTURBATION FEMALE MASTURBATION TECHNIQUES Introduction This section is specialy addressed to the ladies, but the guys shoud read it too, because I truly believe that any man out there MUST know how to effectively masturbate a woman. Ok, let’s have a look at some different techniques that will work to get a woman off. A great many of women can only attain orgasm through manual stimulation. There are a few who can achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Anyway, here are some techniques that might add a little variety to your masturbation play.

Direct clitoral stimulation: Rolling, rolling, rolling – ok, for this technique you need to place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoris and gently roll it in between your fingers. You can start off with a slow gentle roll and then gradually pick up the pace and the pressure according to what feels good to you. Circular rub – If you are in a hurry this technique works wonders. Just take your first two fingers from either hand and place them over top of you clitoris. Then begin moving them in a circular motion over top of the clitoris. You can vary the speed and pressure easily with this technique. If you use this one you might reach orgasm in under a minute. If you want to change the feel slightly just add your favorite lube and everything becomes very slippery. Tapping – This technique is a little different and it’s not for everyone, as with anything some things will work for some people and not for others. For this one I use my left _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 72 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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hand to pull the pussy lips back out of the way so that the clitoris is very exposed. Then with youry index finger on your right hand you lightly begin tapping the fingertip gently on the clitoris. It results in a very delicious sensation that builds to a point where you just can’t hold it back anymore. Combination – Have your fingers from one hand playing with your clitoris, stimulating it however you wish. Take the other hand and place two or three fingers inside your vagina and begin thrusting. Basically you’re simulating intercourse with this action and it works rather nicely in tandem with the clitoral stimulation and can bring you to a rocking orgasm!

Waterworks Water is your friend. It can be used in a multitude of ways to get you off! Try these out. Please avoid sending strong streams of water directly into your vagina as that can be potentially dangerous. Running Water – I’m sure you’ve all stuck your hands under the water flow when you’re filling the tub for your bath to check the temperature of the water. Now, just imagine that same water flow landing on your clitoris. It’s a wild feeling. The only thing you need for this one is some time and a bathtub. Hopefully your bathtub will be shaped properly so that you can slide your butt down against the end of the tub and position yourself so that the water flow will land on your clitoris. It’s best to start of with a lighter water flow and gradually work up to a higher pressure flow. Make sure that you test the warmth of the water before sticking your pussy under it, wouldn’t want to get scalded in that area! Water Spray – this on is just a bit of a variation on the one above. In this instance just place your thumb or finger over the faucet and then direct the spray so that it falls directly on your clitoris. Shower Massage – this is a great one if you’ve got one of those Shower Massage devices because you can pick whether it pulses or comes out in a steady spray. There are many options. You’ll have to experiment with them to see what _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 73 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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works best for you. Here again, you can adjust the pressure and temperature of the spray to whatever you’d like them to be. Jacuzzi Jive – If you’re lucky, you will have private access to a jacuzzi and you’ll be able to take advantage of the water flow from the jets! This is one to be careful with since the flow of water from the jets has considerably more pressure behind it than that from the shower or bathtub. My recommendation is to start a fair distance back from the jets and then move yourself closer to find the pressure level that works for you. All you need to do is position yourself so that the water flow lands directly on your vagina and clitoris. Once you’ve found the right spot let yourself go and enjoy the warm water and indulge in a little fantasy.

Good Vibrations Vibrators are handy little gadgets and in my opinion every woman should have one tucked away in a drawer for those moments when you really need it. Vibrators are primarily used for clitoral stimulation but can also be used vaginally or anally if you prefer. You can try different combinations out to see which you like best. Clit rub – Vibrators are great for clitoral control since you can change alter the speed of the vibration easily and bring yourself to the edge and then slow it down again. Pressure is a key factor as well. You may also want to try rubbing the vibrator over your inner thighs and around your pussy lips and even up over your nipples. Masturbation doesn’t have to be confined to just the clitoral area.

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MALE MASTURBATION TECHNIQUES Fist Techniques Single fist: The use of a single fist is perhaps the most basic male masturbation technique. You simply wrap your fingers around your erect penis firmly and slide your hand up and down over your cock. This technique produces the most contact between your hand and your penis. Fist over Fist: In this technique you can alternate fists, sliding first one and then the other from the base of the penis to the tip. In this manner you can strike up a similar rhythm that approximates the single fisted method. To add a sligthly different twist, try moving one fist upwards and the other downwards. Two fists together: If your penis is of a fairly large size, you may be able to place both of your fists on your penis at the same time and slide them back and forth on your penis in unison. Finger Techniques

There are many variations of the finger techniques which usually only vary by position of a finger or thumb and can depend on the firmness of the grip. Here are a few examples for you to try. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you. Two Fingers: This method generally uses just the thumb and forefinger and can be substituted for the single hand. You can stroke the shaft from base to tip or merely run move the thumb and forefinger back and forth over just the head of the penis Thumbs and Fingers: Encircle your penis with the thumb and two fingers from each hand. Then stroke up and down, varying the speed and the pressure until you reach orgasm.

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Vaginal Simulations

There is nothing better than placing your penis inside a pussy. Although sometimes this doesn't always work out as you'd like. These are some techniques in which you can fantasize that you are pumping into a pussy. Try them out and see which ones you like best. Hot Dripping Pussy: Make sure that your hands are well lubricated with a water soluble lubricant. The slicker the better in this case. Grasp your penis and try to simulate the feelings you get when a pussy has a tight grip on your penis and is squeezing and releasing it spasmodically. Insertion Objects: There are a great many different objects that you can thrust your penis into that will simulate vaginal intercourse. The best thing is that most of them are readily available. Toilet paper rolls are one idea. Cutting a hole large enough for for erect penis to fit through in a watermelon or cantaloupe is another. Experiment, experiment, experiment! Liver: Ok, I know that this one might sound a little bit gross and repulsive but check it out. Have a good look the next time you buy raw liver. The texture and flexibility of it makes it a great substitute for the real thing. You could probably even warm it up a little before wrapping it around your penis. Pillowing: In this instance, it's a little tamer than the liver, you place a couple of pillows down on the bed or location of your choice and insert your penis in between them. Then thrust your penis in and out simulating intercourse.

Water Techniques

Cool, clear water. It's definitely good for what ails you. Here are a couple of ideas for you for the next time you're in the shower or taking a bath _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 76 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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Falling Water: This method can be accomplished in a number of ways. Place yourself so that the water will spray over your penis. This can be accomplished by positioning yourself near enough to the tub faucet, the shower nozzle, or even a garden hose if you don't mind the cold water.. Shower Head: This one can be a lot of fun. I know I sure enjoy it as a female. You need a hand-held shower head for this one. Direct the spray at the backof your penis, the spot where the head and the shaft meet. This can produce some very pleasurable feelings. Soapy Shower: The shower is always a great place for masturbation, it's warm and comfy. A great place to fantasize as you stroke your lathered up penis until you cum. Belly Scratch: First of all you need to get into a comfortable position on your back. Make sure you've got lots of lube and make your penis very slick. Then curl the tips of your fingers lightly around the top half of the shaft and stroke the full length of your penis. The lower half of the penis will rub against your belly, hence the scratching. Playing Ball: In this one, you get to scratch at your balls. Gently scratch your fingernails over the surface of your balls. Alternate between doing this and massaging gently around the area surrounding each ball individually. Try tossing them around gently allowing them to roll slightly in the scrotal sack. You can also massage the spot beneath your balls at the cleft above your asshole.

Squeeze Techniques

In these techniques you get to put the squeeze on. Enjoy! Thigh Squeeze: Please bear in mind that this particular method can be painful and not all men will be able to accomplish it. So if it hurts, please stop. Some men are capable of getting _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 77 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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their penises between their thighs and can get off by jiggling or squeezing their thighs around their penises. Make sure that you have the testicles out of the way when trying this technique. Greased Elbows: This is another variation on the above technique although it is not found to be as satisfactory but is less painful. The idea is to insert your penis between well greased elbows. This can be done in a standing, sitting or lying face down position. Simulated Thrusting: Here's a position you might want to try when masturbation simply isn't enough and you have the desire to thrust as in sex. After Lubing up, make an open fist, big enough for your cock and place your hand on the corner of a counter, or desk....they are usually perfect height.....Let the edge of the counter rest between your first and second knuckle.......Your hand may move occasionally, but begin to move your cock thrusting upwards slightly in and out and it simulates the act of sex....the ridges of your inner fingers and hand help this along nicely.....leads to a nice orgasm.

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utual masturbation can create a richer sexual life for couples because it gives both partners the opportunity to experiment with what brings the most pleasure. Couples can set the scene with soft lights, romantic music and if both partners are happy to include it, an erotic video. If you like, use lubrication on the penis or the vulva. There are a range of positions for mutual masturbation. The only practical requirement is for both partners' genitals to be within easy reach. For example a man and a woman could lie side by side, with the woman's upper body resting on the man. Each can easily reach the other's genital area and he can kiss her face and neck and nuzzle her hair. At the same time he can feel her breasts with his hands. Her one hand is free to guide his toward doing what she likes best and the other can reach toward his body and stimulate his penis. Mutual masturbation is an alternative to penetrative sex and can add interest to a couple's sex life. For example when the man cannot get an erection or a woman is pregnant, has just had a baby or some recent surgery, penetrative sex may be out of the question. Many people just enjoy nonpenetrative sex as an exciting sexual option.

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his tutorial will take you through the art of cunnilingus from start to finish. What I’m hoping to do is to give you information that will improve your oral sex techniques, give you some new ideas or confirm what you already know. There are many men out there who love nothing better than to bury their faces in woman’s pussy to lick and explore to their hearts content. On the other hand there are many men who want no part of this. At the same time there are woman who do not enjoy having their pussy licked. These are things that you need to know ahead of time before you get into a lovemaking session that is destined to go wrong because you don’t know enough about each other. It’s becoming much easier to communicate with another on what you like – sex isn’t the taboo it once was.

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n my experience, one of the main reasons that partners avoid female oral sex is due to a perceived or even experienced poor taste. While it is true that women run the range from pleasant (tasty!) to sour or uric tasting, there are easy steps to ensure that your partner will be tasting her sweetest. First and most obviously, a good vigorous shower will do much to neutralize the taste of your partner. In fact, oral sex in the shower, while not a favorite method of mine, has a completely neutral taste if you stick to the upper regions of your partner's sex. If your partner has not showered recently, or has physically exerted herself recently, her taste will be much stronger. This, however, can be a good thing! Secondly, foreplay will improve upon both the taste and the experience in general if your can get her juices flowing. I have never found an extremely aroused, wet woman to taste unpleasant. Quite the contrary!

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o it! Take your time! Have fun! Experiment! A common male misunderstanding is that females are aroused most through physical contact. Not true. I have aroused women greatly simply by acting sexy. Tension is a wonderful tool, use it. If you can build tension to the point where the barest touch sends electric shivers through both of you, you can't lose! Similarly, even the best love techniques will not turn on a woman who isn't in the mood. (If you can get her in the mood, well then you're talking.) Take your time, explore your partner (there's a lot more there than nipples and a clitoris!), build tension, have fun.

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ying flat – For a very comfortable session, have her lie on her back with legs spread and knees bent slightly. Lie on your stomach between her legs, put your right arm under her left leg and your left arm under her right somewhat of an intimate hug. Now you should find your head situated conveniently and comfortably near the center of your attention. Less comfortable, but a bit wilder is the following. Lie on your back, prop a couple of pillows (or fold one over) under your head. Have your partner kneel facing you with one knee on each side of your head, above your shoulders. The sexy part of this position is that your partner can look down at you and watch you eating her out. Versatility and comfort are reduced for the giver, so I only occasionally partake in this position. Edge – in this instance you can have your partner slide down the edge of the bed and lean back, perhaps propped up on pillows in a semi-sitting position. You would then kneel on the floor in front of her and start working your magic on her. 69 – in this instance you and your partner can either lie facing one another or have the man on top or the woman on top. The drawback to this position is that it’s easy enough to forget what you’re supposed to be doing if your partner is also working on you. The one I like best is when I get to be on top and can grind my pussy into my partner’s face. However please note that in this position you will get quite wet! Note to the ladies: It is worth your while to do your Kegels. This exercise will help you to increase the strength of your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles that form the pelvic floor between the legs. The toning of these muscles which contract during orgasm, helps a lot of women to climax more easily.

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To do the exercise simply tighten up your muscles as if you were going to stop the flow of urine. Hold in that position for about 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds and repeat. You can gradually build up the number of repetitions you do.

These are by no means the only positions. Again, experiment, have fun. If you can find a bed where your partner can lie down with her legs dangling off the bed and resting flat on the floor, you're in luck. Now you can have her sit just at the edge of the bed, lie back, and give you plenty of access while you kneel/sit in front of her sex.

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GEOGRAPHY Woman are very different in some respects of their genitalia, but the major parts are the same. A woman's sex from the oral sex point of view consists of two sets of lips (outer and inner) that meet just below the vaginal opening and some variable distance above the clitoris; the vaginal opening (immediately above the nether meeting of above-mentioned lips), a smooth section of skin between the vaginal opening and the clitoris and its surrounding folds. If you get the chance, explore your partner in a location with decent lighting. Use your hand to spread her sex and explore her, find out what's where and what's what. Like I said earlier, women are different. Especially the location and shape of the clitoris. It can be buried, protruding, surrounded by many folds of flesh, or hanging out it the open. The best method I have found for finding your partner's clitoris (If all else fails, ask!), is to place a finger at the very base of her sex and gently run it up her pussy until you feel a slight bump. That's it.

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o your partner is showered, excited and feeling sexy. It's the big moment, what to do? Don't simply dive in. Take your time, excite her. In my opinion, I can usually tell how good my partner is at oral sex by how she "goes down" on me. By "going down" I mean the process by which she goes from kissing my lips to sucking oh-so-wonderfully on my sex. Depending on your partner, different methods of going down will work more effectively. If you've gotten to this point with your partner, you should have a fair idea of what she likes. Take advantage of that knowledge. One thing that I highly recommend however, is a sexy look. Sexy looks can make all the difference, and the best place to throw one in is as you're licking, sucking and kissing your way down her stomach stop, look up and smile devilishly. Unbutton your partners jeans, pull the tabs back and kiss her newly exposed flesh. Unzip her pants, pull the tabs back as far as they can go and place light, tender kisses on her abdomen and around the top of her panties. Watch it, some women are very ticklish here! (Note the above doesn't work so well if she doesn't have jeans on but you're all smart enough to figure it out...) Once you've removed everything but her panties, stop. You have a unique opportunity for further arousal. Kiss her legs and inner thighs with gentle kisses. Work your way up each leg and make a point of stopping at the line of her underwear. Kiss again along the top of her underwear, and along the other two borders. Now move to her cotton (silk? lace? latex?) covered sex. Plant firm, dry kisses through her underwear on her sex, low and right around the vaginal entrance works best for me. If your partner is really excited, often her underwear will be damp and will smell (pleasantly) of her sex. Removing the underwear is again a matter of choice. You know your partner best, I prefer either gently sliding it _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 86 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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all the way off with my fingers, or pulling it part way down with my teeth first. DIRECT KISSING It is not unusual for your partner's lips to be closed together. A very excited woman's lips may be slightly spread already ("pouting"). Again, building tension can be accomplished by light kisses on either side of her sex as well as light blowing. (Do not inflate your partner! This can be very dangerous!!) Spreading her lips can be accomplished by placing your tongue first at the base of her sex, and then firmly running your tongue all the way up. Continue with a few long licks from the base of her sex all the way to the top past her clitoris. Vary the firmness of your tongue from hard and pointed to broad and soft. THE BIG "O" The best and most proven method of making your partner cum through oral sex is by repeated, rhythmic stroking of her clitoris with your tongue. The tongue is uniquely suited for this purpose because of it's texture, versatility, and pliability. It is difficult (and tiring) to apply too much pressure to your partner's clitoris. Some women are much more sensitive than others however. Be receptive to any sharp gasps, you could be being too affectionate. If this is the case, move away from direct contact or adopt a gentler technique. Repeated, rhythmic stroking can be accomplished in a variety of ways. I prefer either rapid, repeated vertical licks with a firm, pointed tongue, or planting your tongue firmly against your partner's clitoris and vigorously shaking your head back and forth. (Tiring, maybe. But it's worth it!) If you are having trouble finding the correct angle or method for rhythmically caressing her clitoris, or if you want to try something fun and new: Tongue the abc's. No seriously! This is a great oral exercise on any part of the body. Tongue the abc's starting with lower case, and moving though upper case. (Heck, you could do the whole ANSI ASCII set if you'd like!) Be especially perceptive while you do this, vary your speed and watch for sharp intakes of breath - chances are you've hit the right angle. The abc's give a large variety of

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different strokes, so come back to this exercise as often as you'd like. A general rule of thumb (tongue?) is to start slow and pick up the pace as you go along. This is definitely a general rule though, feel free to break it by varying your rhythm, both slowly and predictably as well as quickly and startlingly. OTHER FUN THINGS TO DO Lick between the inner and outer lips; penetrate the vagina deeply (a much stronger, iron-like taste here); "tease" the entrance to her vagina with rapid pokes of your tongue at varying depths; don't forget your hands, often a woman will feel a need or ache for something inside of her while very aroused, oblige her with a finger or two. Both kissing and manually manipulating your partner is tough. Talk to your partner, ask her what she likes. Experiment (if you can) with many different partners. What excites one woman a lot may not excite another as much, but may still be well worth trying. On the other hand, you may not notice a subtle pleasurable technique on one woman that can be easily learned on another. The better you know your partner, the more effectively you can please her. Have fun!

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he G-spot (or Grafenberg spot) is a dime to half dollar sized, localized area of especially high sensitivity, situated beneath the surface of a woman's vagina on the wall toward the front of her body. While location varies, the G-spot is typically located about half way between the pubic bone and the cervix, about three inches into the vagina. Researchers have found that some women experience sensitivity more generally along the upper vaginal wall, rather than in a definable spot. Because the G-spot is beneath the surface of the vaginal wall, it must be stimulated indirectly through the vaginal wall. Many women reportedly notice an urge to urinate when the spot is initially stimulated, but find continued stimulation (with an empty bladder), very pleasurable. Some go on to experience orgasm, and some expel a fluid along with the orgasmic contractions. Named by researchers Perry and Whipple in honor of the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who first wrote about it, the G-spot's existence, as well as its location, has been a source of great debate and controversy. Grafenberg himself identified the sensitive area as the point where the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder) runs closest to the top of the vaginal wall. Perry and Whipple argue that the area is located higher up along the vagina, while Israeli sexologist Dr. Zwi Hoch, claims that the entire anterior wall of the vagina, rather than one particular spot, is filled with nerve endings capable of producing intense arousal when stimulated. Other research seems to show that the G-spot does not exist at all for some women. Also under debate is the composition of the fluid (sometimes called female ejaculant) that is expelled by some women during orgasm from G-spot stimulation. Some researchers claim that it is urine; others assert that it is a substance corresponding to seminal fluid in males (but without the sperm, of course). Not all women with a G-spot

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ejaculate, and those who do, do not necessarily ejaculate with every G-spot orgasm. It is relatively difficult for a woman to explore the Gspot on her own because most do not have fingers long enough to reach it. Inserting an appropriate, safe, clean object into the vagina is probably required for selfexploration. Or working with a trusted partner can make for enjoyable self-discovery of a woman's G-spot. Through experimentation a woman can learn the type of stimulation that feels best to her. Penile stimulation is often more effective when done through steady and prolonged pressure, rather than with the usual penile thrusting, because the Gspot generally needs an intense and quite localized pressure. Gradually increasing the pressure will help identify the optimal pressure for erotic pleasure without causing pain. Some women are able to climax simply as a result of this pressure; in others it may act to significantly heighten arousal. Rear entry and female on top positioning for intercourse can be effective ways to produce more direct stimulation.

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G-SPOT PLAY Preparing Your Hands


f you absolutely must have long fingernails for fashion reasons, then you'll probably want to put cotton balls around them and don latex gloves before doing any penetration. If you don't need your fingernails long, then go ahead and clip them short before playing. Even if you have short fingernails, you may in some circumstances wish to wear a latex glove on your "insertive" hand for comfort or "peace of mind" reasons; see the "Lubes and Gloves" section of this article for details. The Basic Idea For many women this type of vaginal penetration can be physically and emotionally intense; it isn't the sort of play most folks would want to leap into immediately after taking their clothes off. If you think of sex as being like a feast, you should probably think of the things this article will talk about as being the "main course." So... Start out by kissing and stroking and teasing each other until you two can't stand it any more (many women find that vaginal penetration and G-spot play feel especially good after a lot of cunnilingus). When the two of you get to the point where a little penetration starts to sound nice, grab your bottle of water-based lube, apply it liberally to your "insertive" hand, wait for it to heat up to near body temperature (unless you had placed your lube bottle in a bowl of warm water to keep it warm), and slowly (teasingly?) insert your first two fingers into your lover's vagina. At this point, many couples patterns such as these:





1. Move your fingers in even circles all around the vagina, with your fingers as far "in" as is comfortable for the receptive partner. It generally feels best if you keep consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the fingers against the vaginal walls and if you keep the pressure fairly constant _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 91 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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while rotating (though you can give a LITTLE extra pressure at 12 o'clock [towards her belly] as long as you don't break the steady rotational rhythm). 2. Stop rotating and rest your fingertips on the (often slightly ridged) area of the vagina just behind the pubic bone and exert pressure upwards, towards her belly. This is direct G-spot stimulation, and it usually feels best if the fingers are subtly moving somehow. You can move them in small, slow circles, or point the fingers more sharply upwards and rock them forwards and back. Embellishments Some couples find it erotic and pleasurable when the insertive partner thrusts his or her hand in and out and in and out (and for an extra thrill, possibly exerts pressure upwards when withdrawing to involve her G-spot a little more). It might also feel good to her for you to use your thumb to rub her clitoris while the first two fingers of your hand rest, move in circles, rub her G-spot, or thrust in and out. Your non-insertive hand can do an almost delicious variety of things. You might try:


1. Holding the "penetratee" 2. Gliding your hand all over her body Depending on your mutual comfort levels with "power" play and anal play, you might also experiment with one or more of the following: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Firmly grabbing her hair while kissing her Holding her hands above her head Pinching her nipples Penetrating or just massaging the outside of her anus (especially if she's lying on her side)

You can also lie down or crouch so that your head is next to hers and whisper hot things in her ear (incorporating fantasies which you know your partner enjoys into your verbal teasing and hot talk is almost always fun). Passionate kissing is usually welcome, as is licking or sucking your partner's nipples while she is being penetrated.

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Licking, kissing, or sucking on your partner's clitoris might also feel good to her during vaginal penetration. You and your partner might find vaginal penetration and G-spot play to be more arousing if she is somehow pleasuring you as you are pleasuring her; this can work equally well for same-sex as for opposite-sex couples, though you might have to do some experimenting to find the body positions that are most comfortable for the two of you. Multiple Orgasms Most women who have experienced both claim that it is easier to have multiple G-spot orgasms than it is to have multiple clitoral orgasms. If an orgasm rears its lovely head while you two are playing, try whispering some words of encouragement (and perhaps ratchet up the intensity just a little bit), but basically continue pleasuring through her orgasm, afterwards, and possibly into a next one. As long as it still feels good for both of you, what's the point of stopping? There is often a "pyramid effect" with multiple G-spot orgasms; each one makes the next one feel better, and makes almost anything else sexual feel better too. However, as I said earlier everybody is a little different, and quality is obviously more important than quantity. It IS true for some women that G-Spot play may become more likely to result in orgasm over a period of weeks or months after first starting to experiment with it. It is also true that the intensity of G-Spot orgasms may be directly related to pubococcygeal muscle tone, which is another incentive for doing regular PC muscle exercises. If you want to try including your G-Spot when masturbating, one good combination of toys would be a vibrator (used on your clit as you're getting warmed up). By the way, in general it isn't a good idea to have a huge ego/emotional stake in having (or "giving") orgasms or multiple orgasms; most sex educators believe it isn't helpful to get "goal oriented" about something that's supposed to be fun. Fisting Some women enjoy vaginal fisting (having all or most of their lover's hand in their vagina). This is DEFINITELY a _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 93 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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case where you should proceed only with your partner's active and ongoing encouragement and within her comfort level. The basic technique is as follows: with your hand palm up (and your lover on her back or on all fours) bring your fingers and thumb together to form something that looks like a duck bill. With massaging, and possibly gentle twisting motions, slowly tease your hand into her vagina. If your anatomies allows it, once you get past the third knuckles your fingers will start to gently and naturally curve back to form a fist. The whole procedure takes time and plenty of trust, but the women and men who can take a whole hand vaginally or anally often claim that it leads them to transcendent, ecstatic altered states. Even if safer sex issues are not a concern, many women find that it is more physically comfortable to be fisted when their partner is wearing (possibly powder-free) latex gloves.

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f you were to refer to literature over the last 50 years you would be lead to believe that females have only been able to ejaculate since about 1980. Of course this is absurd, and just shows how "the experts" can be wrong for decades on just about anything. Many knew the experts were wrong, but had little success in convincing anyone. Needless to say this lead to many problems, needless surgery (to fix the poor women who would ejaculate), expensive counseling (got to find out what happened when they were children to cause this "problem"), and in some cases divorce. "The G Spot" by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry, has dozens of letters from women who went though various personal tragedies because they would ejaculate during lovemaking. Doctors, gynecologists, and psychiatrists invariably told them they were peeing and needed either surgery or psychotherapy. Newsweek published an article entitled "Just How the Sexes Differ" in May of 1981. One of the major difference was listed was that men ejaculate, but women do not. However, Aristotle wrote about female ejaculation, and Galen knew about it in the second century. The female prostate, which generates the fluid which is ejaculated, was described in some detail by De Graaf in his "New Treatise Concerning the Generative Organs of Women". "... during the sexual act it discharges to lubricate the tract so copiously that it even flows outside the pudenda. This is the matter which may have been taken to be actual female semen." He describes the fluid as "rushing out" with "impetus" and "in one gush." The medical community was finally awakened in 1980 when Perry and Whipple showed a film of a female ejaculating to the SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sex). Martin Weisberg, M.D., a gynecologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia responded, "Bull ... I spend half my waking hours examining, cutting apart, putting together, removing, or rearranging female reproductive organs. There is no female prostrate, and women don't ejaculate."

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Yet after seeing the film and witnessing the event in person he changed his tune: "The vulva and vagina were normal with no abnormal masses or spots. The urethra was normal. Everything was normal. She then had her partner stimulate her by inserting two fingers into the vagina and stroking along the urethra lengthwise. To our amazement, the area began to swell. It eventually became a firm one by two cm oval area distinctly different from the rest of the vagina. In a few moments the subject seemed to perform a Valsalva maneuver (bearing down as if starting to defecate) and seconds later several cc's of milky fluid shot out the urethra. The material analysis described in the paper (Perry & Whipple's) is correct, its composition was closest to prostatic fluid". Fluid Characteristics The ejaculate is very much like prostrate fluid. It is usually clear, or milky and as thin as water. It does not have the look, smell or taste of urine. It is almost odorless. The taste varies, depending on the time of the month and diet, and possibly other factors, such as amount of stimulation received prior to ejaculating or time since the last ejaculation. It can vary from an almost honey sweet, sour, bitter, or a combination of these tastes. Even though it is ejaculated from the urethra, it is most definitely not urine. It is absolutely impossible to pee during a orgasm unless there is a weak pubococcygeus muscle. This is very important, and it is important for the female and her partner to both understand this. The pubococcygeus muscle contracts when terminating a stream of urine, and is the muscle which contracts during orgasm. This contraction helps prevent retrograde ejaculation (ejaculation back into the bladder), and of course prevents the bladder from draining during orgasm. Problems Women have Ejaculating I think there are two major problems women face that prevents them from the immensely enjoyable experience of ejaculation. They are the female's mental attitude, and their partners inability or unwillingness to spend the time and effort during lovemaking and to learn the necessary techniques. I will address both of these problems and the solutions here.

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The ejaculation is done through the urethra. This is the same tube that is used for urination. It is located outside the vagina, between it and the clitoris. The fluid is water like, and non- lubricating. In no way does ejaculation improve the chances of conceiving, it offers no lubrication, and is dumped outside of the vagina. The only conceivable purpose of female ejaculation is for pleasure. And the pleasure is intense, in many cases far surpassing the best orgasm's. Often ejaculation takes place during both a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm (yes there are two type of orgasms, clitoral and vaginal, but often orgasm is a combination of the two), giving the female extreme pleasure, sort of a triple whammy. Sometimes after ejaculation the female will virtually pass out from the intense feelings. It can be argued that since the only reason that females can and do ejaculate is for pleasure, then there should be no reason for them to not do so, and as often as they please. It is one of the safer sex acts, since in most cases it can be triggered with fingers alone. Ejaculating from intercourse is more difficult, especially when performed from the missionary position, but still possible. Preparation Recommendations for the Woman's Partner Wash hands well. Trim fingernails. Make sure that the thumb, and first two finger nails do not extend past the fingertips. Trimming them as far back as possible would be best. Make sure that there is no dirt or crud under the fingernails. Place a towel on the bed. A surprising amount of fluid can be released during female ejaculation. Compared to a male it can be like a water cannon instead of a water pistol. Have some K&Y Jelly handy. At some point additional lubrication may be necessary, even if she is having heavy orgasms and climaxes. Set aside enough time. The first successful ejaculation may take from 10 minutes to over an hour. It may be wise to exercise your hands, fingers, and arm for several days prior to this exercise. The motions necessary can become quite tiring after a while if you are not in good physical shape. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 97 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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Before beginning the first time, discuss it. Let her know that you are striving to give her an ejaculation. That female ejaculation is perfectly normal, and a wonderful experience for both of you. Convince her that there is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Explain that just prior to ejaculation, she most likely will feel like she is about to pee. This is a difficult point for many women, as they will immediately draw back. Convince her that it is normally impossible to pee during an orgasm, and that the feeling is simply the first sign she is about to ejaculate. Since the movement of the fluid through the urethra will initially feel exactly like when she starts to pee, this is very important. The reflex to stop peeing will immediately abort the ejaculation, so she needs to be told to relax, and allow the fluid to pass. In other words when she feels like she is about to pee, she should go ahead and pee. Only it really won't be pee, it will be an ejaculation, and within a couple of seconds it will be very obvious to her that this is something quite different. Once she knows the feeling, she will be able to push it out once it starts, with astounding results. It is best for the partner to be sitting between her legs at this time, else she may overshoot the towel or even wet the far wall. Once she has ejaculated, rejoice with her. Don't make fun, or a joke. If you do, it may be the last time she will be able to ejaculate, at least in your presence. Unlike a man, this is not the end. You can continue, and she may well have multiple orgasms and ejaculations with further stimulation. Technique Start slow. Use typical foreplay. You may want to start with her on her back. Stimulate the clitoris. This can be done with a moist finger, or with your tongue. Performing cunnilingus while rubbing her breasts with your hands can be quite stimulating for her. At any rate, continue clitoral stimulation until she is lubricated. At this point slide two fingers into her vagina. Allow them to move along the front wall of the vagina. You should encounter an area about 2-3 inches in, which should be somewhat enlarged. This is the G spot. As we discussed earlier it lies directly along the urethra, and is located almost directly

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behind the clitoris. Slowly stroke this area. It should start becoming more enlarged. Ejaculation is almost always triggered by stimulating the G spot. Clitoral stimulation can often assist in helping her reach an ejaculation, and also can make it more intense. But stimulating the G spot is usually necessary at least initially. Once she starts ejaculating easily, she may find that clitoral stimulation alone is sufficient. Stroking can be done a number of ways. The two fingers can rub the area as a unit, or they can take opposite strides, similar to walking. A third method involved sliding the two fingers out a fraction of an inch, and pushing them back in, similar to the in- out motion of intercourse, but with smaller strokes. Initially pace the stimulation somewhat slow. Alternate with clitoral stimulation either with the thumb, other hand, or mouth/tongue. Also try simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G spot. Watch her reactions. Simultaneous may be too intense for some but necessary for ejaculation for others. Take your cues from her. When she starts bearing down, and you feel the vagina contract, begin pumping rapidly. When she is in the middle of an orgasm, stimulate the clitoris at the same time, and pump the G spot gently, but very rapidly. Talk to her. Say, "your getting it, go for it, don't worry, relax and let it come" or other similar words. She may need reassurance that if she drenches you, you will not be upset. Tell her how erotic you find it for her to ejaculate. Make her comfortable with both you, and the idea of ejaculation. This actually is not the best position. If she does not succeed after a short time, have her roll over on her stomach, and get up on her knees. You will find stimulating the G spot much easier in this position, and she will most likely respond much better. With the two fingers turned down, slide your two fingers back into her vagina. Find the G spot and continue stimulating the G spot. You may use the other hand to stimulate the clitoris. If after a couple of orgasms, using rapid pumping on the G spot during orgasm, she still has not ejaculated, then turn the hand around, putting the thumb into the vagina. The thumb will likely not reach the G spot, but don't worry, it should come up to meet the thumb during orgasm. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 99 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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Take the two fingers and lay them down on the clit. Allow the entire curve between the thumb and forefinger to lie along her from the vagina to her clitoris, and begin pumping with the thumb, and rubbing the clit at the same time. When she starts an orgasm, start pumping the entire hand rapidly. At this point she will most likely ejaculate. The trick is to massage the area where the urethra comes out, while stimulating the clitoris and G spot. This will help to override the feeling she is about to pee, and allow her to let it pass. Be aware that the female is not only capable of multiple orgasms, but also multiple ejaculations. It is not unusual for her to have from 3 to 5 ejaculations before depleting her supply of cum. Once she has ejaculated one or more times, you can continue with intercourse. Entering from behind will stimulate the G-spot more easily than missionary style, and often additional ejaculations will occur during intercourse. Even if they don't, she will be highly excited, and very sensitive. The final result will most likely be the most intense and pleasurable sex she has ever had.

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rgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region that produce intensely pleasurable sensations followed by rapid relaxation. It typically lasts for several seconds. Orgasm is also in part a psychological experience of pleasure and abandon, when the mind is focused solely on the personal experience. It is sometimes called climaxing or coming. In Masters and Johnson's original research of the human sexual response cycle , orgasm is the third of four stages, occurring after the plateau phase and before the resolution phase. Another widely accepted model of the sexual response cycle, developed by Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D., PhD., involves just three stages: desire, excitement and orgasm. Orgasms vary from person to person and for each individual at different times. Sometimes orgasm is an explosive, amazing rush of sensations, while others are milder, subtler, and less intense. The differences in intensity of orgasms can be attributed to physical factors, such as fatigue and length of time since last orgasm, as well as to a wide range of psychosocial factors, including mood, relation to partner, activity, expectations, and feelings about the experience. There are several physiological components of orgasm. First, orgasm is a total body response, not just a pelvic event. Brain wave patterns have shown distinct changes during orgasm, and muscles in many different areas of the body contract during this phase of sexual response. Some people experience the involuntary contraction of facial muscles resulting in what looks like a grimace or an expression of discomfort or displeasure, but it is actually an indication of high sexual arousal. The most characteristic physical feature of orgasm is the sensation produced by the simultaneous rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle (pc muscle). Along with contractions of the anal sphincter, rectum and perineum, the uterus and outer third of the vagina (the orgasmic platform) for women, and the ejaculatory ducts and _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 101 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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muscles around the penis for men, this constitutes the reflex of orgasm. The first few contractions are intense and close together, occurring at about 0.8-second intervals. As orgasm continues, the contractions diminish in intensity and duration and occur at less frequent intervals. Despite the anatomical differences between male and female genitals, orgasms in men and women are physiologically and psychologically, or subjectively, very similar. In fact, studies have been done in which "experts" could not reliably determine gender when reading descriptions of orgasms with all anatomical references removed. Women have described the sensations of orgasm as beginning with a sense of suspension, quickly followed by an intensely pleasurable feeling that usually begins at the clitoris and spreads throughout the pelvis. The genitals are often described as becoming warm, electric or tingly, and these physical sensations usually spread through some portion of the body. Most women also feel muscle contractions in their vagina or lower pelvis, often described as "pelvic throbbing". The subjective feeling of orgasm in men has been described quite consistently as beginning with the sensation of deep warmth or pressure that corresponds to ejaculatory inevitability, the point when ejaculation cannot be stopped. It is then felt as sharp, intensely pleasurable contractions involving the pc muscles, anal sphincter, rectum, perineum and genitals. Some men describe this part as a sensation of pumping. Finally, a warm rush of fluid or a shooting sensation describes the actual process of semen travelling through the urethra during ejaculation. It is important to note that orgasm and ejaculation are not one in the same event. Although they typically occur together, a man may have an orgasm without ejaculating. A major difference between the female and the male orgasmic phase is that far more women than men have the physical capability to have one or more additional orgasms within a short time without dropping below the plateau of sexual arousal. Being multi-orgasmic depends on both continued stimulation and sexual interest. Because neither of these is present every time for most women, multiple orgasms do not occur with every sexual encounter. On the other hand, upon ejaculation, men enter a recovery phase called the _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 102 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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refractory period. During this time, further orgasm or ejaculation is physiologically impossible. However, some men can learn to have an orgasm without ejaculating, thereby making it possible to experience multiple orgasms.

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PENIS SIZE & MECHANICS OF INTERCOURSE QUESTIONS What's the average size of the penis? What are the extremes? According to specialists, the average is 15cm and 90% are between 13 and 18cm. The records for a fully functional penis are 1.5cm and 30cm. Can penis size be increased? Yes. There are two surgical procedures to increase penis size-the Bihari Procedure, and Fat Injection. The Bihari Procedure consists of cutting the ligament that secures the base of the penis to the body. This gives between one-half and two inches of increased length to the penis; however, because the penis is no longer anchored to the body an erection no longer points 'up.' Fat Injection is the process of removing fat from the backs of the thighs and injecting it into the body of the penis to make the penis thicker. Because the body rejects a significant portion of the injection this procedure may need to be repeated several times and each operation carries with it a severe risk of infection. What is circumcision and why is it done? Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis. When performed in a hospital, it is usually done shortly after birth by a doctor or midwife. Circumcisions are also given to Jewish boys by a mohel in a ceremony eight days after birth. Some Islamic boys are circumcised when they are older, around age 12. The majority of American boys are circumcised. Common reasons for circumcision include: better hygiene, "normal" or "better" appearance, and "his penis should look _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 104 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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like his father's." Common reasons against circumcision include: it is no longer necessary for hygienic reasons; it is a painful, barbaric practice; possibility of infection or surgical error; "normal" or "better" appearance; "his penis should look like his father's."; and "greater sensitivity of uncircumcised penis."

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he following information about penis sizes was taken from the Kinsey Institute of Sex Research. The study was performed on a group of college men.

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Penis Girth

All measurements were taken when the penises were erect from a point at the base of the penis where the top of the penile shaft meets the pubic area (the penopubic junction) to the tip of the glans ("head"). For uncircumcises men the foreskin was retracted. Percentile of Inches the men in the study 3.75" 0.2% 4.00" 0.3% 4.25" 0.2% 4.50" 1.7% 4.75" 0.8% 5.00" 2.0% 5.25" 4.4% 5.50" 10.7% 5.75" 8.0% 6.00" 23.9% 6.25" 8.8% 6.50" 14.3% 6.75" 5.7% 7.00" 9.5% 7.25" 1.8% 7.50" 2.9% 7.75" 1.0% 8.00" 1.0% 8.25" 0.3% 8.50" 0.3% 8.75" 0.1% 9.00" 0.1%

Girth is measured at mid-shaft around the circumference of the penis when the penis is erect.


Percentile of the men in the study

1.50" 1.75" 2.00" 2.25" 2.50" 2.75" 3.00" 3.25" 3.50" 3.75" 4.00" 4.25" 4.50" 4.75" 5.00" 5.25" 5.50" 5.75" 6.00" 6.25" 6.50" 6.75"

0.3% 0.4% 0.4% 1.2% 0.3% 0.3% 0.4% 0.4% 0.9% 1.1% 6.3% 6.3% 17.1% 11.7% 24.1% 9.9% 11.5% 3.0% 3.9% 0.5% 0.5% 0.1%

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his page presents information that most parents are not aware of at the time they make the circumcision decision. Doctors usually do not provide this information. Fig. 1. Intact adult penis

This illustration represents an average normal adult human penis. The head of the penis (glans) has a covering, called the foreskin (prepuce).

This covering folds in on itself, forming a double layer. The foreskin is not a `flap' of skin on the end of the penis, and it is not `useless' or `redundant' skin. There is some natural variation in the length of the foreskin, which often covers a bit more or less of the glans than illustrated. In an average circumcised adult man, the area of skin that is missing because of penile reduction surgery would, when erect and unfolded, measure approximately three by five inches, or a little smaller than a postcard. That is about half the total skin of the penis.

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Fig. 2. Intact penis (hidden structures shown)

Structures of the penis • •

The outer foreskin layer is a continuation of the skin of the shaft of the penis. The inner foreskin layer is not properly `skin', but mucocutaneous tissue of a unique type found nowhere else on the body. The frenar band is the interface (join) between the outer and inner foreskin layers. When the penis is not erect, it tightens to narrow the foreskin opening. During erection, the frenar band forms a ridge that goes all the way around, about halfway down the shaft. The reddish or purplish glans or glans penis (head of the penis) is smooth, shiny, moist and extremely sensitive. The frenulum, or frenum, is a connecting membrane on the underside of the penis, similar to that beneath the tongue.

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The foreskin has twelve known functions. They are: 1. to cover and bond with the synechia so as to permit the development of the mucosal surface of the glans and inner foreskin. 2. to protect the infant's glans from feces and ammonia in diapers. 3. to protect the glans penis from friction and abrasion throughout life. 4. to keep the glans moisturized and soft with emollient oils. 5. to lubricate the glans. 6. to coat the glans with a waxy protective substance. 7. to provide sufficient skin to cover an erection by unfolding. 8. to provide an aid to masturbation and foreplay. 9. to serve as an aid to penetration. 10. to reduce friction and chafing during intercourse. 11. to serve as erogenous tissue because of its rich supply of erogenous receptors. 12. to contact and stimulate the G-spot of the female partner.

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Fig. 3: Erection process: Intact penis

When fully retracted, the foreskin is designed to cover essentially the entire penile shaft, yet is loose enough to "glide". The ridged bands are situated about halfway down the shaft, when the foreskin is retracted fully. Note: In some cases, a man may have difficulty retracting the foreskin. This is not an indication for circumcision, because there are good alternative treatments available that preserve the structure and function of the foreskin.

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Penile Stimulation


he most important components of the physical erogenous stimulation of the penis during foreplay and intercourse are the sensations from the foreskin, frenulum/frenar band, and glans. These structures each have their own feeling, and each contributes in its own way to the man's total experience of lovemaking. It must be emphasized that emotional excitement is an extremely important component of sexual enjoyment, and intensifies the man's perception of any physical sensations from his penis. •

The foreskin has an inner and outer layer. The outer foreskin layer contains nerve endings which respond to gentle touching during the early stages of sexual arousal. This helps to trigger an erection. The nerves of the inner and outer foreskin contribute to the experience of penile stimulation, up to and including orgasm. These receptors are stimulated by stretching, or when the foreskin rolls over the surface of the glans during intercourse or masturbation. The foreskin contains sensory receptors called Meissner corpuscles. These nerves, similar to nerve endings in the fingertips, are there to provide pleasure, as well as fine sensory perception. This seems to help a man to enjoy sex longer without ejaculating prematurely, because he can more easily tell when he is approaching the threshold of orgasm. Stimulation of the frenulum and frenar band results in intense pleasurable feelings during arousal. Sensations from these structures during intercourse or masturbation are thought to be the primary trigger of orgasm in the intact male. Dr. George Denniston writes: There are some 20 concentric ridged bands which rub over the corona. Each ridge has Meissner's corpuscles, which respond to pressure, and they produce the sexual pleasure which no individual has a right to take away from another individual.

It’s believed that stimulation of the glans is most significant in the later stages of sexual intercourse, when penetration is deepest and emotions are running

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at their highest. Sensations from the glans contribute to the quality of the sensual experience. They are also apparently capable of triggering orgasm on their own, as would be the case in a circumcised man.

Fig. 4. Circumcised adult penis

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Fig. 5. The circumcised penis: Erect state

Following circumcision, the foreskin of the penis has been cut away. The surface of the glans has developed a thick, dry layer of keratin (toughened skin), which makes it less sensitive to unwanted stimulation, but also less sensitive to the more subtle qualities of lovemaking. All circumcised men have an annular scar on the shaft of the penis. The location of the scar varies, from near the head to far down the shaft. For some men, so much skin has been removed that erection becomes difficult and even painful. This was one of the most common complaints reported by circumcised men in a recent poll.

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The gliding mechanism Fig. 6. The gliding mechanism

During intercourse the loose skin of the intact penis slides up and down the shaft of the penis, stimulating the glans and the sensitive erogenous receptors of the foreskin itself. On the outstroke the glans is partially or completely engulfed by the foreskin. This is known as the `gliding mechanism.'

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The gliding mechanism is Nature's intended mechanism of intercourse. As such, it contributes greatly to sexual pleasure. Also, since more of the loose skin of the penis remains inside the vagina, the woman's natural lubrication is not drawn out to evaporate to a great extent, which makes sex easier without using artificial lubricants. The prepuce is a highly innervated and vascularized genital structure. It is entirely lined with the peripenic muscle sheet. Specialized ecoptic sebaceous glans on the inner preputial surface produce natural emollients and lubricants necessary for normal sexual function. The primary orgasmic triggers are found in the preputial orifice and frenulum. When unfolded, the prepuce is large enough to cover the length and circumference of the erect penis and acts as a natural sheath through which the shaft glides during coitus. Only the presence and functions of the prepuce allow for physiologically normal coitus to occur as designed by nature.

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his article is short and to the point. Do not worry about the size of your penis.

Let's look at it this way. You don't worry about the size of your feet, do you? They are relatively well proportioned to the rest of your body and serve the task for which they were intended. Whether you believe in evolution or God or something else. Your feet serve their purpose quite well. The penis is the same way. It is "designed" to fit in a vagina and assist in the propagation of the species, period. Wishing to have a penis which is an inch or two longer is purely vanity. Many women say that they too prefer larger penises; however, they too are often speaking from vanity rather than practicality. Once they have experienced the pain of a forcefully thrust penis hitting their cervix they soon desire a more moderately sized penis. In fact, most woman and men, for that matter, don't even know how large a "normal" size penis is. They just know that it should be larger. This is a sure sign that they don't know what they are talking about. So don't worry about the size of the penis. Just have fun with it.

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SHAVING HOW TO SHAVE A PUSSY Tutorial wrote by a woman.


eep in mind that what works well for one may not work for everyone. You may need to make adjustments to suit yourselves. Ok, first things first. Ladies if you have never been shaved before you are in for a real treat. I love having someone else shave my pussy for me. I find the shave itself very erotic and I really love the end result. If the hair on your pussy is really thick and long, then the best place to start is with the scissors or an electric beard trimmer. Take off as much of the hair as you can. This will make for a much easier job when it's time to apply the razor to that pussy. There are a couple of different approaches you can use at this point. One of the easiest things to do is to have a shower prior to your shave as this will soften up the pubic hairs and make them much easier to shave off. If a shower isn't convenient then I would recommend that you get a nice thick washcloth and wet it with water as hot as you can and apply it to the pussy for a few moments. This gives you an incredible feeling ladies as the heat from the cloth seeps into your skin. I forgot to mention that it's going to be easiest if you lay down on the bed or the floor so that you and your partner are comfortable. Lay back and relax, spreading your legs as far apart as you can to give your partner the best access. Ok, back to the good stuff. Once the pussy has been moistened with the washcloth, you are ready to apply shaving cream. Please read the labels when choosing a shaving cream or gel. If you have sensitive skin pick a _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 118 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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shaving cream or gel that is made for sensitive skin. You do not want to end up having a reaction to the shaving cream/gel. It won't be a lot of fun. Now guys, you can apply the shaving cream, making sure that you rub it over the whole area that you wish to shave. You can have a lot of fun with this and tease her a little bit too. Just be careful about putting the shaving cream on the inside of the inner lips of the pussy. I've found that it tends to sting a little. Please, please, please, use a new razor blade for this little performance. It is probably a good idea if you are doing this for the very first time to have a couple of extra blades available in case you need them. There's nothing worse than trying to shave a pussy with a dull razor blade. Guys, it's the same as when you try to shave your face after your woman has used the same razor on her legs! Not fun at all. Let the shaving begin! Ladies - you need to relax and lay as still as you possibly can while your partner shaves you. We wouldn't want any sudden movements that could result in accidental nicks. Guys - you can shave a pussy very much in the same manner that you shave your face. Pick a spot to start and then move the razor over the pussy in long even strokes. It's a good idea to have a cup of water handy to rinse the razor off with after each stroke. Once you have shaved the worst of the pubic hair off, you're going to have to be extra careful and get those hard to shave places like the bikini line, the bottom part of her pussy, and sometimes just inside the outer lips. This will be dependent on how your partners pussy is shaped. Keep in mind that every woman is going to be a bit different. Once you have completed the shaving, take a warm cloth and rinse the whole area off. This will allow you to see any areas that might have been missed, or spots that aren't totally smooth. You can touch up these areas at this point. Ladies - you will likely want to wash the area at least once a day with soap and water to reduce sweat and oil buildup. There will quite likely be a few hives on the shaved area, especially if this is the first time you've shaved there. These will disappear over the next few days. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 119 of 123 © 2005 Lorenzo Martini, All Rights Reserved.

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As your body adjusts to regular shaving they will become less and less. After the shaving is done, massaging in some good quality moisturizing cream really helps to prevent those hives I mentioned above. It makes makes the skin smooth and soft, like it was meant to be... and a daily application will also help to keep the skin smooth and soft, making the next shave that much easier. It's not much fun when you have hives as it's quite likely with the next shave that there will be a few minor nicks because of them. Initially I would recommend that you shave the pussy every three to four days so that there isn't a lot of hair growth. It will get to a certain length and it will start to itch, I use that as my indicator that it's time for another shave. If your skin isn't adapting well to the shaving consider shaving it less frequently. I love having my pussy shaved by my partner. I find it highly erotic while the shaving is in progress. I also love the feel of having a bare pussy. I was really bad after I had it shaved the first time, it was really hard to keep my fingers off of it. I found myself rubbing my fingers over the shaved area through my clothing, almost absently. I also found that when it came to lovemaking a shaved pussy is a real plus. It increases the sensation during intercourse because you can feel your partners skin against yours. I don't ever want to let my pussy become overgrown with hair again.

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ome of you guys may ask yourself why a guy would want to shave his dick. There are several reasons. For example, it prevents the "work stoppage" while she is picking hair out of her teeth. It's cooler in the summer. But let me tell you the really important reason. The one reason that should make you consider taking a blade to your privates. It makes your dick look bigger! Okay, Mr. SmartAss with the nine inch cock, some of us are only average (you measured the bottom you cheater) and need all the advantage we can get. Shaving your manhood gives the cosmetic appearance of at least an extra inch or two. Think about it: Up to two inches of extra dick for free. And even if two extra inches of dick isn't important to you, it may thrill the shit out of her. Nothing fancy, mind you. We aren't shaving your pubes off. All we are going for is a clean shaft and a little clearing so she can see the entire picture. First you're gonna need a shaving gel. I won't bother recommending brands. I've tried several and couldn't tell you one from the other. Just buy one for sensitive skin or maybe even, if you're secure in your sexuality, one made for "feminine usage". I hear the ones that contain oatmeal prevent razor bumps. Second, a brand-new, brand-name, disposable razor. This is your best friend we are talking about here - don't be cheap. And if you were considering a straight razor...YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN! Start by lathering him up good and let the shaving gel set a while to soften the hair. Lather your shaft and all around it thoroughly. Start at the top of your penis. I pull mine down out of the way so I can see what I'm doing. I stroke the razor away from the head into the hair-line, rinsing the blade after every stroke. This lets you judge how far back from the shaft you want to shave. Personally I shave an inch or so up from my penis. Then I continue the same stroke around each side to my balls. Shaving this direction (toward your body) will also tend to be against the growth of pubic hair which will give you the smoothest, closest shave. As you work your way around the bottom you will probably be surprised at how far up the shaft hair grows. Hair that is obscuring your "package".

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Now you will probably want to go back to the sides and take a little more off. For the maximum size illusion you will want to shave almost straight across your hair line. This area is a little harder to get to. Simply pull the razor down into the crease where nutsack becomes body. Finish up by doing your testicles last. Gently draw the razor downward over the skin. Close is not all that important here. The hairs here are generally finer and therefore kissable even after a few days growth. But your bag is a virtual mine field of bumps and wrinkles. I think we can opt for safety in this area. And just do the front and sides. No one looks at the back of them anyhow. Now I bet you want to know if it itches. Fuck yeah. I'm only kidding. Actually at first you will want to shave at least every day or two until you skin becomes accustomed to the change. I've never had to use any after products but I can imagine a good face cream could alleviate any initial discomfort you might feel. Personally I use one of those scrunchy body scrub things when I bathe. They are great for removing dead skin cells which are actually the cause of any itching as much as the new hair growth. But trust me. After a week or so it will feel as natural as the fallen rain and you can concentrate on creaming her face instead of applying face cream. There you have it. A simple process with dramatic results. And after you get the hang of it, invite her to join in. Hell, it's hard to tell what might get shaved with two of you involved.

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here you have it… everything I basically know about sex. If you haven’t checked already the bonuses included with this book make sure you do, because I’ve put in there some valuable information. Don’t get overwhelmed by it all! Just concentrate on getting to feel free to express yourself, and your desires without shame, and the rest should come naturally. There is no real ‘secret’ to it. It’s all just a matter of perseverance, and practice and just trying to be free in bed. This should be more than enough to put you ahead of the pack out there ☺ and I hope it serves you well. I’ve just got one little favor to ask you before I go. If this manual makes a difference to your sex and love life, can you please let me know? For me, the pleasure comes from helping out the ‘nice’ people in this world, not just from the dollars in my pocket. Knowing how I’ve helped you gives me a satisfaction second only to that gained from my love partner and family. So drop me a line and tell me all about your success. You can reach me by emailing [email protected] Anyway, thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Lorenzo Martini

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