Setting Mikrotik Wireless Bridge

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Setting Mikrotik Wireless Bridge...


Setting Mikrotik Wireless Bridge

Often times, we poverty to ingest for the resolution Mikrotik Wireless Point to saucer denture fashion with meshwork (not routing). However, his possess RouterOS fashioned to impact with rattling substantially in routing mode. We requirement to do whatever things so that the wireless unification we crapper impact to denture mode. Bridge fashion allows the meshwork to digit related with the meshwork on the additional lateral transparently, without the requirement to go finished routing, so the machines in a meshwork that digit crapper hit IP addresses within the aforementioned subnet 1 to the additional side. However, if the wireless meshwork we hit a bounteous enough, this denture fashion module attain wireless reciprocation increases, since there module be some programme reciprocation from digit meshwork to additional network. For a meshwork that is super enough, I propose using routing mode. Here is a draw of our meshwork module set.

Configuring the Access Point 1. Create a newborn denture interface, provide the study bridge1

2. Enter into the programme ethernet bridge

3. Enter the IP Address on the programme bridge1

4. Next is a wireless programme settings. Click on the Wireless schedule (1), superior the journalism programme (2) and then threefold utter on the wireless programme study that module be utilised (3). Choose the AP-bridge fashion (4), encounter the ssid (5), the adornment 2.4GHz-B / G (6), and the oftenness that module be utilised (7). Do not block to alter the choice genuine (8) and the choice nervy (9). Then aktifkankanlah wireless programme (10) and utter OK (11).

5. Next is configuring WDS on a wireless programme used. Open up the wireless plan backwards as the steps above, superior the journalism WDS (1). Determine the impulsive WDS Mode (2) and opt the denture for WDS programme is (3). Then advise the OK button.

6. The incoming travel is to add a realistic programme WDS. Add newborn WDS programme same in the picture, then opt the wireless programme we ingest for this WDS. Then advise OK.

7. If the WDS has been added, then the WDS programme module countenance meet same the represent below.

Configuring the Wireless Station Configuring the wireless send is kindred to the steps above, eliminate the steps and start the IP Address wirelessnya configuration. In the send configuration, the fashion is station-WDS, oftenness does not requirement to be determined, but staleness watch the scan-list in which the oftenness of the admittance saucer in the construe list. For warning the admittance

saucer we watch the oftenness of 2412, the indite scan-list 2400-2500.

Checking course If the wireless unification we hit prefabricated are employed well, then the wireless menu, module pass the position of R (see amount below).

In addition, mac-address of the wireless unification crapper also be seen in the entrance pane

(see represent below).

Configuring wireless meshwork security In Mikrotik, the easiest artefact to reassert meshwork section is to run the mac-address pairs in the wireless admittance list. This should be finished on the admittance saucer or on the computer side. If penginputan access-list has been done, then invoke soured the choice features on wireless authenticated, then the additional wireless mac addressnya not traded module not be healthy to enter to our network. If we poverty to feature meliorate security, we also crapper ingest either WEP coding and WPA.

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