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Service-Now Implementations Exam Questions 1. ServiceNow provides customers with a dedicated database, application and data isolation using which one of the following models? a. b. c. d.

Single-‐tenant Multi-‐tenant Hybrid Cloud Domain Separation

2. Within the ServiceNow application, a technical consultant has created and tested a new Outbound SOAP Message. In order for the consultant to invoke the new SOAP message within the ServiceNow application, which of the following can be created? a. b. c. d.

UI Policy Business Rule UI Property Import Set

3. Which one of the following is a valid reason for a customer to obtain a VPN connection for their ServiceNow implementation? a. Encrypt end user access to ServiceNow b. Encrypt a SOAP message to ServiceNow c. Encrypt communication between a MID Server and a customer ServiceNow instance d. Encrypt the communication path between a customer ServiceNow instance and their enterprise mail server

4. Which one of the following would improve the performance of loading forms within ServiceNow? a. b. c. d.

Reduce the number of related lists configured for a form Increase the number of client scripts for a table Reduce the number of read only fields defined for a form Reduce the number of mandatory fields defined for a form

5. Which one of the following is the proper syntax for accessing the values of variables from the record producer script field? a. b. c. d.

g_form.getReference('variable_name') g_form.getVariable('variable_name') producer.variable_name current.variable_name

6. Catalog Client Script - g_form.getValue(‘variable_name’); Ans: to access variables from catalog request pages

7. Record Producer Script

Ans: Producer.variable_name

8. Business Rules, global variable to provide on client script Ans: g_scratchpad

9. Which java script has Insert, Delete, Update , on query, display, before and after executions Ans: Business rule


gs.log() stores log messages where

Ans: System logs


How to check empty values?

Ans: gs.nil()



Which of the following is used in business rule a. gs.addMessageInformation b. gs.log(string, source) - correct answer Email Port used



Email - event stop - business rule Choices a. Eventstop b. gs.eventstop


Which about LDAP is correct?

Ans: Read-Only information of customer client directories


Pings to service now instance, maximum normal response time

Ans: 250ms

17. To get a value from server side to be available to the Incident Form Ans: Business Rule on display


Incident form loads up slow, why?

Ans: Because of too many client scripts

19. Change Task extended from Task table, short description field is created on change task table. What will happen to change task form that already has the task table’s short description Ans: Personalize layout

20. You can find both task table’s short description as well as change task short Ans: Description fields

21. Short Description field’s default value has to be set but only for incident form, shouldn’t be on task table Ans: Dictionary over ride - default value


Firewall has to be monitored, how to create the table for it

Ans: Extend from cmdb_ci table and create a table

23. To provide more information on client transaction timings what plugin to activate? Ans: Client Transaction Timings


Which among the following is correct about LDAP

Ans: ServiceNow does not store user passwords of LDAP

25. LDAP to get info and update user table periodically, what to use? Ans: Scheduled import sets


Transform Maps have performance issues, what to do?

Ans: Remove unwanted custom scripts


3 levels of access within SN a. System Access b. Application & Module Access c. Table and Field Access


3 Servers in the SN Instance architecture a. Physical Server b. Database Server c. Application Server


A fully qualified LDAP tree is known as

Ans: Distinguished Name (DN)


Acceptable ping time

Ans: less than 250ms


Application/Module access is secured by

Ans: Roles


Default contextual security in SN is to

Ans: DENY access


Default port number for LDAPS

Ans: 639


Does LDAP store passwords in SN?

Ans: LDAP does NOT store passwords in SN

35. Each record in ServiceNow is identified by a unique ##character GUID (Globally Unique ID) called a sys_id? Ans: 32-character


Hardware stack used for service-now

Ans: tomcat/mySQL


What provides tables as staging area for integration

Ans: Import set


Part of prepare stage in StartNow

Ans: Core system setup, sprint planning

39. What application/database server combination is used in most datacenters Ans: Tomcat/MySQL 4


How are workflows captured in update sets

Ans: must be published


How to increase performance of transform maps

Ans: reduce number of scripts running

42. How are remaining points calculated in release burndown charts Ans: Total points in all stories minus points in completed stories


Stages in StartNow

Ans: Plan, Discover, Prepare, Deploy, Operate

44. What extra feature is available when elevated privilege is activated Ans: Write permission on access control record

45. Global variable in business rules besides ‘current’ and ‘previous’ Ans: g_scratchpad


How to avoid unused numbering in records

Ans: Set property “Assign a task number only upon insert” to true


Components of perceived performance of service-now instance

Ans: Application server response, Network latency and Throughput, Browser rendering and parsing

48. Which two statements are true about XML schemas and WSDL 1.1? (Choose two.) a) is the WSDL namespace for SOAP binding. b) xsi is used as a prefix to represent the schema namespace as defined by XSD c) XSD schemas are used as a formal definition of WSDL grammar. d) xsd is used as a prefix to represent the schema namespace as defined by XSD e) is the WSDL namespace for SOAP binding Ans: C,D

49. A company's new investment management Java application and a legacy stock trader application need to communicate, but they use different JMS implementations. A developer decides to implement a JMS bridge to solve the problem. Which two advantages does this pattern provide? (Choose two.) a) It converts the interface of a class into another interface that clients expect. b) It decouples an abstraction from its implementation so that the two can vary independently. c) It dynamically attaches additional responsibilities to an object. d) It optimizes network traffic. e) It is vendor independent. Ans: B,E

50. Which situation requires the client to use the Dispatch interface to access the Web service? a) The b) The c) The d) The Ans: D


client client client client

and the server are on different platforms. has access to the portable artifacts, but not to the WSDL. has access to the WSDL, but not to the portable artifacts. will access a REST-based service.

What are two features of a WSDL 1.1 document? (Choose two.)

a) b) c) d) e)

Service defines a collection of related endpoints. Service describes the message's payload using XML. Service assigns an Internet address to a specific binding. Porttype declares complex data types and elements used elsewhere. Porttype elements are used to group a set of abstract operations. f) Porttype defines a concrete protocol and data format specification. Ans: A,E


Which three can an EJB-based endpoint use? (Choose three.)

a) HTTP sessions b) Java EE 5 declarative security c) Java EE 5 programmatic security d) client-demarcated transactions e) container-managed transactions Ans: B,C,E

53. What are two communication modes supported by JAX-WS? (Choose two.) a) Synchronous RPC b) Dynamic Service Binding c) Dynamic Proxy d) Endpoint Invocation e) Dispatch Ans: C,E

54. A company is refactoring an existing website to use Web services clients. The application retrieves lists of parts and displays them to the users in a browser window. Previously, the data was stored as files on the web server and, in order to access the files, the user would simply click on a hyperlink. Now the data must be dynamically generated via a service that another developer has created. They want the easiest way to refactor their website to use Web services. Which three technologies should they use? (Choose three.) a) SOAP b) REST c) JavaScript d) XML e) JSON f) Java Ans: B,C,E

55. A JAXR client has established connection with a UDDI registry and needs to get a service binding from the registry. What is required to accomplish this task? a) find the appropriate concept and then find the service binding associated with that concept b) find the appropriate authentication token and then find the service binding associated with that authentication token c) find the appropriate organization, get the model associated with that organization, and then find the service binding associated with the model d) find the appropriate organization, find the services associated with that organization, and then find the service binding associated with the service Ans: D

56. What are three benefits of using SSL to connect to a Web service without mutual authentication? (Choose three.) a) The server is assured of the client's identity if the client issues the certificate. b) The client is assured of the server's identity. c) Message integrity is preserved between the client and the server. d) The communication between the client and the server is still logged. e) The communication between the client and the server is encrypted. f) Using SSL over HTTP incurs less overhead than HTTPS Ans: B,C,E

57. A developer is creating a servlet-based endpoint for a new payroll application. What are three requirements for the service? (Choose three.) a) It needs to be packaged as a WAR file. b) It needs to be packaged as a JAR file. c) It requires a META-INF folder. d) It requires a WEB-INF folder. e) webservices.xml is required. f) web.xml is required. Ans: A,D,F

58. a) b) c) d)

How do you test SSO using which bypass method? none of the above

59. If you want to have a default value for the short description field for a change that extends the task table, which approach is best practice? a) Create a new short description field b) Set the default value for the short description field c) Create a Dictionary Override d) Create a Client Script

60. a) b) c) d)

Which of the following contains a server call? g_form.getValue() g_form.setValue() g_form.getReference() g_form.clearValue()

61.Why is a callback function best practice when using getReference()? a) because it runs synchronously b) it will not affect performance c) because it will run asynchronously d) a callback function is not necessary

62.How do you limit the scope of a variable? a) you declare variables inside a function b) you declare variables using == operators c) you use a comparator such as != d) you declare variables outside a function

63.Which of the following plugins creates baseline ACL rules for a new environment? a) High Security Settings b) ACL Security Jump Start c) It is included by default in new installations d) Security Quick Start

64.Which is the following is true regarding the task table? a) Task is extended from a parent table such as Problem, Change, Incident, etc. b) Applications cannot extend from the Task Table c) Only Problem, change, and incident can be extended from task d) Any application can be extended from Task

65.How is the burn down defined from Release? a) Total points - completed points b) Sprint points - stories in "TESTING" c) Story points - sprint points d) none of the above

66.Which of the following is NOT true about business rules? a) They execute server-side b) g_scratchpad is a global variable c) They can be executed on query d) g_form is accessible

67.Why would a client require VPN tunnels to ServiceNow? a) To encrypt a mail server b) To encrypt communication to a ServiceNow instance c) To encrypt data from ServiceNow to a MidServer d) None of the above

68.How do you access the amount of memory a ServiceNow instance is using? a) Navigate to system logs b) c) submit a HI ticket d) users do not have access to server information

69.Where is GlideAjax typically used? a) business rules b) client scripts c) ui policy d) ui macro

70.A user wants to use domain separation for his instance. Which of the following is true? a) Domain separation creates separate instances of ServiceNow b) Domain: loc users can view Global records c) Global records are viewable to all users d) B and C are correct

71.LDAP is used for what? a) Automation and Authentication b) Data Population and Automation

c) Authentication and Data Modification d) Data Population and Authentication

72.How do you extract the WSDL for a table? a) WSDL.DO b) open a HI Ticket c) create a LDAP service d) create a business rule 73. Which of the following does a UI Policy affect? a) Form View b) List View c) Access Control d) Client Script

74.A sys_id is which of the following: a) a unique 16 bit GUID b) a unique 32 character GUID c) is unique record d) both b and c

75.Which of the following will increase the performance for a client script: a) using GlideAjax for server calls b) using glide record c) using callback functions for GlideAjax d) a and c

76.How do you secure a field on a form? a) use a UI Policy b) use a ACL rule c) use a Client Script d) a and c

77.Where is gs.log logged to? a) System Transactions b) JavaScript Console c) System Logs d) Script log statements

78.How do you flush the cache in a SNOW instance? a) b) c) d) 79. Which of the following is NOT a valid query? a) addQuery() b) addNullQuery()

c) addNotNullQuery() d) addEmptyQuery() 80. What does gs.getmessage(X) do? a) Adds a info message b) Retrieves a info message c) Retrieves a message key d) None of the above 81. A user wants to know if you can make each INC# be sequential, how

would you go about doing this? a) a BEFORE business rules b) a on SUBMIT client script c) it can't be done d) Modify system properties 82. How do you access a variable inside a Record producer script? a) g_form.getValue() b) producer.variablename c) current.variablename d) g_form.getVariable() 83. Does ServiceNow stores the LDAP Password? a) Yes b) No 84. Where does ServiceNow stores the LDAP password? a) In LDAP connection URL b) In user password field c) In encrypted password field d) In HTTP Session

85.which related link is used to test LDAP connection? a) Test authentication b) Test Connection c) Load 20 Records d) Browse 86. In LDAP configuration, If default port is not used and explicit port

number is to be mentioned, how it is done? a) ServiceNow does not support explicit port b) select SSL check box and new port field appears and enter the port number in the field c) enter the port in server URL d)None of the above 87. The coarsest measure of network response time is a ping, which

measures the total time for a packet to travel from the source

machine to the target and back again. What is the reliable time for ServiceNow connection? a) 100 ms b)250 ms c)1000 ms d)300ms

88.Which of the following can be used for user and distribution directory services in ServiceNow a) Webservice b) SNMP c) IMAP d) LDAP 89. Which of the following is server side script? a) UI Script b) Business Rule c) Client Script d) UI Policy 90. What is the most important table of integration in ServiceNow? a) Webservice b) target table c) Import set d) None of the above 91. ServiceNow provides tables that are a staging area for data before

transformation is done and stored into ServiceNow target table. Where is this staging data is stored? a) In http Session b) In Mid server staging table c) third party staging table d) Import Set 92. An integration is done of third part tool in ServiceNow. Data is

inserted into import sets and data is transformed and stored into target table and all fields are being updated. Upon analysis it found that duplicate entries are being created. What could the possible cause of it? a) Fields are not mapped correctly b) Coalesce field is not setup correctly c) Transform scripts are wrong d) Nothing is wrong, write a business rule to delete duplicate records as they are found 93. Which of the following is a global object like gs? a) g_user b) g_form

c) JS: d) g_scratchpad 94. The Client Transaction Timings feature enhances the system logs by

providing more information on the durations of transactions between the client and the server. How do you enable the Client transaction timing? a) set the property glide.client.track_transaction_timings to true b) Install the Client Transaction Plugin c) Enable the system schedules d) Enable the system logs 95. You are loading the data into ServiceNow using Webservice. Which

of the following is being used to bring data into system? a) Rest API b) Script Webservice c) business rule d) Outbound SOAP Message 96. Which of the following is ServiceNow’ s StartNow Methodology to

manage implementation projects? a) Plan, Discover, Prepare, Deploy, Operate, Transform b) Plan, Discover, Operate, Deploy, Transform c) Prepare, Discover, Plan, Deploy, Operate, Transform a) Plan, Discover, Prepare , Deploy, Operate, 97. If your company wants to store firewall equipment details in

ServiceNow. How will you store it? a) create new standalone table b) create a table inherited from task table c) store in base cmdb table d) create new table inherited from cmdb_ci table 98. From which table task table is inherited? a) cmdb_ci b) sys_db_object c) Task table is not inherited from any table d) sys_dictionary 99. Which of the following can be used for row and column level

security? a) client script b) UI Policy c) display business rule d) ACL

Which of the following is called before data is queried and presented to user for display?


a) business rule b) client script c) ACL d) UI Policy 101. How do you start the debugging of security rules? a) start debugging b) debug security c) watch field name d) debug business rules 102. Which Database is used by ServiceNow? a) Oracle b) MSSQL c)Sybase d) MySQL 103. Which Webserver is used by ServiceNow? a)Tomcat b)WebLogic c)WebSphere d)None of the above 104. Which protocol is used to connect mid server and ServiceNow? a) http b) https c) FTP d) soap 105. Which table stores the details of table and inheritance? a) task b) sys_db_object c)cmdb_ci_relationship d) sys_audit

106. Within the ServiceNow application, a technical consultant has created and tested a new Outbound SOAP Message. In order for the consultant to invoke the new SOAP message within the ServiceNow application, which of the following can be created? a) UI Policy b) Business Rule c) UI Property d) Import Set

107. Which one of the following is a valid reason for a customer to obtain a VPN connection for their ServiceNow implementation? a) Encrypt end user access to ServiceNow

b) Encrypt a SOAP message to ServiceNow c) Encrypt communication between a MID Server and a customer ServiceNow instance d) Encrypt the communication path between a customer ServiceNow instance and their enterprise mail server

108. Which one of the following would improve the performance of loading forms within ServiceNow? a) b) c) d)

Reduce the number of related lists configured for a form Increase the number of client scripts for a table Reduce the number of read only fields defined for a form Reduce the number of mandatory fields defined for a form

109. Which one of the following is the proper syntax for accessing the values of variables from the record producer script field? a) b) c) d)

g_form.getReference('variable_name') g_form.getVariable('variable_name') producer.variable_name current.variable_name

110. What stage is this? setup ServiceNow project team setup customer project team setup risk register training sysadmins kickoff workshop customer project team training GOAL : project setup and kicked off Stage 1a: Plan


Who handles:

Overall ServiceNow lead for deployment Peer to customer management and project manager Overall deployment success and customer value Ans: Engagement Manager


Who helps:

Customers with knowledge transfer Development help/support Ans: Technical consultant


Who leads:

Process gap analysis workshops Helps define backlog of requirements to be implemented

Ans: Business process consultant


Who develops:

Strategy for integration Development of the integration points to and from ServiceNow Ans: integration consultant


Who handles:

Instance build and physical environment optimization Datacenter network and connectivity Ans: cloud infrastructure


Who handles:

Visible active and knowledgeable Able to clear road blocks Ans: executive sponsorship


Who handles :

involved with driving priority decision maker tracks scope creep and provides visibility Ans: it manager/director


Who handles :

Hands on Tailors app to business requirements Ans: system admin


Who handles :

Complete definition of current & future processes, Testing, Ensures application maps to business Ans: business process owners

120. What stage is this? Review objectives risk register core system setup initiated apply coding standards GOAL : Core system setup Ans: Stage 2 : Prepare


What stage of engagement methodology is this in?

Base data loads LDAP integration Common data imported Apply coding standards Ans: Stage 2 : Prepare


What stage is this?

Production Readiness Review Review Objectives Risk Register Build out functionality Training GOAL : Processes implemented Ans: Stage 3 : Deploy 123. When should you perform the following? Instance sizing, instance config, hardware, monitoring, network, support transitioning Ans: at least 3 weeks before go live 124. What process is this? Typically done through 'enablement' approach customer resources working side by side with ServiceNow review with process owners change if gaps appear between requirements & development Ans: Build out functionality in Stage 3 : Deploy


What sage is this?

Production Cloud Admin Services initiated Customer success manager assigned GOAL: Platform live Ans: Stage 4 : Operate


What process is this?

Cloning of instances Integration all operational Test data cleared down Ans: Cut over to production of Stage 4 : Operate


When should the following actions be performed?

Update the welcome page Create diff look for each instance (banner name/color) Change email prop notifications to prevent users from getting msgs from sub prod Restrict user access and modify ldap to disable imports and updates Disable active scheduled jobs like imports/reports Ans: cloning back to dev and test from prod


What are the options for post go-live development?

Ans: merge dev sets before pushing up environments OR do one dev update set at a time


What are VPNs used for typically?

Ans: securing connections that originate at ServiceNow and destined for customer network access to LDAP JDBC access with customer DB


How are vpn request submitted?

Ans: self-service form in customer support system called HI


Should end users have to go through vpn for ServiceNow?

Ans: No


What are the two uses for ldap

Ans: 1) data population and 2) authenticatoin


Determine the type of communication channel

define ldap server provide ldap server login scredentials set connection pros & test connection define OU's create data source and transform map create and execute scheduled import Ans: ldap set up procedure


Do you map roles to users?

Ans: no, to groups


What purpose does a schedule provide?

Ans: for inactivity monitor and time-based SLAs


What are the ways of populating CMDB?

Ans: 1) automated discovery product 2) Importing the information from anotehr source 3) Integrating with existing external CMDBs


CRWD stands for

Ans: create read write delete


How do you restrict access and enable contextual security?

Ans: ACLs


You can enable CRWD for

Ans: 1) system access 2) Application and module access 3) table/field access


each time you add a table you are

Ans: creating a dictionary application module


apps and modules are governed by

Ans: roles


table and field are governed by

Ans: ACL


ACL rules are defined by

Ans: 1) Conditional expressions - "category is database" 2) Scripts - custom script written for security access 3) Roles - user require to have one of the defined roles to perform actions


Secure or develop first?

Ans: secure


Standard integrations for ServiceNow are?

Ans: 1) login 2) Data & processes 3) Communications 4) LDAP 5) Monitoring 6) Discovery& systems management 7) ERP 8) Change management


Webservice components supported?

Ans: 1) soap 2) xml 3) wsdl 4) http

147. Does ServiceNow support consuming or publishing web services? Ans: both


What is scripted web service

Ans: custom web service in javascript


What happens if web service publisher is behind firewall?

Ans: use mid server


How do ServiceNow place data into soap response from DB

Ans: transform map


How do you access default wsdl service for tables

Ans: add ?WSDL eg.


What hardware limitation is related to license count?

Ans: memory


Query optimizations

Ans: 1) add indexes 2) Limit number of columns returned


Optimization for size of table/ number rows

Ans: cleanup and import set deletion


How to access transaction logs?

Ans: system logs > transactions after enabling system property


To view average response time of transactions

Ans: right click on column Personalize>list calculations Check average value


Common solutions for slow transaction times?

Ans: using indexes intelligently

158. Performance metrics graphs can be viewed for what 8 functional areas? Ans: 1) database 2) Discovery 3) Disk partitions 4) Linux stats logging 5) MySQL overview 6) Node metrics 7) Replication 8) ServiceNow servlet

159. Which of the scripts execution order is decided by System and not by System Administrator? a) b) c) d)

Business rule Script Actions UI Actions Script Includes

160. While fetching a large report, how can we enhance system performance? a) By disabling browser cache b) By increasing the refresh time interval

c) By decreasing homepage gauges d) By editing the homepage

161. a) b) c) d)

Task table comes under which class? Parent class Root class Primary class Extended class

162. Change task table is extended from task table, which of the following is true for short description field? a) Short description is same as of task table b) You can have two short description, you can create one more by right click and personalize. c) Short description is same as of task table and is overridden from task table


Business rule runs on which layer?

a) Protocol b) Scripting c) Application


LOG[] function is related to which table

a) Transaction log b) System logs

165. When you purchase a new instance from service now, which of the following is available by default Ans: High Security


LDAP and LDAPs ports?

Ans: 389 and 636

167. Which is the most important table in service now for integration? Ans: Import set

168. Which of the variable is global in business rules apart from current and previous? Ans: g_scratchpad

169. Which of the following is called before data is submitted and presented to user for display? a) b) c) d)


Before After Async Display

which of the following is a structured query for web service



What is WSDL?

a) It is a xml doc b) It is a html doc which is used by web service c) It is a http doc

172. a) b) c) d)

What is the default format of the email coming to service now? POP3(incoming) SMTP(outgoing) SNMP IMAP

173. When an email is received in service now, two inbound actions got triggered, how can we stop 2nd inbound action from triggering? Ans: Event.state= “stop_processing”

174. In LDAP, how can we use other ports rather than using default port? Ans: By appending port number after IP address in the server url.


What is the Application/Database/Web Server in ServiceNow?

Ans: J2EE/MySQL/Tomcat


How do you modify the buttons in the related list?

Ans: Personalize/configure List Control

177. From where traffic starts in VPN during web service integration? a) b) c) d)

SNOW to customer network Customer network to SNOW SNOW to mid server Mid server to SNOW

178. If data is going to service now from third party, then web service acts as a? a) Consumer b) Publisher c) Both

179. a) b) c) d)

180. a) b) c) d)


Which protocol is used for secure LDAP? http mid server LDAP with mid server LDAP

Which architecture is used for data Webservice integration. Data architecture Object oriented architecture Integrated architecture Service Oriented architecture

how data and process are segregated

Ans: Domain separation

182. In which phase of start now methodology, we do sprint/scrum planning? a) b) c) d) e) f)

Prepare Plan Deploy Discover Operate Transform

183. What is the Coding best Practices that ServiceNow doesn’t recommends? a) b) c) d)


Right small server calls instead of large server calls Write getReference with callback Avoid Server calls unless required Use GlideAjax for Server calls

What is the production Methodology that ServiceNow uses?

a) SDLC b) Agile Scrum (Development Methodology) c) Waterfall


How do you find the null value in the business rule?

a) By .NIL b) By .NULL


How do you create the audit for particular table?

a) Audit checkbox in table dictionary only for Type = Collection b) Set audit – true in the table dictionary

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