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John Merlin is an accomplished senior program and project management professional with a successful broad-based career d...


JOHN MERLIN Jacksonville, Florida 32223 Home: 904 886-9767 Cell: 904 510-8505 [email protected]

Summary Accomplished senior program and project management professional with a successful broad-based career defining and guiding the implementation of industry best practices, standards, processes, and tools to strengthen organizations and drive competitive growth domestically and internationally. Extensive expertise in leading and delivering cross-functional transformational business solutions, as well as, a high level of knowledge of Project Management and System Life Cycle Methodologies with experience in developing and implementing leading-edge strategies for large-scale enterprise initiatives. Proven ability to navigate complex situations while prudently mitigating risks, identifying value creation opportunities, and building strategic partners.

Goals Create, build and optimize IT Program and Project Management services by bringing innovation, transparency, creativity, excitement, and engagement into the process and approach. Break down the barriers between IT and businesses. Create a culture of collaboration, partnership with a focus on being "one" team.

Accomplishments Oversee up to 5 projects monthly running simultaneously from conception through implementation. Supervise up to 60 internal and external project managers and technical team members across multiple national and international projects. Re-distribute and deploy virtualized infrastructure servers, SAN and network equipment to multiple North American data center locations. Administer multiple core Split projects. Handle multiple core maintenance and support projects. Provide governance to multiple Operating and Capital Expense infrastructure project costs shifting budgets to innovation. Deployed (51) ITIL, SOX Compliant Data Center Policies/Procedures for the Stratford, UK international Data Center Implemented strategic infrastructure data center, server and SAN modernization ensuring that new virtualization technology was deployed resulting in a $3M dollar annual operating budget cost savings. Managed infrastructure uptime availability to over 95% from 90%. Supported the HP PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) launch. Program managed North American data center closures and asset re-distribution that resulted in the overall reduction of infrastructure assets by 82% coupled to a $17M annual operating budget cost savings. Guided the build out and stand up of a consolidated European $9M Tier IV, 6,000 sq.ft data center in Stratford, England that resulted in a $4M annual operating budget cost savings. Oversaw the decommissioning of a Tier II, 1,600 sq ft. data center in Sunbury, England, a Tier II, 2,500 sq ft. collocated data center in Brussels, Belgium, a Tier II, 1,500 sq. ft. data center in Cologne, Germany and a Tier II, 1,200 sq. ft. data center in Essen, Germany. Launched 50+ core business-critical application disaster recovery plans that mitigated corporate audit Disaster Recovery RTO and RPO issues. Assessed Global Infrastructure technology with regards to identification of gaps, risks and costs resulting in alignment of infrastructure assets and business strategies across North America, UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand business units. Negotiated a $1.6M data center operational and $100K capital budget that provided a 99.99% Availability/Uptime. Directed the build out of an $18M Tier III, 8,000 sq.ft data center in Jacksonville, Florida that resulted in a $3M annual operational budget cost savings. Rolled out a $3M upgraded of a Tier II, 2,500 sq.ft. data center in Aurora, Colorado.

Professional Experience Senior Program Project Manager ADT SECURITY LLC, Jacksonville, FL

May '07 - Jan '14 (6 Years, 9 Months)

Managed 60+ capital and operational business and technical enterprise projects with budgets from $10,000 to $3,000,000 and teams that ranged from 2 60 internal and external project management and technical resources. All projects were managed within budget to

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JOHN MERLIN successful completion. A majority of the projects were enterprise in scale and ranged from Oracle, Linux, Intel, AIX Mid-range server, SAN to LAN/WAN networks.

Global Program Manager


Mar '06 - May '07 (1 Year, 2 Months)

Spearheaded a cross-functional North America and International Data Center Decommissioning and Asset Dispositioning Team. Provided for (2066) Servers, Devices, OTN Components, and Miscellaneous pieces of equipment to be re-distributed. Directly interfaced with (21) Vendors and (8) North American and international tyco Business Units.

Global Program Manager


Jan '03 - Mar '06 (3 Years, 2 Months)

Achieved the deployment of the SOX Complaint effort for the Stratford, UK international Data Center. In collaboration with the Bearing Point Vendor provided due diligence, analysis, review, and presentation support for the IT Governance Program. Spearheaded the due diligence, analysis, review, and presentation support for the Global IT 3 Year Master Plan, the Global IT Baseline Assessment, Global IT Budget Analysis, and Global IT Strategic Plan. Submitted future state recommendations for the Latin American, Mexico City Data Center in collaboration with Leverage Partners. Accountable for technology cost analysis and review of business unit submitted Capital Expenditure Requests to the CEO, CFO, CIO and various CIO's of the international business units. Global IT Spend, and Global IT Infrastructure Asset Analysis.

Data Center and Operations Manager|Project Management ADT LLC, Jacksonville, Fl

Aug '99 - Jan '03 (3 Years, 6 Months)

Oversaw the re-purposing and re-deployment of multiple Citrix Farms, IBM Mid-range AIX Servers, AS400 Servers, tape libraries, assorted WEB and Email Wintel Servers, and a 45TB SANs. Deployed a 10,000 call/month Help Desk that was supported by (6) Help Desk analysts and (1) Help Desk Manager and a Data Center operations staff supported by (7) IBM mid-range AIX SA's, (1) AS400 SA, (6) Wintel Administrators and (5) operations analysts and implemented (51) Best Practice Policies.

Managing Consultant


Oct '96 - Aug '99 (2 Years, 10 Months)

Reorganized all Digital IBM, Wintel, SAN, Tape Library hardware, and Cisco assets to the Jacksonville Data Center. Relocated the National Marketing Center AS400 Server, AS400 Tape Library, and (12) assorted Wintel Server assets, and Cisco assets to the Jacksonville Data Center. Performed upgrades on the Monitoring and Back Office Automation hardware, re-deployed the Enterprise Wide IT Help Desk and relocated and outsourced the ADT Mainframe. Directed the Data Center build in Boca Raton, Florida, as well as, the mainframe operations relocation from Parsippany, New Jersey to the Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

Education Bachelor Degree Business Administration University Of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa, Minor: Computer Science

Jan '77

Top 1/3 of Graduating Class 1977

Skills (Advanced) More than 10 Years • Program Management • Project Management • Leadership • Vendor Management • Disaster Recovery • IT Management • Consulting Oversight • Operations Management • Interpersonal Skills • Event management • Clear Communication • Client relations • Employee Coaching • Negotiation • IT Transitions vis à vis Business Split activity

Awards & Honors ADT NA IT July 01 Impact Award for Exceeding Professional Expectations ADT NA IT December 00 Impact Award for Exceeding Professional Expectations ADT NA IT April 99 Impact Award for Outstanding Performance and Exceptional Support MCI/Systemhouse March 99 Impact Award for Exceeding Customer Expectations MCI/Systemhouse February 99 Impact Award Recognized for Adding Value 97 MCI/Systemhouse Quarterly Consultant Award for Client Advocacy and Service

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JOHN MERLIN Certifications

Operating System and Office Administration Microsoft • XP • Word • Excel • Powerpoint • Outlook • Project • Visio • Share Point

Jan '03

Leadership I & II ADT LLC

Jan '02

Total Cost of Ownership Gartner

Jan '02

Project Management and System Life Cycle Methodology Headstrong

Jan '99

Remedy Help Desk Remedy • Service Desk • Asset Management • Change Management • Service Level Management

Jan '99

Oracle 7 DBA Oracle • SQL• SQL/Plus• PL/SQL• Database Administration

Jan 97'


Jan '97

Senior System Administrator

Project Management and System Life Cycle Methodology MCI/Systemhouse

Jan '96

Focus Information Builders • MODIFY • Reporting Internals • Reporting • TABLE • TABLEF • MATCH FILE • Dialog Manager • Database Design • FOCUS for IMS • VM • PC FOCUS

Jan '95

Solaris Operating System Senior System Administration SUN

Jan '88

Project Management and System Life Cycle Methodology EDS

Jan '86

Mainframe Administration and Management IBM • Tivoli Backup • Shark SAN • Tivoli SME • Netview • AIX Senior System Administrator • DB2 • SQL/QMF • SQLDS • ACF2 • RACF • PROFS • TSO • REXX • CMS • CLIST • EXEC II • VSAM • VTAM • ISPF • JCL

Jan '85

Project Management and System Life Cycle Methodology Boeing

Aug '79

Associations & Organizations PMI Northeast Florida Chapter (Member)

Jan '06 - Present

AFCOM, (American Federation of Operations Managers)

Jan '97 - Jan '02

SUN Users Group (Member)

Jan '93 - Jan '97

IBM User Group

Jan '93 - Jan '97


HP User Group (Member)

Jan '93 - Jan '97

Military Service Corporal Marine Corps (Vietnam Veteran, Honorable Discharge.)

Sep '66 - Jan '70 (3 Years, 5 Months)

HMH-463 MAG2 Heavy Marine Helicopter Squadron - 1967-1969 HMX-1 Presidential Helicopter Squadron

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Clearances 2002 - DOD Security Clearance for Authorized Access to ADT Call Monitoring Centers and Data Centers. 1969 - White House Crypto Clearance for U.S. Marine Executive flight attachment to the President of the United States and access to the White House and Camp David.

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