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Linda Tattershall is an innovative and driven tax professional offering more than 20 years of progressive experience and...


Linda J. Tattershall Phone: 859-213-4480 [email protected]

Cold Spring, KY 41076

Property and Sales Tax Manager ♦ Indirect Tax Manager Innovative and driven tax professional offering more than 20 years of progressive experience and expertise in property and sales & use tax management in public accounting and Fortune 500 companies. An analytical thinker, with strong research and technical skills, adept at supporting integrated tax software solutions and designing creative tax strategies to minimize corporate tax liabilities while maintaining compliance with, state, and local tax regulations. Combined tax audit, abatement, incentive, and planning skills have realized over one hundred million dollars in total tax savings. Key Areas of Expertise:    

Tax Research and Planning Indirect Taxes Tax Audit Management Tax Software Integration

   

Property, Sales, and Use Taxes Tax Abatements and Incentives Property Valuations/Assessments Staff Training and Development

   

Tax Compliance Multi-State Taxes Tax Appeals Reverse Tax Audits

Technology Skill Set: MS Office, SAP, CCH/BNA/RIA, PTR and PTMS (Property Tax Systems), and Vertex Decision Maker

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE NOTE: Following a corporate lay-off by an automotive company, eighteen months were spent in the Detroit area unsuccessfully seeking a tax position in my area of expertise. Upon returning home to Lexington, KY, care was provided to a family member while temporary accounting assignments were performed. Professional job search resumed in fall 2013.

OMNICARE, INC., Cincinnati, OH Fortune 400 provider of pharmaceutical and medical services.

04/2014 to Present

Indirect Tax Manager Supervise compliance and audit functions. Research and document taxability issues for audits and other tax projects. Assist with Oracle implementation. Identify areas of tax exposure and implement processes to correct the underlying causes for the exposure. TRW AUTOMOTIVE, Livonia, MI

07/2006 to 10/2008

Fortune 500 Tier One automotive supplier to the Big 3 and international auto manufacturers.

Property and Sales Tax Manager Managed all functions in the areas of property and sales tax, including compliance, audits, assessments and appeals. Conducted research on a multi-state level. Implemented proactive tax saving programs. Negotiated state and local tax incentives for capital projects.       

Settled real property appeals resulting in $600K in future annual tax savings. Implemented a program of reverse sales tax audits which resulted in over $500K in refunds in year one. Conducted property reviews to reduce tax by identifying obsolete, tax exempt and idle assets, and plant under-utilization due to the economic downturn. Savings for one plant were $1M in the first year. Obtained tax incentives for new product lines. Estimated total was $5M over the subsequent 5 years. Directed Canadian GST/PST reviews which resulted in $1M in refunds in the first two years. Implemented coding/classification of assets in SAP to be downloaded directly to the property tax system. Maintained and updated online sales taxability system available to all operations.

Linda J. Tattershall 859-213-4480 ♦ [email protected]

HOLCIM (US), INC., Waltham, MA

Page 2 01/1998 to 11/2005

Global leader in the manufacturing of cement and aggregate.

Manager of Property and Sales Tax Directed property and sales/use tax and unclaimed property compliance functions. Spearheaded audits and tax forecasting for more than 100 facilities, executed property tax valuation appeals, identified property and sales tax exemptions, and obtained maximum tax incentives from state and local governments for plant expansions and new facilities.     

Negotiated property and sales tax incentives for plant expansions and new construction in various states for investments ranging from $45M to $950M. The amount of tax savings during subsequent abatement periods ranged from $2M to $32M per project. Secured favorable property tax decisions at the State Tax Commissions of Missouri, Colorado, and Utah for both valuation and method of assessment. The reductions in value resulted in annual refunds and/or savings of approximately $600K, $300K, and $200K, respectively. Won a $1.5M sales tax appeal in Colorado that was the result of an audit of a $225M plant expansion. Initiated process to pursue tax exemption for pollution control assets. Future annual property tax savings were $1M in Michigan and $550K in Texas, as well as 100% sales tax exemption on the purchases. Responsible for implementation of property tax return software and Vertex Decision Maker in SAP.


11/1995 to 03/1997

Fortune 500 leader in the automotive industry.

Senior Tax Specialist Supervised property and sales tax activities and reporting to ensure legal compliance while minimizing tax liability. Reduced tax burden of operating units by pursuing opportunities for real property tax reduction through review, analysis and subsequent negotiation and/or appeal, as required. Conducted sales tax research and managed audits to proactively minimize assessments and negotiated settlements for area of dispute.


06/1988 to 11/1995

Fortune 500 manufacturer of paper, paper products and office supplies.

Property Tax Manager Managed compliance and implemented a fixed asset review process to identify asset write-offs, idle and obsolete assets and tax-exempt assets such as pollution control equipment. Obtained tax incentives for new capital projects and expansions. Developed relationships with local tax and government officials to encourage open discussion and settlement of valuation and other property tax matters.    

Achieved $600K in annual tax savings with coordinated appraisal/obsolescence claim for Ohio facility. Negotiated incentives for $100M expansion in Michigan resulting in $1M in annual savings for 12 years. Negotiated incentives for a $1B expansion in Alabama resulting in annual savings of $5M for 10 years. Converted property tax filing system from manual to automated utilizing download from FA system. Obtained tax savings of over $1M in pollution control exemptions for property and sales tax purposes.

Senior Tax Consultant, Deloitte & Touche, Cincinnati and Dayton, OH

EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY Bachelor of Arts in Finance, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY Certified Public Accountant (CPA), State of Ohio


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