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Penny Yip is an senior accountant specialized in reporting or fund accountant and as manager in accounting for non-profi...



Penny Yip, 1/3

Penny Yip Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

303 242 5414 [email protected]

Summary  Number 1 job and location: senior accountant specialized in reporting or fund accountant in Denver area.  As manager in accounting for non-profit organization for over four years plus nine years of experience in banking industry financial control team.  Provide quality of work and service that gain respect and rapport from management, colleagues, staff and customers.  Contribute to businesses by being a thinker and seer that enjoys a greater clarity of complex processes and issues than others.  Benefit business by my natural and special aptitude for accounting and computing.

Education 2005  Certificate in Theology  Moore Theological College  Sydney NSW Australia

Moore Theological College is a tertiary academic institution opened at NSW in 1856 providing the ministers for the Anglican Church in Sydney and also training pastors who serve other denominations.

1996  Bachelor of Science in Computing Science (sub-major Business Law & Accounting)  University of Technology Sydney  Sydney NSW Australia The subjects that I completed were equivalent to a double degree of computer science, finance and accounting.

Experience 2009 to present  Manager, Senior Fund Accountant  OMF International (U.S.A.)  Littleton CO OMF International (formerly CIM) is a missionary organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt church status. I have four staff. My responsibilities also include managing missionaries’ budget, the international financial system for the U.S. National Office, month-end, year-end and budget schedules, audit schedules, financial and management reports, and financial policies and procedures. Achievements:  As a result of creating a new position, redefining roles within the finance team and establishing procedures, it brings clarity and improvement of financial functions in the organization.  Being a patient and open listener for my staff, it helped to affirm their ownership and value of their roles in times of transition.


Penny Yip, 2/3

 Established a budget module that collects, consolidates and analyses financial information, and supports leadership’s decision making.  Established monthly departmental and management reports.  As a result of revising budget processes and procedures, it reduced budget variances and improved accuracy, in particular, on SECA tax withholding.

2008 to 2009  Project Accountant (Technical Accounting)  OMF International (U.S.A.)  Littleton CO I was part of the migration and implementation team for a new International financial system for the U.S. National Office. I became a key player especially during implementation. Achievements:  Created account payable, interoffice transfer clearing processes, etc. of the new system catered for the U.S. National Office.  Established access controls and review procedures in compliance to audit standard.

2006 to 2008  Program Coordinator  OMF International (Australia)  Sydney NSW Australia

I joined as an Associate in June 2006 and took up this Member’s position, a national coordinator. My responsibilities included recruiting and training short-term workers, coordinating programs, and building partnership with churches and groups. Achievements:  Established a solid team for the ministry that led several committed to long-term field service.  Brought awareness of the mission to new groups.

2001 to 2006  Reporting Accountant  HSBC Bank Australia  Sydney NSW Australia This was a specialist position in the Financial Control Department. Regulatory Management and Information Database was an international in-house system that supports financial and regulatory reporting. I was responsible for maintenance, reconciliation, monthly reporting and development of the system for Australia. Achievements:  Streamlined processes and created automatic functions that significantly reduced reporting process time.  Assigned by the International Headquarter to implement new processes at the New Zealand Office.

2000 to 2001  Reporting Accountant  Baptist Community Services  Sydney NSW Australia My roles included utilization and integration of their financial systems, and reports development for management accounting. Achievements:  Created automatic functions that significantly reduced reporting process time.

1997-2000  Assistant Accountant  Citibank Australia  Sydney NSW Australia This was an Assistant Accountant position in their Financial Control Department of Corporate Banking. My roles included maintenance and reconciliation of their general ledger systems, ad-hoc reporting and projects.


Penny Yip, 3/3

Achievements:  Created a database program that produced monthly headcount report.

Skills Top skills  Financial accounting, reporting, financial statements and analysis, policies and procedures writing, managerial finance.  Fund accounting, allocations, account reconciliation.  Financial and accounting systems conversion and implementation, development and modelling.  Budget management, monitoring, preparation and process.  General ledger, trial balance.  Month-end and year-end closing process, internal controls, financial audit.  Training and presentation. Other skills  Leadership, management and coaching.  MS Excel, Access, VBA and SQL.  Bank reconciliation, fixed assets and depreciation, accounts payable and receivable.

Interests  Banking industry, financial services, natural gas & oil industry.  Bible, Fox News, conservative advocacy, history, wine, country rock music, Broncos, racquetball, tennis, hiking & camping, chess, art, Downton Abbey, M.A.S.H.

References References can be provided by request.

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