Semi Detailed Lesson Plan in Discipline and Ideas in Social Sciences

August 6, 2017 | Author: Alexander Justin | Category: Rationality, Social Sciences, Sociology, Academic Discipline Interactions, Cognitive Science
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Semi Detailed Lesson Plan in Discipline and Ideas in Social Sciences...


Semi Detailed Lesson Plan in Disciplines and Ideas in Social Sciences (4 A’s Type Lesson Plan)



After the lesson, the students would be able to: A. Analyze the concept of Rational Choice Theory, its proponents and its strengths and Criticisms; B. Evaluate how an individual decide between choices, both in economic and sociological perspective by means of a situation analysis and; C. Appreciate how rational choices turn into a gateway of a progressive society. II.

Subject Matter

Topic: “Positivist Social Sciences – Rational Choice Theory” References: Jose, Mary Dorthy PhD., Ong, Jerome PhD., (2016) “Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences” Positivist Social Sciences: Rational Choice Theory p. 71-74 Materials: Ppt. Slide Hyperlinks, Concept maps, etc.



A. Activity - Initial Activities (Prayer, Greeting, Checking of Attendance) - Review of Past Lesson on Structural-Functionalism - Begin Lesson Proper with motivation. Using the Ppt. Slide presentation, have the students answer some questions on the following: 1. If there is an event of a snap election, who would you elect as Vice President: Ma. Leonor Robredo or Ferdinand Marcos Jr.? Why? 2. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo which requires its members to marry only their own constituents. Would you change your religion? Why and Why not? 3. Given the current crime rate of the Philippines, would you reinstate Capital Punishment? Why or why not? 4. The population of the country has detrimental effects to economy. Would you like the Supreme Court to lift its TRO on the RH law? Why or Why not? 5. As a Catholic youth are you in favor of Divorce in the Country? Why or Why not?

B. Analysis The questions that the students will be answering is related on the topic to be discussed. Provide a brief introduction and discuss the following using Ppt. Hyperlinks: Rational Choice Theory 1. Key Concepts -

Definition (What is “Rational” and “Choice”) Assumptions and Individual Preferences Maximization of Benefits and Minimization of Costs Role of Human Behavior and Conditioning

2. Theorists - Gary Becker and his Contributions (Economics) - George Homans and his Contributions (Sociology) 3. Strengths, Criticisms, and Limitations - Generality as a strength. - Weakness in misinformation/inadequate information and uncertainty. - Limitations due to the Complexity of Social Actions and Interactions. 4. Role in the Disciplines of Social Sciences - Economics - Sociology - Political Sciences C. Abstraction Concept Mapping – “What have I learned about…” Concepts Rational Choice Theory

Theorists Criticisms and Limitations

Role D. Application

Recitation: Give the students two minutes to think. Have the students complete the statement.

“I recently decided to __________ and I chose this/it because ___________.” Have them state their recent simple political, sociological, or economic decisions and share it with the class.


Evaluation Essay (5 points each)

1. How can Rational Choice Theory help the Filipino society in creating progressive decisions? 2. Are all Filipinos Rational in their political and socio-economical decisions? Why? 3. How can you be a rational decision-maker in a very complex society? V.


Do advance reading on the next topic -Institutionalism a. b. c. d.

Concepts Proponents Criticisms and limitations Role in the Disciplines of the Social Sciences

Prepared by:

Alexander Justin T. Salvador, LPT

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