Self Prostate Massage Technique 1

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Self Prostate Massage Techniques Internal Massage 1.

Wash your hands before the massage, and trim your fingernails to avoid scratching the delicate rectal tissues. Void your bladder and bowels beforehand. During the massage, wear close-fitting rubber gloves and use a water-based lubricant. Rubber gloves are more sanitary and cause less friction than bare fingers. Lie in a position that is comfortable for you and allows easy access to your prostate. For some, lying prone with the knees drawn up works well. Other men have success working from a side-lying position, or on their knees. Insert your finger into your anus slowly, and allow the muscles to adjust. Do not rush the process, as this may cause discomfort. Locate the prostate by crooking your finger toward the front wall of the abdomen. The prostate should feel like a walnut-size ball. The center of the prostate is very sensitive, so massage only the sides of the organ. During the massage, you may experience an erection and even ejaculation---both responses are perfectly natural. Be sure to relax and breathe.

External Massage 2.

Many men are uncomfortable with the thought of internal prostate massage and may prefer the external method. As with the internal massage, wash your hands and trim your nails beforehand. You can access the prostate through the perineum, the strip of skin between the scrotum and anus. The prostate and the perineum are both very sensitive, so press gently and use the pads of your fingers, not the tips. There is a small "seam" that runs the length of the perineum. Use this as your guideline and move your fingers, back and forth, over the seam. If you feel pain or discomfort, decrease the pressure. You may experience an erection or ejaculation, both of which are normal responses.

Assisted Massage 3.

There are prostate massage devices on the market. The nice thing about these devices is that many are hands-free---a great benefit for those who have trouble reaching their anus or perineum. The Aneros is an internal device that uses the sphincter muscles to massage the prostate. The Prostate Cradle is an external device that massages the perineum. Men have also used pencils and rounded drumsticks; however, these items are not designed to go inside the human body and may cause damage. If you are considering using an aid, use one that is specifically designed for prostate massage.

How to Massage the Prostate

Prostate is a spherical exocrine gland considered as part of the male reproductive system. It is bounded posteriorly by the urethra and rectum, anteriorly by the urinary bladder and laterally by

the levator ani muscles (thin muscles located on the sides of the pelvis). It aids in the production of sperm and provides nutrients to the seminal fluid to help foster, protect, and prolong its life span after it is drawn out of the body. The prostate also contracts to help provide an appropriate force as the semen is ejaculated out of the man’s body into the woman’s system to fertilize the egg. Milking of the prostate is another term that refers to prostate massage. It is performed for sexual pleasure and is also used to remove excess fluid in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). Doctors and professional masseurs will perform a massage on patients with benign cases of enlarged prostates. Reaction to prostate stimulation using massage is variable from man to man. Some have sensitive prostates while others take time to be stimulated. Here are some tips on how to properly massage the prostate.

Instructions Things You'll Need:  

Sterile latex glove Water-based lubricant 1.



Cut your fingernails short. The massage you are to perform involves insertion of your finger or fingers into a sensitive area so make sure that your fingers are properly trimmed. 2.



Let your partner go to the bathroom before doing the procedure. It will be helpful if your partner has emptied his bowel (defecated) and bladder (urinated) before you begin your massage. Tell your partner to wash his anal area. 3.



Put on a sterile latex glove to perform the massage and place some ample amounts of water-based lubricant on it. 4.



Instruct your partner to lie prone (on his stomach). You can later experiment with some other positions that your partner may find more comfortable and which gives you better and easier access to his prostate. 5.



Begin your massage around the perineum or the external part of the anus. Using your index and middle fingers gently stroke the area below his testicles and around the area of his anal sphincter. This will help in stimulating the prostategland while doing so.




Place your index finger by the surface of the anal sphincter and tell him to take a deep breath. By letting your partner inhale, it will facilitate the opening of the sphincter. As he exhales, the sphincter closes, drawing your index finger along with it, making it easier for you to gradually slide your finger inside his anus. 7.



Move your index finger gently along the walls of his rectum and slowly slip your finger a little deeper to locate his prostate. You can feel a roundish bulk of tissue as you dip your finger in and this will be his prostate. 8.



Start massaging the prostate by doing a very gentle hooking motion, which involves doing an interval straight-andcurve motion with your index finger, just like when you do the “come here” motion in a sexy way. But here, the hook motion of the index finger is facing downward instead of upward (as shown in the image). 9.



Do some movement variations as you massage the prostate. You can move your index finger in circles, you can extend your circling motion around the sides of the anal area, or you can move your finger from side to side. Make sure that your finger remains on a curve or hook position as you move your index finger sideways. This massage stimulation will bring about a variety of reactions. Your partner may release a clear fluid out of his penis. He may have the urge to urinate; his degree of sexual arousal may be elevated and sometimes he may have an orgasm.

Tips & Warnings  

Do not massage the prostate vigorously. Handle it with real ease and gentleness, as it is a very sensitive area. Make sure to ask you partner what he feels as you massage his prostate. He may want the pressure applied to be less or a little bit more. No matter how you do it, continue to be gentle with your motion.

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