Self Appraisal 2015 (1)

October 14, 2017 | Author: JamesGascoine | Category: Management Accounting, Forecasting, Spreadsheet, Accounting, Accountability
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My interpersonal skills contributed a lot to getting things done,

Goal Name Business Partnering (budget & forecast) DescriptionHeadcount planning/forecasting:

Goal Name Descriptio n

Comment s

Goal Name Descriptio n

Comment s

Business Partnering (budget & forecast) - consider life cycle of the fields for BP16; - work with HR peers for the input information and allocations - To support budget holders and participants through the annual and quarterly budget and forecast process respectively. To gain knowledge from each process and improve the quality of budget and forecasts process. During the planning and forecasting period, I collected P&B input data by working closely with budget holders and HR team. To ensure data accuracy and integrity, I have created a master spreadsheet to calculate Contractor’s inputs in a more efficient way and reduced the chance of typo errors as the spreadsheet is mainly formula driven and checks are run at the end. In addition, I took an opportunity to gain knowledge from each process e.g. cost allocation cycles by closely working with the team and being inquisitive. Also, I supported the team during the planning/ forecasting period e.g. creating spreadsheet to collate BPC data. CIMA To continue professional development – Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) studies. To become part qualified Management Accountant by passing P2 Performance Management and F2 Financial Management professional exams by the end of the year. Continued the growth of professional development by effective selfstudying, managing work and study time, and gaining work experience resulting in passing ‘P2 Advanced Management Accounting’ and ‘F2 Advanced Financial Reporting’ papers at Management level. To pass the exam, I obtained a pass mark of 70% at minimum. However, the global pass rate* of P2 and F2 exams were only 43%** and 48%** respectively. In addition, I am currently studying for ‘E2 Project and Relationship Management’ paper and planning to complete the Management level in Q1 2016 which would lead me to the final level of qualification.

* Pass rate= total exams passed / total exams taken. **Source: Official CIMA website

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Comment s

I have provided the CCR Report Commentary for Europe E&P Asset by gathering financial and non-financial data. To ensure the commentary is up to date, I have analysed variances analyses of actuals against budget or forecast and liaised with the team to get updates on the cost centre not look after by me.

Goal Name Descriptio n

Monthly reporting - CCR, Europe E&P & VP reports

Comment s

Timely completion of month end commentary packs ensuring commentary is clear and concise with minimal questions from Group throughout a year (CCR report).

Produce Monthly CCR, Europe E&P & VP reports - continuously improve quality and consistency while ensuring the deadline is achieved throughout the year. I have delivered monthly CCR, Europe E&P & VP reports while ensuring the accuracy of the data and the deadline is achieved throughout the year. To maintain the quality of the data and report I have employed my MS Excel skills to update the spreadsheet as required per business e.g. actual vs 2+ template set up after cost challenge review also formulas updates and etc.

Goal Name Descriptio n Comment s


I have initiated the improvement of the P&B slide reported to the monthly Performance Pack by creating an excel spreadsheet where Business Analyst data was feed into graph and tables to visually reflect and analyse the actual, forecast or budget data. P&B folder structure Develop a folder structure encompassing all processes covered by the P&B team by the end of September 2015. I have made P&B team’s H: drive folder structured and friendlier in use.

Process notes

Name Descriptio n Comment s

To collate the process notes across P&B team and create process notes for my responsible transactions (e.g. month end closing) by the end of October 2015. I have created a process notes for my responsible transactions. It has to be reviewed now and I will make changes if there will be required.

Overall Highlights of my Performance:      

I increased my responsibilities and accountabilities by taking P&B Accountant role in February 2015. I become a part qualified accountant by successfully passing exams and gaining work experience in management accounting. I gain knowledge in the cost management, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. I took additional responsibilities like facilitating FCA controls. I showed eager to learn, to be creative and team worker. I am safety conscious both at work and home to ensure that safety rules are followed.

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