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Seichim Reiki...


Seichim Reiki or Renegade Reiki.

It is my intention that anyone who wishes to teach this elegant system has all the information they need in one place. That is: 1. Basic techniques Chi Balls Grounding Hand positions Protection The Infinity Meditation 2. Basic information on why it all works. 3. The attunement process 4. The symbols

Seven Facet Seichim is a very simple and integrated system. Originally developed by T’Om Seaman and Ken Lowry, it is easy to use on its own or blended with Reiki. It goes without saying that these attunements, while simple, need to be done by someone who is attuned to Seichim.

Basic Techniques The Chi Ball This is a great way to learn to feel energy, and an effortless way to do distance attunements. Start with your hands an inch or so apart. Feel the heat? That is chi. Intend Seichim to flow and see if the feeling increases. Now move hands out to about six inches (it may take practice to be able to feel the energy flow) when you can hold this at six inches, curve your hands a bit and “imagine” the chi (Seichim energyReiki also if you have had Reiki attunements) forming a ball. You may channel the energy as long as it takes to form a nice ball. You may see colors, place symbols inside, or anything else you find healing. Then simply release the energy to whomever or whatever you wish. (Always have permission to send healing. It is not ok to decide someone else needs healing. Let them ask.) This is a nice technique for self-healing for those who have difficulty feeling the energy. Just send the chi ball back to yourself!

Grounding Grounding means to get centered-literally to “know you are on Earth.” Taking a few moments to ground before and after healings is very useful. 1. Take a deep breath. See the breath coming in as white. See the out-breath as carrying out all negativity-it may sparkle or just look gray. Repeat three times. 2. Drink a glass of water and maybe have a small snack after doing healings. 3. Rub your hands and shake out the fingers. Useful before starting a healing. 4. Put your hands on the bare earth (or grass) I f you cannot get outside, handle a houseplant or stroke your dog or cat. Hand Positions Much is made of correct hand positions in Reiki. In Seichim, we teach in a whole different way. Start by laying your hands on the person’s head. Crown or back of head is fine. Then let your intuition tell you where to go next! If you feel too embarrassed to do a healing this way, just remember to work head to foot, covering the major areas of the body. Never touch anyone in an intimate area. A nice way to do a self-healing is to “hug “ yourself, hands on shoulders. (You will look something like a mummy!) This is comfortable enough to fall asleep while doing it. Robyn Harton taught me this technique. You can follow this by sliding your hands in your armpits. This allows access to the lymph glands. I like to work on my feet. It feels great and releases a lot of tension. Laying your hands on each hand in turn (a hand sandwich!) is very soothing, especially to anyone with arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.

Protection If you ever feel negative energy or people have “gotten” to you, simply push your hands out from the solar plexus and say “No, I do not accept this from you.” Another nice meditation for protection is to see yourself surrounded by white light. It is a good idea to regularly clear you r personal space. This means physical cleaning, setting of intent, perhaps some ritual of clearing (using Sei he ki’s works well) and allowing the Seichim energy to fill your space. The Infinity Meditation Meditating with the energy is one of the best ways to get strong and clear with its use. The basic meditation is to see the infinity symbol, swirling in its looping eight pattern, enter your head and gradually go through in until it is in your heart. This can be longwise or crosswise; experiment with how it feels to you. You can now allow yourself to move with the pattern of the infinity symbol. You can do this with your hands, your eyes, your head or your whole body. As you continue your daily meditations, try bringing it straight into your heart from the front, or see it between your hands (chi ball.) This can be extended to working with the DNA as infinity loops, or see the loops keep forming the petals of a flower, until it all becomes a sphere. You can also try different colors.

The Seichim Initiation Draw the Dai Ko Myo over the crown of the student with both hands (or twice with one hand) Draw in the energy of “the Great Shining Light” left hand out....right hand on crown of student...draw the symbol in the air and connect to the energy. Do all seven symbols drawing them in the air and bringing down to the crown of the student, in a simple straight line. Left hand used for drawing and bringing symbol energy to crown. I wait until I feel the energy in my hand, with each symbol. I do Dai Ko Mio, Then Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Cho Ku Ret, Angel Wings, Male Female Balance, Align With Higher, Lower and Godself, and Eeeeftchay. Draw infinity sign over the crown three times Blow it in. Draw the symbols up to and including the level you are attuning the student to, between the shoulder blades. Draw Infinity sign three times between shoulder blades. Draw Angel Wings on shoulders. Draw the wings out with your hands! Do symbols up to and including that level, draw on each hand and tap in 3 times for each symbol. Draw Infinity on each hand, Angel Wings on each hand. Seal shut. Raise hands to third eye level while blowing in chakras, three times. (Lift the hands three times as you blow into the chakras from root to heart.) Do symbols on feet and tap each one in.. draw Infinity symbol and Angel Wings. Draw out the wings. Pray over the person that this person be a Seichim healer. Draw energy down from crown to feet and then feet to crown. (Sealing aura, 2 levels) Clap hands once to break connection.

It is best to allow 2 weeks between attunements.

How The System Works

From "Secrets of Reiki and Seichim Ethics, Tools and Techniques of Energy Work” Copyright 1998. Faith Cuthrell

The Seven Levels of Seichim Facet One Cho Ku Rei (power symbol) Facet Two a. Sei He Ki (mental emotional symbol) and b. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (distant healing symbol) Facet Three Cho Ku Ret awakening the inanimate world Facet Four Angel Wings realization of potential Facet Five Male Female Balance. Balance of all things yin-yang and right-left. Horizontal alignment. Facet Six Align Higher Lower and Godselves. balances the different natures we have (Vertical alignment) compare to subconscious, ego and superconscious

Facet Seven a. Eeeftchay (endless inner vision) and b. Dai Ko Mio (the Great Shining Light) Enlightenment, Mastery, Self- Mastery

The Meaning of the Seven Levels

My spiritual guidance has suggested why the 7 levels of Seichim work as one cohesive package. I was told this during an attunement I was giving which made it quite difficult to focus on what I was doing! The Attunements build on each other to provide a step by step cleanse and bringing in of Enlightenment. The first three symbols (first two attunements) are the same as the Reiki symbols. This is a physical cleanse: a framework to build on. The third attunement is Cho Ku Ret -awaken inanimate objects. Awakening of everything around you-so that you are more connected to the Universe. We are not so different from the “stuff” of the Universe. The fourth attunement-Angel Wings. This is realization of potential! It has a correlation, also, to the ancient priests of Israel. Their breastplates had these spirals and they even had symbolic angel wings on their shoulders! Use it on everything! Once connected to the universe, it is time to see you can be a truly spiritual being! Fifth attunement-Male Female Balance. Left/right, inner/outer, balance of all kinds and of the male and female energies. Most people need this-yet it is not often used outside of attunements! It also refers t Marat’s three levels of attunement. Sixth Attunement-Align Higher, Lower, and Godselves. Similar to HUNA. Balances the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the person. Very powerful, needs to be done AFTER the other work. A very important cleanse. Can signal big changes in one’s life. Seventh attunement- Eeeftchay and Dai Ko Mio. Endless inner vision, Eye of Horus, Awake and aware Third Eye. Celestial Eye of qigong. With Dai Ko Mio, this is SELF MASTERY. At-one-ment with the Universe, Enlightenment. The Great Shining Light. This is the REWARD for going through the cleansing and opening of the Seichim system.

The Seven Levels: Seichim Symbols.

Cho Ku Rei Facet 1

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Facet 2

Angel Wings Facet 4

Sei He Ki Facet 2

Cho Ku Ret or Zara Facet 3

Male Female Balance Facet 5


Align Higher, Lower, And Godselves Facet 6

Eeeftchay Facet 7

The Great Shining Light. Dai Ko Mio Facet 7

Infinity All Facets

Symbols in this school of Seichim are not considered secret.

How to Draw the Symbols








Cho Ku Rei

Sei He Ki

1. Draw top to bottom just like in reiki

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Start like cho ku rei but finish with infinity 3 times

3. 2.

Cho Ku Ret or Zara 1. Two hands from middle down

3. 5.

Angel Wings (if using one hand, do left side then right side)


4. 6.

Male Female Balance Draw shape, top to bottom. Draw inner petals (both hands or left side right side) then outer petals

Draw the long line top to bottom. Draw infinity-3 times. Add four rays going outward top left top right bottom left bottom right Align Higher, Lower, And Godselves

Draw last

Eeeftchay Draw from top to bottom spiral. Add short line in middle

Draw each part start at top

The Great Shining Light. Dai Ko Mio

Infinity Draw in a continuous motion. 3 times

Symbols in Seichim The symbols range from the simplicity of the system developed by T’Om Seaman and Ken Lowry (those symbols are in the last chapter, including the four reiki symbols), to forms using upwards of thirty or forty different symbols. This chapter is by no means an exhaustive list of the symbols in use; it is just ones I have come across as I have looked at different systems, and show the growth and flow of Seichim. You can visualize symbols, draw them, repeat their names (use as a mantra) or add colors as you feel appropriate. Or use them in strings. (Called power sandwiches. Cho ku rei before and after other symbols is the most commonly used.) If you build several symbols in a string, think about the “sentence” you are making.. Cho Ku Ret and Angel Wings are excellent for consecrating divination or ritual items (Thanks, Robyn!) I used Angel Wings on the mother dog before she had puppies. To align with your life’s purpose, I would use lots of Sei he ki’s, Eeeftchay and Align with God, followed by Angel Wings. Clear, see the truth, align, realize the potential. That is the structure of my sentence. Cho ku reis before and after help to “power it up. “The doubled cho ku reis would be appropriate. Be creative! This format is used as String of Beads in some Seichim schools for attunements. I use Sei he kis followed by Cho ku reis to clear a room, then the master symbol (The Great Shining Light) on the floor. (Fiona McCallion uses HNSZSN on the floor, as the floor is your path or future. Try it!) Many if not most of the symbols are based on the infinity symbol. The other main symbols are concentric in shape (based on the Golden Sun) or on other geometric shapes. Cho ku rei can be doubled, reversed, or have the circles going outward instead of the usual inward spiral. A box around Sei He Ki is said to be a good clearer of people or places. Cho Ku Reis are supposed to be good for chasing astral entities away. Usually the infinity symbol is drawn three times. Some schools vary this with seven or nine. Most symbols are drawn top to bottom, but Male Female Balance is done-left right left right completing the symbol in three sets, or two handed, completing each side, then inner petals then outer petals.. Angel wings is drawn from the middle down into both spirals at the same time-two hands. You can visualize instead of drawing the symbols. One more tidbit-although Kathleen Milner took Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen out of her attunements, she substituted Harth. Harth can be demonstrated to be the top symbol in the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, drawn in 3-D fashion. (Put the two side by side until you can see the little pyramid at the top of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) There is no necessity for using any symbols with Seichim unless you wish to utilize the focus they give. Because there are so many symbols, I am not going to give detailed instructions on use. That is up to the individual and in accordance with the school where they get their training.

HSZSN is a great way to clear karmic bondages, and break cords to present situations people or groups. This clears the way to have your own energetic boundaries healed and cleared. It is also what actually prevents a teacher from binding a student to them. To use it in this way, send it back to the source of the situation, karma, or bondage.( Another Fiona McCallion technique) To use in this way, you need to think in terms of Reiki and the Japanese meanings of the symbols, which I find I do anyway. The only time I use Reiki symbols as Seichim is during attunements, where we are indeed calling in all the energy regardless of level or facet. (This is why you start the attunement with all the symbols.) I highly recommend a study of Reiki Ryoho, or at least meditating upon the four reiki symbols and their basic meanings (put the power here; mental emotional clearing; no time no space; the Great Shining Light) to enhance your use of these symbols.

A Tour of the World of Seichim Symbols The first four symbols are Tera Mai™ symbols.

Doubled Cho Ku Rei’s, spiraling both ways. Compare to Angel Wings


Zonar Angular form of cho ku ret…..

Harth (compare to top part of HSZSN)

Ta Ku Rei Compare to Align with God.

Healing Triangle

Tam a Ra Sha (2 versions) Introduced by Clay Mackenzie in 1992 to use with Reiki. Also used in Kofutu (since 1986)

Symbol of Divinity

The Everlasting Shining Waters of Ra ( outward movement) This seems to be the most current form of the Golden Sun

Eternal Pearl of Wisdom and Love (inward movement)

Seichim Om or Seichim Tao Compare to Cho Ku Ret. Is nearly identical to Zeigler’s art showing the flower at the crown, the infinity in the middle and the spiral in the heart (Now called SHENU by Diane Shewmaker)

Shum (New Fifth Facet symbol) Compare to Eeeftchay

Shining Everlasting Flower of Enlightenment

Another Everlasting Flower of Enlightenment (Based on Male Female Balance symbol)

A New Iftchei (older name Eeeftchay)

Compare the “Eye of the Heart” Sufi artwork connected to the sound Hu or “Names of God”) to Maiyurma.




Seichim ( SAY KEEM) is "Universal Life Energy" directed by one individual to another through Therapeutic touch. Seichim is given by placing hands on, or 1" to 2" above parts of the body that correspond to the chakras, meridians and organs. A full Seichim Treatment can take an hour or more. Seichim: * Is a gentle, non-intrusive touch therapy which brings wholeness to the recipient and giver. * Restores the natural energy balance in the body; * Provides deep relaxation, evoking a sense of peace and well-being * Brings clarity, insights and vivid images * Complements the Healing properties of Medicine, naturopathy, massage and other Therapies. * Is most effective when you become a willing participant in your own healing process. * Can pass through clothing, bandages or casts. To benefit from Seichim you need to only be open and willing to receive the energy. If, at any time during the treatment session or after, you have questions, concerns or feel distress, let your Reiki Practitioner know. YOUR SEICHIM PRACTITIONER DOES NOT PRESCRIBE MEDICAL TREATMENT OR PERFORM SURGERY IN ANY WAY. YOUR SEICHIM PRACTITIONER WILL NOT HEAL YOU. THERE ALSO MAY BE TIMES THAT YOU WILL NOTICE NO POSITIVE EFFECTS OF THE SEICHIM ENERGY AT ALL. Please tell your Seichim Practitioner if you are presently under medical care and list the names and phone numbers of your caregivers on the back of this page. It is important for your Seichim Practitioner to know if you are diabetic, have a heart condition, use a pacemaker, wear contact lenses or use hearing aids. Please continue to see your caregivers, Doctors and Nurses and follow their prescribed treatments as you see fit. If your caregivers have any questions about Seichim, Your Reiki Practitioner will be happy to talk with them. This is considered a COMPLEMENTARY health practice. Having Read, completed and understood the foregoing, I request to receive Seichim

Therapy today and during any visit hereafter. I understand that the Seichim Practitioner providing the Seichim Therapy is not responsible to me for the outcome of the Seichim Therapy. I Agree to hold the Seichim Practitioner Harmless. SIGNED:____________________________________________________ Date:_________________

Client Information Name Address

Phone Number Email

Health Care Providers

Medical Conditions

Why are you seeking Seichim treatments?

One copy remains with practitioner, one copy goes to client.

The Pyramid Story

Seichim is supposedly based on Patrick Zeigler's night in the pyramid and what he calls a spontaneous initiation. Webster defines this as 1 a : the act or an instance of initiating b : the process of being initiated c : the rites, ceremonies, ordeals, or instructions with which one is made a member of a sect or society or is invested with a particular function or status 2 : the condition of being initiated into some experience or sphere of activity : KNOWLEDGEABLENESS. Patrick’s experience does not fit this criteria; it was apparently a sensory deprivation or death/rebirth experience. (Shamanic in nature.) I have discussed elsewhere the fact that Patrick does not acknowledge his work with the Sufis (which occurred during his visit to Egypt 1 day after his visit to the pyramid) or any other events of that time could have been the reason for the healing energies he began to experience. I have already demonstrated that there are similar themes in the work of at least one popular artist during the 70's and 80's, Alex Gray, who used infinity symbols and chakras in his artwork and who had a "dark night of the soul" where the fear was finally released and he saw a blue light, much like Patrick, to show that Patrick had a standard death and rebirth experience (pg. 26) The meditation (pg. 21) based on this to create SKHM is not new either. Reiki Ryoho uses a "connection to the Reiki Light meditation" (but grounds it in the Tan Dien not the heart.) Another is taught by Paula Horan in "Empowerment Through Reiki" and brings the light through the chakras. Msytress Angelique teaches one, as a kundalini related grounding visualization. I have heard there is a similar Druid meditation. The Infinity symbol is certainly not unique, and we cannot lay the difference in Seichim down to just that pattern. Patrick is quite vague about when he was in the pyramid. Different sources of the history list him as entering the Peace Corp in 1978 or 1979, the Pyramid experience as 1979 or 1980...I find it difficult to understand why he cannot remember the date of what he seems to feel is the most pivotal moment of his life. Christine Gerber was teaching in 1984;so at least we have one date verified.

I have also been able to verify that he WAS in the Peace Corp and that the Brahanis exist in Egypt and Sudan and hold ZHKR. Heart opening, as the basis for enlightenment is not unique either; nor is group consciousness and group work. Alice Bailey taught this in the 30's and 40's.This is also the Egyptian connection; Alice taught about secret lore and lost knowledge (based on channeled information.) Egypt was part of this "Golden Thread." The other Egyptian influence is from Crowley’s “Golden Dawn” group. It should be noted that Patrick did not emphasize his Egyptian experiences until AFTER MacMasters, Burack, Belot and others had created the Egyptian focus, including Kathleen Milner's Egyptian Cartouche work. It may be part of the development of Seichim/Seichem. She named her fire energy Sakara, which is a reference to the Stepped Pyramid Patrick is so fond of! The cult of the god Thoth was centered at Sakara. Thoth is a constant theme of Seichim initiations. It is also a clue to the Hermetic magic (Golden Dawn) incorporation. (Hermes and Thoth are a theme of Hermetic magic.) If most of what is being called Seichim is a reworking of the major ideas of the New Age movement, then the only difference can be the experiences and initiations of Patrick Zeigler prior to taking his Reiki attunements. As a matter of fact, without Reiki as the base, there never would have been a Seichim. Usui created an excellent vehicle for opening people to energy (and allowing us to grow in enlightenment, slowly and surely). A number of stories concerning the Pyramid have been around for quite a while. For example, actress Shirley MacLaine reports spending a night in the pyramid. Dr. Brugh Joy left his successful medical practice in 1974 and traveled the world looking for more spiritual answers. He created the Transformational Process (Transformational Psychology) which holds we are multiple instead of just one (similar to Jung.) He teaches meditations, including a spiral meditation which he compares to DNA, which if course is a type of infinity pattern. (Joy's Way, published in 1979, pg 191) He teaches heart awakenings and held group conferences. He himself discovered that Alice Bailey's work was close to his own (pg.196) and that there is a relationship to Kundalini (pg.196) He also spent a night in the Pyramid. Before we compare texts, let us consider what is different. Dr. Joy sought permission to stay in the pyramid. The President of Egypt did grant his request, but he was warned that people could become psychotic if they stayed too long in the pyramid! (pg.140) He went for the deliberate purpose of a death and rebirth experience. Patrick, on the other hand, says he snuck in to the Pyramid because he "knew he needed to stay the night in there." Text is from Patrick's version of the history told to the SKHM core Training class in Fall of 1998 and published on several websites.

Dr. Joy’s Story

"Promptly at 5:00 PM on the night of the full moon in February 1975, I met the gatekeeper who was to let me in and take me out at the appropriate time.....I spent almost three hours in the queen's chamber, then ascended into the king's chamber for nine hours of experiences beyond my ability to articulate even today...”. (begins in the Queen's chamber...) “I felt fear of psychosis, but only momentarily. I was aware of someone else inside me guiding this initiation...I was not, however ...entirely free of childhood memories of such horror movies as "The Mummy's Curse" ...When the demons appeared, I felt a tremendous feeling of freedom. Now I had access not only to the deepest access of the pyramid, but to the deepest aspects of my own Beingness as ego boundaries were dissolving and the pyramid and I were fusing into a unit...After twelve hours, the process of detachment and expansion ended....I reached the opening of the pyramid at 6:10-the approach of sunrise"… and on experiencing light (awakening Kundalini) pg.198 "I had the sensation of a motor turning in my chest, and then a momentary flash of blinding white was far more intense than looking at the November of was first centered in my chest area, then moved into the lower abdomen, then up towards my head. On came the super brilliant light. It was not just a flash, and it did not stop."

Patrick Zeigler’s Story QUESTION: Do you know the date that you spent the night in the pyramid? ANSWER: I would have to look at my visas... It was on a full moon, the month of March comes in...I went in 1979 so it's going to be 1979 or 1980.......I waited until I felt all the people leave and, actually, I could hear them shut the gate. It was about 7:00 at night and I could hear them. They have a big metal gate at the front and it echoed all the way up through the Grand Gallery into the King's chamber up to where I was at... {The Queen's chamber was much smaller. . I just sat down and meditated for awhile...I then decided I would go around and check into the King's chamber next.(this is the daytime visit preceding his night stay.)....... } in the King's chamber...

But the fear just started overwhelming me and I just fell deeper and deeper and deeper into the fear. It was almost freezing me, it was just overwhelming me with this fear. I was going, like wow, you know, just being overwhelmed with this fear. And it got the closer, the sound of it, I could feel it coming closer and as it got closer I became more fearful. As it entered into the King's chamber, I could actually feel a presence coming towards me. And my fear went deeper, and deeper, and as it got closer, and closer I just had no idea what was going to happen. All of a sudden I felt this energy was above me and I could actually, for the first time see it and it was like whirling. And it almost had this figure eight type pattern. It was like moving around in circles and flying over me and at that point I said, "Well, I could die now. Or I could just allow whatever this is to happen to me. I mean this is the reason I came." And energetically then it started, it was as almost like, I said, "okay, I'm open to whatever happens." And the fear began to melt away and the energy just started to come down into my heart. I felt this warmth and this love all of a sudden just filled my whole being. And as the fear began to be transformed, it transformed right into this feeling of love. As I began to feel it coming into my body, I went back and I could hear the sound and the sound that I was hearing the whole time was that of my heart. And for the whole evening, I just sat and laid down in meditation just feeling the energy within my heart and feeling it come all the way through my body, just being bathed in this love for the rest of the evening. I realized that soon it was going to be morning.

Patrick's statement from the history... (correlates to Dr. Joy’s Kundalini experiences…. "During the most intense experience I ever had with the energy it was so bright I thought I was going to go blind.") One coincidence is interesting but two is truly odd. The first book appeared just as Patrick Zeigler was traveling to Yemen and Egypt. The second one came out in May of 1996. Patrick went public with his story in January-February of 1997, first on the AOL Reiki boards and then through a cross posting to alt.healing.reiki. Here is the original post Info Exchange - Seichim >> Forum: alt.healing.reiki >> Thread: Info Exchange - Seichim >> Message 37 of 52 Author:ipathways The following is a post from the AOL Reiki folder written by Patrick Zeigler of

Lancaster, PA. Subj: Re:Seichim Date: 97-01-21 23:40:19 EST From: Seichim During my stay in Yemen as a Peace Corps I was able to Meditate often. In many ways it was much more intense that just going up to mountain to meditate. The Cultural experience was very enlightening. At one point I was having very powerful energetic and spiritual experiences several times a week. Very similar To what is in the Usui story told by Takata. Lots of light and the most beautiful Celestial Sounds. After my first year I was drawn to visit Egypt, I knew I must stay the night in the Kings Chamber at the great pyramid. I found a small tunnel that at the Kings entrance and hid there until I was locked in for the night. Within a very short time I could here a vibration, which came from the grand gallery. Before I knew it the vibration and a swirling light was above me and entered into my heart. I really had no idea what had happened, but just knew that I would become a healer, latter when I would be sick I would put my hands on my chest and a vibration would start in my body. I had no training and did not understand what was happening. When I returned to America I went to the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, there I studied Massage Polarity and Vibrational healing. One day a woman came and gave me a Reiki session, it was a similar energy to the energy I felt in Egypt, so I took Reiki I, II and III. I immediately became involved in the Reiki conflict with Barbara Ray and Phyllis. After spending $5,000 and witnessing all of conflicts, I decided that I would not follow the Reiki path that was laid out in front of me. Any one that asked for a healing or Master Level Attunement I gave it freely. While I was at Heartwood Healing Center I meet Christine Gerber who was a channel for Marat an Indian sage, I asked him about Reiki just to test him. He responded that I was not doing Reiki but Seichim and Reminded me of the swirling light that was the energy pattern of Seichim. The pattern was an infinity sign. So from then on when I did an attunement I added the infinity sign. Tom Seaman was there with me and was the first to receive the attunement. Tom traveled around America sharing this Master Level attunement. He eventually met Phoenix Summerfield and they began Receiving and creating other symbols. This is the nature of Seichim. At that point Phoenix began marketing and creating a very structured costly system. She was responsible for getting it out to the world. Since then each teacher has added greatly to the system. I would love to have a sharing gathering of all the different teachings. I hope this helps Patrick

The book that appeared just prior to this post is The Emerald Covenant: Spiritual Rites of Passage by Michael Morgan, May, 1996. The part of the story I quote begins on pg.122. Mr. Morgan channels an entity who insisted he and a tour group travel to Egypt in 1992.The idea was to re-enact the trials and later initiation of the priests of Egypt. The ancient language of the Atlanteans supposedly allows one to communicate with the Pyramid. Mr. Morgan put through official requests and paid the normal bribes to spend time alone in the Pyramid. And as before, the setting was February, Full Moon, 1992.Unlike the other two versions, Mr. Morgan went into the lower chamber of the Pyramid before entering the Queen's Chamber and finally the King's chamber.

Michael Morgan’s Story "the passageway had been cut every low, forcing me to assume a crouching position."… "After an eternity of agonizing steps, I found myself standing upright. I had entered the Grand Gallery...the entry to the Chamber of the Queen...lay straight ahead...five or six steps in the crouching position brought me to the King's chamber." "The chamber had a distinct reddish tone to it...To the right of the entrance and at the end was a large stone case. 'hmmm...that must be the sarcophagus.' Yokar [the spirit guide] then said firmly" You must climb inside the berth..."..Once inside, I adjusted my body with my head pointed to the West. "Then he commanded me "Form your hand into a fist and strike the wall of the berth" I formed my hand into a fist and struck the my amazement, the cubicle began to vibrate all over."…I realized another sound was joining the first. This new sound was not coming from the cubicle! It was coming down from above...a definite sensation of pleasure filled my body."… "the warmth that was around me now entered me. It felt soothing and strangely comforting. Patrick’s Story "So imagine yourself having to crouch down a little bit and beginning to go through some of these chambers. It is a very tight space. The temperature with a lot of people in there was a little warm, but not uncomfortable. "…"You could go straight. You could go into the Queen's chamber, which is where I went first. You would go straight in. The hallway would get bigger and then you would go into a little doorway and to the right the chamber would open. You go from this small claustrophobic tube to this very high spacious staircase that goes up and up and up about two thirds of the way into the pyramid. As you begin to get up in there it levels off a bit and then you begin to come into the King's chamber. "…"I began to walk around and the sarcophagus is off to the right and the position of the head and, again I was assuming, was up to the north. So the

sarcophagus was oriented in the north-south position. The sarcophagus itself is the container where the King was placed and is a solid piece of granite. I could walk up and hit it and it would just go bong. It would be almost like a gong...I found the sarcophagus and proceeded to sit in meditation in it. At that point a voice said, "No, you aren't supposed to sit in it." So I laid down."… And as I was laying down I bumped the edge and it reverberated this wonderful tone -- "bohhmm" it was like a gonging sound. I laid down and just started to meditate and before long I could hear this very high pitched sound coming, like an "eeeeeee" and I go "Oh wow! That's awful quick!" You know, things are starting to happen. And I was laying there and I said "Okay, whatever's going to happen, you know, just come on in."… "I felt this warmth and this love all of a sudden just fill my whole being. And as the fear began to be transformed, it transformed right into this feeling of love. As I began to feel it coming into my body, I went back and I could hear the sound and the sound that I was hearing the whole time was that of my heart. " So what, if anything, does all of this mean? The pyramid experience was not unique. No one else having the exact same experience shows the ability to heal, separate from training in healing. It cannot be the (sole) source of Seichim! Nor was Patrick unique in being covered with “white dust”’ when leaving the pyramid. Rather than being white gold (maybe vibhuti? From India?) as his newest histories claim, it was, according to Egyptologists, quite probably bat dung, which was a common problem for early searchers. Usui said he trained for many years before having the experience of Reiki light. He then developed the Reiki system. He wanted Reiki to be a way to enlightenment. (Reiki, The Legacy of Dr Usui. Frank Petter, pg 16) Patrick Zeigler has, in reality had many experiences, without any real focus on developing a system for teaching and healing. He did not even name or describe this system; Christine Gerber and her guide Marat, created the format that would become Seichim. And Marat was not Egyptian! What may be passed on are the Sufi initiations. On this website we find the following history from Mr. Zeigler “That afternoon I went to the Saidna Hussein Mosque, and a woman came to me and asked if I could help her find her Sufi Teacher. Since I speak some Arabic we were able to locate his center in short time. We stayed there a week, and they taught us Zikir. Then they gave us both Airfare to go to Khartoum Sudan where their Master lived. While I was there he passed on to me the final attunement of his order. Afterwards I found that if I became ill I could place my hands on my heart and belly my body would begin to vibrate

and the illness would pass. I was also having OBE's once a week. I had no idea what he had given to me, he instructed me to stay in my heart and visualize the light.” … “Upon completion I was asked to return to the Sudan. The Sufi Master had passed away a year previous and I was asked to return. It was then I told what he had given to me. His Son Ibrahim is currently the Linage holder. They asked me to marry and implied they wanted me to teach in America. I told them no and returned. “ We now know that Christine went on to attune a man named Michael Rice, who was Sufi trained (by Shabda Khan & Anna Perez.) He in turn attuned folks with this "Sufi reiki" that Christine called SETIM (confirmed in later channelings) It could also be pointed out that Patrick took initiations from Barbara Ray, who taught that Reiki was meditation. Both Arjava Petter and Mr. Doi, who have been involved with leading the charge to bring in Reiki Ryoho to America, also have lineages that trace back to Ray. Surely all the streams of Reiki and Seichim seem to be coming back together!) (Thanks Fiona for pointing this out to me.) Others have noticed the relationship to Radiance Technique. From Light and Adonea’s webages… "Seichim as taught by Patrick today. It attunes one to Living Light energy, which moves in a figure eight rather than a spiral as in Reiki. The attunement process is done during meditation where the high heart chakra is opened and connected with Earth and Universal energies. The feeling of energy during the attunement is very ethereal, with a flavor similar to Reiki/Radiance. It is said that with Seichim one can direct and control the intensity of the energy. We have not noticed a great difference between the energy of Seichim and Reiki, both are gentle loving energies, which help the body to regain balance and reconnects the initiate with Source/Creator/God." It may be, by giving the group of people at Heartwood permission to do Reiki in this new fashion, a whole new way of doing Reiki occurred, that allowed experimentation and changes in how Reiki felt. Or it may simply be that all experiences of The Light can be used to build ones energy body and, with focus, healing others. Each person who has created a system of Seichim should be honored for his or her hard work. Each should be considered a founder, not necessarily of an ancient Egyptian based system, but of his or her own unique ways of working with Reiki.

The History of Seichim as told by Patrick Ziegler to his phone conference class, Fall of 1998 (I was a student and in that class)

Patrick: I was always drawn to Egypt. That was the area I was most fascinated with and being an architect and in architectural school one of the things I did was a competition for a tourist complex at the pyramids where I started to incorporate a lot of the angles and geometry from the pyramids and began to work with the sacred geometry from the pyramids in a lot of my projects. By working with it, I just had to go the Egypt. That was one of my goals and my dreams. One of the things I want to stress is that it doesn't necessarily mean that each of us has to go to Egypt. I had somehow set up in my own belief structure that going to Egypt was when something wonderful would happen to me and that was just my path. I didn't know how I would go to Egypt, but I ended up being drawn to apply to the Peace Corps. So I applied and it ended up my first choice was going to Nepal. They did not have the Peace Corps in Egypt at the time nor was it offered, but I ended up going to Yemen, which was another Arab country on the tip of Saudi Arabia across from Africa. After being in Yemen for quite a long time, one of the reasons that I went there was that I felt I could connect very strongly with the Sufi tradition which is the mystical side of Islam -- much like within Christianity there are definitely more mystical aspects within the Christian faith that deal with connecting more fully, kind of like having extra meditation practices and really striving to connect. It wasn't just your secular Islam. I had not really experienced any of that, but I really felt drawn to do that. I had gone to Yemen and unfortunately didn't connect with any Sufi groups at all there, so I just practiced meditation very regularly there. I had a lot of free time, because of the way the culture is structured and what then ended up developing was my own spiritual practice and also learning some of the basics of other Islamic religions which was very important for me to get around and to communicate and to talk to people. About halfway through I had my vacation come and off we went to Egypt and my very first thought was to come and go to the pyramids. For those of you who have been there, you can just visualize what it is like to be there and for those of you who have not been there I will just begin to describe what it is like. When you first start coming in on the bus you can see the pyramids. They just begin to poke up through the trees. You can see them like huge monuments. It's really spectacular as you begin to leave Cairo. Cairo is on the east bank. Giza is the town which is around the pyramids on the west bank of the Nile. The Egyptians would divide up, the west side being really the place of the burial sites of the Pharaohs and of the other world. Most of the things that were happening on the other side - the eastern side was really the side of the life - of the now. So that's where people farmed and lived their lives. The west bank was all sacred. So as you enter over you can actually feel the energy shifting as you cross over the Nile and move into the plateau of the pyramids and they are on a plateau which makes them even more spectacular. The busses come up very close to the pyramids and you get out and walk right up to them. The pyramids fill your whole field of vision. While you are there people are trying to sell you camel rides, and sell you all kinds of things for tourists. I just kind of walked right through and as I went into the pyramids there is a place where

the thieves had actually carved out which is the main entrance. It's about a quarter of the way up the pyramid. And then there is this carved out entrance that you go into and then as you go into that you start to go into the smaller chambers where you actually have to crouch down. So imagine yourself having to crouch down a little bit and beginning to go through some of these chambers. It is a very tight space. The temperature with a lot of people in there was a little warm, but not uncomfortable. You had to go through these tunnels. The tunnels are very squared. They are not really meant for people to be walking in. They had giant plugs of granite that they would put into these tunnels, which you would use, and then you would come along and you could go two ways. You could go straight. You could go into the Queen's chamber, which is where I went first. You would go straight in. The hallway would get bigger and then you would go into a little doorway and to the right the chamber would open. The Queen’s chamber was much smaller. It has a little pointed roof where it would go up. It also had the sarcophagus in it to the right as well. Energetically, it was very peaceful there. I just sat down and meditated for a while. It was a time of the day where you didn't have a lot of people there. I had the whole place to myself as I had come there early in the morning. I just sat there and felt the energy and felt drawn to move around into the chamber because at that point since there was a little more activity coming in, I then decided I would go around and check into the King's chamber next. In the King's chamber there is what they call a Grand Gallery. You enter in and it just goes up almost probably 24 or 30 feet. You go from this small claustrophobic tube to this very high spacious staircase that goes up and up and up about two thirds of the way into the pyramid. As you begin to get up in there it levels off a bit and then you begin to come into the King's chamber. As you enter into the King's chamber the sounds are just awesome. Every sound begins to vibrate. It is like you are walking into a big bell. So as you walk the sound of your footsteps begins to vibrate. If you are quiet enough you can practically hear yourself breathing in this space. Acoustically, it's perfect. You can make an Om sound and the Om is just carried through. It's so deep. Again, I just walked in and felt right at home. I began to walk around and the sarcophagus is off to the right and the position of the head and, again I was assuming, was up to the north. So the sarcophagus was oriented in the north-south position. The sarcophagus itself is the container where the King was placed and is a solid piece of granite. I could walk up and hit it and it would just go bong. It would be almost like a gong. That itself carries a lot of energy. Again I knew that I wasn't staying at this time. I walked around. I knew in my heart that I needed to spend the night in this place. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but again I asked for the guidance for this to occur. Right when I was leaving, I started to look down and there was this little door where some thieves had tried to carve in and around the granite that encased the King's chamber. So the little tiny hole was big enough for someone to crawl up into but definitely would have taken some effort in there. There was a gate there that was covering it but the gate was unlocked. So I felt like hmm. I had a flashlight with me and I got my flashlight out and looked up in there and I thought, "well that looks interesting" and this voice said, "you are going in there." So I said, "I'm going to go in there, but not now." So I went home and the next morning I returned. And I had prepared. I had decided that I would fast from that point so that way I would clean my bowels out. I had fasted the night before and hadn't eaten anything in the morning. I came back and had the things I would need for spending the night there. Again the gate was left open, so when there wasn't anyone around, I opened the gate and crawled in and

shut it behind me and kept crawling. Of course I had no idea of what was in there and I crawled up and up and up. It went into a little alcove that was above the King's chamber. I was actually quite amazed that all the blocks hat are on the outside and are shown are perfect. They are well fitted together, but the blocks that are on the inside of the pyramid are actually quite crude and rough which was the way they built buildings in that part of the world. They would make the outside perfect and finish the inside a little rougher. So I sat there and meditated. I meditated all day long. It was just wonderful. I was just in this almost suspended animation. There was a very nice energy. It wasn't rough or anything and it was just really calm and peaceful. I meditated all day long right up above the King's chamber and every now and then could hear some of the tourists coming and going from here I was. I waited until I felt all the people leave and, actually, I could hear them shut the gate. It was about 7:00 at night and I could hear them. They have a big metal gate at he front and it echoed all the way up through the Grand Gallery into the King's chamber up to where I was. So I just waited a little bit longer until it was absolutely still and there wasn't another sound and that’s when I came out. I crawled out of the tunnel that I was in and I went directly into the King's chamber. And, of course, it was just absolutely pitch black. There was no light whatsoever. I did have my flashlight so I could get around. I turned it on and found the sarcophagus and proceeded to sit in mediation in it. At that point a voice said, "No, you aren't supposed to sit in it." So I laid down. It was actually a very good fit. For those of you that have never met me, I am very tall. I am about 6'5". But it fit perfectly! Now, of course, this is not the coffin that the King is put in. This is the outer casing. And as I was laying down I bumped the edge and it reverberated this wonderful tone -- "bohhmm" it was like a gonging sound. I laid down and just started to meditate and before long I could hear this very high pitched sound coming, like an "eeeeeeeeee" and I go "Oh wow! That's awful quick!" You know, things are starting to happen. And I was laying there and I said "Okay, whatever's going to happen, you know, just come on in." And before long I realized that this highpitched sound was mosquitoes. And I was like, "Wait a minute. There's not supposed to be mosquitoes in the pyramids!" You know from the reading I have done, these forms of life where not supposed to be here. And that’s one thing that I definitely have a problem with, mosquitoes. And I wasn’t prepared. Now I did have a roll of toilet paper, so I thought, "Oh, what I'll do is...because I don't want mosquitoes chewing on me all night" and so I took the toilet paper and started to wrap myself up so they couldn't bite. I wrapped my arms all up with the toilet paper and I wrapped my feet because I didn't have socks or anything on. And then I wrapped my face as well and laid back down again. And once I began to get comfortable I heard this "boom....boom" sound. And I thought, "Oh, no...someone's coming." And so here I am, laying in a sarcophagus all wrapped up in toilet paper, and someone's coming. My mind is going, "Well, like, what should I do? Should I try to get back out?" And I realized if someone's coming up the grand gallery and I get up I'll have to turn my light on in here where it's pitch black and, of course, they would see me. So I thought "I'm just going to stay put." And actually what happened was I couldn't move anyway! It was like this energy was just over me and I was there. And so I just stayed and listened and listened. And it was this sound you this "boom...boom" and I could feel it coming up the Grand Gallery. And I began to rationalize, I'd say "well, maybe it's somebody coming." Then I thought, "no, if it were somebody coming up the steps they would turn on a light." And at that point I realized

whatever it is, is not human. And so it's not human, then what else could it be? Well, maybe it’s bats, so it's like bats flitting around and I'm hearing the bat droppings or there's something going on. And as I listen deeper, it's like no, it's too consistent. It can't be an animal or anything. So at that point I realized that it's something beyond animal or human. And at that point I also began to feel a fear coming in me. "Like, what is going on here?! What is really happening?" And the fear -- now I've been in a lot of situations before which were very fearful situations where people pointed guns at me and everything. But the fear just started overwhelming me and I just fell deeper and deeper and deeper into the fear. It was almost freezing me, it was just overwhelming me with this fear. I was going, like wow, you know, just being overwhelmed with this fear. And it got the closer, the sound of it, I could feel it coming closer and as it got closer I became more fearful. As it entered into the King’s chamber, I could actually feel a presence coming towards me. And my fear went deeper, and deeper, and as it got closer, and closer I just had no idea what was going to happen. All of a sudden I felt this energy was above me and I could actually, for the first time see it and it was like whirling. And it almost had this figure eight type pattern. It was like moving around in circles and flying over me and at that point I said, "Well, I could die now. Or I could just allow whatever this is to happen to me. I mean this is the reason I came." And energetically then it started, it was as almost like, I said, "okay, I'm open to whatever happens." And the fear began to melt away and the energy just started to come down into my heart. I felt this warmth and this love all of a sudden just fill my whole being. And as the fear began to be transformed, it transformed right into this feeling of love. As I began to feel it coming into my body, I went back and I could hear the sound and the sound that I was hearing the whole time was that of my heart. It was like this sound that been transformed outside myself now and into the inside, so it was really transfixed now right in my heart. And for the whole evening, I just sat and laid down in meditation just feeling the energy within my heart and feeling it come all the way through my body, just allowing myself to receive whatever else would come in. And that's how most of this night went, just being bathed in this love for the rest of the evening. I realized that soon it was going to be morning. I did have my alarm set in case I would fall asleep or whatever but I didn't sleep at all. The alarm went off and I said, "okay I'd better get back". I left the King's chamber and went back into my hiding place and waited for the first few tour groups to go through. When I felt it was an appropriate time I came out. And when I came out, I realized that I was white. I was covered in this white dust. I looked down at my arms and they were just totally white with this white powder. I brushed it off as well as I could. I also felt it in my hair and brushed it out as much as I could. I got as much of it off as I could yet it was caked all over my clothes and everything. A few tour groups came through and I then walked out with one of them. And then as I was leaving, the guards started to call me in Arabic, "Come here!" and I pretended I didn't hear them and kept walking and walking and walked out of the pyramid and they're yelling "You get back here!" I just kept walking and walking and pretty soon, it was just such good luck, because there was a bus just starting to pull away, and I ran for the bus and I jumped on and it took off. I ended up back in my hotel room. When I got in I looked in the mirror and I was just totally white. I had a beard at the time and it was just as if someone had taken white flour and just sprinkled me all over. I laid down and sat with the energy for awhile. And later on in the day I took a shower, cleaned up. I decided to go into the old city of Cairo where all the

old mosques and everything were located. Actually, many of the blocks from the pyramids were used to build some of the mosques that were in the old city. As I was walking into the old city this woman came up to me who was all dressed in orange and had a mandala around her neck. And she was a Bagwhan Rasneechi (sp??) which is very rare in Egypt. She came up to me and said, "I'm looking for someone and was wondering if you could help me?" I would wear the galabeia??, I would wear the robes and everything and the turban and everything, so I...we were both sort of dressed nonWestern like. I said, "sure I'll do what I can and try to help you find him." And I could speak pretty good Arabic so we walked in and she had the name of a man and I thought well "Good Luck!" you know, but I walked over and asked in Egyptian, "would you happen to be able to help me find this person?" And he said, "Oh yes. He doesn’t live here. But there's a group of his students, they have a school right across the street." And I was just like "Okay...". So I went over there and it was essentially a school for Sufis. They invited us in and we told them who we were looking for and, of course, they said, "Well, the Sheik, whose name is Mohamed Osman Brahani, he lives in the Sudan. But if you'd like to stay with us we'll teach you what he teaches us. And so we said "Fine" and we stayed there about a week with them. It was just wonderful. Their whole practice was just what I had learned in the pyramid, i.e., essentially focusing on the heart. And they would hold the heart center when they would do their prayers. And then they had this dance, which was not like the normal Sufi dancing that I was used to where they would do a spiral. Instead, they would move from left to right swaying in this infinity pattern. They would all line up and I have to admit that it was usually always the men, the men would line up and the women would then sit off in another room lined up and they would sit and pray while the men would stand and pray and usually do some chanting while they were doing their prayers. And this is what they would call zicker (sp??) which was their remembering. It was very, very powerful and the energy would come flowing in. They would dance the energy and as they did the drumming and the singing would get stronger and stronger and they would build the energy. Then they would quiet down and we would sit for a while and then would go back into it. They would do this almost all night long. I did this for about a week and at the end of the week I started having visions. Actually a man would come to me and he was a black man with a turban. I began to tell the group about my vision. Of course they had pictures of him all over the place and that may have helped but it was just so clear. And they told me that one of the gifts of the Sheik is that he does visit us in our dreams very often and teaches us that way. My friend and I, Bergit (sp??) was her name, decided then that we were going to go to the Sudan. We were going to take the train and boat and travel the whole overland experience. When we told the group we were going to go, they said, "no, no, no" and they gave us both airplane tickets, which was really quite astonishing. We flew down and got off of the flight and had no idea where we were going yet we had the Sheik's name. We got off the plane and it was interesting because before I left the group had given me new robes and shoes and dressed me all up and everything. They wanted to me shave but I couldn’t, "no, no, I can't do that." But they had fixed me all up. We walked off the plane and got our bags and were walking along. A taxicab driver came up and we asked if he could take us to see Sheik Mohamed Osman Brahani. And he says, "Why certainly!" He knew exactly where we needed to go and he drove us right to the door. He would not take any money at all which was just total astonishment. We went to visit inside his home. He had a very small home

yet with a very big living room and people would be lined up and he sat at the end in a big chair. There also were chairs all the way around the room and other people were sitting around. We came in and introduced ourselves. It was very informal and he would share and talk. I spent about a week with him, no actually it was two weeks. The first week was mainly getting to know the people. They would have dinner and everybody would share the meal. The Sheik would tell me stories and he talked a lot about how the earth had changed. He said at one time Adam and Eve were almost like giants, they were huge. He talked about how as people would take from the earth they would get smaller. So there was a lot of this and through the years the size of man began to get smaller and smaller. He gave me a little bit of a history of this but most of it was mythical. Then after the first week he gave me some beads and said now with each of the beads you say "Allah." There were 100 beads and as you would go through them this was your way of counting out "Allah" 100 times. You’d really continually do it all the time rather than just doing it 100 times in the morning or whatever. Then as you'd go around you had another little counter, just so that at the end of the day you knew how many you had been able to say. This would give your mind a little to focus on as well. Then the Sheik -- it was interesting -- he looked at me and said, "You know, usually I ask the people when you are saying "Allah" to focus on one of the prophets. You can focus on me, you can focus on Mohammed, on Abraham, Adam or one of the prophets." Then he looked at me and said "or if you want, you can just visualize the most beautiful light." Because he knew I had a lot of resistance to worshiping another man and I think he just tuned right into that and he said, "You just focus and visualize the light and just say Allah." It really came through as "All love" for me and so that was what I would say, "All love, all love, all love." It was so beautiful because I didn't have anything else to do and so for the rest of the week that's what I did. About halfway through the second week, I was laying in bed. I actually had like a little fever. The Sheik would come into the guest quarters to visit. There were two buildings and the Sheik had his own place. The guests would stay in another building about a block away. I was laying in bed waiting for him to come because he would come every evening. I looked up and he was standing next to my bed and he asked me, "You know Abdolla, you really should become a Muslim." At that point I said, "No, I really cannot become a Muslim mainly because of the way you treat your women." He looked at me and he said, "Well, I understand." For just a second I looked away and then when I looked back he was gone. I looked around and asked, "Well, where are you? Where did you go?" I got up and walked around and asked everybody, "Where is the Sheik? I was just talking to him." They said, " no, the Sheik never came." I became very curious and said, What do you mean? I was just talking to him." Everybody said, "No, no, no, he never came, he never came." I could not believe it. So I put on my shoes and went over to his house. And he had someone taking care of him and I asked "Is the Sheik in?" And he said, "Yeah, he's in. You can come in." And we were both there together alone. I had asked the caretaker before I went in "Did the Sheik leave?" And he said, "No, no, he's been here the whole time." I walked in and the Sheik was laying down. As I walked in, he looked over at me and said, "You know, you really should become a Muslim." For a moment I was just speechless. Finally, I looked at him and said "Well, I already answered you." He just smiled. We meditated together for a while and he held my hand. They were really into holding hands there. In my heart part of me wanted what they had with their faith but I just knew that I could not become a Muslim like they were and that

is what I expressed to him and he said, "Well, that's okay, that's okay." Then I left and continued with all the meditation and teachings he had given me which I still do today. And that was really the only teaching. Up to that point I had really just worked on myself. Eventually when I got back to Yemen all of a sudden it was like a whole new world had opened up for me. I was starting to do out of body experiences weekly almost, sometimes twice a week, just experiencing flying around and having incredible experiences. One of the most powerful experiences happened one evening when I was sitting and meditating. I started to hear these beautiful sounds. First it was like a drumming sound and then it would move to a bumblebee sound. This would happen quite regularly yet on one particular night it moved all the way and it was like angels singing. I had a friend with whom I would share a lot of the experiences I was going through. She lived in the same house as me. I lived at the top and she lived at the bottom. When I would meditate I made sure my door was shut and put a mattress over the door so that their sounds from the other people wouldn’t disturb me. On this particular night, I could hear the beautiful sounds again and all of a sudden I was completely free of my physical body. I was in the sound and the light was just pouring in. I really wanted to share this with somebody and before I knew it I was in my friend's room with her and I looked over at her and said, "Susan, do you want to come with me and listen to some beautiful music?" She was laying in bed and she looked up and said, "No, I’m too tired" and my heart just sank. Then something inside of me said, "You can experience this on your own." Instantly, I went into an even deeper level of this sound and it was just amazing. The angels were singing and it felt like I was in heaven. Before I knew it, the sun was coming through my window and it was morning. I opened the door and was going down the steps. Susan was coming up. One of the things I was always asking was am I going crazy? What's going on here? I could have these experiences probably if I took LSD or something. That's what it was like. Is there a reality to it? That was the question that was on my mind. Is there a reality to it? As Susan was coming up the steps and I was coming down, Susan looked into my eyes and said, "Did you come to my room last night?" That confirmed it and, of course, I explained it to her. At that point I realized that yes, this is a shared reality. That's when the healing started to come in. I found whenever I'd start to get sick I'd put my hands on my body. My whole body would start to vibrate and shake. Usually, if I felt sick I'd feel better. I did this mostly on myself. I really did not have any training or know what to do if I worked with anyone else so I did not work on others. This kept happening. Eventually I left Yemen. I then went for two years into Nepal and continued working and meditating and staying with the energy and had many wonderful experiences there as well. But deep inside I knew that I had to do some learning about healing. So when I came back to America, I immediately sent off literature to different healing schools and eventually ended up at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and studied massage there. The school also taught energetic healing and vibrational healing and it was just wonderful. At that point I had also met a woman who offered to do a Reiki session on me and it was like "Oh, wow!" It was so similar to the energy I had experienced earlier. As she activated it, I would feel it go through my body. So I took the first and second degree on the first weekend without even knowing anything more about Reiki. I took it from a lady named Marilyn Alvy who was one of Barbara Ray's students and then decided that if there was more I wanted to learn it. The information I had was really very basic and the symbols were interesting but I really wanted to know more. I

knew Barbara Ray had written a book and was quite famous for her Reiki. So I figured I might as well study with one of the best people and then I found out about Phyllis Furamoto as well and gave her a call and spoke with her and was going to do the Reiki mastership. I did not have any money. It was interesting that all of sudden my parents called me the following weekend and said that the inheritance from my grandfather had come through. My parents sent the money and so I was able to do the Reiki training. This was all in a period of over a year. I was getting ready to go do the Reiki training and all of a sudden Bergit, (sp??) the lady I met in Egypt, showed up. She had called me so I was expecting her. When she arrived in Santa Fe, I thought she was coming for a visit. Instead, she said, "You know, I've been asked to take you back to Khartoum." I said, "Well, I really can't. I've already made these arrangements for the Reiki master course." and she said that we could work it out. So we went through Houston and I picked up my passport. I did the Reiki training, which was just a weekend. Then we got on an airplane and went back to Egypt. On the way to Egypt they lost all my bags and I only had like a couple hundred dollars with me. Fortunately, clothing was inexpensive and so I bought myself some robes and everything. We went all the way into Khartoum and they were very hospitable. That's when some of the elders came up and started to talk to me. They said, "You know, you’re one of the few Americans that really spent any time with the Sheik." They started asking me all kinds of questions, like what where some of the things he had talked to me about? I did have a translator but I could understand some of the Arabic. I found what the translator was telling me was about 80% correct. It was interesting because that's when they told me that the prayer the Sheik had given me he doesn't give to just anyone. At that point I could tell that they wanted me to become a Sheik and start to teach. They also wanted me to marry Bergit (sp??) so we would teach together. I had not really known Bergit (sp??) that well and wasn't inclined to marry her. I spent a couple weeks with them and we worked with the zicker (sp??) and the dancing. It just wasn't the same. I forgot to even mention, the reason I went back was because the Sheik had died and this was his yearly anniversary and I was really speaking with his son. They gave me their blessings and pretty much said to go out and teach anyway, "We know you're not going to be a Muslim Sheik but share and spread the Sheik's teachings and the things he had taught you." I returned to the U.S. and it was interesting because all within a three-week period of time I did the Reiki and then had the Sufi healing work as well. I went back to Santa Fe and then eventually up to California to study with a man named David Quigley who did Alchemical Hypnotherapy, which is a very wonderful process of healing. At that point, I started a small healing group and we did toning together and laying on of hands healing. I also began to teach some of the Reiki but I just did not feel right with it as I did not use the symbols or anything at all. It was when I was teaching a class that I met T'Om. He asked me about Reiki because he felt a lot of the energy I was working with was similar to Reiki. He asked me to teach him some more about this. I told him I could teach him the whole Reiki mastership if he liked but that I wasn't into the $10,000 thing at all. I wanted to just teach it. So I essentially taught him the Reiki and at the same time taught him the Seichim with the symbol Cho Ku Ret. This all came about within a week's period of time. I had no idea what to call it. I was dating a woman named Christine who channeling an entity named Marat. When I started to talk to Marat about Reiki that's when Marat said what I was doing was Seichim. Marat began to talk about the energy and how it worked and how to do the attunements. Essentially,

the main thing with the attunements was first you draw the energy symbol on ______. It is interesting because he called it the "Cho Ku Ret" which is like the Cho Ku Rei with an infinity sign connected to it. You take it and first you draw it on ________ for what would be similar to a first degree healing. The second degree healing would be more that it's integrated and drawn onto the body and given more dimension. The master degree level would be where you would stand back and just visualize that person as being this infinity symbol. So those were the different facets of the energy. So this is one of the things I taught T'Om. T'Om was really one of the main links. He taught Phoenix Summerfield (formerly Kathleen McMasters) and then other symbols started to come through. That's where a lot of the Everlasting Light symbols come through. Then the Mai Yur Ma (sp??) symbol came through. I was also at the same time getting a lot of other images. Essentially it comes down to form. I did not put down what I was getting into any kind of a form whereas T'Om and Phoenix were very much into creating the form of it. They did a wonderful job. Phoenix, I would say is even more responsible than T'Om for really getting out and teaching it. We had various conversations where she called me and asked me about the energy. I really gave her my deepest blessings to go out and teach it. I would say that she is the one really responsible as she would go out to the expos and teach it and share it. She eventually went to Australia and touched all over the world. That is how it all began.

Some Questions and Answers Regarding SKHM QUESTION: Patrick, how did the name come in terms of spelling it, i.e., SKHM, Sekhem, Seichim, Seichem and all the different variations? ANSWER: You need to understand this was channeled to me. Even during the channeling, I kept asking Christine how it was spelled and she would say it was SKHM. So when I went back and looked at my notes, I had "S E I C H" and then had an "I" and then I had an "E" over the "I M" and I had written it about 4 or 5 different ways. I didn’t know myself how to write it. It started getting this "Say Sheem" type of pronunciation from T'Om. We were only together a short period of time and really communicated very little. It was mostly through mail. So when he left, he then had an Indian teacher who had heard of the word before, but they pronounced it "Saysheem." And the teacher told him of a group of people in India who practiced Saysheem and that's why he continued calling it Saysheem. Phoenix, I believe I think her pronunciation was a little different that I think she called it like "Say Kem" ....(Interjection by Diane): "Say Keem" is what passed down to me...(back to PZ) Yes, I think "Say Keem" was how she pronounced it. I was actually on the phone with her somewhat, too, so I think she switched the pronunciation when she heard how I would say it. Again, the way I feel it is to be said is "Se Khem" which is very Arabic. But I still even today say "Say Kem" because it is a lot of work to go "KH". We don't have the KH sound in our language. QUESTION: Do you know the date that you spent the night in the pyramid? ANSWER: I would have to look at my visas... It was on a full moon, the month of March comes in...I went in 1979 so it's going to be 1979 or 1980. QUESTION: When did you come back to this country and start teaching?

ANSWER: I started teaching it in 1984. Because I spent two years -- 1979 and 1980 -- in Yemen. Then came 1980, 1981,1982 (I may be a little bit off) when I went to Nepal for two years and then I spent a year in Santa Fe. It was at the end of my time in California so it was in 1984 when I really started teaching my first class there and I believe that was in the Spring. QUESTION: When did you go back to Egypt for the second trip? ANSWER: That was in the Spring of 1984. I know because I had my certificate for Reiki at that time as well. QUESTION: In terms of the story as I had heard it before, was there not a color to the energy as it came in the room? ANSWER: It's was an electric blue essence and since then I've been getting an almost pearl essence color. During the most intense experience I ever had with the energy it was so bright I thought I was going to go blind. I was looking at it and the intensity was so bright that the inner was almost black. If you can understand that. It was so, so bright. (Like a blackout.) The outside edge was so bright and then the very center was blacked out for me because it was beyond any scope of vision. I can talk about that a little more later. That happened about 4 years ago. It was just absolutely brilliant and white. At that point I also connected with the collective consciousness of another star group, a very strong connection with I feel was the Pleiadians. There was no form whatsoever. The beings had no physical form and they said they could take on physical form to whatever a person was comfortable with. The actual form that I saw was just a brilliant, brilliant light. The first time I saw the light it wasn't them. It was the Source light and then the second time it came and it had a stream, like I went in through a tunnel. There was a whole stream of information dealing with teaching the energy and one of the things I was doing was a group of people. The story of the Celestine Prophesy was almost identical at the end where we would sit and actually be able to transmute our bodies into pure light as chaos was around us. I'm not one to get into any kind of doomsday stuff or anything like that. All I know is that we were in absolute bliss. There were people around us who were in fear yet we were really just holding the light and it was wonderful. QUESTION: Do you consider this energy to be a form of Reiki? Or is it outside of Reiki? ANSWER: I feel that through the connection I made when I was in Egypt, I was drawn to Reiki because the Reiki energy and the structure around Reiki was important for me to learn. They have been bonded together. The energies are as one. I don't separate them. So if somebody comes to me and ask if I do Reiki, I say, "yes, I carry the Reiki energy." I don't separate that out. If somebody wants a Reiki master attunement, I do give it to them and I let them know I don't really do it this way anymore. I'll be glad to do it for you if you want the symbols. I actually refer them to Diane Stein's book. I have tried to contact Phoenix and I know that the last time I talked to her she was being moved to a nursing home. When we last spoke, it was interesting that Phoenix actually asked me all of the different levels of the symbols because when she was in her period of transition everyone wanted to get the different facets of the system that she had developed. She said, "Patrick, I can’t remember anything, it's just all..I just go into the light. I don’t know what to tell people. Can you give me the symbols?" I responded, "You know, Phoenix, I've always said that they weren't that important anyway." And we kind of laughed about it. Then she even asked me for the Reiki symbols and I said, "You even want the Reiki symbols? You

never did get all of the symbols for the Seichim but you know what I can do? I can send you Diane Stein's book because it has all of the stuff in it." And so I bought Diane Stein's book and sent it to her so she could start doing Reiki attunements for people but she was like a child. She was like a five-year-old child so full of love. She said, "You know, I just want people to experience this energy. I know I’m right on the edge. I'm in both worlds now. It was just wonderful to be able to connect with her again. I don't know what her current state is. I've called a number of friends and they haven't returned my calls. I'm sure some day I will find out what has happened. Maybe I'll put that out and make a few more phone calls again. QUESTION: As far as Phoenix and T'Om are concerned, Phoenix's system turned into a seven level system as it came to me, whereas I had the occasion to have someone come for attunements who had already been trained by T'Om and it only went through level four. ANSWER: That's where T'Om left off. Actually T’Om ended up doing very similar to what I did, he started in on the symbols and talking to me about it. T'Om had actually over 32 symbols he began to work with and now I think he's back down to working with the basics. QUESTION: What is the Everlasting Waters like? ANSWER: When I saw the Everlasting Waters symbol, what it represented to me were the different levels. I think there are three different concentric rings going out and then there is either a star or heart in the center of it. What I really was reminded of was when Marat was describing to me the way to do an attunement where he talked about three levels, these three levels going out. You'd work on the first level and then you'd build it outwards and so when you worked on someone you would actually stand way, way back from them and then you would actually feel that outer layer. When I saw that symbol that is what it represented to me. The ankh is another symbol that keeps coming very strongly through for me. For instance, when I mentioned the cross earlier on, it is actually more of an ankh than a cross. Because of the openness of the crown, if you will visualize the symbology of the ankh the energy going in the cross fashion -- but then the crown being opened, you see it is that visualization by actually visualizing it totally within the body. I also take the infinity symbol and rotate it around like a flower. It's going left to right and then it goes up and down and then I rotate it around. One of the things we will be working with is to move the group's energy around in a pattern like that. Let's connect with our hearts again so we can close the circle for those of us that have to leave. Connect in with our hearts and just feel the energy of the group. I can tell you right now that my body is so filled with energy. When I go through this whole story it brings back that entire memory for me. I’m feeling it all through me right now and I'd just like to pass that on to each of you so that you can directly connect with it yourself. Just feel it in your heart. Feel the crown opening to receive God. Just feel the infinity sign within your heart right now, first starting off moving it from left to right, then move it up and down so that it forms almost a flower with a cross. Feel that and feeling the loop that goes upward to go way above the top of your head and then bring it down through your heart and down around through the earth down around the core of the earth, so that you have this huge infinity sign looping through you. Each time the energy comes through really focus it into the heart and feel it right into the heart. I really feel this is one of the keys - just allowing yourself to feel the energy that is there. It's like allowing yourself to feel

all that is there in the heart. We are going to be doing a lot of exercises to help open up the heart and to feel every aspect and the love and the joy. If there is anger or fear in the heart, feel what is there not necessarily living in that, but just experiencing all the aspects of the heart and letting it all transform into the love. Know whatever is in the heart is okay to feel. Each of us are at different levels of this and you are perfect wherever you are at. So the energy loop that is moving in the vertical direction, now begin to move it in the horizontal direction really bringing it out into the earth and into the group. So first imagine your heart sending it out to the person across from you in the circle and then bringing it around, just keep bringing it around and through. So what it does is it creates tunnels with each of the twelve. Just feel that. Know that this energy is with you and you can access this energy at any time. Great, thank you. Let's close the circle now. Thank you all for being here and being present and know that the transmission will continue bringing in your own light and your own love. Miscellaneous comments. QUESTION: On that symbol, the Cho Ku Ret, is that just the name Marat gave you for the infinity symbol or did you say it had something to do with the Cho Ku Rei? ANSWER: It's moving from a spiraling energy to the infinity. It's what I would call the bridge, because it bridges from the spiraling patterning energy to the infinity pattern. Yes, that's what Marat described. He gave me very specific ways of using it to transmute the energy of inanimate objects such as putting the energy in a crystal so that the crystal will then channel the energy. The infinity pattern balances itself out, where the spiral energy does not. The Sheik actually told me that they would never do the spiraling because it is unbalanced. The final form is more spherical. You can look at it flat. That is one dimension. If you take the circle we sit in, eventually we are going to work with it as a sphere so that there are twelve points on the sphere and even get to where we have more vertices. Working with some of these geometries is ahead for us. That is very much how I began, more on a path where I was just looking a personal connection and enlightenment. I took many classes. I think the most influential long-term class was with a group that did Kundalini Yoga, which to this day, I still enjoy. It definitely had a strong imprint on me.

A Wonderful Area Clearing Given To Me By My Reiki Master:

Steps for Constructing a Standing Buddhic Column: 1. After making a contact with the deva you are working with, officially release it from any past vows or programs that no longer serve the Will of the Mother, and the Plan of the Christ. 2. Invoke a five-pointed star of the Christ made of white light, and visualize it over the highest point of the area involved. 4. Invoke the Deva of the Buddhic Plane. Ask the Deva of the Buddhic Plane to drop down and anchor a Buddhic column of light from and through this five- pointed star of the Christ. 5. Invoke or picture a standing vortex of energy (an upside-down tornado-type of whirlwind) which transmutes any of the lower vibrations and carries them up and into the five-pointed star of the Christ. 6. If connecting together other Devic Beings into a network, visualize a line of light connecting the devas from star to star to form an existing network of devas working for the transmutation and transformation of the Planet. Name them if you know them. We do this under the guidance and direction of Archangel Michael and the Mother. Turn the result over to Spirit and do not try and direct or control what happens. 7. Offer a prayer of thanks, and disconnect from the session.

May God bless you as you continue with this rewarding work.

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