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November 2, 2018 | Author: Paul Olah | Category: Intuition, Self-Improvement, Emotions, Anger, Mind
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Avoid the 5 Most Common Wealth and Success Myths that keep 90% of People in a State of Lack, and Join the Ranks of the 10% who Manifest the Life of their Dreams! Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tort tlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 • www

About the author, Hale Dwoskin Hale Dwoskin is the New York Times best-selling author of  The Sedona Method , and co-author of the bestselling Happiness Is Free: And It’s Easier than You Think . Hale is one of the original 24 teachers from the blockbuster book and movie, The Secret and a founding member of the Transformaonal Leadership Council. He is the CEO and Director of Training at Sedona Training Associates, based in Sedona, Arizona. For more than three decades, Hale has taught The Sedona Method to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, transforming their lives dramacally in the process. This amazingly simple, yet elegant method enables you to let go of any unwanted feeling or emo on right in the moment. The Sedona Method is the “vaccine for emo onal turmoil” that returns you to the power of your True Presence.

2 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

Dear Reader, You can find thousands of wealth and success seminars and self-help courses wherever you look—along with hundreds of thousands of people taking these courses on a regular basis. Yet, the numbers remain fairly constant across the board:

Approximately 10% of the richest adults in the world own 85% of our global resources. Obviously, wealth and success come more naturally to the few than to the many. Or do they? What is the ul mate defining factor that separates the wealthiest and most successful individuals from the other 90% of the popula on? Many people say it’s educa on. There may be some truth to this, but it’s not the ulmate defining factor. How do you know? Step into any one of those wealth-building mega-seminars and take a closer look.

3 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

“I don’t have enough (educaton / money / tme… fill in the blank) to become wealthy and successful.” Examine two students si ng side by side, with similar backgrounds, resources and opportunity, now receiving the same mo vaonal pep talk, the same educaonal materials, creave inspiring ideas, and me to implement their newly-found knowledge. One will learn a lot and feel like he got great value, but never do anything spectacular with what he’s received. The other one? He’ll triple his income with  just a single idea and become a powerhouse in his field. Two similar students. The same educa on. What’s the di ff erence? Very simple. One of the students had emo onal barriers that prevented him from acng when the me was most opportune, from trus ng his gut, from moving forward when the light was green. The other student, without the con flicng thoughts and feelings that create self-sabotage and other internal blocks, simply moved forward according to plan and reaped the rewards of doing so. Other common responses to the what’s-the-di ff erence queson may sound like this: “It takes money to make money—and I just don’t have it.” Or even, “My life is so busy just making a living that I don’t have me to be wealthy and successful!” Unfortunately, as they say, when you argue for your limitaons, you always win.


“But you don’t understand ,” the one arguing will say. Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

And that statement is followed by a story or a very personal reason of why wealth or success has eluded the one who is speaking. Well, it’s true. Your blocks to your wealth and success are very personal to you. So, here’s a short exercise to give you a glimpse of what your very personal blocks are….

It’s Time to Find Out EXACTLY What’s Holding You Back… • Take out a pen or get on your computer and write down any and all answers that come to mind when you ask yourself the following ques on:

“When I am thinking or talking about money and  fi nances, what am I saying to myself or others?”  • Briefly review in your mind your last conversa ons about money, the last me you thought about it or paid bills, went to get a loan, checked your credit report, looked at your bank statement or por t olio, tried to make a sale or close a deal, thought about your income or your en re financial situaon, and so on. But don’t think too much. Just take 5 minutes and write non-stop in answer to the queson above.


Done? Good!

• Now, take a look at what you have wri en. As you read what you wrote aloud, a fer each sentence ask yourself  this queson: “What is the emot on that is associated with this thought?” 

• And then jot down the emo on of that sentence in the margin. 5 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

I have a feeling you may find this exercise very insight ul . And you may be interested to know that more than 90% of the people who do this exercise find that nearly every sentence they have wrien is full of emo ons such as fear, anger, frustraton, grief and shame. Emoons like fear, anger, frustra on, grief and shame are NOT green light emo ons! In fact, no ma er what conscious, posi ve goals and intenons you may have, emoons like these will override anything else! This can take you out of the game every me. Somemes before the game has even started! It’s not your perceived limita ons that keep you where you’re at, but your feelings about your circumstances that stop you from moving into the tenth percen le of those who manifest the life of their dreams. Yes, it’s only unmastered emo ons that stand in the way of 90% of the populaon having the wealth and success that they truly desire. Remove emoons like these and people tend to move forward toward their goals with far greater ease and success.

 “I’ve bought the sports car of my drea ms, ma nifested a hou se  overlooking the Intercoastal Waterway and have a significant  amount of money in the bank.” – Kris Waldron, Margate, NJ  Although we may get a really good idea of what is holding us back from an exercise like this, many of our thoughts and feelings are subconscious, that is, below the level of conscious awareness. These thoughts and feelings are the most powerful. They are the so fware in our operang system. And they run their programs day and night. Many people who have discovered this get discouraged because they think they have to spend hour upon hour figuring out exactly what it is that is holding them back. 6

And this brings us to… Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

“I have to know what my subconscious programs are or dig up the past in order to let them go.” People spend years in therapy and doing self-help programs looking for underlying beliefs that are sabotaging their success. This can be very meconsuming and exhaus ng. Never mind not any fun! But the truth is your subconscious thoughts and feelings are being re flected in your moods and emo ons from moment to moment. When you go to pay bills and you feel like throwing something against the wall—or ea ng a quart of ice cream—you do not have to run to therapy or probe your past to find a corresponding negave belief. So here’s exactly what to do to get at those sabotaging thoughts and feelings… All you have to do is to pause and release any feeling that is arising in the moment.

 A Simple Process to Release Unwanted Emot ons Now  Take a moment to check inside and no ce any feeling you may be having in this moment. Now ask yourself the following ques ons: “Could I let this feeling go?”  (In other words, am I able to?) “Would I let this feeling go?” (Or, am I willing to?) “When?” (This is an invita on to let it go now!)

7 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

You don’t even have to name the feeling “frustra on” or know that it started when you were five years old when your brother always got the good stuff  and you didn’t. All you have to do is no ce the feeling you are having right now—and then let it go. The pracce of releasing emo ons as they arise in the moment eliminates liming beliefs quickly, e ff ecvely and without dredging up any past trauma. Self-sabotaging beliefs are gone for good.

“You cannot solve a problem from the sa me consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew.” –Albert Einstein If you want to be able to manifest the life of your dreams, you don’t need to dig up your past or spend years in therapy. You do, however, need the skill of being able to change your emo onal state in the moment.

 “Today I sat down to pull together my business accounts. I knew  the previous 3 months had been great for business. What I didn’t  realize untill now is in the past 3 months of actively relea sing each day,  I’ve earned more than 100% of what I’d earned in the previou s 9  months.” – Verity Smith, Westcliff on Sea, Great Britain Yes, your emoons are the glue that holds your thoughts and beliefs in place. And your thoughts create your reality. I know, I know. You’ve probably heard that before! Which brings me to the next very popular cultural myth about wealth and success…

8 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

“If I hold in mind what I want long enough—and desire what I want hard enough—it will manifest in my world.” As in Myth #1, there is also some truth to this. But let’s take a moment to separate truth from error. This myth has been propaga ng wildly out of control since the debut of the blockbuster film The Secret grabbed the aenon of the world. The Secret , as you may know, talked about the importance of the Law of 

Aracon. In short, if you hold in mind that which you desire to create, you will aract it to you. Well, yes and no. There are a couple of clari ficaons that need to be made here. Seng a goal and holding it in mind can assist universal energy in coalescing in a certain way. But this process can easily be thwarted by a couple of things. The first one is all the emo ons you have that are running counter to whatever you are holding in mind—as we learned from the previous myths. The second is that the process is not complete un l you have let the goal itself go! Let me say that again:

You have to let the goal itself go! 9 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

Otherwise, you are simply lus ng afer a goal. And lust is an emo onal state in which we hold ourselves back from having what we want, o fen without even realizing it.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t achieve your goals when you desire them strongly enough . Many years ago, when I was selling real estate, I had a pracce of “head banking” instead of banking in the bank . That means I was constantly thinking about all the money I was going to make and have. It was Lester Levenson, my mentor and the man who inspired the creaon of The Sedona Method, who gave me the advice to “Bank in the bank and not in your head.” And ul mately, when I allowed myself to let go of the lust that was causing me to fantasize about how great it was going to be to make sales—and instead just went about the business of making sales—I closed many more deals. Head banking is not only popular in sales, but also in invesng. Most investment decisions are emo onally based, as opposed to being based on solid facts and clear intui on. Unsuccessful investors, and even some successful ones, o fen begin counng their gains and losses before a transac on is actually closed. They count their paper pro fits and spend them mentally before the actual results come in. They also tend to stay in a transac on longer than they should, because it might get be er. Both of these ac ons are due to lust and its inherent subs tuon of fantasy for what is. If you find yourself fantasizing about your financial situa on, you can let go of your lust instantaneously by using a simple releasing process that’s an alterna ve to “head banking” that really works: 10 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

Releasing the “I Can’t” in Lust  Take a moment and think of something you want. • Can you feel the lust feeling associated with that want? 

• Dig a li  le deeper. Can you feel the feeling of “I can’t” built into the lust?  • Can you welcome the sensa ons, sounds and pictures coming from the  feeling of “I can’t”? 

• Just for now, could you let that want go?  • Could you be open to the feeling of having as best you can? 

When you do, you’ll make wiser investment decisions. If you release before you enter or leave any business deal or stock transac on, you will find that your ming improves. If you also let go before you act when you have a hunch, you will be able to tell the di ff erence between intui on and fear or greed. The more you use the Method in all your business ac vies, the more you will find yourself  following fact instead of fantasy, and intui on rather than lust and fear. If you honestly examine your past experiences, you’ll discover that most of the goals you’ve achieved are the ones that you let go of wan ng – even if not by choice. You may have really wanted them at one me, but it’s in the process of le ng go of your desire that the energy is freed up within you, making it much more likely that your goal will manifest. Without this greater understanding of the Law of A racon, you are simply  fantasizing about success. It all boils down to: Would you rather fantasize about success—or would you rather have it ?


This is not just my point of view. Nearly half of the other original 24 teachers of The Secret besides me also use le ng go or “releasing” to manifest their heart’s desires. And that’s because it works. Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

So, here’s the kicker. Results are most easily achieved by reaching an internal feeling state that Lester Levenson called “hootlessness.” Hootlessness is when you don’t “give a hoot” whether you achieve the goal or not. Ironically, the more hootless you are about your goals, the more likely you are to get them. To some of you this may sound outlandish. Which brings us to our next obstacle to achieving wealth and success…

“I don’t believe it will happen for me.” Many of us get so wound up in the spiral of living from paycheck to paycheck and struggling to get by, that we have no concept that wealth and success is even possible for us. We get stuck in a certain mindset and set of circumstances and we just simply don’t believe wealth and success are a present possibility because they are in such stark contrast to our current reality. A more recent variaon of this myth, “I don’t believe it will happen for me in this economy ,” really has a foothold on many people right now. But if you take a look at history, even in the worst economic mes, there are always people who thrive despite what’s going on around them. The economy at large is just a general re flecon of what the greater numbers of people are thinking, feeling and believing. So we allow our beliefs to hold us back from taking ac on or even being open to the possibility that we can change our lot in life. We grumble and complain and feel envious of those who appear to be able to manifest their dreams. And/or we dwell on our past mistakes and let them stop us from taking chances now.


Instead of believing in ourselves and moving forward, we get mired in our emo ons and a sea of “I can’ts.” Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

Even if we are somewhat successful, we may not believe that we can break through to the next level of success because we doubt our ability to do what it takes and have the a tude that we dont’ know we need for success. It does not have to be this way! All forms of releasing help you break free of  your limi tn   g beliefs.

When you set a goal for yourself, you can choose to bring into your awareness the aachments and aversions you have to that par cular issue. Then, as you release or let go of your a achments and aversions to the goal, you will either achieve it or you won’t. Either way, you’ll have lightened your load of su ff ering.

 A Holist c Release You Can Do Right Now to Get Unstuck  One of the five ways of releasing is called Holis c Releasing. This is a technique in which you release back and forth between two di ff erent polaries or opposites. • Ask yourself the following ques on: Can I allow myself to feel as stuck as I do? 

• Then take a moment to feel anything that comes up for you with this queson. • Now ask yourself: Can I allow myself to feel as abundant and prosperous as I do? 

• And take a moment again to tap into the feeling of abundance within you. • Ask the ques ons again, one at a me, taking a moment with each one to no ce what you feel. • Do this several mes, back and forth between the two quesons. As you do this, you may no ce the emoons on either side of the equa on become less charged.


• Keep asking the ques ons unl your emoons on both sides are neutral. Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

When you prac ce releasing consistently, you’ll find that releasing nega ve emoons in the moment will dissolve the charge that locks the underlying beliefs in place. Then the beliefs that once felt so strong and locked into place will just naturally fall away on their own. As you use your natural ability to release, you’ll create a solid, posi ve mental atude that will help you succeed where others might fail, even in today’s challenging economic tmes. This leaves you free and unencumbered to create the wealth and success you desire.

 “My real estate commissions have increased  by well over $100,000 a year.”  Kay O’Connor, New Y ork So here’s what we know so far: • It’s only your own unwanted emo ons that stand in the way of you manifesng the life of your dreams. • These emoons can be conscious or subconscious, but the subconscious ones are the most powerful. • The good news is that you can eliminate thoughts and feelings that sabotage your success by learning to release them in the moment without having to dredge up the past or spend years in therapy. This is the way you create the op mum state within yourself most likely to produce the results you want. • The prac ce of releasing negave thoughts and emo ons as they arise sets you free to be, do or have whatever you desire. This is the way you achieve emoonal mastery—and mastery over your own life. Releasing sets you free to have, be and do whatever you desire.

14 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

The Sedona Method® The series of techniques called The Sedona Method have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world create the life of their dreams for over thirty years. The most popular way to learn The Sedona Method is through a 20-CD home-study course that comes with personal 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week releasing support. The Sedona Method helps you to easily break the pa erns of thought and behavior that cause your self-sabotage to reoccur and prevent you from having what you want, including financial security. As you use the powerful Sedona Method goals process, you’ll find that struggle is unnecessary. The ac ons that you take to achieve your goals will be taken with a lot less e ff ort and drama. This can keep you moving forward and taking right ac on on your million dollar ideas. It will also help you to: • Dissolve all the inner barriers to las ng eff ortless wealth and success • Master the process of achieving your goals • Make more money with less e ff ort • Access your intui ve knowing and clear reason in order to make be er investments and life decisions • Free yourself of fear, worry and anxiety, including fear of failure and success • Work smarter not harder • Boost your self-con fidence and flexibility Here’s what you receive: • The complete program on 20 CDs in a beau fully packaged vinyl album • The 198-page workbook—a $30.00 value— filled with exercises to help you get the most from these four programs • Free 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week support through The Worldwide Releasing Community • And, for a limited me, a bonus copy of the New York Times best-selling book, The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin

15 Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

Take The Sedona Method Challenge The Sedona Method Challenge is our guarantee that The Sedona Method is all that we say it is and will help you transform your en re life and financial situaon in ways you never dreamed possible. You have up to six full months to use The Sedona Method Audio Course and our online interac ve support community to prove to yourself that The Sedona Method will radically change your life for the be er. Here’s how. Purchase The Sedona Method 4-in-1 Course which includes Eff ortless Wealth and Success, E ff ortless Relaonships and Eff ortless Health and Well-being. Use this dynamic audio program for up to the next 180 days and if you don’t have a posi vely life-changing experience, get a full refund of the purchase price.

Moving Forward into Your Wealth and Success Think of The Sedona Method as a powerful myth buster. We’ve given you a small taste of how The Method combats common wealth and success myths and can help improve your prosperity. If the few insights available through this special report seemed empowering and helpful, imagine what the full Sedona Method Course plus Eff ortless Wealth and Success, E ff ortless Relaonships and Eff ortless Health and Well-being will do for you! If you knew there was a key to crea ng abundant wealth, would you use it? If you knew you could be peaceful and mo vated in any and all financial environments, would you choose it? The Sedona Method has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Now it’s your turn. Take one step forward and take The Sedona Method Challenge.


You have absolutely nothing to lose. The life of your dreams is only wai tng for you. Copyright © 2009 Sedona Training Associates. All rights reserved. 60 Tortlla Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 • 888.282.5656 •

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