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Robert Talley is an accomplished professional with extensive police and public service knowledge and experience. He util...


Robert Talley Long Beach, CA 90807

[email protected]

Cell: (562) 230-8511 Home: (562) 490-9929

SECURITY OFFICER Accomplished professional with extensive police and public service knowledge and experience. Utilized excellent communication skills working daily with 100 employees and interacting with the public. Recognized as a responsible and reliable sworn peace officer with strong qualifications in security, public safety and emergency response. Uphold the highest ethics with an uncompromising devotion to service.  Served as a police officer for 24 years with an exemplary record after graduating from the Rio Hondo Police Academy in Whittier, CA.  Recognized as the first black person to graduate from the Loyola Marymount University Reserve Officer Training Command.  In charge of a six million dollar vehicle budget as First Lieutenant Air Terminal Operations Center Duty Officer, United States Air Force, stationed in Yokota Air Base, Japan. AREAS OF EXPERTISE____________________________________________________________ Accident Report Preparation Assessing Problem Situations Building & Grounds Security Civil/Criminal Investigations Complaint Investigations Dispatching Employee Escort Protection Exclude Unauthorized Persons Fire Safety Procedures Highly Secured Environments

Incident Report Documentation Investigations of Illegal Activity Life & Property Protection Narrative Reports Writing Observation/Roving Patrol Patron/Guest Assistance Physical Security Police Back-up Police Investigation Coordination Reporting of Unsafe Conditions

Restrain Resisting Violators Security Infraction Investigations Security Logs Maintenance Surveillance/Detection Equip. Suspect Apprehensions Unauthorized Visitor Detainment Victim & Witness Interviews Visitor Information & Direction Volatile Situations Diffusing Witness Statement Preparation

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS______________________________________ Security Officer:  Patrolled buildings and property  Prevented thefts and vandalism  Provided surveillance services  Maintained daily security logs  Excluded unauthorized persons from entering  Prevented vandalism and burglaries  Contacted police if suspicious persons were observed  Acted as a back-up to police Law Enforcement:  Patrolled state property via police vehicle and on foot with 1,400 employees and visitors  Investigated 1,200 crimes and incidents and wrote 600 police reports using specialized software  Arrested eight suspects and issued 50 subpoenas  Transported hundreds of patients to various facilities throughout California  Controlled a Sally Port with an adjacent high security area housing 360 felons  Attended court hearings and assisted deputy district attorneys with four preliminary hearings  Conducted A.W.O.L. searches and reported them to the Los Angeles/Whittier Sheriffs  Enforced traffic laws and maintained security  Dispatched officers for emergency rapid response  Responded to four emergency calls per week  Escorted ambulance, fire, and emergency first responders

Robert L. Talley

(562) 230-8511

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Customer Service Skills:  Utilized a multi-line phone system handling 40 calls daily  Responded competently to numerous 911 emergency calls  Frequent radio, telephone and in person communication  Assisted employees, patients, visitors, contractors and tenants daily TECHNICAL SKILLS______________________________________________________________  

Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Windows Vista, Excel, Inter and Intra net Specialized report writing proprietary software

EDUCATION ___________________________________________________________________  

B.A. Degree, Communication Arts: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA Career Enhancement, 2012: Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network, Long Beach, CA

TRAINING and CERTIFICATES_____________________________________________________       

Current B.S.I.S. Guard Registration and Firearm Permit, A.K.I. Training Center Certified Impact Weapon (Baton) Training, Norwalk, CA Certified Chemical Agents (Pepper) Training, Norwalk, CA C.P.R. Training, Norwalk, CA California Defensive Driving Training, Norwalk, CA P.O.S.T. Police Training Certificate: Rio Hondo Police Academy, Whittier, CA (642 hours) E.V.O.C. Drivers Training, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, Whittier, CA

EMPLOYMENT and MILITARY HISTORY______________________________________________ Job Title State Police Officer

Facility Metropolitan State Hospital Norwalk, CA

Security Officer

Duber Industrial Supply Beverly Hills, CA United States Air Force Yokota Air Base, Japan

First Lieutenant Air Terminal Operations Center Duty Officer (Honorable Discharge) Second Lieutenant Vehicle Operations Officer

United States Air Force Wrightstown, New Jersey

Primary Job Functions Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Crime Report Writing, Emergency Response, Dispatch, Transport Patrol, Report Writing, Daily Logs, Entry Control Phones and Lobby Supervise Flight-line Personnel, Oversee Fleet, Freight & Passenger Loading Of Aircraft, Facilitate OnTime Departures, Schedule And Coordinate Flight Line Operations Military Air Force Base

Dates 1987 – 2011 1982 – 1987 1979 – 1981

1977 – 1979

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