July 18, 2017 | Author: David Seow | Category: Anchor, Supply Chain, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying, Watercraft
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Develop Contracting Strategy Develop Doc and Approvals Distribution Matrix Develop Hull & Mooring Execution and interface plan Develop Hull & Mooring Overall Test and Inspection Plan

Develop Warranty Surveyor Scope of Work Develop Shipping Company Scope of Work

Prepare Standard Specs for Application Develop Risk assessments and Hazid Plan Develop Regulatory and Permits Plan Develop Vessel Utilization Tracking Spreadsheet Develop Communicati ons and Logistics Plan inc foreign and domestic personnel training and immigration requirements HSE Audit Plan

FPF Mooring Analysis

FPF Mooring Configuration No. of segments / inserts etc

FPF Mooring Component Design Basis

Develop Manufacturing Specifications Shackles / thimble/ rope and reel /anchor /hlink /subsea connector / chain /fairlead / chain jack /chain locker /casting / HPU /controls

Develop Mooring Component test fit / DC Plan

Develop Mooring Component Bid Doc for Detail Design and Supply of On and Off hull Mooring Components

Develop List of Approved Mooring Component Suppliers for Bid List

Evaluate rental vs purchased reels

Mooring Present vs Preset Anchor only Study

Develop spares philosophy inc anchor spares

QA Audit Plan Develop Vendor Rep Schedule

Develop Mooring line and insert change out plan.

Develop Geotechnical Scope of Work (Deep Core) for Anchor design assume Suction Pile

Develop Bid Doc for Geotechnical Investigation

Evaluate Bids and Award Contract -sole source ?

Carry Out Site Investigation

Issue Geotech Report

Select Anchor Design 3rd Party Consultant

Design Mooring System Anchor

Check fabricated vs cast padeye option

Develop Padeye Casting Bid Docs

Select casting supplier

Detail Design Padeye Casting by casting supplier

Manufacture Casting

Evaluate / Select Off Hull Mooring Component (inc SMC) Suppliers for bid list

Develop Mooring Component Bid Docs for Detail Design and Supply

Evaluate bids / Award Contracts

Detail design of Components

Manufacture Mooring Componets

Send chain for fit up to CJ / fairlead supplier

Evaluate / Select On Hull mooring Component Suppliers for bid list

Develop Mooring Component Bid Docs for Detail Design and Supply

Evaluate bids /Award Contracts

Detail Design Chain Jack /Flead / HPU

Manufacture Mooring Componets

Develop Integration plan for mooring components on hull – piping / MCC / PLC / containment

Develop Transportation Plan for On Hull Mooring Components to Hull Fabricator

Equipment FAT with chain sample for fit up test

Equipment SIT with training for Client/Installn Contractor

Deliver equipment to hull fabricator

Develop Fab Yard Scope of Work and RFQ for Anchor Fab

Award Anchor fabrication

Fab anchor

Deliver Padeye Casting and BFvalves and fab into anchor

Develop SIT plan with ROV / survey

Outfit anchor and SIT with ROV /Survey

Design Grillage and Seafastening for Anchor

Obtain Anchor Designer Approval of Grillage and S/ fast

Select Barge and tug

Suitability Survey on Barges /tugs

Develop Transportation Plan for Off Hull Mooring Components to Marshalling Yard ( excluding anchors)

Develop Scope of Work for Hull Wet Tow and Mooring Installation and Hook Up

Installation Spec / Technical Requirements

Develop / Issue SIMOPS Plan

Evaluate and Select Chain / Rope Transport Vessels

Develop Installation Bid Docs

Develop / Issue Acoustic Frequency Management Plan

Marine Warranty Surveyors surveys

Develop Marshalling Yard Selection Criteria and Evaluate Yards

Evaluate Potential Contractors Develop Marshalling Yard Contract Issue Bid docs

Transport Chain to Marshalling yard by ship Contract eddy watch vessl with ADCP

Transport Rope to Marshalling yard by ship

Transport Shackles , Connectors Thimbles etc to Marshalling yard by ship form manufacturer

Evaluate and Select Marshalling Yard / Award Contract

Evaluate and Award Mooring Installation Contract

Prepare Yard

Load out chains / shackles and subsea connectors for anchor fab yard delivery

Deliver barges / tugs to Marshalling yard

Load out chains for integration yard delivery

Contract supply vessel

Install Grillage

Suitability Survey on Barges / tugs

Paint Anti Twist on Chain

Load out and Seafasten anchors

Assemble anchors /chain / connectors on barge

Marine Warranty Surveyor Mooring Component supplier

Mobilize survey vessel to site

Issue Hull Marine Ops Manual for Temporary Condition

Mobilize Anchor Installation Vessel

USCG Inspection / Quarters Habitable

Install / Calibrate Transponder Array

MSW sail away inspection

Tow Barges(s) to Site

Hull Designer Installation Contractor

Company Geotech Contractor

Anchor Fabricator

Wet Tow Analysis inc bollard pull

Wet Tow Plan inc departure plan

Deliver Towing / Offshore Positioning Tugs

Port closure notification

Hull Wet Tow preps

Install Anchor position markers

Mobe Company reps, Comms equip and Mooring Equipment vendor reps

As Installed Survey

Load out Chains / Rope /Shackles / Connectors /SMC for Installation Vessel

Develop Procedures for Hull Wet Tow

Define Wet Tow, Mooring Hook up and Ballasting Installation aids

USCG Requirements

Recover acoustic array

Hull custody handover

Inshore Wet Tow (Manned) Offshore Wet Tow (manned )

Mobe Mooring Installation vessel to site

Demobe installn vessel

Position Hull

MSW sail away inspection

Un Load Mooring Components from Barges

Tow Cargo Barges to Installation Site

Demobe Positioning tugs

Carry out suitability survey

Installation Contractor Develops Anchor Barge(s) Layout

Deliver Barge and Towing Tug

Develop Survey / Positioning Scope of Work inc seabed bathy for array elevation

Unload / Store Components

Fabricate Grill / Seafastening

Hurricane Contingency plan

Install Anchors

Color Coding Integration and Commissioning at Hull Yard with Vendor Reps

Develop Procedures for Hull Mooring Hook Up

Develop Procedures for Anchor installation

Ballast Down

Hook Up Mooring System

As Installed Survey Store Mooring Spares

Return barges to MY

Demobe Installation vessel

Unload Spare / scrap

Clean off barges / off hire survey

Mooring Line Stretching

Activity Flow Sheet for a Floating Production System Hull and Mooring System Installation and Associated Tasks

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