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July 26, 2017 | Author: isbro1788 | Category: Feminist Movement, Divorce, Woman, Social Institutions, Society
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You said, "for better or worse," but you never imagined it could get this bad. How bad? • You come home from work to find your wife has left - and she's taken every stick of furniture with her. • Before leaving town, your wife drained your bank account, maxed-out your credit cards, and wrote a fistful of bad checks. • Your wife wins custody of the kids - and child support - by falsely accusing you of molesting the children. Separation and divorce are always emotionally devastating. They can also be a financial disaster. The law is stacked in favor of wives, and you can bet The Bitch will be looking out for Number One. You've got to have a plan if you want to keep from doing something stupid, something that's going to cost you for a long, long time. Marrying the wrong person is a serious mistake. Don't make another mistake by letting things get out of hand. This book will show you how to protect yourself - how to take charge and stay in control - how to get through a divorce without losing your assets, or your pride. ISBN 1-55950-069-7


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Contents 1.

There's No Such Thing as A "Nice" Divorce


If you don't want to get taken, you have to get the upper hand.


Your Worst Nightmare


Nobody told you there'd be days like these (well we did).


Manage Your Marriage How to take charge, from


13 ~1 do"



been swell"

Early Warning Signals A funny thing hdppened at the bank today

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35 .

Dirty Tricks Wives Use


Take a look inside Pandora's box.


Battle Plan Basics


When 1IIllrital arts turn to martial arts.




Keeping your affairs (financial and otherwise) private.

8. Judicial Jujitsu


Using the legal system as a weapon.


Take The Money And Run


Cover your assets.


Custody And Child Support


Pay for only those kids you get to keep.


Your Home Away From Home


When the going gets tough, the tough move out.

Cover by Jeff Gaither

ISBN 1-55950-069-7 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 91-061587


The Price Of Uberty


Breaking up is hard to do - it's also expensive.


Getting Help

185 From other men who've been there.

There's No Such Thing as A "Nice" Divorce



There's No Such Thing as A "Nice" Divorce

This book is written by a man, for men, as a practical and tactical guide to handling divorce. It's a no-holds-barred discussion of defenses against being worked over and hung out to dry during a divorce. There's a real need for this book because many men are in need of "consciousness raising." Many men act as if they believe the feminist propaganda that "it's a man's world," and don't realize how badly the legal deck is stacked against them, in both marriage and divorce. The women's liberation movement has caused restructuring of the laws, to gain "equal rights" for women. At the same time, it has carefully avoided demanding equal responsibility from women. The law often requires the husband to support his exwife, but no law obliges her to continue to cook for him or do his laundry. The result is that the law treats women as not just legally "equal," but specially privileged. This is why, in a divorce, it's the husband who usually gets it in the shorts.

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