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July 30, 2017 | Author: Ajay Kumar | Category: Self Esteem
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1.0 - Conquering Fears - Dealing with FOMO Create a crazy story with every person you meet. Create an anchor, so that the person will remember you as “The guy that…” If people see that you are not living within your comfort zone, they will be pulled into your life, because your life is INTERESTING. Create scarcity and Fear Of Missing Out on your experiences. Create INVESTMENT from other parties. Attraction = INVESTMENT and BUY-IN ; Not Value You create an tightrope for people to walk on, because you are so crazy, but there is an emotional net (you) at the bottom. You are a crazy motherfucker but you have everything under control. How to create massive FOMO for an event: Label and Name it. It’s not just a party. It’s the “Epic surprise birthday party” or “White night winter party” Also, give it a catch, like having only having specific clothes. Give the party a THEME. What this does is make it EXCLUSIVE. This creates massive FOMO. It adds scarcity and massive VALUE. How to improve cold approach closes 4x: Have this regular “thing” that you do. For example on Thursdays you go

to a specific restaurant at a specific time. Cold approach a girl, and invite her to it, so its not “So when are you free, let’s do something”. It’s “I’m doing this thing, you can come if you want” This creates massive FOMO, it gives the impression that you don’t need anything. You have shit going on in your life, your life is better than theirs. It comes from a frame of abundance. It’s activity scarcity. The percentage of this working is so much higher than typical cold approach. When you have an event that you need girls for, have a trisource of girls. Have girls coming from 3 different places. This is so if one group flakes, you always have 2 more. Your events won’t fuck up. Value Arbitrage - The best way to create any epic event without spending a million dollars every time. Plausible Deniability - The best tool to use if you get resistance. Example: You want a girl to get naked and change into different clothes. If she has resistance. use plausible deniability and say “What, you expect me to look at you while you change? You dirty girl! Go change in the other room!”. Overblow it and imply you never wanted to see her change. This shows that you don’t need anything from her, you just naturally do this type of stuff.

2.1 - Inner Game - Luke’s Lifestyle Origins More High Status Game = Less Kino If you are HIGH STATUS, adding VALUE (jokes, energy) looks way too tryhard. If you have high status, you DON’T add value, because you will come off as LOW VALUE. You add value when you are still low status.

DO NOT just go up to a venue and try to get in. This is the worst thing you can do. Try e-mailing the club, to see if they will get you in. You need to be invited by a promoter, get a table. DO RECON. NETWORK. This makes you more high status automatically. Also, if you befriend a DJ or Photographer, they will put you on a guest list and you can get an exclusive table or even into the DJ Booth for zero effort. 9’s and 10’s nights’ are already planned out. DO NOT PULL unless you are being escalated on, or until the group dies down and you can pull when everyone is going separate ways. Everyone wants to be at the event. The Fickle 500 are moved around from event to event, they will not split because they would rather stay at the high status event than do fuck knows what with you. Stay with the group until the end, then pull. You build better connections like this anyway + you can always pull numbers for a day two. If you are in a venue and cause an epic scene, promoters, managers, owners, and just awesome people will see that and come up start talking to you themselves. They see you as a person of high value if you can generate positive fun situations for everyone. Super Pro-Tip: When you are dealing with high status people, do not drag them around the club changing places. If you have a table, stay at the table. It’s way more high status. + You are saving yourself the effort and energy. DON’T bounce around the club. EVER. Period.

2.2 - Inner Game - Self-Esteem & Confidence CONFIDENCE = COMPETENCE Whatever it is you want to be doing right now in the moment, is

exactly what you need to be doing in that moment. If you make the choice to do what it is YOU want over and over again, your competence and confidence builds up. This is how you get CORE confidence. Create a hardening effect. A slow and steady increase in selfesteem, then harden it. Repeat. This way nobody can now take away your self-esteem EVER. Your self-esteem must be built up, then hardened, repeat. Your self-esteem must be solid and unbreakable. Become outcome independent so you aren’t emotionally attached to your goals, but become outcome DEPENDANT so you get the results that you want. Have tangible goals, have metrics. If you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. You can go 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards, but it doesn’t matter since you are still going forward. Have an honest look on your stats, results, progress. Zero sugar coating. Outcome dependant, but not killing yourself over it. Turn your weakest points and insecurities into strongest points by using frame management. Don’t fake it till’ you make it, just stack up the deck in your favour. Be very SPECIFIC and AUTHENTIC in what you want, so you know exactly what it is you are aiming for. You want measurable goals. CONSISTENCY of results is what makes your self-esteem skyrocket. Don’t just be that guy that the girls want. Be that guy that other

guys want to be.

3.1 - Mastering Logistics - Logistics Logistics ALWAYS trumps game. If a girl is a designated driver for a group, it doesn’t matter how much attraction there is, she will not come with you. If there is a logistical problem, you need to SOLVE it before you can do anything. Solutions: 1: Take the whole group under your wing. 2: Go with the group and improvise. You can also break the girl from the group, but isolating is super anti-social. DO NOT ISOLATE! Show your social skills with the group. Going with you is too much immediate buy-in. This is way more valuable and high status. I repeat: DO NOT ISOLATE! Super Pro-Tip: Have a crazy amount of taxi / uber credit. You will REALLY need it. Uber is an amazing logistics tool, it solves so many problems. Spend money on LOGISTICS, not value. 3-4-5 AM is the time where something will happen 100%. So set up logistics so that at that time you are alone. Even if the girl fucking hates you, the percentage of something happening at this time is VERY high. This is because Logistics trump game! You don’t HAVE to spark massive attraction. Just use logistics to get her and her friends back to yours or you at theirs. Logistics WILL trump the friends.

Logistics trump Game. Logistics tumps Value. Logistics trumps Investment and Buy-In. Logistics trumps EVERYTHING! The 4 Logistical Questions. 1: Who are you here with? 2: What are you doing after this? 3: Where are you staying? 4: What are you doing tomorrow? + 4 follow-up questions to every base question. In total 20 questions. You do follow-up questions to get investment, buy-in, participation. You can grind logistical questions for 45m - 1hr if you go smart about it and dive deeper and deeper with every statement. + You get massive buy-in this way. Don’t tease, drive wedges and try to break apart the group to get the 1 girl. Build up and reward the group. Make her feel better around YOU than with her friends. This is the key to eventually PULLING. REMEMBER: DO NOT BOUNCE AROUND THE CLUB. STAY AT THE VIP, AT THE EVENT. How to close and pull: STEP 1: JUSTIFY the close and pull with PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. Example: You have a party, you pull to an after party, then you pull to an after-after party at your place. It’s justified + there is plausible deniability, it’s just an after-after party, nothing more. You need a REASON. STEP 2: Get her to INVEST into the logistics. Get her to BUYIN and PARTICIPATE in the logistical questions you are

establishing. Get her convincing everyone and herself that logistics are not a problem. It does not matter if you can “win over” her or her friends. You need BUY-IN and INVESTMENT. To get buy-in, use strong leading rewards. Perfect universal example: “Holy shit, that’s awesome!” When you give positive rewards for buy-in (NOT QUALIFICATION), the girl will want more, and invest more. If you LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and EMPATHISE, your rapport will go through the roof. Don’t be that guy trying to make jokes building rapport. Listen to her and be the motherfucker who understands and gives a shit. LITERALLY THE BEST OPENING TEXT EVER: “Want to go on an adventure ?” It’s zero risk, 100% success rate. Short and to the point, nonneedy. Even girls that aren’t interested and don’t like you will respond positively. Will get you laid. AMAZING SUPER PRO-TIP! If you put a space in between the last word and the punctuation mark in a text (works amazing with questions), you will have a much higher success rate. Example: “How does sushi sound?” vs “How does sushi sound_?” (Underscore as space) The second one is much better and has a much higher success rate. All that you want through text is BUY-IN. Then you run LOGISTICS. Do not game through text. Texting is getting the BUY-IN and MANAGING LOGISTICS. The “Adventure” is always planned and agreed to by the girl

beforehand. You made her agree to every step (as well as going to your place) before the adventure happens. You do this so that there is absolutely no resistance when you are on the adventure. She already agreed to every part of the adventure, including “chilling at your place”. Run Logistics Smart and Clever! Logistics ALWAYS trumps game. Insight: The more the adventure becomes a childhood throwback, the better you bond. Example: Sitting around a fire singing songs > Eating out. Epic adventure idea: Break into your own house or property you have access to. She doesn’t know, she is scared and fully trusts you to take care of her in this high risk fun situation. Commit a crime together. This creates fucking MASSIVE rapport and will get you laid 100%

3.2 - Mastering Logistics - Opening Manifesto No intent but lots of and sexual energy. If you have a lot of intent = pressure. No intent = no pressure. Show your cards (intent and interest) after she shows her massive intent and interest. You save yourself from blowouts this way, and you can play with them when they don’t know your intentions. Use INVESTMENT and BUY-IN to build attraction. HOW TO DO GAME (Luke style): Step 1: Build Comfort.

Step 2: Break rapport by disqualifying to spark attraction. Step 3: Qualify. This makes attraction go off like wildfire. Step 4: Sexually escalate. Better done verbally than physically. Escalating physically in social circle game is not effective. Verbally escalating is 1000% more effective. THE INTRODUCTION OPENER. “Are these your friends? Introduce us!” Introduction through a friend transfers all energy, trust and rapport to all the friends. It’s social proof and pre-selection. Other people need to try and talk to you, not you trying to talk to them, being this creepy PUA. Create FOMO and fun to do this. TIP WHEN COMPLIMENTING: Do not compliment on something that she put in no effort to do (looks, eyes, ass, titties, etc…). Compliment on something that she worked for. (The way she did her hair, the way she matched her shoes with her belt, her style) and then overblow it. Very important to be genuine when doing so. Another tip: If you accuse her of something jokingly (breaking rapport) then building it back up instantly, you will get massive investment. Example: If the music in the club turns off, be like “Oh my god, why did you turn the music off?” She will be like: “What, no, it’s not me, I didn’t do it” She will try to justify herself. This is investment. Daygame 101: Step 1: Match head height. If she is sitting, you sit. If she is standing, you stand. This is so it’s not awkward. Also, If you’re standing, ideally, have your back up against an object. The idea is that you are physically comfortable talking to her. Step 2: Open with compliment on what she worked for.

Step 3: Say “Keep it up!” from an authority position then say “Have a nice day!” and start to walk away. Step 4: She will say thanks or try to talk to you. In either case turn back around and say “Wow, actually, you’re really friendly, what’s your name?” (This shows that you aren’t needy and that you turned around because SHE invested, not you. She will continue to invest) Step 5: Take her number or go on an InstaDate. Nightgame 101: Same as Daygame up to Step 4. Step 5: Break rapport and spark attraction AFTER you have built it up a little more. Step 6: Disqualify and get her chasing. Example: “You’re amazing! It’s just too bad… (Cliffhanger). Your butt’s not big enough.” - Only say this to girls who has a big ass. It’s a teasing disqualifier. Use CLIFFHANGERS. It’s an amazing way to get participation. DISQUALIFY ON A POSITIVE TRAIT. Only say her ass is too small if it’s big. Step 7: Cut out man to woman and make her go woman to man. Example: “Your butt’s not functional, I can’t put my drink on it” It’s a non-sexual joke on a sexual topic. This isn’t man to woman frame but it’s sexual. This gets her sexual and investing herself to be woman to man with you. Step 8: Jump to logistical questions, using followup questions and take it from there. HOW TO GET CONSTANT RESULTS: Physically hands off. VERBALLY be VERY hands on and suggestive. Don’t just tease, use positive rewards. USE ROLLOFFS. ADVANCED PUA’s USE ROLLOFFS. THIS

MAKES HER INVEST WAY MORE. Also remember that shit tests are good. if she is giving you shit tests, this means that there is attraction. She is playing pushpull. NOTE! After you have broken rapport, you want to do aggressive qualification. Qualification: Small talk for compliance. Talk as little as yourself as possible (keep the FOMO). Let her talk about herself. To be honest, no-one gives a shit what you want to say. Keep the girl talking about herself. LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, and EMPATHISE. People only care about what they have to say. So let them do it. Let them try to qualify themselves. Let them invest. Because INVESTMENT = ATTRACTION. THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO GET PEOPLE TO INVEST IS TO GET THEM TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES AND TELL YOU ALL THEIR STORIES. Also remember that Social Circle Game = Investment and Logistics Game.

4.0 - Pre-Selection - Social Proof and Pre-Selection Social Proof and Pre-Selection are the 2 most scientifically proven methods to cause the most attraction. Social Proof - A lot of people know who you are, you are popular, somebody of status. Pre-Selection - If average or above girls like you and make it

apparent to everyone, then other, even more high status more attractive girls automatically become attracted to you due to the fact that just other girls are attracted. The more girls that are attracted to you, the more perceived attractiveness you have. You can turn this into a cascading snowball effect so that every girl will think you are attractive because their friends and their friend’s friends are attracted to you. Pre-Selection is the advanced version of social proof, and works better. Pre-Selection is making all the girls that see you think “What is it about that guy that makes him so special” They become interested and attracted to you. Pre-Selection is so fucking powerful, it will beat any guy who has more looks, money, status than you, and will beat any guy that has better game than you. PRE-SELECTION TRUMPS ANY BULLSHIT GAME YOU COULD EVER DO JUST TRUST ON THIS ONE. USE PRE-SELECTION AS YOUR MAIN TOOL IN GAME. PRE-SELECTION WILL SET EVERYTHING ELSE IN MOTION AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT YOU DOING SHIT. Be smart about your game and use the best known scientifically proven method to fuck hot bitches. How to start building social proof: Go out to new places and aggressively people collect as well as make new friends. Try to make friends with as many “Industry” people as possible. Boom. You have social proof. Over time, social proof just grows

the more people you meet and get introduced to. PRO-TIP: High-end barbers are the central hub for knowledge of any city. The sexual interest back and forth in social circle game is KINDA irrelevant With most of your female friends you want to be a bit sexual back and forth. Tease about sexual topics. Haze your BEST female friends with sexual jokes and memes relentlessly. Know that your female friends want to do 2 things: A) Talk A LOT more sexually around you than you think. B) Actually contribute to bringing you girls (You Army) Realize that EVERY girl in the world likes to play MATCHMAKER. Most guys just don’t have the balls and the frame control to set this paradigm up. Wing-girls are better than wingmen because they give you preselection. Don’t talk with your wingmen about your sets, Go out with your wing-girl and get crazy social proof and pre-selection so that you are the center of everyone’s attention. Afterwards, bring your group and your wingman’s group together for a massive energy orgy. You can talk to your wingman tomorrow about it. You don’t need him on your nights out. Instead of gaming the girls, try introducing one girl to the other. This way you are the connector, and they give you credit for everything that they then do together.

5.1 - Social Capital - The You Army Part 1

Networking like a god = Aligning a persons goals with your goals. DO NOT VALUE SCAN. People collect, then filter. Find COMMONALITIES. Finding commonalities is the most underrated thing in game ever. If you have commonalities, you don’t even need attraction. If you have commonalities, you will see a person a second time. Bringing a group of girls to a club is a commonality in itself as they are all with you, and that is a commonality. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND: The girls AROUND you don’t need to be the quality of girl that you are AFTER. This causes competitiveness and the girls that you are after will be under the influence of pre-selection for you. POKE THE BEAR, STIR THE POT. DO THE FUCKED UP SHIT. USE SUPER SEXUAL CRASS JOKES AND HUMOR. You will ALWAYS win over the guy who has more looks or money if you just have more girls with you. When you have preselection, it makes the girls thing “WHAT IS IT ABOUT THAT GUY THAT MAKES HIM SO SPECIAL”. This is what gets you laid. Once you get an agreement from a girl to go to the event you set up, play it safe and turn game mode off so nothing bad happens and she doesn’t cancel. Friendzone the girl. If you want to fuck a girl, call her sister, as stupid as it sounds. By caller her “Sister” you are massively disqualifying her. Friendzone is only bad if you are in it. If they are in it, it’s good. Friendzone EVERY girl off the bat, then decide if you want to

fuck them. Friend them first, and you will never be in the friendzone. An aggressive way to disqualify - Say that you have a girlfriend. HOW TO GET PROMOTERS, OWNERS, ETC TO GIVE YOU FREE SHIT: Give them so much value in energy, that they are forced to repay you, and if that they don’t repay you, they will seem like an asshole. (Done with Framework) Legally have them by the balls or add so much value in a way that you don’t really give a fuck, and in a way so that the only way that person can repay you is by giving you EXACTLY what you want. This is done by making it known what you need beforehand.

5.2 - Social Capital - The You Army Part 2 People who go direct - fucking pussies Indirect, but super sexual - The Man. Get rid of self-entitlement. If you’re entitled to have something, you should have it. If you don’t, you are not entitled to it. It’s a fake sense, a facade. If you feel entitled about selling and you haven’t ever sold anything before, that’s going to fuck you up and you will become cocky. You need to advance on your entitlement with ACTION. But don’t get fucked up about it so that you take no action because of no entitlement. Do something worth the entitlement, and THEN be entitled. CONFIDENCE = COMPETENCE = ENTITLEMENT HNIC - Head Nigga In Charge.

The name of the game is to be the Head Nigga In Charge (HNIC) Status does not equal pussy. Pre-selection does. (Pre-selection = making them wonder what it is about you by having an abundance of girls) If you have pre-selection, you will out-game any status motherfucker easily. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT REAL HOT 9s AND 10s DO NOT RESPOND WELL TO KINO! 6s and 7s love kino, but 9s and 10s don’t. They get hit on 24/7 by creepy ass motherfuckers. They need that personal space. The hotter the girl, the less kino and PUA shit will work. Being “that” motherfucking guy will. Every dude is trying to catcall or use PUA tactics. Don’t be like that NOTE! If you stop a hot 9 or 10 by grabbing her by the arm, it will NOT end well. They will freak out, say “What the fuck?!” and shove you off. They DO NOT like kino. DO NOT SINGLE OUT GIRLS. Friendzone, flirt and game the ENTIRE group. “SO Who’s Getting Married?” is a great opener for 9s and 10s because they’re so hot, none of them are. It’s sarcastic. EMPHASIS on the “SO”. Joking about ass or tits is also great if you’re trying to befriend or fuck. HOW TO ACT (with basically every girl) With EVERY girl, act like you have been fucking for months, but you’re not sure if you want to fuck anymore.

Sexual as fuck. This will boost your success rate like crazy. NO Handholding. You NEVER want boyfriend vibes. However, ARM IN ARM is great, because it’s less boyfriendy and more just friend and fun fuckbuddy. MEME: A girl wants a guy who will hold the door open for her, but that will then smack her ass when she walks through. This is how you want to be. Polite, but badass at the same time. Friendzoning does not mean not being sexual. Be VERY sexual with your female friends. EPIC THING TO SAY TO GIRL YOU JUST MET: “Which one of your friends are we going to fuck?” This friendzones her but shows you are super sexual. This is also a good frame if you want to get threesomes. You can also pull her later. BE THAT GUY THAT *DOESN’T COUNT* TEDDY BEAR WITH THE DILDO THE GAY BEST FRIEND THAT ISN’T GAY Deep eye contact, presence, alpha, all that shit is super weird if you’re talking to 9s and 10s Don’t have that super intense presence. Be Fun, Be Light, Be PLAYFUL. It’s almost accidental that you met. When opening, be accidental in the open as if you accidentally opened her, then game on purpose. AN AMAZING OPEN FOR 9s AND 10s: Talk about boobs, describe them, shape, etc. But call them EYES. They WILL laugh. This works on hot girls that know what’s up.

They know it’s a joke. GAME YOUR FEMALE FRIENDS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY YOU GAVE THE GIRLS YOU FUCK. Just don’t fuck them… Tell EVERY girl that you’re NOT interested in them and why it’s NOT going to work out. (Because of some stupid sarcastic thing that doesn’t make sense). This is MUCH better and WAY more effective than Direct Game. DO NOT single out the girl from the group. Flirt with the group AS ONE GIRL. Then say something insane and super fucking dirty to the girl you want to fuck out of the group. Example 1: You: “Hey, I don’t want your friends to know, but your pussy is hanging out of your skirt”. (This line has gotten Luke pussy a 1000 times). Her: “Wait, what?”. You: “I’m just fucking with you”. *Joke it off* “You have a neat pussy, it’s not hanging out”. Example 2: You: “You smell like you just got fucked” Her: “Wait, what?”. You: “I said you smell really nice” A Better Version: You: *Sniffing her*. Her: “What?”. You: *Sniff Sniff* “It’s just, you smell like you got fucked”. Her: “What?!”. You: “Yeah, in the bathroom”.

Her: “Wait, what did you say?”. You: “Yea, I said you smell like you have YSL on”. Her: “No, wait, no, what did you say before that?”. You: “Did you steal a sample or the whole bottle?” What this is, is MISDIRECTION. You can say anything super sexual and get away with it if you MISDIRECT. (Misdirection is pretending that you didn’t say it) If you do this to your female friends, they will think that you are the funniest fucking guy in the world. YOU ARE ALWAYS GAMING YOURSELF, FUCK WITH THE SHIT. USE MISDIRECTION AND HAVE A BLAST. Example: Throw in “like a hoe” subtly into the dialogue and then say “I said like a pro”. USE SUPER SEXUAL CRASS JOKES AND HUMOR! POKE THE BEAR! STIR THE POT! HOW TO GO THROUGH GAMING GROUPS: Step 1: Be as crazy and sexual as possible to the girls that you don’t wanna fuck and TELL THEM that you don’t want to fuck them. This will actually make them want to fuck you. If you say that you cant fuck them for whatever stupid reason, they will be like: “But why?” “Let me help you, let me fuck you.” Step 2: You bring the group back or go with them and fuck one of them in front of their friends. (Not literally but so they all know. You can literally fuck them in front of their friends if you want to though”. IMPORTANT: Do NOT bounce the group around the club. EVER. Period. The more you can game the girls as one large group, the more you can take girls out of the group and fuck them individually.

For fun, you can do what Luke does, and at the end of the year, invite every girl you have fucked to the same party and watch the shit show go down. If you are going to the club on your own, rage like a FUCKING DEGENERATE. Tear shit up. If you’re looking to fuck hot girls, go with other girls! (PreSelection) The House Always Wins. So stack the deck in your favour. (Cheat). How do you cheat pickup, the game, the system? YOU HAVE GIRLS AROUND YOU. Pre-selection trumps any game technique anyone could ever use. It’s the best scientifically proved method of causing attraction. Build rapport and flirt with all the girls as if the group is one girl. Once you master this, so many women will come into your life. All of the girls start FIGHTING for you if you game all of them at once. Realize this: Women want to get you laid. They are excited about it. They love playing matchmaker. Your wing-woman will get you laid more than anyone else, more than you will. If you have girls by your side for pre-selection, you can say the most fucked up obnoxious sexual shit to any 9 or 10 and get away with it purely because those girls are backing you up with pre-selection. This is how powerful it is. AN AMAZING OPENER FOR 9s and 10s: You: *Look at girl* “Holy shit, Jesus Christ”. Girls: “What?”. You: *Bite fist* They will giggle their ASSES off. + Breathe on your fist and window-wipe their shoulder. This is also somehow funny.

You can follow this up by saying “SO who’s getting married?” or “SO Who’s had sex today?” (In a serious tone) What you are doing here is qualifying the fuck out of their looks and attractiveness. “SO, Who’s had sex today?” (Emphasis on the “SO”. Serious tone) is an AMAZING line. THIS ONE IS EPIC: Have them compare asses. They will compare the shit out of their asses and fight for who has the better one. Depth, width, geometry, trigonometry, whatever, make shit up. “I can pop it like this”, “Yea, but can you put a drink on it?” PLAY THEM AGAINST EACHOTHER AND THEY WILL WANT YOUR ATTENTION. This is how you fuck girls that are hotter than you. Don’t be doing cold approach, isolation sniper shit. NEVER ISOLATE! Be social! COOL THING TO DO: *She touches you* You: “Wow, you’re actually really nice” or “Wow, you actually have a great personality” (REWARDS) and then add “But make sure you leave room for the holy spirit” or some line that means “Haha, you’re funny, but you know, give me space”. What this does is rewards her for touching you but then teases like “No, don’t touch me” and so she touches you even more. HOW TO PULL FROM THE GROUP: Get them to be sexual with each other. 3rd party sexual escalation (from a girl obviously) is way better than you escalating on a girl individually. Even girls that you are not trying to pull, still try to get them to kiss eachother. You can ‘accidentally’ have an orgy.

Example: You: “Haha, when’s the last time you two kissed each other?” “Do it now” “Yea, do it now, it’s fun!” If it goes wrong, just MISDIRECT. “Kiss eachother” “Wait, what?” “I said you know where the bathroom is?” UNIVERSAL MISDIRECTION LINE: “I said you know where the bathroom is?” IF YOU GET THE GIRLS TALKING ABOUT THEM FUCKING EACH OTHER, IT DRAMATICALLY INCREASES THE CHANCE OF YOU FUCKING THEM.

6.1 - Club and Table Game - Getting Into Clubs YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO USE PEOPLE FOR THE THING THAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF BEING USED FOR. BLUFFING. BEING GREGARIOUS ALSO MEANS BLUFFING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING. YOU PERCEIVED STATUS UNTIL YOU ATTAIN IT. Security can BARELY get you in. The lowest level of VIP host can get you in the club with no line. That’s why you look for an INDUSTRY DOUCHE. Someone who works in the industry, who happens to look like a douche. Look out for the DOUCHE SUIT (Independent host suit) - Black suit with black or white shirt and pocket square. This person also has arrogance written on his forehead. You usually see them at the entrance of a club, promoting or

some shit. Call them out like “Rickey! Yo Rickey come over here man!” Act fucking crazy so the guy comes over, then ask him to get you in. You don’t actually know the guys name, you just make one up to make it look credible to the bouncers. If you are able to see the nightclub host at the entrance, or anywhere really, it’s a shitty host. The good ones are partying. Where are the experienced high-end hosts? At the VIP table, dressed in whatever they fucking want, doing whatever the fuck they want, hitting on any girl they want, raging like degenerates. You want to befriend these people. Actually, you have to if you want an amazing social circle. Learn how in Table Game.

6.2 - Club and table Game - Table Game Examples of status in Vegas: Bottle service, Douche suit, What car you are driving if you have one (Supercars), Where you are staying at (Playboy Mansion, Super Penthouse), Where you are eating (In Vegas, this one is fucking HUGE). ALWAYS BE AT A COMP TABLE AS MUCH AND AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE Whether it’s a club, a restaurant, a day club, you always want to be in a VIP area. That’s where the hottest girls always are. COMP TABLES = HIGH VALUE VIP Things: Events, Table Areas, Cabana Areas, DJ Booth, Private Parties, Exclusive rooms in hotels. People in High Value Areas hit on girls by showing off. They try to qualify themselves more than anything. You do the EXACT OPPOSITE. Devalue and dequalify yourself SARCASTICALLY so it’s obvious that you’re joking. DLV - Demonstrations of Lower Value.

AN AMAZING OPENER: “So who do you know here?” And immediately she immediately starts investing and qualifying herself like crazy about who she knows and why she belongs in this area. It comes from a frame that you are an authority that you can kick her out if you want to. This works really well on a attractive girls. THE TABLE DRILL: You go to the table, you infiltrate their table, associate yourself with that group and then stay with them. You have just made new friends and connections with highstatus people. How? You bring value to the table. GET EVERYBODY INVOLVED. Go up the to table and say “OH, WHAT’S UP TABLE NEIGHBOUR, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS FROM?”. This implies that you have a table nearby (even if you don’t) and you’re not just some creep. Grab bottles from someones table and swing it around. Pour it in their glass and shout “Let’s get lit!” If you want to hit on girls in someone else’s table, don’t hit on girl he wants to fuck, hit on all the other ones. Don’t try any alpha shit either because they will say fuck off to you. Be fun, start a party, get lit, and girls will be magnetized to you without you being alpha and scaring the guy. Table Numbers Are Very Important If you just know a table number that’s in a High Value Area, they will just lead you to the table asking no questions, just by you knowing it’s number.

“Oh, i’m at table 53”. Just by you knowing the table number, they will lead you to it like a king. See any friendly guy, hi-five him as if you know him, and the bouncer will see that and walk away. Then you can walk up and do the “Table Neighbour” drill. You just got into a table area for free. If you have the balls, do the DJ Booth tables. A great opener is to go up to a girl with a FULL drink, take one sip, and ask her if she can buy you a drink. It’s ironic because your drink is full. In Vegas, being FUCKING DEGENERATE is how you crush it and fuck all the bitches. Be borderline OBNOXIOUS. Guys who fuck mass amounts of bitches do PURE DEGENERATE GAME. Crazy in-person vibes and energy. Text game - sexual memes. NOTE! Do not open ALL GIRL tables. These are comp tables and it won’t be very long until someone tells you to get out, because that comp was not intended for you. Open tables with at least 1 male. If a girl ever shows signs of disinterest, break rapport and disqualify. You can try: “Exactly! That’s why…”. (Say it as if you’re calling her out on something). This will get her attention back onto you. “Exactly! That’s why my momma don’t like you and she likes everyone”. (Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Lyrics) You are breaking rapport and immediately building it back up because she is laughing her ass off. WRISTBANDS.

The places that have the very attractive girls will NEVER have wristbands. (The places you are going to). Day clubs might have wristbands. What you do is blow past security and shrug them off like you don’t have time for their shit. You are the VIP who doesn’t even need a wristband. You’re an authority figure. Nightclubs have a NFU list (No Fuck-Up List). If you are on this list you are going to get into the nightclub by any means necessary. They can’t fuck up with you. Befriend high-status hosts and get them to put you on that list. This is how Luke blows past any security with no ID, wearing whatever he wants, just nodding at people, and why his name is on the TV saying “Welcome RSD Luke”. This is high-level. When you are here, you don’t even have to do table game, you do what’s called ENTOURAGE GAME. You are that VIP guy, everyone knows you, so you can get in easy, so you bring an entire entourage of people and sit at the table. Mingle your entourage with other people’s entourages. This is what the big ballers do. ENTOURAGE GAME is going out with as much women as possible and as few guys as possible. This alone is going to build the attraction because of preselection. This is basically the end goal of social circle game. Polarizing whether sets do well or poorly shows that you have no social skills. You are either staying and fucking with the girl who you already have for pre-selection, or you are going to hit on a hotter girl. You get pussy either way. This is how you get ZERO blowouts. Because THERE IS NO BLOWOUT. WHAT TO DO IF SHIT GOES SOUTH: If shit goes south because your gregarious / obnoxious joke or

thing didn’t work, you DO NOT back down and apologize, because that way you just recognize what you did in front of everyone. YOU GO EVEN HARDER, MORE CRAZY, MORE FUCKED UP, MORE OBNOXIOUS. CONTINUATION OF THE TABLE DRILL: Go up to a table with a bottle or take one from their table (better to go up with one) and start pouring it in the guy’s mouth. Just do it. If he responds well, great, awesome. If he gets pissed off, at least the girls are laughing their asses off. You just flip the script and go all bromance on the guy, joke it off, and befriend him. If you go up to the table with YOUR OWN bottle and be like “Hey”, they will see that you don’t need anything from them. YOU ARE A NON VALUE SEEKER. Be non-needy. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT YOU DON’T NEED ANYTHING FROM THAT TABLE, or they will just tell you to fuck off if they feel that you want something from them. LUKE GAME: Takes off belt, grabs bottle of vodka, bouncer says “What are you doing?”. Luke says “Go fuck yourself!”. Goes up to guy at the table, grabs him by the chin and starts pouring vodka all over his face hoping that he will tilt his head back. This is being GREGARIOUS and DEGENERATE. People will love you if you can pull it off. Go up to a bottle service table with a full drink in your hand. This is the best way to indicate that you don’t need their shit because you have your own. You are making it EXTREMELY CLEAR that you don’t need anything from them at all. If you go up to the GUY when he has a bunch of girls around him, it implies that you don’t want to fuck his girls, even if you

do want to fuck all of them and you will do so. Even if it takes months, you are going to weave into his life and fuck all of his girls. And it all starts with you grabbing (even an empty) bottle of goose and pouring it into some guy’s mouth. If a bouncer ever goes “What are you doing?”, go like: “Who the fuck are you?!”. He will be like: “Oh, I don’t know” and go away. Intimidated by obnoxious status. “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!” is a the BEST line to say if ANYONE questions your actions. You are coming from a frame that you are more high status than the guy who is questioning you because you have the balls to say it. Turn it up a notch. Energy goes where? *All the way up!* Grab the guys face, by the chin, tilt his face back, say “You want a shot?!”. When he opens his mouth to answer, you pour the vodka. You do this to the guy who bought the table. If he isn’t a sad low-life asshole, he will love you. You have just made a rich friend forever. Once you make friends with the guy who owns the table, nobody will now tell you to leave. The only way to succeed in life and grow your social circle is to do things that are not comfortable. If you feel like “This feels right”, immediately go like “No, Fuck! I should do some crazy shit!” RISK NOT HAVING THE RESULT IN ORDER TO DO SOMETHING UNCOMFORTABLE. THIS IS HOW YOU LEVEL UP IN LIFE. THIS ALSO FORCES YOU TO NEVER HAVE APPROACH ANXIETY. This forces you to be more of a sociopath (In a good, be like Luke kind of way).

DO NOT GIVE A FUCK IN A STRATEGIC WAY THAT WILL GET YOU RESULTS. A much less risky way to go about it is “Hey you want a drink? Let me buy you a drink, you look cool!”. He will say: “Oh, I’m good, You want one though?”. You say: “Oh, no, I’m good”. (Blase tonality, you don’t need anything from him). But now you are at his table! It’s less effective than the crazy method but it works so well! You are at his table. Now, you act like the most charming beta fuck in the world until 4:20 AM happens. (Time to fuck). You flirt with all the girls until you’re the guy that *doesn’t count* You combine all the shit together (gregariousness, obnoxious behaviour, nut job shit) and now all of a sudden you’re the only guy that’s allowed to girls-only events. Guys and girls’ boyfriends will be like “Wait, it’s a girls-only event, why is Luke there” And the girls will respond “It’s Luke!” YOU ARE THE TEDDY BEAR WITH THE DILDO THE GUY THAT DOESN’T COUNT THE GAY BEST FRIEND WHO’S NOT GAY. If the chicks invite you to girls-only events, it’s like “Yea, but it’s Luke, he can come”. You’re the the most sexual motherfucker in the world, but you are not that creep who aggressively hits on girls. You’re just making sexual jokes to the group. Don’t make the joke to that one girl, make it to the entire group, and they will all just love you for it.

REMEMBER! You game then entire group as one, and then you say something super sexually retarded to the girl you want to fuck. Whisper with her. It’s as if you two have a secret thing from the rest of the group. Act like you have been fuck buddies for months but you don’t know if you want to continue fucking.

7.1 - High Status Game - High Status Game Part 1 When you are physically escalating and going for kino, you are coming from a much different frame than of a romantic concept of you trying to pick up that girl. You are like her friend, it’s just for fun. STAY with sets until the end. Don’t keep pressing the reset button and leaving sets if they don’t go good straight away. The END GOAL OF SOCIAL CIRCLE GAME is to be going out with as many women as possible and as few guys as possible. This alone is going to build the attraction. This is also called ENTOURAGE GAME. You don’t have to do that much in game. If you can take just a few key steps to increase your status, you don’t really have to do any game concepts. Also, any mindset shifts will just take place automatically without you trying to attain them (Such as abundance mentality). INCREASE SUCCESS, DECREASE EFFORT USING LEVERAGE THIS IS WHAT SOCIAL CIRCLE GAME IS ABOUT! You have to know that some girls (The hottest girls in the world or celebrities) are UNTOUCHABLE. UNLESS you infiltrate their social circle.

You just don’t have access to them. You can’t even see them because you’re not in their celebrity VIP area. You MUST be in their social circle to have access to them. So infiltrate it. Bypass early and mid-level stage learning. Go straight for the high-level stuff right off the bat. You don’t have to acknowledge the ugly girls. Why the fuck would you? Have the high standards, go straight after the 9s and 10s. Realize that you do not have to fuck your way up to top, you can just pick your ideal girl and start from there. Also you have to realize that this actually works. Some people believe that this is impossible. It’s not. It will work, so just trust it. If you’re not hooking up with girls that are hotter than you, you are wasting your time in game. There has to be a strong belief / faith that what you are doing is going to work, for it to actually work. It’s the law of the selffulfilling prophecy. PIVOT - First word you should ever learn in pickup. A Pivot is a girl that helps you get other women. Looks and money actually matter a lot! They do get you bitches. Motherfucker work on those things! However, it doesn’t mean that you HAVE to have them. You may not have looks or money, but you MUST have something of value. Having pre-selection is an example. Being rich and being ripped goes hand in hand. People who are rich are usually ripped. This is because rich people take care of their body. If you are going to learn something, LEARN IT FULLY!

You don’t want to aggressively control your life. Aggressively controlling your life leads you to having a miserable life. You just want to have as many options as possible. You have to decide EXACTLY what type of girl you want. The type of girl you want CAN change. However you need to know EXACTLY, so that your pivots know what they are fishing for. Be real, If you don’t like a girl’s looks, you wont even be interested in her personality. Personality matters, but if a girl doesn’t have the looks, what’s the point in going forward? You don’t need an ugly bitch. How do you fuck a personality? You don’t. You fuck the looks. You have to value scan but in a way that doesn’t affect you negatively. Value scan, filter certain things because you only have so much time in the day. Don’t waste time on what’s not worth it. TIPS: Luke tipped 25-50% on little drinks and got unlimited bottles because of it. In multiples cities. TIPS GO A LONG WAY! Buy a drink for someone guy that looks cool and makes more money than you. THIS WILL GO A VERY LONG WAY! Look at it as an investment. Make him your friend. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the 9s and 10s. But you have to do SOMETHING. Luke’s Thing = Massive status and friends that will do anything for him. Even people that don’t like him will do a lot for him. Girls see that and wonder who he is (Social proof). Social proof is the NUMBER ONE thing you should ever do in pickup. (Also pre-selection). Bonding with high value guys should be done in a way that’s

not intimidating for them but that they are excited to take you under their wing. It’s a value race of who can add more value to the friendship. REALIZE THIS: The more net worth, more status, more successful the guy is, the nicer, cooler and more humble he is. The more net worth or hotter the girl is, the more humble, cool and nice she is! You wouldn’t think it, but Paris Hilton is the nicest girl Luke has ever met. Don’t be intimidated by higher status, hotter girls, because the higher the status, the hotter the girl, the nicer they will be to you. The higher the status, the least intimidating they can be. You almost couldn’t pay for their shit or introduce them to more people if you tried, because they would just tell you to stop. However, they put people in FRAMES in their own life that you have to jump out of. They JUDGE you and put you into a CATEGORY. For them, you can fall into the frame of just a worker bee, so be careful. “You can be shy and still fuck ho’s” - The stupidest said thing ever. You don’t have to be an extrovert if you are not one, but you just CAN NOT be shy! STATUS. Status beats everything. You use social proof and pre-selection to get status. It’s WAY better for 2 girls to sexually escalate around you than for you to escalate on the girl.

Fun Challenge: Viagra Roulette. Pop a viagra right before you go to the club and you have about an hour and a half to three hours before you go nuts and start dry humping everything with titties. You will start approaching super aggressively. This is fun before you go to attempt to pull threesomes. You will go more aggressive to get it. Get used to doing no minimum table areas. Get used to High Value Areas. No minimum - you aren’t required to order bottles. No minimum table areas are the same as the bar except the quality of girl there is SO much higher. It’s crazy the amount of girls that will fuck you just because you’re sitting at a table. And all you’re doing is ordering drinks from the waitress. They don’t even know that all you are doing is ordering drinks. You can go up to a table, wait for the cocktail waitress to go by and ask her to make you a drink and just stand there and wait until she brings you your drink. You now have a personal bartender and it looks as if you have a table. (Works in day clubs such as Encore Beach Club) THE ONE LINE: “Get Lit” (It means get fucked up) You: “Fucking get lit!”. Girl is going to look at you and go “Yea!” and start twerking. Get lit is like the new age version of “Wazzup!”. You can open guys and girls with this. After you fuck, some girls want to stay at your house and Netflix and Chill for for the next week. You can stack these girls at your house. Just collect them. It’s a lot better than going beast mode cold approach, as you can just message a girl to come over.

If everyone has something cool (hat, sparkler, etc) and you don’t have one, go up to someone who has some and go “I want one of those!” right in their face. Politely asking won’t get you shit. Shout “I want one!” in their face. Real World Pickup = Social Circle Tactics. Which is what all the naturals are doing. BUT, you have the advantage because you know how it works. You are either quiet on your phone or laptop because you are doing business, or you are acting like lunatic, like an nutcase in ALL other situations. Nutcase RIGHT TO THE BORDERLINE of you looking super uncalibrated, but it clearly shows you are calibrated with what you are doing and saying. This is you, this is your true character. You HAVE to be gregarious. EXPECT to get into the DJ Booth, EXPECT to get a promoter table, EXPECT to pull a 9 or 10. You are so gregarious that you just get it. It should NEVER be questioned. You don’t question weather you get something. You just fucking get it. Period. Someone who’s gregarious in game for example will not stop asking girls to go home with him until he fucks. You are GREGARIOUS. You are going after what YOU want. BLUFFING. BEING GREGARIOUS ALSO MEANS BLUFFING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING. YOU PERCEIVED STATUS UNTIL YOU ATTAIN IT.

7.2 - High Status Game - High Status Game Part 2

Never NOT game a table if the table is there. Period. Period! No peasant area. No bar, dance floor bullshit. Get used to High Value Areas. Be gregarious, use the table drill, get in there. You are not going to be in the peasant area. You are going to be in the VIP. There is no point in gaming or building you social circle in the peasant area where the quality of people is much lower. Any girl you fuck in a table area is hotter and has a better personality than the girls in the peasant area. Open EVERYONE at the table by doing something that is an extremely crazy SPECTACLE. THE BOTTLE TRICK: Get two bottles (Vodka and something else such as orange juice). You get on your knees on the floor Other guy with the two bottles in hand (or the other way around). Tilt the bottles under an angle and get the streams of fluid to mix in the air as they go into your mouth. The trick is to get the two streams from the bottles as high in the air as possible. Then get a girl (preferably the hottest one) to take a picture of you on their phone and there you have a number close. Everyone just participated in your crazy awesome activity that took 2 minutes to complete. It’s so gregarious that they will all remember it for the rest of their lives. The girls are flabbergasted and go crazy on you because you are crazy enough to pull this off. You can do this AS the table drill and it will work so well. Some of the guys don’t like is when you go up and steal their table with gregariousness, but the MORE aggressive and

gregarious you can be with it, the BETTER it’s going to work. This will work extremely well with a guy who has MAXIM and Playboy models at his table. NOTE: THE MORE AGGRESSIVE YOU CAN BE WITH DOING SOMETHING, THE BETTER IT’S GOING TO WORK. GET EVERYBODY INVOLVED WITH YOUR ACTIVITY! THE MORE PEOPLE THAT ARE INVOLVED, THE MORE PEOPLE WILL LOVE YOU! Social circle game is not this term thing you should build up. THE EASIEST AND FASTEST WAY TO GET A SOCIAL CIRCLE: You can just infiltrate someone’s social circle and make it your own social circle. This takes so little time, you could do it in a week. This is KEY! You have to realize this! Your gregariousness must be extremely large in order for this to happen. If you don’t want to do the bottle trick, just walk up to the table and say “What up table neighbour?”. This implies you also have a table. Luke crushes, literally destroys Vegas with this line because there are so many tables with so many beautiful girls and you can do it to any and every one of them. STATUS IS A FORM OF GAME. Because you have control over it. If you’re going to put effort into game, put effort into something that you have control over. You don’t even have control over verbal game because girls might not laugh at your jokes. But you ALWAYS have control over STATUS.

Number close girls you failed to pull and just invite them out to stuff. NEVER leave a set without AT LEAST a number close. HOW TO GET STARTED BUILDING A NETWORK OF SOCIAL CIRCLES: You build as many individual social circles as possible and treat them as if they are spinning, but there is a lot of OVERLAP between them. This is the proper way to set up social circles. MERGE social circles just like you merge sets. Luke has 15 social circles happening at once. 2 of them are super strong and the rest are just existing. AGGRESSIVE PEOPLE ARBITRAGE. You start new social circles in peripheral areas of existing ones. This way you expand your network. This also acts as a NET to always save you if you ever fuck up in your social circle. The effect is that if you do fuck up, you are known so well in that group, even by peripheral people, and so it sucks you back in to that social circle. It’s a very forgiving net of people. You can fuck up a lot of shit. Luke’s almost been kicked out of many many clubs but he always has DEGREES OF SEPARATION from say the manager and the owner. You don’t know either one that well, but everyone knows that you kind of know them. That OVERLAP gives him immense value. Take advantage of that overlap all the time. Also, there is an OVERLAP in you just knowing certain people and being cool with them. Just by knowing and being cool with certain people also gives you massive value and it acts as a net that will save you from fuckups. If you know someone, and others don’t, then they need toy to have access to them. Or even if they do know that person, they

can’t stay mad at you because you are cool with a certain person that they are also cool with. SUPER VERY IMPORTANT!!! You don’t have to know everyone so well. If you know their name, what they look like, and have met them at least once, YOU NOW KNOW THEM. It doesn’t matter. You are cool with them. They will acknowledge you from now on as their friend. If you only met once but you created an epic story with that person, you are now their homie, you are their bro, you are their best friend. EVEN IF YOU MET ONCE! Luke taught Michael Sartain social circle game and he has taken it way further than Luke has. (Michael is Luke’s best friend). Mike’s rich but doesn’t pay for anybody’s drinks. He doesn’t spend money on anyone. Look up Michael Sartain and his business partner Sancho Van Ryan. Their social circle game is better than Luke’s. Identify their lifestyle and what they do, and just copy it to get similar results. Be like Michael Sartain. THE ALCOHOL THING: It all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend and what type of lifestyle you’re trying to live. Mike for instance is completely 100% sober unless it’s a massive raging event. Luke drinks 1/10 of the times he goes out. If he is sober, he is 100% sober, but if he drinks, he is going all out crazy, but not wasted drunk. The Triangle Pattern: Pick 3 points in the club. The entryway, the bar and the bathroom for example. Open along the left and right of these 3 points and it looks like you’re going somewhere and not just being a bobblehead

walking around the club aimlessly. + MERE EXPOSURE EFFECT You keep re-opening sets over and over again just by passing through the same direction. Mere Exposure Effect is another one of those scientifically proven things that build attraction, among social proof and preselection. If your set does poorly, you could just go to the bathroom, come back, and reopen your set after 30-40 minutes and it will go well just because of Mere Exposure Effect. Realize that there are a lot of 9s and 10s that are generally nice, but they are NOT going to be nice to the guy they just met, because they get a lot of guys who are just creepy and retarded. These girls are NOT bitches. You just have to build trust. Disqualifying Aggressively = Putting Her In The Friendzone + Also be very sexually suggestive verbally. SOCIAL CIRCLE GUY = LET’S FUCK YOUR FRIENDS TYPE OF GUY Minutes, even seconds after you fuck, ask the girl if she wants to go to brunch. (Every girl wants to go to brunch at any time in the day). The whole point of brunch is to DAY 2 her girlfriends. You’re doing Network Marketing Pussy. MLM in it’s own way. Literally the BEST time ever to pick up a girl is minutes after you fuck one. You will have so much energy. The second after you fuck one, when you go outside, flirt with every girl you see: receptionist, valet, waitress, meanwhile the girl you just fucked is standing beside you. What does this show that you have options, you are the player. You have Pre-Selection. This forces her to take

it or leave it. She already knew this, but by doing this, you enforce it in her mind. Luke Game: You go outside with the girl and enter a restaurant, go to a reception or whatever and when you see the girl that works there be all like “Oh, you again! When are you going to answer my texts? I’ve been waiting for you to come over and dry hump me for 3 weeks now!”. (Even if it’s not true). And this whole time the girl who you just fucked is standing right next to you. Example: You: “Want to do brunch?” (Say this right after you just pulled out). Her: “Um, what?”. You: “You know I’m just kinda hungry, get some eggs, right?”. Her: “Yea! Sure! Let’s!”. You: “Amazing! Bring your friends!”. Her: “What?”. You: “Who’s your best friend?” (Misdirection). Her: “Yea, my best friends’ Stacy”. You: “Yea? What she doing right now?”. Her: *Tells you where she is*. You: “Oh cool! Bring her!”. Her: “Oh, really?”. You: “Hey, I’m a friendly social guy! It’ll be cool! Do you have any others?”. Her: “Yea, why?”. You: “Bring them! It’ll be fun!”. *Pause* Her: “Oh what you mean right now?”. You: “No, tomorrow”. *pause* “Yes! Right now! Let’s go! Call them”. A GREAT thing to say is: “You have friends, I have friends, your friends can meet my friends, we can all be friends!”

Then flirt RUTHLESSLY with all of them the second they show up. NOTE! Handholding is bad! Very bad! But holding ARM IN ARM is great! Just by doing this simple switch up, you will double your game. Seriously. Hand In Hand - Pervy romantic shit. Arm In Arm - Protector, but fun fuck buddy type vibes. Bestie! BEHAVIOUR CORRECTION: Treat, reward and punish your fuck buddies / girlfriends according to how she is acting. This makes the relationship much stronger and work out REALLY well. If you punish when needed, she will act right. If you reward when needed, she will be even better. PATTERN INTERRUPTION: You can pattern interrupt conversations to spike them with sexual vibes. A pattern interruption is when a dialogue is going normally, and then all of a sudden you say or do some stupid shit that breaks the flow of the conversation. Example: You: “Holy shit!”. Her: “What?”. You: “I never noticed that your nipples were that big!”. Her: “What?!”. You: “No, no, I love it, it’s great! Let’s check it out”. And then you medically examine her nipple. WHEN YOU ARE DOING KINO ON TITS OR ASS YOU AREN’T TOUCHING LIKE A CREEP. IT’S ALMOST LIKE MEDICAL EXAMINATION THAT SHE GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO.

YOU ARE EXAMINING HER TITS BECAUSE YOU “Noticed something odd about them”. VERBAL ELLIPSIS (THIS IS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT!!!) You always put an ellipsis on the end of your sentences. This gets her to say “What? Tell me!” By doing this you are getting her to Participate, It’s FORCED Buy-In, FORCED Investment. You are FORCING her to be attracted to you. Investment = Attraction Use Value to get Investment. Examples of phrases to get her to say “What?”: “Holy Shit!” “Oh my god!” “Um, *Name*?” You can also do MULTIPLE ELLIPSIS. (Which is x2 as effective). Example: You: “Holy shit!” Her: “What?” You: “It’s just, you know, it’s um…” Her: “What is it? Tell me!” You: “Your pussy’s hanging out”. And then continue as follows… Be SUPER Condescending the second the gets a little flirty with you and be like: “No! *Smirk* I told you again! *Smirk* It’s not gonna fucking happen!”. Then she starts talking and you go: “Shut up! I said shut up!”.

*Looking down smiling*. “No! Not today!”. You are smirking and laughing to yourself a little and showing it to her while you are shouting at her. This shows that you are just playing with her. She knows that you’re just joking and starts becoming even more flirtatious with you. Treat her like a child and she will love you. NOTE! Every day that you see a girl and don’t fuck her, the more she is going to be like “Oh, now he can’t fuck Stacy, Sarah, Jackie” because now you are her guy that she has on the burner. However, if you fuck them all, all of a sudden you are NOT the relationship guy. And that is exactly what you want. FUCK THE GIRL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! DO NOY TRY TO FIGURE OUT RELATIONSHIPS! EVER! Do NOT try to figure out where you stand, because usually she will never be standing where you want her to stand. EVER. Even if she likes you. Only when you are ready to do family and get married and shit, only then do you figure out relationships. “So, um, i just want to, you know, find out where this is going, what’s happening here, you know? Between us. What are we?” ^ DON’T DO THAT SHIT! ^

7.3 - High Status Game - High Status Game Part 3 You physically escalating has a low conversion rate. 2 Girls physically escalating on each other has a high conversion rate. Then you just pull one of them or pull them

both. + There are no negative social repercussions. A guy might get mad if you escalate, but won’t if the two girls will. HOW TO GET GIRLS TO PHYSICALLY ESCALATE ON EACH OTHER: You just tell them to… The easiest thing to do is make a girl your best friend (Yay, bestie, arm in arm) and then fuck her. YOU are friendzoning HER. Do NOT open direct if you are going to friendzone her. Open from a frame of you need nothing and it’s like “Yay, you’re my new bestie!” If you are super direct and intense, you will not get the girls to escalate on each other. Them escalating on each other is very happenstance. IT’S CASUAL. As soon as they start escalating it’s like “Whoa, what the fuck, put your nipple away”. You joke sexually aggressive and then they both start escalating on you. BUT YOU HAVE TO START WITH A DISQUALIFIER You can’t be all direct, give her a compliment and then tell her to fuck her friend. No, that’s weird. That’s too much. YOU DISQUALIFY REALLY HARD If you want to make disqualifiers hit VERY hard, you do a TAKEAWAY with EVERY disqualifier. Disqualifying = Teasing.

ACCIDENTAL KINO - Amazing segway to get aggressive sexually. You ‘accidentally’ touch her boob and it’s like “Oh my god, your boob is so hard!” And then you ‘medically examine’ her boob. ALWAYS USE LEVERAGE! The only way you can get access to the hottest girls in the world is through their social circle. For instance, MAXIM and Playboy models are being jumped from photoshoot to photoshoot and are at exclusive parties. You just can not cold approach them. You can’t just cold approach Paris Hilton. You have to get to her through social circles. TO GET ANYTHING IN LIFE, YOU HAVE TO PUT PROCESSES IN PLACE! If you want threesomes every week, you put the processes needed in place, and you will get them 90% of the time. The whole point of social circle game is LESS WORK, HIGHER YIELD. USE LEVERAGE! Train the 8s and 9s to get you the 10s. 100% Aggressive Training. Seal Team 6 Training. Girls just want to be trained to bring you pussy. So stop being a pussy yourself and train them. Quote: “I know what I’m bringing to the table, so I’m ok eating alone”. Best pickup quote in the world: “Attraction is not aa choice”

This quote is like money! GIRLS ARE NOT CHOOSING TO BE ATTRACTED, THEY JUST ARE! Make sure that you are doing MULTIPLE social circles in different places (long-term and short-term), so that the OVERLAP kicks in. The OVERLAP is how Luke met Dan Bilzerian, Paris Hilton, and any celebrity for that matter. So start MULTIPLE social circles one after another and they will start to OVERLAP. You have all these multiple social circles all happening at once. Buy-In, Investment, Pre-Selection - This is what you should be using 100% of the time!!! PIVOT - Girl that will help you pick up chicks. The only time that you aren’t going out with a pivot is when you’re with your buddies on a business talk. ALWAYS go out with a pivot unless you’re going guys only. Why would you not have a pivot? Why would you not have her pre-selecting you for every other girl? If you are under 21, and don’t have access to clubs, go to the trendy and cunty places during the day or night. The ones that don’t require an ID. Cunty, pretentious, arrogant (but beautiful) women. Where do they go? Go to that place. If you are actually looking to build on your interactions and create social circles, then you are wasting your time going to bars and placed for peasants.

You need the best quality of people for your circle so you go to the cuntiest places, only the very best venues, etc… You want to go to the place where you would feel MOST uncomfortable and intimidated walking in alone to because all of the best people are there. An Example: XS Nightclub Las Vegas. Cunty - Trendy. Where the hottest girls go and where they are going to be the rudest to you. And the dudes with the tight shirts who look like douches. A cunty place is a place with very arrogant guys and girls. In a club, they’re called club cunts. It’s the regulars. IF A GIRL EVER HAS A PROBLEM WITH ANYTHING: Say “What’s the problem?”; “What’s the problem here?” In a tone where its like what the fuck man? Why do you have to be like this? (Mid-high pitch voice). Saying “Chop-chop” is a great way of showing that you’re not going to let her waste your time and that she better do what you asked. Example: You: “I just don’t understand, why are you not getting that girl to come over here and hang out with us, am I misunderstanding something?”. Her: “Wait, what, why? You like her?” You: “Well, I mean, yea, kinda…” Her: “Oh okay.” You: “Chop-chop!” Her: “Oh, really, you mean it?” You: “No, I’m just fucking with you.” Her: “Oh, okay.” You: “Yes! I meant it, go!” If a girl is ever nervous about hitting on other girls and doing

this kind of improv, just tell the girl to do this: “Go up to her and tell her that she’s pretty. Nothing else.” *Insert here hands up not my fault expression* They will do the rest. Then you just wait. Every minute that they talk equals more attraction that the girl has for you when your pivot introduces you to that girl. The BEST way to get the QUICKEST results in the SHORTEST amount of time is FORCED PRE-SELECTION. The results you get will be unbelievable if you do forced preselection. Girls’ favourite thing to do in the world is play matchmaker and get you laid. They even talk about it to their girlfriends about it! So get her to ask what your type is or just tell her. Then train her to get girls for you. SUPER INDUSTRY TIP: Don’t go out on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. GO OUT ON SUNDAYS, MONDAYS, AND TUESDAYS. The only people that MATTER go out on those days. These are what’s called INDUSTRY NIGHTS. (Usually Sunday and Monday). It’s when the industry people go out and not the club cunts. This one tweak will increase results 2x immediately. Just watch the quality of girls go up. If you go out on these days, all of a sudden you have way hotter girls, less dudes, and the dudes that are there aren’t hating on you because they’re already fucking. VERY IMPORTANT! Make friends with the industry guys that have the abundance, that have the social circle stuff figured out. Then it’s the

exponential effect of them doing your social circle for you as well. You want to go out EVERY Christmas and Thanksgiving, either to the club parties or to an exclusive house party, because all of a sudden, it’s a sea of ONLY hot girls. All the average girls are at home with friends and family, and the got ones are going to these exclusive events! It’s also the girls that work in the industry, that don’t give a shit about the turkey dinner, who want to rage that day. Awesome trick: Tell your pivot that you’re a virgin and you will get laid in 48 hours. Do it even if you aren’t a virgin because IT WILL WORK! You have to realize this truth: The hotter the girl is or the more successful the guy is, they more they just want to help you! These people are not out to get you! It’s the losers who are! The successful people want to HELP you! It gets nicer at the top. People at the top have better energy, and the higher you climb up the social ladder, the more positive the energy. THE HIGHER BARRED ENTRY THING THAT YOU DO OR GO TO, THE EASIER GAME IS. Just by you being at a high barre entry place, it shows that you are a person of value. You can literally go up with shitty energy and be all like “Hey, what’s up” very quietly and it will work, just because you’re at this exclusive place.

Once you’re at that place, you ALREADY have the attraction and comfort. STOP SEEDING YOUR DAY 2s USE TIME-BRIDGES! Time-Bridge: Who, What, Where, When, How. All figured out. You shove logistics down the girls throat and set up the Day 2 in the interaction. If you don’t get a Time-Bridge, then it’s not a valid number close. Remember: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - Happy days, Industry days. If you are going to use SOCIAL LEVERAGE then you need to be going to the places at the time where you can most effectively MAXIMISE it. Example: 1 OAK Las Vegas on a Sunday. ONE TIME STORIES: If you create a one time story with someone, they will always bring it up and they will always bring you to certain things because they will be like: “Oh, that’s that fucking guy! I love this fucking guy!” “THAT fucking guy” means you had an epic time together, one epic story, just one time, it doesn’t have to happen ever again, and it may not have been that epic for you, but they will remember it for the rest of their life. You just keep adding value to them by going to their events because you’re that awesome guy that they obsess about and want in their life all because of one cool story together. And the coolest part is that you come off as not wanting anything in

return, you just go to their events and get free shit, and then they love you even more and invite you to more stuff. This way you have a person that obsesses over you, tells everyone how fucking awesome you are (Social Proof) and invites you to cool events and gives you free shit. AND ALL YOU DID WAS SHARE ONE COOL STORY TOGETHER. NOTE! Your pivot does not have to be as hot as the girl you are after. As a matter of fact, they almost never are. Luke’s pivot is always beautiful and his exact type. You ENJOY hanging out with her just as much as with your guy friends. It’s like you don’t have to fuck, but you can. Your pivot needs to look cunty and trendy. If she doesn’t know how to do her make-up, teach her! Like: “You can be hot, let’s fix this, let’s make you a babe!” When you show them the care and respect to do that, watch what happens. You get immense respect and love from her, it’s crazy. Most people just DON’T COMMUNICATE with each other. Communicate and BE OPEN with your female friends. When you OPEN UP and communicate with them, tell them what’s happening, they’re like: “Oh, really? I never knew!”. TALK about stuff with female friends, BE OPEN! Doing this will actually make you so much happier and make your relationships with female friends very strong if you treat them like your guy friends. Needless to say, it’s very cool when you have that type of connection with your female friends. Note for Vegas:

Strippers are FUN! You don’t have to respect them if you don’t want to, but they are FUN! They’re awesome! Just not the dirty lookin’ ass ones… SUPER TIP WHEN YOU’RE IN VEGAS! Cocktail waitresses and strippers will treat you like a PIMP, like a GOD when you take them out in groups. They are super fucking sexual with you and you can boss them around. This creates INSANE pre-selection if you’re out with an entourage of strippers and cocktail waitresses. They don’t really give a fuck, so they will get you any girl you want. It becomes so fucking easy, you literally do nothing and they will get girls for you. Not to mention that they are also very fun to be around. And it’s not even about the money. They will even pay for your shit. They are SO independent. They make so much money just themselves, and in cash. They will also flirt with you RUTHLESSLY because they’re just so desensitized about it. AWESOME THING TO PULL OFF: You want to spend more money on the DJ then you are on the alcohol. TIP THE DJ $40, $60, $80 MAX to keep a song on repeat. A song that you love, that will get you hyped. Same song, over and over again. After 3,4 plays, people are going to start coming up to the DJ saying “What the fuck man, change the song!”. And the DJ is like *Nope, not my fault, hands in the air, I’m innocent, and will start pointing at you* and you’re just there being a degenerate getting turnt up. Every girl at this point is looking at you because the DJ is pointing at you. And he’s not going to change the song because he sees you raging and you just tipped him well. So the DJ is now pointing at you and you’re turnt up as fuck, and the entire club has eyes on you. Every girl just comes up to

you and goes “Who are you? What is wrong with you? What is happening?”. And you can just immediately number close or pull these girls. And most of the time, it’s the hottest ones that come up to you. Her interest in you in so high after a spectacle like that. And let them wonder for MONTHS why the DJ did that for you. They will never forget it, and don’t even tell them. They will die thinking that you are a god of some sort. Summing up High Status Game, what it is, is creating SPECTACLES so that people view you as “That fucking guy” that they love. STATUS is created by aligning yourself with successful people and with nightclub promoters, owners. You do this by creating stories with them, by creating SPECTACLES. If you’re starting fresh, building a social circle in a new city, go out Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. You LIVE in clubs on these days. Also, you are not doing direct number closes, you are doing SOCIAL NUMBER CLOSES. It’s SO surprising, that when you do a SOCIAL NUMBER CLOSE instead of a direct one, the interest level just shoots through the roof, with guys and with girls! If you do a SOCIAL NUMBER CLOSE on any girl instead of a direct one, you have a so much higher chance of you fucking that girl. Also, If you’re in the club, and you SOCIAL NUMBER CLOSE a girl, walk off, do some other shit, then re-open that girl, MERE EXPOSURE EFFECT will kick in and you have a so much higher chance now of you fucking that girl.

8.1 - 9 and 10 Game - How to Game 9s and 10s Part 1

THE 3 POINT SCALE 1 - A girl that you wouldn’t fuck with anyones dick 2 - A girl you would have sex with but not tell a soul about it 3 - A girl you would fuck and tell the world about YOU HAVE TO REALIZE THIS! There are “Across The Board” classic 9s and 10s that are branded 9s and 10s by the world and then there are your personal 9s and 10s who you think are the hottest. Everybody’s 9s and 10s ARE NOT THE SAME! HOWEVER, there are ACROSS THE BOARD 9s and 10s YOU HAVE TO IDENTIFY BOTH TYPES! IT’S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT AN ACROSS THE BOARD 10 IS AND WHAT YOUR PERSONAL 10 IS! “That’s not my type” - such a horseshit excuse for not going up to a girl. She’s not your type because she’s not your 9 or 10, but she is an across the board 9 or 10. This is no excuse to not talk to her. They are someone else’s 9 or 10. There is no nightclub in the world that has ONLY your perfect 9s and 10s. You have to be able to admit that there are 9s and 10s that are not necessarily your type. BUT YOUS STILL PRACTICE WITH THEM so that when you do meet your ideal 9 or 10, you now have experience with other 9s and 10s. ^ This is talking about “Across The Board” 9s and 10s. DO NOT label 7s and 8s as 9s and 10s as a sorry ass excuse for not approaching the hotter girls. ^

There are 3 ways to meet your ideal 9 or 10: 1 - You get lucky. In the club. 2 - You infiltrate an “across the board” 9’s or 10’s social circle and she introduces you to one. 3 - You meet one at a super exclusive event, private party, model photoshoot, etc… The thing is, you don’t see your ideal 9 or 10 ENOUGH, so how can you just wait and not do anything? Mingle with the “across the board” 9s and 10s until you find your ideal one” If you can point out your ideal 9 or 10 in 30 seconds, then go for it. If you can’t, then go for the closest thing to a classic 9 or 10 that you can. And then when you see your type, go after her instead. Use the fear of missed opportunity mindset, not the fear of failure mentality. This is called reverse approach anxiety. You are more scared of NOT approaching and missing out on all the experiences you COULD have if you approach. You may not deserve your 9 or 10 now, but you deserve her at some point. You don’t have to go on this full on self-realization journey and only then get your 9 or 10. You can get them RIGHT NOW. THE KEY TO 9 AND 10 GAME: ALLOW YOURSELF TO ONLY APPROACH 9s AND 10s. ONLY 9s AND 10s. You can just go for 9s and 10s. You don’t have to treat all girls equally… You CAN put categories into your life. Examples:

Girls you just flirt with, girls you are sexual with, but don’t fuck, girls you fuck, girls you don’t even acknowledge, etc… TREATING ALL GIRLS THE SAME WILL FUCK YOU UP. Celebrities only date 9s and 10s. Justin Bieber will never date an ugly ass fan. What’s stopping you from doing the same? You just have to understand. If you have this mentality, you might get laid less, but the quality of girl will always be a 9 or 10. Watch what this does to your inner game and self-worth. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME: You don’t. Even if your game is shit, if you go to ONLY the top venues with the 8s, 9s and 10s, what do you think will happen to your game? It will skyrocket, and you didn’t even work on it. + The average girl you fuck WILL BE A 8,9 or 10! What’s the point in going to a shitty venue and pulling a 6,7 easily if you can go to the best venue, have so much fun there, and get a 9 or 10? The laziest people (that take action) are the smartest people because they use leverage. CREATE LEVERAGE. Get people to be invested in your success. People are excited to help you out. HOW TO GET THE BEST INNER GAME AND FAST: Read a book called “Transurfing Reality” by Vadim Zeland. Just do it, you will instantly have amazing inner game. No bullshit. Pickup slang: Eskimo Brother - 2 guys that have both been in the same hole. Snow Bunny - Girl that only likes black guys. You-Army = People that know what your type is, that are then motivated to pursue that for you.

If any of your friends is critical of you doing pickup, or doesn’t care about what your type is and isn’t willing to help you or at least accept you, then fuck them. That is no longer your friend. What do you need them for? To start building your You-Army, tell everyone in your life exactly what type of girl you like. Either heavily hint it to them or tell them straight up. Example: You: “Yo where the blond bitches at?” If the other person is offended and says something back, you reply with: “No, no, I don’t call them bitches out of disrespect, it’s just that I don’t know their names individually.” STUDIES SHOW THAT TESTOSTERONE LEVELS INCREASE WHEN YOU TALK SEXUALLY! If you just talk sexually with girls, even with your buddies making jokes or by yourself, regularly, on a day to day basis, your testosterone levels will rise and you won’t have dick problems. Seriously. BUSINESS CONCEPT: “Hire Slow, Fire Fast”. APPLY THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS. The amount of TIME you have spent with someone is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. The amount of EXPERIENCES that you have shared with someone determines your relationship with them. It’s like “What have we done for each other?” You could be best friends with someone you met yesterday because you did some crazy The Hangover Movie shit together, but also someone who knew you 10 years but not share that many experiences with will fuck you over because of some little thing.

ACTING GENUINE: Any time you want to appear genuine and authentic with a woman, ESPECIALLY an attractive 9 or 10, instead of TRYING to be genuine and authentic, BE SURPRISED! If you’re TRYING to be genuine, it’s not going to come off as genuine dumbass. If you come off as SURPRISED or INQUISITIVE, you end up actually being genuine and authentic. And you can always fake being surprised if you need to… Ending Note: To get 9s and 10s, you have to disqualify the SHIT out of them. Typical disqualifier: “Holy shit!” followed by some comment on why her tits are strange. Another cool disqualifier: “What’s your problem, you don’t like white guys?” You can also add “With blue hair and blue eyes?”. Or just describe yourself. This will force her to fight the objections, even if they are true, because it’s female psychology. What does this do? It gets her to invest. INVESTMENT = ATTRACTION.

8.2 - 9 and 10 Game - How to Game 9s and 10s Part 2 Best time to go pick up chicks = 30 minute window right after you have sex. If you just fucked a 9 or 10, guess what’s the easiest way to fuck more 9s and 10s? FUCK HER FRIENDS! The hardest thing to do is to FIND the 9s and 10s. So you don’t just fuck one, but you infiltrate her social circle and

fuck all her friends. DRIVE THROUGH HER NETWORK Any 9 or 10 has LOADS of friends that are also hot af (9 and 10). How do you get MANY 9s and 10s in your life? Fuck cold approaching. Fuck one, then you fuck ALL THEIR FRIENDS who are also 9s and 10s. There is no way in the world you can cold approach a hundred tens and just fuck them. You just don’t even know where to go to find them. Well, to be honest, the hottest girls in the world are at Photoshoots. But apart from that… You meet them by driving through networks of other 10s that you’ve fucked or befriended. You meet them through activities including her friends such as BRUNCH. - Best fucking activity ever to meet 9s and 10s. If a girl ever says “Wow, you’re so sweet”. Then it’s kind of a shit test really. Your answer: “I Know, don’t you hold it against me!” This is a money line if you’re in this situation. Qualifier & Disqualifier at the same time: (After talking about brunch). “You must be the pretty girl of the group, you don’t have any hot friends, do you?” This qualifies her and implies that you’re not a desenstitive dick. But also it disqualifies her friends and gets her to tell you about all the hot friends she has, which you will get her to invite. Her: “Oh my god, my bitches are hot! You don’t even know!”.

“These girls are super sexy!” You: “Wow, slow down, I get it, jesus christ”. “Well you must have one hot friend…”. (You’re getting her to buy-in more, but more importantly, she will now INVITE MORE THAN ONE HOT FRIEND). Her: “I have more than one hot friend!” You: “Really?” (In a ‘I don’t believe you tone’. Tease back and forth so that she is excited to bring MULTIPLE friends. THERE IS NO FASTER AND MRE EFFECTIVE METHOD TO MEET OTHER 9s AND 10s THAN HOT GIRLS FRIENDS. Or becoming friends with Dan Bilzerian lol. What if your girl gets upset that you’re hitting on other chicks? She wont. If you’re managing your frame. If from the initial interaction you let her know that you are “this type of person” then she will be ok with it. She likes you because of the initial frame you imposed on her when you met her. And your initial frame is that social guy that hits on all girls If you act gregarious and “that’s just you” then sometimes they get mad if you don’t act like that. Because they like you from the INITIAL FRAME. So it’s very important to get frame control in check and from the start of the first interaction to come of from the frame that you want. Bottom Bitch - Pimp term for main chick. Denying sex to girls you are dating and making sex a reward

for positive behaviour is something you can do in your relationship if you want, if you are the alpha dominant. It is kind of unfair and manipulative though. It’s better to just use rewards and punishments. To do this you need aggressive frame control. Once you pull out of a girl, you are in such a PRIMAL RAGE. The BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE time to go fuck a girl is right after you’ve just had sex. Your testosterone levels are at a PEAK MAXIMUM. It may be desenstitive to do something like this, but then again, FRAME CONTROL. THE BEST TIME TO EVER GAME, ANYWHERE, IS SUNDAY, DURING THE DAY, FROM 11AM. The experience is just the best. 9s and 10s, they go to clubs but they do NOT like them. 9s and 10s love the BUNCHES. The Sunday Fun-Day. The cool day time activities. Flirt with girls RUTHLESSLY! You: “Holy shit!” Her: “What?” You: “Your pussy’s hanging out!” Her: “Wait, what?!” You: “ I’m just joking, you’re wearing pants, it’s not hanging out, but i got your back though!” ^ That shit’s funny as fuck! ^ VERY IMPORTANT! FRAME CONTROL is not just about how you interact with the girl you’re with. It’s about how you interact with everybody around you that she sees. It’s your personality, not some cheap thing you do to fuck a girl, so you show it everywhere. ^ That’s significantly stronger than just the frame control with the girl ^

Luke puts EVERY girl in the the friendzone EVEN if he opens in direct. You should too. 9 and 10 game - Be the guy that DOESN’T COUNT. When you’re the guy that doesn’t count, people WANT to jump into your You-Army. There is no risk in them throwing girls at you, because you don’t count. Have SHTICKS (gimmicks, jokes) for every time of girl that you like (Race, ethnicity, age, hair color, eye color, etc…) Luke’s thing for Brazilian girls is to say “Girl, let me suck on your pussy” in Portuguese, very loud, in front of the Brazilian girl, but not to her, but to someone else. She then laughs hysterically and it’s a good interaction. CONSISTENCY. You need consistency of results. Control over results. Falling in love with a 9 or 10 and immediately making them your girlfriend - probably the WORST thing you could ever do. They don’t need that shit. They’re hot sexy girls, they want to get wild and shit. When you meet a 9 or 10s friend, IMMEDIATELY make them your best friend (yay, bestie!) and then later drive through her network even deeper. Once you have one 9 or 10 on the hook, you want to ENSURE that she introduces her to your friends. Force it if you have to. It’s non-negotionable. She has to! It shouldn’t even be questioned. You have to realize this: The burden of pickup is on the male. It’s part of the seduction

process for her to say “no” a bunch of times so that she doesn’t come off as a slut and so she isn’t judged. Don’t barge through the no, don’t pile through it. You’re not some rapist motherfucker. If it’s a clear no, then it’s a no. Respect it. When the girl says no, it’s two steps forwards and one step backwards, but it’s still progress. In pickup, the male has to do all the work. The girl’s job is to resist a little bit so that she doesn’t look like a slut and then go for it. “Buddy”, “Pal”, “Sister” - Disqualifiers. Disqualifiers lower the threat of sex and makes the girl less intimidated of coming off as a slut. The EASIEST way to meet a girls friends is to do BRUNCH right after you just had sex. Luke doesn’t have time to look up events and find ways to get in. He has Michael. Michaels whole life is getting access and VIP to cool events, it’s what he does for a job. He is a CONNECTOR. Get someone like Michael Sartain in your life. Make the You-Army full of CONNECTORS that will get you into events and VIP tables and other cool stuff. Someone like Michael. Get people that will send you IG links to new cocktail waitresses in town, new girls, new events, cool places, SO THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF! Have someone that will text you stuff like “X just broke up with Y. Now is the time.” And then creates a group chat of you and her and introduces you. Then you take it from there.

You have someone like this because you don’t have the time to be finding out all of this stuff yourself. NOTE! Introduction through Group Chat is 1000x more effective than just sliding into their DM’s. It’s the same as cold approach vs being introduced, but online, someone is way more likely to shrug you off. You want to fuck 9s and 10s? You put yourself in the high barred VIP situations where the high status people are. That’s where the highest concentration of 9s and 10s is. Then after you fuck them, you fuck their friends. THE HIGHER BARRED THE EVENT, THE MORE EXCLUSIVE IT IS, THE HIGHER THE QUALITY OF GIRL IS THERE. LOOKS AND PERSONALITY WISE. When you start to date a girl, make it extremely clear that you are going to hook up with her friends and that she is going to help you do it and also have threesomes and other shit. (That is if you want the harem lifestyle). TERMS: MLTR - Multi Long-Term Relationship. Harem - A group of girls that you’re mingling with all at the same time. Primary - Your main girl that gets you other girls, and that you have threesomes with. (Same thing as Main Chick). Main Chick - Same thing as primary. Side Chick - Girl that you are dating or fucking that is NOT your primary. Woman Management System (WMS) - A system of keeping in check and being up to date with women you are dating, fucking, or just talking to.

Roster - The list of girls you are dating, fucking, or talking to. How do you create a Woman Management System? Step-by-step: 1: Find and fuck an attractive girl. 2: Drive through her network. 3: Fuck all of her friends. 4: Some friends will drop off, and some will come on board. Decide what girls you want, and which ones you don’t want. Fuck with the friendships and make the girls you are fucking best friends. 5: Fuck some more girls together with one of the girls that jumped on board. 6: Set up a main chick, a primary, or get an existing one and introduce her to that new harem of girls. 7: MOST VITAL STEP! Make your harem girls, your MLTR’s your primary’s BEST FRIENDS. This way you don’t have to text or keep in touch with any of them ever. Your main chick does all the work. They do girly activities together (nails, lashes) and they bond. That transfers over to you when you tell your primary to pull a side chick for you. If you had a Roster with no WMS, you would have to do all the activities with all of the individual girls and individually text all of them. Your roster would burn down and fade away. But using this method, your main chick does all the activities with your harem and manages them for you.

Every one night stand you have, introduce her to your primary and she will manage her for you. Make them best friends. Money Lines: “Don’t you steal her from me!” “You’re going to steal her from me, aren’t you?” “You guys are going to run off into the sunset together without me, aren’t you?” *Then they push-pull* and you say: “Alright, fuck tho, don’t take advantage of me!” “Don’t take advantage of me!” Your Primary / Main Chick loves it, because SHE IS IN ON IT! NOTE! The hotter the girl is, the more BUY-IN and INVESTMENT you need. NOT Value, buy-in and investment! This is because the hotter the girl, the more options she has, so she needs to be more invested into you to go for you. A cool thing you can do is name your Side Chicks days of the week and when you see her say “Hey Wednesday!… Oh shit…”. She will obviously say “What?”. To which you reply by doing PUSH-PULL. INVESTMENT / BUY-IN = TESTING / DISQUALIFYING / PUSH-PULLING The best way to get a fiance is to set up a harem and pick one from it or even better to pick your main chick. This way you set it off from the right foot straight away. If you do it classically like most guys, you don’t have that same connection and trust like you have with girls that you have MLTR’s with, and also classic girls are more likely to cheat on you. The MLTR’s tell you if they are seeing other people, and if you marry them, you can ensure that they don’t cheat on you.

Doing it this way you can have a healthy relationship, that has bonded better than a classical relationship, you have shared so many more experiences together, there is more trust, there is crazy respect for each other and you can make it so that they either take it or leave it not see any one else other than you. When you have that kind of respect and trust, they will never cheat on you. The hotter the girl, the more OPTIONS she has. So make her your main chick’s best friend and she will NEVER flake, because she’s BFF bestie with your primary, which means your primary can pull her for you any time you want. They do their make-up and lashes and girl shit together. They hang out on a friendly regular basis. You will never have to worry about flaking because your main chick will just throw her at you when you need it. YOU HAVE TO FUCKING DO THIS IN ORDER TO BE HAPPY: YOU MUST FUCKING LOVE HANGING OUT WITH YOUR MAIN CHICK. YOU MUST BOND REALLY WELL. YOU LOVE HER LIKE A SISTER, BUT YOU ALSO CAN FUCK IF YOU WANT TO, IN A NON PERVERTED WAY. IT’S LIKE HAVING A BEST MALE FRIEND, BEST BUDDY THAT YOU HAVE, BUT IT’S A FEMALE THAT HELPS YOU GET GIRLS, AND YOU CAN FUCK HER AS WELL. Fucking your primary, as well as just spending quality time with her will STRENGTHEN your relationship. Also, TALK ABOUT SHIT WITH HER! Talking about the most private, weird, embarrassing topics with her (pube shaving for example even or her bisexuality) will also strengthen your relationship. + To add, if you stop fucking your primary and talk to her about it, you will lose trust and respect. If all of a sudden you stop fucking her, at least tell her why and when you will resume, and she will be fine with it. Have sex with your primary regularly to

have that trust and respect keep on building and building. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You CANNOT be needy before you have the attraction. Being needy is still bad either way, but there is a serious problem if you don’t have attraction and you are coming off as needy. If you have attractiveness, any bit of neediness is cute and endearing, but NOT GOOD. The only thing really separating a guy that a girl likes from a creep is attraction. If you’re needy and attractive she will say “Aww, you’re so sweet!” If you’re needy but unattractive, she will say “Get the fuck away from me!” > So BREAK RAPPORT, GET HER TO INVEST. And only then can you ever be needy < ^ This is so crucial. If you don’t know this, you will fuck up in cold approach so bad ^ *LUKE’S PHONE TRICK* (This is amazing) You do this after you fuck a 9 or 10 and ideally after you fuck a couple of times or basically when you have mutual trust and respect. Fuckbuddy stage basically, and not just some random girl you’re fucking. What you do: Sleep with a girl and let her fall asleep while you stay up. Grab her phone and start texting all the 9s and 10s in her phone (Ideally ones that you have met before, or seen at the club). THE CLOSER FRIEND TO THE GIRL YOU TEXT, THE BETTER THIS WILL WORK. Text the girls this message: “Hey, I was too shy to tell you earlier but I actually think you’re super cute ;)”

SEND. And now just wait… Say super friendly generic stuff like: “Hey, I need to tell you something…” “I’ve ben thinking about this for a very long time…” “Oh my god, I don’t even know if I can tell you…” and other things like this that will get her to invest. Then just let it hang. Be super friendly to get it going back and forth. Girls don’t flake on each other when texting. They only do that to guys. Expect fast responses. And then drop the BISEXUAL / LESBIAN bomb. Tell the girls that you love them and had a crush on them etc… Just have fun with it. Start texting them ALL. Start saying how madly in love you are with them and how much you think about eating their ass every day, etc… It’s like before you couldn’t express yourself but finally you have the courage to do it. Today is the day. You will get nudes and stuff sent. Girls will send each other better nude photos than they would ever send you. Lesbian nudes are way cooler. It’s so much more fun to flirt bisexually as a girl because the responses are so much better. But what are you going to do before your girl wakes up? Like fuck, she will see everything? What do you do? Step-by-step: 1: Resend everything to your phone (including nudes) just for the lols, but more importantly so that you know the logistics. 2: Send a message saying something like : “Oh my god, I can’t believe we got all of this out there. You’re just really cute

though. But let’s talk about this later…” and then DELETE ALL THE MESSAGES. 3: Then you will get a final message back saying something like “Oh my god, yes true, and I too think you are very cute *emojis*”. Basically something lesbian. LEAVE IT UNREAD. Make sure the message is good so that your girl will be surprised when she sees it in the morning. 4: Close the phone, put it back, go to sleep, and then wake up in the morning with your girl. 5: Girl sees that one UNREAD message and is confused. If she has any suspicion on you, DENY EVERYTHING. 6: Tell her to just fuck with it and see what happens. 7: Watch the lesbian shit show unfold. 8: ??? 9: PROFIT! 10: MAKE A THREE-WAY RELATIONSHIP! Eventually you have to tell her that you did it though. The point in the phone trick is NOT to lie and deceive her. She will find out eventually so you MUST tell her or you will lose trust. Ideally within a week or so. THE IMMORALITY IN INFIDELITY IS DISHONESTY. You have a main, you have secondaries, and they all know about each other. You DO NOT hide any of them from eachother. They all know and they take it or leave it.

You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette. The situation is she catches you: Her: “What the fuck? That’s so disrespectful! I can’t believe you would do something like that!”. You: “I know! I can’t help myself! But she is kinda cute though right?”, “Like oh my god, you gotta love her ass though”. Her: “Well, yea, she does have a nice ass”. You: “Cmon, I know you want to eat that booty like groceries!” (Omarion - Post To Be Lyrics). Her: “Oh my god, don’t say that!” And then it’s all good. Take it from there and together set up a three-way relationship using the lesbian shit you manifested. You have to be very controlling of them, being the dominant alpha male, or they will just run off without you. Luke’s Way: Be super controlling and possessive with your main. Keep her in check. “I know what I bring to the table, so I’m ok eating alone”. If dating you brings a lot of cool privileges for a girl, then you can have your demands for her in exchange. Be honest with the demands back and forth. If you’re controlling and possessive, but are a beta, with hidden demands and insecurities, than obviously that’s going to work out terrible. If you’re controlling and possessive but you’re the dominant alpha male that knows what he brings to the table, knows what’s right for you and her, know what’s best just because you’re the man, then there is no problem.

Be the superior man. Controlling and demanding because you bring shit to the table. keep your main chick in check. Demand a lot of RESPECT. To be honest, guys are so sensitive! They act all so tough, but all they want to do is just cuddle and shit. And all girls are so strong and independent! “Balls are weak and sensitive, but pussies can take a pounding!” It’s so true! ATTRACTION IS NOT A CHOICE ATTRACTION = INVESTMENT INVESTMENT = PUSH-PULLING The more wild your relationship is, the better. The second you stop PUSH-PULLING, the relationship will start going stale. This applies for fiances as well. ALWAYS BE PLAYING, PUSH-PULLING IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. ALWAYS TRY NEW THINGS AND MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP HEALTHY!

9.0 - Save Money, Make Money - Save Money, Make Money The more high-end the venue, the easier it is to actually get in and get a table. It’s just that nobody even tries to do it. Also, in high-end venues, you have more SOCIAL CAPITAL POTENTIAL.

Always go to the place where the most SOCIAL EQUITY is able to be attained. Simple way to do it is by e-mail. Tell them that you would like to check it out and so that someone would greet you by the door. You do this because very often most high rollers send someone to check out the venue before they go there. There is zero downside, only potential upside for the nightclub, so they will let you in 100%. Luke has e-mailed his way into many many nightclubs. All of your recon that you need to do is on social media. Any name dropping you might want to do, you will find on social media. You can find out the names of the promoters, managers, owners, door guys and even staff if you dig deep enough. Do Your Research! NFU List (No Fuck-Up List) - Means they have to get you on the list by any means necessary. Try to get yourself on this list. NOTE: Alcohol for nightclubs is super fucking cheap, it’s almost free. This info might come in handy. Giving people positive rewards when they help you is the nicest and most rewarding thing that you can do for YOURSELF. When someone does something good for you, tell them that you’re happy and glad that they did that for you, and they will keep wanting to do it. When you tell someone in the service industry “Thank you for your hospitality” it shows them that you are in the know with the verbiage and that you are someone that gives a shit about relationship building BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY WILL GET YOU CRAZY CASCADING

ALLOCATES. You could have everything you could possibly want from these allocates, but YOU have to show them FIRST that you CARE about that relationship and that you are WILLING to build it. If you don’t invest into the relationship FIRST, than it’s just not going to happen. Once you realize that there is this thing called “THE INDUSTRY”, once you are able to identify and associate with it, use correct verbiage, it will portray you as an industry person yourself and you will be treated like one (with respect). Building a strong relationship with a gatekeeper to a venue will get you free cover forever. And also to other clubs, because they all know eachother. Drive through their network and all of a sudden you have access to all the clubs in that city through one gatekeeper. That one gatekeeper knows all the other gatekeepers. This will save you shit ton of money. You want to make it so that you are on the guest list on every high-end venue in the city every day of the week, all year round. It doesn’t have to be every club, just the high-end ones that actually matter. “Hey can you write me a slip?” Is a great way to get in as it implies that you are in the industry just because you know about this. It shows that you are in the know and are trying to make that persons job easier. JUST GIVE THEM A REASON AND THEY WILL LET YOU INTO THE CLUB EVERY TIME. YOU NEED A REASON. Know how the processes work to the extent so that you don’t have to go through general admission ever.

NEVER walk into general admission. Go straight to the door guy and talk your way in. You NEVER want to set the frame that you are the ‘general admission’ type of person. You know your worth, you are the VIP. If you befriend the gatekeeper, it is then easy to befriend promoters, managers, owners, hosts, etc… If you befriend them, you will have no problem getting into that club ever again. Befriending the promoters, managers, owners, hosts, etc will get you tables as well. The wine Sommelier. Make friends with him. Really hot girls like really nice wine, even if they know nothing about it, they still like to be part of the culture. The wine sommelier is the HNIC of wine. THE LONG TERM GOAL OF SOCIAL CIRCLE GAME IS FOR YOU TO BE THE HNIC OF ANY AND EVERY SITUATION THAT YOU ARE IN. Make friends with managers of restaurants and they will do special favours for you or maybe even give you discounts of comp meals. make friends with the general management staff to get half off / comp / discounted meals. This saves HUGE amounts of money. ONCE YOU BUILD TRUST AND EXCHANGE VALUE WITH PROMOTERS / MANAGERS / OWNERS / HOSTS, THEY WILL SEE THAT IT’S SAFE TO INTRODUCE YOU TO THE PEOPLE THAT THEY KNOW. THIS IS HOW YOU BUILD HIGH STATUS CONNECTIONS. They have to trust you and know that it’s safe for them to introduce you to other people, without there being any negative social repercussions for them.

The deeper you drive through the network, the more of a cascading effect it creates. You have to make a very safe environment for them to introduce you to the people that they know. IF YOU DO THIS, YOU NOW HAVE ACCESS TO MORE PEOPLE AND SERVICES. You don’t need to have every club in the city covered. Only the ones that MATTER. If you can’t get into a venue or the club, then you don’t have enough status to hit on the girls there. Period. On social media, find a manager / promoter of a venue that’s always ‘on-site’, that’s recently been promoted (people get promoted weekly, even daily) and compliment them on their recent promotion. You will get very good feedback. Take the conversation from there, befriend him, and use him to get you into the club. THE MORE EXCITED YOU GET WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE YOU DON’t KNOW, THE MORE EVERYONE ELSE THINKS THAT YOU KNWO THAT PERSON WELL. Even the person himself will think that he knows you but haven’t seen you in a long time and forgotten your name. This actually works. Do it. Example: Find a club promoter / manager that you don’t know or that doesn’t know you. When you see him, point at him and shout “There he goes! Walking away like he doesn’t fucking see me!” If you get very excited and overexaggerate it when you see someone, the more they will feel like they have known you for ages. Be very excited and ASSUMING.

^ Open INDUSTRY people this way ^ Industry people know a lot of people, so they will just act as if they’ve known you for ages even if you just met them. When you have super high social proof at a venue, be very humble and polite, You can always drop the status card if you need to, but if you act humble and polite, it shows that you have respect for people doing their job. Don’t throw your weight around at places where you already have comp bottles and VIP. Be respectful. You already have the status you need, you don’t want to lose it. When you’re using social game to make or save money, the biggest aspect of the whole thing is BALANCE. And it becomes quite difficult to maintain when you have many social connections. So maintain it with Value Arbitrage. You can burn bridges fast if you don’t create the balance. There MUSt be balance. If you only take, or only give, there is no balance. THERE MUST BE A BALANCE IN THE EXCHANGE OF VALUE. You give and you get. You get and you give. That’s how you maintain. Every time you’re getting something financially in return out of something, there is an equity that you have to give back. Also, you should never be paying cover, you should always be sitting at the best table, in the best area, of the best venue. It’s your priviledge. You should know all the numbers of the best tables in the best venues. If you are going to live this lifestyle, then this is something that

you should just always get. It’s no discussion. And you don’t have to balance this and give back for it. It’s something that just must always happen. How to initiate the Table Drill: Go up to an industry person and say “Hey, my buddy is at that table *point to desired table*, can you tell me what table number that is? Say it’s 33 for example. Next, go up to a host and say “Hey, I’m at table number 33, can you show me where it is?” They escort you and then you do the table drill. It’s just not fair. There are some girls, they just go up and they will instantly be seated at a VIP table just because they are hot and they dress well. If you don’t do Table Drills, you will just never have access to them. The hottest of the girls are at the tables. If you don’t do the Table Drills, you will get lower quality girls. You don’t want that shit. STYLE. When you approach a venue, how you dress is HUGE! It’s not about dressing well or poorly. It’s about dressing in an appointed way to the nightclub setting. It’s about dressing SMART. 1st Stage: The clothes that give them absolutely no reason to say no based on your appearance. It follows the dress code. Verbally, give them a reason to say yes and you won’t have to pay the cover charge. Name drop or get someone to escort you in. Try to get seated at a table first thing when you get into the club. 2nd Stage: Dress like a VIP host or promoter. It’s the suit with

pocket square, cool funky trendy shoes and nice gelled hair. The suit is important because it shows that you give a shit about your appearance. Hair also. Hair is VERY important. If you care about your appearance as much as they care about your appearance in the club, it shows relationship building. The shoes CAN NOT be trainers, tennis shoes, or basketball shoes. NO. Creative wrecks, Chucks and Supras work well. Nightclubs won’t say no to them. MAKE INDUSTRY PEOPLE THINK THAT YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. THIS IS HOW YOU GET FREE STUFF AND GET INTRODUCED TO PEOPLE. You don’t want to lie to them and tell them that you are. You just give the impression. 3rd Stage: The Degenerate Thot. You can wear a hat with a nightclub logo and they will let you in, even tough hats aren’t allowed. But you having the logo means that you are a person of value. Have the crazy shoes. The gold, diamond encrusted sneakers and shit. Something ridiculous. Maison Margiella, etc… The shoes have to have everyone going “What the fuck is that?! Those are awesome!”. Wear the outfit that’s “Whatever the fuck you want to wear” but it’s fucking awesome. It’s the shit that celebrities such as Justin Bieber would wear. Justin Bieber clothes. They are not weird, it’s just you aren’t used to them, they intimidate you. It’s hard to start wearing designer clothing because you are self conscious about your

bullshit ‘identity’. Once you do start wearing it, and be pulling off awesome outfits, it will be a game changer. Just observe what the coolest guys in the club and the coolest celebrities wear. Just wear what they wear. Stop holding onto your bullshit identity. This is what’s holding you back from adapting and trying new things. Let your identity change and adapt. Just do it! Spice up your life, and stop being this ‘identity’ motherfucker. Be an adaptive entity that always changes up. Don’t be intimidated by change. Style shows people that you belong in high status areas. STYLE PORTRAYS YOUR STATUS. Girls don’t matter. They ain’t shit. Girls in most places are a commodity. There is no shortage of fresh hot girls, they are just everywhere. If you walk up with 9 girls to a club, they will be let in, but you won’t. Girls are not going to impress no-one. Nobody gives a shit because there is an overabundance of girls. Also, it’s important that you don’t enter the club in groups. If you have friends, go individually or in pairs and don’t even make eye contact with the rest of the group until everyone is inside. Going in with all your friends is just not going to work… TO GET IN TO ANY HIGH-END NIGHTCLUB, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Give them a reason! VERY IMPORTANT: If you can’t get a girl into a club, you’re finished. She will forever think that you are a low-status loser.

NEVER bring a girl that’s waiting in line into the club. If they are in any line at all, they are way too low status, and most likely tourists if you’re in Vegas. No social circle can be built with them. NEVER wait in ANY line with ANY girl. Waiting in line for anything at all shows low status. THIS IS TERRIBLE! Girls will get so turnt off if you wait in line for anything or get denied entry to something. She will leave you so fast. She doesn’t need someone who cant provide basic shit for her. You MUST have status in order to date attractive women. If you don’t maintain and improve your status, they will leave you and / or cheat on you. STATUS IS KING! It must be maintained and improved from time to time in order to date 9s and 10s. There is no other way! THIS MATTER SO FUCKING MUCH! You can be rich and cool and whatever you want, but if you don’t have status, you cannot date 9s and 10s. This is evolutionary psychology. It’s the way of the world. The higher the status, the more and the hotter the bitches. Ways to get a table: 1: Knowing a number of a table. Knowing the name of the waitress who serves that table. You an open the waitress for 5 seconds just to exchange names. DO NOT WASTE HER TIME. The more of her time that you waste, the more money comes out of her pocket. 2: Going up and saying “What up table neighbour!” This implies that you have a table of your own and that you’re not trying to take anything from that table. 3: Have a FULL drink in hand of whatever and go up and open

the table When you have a full drink it makes it very very clear that you don’t want anything from that table because you have your own. Lower the walls of that table and make it very clear that you are not trying to leech off of them. Do this and they will let you stay and become friends. Realize that if you are at a comp table, people will not drink too much alcohol. They don’t need all the alcohol so you can take some for your own personal reasons (stunts and spectacles) if you want to. People don’t buy the tables for the bottles. That’s stupid. They buy the tables for the STATUS and all the hot GIRLS. The tables are for high value guys to talk to high value girls without being bothered by lower value people. Show them that you are not going to bother them. Instead create a scene, a spectacle, a story to remember. It’s a fear of missing out for them, so that they want to have you at their table and in their life in general. Get everybody involved very quickly. Create a stir for yourself in the first few seconds. Make your activity grandiose. STIR THE POT! Once you are at the table, you want to escalate on ZERO girls. 6,7, maybe 8s love kino, but 9s and 10s and any high status girl for that matter won’t tolerate that shit. Escalating in High Value Situations is BAD because the girls don’t like it and it’s just too much. You want to make sexual jokes and be very sexually suggestive, but NO KINO. However there is an exception for accidental kino, but still.

DO NOT ESCALATE EVEN WHEN THE GIRL IS ESCALATING ON YOU! Don’t do that shit at the table! Do it when you pull her. You can kiss, but no escalating. PERPETUAL PERSISTENCE. The name of the game is to stay with the girl as long as possible. STAY IN SET AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! Cannot stress the importance of this in the long run. Pull the bitches at the end of the night. You close MINIMUM 50% of the girls you talk to when doing social circle game. If you don’t, you are doing something wrong. You have to realize that all of these 9s and 10s are fucking somebody. That somebody is just not you. So motherfucker, put yourself in a position where that somebody is you and that somebody will be you. It’s so simple. If the table group isn’t receptive to you, just be in the area. Walk through the area. Open another table, they will see it, and start to become receptive. But don’t bobble around tables like a bobblehead not knowing what to do, because it will get you kicked out. SUPER IMPORTANT! Don’t open all girl comp tables. You will get kicked out of it because it’s not comp for you. Also, they don’t need you there, it’s a girls thing. Open tables with AT LEAST one male. Once you make friends with the guy who owns the table, nobody can tell you to leave.

The goal is not to essentially to be at the table with a lot of girls. The essential goal is to fave a fuck ton of money by not paying for the tables yourself. If you’re at the tables all of the time, you are stacking the deck in your favour. If you want to hook up with hotter girls than everyone else, then just always surround yourself with the hottest girls. The more often you are around hot girls, the more often you will hook up with 9s and 10s. Because of this, even when your game is shitty, you’re still fucking the hot girls, because you are surrounded by ONLY hot girls. There is no other option. If you are in a group of 8s and above, even if you fuck the ugliest girl, she will still be an 8. Game isn’t shit. LOGISTICS! Know that the club doesn’t really want you. The club wants the guys who will drop money on a table and bottles and not hit on any girls and then for him to have fun doing that, and keep coming back spending more. The club wants people who are excited about the confetti rather than the pussy. That’s why the music is loud and the bouncers are rude. They don’t want you to get laid. They just want you to spend money. Adjust to the club to get in, and then get the pussy when you’re inside. LIFE IS SO FUCKING UNFAIR! PICKUP IS ULTRA UNFAIR! The hottest chicks will leave you if they find a better option or if you don’t maintain and improve your status. It’s just the way it is. Don’t take it personally. This is how life has been, and how it

will always be. The fact that Luke found the cheat codes to cheat his entire way up the social ladder had Darwin crying in his grave. It defies human hierarchy. It defies evolution! The BEST way to add value to the guys at the table is to GAME the girls. Those guys may be rich, they may have the girls, all the cool stuff, but they don’t know shit about game, and especially social circle game. They know nothing. They don’t have that, and you do. So if you just GAME and do the social circle stuff, that in itself is FUCKING IMMENSE VALUE! THIS NEXT THING IS SO SO SO IMPORTANT. VERY IMPORTANT. DON’T BE THE GUY THAT’S BUYING EVERYTHING. BE FRIENDS WITH THE GUY THAT’S BUYING EVERYTHING. This way, there is some intangible reason on WHY you’re so cool. It’s not because you’re buying, it’s something else, and nobody knows what it is. Because of this, you get more free shit, more girls want your number and want to introduce you to guys and girls that they know. BEING THE GUY WHO IS BUYING IS NOT COOL! PEOPLE JUST START USING YOU FOR MONEY! ON THE OTHER HAND, BEING FRIENDS WITH THE GUY WHO’S BUYING IS GREAT BECAUSE YOU AREN’T LABELED AD THE MONEY GUY. You don’t want to be labeled as the money guy. You want to be the rich status guy, but the guy that doesn’t pay for anything. THIS IS VERY EFFECTIVE AS IT WORKS ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL!

People want to do stuff for you. As long as you keep the BALANCE and give back, then everything is fantastic. You have to use VALUE ARBITRAGE. When you have a comp table, invite every guy that “owns something”. By you providing them with a comp table, they will then repay you with their ‘services’ of the business that they own. Examples - Guys that own: Restaurants, Hair Salons, Make-Up Stores, Cafes, Clothing Stores, Jewellery Stores, Exotic Car Rentals, Boat Rentals, Gun Stores, Places of Interest, etc… Value Arbitrage = Taking the value of someone and introducing that person to the person that needs said value has the value that you are after. By introducing them, you are acting as the middleman and all the credit is bestowed upon you. Then you take the value you need and all is fair. You reap all the benefits. Value Arbitrage is not you exchanging value with someone. Value Arbitrage is you acting as a CONNECTOR and introducing two people who need each other’s value to each other. Then you reap all the value you need as the middleman. Value Arbitrage is how you create BALANCE, where you are not the taker, but you are the giver, because you are GIVING THE CONNECTION. REALIZE THAT ANY PERKS, PRIVILEGES, AND ANYTHING YOU HAVE CAN BE TAKEN AWAY. IF IT IS, JUST BUILD NEW CONNECTIONS OF PUMP VALUE INTO THE ONE WHO YOU JUST LOST. Most cities have modeling companies. If you can add value to multiple of these companies, you will have access to unlimited

attractive women. This is amazing because you can have girls ON DEMAND. Examples of adding value to modeling companies include getting them access to exclusive events and introducing them to business owners who can potentially hire the girls. Once you have access to a few modeling agencies, you now have girls on demand and for free. It’s their repayment for the value that you gave them. KEEP ADDING VALUE, or the perk can be taken away. If you add value now and then, you can keep this perk however long you want. How to make friends with modeling agencies: First off realize that there aren’t just modeling agencies, there are also guys who hosts beauty contests, just guys who know a lot of girls, photographers and videographers at shoots, and individual Instagram models. Modeling agency: Just e-mail them. Not some cheesy shit like “Oh I can get you into the club!”, because you will sound like a dumbass club promoter. Say something like: “Hey, I can get your girls access to some exclusive events in town that need some girls. There is potential opportunity that they may be hired by someone afterwards. Come check it out.” Make friends with photographers and videographers, because they know a fuck ton of hot girls, because they get them on camera. + Usually a model is dating a photographer or videographer, so that girl will know even more girls. Make friends with guys who host stuff or just know a lot of girls and they will give you access to them.

Individual Instagram models: Contact them with something that looks like this: “Hey, It would be really cool if you could make an appearance at *Exclusive Event* at *Awesome Place*. There’s going to be a lot of cool stuff going on, and we’re inviting sexy girls, you can be on the guest list if you want”. You want to be as less needy and more to the point as possible. Understand that models actually don’t make a lot of money. A cocktail waitress makes more. Guy-orbiters pay for all their shit and endorsement deals provide them with the clothes and make-up. But they don’t make much actual money. GAME IS ALL ABOUT SETUP!!! Create a set up where your afterparty / event / or just chilling at your house is so fucking awesome and it’s better than at the club. Make all the girls FLOCK to you rather than them staying at the club. Make your ‘thing’ EXCLUSIVE AS FUCK and BADDEST BITCHES ONLY. Make it higher status than any other event or venue. EPIC THING YOU CAN DO! When you have a lot of pre-selection, you can do what Michael Sartain does. Have girls sending your number and address to other girls (You-Army) and leave your door open. Play video games all day, then wait for the girls, one comes in, you fuck her, chill for a bit, and then she leaves, you resume playing games, repeat. If your You-Army is built to last, use this method and you don’t even have to go to the clubs that often. When you have a lot of pre-selection from a lot of girls, you can literally have your Day 2’s come over by your house, fuck you, and leave. Or even new girls that you don’t even know. They will walk into

your house, fuck you, and leave, all because you have that massive amount of pre-selection and trust from other girls. Don’t be afraid to share the value. Share the wealth that you have to keep the BALANCE in order. When you focus on investment based game, you NEVER fail. If you are always LESS physically invested in the set than the girl, you will never have a problem. There will be no blowouts. How can your investment be blown out if your investment is always lesser than of the girl? That’s like her blowing out her own investment. She wouldn’t even think to do that, because she will come off weird or slutty. And she will NEVER risk being slutty. EVER. With every girl that you talk to, always make it appear so that the girl is talking to you and needs something from you rather than you needing something. The more investment you get, the more the girl will be attracted! INVESTMENT = ATTRACTION.

10.1 - Platinum Tier - Hot Seat Infield Breakdown 1 'Breaking Rapport' WHEN OPENING, YOU WANT TO ASSUME FAMILIARITY WITH THE GIRL! Most people when opening sets they come from a place of they don’t know the person at all, and then try to throw in a compliment. If you can just ASSUME MASSIVE FAMILIARITY, they’ll usually

just accept it. And even if they don’t, that’s going to help the set anyway. REWARD girls after BUY-IN, so that they Buy-In even more! Just because you’re doing indirect game, that does not mean that you don’t convey sexuality. You convey sexuality, you just don’t lay out all of your cards on the table, because that would be direct and it would fuck up your game with 9s and 10s. If you ever want to say something sexual in a social setting say: “I ALMOST SAID *fill in blank* haha, I’m so terrible”. “You almost made me think of *fill in blank*”. And it will be like you never said it. Because you ALMOST said it. Example: “Oh hoho, I so terrible, I almost said that I want to fuck you in the ass, oh my, great that I didn’t say that, that’s terrible”. So can say such aggressive sexual things and get away with all of it because it won’t count. You ‘Almost’ said or thought it… You get the bonus points of sexual escalation without being this negative aggressive sexual person. YOU WANT TO BE AGGRESSIVE WITH WOMEN. BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A GUY WHO IS AGGRESSIVE WITH WOMEN. CAPISHE? Constant Light Physical Adjustments to the girls body. Kino that doesn’t even count. You can be SEXUAL right off the bat if you are DISQUALIFYING and NOT SHOWING ANY DIRECT

INTEREST. GREAT THING TO GET INVESTMENT: Tease, then give an open ended question, Let It Sit, and she will unload a lot of investment into the conversation. In a social circle setting, you can make it look so that you are never hitting on the girl. it’s just friendly chatter. It’s like she’s already your fuckbuddy and you’ve known her for ages. You don’t stutter, you’re SUAVE. Your jokes are on point. Anybody can do this by putting in that PRACTISE. If you ever have too much attraction, switch to negative body language until you can come up again. DON’T DO CRUDE JOKES JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY. DO THEM STRATEGICALLY WHEN IT’S TIME TO BREAK RAPPORT. Once you pump a girl full of attraction, you can switch to isolating yourself and almost sulking in the corner of the room to balance the interaction. Fuck with the shit. See what you can improvise on. Do Self-Deprecation, because you might as well be teasing her. Self-Deprecation is breaking rapport and causing attraction because she doesn’t believe it! If you live in a penthouse, say you live on a hammock in a garden in the hotel. You’ve been talking to her, and she thinks you’re awesome, she won’t believe that you live in a hammock. And then if you really do, and pull her back to it, surprise bitch! However you don’t want to use Self-Deprecation if you know

that you already have a lot of attraction. GREAT THING TO DO: Tell a joke, get the girl to laugh, and then tell the girl how funny she is when she’s laughing. It will reinforce the fact that you made her laugh and she will laugh even more. THIS IS CRITICAL IMPORTANT: YOU HAVE TO REALIZE THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY COME OFF AS TOO HIGH VALUE, TOO SUAVE, AND TOO ATTRACTIVE! When you have too much attraction, YOUR COMFORT GAME MUST BE STRONGER! LOOK AT WAYS TO GET AS MUCH TRUST AS POSSIBLE. THE HARDEST PART OF PICKUP IS NOT GETTING ATTRACTION, BUT GETTING THE GIRL TO ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU LIKE HER! If you have too much attraction and are too high status, girls won’t even believe that you like them. SO BUILD COMFORT AND TRUST! You need that TRUST and DEEP LEVEL RAPPORT. A great thing to do if you have a 2 set is to make a joke with the one you want about the other one and make it a conspiracy theory, an inside joke. THIS IS A GREAT REWARD IF THE GIRL JUST LAUGHS AT YOUR JOKE OR GIVES YOU MINOR QUALIFICATION: “You’re funny! I like you!”. Then bring her in and hug her. It’s a cool non sexual thing.

HOW TO HUG RIGHT OFF THE HIGH-FIVE: High-Five her then grab her hand, put it down to the waist and bring her into a hug. This one is IN THE MONEY!!! Even though Luke says not to isolate, HE STILL ISOLATES AT LEAST 20% OF HIS SETS. It’s to get that ALONE TIME for LOGISTICS. But he only does it if the logistics allow. He’s not going to isolate if he can’t. He’s not going to risk seeming like a creep and coming off anti-social. Only isolate when you can, and it would be in your favour, not when you just feel like it. He’s only going to isolate for as little as the logistics allow him to!!! Isolate when you are getting huge INDICATORS OF INTEREST and when the LOGISTICS SOUND AWESOME. When the LOGISTICS sound awesome, Luke isolates the shit out of the girls. If you isolate, you isolate QUICK. If you don’t isolate quick, then DON’T ISOLATE AT ALL. THIS IS MAJOR KEY: When doing a group set, ESCALATE ON ALL GIRLS EQUALLY! If you just escalate on one girl, that’s going to raise red flags. If you’re a sexual fun guy, then why would you only be sexual with only one girl? ESCALATE ON ALL OF THEM!

Even the guys! No homo stuff. It’s just you show that you’re this touchy feely guy. Bring your arm around his shoulder. When doing the handshake, bring him in for the bro hug. You’re touchy, feely and open with everybody! When you show everybody that you’re physical, they just open up to it and they’re ok with it because now they know that you’re not some creep. NEGATIVE BODY LANGUAGE: You can cross your arms in an assuming when you ask the girl a qualifier and she’s qualifying herself. On a subconscious level it makes her want to qualify herself more. WHOEVER TAKES ACTION FIRST IN SET OUT OF THE MALES IS THE WINNER. Just take action immediately and be gregarious. That’s how you get the hot girl. WHEN YOU GUESS A GIRLS AGE, ALWAYS GUESS A FEW YEARS BELOW WHAT YOU ACTUALLY THINK IT IS BECAUSE THAT MAKES THEM INSECURE ABOUT THEIR ACTUAL AGE. YES, YOU GUESS BELOW. EVERYTHING IN THE SET IS “WE”. THE MORE YOU “WE” EVERYTHING WITH HER IN SET, THE MORE SHE WILL START SAYING IT, AND THEN JUST WATCH HER GO HOME WITH YOU. WHEN YOU MERGE SETS, NEVER HESITATE! OR IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK! DO IT WITH SUAVE. DO IT LIKE YOU’VE DONE IT A 1000 TIMES. NO STUTTERING!

Then when you merge sets, get the set that you just merged to build you Social Proof with your initial set. It’s Fantastic!!! MERGE SETS AND THEY WILL BOTH PRE-SELECT EACH OTHER FOR YOU!!! IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO BE AROUND YOU, YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A REASON. State transference doesn’t work that well unless you actually ram it down their throat. You don’t transfer it, you present it, and give it. MAJOR KEY: The first 50% of the interaction, you TEASE AGGRESSIVELY. Disqualify, disqualify, disqualify. Shake It! If you don’t do this, you won’t have enough attraction and the rest of the interaction will go absolutely nowhere and blow out. YOU DON’T PISS IN THE WIND AND JUST DO WHAT YOU FEEL YOU SHOULD DO. YOU STRATEGICALLY BREAK AND CREATE RAPPORT WHEN IT IS NEEDED! If you’re connecting with somebody, even if you don’t give a shit what they have to say, you have to give them a reason to keep connecting with you. SO USE REWARDS! If you don’t show interest in what she has to say by giving rewards, she will just stop talking, and that’s you losing investment and attraction. IF YOU EVER BREAK TOO MUCH RAPPORT, IMMEDIATELY BUILD THAT RAPPORT BACK UP AGAIN.

Immediately look for a commonality. If the convo gets awkward because you broke too much rapport, IMMEDIATELY LOOK FOR A COMMONALITY, hammer out that commonality and that will the TRUST back up again. Luke is doing a shit ton of TAKEAWAYS. Doing takeaways SUCKS THE GIRL BACK IN! If you’re in a social setting, TAKEAWAYS show everybody around you that you’re not weird and creepy. So use them! EVERY TAKEAWAY THAT YOU DO LOWERS YOUR CREEPINESS FACTOR AND MAKES YOU MORE NORMAL AND FRIENDLY. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: Breaking Rapport is the ’Spark of Attraction’. Qualification is the ‘Wildfire’. It’s blowing the air into the ember. Qualification is what makes the set go crazy good!!! Any time a girl says something that’s a DHV, kind of make fun of it. Give her a reward for it, but then tease it at the same time. WHEN YOU WANT TO KINO: Any time you want to aggressively or suggestively kino, LOWER THE VALUE OF THAT KINO and you’re going to get away with it. It’t not humor that creates escalation. Humor creates a buying temperature spike, and then it’s escalation. If you do humor, and then DON’T get the buying temperature spike, then DON’T ESCALATE.

Any time a girl crosses her arms, to break that, ask her something about nails and grab her hand to see them. Like “Are there any good nail salons in *city*?” BT SPIKES: GOOD THING LUKE DID IN SET: Tease, she responds with a buying temperature spike by breaking rapport. You give massive reward, verbally and physically. Ask logistical question, get logistical answer. Any time you’re doing a Buying Temperature spike, plan ahead something that you want to get out of it. It’s using LEVERAGE. When you tease, instead of randomly teasing, USE THAT BT SPIKE to get something out of the interaction!! Ideally, every compliment that you give a girl is something she’s worked for or attained. Not something she just has by default like looks. EVERYBODY has worked for personality. So complimenting personality is SO MUCH BETTER than complimenting looks. If your compliment is based on looks, then it’s something like lashes, makeup, hair or clothes. It’s something she worked for and put effort into. Position yourself as an authority about everything that the girl does in set. You are the SET POLICE. You control the entire set, because it falls into YOUR FRAME. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ANY COMPLIMENT HIT TWICE AS HARD, ADD “Keep it up” AT THE END OF THE COMPLIMENT.

PUNISH BAD BEHAVIOUR BY DOING HEAVY ROLLOFFS AND TAKEAWAYS. People do NOT respond well to negative feedback. Always give either positive feedback, or NEUTRAL feedback if you want to criticise something. Any time a girl says something about going home or leaving the club, or anything like that, ASSUME that she means going with you to fuck. Just ASSUME it and it will be seeded into her mind. Anytime she says that she’s gotta go, you’re like “Oh, what, now? Fuck! Let’s go!” 1/20 times she’s going to let you do it. 19/20 times it will just work as a great sexual escalator if you take it far and seriously.

10.2 - Platinum Tier - Immersion Bonus Training Session 1 EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAY TO THE GIRL SHOULD BE DESIGNED TO GET HER TO TALK TO YOU. Don’t just spew out your bullshit, whatever it is you want to say. What you say must get her to talk. It must get her to INVEST! Everything that you ever do should be to get her to INVEST. All the words that you say externally are PURELY designed to get her to talk back and keep on talking and talking as much as possible, and then you dive down deeper into the topics that you discuss. You can’t just ‘Inner Game’ your way through the night. Outer Game is VERY important.

The entire Social Circle Blueprint is basically Outer Game. If you get good at DISQUALIFICATION, you can usually HOOK from the 3rd sentence. Heavy disqualification alone can hook the set if you do it right. Luke’s game is SUPER fucking sexual, but INDIRECT. He doesn’t open like he teaches in SCB. His openers are way more crass, gregarious and obnoxious. A GREAT OPENER: You: “Nice Tits”. Her: “What?” You: “I said you have nice eyes, what did you think I said?” Her: “No, you said something else”. *Then you be all persuasive so she second guesses herself* You: “Come here, I’m just fucking with you”. *Hug* You: “What’s your name?” ˆ This line is SUPER Indirect ˆ (Even though it doesn’t seem it) When doing the ‘Drink on Ass’ drill, you want to be super METICULOUS about it. It’s more of a science experiment than you wanting her ass. It’s super indirect. It’s not you trying to eat the booty like groceries. You’re just genuinely interested if you can put your drink on her ass and use it as a shelf. THE WAY THAT YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING SEXUAL, AND NOT HAVE IT BE DIRECT, IS YOU MAKE IT IN THE 3RD PARTY. YOU MAKE IT 3RD PERSON.

Anything that’s sexual in the third person will always be WAY MORE EFFECTIVE than you being all man to woman. Don’t open with “You’re cute”. That’s a direct opener that conveys that you are physically attracted to her. And that’s where you lose attraction. Open in 3RD PERSON. “The way you wear that dress is amazing”. You’re complimenting her on what she’s done, not what she has. If you compliment her on what she just has, that’s you losing the attraction. If you compliment her on what she’s done, that’s a qualifier. “Wow, I love your ass”. Don’t say that shit. That’s way too direct and will cause you to lose attraction so fast. Whereas if you do the ‘Drink on Ass’ drill, it’s not about you or her or any attraction at all. You’re just genuinely trying to see if the glass will stay on her ass. You’re doing mathematical geometrics and shit. It’s very INDIRECT. Conspiracy Theories / Insider Jokes are always going to help you into your interaction. Coming from a 3rd Party Frame is how you get these jokes to erect from your interaction. It’s this thing that you’re both investing into, that’s outside of the frame of you picking up that girl. FUCK WITH THE SHIT once in a while. Game isn’t this thing where you always have to be doing these concepts and specific things. have fun with it. Mess around. You can’t have an Abundance Mentality when there is no abundance. So build the abundance and don’t go all abundant

when you don’t have it, because that will just fuck up your results. You can’t fake an Abundant Mentality of 10s if you don’t have it. COOL THING TO DO: Some girls will rail you off if you just go up and open them. A cool thing that you can do is go up to a girl and be BETA AS FUCK like “Um, excuse me, I know this is really annoying, but would you happen to have the time, my phone just died”. It’s beta as fuck, but you then propel the convo from that and turn from a ‘Loser’ to ‘Guy she wants to fuck’. In that bridge from ‘Loser’ to ‘Guy she wants to fuck’ you can do so much and get so much investment from her. Also you will learn game fast this way because you will learn to do everything effectively as that window from you asking the time to her leaving is so short, you have to GET and KEEP her ATTENTION the whole span of the transition. If you can go from beta fuck to the shit and the girl doesn’t walk out on you, that shit’s hardcore. Doing this will boost your level of game dramatically. AN OPENER IDEA: Go in as the beta fuck asking for the time, and then when she gives you the time, start laughing and say “Oh my god this shit is so funny. But wait, you’re actually really nice. So you like nerdy guys huh?” You can start off chody and boring and then gradually switch to this awesome guy and the girl will be fascinated by the fact that you can actually do that. If you come in super alpha, super aggressive, it’s like you have to pull back almost, so it doesn’t go over the top. Whereas if you start off as a chode and then just shoot to alpha, you will get a lot of BONUS POINTS for doing so. TEASING is the go-to for most PUA’s. It’s the main tool of

breaking rapport. REWARDING is what’s more powerful. It’s what you do to spur up the interaction. REWARDING her and getting her to keep talking is way better than you telling cool stories about yourself (Obviously) because it’s HER INVESTING, not you. THIS ONE IS GREAT!!! REWARD GIRLS WITH KISSES ON THE FOREHEAD. It’s the money thing to do. It’s the top 5 best thing to physically do according to Luke. The only two guys who kiss girls on her forehead is her dad and her boyfriend / husband. When you kiss a girl on her forehead, there’s a lot of deep rooted future projections of physicality. It’s really manipulative. How to do it: *She says something to qualify herself* You: “Oh my god, that’s amazing!” then grab her by the face and kiss her forehead. THIS NEXT ONE IS IN THE MONEY!!! Show a girl a video that’s religious as fuck that’s also sexual, but it’s like promoting not being a slut. Now watch her laugh at it then turn into a hoe and go all slutty on you. Watch the most prune type girl just go “Haha, that’s so funny” and then turn into a slut. The video you are looking for essentially is something that’s religious and anti-sex. REWARDS:

Some standard physicals rewards include High-Five and Fist Bumps. High-Five < Fist Bump. A hug is a better physical reward. Kiss in the forehead is a step up from that. THE HIGH-FIVE HUG: Super corny and dorky, but in the money. You High-Five her and then start hugging hands together. Do it with the thumb. The thumb hugs her hand. THIS ONE IS LUKE’S FAVOURITE: Give verbal reward, then breathe on your hand and ‘polish’ her off. It’s the same polishing thing that you do when you bite your fist. Don’t know why but girls love it more than anything. You can get SO MUCH PLAY out of this one. REWARDING is what BOOSTS your CONVERSION RATE of APPROACHES to CLOSES INSANELY! Rewarding is something most PUA’s don’t do, and are sabotaging themselves for it. LAYER AS MANY BITS OF INVESTMENT AS POSSIBLE TO GET AS MUCH SKIN IN THE GAME AS POSSIBLE. Having MORE Skin In The Game means having more options to take the INTERACTION wherever you want. Luke’s way to reward is to reward an ANNOYINGLY large amount of times. Example: She starts telling you about some awesome trip she has and you say “Shut the fuck up, no way, that’s awesome!” followed up by a physical reward. Then she speaks again and you give her a verbal and physical

reward. Then REPEAT. You get her to keep talking and talking by rewarding her a lot. It looks silly. It looks fucking stupid to reward her a million times. But you see her face light up each time, and she INVESTS MORE. So why not reward her a shit ton? You need that investment. Instead of just having one chunk of Buy-In, every time you reward her, she Buy’s-In more and more and more, and you have LAYERED INVESTMENT. Reward her an obnoxious amount of times. It’s not so much as calibrating to doing it naturally, it’s more you understanding that it actually works. The main problem is you just have to accept the fact that it’s not weird and it actually works wonders. USE REWARDS OBNOXIOUSLY AND SHE WILL INVEST OBNOXIOUSLY! IT’S SUPER ENLIGHTENING WHEN YOU REALIZE HOW POWERFUL REWARDING IS. YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH OF AN ACTUAL GENUINE CONNECTION YOU ARE BUILDING WITH THE PERSON WHEN YOU REWARD EVERY BIT OF CONTENT THAT THEY TELL YOU. REWARD IT ALL. It’s crazy how the girls you are talking to have little to care at all for what you have to say. All they want to do is talk. SO LET THEM! Everyone’s favourite topic of conversation is themselves. Without a doubt. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET THE GIRL TALK ABOUT HERSELF!

SHE WANTS TO INVEST! SO LET HER! The goal is for you to talk as little as possible and for her to tell you as much about herself as possible. You want her to tell you all the awesome stories about herself that usually you would be saying. But this time you don’t talk, because when you talk, you are investing. You DO NOT want to invest more than her. EVER. THIS NEXT ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! You don’t have to respect their opinions. Like why would you even give a fuck what they have to say. You want to speak about yourself. So instead of doing this fake bullshit rewarding which looks super uncalibrated, REWARD IN THE FACT THAT SHE IS INVESTING. Be excited and reward her not for what she is saying, but just for the fact that SHE IS INVESTING! THIS MAKES YOUR REWARDING GENUINE. Once you separate their opinion from their investment, your rewarding becomes very calibrated. THIS ONE IS AMAZING: IN SET, THE MORE MASCULINE AND AGGRESSIVE YOU CAN BE, AND THEN DO RETARDED DORKY SHIT LIKE THE HIGH-FIVE HUG, THAT’S WHAT WILL GET YOU IN THE MONEY. It will confuse the girl but she will love it. It’s amazing. It doesn’t make sense for you to be alpha but also dorky so her brain will be hurting trying to figure you out, so she will INVEST

a lot more. THIS PHYSICAL REWARD IS AMAZING: Turn the High-Five into a 5 second hand hold. High-Five her and then take her hand down to waist level and just hold it there a bit. And then when she’s talking, VERBALLY reward her and tug on her hand and pull her towards you. Keep pulling, pulling until you get close and then just kiss her on her forehead. All this time you are holding her hand and grazing it against your cock, and she doesn’t even realize it, but it works so well on a subconscious level. IT’S VERY HAPPENSTANCE, IT’S ACCIDENTAL. YOU DON’T MEAN ANYTHING BY IT, IT’S JUST NATURAL. IT’S INDIRECT! Then eventually she will realize that her hand is on your dick and she will think that it’s all her doing, so that’s going to shoot the attraction through the roof. She will as if ’snap out of the gaze’ and realize that it’s her doing the dick touching. She will be conscious about it, but YOU DISMISS IT. Play it off as nothing ever happened. And she in her mind will take full responsibility for it, which will make your attraction level sky high. SOME VERBAL REWARDS: “That’s awesome!” “You’re amazing!” “No fucking way!” “That’s so cool!” - THIS IS THE MONEY LINE VERBAL REWARD.

“Shut up…” - THIS IS THE BEST ONE. It’s you acting surprised and in disbelief that what she’s saying is true, so she’ll fight back a little and invest a lot. “Tell me more” - AMAZING VERBAL QUALIFIER. Combine ‘Shut up…” with “Tell me more” and it will be so contradictory to itself. The girl will just spew out a shit load of investment. As creepy as this sounds… ANYTHING THAT A FATHER WOULD SAY / DO TO HIS DAUGHTER IS THE BEST. It sounds super creepy, but if you communicate to girls you are trying to fuck the same way a father would communicate to his daughter, you will be giving off the daddy vibes and she will just jump on your dick. IF YOU TALK IN 3RD PERSON, YOU WILL GET BETTER RESULTS THAN TALKING ABOUT THE GIRL SPECIFICALLY. GUARANTEED. A GREAT WAY TO GET HER TO INVEST A LOT: You tell her that what she’s saying is cool, then she starts speaking again and you say: “No, stop. I don’t think you understand just how cool it is that…” Then she will blush and unload this massive story on to you. BEING A LISTENER: You don’t have to listen to her if you don’t want to. If you can just repeat back the last 2 sentences that she said, she will say that you are an amazing listener and an amazing conversationalist. All people want to do is talk about themselves.

If you just let her talk and talk and you only give rewards, she will compliment you on being a good listener and a great person to talk to. People don’t give s shit for what you have to say. SO TAKE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! LET HER TALK! LET HER INVEST! You are rewarding her on the last 2 sentences that she said. THE DICK PERCENTAGE LINE: You ask her a question, she says a bunch of stuff, and then you say: “Wow, you got me at like 30% right now”. This implies that her story is getting you excited. This one is amazing. You are rewarding her with the percentage of your erection. Then you can use callback game and then later in the interaction be like “85…” If you ask her to give you her hand to put on your dick, it’s funny how she pulls away her hand the first time, but then almost gives it to you. Obviously you’re not going to do it because it will count as physical escalation and will actually lower attraction in this type of setting. Physical Escalation can actually DECREASE attraction. If you don’t kino sexually right up until sex, she will go crazy for you and do all the kino herself in the interaction. Don’t be too much man to woman. Man to woman does not work very well on 9s and 10s. And 9s and 10s are the girls that you should be fucking. DON’T KINO THE GIRL! 9s AND 10s DON’T LIKE THAT SHIT!

GET THE GIRL TO KINO YOU OR HAVE 3RD PARTY ESCALATION! THAT’S SO MUCH BETTER! When you are doing kino, it’s FUNCTIONAL. It has a purpose other than you just wanting to touch her.

10.3 - Platinum Tier - Luke and Nick Networking Super Module There are people that will actually throw parties for you, because they want to promote their products as the party. They will throw it for you as long as their product is the sponsor of the party. People will host your parties for you! People don’t realize that it’s so easy to recruit people with value. You just need to use VALUE ARBITRAGE. The people who are hosting the parties more often than not DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING! They don’t have the mansion, the booze, the food, the party supplies. THEY ARBITRAGE IT ALL TOGETHER!!! How to combine cold approach with social circle game: You have a REASON for cold approaching. It’s JUSTIFIED. Not just you being a creep trying to fuck. When you do this, it becomes SO MUCH EASIER! THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT!!! INVITATION CONVERSION RATE: When you mass invite 2000 people, around 10% will show up to your party. People are just busy. This is when it’s just some event. When it’s some rare super exclusive VIP motherfuckers only event, then obviously the conversion rate will be higher.

KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN SETTING UP PARTIES! College / University game is 99% social circle game weather you want to admit it or not, because all the people are contained and they socialize in one area. PAPA’S BASIC RULE THAT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE 1000% BETTER: ALWAYS SAY YES TO EVERYTHING! NEVER MISS OUT ON ANY OPPORTUNITY, NO MATTER WHAT IS IS! YOU’RE ANXIOUS ABOUT DOING SOMETHING? SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SAY YES! You have to realize: No Playboy party is run by Playboy. No Super Bowl party is run by SuperBowl. No MAXIM parties are ever run by MAXIM. PEOPLE ORGANIZE AND HOST THEM!!! If you’re throwing a party, it doesn’t have to be you the one to fund it. It doesn’t have to be you to throw down up to a 100 grand just to rent a mansion. You Value Arbitrage all of it!!! Use LEVERAGE and hit MULTIPLE birds with one stone!!! Build commonalities with people, offer value and hook them into your life! Business and making social connections is all about SELLING yourself! SOCIAL PROOF, PRE-SELECTION, AND STATUS WILL SKYROCKET YOUR ATTRACTION THROUGH THE ROOF WITHOUT YOU DOING ANYTHING.

DO THIS! THIS IS BETTER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE! If you can make a grand presentation of yourself walking into somewhere as if you are the president, you have all that status shit covered. Girls will approach you themselves! If you have the STATUS, then body language, verbal game, none of that shit matters. When you have STATUS, you INSTANTANEOUSLY have ATTRACTION! And you don’t need to build any more of it or it will be just too much. PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUBS: In every city there are social clubs and organisations of rich, successful and famous people. Something like “The Billionaire’s Club”. You get invitations to these kinds of clubs through social and business connections. When you join a place like that, you will meet a shit ton of influential people that can expand your current social circle by a 1000x. Usually an organisation like this requires an invitation or referral to get in, but sometimes you can just contact a member or the founders, managers of the club and work something out with them. YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE VALUE FOR PEOPLE TO GET BACK TO YOU! Don’t say you want something from them… You won’t get anything! Give them Value first! Playboy, MAXIM, Karma International - These are some examples of widely known social clubs. 9 and 10 game is NOT normal game! 9 and 10 game is completely different! It’s social circle game!

Instead of inviting a ton of people to a restaurant and making it weird, make the dinner an EVENT. Have a tasting or what not. Request the chef to come out and introduce himself to everyone, explain the dishes. All that stuff. Girls go CRAZY for this! HOW TO GET A FEMALE FRIEND OUT OF THE FRIENDZONE: LOGISTICS. Use logistics to get her 1 on 1 with you in a private area, and you know damn well that you can both escalate from there and fuck super easily. The LOGISTICS have to be SOMETHING though. Like at the end of the night at 4AM, you pull the girl back to your place BECAUSE you have a nice view. It’s JUSTIFIED LOGISTICS!!! Your Social Circle is a machine that operated weather you want it to or not. It’s the You-Army. It makes your life better itself. VALUE ARBITRAGE = USING EXTERNAL RESOURCES, EXCHANGING THEM TOGETHER, AND CREATING SOMETHING TANGIBLE FOR YOURSELF. If you want to build a business network externally, the first thing you should so if get some FREE TIME by getting some interns underneath you so you can outsource your work to them. Then using that free time, you go out into the world and NETWORK. GETTING UNPAID INTERNS TO DO SHIT FOR YOU IS EASY AS FUCK!!! The higher net worth, status a person is, usually the more chill they are.

When you are at some VIP business conference, it’s not the guys in the suits who are the coolest guys. It’s the guys in the hoodies and flip flops who are THE REAL MVP’s. The guys in the suits are the guys that are hired. The guy in the hoodie and flip flops is the billionaire who just doesn’t care and is the most influential person in the room. Principles that are taught in RSD can very well be implemented into the business life.

10.4 - Platinum Tier - Hot Seat Infield Breakdown 2 'Tandem Game’ GREAT EXAMPLE OF VALUE ARBITRAGE: You can literally go into local businesses and say “Yo, I’m having this party, would like to promote your company product there? Would be cool if you could send over some stuff for people to have fun with”. Use GIFT BAGS for girls. Get businesses to throw in their gift certificates, lashes, samples of makeup, whatever the fuck it is to promote their product. And all that time you just got free awesome gift bags for girls for your event. It’s DISRESPECTFUL to get someone into the club, just because you can get yourself in. There needs to be a REASON behind it. It needs to be JUSTIFIED. In Vegas, before you enter high-end clubs you will get patted down and checked for drugs and shit, they’ll check your wallet and all that. So keep that in mind. STATUS by being in a high barred entry area, SOCIAL PROOF by having people love know you or look like they know you, and

having PRE-SELECTION by girls or by your primary = 100% you will fuck. hands down. It’s a guaranteed threesome. GIRLS ALWAYS THINK THAT YOU ARE DOING BETTER IN THE SET THAN YOU ACTUALLY ARE. Teach your primary to open with “Be careful, or I’m going to kidnap you!”. And then the girl she opened will be like “Haha, well maybe i’ll let you!” And then your primary says: “Hey, have you met my boyfriend Luke?” And then it comes off as a couple threesome package deal. It’s like your the couple that’s going to kidnap the other girl and it’s going to be fun. BALLER THREESOME GAME is making your primary seem like your girlfriend or even better, your WIFE, your queen, and then go in kissing the 3rd girl and shit. Tandem threesome game is like fairytale cosplay type shit. If you’re just surrounded by Vegas Socialite Cunty people, girls will just think you have a shit ton of money. If you’re this HIGH STATUS socialite cunt, the girl is going to think no way you are in a relationship. So introduce your primary as your girlfriend or better yet wife, and it will go a long way. When you’re high status, girls will ALWAYS think that you’re a single player, even when you’re in a serious relationship or married. Call your primary “Wifey”.

If you want to go in hard and do baller tandem game, use “Wife” or “Fiancee”. If you are actually dating a girl and go do tandem threesome game with her, the result will be through the roof. You will plough chicks in threesomes. DO TANDEM GAME WITH A GIRL YOU ARE ACTUALLY DATING, IT WILL GO BETTER. If in the eyes of the 3rd girl you are high status, and then also responsible enough to have a wife or girlfriend, then the combination of that will have every girl going “Oh my god, you can have me! Adopt me!” KISSING THE FOREHEAD is the best kiss you can do in a social setting because nobody will question it. You’re not kissing her, you kissed her forehead. Only the father and the lover kiss a girl on the forehead so it builds massive rapport and daddy vibes. TRAIN YOUR PRIMARY TO LOOK SURPRISED WHEN YOU ESCALATE WITH THE 3RD GIRL AND SO SHE SUPPORTS IT. It’s happenstance. Just happened by itself, and it’s all cool. THE MORE STATUS YOU THROW AT A GIRL, THE MUCH EASIER THE SET BECOMES. YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR STATUS BY 10x IMMEDIATELY? Just pay some dude $50 to follow you around with a camera. Or just tip a cameraman at the event, and you now have a camera following you and everyone thinks that you’re some celebrity or some shit. If you have people following you around with a big ass camera and a light, every single girl in the club is going to wonder who

you are because it shows that you have massive STATUS. Luke said that 50% of limo’s in Vegas are free? Look into that. Use SNAPCHAT to hype everything up. Make girls do snap takeovers or make her your snap queen. LUKE IS ALWAYS WILLING TO DESTROY THE SOCIAL CIRCLE HE’S BUILT IN ORDER TO REAP THE REWARDS OF THE THING HE’S TRYING TO DO. He can always rebuild the social circle or make a new one. Call your place the “Trap House”. Pull bitches to your “Trap House” lair. THE MORE YOU MAKE THREESOME GAME ABOUT THE GIRLS RATHER THAN YOURSELF, THE LESS SOCIAL REPERCUSSIONS YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE You can pull as many girls as you want from anywhere, it just has to be about them and not you. You’re just ‘along for the ride’ even though you’re orchestrating the whole thing.

10.5 - Platinum Tier - Luke and Jeffy Talking Tables In Vegas, the biggest speed bump of any set are the logistical issues. The rarest commodity in any given night is time. There is only a finite amount of time that you have. The thing that makes Vegas the best city for pickup ever is because everything is running 24/7. Time is ‘kinda’ not a problem. The biggest problem in Vegas is logistics.

In Vegas, people are not going to label you as some crazy rapist if you be gregarious. In other cities, if you make a reputation as a player, it will stick. In Vegas, you can go crazy retarded because it’s normal. In Vegas, all week you may see the same people in the same clubs because they live in Vegas or are Industry. But come SUNDAY and you see a whole other different crowd. It’s a fresh batch of tourists that know nothing about you or your reputation. In Vegas, you can go hard. Make a fool of yourself, make mistakes, and nobody will even give a shit. It’s Vegas baby! You can do that in other cities as well, but it won’t work half as well as it does in Vegas. Normal rules don’t apply to Las Vegas! If you’re making mistakes, you have to be learning from them. Not just making them on purpose like a dumbass. A MAJOR KEY element of game is to make yourself better than everyone else, but RELATABLE by the people you are gaming. It takes about a WEEK to shake rust off if you haven’t been going out for a long time. Vegas is like a hyperbolic time chamber. Vegas accelerates your learning just because of sheer volume and what Vegas has to offer. After Vegas, other cities look like child’s play. Table Game is a completely different thing from game. It’s nothing like normal game…

The guys at the tables don’t know 90% of those girls. They only know the 10% that they invited and the rest just tagged along. There are people that work at the clubs that bring hot girls to the tables. Same thing will happen when you are doing Table Game or Entourage Game. NOTE! There are guys that are hired in clubs that actually go up to you and take your hot girls and give them to more high status men. That is if you aren’t high status enough yourself. There are people that are actually PAID $50-70k a year just to take girls from you and give them to more high status guys who they feel deserve them more. Buying tables all of the time will bankrupt you even if you are a millionaire. So use the TABLE DRILL and get into other people’s tables or get comp tables by making connections with the management of the venue. Table Game is high status and HIGH LEVERAGE. Before you approach, you have to define: Is the table for OPENING or is the table for CLOSING. Luke’s game is Higher Barred Entry game. The higher barred entry thing that he does, the easier the entire game process is going to be. The point is to spend as little money as possible and get the best table as possible or into the most exclusive place that there is. If you do Table Game PROPERLY, you won’t have to do the


Do shit that’s so audacious that people think that what is happening around you isn’t even real. You’re so gregarious that the situations you are in are almost too unreal to be true. If you go into some guys table and just start stealing his shit, obviously he’s going to punch you in the face. If you go in in some fucking dinosaur suit or dressed as uncle sam, and be like “Oh, hoho, no time to explain” and start stealing their shit they will be like what the fuck is this but ok, he’s obviously doing this for a valid reason somehow. IF YOU JUST DO RIDICULOUS STUFF, THEN YOU WON’T ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH IT. IF YOU DO SHIT SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS THAT IT DOESN’T SEEM REAL, THEN PEOPLE WILL PLAY ALONG AS IF IT’S SOMETHING STAGED. People are so bound by social obligation. They thing that when someone speaks to them they must respond with something logical. Like what the fuck? You can respond by doing something so ridiculous that it seems unreal, and that will break the entire system of social obligation. Everything you say doesn’t even have to make sense. You don’t have to be this person who’s bound to social obligations and social conditioning. Fuck with the shit! CONDITIONING TO CIRCUMSTANCE: If you are at work and your boss asks you for the monthly report and you say shit like “I’m Chinese, I love balls! Hurr Durr!” then obviously you’re going to get fucking fired. If you say that shit to a girl at a club, she’s going to laugh her

ass off. If you are a billionaire you’re not really going to fuck around on some business meeting unless you’re really cool and want to fuck with the shit. That would be awesome though! You have to know when to do what. “I’m Chinese and I love balls” is going to work better than “Hello madam, my name is Jeffery and I am a professional pickup artist. Would you be interested in a relationship?” because the first line is LOW INVESTMENT and the second line is high investment and gives NO ATTRACTION AT ALL. Everyone in the entire world is fucking BORED. Give them something to work with. Give them something to HOOK them into your life. Make it easy for them. MAJOR KEY CONCEPT TO PULLING: HYPNO LINES: Say the same logistical shit over and over again like it’s not a big deal, so that you get it in her head that it’s fine when you are going to pull. Adventure, Trust Me, Just Do It. - Get those thoughts in her head. IF YOU SAY SOMETHING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, IT JUST BECOMES REAL. THEY STOP THINKING AND WHAT YOU SAY IS EMBEDDED INTO THEIR HEAD. THIS CONCEPT IS OP!!! NEXT CONCEPT WILL SAVE YOU:

Don’t look at the venue like this one big megaclub or it’s going to swallow you up. It’s all different areas and sections. Every single room and table in the club is a separate club in itself. Even the management looks at it this way. The bar and the dancefloor are like completely separate nightclubs as if they’re two completely separate businesses. MAJOR KEY AF!!! STUDY TABLE LAYOUTS AND TABLE NUMBERS! SO SO IMPORTANT! Luke says that it helped him more than learning any pickup skill that he could ever do. What do you do to make $400M? You gamble $450M. If you just walk in to the club and ask for table numbers, that’s showing massive value and status. Just the FACT that you know table numbers and their layouts implies SO MANY THINGS. That you’ve bought tables before, that you’re rich, that you’re high status. Also that you’re someone safe because you’ve been to the club before many times. WHEN YOU WALK IN AND SAY “Oh, by the way, I’m a table 55, can you direct me?”, YOU WILL JUST GET A VIP ESCORT TO YOUR TABLE AND YOU GOT INTO THE CLUB SUPER EASY. THEN WHEN YOU GET TO THE TABLE YOU CAN DO THE TABLE DRILL, OR IF THERE IS NOBODY THERE, BE ALL LIKE WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT AND THEN WHEN THE PEOPLE GO AWAY, GO INFILTRATE ANOTHER TABLE. HOW TO DO IT: Get to the table, and when you see the guy, be all like “Hey

buddy! How’s it going!”. Sit down and ACT SUPER FAMILIAR with the guy at the table, and then the bouncer leaves and you do the whole table drill shit. How do you pick up an Instagram model if you’ve never met her before? You can’t. You have to use at least basic level social circle game. TABLE DRILL: What to say to bouncers: “Hey, my friends at that table, can you tell me what table number that is?” *Bouncer says table number* “Sorry this is so out of place, so rude of me, but could you walk me to that table?” He will VIP escort you to that table just because it’s his job to do so. He will never deny this request. Then being escorted to the table makes the people at the table think that you’re super VIP. Then you do the Table Drill. IF THE BOUNCER ASKS YOU IF THE TABLE IS YOURS, JUST SAY “Oh well, it’s not mine, it’s my buddies, you know, waiting on him and his girls”. He will just say “No problem, you want a drink ticket?” and give you a drink ticket. THE KEY TO THE TABLE DRILL TO SHORTCUT IT IS: TO NEVER STAND AT ONE TABLE. HUSTLE, BLUFF, BE GREGARIOUS, BLAGUE. Talk and talk and talk your way into everything. Bluff if you need to. Game is Sales!


10.6 - Platinum Tier - Immersion Bonus Training Session 2 When a girl says that she’s hungover, AT NIGHT, that’s a huge red flag. Hangovers don’t happen that quick. To solve the hangover you need 2 things. 1 - Bomb ass Mexican food. 2 - Hair of the dog. What’s hair of the dog? It’s more alcohol.

Don’t explain that more alcohol will fix her hangover, just say “You need some hair of the dog, let’s go!”. It’s then beneficial for her to go with you instead of trying to figure it all out. BENEFITS, NOT FEATURES. IF YOU CAN MASTER SAYING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR ACTIONS, NOT IT’S FEATURES, YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET REJECTED ANYTHING. If you just describe FEATURES, that gives her room to think about it. If you only tell her the BENEFITS, she will just agree to whatever activity it is that you want to bounce to next. Getting girls to BANTER with each other is how you set up threesomes. You don’t want the girl to ever think about the ‘what-if’s’ of the activity you are going to do. You want to describe it in a way where there is only positive traits and benefits. MAKE IT RELATABLE! If you sell something as over the top, it has to live up to it. It has to be believable, but more importantly, relatable. Everything that you say in set, you have to deliver on. You exaggerate, not bullshit. It’s one thing if it’s a joke to break rapport. And then it’s a completely different thing when it’s something that can be proven wrong, or something you can’t deliver on. PUTTING IN INVESTMENT AND QUALIFYING YOURSELF IS BAD.

It means that you care. It means that you’re chasing, which will make you less attractive. It will make you look tryhard. If you’re looking to tell her a cool story, EMBED DHV INTO THE STORY! How to EMBED DHV into a story: Say that you’ve done something, without actually saying it. You just imply it in a way so she knows it, but you don’t physically say it. FOOD IS THE MONEY TOPIC. You can build attraction off of food, break rapport, tease off of food. You can talk for hours about the topic. You can bond very very well by talking about food. If you have a lot of experiences with food, that’s great! Try to get as many experiences with food as possible. It’s true what they say - You Are What You Eat. The quality of food you eat defines your status. FOOD = Crazy comfort and attraction building at the same time. Talk about food! TALKING ABOUT FOOD IS MASSIVELY SEEDING A DAY 2! ASSAULT HER WITH TEASES. Harshness is what’s going to cut through the clutter. Do the TAKEAWAY. Walk away from her when you tease as if you’re leaving her. Then come back when she speaks or physically pulls you back. FEATURES TELL, BENEFITS SELL. Tell her the BENEFITS! Not the features.

You can learn everything about anything if you just do the thing once, but have great OBSERVATIONAL AWARENESS. ESSENTIALLY, WHAT KEEPING SETS GOING IS FILLING IN THE VOID THAT IS IN THE INTERACTION. You fill the void with whatever. Rapport, Attraction, Teasing, Getting Investment, Bantering, Push-Pulling, WHAT FILLING IN THE VOID ACTUALLY MEANS: Filling in the Void is KEEPING THE INTERACTION GOING. It’s FINDING THINGS TO DO. If you plan to go to some club and that club closes, it creates a Void that you have to fill. So fill in that Void with another place that you could go to. In Las Vegas, there is always some place to solve the need. In other cities, there’s not to many options. In other cities your real options are a club or a restaurant if the club is closed, vice-versa. WHENEVER YOU TEASE, YOU HAVE TO GIVE A WAY OUT. TEASE, THEN GIVE AN OPTION TO DO THE THING THAT YOU WANT HER TO DO. BECAUSE IT’S KIND OF WEIRD WHEN YOU TEASE, AND THEN NOTHING HAPPENS. TEASE THEM, AND THEN GIVE THEM A WAY TO COME BACK AT YOU. This is much better than just teasing. STRUCTURED FLIRTING Structured Flirting is setting traps, seeing if the girl jumps through them, and when she does, you grab her and shake her through the trap, getting her to INVEST. If you can’t get a girl out the club to a dining or drinks place,

then it’s unlikely that you can pull her to your place unless you are staying in set until the end. THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD BE PULLING: PULL THE ENTIRE GROUP TO SOME PLACE, AND THEN PULL A GIRL FROM THAT GROUP. This way you establish more Social Proof and Pre-Selection. LUKE GAME: Most of Luke’s interactions now that he has immense social proof and pre-selection is just him having an aggressive make out off the bat, then meeting her girlfriend, aggressive make out with her, then “Oh, this is boring now…” and bounce off to a cool VIP place. THE MORE JUSTIFICATION YOU PUT INTO THE INTERACTION, THE MORE LIKELY SHE IS TO COME HOME WITH YOU. JUSTIFY YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS! USING A CAMERA WHEN YOUR OUT IS THE BIGGEST CHEAT EVER!!! YOU WILL FUCK ALMOST EVERY GIRL THAT YOU YAKE PICTURES OF. GIRLS WILL GET SLUTTY FOR THE CAMERA. AND YOU CAN ALSO USE IT AS AN EXCUSE TO PULL. Using a camera is amazing! THIS IS THE NUMERO UNO THING YOU WANT TO ESTABLISH BEFORE PULLING: YOU WANT TO MAKE IT KNOWN TO THE GIRL THAT IF YOU TWO ARE IN A ROOM TOGETHER, SEX WILL HAPPEN. SHE HAS TO KNOW THAT AND BE DOWN FOR IT BEFORE YOU PULL.

SHE KNOWS IT, AND SHE’S DOWN TO FUCK IF THE LOGISTICS ARE RIGHT. THIS NEXT ONE IS IN THE MONEY: JUDGING. “So hey what do you think of that girl?” *and point to girl* She will go off. Judging and name calling her, even if she doesn’t know her. She’s doing this to disqualify the girl you pointed to, and qualify herself. Judging people with a girl is a fun activity. You’re not judging cool people and being serious about it and being all envious and shit. It’s just fun, you’re looking at other people and making fun of them. It’s the INSIDE JOKE. “Oh wow, look at that fuckboy, he a thot nigga”. “Oh my god, look at that girl with the big nose, she look like she a hoe”. “Oh shit, look at that basic bitch, she’s wearing Ugg boots in the club!” (Obviously she’s not). THIS NEXT ONE IS WHAT WILL MAKE YOU A REAL MUTHERFUKKIN G: ANYTHING YOU HAVE SEEN IN A MEME, IF YOU SAY IT IN SET, IT’S GOING TO BE HILARIOUS! USE SLANG TERMS, LIKE SHIT YOU WOULD FIND ON WORLDSTAR OR @daquan ON INSTAGRAM. IF YOU ACTUALLY TALK LIKE THE MEMES ON IG, GIRLS WILL FUCKIN LOVE YOU.

LOOK UP NEW WORDS AND MEMES ON URBAN DICTIONARY AND USE THAT SHIT! Bouncing Out Of The Club: Judge every person in the nightclub with the girl and then be like “Yo, this shit boring, fuck this place, let’s go *activity*”. The more FUN you create, the less you have to JUSTIFY your next activity. COOL THING: Pull before 11:30, so you can pull twice in the night, so there’s no logistical issues. In Vegas, it’s actually easier to pull a girl at 11:30 than it is at 4AM. You just need the balls to do it. A lot of people leave the club from 12:30 to 1:30, because they’re done for the night. They got their party fix-up. If you want a fast same night lay, just leave with a group that leaves at this time and get them all to go to something, or back to your place. Then when you’re done with them, you can go back to the club and fuck some shit up. Your number one goal in the club is to get accepted at the VIP table. Because that’s where the hot girls are. You don’t do this sniper approach shit where you see a girl at that table, then go up and be really alpha, and then pull her from that table. Like what the fuck? That shit doesn’t work. Ever. Get the trust of the entire table and make them all LOVE you, so that they ALLOW you to hit on the girls at that table. An example of doing this is using the BOTTLE TRICK. E.g.

Grabbing a bottle of vodka and a bottle of something nonalcoholic and get them to mix in the air and flow down into the mouth of the person who’s on the floor, while getting a girl to take pictures / a video of it.

11.1 - Bonuses - Vegas Immersion Inside Scoup (Qualification) Anything that you can DLV yourself about just works so well. [MORE ABOUT DLV AND DHV IN 11.3] TELLING A COOL STORY ABOUT YOURSELF ISN’T THAT GREAT. It’s better for her to tell you a story about her because that way she’s investing. If you just tell a story about yourself, all that time you just spent investing, you gained absolutely NOTHING from it. KEY PHRASE: “I Feel like I’ve been talking about myself all night, I don’t know anything about you”. If a girl says this, that means you have good investment. After you get the key phrase, you can drop a little story about yourself, that’s super awesome, but you make is very short and don’t speak more than 2 minutes. The story can be some funny bullshit if you want it to be. Like your dad killed a dog in front of you and it scarred you for life. It’s some retarded thing that isn’t even true. But you can tell a true story as well. Go with the flow. This way you make a bridge of immense trust, and then get her to continue talking about herself. BUILD EVEN MORE INVESTMENT! The crazy story about yourself rewards her for all the

investment she put into you and she just automatically relates to it because she feels empathy of is amused by the story. This way you build massive rapport. It’s called a CRAZY COMFORT STORY. You dump this on a girl when she has talked so much about herself that then she requires some investment from you or she will feel that she doesn’t trust you. So you dump this crazy story that’s cooler than everything that she said, and she will love you. IMPORTANT CONCEPT. This only applies to you if you are a clever individual. Most people are dumb as fucking box of rocks. So to effectively communicate with them you DUMB YOUR LANGUAGE DOWN, but NOT YOURSELF. You still are the smart individual that you are. Just hide it using dumber verbal and body language. IT’S BETTER TO BE SMART AND LOOK STUPID THAN TO FLAUNT BEING SMART! NOTE! In venues, the louder the music, the SHORTER your phrases should be. Don’t be speaking elaborate sentences if people can barely make out what you are saying. Short and to the point. It’s not the quantity of words behind the Investment, it’s the CONTENT behind the words. After you’ve established the attraction, the risk of you Investing too much into the conversation kind of goes away. The more attraction equity that you have, the less there is the risk of you overinvesting.

After you’ve established a lot of attraction by using breaks in rapport and qualification, and you have reached a substantial amount of attraction, such as a kiss, you can start to invest more into the conversation without losing the attraction. But you have to keep on PUSH-PULLING the breaks in rapport and qualification. GOLDEN RULE OF INVESTMENT-ATTRACTION: WHOEVER IS INVESTING THE MOST, IS THE MORE ATTRACTED IN THE OTHER PERSON. HOW TO DEAL WITH GUYS WHO JUMP INTO YOUR INTERACTION AND TRY TO STEAL IT: It all comes down to frame control. DO NOT go all alpha and try to force him out, that just causes more problems. Instead, ASK HIM A QUESTION. The more he speaks about what you asked him, the more he falls into your frame of you controlling the interaction and him just being controlled by the situation. This in the eyes of the girl sets a frame that he is just some guy that doesn’t mean anything. You don’t have to be louder, stronger, more alpha. Just get him distracted on some topic to he loses focus on your interaction and comes off weaker. This way he fits into your frame, which you control. Interaction with the girl: The worst thing is you not telling any awesome stories, and her not telling any awesome stories and there is just no interaction whatsoever. The second worst thing is you just telling an awesome story that makes you look awesome, but the girl not saying anything

at all. The highest value thing to do - is you not tell any stories about yourself, but you get her to get the urge to spew out a lot of awesome stories about herself. If you get her to spew it all out, guess what that is? INVESTMENT! And every once in a while, you throw her a ‘bone’, a reward so that you don’t alienate yourself from her by not building any trust because you’re not speaking about yourself. Getting the girl to qualify herself to you and making her feel a need to tell you all about herself SO MUCH BETTER than you just telling her how awesome you are. Asking a girl “What’s the worst thing she’s ever done on the job”. It’s making a girl feel shitty, but feeling ok for telling you about the shitty thing that she did. This is an amazing qualifier for mid-transition game. ANYTHING THAT MAKES HER FEEL INSECURE. But the key to not making it mean is to let her know that you are NOT JUDGING HER FOR IT. “You look like a nurse”. (or any other cool profession). This is a great one for two reasons: 1 - If you get it right, that’s going to build massive rapport. 2 - If you don’t get it right, she will qualify herself to you by telling you who she is. It doesn’t matter what you get from the girl, because either way it’s going to be a form of Investment. VERY IMPORTANT CONCEPT: QUESTION VS STATEMENT. Question: Do you travel a lot?

Statement: You look like you travel a lot. The question can always turn into a Yes or No question, which is bad. The statement can always be elaborated upon and you can gain SO MUCH MORE INVESTMENT from the Statement that you could ever get from the Question. SO MAKE THE SWITCH. TURN QUESTIONS INTO STATEMENTS. The more UNSPECIFIC your QUESTION is, the more UNSPECIFIC your ANSWER will be. THIS NEXT ONE IS HUGE: ELICITING MOTIVATION Eliciting Motivation, Creating a win-win situation, and then closing on that situation. If you can Elicit a girl’s motivation, you can close her without any logistical screening. In game, Eliciting Motivation is her being MOTIVATED to INVEST into you and the interaction. Keep her ELICITING on a hamster wheel, keep her going. This is the best form of INVESTMENT. If you can keep spinning the hamster wheel, you can get anything you want out of the girl. Then it’s your duty to the give all that energy a DIRECTION and take all that Elicited Motivation somewhere where it will help you. Because as a man, the burden of pickup is all on you.

When you properly Elicit someone’s Motivation, they will be talking for like an hour, and they wouldn’t even know it. The hour just passed with them giving all of that Investment and them not knowing it because the segway is just so naturally flowing. Eliciting Motivation by making a STATEMENT is like an escalator where it only goes up gradually with no stopping. (Metaphor). However, by asking a QUESTION it makes it like an elevator where the girl can get off on any floor. (Metaphor). The more that you can Elicit what her goals are right now in this moment, this night, what she’s trying to do, the more you can find that out and the more you get get her to qualify herself about it, the easier it will be to close that bridge gap between her motivations and yours, and close her. Then further on, it’s her motivations in life and in general. First the immediate motivations, and then later on the more broad concept motivations. In daygame, in the daytime, most girls are doing something, so their initial motivation is not to be hanging out with you. So Elicit their Motivation and then either change it to what you want, or go with her motivation. Eliciting Motivation by QUESTION is ASKING HER. Eliciting Motivation by STATEMENT is ASSUMING. ASSUMING is better than ASKING because when you ASSUME it, she will INVEST even if you are right or wrong. “HOW OLD ARE YOU?” No girl is going to be comfortable with this answer. It doesn’t

matter if she’s young or old, age is a topic that will get girls insecure about themselves. When a girl is doing pickup things to you, that you are essentially supposed to do to them (this can include shit tests) then that means she is INVESTING. It’s a very good sign. Example being is that she is teasing you aggressively. If you ask how old she is, and she replies with “How old do you think I am?”- That is CLEARLY an INDICATOR OF INTEREST. Shit Tests are just massive INDICATORS OF INTEREST! A girl who doesn’t care about you or the conversation will just ignore you and walk away. A girl who is throwing you shit tests or teasing you, etc… That is a girl that is showing INTEREST! If a girl ever throws a question back out at you, it means that she’s INSECURE with the answer she’s going to give, so she plays this volley with breaks in rapport with you. HUGE INVESTMENT: 1 - Break Rapport 2 - Qualify 3 - Repeat NOTE! Harsh disqualifiers are not bad. Just qualify afterwards so that the girl doesn’t get upset. USE ASSUMPTIONS INSTEAD OF QUESTIONS. Cold Read - Something that you can say that’s applicable to 95% of all girls. Qualifying a girl is a tool of self-amusement. It’s fun to throw things at the girl to see where she will step up and qualify

herself. Fuck with her. See if she has what it takes. OFTEN, ACTUALLY, REALLY - Great words. They ASSUME that a girl does said action(s) that you said. By adding these words, you will get her to qualify much more. ONE GREAT BREAK IN RAPPORT IS TO JUST PINCH A GIRLS FAT, EVEN IF SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY AT ALL. THE REACTIONS YOU GET ARE FUNNY AS SHIT! IT’S THE ULTIMATE BREAK IN RAPPORT! GIRLS HATE TO BE FAT! THEY ARE VERY SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT. You want to be super crystal clear with the qualities that you want in your ideal girl. The more clear and specific you are, the more effective the You-Army is. The more specific you are, the better the quality of girl you will get from your You-Army. You also need to know the qualities that you DON’T want your ideal girl to have. You need to know what you are looking for!!! Qualities can be of physical appearance and of personality. It doesn’t matter if the girls that you meet fit your ideal descriptions, you have to realize that there are 9s and 10s out there that are not your type. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to hook up with them. Hook up with hot girls, for reference experience, but date the girls that are your type. THIS ONE IS FUCKING HUGE!!!!! QUALIFY EVERY GIRL THAT YOU MEET UP AGAINST YOUR PERFECT GIRL!

This will make you very very attractive as you are disqualifying her and breaking rapport SO WELL with this. It’s called THE WALL OF QUALIFICATION. THE SCREENING WALL. Fuck the girl’s standards. Put yourself as the prize, and then qualify the girl up to your standards. This way, no matter how hot the girl is, you will never be intimidated by her. Because you are not playing her bullshit. YOU are setting the standard that SHE has to live up to. COMPARE HER TO YOUR IDEAL GIRL, DISQUALIFY HARD AF. This is how you break her massive ego of her being the pretty princess, and makes you the King, and her your bitch, no matter how pretty or famous she is. Make her qualify herself to you SUPER AGGRESSIVELY. YOU WANT TO BE CAREFUL THOUGH! You don’t want to qualify her too hard so she goes suicidal and kills herself. You just want to qualify her enough so that it destroys her ego and puts you in the frame of the dominant. The act of putting her through this Screening Wall is alone going to build the attraction, because you set the frame, the standard, and then disqualify her on it. HOW TO KNOW IF A GIRL HAS GOOD HEAD: If she can put her thumb into her hand and squeeze her hand over her thumb, she won’t have gag reflex. This is 100% true. When you hold your thumb in your hand and squeeze on it, you won’t have gag reflex. A good blowjob is more enthusiasm than it is technique. If she has good enthusiasm about it, you know that you’re going to

get good head. It’s enthusiasm, and a little bit of technique. The whole point of qualifying the girl is not so that you can find your dream girl. Fuck that. One day you’ll find her, eventually, but that will take ages. The whole point is so you can fuck her.

11.2 - Bonuses - Luke and Max in Hawaii The higher barred entry thing you do, the better that ‘pot of gold at the end’ is. Use LEVERAGE. The point of social circle game is to get laid as much as possible, doing s little work as possible. An example is if Luke is at Dan Bilzerian’s house, he doesn’t have to do game because girls will put their tits in his face just because he’s there. Luke thinks it’s stupid to make a distinction of daygame from nightgame. He treats his daygame like nightgame, and he has a good point in doing so. He is just gregarious night and day, it doesn’t matter what time it is if you’re always that gregarious person. DON’T BE ALL SLOW AND TRYING TO BE NORMAL WHEN DOING DAYGAME! TREAT IT LIKE NIGHTGAME AND DO THE SAME CRAZY SHIT! BE LOUD AND GREGARIOUS! Be assertive when doing daygame, don’t do that “Hey I thought you were really cute and I had to say Hi” bullshit. Just be assertive and gregarious. Create the cool story.

You can’t just ‘energy’ and ‘presence’ your way into a girl’s pants. You need to do shit that will actually build attraction and get you results. You need as much INVESTMENT and BUY-IN as you can get from the girl. YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE GIRL SPACE TO INVEST! IF YOU TALK ALL THE TIME, THAT’S YOU INVESTING AND NOT HER, SO YOU’RE NOT BUILDING ANY ATTRACTION AT ALL. LET HER FUCKING TALK! SHE HAS TO TALK MORE THAN YOU! Girls never believe that a guy is nice to them just because he wants to fuck them. If you tell a girl that the guy who is doing stuff for her is just trying to fuck her, she will never believe you. Don’t be boring when you send the first text. Send something like the poop emoji and then the monkey covering his face up. That’s way more interesting than just saying Hi. Don’t worry about girls seeing that you are fucking other girls. If a girl sees that you are fucking other girls, THAT’S GREAT! It’s Pre-Selection! Send videos of you fucking girls to other girls you want to fuck! Like why not? It’s Pre-Selection! THE MORE GIRLS THT YOU HAVE, THE BETTER! All you need is PRE-SELECTION. Your state can be terrible, you can be depressed, but if you still have Pre-Selection, you will fuck a hot girl that day. SHOW GIRLS THAT OTHER GIRLS LIKE YOU AND THOSE GIRLS WILL LIKE YOU EVEN MORE! Blow me or blow me out mentality is just a waste of time. Just

get contact details of every girl you approach and then use her to meet other girls that you can fuck by driving through her social circle and using her to build social proof and preselection. MERGING SETS builds attraction. Merging Sets in front of a normal person just blows their mind. They could never do that shit, it’s way to intimidating. MERGING SETS IS THE ULTIMATE DEMONSTRATION OF HIGH SOCIAL SKILLS. Luke thinks that it’s ARROGANCE that attracts the girls, not the Confidence. BREAK RAPPORT WITH MERE EXPOSURE! You can use MERE EXPOSURE EFFECT to gain trust and rapport, and then come up and just break all that rapport to create a fuck ton of attraction. This is a great way to spark attraction with a girl you know but don’t talk to. Girls have a very DEEP AWARENESS for how social you are. If you have been talking to a lot of people and action social, and you open her, now even knowing her, she will be responsive because she is VERY aware that you have been socializing with other people. GIRLS HAVE SHIT VERBAL GAME! LITERALLY SHIT VERBAL GAME! Girls communicate more subconsciously in body language and physical escalation. Also a very important one is EYE CONTACT. ON POINT EYE CONTACT for a girl is the same as her having a fat ass for you. However, 9s and 10s get creeped out by it sometimes. It’s a situational thing.

LUKE GAME: Goes to WholeFoods, stops a girls cart and starts taking shit out of it for himself. The girl asks “What are you doing?” and he says “You have better stuff than me!”. Then you walk 2 feet and open another girl and say “Haha, did you see that? That girl just let me take all her shit!” and then the girl that you took from will say “No, I wasn’t going to let you!”. And you just opened and merged 2 sets. You then flirt with the cashiers and shit. SUPER IMPORTANT CONCEPT!!!!! GAME IS DYNAMIC! There is no On / Off switch for when you do and don’t do game. The second you open your eyes in the morning, you are doing game until you fall asleep. Game is always DYNAMIC and you are always doing it and just having fun. DYNAMIC game is just a form of SELF-AMUSEMENT. MOST PEOPLES LIVES ARE SHIT! People hate their jobs and want to kill themselves. If you just put a little color in their lives by being gregarious and funny, they are going to remember that forever. These people don’t follow RSD, read books, go outside their comfort zone and do self-improvement. Their life is just shit. If you add color to their life you add GIGANTIC amounts of VALUE to them. EPIC THING TO DO AT THE TABLE! SUPER-STRAW! Make a long Super-Straw by getting a lot of straws and putting them into eachother. Then use that long straw to sip the drink of another girl on the other side of the bar or on another table, then give the straw to he girl you are talking to and pretend that she did it and it’s not your fault. It’s so funny for then the girl that you stole the drink from to get

a bit mad and then you open her and merge sets. BELT-LIMBO. Take your belt and hold it with someone and people do limbo under it. It’s a fun thing to do on the dancefloor. Skrillex gave props to Luke for it because it looked awesome. GAME ALWAYS CHANGES! Something that worked yesterday might not work for you today. You always have to change up and just go with the flow. You can’t be married to concepts and expect them to work 100% of the time. It’s all dynamic and free flowing. YOU MUST BE OPEN MINDED! To everything! You must me open minded to constant chaos. Always trying new things and going OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Because that’s how you build character and become a better person. Gary Veynerchuk has a very important concept that you need to know. THE MARKET IS GOING TO DO IT’S THING WEATHER YOU’RE IN IT OR NOT. You can jump on the bandwagon of CHANGE, or you don’t have to. But the market, the CHANGE is going to happen REGARDLESS of your decision. Cut out of your life people that suck. Just cut them the fuck out. They are dead. They no longer exist. Hot girl’s Ego is fucking HUGE! If you disqualify them and break rapport, the attraction you will get will me INSANELY MASSIVE! NOTE! A great thing to do at the club is to go in with earphones and listen to your own music. You will move and act differently than

everyone else and you will come off as someone who just doesn’t give a fuck. Listen to your own music in the nightclub. You can control your positive emotional state by bumping your own jams. FLOYD MAYWEATHER DOES THIS. You can open girls this way as well because they will go up to you asking why you’re acting so different, and then you let her listen to your music and it changes the setting entirely.

11.3 - Bonuses - Attraction Building Sequence *Before you read on, take note that the concepts in this 15 minute video are so powerful compared to everything else. This is probably the most useful part of the entire product.* Get the girl to talk about herself. Reward and punish compliance. And then move the interaction to where something can happen, because LOGISTICS TRUMP GAME. Breaking Rapport Creates Attraction THE SEQUENCE: 0 - Establish Commonalities 1 - Build Comfort 2 - Break Rapport 3 - Qualify 4 - Sexually Escalate You repeat the sequence all throughout the night / throughout the interaction until sex. This is exactly what you do the whole time in set. The sequence isn’t you doing each point for 5 minutes. It’s

MICRO. It’s done sentence by sentence. This is what flirting is. Flirting = Executing The Sequence. The sequence is what guys who get laid do. This is how you build attraction. This is how you flirt. Just fucking do it. Your state is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how you feel. You can feel shit, but if you just execute the sequence, and the girl FEELS BETTER AROUND YOU THAN WITHOUT YOU, then you’re all set. Flip the script. Think about how you can make the girl feel a certain way about you rather than elevating your state. THE BEST VERBAL GAME CONCEPT IN THE WORLD: In your mind you have a revolving set of phrases you could say, and things you can do to keep the interaction with the girl going forward. Fuck That. Be purely focused about how much BUY-IN you can get from her into the conversation. Reach the HOOK POINT, then let the girl talk and talk and talk, and then REWARD her for her participation, so that she keeps talking. Make her feel really good about herself for talking to you. Use things such as VALUE and MOMENTUM to keep her on the Investment / Buy-In cycle. ESTABLISH COMMONALITIES! The more commonalities you establish earlier on in the interaction, the better you are able to break rapport and gain attraction. Guys feel like commonalities with females have to be something big. For a female, a commonality can be the lowest common denominator and still be a big commonality. Some

bullshit thing that you have in common can blow up into very big rapport, which you then break to make attraction. An example of this is say you and a girl have the same birthday. Like so what? But she flips the fuck out and obsesses over it, because in her mind it so cool. You want to establish as many surface level commonalities as possible in order for you to establish that base level of comfort, for you to then tease with different breaks in rapport. DLV - Demonstration of Lower Value. DHV - Demonstration of Higher Value. When talking to girls, DLV works so much better than DHV. It’s self-deprecative humor. You’re demonstrating lower value, and it’s funny because you’re doing it on purpose, and she knows that it’s a joke, and then identifies you as a High Value Person. If you disqualify yourself and demonstrate low value in a concise and clever way, the girl will think that you are fucking with her, and that you are the complete opposite of what you said. Luke does AGGRESSIVE DLV. But it’s up to you how much you (consciously, on purpose) devalue yourself to the girl. If you DHV, you are just another dude who is bragging and the girl will NOT be impressed. If you DLV, the girl will think that you are saying all that because you don’t want her to know that you are a millionaire. Any time you want to DHV, DLV yourself instead. It’s much more effective. If you say that you have a small dick, that’s better than you

saying that you have a big one. If you have a Ferrari, say you drive a 1996 Honda Civic. If you have a penthouse, say you live in a 1 room ratted out apartment. NOTE! DO NOT DHV AFTER YOU DLV. It will mess everything up and you will lose SO MUCH VALUE. There is no point in stunting. Pay for what you can afford and don’t lease your cars. 9s and 10s have dated people that have more nice things than you, so what are you stunting for? If you can afford a Ferrari 488, buy it. If you can’t, don’t lease it as your main car. Lease only when you really need it and use Uber as your main transport. Don’t be that guy with the leased Ferrari and the shitty apartment. Live on what you make. If you want all the flash, just make more money. If you stunt and you can’t afford it, you’re just that broke nigga that rappers diss. You shouldn’t lease. BUY YOUR SHIT! Don’t stunt and go broke trying to impress 9s and 10s who just won’t be impressed by any of it. People can out-compete you in terms of Value, Fun, Money, Looks, etc… But no-one can ever out-compete you in INVESTMENT. If you make the girl INVEST more than she invests in other guys, she will stay with you. The 4AM Effect. If you can get a girl back at your place at 4AM, what’s the chance that something’s going to happen? Very High. Super High. 99% High. Because Logistics Always Trump Game. Commonality building is SO CRUCIAL.

If you’re a beginner, start every conversation with how many commonalities you can establish out of the girl. 5-8 commonalities, and it’s crazy, you have so much rapport. Then break it and you get insane attraction. Just the commonalities alone will buy you a 2 hour interaction. And then use that 2 hour interaction to build INVESTMENT with different BREAKS IN RAPPORT such as teasing, bantering, negging, nicknames, physical games, verbal games, disqualification, breaking rapport tonality, self-amusement, and so many others. ^ Those are examples of types of BREAKS IN RAPPORT ^ AMAZING TEASING DISQUALIFIER (Introducing girl to friend): You: “Hey bro, meet *name*. She’s amazing but her butt’s just not good enough for us. It’s not round enough.” Her: “What are you talking about! What do you mean!” You: “Whoa, calm down, I said you’re really pretty, I’m trying to introduce you to my friend, shut up.” Her: “No, but you said I don’t have a nice enough butt!” You: “No I said your butt’s great, it’s just not good enough, relax. Your butt’s amazing! Look at it, it’s amazing! I said you’re pretty, relax, your butt’s just not good enough. And then do the whole ‘Put the drink on her ass’ thing. That’s just fucking hilarious. THE DRINK ON ASS DISQUALIFIER: The ‘Put the drink on her ass’ thing is where you disqualify the girl by telling her that her ass is too small because it’s not functional and you can’t put your drink on it. Then when it’s on her ass you say that it’s not good enough because she can’t move with the drink on her ass, and you need a moving asstable, and she will try to do it. It’s the funniest shit ever. And then obviously you then QUALIFY HER, because you don’t want her upset and in tears because her ass isn’t big enough

lmao. Qualify, hug, kiss on the cheek, and it’s all good. AFTER YOU BREAK RAPPORT YOU QUALIFY! IT’S THE SEQUENCE! POWER WORD: RELAX. THIS WORD IS SUPER POWERFUL WHEN YOU ARE DISQUALIFYING! WHENEVER YOU USE A DISQUALIFIER, FOLLOW UP BY “RELAX”, IT WILL GET THE GIRL SOOO TRIGGERED. Example: “Your ass isn’t big enough to do bongo drums, but hey, it’s all cool, relax.” LITERALLY I CANNOT FUCKING STRESS IT HOW POWERFUL THE WORD “RELAX” IS. IT WILL GET THE GIRL SOOO TRIGGERED! IT’S THE ULTIMATE DISQUALIFIER! END NOTE: It is VERY important that after BREAKING RAPPORT, you then QUALIFY. You don’t want the girl ever upset and in tears, because that can happen if you just aggressively disqualify with no qualifying. BREAK RAPPORT and then QUALIFY her back. Then do it again and again and again. THIS IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO BUILD ATTRACTION.

12.0 - Secret Super Bonus - Luke and Nick Dominating a New City Q: CAN YOU TEACH US HOW TO CONNECT WITH PROMOTERS IN OUT OWN CITIES? Ask the doormen, the bartenders to just point them out to you! Introduce yourself to people, maybe buy them a drink and just ask people to point out key people that you need.

It’s really that easy! Organize events, and invite a ton of people, including VIP hosts, promoters, managers, etc. Be that connector and reap the rewards. (Value Arbitrage). A promoter in a city like Las Vegas or Miami means barely nothing. You need VIP hosts and managers. In smaller non-tourist cities, a promoter is equal to a VIP host because not as many people go to the clubs than say Las Vegas. EVERY CITY IS DIFFERENT IN IT’S OWN WAY! The most arrogant pretentious club where the cuntiest people are is the BEST place to go and the place you should be going to because that’s where you can LEVERAGE the most SOCIAL CAPITAL. The most SOCIAL EQUITY can only be attained at these types of places. The easiest way to meet promoters is to just go to these cunty pretentious places and ask around. How to identify the promoter: A promoter is always surrounded by these hot girls, but he looks like he doesn’t give a fuck, he just does his thing. Also, they usually wear the cunty suit with the pocket square. A cool way to open Promoters and VIP hosts is to say that you also work in the nightlife industry, and that you would like to hang out, see what this venue has to offer. E-Mail the club. It’s insane what you can get from them if you just e-mail them and give them a valid reason for whatever it is you ask.

Most people are intimidated by the nightlife industry. If you just get in on the industry, the secrets, in the knows of how everything works, it’s not intimidating at all. IF YOU KNOW ALL THE SECRETS, YOU CAN USE THEM ALL TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO SAVE OR MAKE MONEY. ENABLING SOMEONE TO ASSERT THEIR VALUE FOR YOU IS THE SAME AS YOU ADDING VALUE! Look for the shortcuts, you don’t have to make life so hard. Just use LEVERAGE to make your life easier! Promoters in cities like Las Vegas, New York and Miami can’t really do all that much for you. They don’t have as much authority as they have in places where the nightlife isn’t so popular. You need to know all the HNIC’s of every club that MATTERS in the city you are in. Also, don’t tip door guys in cities like Vegas. What’s the point? They can’t do anything for you apart from just letting you into the nightclub. Any tipping them shows low status. Don’t do it. The door guys are not going to give you drink rickets or get you a table. Tipping the girl / guy that hangs the coats will go such a long way. Just give them a tip or buy them a drink for their efforts, and they will remember that for a long time. They could help you in the long run if you would need anything. The promoter is there for the club’s interest, not yours. YOU NEED TO BEFRIEND THE HOST OR THE MANAGEMENT. Hosts are nice because they have to be! They don’t who’s going to throw down the Black AMEX card, they don’t know

who has the big bucks, so they have to be nice to everyone. They won’t shut you down. Hosts just give out free shit to everybody because they never know if you or your friend is that millionaire who’s going so spend a lot of money at he venue. They have to be nice to get paid. Just be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t add value back. The thing is, is that whenever you may have some huge event that you need to set up, his name is on your radar. It doesn’t have to be so that you then repay them by spending a lot of money, because just them being on your radar and you telling other people about their services is already massive value giveback. If you are the CONNECTOR, if you are the CENTER of all the social connections, that creates massive LEVERAGE and makes people want to hang out with you more. If you introduce 2 people that are higher value than you to eachother, they will automatically think that you are of the same caliber as them because you made the connection. Text messaging is also super fast and nifty. You can introduce people to other people just be creating group chats. If you play the texting game with every girl, you will get caught up and most of your girls will flake and fall off. If you have a bottom bitch that manages all your hoes for you, it’s just practically impossible for those girls to flake. Make it so that you don’t have to look for any events to go to. Have connectors in place that text you events that you can go to. Have people beg you to attend their events and make them set

you up in VIP areas, etc… If you just get sent everything, that saves a ton of time. Whereas if you had to look up everything and then find ways to get in and acquire VIP, that would take up all of your time. THIS THING IS GOLDEN! DIGITAL FLYER This thing is very cool. it makes your event exclusive. It doesn’t cost any money unlike normal flyers, and if you spread it on social media and tag a lot of people, it will be spread around and many many people will know about your event. Then you can Value Arbitrage all the value of everyone who is interested in the event. People think that making a THEME for your party is a lot of time and effort when in reality it saves you time. The THEME is what holds the whole thing together. It’s what makes it cool. HOT TO MAKE AN EVENT SEEM SUPER COOL: Do things that you would do at a red carpet event, do them at your event, even if it’s a Sunday BBQ. THIS THING IS GREAT: Have an OBJECT that people would want to take photos in front of. Something that girls would pose in front of. This makes it super exclusive because you have this awesome ‘thing’ as the mascot of the party. Girls want to take pictures in front of it and get crazy. It can be a statue, a cool massive cake, a promoter board like the ones in the red carpet events, it can be a cool car, it can be practically anything. If you make a LOGO, personalizing your event, making is super exclusive, the event will become just that much better.

Align your event with something you want people to look at you as. Make your self-image in correspondence with your event. If you’re the go-to guy who’s in the know of things, that raises your Social Proof, Pre-Selection and Status greatly. A WAY YOU CAN GET FREE ALCOHOL AT EVENTS: You can go to the website of an alcohol distributor and get their e-mail. Then e-mail them and tell them that you are setting up a party and you can make them the grand sponsor of your party and promote them all around your events. Then ask if they can just send bottles in exchange so that people can have access to the booze. It’s you promoting them and they repay you with bottles. You’re already eating, drinking, partying, why not just do it in a high status red carper kind of way which costs you little or no money at all, and it will make your event 10x better. You can be a BOSS. All you need to do is just be the HNIC that coordinates everything and is in charge. You Value Arbitrage to become this person. Just put in a little bit more effort and time to increase your yield dramatically. You can just contact venues and private events and say something like “Hey, I’m work in the industry in *city*, I’m staying here for a while, is it cool if I check out your event, see what you have to offer”. This will almost get you in 100% just because you’re part of the industry. And to be honest, to be in the industry, all you need to know is how it all works, you don’t actually have to work in it. Look at every interaction as how you can help a person without looking for how that person can add value back. You will get it

eventually, in another form, and it will help you out greatly, so don’t go value seeking straight away when making connections. Give the value yourself without seeing if that person will give value back. If you get value, awesome! If you don’t, you will get in in another form later in time. PROMOTIONS: People are paid by alcohol and other beverage brands to just give away their product at big events to promote them. All you have to do is just go out and latch on to these opportunities. You can even get paid to promote brands at your exclusive events. All you have to do is just put in a bit of effort and reach out to them! You just need a REASON for them to give you free shit. It doesn’t even really have to be a good reason, just a valid one, where they have POTENTIAL UPSIDE of saying Yes to you. All brands want is for people to see and drink their products. They don’t give a shit what it is you are doing. As far as they are concerned, if people are drinking their alcohol and it’s being spread around, then it’s all great. It’s an upside. If you have a following on social media, you can get a ton of bottles because you can promote them IF YOU CAN CREATE A SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING, YOU WILL GET LOADS OF FREE SHIT FOR JUST PROMOTING THE PRODUCT. It’s using LEVERAGE. But don’t just take the free shit and run with it, create that relationship, so you get sent free stuff over and over again. It’s all about that LEVERAGE.

What RSDPapa did is contact Playboy while he was in college and said that he wants to be their local promoter and asked if they can send him some stuff so that he can promote their brand in his college. They even sent him Playboy Models! That’s amazing! THIS IS A VERY SMART EXAMPLE OF LEVERAGING. Be willing to be the ambassador, to take the time to do it, the time to make the connections, because you have them, and these brands will endorse you and help you out in your personal gain. HOW TO GET STARTED FROM SCRATCH IN A BRAND NEW CITY: (To Luke’s level, as fast as possible) Don’t just get numbers of the 9s and 10s, get the numbers of all the girls, because those girls know other girls, and those girls know even more girls. People collect WITHOUT value scanning. Just get as many people as possible, and then filter them out. You never know which person knows some celebrity or what they can do for you. Get QUANTITY first, and then sort out the QUALITY. You can sort by quality off the bat when you already have a social circle, but when you’re starting off, worry about the quantity. If you can prove your worth just ONCE in anything, people will remember that and respect you for it. You will get connections based on that thing. It’s a broad concept so here’s an example: Nick back in the 2000’s managed a lot of girls, and he was the

main guy managing all the girls. He got the respect and credit for doing that. But now, he doesn’t have the time for it, he’s doing business, but people still credit and respect him because he used to do it so people manage and carry on his work for him. All he has to do is hit them up and they will send girls over to him. You have to get the PHONE NUMBERS. PM’ing on social media is just… Do you know how many PM’s people get daily and don’t even answer? Not everyone is using the internet 24/7, but if you send a text message, they will instantly get it because it’s satellite connection. Also, you can always call them, and that’s the most effective way to get in touch with somebody. Calling is more efficient than PM or Text, and they will 90% answer immediately. Network with people that are INFLUENCERS. You need to IDENTIFY the people you want to connect with and then just REACH OUT TO THEM. It’s that simple. Almost everyone that you are trying to meet is going to be super nice to you because they come from the abundance mentality and they are willing to help you and share their resources. Only the poor and unhappy who live a shitty life will try to shut you down. Successful people will help you and provide you with what they have if you JUST REACH OUT TO THEM. These influencers usually don’t have people reaching out to them. And the reason that they will 100% accept you is because they get bored. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES! And guess what you are?

YOU ARE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM! These influencers don’t always respond right away and not all of them will respond to your e-mails or PM’s. BUT THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO GET IN TOUCH! And they will ALWAYS be happy to help you out, because YOU are an OPPORTUNITY of them. Being an opportunity for someone is you ADDING MASSIVE VALUE TO THEM. If your influencer of choice is on social media, make a good pitch, but usually they have managers so establish a good connection with the managers first. If your pitch is good enough, maybe it can bypass the manager. Or much better yet meet with the managers so they can introduce you to the influencer personally. - This will 100% get you a connection. You can also connect by starting off on small business and then going at large on it. This is a great way to get the trust of the connector you need. To build a social media following, you have to build a brand around yourself. It doesn’t have to be an actual company, but you have to have this thing that you do. It’s the reason why people follow you. THE MORE INTERESTING YOU ARE, THE MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE INTERESTED IN YOU. You can always be in the entourage of the Influencer, just as a person that is casually adding value, but always shoot for the HIGHER PURPOSE, the closer friendship bond, because you never know what will happen. Start off with the mentality that you could one day become best friends, and then just go with the flow after that. But it’s

important to assume that maybe it can happen, because if it does, yay for you! IT’S ALL ABOUT HIGHER PURPOSE. People appreciate it when you spend time, effort and resources on something. When you sacrifice all of that for a higher purpose. That’s why RSD has always been on top of it’s niche in the market. Because it puts in more time, effort and resources, it sacrifices it for a higher purpose, which is to make the products the best that they can be. THIS ONE IS SO SO SO HUGE!!!!! INFOTAINMENT! Not information. [SUPER IMPORTANT BUSINESS ASPECT] You want your INFORMATION to be ENTERTAINING! This is how you beat the market! You want not only to have the great info, but you need the entertainment aspect of it to make more people want whatever it is you are providing. There’s must a fun factor behind the productive useful side or it’s not going shoot to the moon. You MUST have this if you want to beat and cheat out the entire market. Don’t be getting all these phone numbers and then be talking about the events you are going to do, JUST DO IT! THERE IS NOTHING WORSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD THAN NOT TAKING ACTION. NOT TAKING ACTION IS MURDERING YOUR FUTURE! MOTHERFUCKER TAKE ACTION! You never know what influencer might respond or might not, so if the don’t, just NEXT THEM. If they respond, great! But DO NOT sit around and wait. NEXT THEM and move on to the next

influential person. FINESSE EVERYTHING! Make WHATEVER it is you are doing sound like it’s the coolest thing in the world. DON’T SAY ANYTHING THAT’S GOING TO GET YOU IN TROUBLE OR HURT YOUR INTEGRITY! JUST FINESSE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN TO OVERBLOW THE VALUE OF WHATEVER IT IS YOU ARE DOING! You saying that you work in the Industry does not hurt the person you are saying it to. It only creates Potential Upside for them. “Working in the Industry” is such a vague term that it can mean anything. You can call yourself an Entrepreneur and can be broke or be making billions. It doesn’t matter. If you are doing entrepreneurial stuff, you are an Entrepreneur no matter how much you make. You can be an athlete because you run in the mornings. You can be a chef because you can cook one meal very well. YOU USE BROAD TERMS! You need to realize than you don’t have to make life harder for yourself. Make yourself a BROAD VARIETY OF THINGS so you can ASSOCIATE WITH PEOPLE easier. You need to project the coolest elements of yourself in the coolest way possible as fast as possible when you are meeting someone for the first time. It’s the 4 Second Rule of Jordan Belfort. People will judge you in a matter of 4 seconds, so in those 4

seconds you need to set the frame. And then every minute that passes after those 4 seconds is so very important in hardening the frame that you are coming from. This is why it’s very important to get yourself as a person across to the other person as best and as fast as possible. You want to set the initial frame very well! IF YOU CAN’T HOOK SOMEONE’S ATTENTION IN 30 SECONDS, YOU’RE OUT. IT’S OVER. Your initial pitch must be the BEST that it can be. So if you’re doing E-MAIL, then plan out what you will say very STRATEGICALLY. In the real world, you have about a 30 second window to hook somebody’s attention or they won’t be interested. You just have to put yourself out there and network, just doing your best without having the concern of outcome dependence. At the end of the day, the people you are networking with are not going to kill you and your family. If you just put in a bit of effort, things will go great. You just have to deal with any fear that you may have and just go for it. IF YOU HAVE VALUE TO OFFER, THEN DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT REPUTATION AND IMAGE THAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE OF YOU! VALUE IS VALUE! This applies to your personal brand, not so much business brand. PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF WRECKING THE SOCIAL CIRCLE THEY HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED YET. They are scared of fucking up. Motherfucker, start already! Solve problems when they happen, don’t make shit up!

If you don’t start, you’ll never start, so what is there to be scared about? You have to start anyway, and if you fuck up, just solve it then and there, because the chances that you will fuck up are so very low. SHIT ALWAYS CHANGES! A girl that hates you yesterday might be fucking you tomorrow. And maybe some guy that was your best friend yesterday will tomorrow become your worst enemy. THINGS ALWAYS CHANGE! So what the fuck are you worried about if they always change? Get used to it and keep on living, don’t just hide behind it and use it all as a big excuse and make yourself a victim. You are NEVER the victim and you never will be, no matter what bullshit story you might tell yourself. IF YOU DON’T REMEMBER WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK IT IS TODAY, THAT MEANS YOU ARE LIVING! Stop living on this bullshit schedule. Do whatever it is the fuck you want! That is how you actually become happy in life. PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE YOU WILL NEVER BUY FROM YOU ANYWAY! THEN WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT IN EVEN PLEASING THEM? FUCK THEM! KEEP ON DOING WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE DOING! The fact that you are free to be yourself and do whatever you want is the single most thing that will make people like you. If you are just free to do whatever you want without paying attention to other people, people will appreciate that more than any label that you can put on yourself.

It’s like Donald Trump. So many people hate him but he doesn’t give a fuck and keeps on doing his thing, and guess where that got him. He’s winning the presidential election despite half of Americans hating on him. The fact that you are free to be yourself is so rare in itself, because of social conditioning. If you are a person that is free of social conditioning, you spew out massive value wherever you go or to whoever you meet. BEING A PERSON THAT IS FREE OF SOCIAL CONDITIONING IS MASSIVE FUCKING VALUE! YOU CAN’T JUDGE PEOPLE BASED ON WHO YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE! GET TO KNOW THEM, AND THEN FILTER THEM OUT IF YOU WANT! People can not be ‘too good for you’, you need to be in full people collection mode, and gather as many people as possible. You can filter LATER. GET THE CONTACT INFO OF EVERYBODY THAT YOU MEET! Fucking everybody. Everyone has their uses, don’t judge. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO KNOW WHY YOU ARE GETTING THEIR CONTACT INFO! JUST GET EVERYONE’S CONTACTS AND DEAL WITH IT LATER! Once you have hundreds of phone numbers in your city, only then can you be selective and picky of who you connect with. But until then, don’t be picky, and just gather everybody. Filter out people when you have the REAL ABUNDANCE, not the fake abundance of you judging everyone but not knowing

anybody. Take aggressive notes about people. Assume that you will remember nothing. Use Emojis to keep track of people in your phone. You can then search a criteria of people that you need by Emoji. In the title of the contact, put in something that will help you remind who that person is, so when they call you, on the screen you see exactly what person it is, how they are associated with you and what they can do for you or you can do for them. If you have a business, you can hire a personal assistant to manage all this shit for you. It will save you a lot of time. You have to realize that most people actually don’t like nightclubs, they just go there because that’s where all the cool people are. EATING OUT AND HIGH-VALUE GAME. THIS IS ULTRA IMPORTANT!!! THE MORE ATTRACTIVE THE GIRL AND THE HIGHER QUALITY THE GUY, THE MORE IT COMES DOWN TO FOOD. Dining. Eating out. That’s what the highest status people do. They don’t do the nightclub shit, they eat out. It’s all of a sudden not about the booze in the club, but the quality of food you eat. The quality of food that you eat and where shows your level of status. If you work the High-End restaurants and fancy places, the yield is so much higher than if you would be gaming at a venue.

Everybody who is partying, is usually at these High-End restaurants first, and then they go to the venue. So just pluck off at people at the restaurant and there you have your whole night set up with them. There is this vague term: “The Industry”, and these people are just being shuttled from place to place to place. Just jump on the bandwagon and you’re set. It’s the Fickle 500. The Industry. COOL WAY TO GET COMP MEALS: You can go to places before they make their grand opening and meet with the management and befriend them, then if you go to their establishment often and promote it, they will give you comp meals. Create tastings in restaurants. It’s a cool thing to do. All the contacts, phone numbers of girls and guys that you are getting, don’t just let them sit in your phone, PUT THEM TO USE! INVITE THEM TO THINGS! In Las Vegas, there are restaurants that provide complementary dinners for all industry people. If you can get in on that, you can have free luxurious dinners every day, as well as hit on the hot girls that are at these High-End establishments. In other cities they may also have this, look into it. STK is the go-to restaurant in any city that has it. It’s the restaurant that will have the hottest girls. Obviously there are better and more exclusive ones for every city, but STK is the universal option. If you invite out managers of different venues to eat out with you, they will definitely return the favour by giving you comp

bottles or comp meals. IF YOU GIVE VALUE, YOU WILL ALWAYS GET IT BACK. People want to give back value after they take some. INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF COLLISIONS WITH PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE SO YOUR NETWORK CAN GROW! Always go out when given the opportunity. Fuck staying in and cowering, GO AND SOCIALIZE! Your NET WORTH is your NETWORK. THE TRUE VALUE AND POWER OF A PERSON IS IN THEIR NETWORK. Go to the places that are the most difficult to get in to. If you land in a new city, first thing go eat at some cunty place. Not necessarily expensive, but very cunty. Always sit at the bar there, because the bar is the most social. Meet 4-6 people, like the manager, the hostess, the bartender, waitress, etc.. and GET THEIR CONTACTS! Then ask them the following questions: What’s the hardest place to get in to. What’s the most fun, chill place. Where to get your hair cut. (You always need to know the best barber in the city, in every city). What’s the best after-hours spot. (Just in case). The bigger the city, the more options. The smaller the city, the less hassle, and less people. But Social Circle building is just as practical in both cases. You can e-mail clubs and do all your recon while you’re on your flight to that city, and then when you land already have an email back saying who to text when you’re at the door.

This is a great way to save time! IF YOU WANT SUCCESS IN LIFE, JUST STUDY AND MODEL WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE DOING. ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH THEM AND TAKE ACTIONS ACCORDINGLY! TOPICS AND THREADS: Master multiple topics. It’s so great when you show people that you can talk about a variety of things: Pickup, Business, Social Life, Spiritual Life, Health, Food, Girls, Cars, Politics, etc… The more trades that you know, the more you will have to talk about, the more of a social person you will be. Have many topics and many threads that you can talk about. Be a master of all trades. LEARN! This takes time and research, but if you are willing to invest the time into researching different trades, it will DEFINITELY PAY OFF. This is MASSIVE because this is how you demonstrate Knowledge and High Value to other People of High Value. BE STRATEGIC WITH EVERYTHING! Luke has a quote: “Vegas fixes everything”. Just move to Las Vegas and you are set lol. Vegas has the hottest girls, world class food, the best venues, all the activities you could ever want, minutes from your house, and it’s all 24/7. Also it’s close to Los Angeles and the cool nature that California, Arizona and Nevada have to offer. You should ALWAYS live in the city that achieves your goals for you the best. Los Angeles clubs suck dick for example, so you wouldn’t go rage at those clubs. For doing Luke’s Degenerate style of game, Las Vegas is the best city. Vegas is probably the best city for game in the whole

world. A fresh batch of bitches of flown in and out of Vegas every day! ADAPT TO YOUR CITY AND IT’S LOGISTICS! Mandarin Oriental is so underrated. The hottest girls in Vegas go to the lounge and the pool there. Luke goes there at least 4 times a week then he’s in Vegas. Go to some LOUNGES. You will find the rich investors and other people of interest as well as the hottest girl in your city there. Most clubs in a city are owned by 1-3 groups. If you know an EXECUTIVE from one group, they can get you VIP access to half of the clubs in that city. Make those executive connections. In Vegas, the two groups that own pretty much the entire strip are MGM RESORTS and CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT. And then there’s WYNN RESORTS which manages Wynn and Encore. If you know the owners of these three groups, you are basically an EXECUTIVE and can get comp tables at every nightclub in Vegas. Once you know someone from the GROUP that manages all these places, you can get into any of their clubs or restaurants. Also, note that nightclubs are usually part of a restaurant group. So hosts and managers can get you comp tables at restaurants if you play your cards right. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND YOU CAN FIND THIS SHIT OUT! THEN JUST NETWORK WITH THE PEOPLE THAT YOU NEED TO NETWORK WITH TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

The world is a small place. It’s an oyster in the palm of your hand. It’s amazing how small the world gets when you have these massive social connections. As quoted in Scarface: The World Is Yours. So fucking take it.

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