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May 2017 Vol 47 Iss 554 £4.75 Printed in UK

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Produced by HobbyZone Limited under licence from SAM Publications 21 Kingsway, Bedford, MK42 9BJ, UK Telephone: +44 (0) 1234 211245 Fax: +44 (0)1234 325927 Email: [email protected] Publisher   SAM Publications Group Editor   Andy Evans Associate Editor   Andy Renshaw Design   Jonathan Phillips Editorial Consultant (UK): Keith Forsyth Editorial Consultant (Dioramas): Leigh Jones Editorial Consultant (Figures): Mark Dollery Editorial Consultant (EUROPE) Vitor Costa Editorial Correspondant (Historian): Anthony Tucker-Jones  Contributors Xavier Aillaud; Ian Barraclough; Marian Bunc; Vitor Costa; Gerry Doyle; Robin Gilby; Phuong Ke; Richard Kent; Jaffe Lam; Danumurthi Mahendra; Clayton Ockerby; Kevin Peart; Jeff De Rosa; Michael Tafil; Keisuke Tanaka  Advertising Sales   Mark Willey [email protected]   +44 (0) 1234 224992 Pre-press Production   HobbyZone Limited Print Production   Stephens & George, UK  Distribution by COMAG Tavistock Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7QE Telephone: 01895 433777  North American Distribution by Disticor 695 Westney Rd South, Suite 14, Ajax, Ontario, Canada L1S 6M9 Tel: + 1 (905) 619 6565  Thanks to the following for their contributions: Alex Medwell (The Airbrush Company) Thomas Randrupp (Revell) Brian Keaney (HobbyLink Japan) Alina Rizhko (MiniArt) Stewart and Clair White (Creative Models) Peter Binger (Hobby Company) Mig Jiminez (Ammo of Mig) John Bristow (Deluxe Materials)  Subscriptions Cheques/Money Orders in Sterling only made payable to HobbyZone Limited and sent to the address above. Credit card payment accepted by phone. Subscription Hotline +44 (0)1234 211245  American Subscriptions Wise Owl is no longer a seller of subscriptions on behalf of HobbyZone Limited. Current Wise Owl customers can renew their subscriptions at the current rates directly with SAM Publications: Subscription hotline +44 (0)1234 211245 – we are happy to call you back to take your order! Email ordering and customer support: [email protected] Website secure online ordering: American shops and trade may obtain copies from Kalmbach Publishing Toll Free – 800 558 1544 Canadian shops and trade may obtain copies from Disticor Tel: + 1 (905) 619 6565 Scale Models International, Volume 47 Issue 554, May 2017 (ISSN 1475-3391) published monthly by HobbyZone Limited, 2221 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls NY 143045709. Periodicals Postage pending at Niagara Falls NY. U.S. Postmaster: Send address changes to Scale Models International, P.O. Box 2165 Williamsville, NY 14231

The paper used in this magazine is made from timber sourced from sustainable managed forests; the pulp is ECF (elemental chlorine free); the manufacturing mill is accredited with ISO14001 and EMAS for their environmental controls. HobbyZone Limited is a member of

Scale Military Modeller International

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military coin this month we are also having a slight departure from the ‘norm’, after all is a special issue, and you will find a splendid piece from the sci-fi game ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ as we present something a little different as the market, and to use an oft quoted phrase Clayton Ockerby builds the 1:35 Zoukei-Mura ‘we have never had it so good’. Every month ‘Edelweiss’ Gallia Experimental Tank! Normal in our ‘Figure News’ and ‘Figure Previews’ service is returned elsewhere with our usual sections I am constantly amazed at the eclectic mix of armour builds, and wonderful array of subject matter, be it I am very pleased to have Vitor ancient history, right up to present day, Costa’s excellent AK Interactive and these figures come in all sizes and painted FT-17 on board, as well materials from traditional plastic, as Danumurthi Mahendra who through resin, white metal and builds the 1:35 Academy M60A1 now more and more 3D printed with ERA and M9 Dozer Blade, in offerings are beginning to appear. the US Army CARC scheme. So I Also new manufacturers and hope you enjoy all we have to offer cropping up every month and our We Recommend this month, and as always….. more traditional ports of call are also stepping up their production Happy Modelling! and quality, so there has never been a better time to try your hand at either a stand-alone Andy Evans figure or bust, or indeed Editor perhaps putting some figures in a vignette or diorama scene. So, in this, our annual homage to the all things figure, I hope you will find something to excite and edify! On the other side of the he past year has certainly seen an upsurge in the amount of figures, busts and figure sets coming onto

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F8 mobile firepower

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F22 – Inside story - smmi’s mark


With ERA and M9 Dozer Blade

dollery talks to lee witt of

‘fields of glory models’

masterclass 12modellers 18adelweiss Kapitán Otakar Jaroš!

Valkyria Chronicles

competition 72Casemate Your chance to win a copy of: A TASTE OF SUCCESS – THE BATTLE OF ARRAS 1917


74vive la france 80russian bt-7

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with mig 90modelling

Centurion Tank

Schwimmingly –Well

FT-17 tank using AK Interactive products

White Lightning!

King Tiger in Winter


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13/04/2017 15:20

M60A1 with ERA Scale 1:35 / Plus M9 Dozer Blade

patton on the rise






he M60 Patton tank was one of the West’s primary MBTs during the Cold War. Officially named the ‘105mm

Gun Full Tracked Combat Tank M60’, the Patton had a huge production run with some 15,000 examples built. Outside the United States, countries like Egypt, Turkey, and Israel were the largest users, and during its long career, efforts were made to upgrade the basic design to maintain and improve its level of protection and lethality in line with current threats. Academy first issued this 1:35 kit back in the late 1990’s, and it included the basic M60A1, the passive explosive reactive armour (ERA) kit, and the M9 dozer blade. You also got some nice accessories like jerry cans, ammunition boxes and tarpaulins, with decals for US Army and Marine Corps vehicles. With such a long service life, there are tons of reference photographs, articles, and drawings on the M60 available in back issues of SMMI, various books and online. Such abundance information helped a lot with how I went about this build in terms of painting and weathering. As far as build was concerned these is not much of note, save the cleaning up of sink marks, seam lines, and excessive plastic around the chassis, turret, cupola, gun barrel, and dozer blade. I also improved the look


Scale Military Modeller International

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M60A1 with ERA and M9 Dozer Blade Manufacturer: Academy Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 1390

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:03

M60A1 Patton With ERA And M9 Dozer Blade

by thinning the mudguards, and to roughen up the surface, I also added cast-iron texture effects on the hull, turret, gun mantle, and cupola using a combination of Tamiya cement and putty. The stowage bin frames were a bit fiddly so I used clamps to hold them together until the cement cured. The

I painted the M60 in the ‘Chemical Agent Resistant Coating’ scheme of Brown, Black, and Green, popularly known as the ‘NATO scheme’

kit included a generous amount of plastic mesh and an instruction sheet to help guide cutting. I sewed the mesh on the frame with some thread before I added tiny drops of CA glue on each of the knots. The ERA blocks were tricky and time consuming too, as the instructions were hopeless, so I took to the Internet for help! Finally, I added the stowage to make it look busy. During exercises and more so in combat, tank crews bring a lot of personal gear, extra fuel, water, and supplies. So I added jerry cans, tarpaulins, sleeping bags, rucksacks, blankets, folding cots, a tow cable, and extra wheel sets. Most came from the box but some were resin accessories. Everything was then strapped downs using a thread and strips of masking tape. These were later brush painted Olive Green or Olive WWW.SAMPUBLICATIONS.COM

06-09-Patton-Rise-SMMI-0517.indd 7


13/04/2017 14:03

M60A1 with ERA Scale 1:35 / Plus M9 Dozer Blade

Drab, depending on the items. I wanted to show my M60 as a tank that took part in manoeuvres and joint-exercises that the US Army conducted or participated in the 1980’s – be that in Europe or in North America. With that timeframe set, I went ahead to give my model the CARC – ‘Chemical Agent Resistant Coating’ scheme of Brown, Black, and Green, popularly known as the ‘NATO scheme’. I applied three different coats of Black, Grey, and White primer using Gunze and Tamiya products, in order to show a light-to-dark graduation. I then airbrushed on Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black, XF-61 NATO Green, and XF-68 NATO Brown. Then finally it was on to the details such as Gloss Black and Silver headlamps, A.MIG.0093 Crystal Red for the taillights and A.MIG.3009 Gun Metal for the cupola gun barrel. I wanted to give my Patton a dusty look, so I applied what little decals were provided and gave the model a generous coat of acrylicbased clear gloss, before diving into the weathering stage. With an old brush, I covered the dozer blade and lower hull with a generous amount of White DAS Clay, made into a pulp by adding some water and tinting it acrylic Flat Earth. Then I gave the model a good wash with thinned oil paints and started to add chipping, focusing on specific areas, notably the tool boxes, handlebars, fenders, loops, hatches, and where there had been lots of human traffic. Important to note that modern MBTs are built to withstand a lot of punishment and the M60 is a tough tank to dent. So I used XF-61 NATO Green


Scale Military Modeller International

06-09-Patton-Rise-SMMI-0517.indd 8

for light chipping and for the deeper ones a 4B pencil and XF-84 Dark Iron. I then layered the surface with various filters using highly diluted oil paints to enrich the basic camouflage, and give some tonal variation. I then added some dust, some splatter, and dry mud weathering effects, using a variety of colours from XF-52 Flat Earth, XF-57 Buff, Sakura chalk pastels, and A.MIG.3012 Sand and A.MIG.3007 Dark Earth pigments. I created the splatter by pushing compressed air through a brush loaded with diluted enamel paint, and with the correct angle and air pressure, you can stimulate realistic effects. Other details include A.MIG.3001 Black pigment for the sooty exhaust and X-19 Smoke mixed with Flat Brown and Clear Yellow for oil leaks and fuel spills. The last things to add were some MRE boxes, soda can cartons, and install the antennas. I very much enjoyed constructing the model as much as weathering it and I think the final look captured the style of a dusty M60 that I was aiming for.

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:03

M60A1 Patton With ERA And M9 Dozer Blade


06-09-Patton-Rise-SMMI-0517.indd 9


13/04/2017 14:03

track links

Big Gun Keisuke Tanaka adds his distinctive style to the 1:35 Tamiya M109 SPG

M109 Howitzer

Manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number :49 As you would expect with any Tamiya kit, construction is very easy, and you soon have a replica of this enormous beast! For the painting I used Mr Color shades with Olive Drab #38 as the dominant colour. The model

1 0

Scale Military Modeller International

10-11-Track-Links-SMMI-0517.indd 10

was then treated with Vallejo pigments including Dark Rust and Black, and Mr Weathering washes and highlights. It was a joy to build and paint and I hope you find inspiration here!

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:09

track links Big Gun

on the side The M109 Howitzer The M109 series is an American 155mm self-propelled howitzer first

introduced in the early 1960s, and has been upgraded a number of times, most recently to the M109A7. The M109 family is the most common western indirect fire weapon of choice for manoeuvre brigades of armoured and mechanised infantry divisions. The M109 has a crew of six: a section chief, driver, gunner, assistant gunner and two ammunition handlers. The M109A6 Paladin needs only a crew of four: the commander, driver, gunner and an ammunition loader.

The M109 was first produced in 1963, and the Tamiya kit is a good representation

M109 - first produced in 1963 with a 23-calibre 155 mm M126 gun in an M127 Howitzer Mount. Easily identified by its short barrel and a double baffle muzzle brake with a large fume extractor. M109A1 -replaced the M126 gun with a longer barrelled, 39-calibre M185 gun. M109A2/B – incorporated Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) mid-life improvements. Most notably, the long barrelled 155mm M185 cannon in anew M178 gun mount M109A3 and M109A3B – were M109A1s and M109A1Bs rebuilt to M109A2 standard respectively. M109A4 – were M109A2s and M109A3s improved with Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical/Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (NBC/RAM) improvements and Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) gear. M109A5 – replaced the 155mm M185 cannon in an M178 mount with a 39-calibre 155mm M284 cannon in an M182 mount with an uprated engine M109A5+ - featured manufacturer upgraded systems M109A6 ‘Paladin’ – featured improvements in the areas of survivability, armour RAM, and armament, and product improvement of the M284 cannon and M182A1 mount. M109 ‘KAWEST’ – a Swiss improved version with an L47 155mm gun with an increased firing range M109L52 – was jointly developed by the Dutch firm RDM and the German firm Rheinmetall, and replaced the M126 series gun with the longer 52-calibre cannon from the PzH 2000 M109A3GNM – is the current version in use in the Norwegian Army. K55/K55A1 – are South Korean are variants based on M109A2 with additional domestic augmentations M109A7 – is the newest US version of the M109 formerly known as the M109A6 ‘Paladin Integrated Management’ (PIM) and shares common components with the Bradley IFV


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1 1

13/04/2017 14:09

modellers masterclass Sponsored By: Hobbylink Japan /

Kapitán Otakar Jaroš - Russian Tank


czech mate tamiya


have a general rule about purchasing models, in that I would‘nt immediately rush out and buy a new kit,

as to be honest I have so many, I find it hard to build them all! However, when I saw a 1:35 Tamiya SU-85 in my local hobby store with the ‘Kapitán Otakar Jaroš’ sign on the side, I could‘nt let it pass, as I wanted to add one more Czechoslovakian Tank Brigade vehicle to my collection. The biggest problem with this kit are holes for the electric motor in the lower hull, which I filled with plastic plates, and I also replaced the fenders with new ones made from a metal drinks can. I also worked on the hatches and

their hinges and reworked some areas of the front glacis and other armour areas. My research revealed the this particular tank had the rear half of the right fender missing, the commander‘s turret had additional welded iron plate armour, there were no auxilliary fuel tanks carried and the front hull edge wasn’t round, but sharp. I also added a Res-Im upgrade set for the wheels to bring even more detailing to the model. I also made my own mask for the ‘Kapitán Otakar Jaroš’ lettering on the side using a paper stencil. I wanted to make a pretty weathered vehicle, as the ‘Jaros’ tank joined the squad after a career with the 150th Tank

KIT DATA SU-85 Russian Tank Destroyer Manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 72 Eduard Etched Grille Set Res-Im Resin Wheels Set MasterClub Tracks RB Productions Metal Barrell

1 2

Scale Military Modeller International

12-16-Masterclass-SMMI-0517.indd 12

May 2017

13/04/2017 15:23

sponsor: hobbylink japan

Modellers Masterclass

I had to fill in the electric motor holes in the hull, and also covered the space over the tracks I created some weld lines using Magic Sculpt, and added an Eduard etched engine grille

I wanted to add one more Czechoslovakian Tank Brigade vehicle to my collection WWW.SAMPUBLICATIONS.COM

12-16-Masterclass-SMMI-0517.indd 13

1 3

13/04/2017 15:23

modellers masterclass Sponsored By: Hobbylink Japan /

The finished model build ready to paint with metal drinks can and etched fenders added, and modified hull hatches After a primer coat, I used mixed Tamiya colours for the base coat, and then began to modulate these using paper masks between the tones......

....and here is the result

I created my own mask for the lettering

....and then added some baseline chipping with a lighter shade..... I randomly applied layer of various oil colours to add fading and tone.......

.....and some rust and weathering streaks along the sides....

1 4

Scale Military Modeller International

12-16-Masterclass-SMMI-0517.indd 14

...and the front plate

May 2017

13/04/2017 15:23

sponsor: hobbylink japan

Modellers Masterclass

Adding some muddy effects

....and then here is the finished and painted result Test fitting the RES-IM resin wheels....


12-16-Masterclass-SMMI-0517.indd 15

1 5

13/04/2017 15:23

modellers masterclass Sponsored By: Hobbylink Japan /

A Magic-Sculpt apple and some straw!

Stains were added using a dark wash

1 6

Scale Military Modeller International

12-16-Masterclass-SMMI-0517.indd 16

Brigade, so it had already seen much action. So after painting, I added and blended oil colour dots, and a black and brown wash. Paint chips and scratches were then added and then I moved on to applying some mud. The first step here was to add some SiraHobby PP208 Sandy Brown on the lower hull and around the chassis, and then I damped some areas with AW01Dark Wash for wet stains and spots. On the upper hull I started with Aqua Liquid Pigments SA07

Dust, around details and fenders. On the vertical sides I started to create some dust streaks with SA07 Dust mixed with E13 Light Sand, along with more some Aqua Dark Wash around the smaller details. On the rear I decided to add more mud and dirt splashed up from the tracks, and here I created a base for the rougher texture with PP208 Sandy Earth pigment, splashing it from a MicroDrill brush. I then repeated this with the Aqua Liquid Dust SA07 Dark Wash AW01. I also added some leaves from Modelscene and an apple created from Magic-Sculpt as you can see in the photographs to give more visual interest. The last step was to add the two cable and pioneer tools.

May 2017

13/04/2017 15:23

Mastered-Ads-0517-SMMI_61-Ads-0607-SMC.qxd 13/04/2017 15:59 Page 17

SKYRAIDER By Andy Renshaw and Andy Evans

ble to carry a greater payload than a four-engine B-17 Flying Fortress, the single-engine A-1 Skyraider was considered one of the finest attack and close air support aircraft ever built. Skyraider’s proved critical during the Korean War and over the jungles of North Vietnam. The airplane that became the AD Skyraider (redesignated A-1 in 1962) evolved from a 1943 Navy decision to combine the dive-bombing and torpedo mission into one aircraft. First flown in 1945, the Skyraider entered US Navy service the following year. Later nicknamed ‘Spad’ for its ‘old-school’ design and appearance, reminiscent of the famous World War I aircraft, the Skyraider earned a reputation for ruggedness that not only packed a punch, but also brought back many an airman, despite taking heavy damage from enemy fire. Some AD pilots also trained for an atomic war, practicing long-range flights to deliver nuclear bombs at low altitude. A-1s were also part of the first attacks against North Vietnam following the Tonkin Gulf Incident, and in June 1965, a pair of Skyraiders even shot down a North Vietnamese MiG-17 in air-to-air combat. It was perhaps in the ‘Sandy’ Combat Search And Rescue role the USAF Skyraider earned most respect, and its heavy payload and long loiter time proved vital in rescue of downed airman in Southeast Asia. The Skyraider was also used by the air forces of South Vietnam, France, Cambodia, Chad and Gabon, and the Royal Navy operated a dedicated airborne early warning version from her aircraft carriers, and the Swedish Air Force used the Skyraider as a target tug. All told, 3,180 Skyraiders rolled off the Douglas Aircraft Company assembly line, and in this new Datafile by Andy Renshaw and Andy Evans; the Skyraider story is brought to life. Packed with many never before seen images, concise text, colour profiles, technical diagrams, scale plans and how to model the Skyraider in popular scales, this book is a must have for the enthusiast and modeller alike.

6 F2 W! MD NO T OU



M DF 26


MDF 26


£19.99 +£3.00 P&P

ORDER HOTLINE: 44 (0)1234 211245 ORDER ONLINE:

armour-fi Scale 1:35 / Experimental Tank

valkyria chronicles


1 8

Scale Military Modeller International

18-21-Adelweiss-SMMI-0517.indd 18

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:12

valkyria chronicles


The turret and gun sections were painted and assembled. The details are basic, but within keeping with the cartoon look

Here you see the base section with the engine and transmission in place. Vallejo Grey Blue was sprayed on and then the details were added. The engine and transmission were painted in Black Grey and buffed with a gunmetal pigment, and the ammunition was sprayed using Brass from the AK Interactive Extreme Metal range. European Earth Pigment from the Ammo of MIG range were also used


tactical role play



traight from the computer screen to

your workbench, here is ‘Edelweiss’, a tank as seen in the Sega Game ‘Valkyria Chronicles’. So what is ‘Valkyria Chronicles’, I hear you ask? It is a tactical role-play game developed by Sega in 2008, set in a fictitious region called Europa, where the premise of the game is the neutral nation of Gallia coming under attack from the East European Imperial Alliance. Not that I have ever played the game

myself, but there is no doubting there is a familiarity with the environments and the machines within the game, so the ‘Edelweiss’ was a challenge. The parallels with the ‘Edelweiss’ and the ‘Panzer III’ are quite obvious to begin with, however, due to the animated nature of the graphics in the game, the scales are cartoon like and oversize. That said though, this seemed like a good opportunity to sink my teeth into something different, but not stray too far from my armour roots. The kit itself is nicely moulded and quite basic. The challenge here would be executing the straight edged camouflage scheme, and keeping the cartoonish look without weathering it too far back to reality. The kit also comes with a basic interior and engine bay, so there was

Although I would generally consider myself an ‘armour modeller’, I always seem to find myself drifting into all sorts of weird and wonderful subjects WWW.SAMPUBLICATIONS.COM

18-21-Adelweiss-SMMI-0517.indd 19

1 9

13/04/2017 14:12

armour-fi Scale 1:35 / Experimental Tank The link and length tracks were built and buffed with Gun Metal buffed on the high points with a fingertip

The wheels and the track section were then attached to the model. The fit was perfect

The model is now sealed up and received a coating of Luftwaffe Vallejo Uniform Blue

In order to achieve the unique camouflage pattern, I developed a mask set for the job. A coat of Grey Blue was then applied, followed by Pale Grey Blue

The side skirts were now fitted, masked, sprayed and detailed

The decals were then applied and the model sealed with gloss, followed by a matt coat and some Tamiya Buff to finish off

2 0

Scale Military Modeller International

18-21-Adelweiss-SMMI-0517.indd 20

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:12

valkyria chronicles


I applied random dots of coloured oil paint and slowly dragged them down the surface of the model using a flat brush moistened in white spirit, and then ‘Starship Filth’ was applied around recesses and raised detail, helping to give the illusion of depth and detail

To finish the model, a heavily thinned mix of X-19 Smoke was used as a post shade

going to be a little more work involved. The build however, was very straightforward, and this was the first time I had undertaken something like this, and although I would generally consider myself an ‘armour modeller’, I always seem to find myself drifting into all sorts of weird and wonderful subjects. There are other models in the Zoukei-Mura range as well as aftermarket lighting kits, figures and barrels, so if you like this one, there are other opportunities to extend your collection!


18-21-Adelweiss-SMMI-0517.indd 21

2 1

13/04/2017 14:13

22-IPMS-UK-SMMI-0517-SMMI_Z-SMMI-2011-Master.qxd 13/04/2017 15:06 Page 22

IPMS UK column

A Question of Scale

Membership Details

Presented by John Tapsell

Membership of IPMS (UK) offers you six high quality magazines per year; access to our decal bank, instruction library and technical advisory service; discounts at a number of well-known retailers, including online traders and free entry to Scale ModelWorld. Membership is open to anyone, regardless of skill level and with no requirement to belong to a Branch.

Membership Secretary: For further information about IPMS (UK) please write to Colin Marrow, enclosing three first class stamps. You will receive an information pack including a complimentary copy of our in house magazine within ten days. Abigail Brewin 144 High Road, Weston, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 6RA [email protected] Membership Subscription Rates UK Membership is now £23 per year European is £30 Rest of the World is £35 Adult members may add family members living at the same address at a cost of £5 each for the first two, free thereafter. We also offer a UK Junior membership for people under eighteen which costs £10. You can also now join online at

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generally build in a constant scale and we often develop particular styles and methods of construction as we become more experienced. It isn't a hard and fast rule and I sometimes spread my building across many genres of modelling, but for more than thirty-years my subject and scale of choice was 1:35, and (mostly) modern armour. Even within those parameters, I had particular favourites. Engineer and recovery vehicles were always on the agenda, as were any and all variants of the M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier. Over twenty-plus years I must have built in excess of thirty M113 kits, nearly all of them different and very few of them in American markings. But things move on and as anyone who follows this column on a regular basis will know, I made the momentous decision to change my allegiance to 1:48 armour a few years ago. It was a combination of factors that brought about this move to a new scale. I felt increasingly overwhelmed with the sheer range of 1:35 kits that were (and still are) being released. That, coupled with the steadily increasing retail price, meant I was less and less inclined to buy the kits. I think the last 1:35 kit I purchased would have been Tamiya's original M561 Gama Goat kit when it first came out. 1:48 scale offered me good quality kits at lower prices. The models were still large enough to allow me to convert or detail them to my heart's content and perhaps most counter-intuitive of all, I didn't have as many to choose from. In more practical terms, the reduced size of the models meant less pressure on my limited storage resources. It doesn't resolve the ultimate problem of what to do when I run out of space altogether but at least it delays that evil day for a few more years. The decision to change scales didn't wholly end my interest in 1:35 and neither did it happen neatly at the end of a project. I usually work on three or four projects concurrently and one of those 'old scale' projects was left halfcompleted. It continued to stare balefully at me from the shelf of shame for the next five years. Quite suddenly about four weeks ago I got it down from the shelf on a whim and decided to review where I had left the project and what needed doing to complete it. Looking back all those years I think I'd hit a

creative barrier with a couple of the scratchbuilt elements and that had stalled the project. With the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes I found myself able to move forward quite easily. The interior details were quickly undercoated and sprayed with their base colour and I started on the detail painting. One of the biggest shocks was how comfortable I'd become working in 1:48. Returning to 1:35 means that the parts seem so big, almost cumbersome. A simple jerry can for example, looks much larger than I remember. I had re-calibrated my brain to work in the smaller scale, to judge sizes and proportions and to estimate dimensions with a fair degree of accuracy. Now I'm having to remember what it felt like to work in my old scale. The worry I have is how easy it will be to go back to 1:48 once this project is finished? All the reasons I moved away from 1:35 still exist so I have no great desire to return to it. However, there are temptations... AFV Club has said they will shortly be releasing a newtool M113 kit and of all the subjects to tug on my emotions, this is perhaps the most tempting. I can purchase resin M113s in 1:48, but they would cost almost as much as a new tool 1:35 plastic kit and plastic is still my material of choice. On the other hand, the challenge of producing my favourite AFV in 1:48 is also holds a powerful attraction. The very fact that my preferred subjects are not easily available in 1:48 means I have to work to achieve my goals and encourages me to extend my modelling skills. I'm not the rabid competition junkie that I used to be and rarely enter models at the shows I attend, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy putting my work on display and talking to people about it. The more unusual the subject, the more likely people are to ask about it. The prospect of producing yet another Tiger or Sherman has never appealed to me. I've built my Tiger, just the one, but it won't win any prizes and I'm sure the ‘experten’ would find myriad faults with its accuracy. Kudos to those who find these vehicles fascinating as subjects, but I'd rather choose less popular subjects. If we all built the same stuff, the hobby would have the richness and diversity that makes it so appealing. I'm going to stick with my oddball armour scale and offbeat subjects and who knows, maybe I can persuade a few of you to join me too?


Scale Military Modeller International

May 2017

military news

News And Products From Around The World


on the side Ace Models

72431 – 1:72 V-100 Armored Patrol Car

CENTRE Military News & Previews

As always it is our intention to provide our readership with the most up-to-date and comprehensive survey of the industry and its impending releases as we can supply in print, and to this end we rely largely on contributions and and information recieved from outside sources. In the interests of accuracy, SMMI invites all manufacturers and producers of kits, accessories, conversions, decals and books to keep us informed of their current and proposed future releases, and let us have this information, along with any high resolution images, and we will be glad to include them. Bearing in mind the more the information supplied, the more column space their products will occupy in the SMMI News Section. Any press releases, news updates, product details and bulletins should be sent direct to the Editor at [email protected] for inclusion in the earliest possible issue of the magazine. As ever there are plenty of new products around to edify and excite, so without further ado….here is the news!

Andy Renshaw



TS-033 – 1:35 Russian Main Battle Tank T-72B1


713 – 1:72 FWD Model B 3-Ton Truck w/ BL 8in Howitzer Mk VI

Scorpion Miniatures

CK3515 – 1:35 HKCW CVR(T) Scorpion and Scimitar Falklands War Conversion Set

Friendship Models WV76032 – 1:76 FV101 Scorpion Late Hull WV76043 – 1:76 FV107 Scimitar Late Hull WV76045 – 1:76 FV101/1 Sabre

CB35115 – 1:35 T17E1 Staghound Mk 1 Armoured Car with Assault Bridge CB35112 – 1:35 Humber Mk III

Modelcollect UA72096 – 1:72 NATO M1001 MAN Tractor and BGM-109G US72094 – 1:72 128mm FlaK 40 AA-Gun


WB-01 – 1:72 OSA-AKM SA-8 Gecko WB-40 - 1:72 R-417 Badget


1:35 – Syrian Propane Cannon


23-25-Military-News-SMMI-0517.indd 23

2 3

13/04/2017 14:20

military news on the side Fine Molds 1:35 JGSDF Type 60 106mm SPG

Tetra Model Works ME-72006 – 1:72 US M983 HEMTT Tractor Detail-Up Set ME-48001 – 1:48 Type 10 Tank Detailup Set ME-35047 – 1:35 US Tank Destroyer M10 Detail- Up Set

OKB Grigov

72057 – 1:72 T-100 Soviet Heavy Tank with L-11 Gun


Combat Armour Models CV35-004 – 1:35 Vickers 6-Ton Light Tank

72041 – 1:72 Type 89 Japanese Medium Tank Otsu 72035 – 1:72 Stridsvagn M/40 72044 – 1:72 Type 94 Japanese Tankette

Custom Scale


37029 – 1:35 Tiran 4 – Late Type 37008 – 1:35 USMC Tank Crew

35073 – 1:35 Enzian E-1 German Missile


DP35020 – 1:35 Field Modified Civilian Truck w/ UB-32 Rocket Launcher

HobbyBoss 80168 - 1:35 Marder III Ausf.M Tank Destroyer Sd.Kfz.138-Late 83890 – 1:35 M35 Mittlerer Panzerwagen (ADGZ-Steyr)

Dan Taylor Modelworks

Amusing Hobby 35A018 – 1:35 Panther II

2 4

Scale Military Modeller International

23-25-Military-News-SMMI-0517.indd 24

1:72 - A12 Matilda Mk II BEF Conversion Set 1:72 - A9 Cruiser Mk I Desert Conversion 1:72 - Stuart Mk V (M3A3) Dust Shields 1:72 - Ammunition Boxes B167

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:20

+$1'3,&.(' +DQGSLFNHG )2 5      IRU

Trumpeter 07137 – 1:72 Russian BTR70 APC Early Version Russian BTR-70 APC 07138 – 1:72 Russian BTR-70 APC Late Version 09511 – 1:35 Ukrainian T-84 MBT 00924 – 1:16 Russian T-72B MBT 05554 – 1:35 SA-13 ‘Gopher’

Atak Model 35059 - 1:35 Zimmerit for RFM Tiger I Gruppe ‘Fehrmann’ 35061 – 1:35 Zimmerit for RFM Beregepanzer Tiger I


35376 – 1:35 Panzerspähwagen P-204 (f) Railway 35420 – 1:35 Type L3000S German Truck 35695 – 1:35 German Infantry in Gas Masks 1918






 LVWHU Ɇ JHUPH -¦  Ɇ  5  6  H5 3RUVFK


F-3063 – 1:35 ATMP Supacat with SLLPT RZ-35052 - 1:35 Variable Modern Cargo – Four Options RZ 35050 - 1:35 Net and Straps with Ratchet

Real Model 1:35 HEMTT Full Upgrade Sets Containing: RMA 35288 Engine Set RMA 35247 CPK PE Set RMA 35289 Wheels Set RMA 35235 Antenna Set RMA 35152 Drinks Set Poster Set





: : : 5 ( 9 ( / /  ' ( ( 1 IDFHERRNFRP5HYHOO#5HYHOO*HUPDQ\



23-25-Military-News-SMMI-0517.indd 25

2 5

13/04/2017 14:20

previews on the side DN Models 1:35 Camouflage Masks

35-827-066 Russian BMPT72 Terminator II – Russian Arms Expo 2015 35-827-064 - Russian BMPT-72 Terminator II – Uralvagonzavod Kadex 2014 35-827-063 - Russian BMPT72 Terminator II – Russian Arms Expo 2013 35-827-066 – Ukraine 2s3 152mm SPH 35-827-061 Russian MT-LB 35-827-057 - Russian T-14 Armata 72-287-007 - T-90A Victory Day Parade Limited Edition Set 35-827-068 - T-90MS Paint Masks

Water Textures Thick Mud Ground Textures Earth Textures

Scale Military Modeller International

26-31-Previews-SMMI-0517.indd 26

Manufacturer: Revell Scale: 1:35Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 03259 Price: TBC

Robin Gilby

New Diorama Effects from Vallejo

2 6

Armoured Scout Vehicle P 204 (f)

This is a new offering from Revell, itself another of their re-releases taken from ICM. The vehicle was a captured French Panhard armoured car pressed into German service in 1940/1941, and was quite an advanced design for the time with around 300 of them being put into use by the German Army. Some were sent to the Eastern Front as part of Operation Barbarossa with various modifications, whilst others were used for security and anti-resistance duties throughout the war. The build begins with a pleasant surprise, as the kit is supplied with a full interior and engine bay detail. In fact the first eighteen of the fifty-six build stages are taken up with this part of the build. All

the detail you could want is included; the drivers’ station, crew seating, bulkhead panels, and plenty of spare ammunition for the cannon and machine gun. The engine is well represented too and is a rewarding little sub assembly in itself. Luckily all this can be shown off if you like with the option to have all the hatches positioned open. I decided this would be the way to go for me and so spent some extra time detailing and weathering the entire interior before progressing any further. Next up is some of the body panels, the two sidewalls and some mudguard parts. With all this fitted the vehicle starts to take shape and then it is the axle assemblies and some suspension parts. Care is needed here with some small and thin parts used for the suspension and steering linkage. The wheels can be built next and are nice two-piece hubs finished off with some decent looking rubber tyres. These where put to one side for painting and detailing off the vehicle. Then some exterior detailing is added, grab

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:22


Initial Look at Items Received from Manufacturers

on the side New from Takom T29E3 Manufacturer: Takom Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 2064 Price: TBC

handles, headlights and tools, and then the build moves onto the turret. The 25mm cannon and machine gun are put together as two neat little sub-assemblies, these are well detailed and the cannon is able to elevate freely if you are careful with the cement. The turret ring is next and then some minor interior parts to finish it off. With some more detail at the exterior including the exhaust, the multitude of hatches can then be fitted in place, although the ones I was keeping open I left off for painting separately, a lot easier than trying to do it on the completed vehicle. Now I turned to painting, and two colour options are suggested, one in overall Panzer Grey serving in Russia and the other in Dark Yellow with Red/Brown camouflage serving as an anti-partisan vehicle in France 1944. I went with the Panzer Grey option as I liked the look of the early-War markings and wanted to practice my paint method with the single colour. After priming I chose Vallejo 71.052 German Grey as my basecoat,

applied through my airbrush. To modulate the colour and bring in some variation I next began a series of five or six dry brushing stages, each time gradually lightening the grey until I was virtually using an off white to finish. This showed up all the raised detail nicely, especially of all those hundreds of rivet heads! After the decals a dark wash around the model was next, and then a rust wash as well in selected recesses for more colour interest. Weathering was kept simple, just an simple mix of Ammo of MIG-1704 Heavy Mud with some added fine sand and tea leaves applied sparingly around the lower surfaces and then highlighted with various light dust pigments, dry in some places and applied wet in others. I then used some Ammo of MIG-1751 Dry Steppe Splash Effects flicked on around the lower surfaces and finally the model had a fine dusting all over with my airbrush using Tamiya Buff to bring everything together and dull down the decals. When all this had dried the model was complete and what a real little gem it was. With no expectations of this kit at the start of the build it certainly impressed me with that great interior and all round good fit and so comes highly recommended from me. Thanks to Revell for the review sample

T30/34 Manufacturer: Takom Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 2065 Price: TBC FV 432 Mk.2/1 Manufacturer: Takom Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 2066 Price: TBC V-2 Rocket w/Meiller Wagon and Hanomag SS100 Manufacturer: Takom Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 2030 Maus V1 Manufacturer: Takom Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 2048 Price: TBC Maus V2 Manufacturer: Takom Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 2050 Price: TBC


26-31-Previews-SMMI-0517.indd 27

2 7

13/04/2017 14:22

previews on the side New from Ammo of MIG Flesh Tones Paint Set Manufacturer: Ammo of MIG Set Number: A.MIG-7168 Price: €13.80 King Tiger 2 in 1 Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B. Henschel Turret Kit Manufacturer: Ammo of MIG Kit Number: A.MIG-7168 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Price: €49.95 First in a new range from MIG!

New IDF Armour From Dragon IDF Magach 3 w/ERA

Manufacturer: Dragon Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 3578 Price: TBC

Al Harper

Also Available

This new kit inherits excellent features from Dragons existing Magach 3, but it has been suitably modified to represent an IDF

AMIG8500 1945 King Tiger + Colour Set

IDF Armour Paint Set Manufacturer: Ammo of MIG Set Number: A.MIG-7163 Price: €13.80

New 1:35 Decals from ToRo 35D41 – Half Tracks in Polish Service #1 35D42 – Polish Army vehicles - Registration Numbers 1946 Pattern and Stencils 35D43 – Polish APC Rosomak - #3 35D45 – Polish APC Rosomak Placards

version fitted with ERA. This means the tank has a completely new and appealing look compared to the standard Magach 3, and the ERA blocks on the hull and the turret have been accurately replicated. There are other brand new parts too. For example, there is a new machine gun with ammunition box and a new commander’s cupola. Additionally, there’s a generous selection of etched parts for delicate elements such as tool brackets and tow cable brackets, plus the tank uses one-piece tracks made from DS for added convenience. The 105mm main gun’s weather-proof mantlet cover is also made from DS to ensure maximum realism. This is an incredibly detailed kit of the Magach 3, and the ERA suite provides a fascinating look for this Israeli tank.

New from AK Interactive Yellow Uniform Colours

Manufacturer; AK Interactive Set Number: AK3190 Price: €14.00

Vietnam US Green and Camouflage Colours Manufacturer; AK Interactive Set Number: AK3200 Price: €14.00

Getting the Water Right!

AK8002 Water Gel Transparent AK8003 Water Gel Atlantic Blue AK8004 Water Gel Pacific Blue AK8006 Water Gel Swamp Green AK8007 Water Gel Effects AK8008 Still Water

2 8

Scale Military Modeller International

26-31-Previews-SMMI-0517.indd 28

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:22


Initial Look at Items Received from Manufacturers

on the side Black Dog Diorama Accessories

Column #2 Base Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: D35089 Price: TBC

Dragon – Wittmann’s StuG StuG III Ausf A Michael Wittman, LAH Division

Manufacturer: Dragon Scale; 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 6860 Price: TBC

More associated with his Tiger exploits, Dragon has now turned its attention to Wittmann’s earlier career with his StuG. This kit features a new upper hull and superstructure with new storage boxes added.

New Sets from Legend Legend Leopard 2A4M CAN Detailing Set Manufacturer: Legend Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: cast resin and etch Kit Number: LF1342 Price: TBC

Ruined House with Painting Base Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: D35090 Price: TBC Israeli Roadblocks Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: D35091 Price: TBC Street with House and Lamp Base Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:72 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: D72039 Price: TBC Plastic Roadblocks Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:72 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: D72040 Price: TBC

AVDS-1790 Engine and Sling Set I Manufacturer: Legend Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: cast resin and etch Kit Number: LF1343 Price: TBC

AVDS-1790 Engine and Compartment Set II

Manufacturer: Legend Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: cast resin and etch Kit Number: LF1344 Price: TBC


26-31-Previews-SMMI-0517.indd 29

2 9

13/04/2017 14:22

previews on the side New Paint Sets from Hakata


Manufacturer: MiniArt

Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 37003 Price: TBC

Leigh Jones

HTK-CS51 – US Army MERDC Camouflage HTK-CS11 – Early World War II Polish Army Paint Set HTK-CS67 – Modern US Army and USMC Paint Set HTK-CS72 – Modern Polish Army Paint Set HTK-AS77 – Modern British Army Paint Set

MiniArt really do produce kits to the beat of their own drum, moving away from the obvious choices of most mainstream manufacturers. In recent times they have given us the AEC armoured cars, T-44’s and a full range of Valentines, and in my opinion, the modelling world is much the richer for it. This time around we have the post war T-54-1, which to my knowledge is the first time this particular model has appeared in this scale. Although not as famous as its T-34 forebear, this was the first in the line of the T54/55 tanks which went on to become the most widely produced

Plus Model Accessories

tank range in history with up to 100,000 being built from 1946 onwards. In many ways this is the ‘AK-47’ of the tank world, relatively cheap, reliable and simple to maintain and operate. The model itself is of the quality I have come to expect from MiniArt with crisply produced parts with great detail and a straightforward set of illustrated instructions. Don’t expect this to be a ‘Friday night’ build though, as there are a whopping 1053 parts to contend with and a complete interior which includes both crew compartment and turret details as well as a full engine bay layout. Not for the faint hearted but I’m sure this will be a rewarding build once complete. Thanks t MiniArt for the review sample

Shed Manufacturer: Plus Model Scale: 1:48 Kit Type: Cast resin and wood Kit Number: 4051 Price: TBC

New from Voyager

Crane Ruger H-34D Manufacturer: Plus Model Scale: 1:48 Kit Type: Cast resin and wood Kit Number: 4055 Price: TBC Workshop Windows - Square/Round Manufacturer: Plus Model Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin and wood Kit Number: 498/502 Price: TBC

PE35850 – 1:35 World War II German King Tiger (Henschel Turret) PE35851 - 1:35 World War II German King Tiger (Porsche Turret) PE35858 - 1:35 World War II Modern Russian 9K330 TOR Air Defense System Basic PE35859 - 1:35 Modern German Leopard 2A7 Basic PE35861 – 1-35 Modern

Russian T-90MS MBT Basic PE35866 – 1:35 Modern U.S. MIM-104C Patriot 1 System Basic VBS0513 - 1:35 Modern German Rh-M-120 L/55 120mm Gun Barrel PEA396 - 1:35 World War II German King Tiger Schurzen

Leigh Jones

Plus Model can always be relied on to produce some innovative kits and accessories for the diorama enthusiast, and once again we have an eclectic mix of subject matter, from a Shed to some Windows, via a Crane. Always useful, always quality!

3 0

Scale Military Modeller International

26-31-Previews-SMMI-0517.indd 30

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:22


Initial Look at Items Received from Manufacturers

Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha Tankette Croco Models Manufacturer: Croco Models Scale: 1:72 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 72001 price: TBC

Tom Cole

Complete resin models have been available in small scales for many years and most of their manufacturers are based in UK. Whilst Milicast and Matador Models produce the lion’s share of small-scale resin kits, there are numerous other small ‘cottage Industry’ manufacturers that have small ranges of AFVs. Most touch on subjects that the big commercial manufacturers have ignored and so they fill an important gap in the market. It is always good to see a new manufacturer and Croco Models from Latvia have recently produced the Japanese Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha Tankette. This was the  Empire of Japan’s first indigenous Tankette, and although a light tank was, when first introduced, called the Type 92 Heavy Armoured Car so that it fell under the control of the Cavalry rather than the Army as it was likely that the Japanese Army, sceptical about the value of AFVs, would have cancelled the project. Although only 167 tanks were produced it had a significant impact on Japan’s operations in Manchuria in the 1930s. Croco Models is made up of owner Leonid Shilin and master modeller Sergei Kulakov and the Type 92 is their first foray into the market. The first most striking thing is that everything is packaged in a tiny box not much bigger than a matchbox. However, this is

no simplified Wargames kit as it consists of over fifty parts. Most of these parts go to make up the suspension, which represents the six double wheels per side early production version. These items are very delicate and great care has to be exercised taking them off the sprue. The tracks are challenging as they consist of six thin strips that need to be delicately bent around the running gear. The only other way of replicating this would have been to provide the entire suspension and tracks, as a single piece but much of the detail would be lost this way. However, putting this tank together will not be for the inexperienced or faint hearted! The two major parts make up the hull and these pieces are really detailed. The grab handles for the engine covers are particularly well done and I don’t recall seeing anything this finely done in injection moulded plastic – let alone resin. Model makers might want to scratch build the 13.2mm and 7.7 mm machine guns as it is difficult to replicate gun barrels in resin, although to be fair Croco have made a good effort here. An instruction sheet is included, although it is very basic, consisting of a photograph of all the parts and three photographs of the finished model with numbered arrows indicating where everything goes. No decals, figures or painting scheme is included. As said this is not a model for the in-experienced or junior model maker due to the large number of delicate parts. But those that build small scale Japanese AFVs will be delighted with this kit. Thanks to Croco Models for the review sample

on the side Black Dog Conversion Sets

Hummer Mini Pumper Conversion Set Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T35184 Price: TBC

M163 Vulcan Conversion Set Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T35185 Price: TBC Fennek Dutch Version Accessories Set Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T35186 Price: TBC Fennek German 1A2 Accessories Set Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T35187 Price: TBC

Furniture from MiniArt Office Furniture and Accessories

Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 35564 Price: TBC

FLW 200 Accessories Set Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T35188 Price: TBC

Leigh Jones

MiniArt certainly are the ‘go to’ manufacturer when it comes to injection moulded diorama accessories. This new set is just perfect for World War II building settings, and will complement many of the MiniArt building and diorama kits, with typical everyday items that can be so hard to find. There are duplicates of everything in the kit, which contains desks and chairs as well as

ancillary items such as phones, gas lamps and decanters as well as a printed sheet with propaganda posters and maps all of which will really bring your scene to life. Highly recommended! Thanks to MiniArt for the review sample


26-31-Previews-SMMI-0517.indd 31

3 1

13/04/2017 14:22

SAM Bookshop


000-CoverFront-MDF27_MDF10-Cover.qxd 27/10/2016 16:51 Page 1

MDF • 27



British, French & International Versions by Andy Evans

The SEPECAT Jaguar

SAM Publications

M DF 27



MDF SD 5 F5 Tiger £14.99



MDSD 6 Blackburn Buccaneer £14.99

MDF 26 Douglas Skyraider £19.99

MDF 25 Hellcat £19.99

Warfighters in Detail



MDF SD 4 Hawker Sea Fury £9.99


The US Navy & Marine Corps EA-6B



Combat Edge 2 US Navy & Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler £9.99

00-Cover-Front-CE2-Prowler.indd 1

MDF 24 P51 Mustang Part 2 £19.99

MDF 23 Spitfire Part 1 £19.99

MDF 21 Mustang Part 1 £19.99


18/10/2016 10:57

Combat Edge 1 US Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier £9.99

MDSD 7 – £14.99 + p&p Boeing Super Hornet F/A-18E, F/A-18F & EA/18G Growler. By Andy Evans

MDF 28 – £19.99 + p&p Vought A-7 Corsair US Navy, US Air Force & Export Versions. By Andy Evans with Andy Renshaw

ORDER HOTLINE: (01234) 224993 For more information on all our products please visit


13/04/2017 13:43


The Latest Armour Books Reviewed


in focus Osprey St Lo 1944

Publisher: Osprey Author: Steven J Zaloga ISBN: 9781472816931 Format: Softback Price: £14.99 This book examines the brutal attritional struggle in June-July 1944 to overcome the determined German defence and secure St Lo. The city was the site of a crucial cross-roads and was thus a vital target for the invading Allied forces; the initial bombing attacks were so severe that the journalist and poet Samuel Beckett would later report that it had been ‘bombed out of existence in one night’. The attack by ground forces turned into a brutal attritional struggle to overcome the determined German defence. Using full-colour artwork, photographs and maps, this is the engaging story of one of the key engagements in the Battle of Normandy.

Shanghai and Nanjing 1937

Publisher: Osprey Author: Benjamin Lai ISBN: 9781472817495 Format: Softback Price: £14.99 This fully illustrated book tells the story of the Japanese assault on these two great Chinese cities. The battle of Shanghai was the first large-scale urban warfare of World War II and one of the bloodiest battles of the entire Sino-Japanese War. The determined resistance by Chinese inflicted sizeable Japanese casualties, and may well have contributed to the subsequent massacre of prisoners and civilians in the battle of Nanjing, tarnishing Japan’s reputation in the eyes of the world.

Soviet Lease-Lend Tanks of Worlds War II

Publisher: Osprey Author: Steven J Zaloga ISBN: 9781472818133 Format: Softback Price: £10.99 This study examines the different types of tanks shipped to the Soviet Union during the war, Soviet assessments of their merits and problems, and combat accounts of their use in Soviet service using full colour artwork, contemporary photographs and detailed cut-away illustrations.

Canadian Corps Soldier v Royal Bavarian Soldier

on the side Tankograd Reforger 87 – ‘Certain Strike’ Publisher: Tankograd Number: 3029 Format: Softback Price: TBC

Publisher: Osprey Author: Stephen Bull ISBN: 9781472819765 Format: Softback Price: £12.99

Einheits PKW Publisher: Tankograd Number: 4021 Format: Softback Price: TBC

Featuring carefully chosen archive photographs and specially commissioned artwork, this study assesses these three hard-fought battles in 1917 on the Western Front, and offers a new take on the evolving nature of infantry combat in World War I.

Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank and Variants

Publisher: Osprey Author: James Kinnear and Stephen Sewell ISBN: 9781472820518 Format: Hardback Price: £25.00 Never exported outside of the Soviet Union and rarely used in combat, the T-10 has remained a mysterious tank, with many of its variants unknown in the West until very recently. This study, written from original Russian and Ukrainian primary source documents that have only recently been made available, uncovers the history of this enigmatic tank using 130 stunning contemporary and modern photographs of the T-10 as well as full colour side-view artwork.

Panzer M-48 – Cold War Warrior Publisher: Tankograd Number: 5064 Format: Softback Price: TBC ESK Mungo LPV Publisher: Tankograd Number: 5065 Format: Softback Price: TBC

Word War II German Motorised Infantry and Panzergrenadiers Publisher: Osprey Author: Nigel Thomas ISBN: 9781472819437 Format: Softback Price: 11.99

This study traces the development of the different types of unit that came together in the Panzergrenadier branch from the inter-war years through World War II. Using colour plates to display the changes in uniform, equipment and insignia in all theatres of operations throughout the conflict, this is a complete account of Hitler’s elite armoured infantry.

Foden British Cold War Military Truck Publisher: Tankograd Number: 9026 Format: Softback Price: TBC


33-34-Books-SMMI-0517.indd 33

3 3

13/04/2017 14:29

books on the side Books in Brief

Pen & Sword Hitler Versus Stalin: The Eastern Front 1943-1944

Publisher: Pen & Sword Author: Nik Cornish ISBN: 9781473866790 Format: Softback, 160 pages Price: £11.99


On Display – Under the Red Star Publisher: Canfora Author: Various Format: Softback, 96 pages Price: TBC

The third volume in Nik Cornish’s photographic history of the Second World War on the Eastern Front, records in vivid visual detail the sequence of Red Army offensives that pushed the Wehrmacht back across Russia after the failure of Operation Citadel, the German attack at Kursk. Previously unpublished images show the epic scale of the build-up to the Kursk battle and the enormous cost in terms of lives and material of the battle itself.

Military Technology of the First World War

Publisher: Pen & Sword Author: Wolfgang Fleischer ISBN: 9781473854192 Format: Hardback, 222 pages Price: £20.00 In this new work, Wolfgang Fleischer has meticulously documented all the weaponry was used by the Central Powers and their opponents, including machine guns, artillery guns, gas, the first armored combat vehicles, aircraft and submarines.

Allied Tanks of the Second World War Sabot Publishing

M1 ABV and Stryker MGS Publisher: Sabot Publishing Author: TBC Format: Softback Price: TBC Accion Press

Landscapes of War Publisher: Accion Press Author: Various Format: Softback Price: TBC

Publisher: Pen & Sword Author: Graham A Thomas ISBN: 9781473850675 Format: Softback, 212 pages Price: £15.99

Tanker Magazine #6 Publisher: AK Interactive Author: Various Format: Softback Price: TBC

Rinaldi Studios

Tank Art - Second Edition Publisher: Rinaldi Studios Author: Various Format: Softback, 256 pages Price: TBC Sabinga-Martin

Israeli Half-Tracks Publisher: Sabinga-Martin Author: Dr Robert Manasherob Format: Softback, 80 pages Price: $40.00

Scale Military Modeller International

33-34-Books-SMMI-0517.indd 34

Expert author Michael Green has compiled a full inventory of the tanks developed and deployed by the Allied armies during the sixyear war against Nazi Germany and her Axis partners.

The Attack on Scheldt

AK Interactive

3 4

Publisher: Pen & Sword Author: Michael Green ISBN: 9781473866768 Format: Softback, 208 pages Price: £11.99

Graham Thomas’s timely and graphic account underlines the importance of this aspect of the Allied campaign and offers a fascinating insight into a complex combinedarms operation late in the Second World War. Using operational reports and vivid first-hand eyewitness testimony, he takes the reader alongside 21 Army Group as it cleared the Channel ports of Calais, Boulogne and Dunkirk, then moved on to attack the Scheldt and the island stronghold of Walcheren. Overcoming entrenched German resistance there was essential to the whole operation, and it is the climax of his absorbing narrative.

Tanks of the Second World War

Publisher: Pen & Sword Author: Thomas Anderson ISBN: 9781473859326 Format: Softback, 208 pages Price: £20.00 This book lists all the important tanks used in the Second World War, both by the Allied (England, France, Russia and the USA) and Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan), in a comprehensive survey full of authentic eyewitness accounts as well as being profusely illustrated with many photographs having never been published before.

Sniping in the Great War

Publisher: Pen & Sword Author: Martin Pegler ISBN: 9781473899018 Format: Hardback, 222 pages Price: £14.99 The author’s account follows the development of sniping from the early battles of 1914, through the trench fighting and the attritional offensives of the middle years, to the renewed open warfare of 1918. He concentrates on the continuous British and German sniping war on the Western Front, but he also looks at how snipers operated in other theatres, at Gallipoli and Salonika and on the Eastern Front. Sniper training, field-craft and counter-sniping measures are described in detail. There is a full reference section giving the specification of the sniping rifles of the period and assessing their effectiveness in combat. Also featured are vivid memoirs and eyewitness accounts that offer a fascinating insight into the lethal skill of Great War snipers and their deadly trade.

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:29

35-Bookworld-SMMI-0517-WP_Layout 1 13/04/2017 16:03 Page 1

BOOKWORLD wholesale

Bookworld Wholesale Ltd. Unit 10 Hodfar Road, Sandy Lane Ind Est, Stourport, Worcs DY13 9QB Tel: 01299 823330 Fax: 01299 829970 web: www. bookworldws. co. uk email:[email protected] co. uk

Airbrushing and Weathering Techniques.

To the Gates of Moscow with the 3rd Panzer Division. F.A.Q Dioramas Finally available. This is a complete guide for building dioramas, vignettes and environments. This book gives away all the secrets of the master modeler RubÈn Gonz·lez.Paperback,559 pages,full colour

This book delivers a real view of events. Assistenzsarzt Dr. T¸rkís unabbreviated diary entries from the year 1941, supplemented by documentary supporting text, 40 color maps, and a large number of his color slides represent a unique documentation.



The information in this book is the result of nearly twenty years working with Vallejo acrylic colors and auxiliary products and is meant to be used as a guide and reference. Chapters include Air brushes and Airbrushing Model Air Colours, Acrylic Surface Primer, Airbrushing Model Air Techniques, Basic Weathering Techniques, Advanced Weathering Techniques, Decals and Varnishes, DioramaVignette Bases and Stone Textures, Creating Wet and Water Effects Gallery, FAQ with Tips and Tricks, Colour Charts.


Abrams Squad 19

Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling Magazine is the FIRST and UNIQUE magazine in the world devoted to Modern Warfare modelling. Here you will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step by step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, illustrated reports, news, reviews and much more


Tigers in Combat III Tigers in Combat Vol 3 closes the gap between the unit histories of volumes 1 and 2 and the technical descriptions in the Jentz and Spielberger books.Hardback,512 pages,More than 1,200 photos and drawings


Armoured Trains. An Illustrated Encyclopedia 1825-2016. This truly encyclopaedic book covers, country by country, the huge range of fighting equipment that rode the rails over nearly two centuries.Hardback,528 pages,Black/White photos,line dawings


T-34 Mythical Weapon Bear in the Sand. Modelling the Russian Armour in SyriaLibya.A collection of tanks, artillery, IFV and recovery tanks: T-72 URAL,GAZ69M,BMP-1,2SU-23-4 Shilka,T-55 w/KMT5,T-72M1,D-74 122mm,VT-55 Recovery Tank,T-62 Diorama,2S3 Akatsiya.Full Colour,paperback,131 pages


Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107 This book deals with Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107. Both units only existed for just over a month and for most of the time fought together as well.Hardback,428 pages,Numerous Black/White photos and Colour Maps


This is simply a superb work on the T-34 that covers virtually everything from development, history, service and campaign accounts to showing just about every detail imaginable on the T-34. The information contained will appeal to historian and modeller alike and just like Hunnicutt is to the Sherman and Spielberger to the Panzer so will this volume be synonymous of the T-34.


Tankograd 9025. MAN Support Vehicles.This is the firstever comprehensive publication on the MAN trucks in British military service. Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated with 138 colour photographs and 2 graphics


MILITƒRFAHRZEUG 22017 British Army: AT 105 Saxon, Challenger 2 Mk2,US-Unimog - Freightliner SEE,Bergepanzer 3A1 B¸ffel modernisiert,Archer Update,Schweizer Panzer 87 Leopard WE.Paperback,German Text only


Tankograd 9026 British Cold War Military Trucks Foden.Commercial Pattern Low Mobility, Medium Mobility and Variants.This publication grants an overview on all variants describing their technology, history and active service.Paperback,64 pages,110 Colour photographs


Tankograd 5064 Tankograd 3029

REFORGER 87 - Certain Strike.The Cold War's Largest Transatlantic Bridge.This publication allows to follow Certain Strike forces into ëbattleí, showing the deployed vehicles in enthralling exercise photos supported by comprehensive text and maps.Paperback,64 pages,108 colour photo's, 10 black&white photo's.


Tankograd 4021 Einheits-PKW German Standardised 'Einheits-PKW' Field Cars of World War Two. This publication comprehensively shows the types, variants, production batches and technology of the three Einheits-PKWs, illustrated with wartime photographs,a major work on the topic! Paperback,80 pages


'Cold War Warrior' - PANZER M 48.The M 48 MBT in Cold War Exercises with the German Bundeswehr.This publication describes the active service period of the German M 48 MBT and its variants on photographs taken during Cold War exercises thus adding to the technical history of the M 48 already described in Tankograd Special 5011.Paperback,64 pages,74 colour photographs.


The Weathering Magazine 18 Real The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine devoted entirely to the painting and weathering techniques of scale models and figures.


ESK - Mungo Light Protected Vehicle for Specialised Forces. The Mungo entered service in 2005.This publication describes all Mungo variants for the very first time and in great detail.Paperback,64 pages,150 colour photographs

Post-war Bulldozers, Graders and Wheel Loaders Over 400 colour walk around and detail photos, Over 40 Vietnam war history photos 144 pages,soft cover.



YOU CAN VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www. bookworldws. co. uk Stockists of the following subjects: Aviation, Military, Naval, Modelling, Railway, Motoring Major credit cards accepted, UK cheques payable to Bookworld Wholesale Ltd

Vignettes.A how to guide. If you want to learn all of the secrets of expert composition and fabrication of scale vignettes, look no further than this book by master modeler JoaquÌn GarcÌa G·zquez. - 168 pages - More than 600 pictures.



Steel Masters. Modelling WW1 Tanks

An insight into the design, construction and operation of the German Armyís Second World War medium battle tank When Hitler unleashed Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union in June 1941, the 23-tonne Panzer III was in the vanguard of the German assault.Hardback,172 pages,Black/White and Colour photographs.

Red 83. U.S Army Movers Part 2 in detail.

Tankograd 5065

Nuts and Bolts 37 Jagdpanzer IV Part 1.

M1A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 2 In Detail. This is the second volume on the M1A2. Expanded to 148 pages of full color photos on the Army's M1A2. Includes vehicles from 3-8 Cav, 2-8 Infantry, 1-37 Armor, and various units in Europe. All new content and all photos are taken of actual vehicles in service with the U.S. Army on maneuvers in the field.

Panzer III Owners Workshop Manual. This book, intended for modelers, is dedicated to models of tanks of the First World War and scrutinizes the assembly, painting and creation of dioramas for each of the 6 models.



180 pages,approx. 368 photos, of these 152 contemporary photos from manuals, combat and war fronts in b/w, most of them previously unpublished; 193 colour photos of restored vehicles and their components in public and private collections, 23 colour photos of the models from T.Greenland


Tanker Techniques 6. Steel Cats In these pages you¥ll find from the WWII beast to the most modern cats, the classics seen in a different way and the modern with many different finishes; an inspirational magazine for collectors and modellers . Paperback,Full Colour



SAM-MDSD-06-Buccaneer-Ad_Layout 1 10/03/2017 17:32 Page 1





£14.99 + P&P

The Blackburn

BUCCANEER S.1. S.2 and Mk.50

MDF Scaled Down #6 By Andy Evans Built by Blackburn at Brough, the Buccaneer epitomises the very essence of the fast, low-level ground attack concept, coupled with an inherently stable ride. The Buccaneer was designed in the late 1950’s as a low-level, long range, high speed, strike/attack/recce aircraft for carrier operations. It was produced in two main variants, the S.1 and the much improved and more powerful S.2, serving with both the Royal Navy and later the RAF from 1965 to 1994. Having enjoyed a successful, albeit relatively uneventful, career with the Royal Navy, the Buccaneer realised its true potential with the RAF and South African Air Force where it soon proved itself to be an immensely strong, manoeuvrable and reliable aircraft with a better speed, range and weapons carrying capability than many others. This was borne out during the many NATO exercises but came to public attention during Operation ‘Granby’ in the Gulf War. Here twelve Buccaneers were dispatched at three days notice, initially to laser designate targets for Tornado bombers, and later in the campaign, they acted as both Tornado designators and bombers in their own right whilst carrying out missions dropping their own 1000lb LGB’s. In total the type flew 216 Gulf sorties, destroying numerous bridges, aircraft shelters, Cover: Illustration Purposes Only

runways, command bunkers, ammunition stores and even other aircraft. The Buccaneer was prematurely withdrawn from service in 1994 as a result of arms reduction talks and the subsequent rationalisation of RAF assets, being replaced in the maritime strike role by more modern Tornado IDS aircraft. This new MDF Scaled Down from SAM Publications takes you into the heart of the Buccaneer, as we go faster, lower, longer!

M DF 6


ORDER HOTLINE: 44 (0)1234 211245 ORDER ONLINE:

warship NEWS

Warship News And Products From Around The World

warships in focus Warship News and Previews

on the side Tetra Model Works IJN SEAPLANE Tender Akisutshima Detail-up Set Manufacturer: Tetra Scale: 1:700 Kit Type: Multi-Media Kit Number: SE-70016

IJN Takao Class Heavy Cruiser ‘Maya’ 1944 Hyun Soo Kim builds the 1:350 Aoshima kit with Flyhawk, Infiniti and North Star Models detailing sets

IJN 127mm Type89 AA Gun Metal Barrels Manufacturer: Tetra Scale: 1:350 Kit Type: Turned brass Kit Number: SM-35012 JN 14inch L45 Type41 Metal Barrels Manufacturer: Tetra Scale: 1:350 Kit Type: Turned brass Kit Number: SM-35011

Starling Models Specialists in ship kits and accessories

HMS Ark Royal Detail Up Set Manufacturer: Tetra Scale: 1:350 Kit Type: Multi-Media Kit Number: SM35009

We stock Combrig, Flyhawk, Orange Hobby, Niko, North Star, AJM, L’Arsenal our own Starling Models and many more kits and accessories. .

We also stock Wingnut Wings kits at low prices!

New Dodo Models Anzac class frigate 1/700

Visit our online shop at WWW.SAMPUBLICATIONS.COM

37-38-Warship-News-SMMI-0517.indd 37

3 7

13/04/2017 14:31

warship news on the side Rainbow Models IJN Subchaser No.28 Class (1945) Manufacturer: Rainbow Models Scale: 1:350 Kit Type: MultiMedia Kit Number: RB3560 IJN Tama Upgrade Set Manufacturer: Rainbow Models Scale: 1:350 Kit Type: Multi-Media Kit Number: RB3546/8

Meng-Model ‘Cartoonised’ USS Lexington

Manufacturer: Meng-Model Scale: TBC Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: TBC

Eduard USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 Assault Craft Units

Manufacturer: Eduard Scale: 1:350 Kit Type: Etched brass Kit Number: 52181

E.V.A. Italian Cruiser Trento


The kit comes in a single-piece full hull with decals

Manufacturer: Aoshima Scale: 1:700 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 35

Manufacturer: EVA Scale: 1:350 Kit Type: Multi-Media Kit Number: TBC

Starling Models Royal Navy Modern Railings And Netting Manufacturer: Starling Models Scale: 1:700 Kit Type: Etched brass Kit Number: STM23

Kanmusu Repair Ship Akashi

3D Parts Models Mk 51 Light/Medium Weapons Directors Manufacturer: 3D Parts Scale: 1:700 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: U751

Italeri World of Warships – Tirpitz

Manufacturer: Italeri Scale: 1:700 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: TBC

Schnellboot S-38

Manufacturer: Italeri Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 5620

3 8

Scale Military Modeller International

37-38-Warship-News-SMMI-0517.indd 38

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:31

figure in focus special plus news and previews

F24 russian tank commander

F14 colonel dupin F20 smoke break

F8 mobile firepower


F22 – Inside story - smmi’s mark dollery talks to lee witt of ‘fields of glory models’ 39-REF-01-FIFS-Cover-SMMI-0517.indd 39

13/04/2017 14:32

figures special Figure News From Around The World

on the side Figure News

Presented by Andy Renshaw an eclectic mix! Once again this month we are indeed fortunate to have a such a rich vein of new and exciting figure and bust releases, and the larger and smaller scales are equally represented again this time around. Once more we have an eclectic mix of subjects, so here is the latest from the figure world - and remember to tell your vendor you saw their products in SMMI

Chronos Miniatures Russian Bombardier Artillery Regiments, 1720 Manufacturer: Chronos Miniatures Scale: 54mm Kit Type: Cast resin or white metal Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Andrey Kalinichev

United Empires Miniatures Yugoslav People’s Liberation Army Partisan 1945 Manufacturer: United Empires Miniatures Scale: 1:9 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Pavol Ovecka

MJ Miniatures Luftwaffe Ace Werner Moelders

Alpine Miniatures 182nd Airborne ‘All American’ Manufacturer: Alpine Miniatures Scale: 1:16 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: B002 Sculptor: Jorge Scorciaffico

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: MJ35004 Sculptor: Ho Seo

German Panzer Officer World War II

CGS Military Figures Polish Lancer Waterloo 1815 Manufacturer: United Empires Miniatures Scale: 200mm Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Carl Reid

German Panzer Crew World War II

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures Scale: 1:10 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: MJ10007 Sculptor: Jae Kwon Yoo

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: MJ35005 Sculptor: Ho Seo

Reed Oak 3D World War II French Tank Crew of 7e RCA Manufacturer: Reed Oak Scales: 1:32, 1:35 and 1:48 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: TBC

Blast Models BL35289F - 1:35 French Special Forces GPC w/ FAMAS F - 2013 BL35290F - 1:35 French Special Forces GPC w/HK G36 - 2013 BL35291F - 1:35 French Special Forces GPC w/FN SCAR 2013 BL35289F - 1:35 French Special Forces GPC w/FAMAS - 2013

F 2

Figures in Focus Special

40-41-REF-02-03-FIFS-News-SMMI-0517.indd 2

13/04/2017 14:32

figure news

Figure News From Around The World

The Bodi

Italian Driver for 508 CM Coloniale World War II Manufacturer: The Bodi Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TB-35091 Sculptor: TBC

Italian NCO for 508 CM Coloniale World War II Manufacturer: The Bodi Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TB-35092

Mitches Military Models Eagle Bearer of the 19th Line Infantry Regiment, Waterloo

Manufacturer: Mitches Military Models Scale: 120mm Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Maurice Corry

Trooper Polish Lancers Bust Manufacturer: Mitches Military Models Scale: 1:9 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Carl Reid

This kit includes the original ‘Red Lancer’ head along with the modified Polish Lancer version.

Minaturas Benito Spanish Soldier Cuba 1898 Manufacturer: Minaturas Benito Scale: 54mm Kit Type: White metal Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: TBC

Paratrooper General ‘Bruno’ Bigeard

Romeo Models

Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Cheval

Manufacturer: Mitches Military Models Scale: 1:9 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Maurice Corry

Masterbox Manufacturer: Masterbox Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: TBC

‘Grunt’ – US Army Vietnam War Manufacturer: Nuts Planet Scale: 1:10 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Jun Sik Ahn

English Drummer 1775-83 Manufacturer: Romeo Models Scales: 75mm Kit Type: White metal Kit Number: Maurizio Bruno Sculptor: TBC

Manufacturer: Mitches Military Models Scale: 1:9 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Pavol Ovecka

Somewhere in Saigon

on the side Nuts Planet

Elan 13

Officer 95th Rifles Napoleonic Period Manufacturer: Elan 13 Scale: 54mm Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Robert Lane

Black Dog

RFC Fighter Pilot #3 Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: F32016 Sculptor: Radek Tomanec RFC Fighter Pilot #4 Manufacturer: Black Dog Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: F32017 Sculptor: Radek Tomanec Also available as F32018 – 1:32 RFC Fighters Pilots Two Figure Set

F 3

40-41-REF-02-03-FIFS-News-SMMI-0517.indd 3

13/04/2017 14:32

figures in focus The Review Team Look At Figures In-Depth

on the side

Meng-Model Russian Armed Forces Tank Crew

New at Historex Scale 75 US Lieutenant

Manufacturer: Scale 75 Scale: 75mm Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: SW25016 Price: £11.75 US Army 1944-45 Paint Set

Manufacturer: Meng-Model Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: B6-35097 Sculptor: TBC Price: TBC

ANT Miniatures Officer of SSO Spetsnaz with 9k111 Fagot Manufacturer: ANT Miniatures Scale: 120mm Kit Type: White metal Kit Number: 35609 Price: TBC

MK 35 Ardennes GIs

Manufacturer: Scale 75 Kit Type: Paint Kit Number: SSE037 Price: £9.75

Manufacturer: MK 35 Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: F264 Price: €17.50

Art Girona Private, Grenadier Company. 92nd Highland Regiment of Foot, 1815

Manufacturer: Art Girona Scale: 70mm Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: AZ7060 Price: £38.45

Benito Miniatures 2nd Dragoon Guards – Queens Bays 1858

Manufacturer: Benito Miniatures Scale: 54mm Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: BM450 Price: £22.45


Bravo 6 US Helo Crew (1) Saddlin’ Up

Manufacturer: Pegaso Scale: 200mm Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: AS-004 Price: £135.50

Manufacturer: Bravo 6 Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: B635096 Price: TBC

DG Artwork

Aircav Officer


Coldstream Guards – Egypt 1882

Manufacturer: DG Artwork Scale: 1:9 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: DG09-B003 Price: £44.00

F 4

Bravo 6

Manufacturer: Bravo 6 Scale: 1:16 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: B6-35097 Sculptor: TBC Price: TBC

Figures in Focus Special

42-45-REF-04-07-FIFS-Reviews-SMMI-0517.indd 4

13/04/2017 14:34

figures in focus

The Review Team Look At Figures In-Depth

Andrea Miniatures

on the side

New Range

New from Tommy’s War

Mark Dollery Reports

Andrea Miniatures have now launched a new range of mixedmedia figures in a variety of scales and have produced an early War 1939 German soldier taken from the images of the German archives Bundesarchiv. Andrea have named the new series ‘Eisernes Kreuz’ and will be available in both 1:72, 1:48, 1:35 and 1:16 painted an unpainted. The ‘Eisernes Kreuz’ will be scale

Walking Wounded Manufacturer: Tommy’s War Scale: 1:32 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TW32S04 Price: £32.00

renditions of real combatants from real World War II pictures. So using period footage, photographs and documents, the use of original uniforms and equipment and then using the latest 3D and casting technology, Andrea will look to produce these new figures in a range of scales The figure I have of a 1:16 Oberschutze, 1939 is a cast resin and metal kit with a high level of detail to each body part and accurate renditions of weapons and uniform equipment. A nice touch is the small scenic resin base. Thanks to Andrea Miniatures for the review sample


Captain, 2nd Bn Kings African Rifles Manufacturer: Tommy’s War Scale: 1:32 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TW32033 Price: £16.00 Askari, 2nd Bn Kings African Rifles Manufacturer: Tommy’s War Scale: 1:32 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TW32034 Price: £16.00 Officer, German Schutztruppe Manufacturer: Tommy’s War Scale: 1:32 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TW32CP02 Price: £16.00

African Freedom Fighters

Manufacturer: Trumpeter Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: plastic injection moulded Set Number: TBC Sculptor: TBC

F 5

42-45-REF-04-07-FIFS-Reviews-SMMI-0517.indd 5

13/04/2017 14:34

figures in focus The Review Team Look At Figures In-Depth

on the side MiniArt

German Tank Crew France 1940 Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 35191 Price: TBC German Soldiers Winter 1941-42 Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 35218 Price: TBC US Soldiers at Rest Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 35200 Price: TBC German Sitting Civilians Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 38006 Price: TBC German Tank Crew at Rest Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 35198 Price: TBC Tram Crew w/ Passengers Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with etch Kit Number: 38007 Price: TBC

F 6

Tank Soviet Tank Crew (Afghanistan) (2)

Manufacturer: Tank Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T-35203 Price: TBC

Soviet Tanker with 115mm Shells (Afghanistan) (2)

MiniArt Soviet Assault Infantry

Manufacturer: MiniArt Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 35226 Sculptor: TBC Price: TBC

Manufacturer: Tank Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T-35204 Price: TBC

Soviet Tank Officer (Winter, 60s-90s)

Manufacturer: Tank Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T-35201 Price: TBC

MJ Miniatures World War II US Paratrooper (1)

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: MJ35001 Price: TBC

World War II US Paratrooper (2) Soviet Tank Crew (Winter, 50s-80s) Manufacturer: Tank Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: T-35202 Price: TBC

Manufacturer: MJ Miniatures Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: MJ35002 Price: TBC Also available as - MJ35003 - World War II US Paratrooper Set

AC Models Israeli Para Crew, 67 War

Manufacturer: AC Models Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: ACM35031 Price: TBC

Israeli Paratrooper

Manufacturer: AC Models Scale: 1:16 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: TBC Sculptor: Andrew Cairns Price: TBC

Figures in Focus Special

42-45-REF-04-07-FIFS-Reviews-SMMI-0517.indd 6

13/04/2017 14:34

figures in focus

The Review Team Look At Figures In-Depth

Andrea Miniatures Der Adler 1940

Manufacturer: Andrea Miniatures Scales: 1:72, 1:48, 1:35 and 1:16 Kit Type: Cast resin and white metal Kit Numbers: EK72-F005, EK48-F005, EK35-F005 and EK16-F005 Price: TBC

Djiti’s Production South African Soldier and Tank Crew

Manufacturer: Djiti’s Production Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 35070 Price: TBC

Manufacturer: Djiti’s Production

Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 35070 Price: TBC

British World War II Crew Manufacturer: Djiti’s Production Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 35071 Price: TBC

US Army Soldier (3)

Manufacturer: Djiti’s Production Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 35072 Price: TBC

Stalingrad 3150 - US Army Airborne and German Soldiers (Operation Varsity) 1945 ‘Big Set’

All figures available separately as:

3151 - US Airborne Medic and Wounded 1944-45 3152 - US Airborne Officer 1944-45 3153 - US Paratrooper 1944-45 3154 - US Paratrooper 1944-45 3155 - US Paratrooper 1944-45 3156 - German POW 1944-45 3157 - German POW 1944-45 3158 - German POW 1944-45 3159 - Fallen German Soldier 1944-45

on the side ToRo Armour Forces Officer w/Overalls Manufacturer: ToRo Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 35F90 Price: TBC

Soldier of Border Guard Corps Manufacturer: ToRo Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: 35F91 Price: TBC

News from Fields of Glory Models Mark Dollery Reports

Fields of Glory Models have now released some new 1:35 resin figures in their ‘Home Front’ range and depict Policemen of the 1930’s and 1940’s. One shown in a standing position and the second figure is directing traffic or such with his arms in signalling position. These figures will fit in to many scenarios, will be a great addition to any diorama or vignette, and will be great for those World War II pictures showing the occupied Channel Islands and the daily lives of the islanders. The second release is two British (or Commonwealth) infantrymen in ‘ready to react’ positions. One figure is of an Officer with Webley revolver in hand and the other figure is an infantryman with rifle at the ready. The figures are in generic Allied Common wealth khaki uniforms, so are suitable for most European theatres of conflict. The figures comes with separate heads and helmets (with the officer figure, he comes with a choice of bare lipped or moustache face!) Both will be available on the new improved website with the ‘Home front’ range being expanded with new releases very soon…so watch this space.

F 7

42-45-REF-04-07-FIFS-Reviews-SMMI-0517.indd 7

13/04/2017 14:34

machine gun corps Scale 1:32/54mm / Mobile Firepower

KIT DATA Clyno Vickers and Machine Gun Corps and Figures

Manufacturer: Tommy’s War Scale: 1:32/54mm Kit Type: Cast resin and etch Kit Numbers: TW54E11 - TW54029 - TW54030

F 8

Figures in Focus Special

46-48-REF-08-10-Clyno-Vickers-SMMI-0517.indd 8

13/04/2017 14:35

the somme 1916 Mobile Firepower

the somme 1916


clyno vickers

tommy’s war


t the outbreak of war in August 1914, the tactical use of machine guns was

unappreciated by the British Military. Consequently, the Army went to war with its infantry battalions and cavalry regiments both having a machine gun section equipped with just two guns each. A year of warfare on the Western Front proved that to be fully effective, machine guns needed to be used in larger units and crewed by specially trained men. To fulfill this need, the formation of the ‘Machine Gun Corps’ was authorised in October 1915 with ‘Infantry’, ‘Cavalry’, ‘Motor’ and, in early 1916, ‘Heavy’ branches. Opportunities for ‘Motor Machine Gun’ units to operate as a mobile force were limited, however, they came into their own during the great advances of 1918, beginning with the Battle of Amiens on 8 August. Elsewhere, and particularly in Egypt, Palestine, East Africa and Mesopotamia, the mobility of the units was of great value, and they saw considerable action in these theatres. A battery included eighteen cycle/sidecar combinations, carrying six Vickers machine guns with

The etched spokes are particularly nice

Here are the parts for the Clyno Vickers motocycle and sidecar

ammunition and spare equipment, eight motorcycles without sidecars, two or three wagons or cars and a sidecar combination for the officer commanding. Some 170,500 officers and men served in the MGC with 62,049 becoming casualties including 12,498 being killed. MGC was disbanded in 1922 as a cost cutting measure. After the usual trials, Clyno Vickers was selected to produce these motorcycle-sidecar combinations, with their 5-6hp three-speed V-twin engine, which was easily removable, with a fully enclosed final chain drive, spring forks on the front wheel, three-point leaf suspension on the sidecar and interchangeable wheels. The machine gun and its shield were mounted to the sidecar on the usual tripod mount, thus the passenger could fire the gun forward or it could be removed completely for normal ground use. The weapon also could be mounted to fire to the rear. Behind the passenger seat was stowage for ammunition, water for the gun-cooling system, spare petrol, oil and gun parts. Tommy’s War has recently added a 54mm Clyno Vickers Motorcycle and Sidecar Combination, mounting a Vickers machine

I used the two Tommy’s War figures dedicated to The Machine Gun Corps in my diorama

gun to their range. The kit is very impressive including a high quality instruction booklet with clear construction steps. The building process starts off with the assembly of the four wheels (one spare), with etched spokes and resin parts, and here I used ‘Colle 21’ a cyanoacrylate glue that works only when the two parts are in contact. Assembly the continued with the main frame, which was very easy to build. The next step consisted of assembling the sidecar with its resin parts, and the trickiest part here was to fit the sidecar to the motorcycle with the three supports provided. Take your time and be patient if you want a motorcycle to sit on its three wheels! The final step was dedicated to the assembly of the Vickers machine gun. Finally, I upgraded the motorcycle by adding some wires for the spark plug wires, fuel lines, the throttle wire, brakes, using Plus Model wires. As a final touch, I made a motorcycle headlight with a piece of clear sprue. The entire assembly was then painted with Tamiya’s Grey Primer. The main shade came from the AK Interactive British World War I

The completed assembly……

F 9

46-48-REF-08-10-Clyno-Vickers-SMMI-0517.indd 9

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machine gun corps Scale 1:32/54mm / Mobile Firepower

paint chart

Ready for painting

Key: AK Interactive (AK) - Mig Ammo (MA) Vallejo Color (VC) - Jo Sonja (JS) Uniform Base: AK 3081 Shadows: AK 3083 - AK 3083 + Carbon Black (JS) Highlights: AK 3082 - AK 3082 + Sunny Skin Tone 845 (VC)

Leather jacket

Base: Glossy Black 861 (VC) + Chocolate Brown 872 (VC) + Orange Brown 981 (VC) + Bright Orange 851 (VC) Shadows: Base + Carbon Black (JS) Highlights: Base + Orange Brown 981 (VC) + Sunny Skin Tone 845 (VC)

Colours Set, and I also used three modulation colours (Khaki Brown base, Khaki Brown Shadow and Khaki Brown Highlights). The engine parts were painted with black acrylics, with a dry brush of Ushi van der Rosten Steel Powder and AK Interactive True Metal Silver. In the final step, I added a wash of AK Interactive Engine Grime to the engine parts. Now came some chipping using a piece of sponge and Ammo of MIG-044 the main parts of the Clyno, following with an Ammo of MIG-NATO Green Filter added. I then airbrushed on a coat of satin varnish to protect the acrylic paint before the weathering phase. This process began with a wash of AK Interactive NATO Green, and the shadow details were picked out with a Ammo of MIG Dark Wash, particularly the inside of the sidecar, the wheels, the motorcycle’s fuel tank and the Vickers machine gun. To finish, I added some AK Interactive Kursk Mud splashes on the wheels, the shield plate of the sidecar,

and the bottom of the engine. On the muddy bottom parts of the Clyno and sidecar, I also added few drops of Ammo of MIG Wet Effect. The three ammunition boxes and two oil tanks were painted with the AK Interactive Wood Set and Wood Wash, and the oil tanks with Alclad Silver 101 and Steel 103, not forgetting some oil and fuel leaks of along the tanks. For my diorama, I used a square-shaped wooden base, onto which I added some Das Pronto Clay, sculpted with an old toothbrush. After drying, I used some Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint mixed with glue in order to fix the damaged wall and the rubble. The ground was then painted with Vallejo Earth. Finally, I shaded the ground with a wash of Kursk Earth and Mud. The damaged wall house was scratchbuilt from Balsa wood and foam. I started to paint the wall with AK Interactive Concrete from their new Diorama Range, and then detailed it with AK Interactive with Sand Yellow, Sand, and the Vallejo Yellow Ochre with a speck of Sand Brown added. For the weathering, I used an AK Interactive Brown Wash, Dark Streaking Grime and Moss on the bottom of the wall. A dry brush with Abteilung 503 Faded White oil paint was then added to he projecting parts of the wall. I used the two Tommy’s War figures dedicated to The Machine Gun Corps in my diorama and these were painted as per the chart, and then added to the diorama.


Base: Olive Grey 888 (VC) + English Uniform 921 (VC) + a speck of Carbon Black (JS) Shadows: Base + Carbon Black (JS) Highlights: Base + Sunny Skin Tone 845 (VC) + Warm White (JS)


Base: English Uniform 921 (VC) + Flat Brown 984 (VC) + Carbon Black (JS) Shadows: Base + Carbon Black (JS) Highlights: Base + Orange Brown 981 (VC) + Sunny Skin Tone 845 (VC)

Chaps, Boots, Belts, Binoculars Holder, Compass Holder, Webley Holster

Base: Red Leather 818 (VC) + Cavalry Brown 982 (VC) + Orange Brown 981 (VC) + Bright Orange 851 (VC) Shadows: Base + Cavalry Brown 982 (VC) Highlights: Base + Orange Brown 981 (VC) + Bright Orange 851 (VC)


Base: English Uniform 921 (VC) + Japanese Uniform 923 Shadows: Base + Ammo of MIG Dark Wash Highlight: Base + Sunny Skin Tone 845 (VC)

Gas Mask Holders and Small Packs Base: Provincial Beige(JS) + Raw Sienna (JS) + Warm White (JS) Shadows: Base + a speck of Carbon Black (JS) Highlight: Base + Warm White (JS)

Skin Tones Ammo of MIG Flesh Tones Set

Metallic Parts Matt Black 950 + Ushi van der Rosten Steel Metal Powder (steel) from, AK Interactive True Metal Silver, Brass and Steel

F 10

Figures in Focus Special

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Mastered-Ads-0517-SMMI_61-Ads-0607-SMC.qxd 13/04/2017 15:59 Page 49


Email: [email protected] BERGEPANZER 38 HETZER EARLY




1/35 Scammell Pioneer TRMU30/TRCU30 Tank Transporter 30 ton

1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV/2S recovery tractor

1/35 Scammell Pioneer R100 heavy artillery tractor

1/35 WWI German Artillery Crew for Krupp 21cm Morser

MC35125 Gun Layer $18.50 USD

MC35124 Artillery Officer $18.50 USD

MC35127 WWI German Artillery crew set for Krupp 21cm Morser (includes 3 figures, 6 projectiles and 6 charge canisters) $54.00 USD MC35126 Charge Carrier $18.50 USD

MC35128 21cm Ammo $5.00 USD

Model Cellar

PLEASE NOTE: all our figures and accessories are unassembled and unpainted

To place an order and to see more please visit our website:

includes: 6 projectiles and 6 charge canisters

trench life Vignette / World War One

verdun 1916

trench warfare


the horrors of war


ith this small vignette, I want to show a scene that was common in daily living in the trenches of

World War I, swampy, gloomy and full of the horrors of war. My solitary figure, in his gasmask, has caught a few morsels, which might be turned into supper!

I also used a plastic refuse sack to create some effects on the top of the trench

To populate the trench area I used various pieces from ICM weapons and diorama sets

The trench base was made from cast plaster, paper, balsa wood, and accessories from my ‘spares-box’

The figure came for MasterClub #MCF 35179, and he was suitably painted…….

The scene was painted with a number of acrylic shades and weathered with various products and pigments

F 12

……and detailed…….

…..then set into a ‘clear epoxy ‘puddle’ in on the base of the trench

Figures in Focus Special

50-51-REF-12-13-Trench-Warfare-SMMI-0517.indd 12

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F 13

50-51-REF-12-13-Trench-Warfare-SMMI-0517.indd 13

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mexico 1866

Scale 1:35 / Colonel Charles Louis Dupin

Colonel Charles Louis Desire Dupin

los diablos colora KEVIN PEART BUILDS A


fight fire with fire! ellies miniatures


ost of us will have never heard of this soldier, however, ‘Dupin’ was perhaps the most colourful and controversial Frenchman who fought ever on behalf of the Mexican

Empire! At the time of the campaign in Mexico he was already a decorated veteran of the war in China where he had earned something of an unsavory reputation. He keenly looted the Summer Palace in Peking and brought his spoils back to Paris and openly sold them, as a result he was dismissed from the army for conduct unbecoming of an officer. However, he had gained a reputation as a cunning and hard fighting commander, and a reputation for his courage and fearless attitude. He was also known to employ methods ranging from extremely harsh to downright brutal. Recalled to serve by Napoleon III, he went to Mexico and was given command of the contra-guerillas operating on the coast and along the Texas border. He looked an imposing figure in his braided uniform, wide sombrero and a cigar always clenched in his teeth. His mission was to fight fire with fire, to wipe out the bandits and Juaristas in the region and he had no qualms about returning harshness with harshness and cruelty with cruelty. He and his men wore red jackets and the red sashes that

KIT DATA Colonel Charles Louis Dupin, Mexico 1866 Manufacturer: Ellies Miniatures Scale: 1:9 Kit Type: Cast resin Kit Number: EM017

F 14

Figures in Focus Special

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colonel dupin Los Diablos Colorados

rados ….and epaulette

Reworking the back lace…..

The completed bust – ready for painting

all the troops wore that their republican enemies named them ‘Los Diablos Colorados’ or ‘The Red Devils’. I used various Acrylics with a retarder to give me the working time, alongside water-soluble oils to achieve the effects I wanted. Abbreviations used in article for the paint colours are as follows: Army Painter: AP, Vallejo: V, Andrea: A, Life Colour: LC, Games Workshop: GW, Jo Sonja: JS, and for the Cobra colours: C, Reaper: R Preparation Head – a quick swipe of sanding on the neck and head underside and top, and I chose to add the lace around the collar as well Arms – a small amount of filler needed, and I also added a ‘V’ on his cuffs as well as leveling up the intricate lacework shape Hat – some minor sanding on the underside edge and then I added the decoration Hands - removal of some light flash, then fitted Cigar – cut and fitted Weapon – I replaced the cast ramrod with a metal pin and added the details including a trigger and circular clip on the handle. Torso- some light sanding at the neck and underneath I also wanted to change a few things to get a closer representation to my references, so I removed everything on his left side and resculpted new lacework and medals, as well as putting the Legion of Honour award at his neck, I also added a couple more bits to the

Working on the uniform…..

shoulder cords and replaced the epaulette. I then primed as I always do in Black using a spray from GW. Base Coat This is something that I personally like to be very neat, so I used various acrylics, in suitable shades close to my anticipated end colour. Flesh: Brown Sand (V), Sand (LC) Beard: Light Gray (LC) Uniform: Dragon Red (AP) Sash: Pure Red (AP) Cuffs: Dark Prussian Blue (V) Sombrero: Burnt Umber (LC)

Shirt: Light Grey (LC) Arm Lace: Snakebite Leather (Citadel) Flesh After painting the eyes it was onto the flesh, and everyone has their own style so there certainly isn’t any definitive way to paint these areas. I chose to use a paint set from Andrea which has the various shades I needed including highlights and shadows, and I like to leave flesh once complete and then revisit later to give the face in particular more depth and detail. Beard and Hair The beard is a very distinctive feature, very

He looked an imposing figure in his braided uniform, wide sombrero and a cigar always clenched in his teeth F 15

52-54-REF-14-16-Colonel-Dupin-SMMI-0517.indd 15

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mexico 1866

Scale 1:35 / Colonel Charles Louis Dupin

…and detailing the sleeve….

Using various shades

shadows, and for deeper shadows I added a touch of Black, with highlights in Blood Red (C) and Scarlet (V).

bushy with the cigar poking out from the corner of his mouth. So over the base colour I applied a black wash, and after letting this dry fully, I went in with my base shade, adding black for the shadows and then the base plus white, dry brushed the surfaces for the highlights, finishing off with White (GW). Don’t forget the shadows underneath and the hair at the back - in the shadow from the sombrero. Cigar You could leave this plain but I found a suitable cigar band, and added this for a bit more interest. The cigar was painted in Mournfang Brown (C), with washes of Burnt Umber (LC) with a little Skrag Brown (C). The ash on the end was achieved by using Grey and Black washes and a White highlight. Sombrero I base coated this in black, and the proceeded to add in all the decorations using various colours.

The completed face and sombrero

Medals Painting these took a very long time using various acrylics, with NMM being used on the medals themselves

Close in on the medals and ribbons

Shirt I prefer to paint from the inside out, so the shirt came next, using my Andrea White Paint Set, and once complete I added a very thin wash of Burnt Umber (JS) over then using my Titanium white oils (C) I applied the final highlights. I added some stitching at the centre and down the middle using a thinned Black.

Pistol He carries a Belgian M1858 Lefaucheux style revolver. This was painted with a Chaos Black base (C), adding Payne’s Grey and a White to get the effect I wanted. Once I was happy, the metalwork was given a wash of Tamiya Smoke and the handle was painted using various Browns and given a wash of Satin Varnish (V) Conclusion This is a well-detailed piece and the distinctive uniform and headwear now sit proudly and menacingly in my display cabinet!

Uniform This is where the model starts to come to life, and here I used the using the Andrea Red Paint set, adding further highlights with Scarlet (V) and deepening the shadows a bit more by adding a touch of Black to the Andrea Base Red. For the cuffs I used Dark Prussian Blue and for the shadows Matt Dark Blue (LC) with highlights using a little Ultramarine Deep Blue (JS). Black Lacework This was again painted using the Andrea Black Paint set, with Payne’s Gray oils (C) used to add a bit of surface texture. Gold Lacework and Shoulder cords This was done by using a NMM paint effect, using the base shade, then applying a wash of Burnt Sienna (JS), and then Citadel Mournfang Brown together with Averlano Sunset with highlights of Zamesi Desert. Sash Here I used Napoleonic Red (A) for a base colour adding Dragon Red (AP) for

F 16

Figures in Focus Special

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figures special Diorama / In The Frame



eing a serving soldier in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical

Engineers (REME) the story of Major Ivan Hirst was always familiar to me, however, a visit to the Wolfsburg Volkswagen factory in 2012 really brought home the scale of just what he achieved and the legacy he left. Ivan Hirst joined the Army in 1934 and was a Captain in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment at the outbreak of the Second World War. He transferred to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) in 1941 as an Engineering Officer, and then further transferred to the REME on its formation on 1 October 1942. Having served in Belgium in 1944 he arrived in Northern Germany in

F 18

the summer of 1945, and was sent to the area of Fallersleben (a ‘model village’ named Stadt des KDF-Wagens - now Wolfsburg) to assess the vehicle factory and machine shops for use as a repair facility for the British Army’s vehicles. The factory

KIT DATA Revell - 032047 1:35 German Staff Car Type 82 E MiniArt - 36053 1:35 Ruined Factory w/Base Hornet and Wolf - BH17 British Brigadier FOG Models - FOG5197 German Eagle

had initially been discovered by Russians advancing across the North German plains; however the facility was deemed to be too badly damaged following months of Allied bombing to be of any use to them. The factory was then offered to the US Government as part of War repatriations, but again this was turned down as being of no economic value. Thankfully for Volkswagen, no British car manufacturer was interested in the factory and an official

Figures in Focus Special

56-57-REF-18-19-Frame-SMMI-0517.indd 18

13/04/2017 14:41

from the ruins In The Frame

The first component of my diorama was the MiniArt Factory Ruins report included the phrases “the vehicle does not meet the fundamental technical requirement of a motor-car ... it is quite unattractive to the average buyer build the car commercially would be a completely uneconomic enterprise.” Major Hirst discovered that even though the buildings were extensively damaged, a generator plant was still operational (despite being disguised with debris to make it look damaged). In a remote factory building he also discovered Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle) and realised that it could be used as utility vehicle for the Allies. He sent one car - painted Olive Drab for assessment by the British High Command and soon after received an order for 20,000 cars. Production was difficult, with raw materials being in short supply – the first production run used Kubelwagen chassis and parts (hence the official designation of Type 82 E). By March 1946 the plant had produced its 1000th Beetle, with vehicles being used by the British, US and Russian armed forces; as well as the local government and authorities. In 1949 the plant was returned to the German government as Volkswagenwerk AG, and Major Ivan Hirst was demobbed back to civilian life in England where he died in March 2000, aged eighty-four. Today the mammoth Wolfsburg Volkswagen facility is larger than most towns, and the road leading to the factory is named ‘Major Hirst Strasse’. The first component of my diorama was the MiniArt Factory Ruins. This is a mix of vac-formed parts and injection-moulded accessories; such as doors and window frames. The vac-formed parts require some careful cutting to remove the excess plastic around their edges. The injection-moulded parts are basic, but provide the bare bones parts for a bit of detailing. I scrubbed the window frames with a scouring pad to get some ‘wooden’ texture on the parts, as well as adding some plastic stock to the door to give it a more industrial look. Wooden strengthening bars were added underneath the plastic base to stabilise and support the building, car and heavy metal figure. After a

primer of Matt Black, the building was sprayed in random brick reds and browns. Individual bricks were then picked out by hand and there’s no easy way to do this! Following this the building was sealed with Johnson’s ‘Klear’ and given a very dark brown wash with heavily thinned oils. The building was completed with appropriate heavy weathering using Life Color Liquid Pigments. I finally added broken plaster dust across the top of the broken brick areas and again painted in acrylics. I the added various LifeColor Liquid Pigments around the building, and used sandy colours on the road and cobbles. The figure is an old white metal Staff Officer, suitably modified and painted. I also trimmed the large Staff Officer’s cap badge to look more like a 1945 REME cap badge and removed the Staff Officer’s red tabs from the collar and medal ribbons, as well as filling the hole under the left arm with putty where the baton would have been located. I finally added glasses from twisted thin wire. The figure was airbrush primed in Acrylic Grey and then white on the upper surfaces. The uniform was sprayed with Vallejo British Uniform Green before I added a drop of Tamiya flesh to highlight the colour. The folds of the uniform were further highlighted by brush using heavily thinned whitened British uniform Green. The boots, beret and gaiters were finally touched in by brush before washing over the top of them with thinned dark oils. The Revell Type 82 E is a very simple kit, although it strangely has a large ‘nub’ in the top centre of the shell roof, which took some time to sand flat and smooth. The insides were then painted and detailed and I masked the windows and primed the exterior with Matt Black before building up lighter tones of Tamiya Olive Drab, leaving the crevices dark and highlighting the upper surfaces. I wanted the vehicle to look new so kept this effect subtle. The basecoat was

then sealed with ‘Klear’ before I added decals from my ‘spares-box’. I then washed Dark Sepia oil all over the body, and after allowing to dry for a few hours, I used a soft cloth slightly dampened with thinners to wipe away any excess. I then airbrushed a coat of matt varnish all over before removing the window masks. Before I fitted anything to the base (including the building) I mounted the vac-formed base onto a thin plywood base. Around this I built the raised base from some pine planks and left the sloped front open, knowing that I wanted to fit a photo-screen later on. Over the top of the open front I fitted a thick plastic sheet with supporting plastic beams behind. The base was then populated with rubble and ephemera and painted to suit. I bought a second hand 5.6” digital picture frame from eBay and stripped it from its case, leaving just the screen and circuit board. These were attached with a thin cable and ribbon, which fed the cable through to the circuit board inside the base. The screen was attached to the sloped front using thick, heavy duty double sided tape and the silver surround painted Matt Black. I must admit I was rather pleased with the final result, as I had especially wanted to fit a picture screen into a base for some time and felt that this was a suitable story to tell using one. The diorama is being loaned to the Museum of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, which opens in the spring of 2017.

F 19

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winter soldier 120mm / Smoke Break

smoke break



lthough being in the main an aircraft modeller, I have done more than a few figures over the

years to adorn the bases of the airplanes I build. However, it wasn’t until I bought this figure from Mili Men at my clubs fundraising auction that I actually considered tackling my first large scale figure in over twenty-years. So, the first thing to do was to watch many hours of YouTube videos as I could on the subject, and then I quizzed the figure fraternity of our club on how to do faces. So armed with all this information, I set about building the model. The first job was to clean up all of the parts and once done I applied a coat of Tamyia White Primer, and I also sprayed the face with a base coat of flesh. As usual the eyes were first to be tackled, and I took a real deep breath here. I used a mix of White with a drop of Vallejo Pale flesh for the whites, and then detailed the pupils, and once I was satisfied I glossed them with Alclad II Aqua Gloss. For the uniform I used various Uniform Field Greys and highlights from the Panzer Aces range, and I built up the colours using numerous light coats, and I must say it was slow but very effective. I just kept building up contrasting colours until I was satisfied.

F 20

KIT DATA German Soldier in Winter Manufacturer: MiliMen Scale: 120mm Kit Type: Multi-media

The ‘furniture’, such as the handles, rifle butt and the like were base coated with airbrushed Tamyia Buff and White. When dry, a coat of slightly separated Windsor & Newton Burnt Sienna Oil was liberally applied. I then used a dry brush to wipe the access away and create a grain. I used the same method for the water bottle, only I wiped in circular motion with a cotton bud. The metal parts of the gun were undercoated with Alclad II Burnt Steel, and when dry I gave them a light coat of Humbrol Metalcoat Steel mixed with a very small drop of the Burnt Sienna. This was given overnight to dry and then I burnished it with a soft dry cloth. I base coated the helmet with Tamyia German Grey mixed with a smidge of Red

Figures in Focus Special

58-59-REF-20-21-Smoking-SMMI-0517.indd 20

13/04/2017 14:42

smoke break German Winter Figure

Brown, and when dry I gave it a coat of Alclad Aqua Gloss to protect the paint for the following stages. When this was dry I airbrushed a coat of AK Interactive Heavy Chipping fluid, and then added a coat of Tamyia White. I left this for half an hour and wet the entire helmet to activate the chipping fluid, then with a stiff brush, I removed the topcoat until I was happy with the effect. I painted the detailswith the prescribed colours using a Zoukei Mura No.00 brush. The gun strap was made using Tamyia tape, and I added scratches to the canteen and other items with a lead pencil. I also used the pencil for detailing metal parts. Then a well thinned, light pin-wash of Black/ Brown oil paint was used to bring out the details. For the weathering, I started with random dabbings of Wilder Russian Earth

textured paint. I then used AK Interactive Earth Effects and Dark Mud to dirty up. I also flicked Fresh Mud on with a stiff brush. This last stage was done sparingly. I then dabbed a drop of diluted PVA on each toe and sprinkled Scenic Snow on these. I then used AK Dark and Fresh Mud for the base., adding more Scenic Snow here too. I really enjoyed the experience of painting a figure and it was good to get out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot on this project, and it won’t be twenty-years before I paint my next one!

The first thing to do was to watch many hours of YouTube videos on the subject as I could

F 21

58-59-REF-20-21-Smoking-SMMI-0517.indd 21

13/04/2017 14:42

interview Fields of Glory Models


quality service!



any model companies around these days concentrate their mainstream lines on AFV’s

and their associated ephemera, and the humble figure and diorama accessory kits take a back seat. However, Lee Witt of Fields of Glory Models makes the figure and diorama ranges the mainstay his business, with a vast array of companies specialising in plastic, resin and other mediums in stock. Lee has been trading for a few years now and has built up a reputation for quality, service, reliability and getting those hard to find figure ranges in stock, and is also a very nice person to deal with! Lee also decided to launch his own range of figures, concentrating on the UK ’home front’ during the 1940’s, featuring Land Army girls and firemen from those early War years . He has now added Royal Navy forces to this, and is launching his new range of 1930’s Police and Home Guard figures soon and a new 1930’s vehicle…so watch this space!

SMMI: As a recent ‘newish’ company, what was your motivation to start your own business specialising in figures and diorama accessories? Lee: I was looking for some specific kits several years ago, and found it difficult to source what I was looking for with companies at the time and figured other modellers might be having the same issue. As a child, with my father

F 22

who was very artistic and creative, I would scratchbuild models and toys that weren’t available or too expensive to buy. This has always stayed with me and which led to me first creating diorama accessories from scratch to our new line of figures. SMMI: Is ‘Fields of Glory’ your full time occupation now and do you have plans to extend your figure ranges? Lee: I took the leap almost three years ago (where did that time go?), to quit my full time job with a company I spent twenty-years working for, to focus solely on FoG. This definitely allowed me the opportunity to

introduce our range of Home Front branded figures and to broaden the brands that we stock and sell to our customers. We are always interested in growing the products that we offer. SMMI: How did you decide to start the figures range and how did you choose your first items for to stock? Lee: There are lots of different ways I have come across our current list of suppliers. Initially I started by approaching the companies with items that I had trouble sourcing for my own projects, and now has grown to customers recommending brands and companies contacting us directly to stock their products.

Figures in Focus Special

60-61-REF-22-23-FOG-Inside-Story-SMMI-0517.indd 22

13/04/2017 14:42

fields of glory models The Inside Story

SMMI: Do you respond to customer requests and do you research your figures and diorama companies before stocking their ranges? Lee: Yes, several of our ranges were brought to our attention by our customers and friends. I do research the companies mostly to make sure they complement what we currently offer. SMMI: Do you cast your own figures or do you rather prefer to outsource that side of the business? Lee: At the moment, we outsource the casting but you never know what might happen in the future.

SMMI: How long did it take before you saw the potential of the venture and decide to make your range of figures? Lee: I like to make models that are personal to me. I struggled to find figures that really represented the roles that my family played in the Second Word War. I couldn’t find what I was looking for so decided to make my own.

SMMI: Business and pleasure have a fine line; do you get time to do any of your own modelling or painting or has the business taken most of your time now? Lee: To be honest, the business takes up the majority of my time. As the business has gone from strength to strength I am really looking forward to the day when I can have some more free time to spend at my bench. SMMI: Are you influenced by new trends in modelling or figures or do you adhere to what sells well? Lee: Some of what we stock is down to having enough space, some of it is down to trends that our customers are interested in and of course, a lot of it will be what sells. We never would have thought that we would be stocking zombies but that is what people are interested in, and we have also stocked some items that we thought would sell and didn’t so sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error.

Our thanks to Lee Witt for taking time to answer these questions, in his own candid style. For more information on fields of glory products and his range of companies and stockists, go to www.fieldsofglorymodels. and you will not be disappointed. Lee is planning to move into larger premises soon and to have a collection and retail area, so soon you will be able to view and collect your items in store.

SMMI: As 3D printing becomes more and more influential in modelling circles, how do you see this fitting into your figure and diorama ranges, and do you see it replacing the artists and sculptors in the future? Lee: That’s a very interesting question. 3D printing is definitely going to make a big impact on the modelling world, especially with the format that people purchase figures in but computers can’t replace the creativity and inspiration that the sculptor can produce. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the hobby in the future and believe there is a place for both.

We never would have thought that we would be stocking zombies but that is what people are interested in F 23

60-61-REF-22-23-FOG-Inside-Story-SMMI-0517.indd 23

13/04/2017 14:42


Scale 1:10 / Tank Commander

F 24

Figures in Focus Special

62-64-REF-24-26-Soviet-Tanker-SMMI-0517.indd 24

13/04/2017 14:43

world war II

Russian Tank Commander


world war ii bust

mitches military models


ere we have a World War II Russian Tank Commander complete with a T-34 cupola from Gordon Mitchell of

Mitches Military Models. The bust is cast in eight resin parts with some excellent detail. There are the usual casting blocks to remove, but these are placed for easy access with your preferred method of removal. The helmet casting stub will need a bit of careful removal to maintain the helmet rim, but nothing to daunting! The resin tank cupola was threepiece moulding and all parts fitted well together after the mould plugs were removed. The individual parts were then checked, cleaned and primed ready for painting. I began painting the face flesh colours with my usual mix of Vallejo Cork Brown and Sand, but after a conversation with a figure painter at a local club meet, I decided to

try a method of ‘under-painting’ on certain areas of the face. This involved painting Dark Greens and Dark Blues in thin layers under the eyes, along the sides of the nose and in the area under the cheekbones. I then added further filter layers over these darker areas using various thin mixes of flesh colours until I was happy with the transition between the layers. Highlighting was then completed, with further layers of light flesh colours to blend everything together. A similar approach was used on the hands. The Russian tankers helmet had a padded cloth base cover, which faded badly in normal conditions, so as a start this was undercoated with a Matt Grey Primer and once this layer had dried using a warm air drier, Dark Panzer Grey was airbrushed thinly over the entire helmet. Then after using the warm air drier again, the shadow areas were painted with Matt Black for added depth. Then a Lighter Grey-Black was used for the highlights, painted on in thin coats.

I decided to paint the uniform using Andrea flat colours as they had a good ’Russian Uniform Green’ F 25

62-64-REF-24-26-Soviet-Tanker-SMMI-0517.indd 25

13/04/2017 14:43


Scale 1:10 / Tank Commander

I decided to paint the uniform using Andrea flat colours as they had a good ‘’Russian Uniform Green’, which fitted well with the tankers uniform. So starting with the base Russian Uniform Green colour, I made up a mix of 1:1 with 50% distilled water, and applied two layers, each dried with a warm air dryer. I then outlined each seam and pocket to highlight the different pieces of material used to make up the uniform coat. The outlining paint

F 26

mix was the uniform colour, mixed with a dab of Matt Black and thinned 70% Vallejo Acrylic Paint Retarder to give me additional working time on the seams. The collar and cuffs were painted with a slightly ‘greener’ colour to enhance the details, and the epaulettes had some Light Flesh added to the Russian Green.

I painted the strap detail with a Black base, followed by a Back-Brown top colour and then small amounts of Tan Brown to add wear and tear to the leather strap. A coat of satin varnish then gave some texture of the leather. To make the folds and creases stand out more, I added some Light Flesh to the Russian Green, and used this to highlight the top edges of the creases. Then a very slight amount of Black was added for a darker mix and this was used to show the depth of the shadows. Once these colours were dry after around an hour, a ‘wash’ of the main colour used over the entire uniform to blend it together. The edges of the epaulettes were then re painted Dark Red with highlights of Basic Red, and the star badges and buttons detail were a Black-Gold metallic mix. The medal details were copied from the internet to the colours shown. The T-34 cupola was tackled next and Mitches have managed to create a good cast metal texture, and the turret hatch was epoxy glued in place and then Matt Black was used as the base coat. Then a White ‘blow over’ coat was to enhance the detail for the tank colours to follow. The Russian Tanks had a very green finish so after checking again with a club member – who knew more about tank colours than I did - I copied some I made a custom green mix. This was then airbrushed onto the turret and scratches and chips were applied with a good quality 000 sable hair paintbrush, plied with Matt Black, Dark Green and a few some metallic pencils. The completed bust was fixed into to the tank turret, and mounted on a circular wooden base. A critical look at the finished bust highlighted some touch ups and I had another fine bust to add to my collection. Thanks to Mitches Military Models for the opportunity to build this bust

Figures in Focus Special

62-64-REF-24-26-Soviet-Tanker-SMMI-0517.indd 26

13/04/2017 14:43

65-ModelBrno-0517-WP_Layout 1 13/04/2017 16:02 Page 1


Readers Survey £30.00 of Deluxe Materials products to be won! Have you heard of Deluxe Materials? Which of these Deluxe Materials products have you used? a.    Ballast Magic b.    Perfect Plastic Putty c.    Aqua Magic d.    Plastic Magic Which of these apply to Deluxe Materials? a.    Similar to many other companies  b.    Innovative solutions to modelling products c.     Looking after the modeller with  safer solutions



Have you bought Deluxe Materials  products? a.    From a dealer b.    On-line

Who makes your favourite glue? a.    Airfix b.    Humbrol c.    Tamiya d.    Mr Cement e.    Deluxe Materials f.     Zap

Send your replies together with your name, address and email to [email protected] or Deluxe Materials, 11, High Street, Osbournby, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 ODN, United Kingdom. Readers responding will be entered into a prize draw to receive £30.00 of Deluxe Materials products. 6 6

Scale Military Modeller International

66-Deluxe-Reader-Survey-0517.indd 66

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:44

67-EuroMiniature-0517-WP_Layout 1 13/04/2017 16:02 Page 1

war zone Centurion Tank

centurion tank

A Mk 13 Centurion with IR searchlight fitted



he Centurion Tank has had a long and distinguished career, longer in fact than anyone could possibly have

dreamed of, and for a tank initially designed in 1943 to still be in service in 2017 is the sort of thing you expect to read about in action adventure fiction, not articles on military history. The Centurion was the dominant Western tank of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and gained lasting fame in the hands of the Israelis in the 1967 and 1973 wars. This is even more remarkable when in fact the Centurion was actually designed to counter the German Panther and Tiger tanks that had come as such a terrible shock to the British in Tunisia and Italy! British World War II tank design has come in for much criticism, and most of it was justified. However, the dire situation of the British forces after Dunkirk and loss of almost all its equipment in France,

An upgraded Dutch Centurion

6 8

Scale Military Modeller International

68-71-Warzone-Centurion-Tank-SMMI-0517.indd 68

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:44

centurion tank Warzone

resulted in a situation where any tank was better than no tank, and so existing designs and those on the drawing board but not incorporating any of the lessons learned on the battlefields of France were either retained or rushed into production just to re-equip the Army. This pressure on the armaments industry did not let up until late 1942 / early 1943 when the full weight of American industrial power began to be felt. Once this pressure was relieved the government and industry began redesign new and improved tanks to replace those already in service. Design, Development and Service The British General staff still clung to the doctrine of separate Cruiser and Infantry Tanks despite all evidence pointing to the need for a single tank combining roles, and the advice if not pleadings of those who had experience of armoured warfare for such a vehicle. So when discussions took place on how to meet the threat from the Tiger and Panther, it was decided a new Cruiser tank was required. Fortunately, responsibility for the design was not put out to tender with private companies as it had been in the past, instead it was placed with the Director of the Royal Armoured Corps (DRAC) Sir Claude Gibb CBE FRS, who appointed a committee which designed the tank that was actually needed, rather than the tank the War Office had specified. The updated requirements incorporated all the hard-learned lessons of the previous four years of armoured warfare. In fact the A41 Cruiser, as it was known at this stage, was more of a Bruiser than a Cruiser. The specification from DRAC was brief and vague, with comments such as ‘must be able to withstand German 88mm hits’ and ‘needs to be reliable’, but as the type’s longevity proved, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise - a rare example of something designed by committee actually working during development. Some things worked, others didn’t and were quickly dropped, and it was established early on that the new tank would aim to weigh around the

Centurion Mk 2

A Centurion Mk 13 FV4017

The Centurion was extremely tiring to use, demanding a great deal of physical strength to change gear forty-ton mark, but this was soon raised to forty-five tons, and at this weight, the Christie suspension favoured by earlier cruiser designs for its smooth ride and high speed cross country could not cope, so various other suspension types were investigated. A Horizontal Volute Spring System (HVSS) (called Horstmann suspension by the British after its manufacturer) was adopted. The Horstmann units were self-contained and bolted to side of the tank, supposedly making replacement after mine damage much easier - something the crews might have disagreed with. They also permitted a lower silhouette than torsion bars would have done, whilst providing good cross- country performance and a relatively comfortable ride. The distribution of limited wartime fuel resources meant that a petrol engine had to be installed, as diesel was reserved for the Navy. A 650hp Rolls Royce Meteor (in fact a detuned Merlin of Spitfire fame)

was fitted, coupled to a Merritt Brown Z51R manual gearbox, with the unusual feature of two reverse gears to allow for a rapid reverse from trouble. The gearbox was reliable, and its low speed and neutral turn capabilities helped gain the Centurion its reputation, but it was extremely tiring to use, demanding a great deal of physical strength to change gear. Driver fatigue proved to be one of the Centurion’s few weaknesses. The positioning of the gearstick between the driver’s legs was also awkward and made an already cramped drivers compartment even more so. The Meteor was a thirsty beast, and the range of the Centurion was only fifty miles on paved roads and could be as low as thirty miles cross-country. The reason for the lack of adequate provision of fuel tanks is unclear, and despite much research, why such a small internal fuel capacity was considered acceptable is unknown. The oft repeated claim that experience in France showed that large sweeping advances were a thing of the past has to be discounted, as the Centurion was designed before the invasion of France in July 1944. It appears fuel tanks were installed wherever there was space almost as an afterthought. As a consequence of the high fuel consumption, an 8hp Morris car engine was installed. This Auxiliary (or donkey) engine was used to provide power to the turret traverse, gunnery equipment, radios and of course, the BV or boiling vessel, which supplied a never ending supply of hot water for tea and cooking tinned rations - without which the modern Royal Armoured Corps would not be able to operate efficiently, if at all. The British railway-loading gauge limited the overall size and width of the tank, but other than that, the designers had free rein, and the Centurion was a much bigger and roomier tank than its predecessors. Its large turret ring also allowed for progressive upgunning of the basic design over time. The WWW.SAMPUBLICATIONS.COM

68-71-Warzone-Centurion-Tank-SMMI-0517.indd 69

6 9

13/04/2017 14:44

war zone Centurion Tank

Centurion was the first British tank to feature a sloping glacis plate, and this was initially 77mm thick, but the angle of the plate almost doubled that and made it proof against almost anything the Germans could fire at it. Most importantly, it met the design requirement of being proof against the deadly 88mm. Over time, the thickness of the glacis plate almost doubled - later versions had a thickness of 127mm. The side armour was also much thicker than on previous tanks. Armour on the turret was up to 150mm thick. Initially it was armed with the extremely effective 17 pounder (76.2mm) anti-tank gun, a 20mm Polsten cannon for engaging soft targets, mounted in an independent mounting at the side of the main gun and fired by the loader, a two inch bomb thrower for protection against infantry tank hunting teams, and two sets of three smoke dischargers on each side of the turret. All the ammunition was stored below the turret ring to prevent the catastrophic ammunition explosions and destruction of the tank and crew so prevalent in earlier British and American designs. The turret traverse was electrically powered, again to prevent injury and reduce the fire risk from fractured high pressure hydraulic pipes. The Centurion was designed with a state of the art gun control system and was one of the first tanks to have a fully stabilised main gun, which gave it exceptional accuracy in the hands of a well-trained gunner. User trails quickly showed the 20mm Polsten cannon was a gun too far and a job too much for the loader, and this was quickly dropped and a revised fully cast turret with a coaxial 7.92mm Besa machine gun was fitted. On 22nd August 1945, an order for 800 Centurions was placed, the first 100 to be Centurion Mk 1s, and the remainder A41A or Centurion Mk 2, with the new 20-pounder main gun. Full-scale production began in November 1945 and the Centurion entered service with the 5th Royal Tank Regiment in December 1946. In October of that year, a revised turret mounting the 20-pounder was approved, resulting in the Centurion Mk 3. As these rolled from the factories the Mk1, and

Centurion Mk 11

7 0

Scale Military Modeller International

68-71-Warzone-Centurion-Tank-SMMI-0517.indd 70

Centurion Mk 9

Mk 2s were withdrawn and either converted to Mk 3 standard or to other uses. The Mk 3 was the backbone of the Centurion fleet with 2883 of the 4423 eventually produced being this variant, built between 1947 and 1956. The Mk 3 also saw the introduction of the revolutionary Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (APDS) round, which is basically a sub-calibre dart with greatly increased penetrating power. This new ammunition levelled the playing field against the Russian heavy tanks such as the JS III, which had been giving western commanders sleepless nights since its appearance in the Berlin victory parade in 1945. Incremental modifications of the Centurion Mk 3 continued, eventually totalling 250 individual changes. None of which addressed the fundamental weakness of the Centurion - its tiny operational range. Various field modifications, such as fitting additional fuel drums to the rear of the tank were tried, but proved inadequate. The officially endorsed solution - a 200-gallon mono-wheeled trailer to be towed behind the tank was an utter disaster - despised by the crews forced to use it. Eventually, the Mk 7, which was a complete redesign of the

Centurion right down to the type of bolts and screw threads used to assemble it (UNF instead of AW) incorporated an additional fuel tank in an armoured box across the rear of the tank which doubled the range to 101 miles - still very poor and a logistical nightmare but it improved the situation a little. Perhaps a more fundamental redesign using a more economical and powerful diesel engine should have been fitted then - saving the Israelis the trouble years later. While the Centurion had proved itself in the Korean War, lessons had been learned and improvements made. The most important of which were the removal of the Bomb throwing Mortar, and replacement of the 7.92mm Besa with a Browning machine gun chambered to the newly standardised 7.62 NATO calibre, a more robust and reliable weapon. A fume extractor and balance weight was fitted to the 20-pounder which made it even more stable and accurate. With these and other modifications, the Mk 3 became the Mk 5. In 1959, a single Mk 5 was up-gunned by fitting the now Legendary L7 105mm rifled tank gun, this weapon was so good it was adopted across NATO except by the French who insisted on using their own inferior 105mm design. The L7 is rightly considered one of the best tank guns ever developed. With its new armament and improved sights and stabilisation the Centurion really was the best tank in the West if not the world. Production of the Mk 5 with 105mm L7 gun began in 1960, and the entire Centurion fleet was retrofitted with the L7. Alongside the up-gunning, the Centurion was also up-armoured, with an additional 50mm of armour on the glacis and turret and a thickening of the rear armour from 38mm to 51mm. As seems common practice in the British Army, all the various Mk numbers were changed by adding one or two to their existing Mk number (e.g. a Mk 5 became a Mk 6 and a Mk 7 a Mk 9) when the modifications were completed. In 1965 Infra Red (IR) searchlights were fitted above the main gun to give the Centurion a limited Night Fighting capability, but were predictably unpopular with the

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:44

centurion tank Warzone

crews. The final significant modification to the Centurion in British/NATO use was the installation from 1966 onwards of a 0.50 Browning M2 Ranging machine gun, which fired a 3 round burst of tracer ammunition, which was used to aim the main gun. The principle being to estimate the range, fire ranging gun, if the rounds hit the tracer ignited and a main gun round rapidly followed. The 0.50 calibre Browning was also a useful addition for taking out soft targets without wasting a main gun round. All of these modifications meant more changes to the Mk and sub Mk numbers, and not all vehicles were modified. Variants During its early years of service, the Centurion was considered an interim model incapable of providing a solid platform for the variety of special purpose vehicles, which a modern mechanised army required. It was expected to be replaced by the FV 200 ‘universal tank’ series of vehicles, on which a great deal of time money and effort was wasted. The only vehicle of the series that saw service was the FV214 Conqueror as a counter to the JS III and T 10 Soviet heavy tanks; Conqueror was withdrawn from service by 1965 as the Centurion with 105mm gun could do the job better. The failure of the universal tank programme left the Army with no choice but to develop the specialist vehicles on the Centurion chassis. This proved to be an easily adaptable platform; many of these variants outlasted the gun tank in British army service. The first variant to see service was the Mk1 ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle) - a stop-gap vehicle to meet an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) for recovering damaged or stranded tanks in Korea. These were basically Mk1 tanks with

the turret removed and an open box structure containing a lorry engine powering a winch built in its place. The first vehicles were rushed to the warzone in March 1952. Approximately 180 were built, and most had been withdrawn from front line service by 1959. The MK 2 ARV was a purpose-designed vehicle with an enclosed armoured superstructure incorporating sufficient storage for the myriad recovery tools required by the REME. It was an exceptionally capable vehicle, and could recover even the most bogged or damaged tank and remained in service in BAOR in the 1990’s. A Bridge layer, which could deploy its load in under two minutes and cover a gap of 45 feet soon followed. For larger gaps or beach assaults to clear sea walls, an ARC (Armoured Ramp Carrier) was developed which was a Centurion with a fixed bridge that drove into the middle of the obstacle and then deployed its bridge ends. The ARC could bridge a gap of up to seventyfeet amongst other tricks. The Centurion AVRE was designed to provide engineers with all the tools they required on a battlefield, including a 165mm low velocity gun designed to destroy small pillboxes and field fortifications. It could carry fascines, both on the vehicle and on a specially designed trailer. A Class 60 track-way could also be carried and another trailer allowed the deployment of the Giant Viper mine clearing equipment. The Centurion AVRE can disintegrate in a spectacular fashion if woefully inexperienced crewmen clean the rear decks with petrol as Demonstrated in the 1st Gulf War. The final variant was the BARV or ‘Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle’, a very capable vehicle and gave sterling service and was the last version in British service finally retiring in 2003.

Export The Centurion was an outstanding export success, and a great deal of this can be attributed to its outstanding service in the Korean War, where it proved to be the outstanding tank in a conflict and terrain that did not favour tanks. The Americans in particular took notice, as they were funding the re-equipment of NATO countries via the Mutual Defence Assistance Program, and saw the chance to reduce logistical problems whilst also providing the best tank available. The fact that both the Netherlands and Denmark were clamouring for the Centurion also helped. As the Centurions remained the property of the USA and so by default, the US was the second largest user of the Centurion! Centurions were exported directly or via second users to eighteen different countries from Europe to the Far East - these include Australia (144), Canada (374), India (245), Israel (over 2000), Jordan (293), Switzerland (430), Sweden (350) and even New Zealand (12). South Africa acquired approximately 350 Centurions from various sources and they have been in continuous service ever since. The South African Oliphant 1 is widely considered the most effective tank currently deployed in Africa, and while it has been heavily reworked and modernised, it is still a Centurion underneath. It is amazing to think a tank designed in 1943 remains in active service in 2017. In the 1950’s, the various factories employed in building the Centurion were turning out four tanks a week between them - a high number given the parlous state of British industry at the time. The slogan of ‘Export or Die’ had not fallen on deaf ears where the armaments industry was concerned. zzPart 2 – Centurion in Action


68-71-Warzone-Centurion-Tank-SMMI-0517.indd 71

7 1

13/04/2017 14:44

72-Casemate-Competition-0517-SMMI_Z-SMMI-2011-Master.qxd 13/04/2017 15:05 Page 72

arras 1917


their latest military titles. Founded in 2007, Casemate UK is a major specialist publisher and book distributor in the UK, European and

Commonwealth markets. The publishing arm of Casemate is one of the leading publishers in the fields of military history, defence studies, and military science worldwide. Casemate's publishing list covers subjects as diverse as Roman History, Napoleonic Wars and the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts of today.

So for your chance to win a copy of: A Taste of Success – The Battle of Arras 1917, Just answer this simple question:

Before the word ‘tank’ was used, what were these vehicles referred to as ? A) Airships B) Waterships C) Landships Send your entries to SMMI/Casemate Arras Competition Scale Military Modeller Magazine Media House, 21 Kingsway, Bedford, MK42 9BJ Or email:

[email protected] Competition Rules Employees/volunteers working for SAM Publications Ltd, Casemate Publishing and associated companies or their families are not permitted to enter. Entries are limited to one per person/household. No correspondence will be entered into. The judges’ decision is final. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of Scale Military Modeller International. All entries must reach Media House by 26th May 2017, when the prize draw will take place.

Mastered-Ads-0517-SMMI_61-Ads-0607-SMC.qxd 13/04/2017 15:59 Page 73

To be sure of future copies of Scale Military Modeller International, fill in your details and hand this form to your newsagent Please reserve/deliver* a copy of Scale Military Modeller International on a regular basis, commencing with the .......................................... issue *delete as appropriate

Title/Mr/Mrs/Ms First name: ........................................... Surname: ......................................... Address:...........................................................................................................

Clifton Curios Models EAST MIDLANDS VENUE Close to East Midlands Airport, Donington Park Race Circuit and Ashby de la Zouch, Easy to reach from A42 & M-1 Derby, Leicester, Loughborough, & Nottingham

We now stock Products

LARGE Selection of Products available!


........................................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................ Postcode:................................................................................

Brushes; Glues; Fillers; Scenic Materials; Tools; Aviation & Military Books; Magazines

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Clifton Curios Models – Vintage Postcards & Ephemera tel. 01827 373497 (after 6p.m.)

AK-interactive Scale 1:35 /

vive la



couple of years ago i would never have imagined that

there would be so many World War I tanks available in kit form! So here we have the excellent Meng-Model FT-17, and although it may not be an easy kit to build, everything is just perfect! The driver’s position is fully represented, and the hatches can be left open to show it, However, i wanted them closed, so this could be a fast build. The turret is composed of a considerable number of parts, all of which aligned well and the working suspension is also very complex, with metal and etch pieces as well as metallic springs. Once the build was complete i started painting by applying a coat of AK Interactive White Primer and Microfiller, and in order to modulate the colour effect I used black on the lower areas. For the camouflage i used the AK Interactive AK4051 World War I French Milky Coffee as the base colour, then AK4054 World War I

KIT DATA French FT-17 Manufacturer: Meng-Model Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded with metal and etch Kit Number: TS-011

French Green 1 and the MC249 Brown Clay for the Red Brown shade. Once the camouflage was done I applied a Tamiya X-35 Satin Varnish to blend and protect the paint work. Once dry I painted the green higher areas with Tamiya XF-4 to start working on the highlights. Now it was time for the decals, and here I used AK582 Decal Adapter Solution over a gloss coat to avoid silvering. I finally covered the decals with a Satin coat.

Meng-Model have done a fantastic job with this kit 7 4

Scale Military Modeller International

May 2017

74-78-AK-BRAND-FT17-Vivela-France-SMMI-0517.indd 74

13/04/2017 14:45

sponsored by AK-interactive

I started painting by applying a coat of AK Interactive White Primer and Microfiller....

...and some pre-shading


74-78-AK-BRAND-FT17-Vivela-France-SMMI-0517.indd 75

7 5

13/04/2017 14:46

AK-interactive Scale 1:35 /

I used the AK Interactive AK4051 World War I French Milky Coffee as the base colour

Adding some depth to the colours...... Time for some colour mapping I think!

....and making the details stand out Time to add the decals..... ....and do more work on the colours

7 6

Scale Military Modeller International

May 2017

74-78-AK-BRAND-FT17-Vivela-France-SMMI-0517.indd 76

13/04/2017 14:46

sponsored by AK-interactive

Detailing the pioneer tools

I used a bespoke mix of AK Interactive Diorama products to create some

I then started to add more hightlights and shadows, and for the green I used the 502 Abteilung 155 Light Sand, AT035 Buff and Sennelier Bright Yellow Green. For the Red Brown I used ABT092 Ochre and ABT35 Buff, finally for the Yellow I used ABT001 Snow White and ABT035 mixed. For the shadows Van Gogh Ultramarine Blue and ABT050 Olive Green were applied on the green areas, for the other colours i used ABT002 Sepia, ABT015 Shadow Brown and AK interactive Black. I let this dry for almost a week and the started with a pin-wash. For the wash I then used AK045 Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles, and in some areas I thinned this to avoid a very dark tone. Once dry the

mud and spatter.....

.... which was added to the lower surfaces, followed by more effects to add to the depth

excess was removed with a thin flat brush and AK Interactive White Spirit. Once dry and before the matt, I applied another satin coat to blend it all together. Then I added a coat of AK Interactive Ultra Matt Varnish. For the weathering I used the base colour to make some scratches and chipping, then using AK711 Chipping Colour, I created a ‘double layer’, making the metal beneath the paint visible. I also added some using AK013 Rust Streaks oils paint. I wanted to show a muddy tank, but not overdo it, so I noted that it was common to see a lot of mud on the suspension, even if the tracks were almost clean! So I first added a coat of very thinned AK Interactive Dark Earth to give a dusty look, and then mixed up AK Interactive Diorama AK8030 Splatter Effects ‘Stirred Earth’, with ‘Stone’, ‘Beach Sand’ and Earth’ coloured pigments, mixed with AK Ultra Matte Varnish. When i had the desired consistencey I applied it with a brush, until I was happy with the effect. Once dry i added a very thinned brown wash, and once dry I applied I dry brushed on some light dust pigments to give even more contrast. To represent the grease on the stains I used thinned AK Interactive AK084 Engine Oil. The tracks were really awesome, and in fact workable! So I began with a coat of AK Interactive AK757 Black Primer and Microfiller, and once dry I sprayed on some AK083 Track Wash and let this dry WWW.SAMPUBLICATIONS.COM

74-78-AK-BRAND-FT17-Vivela-France-SMMI-0517.indd 77

7 7

13/04/2017 14:46

AK-interactive Scale 1:35 /

completely. The next stage was to apply pigments, and I started with a mix of AK085 and AK039 Track Rust. This must be applied heavily and any excess removed with a blast from your airbrush. Next a coat of AK040 Light Dust and AK031 Dark Earth was added and I tried to apply this just on the raised details. To finish I used a graphite stick to add more definition until I was happy with the result. To finish off I applied a final-pin wash in certain areas to make the details stand out even more. This was a very enjoyable build, and the kit is full of delicious detailing which, with just a little work you can make into a very eye catching model.

7 8

Scale Military Modeller International

May 2017

74-78-AK-BRAND-FT17-Vivela-France-SMMI-0517.indd 78

13/04/2017 14:46

01-SAM-Ad-Pocketmags-ALL-Mar-2017_Layout 1 10/02/2017 16:03 Page 1

russian bt-7 Scale 1:35 / 1935 Late



fast tank!

eastern express


he BT or Bystrokhodniy Tank, (fast tank), was one of the AFVs used by Russia in the early days of

World War II, and its name was characterized by its amazing speed. With a weight of only fourteen- tons, its maximum speed was up to 50km/h, and could run even faster on hard ground by the removal of the tracks. Production began in 1935 and was gradually replaced by the T-34. This kit is and old one released by Eastern Express, and although a nice kit, it has some fit issues, and to bring the detailing up to an acceptable level I added the Eduard #35421 etched set, Modelkasten #SK-63 tracks and some scratchbuilt items. The finished model was first primed with Mr Surfacer 1200 Grey Primer, and then a mixed base coat of Humbrol 103 + 150 + 159 modulated to a brighter shade for highlights was applied. When the enamel was completely dry, I sprayed on a coat Tamiya Clear Gloss X-22 for protection, before adding various Windsor & Newton oil washes to create some tonal variations. To create the white washed effect I began using

random sponge application of Humbrol Maskol, but paid particular attention to areas of high wear. To make the edges of masking more irregular I sprinkled some fine sand and let it adhere to the Maskol edges, and then I sprayed on some Tamiya White XF-2 over the entire model. The masking layer was then removed once the White had dried. The next layer of white wash was applied arbitrarily using Vallejo Flat White 001 with both a sponge and a fine brush, deliberately

KIT DATA BT-7 Mod. 1935 Late Manufacturer: Eastern Express Scale: 1:35 Kit type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 35109

I added the Eduard #35421 etched set, Modelkasten #SK-63 tracks and some scratchbuilt items 8 0

Scale Military Modeller International

80-82-White-Light-SMMI-0517.indd 80

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:48

white lightning

Russian Fast Tank

leaving some large and small green areas uncovered. I then switched to Humbrol Enamel 34 Matt White for the second layer of white wash, and more Green areas were covered this time. Between the White layers, I applied various Vallejo and Humbrol Green and mud shades to make the surface look more interesting. This process was repeated several times until I was happy with the final look. Once the white wash process was complete, a Raw Umber pin-wash was applied to further accentuate all details. Oil-dot blending with Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Sap green, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White followed for some for the fading effects, and rust streaks were then added using a mix of


80-82-White-Light-SMMI-0517.indd 81

8 1

13/04/2017 14:48

russian bt-7 Scale 1:35 / 1935 Late

Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber around the bolt heads and hinges. Wear and scratches were shown using a fine brush and Vallejo Dark Brown, and more general dust was airbrushed on using thinned Tamiya XF57. A mud was a slurry mixture of Tamiya XF-52 + XF-57 + XF-78 and white plaster was then created, and further dark mud shades applied to darken the effect. AK Interactive Engine Grime, Oil Stains and Engine Oil were applied on the engine deck to mimic fuel spillages and to finish off, I rubbed some pencil graphite along the edges to create more wear and tear. Although the quality of this kit was not that good, I found a great sense of achievement with my upgrading and paint work.

8 2

Scale Military Modeller International

80-82-White-Light-SMMI-0517.indd 82

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:48

product of the month New from Shesto

instant spray airbrush cleaner Product Code: SP9120 Features & Benefits: • To clean away final residues of paint • Clean head assemblies, regulators, needles etc. • A must have for every airbrush user


se this cleaner to clean away final residues of paint from head assemblies, regulators and needles etc.

This stuff has been my ‘go to’ airbrush cleaner now for some time. It works on all types of paint I have put through my airbrush and it works on all of the popular brands of airbrush, including the Aztek, so there is no fear of it melting plastic and rubber O rings! On a note of caution, it is best to use it in a wellventilated room, preferably in conjunction with an airbrush cleaning jar, and of course do not forget to wear a mask! But you do all that anyway, don’t you? This and other essential airbrush products are available from Shesto, for further information visit: or contact us by telephoning zz020 8451 6188 or Email at [email protected] WWW.SAMPUBLICATIONS.COM

83-Tool-of-the-Month-SMMI-0517.indd 83

8 3

13/04/2017 14:48

SAM-Subscription-DPS-May-2017_Layout 1 13/04/2017 14:10 Page 1

to our m leading m

S y r

S Order hotline +44 (0)1234 211245 Secure online ordering at

SAM-Subscription-DPS-May-2017_Layout 1 13/04/2017 14:10 Page 2

Magazine Subscriptions Scale Military Modeller

Scale Aviation Modeller

Please indicate the length of subscription required and for which magazine you wish to subscribe by ticking the appropriate box

ur market g magazines...


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Available to all readers, strong, robust ‘Cordex’ binders to hold 12 issues of Scale Aviation Modeller (in green) or Model Aircraft (black) or Scale Military Modeller (Blue).

Scale Military Modeller Scale Aviation Modeller Model Aircraft

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Order Form

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Send to: HobbyZone Limited, Media House, 21 Kingsway, Bedford, MK42 9BJ, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1234 211245 • Fax: +44 (0) 1234 325927 email: [email protected]

water car Scale 1:35 / Schwimmwagen


type 166 tamiya


ow I might be wrong, but perhaps most AFV modellers in their time have bulit a kit of the famous German

‘water car’ the ‘Schwimmwagen’, which after the ubiqitous Kubelwagen was possibly the most popular wheeled vehicle of World War Two. Kit wise there is some choice to be had with the likes of Tamiya and Italeri with the Type-166 and the Type-128 from AFV Club, and you can add to this copious amounts of aftermarket etch, resin and the like. I chose the Tamiya kit as, well its Tamiya and literally falls together! I didn’t add much in the way of aftermarket sets, but I chose a cover from Mantis Miniatures as I thought it was both awesome and unique, and a little resin stowage! With construction a breeze I was soon ready to paint and I began with a base coat of Vallejo Black. The next step was a mixed coat

of coat Vallejo 025 and 028, followed by a little colour modulation to add highlights and shadows. You can see now some small shadows on the model. Next I added Vallejo Brown to form the squiggle camouflage and then when this had dried I painted in all of the smaller details and added the decals. Time now for some weathering using various AK Interactive and Ammo of MIG products, plus a few bespoke oil paint washes. A quick touch up here and there and the little Schwimmwagen was complete.

KIT DATA Type 166 Schwimmwagen Manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 224

Most AFV modellers in their time have bulit a kit of the famous German ‘water car’ the ‘Schwimmwagen’ 8 6

Scale Military Modeller International

86-88-Schwimmingly-Well-SMMI-0517.indd 86

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:59


Type 166


The kit built quickly and easily


After a Black base coat ……

….I added a mix of Vallejo 025 and 028, modulated with White

…..and Black for highlights and shadows


86-88-Schwimmingly-Well-SMMI-0517.indd 87

8 7

13/04/2017 14:59

water car Scale 1:35 / Schwimmwagen

The cover looks pretty good in its finished state

Working on the Mantis Models canvas cover I added Vallejo Brown to form the squiggle camouflage

Adding mud to the undersides

8 8

Scale Military Modeller International

86-88-Schwimmingly-Well-SMMI-0517.indd 88

May 2017

13/04/2017 14:59

89-MigJimenez-Oilbrush-0117-WP_Layout 1 13/04/2017 16:01 Page 1

modelling with mig Scale 1:35 / King Tiger– Henschel Turret


winter tiger revell


or this build I’m using the recent 1:35 Tiger release from Revell, which itself a reboxing of last year’s offering

from ICM. Obviously they are not going head to head with the recent releases from Takom, Meng-Model and now MIG, but if you are a younger modeller, or buy on a budget this is a good option. For a change the build begins with the turret assembly, starting with the gun breech and partial

interior detail. The turret top and bottom go together next and mated with no issues. The big ‘88’ gun barrel is provided as two halves but fitted well enough and with some careful sanding looks more than acceptable. The crew hatch interiors are all supplied and look pretty good if you wish to have them open. Next up is all the exterior details, the track

KIT DATA King Tiger– Henschel Turret Manufacturer: Revell Scale: 1:35 Kit Type: Plastic injection moulded Kit Number: 03249

9 0

Scale Military Modeller International

90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-0517.indd 90

hangers, grab handles and vent covers etc. Again fit was good with no problems, and the turret was quite quickly completed. Now we move onto the lower hull and then one of this kits curiosities. Everything is supplied to build the full torsion bar set up (not workable), partial hull flooring, rear bulkhead (with no detail added) and strengthening braces. The build now moves onto the big one-piece upper hull, which has nice detailing including all the relevant weld seams. Disappointingly it also

includes all the side fenders moulded on so some major work would be required if you wished to show any of them missing. Now the exhausts, tools, hatches and engine deck detail can all be added and then the decent plastic tow cables and gun cleaning rods which are nicely moulded with spaces in-between for realism. I now also added some mesh from the spares box over the engine vents and a small piece of wire to represent the

August May 2017 2016

13/04/2017 15:01

modelling with mig

Painting and Detailing with Mig Jimenez Adding the camouflage colours

The kit builds very well

This is an ideal kit if you are a younger modeller or buy on a budget


90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-0517.indd 91

9 1

13/04/2017 15:01

modelling with mig Scale 1:35 / King Tiger– Henschel Turret

headlight conduit. The running gear is next, very straightforward assembly here, and all the road wheels especially the sprockets display some very nice detailing. I kept all these separate for painting and also treated the running surfaces with A.MIG-0192 Polished Metal to nicely show off the exposed parts. Now we turn to the kits biggest problem - the tracks. These are supplied as flexible rubber band type but come in two parts per side. This means two joins per side that need to be fixed with the old hot screwdriver and staples method, not something I thought I would be doing in 2017!

Ready for the winter wash

However, we can now turn to the painting, weathering and markings. The provided decals cover two different vehicles, but one of them is covered twice, tank number 332 of 501st Heavy Tank Battalion which saw service in the Ardennes. It can be depicted before and after its capture by the US Army, with some neat decals showing the engineer markings painted on after capture, an interesting option. The second vehicle is from the 502nd Heavy Tank Battalion in 1945 and is shown with the more unusual ‘octopus’ camouflage scheme. All this is nicely shown in colour in the instruction booklet. But for all that I wanted to use this build as a test bed to practice my winter weathering and whitewash effects, so I opted for a tank from 509th Heavy Panzer Battalion serving in Hungary, January 1945. Painting began with a coat of A.MIG-2002 Grey Primer and then some Black pre-

I applied a pin-wash using A.MIG-011 Africa Korps Wash in all the recesses I used A.MIG-024 Washable White Camouflage

More weathering around the vehicle was now added using A.MIG-1202 Streaking Grime Effects

9 2

Scale Military Modeller International

90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-0517.indd 92

The winter coat gave a distinctive look to the tank

May 2017

13/04/2017 15:01

modelling with mig

Painting and Detailing with Mig Jimenez

and gave a really shading on the nice contrast to the lower surfaces white paint. and engine deck. When dry I tried I used A.MIG-2003 out the mapping Dark Yellow Primer as technique next which the base coat, applied in adds another layer of a two thin layers. For the The weld seams were different white tone to camouflage I went with picked out well suggest a further coat of A.MIG-0192 Red Brown camouflage applied by the crew at and A.MIG-915 Dark Green thinned a different time. For this I used and and applied in broad stripes through off white mix, slightly thinned and my airbrush. Before the winter then applied with a small piece of effects were started I also detailed sponge to the required areas. I was the tools and tow cables etc. and very pleased with the result, which then gave the model a basic wash gave a nice contrast to the whitewash and dry brush to start the detailing and a distinctive look to the tank. process. When that had all dried More weathering around the vehicle overnight the real fun could begin! was now added using A.MIG-1202 To start things off I used A.MIG-024 Streaking Grime Effects and Light Washable White Camouflage, which Rust and Dark Rust Washes to add I applied slightly thinned with an old paintbrush. This is a great product, which remains workable for several minutes, which allows you to move it around the model to achieve some great effects, and remove any excess as you go. When it dries you can repeat the procedure as you see fit until you get the look you want. I was happy with just two layers. Now I applied a pin-wash using A.MIG-011 Africa Korps Wash in all the recesses and panel lines, and this picked out all the detail

further colour variation. To complete the process I decided on a muddy effect, which I always think, looks nice against the stark white of a winter vehicle. To start I applied some minimal home made mud around the lower hull to give some texture, and then washed this with A.MIG-1405 Dark Mud. Next I airbrushed a mud mix colour across the running gear and fenders before adding some splashes of A.MIG-1752 Loose Ground and A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe Mud Splashes flicked on with an old paint brush to add a final contrast. All these effects worked well together and gave a great looking finish. When all that was dry a bit of tidying up and touching in was required and then my winter beast was complete!

SMMI CHOICE We Recommend

AMMO OF MIG Products used in this Feature.

A.MIG-0192 Polished Metal A.MIG-2002 Grey Primer A.MIG-2003 Dark Yellow Primer

A.MIG-0192 Red Brown A.MIG-915 Dark Green A.MIG-024 Washable White Camouflage

A.MIG-1202 Streaking Grime Effects A.MIG-1405 Dark Mud A.MIG-1752 Loose Ground a A.MIG-1751 Dry Steppe Mud Splashes


90-93-MIG-SMMI-CHOICE-0517.indd 93

9 3

13/04/2017 15:01

94-MAFVA-SMMI-0517-SMMI_Z-SMMI-2011-Master.qxd 13/04/2017 15:05 Page 94



Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicles Association

MAFVA exists to promote and interest in AFV’s and their associated equipment, and to act as a non-profit making organisation for the collection and dissemination of information. We try to answer queries and seek sources of information for our fast growing international membership, and to encourage correspondence between those with similar interests. The interests within MAVA run from Wold War One to the present day, although a greater emphasis is centred on the Second World War. The majority of members make and/or collect models, and there are many who only gather information on military subjects, whilst others work on, or even collect full sized military vehicles. In addition to this we aim to provide our members with a quality bi-monthly magazine ‘Tankette’. Local branches are being continually formed both in the UK and overseas, and are encouraged to hold meetings, displays and competitions to enable their members to get more out of their hobby, by meeting others with similar interests and to share information and expertise.

Joining MAFVA For more information or details on joining MAFVA please contact the Membership Secretary: Neil Wharton, MAFVA 85 Alexander Avenue, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire. LE9 7AH. [email protected]

‘On Track 2017’ Report Presented by paul middleton Photos courtesy of Natalia Clarinbold ESPITE SOME HORRENDOUS WEATHER THE DAY BEFORE, THE FRIDAY BEFORE ‘ON TRACK’ DAWNED OVERCAST,


but calm. I set off nice and early to miss the M25 traffic, and two hours pulled up in the prime parking space on the Leas. Being the first one there I went for breakfast at the Café round the corner. The conversation over the fry up was people looking for builders to repair damaged roofs. On returning to the Leas Cliff Hall, it was now open, and when the tables arrived we unloaded and commenced the set up. Once I had access to the street-level lift I was able to unload the car, transport the kit down to the Channel Suite, and start setting up MAFVA HQ. Incidentally, whilst parking on the Leas is convenient for unloading to the lift or main stairs, it is limited to three hours, and the local wardens are efficient! So I moved the car to the underground car park, which was only £3.00 for twenty-four hours.

[email protected] Current subscription rates are: UK and HM Forces £16 Europe/ Rest of the World (Surface mail) £24 Rest of the World (Airmail) £33

SAM Publications MAFVA Members Discount Offer SAM Publications is delighted to be able to offer MAFVA members a 10% discount on subscriptions to Scale Military Modeller International, or any of our other titles or books, but not including kits or accessories. To take advantage of this offer just quote your MAFVA membership number on any correspondence. For more details email or call us at: [email protected] +44 (0) 1234 211245 Branches Bedfordshire Cambridge Chester Clacton-on-Sea Devon Essex Lancashire (Bolton) London Maryport Midlands (Leicester) Northern Home Counties North West (Wirral) Norwich Nottingham Rugby


Suffolk Sussex Sussex (East) Wilts Scotland (Glasgow) Scotland (Lothian) South Wales Australia (A.C.T) Australia (West) Canada (Ontario) France (North West) France (Paris) Greece Portugal

Scale Military Modeller International

May 2017

Following a quick lunch provided by ‘Team On Track’ more setting up and then the various contingents of exhibitors and traders started to arrive, and with an early start, we had plenty of time to chat. As always, many of the ‘Friday Folk’ get together, to dine and chat in the evening. The social side is as important to us as the models, and the talking carries on as long as we can stay awake. An early start followed in the morning to ensure the streetlevel lift was available, and then while the remaining exhibitors and traders set up, I opened the HQ desk for business. Soon the place was a hive of activity as members popped by to say hello, re-subscribe or chat. I managed a tour of the MAFVA-Zone and was amazed by the variety of models, styles, presentation and sheer brilliance. The competition tables soon began to fill and as you will see when you visit the photo pages (courtesy of Natalia), the standard was extremely high. When I finally escaped to the main hall, as expected it was extremely busy, and I had to wait to talk to all the people I wanted to see. Not only were the usual suspects amongst the traders, but a few new faces as well. To see who was there, consult the traders list on the website. Every variety of kit, book and tool was on offer, frequently with a show discount, and visitors were busy trawling

through the stocks looking for bargains. Tracey of Armourfast again sponsored the ‘Make and Take’, and excited youngsters could be seen beavering away on a model they were able to take home. It may seem like a bit of fun on the day for them, but could well sow the seeds of interest in our hobby, what was the trigger for your interest? Justin Gainham was in his usual haunt up in the vestibule with Avid Reader, and as usual a wide selection of books on military subjects was on offer. Tom Welsh had his Milicast stand by the bar (no surprise), Dan Taylor was beside him with his latest creations, and Mr Models the other side with floor to ceiling stacks of kits. Amongst the international traders were Black Lion and Geisbers from the Netherlands, Resicast and Paper Panzers from Belgium. The Wargamers were doing their thing on the podium to the left of the stage, which kept many happy. They are regular exhibitors and offer visitors the chance to participate. The show is busy, and space is limited, and Harold Hanna, the organiser has his work cut out to fit it all in. In fact it can take quite a while to get round it all, and I have to confess that I missed some elements such as those on the balconies. Drinks and snacks are available from the Toplevel café, the bar next to the main hall, and the bar in the Channel Suite. Before we knew it, it was 4pm and time for the presentation of prizes. Armourfast again sponsored the junior classes, and each young winner had a selection of kits to take home. The ‘Seniors’ seemed well pleased with their trophies, and this year’s ‘Best of Show’ was again by Rob Henden, this time his rendition of ‘Monty’. Close down was incredibly fast thanks to willing hands and a team of Gurkhas brought in Harold. Although very much a team effort, it would all be in vain without the sterling leadership of Harold Hanna. Well done Harold, another successful show!

SAM-MDSD-05-Tiger-Ad_Layout 1 10/02/2017 15:34 Page 1



£14.99 + P&P


Freedom Fighter, Tiger II and Tigereye MDF Scaled Down #5 By Andy Evans One of the most enduring military aircraft designs ever produced, the F-5 series has served for more than four decades since its initial flight on July 31, 1963. The F-5 remains an agile, highly manoeuvrable, reliable supersonic fighter; lead-in trainer and ‘aggressor’, combining advanced aerodynamic design, engine performance and low operating costs. More than 2,600 were built by Northrop and with even more built under coproduction and licensing agreements with Canada, the Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Spain and Switzerland. From the F-5's first delivery in 1964 to its final one in 1989, every aircraft has delivered the performance as promised, and approximately two-thirds of the original production F-5's remain operational in twenty-six countries, including the United States. Being smaller and simpler than contemporaries such as the F-4, the F-5 cost less to both purchase and operate, making it a popular export aircraft. The F-5A ‘Freedom Fighter’ entered service in the early 1960s, and although the USAF at the time had no acknowledged need for a light fighter, it did procure roughly 1,200 T-38 Talons, which were directly based on the F-5 design. After winning the International Fighter Aircraft competition in 1970, a program aimed at providing effective low-cost fighters to American allies, Northrop introduced the secondgeneration F-5E ‘Tiger II’ in 1972. The F-5 was also developed into a

Cover: Illustration Purposes Only

dedicated reconnaissance version, the RF-5 ‘Tigereye’ and the ill-fated F-20 ‘Tigershark’. For the F-5 it has been a fast ride into aviation history! The story of the F-5 is brought to life in this new MDF Scaled Down from SAM Publications, and the types background; operators, colour schemes and roles are all included, along with colour profiles, technical diagrams and extensive walk arounds. This is a must have book for the enthusiast and modeller alike.

M DF 5


ORDER HOTLINE: 44 (0)1234 211245 ORDER ONLINE:

xxx-ShopWebGuide-0517_Layout 1 13/04/2017 13:08 Page 96

Promote your company here and appear in all 3 titles – Scale Aviation Modeller International, Model Aircraft and Scale Military Modeller International – with a total 126,000 circulation. Contact Mark Willey on +44 (0)1234 224992 [email protected]





TEL: (805) 584-9732 FAX: (805) 584-6604 WEB: 1754 Warfield Circle, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA NFAF 217 Curtiss X-55 Ascender .............................................$24.95 NFAF 218 Lockheed F-94 Starfire ............................................$39.95 NFAF 219 Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech .......................$14.95 NF 97 Martin PBM Mariner..........................................................$52.95 NF 98 Douglas AD/A-1 Skyraider Part One ...........................$52.95 NF 99 Douglas AD/A-1 Skyraider Part Two............................$55.95 NF 100 “Blue Goose” Command Aircraft ................................$35.95 NF 101 Grumman S2F/S-2 Tracker Part One ............................$46.95





Sheffield’s Specialist Model Shop ( 0114 2449170

Vast selection of plastic kits - Aircraft - Tanks - Military - Ships - Cars - Bikes - Space - Trucks etc

MOTOR BOOKS The world's oldest motoring bookseller

HUNDREDS OF RARE & OBSOLETE KITS Dioramas - Scenic Materials - Plastic, Metal & Wood sheet and sections - Modelling Tools, Paints, Brushes, Airbrushes & Compressors Also Model Railways, Die Cast Models and Scalextric



598-600 Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield S9 3QS

Resin kits, conversions and upgrades


0114 2449170 Open 10am - 5pm, 6 days •Situated 2 miles from M1 (junc 34) • 200 yds from Attercliffe Tram Stop

Your one stop toy soldier, games & hobby shop Open 7 Days a Week

Distributors of Hobbyboss, Vallejo, MiG, AK Interactive, Miniart, Model Master and many more…

Hobby Bunker, Inc. 33 Exchange Street Malden, Massachusetts 781-321-8855 781-321-8866 (fax) [email protected]

01354 760022 Units 6-10 Honeysome Ind Est, Honeysome Road, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6TG

KITS • PAINTS • GLUES • AIRBRUSHES • TOOLS • STYRENE ETC Friendly service & advice - Mail Order Open Tuesday – Friday 10 – 5.30. Saturday 9.30 – 5.00. Closed Sunday and Monday.


01825 765296


At least 5-10% discount off manufacturer’s prices Fast and friendly service Easy to navigate webshop Large range of over 3500 models, figures, tools and accessories from Revell, Airfix, Italeri, Tamiya and many more, ready for immediate despatch Based in the Midlands since 2001 with worldwide shipping available

Airfield Accessories ranges


Specializing in white metal landing gear 3795 Shady Hill Drive, Dallas, Texas 75229, USA +1 (214) 477-7163

and Airfield Accessories 1/48th. 1/72nd. 1/76th. 1/144th scale ranges of British and German airfield vehicles and equipment including ambulances, refuellers, tractors, G.S. and specialist vehicles, figure sets etc.

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 01543 433999


Scale Aircraft Conversions

52 Holdings Road, Sheffield S2 2RE South Yorkshire England

Tel: [0114] 2761587

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Promote your company here and appear in all 3 titles – Scale Aviation Modeller International, Model Aircraft and Scale Military Modeller International – with a total 126,000 circulation. Contact Mark Willey on +44 (0)1234 224992 [email protected]





1/350 Kit


If you are looking at this...

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City Cycle Centre We have a large selection of Plastic Kits from Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, Italeri, AFV Club, Academy and more. Also Paint and Sprays from Humbrol, Tamiya, Revell, Vallejo and Games Workshop

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wonder, as I sit amongst the array of kit boxes in the dungeon of Castle Carpet, just how many of we figure

modelling enthusiasts cut our teeth on Airfix HO and OO scale figure sets? I still have a few in my collection, and can recall when I was just a young monster, the many happy hours lining up armies

to do battle, and then trying to find where many of the personnel had disappeared to after a ‘direct hit’ had scattered them to the four corners of the room! Ahh, nostalgia...

in the next issue For your JUNE 2017 issue of SMMI, here’s just a little of what we have planned! Ardennes Hunter

Ricardo Rivas shows you ‘how to’ paint and weather the 1:35 Cyber Hobby Sd.Kfz.162 Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (V)

Ukrainian IFV

Marian Bunc details the 1:35 Dragon BDRM-3 with screen armour

Getting Grizzly! Jaffe Lam details the 1:35 Trumpeter Canadian AVGP

Snow Panther

Bruno Capeller builds the 1:35 Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf G

Centurion Tank

In the second of his two-part feature, Richard Kent lifts the hatch on another iconic British Tank – this time it’s the Centurion ‘In Action’

Polish Fighter

Matt Edwards uses Hakata paints to detail the 1:35 IBG Rosomak

Cold War Icon

In the first of a two-part feature historian Anthony Tucker-Jones profiles the ubiquitous T-54/55 main battle tank

Russian Reconnaissance

Clayton Ockerby shows you ‘howto’ detail the 1:48 Tamiya BA-64 Armoured Car

Overlooking The Eastern Front

Robin Gilby uses Ammo of MIG Products to detail the Dragon 1:35 Bergepanther mit Aufgesetztem Pz.Kpfw.IV Turm als Befehlspanzer Plus much, much more, all backed up with our unrivalled news and previews coverage.

Scale Military Modeller International Next edition date 26th May 2017.

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Scale Military Modeller International

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