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September 4, 2017 | Author: Virginia Canabal | Category: Environmental Science, Natural Environment, Environmental Technology, Ecology, Systems Ecology
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LANGUAGE CONTENTS (K5. 1st. 2nd) ORALIDAD: La dramatización de canciones. La descripción de lugares, personas, animales y objetos. LECTURA: Las consignas para la realización de tareas. ESCRITURA: El mapa semántico. Functions -Giving and following commands -Naming objects and characters in context. -Giving suggestions. Exponents -There is/are… It is… -We should/ shouldn´t… -It is good/bad Vocabulary -Nature, sky, sun, cloud, ocean, earth, rocks, sand, animals. -Water, plants, trees, garbage, clean. OBJECTIVES: K5. 1st. 2nd -To enhance descriptions of living and non-living things in an ecosystem. -To make students familiar with poems and rhymes. -To make students perform short dialogues.

Suggested Activities:

Contenidos Curriculares: El ambiente y la salud: La relación de los animales y el ambiente. El nivel de organización ecosistémico: El equilibrio del ecosistema como resultado de una compleja evolución. Thematic Unit:

Save the Earth LANGUAGE CONTENTS (3rd. 4th) ORALIDAD: La comunicación oral de diferentes temáticas empleando vocabulario específico. La memorización de canciones. LECTURA: Las inferencias organizacionales en textos de divulgación científica. La localización de información en el párrafo. ESCRITURA: Las fichas temáticas con apoyo icónico. Functions -Communicating ideas using connectors. -Expressing obligation -Making future plans Exponents -It is/they are… because/but/and… -We must respect… -We don´t have to…/We have to… -We should/ shouldn´t… -We are going to… Vocabulary -Environment, nature, recycling, mountains, forest, beach, ocean, pollution. -Endangered animals/species. Rainforest.

- Endangered Animals: Story Books, descriptions. -Create a chart: which things you should or shouldn´t do to help the environment?- DO´s vs DON´Ts -Song: Save the world. -Recycling: Sorting the garbage by creating a School Recycling Center. -Make recycling crafts with the students.

LANGUAGE CONTENTS (5th. 6th) ORALIDAD: La exposición con apoyo de esquemas y gráficos. Las opiniones. LECTURA: Las noticias con soporte material y/o virtual. ESCRITURA: La explicación de temáticas estudiadas. Functions -Giving warning and advice. -Talking about future intentions and predictions. Exponents -I/we will/won´t… -For example/For instance… -We should/shouldn´t … /have to…/ must … Vocabulary -Greenhouse effect, acid rain, food chain. OBJECTIVES: 3ro y 4to-To motivate students to write letters. -To enhance the production of posters. 5to y 6to-To encourage students to read scientific texts using different reading strategies. -To make students exchange facts and their opinions about the current environmental problems by writing persuasive texts. -To promote awareness about the school environment. -To make students create graphic organizers to represent information contained on a text (news, articles).

-Songs: “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong; “Where do the children play” by Cat Stevens. -Labeling the School: to create signs, posters and drawings about how to take care of the Environment and display them around the school. -Brainstorming ideas about environmental problems caused by human beings: greenhouse effect, soil, water and air pollution.

-Material elaborado por el Centro de Recursos y Prof.coordinadores de Lengua del Dpto de SL y LE-

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