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News Features Rankings Fight Finder All Access Pictures Forum Shop Sarah Kaufman on Rematch with Shayna Baszler: I Have the Power to Knock Her Out Tweet21 0 Share21 By Staff Feb 17, 2014 After winning a unanimous decision over Shayna Baszler in June 2009, Sarah Kaufm an will be looking for a finish when they rematch April 16 at UFC Fight Night 41 . Ahead of the bout, Kaufman joined the Sherdog Radio Network s Beatdown ss her opponent, her UFC 166 bout against Jessica Eye and more.

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On her split decision loss to Eye being changed to a no decision due to Eye s posi tive drug test: There was a lot of talk about the fight, who won the fight, who s hould have won the fight, and then the whole debacle of she tested positive for a banned substance but got a couple months to know about it when no one else did . It was a really messy situation with people online just losing their minds one way or another, saying I whined to the commission and that it all comes out. It s just a lot going on. At the end of the day, I felt good about the fight itself and I m glad that it doesn t say that I lost when I didn t think that I deserved a los s. On whether Baszler has changed much since their first bout: I think we ve both chan ged and both stayed the same in some regards. I think that we ve both been trying to improve, and styles typically stay the same. I think this fight is going to b e one that s going to go down not much different than the first one other than I w ant to get a finish. On whether she can finish Baszler: for me.

One hundred percent. The finish is right there

On how the fight could end: I typically like striking regardless of if it s on the feet, on the ground. I know I have the power to knock Shayna out, but I also kno w I have the ability to finish her on the ground whether it s strikes from groundand-pound and she taps because of that [or] if the submission s there, I ll go for i t. But I definitely prefer to beat the submission out of them. On the criticism Baszler has received since The Ultimate Fighter : I really like Sha yna. We ve known each other for years now. We knew each other before we fought the first time. I think Shayna has some insecurities when it comes to speaking some times. She s followed the Josh Barnett side of things. She kind of has the wrestli ng caricature. She says things like, And the swords will come forth and bleeding will ensue, and in the end the tough will rise and the weak will She says things that are kind of epically over the top, and I think that some people really don t like that and some people really go for it and they hook onto it. Either way, pe ople like her or don t like her, [but] they re talking about her and they re going to talk about the fight. On whether a woman could be a star in the UFC right now based on her fighting ab ility alone: I would hope so. I do think that you need to have an ability to spea k and an ability to entice fans regardless of what that method is. I don t think t

hat everyone has to be a cookie cutter mold, but the UFC definitely, they re looki ng for someone to push. They re looking for people to get behind, stories to get b ehind. You can kind of be that silent killer if you really knock people out or s ubmit people in five seconds and kind of play the Fedor [Emelianenko] approach o f no emotion, but I don t think that many people can do that. On how she sees herself marketing-wise: I think that I m in the middle. I would rea lly like to get a push for my merits and for who I am. I like to stick to my mor als and try to step outside the box when it s warranted for just being real. If I don t think something s right, I ll say that I don t think it s right, but I m not one to ma ke bulls--t up and say those kinds of things. Listen to the full interview (beginning at 1:03:45). Tweet21 0 Share21 Related Articles For Shayna Baszler, Just Having an Opponent Is a Relief TUF Nations: Canada vs. Australia Recap: Episode 5 No UFC Contract for TUF Nations Fighter Manawaroa Due to Racist Instagram Post Shayna Baszler to Make UFC Debut Against Sarah Kaufman at TUF: Nations Finale TUF Nations: Canada vs. Australia Recap: Episode 4 Comments Top trending fighters Chris Weidman | Cain Velasquez | Ronda Rousey | Anderson Silva | Georges St. Pierre | Jon Jones Events/Fights UFC BELLATOR WSOF More > UFC 170 Rousey VS McMann Ronda 'Rowdy' Rousey Versus Sara McMann February, 22, 2014 UFC Fight Night 37 Kim VS Hathaway Dong Hyun 'Stun Gun' Kim Versus John 'The Hitman' Hathaway March, 01, 2014 Feb222014 Mar012014 Mar082014 Mar152014 Mar232014


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