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SAP PP( TSCM42-64) QUESTION APRIL 1st 2011 in chennai STRATEGY NOTE: QUESTION WORDS ARE NOT EXACT THE SAME BUT SAME MEANING 1. Finished goods are triggred only after sales order.certain assemblies were procured earlier,which strategy do u suggest,finished good is MTO(2 answer) strategy  10…  50….  70….  40… 2. If 10 and 30 are using,customer need to change to strategy 40,what consume refer it? (2 answer) consumption i select one option , consumption mode and interval I forgot remaining options 3 . if changes from 10 to vsf due to customer needs,how the requirement affects (2 answer ) requirement type based on page 93,TSCM 40 One answer is update the requirement parameters in md61 I forgot the remaining options FIRMING 4 .P1,P2,P3,P4 are MRP types if I will change existing MRP type PD to above mentioned What will happen ,sap P1,P2,P3,P4 are firming types(2 answers)  Handling existing procurement proposals  …  …  Handling new procurement proposals 5. Firming based on manual firming type within the rolling horizon ,firming type F1 applies what happen( 1 answer) SCREEN SHOT QUESTIONS 6) routings found No Plant:1000


Material:P 100 GENERATE OPERATION Explosion date:05.06.2009

9 I forgot

EXIT es (select 2 answers)    

…..production version …..valid routins exist …..valid routins doesn’t exist ……explosion date doest match

7)In plant 1000 MRP run executes ,large number of materials are available in plant 1000 After activate MRP in plant 1000 ,still problem exist(single answer) Requirement planning activate in plant 1000

o o o o

Create planning file entries…. ……. Implementing planning file…. Implementing planning file…..

8) based on planning table(MF 50)(single answer)

No active elements available Answer is production version doesn’t exist(my choice) HINT:when we create planning table (MF50),the error occurs

ATP LOGIC 9.What is ATP logic means in SAP ECC(single answer) Four options Answer is definition of ATP logic in PAGE NO:102,TSCM 40 10.another question based on scope of check(single answer) 11.Question is from 1st para of PAGE 196,TSCM 40(single answer) They refer one stock and its customizing 12 .TECHNICAL ELEMENTS(single answer) o NET REQ-LOT-SCH-PRO o LOT-NET-PRO-SCH o LOT-SCHE-NET-PRO o NET-SCH-LOT-PR0 13.SAP ECC offers for planning sequence(single answer) o SOP-LTP-DM-REQUIREMENT PLANNING o LTP-DM….. o …. o ….. 14.Based on some scenario they asked which is best option(single answer) o Dynamic safety stock and safety time o …… o ….. o Dynamicsafety stock and days supply 15.In MRP view they maintain lot size for MTO (2 answer) Based on PAGE NO :225,TSCM 40  …..  …..  ….  Quota arrangenment 16.LONG TERM PLANNING(PAGE:226,TSCM40) Based on NETPL and lotsize using shortterm and long term(single answer) I think answer is based on PAGE :227,last para i.e)customize 17.procurement type(2 answer)

18. If MRP controller changes planned order to production order manually ,what happens in MD04 and MD06(2 answer)    

Production order displayed in stock requirement list Processing indicator changed in MRP list …. Production order time is updated in stock requirement list

19.question on planning table (relate to line loading) (2 answer)  Production version…….  ……….  Based on planning algorithm  manually 20.based on rescheduling check(single answer) PAGE 325,TSCM40 21.what SAP ECC offers on MPS(2 ANSWER)  MPS can run with MRP  NON MPS and MPS should run at same time  …..  MPS always run with MRP 22.ECC offers for LONG TERM PLANNING(2 answer)  Consumption based materials can be generated  …..  …..  Purchase orders generated 23. MULTI SITE PLANNING based on some scenario they asked question(single answer)  One step stock transfer  Stock transport order  …..  Separate procurement types 24.MRP AREAS offers in SAP ECC(2 answer)  MTO assign only to plant MRP AREA  Several MRP AREAS assign to one storage location  Several storage location to one MRP AREA  Sub contracting support by MRP AREA

25.component backflush occurs at (3 answer)  Work center  Material master(finished product)  Material master(component)  Routing 26.what is material type ,if material is procured ,material is stock item,it is used in components of BOM of finished good.material is not purchasing(single answer)  FERT  NLAB(non-stock item)  HAWA(trading good)


27.In logisics ,ECC supports product version (2 answer)  Material master  ….  …  ….. 28.Routin selection based on(2 answer) I answer the question based on figure 45, page 74, SCM310 29.when can we apply READ PP MASTER DATA(2 answer)  Material staging  …  Splitting  ….. 30.Work instructions and process messages transfer in production orders(single answer) o …. o X STEPS o ….. o ….. 31.Costing and settlement for production orders(2 answer)  Series based costing  …..  Product costing  Order costing 32.what happens in production and procrss orders in ECC(2 answer)  Document links  ….  ….  ….. 33.confirmation the operation triggers(2 answer)  Automatic goods receipt  ….  Actual cost posting  Capacity reduction 34.based on production control profile (2 answer) Answer is from OPKP customizing 35.if manufacturing company works based on production orders What are the needs (2 answer)  ….  Material quantities  ….  Work center

36.if manufacturing support process orders What are the needs(3 answer)  Master recipe  …  …  Variable quantities(material, ingredients) 37.What are the characteristic of process order(3 answer)  Phase  …  Relationships  Batch 38.based on Good manufacturing practice GMP(3 answer)  Batch records  ….  Digital signature  Material identification and reconciliation 39.Maser data for REM(3 answer)  ….  PCC(product cost collector)  …..  Production version 40.master data for kanban(2 answer)  Supply area  ….  Control cycle  …. 41 .kanban to empty and kanban to full occurs( single answer) Which of the following is true o …. o …. o Order is confirmed and good receipt o …. CAPACITY 42.based on formula calculation ,parameters(3 answer) page no:173,tscm42  user field of operation  …..  ….  …. 43.repeat question(single answer) Available capacity ,start time 7.00 a.m and finish time is 3.00 p.m Utilization is 80 %,overload is 110% Answer is 5.6 44.capacity leveling measures(3 answer)

 Lotsize  Planning with sequence  …  …. 45.where we cannot set default scheduling type(single answer) o Backward o Forward o Midpoint o ….. 46.operation time entry (2 answer) 47.where will enter queue time(single answer) 48.based on BOM (2 answer) Question is relate to validity area  Plant  Controlling area  Valuation area  Client in USA sells product(kg) in UK (lb)(single answer) Answer is sap already has conversations 50.operation assignment to component(single answer) Question is like essay but answer is BOM-WORK CENTER- ROUTING-ASSIGNMENT 51.sub operation can be(2 answer)  Scheduling  Costing  …  Capacity 52. ECN –Engineering change management to store retain objects(3 answer) 53.question on bottle neck (single answer) Answer is alternative sequence

Question on elearning SAP DESK SUPPORTS (2 answer)    

sap notes sap help troubleshooting ….

Source 2 Feb 2011 questions Here are some of the questions from our batch. The simple way to attend the questions is just Common Sense. Just read the questions thoroughly and answer with your first instinct. Revising all your answers at least twice after completion really helps. 1. Kanban material masters 2. Material staging in REM 3. Qs:


4. Roll forward period is selected with firming indicator 1. If certain orders are manually firmed, what will be the case afterwards? (4 options were there, which I don’t remember) 5. Net requirement Calculation steps and their order. 6. In case of external procurement which indicators can be used? (Options were not exactly the same but somewhat similar) i.

Indicators F and X can be used


All the indicators can be used with special procurement.


Special procurement can be used along with procurement type indicators.

7. For which organizational level BOM can be created for: (2 answers are correct) i.

Plant level


Client level


Company code level


Valuation area level

8. How an operation assignment is done? (Four options were there) Answer: After defining 1.material master----2. BOM----3.Workcenter-----4.Routing-----operation is assigned in routing.


One question on alternative sequence

10.Master data for process orders?

11.Client has asked to plan for a product which can be manufactured at assembly level but final assembly should only trigger when customer requirement comes, in make to order. (2 answers are correct) i.

With strategy 70 (in make to stock)


With strategy 40 or assembly level and no strategy is maintained for final assembly


With make to order strategy 50

12.One question was there on LSF and VSF 13.First we have planned with strategy 10 and then customer changed his mind and he opted for strategy 40. How the consumption will be affected? 14.One question was there on MRP list and Stock/requirement list. What differences will occur if I manually convert a planned order to production order through stock requirement list. 15.A question on dynamic safety stock. 16.Which are the steps best related to Availability check i.

Order release


Auto goods receipt



iv. 18.A material is used in an assembly which is not produced in-house. However it should be procured externally because of high value for whole assembly. What material category it may come in? i.






19.Question on base unit of measure. A product is produced and shipped from UK and it should be shipped and sold in Germany. In UK base unit is lb and in Germany its KG. What will be the solution? 20.How material staging occur in production order and their correct sequence. 21.One question was on X-steps 22.Which scheduling type cannot be set as default i.





Only capacity planning



23.Control indicators for scheduling question).

(Somewhat similar

24.REM order type : Run schedule quantity (RSQ) 25.One question came on capacity evaluation on OVERALL profile. 26.Standard values are taken from i.

Work center


Material master







27.Rem master data Answer: PCC, Rem profile, production version (In book it has been given as: material master, production line, bom, routing.. which is not the answer for this question) 28.

Capacity requirement reduction. How does it take place. i.





goods issue,


goods receipt,


order settlement


Question was on READ PP MASTER DATA. Once confirmation is done it can not be used.


ECM can be used for (3 option are correct) i.

Material master






Production Version


Master data for production order?


Following are used in Multi site planning? (one question) i.

Stock in transfer

ii. 33.

In supply chain planning which are the correct sequence.


Answer: SOP---- DM----LTP MRP run—simulation mode…(4 options were there with in which 1 was correct)


Can LTP planning create purchase orders.


One screen shot : After MRP run the screen shows a error message “ No Elements found”


Answer: No planned orders / no planned order or production orders exist Screen shot: “No routing found”


Answer: Answers were very long and difficult. Screen Shot: “ plant is not assigned”


Answer: Activate MRP in customizing. GMP functions (3 options are correct)


Digital signature


Material reconciliation


Batch record


Routing selection (Production Order creation with basic data)






Order type dependent parameters


Selection ID


In kanban goods receipt is triggered:


Container setting to full


Container setting to empty


What strategies will you advice for make to order?

Answer: strategy 20 and 50 43.What can be done with sub-operation? Answer: Costing and sub-operation. 44.Which statement is suitable for MRP AREA. i. Many storage locations can be assigned to one MRP Area. ii. Sub-contracting is possible.

Various questions were there on strategy, which were confusing and I don’t remember the questions as well as they were too long. Number of questions came from Confirmation. Many Questions from capacity planning were easy but little thoughtful. 2 questions were on settlement profile One question from order release Some questions came from Solution manager Question came on SAP ERP (Whether it’s a tool/software or a system) MRP and strategy questions (Overall Planning questions) were tough. One question from MPS & LTP. Source 3 30.06.2010 The following Questions comes in certtification Exam 1. Favourite 5.6 ques 2.Backflush - Material master ( Component) - Mate Mas ( Product) - routing - Bom 3. Sequence of MRP 4. Midpoint Scheduling, finite Scheduling 5. Quest from base date sched 6. company procures material outside used for routing not for direct sales - ROH - Fert - HALB 7.Read PP Master data -- 2 Ques comes' 8. PG 137 -- Q 109 in ques bank 9. Sequence in prod order ( 17 Steps) 10. PG 136 -- Q 103 11. ATP _ 1 Ques 12. Kanban - 3 ques 13. REM --2 ques 14. P.I -- 1 ques

15. Pg 127 --Q 41 16. PG 124 --Q 20 17. Dynamic Safety Stock --1 Ques ' 18. Routing Selection -- 2 ques 19. Storage Loc selection -- 1 Ques 20. MRP Areas -- 1Ques 21. Screenshots -- 3 Ques ( No routing found ---) ( Error msg occur like that 2 question i cant remember tat) 22. Production Version -2 Quest 23. Pg 9, Q 39 24. Procurement Types 25. Firming and planning time fence 26. Capacity Req Plann -- 5 to 6 Ques 27.ECM 1 Ques

These questions are straight from the book as it is........... IN MRP ---PP ( Questions are so twisted and very tough to answer )

1) Make to order 50 strat ques comes as in the book 2) company hav strat 10 and 40,, and nw they want to change the start to 70 ,, following occurs, all answer for this looks similar 3)NETPL - options are different 4) MPS Run & MRP Run -1ques 5) Requriemnt Types -1 ques 6) MRP List /Stock requiremt list 1ques ( Pg 78, 47 Q in tat 2 answer comes) 7) Sequence 1) SOP , Dm, MRP, Cap req 2) DM ,sop, cap , Mrp

Source 4 23.04.10 In addition to annup’s questions some of questions which I remember. Unfortunately I lost the exam. I got 48%. Prepare well and do the exam. All the best. 1. ATP definition 2. kg to pound 3. What is the sequence if line have capacity bottleneck 4. Business process sequence in PP 5. What can do with sub operation (2 answers) 6. A production process carried in three operation (10,20&30) component have to be assign to operation 30 and for this component operation should not carried out before operation 30. what is the sequence to assign 7. In production order process flow when ATP check possible – (It is not direct question)(2 answers) 8. In production order process flow after conformation what are possible (It is not direct question) (3 answers) 9. In KANBAN if bin full what will happen 10. Solution manager – stand alone system that communicates with your system in various landscapes. 11. End user training carried out in which stage 12. Planning horizon 1 question 13. MPS 1 question 14. Planning file entry 1 question 15. Planning table 1 question 16. Material type (ROH,HALB,FERT) 1 question 17. MRP area 1 question

Source 5 24.05.10 E- learning 1.Whats SAP support desk provide a.Problem message b.sending the errors to SAP 2.What is SAP ERP system a.SAP is enterprise which support a business in its process b.more 3 options MRP :1.One question on technical process sequence (N L P S B) options were given jumbling these sequence The question on Strategy which consist of 2 mixed stagy 2.The customer wants to have the delivery as he have requirement but he wants the assembly to be in stock made to stock and wants the order to be MTO

sum thing sum thing dont remember perfectly(options were 40-70,40-50,20-70) (2) same type of question with mixed strategy and another question on single strategy(1) (suggest you to go through all strategy,specially 40,70,50) 3.The planner changes one of the planed order to production order and campares the MRP list and STOCK list what are changes have taken place :(2) a,the stock list give immediately reaction on this b.MRP list shows processed c.Stock list show the production order. d,more 2 options 4.What does production version consist of (1) a.All the alternatives for BOM and routing b.The explosion dates for BOM and Routing c.All the important Thing for selecting BOM and Routing. 5.A customer wants to have ATP check at the process sequence how you will suggest him to have the ATP check in this process :-(2) A.Release of order B.Confirmation C.After the good receipt 6.What you cant make a default option while converting planned order to Production order (2) a.Lead time scheduling b.ATP check c.Mid-point scheduling 7.Where the backflushing can be set a.workcenter b.Material data c.routing d.production scheduling profile 8.A routing has to be set with material component what will be sequence: a.material master-BOM-component assiment-work center-routing b.material master-BOM-work center-routing-component assignment c.more 3 options Firming:Suggest you to go through firming thoroughly as 3 questions appeared about 1.What is function of firming in planing time fence (2) take care of new procurement order making it firm takes care of old orders to be always firmed

2.Manual firming and firming type 1 mixed question 3.A customer gives in order in manual time fence period an urgent basis what Will happen to this order(S) will be taken into planning time fence will be order in time Master data:1.BOM can be managed in business process(2 correct answer) a. client level b.plant level level 2.The standard operations time are maintain in :-(1) a.workcenter b.routing c.customise Question on screen shots:1. On planning table (MF60 i guess) it was on process industry on production version. 2.ON MD02 (panning run) No active Planning is active after this the immediate action planner took was to active the MRP run in customisation after this what steps you will do a.Set in MRP group in customisation and set the plant parameters in planing view in material master planning run in customisation and the set plant parameters in plant view in material master c.set plant parameters in customisation and then MRP group The selection of Routing dont remember transaction code:why the error is coming "routing not found" a, the routing is made to select manually b.the production version was selected but it is faulty c.No proper explosion date

Process KAN BAN ,Repetitive industry:1.What is master data in KAN BAN:-(2) a.production supply area. b.control cycle 2.What id advantage of using KAN BAN saves the Master data manistance

b.less space c.Less planning effort 3.What is master data for repetitive manufacturing a,Repetitive Manufacturing Profile b.Product Cost collector 4.How PP-PDC data flow(not sure but there was a question for following option) a.EXceptions steps Production order:1.When a material is technical complete TECO:-(2) a.system have the status Locked b.future MRP is restricted c.ATP check cant take place Demand Management:1.The sequence of demand management (1) a.SOP-demand planning-Long term planning-MPS_capacity planning b.Demand planning-MPS-Capacity planning-Long term planning-SOP Multisite planning: 1.Pre-requisite for Multisite planing is(2) should have two plants for planning b.more 3 options 2.One question in one step and two-step. Long term planning pre-requisite:(3) a.The planning scenario should be released b.more 3 options MRP areasDont remember the question but i think it was on characteristics if MRP areas related to storage location.

Capacity Planning:1.How the capacity reduction take place(3) a.confirmation b.order settled c.more 3 options were given 2.Shift timing are from 7.00-3.00,and a machine operates having a 1 hr gap in between whole shift with efficiency 80 %,overload 110% the capacity is:-

a.5.93 b.5.6 3.How are capacity leveling take place (3) a.Mid-piont settlement b.reduction the operating time c.more 3 options General Question 1.Dynamic safty stock based on the formula the dynamic safty stock has average time * and options where giving 2.PP-PDC dont remember the question 3.A customer is confused about setting the procurment type of material (3) a.If he set the E the external procuremnt is allowed b.if he set x both external and in-house is possible c.more 3 options 4.How the order settlemnt should be for repeataive: a.Period based cost collector 5.Read PP Master data cannot be done after-(3) a.confirmation b.Goods recipts c.Release 6.NETPL dont remeber the question

Source 6 Technical Process in MRP: 1. Very important, the sequence was asked. 2. In make to order scenario what lot size will be used. 3. Use of Dynamic safety stock, it was tricky question because it asked the same calculation of dynamic safety stock with different words: formula is Average daily requirements * target range of coverage, but for formulae the wordings was slightly changed. It was asked with reference to a customer not directly. 3 question on Screen shots of SAP: Routing selection : 1. What actually happened when the system showed up the message for No routing selected, It was referring to the routing selection method. 2. Also where you mention about the routing selection. 3. One question on the screen shot on Planning Table, No requirement element was selected as such was the error message, what u made wrong in setting was the question.

Firming - 2 questions, 1. There were questions about the different firming types which our Sir has written in book about the choices to be made for automatic and manual selection, please byheart it if possible about those selections. 2. About the relationship: for Example if firming indicator is given or Planning horizon is given which will be taken on prioriity. Capacity Levelling: 3 questions but sorry to say I dont remember it much. Also one queston on how capacity reduction takes place. Long term Planning: 3 questions, one question was about something like this: What is the difference in the area of Long term Planning apart from short term and some comparison with MPS, if anybody among us got this question please try to elaborate. There was one question like this: By backward scheduling the starting date was in the past, so how would you go to plan your things: The answer was by simulation. Multisite planning: 1 questions about the one step procedure and two step procedure. Please have a look over it. Read it carefully about the stock transfers procudure between plants, also there was some option of having up an alternative plant there, I mean is it possible or not. REM: Master Data for REM, I was very confused on this question since the options were different, some of the options were : Production Supply Area, Repetative Manufacturing Profile, Production Version, Product Cost collector and 1 more different option, I dont know I made this one right or not. Order settlement for repetative manufacturing - Product Cost collector. MRP: I think no body cant write the questions it was quite lengthy, since they were not asking the strategies straight, they were asked by mixing the scenario with 3 different strategies, I think BOSS will be able to explain this well since he got the highest in this section. But some questions are listed below were asking the same this, So you please be clear on the following points: 1. How consumption takes place for different strategies. 2. Which are MTO or MTS strategies very clearly in your mind without any place of doubt in your mind. 3. Availability Check in different strategies. Please also try to remember these strategies with their description also. Availablity Check: When availability check is possible, at the time of production order release, confirmation,... 3 more options.

General Questions: 1. What the sequence of master you make but asked with reference ot customer requirements: Answer: Material Master, BOM, Work Center, Routing. 2. Master Data of Kanban - Control Cycle and Supply Area. 3. For what MPS is used for -- For Critical Items.

4. Can BOM be a Client Level Data. 5. MRP areas about the storage locations, MTO is not used in storage location of MRP and three areas of MRP. 6. Highest Organisation Structure in PP. No questions on: APO, EWB, Navigation, Only 2 question on Solution manager. Source 7 -

famous 5.6


Scaling i.e., split the plan order (that long question)


technical process in requirement planning - net requirement, lot size, order type, sequencing, BoM explosion


interoperation time - q time, wait time, move time + float


sequence - BoM, Work centre, routing and then assign the component to operation 20


lower level components are kept ready and final assy. kicks off on receipt of sales order - what is the strategy (50)


planning is done at assy level, strategy is at assy level, sales order creats the production order for final assy (little more on strategy 70) - question was, which is the strategy


which are the item category - stock item, non stock item, document (three correct) + 3 more which were wrong


assignment - many companies can be assigned to one controlling area, one controlling area can not be assigned to many company


valuation area - basically the valuation decided once done can not be changed.


material type and ind. type - ind, type can not be changed, mat type can be changed with certain restriction


Solu manager - which are the solution maps (few right and few wrongs)


one question on NETCH, NETPL etc.

Source 8 • You are a project manager of SAP implementation. A confusion has arises regarding the procurement type. What will be your suggestion to convince them.(Single) a. If you do X, procurement may be internal and external. But system will assign for internal first.

b. X will be sufficient remaining will be controlled by special procurement key. c. Need to be defined E,F and X for different procurement. d. Do E or F. There will be no problem at all. Unnecessary X should not be given. No flexibility problem will be there regarding materiel procurement. •

MRP technical process.

Capacity planning-Machine is running from 7:00 to 3:00 and break time 1hr. Efficiency 80%. Overload 110%. What is the operating hours for individual capacity1. Ans:5.6hrs.

When capacity gets reduced.

How to do capacity leveling.

What is the function of midpoint scheduling. Is this require to capacity levelling.

What is the function of SAP helpdesk.

What is the right sequence: LTP-DM-SOP-MRP-Capacity planning.

Master data in repetitive manufacturing.

Master data In KANBAN.

Advantage of KANBAN. a)Lesser planning effort. b)Easy for material staging. c)Space saving. d) No requirement calculation required.

Two questions- They have shown the warning in status bar(not the full screen). Asked for what the warning was coming. One was: Material not found. Another I don't remember. Transaction codes will be visible in status bar. So to give the answer code and error massages should be correlated.

From which data tab in work center the costing related formula will be taken for Costing.

No straight question from strategy. All are twisted. If the fundamentals is clear about the strategy answering will be very ease. I gat five questions from strategy(Got 10,20,30,40,50,70 all types)

What will be the setting in various parameters including material master if you shift from one strategy. What will be the effect in Stock/Requirement list also.

Dynamic safety stock. How the quantity is calculated with respect to to period.

Solution manager- 3 questions.

MPS,LTP,Multi site planning,MRP result,MRP area: each one question(whatever marking is being done by Chalapati Sir is enough).

TSCM:40- Page no 173 & 174.

NETCH, NETPL- One question.

MRP in simulation mode:TSCM:40. Page-143.

One question from prerequisite of MRP-TSCM40. Page-127. Specially planning file entry.

BOM and routing selection in production order.

Read PP master data when can be done and when can't be done.

Availability checking for component, capacity-3 questions.

Where the backflash can be set(different options).

Charecteristics and setting of PP-PDC. Application of the same.

Significance of TECO. What can be done after TECO and what can't be done.

Selection of default storage location.

Where the process order can be applied. TSCM:42-Page-18.

Source 9 PP QUESTIONS - May 20, 2010 MASTER DATA Question on Screen Shot in the Production Order (Production Version not Found) Answer : Routiing is made to Select Manually Material Assignment to an Operation (Sequence) BOM – WC – Routing – Material Assignment BOM Selection Sequence ( select the correct sequence from 5 options) BOM can be managed in business process(2 correct answer) a. client level b.plant level level The standard operations time are maintain in :-(1)

a.workcenter b.routing c.customise PRODUCTION PLANNING You are a project manager of SAP implementation. A confusion has arises regarding the procurement type. What will be your suggestion to convince them. (Select 1 Answers) a. If you do X, procurement may be internal and external. But system will assign for internal first. b. X will be sufficient remaining will be controlled by special procurement key. c. Need to be defined E, F and X for different procurement. d. Do E and F. There will be no problem at all. Unnecessary X should not be given. No flexibility problem will be there regarding materiel procurement. Your Customer is confused about the Procurement Key, What will be your suggestion to convince him. (Select 1 Answers) a. If you do X, procurement may be internal and external. But system will assign for internal first. b. X will be sufficient remaining will be controlled by special procurement key. c. Need to be defined E, F and X for different procurement. d. Do E and F with additional Special Procurement Type and it will take care of everything

MRP Techincal Process (Sequence) Net Requirement Planning – Lot size-Procurement Type-Scheduling-BOM Explosion Demand Management Sequence SOP-DM-LTM-MPS-MRP-SFC-CAPACITY Scenario based Question on Strategy 50 Scenario based Question on Strategy 70-20 Question on NETPL Question on Dynamic Safety Stock, Options are twisted and not the same as you see in the book. Ans : Av Daily Requirement * Coverage Period How is the order settled in Repetitive Manufacturing? a.Period based b.Post cost collector PRODUCTION ORDERS The planner changes one of the planed order to production order and compares the MRP list and STOCK list whats are the changes have taken place :(Select 2 Answers) a,the stock list give immediately reaction on this b.MRP list shows processed c.Stock list show the production order. d,more 2 options

Where can we automate the ATP Check in Production Orders (Select 2 Answers) Order Create and Order Release Operation Confirmation leads to …………………. What are the effects if you set the Order TECO (select 3 Answers) – 1,2 & 3 1. Order is not relevant for MRP 2. Capacity is reduced 3. Reservation are reduced 4. Order gets the Status LCKD Read PP Master data is not possible after (we have to select the correct 2 choices out of 4) Read more details about Order Type in the Production Orders (About the functions & Status and ATP check) When a Planned Order is converted to a Production Order, what are the events take place Copy BOM Copy Routing etc etc

Default Selection of Storage Location (Sequence) REM and KANBAN Select the Master Data for REM 1. Production Version 2. Product Cost Collector 3. Serial Numbers 4. Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Ans : Check the SAP Easy Access Menu for REM… Select the Master Data for KANBAN 1. Control Cycle 2. Production Supply Area 3. Storage Location 4. Material Master Advantage of KANBAN. a)Less Master Data Maintenance b)Less Organization effort w.r.t Material Staging. c)Space saving. d) No requirement calculation required. Answer is (b)

Screen Shot of Planning Table (MF50) and with an error message “ Item data not found). (Select One Answer) Production Version not found in the Material Master Production Version not defined in the customizing for the Material..

CAPACITY PLANNING What options does the SAP ECC system offer to retrieve the available capacity for work centers? Note: There are three correct answers to this question. a) Attendance list b) Standard available capacity c) Shift plan d) Interval of available capacity e) Shift sequence If you have a BottleNeck in the work centers what Sequence would you use 1. Alternate sequence 2. Parallel Sequence 3. MidPoint Sequence Is MidPoint Scheduling used in Capacity Planning Where does the Available Check for Capacity Planning takes Place Capacity Leveling Measures (Scenario based) Capacity Reduction Measures (Scenario based) Capacity planning-Machine is running from 7:00 to 3:00 and break time 1hr. Efficiency 80%. Overload 110%. What is the operating hours for individual capacity1. Ans:5.6hrs.

OTHERS The company you are advising uses a plant data collection system from company XYZ and would like to distribute production orders to the terminals on this system and enter feedback using these terminals. Which integration possibilities would you recommend so that as little work as possible is required for the customer to implement this? Please choose the correct answer. a) SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) b) The plant data collection interface (PP-PDC) c) Execution Steps (XSteps) d) The process control system interface PI-PCS

E- learning 1.Whats SAP support desk provides

a.Problem message b.sending the errors to SAP 2.What is SAP ERP system a.SAP is enterprise which support a business in its process b.more 3 options

Source 10 Date of Exam – 19.08.10 Scenario based questions (3) 1. Based Planning table MF50 2. MD02 – error message as No requirement element found, what are the possible causes had 4 options can’t remember them 3. Can’t remember 1,

Question based on Procurement types (E, X and F)

2, BOM can be specified @ Plant level and @ client level and another optionneed to choose two 3,

BOM Selection – (need to choose 3 options from 4)


Production Version info something like that has a. Control parameters for BOM and Routing selection b. Alternative BOM and Routing c & d. Can’t remember – need to choose two options from 4


Firming 3 questions - can’t remember as the questions were long


Long term planning 2 questions


Multi-site planning 1 question


MRP Areas – very basic with 2 options to choose from 4 a. Sub-contractor b. Many storage locations can be assigned to a MRP Area C & d, can’t remember them.


Standard Operation times are defined in (choose the right one) a. Work center b. Routing and two other options


Strategy based questions (4) – 2 from MTO and 2 from MTS


REM, KANBAN and PI (8 questions) a. Master date of REM

b. c. d. e.

Master data of Kanban Features of Kanban Master data of PP-PI GMP compliant functions (choose 3 from 4 – Digi sign, batch records, etc) f. Functions of PP-PI 12,

5.6 Question


Backflush can be defined @ (choose 3 from 4) a. Routing b. Work center c. Prod.schd.profile d. Material Master


Bottleneck question


Capacity reduction based question


Capacity Levelling based question

17, ECM can be used @ Work center, BOM, Routing, and one more option (need to choose 2) 18,

NETPL (1 question)


which is true about Lot-Size, choose 2 from 4 a. It influences a minimum qty and rounding off values b. MTO uses lot-for-lot qty............ C and d – can’t remember


SCM planning flow – SOP-DM-MRP-Capacity

21, MRP Technical Process Sequence – Net calcProc.type-Sched-BOM 22,

Stock / MRP list – 2 questions

23, bang on)

Which is true about MPS items –choose 2 from 4 (the options were

24, Which is true about PIR – choose 2 from 4, the options were something like this sort a. Lies between Material and Planned order b. Lies between dependent reqmnts and planned order, c. Can’t remember the other two options 25,

Question based on Reqmnt. Type (can’t remember the phrases)

26, options.

Dynamic Safety Stock – how is it calculated? Choose 1 from 4


Master data for Prod.Order




Read PP master data, pg.124 Q.20 on ques. Bank


Read PP master data is not possible after a. Release and other options listed were not relevant at all


Effects of Goods Issue


Material Staging Pull list and Pick list based question


Scheduling types – choose 3 a. Backward b. Forward c. Capacity Requirement d. Mid Point


What is the effect on confirmation on operation –choose 2 from 4.


Availability check for production order is possible @ a. Release b. Create, and can’t remember the other two options

36, answers

Availability Check condition fulfilment for prod.orders with twisted

37, Had 4 more questions on availability checks of planned orders, capacity requirement, 38,

Settlement (1question)


What is ERP? With 4 options and 1 to choose


What does SAP support desk provide?


Pg, 7




Pg.54 (Not exactly the same phrases but similar)


EWB 1 question.

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