SAP PP Tcodes (Transaction Codes)

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SAP PP Tcodes (Transaction Codes)...



SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes)

SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes) Search Tcodes

SAP Tcodes (/sap-tcodes) / PP

Production Orders tcodes PP-SFC CO11N - Single Screen Entry of Confirmations COGI - Postprocess Faulty Goods Movements COOIS - Production Order Information System CO02 - Change Production Order COMP - Customizing Missing Parts Info Syst. CO01 - Create production order CO15 - Enter Production order Confirmation OPL8 - Order type parameters: Overview CO03 - Display Production Order OPK4 - Confirmation Parameters OPJJ - Maintain Scope of Check COSS - Transport of C Tables OPJK - Maintain Control COHV - Mass Processing Production Orders CO11 - Enter Time Ticket Complete list of Production Orders tcodes PP-SFC (/transaction-codes/search?module=pp-sfc)

Repetitive Manufacturing tcodes PP-REM MFBF - Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg MF60 - Pull List MF50 - Planning Table - Change MF47 - Open Reprocessing Records / Pr.Line OSPP - Customizing for Pull List MF42N - New Collective Entry MF41 - Reverse Backflush (With ALV) MF30 - Create PrelimCostEst - ProdCostColl. MF12 - Display Document Log (With ALV) COWBHUWE - GR HU for Production Order MFPR - Process Inspection Lot for Versions



SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes)

OSP2 - Repetitive Mfg Profile MF70 - Aggregate Collective Backflush MF65 - Stock Transfer for Reservation MF57 - Planning Table - By MRP Lists Complete list of Repetitive Manufacturing tcodes PP-REM (/transaction-codes/search?module=pprem)

Information System tcodes PP-IS MCRE - Material Usage Analysis: Selection MCRX - PP-PI: Material Usage Analysis MCRP - Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg MCP1 - SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection MCP6 - Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg MCRM - Reporting Point Stats.: Selection MCP9 - SFIS: Select Run Schedule MCPK - Operation analysis: Quantities MCRI - Product Cost Analysis: Selection MCPM - Production order anal.: Quantities MCP7 - SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selection MCP8 - Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg MCRO - Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg MCP3 - SFIS: Material Analysis Selection MCPY - Work center analysis: Lead time Complete list of Information System tcodes PP-IS (/transaction-codes/search?module=pp-is)

KANBAN tcodes PP-KAB OM17 - Define Actions for Status Switching PK13N - Kanban Board: Demand Source View PKBC - Chnge Container Status With Bar Code PK01 - Create Control Cycle PKMC - Control Cycle Maintenance OM16 - Maintain Kanban Status Sequences PK05 - PP Maintain Supply Area (Kanban) OM13 - Control Profile: Stock Transfer LPK1 - Create Control Cycle for WM PK07 - Kanban Calculation PK00 - Kanban PK17 - Collective Kanban Print PK21 - Change Kanban Container Status OM19 - Kanban Calculation Profile PK02 - Change Control Cycle Complete list of KANBAN tcodes PP-KAB (/transaction-codes/search?module=pp-kab)



SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes)

Flow Manufacturing tcodes PP-FLW MDVP - Collective Availability Check PAUF LD00 - Line Design LDB1 - Create Line Hierarchy LAS2 - Change Sequence Schedule LDB2 - Change Line Hierarchy LDB3 - Display Line Hierarchy OSQ2 - Customizing for Sequencing: Planning LDE1 - Work Instruction for Routing LAS3 - Display Sequence Schedule LDD1 - Create Line Balance LDD2 - Change Line Balance Complete list of Flow Manufacturing tcodes PP-FLW (/transaction-codes/search?module=pp-flw)

Production Planning for Process Industries tcodes PP-PI CORA - Process Order: Schedule Ext. Relshps CORR - Collective Entry of Confirmations COR6N - Single Screen Entry of Confirmations COR1 - Create Process Order C223 - Maintain Production Versions COR2 - Change Process Order COR6 - Single Process Order Confirmation C201 - Create Master Recipe COAL - Read Order Record from Archive CO54 - Message Monitor COR3 - Display Process Order CORS - Cancel Process Order Confirmation CORK - Process Order Confirmations (Total) C202 - Change Master Recipe CORY - Cust.:Production Scheduling Profiles Complete list of Production Planning for Process Industries tcodes PP-PI (/transactioncodes/search?module=pp-pi)

Plant Data Collection tcodes PP-PDC CI42N - PP-PDC: Download Operations CI44 - Delta transfer of operations for PP CIP2 - CC2: Update PDC messages CI41 - Communication parameters for PP CI39 - Delta transfer of operations for PS CIPV - Posting PDC records



SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes)

CB35 - Upload request for CC3 CI42 - Init. transfer of operations for PP CB42 - Initial Download of Orders via CC2 CIP5 - CC5: Update PDC messages CIP3 - CC3: Update PDC messages CB32 - Initial Download of Orders via CC3 CB34 - Delta Download of Orders via CC3 CB44 - Delta Download of Orders via CC2 CI43 - Transfer of master data for PP Complete list of Plant Data Collection tcodes PP-PDC (/transaction-codes/search?module=pp-pdc)

Material Requirements Planning tcodes PP-MRP MD04 - Display Stock/Requirements Situation MD02 - MRP - Single-item, Multi-level MD01 - MRP Run OMIT - Start Date in the Past MDBT - MRP Run In Batch MD03 - MRP-Individual Planning-Single Level MD05 - Individual Display Of MRP List OPPQ - C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP MD50 - Sales order planning MSDS - LTP Evaluation Report Coverages MD06 - Collective Display Of MRP List MD51 - Individual project planning MD11 - Create Planned Order MD21 - Display Planning File Entry MDAB - Planning File - Set Up BATCH Complete list of Material Requirements Planning tcodes PP-MRP (/transaction-codes/search? module=pp-mrp)

Production Planning tcodes PP-MP MD61 - Create Planned Indep. Requirements MD62 - Change Planned Indep. Requirements MD74 - Reorganization: Adapt Indep.Reqmts MD63 - Display Planned Indep. Requirements MD81 - Create Customer Indep. Requirements MD73 - Display Total Indep. Requirements MD75 - Reorganization: Delete Indep.Reqmts OMID - Maintain Number Range: Indep.Reqmts MP38 - Total Forecast Run MD70 - Copy Total Forecast MP30 - Execute Material Forecast MS64 - Create Simulation Version



SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes)

MD76 - Reorg: Delete Indep.Reqmts History MP00 - Material Forecast Menu MD72 - Evaluation; Charac.Plnng Techniques Complete list of Production Planning tcodes PP-MP (/transaction-codes/search?module=pp-mp)

Change Analysis tcodes SV-SMG-DIA-APP-CA CCDB - CCDB Administration Complete list of Change Analysis tcodes SV-SMG-DIA-APP-CA (/transaction-codes/search? module=sv-smg-dia-app-ca)

Alternative historical data tcodes BW-BCT-PP-AHD S_B71_29000014 - Start Excel with BW Add-On and Complete list of Alternative historical data tcodes BW-BCT-PP-AHD (/transaction-codes/search? module=bw-bct-pp-ahd)

Exception Management tcodes SV-SMG-DIA-APP-EM EXCEPTION_MANAGEMENT - Exception Management Complete list of Exception Management tcodes SV-SMG-DIA-APP-EM (/transaction-codes/search? module=sv-smg-dia-app-em)

Web Channel Product Catalog tcodes WEC-APPPCT CRMD_MDM_FILTER - Maintain filter criteria for MDM Complete list of Web Channel Product Catalog tcodes WEC-APP-PCT (/transaction-codes/search? module=wec-app-pct)


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SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes)

WEC (/transactioncodes/search? module=wec)

BW PSM TR (/transactioncodes/search? (/transactionAP (/transactionFS (/transactionRE PA GRC (/transaction-codes/search?module=grc) module=tr) codes/search? codes/search?

PP (/transactioncodes/search? QMmodule=ap) (/transaction(/transaction(/transaction(/transactionmodule=bw) LO codes/search? IM (/transaction-codes/search? CA LE EP (/transaction-codes/search? codes/search? PLM codes/search? module=im) module=psm) module=ep) codes/search? codes/search? module=fs) SV (/transaction(/transactionPM (/transaction(/transactionmodule=qm) module=pa) SRM codes/search? codes/search? (/transactionmodule=re) module=plm) FI COcodes/search? (/transactionmodule=pp) PY EC IS (/transactionmodule=sv) (/transactionWP (/transactioncodes/search? module=wp)

SCM AC (/transaction(/transactioncodes/search? codes/search? module=scm) module=ac)

codes/search? codes/search? (/transactioncodes/search? module=le) codes/search? (/transactionmodule=srm) codes/search? FIN(/transactioncodes/search? BC SD (/transactionmodule=lo) module=ec) module=py) module=pm) module=ca) (/transactioncodes/search? CRM codes/search? PS (/transactionMM (/transaction(/transaction(/transactioncodes/search? codes/search? codes/search? EHSmodule=co) PE (/transaction(/transactionmodule=is) codes/search? codes/search? Topmodule=fin) SAPmodule=ps) tcodes searches PPM (/transaction-codes/search?

ICM (/transaction-codes/search? module=ppm) module=icm)

CS (/transactionMDM (/transaction-codes/search?module=mdm) codes/search? module=cs) KM (/transaction-codes/search? module=km)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

PT (/transaction-


purchase order (/tcodes/search?q=purchase+order) vendor (/tcodes/search?q=vendor) stock (/tcodes/search?q=stock) invoice (/tcodes/search?q=invoice) internal order (/tcodes/search?q=internal+order) Goods receipt (/tcodes/search?q=goods+receipt) BOM (/tcodes/search?q=bom) idoc (/tcodes/search?q=idoc) spool (/tcodes/search?q=spool) profit center (/tcodes/search?q=profit+center) sales order (/tcodes/search?q=sales+order) purchase requisition (/tcodes/search?q=purchase+requisition) contract (/tcodes/search?q=contract) DISPLAY VENDOR (/tcodes/search?q=display+vendor) cost\ center (/tcodes/search?q=cost\+center) MIRO (/tcodes/search?q=miro) factory calendar (/tcodes/search?q=factory+calendar) transport (/tcodes/search?q=transport) inventory (/tcodes/search?q=inventory) se16 (/tcodes/search?q=se16) bank (/tcodes/search?q=bank) wbs (/tcodes/search?q=wbs) TRIAL BALANCE (/tcodes/search?q=trial+balance) NUMBER Ranges (/tcodes/search?q=number+ranges)



25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

SAP PP tcodes (Transaction Codes)

customer (/tcodes/search?q=customer) budget (/tcodes/search?q=budget) SALES (/tcodes/search?q=sales) display cost center (/tcodes/search?q=display+cost+center) cost center (/tcodes/search?q=cost+center) migo (/tcodes/search?q=migo) material (/tcodes/search?q=material) DISPLAY (/tcodes/search?q=display) display gl account (/tcodes/search?q=display+gl+account) reservation (/tcodes/search?q=reservation) delivery (/tcodes/search?q=delivery) material group (/tcodes/search?q=material+group) substitution (/tcodes/search?q=substitution) FB03 (/tcodes/search?q=fb03) sm37 (/tcodes/search?q=sm37) outbound delivery (/tcodes/search?q=outbound+delivery) movement type (/tcodes/search?q=movement+type) va01 (/tcodes/search?q=va01) wbs element (/tcodes/search?q=wbs+element) VL02N (/tcodes/search?q=vl02n) se38 (/tcodes/search?q=se38) business partner (/tcodes/search?q=business+partner) datasource (/tcodes/search?q=datasource) document type (/tcodes/search?q=document+type) FB01 (/tcodes/search?q=fb01) fb60 (/tcodes/search?q=fb60) Recent tcodes searches (/sap-tcodes/recent-searches) Popular tcodes searches (/sap-tcodes/popular-searches)

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