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SAP ebook collection SAP ABAP TCS/Satyam Materials SAP Solution Manager Tutorials SAP Ides Installation Guide Video SAP HR/HCM Online Training Guide Huge collection Video sessions for all module. mySAP Interview Question Answer book (for all modules)

SAP PLM: PLM114 - Basic Data for Manufacturing and Product Management.pdf PLM115 - Basic Data for Process Manufacturing.pdf PLM130_Classification.pdf PLM145_Capacity_Requirements_Planning___Time_Sched_in_PM_Projects PLM220 - Project Management - Logistics.pdf PLM300_Business_Processes_in_Plant_Maintenance.pdf PLM301 - Business Processes in Customer Service.pdf PLM305_Structuring_and_Managing_Technical_Objects.pdf PLM310_Preventive_Maintenance_and_Service.pdf PLM315_Maintenance_Processing_Operational_Functions.pdf PLM316_Maintenance_Processing_Controlling_and_Reporting_Function PLM320_WCM_Work_Clearance_Management.pdf PLM322 - Managing Maintenance Projects/ Capacity or Shutdown Planning PLM400 - Business Processes in Quality Management.pdf PLM405 - Quality Inspections.pdf PLM410 - Quality Notifications.pdf PLM412 - Quality Planning and Inspection.pdf PSL2 – Creating your Creating your Implementation Service (part1).pdf PSL2 – Creating your Creating your Implementation Service (part2).pdf SAPPLM_mySAP_PLM_Solution_Overview.pdf PLM 112 - Basic Data Customizing Instructor PLM 120 - Document Management PLM 140 - Variant Configuration 1- Modeling PLM143 - Variant Configuration 2 - Integration PLM146 - Variant Configuration 3 - Scenarios PLM150 - Change & Configuration Management PLM 200 - Project Management PLM 210 - Project Management - Structures PLM 230 - Project Accounting with Networks and Revenue PLM 235 - Project Management WBS Controlled Project Accounting PLM 240 - Project Management – Reporting

PLM 330 - Service Contracts PLM 335 - Service Processing PLM 415 - Quality management in Logistics PLM 420 - QM in Discrete Manufacturing PLM 510 - cProject & cFolders PLM 512 - cFolders PLM 550 - SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management

SAP ABAP BC400 - Introduction to the ABAP Workbench BC401 - ABAP Objects BC402 - Advanced ABAP BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports BC407 - Reporting QuickViewer InfoSet Query and SAP Query BC410 - Developing User Dialogs BC412 - ABAP Dialog Programming Using EnjoySAP Controls BC414 - Programming Database Updates BC416 - ABAP Web Services BC417 - BAPI Development for Accessing SAP Components BC420 - Data Transfer BC427 - Enhancement Framework BC430 - ABAP Dictionary BC430 - ABAP Dictionary BC460 - SAPscript Form Printing and Text Management BC480 - PDF-Based Print Forms BC490 - ABAP Performance Tuning BIT100 - Integration Technology BIT140 - XML in SAP Solutions BIT300 - Integration Technology ALE BIT350 - ALE Enhancements BIT400 - SAP Exchange Infrastructure BIT430 - Business Process Management BIT450 - SAP Exchange Infrastructure Development

BIT460 - SAP Exchange Infrastructure Mapping BIT530 - Introduction to the SAP Business Connector BIT531 - SAP Business Connector Integrator BIT601 - SAP WebFlow - Definition and Use of Customer-Specific Workflows BIT603 - Workflow and Web BIT610 - SAP WebFlow - Programming BIT611 - SAP Business Workflow - Advanced Programming with ABAP OO BIT660 - Data Archiving

SAP Basis ADM100 - SAP Web AS Administration I ADM102 - SAP Web AS Administration II ADM105 - Advanced System Administration ADM106 - Advanced SAP System Monitoring ADM110 - SAP R/3 Enterprise Installation ADM107 - SAP NetWeaver_SAP System Monitoring Using CCMS IIADM325 - Software Logistics (Mysap Technology) ADM130 - E-Commerce Administration ADM315 - SAP NetWeaver_ADM315 Workload Analysis ADM325 - SAP NetWeaver_SAP Software Logistics ADM505 - Database Administration Oracle ADM506 -SAP NetWeaver_ Database Administration Oracle II ADM520 - Database Administration MS SQL Server ADM940 - SAP Authorization Concept ADM950 - Secure SAP System Management ADM960 - Security in SAP System Environments

CRM 7.0 Please check the list of materials details below .

1 )Files in IC.rar

CRM70_IC_Agent.pdf CRM70_IC_Management.pdf CRM70_IC_Multichannel.pdf CRM70_IC_Rule_BAG.pdf CRM70_IC_Service_final.pdf CRM70_IC_Shared Service Center.pdf Funds_PCM_Vale.pdf SAP_CRM_IC_7.pdf SAPCRM70_IC_CEBP.pdf SAPCRM70_IC_Sls_Mktg.pdf

2) Files in IT_service_management.rar IC_IT_Service_Desk.pdf IT_Change_Mgmt.pdf IT_Incident_Problem.pdf IT_Object_Mgmt.pdf IT_Service_Level_Mgmt.pdf IT_Solman_Integration.pdf ITSM_OV_SAPCRM70.pdf ITSM_SB_0309_en.pdf KnowledgeArticle.pdf SAPITSM_Messaging_2009.pdf Service_Req_Mgmt.pdf

3) Files in Marketing.rar CRM70_Loyalty_Engine.pdf CRM70_MKT_Analytics.pdf CRM70_MKT_Camp.pdf CRM70_MKT_Lead.pdf CRM70_MKT_Lead_1.pdf CRM70_MKT_Lead_2.pdf CRM70_MKT_List_Seg.pdf CRM70_MRM.pdf DV_Loyalty_Integration.pdf DV_Loyalty_Reward_Rules.pdf LM_Retail_Industry.pdf LM_Travel_Logistic_Srv.pdf Loyalty_Program_Management.pdf Roadmap_Marketing.pdf SAP_CRM_Marketing_7.pdf

4) Files in Partner_channel_management.rar Funds_PCM_Vale.pdf PCM_Authorizations.pdf PCM_ChannelMarketing.pdf PCM_ChannelSales.pdf PCM_ChannelService.pdf PCM_Marketing.pdf PCM_PartnerMgtm.pdf PCM_PartnerOrd_Mgt.pdf PCM_Technical_Arch.pdf SAP_CRM_PCM_7.pdf

5) Files in sales.rar

Account_Management.pdf Account_Planning.pdf Actions.pdf Activity_Management.pdf Activity_Scheduling.pdf Basic_Functions.pdf Billing.pdf Contract_Management.pdf Credit_Management.pdf Data_Quality_Management.pdf Delta_SFA.pdf E-Mail_Collaboration.pdf ERP_Quotation_Order.pdf Groupware_Integration.pdf Listings.pdf Oppty_Management.pdf Order_Management.pdf Org_Model.pdf Partner_Processing.pdf Pipeline_Performance.pdf Price_Management.pdf Product_Configuration.pdf Product_Master_final.pdf Product_Object_final.pdf Product_Packages.pdf Product_Ranges.pdf Rebate_Management.pdf Sales_Planning.pdf SAP_CRM_Sales_7.pdf Territory_Management.pdf View_Tax.pdf

6) Files in Service.rar CRM70_Mobile_Service_final.pdf CRM70_SRV_Compl_Ret.pdf CRM70_SRV_IB_Mng.pdf In-house_Repair.pdf Planned_Services.pdf ProductServiceLetter.pdf Resource_Plan_Sched.pdf Roadmap_Service.pdf SAP_CRM_Service_7.pdf ServiceAnalytics.pdf ServiceOrderManagement.pdf SRV_Contract_Entitlement.pdf Usage_Based_SVRC.pdfWarranty_Claim.pdf

7) Files in web_channel.rar Channel_Analytics.pdf ECO_ERP.pdfE-Commerce.pdf E-Marketing.pdf E-Service.pdf SAP_CRM_Web_Channel_7.pdf

8) CRM 580 -USER Interface CRM 2007 UI configurations

Detailed overview on CRM 2007 UI Component workbench customisations for BSP application at UI level Revision on what all discussed and hands on session, test Business roles customising ,PFCG ,role config keys ,navigation bar profile customising configuration for workcenters ,logical link groups direct link CRM Detail over view , BP Master Data overview UI Concept ,component workbench hands on sessions Navigation Bar Customizing and Transaction Launcher, Architecture BSP overview on Genil layer BOL layer UI Configuration Easy Enhancement Workbench and Application Enhancement Tool Component Enhancement Concept Skin Configuration

9) CRM 100(2008)---Base customizing CRM basic data: Account Management Organizational model Product master Customizing settings for each object CRM business transactions Overview of generic functions in business transactions Activity management Customizing for these objects Process control and determination Partner determination Basics concepts of CRM middleware Introduction to the CRM WebClient User Interface CRM business transactions Overview of generic functions in business transactions Customizing for these objects opportunity mgmt Partner determination

Overview of pricing in CRM CRM billing Basics concepts of CRM middleware Introduction to the CRM WebClient User Interface

SAP FICO TFIN50_1 Financial Accounting Part 1 TFIN50_2 Financial Accounting Part 2 TFIN52_3 Financial Accounting Part 1 TFIN52_4 Financial Accounting Part 2 TFIN22_1 - 2006-Q2 Instr - A4 - Management Accounting I.rar TFIN22_1 - 2006-Q2 Instr - A4 - Management Accounting II.rar TAFI40_1 Financial Accounting Part 1 TAFI40_2 Financial Accounting Part 2 TAFI40_3 Financial Accounting Part 3 TAFI40_4 Financial Accounting Part 4 SAP - TFIN10 Managerial and Financial Accounting I Part 1 of 2 SAP - TFIN10 Managerial and Financial Accounting I Part 2 of 2 SAP - TFIN12 Managerial and Financial Accounting II Part 1 of 2 SAP - TFIN12 Managerial and Financial Accounting II Part 2 of 2 TABCO40_1 Controlling Part 1 of 3 TABCO40_2 Controlling Part 2 of 3 TABCO40_3 Controlling Part 3 of 3 General Ledger PDF Step-by-step configuration of Assets Accounting Important Tables in SAP FICO FI&COAcademyPT COPC Actual Costing FAQ Configuration Steps in Asset Accounting SAP FICO Course – Important Announcement ACADEMY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING

Sap-Fico-Material SAP-LO-Certification-Material FICO-Configuration-New-Company-Code-20090924 CO Product costing Master data EP6.0ProjectwithSolutionManager Financial_Information_System_20May2008 ERP Application Integration - SAP FICO R3.

SAP SEM SEM010 – Strategic Enterprise Management 389 Pages · SEM200 – Integration 380 Pages · SEM210 – SEM Business Planning and Simulation 563 Pages · SEM220 – SEM-CPM Corporate Performance Monitor 311 Pages · SEM230 – Business Consolidation 377 Pages · SEM240 – Management Consolidation with the Sap consolidation engine 186 Pages

SAP SCM SAPSCM - mySAP Supply Chain Management Overview SAPSCM - SAP Supply Chain Management Solution Overview SCM100 - Business Processes in Planning (SAP ERP) SCM130_EN_Col62_FV_Part_A4 SCM200 - Advanced Planning Overview (SCM) SCM200 - Business Processes in Planning (SCM) SCM210 - Core Interface APO SCM212 - SAP SCM Integrated Supply Chain Modeling SCM215 - Integrated Master Data in SAP SCM SCM220 - Demand Planning SCM225 - Advanced Demand Planning SCM230 - Supply Network Planning (SNP) SCM240 - Production Planning (ERP) SCM250 - Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling SCM300 - Production Overview

SCM310 - Production Orders SCM320 - Repetitive Manufacturing SCM340 - Process Manufacturing SCM340_EN_Col52_FV_Part_A4 SCM360 - Capacity Planning in ECC SCM500 - Processes in Procurement SCM510 - Inventory Management and Physical Inventory SCM515 - Invoice Verification SCM516 - Procurement Optimization SCM520 - Purchasing SCM525 - Consumption-Based Planning and Forecasting SCM550 - Cross-Functional Customizing in MM SCM600 - Sales and Distribution Processes SCM601 - Processes in Logistics Execution SCM605 - Sales SCM610 - Delivery Processes SCM611 - Shipments SCM615 - Billing SCM620 - Pricing in Sales Order Management SCM630 - Warehouse Management. SCM631 - Additional Topics in Warehouse Management. SCM635 - Task and Resource Management. SCM650 - Cross-Functional Customizing in Sales and Distribution SCM660 - Handling Unit Management. SCM680 - Cross-Application Processes in MM and SD

SAP MM GLOBE Materials Handling Messaging & Interface Plug-In Strategy and Customizing Guide TSCM52-1 TSCM50_EN_Col41_FV_Inst_A4_Part2 TSCM50_EN_Col41_FV_Inst_A4_Part1 TSCM50-2 TAMM41_1

TAMM40_Materials Management-part 1 TAMM40_Materials Management-part 2 TAMM40_Materials Management-part 3 TAMM40_Materials Management-part 4 SAP MM overview for technical MM_Questions MM CERTIFICATION SYLLEBUS Volume IV – Mobile Data Entry Volume IIIC – Warehouse Processes and Related Configuration Settings 3 Volume IIIB – Warehouse Processes and Related Configuration Settings 2 Volume IIIA – Warehouse Processes and Related Configuration Settings I Volume II – SAP Background and Concepts Volume I – Warehouse Reference Model gt_guideline_mh_v15_roles gt_guideline_mh_v15_roles1 gt_guideline_mh_bucket-tracking template MM-IM Movement Types Functions in detail - Material Management

SAP HCM HR305_Master_Data_Configuration (1).zip (2006/Q2) HR400 Payroll HR580-ReportingInHumanResources SAPHR mySAP ERP Human Capital Management Overview.pdf(2006/Q2) HR ESS Configuration.pdf SAPHILA v1 3 badenmhorst and hoffman.pdf

HR- Organisational Management Configuration in ECC6.0

THR12 Management Administration II (2006/Q2) Creating an Organizational Structure HR270 SAP Learning Solution Overview SAP_HR_Material_for_use_in_initial_stages_of_training.doc

SAP EP SAPEP - SAP Enterprise Portal Fundamentals (2006/Q2) EP100 - Managing Enterprise Portal Content (2003/2005/Q2) EP120 - SAP Netweaver Portal Development (2006/Q2) EP130 - SAP Knowledge Management and Collaboration Development (2006/Q2) EP150 - SAP Enterprise Portal And KMC Development (Part-1)( 2005/Q2 ) EP150 - SAP Enterprise Portal And KMC Development (Part-2)( 2005/Q2 ) EP200 - Enterprise Portal system Administration (2005/Q2) EP200 - Enterprise Portal system Administration (2006/Q2) EP300 - Knowledge Management (2006/Q2) EP600 - Configuration of the Universal Worklist ( 2006/Q2 ) TTEP01 - mySAP Enterprise Portals Configuration TTEP02- mySAP Enterprise Portals Configuration II TEP10 -SAP Enterprise Portal Implementation and Operation TEP10ao -SAP Enterprise Portal Implementation and Operation(Add-On) TEPD20 - Portal Development Course Materials

Changing the portal look and feel Configuring the Business Package for Employee Self-Service (ESS) – mySAP ERP Configuring and Implementing External Facing Portal in EP 7.0 Creating and Publishing Web pages in the portal using Web Pages Composer - Approval and Versioning features Custom Infotype Creation – Tips and Tricks with Radio Buttons and Check Boxes Customization of Portal Desktop Customizing HTMLB Table View Component Debugging Portal Applications Developing Custom Tags for Enterprise Portal Enterprise Portal User Administration

ESS How to Add Custom Area Page to Overview page Configuration Steps in Asset Accounting SAP SD TSCM60 Order Fulfillment I Part 1 of 2 TSCM60 Order Fulfillment I Part 2 of 2 TSCM62 Order Fulfillment II Part 1 of 2 TSCM62 Order Fulfillment II Part 2 of 2 TASD40 PART1 401 PAGES TASD40 PART2 457 PAGES TASD40 PART3 490 PAGES TASD40 PART4 350 PAGES TCASE1 Part1 of 2 : Case Study for application consultant basic training TCASE1 Part2 of 2 : Case Study for application consultant basic training Overview Standard Courses.doc Processing block documents.doc Sales and Distribution - Appendices.doc Sales and Distribution -Billing.doc Sales and Distribution -creditrisk management.doc Sales and Distribution -pricing.doc Sales and Distribution -sales.doc Sales and Distribution -shipping.doc Sales and Distribution -Transportation.doc

HCM e Learning Audio/Video Tutorial THR10 - Elearning Materials (Complete Course details)

Course Overview Unit 1 : SAP Overview Unit 2 : THR10 Course Overview Unit 3 : Navigation Unit 4 : Structure in Human Capital Management Unit 5 : Personnel Administration

Unit 6 : Time Management Unit 7 : Introduction To Payroll Unit 8 : Recruitment Unit 9 : Development And Learning Unit 10 : Enterprise Compensation Management Unit 11 : Personnel Cost Planning Unit 12 : End User Service Delivery Unit 13 : Analytical Functions Unit 14 : Travel Expenses And Planning Unit 15 : THR 10 Course Overview Unit 16 : Configuration Of Master Data-Overview Unit 17 : Hiring An Employee Unit 18 : Managing And Editing Projects Unit 19 : Enterprise Structure Unit 20 : Organizational Structure Unit 21 : Additional Organizational assignment Unit 22 : Defining default values-Features Unit 23 : Personal Data Unit 24 : Links between Planned working time and Basic Unit 25 : Remunerations structure Unit 26 : Wage type structure Unit 27 : Reports for changes to Remuneration Unit 28 : Infotypes Unit 29 : Configuration Of Personnel Actions Unit 30 : Dynamic Actions Unit 31 : Management Of Global Employees Unit 32 : Authorization in HCM Course-Overview Unit 33 : Setting Up General Authorization Checks Unit 34 : Indirect Role Assignment Unit 35 : Structural Authorization Checks Unit 36 : Mini Case Study Unit 37 : Preparation for Certification Unit 38 : Appendix I

Unit 39 : Appendix II

IS Utilities & IS Retail IUT110 : Introduction to the IS – Utilities / Customer Care Services 555 Pages IUT210 : Master Data And Basic Functions 391 Pages IUT220 : Device Management 282 Pages IUT221 : Work Management 306 Pages IUT225 : Energy Data Management 238 Pages IUT230 : Billing And Invoicing 629 Pages IUT235 : Real Time Pricing (RTP) 234 Pages IUT240 : Contract Accounts Receivable And Payable 565 Pages IUT250 : Customer Service 362 Pages

IRT100 : MySap Retail : Process Overview 452 Pages IRT110 : SAP Assortment Planning IRT120 : Merchandise Procurement and Distribution IRT205 : Working with Information Model IRT230 : Assortment Controlling using the Information System IRT250 : Configuration and Organization IRT260 : Retail Store Connections IRT310 : Master Data in SAP for Retail (2006/Q2) IRT310 : Sap Retail Master Data 291 Pages IRT320 : Pricing And Promotions 185 Pages IRT330 : Requirements Planning And Buying 268 Pages IRT340 : Supply Chain Execution 267 Pages IRT350 : Merchandise And Assortment Planning 491 Pages IRT360 : Headquarters – Store Connections : POS Interface 262 Pages IRT360 : Headquarters – Store Connections : Retail Store 183 Pages IRT370 : Headquarters – Store Connections: Retail Stor


TBW10- 2005 Data Warehousing TBW20 - 2005 Business Information Warehouse Reporting Analysis TBW30 - 2005 SAP Business Intelligence Data Staging Extraction TBW45 - 2004 Business Planning and Simulation TBW 41 - BI - Extraction With UDI, XI And APO TBW 42- BI - Advanced Enterprise Data Warehousing & Reporting (Part 1) TBW 42- BI - Advanced Enterprise Data Warehousing & Reporting (Part 2) BW200 – BIWOverview – 109 Pages BW205 – BIW Analysis – 226 Pages BW207 – BIW ReportingManagement– 188 Pages BW210 – BIW Warehouse Management– 513 Pages BW257 – Analysis&Reporting Management – 517Pages BW305 - Reporting&Analysis (Participant Handbook )_EN_Col31_FV BW310 - Data Warehousing (Participant Handbook) BW315 BW 306- BI - Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis BW330 - BW Modeling_EN_Col31_FV BW350 - SAP Components Extraction_EN_FV1 BW360 - BW Performance&Administration_Col31_FV1 BW 365 - BI - User Management & Authorizations BW 370 - BI - Integrated Planning BW 380 - BI - Analysis Processes and Data Mining DBW70E – Sap BI Enterprise Data Warehousing: Delta BW 3.5 to SAP BI ( 615 Pages ) DBW70P – Sap BI Integrated Planning ( 355 Pages ) DBW70R - Sap BI Enterprise Reporting, Query & Analysis Delta 3.x -> BI ( 481 Pages )

SAP BPC BPC310 - SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation: Application Configuration (2009/Q1)

BPC320 - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation(2009/Q1)

BPC330 - Business Planning and Reporting with BPC70, Version for NetWeaver(2009/Q1)

BPC340 - SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation - Focus on Consolidation(2009/Q1)

TZBPC2 - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 7.0, version for SAP NetWeaver(2008/Q4)

SAP FSCM SAP01 - SAP Overview ERP020 - mySAP ERP: financials SAPFIN - mySAP ERP Financials FIN900 - Auditing with SAP ERP FIN910 - Management of Internal Controls FSC010 - Processes in Treasury & Risk Management FSC010 - Business Processes in Treasury & Risk Management FSC020 - Processes in SAP Credit Management, SAP Biller Direct, SAP Dispute and SAP Collections Management. FSC100 - Overview of SAP Financial Supply Management FSC111 - Securities Management FSC110 - Basic functions of SAP Treasury and Risk Management FSC110 - Customizing in SAP Treasury and Risk Management FSC111 - Securities Management FSC112 - Money Market, Foriegn Exchange & Derivatives FSC120 - SAP Inhouse Cash FSC140 - SAP Dispute Management FS100 - mySAP Financials CFM - Overview FS110 - mySAP Financials Basic Functions CFM FS111 - mySAP Financials Securities FS120 - mySAP Financials In-House Cash CFM FS200 - mySAP Financial Services mySAP Banking Overview FS210 - mySAP Financials Loans FS220 - mySAP Financials Credit Risk Analyzer FS240 - mySAP Financial Services Profit Analyzer

FS250 - mySAP Financial Services Market Risk Analyzer FS251 - mySAP Financial Services Asset Liability Management FS270 - SAP Leasing Overview FS271 - SAP Leasing ERP Customizing FS272 - SAP Leasing CRM Customizing FS290 - Financial Database FS290 - SAP Bank Analyzer - Basic Architecture FS292 - SAP Financial Database - Customizing FS293 - Accounting for Financial Instruments FS295 - SAP Accounting for Financial Instruments Customizing FS291 - SAP Accounting for Financial Instruments FS310 - FS-CD Collections And Disbursements FSBA10 - Processes in SAP Basel II FSBA10 - SAP Bank Analyser 4.0 - Use of Basel II Analyser

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