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Hospital Management System Scope Generally Hospitals need the following modules to manage their operations. Most of the activities are covered in Hospital Management System and fewer activities can be handled in SAP as given below. PATIENT CARE & ADMIN ( HMS ) OP Management

Regn & Reception

IP Management

Billing & Collections


Duty Roster

Drug & Pharmacy




Nursing Station

Laundry & Linen

Medical Records

Diet and Kitchen

Operation Theatre Blood bank Electronic Medical Record

Operational Functionalities ( SAP ) Financial Accounting Equipment Maintenance Inventory Payroll Management Asset Management

Hospital Managemnet Modules - Overview

Out-Patient Management This module allows the user to administer outpatients with clinical and administrative functions. Generation of outpatient health card can be done. OP details like OP No., Name, Address, Sex, Consulting Doctor and Referral Doctor is captured in OP Management. Reports like Outpatient Register, Consultant Wise patient listing and features like Clinic Management, Scheduling of Doctor Appointment, Pre-Consultation and Consultation are available

Inputs / Features:     

OP Review Entry OP Consultation Entry MLC Entry Lab Orders Medication

Outputs / Reports:     

OP Register Doctor wise OP Consultation List Appointment Status Patient Last Consultation View OP Count Register

In-Patient Management The inpatient module is designed to take care of all the activities and functions pertaining to Inpatient Management. This module automates the day-to-day administrative activities and provides instant access to other modules, which leads to a better patient care. It provides comprehensive data pertaining to Admission of Patients, Availability of beds, Estimation, Planned admission, Emergency admission, MLC and so on. The Inpatient module also deals with bed transfers. Reports like inpatient Register, Expected Discharge List, Discharge Summary are available

Inputs / Features:            

IP Consultations (Episode Tracking) Doctor Notes Doctor Orders Order Execution Medication Bed Transfer Operation Posting Discharge Entry Birth Entry Death Entry MLC Entry Indent Processing

Outputs / Reports:         

IP Register Doctor Wise IP List Room Wise IP List Bed Transfer Report Occupancy Ratio Admission & Discharge List IP Status Report Operation Posting Book Register Patient Wise Consumption List

Appointments The Appointments module covers the appointment fixing procedures for patients. It covers all the details like allocating appointment slots as per doctor’s visit, making appointments for the given slot. Blocking the appointments when the doctor is not available. Inputs / Features: Doctor Availability Block Doctor Timing Slot Appointment Fixing

Outputs / Reports: Appointment Status

Special Features/Functions of the Module:  Application allows fixing the appointment only on the available timings and that is handled by the application.  Multi Slot facility for appointment fixing.  Blocking / Cancellation of appointments.  Facility to view the appointment status from the Doctor’s Desk.  Facility to fix representative / personal appointments

OP Clinical Consultation General Consultation module allows tracking of clinical consultation of patients for each specialty. It captures the following important patient records information, 

Complaints and History

Allergies & Disabilities

Past Illness

Lab results

Vital Signs


Lab Test Prescription

Order Execution

Final diagnosis

Chief Observations

Medial Record

Laboratory This module enables the maintenance of investigation requests by the patient and generation of test results for the various available services, such as clinical pathology and X-ray. Requests can be made from various points, including wards, billing, sample collection and the laboratory receiving point. The laboratory module is integrated with the in-patient/ out-patient registration, wards and billing modules Investigation Report Outputs: Result & Requisition Printing Group-wise result printing Test Summary Result Register Balance Test List Department Wise Result Printing

Inventory Report Outputs       

Purchase Order Printing Purchase Voucher Printing Purchase Register Supplier Payment list Supplier Balance Payment Issue Voucher Issue Register.


MIS Report Outputs       

Cash Register Payment Due List Expenses Summary Bank Book Stock Register Reorder Level List Referral Fee Register

Additional Features/Functions of the Module:    

Group and Subgroup Definition of Lab tests Package definition Alerts on pending and completed requisition SMS Messaging

Drug & Pharmacy This module is most primary and important function that captures the entire details of drugs. As most of the investment will be on drugs monitoring the drugs purchase and sales details are most important. This module captures the purchase inwards with related to its taxable rates, MRP, etc., Drugs Re-OrderLevel can be maintained based upon the sales movement. Inputs / Features:      

Opening Stock Entry Purchase Order Entry Purchase Inward Entry Purchase Payment Entry Sales Bill Sales Return Bill

Purchase Reports            

Daily Purchase Summary Purchase Register Purchase Analysis Supplier wise Purchase Report Best Supplier Purchase Order Printing Purchase Inward Printing Purchase Returns Printing Purchase Payment Pending Purchase Payment Report Short Expiry List Quotation Analysis Report

Drug & Pharmacy...contd

Sales Reports       

Sales Report Sales Summary Sales Analysis Sales Returns Report Sales Returns Listing Debtors List VAT Sales/Purchase Register

MIS Reports            

Stock Statement Non Billed Items Nil Stock Statement Reorder Level Reached List Prescription Register Schedule Register Slow Moving Items Product Flow Analysis Margin Statement – (Item wise) Supplier wise Item Report Supplier wise Manufacturer Report Credit Note Status

Nursing Station The wards module takes care of in-patient consultation, discharge, transfer and housekeeping. It deals with the maintenance of the wards, inter- and intra-ward transfers and preparation of the discharge summary. It also covers Patient’s Order executed details, Nursing notes IP Consultation Entry, Medication details, Scheduling Oxygen charges (hourly charges, half day charges & Daily charges) and Lab Requisitions. Inputs:          

Order Entry Nurse Notes Bed Transfer Lab Requisitions Charge Scheduling Discharge Entry IP Consultations (Episode Tracking) Doctor Notes Doctor Orders Medication

Outputs / Reports:  Patient Complaint / Diagnosis Report  Patient wise Order Completed / Pending Report  IP- Patient wise Doctors Visit List  Discharge Report  Room wise IP Listing

Medical Records This module enables complete storage of patients' medical records. The complete hard copy of the history of a patient, along with diagnosis and prescription can be maintained. Patient data can be viewed to identify and as per the need of the doctor viz. disease, procedure, age, sex, and duration of stay.

Inputs / Features:  Physical Medical Report Document Issue  MRD Document Returns  Surgery Details  Master Index (ICD Code Entry)

Outputs / Reports:  List of Issue & Return of Medical Record documents  ICD Code wise Report  Disease Index  Dr. wise Registration  Dr. wise Case Count  Surgery Details Report  Age wise Diagnosis Report  Case wise Registration Status

Operation Theatre This module deals with operation theatre activities such as pre-anaesthetic check-ups, pre-anaesthetic notes generation, recording anaesthesia details, maintaining the list of procedures for various operations, recording operation details, and maintaining operation theatre schedules. This module covers the Patient’s Operation executed details, Doctor notes, Surgeon Notes, Nursing notes, Medication details, Lab Requisitions and Bed Transfer to ward. Inputs / Features:  Surgery Details Entry  Surgery Equipment Usage Entry  Pre Operative Notes  Operation Episode Recording Outputs / Reports:  OT Register  Bed Transfer  Operation Notes  Lab Requisitions     

Bed transfer Details Surgery Schedule Register Surgery Booking Register Case wise Surgery Performed Report Doctor wise Surgery Performed Report  Equipment Usage Report

Blood Bank The blood bank module provides information on the collection and storage of blood, results of blood tests, cross-matching identifications, and transfusion reactions. It also enables the maintenance of donor mailing lists and donation ledgers.

Inputs / Features:     

Donor Registration Test Details Screening Information Blood Issue Blood destroy

Outputs / Reports:        

Stock Register Donor Register Blood Destroy Issue Register (External/Internal) Rejection Register AIDS Project Report Screening Report Compatibility Certificate /Blood Matching reports

Electronic Medical Records EMR is the web based Module, which exposes the data available in HMS software to the web. Features:  Allows Doctors , Management to log into the portal.  Patients demographic information, vital signs, allergies are available online  Allows access to clinical information, diagnostics, consultation medication history of patients  Doctors can view the entire patient visit summary

Registration & Reception Registration is the primary function that creates and maintains the patient master record. The reception module handles in-patient and outpatient registration and admission. It can handle enquiries about the patient's admission and discharge details, bed census, and the patient's movements within the hospital. The Registration module is an integrated patient management system, which captures complete and relevant patient demographic details. Inputs / Features:  OP / IP Registration  MLC Entry

Outputs / Reports: Visitor Enquiry IP/OP Registration Register Corporate Wise IP/OP Registration Register Doctor Wise Registration List Admission Discharge List Ward & Bed wise In Patient status Discharge Summary MLC Register Birth Register Death Register

Billing & Cash Collection This is the most important function that takes place in every hospital. The billing module facilitates cashier and billing operations for different categories of patients, and automatic posting of charges for different services such as lab tests, medicines supplied, consulting fees, food and beverage charges, etc. This module captures the Advance Receipts, Interim Bill Collection details, Credit Collections etc. User can define new account heads and sub heads. Inputs / Features:  Account Head, Sub Heads and Charge Class Definition  Daily Collection Entry - OP Patients  Lab Bill Entry  IP – Advance Entry  IP – Interim Bill Entry  IP – Final Bill Entry  Doctor Settlement  Payment & Receipt Entry

Outputs / Reports:          

OP Receipt OP Collection Report (Date wise) OP Collection Report (Number wise) OP Collection Report Summary Lab Receipt Lab Bill Lab Collection Report (Date Wise) Lab Collection Report (Number Wise) Lab Collection Report Summary Advance Receipt

Billing & Cash Collection...contd                    

Advance Collection Report (Date Wise) Advance Collection Report (Number Wise) Advance Collection Report Summary Approximate Final Bill Receipt Final Bill Receipt Final Bill Collection Report (Date wise) Final Bill Collection Report (Number wise) Final Bill Collection Report Summary IP Bill Status Report Interim Bill Split up Report Pending Payment Collection Report Corporate wise Collection Report Charge Class wise Report Revenue Sub Head Wise Report Debtor List – Pending Collections Room Rent Charges Cancelled Daily Collection Bills Consolidated Daily Collections Doctor Settlement Receipt Doctor Wise Settlement Report

Additional Features/Functions of the Module:  Corporate Wise Tariff Definition  Approximate Billing  Alerts on Advances and lab billing  Data Export Option

Duty Roster This module allows the user to schedule the shifts and work schedules of the DOCTOR, NURSE, PARAMEDICAL, TECHNICIAN PHARMACIST, OFFICE STAFF etc.    

Leave particulars Daily duty monitoring Statistics-attendance , leave, absent, working days, permission Time in / out entry

CSSD This module facilitates maintaining the entire activities of the Central Sterile Supplies Department including details of instruments going for sterilization, instruments sterilized, instruments supplied, and instruments received from operation theatres/ wards. The autoclave register is maintained to record the details of sterilization.

Inputs / Features:    

Tray Master Tray BOM Tray Sterilization tracking Tray Issue & Return

Outputs / Reports:     

Stock Register Tray issue Register Tray Return Register Tray Consumable Usage Register Item Missing/Damaged Register

Dietary & Kitchen This module maintains the information regarding various diet routines of patients and identifies the resources required to satisfy diet orders. Depending on the diet orders and other requests from canteen, the kitchen order plan can be prepared to decide the menu for the day.

Inputs / Features:       

Menu with calories Diet habits recording Diet Calculation and Advice Diet Order Diet Issue Item Inventory Purchase Item Issues to Kitchen

Outputs / Reports:     

Diet Advice Diet issue Register Purchase Register Stock Statement Item issue to Kitchen Register

Laundry & Linen

Laundry activities, maintenance of linen and their status, requests for fresh linen from wards and procurement of fresh linen can be done. Inputs / Features:  Materials Master  Cloths master  Opening stock entry  Purchase inward entry.  Wash In Entry /Wash Out Entry  Stitch In entry / Stitch Out Entry  Item Damaged Entry

Outputs / Reports:       

Item List Wash In / Wash Out Register Stitch In / Stitch Out Register Purchase Register Stock Register Damaged Register Issue Register

SAP & HMS Integration Scope

SAP Hospital Management Solution Scope SAP ERP integrated with Hospital Management Solution covers the following functionalities:

Finance and Controlling (FI / CO)  Finance and Admin  Asset Management  Product Costing & Profitability Analysis Materials &Quality Management (MM & QM)  Inventory Tracking – Receipts / Issues  Valuation  Quality tracking for Assets / Materials / Equipment Plant Maintenance (PM)  Preventive Maintenance  Job Orders for Service Tracking Human Capital Management (HCM)  Payroll Processing and Statutory obligations





• Financial Accounting • Fixed Assets • Inventory • Fixed Assets • Equipment Maintenance • Payroll Management

SAP & HMS – Data flow SAP

Hospital Management System • • • • • •

Out Patients In Patients Drug & Pharamacy Laboratory & Radiology Dietary & Kitchen Laundry & Linen

• • • •

Drug & Pharmacy Labarotary CSSD Nursing Wards

Payroll (Attendence)

Cost Center wise Daily Journal Entries

Billing Details


Finance / Controlling

Purchase Requisition Indents

Central Stores


Goods Issues / Returns

HCM Staff / Doctors Attendence details

Data Flow – HMS to SAP Description

Data Flow

AP, AR and Journal Postings

Without logistics integration can be processed direct in SAP

Budgeting & Fixed Assets

Direct in SAP

OP / IP Bills

Department-wise tracking possible through G/L Accounts, Cost Centers, and Profit Centers

Cash or Credit Collections

Direct entries and / or migration from HMS software upload is also possible

Integration of Collections & Billings

Document tracking possible in SAP with reference field

Doctors’ Accounting

Passed as journal entries in SAP through the interface

Payroll processing

HCM Module of SAP can be implemented for a tight integration

Supplier / Vendor bills

Can be booked direct in SAP or uploaded through HMS software and SAP ERP interfaces

SAP and HMS Interface Interface between SAP and HMS can happen in the following ways:  Intermediate files / xml files / interfaces can be created for all data migration from the HMS-CIS (Clinical Information Systems) to the SAP ERP system.

 BAPI and IDoc-EDI/ALE exchange methods will be used to upload the transactional data.

Interface • Real-time information


• Flat files / xml files from HMS uploaded through BDC, BAPI • IDoc-EDI/ALE

• Real-time processing • Batch processing


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