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February 7, 2018 | Author: Calvin Mulaudzi | Category: Time Management, Search Engine Optimization, Sales, Websites, Customer Relationship Management
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Accounting Made Easy Beautiful, easy, full featured

Online Demo

Elegant and full featured, our accounting software is for businesses of any size. Odoo Accounting offers a better way for your accounting team to work with customers and suppliers. Activate features on demand; from integrated analytic accounting to budget, assets and multiple companies consolidation.

Smart User Interface Record transactions in a few clicks and easily manage all financial activities in one place. Odoo's user interface is designed with productivity in mind.

Better Way To Work Together

Share access to your latest business numbers with your team and your accountants - so everyone is up to date with all new information and changes. From work, home or on the go.

Connect Your Bank Accounts Import your bank statements and reconcile them in just a few clicks. Prepare payment orders based on supplier invoices and specific requirements.

Get Paid Faster Electronic invoicing and automated follow-ups

Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online. No need to send reminders to your debtors - simply set-up and automate follow-ups to get paid more quickly.

Sales Integration Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material. Invoice expenses on projects to your customer in just a few clicks.

Purchase Integration

Control supplier invoices based on purchase orders. Get real-time inventory valuation reports automatically posted in your accounts.

Multi-Level Analytic Accounting Integrate your analytic accounting operations with timesheets, projects, invoices, expenses, etc. No need to record transactions, all analytic entries are posted automatically following your business rules.

Everything You Need to Grow

Manage your assets, track expenses, control budgets, multi-level analytic accounting; Odoo has all the features you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Scale With Your Organization Used by very small to very large organizations Odoo supports multiple currencies, multiple users with different access rights, multiple companies with real-time consolidation and unlimited analytic plans.

Dashboard & KPIs

Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customizable dashboards. Analyse your financial activities with the drill-up, drill-down, drill-across and filter features.

Purchase Management Automate requisition-to-pay, control invoicing

Online Demo

Automate procurement propositions, launch requests for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers' information, control product receivals and check suppliers' invoices - you can do all that and much more with our purchase management system.

Automated Procurement Propositions Reduce inventory level with procurement rules Get the right purchase proposition at the right time to reduce your inventory level. Improve your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, etc.

Send requests for quotations or purchase orders to your supplier with just one click. Get access to details of products received and invoices from your purchase order. Everything is simple with this amazing app.

Purchase Tenders Get the best price by negotiating with several suppliers

Create purchase tenders, gather and organise quotes from suppliers and compare proposals. Choose the best offer and send purchase orders easily. Use reporting to analyze the quality of your suppliers afterwards. Our software helps you with everything.

Email Integration Integrate all communication from suppliers into the purchase orders (or RfQs) for strong traceability on negotiation or after-sales service issues. Use the claim management module to track issues related to suppliers.

Standard Price, Average Price, FIFO

Use the costing method that reflects your business: standard price, average price, fifo or lifo. Get your accounting entries and the right inventory valuation in real time. Odoo manages everything for you, transparently.

Import Supplier Pricelists Make smart purchase decisions using the best prices Easily import suppliers' pricelists to make smarter purchase decisions based on promotions, quantities and special contract conditions. You can even base your sales price on your supplier's prices.

Control Products and Invoices

No product or order is left out; inventory control allows you to manage back orders, refunds, product receivals and quality control.

Choose the right method according to your needs: pre-generate draft invoices based on purchase orders and products receivals; create invoices manually and import lines from purchase orders, etc.

Get Statistics On Your Purchases Get accurate statistics on your suppliers' performance through flexible reporting: delivery delays, negotiated discounts on prices, quantities purchased, etc. Integrate purchases with analytic accounting to analyze your contracts' profitability.

Sell faster & more efficiently Create polished quotations, support electronic signature and online payments. Try now!

FREE • No credit card required • Instant access

Your quotes online from proposal to e-signature Design, share and upsell. Design quotations in minutes Create quotes in just a few clicks or a quotation template you can reuse in just a few clicks.

Maximize profits by upselling Sell more: propose extra options, apply closing triggers, discounts and more.

Communicate quickly and efficiently Get custom alerts for relevant activities, and use email gateways to automatically attach email communications to the right order. Communicate easily by designing email templates for onboarding etc.

Sell faster with electronic signatures Use Odoo Sign and allow your customers to review and sign your quotations online.

Easy, streamlined communications Faster communications, boosted sales Use templates to create polished, professional quotes in minutes. Send these quotes by email and let your customer sign online. Everything you need to know can be found in one place. Send offers with clear pricing to your customers and let them accept it, reject it or ask for more information. Communicate with customers directly through the messaging software and see the whole history of the conversation in the quotation. No more time consuming communications, no more fax or scans in emails.

Your Sales Funnel, The Way You Like It! Work inside your sales funnel and get instant visual information about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. Start Now

Customer Relationship Management Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenue

Manage your sales funnel with no effort. Attract leads, follow-up on phone calls and meetings. Analyse the quality of your leads to make informed decisions and save time by integrating emails from all your contacts directly into the application.

A Great Kanban View to Track Your Pipeline Track your opportunities pipeline with the revolutionary kanban view in a few simple steps. Work inside your sales funnel and get instant visual information about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues. Boost your sales with our great management software for businesses of any size.

Social Network Integration The Only Open Source CRM With Social Features Builtin

Bring social intelligence to your sales process. Gain insights from social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to find prospects easily and automatically load their contact data into your address book.

Lead Management Made Easy Automatically create leads from incoming emails. Analyse leads efficiently and compare performance by campaign , department, channel or sales team. Find duplicates, merge leads and assign them to the right salesperson in one operation. Spend less time on administration and more time on qualifying leads.

Organize Your Opportunities Clean user interface with everything on one screen

Organize your opportunities so you can stay focused on the best deals. Manage all customer interactions from the opportunity like emails, phone calls, internal notes, meetings and quotations. Follow opportunities that interrest you and be notified about specific events: deal won or lost, stage changed, new customer demand, etc.

Email Integration and Automation Work with the email applications you already use every day. Whether your company uses Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, no one needs to change the way they work, so everyone stays productive. Route, sort and filter incoming emails automatically. Odoo CRM handles incoming emails and routes them to the right opportunities or sales team. New leads are created on the fly and interested salespeople are notified automatically.

Collaborative Agenda

Schedule your meetings and phone calls using the integrated calendar. You can see your agenda and your colleagues' agenda in one view. As a manager, it's easy to see what your team is currently working on and to set up a timeline for certain tasks.

Lead Automation and Marketing Campaigns Drive performance by automating tasks Use our marketing campaigns to automate lead acquisition, follow ups and promotions. Define automated actions (e.g. ask a salesperson to call, send an email, set up a reminder, etc.) based on triggers (no activity for 20 days, answered a promotional email, etc.) Optimize campaigns from lead to close, on every channel. Make smarter decisions about where to invest and show the impact of your marketing activities on your company's bottom line .

Customize Your Sales Cycle Adapt sales stages to your needs Customize your sales cycle by configuring sales stages that perfectly fit your sales approach. The system allows you to create your own templates for the stages. Control statistics to get accurate forecasts to improve your sales performance at every stage of your customer relationship.

Reporting and Dashboards Get access to the right information to make smart decisions

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with realtime reports and flow charts that anyone can create and share.

Drive Engagement with Gamification Leverage sales' natural desire for competition Reinforce good habits and improve win rates with real-time recognition and rewards inspired by game mechanics . Align sales teams around clear business objectives with challenges, personal objectives and team leader boards.

Leaderboards Promote leaders and competition with sales teams with performance ratios.

Personal Objectives Assign clear goals to users to align them with the company objectives.

Team Targets Compare revenues with forecasts and budgets in real time.

Online invoicing made easy Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, get paid faster Start now

FREE • No credit card required • Instant access.

Turn Quotes Into Invoices with minimal effort Print a hard-copy or send directly by email

Create invoices based on quotes sent to your clients. Send professional looking invoices directly to your clients in just a click. Automatically send them by email as a PDF attachment or print and send them by post.

Get paid faster Online payments and automated follow-ups Accept online payments via Paypal, Ogone, Buckaroo or Adyen. Eliminate the stress of sending reminders for late or outstanding payments. Simply set-up and automate follow-ups to get paid quickly.

Human Resources Made Social Find employees, share status, get alerts, manage leaves, timesheets, ... All your HR operations in the cloud. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. Start Your Free Trial

Human Resources Manage the most important asset in your company: People

Online Demo

Get all your HR operations managed easily: knowledge sharing, recruitment system, appraisals, timesheets, contracts, attendance, payroll, etc. Thanks to Odoo's HR tools, you can satisfy each one of your HR needs by a specific app that you activate on demand and all information are stored in the cloud.

Successfully Manage Your Employees Odoo's software offers you various ways to oversee all important information in your company's address book. Some information are restricted to HR managers, others are public for all employees to easily find their colleagues. You can record employee contracts and get alerts when they have to be renewed.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles

Post job offers and keep track of each application received. Follow applicants in your recruitment process with the smart kanban view. Save time by automating some communications with email templates. Resumes are indexed automatically, allowing you to easily search for specific profiles. You can make your own settings, for example: Each applicant who'll provide a resume and a cover letter will be automatically put into your system in the stage "Applied"

Enterprise Social Network Collaborate across departments, geographies and business applications Break down information silos. Share knowledge and best practices amongst all your employees. Follow specific people or documents and join groups of interests to share expertise and files.

Interact with your collegues in real time with live chat. This feature is great for big offices, for companies with multiple offices and even for some employees who work from home and need to be in instant touch with their colleagues.

Track Time and Attendance Weekly or monthly timesheets with optional attendance tracking

Keep track of the time spent by project, client or tasks. It's easy to see the statistics, to record timesheets and to check the attendance of each employee. Get your analytic accounting posted automatically based on the time spent on your projects.

Leave Management Manage holidays, legal leaves and sick days One of many benefits of this app is that you can keep track of the vacation days taken by each employee. Employees enter their requests (paid holidays, sick leave, etc), for manager to approve and validate. It's all done in just a few clicks. The agenda of each employee is updated accordingly.

Tracking System for Employee Expenses

Get rid of the paper work and follow employees' expenses in an online form directly in Odoo. Don't loose time or money by controlling the full flow: expense validation, reimbursement of employees, posting in the accounting and re-invoicing to customers.

Follow Periodic Appraisals Set up appraisal plans and/or surveys for your employees and watch their evolution. Define steps for interviews and Odoo will notify managers or subordinates automatically to prepare appraisals. Keep track of the progress of your staff periodically.

Boost Engagement With Gamification Define clear objectives and provide real time feedback Inspire achievement with challenges, goals and rewards. Design your own targets and define clear objectives and provide real time feedback and tangible results. Showcase the top performers to the entire team and publicly recognize a job well done.


Promote leaders and competition amongst sales team with performance ratios.

Personal Objectives

Assign clear goals to users to align them with the company objectives.

Team Targets

Compare revenues with forecasts and budgets in real time.

Hiring Processes Made Easy From the sourcing to the contract, handle your recruitment process easily Start now

FREE • No credit card required • Instant access

Manage your hiring process Organize your vacancies job applications Set up your job board, promote your job listings and easily keep track of submitted applications. Follow every applicant and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents. No need to outsource your recruitment - handle everything internally in a simple and professional way.

Publish job offers straight from the app Automatically publish on the best job boards like LinkedIn, Monster or Stepstone. A new email address is automatically assigned to every job offer in order to route applications directly to the right one.

Whether applicants contact you by email or using an online form, get all the data automatically indexed (resumes, motivation letter, etc.) and answered in just a click, using templates or personalized emails.

Customize your recruitment process Define your own stages and interviewers Create your own hiring strategies. Use the kanban view and customize the steps of your recruitments process: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc. Get accurate statistics on your recruitment pipeline. Use reports to compare the performance of postings you have made on different external job boards and easily change your strategy and recruitment plan based on the results.

Simplify application management Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles Follow applicants in your recruitment process with the smart kanban view. Save time by using templates to automate some communication. Documents like CVs and motivation letters are indexed automatically, allowing you to easily search for specific skills and build up a database of profiles.

Integrated Surveys Define your own online/offline surveys Create your own interview canvas based on your best practices. Use the survey designer to adapt questions to your own process. Ask the applicants to fill in the survey online or ask the interviewer to use it during real interviews.

Fully Integrated with Odoo Apps Get hundreds of open source apps for free

Blog Attract more leads with a winning content marketing strategy.

Sales Create polished, professional proposals in minutes and let customers sign online.

Employees Oversee your employees directory Retain significant informations about your team.

Events Create sleek and attractive event pages. Sell online and organize on site.

Easily Manage Employees' Expenses Keep track of your daily accounts. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. Start Your Free Trial

Manage Business Expenses Online Odoo's software to manage daily expenses offers a fluent encoding process - The whole flow of managing employees' expenses is implemented as: - Drafting the expense by the employee - Confirmation of the sheet by the employee - Validation by the employee's manager - Validation by the accountant - Creation of accounting entries

Managers' Monitoring

Odoo's open source software to manage business expenses allows you to manage your employees' daily expenses. Whether it's employees travel expenses or any other costs, this software gives you access to your employees’ fee notes and it gives you the rights to complete and validate or to refuse the notes. After validation it creates an invoice for the employee. No need to download any specialized software or program to manage expenses - everything can be done directly in this great app!

Multiple Users Management As a manager: 

follow expenses within your team

approve or refuse expenses (and post a reason)

submit approved expenses to the accounting department

As a user:

record your expense

post comments for your manager

check status of your expense

As an accounting department: 

check the employee's expense

create an invoice

process the payment

Integrated With Timesheet App

This module also uses analytical accounting and is compatible with the invoice on the timesheet module - so you are able to automatically re-invoice your customers' expenses if your work by project. Whether you need expense tracking software for small business or a software with more features for a big multinational, Odoo can meet your needs with this simple, user-friendly, efficient and professional app - the best app on the market!

Strengthen Your Company's Key Assets Plan employees' evaluation and build up the right appraisal. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

Online Performance Appraisal Software Set up periodical employees' evaluation Odoo's app "Appraisal" brings you an open source performance appraisal software that allows you to maintain the motivational process in your company by doing periodical evaluations of your employees' performance. The regular assessment of human resources can bring benefits for your people as well as for your organization. Application that can be easily used by a small business or a multinational.

Build The Right Appraisal

Create the rightful survey to collect your employees answers. Prepare your own template or choose from the examples. Manage several types of evaluations: bottom-up, top-down, selfevaluations and the final evaluation by the manager. Evaluation can be created also by an employee, for example for his/her subordinates, juniors as well as for his/her manager.

Easily Design Your Own Survey Online performance appraisal system allows you to create your own surveys. With our form editor you can quickly add questions, edit pages and draft a useful survey to get the best answers from your employees. You can create sample templates based on your own needs.

Test You Surveys Before Sending Them Out

Odoo's system allows you to test your survey before sending it out to your subordinates, colleagues or other employees. You can show it to your co-manager or a supervisor and ask for comments and reviews before finalising the survey.

Set Up Evaluations Plans The evaluation is done according to a plan in which various surveys can be created. Each survey can be answered by a particular department/level in the employees' hierarchy. The final review and evaluation is done by the manager. An evaluation plan can be assigned to each employee. These plans define the frequency and the way you manage your periodic personal evaluations. You will be able to define steps and attach interview forms to each step.

Right Place At The Right Time

Interview requests are generated automatically by Odoo according to employees' evaluation plans. Each user receives automatic emails and requests to perform a periodical evaluation of their colleagues at a specific moment.

Follow-up and analysis

See the appraisal status: if answered or still waiting for appreciation.

Calendar view

You can send reminders to the respondents and see the planned evaluations through the calendar view.

Export the answers

Every evaluation filled by employees can be viewed in a PDF form or to be printed instantly.

Fleet Management Made Easy Manage your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and assignments without pain. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

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Company Fleet Management Software Odoo's software offers you a possibility to manage all your company vehicles' lifecyle from the first contract with the leasing company to the services associated with the vehicle assigned to an employee. You can manage everything through our user-friendly administrative system - fuel log entries, costs and many other features necessary for the management of your company's vehicles.

Contracts And Administrative Follow-up

Manage all contracts for your vehicles and receive a warning email when a contract reaches its expiration date. Several visual tools are put in place to ensure that you'll remember to renew (or to end) your contract. You won't need any specialized tracking system for company vehicles - with Odoo's smart app, you can keep a close eye on your fleet in a few simple clicks.

Track Your Company Cars You can simply assign a car to an employee and set the exact vehicle situation overview when delivering. Also, check the vehicle status and odometer values between two assignments and register it to keep track of fleet lifecycle.

Tracking your company vehicles becomes simple and easy thanks to Odoo's app!

Company Vehicle Fleet Management

Manage the key milestones: acquisition, maintenance, redelivery,... Easily add vehicles to your fleet and track the whole lifecycle and predict any maintenance or replacement.

Fleet Services Management Organize the services around the vehicle and communicate with the qualified service providers; manage invoices and notes. Set up a vehicle policy within your company, as well as an insurance policy in order to manage your fleet in the most efficient way.

Analysis And Reporting

Show all costs associated with a given vehicle or with a type of service. You can also make comparison/analysis between different types of costs (which vehicles cost the most; which services have been performed on which vehicles; etc) by using the reporting tool. You get really helpful insights about the effective return of each vehicle in order to improve your fleet investments.

Costs Management You can identify and trace the money spent by your company for each of the fleet vehicles. The recurring costs of your contracts (for example, leasing contracts) are automatically created at the beginning of each period (day/week/month/year) depending on the frequency specified in the contracts.

Events Management Made Easy Use Odoo Events to sell tickets online, schedule talks, promote events with awesome pages Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. Start Your Free Trial

Organize Events, Trainings & Webinars Schedule, Promote, Sell, Organize

Online Demo

Odoo's amazing events software allows you to organize, promote and sell events online. Whether you organize meetings, conferences, training or webinars, Odoo gives you all the features you need to manage your events and events' websites.

Create Awesome Event Pages Professional design in a simple and easy way Create beautiful event pages by dragging & droping well designed'Building Blocks'. Choose the best format and publish event photos, speakers, agenda, etc. Odoo's unique 'edit inline' approach makes website creation surprisingly easy. This userfriendly system allows you to make changes instantly, directly on the website. Do you want to introduce a speaker? To change the price of a ticket?

To update a banner? Or to promote new sponsors? Just click and change. It's that simple.

Sell Tickets Online Automate the registration and payment process

Sell registrations to your events with the multi-ticketing feature. Events can be free or for a fee. Attendees can pay online with a credit card or with the invoice, based on your configuration. Boost your sales with early-bird prices, special conditions for members or extra services with multiple tickets.

Clean Google Analytics Integration Control your sales funnel with Google Analytics Get a clear visibility of your sales funnel. Odoo's Google Analytics trackers are configured by default to track all kind of events related to shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc. All Odoo marketing tools and programs (mass mailing, marketing campaigns, etc) are also linked with Google Analytics, so you'll get a full 360° view of your business.

Promote Events Efficiently Mass mailing & social media

Use the segmentation, the social network integration and the mass mailing features to promote your events to the right audience. Setup automated emails for attendees to be sent in need of a last minute details.

Designer-Friendly Themes Designers love to work with Odoo Themes in this app are awesome and easy to design. You don't need to develop anything in order to create new pages, themes or building blocks. We use a clean HTML structure,

a Bootstrap CSS and our modularity allows to distribute your themes easily. There are sample themes and it's easy to create your own template. The "Building blocks" approach allows the website to stay clean after the end-users start creating new contents.

Make Your Events More Visible SEO tools at your fingertips

SEO tools are ready-to-use, with no configuration required. Odoo suggests keywords according to Google most searched terms; Google Analytics tracks your shopping cart events and sitemaps are created automatically. We even do structured content automatically to promote your events and products efficiently in Google.

Leverage Social Media Optimize: from Ads to Conversions Create new landing pages easily with the Odoo's "inline edition" feature. You can send visitors of your different marketing campaigns to event landing pages in order to optimize conversions.

Organize Your Tracks From the talk proposal to the publication

Add a talk proposal form on your event websites to allow visitors to submit talks and speakers. Organize the validation process of every talk, and schedule easily. Odoo's unique frontend and backend integration makes organization and publication extremely simple. Easily design beautiful speakers' biographies and description of the talks and presentations.

Agenda and List of Talks Strong user interface Get a beautiful agenda for each event published automatically on your website. Allow your visitors to easily search and browse through the program and talks; filter by tags, locations or speakers.

Manage Sponsors Sell sponsorship, promote your sponsors

Add sponsors to your events and publish sponsors per level (e.g. bronze, silver, gold) on the bottom of every page of the event. Sell sponsorship packages online through Odoo eCommerce software for a full sales cycle integration.

And Much More... Schedule 

Calendar of Events

Publish related documents

Resources allocation

Automated purchases

Multiple locations and organizers

Mobile Interface

Sell 

Online or offline sales

Automated invoicing

Cancellation policies

Specific prices for members

Dashboards and reporting

Organize 

Advanced Planification

Print Badges

Automate Follow-up Emails


Min/Max capacities

Manage classes and resources

Create group of attendees

Automate satisfaction surveys

Design Awesome Surveys Automate appraisals, satisfaction surveys, marketing campaign, feedback forms, etc. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. Start Your Free Trial

Make Online Survey Forms Fast and reliable Open source; online, no loss of information

Analyse without delay Real time results and charts

Centralise everything Direct insight for your sales

Simple and intuitive User-friendly interface

1. Design and test your survey You need just a few clicks to make online surveys. Simple and clear; no need to make it complicated. With our intuitive interface, you can directly edit what you see with one click.

2. Share and collect data With Odoo's built-in sharing system, you can communicate your surveys easily. No delays and wasted time, you can ensure immediate sending in just a few clicks.

3. Immediately benefit from the results With Odoo, all your results will be automatically synchronized with your database. No separation between your data mining and your company; you can be sure that your sales force will benefits from this.

Create Neat And Professional Design

Odoo's unique "edit inline" and building blocks approach makes survey creation surprisingly easy. You can drag and drop content online, edit any text that you see, following your needs. Did you find a small error in a questionnaire? Do you want to add a new answer or change the text? Just click and change - it's that simple. Modify the design, edit questions, add more text and change the pictures in real time without using any external and complex interface

Share Marketing Surveys Without Delays Thanks to our built-in sharing system, gathering information is not time consuming anymore. Since your database is directly accessible from the survey tool, you can share your polls really fast and immediately get responses. You can react to your marketing needs and provide studies anytime. With Odoo Survey app, you don’t lose time on the process and you can focus on the quality and quantity analysis.

Centralize Your Data And Make It More Valuable

Odoo provides a smooth synchronisation of your database. All information provided from the surveys is automatically assigned to the matching entry in your fully integrated database.

The results will be saved and always reachable for the moment when you need it. No more lost data! Run your statistics, measure response rates and extract the analysis without delay.

Easy to create and edit Try it and understand it in less than 1 minute.

Fully integrated with other apps Use it everywhere in our CRM

Unlimited survey and forms No limit, gather all informations possible

Merged database Why waste time on import/export and matching? Automate it!

Open source Strong community and strong security

The Odoo experience Because you deserve a smooth service at the best price

The #1 Open Source Project Management Agile, social, flexible and real time. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

Manage Your Tasks, The Way You Like It! Odoo's collaborative and real-time project management helps you get the work done. Keep track of everything; from the big picture to the smallest details; from the customer contract to the final billing.

Flexible to fit to your own process Example: E-Learning

Flexible to fit to your own process Example: Research & Development

Designed To Fit Your Own Needs Organize projects around your own processes. Work on tasks and issues using the kanban view; schedule tasks in the gantt chart and control deadlines in the calendar view. This open source software provides you with a variety of tools that can be easily adapted to your own project management system. Create specific stages for each project, so all your teams can optimize their work in a simple and a professional way.

Kanban View

Gantt Charts


Easy To Use

Get organized as fast as you can think. This easy-to-use interface takes no time to learn and every action you do is instantaneous. There's nothing standing between you and your sweet productive flow. Incoming emails are integrated automatically to create new tasks and issues on the fly, allowing you to collaborate easily with customers.

Work Together Chat in real time, share documents, integrate your emails Use the open chatter to communicate with your team or with your customers and share documents and comments on tasks and issues. Integrate all your discussions fast with the email integration. Talk to others users or customers with the live chat feature, which can help you to find quick solutions for any issue with your project.

Collaborative Writing The power of etherpad, inside your tasks

Collaboratively edit the same project proposals, specifications or meeting minutes right inside the application. The incorporated etherpad feature allows several people to work on the same tasks, at the same time. It's a very efficient tool for summing up the meetings, drafting meeting minutes or complex project requirements. Every user has their own color and you can replay the whole creation of the content.

Get Work Done Get alerts on the projects and tasks that you follow in order to stay up to date with all that interests you. Use instant green/red visual indicators to scan through what has been done and what requires your attention.

Timesheets, Contracts & Invoices

Projects are automatically integrated with customer contracts allowing you to prepare an invoice based on time & materials and to record timesheets easily.

Track Issues Support services, helpdesk, bug tracker, etc.

Single out the issues that arise in a project in order to have a better focus on resolving them. Integrate customer interaction on every issue and get accurate reports on the performance of your team.

Build Websites in Minutes Mobile. Open Source. SEO Friendly. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

Edit Anything Inline What you see is what you get. Really! Create beautiful websites in Odoo CMS with no technical knowledge. Odoo's unique 'edit inline' approach makes creating a website surprisingly easy. No more complex backend; just click and change any content anywhere you need. Change the price of a product. Put a title in bold. Come up with a blog subtitle. Do all of these on the go by just clicking and changing. It's that simple.

The best CMS: Awesome. Astonishingly Beautiful. Simple design using clean building blocks

Odoo's building blocks allow you to design modern websites from scratch. It's extremely simple compared to the way other website builders work. Whether it's for products descriptions, blogs or static pages, you don't need to be a professional designer to create clean content when using Odoo. Just drag, drop and customize default building blocks.

No synchronization. Full integration. Enterprise-ready, out-of-the-box Activate ready-to-use enterprise features in just a click; e-commerce, call-to-actions, job announcements, events, customer references, blogs, newsletter registration, etc. Traditional eCommerce and CMS provide little integration with other systems because it's not their core focus. With Odoo's integration, you benefit from the best management software to follow up on your orders, job applicants, leads and much more - all in an instant.

Great Mobile Experience Responsive content on all pages

Get a mobile friendly website thanks to our responsive design. All your pages adapt automatically to the screen size on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. You don't have to worry about if your website works when it's not being accessed from a desktop computer. With Odoo, your website and all the changes you make to it are instantly mobile friendly.

Attract More Visitors SEO tools at your fingertips Odoo's "Promote" tool suggests keywords according to the most searched terms on Google. Search Engine Optimization tools are ready-to-use, with no configuration required. Google Analytics tracks your shopping carts by default. Sitemap and structured content are created automatically for Google indexing.

Multi Language Made Easy Rapid automatic translations

Get your website translated to a professional standard in multiple languages with no effort. Benefit from professional translators to translate all your content automatically with the Gengo integration. When you edit the master page, Odoo makes the same changes in all other languages in just a few hours.

Templates Fully Based on Bootstrap Designers love working with Odoo Odoo templates are easy to design. You don't need to develop anything to create new pages, banners, themes or building blocks. We use a clean HTML structure, a bootstrap CSS. Customize every page on the fly with the integrated template editor. Distribute your work easily as an Odoo module.

Fluid Grid Layout Organize building blocks easily

Design perfect pages by using drag and drop building blocks. Move and scale them to fit into the layout you want.

Building blocks are based on a responsive, mobile friendly fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases.

Professional Themes Change themes in just a click Design a customized theme or go for one of the ready-to-use themes to achieve the look and feel you want for your website. Any changes you want are just a click away. Browse now for themes in our app storeBrowse now for themes in our app store

Write Awesome Blogs Beautiful. SEO Optimized. Open Source. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

Awesome Open Source Blogging Platform Write, design, promote, engage

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Express yourself with the Odoo blogging platform for businesses. Write beautiful blog posts, engage with visitors, translate content and moderate social media platforms. This great tool will efficiently reference your blog posts in Google and translate them into mutiple languages in just a few clicks.

Write Beautiful Blog Posts Attract more leads with a winning content marketing strategy.

Our well-designed 'Building Blocks' with their simple drag and drop system can be used to create beautiful blog posts that perfectly integrate images, videos, call-to-actions, quotes, banners, etc. With our unique 'edit inline' approach, you don't need to be a designer to create awesome, good-looking content for your sites. Each blog post will look like it's been designed by a professional designer.

Automated Translation by Professionals Effortlessly reach audiences all over the world with multi-language posts

Get your blog posts translated in multiple languages with no special software and no effort. Our feature "translation on demand" allows you to benefit from professional translators who will translate all your changes (from as little as $0.05 per word). Translated versions are updated as soon as they've been translated by professionals (around 32 hours).

Interact With Your Visitors Live chat with your visitors in one simple click The integrated "live chat" feature allows you to start chatting in real time with any of your visitors, getting feedback on your recent posts or ideas and tips on how to write new posts. Engaging your visitors is also a great way to convert visitors into customers and generate more sales.

Build Visitor Loyalty Social media integration and making it easier to gain followers

The "follow" button will allow visitors to follow you and to receive your blog posts by email with no effort and no need to register. Social media icons allow visitors to share their favourite blog posts easily in one simple click.

Tweet and Comment

Thanks to our amazing new features, your visitors are able to "tweet" parts of the blog post simply by selecting the sentence they want to share. Commenting on the chosen part of the blog can be also done directly on the website. Interacting with your visitors has never been easier!

Google Analytics Integration Track the impact of each blog post Get a clear picture of your sales funnel. Odoo's Google Analytics trackers automatically keep track of all activities related to shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc. In addition, all Odoo marketing tools (mass mailing, campaigns, etc) are linked to Google Analytics, so you'll get a 360° view of your business.

SEO Optimized Blog Posts Attract new visitors with good referencing SEO tools are ready-to-use, with no configuration required. Odoo suggests keywords for your titles according to the most searched terms on Google. Google Analytics tracks the interests of your visitors and sitemaps are created automatically for Google indexation, etc. We even generate structured content automatically to efficiently promote your product and events through Google.

Designer-Friendly Themes Beautiful design made simple Our themes are awesome and easy to design. You don't need to develop anything to create new pages, themes or building blocks. We use a clean HTML structure, a bootstrap CSS and our modularity allows us to distribute your themes easily.

It's a great feature for writers as well as designers. The building block approach allows the website to stay clean even after new content is created.

Easy Access Rights Adapt your publishing process to your own needs

Not everyone requires the same access to your website. Designers manage the layout of the site, writers create the content and editors approve it. Odoo lets you organize your publishing process according to your needs. Other access rights related to business objects (products, people, events, etc) directly follows Odoo's standard access rights so you won't have to configure them twice.

Odoo Forum Build a vibrant community around outstanding discussion. Start now

FREE • No credit card required • Instant access

What can you do with Odoo Forum? Drive more traffic to your website Discussions are indexed and findable through search engines. Rank for more keywords and improve your SEO with fresh content created by your community everyday. Search engines like Google are always rewarding websites that provide unique and regular content.

Anticipate your customers’ needs Spot and take advantage of the hot topics. Keep track of your customers’ needs and wishes by analysing the hottest, most viewed and most shared topics. The forum is integrated with Google Analytics to help you keep track of likes and shares - even outside of your website.

Build your own documentation library Reuse remarkable answers from your community Turn the best answers into official documentation in just one click with the ‘Promote to documentation’ tool.

Give your visitors the information they need Encourage collaboration and generate insightful discussions Position your website as a reliable source of information and solve your visitors’ problems by providing them the information they need. Make sure everyone benefits from the discussions and answers generated and becomes an expert in your specific field.

Provide outstanding customer satisfaction Improve your product support and reduce your workload Better than a helpline or a FAQ section, a forum will allow your customers to ask questions and find answers directly, without wasting time on the phone or scrolling through questions and answers. It’s the most powerful database you can find. Your employees and your whole community will take part!

Keep your community engaged and your content relevant Use motivational triggers to reward your contributors Grant badges to your members for their questions, answers, shares, likes and votes to reward the most active ones. Set up a moderation system with Karma points to give your most active members access to more functionalities and to reduce spamming messages.

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps Get hundreds of open source apps for free

Email marketing Design efficient emails campaigns. Send, convert and track your success.

Blog Attract more leads with a winning content marketing strategy.

Live Chat Engage directly with your website visitors to attract leads and boost online sales.

Events Create sleek and attractive event pages. Sell online and organize on site.

Done Organize your time with notes and to-do lists. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

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Notes Getting things done with notes

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Organize yourself with efficient to-do lists and notes. From personal tasks to collaborative meeting minutes, you can increase the productivity of your employees by giving them the right tools to prioritize their work, share their ideas and collaborate on documents.

Personal to-do lists that work Create an online to-do list in your desired format. Quickly create to-dos, organize horizontally for the mid-term (today, this week, this month,..) prioritize vertically for the short term and group them by assigning specific colors to specific tasks. The kanban approach gives you a simple visual organization of your to-do lists.

Beat Work Overload Odoo's online to-do list software helps you to stay organized and to keep all your important notes in a structured and accessible system. No more pressure on your memory skills to remember all deadlines and facts and actions that need to be done - use notes to Get Things Done.

Prioritize Efficiently Most people are lost in the flow of urgent daily tasks and have difficulties to work on important, long-term tasks. Notes gives you a simple way to allocate time every day to do important, but less urgent tasks.

Find Motivation to Close Tasks Great feature to improve your project management skills - keep your to-do lists updated, both with short-terrm and long-term tasks and cross out tasks that are done. You can add and remove tasks on the go.

Customize your notes and to-do lists Improve your work flow Smart kanban view of Odoo's Notes allows every user to customize their own steps in order to process their to-do lists and notes. You can choose a template or create your own steps/stages of the process.

Creative Person A creative person will organize notes based on idea's maturity level: 

Draft Ideas

Mature Ideas

Specified To Do

Frequent Traveler An employee travelling a lot can organize their tasks based on the context to perform the task 

U.S. Office

London's Office

To Review during Flights

At Home


Manager can organize high number of tasks based on prioritizations 

To-do Today

This Week

This Month


Personal Notes Private notes that can be shared

Write down your ideas in pads and keep your notes at your fingertips. You can attach related documents and use tags and colors to organize the information. Once your ideas are mature, you can share them with other users, start a discussion and collaborate by improving the specification directly in the pad.

Collaborative Meeting Minutes Real-time sharing and editing of notes "Notes" also offers you a great tool for real-time collaborative minutes taking. Attendees of the meeting are able to contribute to the minutes, attach important documents or discuss the ideas on the related thread. Every pad has a clean and understandable structure - comments of each user are written in a specific colour, so it's easy for everyone to see who wrote which comments/ideas.

Enhance Collaborative Working Real time messaging system. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. Start Your Free Trial

Real Time Online Chat Easy way to communicate with your employees, colleagues and other internal users of your system. Odoo's live messaging software allows users to chat with each other in real time. Find other users easily and chat directly on yours sites. It support several chats in parallel. No need for external programs for live chats or any other apps - everything can be found in this web based real time chat.

See The Availability Of Others

You can check the availability of other users in a simple view with green/red indicative button and start a conversation with any of the users that are currently online. Odoo's real time messaging service is a great tool for business, no matter the size of your company.

Solve Important Issues On The Go Avoid long and complicated email discussions and problematic phone calls - with this amazing feature you can quickly talk to anyone you need and solve the problems in a simple, easy and efficient way. When you write a message to other users, it will automatically pop up in their screen and they will be able to immediately reply to you.

Internal Messaging

Real time web chat is not the only feature of this app. Odoo also offers you an internal mail box, directly integrated in the system. You can easily connect it to any mail service that you're using (Outlook, Gmail,...) and access your emails from anywhere, anytime.

Odoo Inventory Management Save time and money with Odoo's double entry inventory management system. Try now!

No credit card required. Instant Access. Open Source.

50,000+ companies use Odoo to grow their business. Join 2,000,000 users and take your business to the next level. Start Your Free Trial

Warehouse Management System A revolutionary double entry inventory system

Online Demo

Decrease your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete traceability on all operations with the Odoo double entry inventory system.

Double Entry Inventory Management Nothing is lost, everything is moved Based on the double entry system that revolutionized accounting, this open source inventory management software isn't about consumption, loss or missing products; products are just moved from one location to another. Benefits include full traceability (from customer to supplier, not limited to your warehouse), advanced reporting (e.g. inventory valuation on manufacturing counterparts' locations) and a very simple user interface.

Decrease your process time

Odoo prepares all operations for you, according to your own logistic rules: push rules, pull rules, make-to-order, minimum stock rules, etc. Optimize the planning and jobs with the scheduler to reduce your process time.

Automatic Transactions Schedule your picking, packing, receptions and internal moves automatically with Odoo using your own routing rules. Define push and pull rules to organize a warehouse or to manage product moves between several warehouses.

Get Full Traceability

Keep an eye on all your stock by tracing all your past and future inventory transactions. Track in detail all stock moves, not only in your warehouse but wherever else it's taken as well (customers, suppliers or manufacturing locations). Browse through the upstream or downstream traceability flows to get a clear view of what happened to a specific product or shipment.

Reduce Your Stock Level Fine-tune procurement methods according to your needs Reduce your stock while always staying replenished! You can setup minimum stock rules to have automatic procurements, with the right quantities computed to get to the optimum level specified. Get rid of stress and let the system help you with fullfilment propositions.

Fully Integrated with Operations Sales, Purchases and Accounting integration

Make accurate procurements. Odoo WMS is fully integrated with sales and purchases for accurate forecasts. The accounting integration allows real time accounting valuation and deeper reporting on costs and revenues on your inventory operations.

Track Serial Numbers Assign serial numbers at every step of your reception or delivery flow. Odoo handles production lots (batches of identical products) or logistic lots (pallets, boxes, etc) to help you get full upstream or downstream traceability.

Scale Your WMS easily Manage your own internal and external locations, customers, suppliers or manufacturing inventories with the Odoo multi-warehouse management system based on a hierarchical location structure. It's a great feature both for small businesses and for big companies.

Reporting and Dashboards Analyse your warehouse efficiency to improve performance

Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions. Design custom dashboards to find out your warehouse efficiency at a glance. Dig deeper with real-time reports that anyone can create and share.

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