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Out Of Chaos Comes Order: Embrace The Mayhem To Gain Peace With Your Perfect Gir l!

O, THE REASON I COULDN T POST LAST WEEK has something to do with todays content. I n my last weekend of my summer holidays I had an amazing invitation to stay with a friend in Ibiza in Ishuaia towers, the most exclusive hotel on the island. nullr null On the Saturday night there was a terrible mix up and everything went horrifical ly wrong. The story itself is amazing, but I ll save that for my publishing days, which I m working very hard on now. Watch out Tucker Max. The day after the horrific Saturday night we decided to go for a drive to the be ach to get some fresh air and kinda get away from the dramatic scenes back at th e hotel. On the way it started to rain our car skidded of the road and I was hur t pretty badly in a car accident. null In the accident I hit my head badly, went into shock and had concussion later. W hen we crashed my window was open and I sliced up the side of my head and my arm as we scraped along a wall before crashing into a lane divider at 60kmph (35mph ). The worst part Having an open sitive part of and you can t ence. I couldn ecovered.

was though, I bit my tongue on impact and cut right through it. wound on your tongue is incredibly painful because its such a sen the body. It s like having a bared nerve on your tooth. You can t eat talk without suffering incredible pain. It s a truly miserable experi t talk at all. Sadly I had to postpone the Dublin Hotseat while I r

But its all better now, check out the content section below where I talk about w hat I learned from this and what you can bring into your game. Content Sadly I couldn t record a video for you because I couldn t talk for the last 14 days . But I have some incredibly important ideas that changed my game recently, a co mbination of observations that I learned from my holidays.

My summer holiday closely resembled the movie PROMETHEUS. Basically just a lot o f pain a long way from home, and some people perishing. After working six months of exhausting weekend on hotseats all over the world, i n the cold of winter, I generously put aside 2 and half months for me to travel with my good friends to some party islands the kinds of places that are rumored to be 'easy to get laid'. Before thinking about going to party islands I thought about the ideal location for a summer holiday. The place needed to be really cheap so we could drink a lo t, all the time. There needed to be a lot of young Scandinavian girls. And it ne eded to be somewhere we hadn t been before. Ayia Napa in Cyprus and Rhodos in Greece fit the requirements perfectly. The bes t way to summarize these places is the fact that when you buy a vodka soda they give you FOUR FREE SHOTS OF TEQUILLA. The parties aren t like city night clubs, so all the girls are basically wearing rags, no make up and everything abut them i s really messy. The messiness absorbs into the girls behavior, so not the classi er behavior of girls in clubs in regular cities. These are beach party locations, so everywhere you go you have promoters getting in your fucking face trying to sell you shit. After a while that shit drove us fucking nuts, so I commanded to A~ squadron crew to form a rugby union style scr um and ruck over the promoter chodes in the street. We only did it once though b ecause it worked too effectively and they were PISSED. Because it s s more drunk uncalibrated , bitchy and

a so-called 'party town' where its easy to get laid every chode guy get and more desperate so they becomes insanely aggressive - in a very way - at the girls. End result, the girls become insanely defensive evasive.

It was absolutely PICK UP HELL. Like I said, the movie Prometheus. It s every day. Day-in day-out drinking. After about 4 days I was dead to thw worl d and my brain actually started to go into a depression. AND I still had another 20 days there. I got really sick, my body bloated violently from excessive carb s ( there is some kind of medical condidtion that happens when you have too many carbs all at once). Our trip went from holiday status to fight for survival' statu s. None the less, I fought on, fatter than I ve ever been, brain depressed, malnouris hed from a diet of street food, alcohol instead of water and sleep deprived. I h ooked up with some GORGEOUS young British girls and some stunning young Norwegia ns. But I didn t have the heart, health or inspiration to take the interaction all the way to the close. I didn t have those extra sparks of energy that s requited to deal with drama, logistics and tests. To make matters even better, when I arrived on the first island the airlines los t my bags and all my equipment. I don t know how the fuck they managed to do this because I checked my bags airside on a small plane and expected to collect it at baggage reclaim. I wouldn t see my very valuable computer and Hotseat work for 11 days, until after I went to another island. This really stressed me the fuck ou t. It would have meant I d lost the 201x video file and all the new AMAZING hotsea t work we d recorded but hadn't yet had a chance to back-up as it was still so new . To make matters even more infuriating the very first five minutes after check in I went for a swim. I left my shorts by the pool 5 meters away from where I was swimming. I get out five minutes later and they were GONE. PHONE AND WALLET. Cre dit cards, debit cards ID, travel insurance card... fucking everything the cunts

. I was already pissed about the bag and decided to get drunk and enjoy the holi day. Major loss of all important property really put me in a shit shit mood. I couldn t believe just how many things went wrong at the very beginning. It was l ike it was some kind of fucked up prank? No, maybe it s just my luck from travelli ng so much. When you go to a party island you instantly think THIS PLACE OWES ME SOMETHING. I don t know how the fuck a place gets the reputation for being easy to get laid , soun ds like something non-approaching chodes talk about, but a rumor that has no act ual substance in reality. In my experience, in a city or a party island, it stil l takes the same amount of time to get laid, the same amount of process, but on a party island maybe the logistics are better and maybe there's more opportunity . I personally think it s HARDER to get laid in party locations because you screw up your expectations and force the interaction process more, making you more abras ive, less fun and more forced about getting the girl. Also, having more girls ar ound can suck you into the trap of getting attention from A LOT of girls, instea d of doing the time with one girl, establishing trust with her and her friends e nough for them to let you and her hang out in isolation. Now sure there are instances where you can have get lucky instant pulls, but you g otta think of those as luck and not something to look for, otherwise your only g oing to be disappointed and get into an even worse mood than you were to begin w ith. The reason why I m talking about this is because I set up this holiday, and this t ime to make picking up girls the sole focus of my life. Fucking lame. I had money saved to drink, eat and get hotels if I needed to. I even had the fi lm team of six guys ready and waiting. I actually felt so unwell the whole trip I didn t even break out the filming equipment. Everything was focused around getting drunk and going out at night for the first 2 and half weeks. And pretty soon it wasn t fun. I realized that I actually compl etely stopped smiling and laughing. I went into a kind of depression. I withdrew for a little while. Just staying in , not drinking and spending some time on my own. Toward the end of the trip I was like YOU KNOW WHAT: FUCK THIS e more girl. I m fucking sick of this bullshit.

I m not talking to on

For me doing pick up as a job is intense. During the filming of the Hotseat we w ent out 5 nights a week for 6 weeks, staying up late partying and approaching ev erything and CLOSING a lot. After that intense period of gaming it was like my h eart was broken after a relationship and I just wasn t ready to love someone for a while. So, I started to actually DO ACTIVITIES. We hired a car and drove to some ancien t ruins, we started playing sport. We started swimming and surfing and jumping o ff sea platforms and it was awesome. I actually started having fun for me, instead of dedicating my life to pick up a nd girls. INSTANTLY I started to smile. Laugh, get adventurous and generally have fun.

In my stressful life it was critically important that I used this holiday as tim e to relax and de-stress from all the work and travel I d been doing, but I made m yself much much worse. At one stage in the depths of brain depression my mind started thinking suicidal thoughts. My brain kept telling me that I failed and I should just take all the pills in my medical kit. I freaked the fucked out and went straight to my friends. For the first time I d idn t trust myself being alone. All of this just because I dedicated my life to pick-up, NOT MYSELF. Then it occurred to me imagine all the guys out there who quit work, quit school, alienate their family and blow off their friends just to focus on pick up . DON T DO IT. I ve seen so many damaged souls on bootcamp and at free tours who someh ow got the idea of dedicating their lives to pick-up into their heads and soon b ecame soulless. When you dedicate your life to someone else, the girls you're trying to approach , you become like a soulless beggar on the street who can t think for themselves a nd you almost completely lose your sense of empathy. Like I was, you are awful to be around. Fuck you. Learn from this and change. After my trip I went to Las Vegas for summit. 30% body fat I even started wearin g massive baggy shirts because my regular clothes didn t fit anymore. I went throu gh the hellish symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and had night terrors for a week. I only planned to be in Las Vegas for 6 days. My plan was clear and simple, see all my old friends, have some business meetings, deliver a summit speech and nai l a bootcamp. Picking up girls didn t factor into my vegas ecovery experience at a ll. I actually didn t even want to even go to the clubs. So I wore flip flops on my no n bootcamp nights hoping that I wouldn t get in. Somehow I did get in, so I just s tood in the corner with bearded Joe and had a quiet drink of water. Hair not don e, no shower, no intention of spending any money. And just standing their, spending some self time ... YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENDED . Freake n gorgeous woman from Canada approached me and gamed me all the way to the close . I actually though I was too physically unattractive to have sex with a girl. B ut she was athletic and sexy and she urged me to take her home. I was actually c onfused, because I no-longer belived that I am enough . I started to doubt my most hallowed ideal because I felt I left myself down so badly and needed to rebuild. I spent a great night with the girl. I had a night off and went out the following night. Spending time with friends, fucking around, DOING IT FOR ME. Guess what happened? A gorgeous go-go dancer fr om Chicago was introduced to me and stuck to me like glue. I wasn t doing anything special other than prioritizing myself and doing things that are good for me. S pending time with old mates, meeting great new people, coaching summit students. I even took some time out to put Julien in a headlock because I love the little French guy, and this prompted him to post on his facebook that I am one of the best in the game he s ever seen. Nice to see him pay tribute to guys like myself a nd Tyler like that I don't know if the accolade is completely accurate but it's its nice to see his respectful side.

I was doing things for me and everything naturally worked. null Even with RYAN, the other coach from RSD trying to take the go-go dancer away fr om me, AND getting multiple New York City banker suit-cronies to team up and try to take her form me, FAILING so deciding they're just going to fuck up my set, I still prevailed. But don t be upset Ryan, there is no shame in being beating by the best. I will be available for bootcamps in the United States in February next year. I couldn t believe how stark the contrast was. I flew back to Finland and 100% dedicated myself to getting my diet and work out back on track. I committed myself to doing creative activities everyday, instea d of destructive drinking adventures everyday. One night in Finland the guys from the crew went out and bought back girl to the apartment where I was working on the computer. Without having gone out, or even doing anything one of the 19y.o. Finnish girls claimed me and I got laid again. No effort, no drama. And I had a sober and creative night. more support for NOT PUTTING pick up first. Then things kinda swung to the opposite extreme. The last weekend of my holiday I was invited for an all expenses trip to Ibiza at the best hotel on the island. The final events of the summer where horrific. But, following the same principle s of doing things for myself and not putting pick-up first I was on the verge of a 4-SOME with three gorgeous Bristish party girls in the hotel suite. There we were all in the bed fooling around clothes coming off, can't stop touching each other.... BUT THEN, DISASTER STRUCK. Like... life and death disaster struck, and it was on e of the darkest experiences of my life. That s a full story I ll tell another time in full. It s equally the most eventful night of my life. Now I m dieting again when I look at menu s I don t look at the desert section. But I noticed that the dessert section is ONLY about 10% of the menu. It occurred to me, since I ve been back in reality going to the gym, working on wr iting my stories to challenge Tucker Max, girls and pick-up are my last priority and now something for me to enjoy after everything's done. **A busy man will have girls in his life, a man busy about girls will have none. ** Its so awesome haha, I feel so superior being busy with basic stuff. Objectively its seems so retarded, but I have a sping back in my step and everthing is work ing well. Girls are urging me to date them, results in the clubs are great and m ore than one waitress this week has asked for my facebook (gotta love Gothenburg !). And if you see me, I have banned myself from shaving until I ve done at least 4 weeks recovery and I m back in some kinda of decent physical shape. What is the lesson in of all this? Watch every video we post here, read everything we post here, but don t make us yo ur life. Make us your DESERT. The sweet couple of hours mingling with gorgeous s parkly dressed girls on the weekend, the sweet couple of hours starting into gor

geous sexy eyes of an ecotic beauty on a mid week date. If you inundate yourself with desert you will be sick. SERIOUSLY. Guys who make pick-up their life are sick in the head. I know, I just experienced it just rece ntly. You should be so busy working out, net-working, sleeping well to recover, learni ng new things and developing hobbies that you value your time infinitely more th an the girls you re trying to meet. When you're a busy man the girls you approach should feel a little bit distresse d that they are wasting your time. And you should feel like you don t take them as seriously because they are not as busy as you. You'll have a perfect High Value: I AM ENOUGH FRAME. That's how it s supposed to work. The girls just game you. I m excited about my rebuilding phase. Gym, finances fashion and publishing my adv entures. My single goal now is to finish my first story and get it out. I m excite d to say that its not a pick up product, its simply a story about guys going out , chasing girls and crazy shit happening. For anyone out there who was looking for a non-intrusive way to get your friends into RSD hopefully these stories, just like Jeffy s book, will be your way. Videos next week, now that I can talk again! Alex~


It is pretty hard meeting women as is. If you feel you are afraid of being shot down in front of friends and looking the fool, then you need to take a look at what's stopping

you. If you find yourself on your back foot because of your shyness, you must know the window for approaching closes with hesitation. It feels worse if you let her walk away. Women won't make the first move though. H owever, there are no accidents. she might be sitting in the club or near the bar for an specific reason: she wants to be approached. Proximity to you might mean she is looking at club level. She came near you to show you she is available. But it doesn't matter to a shy guy. They find it hard even when the girl is interested in them. They find themselves blocked away by their emotions. 1. Outcome dependence: if you are starting out, you must stop thinking about getting women, phone numbers and dates and focus on getting better with women in general. In other words you must focus primarily on skill building, not on results. That that means to you is you must be able to approach women anywhere, anytime without hesitation. you must focus on reference experiences, not on results for a while. As you become more outgoing, women will become more attracted to you naturally, not through gimmicks. Skills are built on reference experiences, not exclusively on results. 2. Rejection. That bad word. Learn to take nothing personally. This applies to life in general by the way. Women don't reject you personally. She doesn't even know you. Her rejection might have more to do with the way you approached her, her mood, her personal situation than with you personally. Get over yourself. You are not the centre of the world. Not everything is about you. However, you might want to start off by admitting to her your awkwardness by saying, "I know this is awkward but I just wanted to say hi..." and move one with the interaction. Honesty goes a long way in cold approaching. Again, it doesn't guarantee results. Remember she might have her reasons not to talk to you, even when you are doing a near perfect job. You might find your most awkward approaches become the best ones. 3. Cut out face book and other media to meet girls. I know you are shy but you might delaying your skill building by meeting girls in a "rejection safe" way on line. You must bite the bullet and cold approach. you will only be stunting your learning process. Fear builds in avoidance. By not confronting your fears dead on, you only grow them. 4. Don't forfeit interactions because they start off bad. This is your rule of thumb. Most interactions that start out awkward become gold mines if you stick by them. Guys who reinforce the habit of leaving too early, they never get laid. you want to reinforce the habit of committing to an interaction, which means following through. Most interactions won't go anywhere unless you push them. You must push girls out of their comfort zone for them to sleep with you. In other words, it must be uncomfortable for them too. Making a decision to sleep with you it is out of her comfort zone too. you must help her by making that decision for her. Then she will follow you. Remember she must be able to backwards rationalize sleeping with you on her first date by claiming you were "pushy". Shy or not the above applies to all dating enthusiasts. But more to the shy guy who can't find his way to approaching women. --------------------------------

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