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Descripción: Follow the system to the letter and in just half an hour from now you too can enjoy the thrill of not only ...


THE LEVELLER SYSTEM. Please note that all information is provided ‘as is’ and no guarantees are given whatsoever as to the amount of profit you will make if you use this system. Neither the seller of this system, the publisher or any affiliates can be held responsible for any profits or losses from following this information, all betting involves an element of risk and you should never bet with money you cannot afford to lose.

Congratulations on your purchase! You now have in your hands my own personal roulette system which I use to make a $1000 a week from roulette – Quite simply, It works! Follow the system to the letter and in just half an hour from now you too can enjoy the thrill of not only making money from the comfort of your own home – You can be making a LOT of money from the comfort of your own home! Aren’t you tired of high risk systems that don’t work? Want a system that isn’t risky but does pull in the profits day after day, Week after week? Well, you have found it! This system is so easy it’s genius, so simple it’s devious but it really does have devastatingly excellent results if it is followed to the letter I tried many variations of this system in a whole load of casino’s before I came across The Leveller System you have in front of you now. This brand new system really can make you rich, so get comfortable and forget your worries because you are about to exploit an online casino loophole and get some very easy money along the way. As I say I have tried the system in a load of online casinos, I studied their software, I dissected their systems and tried a load of variations before I found the perfect system for the perfect casino. For that reason I only recommend using this superb system at Golden Palace, I can’t guarantee results anywhere else! Click on the link below to be taken to the casino Click Here To Get A $300 Bonus

To start the download just click on the Download Casino button, a window will pop up like this.

So hit run and then choose the language you want the casino to be in.

And click ok

The software will now download onto your computer

Click on install

Accept their agreement.

And you’re in! That was Quick and Easy!

You can now either play for real money or trial the system in fun mode. When you are ready to play for real money you will need to create an account, so log in again and click on Play For Real Money.

Now fill in your name etc and click on next, fill out your full details and you will have your new casino account, easy as that!

Your username will be emailed to you, so you can either print out that email or the screen above but you should print one of them out and keep it in a safe place. Click on continue and the casino foyer will show up

You don’t have any chips to use in the casino yet so click on ok to open up the cashier. Click on credit card and input your card details and register the card.

For this system I highly recommend you deposit $50, if you would like to use less than that then you can but the minimum you can safely use this system with is $30 so no less than $30. Here is basically how it works Amount You Deposit $30 $50 $100

Amount You Have to Play With $90 $150 $300

So you can see that the higher you can manage on your first deposit the better, you will have more to play with so you will win more. Remember you only get this bonus on your first deposit so you should take advantage and get a decent bonus! So $50 is the recommended amount to play this system correctly, $30 is the minimum and $100 is the best amount to deposit.

When your deposit has been accepted close the cashier and you will see the amount you have deposited in the top right hand corner of the casino software.

Now you need to grab your bonus, getting your 200% bonus is really easy, simply write them an email, this is the one I sent, feel free to use it, just change the username to yours.

So send over an email to [email protected] and simply ask for your 200% bonus! They credited my bonus almost immediately but it can take a few minutes so don’t get worried if yours isn’t done instantly, they send you an email when it’s been done so simply look out for that, when you get the email go back to the casino foyer and….

…Free money! A screen will pop up to tell you have now got your free cash! You can also see it in your balance on the top right hand corner. Now you need to get into roulette, so click on Card & Table Games, European Roulette and Single Player.

The roulette game will open up

Right you are now ready to start the system and more importantly - Win loads of lovely cash! With this system you bet on the column sections of the roulette table, so you understand what these bet’s mean I will show you what a column bet is.. Here is a bet on the 1st column You place the chip/s on the little box that has “2 to 1” written on it, you win if the ball lands on any of the highlighted numbers below.

A bet on the 2nd column

And below is a bet on the 3rd column

With this system you will only be betting on the column bets so you don’t need to worry about anything else. With The Leveller System you bet on 2 of the columns on the roulette table at the same time so you are basically covering two thirds of the whole table at any one time, here is an example of betting on two of the columns on a roulette table:

So with this bet you are covering two thirds of the roulette table with one bet, If the ball lands on any of the numbers that are highlighted in light green – You win.

You can of course bet on these two columns, you win if the ball lands on any of the numbers highlighted in light green.

Or these two columns

The above three bets are the ONLY bet’s you use for this system (you will sometimes be betting more than $1 on them though) so make sure you understand these bets. Ok, now you understand the three bet’s that are used for this system. (Which, in technical terms are the three possible variations of betting on two columns at the same time.) Let’s move onto the staking plan… Bet No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Amount to Put on EACH Column $1 $2 If you win go back to bet No. 1 $4 If you win go back to bet No. 1 $8 If you win go back to bet No. 1 $8 After the 4th bet You Start Betting to Level Stakes $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 $8 And so on until you get to the amount of chips you had at bet 1

Here is how the system works: When you start you spin the wheel once without betting and check where the ball lands (If it lands on zero spin again) look at where the ball lands and bet on the 2 columns it DIDN’T land on. As you can see on the picture below, I span the wheel and it landed on 26, you can see that it landed on 26 in the top right hand corner in the picture. Because the ball landed in the middle column I put my bets on the 2 outside columns…

and then hit spin.

The ball lands on number 18 which means I have won.

I now bet again on the 2 columns the ball DIDN’T land on, in this case I bet $1 on each of the two columns nearest to you in the picture below.

As you can see below, I won again

I now bet again on the 2 columns the ball didn’t land on, as you can see below. I then hit the spin button again

And win again!

And again

And Again

So in 2 minutes I have just made $5 profit! You are probably thinking that the problem is at some point you will get a run where the ball lands on one column, right? Well, yes, that happens sometimes but it’s not a problem!

If the ball lands on the same column a second time you just double your bets to $2 on both columns, a $4 bet in total, like the picture below.

If it lands on the same column again just double your bets again to $4 on each column, an $8 bet in total. Even if it lands on the same column another time you just double your bets on each column one more time and bet $8 on each column or $16 in total. The chance of the ball landing in the same column 4 times in a row are 81 to 1 so you only get that happening every so often, and even if it does you have lost nothing as when it comes in you will have your stakes and your winnings back. Now here is the clever part of the system! Unlike some lame systems where you just keep on doubling your bet until you win or are wiped out - With The Leveller System you start betting to level stakes after the 4th bet. This is very important After the 4th bet you keep on betting to level stakes on exactly the same 2 columns you started on until you get to where you would be if you hadn’t had a bad run. So if your balance was on $155 when you get a bad run and the ball lands on one column more than 4 times you keep on betting on exactly

the same 2 columns to level stakes until your balance reaches $155 or more (just over) – Then you go back to the beginning of the system and start betting $1 on each of the 2 columns the ball hasn’t just landed on again. Here is what happened to me, it’s an example of how you deal with a losing streak with The Leveller System, remember after the 4th bet you keep on betting exactly the same amount on exactly the same columns until you get to your original balance or just above your original balance Bet Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Total Stakes $2 $2 $4 $8 $16 $16 $16 $16

Outcome Win Lose Lose Lose Lose Lose Lose Lose

Balance $155 $153 $149 $141 $125 $109 $93 $77

At this point you would be bust with any system where you keep on doubling up until you win, those system’s are risky, but don’t panic… This one isn’t Just keep on betting on the same 2 columns you had that little bad run with and just like getting a bad run at some point does happen, you will get a good run at some point after that, here is what happened. Bet Number 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

Total Stakes $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16 $16

Outcome Win Lose Win Win Lose Win Win Lose Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win

Balance $85 $69 $77 $85 $69 $77 $85 $69 $77 $85 $93 $101 $109 $117 $125 $133 $141 $149 $157

And just like that I’m back to where I started with an extra $2 in my pocket as well! That’s the beauty of The Leveller System! A bad run doesn’t matter because you just keep betting to level stakes until you get a good run.

When your back to your original account balance (what you had just before the bad run) start from the start again and keep betting $1 each on the 2 columns the ball hasn’t landed on each time. With this system, even if you had a bad run right at the very start the ball would have to land on the same column 11 times in a row to wipe out your $50 deposit and $100 bonus. The chances of that happening are over 177,000 to 1, basically it’s not going to happen. The great thing is that the longer you play the system for the more you will be up and the less chance you will have of losing that measly $50 you deposited Here is me about half an hour after I deposited the $50, now with almost $200, that’s $300 an hour including the bonus, and I even had a bad run! Look at the bottom left hand corner of the screen to see my balance.

Below is a picture of me withdrawing $2000 just 2 weeks later, that $2000 is completely tax free and I only worked (if you can call it that, it’s actually quite fun) about 30 hours part time over those 2 weeks!

So $2000 is now on it’s way… Nice! But I wouldn’t try and win that all in one night, for a start it would take too long. I recommend you aim to make $150 a day, which is over $1000 a week, take regular breaks so you can concentrate and don’t play the system for more than 3 hours in any one day. Of course if you do get a bad run you may need to stay playing for a bit longer betting to level stakes until you get back to where you where. You can of course leave your chips in the casino, they are completely safe there and will still be there when you log in next time. Remember the more you have in your account the less chance you have of losing it all, so if you are going to start withdrawing your winnings always leave a decent amount in your account to play with, I always try to leave $300 in there if I want to make $150 profit, of course if you have withdrawn all your winnings you can always deposit some more from your card to start the system off again.

One more thing: Before you do withdraw your winnings don’t forget that you get “comp points” that can be converted into cash at any time, to get these just open up the cashier and click on comp points then click on convert.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a credit card with $50 on it head on over to Get A $300 Bonus To turn it into $150 instantly, and make sure you let me know when you withdraw your first $1000 in winnings!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. What do I do if the ball lands on zero? Treat it as if the ball has landed on the column you are not betting on, either double your bet or keep betting if you are on a bad run. How do you know I won’t deposit and get 11 losing bets in a row straight away and lose my $50? Well it could happen but it is 177,000 times more likely NOT to happen. If you want to play it really safe then deposit $100 on your first deposit so you get a $200 bonus, then you will have $300 to play the system with – You would need a losing run of 22 in a row to get wiped out (more if it doesn’t happen straight away) The chances of getting a losing run of 22 in a row with this system are over 31,000,000,000 to 1, that’s 31 Billion to one! You really don’t have to worry, this is a very safe system! Does this system work with other casinos? I have found it works best with Golden Palace plus they give you an amazing bonus of 300% on your first deposit, I don’t recommend you play it anywhere apart from golden palace, I also recommend you take advantage of their 300% bonus by visiting Clicking Here To Get The $300 Bonus What if I don’t understand the system? It’s always good to read over it a few times to get to grips with it, scroll up to the top now and go over it again step by step, try playing the system in fun mode at the casino (not with real money) to get the hang of it if you are still having problems.


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