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February 21, 2018 | Author: Joseph Jackson | Category: Tugboat, Ships, Shipping, Water Transport, Watercraft
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Structure :



Tug designed for harbour, terminal berthing and escorting duties.

DIMENSIONS: Length: Length waterline: Beam, Moulded: Depth : Draught: Gross Tonnage:

31.95 m 30.25 m 12.60 m 4.82 m 6.15 m 498

VHF - DSC VHF Handheld Navtex SSB - DSC Epirb Search and Rescue Transmitter Intercom system PA/Talkback Loud Hailing System

177 m3 52 m3 30 m3

12.5 knots 80 tons 80 tons 7 knots

  

Two (2) AC-14 type 585 kg anchors 330m/24mm grade U2 Studlink chain Brake Holding force of 34 mt

Capacity :

Synthetic rope 200m/88mm & 20m/60mm Dyneema fore runner on 6 layers.

Performance :

Pull 30mt at 0-15m/min on 1st layer Brake force 230mt (min2.5 x BP)

Control :

Air controlled quick release brakes, stainless steel surface drum brake lining, double brakes per drum. Air controlled friction clutches

MACHINERY: Main Engines: Z- Drives: Propeller: Gensets: Harbour Genset

Sea Radar Autopilot connected to all thrusters via an via interface Satellite compass with repeaters fore and aft Magnetic compass with electronic repeaters Echo sounder Speed Log

Towing winch fore and aft:

PERFORMANCES: Free running speed: Bollard Pull over stern: Bollard Pull over bow: Side stepping:

 


CAPACITIES: Fuel Oil: Ballast Water: Freshwater :

        

3x Caterpillar 3512C, 1765kW ea @1800rpm Control system : 3x Schottel SRP 3000FP D = 2300 mm 2x Caterpillar C6.6-C9,143-153eKw @1500rpm 1x Caterpillar C4,4 36ekW @1500rpm LIFE SAVING & SAFETY:

Remote from the wheelhouse Remote wireless controller. Digital read-outs at the console

ACCOMMODATION Fully climate controlled cabins to accommodate a crew of 6.

Life Raft: Life net Fire Fighting Equipment:

2x Inflatable Life Rafts, 6 persons ea. Cosalt PRD or equal Engine room fixed Co2 Extinguisher Fire Fighting Suites



The ROTORTUG® , type ART80-32 is a modern high performance tug specifically designed for harbour, terminal berthing operations and escorting duties. The patented Rotortug® propulsion configuration consists of three diesel driven azimuthing thrusters of which two units are placed in the fore ship and one unit is placed in the aft ship. Thanks to this propulsion configuration the tug features extremely high manoeuvrability and enables safe towing and pushing over the bow, the stern, sideways and safe escort towing. The special towing mode, called 'Rotoring' is very useful during mooring of large vessels in full pull operations.

Thanks to the three propulsion units the vessel has an unequalled redundancy. If one unit fails, the vessel is able to safely finishing the ship assistance at reduced (60%) power also limiting downtime during maintenance overhauls. Moreover the vessel is equipped with two towing winches, one on the fore deck and one on the aft deck. At failure of the towing line during operation, it is possible to immediately establish a new connection from the second winch. Refer to the Technical Specification for additional accessories.

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