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July 31, 2017 | Author: Waterwind | Category: Consciousness, Mind, Memory, Attention, Thought
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Rosicrucian Order; AMORC 1934...




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in U. S. A. by The Rosierucian

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Concentration \l

c!Jnlroduclion .. It is very generally admitted by thinking men and women of the Western world that the most serious obstacle confronting them in their daily lives is the inability to concentrate the attention and to focalize the inner consciousness easily and at will. The art of concentration is a simple thing to the people of the Oriento It is also a simple process and a very valued asset in the lives of all primitive tribes of people, and was even a highly cultivated asset in the lives of the American Indians who probably brought the art with them in their pilgrimages from Ioreign lands to this Western world continent many centuries ago. To the business man and woman the lack of ability to concentrate properly is truly a serious matter. In many respects the ability to concentra te is much like the ability to relax thoroughly and the two processes are somewhat related. Both of them are absolute necessities to anyone attempting to be successful in life through the use of all of the mental abilities, and the application of all knowledge. Thousands of successful business men and women have frankly admitted in magazine articles, newspaper interviews, personal conversations, and otherwise, that their difficulty in properly concentrating has been one of the greatest problems which they have had to master, and that the effort expended in trying to concentrate very often caused them greater loss in time and energy than any other deterrent factor. On the other hand, many thousands of business men and women [5]

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who have not made a success in life have very definitely stated that the one outstanding cause of their lack of success is their inability to concentra te. There is hardly an hour of the day in the lives of busy men and women when there is not some need for the process of mental concentration. It is not only necessary to concentrate when attempting to memorize certain facts, or to recall memorized facts from the storehouse of memory, but it is necessary to concentra te when analyzing, examining, or digesting any number of facts, or examining in an efficient manner any proposition or subject that arises in the course of human affairs. To answer a given question at any moment of our lives requires immediately the ability to concentrate for a few seconds and thereby focus our entire thinking consciousness upon the question in order to arrive at a proper answer. Whenever one is called upon to decide a disputed point or to arrive at a decision in regard to an unsettled matter, unless the mind can concentrate its attention and its realization upon the subject, no fair and proper consideration can be given to it. In order that one may realize his whereabouts, and associate himself with his environment, plan his activities, and outline his daily work or hís course of procedure, he must be able to concentrate the mind and consciousness easily and properly at a moment's notice. In fact, the ability to concentrate applies to and affects so many of our mental and physical activities Irom hour to hour, and day to day, that it is a governing and controlling factor that makes not only for efficiency and success, but for happiness, contentment, and [6 J








the real enjoyment 01 all that occurs in our waking hours. If our eyes were unable to focalize our sight and we were unable to direct our sight toward a given point and remain fixed for a moment upon that point, we would soon realize how valuable is the ability of concentrating the sight of the eyes. When this inability to focus the eyes properly upon a given point is due to physiological conditions of the eye, we resort to the use of eyeglasses, or special lenses that will force the eyes into the proper focalization and enable us to fix our sight-attention upon any selected point or place. In other words, jf our eyes vacillated and fluctuated in their attention and varied in their fixed attentiveness as greatly as our consciousness and mind fluctuate and vacillate in our attempts to concentrate upon any given thought or idea, we would find ourselves unable to enjoy most of the blessings of IHe, and unable to read or to study or even to go about our daily affairs efficiently. When the inability to concentrate properly reaches a high degree of vacillation and fluctuation, we find that it seriously affects the mental consciousness and leads to mental troubles and even physical troubles of various kinds. There are c!asses of abnormal individuals such as idiots, imbeciles, and those mentally unsound, who are incapable of concentrating their attention or fixing their minds upon a single idea just as there are certain types of mentally unsound persons who are incapable of fixing their eyes steadily on one point. Vacillating, swiftly-moving, unsteady eyes indicate two types of persons: those who are mentally unsound, irrational, and incompetent, or those who have been occupied for a [7



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