Roehr vs Rodriguez Digest

July 15, 2019 | Author: Jowi Su | Category: Child Custody, Judgment (Law), Res Judicata, Divorce, Courts
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An important conflicts of law digest that analyzes the effects of contradicting laws of a foreign national and a citizen...


G.R. No. 142820 June 20, 2003 WOLFGANG O. ROEHR, petitioner, vs. MARA !ARMEN ". RO"RG#E$, HON. J#"GE JO%EFNA G#E&A G#E&ARA'%ALONGA, (resi)in* Ju)*e o+ M-ti R!, /rn 14, respon)ents. Fts (etitioner Wo+*n* Wo+*n* O. Roer,  Ger5n iti6en n) resi)ent o+ Ger5n7, 5rrie) privte respon)ent !r5en Ro)ri*ue6,  Fiipin, on "ee5er 11, 180 in H5ur*, Ger5n7. eir 5rri*e 9s suse:uent7 rti+ie) on Ferur7 14, 181 in 7sn, 7sn, Ne*ros Orient.4 Out o+ teir union 9ere  orn !ro7nne n) Ae;n)r , Roer +ie)  5otion to )is5iss ten  5otion +or reonsi)ertion, ut ot 9ere )enie) 7 te tri ourt. Roer ten +ie)  petition +or ertiorri 9it te !ourt o+ Appes. Ho9ever, te ppete ourt )enie) te petition n) re5n)e) te se to te R!. R!. Men9ie, Wo+*n* Wo+*n* otine)  )eree o+ )ivore +ro5 te !ourt o+ First nstne o+ H5ur*' /n-enese. %i) )eree so provi)es tt te prent usto)7 o+ te i)ren sou) sou ) e veste) to Wo+*n*. Wo+*n* Wo+*n* +ie) noter 5otion to )is5iss +or - o+ Buris)ition s  )ivore )eree ) re)7  een pro5u*te), n) si) 5otion 9s *rnte) 7 te R!. !r5en +ie)  Motion +or (rti Reonsi)ertion, 9it  pr 7er tt te se proee) +or te  purpose o+ )eter5inin* te issues o+ usto)7 o+ i)ren n) te )istriution )istriution o+ te properties et9een er n) Wo+*n*. Wo+*n*. e R! prti7 set si)e its previous or)er +or te purpose o+ t-in* te issues o+  support n) usto)7 o+ teir i)ren. ssue Weter or not respon)ent Bu)*e *rve7 use) er )isretion 9en se ssu5e) n) retine)  Buris)ition over te present se )espite te +t tt petitioner petitioner s re)7 otine)  )ivore )eree +ro5  Ger5n ourt. He) e !ourt rue) in te ++ir5tive. As  *ener rue, )ivore )erees otine) 7 +orei*ners in oter ountries re reo*ni6e in our  Buris)ition. /ut te e* e++ets e++ets tereo+, e.*. on usto)7, re n) support o+ te i)ren, 5ust sti e )eter5ine) 7 our ourts. /e+ore our ourts n *ive te e++et o+ res Bu)it to  +orei*n Bu)*5ent, su s te 9r) o+ usto)7 to Wo+*n* Wo+*n* 7 te Ger5n ourt, it 5ust e so9n tt te prties oppose) to te Bu)*5ent Bu) *5ent ) een *iven 5pe opportunit7 to )o so on *roun)s o9e) un)er Rue 3, %etion =0 o+ te Rues o+ !ourt @no9 Rue 3, %etion 48, 1> Rues o+ !ivi (roe)ure. n te present se, it nnot e si) tt privte respon)ent 9s *iven te opportunit7 to en*e te Bu)*5ent o+ te Ger5n ourt so tt tere is sis +or )erin* tt Bu)*5ent s res Bu)it 9it re*r) to te ri*ts o+ Wo+*n* Wo+*n* to ve prent usto)7 usto) 7 o+ teir t9o i)ren. e proee)in*s in te Ger5n ourt 9ere su55r7. As to 9t 9s te e;tent o+ !r5enCs prtiiption in te proee)in*s in te Ger5n ourt, te reor)s re5in uner. Asent n7 +in)in* tt privte respon)ent is un+it to otin usto)7 o+ te i)ren, te tri ourt 9s orret in settin* te issue +or erin* to )eter5ine te issue o+ prent usto)7, re, support n) e)ution 5in)+u o+ te est interests o+ te i)ren.

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