May 19, 2019 | Author: Joko Delicano | Category: Robot, Tecnologia, Automation, Robotics, Transport
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Types of Robots Robots in different fields...



Name: Delicano, Joko A., Course: BSCOE INDUSTRIAL SECTOR

Robotic laser cutting and Arc Welding Robot is Robot is emerging as an optimal means to cut and trim hotstamped steel, a light weight, high strength material increasingly used in the automotive industry to reduce the overall cost and weight of cars while improving passenger safety and fuel economy.

Bin picking is picking is one application several leaders in the robotics industry have high hopes for in 2013. “I see rapid expansion of threedimensional bin picking, the ability to retrieve randomly arranged products from a bin,” says John Burg,

Instructor: Ms. Marygin Marygin Sarmiento Sarmiento Schedule: TTHS / 7:00  – 8:00pm


WHEELED MOBILE VEHICULAR ROBOT Teleoperation of a wheeled mobile robot when control commands are given by human operator through a master device. Phantom Premium 1.5A from SensAble Technologies, Inc. was used as a master device. We implemented our control ideas to the  Activmedia Pioneer Pioneer 3-DX mobile robot.

MOBILE ROBOT FOR BUILDING INSPECTION The continuous health monitoring of super large buildings is very important for preventing disaster and maintenance. However, most of the health monitoring method of these days are mainly depending on visual inspection method with the naked eye, and restricted to the areas where inspectors can access. Also it has many additional problems since lots of dangerous works have been mostly done by human.

 ATI’s goals at Automate Au tomate are similar, says Little. “ATI will go to Automate to see and learn what other companies are doing and to look at endusers’ interests.” ATI’s exhibit will demonstrate force sensor technology and wash-down resistant tool changers for delta robots in food-handling & packaging applications, applications, says Little.

WIRELESS VISION SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE Nowadays, vehicle navigation systems are widely used. Vision information can be helpful to avoid the accident on the road in difficult and dangerous traffic.


ROBOTIC BROOM The Mint Plus isn't a vacuum cleaner. It's a robotic broom. But it's also the smallest and quietest of the trio —and has a very interesting navigation concept behind the scenes. So let's give it a fair shot.


INSTRUMENT PLAYING ROBOTS Robots are being used in just about any setting imaginable to entertain people. In restaurants they are used, providing a unique, inexpensive way to amuse people while they wait to be seated or enjoy their meal as they can play specified musical instruments. They can also provide information about menu specials, or make that birthday or anniversary celebration a really special and memorable occasion.


FLOOR CLEANING MAID ROBOT The Roomba's IR-sweeping navigation system gives it great pathfinding abilities—allowing it to give each room a thorough sucking before moving on, always sliding along walls and corners with grace. But the 770's collision detection (and avoidance) is at the top of the heap.

These robots, simulates the way a person talks and answer different questions and Trivias. It answers simple questions like How are you? And many more.



Honda has officially begun testing it's "Stride Management  Assist," a battery-powered device worn on the legs designed to help stroke survivors walk.

The robot is simply the illusion of being a ro bot. Movements of the robot are normally  started and finished with a dimestop (a very abrupt stop), to give the impression of motors starting and stopping, but poppers have also been known to do the robot with a pop to the beat.

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