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May 19, 2019 | Author: OliverQueen773s | Category: Robot, Tecnologia, Futurology, Science And Technology, Automation
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These are some of the possible projects that you can do in robotics. Most of these projects are based on IEEE papers. Al...


Ultimate Project Ideas for Robotics - 2010 1. A robot robot system system for for fire fire fightin fighting g in tunnels tunnels (IEEE (IEEE 2005) 2. SMS based based autom automati aticc to heele heelerr loc!ing loc!ing syste system m ". #he de$elo%me de$elo%ment nt of intell intelligent igent home home securit security y robot robot (IEEE (IEEE 2005) 2005) &. 'S base based d $ehicle $ehicle root root trac!i trac!ing ng syste system m 5. esign esign and de$elo%ment de$elo%ment of $oice $oice * #ele #ele o%erated o%erated intelligent intelligent mobile mobile robot robot (IEEE (IEEE 1++,) -. Automa Automatic tic Steeri Steering ng ont ontrol rol robot robot ,. An intellige intelligent nt mobile mobile robot na$igatio na$igation n techni/ue techni/ue using I I #echnology #echnology (IEEE (IEEE 200) . abr abric icat atio ion n of 'S 'S ob obot ot +. 'SM mobile mobile %hone %hone based based automobi automobile le security security system system (IEEE (IEEE 2000) 2000) 10. Automatic Automatic alcohol alcohol sensing robot robot 11. Artificial Intelligent based Solar 3ehicle 12. obot for military military a%%licatio a%%lication n 1". 'SM based automatic automatic $ehicle accident information system 1&. Material Material imensions imensions Analy4ing Analy4ing obot 15. #hree ais ais modern modern trailer  trailer  1-. SMS controlled controlled $ideo analy4ing analy4ing robot 1,. 6 based based %ic! and %lace %lace obot 1. ire ighting ighting obot obot 1+. Automatic Automatic car o$erta!ing o$erta!ing system system 20. ath findin finding g obot obot 21. ully Automated Automated #rac! 'uided 3ehicle 3ehicle (A#'3) 22. Automatic Automatic 7all rinting rinting obot 2". Industrial Industrial tem%eratur tem%eraturee analy4ing obot 2&. SMS controlled controlled solar solar $ehicle $ehicle 25. obot controlled controlled 3acuum 3acuum leaner  2-. Automatic fire fighting $isitor $isitor guided $ehicle $ehicle 2,. obot 8and (Model) (Model) 2. SMS controlled controlled %ic! %ic! and %lace robot

2+. emote controlled bomb detecting robot "0. Automatic Arc 9elding obot "1. abrication of om%uter Interfaced obot "2. Automatic sensor based all %ainting obot "". emote o%erated ea%ons robot "&. Automatic %ic! and %lace %aint s%raying robot "5. Automatic $ehicle accident %lace finding system by using 'S technology "-. Automatic 3isitor 'uided obot ",. Sensor :%erated Automatic unching robot ". Aero %lane ontrolling System (lying Model) "+. emote ontrolled 3ideo Analy4ing obot &0. Mini obot ar for industrial a%%lication &1. emote controlled air craft (lying Model) &2. Mini obot S%ray ainting System &". emote controlled material handling robot &&. ic! and lace ;um%ing robot ith remote control &5. 3ideo analy4ing remote controlled $acuum cleaning robot &-. Automatic Scra% collecting obot &,. SMS controlled mo$ing robot &. 6 based %ic! and %lace obot &+. ell %hone controlled Solar 3ehicle 50. Man less defense 51. obot mani%ulator  52. emote controlled %aint s%raying obot 5". Mini obot ar  5&.  material handling robot ,&. Automatic %aint s%raying on$eyer :%erated obot 8and Model ,5. Automated 'uided 3ehicle (A'3) ,-. ic! and lace obot ith emote ontrol ,,. 9ire ontrolled ic! and lace Mo$ing obot ,. 3oice ontrolled obot ,+. Intelligent obot 0. #ele%hone :%erated obot 1. om%uter Interfaced Stationery obot 2. neumatic our Ais Material 8andling obot ". 3isitor guided ith material handling obot &. Automatic railay trac! crac! detecting 3ehicle 5. igital loc!ing system (assord) for mo$ing robot -. ?naided 'uided 3ehicle(?'3)

,. Sand ollecting 3ehicle . Automatic ire Sensing and fighting obot +. #he de$elo%ment of intelligent home security robot (IEEE 2005) +0. 3ideo analy4ing remote controlled $acuum cleaning robot +1. SMS 7ased automatic $ehicle accident information system +2. Automatic Scra% collecting obot +". A robot system for fire fighting in tunnels (IEEE 2005) +&. emote controlled material handling e/ui%ment +5. SMS controlled mo$ing robot +-. 'S based $ehicle root trac!ing system +,. esign and de$elo%ment of $oice * #ele o%erated intelligent mobile robot (IEEE 1++,) +. ell %hone controlled Solar 3ehicle ++. abrication of road cur$e finding robot 100.

abrication of mindless defense


Industrial tem%erature analy4ing obot

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