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August 14, 2018 | Author: Mike John Dela Cruz | Category: Pharmacy, Medical Prescription, Pharmaceutical Drug, Medical Treatments, Public Health
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Antolin, Mary Joy C. Castro, Sharrah Maye M.

Dela Cruz, Mike John O. Dimaano, Mariel Kimberly

Risk Management Plan I.

Introu!tion A. Internal "n#ironment "n#ironment EAC Pharmacy is a private retail drugstore which seeks to deliver  quality and affordable medicine to the public with the main purpose of  improving the health of the Filipino people. Our mission is to provide the right medicine to the right people with the right dose and strength at the right time with the right route and giving the right informations. e envision ourselves as a nationally recogni!ed retail drugstore dedicated to the pursuit of good service for the advancement and welfare of human life. EAC Pharmacy is located at "uilding #$ # th Floor Emilio Aguinaldo College% &&&'$&&&# (an )arcelino (t% Ermita% )anila% Philippines with the license number . Organizational Organizational Chart Chief Pharmacist

Senior Pharmacist

 Junior Pharmacist Pharmacist

 Junior Pharmacist Pharmacist

Risk Management $eam

Contact Information:

%. Risk Management A&&roa!h

C. Risk Management Ob'e!ti#es (eneral Ob'e!ti#e) Ensure the safety% efficacy% and quality of drug products they engage with in order to protect public health. S&e!i*i! Ob'e!ti#es

S&e!i*i! &. *o stop or prevent

Parti!ular *o stop or prevent the

KRA  ,o counterfeit drugs

KPI -p to date list of

the procurement of

 procurement of

 both imported and

recorded and

counterfeit drugs.

imported+ local

local products will


counterfeit drug

enter the drug store.

counterfeit drugs from

/. *o prevent or stop

 products. Compliance to 0ood

 ,o counterfeit drug

the FA.  ,o complaints or

dispensing counterfeit

ispensing Practices.

 products dispensed to

reports about


counterfeit medicine.


D. Data +o!k Point

October 2016

February 2017

June 2017

October 2017


Risk Ienti*i!ation *he 1)P team evaluated that the following risk are factors that may affect the accomplishment of our general ob2ective in no  particular order3 •

)edication Errors 4 5ncludes human error% personal error  and other factors affecting the dispensing of the

medication. ispensing with no Prescription 4 Applicable for   prescription drugs. Counterfeit rugs







contaminated or contain the wrong or no active •

ingredient.  ,oise and istraction 4 includes environmental barriers

that can lead to misunderstanding 6ocation 4 refers to the place in which the drugstore is

located and if it is accessible or not. Availability of Pharmacist and staff 4 5ncludes shifting and scheduling of the attending pharmacist in the

dispensing area. 1ecording of Adverse rug 1eactions 4 5ncludes

reporting of A1 from the patients. (anitation 4 5ncludes cleanliness% orderliness


organi!ed place for dispensing medication.

Prioritizing the Risk  Rate


Risk RPh  RPh - RPh  RPh / )edication Errors / & / / .01 ispensing with no Prescription / / & / .01 Counter*eit Drugs       ,oise and istraction & / & / .1 6ocation & & ' / .01 .-1 Availability of Pharmacist 7 (taff & / & & 1ecording of A1 / / ' & (anitation & / & & .-1 $able 1. %ase on the e#aluation, 2e agree that the !ounter*eit rug has the highest risk that may greatly a**e!t the general ob'e!ti#e.

 ,ote3 1e evaluation888


Risk Minimization Pre&aration o* a!tion &lan an Im&lementation A. Routine Risk Minimization

P+A3 Procurement of products

"4&e!te Out!ome ,o counterfeit drug product should

0athering of list of counterfeit enter the pharmacy

drug products from the FA 1ecording and documentation of  suspected or identified counterfeit

• •

drug products in the pharmacy Evaluation of product ouble checking

ispensing of products  ,o counterfeit drug 1e$checking of ordered medicine • dispensed to the patient in list if presumed to be counterfeit


drug. •

%. %ene*it risk assessment P+A3



Procurement of drug product

Ensure that there will be

 ,eeds of careful

evaluation *ime consuming  ,eeds of up to

no counterfeit drug will enter the pharmacy.




counterfeited ispensing




dispensed to the patient

• •

drugs *ime consuming 5nconvenience to the patient.

 The individual identifying the risk will immediately notify the project managers. The individual notied will assess the risk situation. If 


re!uired" the project managers will identify a mitigating strategy" and assign resources as necessary. The project risk manager will document the risk factor and the mitigating strategy.

3ote 6 aitional risk &lan777777 Justi*i!ation *or all risk ienti*ie

I8. Risk Communi!ation *he establishment will conduct a monthly meeting to evaluate and assess the risk management plan and provide a printed copy of the plan to inform or remind the members and to do an emergency meeting if there is a risk that needs an immediate action.

9. Risk Monitoring an Management "#aluation s :Periodic monitoring of identified risks :Criteria where evaluation is needed :hen 1)P revision is required

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