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Ring and Rope Routine Eric Decamps Routine Phase 1) Chanin's “Link On” - With Decamps original handling. “Impossible Visual Link” Phase 2) Anverdie Release found in Philip Willmarth "The Ring & Rope Book Vol. 1" Phase 3) Flip (Holland) “Misdirection Throw On” Phase 4) Hindu Rope Release (Very old move and no originating source can be found.) Finale) George Blake's "Toss On" Move

Ring & Rope Information Names 1.) Ring and String 2.) Ring and Rope 3.) Jardine Ellis Ring Effects There are many ways to represent the ring for the routine. The rings and the sizes may vary in many ways. For example one may use finger rings, brass rings, Chinese linking rings, beer mug handles, old heavy keys with large handles, Chinese coins, and even scissors. The rope can vary as well. The rope can be a rope, a tie, a leather neck lace, a ribbon, a silk scarf, a shoelace and sometimes a thin jeweler gold or silver chain. One of the issues that I see with this effect is that it may come across to the audience as merely a puzzle. The ring is on the rope and then off the rope. It’s repetitive and the audience can get bored. To help eliminate the image of a puzzle make the props and patter meaningful. Make sure to logically match the ring you choose with the type of rope, string or etc. you use and make it natural that these two objects come casually together. For example a large key may be kept on ribbon hanging on the wall, or a mug may be hanging in a bar with a piece of rope. Troy Hooser’s Charming Chinese Challenge is a perfect example if your patter falls in line with the Chinese keeping their money on a ribbon on their waist side.

Sources Absolon, Karel: Street Magic. Lecture 23 pages includes Ring and Rope routines. Allen, Bruce: How Magic Works by David Williamson p 16 Hope On A Rope Andrews, Carl: The Strolling Magician: Includes: How to get into the business, How to introduce yourself, What material to perform, What to wear, How long to stay with a group, How much to charge. Effects (Performance only): Linking Rubber Bands, Ring on Rubber Band, Ring Flite, 2 Card Location, Card to Wallet, Short Hop, and Teach a Trick. Annemann, Theo: The Jinx Summer Extra © 1937 by Theo Annemann (this issue of Jinx appeared between the June and the July issue of 1937) p 220 The spirit bracelet: this is Theo Annemann’s smart take on the effect where both wrists of a spectator are tied up by a length of rope with a ring hanging on to it. Not just the usual trick; p 465 Pretty Bauble Minoe This is one of those seemingly impromptu effects which can, in the hands of a capable performer, rival the famed and classical ring on the wand trick which has been in the repertoire of the world's best known sleight-of-hand artists. The performer shows a knotted loop of cord or narrow silk ribbon upon which a finger ring is already strung. A spectator unties the knots and removes the ring. Then he re-ties the ends of the cord or ribbon but without the ring which

he hands to the performer. The spectator holds the knotted ends of the cord and almost instantly the ring is caused to pass back upon the cord. Everything is left with the spectator. The cord or ribbon is from 2 to 3 yards in length. Secure two fingers rings, exactly alike, which have a stone setting and which fit loosely over your third finger. String both of these on the cord and tie knots to form a loop. When the cord is displayed with a ring hanging on it the other ring is being worn on the third finger of the right hand with the stone turned inside towards palm. The fingers are kept curled. You hold the loop before you in both hands with the knots uppermost and the loop downward with ring hanging on it. The cord passes through the ring worn on the right hand, which, from back of hand appears slain and attracts no attention. The knots are untied and the spectator removes the ring from the left (your left) end of the cord. You take it in your left fingers and ask him to re-tie the knots. Now there are several ways a performer may finish the effect. It can be done without covering by slipping out of the ring you are wearing and putting in its place the one given you, of course, with the stone turned inside hand. It is a bold move but the length of the loop plus the misdirection of the spectator tying the knots sakes it possible. The alternative is to have someone throw a handkerchief or napkin over the hands for the operation. The effect is exceptionally good for night club table work because it requires so little preparation and no “refills” or bulky apparatus. (Note by Annemann: Why not have a long loop and while spectator holds re-knotted ends put the loop over your head, turn your back, get the ring on and then turn around?) Avis, Jack: Vis A Vis © 1998 by Richard Kaufman. Houdini Ring Bagshawe, Edward. Novel Mysteries Part Three. Original Pocket Effects p 112 Threading the disk. The trick is probably an ancestor of the Jardine Ellis ring routine as it is a dark hexagonally cut piece of cardboard showing boxed zodiacal signs in a circle around its face and back. The hexagon has a fairly large hole cut into its center. The effect is achieved thanks to a partial shell which is placed over the bottom of the hexagon. When a ribbon is placed over the disk, adding the shell makes it look like the ribbon has been threaded through the central hole. Dr Maxxam used a similar principle for his (now forgotten) linking ring routine. Interesting and original, the routine can include additional effects with moves invented later. Balzerac, Frank. World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians: The secret of Ring On Rope DVD The Puzzle Barnowsky, Larry: Kingdom of the Red. Wedding Ring Redux and Comedy Rope and Ring (Ch. 3) Comedy Rope and Ring: This routine combines some great ring and rope work with a logical and funny script. The props include the rope, 3 inch ring, blindfold, bell, and handcuffs. There are some well-known moves and some original ones. The handcuff finale is outstanding. The routine is done initially solo and then you work with two spectators until the end. The moves are explained very clearly in the book but he shows them with different angles on the DVD. Excellent: a professional routine. Bauer, Ron: Private Studies Series #8: The Cursed Ring. Approach to the Ring off Wand classic that doesn't require a wand. Twice, the performer's ring suddenly vanishes, and then reappears on his finger. Bennet, Horace: On Your Feet p 13: Ellis Ring a New Beginning (reprinted in Close Up Files by Jerry Mentzer p 27); Improved Simplified Ring on Wand, and p. 25 My Jardine Ellis Ring Routine (reprinted in Close Up Files by Jerry Mentzer p 30), a routine which had appeared originally in a shorter and slightly different version in Jay Marshall’s New Phoenix (Sept 1955) and in Genii (Nov 1964). The props size make the routine perfectly adapted to the Dinh Van (famous jeweler) golden ring necklace (have your girlfriend carrying your props is cool). Bey, Mohammed [Samuel Leo Horowitz]: Jardine Ellis Ring Routines

Blaisdell, Dr. Frank: Just Ropes, Rings and Ropes, Rope Escapes. Preparation of the ropes, 14 Ring and Rope Effects, 3 chairs escapes. & More of Magic (Magic Ltd.). Cups and Balls routine, Wandering Silks, Gone, Sexy Dollars, Wooden Egg, Cut and Restored String, Yo Yo Penetration, Ring on Rope, Solid Through Solid, Through Windows, Tactile Sense, Spirit Box, A Hunch, Snap-It, False Cut, Eight Kings, Red Your Mind, Perplexing, Three Rope Interchanges. Blake, George: Master Magic. 1974 by Hades Publication, includes ring and rope. Blay, Mark: Ring Scape Marketed Item © 2009 by Mark Magick Blay, a routine made of elements borrowed for a large part from Jay Scott Berry’s routine. Bordenave Richard: La fausse libération. Notes de conférence 1999 [Lecture Notes 1999] Shoot: Alcatraz trick: An original and very deceptive move. Bossi, Vani: Pabular p.381 Vani Bossi with two coins with hole and a string. Brooks, Robert L.: Apocalypse Vol 3 No 10 Oct 1980 p. 399. Ring Through Rope: borrowed ring from rope, one method. Cervon, Bruce: Hard-boiled mysteries. 192 pages. 52 effects including lots of cards as well as Ring Again! ring off rope routine. Chazpro: Gemini Ring: A variation of the Jardine Ellis Ring. Machined from black plastic, and designed so you can flip the ring without revealing the secret. Plastic makes for nearly silent, scratch free use. Effects include Ellis Ring standards like Ring off Rope and Ring Off Wand, plus Chuck Leach's multi-phase routine Get Loopy. Clifton: Earl Nelson’s Art of Close Up and in French Revue Arcane The Clifton move or « Clifton Steal » is the most frequently used by French magicians to vanish a finger ring on a string. It is easy to perform and remains one of the best sleight for this effect. Close, Mike: Workers 2. Ring Shoelace & Workers the video. 100 minutes. Dr. Strangetrick; The ring and shoelace routine. Colombini, Aldo: Ringing Around Too! Five phase routine: A knot appears on the rope; loop penetration; almost visible melt-through; ring is placed onto a rope which has a knot tied in it; Suddenly the ring appears tied inside the knot! The ring is removed leaving the knot on the rope! World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians: The secret of Ring On Rope DVD. & Impact 1991 Hades Publications. 145 pages, Spiral bound. Collier, L. C.: Big Ring on String © 2003 by Lybrary.com A parlor sized ring with a stage sized routine. This is a compact ring and string routine which uses some of the most visual moves one can do with these props. Collins, Stanley: Deceptive Conceptions In Magic p 42 The Tale Of Till: threaded coins with an extremely original approach; p 49 Bovine Bunkum. The old effect where a coin with a hole attached to a string retains the other similarly bored ones to fall from a lopped string BUT the lower coin is not attached but threaded in the loop making the feat seemingly impossible. Very smart and forgotten. Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic Of Aldo Colombini. 180 pages: 60 effects including Ringing Around.

& Riging Around Too DVD When Aldo says that he has improved the effect by taking things off and adding things, we can believe him. This routine is much achieved Copperfield, David: Copperfield Little shoe © 2002 by David Copperfield. This is a nifty version of ring flight where the ring is actually tied or appears to be tied to the lace of a mini Jordan basket shoe that he brings out from his back pocket, not on the ear on the shoe lace: we can see the lace around the ring and he is even holding the ring dangling the little shoe in air Courcy, Ken de: Gen Vol 15 # 1 May 1959 p 27 Ringappear: A ring appears in the center of a rope and the audience doesn’t know from where Cowl, Roy: The Magic Wand Vol XXXI N° 197 Mch May 1943 p 14 Wedding Ring And Ribbon: A finger ring off ribbon routine. Craven, Tom: Crowd pleasers. Video. A ring on string routine including Rick Johnson’s Quicksilver effect. Cyro: Gen Vol 15 # 2 June 1959 p 47 The Ceebee ring off string. A ring in a simple knot with the ends of the rope through a jacket is made free (duplicate in the jacket breast pocket and tied ring slid off the knot and dropped in inner pocket as the rope, after revealing the free ring, is pulled out of the sleeves with the knot still in the middle) Davenport, Gus: My Best Close Up Trick by Harry Baron. Lyndon Books (1954 circa). Ring on string, which was at the time the last word in cheek effect Daytona Magic: Ring & String: This is a quality-machined product made from polished aluminum. Because of the straight sides of the ring it is almost self-working. Comes complete with illustrated instructions DeCamps, Eric: The Magic Classics (re-release of Lou Tannen’s Stars of Magic video tapes). Features Classic Ring and String Routine. & Apocalypse Vol 4 No 8 Aug 1981 p 525 Impossible Visual Link: 4" ring or bracelet and cord or string DeSouza, Marc: DeSouza’s Deceptions, The Magic of Marc DeSouza by David Acer, 142 pages. Quad Ringle Plus. A borrowed finger ring frees itself repeatedly from a length of rope, at times unexpectedly, at times visibly, then finally, it vanishes, only to appear inside a card case that was resting on the table from the outset. Award Winning Close-Up Magic. Quad-Ringle Plus: The same multiphase routine. For the Climax the ring vanishes and appears inside a card case (rattle box), which has been in full view from the start (this Peter Kane idea could be adapted to a jeweler box with a lead rattling device under the silk or velvet part). Dobson, Wayne: Dobson’s Choice. Includes Ring Flash 2 where a borrowed ring melts into a chain and then the ring appears on the chain in a flash of fire. Dusheck, Steve: Coin and cord (Close Up Cavalcade Finale p 110) Can be performed with ring instead of coin. Uses a duplicate ring with a large slit and is performed with the rope tied up. Very interesting. The opposite logical approach to Tommy Wonder’s routine Dyszel, Mitch: Apocalypse Vol 4 No 3 March 1981 p 464 Easy Ring Off Rope: finger ring off rope or cord. Eggink, Peter: "EXIT" Marketed item. The performer borrows a key from a spectator and has it magically and visually disappear from his hands, only to be found CLIPPED onto a clasp on a lace, which

is tied around the performer’s neck! It’s even KNOTTED right above it! The key is released from the lace and is given back the spectator! Yes, it’s the borrowed key, and it’s THAT direct! You can show both hands completely EMPTY before and after the vanish of the key. No duplicates. No switches. No sleight of hand required. Can also be done with a borrowed finger ring. http://www.magicmgmt.com/newmagicshop/featuredmagic.html Eldridge, David. David Eldridge’s ring and rope routine DVD. This is a KILLER routine from David Eldridge and Brad Burt has just finished the conversion to DVD. A 5-inch plastic ring, a length of quality rope, and a DVD with one of the most magical and deceptive conjuring routines ever. This is a multiphase routine with VISUAL penetrations that puts spectators‘ jaws on the floor. Dave has been trying and testing this for nearly 10 years. The routine is IDEAL for ALL performing situations. Can it be done closeup? YES! Can it be done in parlour situations? YES! Can it be done on stage? YES! Can it be done surrounded? YES! Is there audience participation? Yes! This is simply a "Yes!" routine! This is the proverbial "Packs Flat, Plays BIG" routine. This is a terrific routine. Fedko, John: Fedko School of Magic Video Series 6 Rope Magic. Includes a Ring and Rope. Fields Sean: Northbound DVD. Sean Fields demonstrates and explains his ring to necklace routine. A borrowed finger ring vanishes and reappears on the necklace that the performer has been wearing all along. Produced by S/F Productions. Original release: February 2006. Running time: Approximately 44 minutes. Fleshman, Dan: The Commercial Magic of Dan Fleshman Volume 1. Sonata for Ring and String. Uses ring and shoelace. Fleshman, Dan: Excellence of Dan Fleshman. Features Double Sandwich, Switchbox, Sandbox, Back and Forth Sandwich, Momma In My Wallet, Seing Double Switchbox, Transwitchposition, Miracle with a Signed Card, Triple Snap Change, Color Changing Deck, Coins to Glass, Coins to Purse, Bottomless Purse, Clean Up Spellbound move, Bottle Caps Across, Silver Flinger, Jokers Wild, Ring and String, A Shot for You, Cups and Balls with the Fleshman Flash. Flip: World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians: The secret of Ring On Rope DVD. The Wishing Well A borrowed ring vanishes and reappears threaded at the bottom of a string placed in an envelope Revue Arcane. Fraps, Thomas, et.al.: The Book, or Don't Forget To Point by Richard Kaufman. Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 1. Illustrated by Dennis Patten, Hardcover, 401 pages. With a foreward by Fred Lowe. p 34 Bangle Dangle: Presents ring and rope or silk routines; p 34 Bangle Delight (Frederica and Rink): A ring becomes threaded on a rope and is subsequently magically removed. Uses a 36" length of rope and a bracelet sized ring; p 39 The Travelling Ring (Raymond Hafler): Ring jumps from knot to knot on a rope. Same props as above; p 42 Ring Transposition (Glen Gravett): A red ring on a yellow ribbon and a yellow ring on a red ribbon switch places under a handkerchief. Uses bracelet sized rings, 38-42" ribbons, and a handkerchief; p 47 Two Rings and a Silk (Glen Gravett): A yellow and red ring are tied on a silk. The ring selected by a spectator is instantly removed. Uses just two bracelet sized rings and a silk; p 50 Ring, Rope, & Silks (Ravelle and Andree): Silks are tied to a rope and ring. The center of the rope is dropped into a hat, and the ring is dropped in. The ring is pulled out, and is linked to the rope; p 369 Chapter 15: Jardine Ellis Rediscovered; p 369 Jardine Ellis Routine (Horace Bennett): Solid ring threads on and off a shoelace. Makes clever use of a finger ring for a surprising finish; p 374 Ken DeCourcy's Sheer Simplicity: Method for removing Ellis ring from a rope; p 375 Cylinder, Ring, and Cord (John Howe): Ring passes through a cord to appear under cylinder, then passes onto a wand.

Two balls then appear from the cylinder. Inspired by J.G. Thompson Jr.'s routine in Top Secrets in Magic; p 385 Rope, Handkerchief and Ring Mystery (Ken DeCourcy): Handkerchief is tied to a silk rope and handed to spectator. A ring is vanished, and appears under the handkerchief; p 388 Tong's Trick (Horace Bennett): Ring appears on the center of a ribbon in two mysterious ways. Uses the Jardine Ellis Ring set in a different manner than usual; p 397 Ring Appear (Ken DeCourcy): Ring appears instantly on the center of a rope (again no gimmick required); p 400 Ringing the Change (J.B. Findlay): Ring vanishes and appears threaded on a napkin Garcia Frank: Observez, regardez, écoutez. (Observe, look and listen) Revue Arcane. 1986. and The Close Up Magic Vol II. After one or two classic effects, Peter Kane’s climax allows to find the vanished finger ring into the card case. An original click pass acts as a convincer. Garrett, Dan: CloseUp Connivery DVD. Faustus Ring. Two classic Ray Grismer unlinking (one with a presentation tip), then Dan’s smart way of linking the ring back in full view (allowing the already threaded ring to fall from the other hand). Consistent and casual. Notes de conférence Eurotour (Lecture Notes). The routine includes an excellent rethreading of the ring by the hanging lace in the opposite closed fist. A variant would be to retrieve the ring in woman’s well assorted rack. Gertner, Paul: Steel And Silver Video - Volume Two (video) Ring On Hourglass (Opening). Steel and Silver. 20 coin routines, 16 card routines, and the Steel Cups and Balls (uses steel balls), triple giant die production, ring on the hourglass (Familiar Ring?) Gloviczki, Peter: Lecture Notes 1985: The Magic of Peter Gloviczki. p 18 Variation on Anverdi's Ring and Rope Routine; Ring Off the Rope--Ring threaded onto rope, knot tied around ring, ring removed from rope. Govan, Barry: Barry Govan's Ring Link: Borrowed finger ring on rubber band. 16pg manuscript. Gravatt, Glenn: More Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt (Magic Ltd.). Mentalism, coins, silks, ropes, ring and rope, cards, canes, dice, etc. Grippenwaldt, David: Fraternal Ring - Grippenwaldt and Wilson moves. Very good video. Grant, Ulysses Frederick: 45 Tricks © U. F. Grant, Nu Ring Off String Guha, Goutam: Tricks with the Jardine Ellis ring © 1997 by Sam Dalal, India. Grismer, Ray: Genii Magazine © May 1971 Ring is a routine for finger ring and lace & Close Up Cavalcade p18 also with finger rings & Loopy Marketed Item & Thru Video. One of the first moves with a finger ring and a shoe lace & RRRR (Ray’s Ring on Rope Routines) VHS the technique is great but Ray’s video was a good cure against insomnia Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's A Magic Lecture! Includes Great Scott's Symphony for Ring and String & My Best To You Vol 3 © 2009 by Scott Guinn, p 14 Jellis is a small act combining ring on string and ring on stick sequence with a C&Bs type of effect; p 26 Rings Off Rings On; p 31 Strung Out: p 46 (Stand Up) Rings Off Rings On Again. Hermalin: Workable Wizardry. This is the effect where holed coins are threaded and retained by the lower coin which prevents them from falling. The effect, achieved the same way, is still presented (with a ring instead of coins) by Eric De Camps in his ring on string routine

Hollingworth, Scott: 14K Gold Ring and String: 4" Gold Ring repeatedly penetrates a red shoelace, even after the ring is removed from the shoestring. When the shoestring is knotted, the ring jumps magically back on the shoestring. Comes complete with high quality 14K Gold plated ring, Shoestring and photo instructions. Scott Hollingsworth Howie, John: Routines with the Jardine Ellis ring © 1955 by Magic Wand Publishing Co Hyans, Bob: Apocalypse Vol 3 No 7 July 1980 p.365: Ring A Ding. Finger ring off rope. Inzani. Remo: Ring on wand. The Gen Vol 13 Number 4 p 10 A magician explains. Remo Inzani was Eddie Joseph’s (very gifted) pupil. Ireland, Laurie L.: Ireland writes a book © 1931 by Ireland Magic Co, Contents include Ring the Ribbon. James, Stewart: The Jinx issue #69 © Dec 2, 1939: Sefalaljia is a close-up one man spirit cabinet routine developed by Stewart James: the name comes from the way the word Cephalalgia (medical term for a big headache) is pronounced but the "C" was changed to "S" and the "G" to "J" (Stewart James initials). This small spirit cabinet includes Ring On The Tape: In each end of the box is a hole. In the center of the hinged lid is a screw-hook on the under side. A length of white cotton tape is folded in half and another spectator places a safety-pin through the tape about an inch from the doubled end. The tape is now threaded through the box with the ends protruding out of the holes. Someone in the audience lends a finger ring and it is hung onto the hook inside the box which is turned with curtain side away from audience. A volunteer grasps one end of the tape and draws it from the box. The borrowed ring is now threaded on the middle of the place by the pin. The ring, still on the tape, is returned to the owner and the volunteer allowed to examine the cabinet & Annemann's Practical Mental Magic & Stewart James in Print - The First 50 Years p 187 Sefalaljia & The Essential Stewart James Sefalaljia Johnson Products Jardine Ellis Ring Marketed Item gimmicked ring allows ring off rope, ring off wand effects. Johnson, Roy: Supa Rings Video Uses 3 bangle bracelets and two cords. 45minutes. Includes Roy Johnson's version of Anverdi's Rope Through Borrowed Finger Ring & Third Dimension © 1977 by Goodliffe Publication p 32: Ring ‘N Rope. As always with Roy the routine is the one of a worker Jordan, Charles T.: Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks © 1920 by Charles T. Jordan, Penngrove, CA p 5 A New Ring Release Kam, Kurtis: Kurtis Kam's Deceptions in Paradise Video. Finger Ring and Rope routine. Kaps, Fred: Magic Circle lecture audio tape. Ring Through Silk; Ring Off String. Kreis: Magic Hexagonal Ellis Ring This is an improved Ellis ring. Cross sectional shape is hexagonal. So Magician can show both side of ring. This ring has many possibilities. Comes complete with 2 hexagonal ellis rings (one gimmicked), rope and an illustrated instruction sheet that includes web links for additional performance and explanation video clips. www.MJMMagic.com Johnson, Rick: Close Up Cavalcade p 34. Quicksilver. The ring is made to rise and penetrate the rope. Kaplan, George G.: Ellis Ring on the thumb. The fine art of magic 1948 . Kaps, Fred: Kaps on Coins. 11pg. 12 routines: Edward Victor's Spellbound, Okito Box Routine, Coins

Across, Silver & China Transposition, Hooked Coin Routine, Coin Thru Hand, Coin Vanish Under Card, Ring Off String, Coin Thru Handkerchief, Twin Coin Production from Card, Coins Thru Table, and Another Coin Vanish under card. Lacerda, Pedro: La bague sur la cravate. (the ring on the tie) Notes de conférence Eurotour (Eurotour Lecture notes by the well known Portuguese Magician). Wonderful in Pedro’s hands, but not such an easy effect to perform. Laconte, Jim: Apocalypse Vol 3 No 12 © Dec 1980 p 429 Escape!: Large ring or bracelet off rope presentation. Lefler, Mark: Apocalypse Vol 7 No 7 © July 1984 Challenge for two. a different approach with a borrowed ring and a small gold chain. *** Leveridge, Mark: Master Routine No.4 © 1986 by Mark Leveridge, The Ring Competition is ideal for cabaret as well as close up. A ring and cord routine with audience participation. 2 booklets (one for the text and one to follow with the photographs) & Master Routine No.6 © 1987 by Mark Leveridge, Ring and String Routine. This is Mark Leveridge's award winning routine using a borrowed finger ring and a shoe lace. Natural moves create a strong visual effect. Booklets only & Mark Leveridge Master Routines Master Routine #4 DVD The Ring Competition. Ring on rope using a length of rope and a 5" chrome ring plus some amusing audience participation & Mark Leveridge Master Routines - Volume 2 Video: Master Routine #6 - The Ring and String Routine. Four strong ring on/off moves using a finger ring, which can be borrowed, and an examinable shoe lace. No duplicate rings used. & World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians: The secret of Ring On Rope DVD Mark Leveridge Magic 2 booklets with chrome ring and cord Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 1-5. Includes several ring and rope, ring and string routines including: Sol Stone: Strung Coin; Jon Brunelle Strung Too, Bill Wisch Chain(R)ing; McGivern (Ring)Knot Really; Robert Brooks Ring Through Rope and Ring Strip; Warren Stephens Bnagle Dangle; Eric DeCamps Impossible Visual Link, Mitch Dyszel Easy Ring off Rope, Oscar Weigle and Sol Stone Off Again, and Jack Mitzman One Handed GH Release. & The Magic Book. A sound description of this impromptu trick, freeing a ring under the cover of a handkerchief. Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10. Includes several ring and rope, ring and string routines including: Peter Samelson Ring True, Tony Miler In-De-Pendant, Tom Craven New/Easy Ring Load, Mark Lefler Challenge for Two, Jack Mitzman Ring on Rope, Fred Baumann Steal Ring, Mark Sicher Through the Rope, Dr. Rajneesh Madhok The Uncanny Penetration, Eric DeCamps Snap Finger Ring Link, Gary Ouellet Boomerang (from Homing Ring). McAllister, Bob: Ringo. 3" metal ring is threaded onto a shoelace. The ring is swung, and then plucked right off the ring. Virtually self-working. Comes with ring, very special shoelace and the full routine. McDonald, Dr Dan: Close Up Cavalcade © 1973 by Jerry Mentzer p 11 Madhok, Dr. Rajneesh: Apocalypse Vol 10 # 5 © by Harry Lorayne p 1350 The Uncanny Penetrating Finger Ring. MagicSmith Full Circle: Combo of Professor's Nightmare, visual rope moves, and solid ring effects. With rope, ring, and video. Marcus. Triple: libération d’une bague (Triple freeing of a finger ring) Revue Arcane n° 10 December

1977. Ray Grismer and Scott York technical explanation. Good bibliography for the time with numerous references. Marini, Vinny: The Godfather. The Ring on the Flying Trapeze Marlo, Edward: Marlo without cards video Radio Prim. Marotta, Rich: Rich Marotta’s Comedy Magic 3 Volume DVD Set. Vol 2 includes Ring & rope & Poor Man’s Ring Flight ». Notes de conférence Eurotour (Eurotour Lecture Notes). A borrowed ring penetrates a rope in different ways. For the climax the vanised ring ends up on a finger in a box (the magician’s middle finger:Gag). The old gag where the bottom of the box has a hole allowing the finger to pass through it. Marshall, Jay: Jinking Rings © by Magic Inc., Here's a taste- Sample effect: Spectator sees two solid rings. A ring is threaded on a rope, spectator holds both ends, and performer removes ring under a handkerchief. Both rings are put on a pencil, spectator holds end of pencil, performer takes off one ring under cover of a handkerchief. Spectator's wedding ring is threaded on a rope, rope tied into a loop with Jinking Rings at each end for spectator to hold. Performer removes the wedding ring, with spectator holding everything securely tied. For a finish the rings are joined together. Instruction book contains over a dozen tricks to blend into routines, plus Marlo's Subtle Special. You almost surely have an Ellis Ring among your props, now here's how to get the most out of it. Martinez, Daryl. World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians: The secret of Ring On Rope DVD & Fooler Doolers DVD #3 & Greater Magic Video Library #7 - Daryl DVD Mentzer, Jerry: Magic With Finger Rings. A collection of effects with borrowed finger rings. Over 25 effects. Miller, Bob: Relentless Ring & String Routine video and book. Multi-phase routine includes four methods to put a ring on the string, the Fisher Ring in Knot Production (ring appears in a previously tied knot), four methods to release a ring, 2 tricks with a shoelace, 2 with just a ring, and more. Includes illustrated book. Millidge, Bertram: Unconventional Magic by Lewis Ganson. New move with the Jardine Ellis Ring magic. Also two splendid penetration effects using an ordinary ring and ribbon or silk. Mitzman, Jack: Apocalype Vol 4 No 10 © Oct 1981 p 545 One Handed GH Release: release of large ring from rope (2-3" ring or bracelet) Nelson, Earl: Variations ©1978 1st Edition by Earl Nelson, Mark Wilson Publications; Revised (Second) Edition 1979, p 18 Section Three - Finger Rings Two now classic 'moves' with rings. If you've seen anyone do a finger ring and cord routine you've almost certainly seen both of them; p 19 Clifton's Ring Move: The ring is threaded on a cord, held in the hand and the cord is wrapped around the closed fist that holds the ring. In spite of this condition the ring appears on the fourth finger of the other hand; p 20 Earl's Ring Move: A very fair threading and display sequence. Nyquist, Charles W: Jinx p 471: Sefalaljia & Phoenix. p 89 Sefalaljia Jr & My Best by J. G. Thompson Jr. 1945. Sefalaljia III the same without safety pin or handkerchief Ouellet, Gary: Masters of Magic Series # 6. The Homing Ring. Ring-off-rope routine done with a borrowed ring and an ungimmicked rope. 28 pages. & Boomering. Apocalypse Vol 10 # 8 p 1387. Page, Patrick. Pat Page's Secret Seminars Of Magic 6 Volumes DVD Set. Pat Page's Rope Magic is covered

in Vol 4 Patrick Page Rope Magic Video Includes Rope & Ring Routine with Ring On Rope Move, Ring Off Rope Move, Rope Through Ring. Porper, Joe: Wedding Band Ellis Ring Marketed Item © 2009 One of the true classics in the world of magic is the Jardine Ellis Ring. The basic concept is a metal harness ring with a fitted shell. Joe Porper has taken the principle of the Ellis Ring and made a precision version using a man's wedding band. Available in Gold or Silver plate, each ring comes with complete instructions for several routines unique to this size ring. Many of the existing Ellis Ring effects are possible with this set. Little has been published recently, but one of the classic publications is John Howie’s fine book, Jardine Ellis Ring Magic. Copyright for this book belongs to Martin Breese, who has allowed Joe to re-write and publish material from that book . Available in Gold or Silver plate, please specify color at time of order Prunty, Gordon: The Gen Vol 25 N°12 p 334 The Ropes and Rings Reymond, Patrick & Sanders, Richard: Interlace © 2006 by Camirand Academy of Magic inc. Canada A borrowed finger ring vanishes to reappear on the tied shoelace on a shoe. Not for stiff back magicians. Richardson Barrie: Theatre Of the Mind © 1999 by Barrie Richardson, Hermetic Press, p 139 A String And Two Borrowed Rings Rink [J. Van Rinkhuyzen]: Rink's Magic From Holland © by Hugh Miller, Magic Wand Publication, features Ring from Ropes (large ring) and Stringing the Ring (finger ring) & Rink's Rope and Rings. Harry Stanley, London, n.d. 32 p. Rosenthal, Harvey: Melt Thru. Booklet. Ryan, Jim: Sensational Stunners One Booklet Samelson Peter: Apocalypse Vol 6 No 3 © March 83 p 749 Ring True involves a borrowed finger ring off string and offers a beautiful sleight. The ring is seen threaded on the lace up to the last moment & Apotecari Magic Magazine. French translation by Armand Porcell in the magazine Sanders, Richard: Fiber Optics Extended DVD. Rope 7 routines 32 hyper visual rope moves plus Hyper Ring the visually impossible ring and rope routine & Interlace Marketed Item DVD + Gimmick. Borrow any finger ring from any spectator, wave a lighter under it and it's gone! The spectator looks down at your shoe and now, hanging from the loop of your shoelace is their borrowed ring! The ring is untied and slowly pulled off of the lace and given back to the spectator...no switches, no duplicate rings, no pulls or reels, and totally Angle Proof. Sankey, Jay: SankeyTized 1 VHS. Flying Shuttle Pass/Production; Sterling Silver impromptu ring on stick routine using borrowed ring and spoon; Back in Time in-the-hands triumph; Hop Spread Flourish; Top Card & Rubber Rise; Bound to Fool; Collect Me Not....Again; Leaving Home; Floater; Illogical Shuffle; Wichita Slip. Schneider Al: The Al Schneider Technique Vol 2 DVD: Off. A repeat effect in Rene Lavand style (but not with as nice a patter) where a signet ring keeps getting off a rope but a dramatic lack of climax after such a perfection. Scott-Berry, Jay: European Stars of Magic © 1989 (circa) by Georges Proust. The routine with its very spectacular climax of catching a spinning ring with the hanging center of the rope & Ring and ribbon

Sheridan, Jeff: Original Magic. Instantaneous Ring on Ribbon Shoesmith, Tim: Fountains and Acorns for big people © 2006 by Lybrary.com includes a ring on string routine Sicher, Mark: Apocalypse Vol 10 # 5 May 1987 p 1348 Through the rope: a finger ring jumps on a rope Skinner, Michael: Skinner's Classic Teach-In Volume 3, The Ring on Stick. Two commercial routines. Slocombe, Rex: Hugard’s Annual 1938-1939 © 1939 by Jean Hugard p 88 Shoelace That Stretches to Twice its Length: this was used as an interlude by Rex Slocombe for his ring on the string: the shoe lace is simply doubled into itself initially. Solari, Bob: Ring Rapture: Man's gold tone black onyx ring is touched to a gold-tone necklace and visibly melts onto the necklace. All can be examined. Neither the ring nor the necklace are gimmicked. The only way to remove the ring is to manually unclasp the necklace & Solari: Live In Your Living Room 2 DVD Set Rapture: visibly melt a gold ring onto a gold necklace right in front of the spectators eyes. Stephens, Warren: Apocalypse Vol 4 No 1 © Jan 1981 p 441 Bangle Dangle: ring or bracelet on ribbon is cut off, but ribbon is whole (Clippo) Lee, Hank: Swing A Ring Marketed Item © by Hank Lee Two rings are fairly threaded on a shoelace. One of the rings is magically removed, leaving the other swinging from the lace. Give the lace a little swing, and the solid metal ring visually penetrates the lace and falls to the table, and more. The rings and shoelace may be examined. Comes with metal ungimmicked rings, lace and easy-to-follow instructions. Tabary, Francis: Greater Magic Video Library Magic from France © 1991 Ring Master - moves of Francis Tabary: Rope magic. Taytelbaum, Eddie: The Gen Vol 13 Number 6 © October 1957 p 167 Everyting is borrowed Taylor, Franklin: The Fine Art of Magic by George Kaplan The Jardine Ellis ring on thumb. Tremain, John: John Tremain: Volume Three - Encores. Includes: Ring on Rope: Finger ring and rope; odds Advice on Close-Up Act, Close-Up Set Up and Tremain Prop Box. Trixer, Hans E.: Conjuring Trix and Jardine Ellis Ring Effects © 1955 by Magic Wand Publishing Co, Several effects using a Jardine Ellis ring Tyler, Diamond Jim: Pockets Full of Miracles: Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician. Finger Ring and String: A borrowed ring is made to vanish and reappear again repeatedly. Vallarino, Jean Pierre: Notes de conférence 1992 [© 1992 Lecture Notes]. La corde et la bague [The Rope And The Ring]. Very pure freeing of a finger ring threaded on a rope. The cord and the ring & CloseUp Man Lecture ‘93’. An impossible penetration of a finger ring through a piece of rope Vergilio, Ron: Offring © 1976 manuscript: A borrowed ring with length of rope. A spectator threads the ring onto the rope himself. He places the ring on the performer‘s open palm. The performer closes his hand and turns it over. You ask the to take the end of the rope, one end in each hand (You do not hand the ends tot he spectators). Spectators stretch the ropes out and the performer places the ring in his other

hand which then places the performer‘s hand under the rope. The performer slides his hand back and forth a few inches while pulling down slightly. He then releases the rope and slowly open his hand. The ring is off the rope and in his palm. Viking Manufacturing Company: Jardine Ellis Ring Marketed Item In Brass and as from 2009 a 24 carat gold plated version allows presenting the ring as a necklace centre piece. Wessel, Willi: Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine. Ring Routine: Seven effects, 3-5 minute routine. Ring seems to melt through the rope. 12 page booklet, and video. Taught by Joachim Solberg. Comes with specially-made 4" chrome plated steel ring, soft white cotton rope; booklet & Close up ring and rope routine. (video ****) Willmarth, Phil: The Ring and rope A very thorough work with a large ring and a rope Wilson, R. Paul: The One True Ring This is Paul’s professional Ring-on-Wand routine using a Jardine Ellis Ring. A solid ring passes visibly onto a solid wand then pops right off before their eyes. The audience actually sees the wand pass straight through the unbroken ring. Finally the Ring penetrates the wand in their hands. Looks like real magic and everything can be examined at the end. Includes a special bonus effect with the ring. Suitable for close-up, parlour and walk around. Wilson, Greg: Ringleader Video. 6 phase ring and string routine. Familiar ring - The classic moves that started it all by such notables as Ray Grismer, Scotty York, Earl Nelson, Jay Scott Berry, Dan Garrett, and others. Gregory Wilson’s Ring leader. DVD. Very entertaining with a finger ring and a lace or ribbon Wish, Bill: Apocalypse Vol 2 No 10 Oct 1979 p 257. Chain(R)ing.: finger ring magically threaded on a small chain. Wonder, Tommy: The Books of Wonder Vol II © 1996 Hermetic Press p 161 Colors Three And Through

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