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July 21, 2017 | Author: Анна Блохина | Category: Astrology, Id, Human, Emotions, Self-Improvement
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This is a powerful and complex tool for seeing, at a fundamental level, a blueprint of who we are as a consciousness in form. Richard Beaumont takes us on a tour of some of the possibilities revealed in this system, which is introduced in this issue’s free CD-ROM


ost readers will be familiar with astrology, and probably have some knowledge of the 12 astrological sun signs. We have now taken on board many of its ideas, for example, that Capricorns are hard working career-based people who mature later in life, or that Taureans have a natural ability to gravitate to what is comfortable for them, or that Leos are proud beings who like to be the centre of attention. For those of you with a deeper knowledge of your own astrological chart you’ll know the specifics relating to which planets you have in which astrological house and therefore know those propensities you exhibit as a result of those planetary positions. It is taken for granted in astrological analysis that the day and time of your birth must be known in order to access this information. Certainly, those readers who have experimented with the free astrological software attached to last issue’s cover will have used such data to get computer generated readings on themselves and their friends and family and will see how accurate such astrological analysis can be. But what if I told you that the very same data could reveal to you the unique genetic blueprint of who you are! A map, if you will, that can describe not only your unique personality traits, as in astrology, but also the specific underlying motivations that are unconscious in you, and yet affect the way you lead your life. The tenets of The Human Design system are based in genetics and there is a direct correlation between the I Ching and the codons in genetics. As a synthesis of The I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Tarot and genetics the Human Design system is a complete system in and of itself that transcends the scope of any one of these bodies of knowledge.

Above: The generic Human Design wheel – showing the I Ching hexagrams, the gates, the astrological houses, the centres, and the channels – all of which provide the keys to a unique map that accurately describes each one of us, as we each have our own unique differentiation of this complete blueprint. On the face of it, it seems to be a great arrogance to state that a Human Design analysis can tell you ‘who you are’. So let me be clear from the outset, Human Design is about our fundamental mechanics, the ‘programming’ we receive from the planets (through a neutrino imprint – neutrinos have mass, as they pass through our bodies, and those of our mother, they imprint us with a unique and specific pattern), through our incarnation in this material realm. The specific content of our life’s experience, our own deep interiority and spiritual and psychological level of awareness, cannot be known – that is an intensely private affair, to do with our own personal development, and the degree to which we have taken responsibility for our life. But in a rigorous investigation of thousands of charts over many years, I can confirm that the mechanics of who we are, as described in the Human Design system, without fail, provide an accurate container for the content of our lives. It describes the direction of our lives, the kind of people and experiences we are drawn to, indeed, even the way we speak! I am not drawn to outrageous claims. I have seen countless systems through the seventeen and half years of being editor-in-chief of Kindred Spirit, (not to mention more than a decade of

investigation and experimentation I undertook before doing the magazine), and I have developed a cautious, even sceptical, initial approach to new information. So many systems are incomplete and ultimately, inaccurate or superficial. And yet, my investigation of the Human Design system has led me to a depth of understanding that can only be described as something akin to the revelations seen by those who saw beneath The Matrix in the film of the same name. To see myself, the world, and its inhabitants march relentlessly to a program they are unaware of, is humbling, and even a little scary. When I first realized that it really was true – at more than an intellectual level – I was shocked. The effect has been a compassionate acceptance of who I am, as seen through this system, and all those I come in contact with. In this short article I shall attempt to give you some idea of the insights available through understanding this system.

The Basic Mechanics of Human Design Simply put – we are all unique. The specific mechanics of that uniqueness can be seen by a study of your Human Design chart. How? Through type, definition, profile, and line. All these terms are described below, and each of them has numerous ‘keynotes’ – phrases or words that can be accurately applied to them. kindredspirit 9

The Centres head



Just as there are four blood types and four basic codons in genetics, so there are four basic types of human being: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. This is the first level of differentiation and is of greatest importance to everyone. Knowing which type you are leads you to a basic strategy for making the decisions that are correct for you in this life. Previous articles and information on the websites referred to, as well as the CD, will be a good source for you on this most basic and important information.

throat g


root sacrel solar plexus spleen heart /ego

Head – (Pressure Centre) fuel of inspiration Ajna – (Awareness Centre) The Mind, mental conceptualizing and source of anxiety - great for research, but bad as an authority over ones own life direction. Throat – (Centre of Manifestation) Metamorphic centre of action and talking. G Centre – Direction, Love, and a sense of self identity come from here. Heart / Ego / WIll – (Motor) – Source of sustained will and ego power. Sacral – (Motor) The centre of life force, sexuality and fertility. Full of sounds. Root (Pressure Centre and Motor) – the source of adrenalin and stress. Spleen – Intuition, instinct and fear. Feel good factor. Solar Plexus (Awareness centre and Motor) – All three emotional waves come from here back again– feelings, emotions and sensitivity. 10 kindredspirit

The vast majority of us will have various centres (the squares, triangles and geometric shapes) in our chart linked by a channel. A channel is where two gates (or hexagrams from the I Ching) are joined together. Each gate represents a hexagram and is accented by a line of that hexagram. See figure. 1 – here the 29-46 channel is present. This is the Channel of Discovery. It is a red channel in this example – in other words anyone who has this red in their chart has it as part of their unconscious programming and will not be able to consciously access this part of themselves. figure. 1 If it is black in your chart, then you will be aware of the keynote tendencies in your life as described. The 29th gate is about saying ‘yes’ almost automatically, as a knee-jerk reaction – people with this gate have the power to commit themselves to a process without the need to know where it will take them. It is about saying ‘yes’ to a whole new cycle. Part of their journey in life is to learn how to distinguish between what is worth committing to and what is not. They run the danger of overcommitting their energies. Gate 46 is the gate of determination or pushing upward. Known also as the gate of serendipity – of being in the right place at the right time. Of course, we live in a binary, yin-yang world, so occasionally someone with this in their chart can also be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But generally it is regarded as being a gate of good fortune. It is about respecting the rightness of every experience, even the unpleasant ones. Gate 46 also has the keynote of

love of the body and sensuality. If you have either of these gates in your chart (red or black) they are potentialities that can be activated by others who come in contact with you who have the other gate. If you have them both, and therefore have the whole channel, the gates become alive in you and give birth to a life force that transcends the particular attributes of each gate, becoming the Channel of Discovery. These people have a tendency to lose themselves in their experiences and only discover what their experiences are really about after the experience is over. If they are only half-committed to their experience and pull out before the experience is over, they will learn nothing. If they stay the course they can discover new things and as a result can succeed where others fail.

Profiles and Lines Just as in astrology where we have 12 sun signs, so in the Human Design system there are 12 basic characters delineated by the following numbers: 1.3; 1.4; 2.4; 2.5; 3.5; 3.6; 4.1; 4.6; 5.1; 5.2; 6.2 and 6.3. These are called profiles. Comprising just six numbers, each number has a whole range of keynote attributes: the first number represents the personality of the person’s character and the second, the underlying motivation of the person. Each number relates to a particular line in a hexagram (which has six lines). Here’s a short list of keynotes for the numbers: 1st Line – Investigators – Anyone with a first line in their profile is basically insecure and will find themselves building a secure foundation of knowledge based upon their own investigations through research and/or experience. As leaders their very insecurity can lead to authoritarian tendencies. They are a wealth of knowledge in their chosen field and they jump from one deep foundation to another. 2nd Line – Hermits – These are inherently self-motivated people. You cannot get them to do what they don’t want to do, and if you force them they will not do it well. They basically want to be left alone to do whatever it is they want to do. Some refer to them as lazy, but you’ll be amazed at how they can dedicate themselves to their chosen subject. They are naturals at what

they do and will share their gifts only if ‘called out’ by others who see in them the gifts that they themselves can be unaware of. They are initially shy, but underneath they are missionaries. Once you call them out, be prepared to hear all about it, whether it is spirituality, cars, sport, love of animals or whatever. They have a particular gift with children as they carry an essential innocence within them and are often seen to be eternally young. 3rd Line – Martyrs – They learn by trial and error, and continually make mistakes. Learning by experience, they can learn from their mistakes. Most of all they learn what doesn’t work, but they also can discover things that are rarely known. Be forgiving with these people and they’ll save you a lot of time by telling you what to avoid. Naturally pessimistic, they can also be great sources of humour in the telling of their tales of experience. They have the tendency to make and break bonds with others and learn by ‘bumping into’ people and things. 4th line – Opportunists – These people are always looking for an opportunity to externalize what they learnt from their childhood. Opportunities come to them only from friends or acquaintances. They are inherently fixed in their nature and will break rather than bend. This very fixedness means they can be incredibly influential and are great networkers. They operate on a brotherhood-sisterhood basis and are often as friendly or as mean as only a sibling can be. They can be friends for life. 5th Lines – Heretics – Everything is about reputation for these beings. They can affect the lives of strangers and always there will be those that will love them and those that will hate them. They are here to universalize to others and can have a large impact on a large number of people. They have a projection field around them always and have to bear the burden of expectations (and projections) from others who see in them that they have the potentiality to fulfil their expectations. When they don’t, they can be ‘burned at the stake’ from the disappointment. They are naturally paranoid as a result. Another key word for them is practical – as long as they keep their sharing to what is practical, they will have a largely good reputation. 6th Lines – Role Models – They have three stages in their life – up to their Saturn Return (28-29 years old roughly) they learn by trial and error and live an intense life, usually full of mistakes. Up to their Chiron return (28-9 to 50-51 years old) they move to an aloof state, living their life almost as if it were someone else’s. Here they watch everything and

it exists to free those of us who are living our conditioning

rather than our true

learn great wisdom. People often come to them as authorities. After their Chiron Return they go through another great change in their life and come back into the intensity of their lives. If they’ve learnt from their middle stage of life they will be true role models of themselves and will enjoy their final stage of life as the best time. Always they long for perfection and are naturally optimistic.

Lines in the hexagrams The lines above that correspond to your particular profile or character can be found in the sun and earth configurations on your chart – these lines and hexagrams comprise 70% of the planetary programming on each of us. But there are lines on each hexgram / gate in your chart and they inform the particular aspect of that hexagram as applied to the specific planet. Referred to in your Human Design chart as the little numbers next to the big numbers, there are many keynotes for each hexagram line (see the Rave I Ching book available from and Kindred Spirit’s mail order shop).

Conditioning We live in a world of conditioning, a world of auric overlapping where other people fix (or define) the centres we have open. Whatever centres are open, or white in your chart, shows you where you are affected by others. For instance, if you have a solar plexus centre that is white, you will amplify the emotions of others, and as they move up and down continually on an emotional wave – from hope to pain, and back again, you will be left reeling from the emotional intensity of their negative emotions. Our genes want only one thing –


difference. The program of the genes is to make more. So we are always drawn to those who have different definitions and opposite gates to us, and more often than not, we create children who have a radically different design to their parents. This knowledge is based in chemistry. It is also about timing – the planets also condition us as they move, so new definitions enter the world on a daily basis, and we find ourselves being influenced by planetary transits. Knowing your own chart, and specific strategy and where you can be conditioned, is of tremendous practical benefit. Not knowing this leads us to live a life that is not our own, where we are continually being pushed and pulled in directions that cause unnecessary suffering and hardship.

Children This knowledge can be especially useful in the parenting process. Knowing a child’s design means they can be guided in the direction of their nature rather than be forced to live according to general non-specific standards. The children I have met who have been brought up by parents in this knowledge are a rare delight of natural wisdom and joy. I have merely touched the surface of this deep knowledge – there is mystical, financial, health, relationship and mysterious information available to you. For example, each of us is born on an incarnation cross that speaks of why and for what we incarnated at this time. The journey into the Human Design system is ultimately one of transformation: it exists to free those of us who are living our conditioning rather than our true self and who, at our deepest core, know there is a reason to our lives and a place for our unique ks contribution to manifest.

moreinformation • To book a reading with RIchard Beaumont, an experienced, fully qualified Human Design analyst ring 01803 861067. To learn more about Human Design go to . Richard Beaumont is the head of the national organisation for Human Design in the UK and is available for public talks and group meetings to share more on this remarkable system. • Three articles have already appeared in Kindred Spirit issues 51, 52 and 60 – the specific articles can be sent to you at for £3 each. I have taken great care not to repeat in this article much of the basics reported there. If you would like them please send a cheque made payable to Human Design Films Ltd and post to Human Design UK, c/o Kindred Spirit, Sandwell Barns, Harberton, Totnes TQ9 7LJ kindredspirit


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