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Reviewer for Computer Systems Servicing NC II The Reviewer for Computer Systems Servicing NC II. Here's the sample Reviewer:

CSS NC II Reviewer I know some of you maybe upset why do I post a sample reviewer only, Because I decided to sell this reviewer BUT of course for affordable price :), it is just to compensate my time and effort for creating this reviewer :) and I know in return, if you will pass this qualification/assessment it can double/add to your income or can meet the requirement needed in your job specially those who are instructor/teachers under K-12 program and for those who need this National Certificate for working abroad or even local jobs. for contact

the me

price: Php. for

450.00 only details: [email protected]

I'm going to include also video tutorials that I gathered in the part of Networking and Server Set-up, that I've used before I took the assessment and Passed :) Thank you everyone! :)

How to pass the assessment of Computer Systems Servicing NC II? To pass this assessment you need these following: For Assemble PC: 1. Make sure you are knowledgeable about static electricity or ESD, why do I say that? Because I see some candidates or students taking this for granted and the result? The computer have been damaged and can't even boot in BIOS settings. 2. Make sure you are familiar in the connection of Front Panel Led's in the motherboard because not all mobo have the same standard in connecting this wire(s). And take note some Assessor are very strict on this part, though your PC is working they will not accept incorrect connection. 3. Be 90% calm and 10% nervous. Being nervous is really part of taking the assessment. :P , if you're not then good for you :)

For OS Installation: 1. This is the easiest part, just make sure you install the operating system in its right location I mean Drive C: (exception is for the dual OS). If you failed on this one it will consume your time, always remember that the assessment has a time duration. 2. Install the appropriate drivers ONLY, Do not install other software included in the CD/DVD installer (Ex. Adobe Acrobat etc.) it will just consume your time.

For Networking: 1.

Use a good crimping tool and punch down tool

2. Create network cables slowly but surely (but make sure it will not take too long, we have time duration remember?) 3. Make sure you memorize the wiring arrangement of creating straight-thru and crossover cables 4. You must be knowledgeable in configuring wireless router

For Server Setup: 1. You should know how to configure the following: 




MAC Filtering

File/Printer Server

Remote Desktop

For Maintenance: 1. You should know how to: 

Create and Use System Image

Install and Use anti-virus, registry cleaner, disk defragmentation

Create and Use System Restore For Oral Questioning: 1.

This will be based in all your task and some theoretical knowledge when you are in college :)

What are the requirements in Computer Systems Servicing NC II? These are the requirements (Tools, Materials, Equipment) for CSS NC II: For Assemble PC: 

Screw Drivers (Standard, Philip)

Pliers (Mechanical, Longnose) - optional

Anti-static Wrist Strap - optional

Anti-static Mat - optional

For OS Installation: 

Windows Server 2008 Installer

Windows 7 Installer

Device Drivers

For Networking:

Impact Punch Down Tool

Crimping Tool


Modular RJ-45 I/O

Patch Panel

Network Switch

Router with WI-FI

For Server Setup: 

Windows Server 2008 PC

Windows 7 PC

Laptop (Windows 7 or Windows 8)

For Maintenance: 

Blank DVD-R (for System Image)

Anti-virus Installer (Ex. Avast, Avg etc.)

Registry Cleaner (Ex. CCleaner)

Disk Defragmenter (Ex. Defragler)

System Restore (Restorepoint)

Tip: Bring your own Crimping Tool, hate to say this but some assessment center tools like this one is dull. :P

What is New in Computer Systems Servicing NC II? Hi to all, its been a while since I open this blog / website but this is the only time that I've post again :) Okay, lets talk about What's New in this modified qualification of Technical Education for Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for Computer Hardware Servicing NC II that becomes Computer Systems Servicing NC II. Lets compare the tasks that both qualification have: In Computer Hardware Servicing NC II (CHS NC II), these are the tasks that you have to undergo: Task 1: Write or Enumerate at least six Occupational Health Safety Policies and Procedures (OHS). Task 2: Inventory all the Tools, Equipment, Materials and Work Area used or under CHS NC II. Task 3: Assemble a Desktop Computer and configure the system Task 4: Install Operating System and Device Drivers  

Task 5: Computer Networking Creating Network Cables (Crossover, Straight-thru cable) Network Configuration

File and Printer Sharing

Restore / Backup Task 6: Oral Questioning And for Computer Systems Servicing NC II, these are the new tasks: Task 1: Assemble Desktop Computer

Task 2: Install Operating System and Appropriate Device Drivers Windows 7 or Windows 8

 

Windows Server 2008 R2 or latest Server OS Task 3: Setup Computer Networks Creating Network Cables

Configuring Router (Wireless, MAC, QOS, Port Forwarding)

Network Configuration

Task 4: Setup Computer Servers DHCP Server

DNS Server

File Services

Remote Desktop

Task 5: Maintain Computer System Creating System Restore Point

Creating System Backup Image

Using the created Restore Point to restore the system

Using the created Backup Image

Disk Defragmentation

Disk Cleanup

Scanning for viruses (anti-virus) Task 6: Oral Questioning Hope


helps, stay






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Monday, January 12, 2015

Computer Systems Servicing NC II This year of 2015 all TESDA competency had been undergo of migration, one competency included is the Computer Hardware Servicing NC II (CHS NC II) and becomes now Computer Systems Servicing NC II (CSS NC II). Stay tune for the updates of my blog. I will post information about:

1. 2. 3. 4.

What is new in Computer Systems Servicing NC II? What are the requirements in Computer Systems Servicing NC II? How to pass the assessment of Computer Systems Servicing NC II? Reviewer for Computer Systems Servicing NC II

and a lot more...

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