Resident Marine Mammals vs. Reyes

November 4, 2018 | Author: Icee Alcala Tarca | Category: Standing (Law), Conservation Biology, Dolphin, Lawsuit, Biodiversity
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Powerpoint on the recent case of resident marine mammals by Prof. Benjamin Carido, Jr....



Mr. Benjamin A. Cabrido Jr., LLB, LLM-C Professor, Environmental Law University of San Jose-e!oletos Colle"e of Law Ceb# City, P$ili%%ines

&ol%$ins v. Se!retary eyes, et al, SC-'.. (o. )*+)

&ol%$ins v. Se!retary eyes, et al, SC-'.. (o. )*+)

PETITIONERS • Resident Marine Mammals of Tañon Strait Protected Seascape, e.g.  Toothed  T oothed Whales, Whales, olphins, Porpoises Porpoises ! other cetacean species. • "egal #$ardians% #loria Esten&o Ramos and Rose'"i&a Eisma Osorio. • President (rro)o, *n+illing #$ardian

RESPONENTS • Energ) Secretar) Re)es • Enironment Secretar) (tien&a • -apan Petrole$m Eploration /o., "td.

0(TT"E#RO*N%  Tañon Strait • ( narro+ 1od) of sea separating the Philippine Philippine Islands of Negros and /e1$ • It is home to 22 o$t of the 34 5no+n cetacean species • eclared as Protected Seascape in 2667 • Estimated Oil Resere% 20 1arrels8 recoera1le% 299 million 1arrels

Resident /etaceans in Tañon Strait • • • • • • • • • • •

Spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) Spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) /ommon 1ottlenose dolphins Risso:s dolphins ;raser:s dolphins Indo'Paci ;ININ#S • Red$ced ;ish /atch BD9'G9C • ;ish ;ish Jills • "ac5 of p$1lic participation from sta5eholders in the preparation of E//


I. "O/*S ST(NI B"egal Standing of olphins ! WhalesC

"O/*S ST(NI • ( right of appearance in a co$rt of  K$stice on a gien $estion. • Mere proced$ral technicalit). • /o$rt iscretion.

 T+o /lasses of "oc$s Standi in  The Philippines • Priate S$its • P$1lic S$its

PRI?(TE S*ITS Section 3, R$le H, R$les of /o$rt% •  Section “ Ev e r yac t i o nmus tbepr o se c ut e do r de f e nde di nt henameoft her e alpar t y i ni nt er es t . ” t ywho • Real Part) In Interest% “Thepar s t andst obebe ne fit e do ri nj ur e dbyt he  j udgmenti nt hesui tort hepar t y ent i t l edt ot heavai l soft hesui t . ”

P*0"I/ S*ITS • Citizen’s Suit ' /oncerned /iti&en:s s$it ' ?oter:s S$it ' "egislator:s S$it • Taxpayer’s Suit

/ITILEN:S S*IT • Matter of mere p$1lic right8 • People are real parties'in'interest8 and • Right ! $t) of eer) citi&en to interfere and see that p$1lic oence 1e properl) p$rs$ed and p$nished and grieance remedied.

 T(AP(>ER:S S*IT • Right of a citi&en and a tapa)er to maintain an action in co$rts8 • To restrain the $nla+f$l $se of p$1lic f$nds to his inK$r).

IRE/T IN-*R> TESTS • ( personal and s$1stantial interest in the case8 and • =as s$stained, or +ill s$stain direct inK$r) as a res$lt

O/TRINE ON  TR(NS/EENT(" IMPORT(N/E • (pplies if Petitioners fail in sho+ing direct inK$r)8 • (llo+s ordinar) citi&ens, mem1ers of /ongress, and ciic organi&ations to prosec$te actions inoling the constit$tionalit) or alidit) of la+s, reg$lations and r$lings8 • $e to far'reaching implications.

/hae& . P$1lic Estates ($thorit) • The enforcement of the constit$tional right to information and the e$ita1le di$sion of nat$ral reso$rces are matters of transcendental importance +hich clothe the petitioner +ith locus standi.

Oposa . ;actoran • BTChe right to a 1alanced and health) ecolog) 1elongs to a dierent categor) of rights altogether for it concerns nothing less than self'preseration and self' perpet$ation, the adancement of +hich predate all goernment and constit$tion. • These 1asic rights need not een 1e +ritten in the /onstit$tion for the) are ass$med to eist from the inception of h$man5ind.

"E#(" T=EORIES • Stip$lations Po$r ($tr$i • Incorporation of International "a+s • =ard "oo5 octrine

STIP*"(TION POUR AUTRUI • ( stip$lation conferring a clear and deli1erate right or 1ene
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