Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Project 1 Answer

March 14, 2019 | Author: Afif Izwan | Category: N/A
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Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Eclipse Software UTP...



Figure 1: Injection and Production WBHP and Field Average Pressure (FPR) vs. Time (in ears)

Figure !a : Well PR"# Water $ut (WW$T) and Field "il Production Rate (F"PR) vs. Time (in ears)

Figure ! %: F"PR and F"PT vs. Time (in ears)

&alue o' recover 'actor can %e directl o%tained 'rom te gra (F"* vs. Time).At te end o' roduction ears+ ma,imum recover 'actor (F"*) is -1.-/.

Figure ! c: Recover Factor (F"*) vs. Time (in ears)


Figure : Injection and Production WBHP vs. Time (in das)

*,lanation: •

As so4n in Figure + Injection WBHP 5et increasing 4ile roduction WBHP 5et decreasing 4it time. Te ig ressure and ig 'lo4 4ater injection ums 'ill te  %ottom o' te reservoir 4it te 'iltered 4ater to us te oil to4ards te roducing 4ells. It 4or5s li5e a iston. As a result+ WBHP 4ill increase. Te rocess o' using oil to4ards te roducing 4ells ta5es 6uite some times.

Te movement o' oil to4ards te 4ell creates a lo4 ressure to allo4 te oil to %e  roduced to te sur'ace. #ue to tis e''ect+ te roducing WBHP is decreasing over time. Te 4ater relaces te oil 4ic as %een ta5en and 5ees te roduction rate and te ressure te same over te long term.

Injection WBHP 5et increasing and roduction WBHP 5et decreasing until te reac sta%ili7ation oint.

Te sta%ili7ation oint is te oint 4ere te injection WBHP and roduction WBHP 4ould reac %e'ore te %ecome constant trougout roduction eriod.

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